15 Squarespace Ecommerce Examples to Inspire Your Site

Updated Aug 7, 2023.
Squarespace Ecommerce Examples

If there’s one thing that can capture the user’s attention to your online store, it has to be the website’s design. And for that, you need a great eCommerce template.

Enter Squarespace website builder

The one-stop solution to build a website that perfectly complements your business. How is that possible? Well, here are some beautiful Squarespace store examples to inspire your site.

1. Supernatural

A Great Squarespace Store Example Selling Plant-Based Baking Ingredients to Chefs

Supernaturals - A Great Squarespace Store Example

Supernatural Kitchen is the perfect Squarespace website for anyone looking for a colorful and vibrant theme for their eCommerce store.

You’ll notice how they’re all about sprightly colors, specifically the color yellow as their brand’s color scheme. The well-thought white background perfectly spotlights the various hues of their products in the shop section.

Their website is clean and easy to navigate, with a simple menu that lets the user have a seamless shopping (and browsing!) experience.

Each product page has a brief description that’s witty in a way that is informative and yet fun to read.

What We Love

  • Aesthetically attractive baking ingredients shop with simple navigation
  • Focus on the brand’s yellow color scheme throughout the site
  • Every product page has information about allergens
  • A quick share option for Facebook and Twitter
  • Minimal content for easy readability

What Could Be Better

  • Unavailable products should be marked as ‘Out of Stock’ on the ‘Shop’ page
  • Adding customer reviews to each product page can help customers learn about that product
  • FAQs and reviews can be removed from the contact us page

2. Aspect Home

Squarespace Ecommerce Example of Luxurious Home Office Furniture

Aspect Home - All the luxuries you need for your home office

This is a perfect example of a Squarespace ecommerce store that sells luxury office furniture specifically targeted at those working from home.

Having started their furniture manufacturing business 40 years ago, Aspect Home sells customizable work desks, chairs, and other office accessories. Each product can be customized to some extent on their product’s page.

The website design showcases minimalism and simplicity, making it easy to navigate for the user. The sticky header follows you all the way so you can seamlessly traverse to other pages.

The ‘Fabrics’ page is dedicated to the use of Oceanic fabric in their manufacturing process. It showcases the brand’s commitment to saving the environment.

What We Love

  • Simple layout to reduce any effort on the user’s part
  • Sticky and simple menu
  • Room to enhance and optimize the website’s user experience over time
  • Detailed product descriptions help the customer know exactly what they’re getting

What Could Be Better

  • Adding customer reviews can help potential customers with their purchase
  • Homepage could have more engaging content to captivate visitors

3. By Saysh

An Inspirational Squarespace Ecommerce Site Selling Female Athletic Apparel

By Saysh - Step into Summer

Saysh is an inspiration for female entrepreneurs looking to step into the world of ecommerce stores. The store offers a wide range of shoes specifically designed for the female feet, boasting comfort and aesthetics.

The founder, Allyson Felix, built her own website and draws inspiration from strong female athletes and showcases it in her high-quality visual content. The homepage plays a video that draws attention to the brand’s values.

The white background perfectly spotlights the visual content. The product pages read a story about the shoe’s design journey, with the two flagship shoes having a short video description as well.

What We Love

  • A motivating female-led ecommerce store to inspire women
  • Call-to-action buttons take you straight to the product page
  • Customer testimonials and ratings on every product page for social proof

What Could Be Better

  • There should be a separate ‘shop’ page listing all the products
  • Having a sticky menu can give a more streamlined shopping experience

4. Soilboy

A Unique Example of An Ecommerce Website for a Plant Retailer

Soilboy - As interesting as a plant

Soilboy is another one of Squarespace ecommerce examples offering a wide range of plants and gardening essentials. The store is on a mission to ‘inspire a sense of curiosity for the greener things in life’.

Soilboy follows a green and brown color theme, which reflects its focus on gardening and nature. The ecommerce website design is clean and simple with a user-friendly interface. Each product page has clear descriptions and high-quality images that play an important role in converting visitors into customers.

Customers can also access informative articles and resources related to plants and gardening under the ‘Plant Care’ section. Overall, the website has a professional and modern look while still maintaining a warm and welcoming feel that is in line with its product offering.

What We Love

  • Clean and crisp web design with a user-friendly interface
  • Products are categorized by their types, making the shop easy to navigate
  • Option to filter products based on availability, type, size, and more
  • Aesthetic images with minimal content for easy readability

What Could Be Better

  • The color theme can be more vibrant
  • Slightly detailed product descriptions can help the visitors understand them better
  • There isn’t a ‘wishlist’ feature for customers to save products for later

5. Conscious Clothing

An Ecommerce Website with A Focus On Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Fashion

Conscious Clothing - Slow Fashion

Conscious Clothing is an online store with seamless navigation, an attractive web design, and a simple ordering process.

Rose and Doug Philips launched Conscious Clothing in 2006. Instead of using conventional fabrics, this sustainable brand prefers to use deadstock or extra fabric that would otherwise be discarded along with organic cotton.

The brand utilizes the website builder to showcase a minimalist and earthy color theme, with a focus on greens and browns to reflect its eco-friendly and sustainable mission. The content is organized into easy-to-scan sections, whether it is product descriptions, blog articles, or the “our story” page, so users don’t have to spend too much time searching for what they want.

Overall, the design of Conscious Clothing’s website effectively showcases its commitment to sustainable fashion whilst ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience.

What We Love

  • Products are categorized based on styles and sizes, ensuring easy navigation
  • Unbiased ratings and reviews displayed on product pages
  • Each product page has several pictures to show multiple sizes and angles

What Could Be Better

  • No live chat option for customer support
  • The homepage should add more engaging content
  • Including CTAs on the homepage can entice the user into buying

6. Cosmik

A Squarespace Online Store Selling One-of-a-Kind Ice Cream

Cosmik - Premium Freeze Dried Space Ice Cream

Cosmik is one of the most simplistic ecommerce websites offering one-of-a-kind ice creams. The ecommerce website features a minimalist design, funky creatives, and a unique color scheme.

Full-width photos of ice cream with illuminating headlines are displayed in the hero scene, followed by social proof and a product block featuring bestsellers. This way, customers can purchase them directly from the homepage instead of having to scroll through multiple product pages.

Each product has a “quick view” option along with a full product page, making it easy for customers to find their desired ice cream.

What We Love

  • Minimal text makes it easy-to-read
  • The use of social proof on the homepage helps establish trust and authority
  • All product pages display important information, such as nutritional value

What Could Be Better

  • Having customer reviews can make it easier for the buyer to choose a flavor
  • A lot of negative space on the website homepage that can be used to display reviews or “Our Story”

7. Kiez Kabinett

A Squarespace Website That Sells Antiques and Contemporary Art Pieces

Kiez Kabinett - A Squarespace Website That Sells Antiques and Contemporary Art Pieces

Kiez Kabinett is a German-based Squarespace store that offers a unique selection of furniture, decor, and fashion items worldwide.

No hero image, fancy web design, or visuals; its minimalist design catches the eye and makes it user-friendly. As you browse through the store, you’ll realize that, in some cases, such simple designs work better than complicated ones.

Customers can easily browse through the different product categories displayed on the home page. Each product page has pictures from multiple angles, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Overall, the minimalist web design of Kiez Kabinett is real-life proof of “less is more.”

What We Love

  • Minimal and professional website with a user-friendly interface
  • All product categories are displayed on the homepage
  • Minimal content for easy readability

What Could Be Better

  • Should add customer reviews for social proof throughout the website
  • Product descriptions are too short and should be more enticing to grab the visitor’s attention

8. Jones Bar-B-Q

An Eye-Catching Example of An Ecommerce Online Store for Food Companies

Jones Bar-B-Q - Sauce Made With Love in Kansas City

Jones Bar-B-Q is the perfect Squarespace website for anyone searching for a minimalist yet vibrant website for their restaurant.

Jones Bar-B-Q has a simple layout with a great ratio of images and text. The website plays with different shades of red, so users immediately connect it with something hot or exciting. There are a few large, full-length images and plenty of red backgrounds.

As you scroll through the homepage, you’ll notice the strategic placement of CTAs along with social proof, two very important factors for converting visitors into customers. Individual product pages are concise and to the point.

What We Love

  • Crisp and clean layout that ensures easy navigation
  • The optimal ratio of images and text
  • Dedicated “Press” page that shows social proof

What Could Be Better

  • Adding customer reviews on individual product pages can help establish trust
  • There should be a greater focus on the restaurant, not just the store

9. Cake's Online Shop

A Unique Online Store Promoting Inclusivity

Cake's Online Shop - A Unique Online Store Promoting Inclusivity

Cake’s is one of those unique Squarespace stores that’s all about inclusivity and promoting female empowerment for plus-sized ladies. Cake’s site is impressively minimal. The eCommerce store uses a mix of tasteful typography and vibrant images that add a pop of color to the monochrome color scheme.

Cake’s online shop takes a different approach; instead of a hero banner, the website displays a hero image with important information for customers, followed by a product block so customers can shop directly from the homepage.

The products are categorized based on styles and sizes, allowing users to find what they want easily. The most distinctive feature of Cake is its Patreon program, a subscription-based community for plus-size women.

What We Love

  • A simple and easy-to-navigate layout
  • All important information is displayed in the first fold of the homepage for the visitor’s convenience
  • The category list for products displayed on the online shop page makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for

What Could Be Better

  • Product descriptions should have more ‘punch’ to hook the user
  • Links are embedded into the text instead of CTAs on the homepage, which might be confusing for some customers
  • The loading speed is a bit slow.

10. The Fancy Friend Shop

A Creative Squarespace Website That Sells Hand-Crafted Items

The Fancy Friend Shop - A Creative Squarespace Website That Sells Hand-Crafted Items

The Fancy Friend Shop is a wonderful example of artists looking to sell their art online. The ecommerce store sells hand-crafted items, including jewelry, prints, and paper bags.

Despite being an “art store,” this Squarespace website boasts a straightforward web design. Like some other Squarespace stores we’ve covered above, The Fancy Friend Shop doesn’t have a separate homepage either; instead, the shop page is the home page.

All products have a concise and clear description, along with multiple images showing the different sizes available.

Overall, the website is responsive and user-friendly – two prerequisites for a good eCommerce store.

What We Love

  • User-friendly and responsive website with a simple customer journey
  • Plain white background makes the artwork pop up
  • Blog section that includes reviews and other lifestyle content that’s interesting to read and helps with SEO

What Could Be Better

  • There should be an option to add products to the cart directly from the shop page as well
  • Should provide customers with the option to add their reviews regarding their purchase(s)
  • One article is given at a time on the blog page. Inconvenient to browse if you want to find some article

11. Unwrp

A Vibrant and Fun Squarespace Store to Buy Luxury Gift Wraps

Unwrp - A Vibrant and Fun Squarespace Store

This creative studio is a colorful example of an ecommerce store offering a wide selection of fashionable and unique gift-wrapping paper and fabrics.

Unwrp’s website immediately captures your attention with high-quality and vibrant images. The site layout and colors are minimal, allowing the product photos to stand out. Uwrp also leverages storytelling and social proof to establish trust with visitors and keep them engaged.

Perhaps the best part about this Squarespace store is the ‘Customer also bought’ section located on its checkout page. This is a clever strategy to increase the average order value by enticing the customer to buy more products.

What We Love

  • Sticky menu on top makes the website user-friendly
  • Products are categorized based on types, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re searching for
  • Use of social proof on the home page and product pages establishes trust

What Could Be Better

  • Product descriptions are too concise and don’t include important information, such as the exact size of the wrapping paper
  • Using a brighter color for CTAs can make them more prominent

12. Shadowfox

Another Great Squarespace Online Store Example for Artists

Shadowfox - A Great Squarespace Online Store Example for Artists

Like The Fancy Friend Shop, Shadowfox is another Squarespace commerce website with a minimal yet attractive web design.

No fancy homepage, images, or banners; as you enter the website, you’ll see the four main collections displayed on the homepage that redirect customers straight to what they sell online.

A separate shop page displays all the available artwork, with CTAs below every listing so customers can purchase directly without having to visit the individual product page. Product descriptions are short and to the point for the visitor’s convenience.

The site uses a well-built photography template, which makes the art pop and display elegance.

What We Love

  • Minimalist web design and a clean interface
  • The monochrome color theme makes the artwork pop out
  • Option to purchase directly from the “shop” page

What Could Be Better

  • More information on the About page to give users a bit of background about the artwork
  • The homepage can add more sections like “My Story” and “Available Artwork,” which can improve the user journey

13. rust & may

An Attractive Squarespace Website for Online Clothing Stores

rust & may - An Attractive Squarespace Website for Online Clothing Stores

rust & may is one of those Squarespace shops that has made proper use of its homepage. Instead of a typical ecommerce homepage, it looks like a catalog which is perfect for a clothing store.

The website has a symmetrical layout with an optimal ratio of text and images on every page, making it look neat and attractive. Unlike other online clothing stores, rust & may use lifestyle images rather than basic images with white backgrounds. Each product page has descriptions covering important information along with pictures from multiple angles.

Overall, rust & may’s website layout ensures an enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

What We Love

  • Clean and balanced layout for seamless browsing
  • An optimal ratio of images and text for the user’s convenience
  • Elaborate product descriptions that cover all important information
  • Each product page has several pictures to show multiple angles

What Could Be Better

  • No live chat option for customer support
  • Enhance the brand’s image by adding reviews for social proof

14. Melula

A Beautiful Website Showcasing A Squarespace Shop for Kids Accessories

Melula - For Colourful Steps in Life

Melula is a Copenhagen-based kid's fashion brand offering funky, practical, and gender-neutral accessories without compromising on quality or comfort.

The founders, Louise Mllermark and Sren Hougesen put a lot of creativity and thought into designing every collection to establish their brand identity. They only collaborate with producers who are fully transparent, uphold high moral standards, provide decent working conditions, and follow environmental standards – all of which are reflected on the “About” page.

The entire website concept revolves around kids and is as playful, energetic, and imaginative as kids are. The homepage is quite creative, with a hero image that grabs people’s attention with multiple image blocks and social proof to establish trust.

What We Love

  • Creative web design that’s also highly functional and easy to navigate
  • Products are categorized based on styles, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for
  • Concise, to-the-point product descriptions that provide the essential information

What Could Be Better

  • Products that are out of stock should be marked as “sold out” on the shop page
  • There should be an option to filter out products according to size or type

15. Battle Axe

A Great Squarespace Ecommerce Example Selling Exclusive Merchandise

Battle Axe - Brutal Tools for Desing and Animation

Battle Axe is an award-winning Squarespace website selling exclusive Battle Axe merchandise. The online store also offers eye-catching animations and 3D rendering services.

This Squarespace website has an incredible design (as expected) and a monochrome color palette, which is the standard for design and animation studios. It heavily relies on visuals (GIFs, nice typography, plenty of whitespaces) but is still simple and to the point.

The homepage is also the product page, with a simple and straightforward design. Users can purchase the animations and other artworks directly without having to browse through different pages.

What We Love

  • Creative web design that’s also highly functional and easy to navigate
  • Fewer pages for a smooth and easy customer journey
  • Concise, to-the-point product descriptions that provide the essential information

What Could Be Better

  • A live support option to answer customer queries can enhance customer loyalty
  • Should include reviews or testimonials for social proof

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