27 Brilliant App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2024

Updated Oct 14, 2022.
App Ideas

Most transactions and activities are carried out online on mobile phones without physical interactions. People can do many things online via mobile apps, such as shopping, schooling, reading, chatting, socializing, and working.

Creating a mobile app that solves people's problems, can satisfy their basic needs, and adds value to their lives is one of the most lucrative ways to make passive income online.

This article is replete with various mobile app ideas you can draw inspiration from to create the perfect app that will improve people's lives and provide solutions to their day-to-day needs and problems.

Some of these apps would include a chatting app, toy exchanging app, PDF app, utility app, social media app, and wishlist app.

Let’s get started.

How to Come Up With Mobile App Ideas?

There are various ways to get valuable ideas for mobile apps that the general public will endorse, but here are the most reliable ones you can always bank on.

1. Begin by Creating Solutions to Identified Problems

To create solutions to your current problems, you must first access the identified issues arising from your current mode of operation. If you are doing something in a particular way and experiencing certain problems, you may have to find an alternative.

After identifying the problems, you can now try to find apps that can provide solutions to the identified problems. After finding the apps that will proffer solutions to the issues, run them to see if they are relevant to the problems or not.

In a scenario where these apps are irrelevant, you can conclude that you are not the only one with these issues. Other people may face these same problems, giving you potential customers for selling your mobile app.

The secret is to identify the pain points in your life and that of the people and exploit them.

You can take up the responsibility of fixing a problem you are having, or you have identified that your friends and families are having problems regularly with no sustainable solution.

2. Enhance the Capabilities of an Existing Mobile App Idea

Most mobile apps do not offer the ultimate solutions to existing problems people face in their lives, which means that you can improve on these apps to improve and enhance their capabilities.

You can carefully access some of the major players in your industry, neglecting to improve their mobile apps.

To improve an existing mobile app idea, you can analyze the products of major players in your industry and identify what they did well, what they did not do perfectly, and what more can be added to the product to improve its functionality.

You can combine this insight and properly apply it to mobile app development. Your app will stand out because of your new design, giving your potential customers a unique experience.

The most used app categories based on weekly usage
Source: TrueList

3. Identify an Industry that Lacks Recent Innovations

Another strategy you can implement to develop new mobile app ideas is discovering popular sectors lacking recent innovations.

After identifying these sectors, you can move towards improving their present computer programming languages and how your new app can enhance its functionalities and performance.

4. Identify Common Innovative Mobile Application Trends

By following mobile app trends, you can easily brainstorm your mobile application ideas from these trends.

Successful innovators who have created and designed scalable mobile apps do not rely on old technologies but are conversant with new trends and can predict the future.

Mobile apps evolution
Source: Co-Well

5. Communicate with Your Potential Users

By communicating with your potential users, you will gain insight into their daily challenges and problems.

With the acquired information from communicating with potential users, you can develop a new idea for mobile app development.

Communicate with Your Potential Users
Source: Statista

6. Copy Others Ideas and Localize them for Your Market

Localizing globally successfully mobile app ideas is a wise approach. There is nothing wrong with this action; if taken correctly, it can yield results in mobile app development.

You can implement this approach by considering and evaluating international mobile applications. Then carefully study them and tailor them to your market to see if they are scalable and will attract a lot of traction.

Ensure you do not clone these ideas, instead, extract some desirable features from these international applications.

This approach simply involves you adjusting an international application and ensuring that it is convenient for your potential customers in your community. You do not have to reinvent the whole idea.

Popular Apps that Consume most of the mobile Usage Time
Source: GoodFirms

Top Mobile Apps Ideas for 2022

Peradventure, you find yourself in a position whereby you have to pay for app ideas, or the ones you keep coming up with are not good enough to scale successfully.

Here are some suggestions you can draw inspiration from where you want to develop an original mobile app idea.

1. Interest Community Mobile App

People have different interests and hobbies, which they love to do in their free time. They also love to engage with other individuals with similar opinions who are like-minded, especially in the online space like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Quora.

Furthermore, cat lovers will enjoy a community where they can interact with other cat lovers. Online gamers spend most of their time on the internet engaging with fellow gamers, and people into science-related projects will enjoy a community of like-minded people.

With this insight, you can create an app that brings people of similar interests together into a thriving community where they can all interact and gain access to other people's views and opinions about their hobbies or area of interest.

Interest Community Mobile App
Source: Freshworks

2. Board Games for Mobile App

The world is full of board game lovers who spend considerable time playing various board games. Not everyone can afford these games because some are getting more expensive.

With this knowledge, you can create a mobile that allows people to purchase their favorite board games at affordable rates.

Create a platform where people with specific board games can meet up with others who are interested in that particular game but do not have that particular game.

With this app, people can connect, discuss various board games and ways to play them better, and arrange meetings where they can play with each other and socialize better.

3. Graphical Restaurant Reservation App

With a graphical restaurant reservation app, people in a particular community can do the following:

  • Check the geographical layout of a restaurant
  • Select and reserve their desired seats
  • Check the restaurant’s ratings and comments about their services
  • Make the booking for a specific time

This mobile app idea is excellent and scalable because many people love to eat out and are picky about the restaurant they choose.

Graphical Restaurant Reservation App
Source: Dribble

4. Karaoke App and Voice Translation App

A karaoke app allows users to live out their pop star fantasies and dreams, where they can sing and use filters to sound exactly like their singing idol.

Amateur singers can use the app to practice and, in the process, become excellent singers. Apart from singing with this app, it can also have a voice translation feature that translates the words you speak into another language.

Karaoke App and Voice Translation App
Source: Google Play

5. Criminal Alert App

People’s properties are important to them. Most people have invested their life savings into purchasing their properties and maintenance. They are ready to go to any length to protect these properties and pay any amount to ensure their properties and their lives are safe.

With this understanding, you can design a mobile app that helps people become aware of various criminal activities in their neighborhood, give them tips on how best to avoid issues if they enter unpleasant situations, and what will their next action be to come out of it.

You can also include an alert button and a GPS feature that users can use to inform the police about dangers and criminal activities and your location or that of the criminal activities.

Criminal Alert App
Source: The Verge

6. Home Security App

A home security app enables users to control all the security devices at their homes or offices.

Such devices include burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, and motion sensor alarms. Users can access videos of past and present occurrences via the app.

Home Security App
Source: Sentinel

7. Virtual Exam Study App

Some students prefer to study alone, while others believe that group study has various benefits.

These benefits include keeping each other awake if they want to fall asleep during the night, reminding each other about topics to study, and having in-depth discussions concerning various topics and courses.

Creating a virtual exam study app will go a long way in solving various study-related problems. You can design your mobile app to help students meet and prepare for exams with other students where they can share their resources and simplify the study process.

Add certain features such as study tools, discussions, guides, and free study materials to give you a competitive edge over other existing apps.

Virtual Exam Study App
Source: Google Play

8. Augmented Reality App

Not everyone is creative when it come to interior designs. Most people have a hard time deciding which color is perfect for their apartment, where to hang the picture frames, where the furniture should be, and the general arrangement of things becomes difficult for them.

With Augmented Reality, users can take pictures with their phones and virtually place 3D models of items in the apartment, which can be viewed from different angles.

AR app enables users to have a picture in mind of what the arrangement of an apartment will look like without having to purchase the items required for the actual arrangement and interior design.

Augmented Reality App
Source: App Store

9. Online Flower and Gift Delivery App

People love celebrating and celebrating their loved ones and family members. At the same time, convenience and ease will encourage them to carry out this action more often than normal.

With an online gift and flower delivery app, you not only sell an app to people to use to celebrate their loved ones, but you also sell convenience.

With this app, your potential customers can conveniently plan and schedule deliveries for the upcoming birthdays of their friends, colleagues, and family members.

You can add features that help your potential customers automatically choose the perfect gifts or flowers and place an order for home delivery on ther behalf. Avail of various options based on their budget and preferences.

Online Flower and Gift Delivery App
Source: Emizentech

10. Food Recommendation and Review App

Many people have had unpleasant experiences with various food, such as being allergic to certain ingredients used to prepare the food, food poisoning, and terrible taste, just to mention a few.

With a food recommendation and review app, people can easily access various food-related products and services to see whether they are good or bad and if they can trust them to prevent learning from their personal experiences rather than other people’s experiences.

Food lovers will be excited about this app because it solves all their bad experiences regarding food-related products and services.

You can add various features to help people find the appropriate meals for different occasions, the best method of eating a particular meal or how to make it taste better when to find necessary ingredients, and a facility that grants them access to reliable reviews.

Food Recommendation and Review App
Source: Google Play

11. Phone Silencing App

Mobile phone ringtones can be very annoying and distracting when it comes off in the wrong gathering and at the wrong time.

This problem has caused students to be sent out of classes and exam halls, people rejected during an interview, or sanctioned for misconduct during important meetings.

A phone silencing app will come in handy in various situations. It can help people focus on serious gatherings such as board meetings, conferences, and religious gatherings.

You can also design the app to automatically put your phone in silent mode once it detects the user’s location.

Phone Silencing App
Source: Google Play

12. Random Chat App

People can get tired of chatting with the same people over time and may be willing to change those in their conversation space.

By developing a chatting app, users are given new random people to chat with when every app is activated.

Random Chat App
Source: UpLabs

13. Video Hosting App for Stand-Up Comedy

Users can record their various comedy videos and share their live performances with friends and family on the app. They can record with the app on other platforms where they can get paid based on the video's number of views.

Video Hosting App for Stand-Up Comedy
Source: Dribble

14. Finance and Bill Management App

Effectively managing an individual’s bill and financial status may be difficult for people either because of their busy schedules or general indiscipline. Coming up with a financial app idea will go a long way in solving some of people’s financial challenges.

Creating a financial and bill management app will greatly benefit many people in ways like automatically sending payment due to date alerts, creating a workable spending plan, budgeting, splitting bills among roommates, and sending alerts to them.

Finance and Bill Management App
Source: Emizentech

15. Subscription Organization App

Similar to a finance and bill management app, a subscription organization app is designed to assist people in the proper management and organization of their various subscriptions.

Various platforms such as dating sites, cable TV, internet access, Pizza delivery, and transport require a subscription. Some necessary subscription plans can be left out because of the vast number of subscriptions available.

The solution to this problem is an effective subscription organization app that will help your potential customers track every one of their subscriptions and remind them when the next due date is and how much they are required to pay.

Furthermore, you can add features that display a detailed list of various subscription plans and the bonuses of free trials available.

Another feature worth considering is giving informed advice on the best subscription plans to go for and which one should be ignored because they will not meet the customer's needs.

Subscription Organization App
Source: PCMag

16. Room Cleaning Service App

Due to their busy schedules, many people do not have to clean ther apartments, cars, clothes, and workspace. This trend is common among professionals, students, and business people.

You can prefer solutions to them by creating a room clearing service app that will be replete with every possible house clearing service they may require.

The app can be designed so that the users can access various cleaners who need clients to hire them from their clearing skills. A payment system is included to avoid any of ther parties being cheated.

Your app must be user-friendly and flexible in that some clients may just want to clear a room and not the entire apartment or just certain items in the house. The app should be able to accommodate every individual’s needs appropriately.

With this app, you are not only meeting the needs of those that require the service but also creating job opportunities by making it possible for skilled cleaners to earn a decent living.

Room Cleaning Service App
Source: UpLabs

17. Goal Tracking App

Achieving set goals may not be easy because of the various challenges and obstacles people encounter in pursuing their goals.

With a goal-tracking app, users can easily track their progress against their set goals and strive better toward achieving their goals. The app is useful for both individual goals and team goals and also serves as a strong motivator.

Goal Tracking App
Source: App Store

18. Money Lending Manager App

A reasonable number of people have been victims of bad debts. This problem rises by the day due to debtors unwilling to pay back what they owe or negligence on the creditor’s part.

If some of these transactions are properly managed, this problem will not arise, and both parties will be pleased with the situation.

With a money lending manager app, creditors can easily keep tabs on all the people who own them and monitor the payment process.

Features like money owned, pending amounts, due dates, details of the debtors, and details of the guarantors or witnesses are essential. Using this app will help to reduce bad debts or long-term payments.

Money Lending Manager App
Source: Google Play

19. Deal Alert App

A deal alert app notifies users about the latest deals and offers from restaurants, theatres, boutiques, electronics stores, and real estate companies. The users can select which category of deals they are interested in and want to receive deal alerts on.

Most people are always willing to respond to such offers. With this understanding, you can develop an app that notifies people about the present and upcoming deals and how they can take advantage of them.

Deal Alert App
Source: Dribble

20. Language Learning App

Most people desire to learn new languages due to various constraints such as time, money, and resources.

A language learning app is designed to bridge the gap between these constraints. It helps users acquire the necessary knowledge they wish to get regarding learning foreign languages and speaking them fluently.

The app helps users with the fundamental lessons of the language of choice, and through continuous practice, the user becomes fluent in that language.

Language Learning App
Source: App Store

21. Hair Coloring Assistance App

Not everyone is comfortable with their hair color. Some would prefer it to be another color or a different shade of the same color. People generally love to try new things or experiment with their hair.

The problem may be the right product or the best way to go about their so-called experiment and how they would look after changing their hair color.

With your hair coloring assistant mobile app idea, you can help people that are insecure about how they would look when they dye their hair in certain colors to see their appearance when they try specific hairstyles or colors without dying their hair in reality.

With this app, your potential customer can boost their confidence regarding how they would look when they dye them into the colors of their choice. It can function as a guide for them to choose the hair color that would suit them perfectly among various options.

Hair Coloring Assistance App
Source: App Store

22. Messaging App

Develop an instant messaging app loaded with every notable feature of popular social media apps, such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, TikTok, Twitter, Skype, and Viber.

You can design your app to offer excellent messaging services: video calls, audio calls, internet calls, business cards and data sharing, big files, and emojis.

Messaging App
Source: Google Play

23. Productivity and Motivation App

A productivity and motivation app is designed to remind users of their daily activities and vital tasks they must complete within a specific time frame.

Apart from reminding you of work that needs to be done, the app also motivates you to carry out certain tasks that you will naturally not be willing to do, such as exercising, reading, and doing home chores.

Productivity and Motivation App
Source: App Store

24. Restaurant Management App

With this app, a restaurant owner can effectively manage their business and everything that has to do with their services, such as maintaining inventory, placing supply orders, staffing, and price comparison to ensure that the restaurant functions optimally.

Restaurant Management App
Source: Eatery

25. Song Finder App

Have you ever had this experience where you heard a song for the first time, and it got stuck in your mind? You could not stop repeating particular lyrics or tones from the song, which is the only thing you remember.

Since you have been faced with this problem, that means you are not alone in that situation. This problem is common to everyone.

Creating an app that can find songs with just the song's tone or a few words the user can remember will be a relevant solution to this common problem.

To ensure that this app is efficient, you can include a feature that allows users to listen to the songs before downloading them and a link for downloads.

Song Finder App
Source: SoundHound

26. Goods Exchange App

With a goods exchange app, you establish a barter system where people living in the same community can trade items that they are either not interested in anymore or want to use to get something else.

Some home items occupy valuable space without adding value to the homeowner. You can solve this problem with a gods exchange app. It can also function as a barter exchange app.

Another benefit of this app is creating a new income source where people can generally begin to trade differently. They can sell later for cash and help their friends sell their items.

The best feature of this app includes a list of items to pick from and an auctioning section where the highest bidder will get the item based on how valuable the individual’s bid is.

Goods Exchange App
Source: App Store

27. Taxation App

Most people are defaulters when paying their taxes or encounter issues while calculating their taxes. If you conduct detailed research, you will discover that many people fall into this category.

Tax defaulters are criminals, and it is not a good place for anyone to be. Most people do not want to be found in this situation but based on certain challenges they encounter while calculating their taxes, and they end up being defaulters.

A taxation app will be of great help to a lot of people regarding their tax clearance and payment. You can design the app to automatically calculate people’s tax liability for a financial year based on their business transactions and other expenses that they may have incurred.

You can also add a feature that reminds the users about their tax payment day, how must they are required to pay, and a payment option to prevent payment delays.

28. Wedding Planning App

Weddings are special and make major milestones in people’s lives. They must be properly planned to avoid disasters, bad memories, or extravagant costs.

Planning and organizing a wedding is a lot of work. There are many activities to do regarding that particular event. If care is not taken, many important items will be neglected, which may affect the general wedding activities.

A wedding planning app is an answer to this problem. You can help people ease the stress involved in the wedding planning process.

Your app should include vital features like a wedding planning list and instructions such as the best location to buy certain items at the best rates.

Wedding Planning App
Source: Matellio

29. Social Networking App for Single Parents

Most single parents find it difficult to engage in a romantic relationship or to keep up with friends because of their responsibilities as single parents.

With the help of such a mobile app, you can match single parents with similar interests for them to share thoughts and socialize with other users.

Social Networking App for Single Parents
Source: Google Play

30. Money Spending Instructions App

People want to be penny-wise and spend money smartly without incurring unnecessary costs, but that is not always the case. Unexpected expenses may arise, forcing them to make poor financial decisions that leave them in debt.

With this understanding, you can create a money-spending instruction app to assist them in spending and ensure they make the right financial choices.

The feature would include a thrift system that helps your potential customers save money and spend it on the needed items, a spending plan, a saving plan, and an investment plan.

Money Spending Instructions App
Source: Digit

31. Product Search by Photos App

Searching for items or specific goods that you may be interested in online without any breakthrough can be a very painful experience.

Many people experience this situation often. They are in dire need of a sustainable solution to prevent them from not being able to purchase the product of their choice because of their inability to find it on the internet.

You come in at this point with your mobile app idea of an effective product search by photos app that enables people to locate a product by clicking on the picture to search for making a purchase.

You can collaborate with vendors to list their products to make extra profit from each purchase.

32. Grocery Delivery App

You can get the ideal grocery app that will link you with a service or agent that will assist in grocery shopping and deliver all the items to your doorstep without having to go through the stress yourself.

Most people will be willing to subscribe to such a mobile because of its convenience.

Grocery Delivery App
Source: Grobino

Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Coming up with a scalable app idea for startups could be tasking. This process is crucial because, without the app idea, there would be no app to launch.

Identifying problems and creating sustainable solutions is still the most effective way to develop an app idea. Here are some ap ideas you can try out.

1. Blockchain Tax/Invoicing App

Most taxpayers experience issues calculating their taxes which may be time-consuming and stressful a the same time.

People want things to happen faster than normal, everyone wants the fastest but most secure route to getting things done, and this is where your blockchain tax/invoicing app comes in.

The app aids users in calculating the amount of tax they need based on their incomes and ensures that the correct amount of tax is always paid.

Blockchain Tax App is ranked as one of the best and most efficient android app ideas for proper expense management. Additionally, the app’s ability to generate invoice, just like a digital receipt app, make your business financial hassles easier and less inconvenient.

With this app, you can generate invoices and calculate taxes for all your business transactions. Since the app can greatly help you as an individual, the same applies to others.

2. Local Food Delivery App

Most delivery fees are high compared to the price of the ordered food. For example, you can buy a meal for $10, and the delivery fee will be $6. This exorbitant fee can discourage people from purchasing the food and settling for another option.

With a local food delivery app idea, you can help people find the cheapest food delivery service nearest to them.

The users will be required to fill in certain information to help the delivery process seamless, such as delivery location, contact details, possible allergies, and food choices.

After filling in their details, the app will forward them to a nearby, affordable delivery service that can deliver on time and offer great service.

Local Food Delivery App
Source: App Store

3. Restaurant Reservation App with AI

There are various restaurant reservation apps, but not all are embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure optimum performance and productivity.

Designing a restaurant reservation app with AI can greatly help the user by making reservations based on the user’s preference. With the app, users can make sudden dinner plans to ensure that they remain social and enjoys time with loved ones in a great restaurant.

Furthermore, the AI app can offer a geographical layout of restaurants and pubs within the community and assist the user in booking a specific table to avoid inconveniences.

With this, users will not have to go through the hassles of making their restaurant reservations; rather, the AI does the job.

Restaurant Reservation App with AI
Source: Forbes

4. Video Editing App

Most people want the world to know what they are up to and how they spend their days and vacations. With a video editing app, users can properly edit every moment captured before it is released online for the world to see.

You can design an app to not only have the ability to record videos but should also have editing capabilities.

Video Editing App
Source: GoPro

5. Scan to Shop App

With this app, users can simply scan items they intend to purchase and find that exact item or its closest substitute on an ecommerce store. This app eliminates the stress of knowing the product's name or the maker before you can make purchases.

Scan to Shop App
Source: Dribble

6. Truck Loader App with Geo-tracking

People want to move items quickly or deliver goods from one location to another. However, most people do not get the best service to meet their needs at the right time.

Some of their goods may be damaged or arrive at the determined destination at the wrong time. On the other hand, delivery vehicles return empty after successfully unloading all their goods.

With the Truck Loader app, you can get detailed information about trucks available for pick up and delivery at the most convenient time. This mobile app idea will offer solutions to users who want to move many goods within a time frame.

Truck Loader App with Geo-tracking
Source: Emizentech

7. Health Inspector App

Most people are concerned about their health status and make decisions like dieting, exercising, and regular health check-ups to ensure that their body is functioning optimally.

Based on most people’s busy schedules, they sometimes forget about their health check-up appointments.

The health inspector app can serve as a sure guide regarding these vital health-related decisions. It reminds the user when they require a health check-up to avoid complications in the future.

Healthcare app ideas are easily scalable because most people want to remain healthy.

Health Inspector App
Source: Beebom

8. On-Demand Doctor App

People’s health status is important to them, and since health is wealth, most people always what to stay healthy.

This app enables users to consult specialists in the medical field regarding their various health challenges, ask questions, and receive the latest health-related updates from doctors that are readily available to attend to them via the app.

Simple Mobile App Ideas to Make Money Online

The primary purpose of starting a business is to make money. Most people have gone beyond the physical space and made money online by coming up with various mobile app ideas that you can easily monetize.

The mobile app ideas you may come up with may be in sync with your existing onsite business, which, when properly developed, can offer various benefits to your business and increase your revenue.

Here are some simple mobile app ideas to make money online.

1. All at Once App

For a moment, set your mind on a mobile app that can foster unity among devices and various gadgets that are compatible with audio files or can display video files.

Imagine being in a gathering with your loved ones, and all at once, everyone’s phones and tablets start to play the same music simultaneously. The sound the devices will give up will be very loud with many vibrations.

You can create an app that can make this possible where everyone’s device can function in unison and emit the same sounds simultaneously, operated from one of the connected devices.

2. Security Agent App

Security ranks high among the fundamental human needs. People want to be safe and are willing to do anything necessary to ensure that they and all they own are safe.

With this understanding, launching an app that advocates security and safety will be accepted among most people because of the benefit they hope to gain from it.

A security agent app can take pictures of anyone that imputes the wrong password to unlock a device to ensure that the device will be traceable if it was stolen or if confidential files are accessed.

The app sends the picture of the breaker to the user’s email so that the individual can easily identify the breaker. This app can also function as a disaster management app by warning people of disasters in their area.

3. Changeholic App

Change always occurs in every aspect of human life. Apart from the growth that every individual experiences, other external things are affected by that change, such as clothes, bikes, and gadgets.

A great example is an MP3 player you used to listen to as a teenager. Still, after smartphones became popular and could accommodate thousands of songs across different genres and styles, you abandoned the MP3 player.

Your decision to change your gadget has left this device collecting dust in your basement, but that does not have to be where it will remain. With a Changeholic app, users can exchange various antics and recent items for other items.

The app allows users to carefully search for offers from others who want to exchange items such as clothes, toys, electronic devices, and mobile devices.

4. Price Comparison Apps

A price comparison app enables users to compare the prices of similar products or services from different vendors. The app allows the user to buy the same product for a lower price rather than a more expensive one from another vendor.

5. Inside-Out Shop App

The Inside-Out Shop App lets customers post photos and pictures of what they need. When sellers see these pictures, they will respond by suggesting goods that are either what the customer requires or related products (custom-made or ready-made).

Various ecommerce apps have adopted this model where customers can search for the products they require and select what they need from the seller of their choice with the most irresistible offer.

6. Travelgram app

With the Travelgram app, travelers can capture the moment, immortalize their experience on the journey, and share it with their friends and loved ones.

This app tracks the journey and every part explored through GPS, adds pictures, and can create an unforgettable travel experience or catalog.

The Travelgram app combines the significant features of Instagram and Strava. For travelers, the app also has a section for reviews, places to visit, and feedback.

Android App Ideas for Beginners

1. Learning Applications

The education structure has evolved over the years.

Most people now go through school without having to leave the confined of their homes. They can attend all their required classes and write their exams without going to a school or examination center.

This new system proved effective during the pandemic when everyone was required to stay in their homes. Students and their teachers still had to continue with their academic activities. This new system could only happen because of various learning apps.

Learning apps have increased in popularity because such apps succeeded in connecting a wide range of people during and after the pandemic. It qualifies as one of the best app ideas for android devices.

As an app developer, the features you include in your app may be segmented into different levels, such as a free trial at the first level. Still, users must pay for subscriptions and other relevant services to proceed to higher levels.

Learning Applications
Source: Dribble

2. Goods Exchange Applications

Do not get hasty when you have a device you wish to dispose of because it is no longer useful to you. You can check the goods exchange app first to see if you can trade the item for something you may require.

The goods exchange app allows people to trade various items like furniture, clothes, cars, electronics, and others, by making it available to others willing to trade based on their needs and what they also put out there.

This type of android app is not only creative but also lucrative and has the potential to connect various people from different spheres of life.

Such apps are promoted and used by people concerned about the environment who believe in recycling items rather than disposing of them.

3. Work from Home Jobs Applications

A good Android app idea is a mobile phone application that fosters remote jobs. Mobile app developers have come to recognize the potential of this app idea and have invested in developing such apps because of the increasing demand and the various benefits it offers.

Remote job applications have succeeded in boosting the efficiency of working from home conveniently and being effective at work.

Looking back at the past few years, most people had to leave their homes to work, but things have changed. People carry out most jobs remotely. Experts have projected that in the next few decades or two, remote jobs will become a normal phenomenon in several different fields in the next few decades or two.

Working from home also has certain disadvantages, especially when there are various distractions. With work-from-home tools, effectiveness and productivity will increase, and remote workers can do their jobs efficiently.

Easy App Ideas for Students

1. School Applications

One of the easiest mobile app development ideas is apps made for students' schooling activities, teachers, and parents, enabling them to monitor everything happening in school.

School applications have been designed to enable students to access their grades, assignments, projects, news, updates, teachers' contact information (if they require vital information), and student contacts with pictures.

Such an app enables students to interact with other students and improve their social skills.

Developing such a school application will help promote a degree of seriousness among students and involve everyone in school activities.

School Applications
Source: Builder.ai

2. Health Check-Up Application

Health check-up apps are programmed to check the user's health daily and inform them of certain steps to take to remain healthy. Such steps include the kind of healthy foods you should eat and the exercise you should do to keep your body in perfect shape.

Furthermore, such apps expose you to various health recipes recommended by experienced chefs who write informative food blogs.

You can use the information you get on these platforms to make changes to your current health status.

For instance, if you were diagnosed with a severe heart condition, you will be given suggestions for recipes that include healthy ingredients for your heart that can prevent complications.

Additionally, with the app, users can order healthy foods from local grocery stores and deliver them on time.

This app idea is not complex, and most people will subscribe to it because they desire to remain healthy and free from diseases most conveniently and efficiently.

Health Check-Up Application
Source: Dribble

3. Watch Party Applications

People go to parties and have fun with friends and colleagues after work and busy activities. Additionally, most people love attention and want those around them to know what they are doing.

A watch party application brings more life to every party where several friends can share their favorite shows with other people while they are watching through each individual’s mobile device.

This easy app idea allows users to invite friends and family with a click and chat randomly about the event while watching the show or after it has been concluded.

Everyone can share their experiences and make informed suggestions concerning future episodes that might be interesting.

This app is ideal for socialites because gathering people under one roof at the same time may be a difficult task.

Watch Party Applications
Source: AppAdvice

Unique App Ideas to Develop

1. Food Donation From Restaurants App

Adding value to people’s lives is a key trait of greatness. As an app developer, you should be concerned about how your app will improve people’s lives.

Most restaurants and catering services experience this issue almost after every event, where they have so much leftover food that it will go to waste if something is not done.

They are mostly not willing to hand them over to people in need because of the amount of cost they will incur by doing so.

Here is where you step in with your unique app idea. You can develop a food donation app to help such organizations donate their leftover food to people in need instead of throwing it away.

With this app, you can ensure that food wastage is reduced to a minimal level. Additionally, the leftovers are used to feed those in need.

Food Donation From Restaurants App
Source: TrendHunter

2. Pregnancy Helper Mobile App

A woman being pregnant is a thing of joy to her and everyone around her. Every woman’s pregnancy is unique and changes her physiologically and psychologically.

To carry a child in your womb is not an easy task. Developing an app that can help women through their pregnancy phase could be a profitable mobile app idea.

This app will offer adequate help to every pregnant woman, giving them vital information that they require to stay healthy and strong throughout their pregnancy.

Pregnant women will also have access to certified professionals who will offer all the help and answers they need to ensure that they and the baby are healthy.

Additionally, the app can serve as an access point for pregnant women to stores selling items related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy Helper Mobile App
Source: Google Play

3. Lyrics App

Most people love music, and something gets tired of their playlist, which causes them to seek new songs that can raise their emotions and give them the feeling they want.

In the search for new songs that can replace the old ones, you may come in contact with certain songs that you like, but you may not be able to download the track at that moment which may be a painful experience.

A simple solution is to write down the lyrics, and with the Lyrics app, you can easily discover the song's name and proceed to download it.

The app can discover songs by just listing the lyrics with your permission for it to acquire accurate information about the song.

All this is possible through software embedded in the app for music discovery and recognition, which enables a user to get information about songs in a few seconds. It also gives them the option of not just listening to any song of their choice but also watching music videos.

Lyrics App
Source: Google Play

4. Parking Finder App

A parking space finder app helps users easily locate free parking spaces, reserve, and pre-pay for public parking within and around their destination.

Most people have a tough time locating the perfect parking space to conveniently park their vehicles in places where it is safe and easily accessible. By developing a parking finder app, you can help motorists navigate their way to a perfect parking spot.

Parking Finder App
Source: Emizentech

1. Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is a major part of people’s lives. No one wants to be down with an illness or injury in an accident. Among the fundamental human needs, safety needs typify healthcare-related needs.

People are concerned about their health and willing to pay any amount or do anything to ensure they remain healthy and free from any health-related problems.

Developing an app related to healthcare will always thrive because of people’s need to remain healthy.

With these healthcare apps, users can take care of themselves as they ought with the various health-related information available for their consumption.

Furthermore, these apps can also perform the role of a link between users and doctors, and therapists without having to visit the hospital or clinic.

A health reminder app will ensure that its users are updated concerning the necessary actions they should take concerning their health.

All the user has to do to get solutions to any health issues via the app is to input their conditions, data, or requirements, and your virtual or human assistants will help them with the issue.

Healthcare Apps
Source: EL Passion

2. How-To App

Most people have left the age where they depend on individuals or organizations to provide goods and services they require for their daily activities.

People have evolved to the point where they have learned to produce most of the items they require and promote eco-friendly means to get things done.

How-to apps guide people willing to learn and acquire knowledge in various fields regarding things they want to do or make for their daily activities. With these apps, you can learn anything and practice till you become an expert in that field.

Apple Store (IOS Devices) and Google Play Store (Android Devices) are full of thousands of how-to apps where you can learn any skill or acquire knowledge about anything conveniently.

Examples of things you can learn with the how-to app include cooking recipes and inspirations, cooking instructions, DIY ideas, and how to play guitar and other musical instruments.

3. Artificial Intelligence that Helps to Work with Labor Law

Many employees have been cheated countless times because of their ignorance regarding labor law.

Most workers do not know their rights as employees, and it has caused employers to enforce unjust rules against the labor law without them fighting back.

Developing an app that functions just like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa but is focused on labor law will greatly help employees worldwide.

Users are required to input their questions, and the AI will provide the answers required to make the right decisions concerning their work.

How to Turn Your App Idea Into Reality?

Based on the above app ideas, you can develop your original app idea, which you want to launch and monetize. Here are some vital steps to turn your app idea into reality.

1. Write Down the Features List

After you have successfully generated your web or app idea, the next most important step is to write down the feature list, which will include all the functions and functionalities of the app.

2. Conduct Market Research

You have to conduct detailed market research where you will determine the competition, market demand, current trends, and selling points.

Based on the information derived from this exercise, you can include certain unique features that make the app attractive to the target audience.

3. Find Out Who Your Target Audience Is

Do not leave anything to chance or assume that people will welcome your app. Instead, determine your target audience.

Depending on your app's solution, your target audience can come from a certain industry, region, profession, income group, existing clients, age group, gender, and others.

4. Determine the Monetization Strategy

Earning money is a major motivation and reward for your app idea. Here are some ways you can earn money through your app idea.

  • Subscription fees
  • Ads
  • Sponsorship
  • Selling user data
  • Donations

5. Have Estimates by Seeking a Local Web/App Developer

Employ a local app developer skilled enough to develop your app in a high-performance and cost-saving way.

Before you choose a software vendor you want to work with, here are some vital factors you are to consider:

  • Past performance
  • Price
  • Time
  • Process
  • Eagerness to work for you

Additionally, a skilled vendor will ask vital questions to figure out how to develop the app effectively and make crucial suggestions to enhance your mobile app idea.

6. Finish the UI/UX

After finding an ideal software vendor to work with, you should discuss the UI/UX of your app with them.

You should ensure that the developer builds the app wireframe in such a way as to visualize each function, app flow, and screen.

You can also decide to include more features or remove the existing ones. After you have completed the wireframe, create the app’s visual design, which will give you a taste of how your app will look.

7. Develop the App and Conduct Tests

The next crucial phase is developing the web/app, where your developers get to work to bring out the finished product.

You should receive deliverables regularly during the app development stage to test and comment on them and make suggestions for necessary adjustments.

This process is called the quality assessment. You can invite other experts to carefully access the app to ensure it is good enough to launch.

8. Introduce the App to Your Target Audience and Market it

After the app has been developed, tested, and proven good enough for the market, you should introduce it on the market and display the features that make your app stand out from other similar apps.

Since you have identified your target audience, you should do the marketing, or you can employ a public relations or marketing company to carry out the task for you.

9. Acquire Market Feedback and Prepare for the Next Phase

After the initial launch, you can gather important information such as market feedback, demand, and user data.

You can strategize for your next phase if you have acquired enough positive feedback. If you encounter issues, find out what the challenge is and fix it.

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