Best Squarespace Websites of 2024 | 34 Inspiring Examples

Updated Aug 7, 2023.
Squarespace is the Best Webflow Alternative for Creating Professional Websites

Discover a list of real beautiful Squarespace websites with amazing features. Use these examples to create your amazing website using Squarespace

Squarespace website builder is one of the best website building platforms in the world. Millions of businesses, whether small, midsized, or large, use Squarespace to build their official website.

The website builder has lots of amazing features that are very suitable for each business size. The themes would give you chances to grow your business website, while still being creative.

Though Squarespace is very good, not everyone knows how to make their website stand out with its features. You will find out that most people's websites look more attractive than others, even though they are all using Squarespace.

Squarespace is suitable for any business niche. In this article, you will see real examples of different websites from various businesses all over the world. With this list, you will be able to find one that is similar to your business and have an idea of how to design your beautiful Squarespace website.

Ready to see them? Let's go!

1. Architecture in Formation

An Example Of A Well Designed Squarespace Website

Architecture in Formation is an Example of a Well Designed Squarespace Website 

Architecture in Formation is a full architecture and design firm based in New York City. The website is more like a portfolio website where a group of architects and designers showcase their works.

The firm is very popular as its works have been featured in New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

What to Learn From the Website

Although the website allows different architects and designers to showcase their award-winning portfolio, the website still maintains a minimalist style. It is not saturated with too many designs and information.

The website's design is flawless. For a portfolio, the website is very interesting to look at, especially the slideshow of images on the homepage.

The overall outlook of the website is in sync with the quality of the works displayed. Architecture in Formation has a simple menu list.

For an architecture firm, having a simple design does the magic. Use a lot of whitespaces to help balance out the aesthetics. This will make your architecture website more visually appealing and give it a good aesthetic look for the audience.

2. SpokenLayer

A Squarespace Website Example With Great Content

SpokenLayer is a Squarespace Website Example With Great Content

SpokenLayer is a voice-providing service that can edit your voice content to sound more professional and help distribute it to other voice assistants like Amazon and Google.

What to Learn From This Website

This beautiful Squarespace website has great content. To some people, audio production services are quite new, so SpokenLayer devoted its website to explain what the company does and how it can help other businesses.

With a white background, the website presents all its services clearly. Although Squarespace offers a variety of templates for various types of businesses, it is up to you to channel out your inner creativity.

Creativity is very important in every business website. Even though SpokenLayer used lots of text and few images, it was able to hold the online visitor's attention by providing only relevant content that would help the reader better understand the company and its services.

You can also link your link to your social media handles. Squarespace allows that. Your online visitors can easily navigate from your website to your social media page.

3. The Deck

A Beautiful Example Of A Restaurant Website

The Deck is a Beautiful Example of a Restaurant Website

The Deck is a UK-based restaurant. It is located at the deck of a yacht and serves a variety of amazing dishes.

What to Learn From This Website

The design is so sleek that it feels smooth to just swipe up and down the website. The Deck uses the Squarespace restaurant website template in the best possible way.

For this restaurant website, the food colors make the website come to life. If you have a restaurant, and you want to give the best impression to your online visitors, you should look closely at this website.

Restaurant websites require more creativity and consistency. Your online visitors would be moved by what they see. This means that you have to make your restaurant website visually appealing.

Use lively colors and bright photos on your restaurant website. Create engagement with relevant information. The purpose is to build attraction to what you offer. For The Deck, you can see that the website didn't just show that it sells food, but it also showed that it sells a beautiful outdoor experience.

4. Craig Ward

A Creative Squarespace Portfolio Website

Craig Ward is a Creative Squarespace Portfolio Website

Craig Ward is a British-born multi-talented artist, designer, and typographer. He is based in New York. He is also a Creative Director and a best-selling author.

What to Learn From This Website

Craig Ward's website is more like a portfolio of all his incredible works. Every content on his website is organized and easy to view.

By showing off his best works on his website, Craig is giving potential clients access to check out his potential. But it didn't stop there. He doubles his Squarespace website as both an online portfolio and an online store.

It is clear that Craig didn't just want people to only view his works but they should also buy some too. This is why he made the buying process easier with his online store.

If your business offers physical items, it is very smart to include an online store. People are more likely to buy in the heat of the moment. This means that as people are exposed to your best works, they are very likely to buy.

As an artist, Craig included background stories to each of his works so the visitors can understand each piece better. Always try to build an emotional connection for your online visitors. The quality of your website is what will cause them to stay longer hours and become steady visitors.

5. Sean Casey Animal Rescue

A Perfect Example Of A Friendly Squarespace Website To Match The Nature Of The Organization

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a Perfect Example of a Friendly Squarespace Website

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a non-profit shelter for animals. It specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation for stray animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, small mammals, and birds. The shelter is based in New York City and takes in over 2000 animals yearly.

What to Learn From This Website

The website shows exactly what the shelter stands for – warm love towards animals. It gives off a friendly tone to the online visitors. From the content on the website, the shelter is able to build trust with their choice of words on the texts.

Squarespace may have multiple templates for you to choose from, but it is up to you to design how you want your website to look. Your website ought to reflect the general personality your business or organization portrays to the public.

Since your website is the first interaction most people have with either your business or organization, they use it to form an opinion of what your business or organization is about. Don't give them the wrong impression.

6. Pica Things We Love

A Beautiful Squarespace Website That Builds Connection With Its Audience Through Good Storytelling

Pica Things We Love is a Beautiful Squarespace Website That Builds Connection With Its Audience

Pica Things We Love is a Japanese design and print company. Starting in 2014, the company is owned by two Canadian-born individuals with a shared love for Japanese culture and designs. The company is currently based in Japan.

What to Learn From This Website

The website includes different lively colors which is very impressive for a design company. It also showcases its amazing print designs and illustrations.

Pica uses the power of storytelling on its Squarespace website. It didn't fail to capture our attention and invite us to emotionally connect to its background story. Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy for any business or organization.

Your online visitors are from different walks of life but they all share one thing in common. This common thing is also what you offer which makes them attracted to you. The best way to connect with your visitor's emotions is through storytelling.

Always start with a good hook. This would interest your online visitors to keep scrolling so they can read and find out how the story ends. Your story shouldn't just be about you but about how you can appeal to their emotions.

7. Minna

A Squarespace Website That Includes Valuable Information About Its Products For Sale

Minna is a Squarespace Website That Includes Valuable Information About Its Products For Sale

Minna is an organic-rich tea company that sells different flavors of tea in cans. The tea also comes in variety packs. All Minna tea flavors are healthy and made from the best ingredients.

What to Learn From This Website

Minna's website is more like an online store where the company displays each variety of the drinks to the many internet users that visit the website daily.

The website is very simple and contains relevant information concerning purchases. Coupled with the fact the website has a beautiful design to match the different flavors of the tea, the company also includes the nutritional facts for each drink. This makes the buying decision easier for the customers.

Similarly, if you have an online store or product website, make sure to always include important information about your products. There are probably other products like yours and your potential clients need assurance that they are making the right decision choosing you.

Write about the best qualities your product/service has and how it can benefit the customers. The purpose of your website is to generate interest in potential clients.

8. Tokyobike

A Beautiful Example Of A Squarespace Website With Easy Mobile Access

Tokyobike is a Beautiful Example of a Squarespace Website With Easy Mobile Access

Tokyobike is a New York-based bicycle company. It originally started in Tokyo, Japan, in 2002. The company sells amazing bicycles of all ages.

What to Learn From This Website

With Squarespace, you can have both a fascinating website and an e-commerce store in one space. Tokyobike uses its website as its online store, so visitors get to see a variety of their best bicycles on sale.

One key thing you can easily note about the website is that it is very clean and organized. People are attracted by what they see. The more attractive your page looks, the more they are drawn to purchase from you. 85% of adult internet users expect to have a great website design both on mobile and desktop devices.

Whether you are selling food, furniture, hardware, or anything, let your photography be top-notch.

The message is simple and it has easy mobile access. This is very convenient, especially as people visit the website at any time of the day. A visitor, accessing the website from a mobile phone, can still easily navigate through.

When choosing a template and a design for your website, go for one that can easily load on a mobile phone. If your website looks poorly designed on mobile, there is a high possibility that your online visitors will never recommend you.

9. Artips

A Paerfect Squarespace Website Example With Great User-friendly Content

Artips is a Paerfect Squarespace Website Example With Great User friendly Content 

Artips is a nail art brand that specializes in building personality and promoting creativity through artistic nail designs.

What to Learn From This Website

Artips' website is one of the best examples of a Squarespace website. It is a perfect example of an e-commerce store from Squarespace.

The website uses user-friendly content. It also includes an FAQ section. When people visit your website, they usually have questions about your products and services.

An FAQ page can help provide your potential customers with quick information they need, especially when they need to make a purchasing decision. Answering industry-related FAQs on your website helps increase your online visibility on search engines.

Another great thing about Artips is that the website includes a detailed guide on how to apply the perfect artips nail design. This shows that they are eager to carry everyone, including new timers, along in their beautiful world of artistic nails.

If you are selling a product or service, it is recommended to give a guide on the how, where, and when of using your product or service. Most people are encountering what you offer for the first time and have no clue on how to use it. They might even be potential clients but they just don't know yet.

10. Respiratory Motion

A Squarespace Website With A Well Detailed Information Of Those Behind The Organization

Respiratory Motion is a Squarespace Website With a Well Detailed Information of Those Behind The Organization

Respiratory Motion is a medical center located in Watertown, Massachusetts. It specializes in Innovative Minute Ventilation Monitoring. The company has a full staff of high professionals.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is well-detailed and aligns with the nature of the company. Respiratory Motion gives visitors a clear introduction into the administrative staff of the company. The visitors can easily identify the people behind the company and know their previous experiences and qualifications.

Having well-detailed information about you or your staff helps build trust. It also convinces them to try out what you offer because they see you as an expert with confidence.

Make it short and simple. Use keywords too when describing your experiences, passions, and qualifications. If your company has qualified staff, you can also provide information about them.

With an incredible “About” page, you can share your goals and vision for your company. Your online visitors will feel more connected to your business when they learn about what you stand for.

11. Active Schools

A Great Example Of A School Website Made With Squarespace

Active Schools is a Great Example of a School Website Made With Squarespace

Active Schools aims to provide an active school environment for children through physical education and various after-school activities. They believe in active learning.

What to Learn From This Website

When your product or services are for kids, the right people to target will be parents. Active Schools didn't miss it.

Parents want what's best for their kids and what better way to let them know you are the best by showing them? On Active school's website, they paid attention to every detail. From the images to the colors and the text. When dealing with children you have to build trust. Parents are particular about who they trust.

Always design your website with your target audience in mind. Do some research so you know what they like, what keywords they use, the phrases they always use, and other relevant information about them.

Also, the website uses active colors like bright red, yellow, and a subtle color blue to portray their personality. The website is transparent. It is the perfect balance of text, images, and colors.

When designing your website choose the best colors that compliment your business. Colors say a lot to different people. The wrong choice of color will only form a wrong impression to thousands of people who visit your website.

12. Bath House

A Skincare Squarespace Website Example With A Fascinating Homepage Design

Bath House is a Skincare Squarespace Website Example With a Fascinating Homepage Design

Bath House is a luxury fragrance and natural skincare brand. The brand was founded in 1997 and is located in the UK.

What to Learn From This Website

The product photography on the website is top-notch. Every photo follows a certain reset that complements each other.

The website's homepage is fascinating. It gives the feel of luxury. A homepage should be interesting and attractive. It should highlight what the website contains.

Let your visitors have an idea of what your organization, as well as your website, is about by just scrolling through the homepage. Not every internet user has the patience to visit each page on your website. For example, on Bath House's website, you can already judge how the whole website looks. You can also judge how it would feel to use the products.

13. Lift Environmental Design

An Example Of A Smart Squarespace Website That Uses The Power Of Email Marketing

Lift Environmental Design is an Example of a Smart Squarespace Website That Uses The Power of Email Marketing

Lift Environmental Design is a landscape architecture and planning firm. It is based in North Carolina.

What to Learn From This Website

The website has a very clean and simple layout. The slideshow on the homepage also adds to the flawless look of the website. For an architecture design company, having a well-structured layout on your company website is very important. People judge your company from what they see on your website.

Also, at the bottom of each web page, there is a call to subscribe to the firm's email newsletter. Email marketing isn't going anywhere. It is one marketing strategy that is here to stay.

When people sign up for your newsletters, it means that they are interested in what your company offers and want to be kept up-to-date about what your company's latest projects, offers, and sales. It is an opportunity to add them to your email contact list and keep in touch with them while promoting your business.

There are many benefits attached to email marketing and one of them includes direct engagement with both your clients and potential clients. Never understand the power of effective email marketing.

14. Interactive Ticketing

A Brilliant Example Of Uniformly-Designed Squarespace Website

Interactive Ticketing is a Brilliant Example Of Uniformly Designed Squarespace Website

Interactive Ticketing is a privately owned online ticket sales company. It started in 1999 and is based in Seattle, Washington DC. The company sells tickets to some of the biggest shows in North America.

What to Learn From This Website

The website has a simple design and layout. The information on the homepage is well organized. The website looks really simple with a lot of whitespaces.

The whitespace helps the online visitors easily scan through the content on each web page. On the company's website, every page is designed the same way. There is consistent uniformity on each page.

Similarly, your website's design should be consistent. Every page should be similar in design or complement each other. Having two completely different designs only confuses your online visitors and reduces their interest in your website.

15. Lumio

A Smart Squarespace Website Example That Includes An All-information Page

Lumio is a Smart Squarespace Website Example That Includes an All information Page

Lumio is a fast-rising residential solar providing firm. It was started in December 2020. The firm also helps people learn about renewable home energy.

What to Learn From This Website

For a technology firm, Lumio's website is professional, which gives a friendly introduction about the firm. People visiting the website can know about the firm in no time.

The website's content also includes a “newsroom” where visitors can easily go to find the latest news concerning the company. People are interested in what you're up to. If your website is attractive enough, they would want to find out more about you.

If the about us page is not enough your potential client will look for more information concerning you. You can dedicate an entire page, just like Lumio, to your newsroom. Just keep it updated.

16. Yellow Co

A Squarespace Website Example With The Perfect Color Blend To Match The Nature Of The Organization

Yellow Co is a Squarespace Website Example With The Perfect Color Blend To Match The Nature of The Organization

Yellow Co is a female empowerment organization that was started by Joanna Waterfall. The organization empowered women to be the best versions of themselves.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is rich and complete with engaging content. It includes videos, images, text, whitespace, animation and scribbly lines between sections, and cool design. The overall color – pale pink – compliments the feminine nature of the website. The splashes of yellow help to brighten up the website.

Your entire content, choice of color, and design contribute to the overall tone of your website. The tone of your website should reflect your company's voice. It helps your visitors feel more connected to you.

The colors of Yellow Co's website blends with the images. You can tell from the website alone that the firm is so passionate about what it stands for.

17. Randy Rogers Band

A Squarespace Website Example That Connects Well To The Audience

Randy Rogers Band is a Squarespace Website Example That Connects Well To The Audience

Randy Rogers band is a texas-based music band. They have been active for over 17 years with members evolving. The band performs more country and rock ‘n' roll music.

What to Learn From This Website

The overall layout of the website is incredible. Instead of the usual white background, the website uses a black background to match the genre of music the band plays.

The website contains the best information you can find about the band. The Black background captures your attention immediately and brings you to the mood of their music.

Your website is your first impression to thousands of people, so let it connect to the visitors. You want your online visitors to be drawn to your website and feel connected to what you offer.

The website isn't just for information but where fans of the band can listen to their latest music and buy their merchandise. Optimizing a website for a great user experience lets your content be engaging too.

18. Freemans Restaurant

A Smart Example Of A Restaurant Website Made With Squarespace

Freemans Restaurant is a Smart Example of a Restaurant Website Made With Squarespace

Freeman's Restaurant is a full American dine-in restaurant with a love for the Old World Traditions. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious cuisines and drinks – wine, champagne, cocktails, and beer.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is savory. It uses the power of strong imagery to attract visitors. One key thing about this restaurant website is that it allows visitors to make reservations online.

While using strong imagery for a restaurant website is very important, you should also ensure that your online visitors can make a reservation online. Include it as a call to action if need be. If they wait for too long, any cravings incited might die. You want to incite strong emotions and let them act on those emotions.

19. Jennifer Maravillas

A Perfect Example Of A Minimalist Website Made With Squarespace

Jennifer Maravillas is a Perfect Example of a Minimalist Website Made With Squarespace

Jennifer Maravillas is a visual artist and illustrator. She is based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses watercolor, block-printing, and textile dyeing to create portraits of cities and lands.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is a perfect example of a minimalist Squarespace website. The layout is very simple and the artistic typography for a logo is very smart and creative. Though minimalistic, the website takes you to a whole new dimension of art.

The minimalist website should have enough negative space to show simplicity. You are removing all unnecessary content and focusing on only the relevant ones. You should also use dramatic typography just like Maravillas did.

Be creative with different font styles and sizes. Most importantly use bold images. The images should be simple, full, and rich. They are meant to evoke emotions for your viewers.

20. Edible Boston

A Brilliant Example Of A Well-Organized Squarespace Website

Edible Boston is a Brilliant Example of a Well Organized Squarespace Website

Edible Boston is a food magazine firm based in Eastern Massachusetts. The magazine covers artisan food and drinks for locals within the region. The aim is to grow the interest of the local food and drink culture within its region.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is very colorful. The magazine's website lets the visitors participate too. It is open to all. Every section of the website is properly organized, making it easy for visitors to navigate through each web page. It also helps the visitors easily find what they are looking for.

The content on the homepage is properly divided into various sections so your visitors can easily get information. Whatever you are doing, make sure that your website is well organized. Well-organized websites allow people to stay longer and consume what you are showing them.

21. Blue Dog

A Typical Example Of An Amazing Restaurant Website Made With Squarespace

Blue Dog is a Typical Example of an Amazing Restaurant Website Made With Squarespace

Blue Dog is a healthy eclectic eatery. It specializes in serving healthy meal options. The restaurant started in 2006 and was made up of many family recipes.

What to Learn From This Website

Blue Dog's website is one of the best restaurant websites made with Squarespace. It uses big bold words and an elegant design to attract people.

Blue Dog writes a clear message about its food and it shows the online visitors a well-organized menu. It is very easy to navigate through the website. The headline words on the homepage are links that lead to different sections on the website.

The restaurant website has a faster loading time so it is easy to access the pages. Your website, whatever business you are doing, should be easily accessible and faster to navigate through.

The more your website delays in loading time, the more your website's bounce rate will increase. People are busy every second. Lots of things run through their mind at once. As they are getting busier, they are getting more impatient.

Ensure your website has a fast loading time, both on a desktop device and a mobile device.

22. Steve Benjamins

A Squarespace Website With Good Social Media Integration

Steve Benjamins is a Squarespace Website With Good Social Media Integration

Steve Benjamins is a Toronto-based singer and songwriter. The music he writes is emotional and people can easily connect with it.

What to Learn From This Website

On the website, visitors can easily access Steve's blog where he shares his thoughts, listen to his music, and be updated on upcoming events.

Steve Benjamins integrates his music website to various music streaming channels – like Spotify, YouTube, Apple, and SoundCloud – so his audience can easily listen to his music.

If you are a music producer, songwriter, or related to music, having a blog where you share your personal thoughts and journey helps you build a stronger connection with your audience. Also, it is smart to integrate your social media handles into your website. It makes it easier for people to connect more to what you do.

23. Citrasolv

Best Squarespace Website Example That Uses Effective Copywriting

Citrasolv is the Best Squarespace Website Example That Uses Effective Copywriting

Citra Solv is an organic-rich cleaning agent. It is natural and environmentally friendly. Citra Solv is both for commercial use and household use.

What to Learn From This Website

The website carries a tone that shows that the company is proud of what it does. Through its emotional message in the “about” section, Citra Solv shows its passion and shares its 30-year old vision. The company appeals to the audience through effective copywriting. It puts itself in the reader's shoes and writes from the customer's perspective. Every word is transparent and reassuring.

Your amazing Squarespace website should convince your online visitors about what you offer. Since you cannot meet thousands of visitors or potential customers one-on-one and convince each one to choose you, the best thing to do is to convince them through your website.

Your online visitors should feel like you are speaking to them directly. Use images, if you must. You can also use videos. Be convincing, else your website would have very little conversion.

Like Citra Solv, don't leave any stone unturned. You can answer frequently asked questions on your “About” page in the form of a story. List the best benefits of your product, or service, for your target audience. You never know who might be visiting.

24. CanDo Kiddo

A Children Therapy Squarespace Website Example With Great Social Media Integration

CanDo Kiddo is a Children Therapy Squarespace Website Example With Great Social Media Integration

CanDo Kiddo is a development therapy clinic for children. It is owned by Rachel Coley, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. She helps children in development.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is family-friendly, which means that it is suitable for all ages. Rachel gives her visitors an invitation to join her on Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to connect with your numerous clients and potential clients on a personal level. It is one of the most popular means of connecting with people from around the world. Instagram is also like a search engine on its own.

You can share more information about your business on Instagram, use the caption as a good place to tell stories that connect with your clients on a deeper level. You can also integrate other powerful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

With social media integration, you can get more people visiting your website – which means more potential customers.

25. Adrienne Raquel

A Photography Squarespace Website Example That Shows Credibility

Adrienne Raquel is a Photography Squarespace Website Example That Shows Credibility

Adrienne Raquel is a talented New York-based photographer and an art director. Through her many works, she shows she is fascinated by women of color and their mainstream fashion.

What to Learn From This Website

Adrienne's beautiful Squarespace website displays her best works. As an artist who knows that potential clients and collaborators will be visiting, she uses her website as her portfolio. Adrienne built credibility by showing the top celebrities she has worked with.

Credibility is very important. People want to know your important work. By showing them the people (including top personalities you have worked with), they tend to be more interested in seeing what you can do. The longer they spend on your website, the more Google and other search engines will reward you.

Adrienne also lists the client in her “About” page. Seeing that she has a high-profile clientele, anyone will be convinced that she is very good at what she does.

Maybe you don't have a sharp list of clients, you can post reviews or testimonials of people you have worked with. All people need is proof of your great work. They want to be sure that they are making the right choice.

26. Beautiful Destinations

A Travel Destination Squarespace Website That Shows Their Difference

Beautiful Destinations is a Travel Destination Squarespace Website That Shows Their Difference

Beautiful Destinations is a great website for travelers. They advertise various tourist sites and help travelers know the best places to visit and at what time of the season. They have worked with various tourist sites like Hilton, Dubai, Jamaica, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, among many others.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is about adventures and gives off the feeling of traveling. The content on the website is professional and exciting. There is a news section that gives the latest news about the best places to visit.

Beautiful Destinations takes a step further by showing online visitors why they are different from others. This makes the visitors interested in seeing what makes the company different. This is an opportunity to showcase their best features/offers.

Don't be afraid to tell your online visitors about why you are different. This is the best opportunity to share the benefits, not just the features. Think of what sets your business apart from the others and why your online visitors should patronize you.

By doing so, you are registering to potential clients that you are the best choice. Many of them are more likely to choose you.

27. Bembien

An Example Of A Smart Squarespace Ecommerce Website

Bembien is an Example of a Smart Squarespace Ecommerce Website

Bembien is a handmade bag company. Each bag is handwoven to perfection. The company was started by Yi-Mei Truxes and is based in New York.

What to Learn From This Website

The website is an online store and showcases her best bags for sale. The bags are displayed on the homepage with their various prices.

Every information needed is displayed on the website, including company policies on shipping, refund, and returns.

Your online store is just like your physical store, always include vital information and prices about your products. Putting prices for each item in your store is very important. Most of your potential customers are on a budget and want to see what they can get from your store. These decisions need to be made at the moment.

Imagine being at a grocery store and you have to keep going over to the counter to ask for the price of things you want to get. That is very stressful, right? This is what happens when your online visitors can't see the price. They don't know what to do and might have to keep sending endless emails about the prices of your products. Such an experience is enough to chase away your potential customers immediately.

About Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the world's best website builders. It is a SaaS website building and hosting company based in New York.

Squarespace offers lots of amazing features that make it even easier for startup businesses to create their websites. Creating a website can be really expensive and stressful. Squarespace solves that problem. With this web-building tool, companies can easily build their brand online, share their stories, and connect with clients online.

Best Squarespace Features

This website builder is trusted by major of the world's top brands due to its many helpful features. Squarespace has a long line of features for each part of website building, designing, and hosting. Some of them are:

Customizable Templates

Squarespace has already-designed templates/themes that can be customized to fit what you want for your brand. There are template designs for all major content types – including for galleries and e-commerce stores.

One of the reasons why Squarespace templates are perfect is that they are designed with mobile devices in mind. This means that your website can be easily accessed on mobile devices. Every business category – Interior design, wedding planning, law professionals, artists – is covered.

Powerful Design Tools

Powerful tools used to design websites are offered by Squarespace. You can get access to custom color palettes and flexible layouts.

Use these tools to design a website that fits your style. There are various style options. The latest version of Squarespace is version 7.1. This version allows you to use site styles to change the font, color, and spacing.

Starter Layouts

Even if you are just a start-up business, you can build your amazing website using Squarespace's pre-designed layouts. Each layout is designed for specific purposes like portfolio, contact, blog, about page, and products.

The page elements are organized to give your website a professional layout and give a good first impression.

Commenting System

Squarespace has a strong commenting system that includes content moderation, bulk comment management, reader feedback, among others.

This feature is best for websites with blogs and e-commerce stores. Getting feedback from your online visitors helps you know what trending content to post. The commenting system has customizable settings

Squarespace Best Templates

Squarespace's beautiful templates cover various business categories, so you don't feel left out. Each template is professionally designed to meet your business's needs when it comes to websites.

1. Bailard

The Bailard template is suitable for non-profit organizations and communities. The popular sections on this template include the home, news, about, and read section pages. It gives your organization's website a simple and clean design.

2. Clarkson

This template is perfect for small businesses. It uses the Same serif font. The Clarkson template supports blogging. However, you can only use a white color background but with multiple options for fonts.

The pages available for this template include home, about, contact, initiatives, and take action. It is through the initiatives page you can blog.

3. Paloma

Paloma template supports a long scrolling style on the homepage. You can include relevant information on your homepage, so your online visitors already know what your website is about. The Paloma template also allows long scrolling for other pages.

4. Vance

This is a popular Squarespace template for restaurants. Its main sections include home, make a reservation, menu, photo/gallery, and our story. With this template, you can use bold images and have a clean design. You can also include a teaser of all your sections on the homepage.

5. Colima

Colima template supports local businesses, including therapy clinics. This template focuses on images. The sections for this template include: home, book a class/consultation, location, blog, our staff, classes, and about.

The start screen contains an image that is full enough to fill up the entire screen. The default color of this template is grey, but it is chargeable. The template is also suitable for beauty, health, and yoga.

6. Crosby

Crosby template is popular for websites that double as online shops. The main sections on this template include home, shop, blog, our story, and contact sections. The design is simple and your online visitors can get to your online shop section right from the homepage.

7. Novo

Novo is a portfolio-like template. It supports minimalism, through its use of the black and white color theme. Novo is suitable for all businesses – like art, interior design, and photography – that require a portfolio.

The main section includes home, work, and contact sections. If you want your website to have a minimalist look, then this beautiful, yet simple, Squarespace template is perfect for you.

Other popular templates include:


Squarespace has different pricing plans to fit your budget. It also offers a 14-day free trial plan. The pricing plan is divided into two sections: Annually (which you can save up to 30%) and Monthly.

For each section, you are allowed to choose between Personal, Business, or Commerce (Basic or Advanced) plans. The higher your budget, the more features you can access.

All plans come with 24/7 customer support. You can change or cancel your plans at any time.

FAQs About Squarespace Website

What are the best alternatives to Squarespace?

Although Squarespace is widely used by millions of businesses, it is just one on the list of amazing website builders in the world. Even though Squarespace has a wide range of features, it doesn't cater to everyone's needs. 

Probably you, just like everyone else, have specific features you see looking for in a website builder. If Squarespace doesn't offer that feature, you can check out other Squarespace alternatives. Each of these alternatives has a strong point they are known for. 

Duda: Best for agencies in Client Management. It encourages team collaboration and client management.
Shopify: Best website for e-commerce stores. It is also one of the best ways to build an online business.
GoDaddy: Best website builder that supports small business owners. It is very fast and easy to set up, even if you have no experience at all.
Wix: The most flexible website builder that supports very small businesses with limited budgets.
Strikingly: Best website builder for creating one-page sites 
Webflow: Most suitable for web designers. It supports front-end customization
Cargo: Perfect website builder for offering very unique templates

Whatever the plans you have for your website are, there are website builders that can take care of your needs and give you exactly what you want. As your business develops or changes, you can always change your website builder.

What are the pros and cons of creating a Squarespace website?

Like every other service, there are pros and cons to using Squarespace. When choosing the website builder, it is important to consider these pros and cons. The pros come from the amazing features that Squarespace offers.


– Offers great modern templates 
– Easy to use, even for people who cannot code
– Affordable pricing plan 
– Supports small businesses 
– Supports various businesses categories 
– Powerful features and clean design
– Offers SEO support and 24/7 customer support
– Supports email marketing and social media integration
– Allows mobile access, which is very convenient for internet users


– It's not easy to build complex sites
– Limited templates for more complex businesses

Launch Your Squarespace Website

When compared to other website builders, Squarespace is one of the few that can be bragged about by many. The features have been reviewed and proven to be as helpful as they claim to be.

Try out different templates that suit your brand's personality. You can do so much with a Squarespace website.

Having a business website helps attract more customers/clients but having a clean and attractive website is what creates more conversion. Use the amazing Squarespace website examples listed in this article as a guide in building your own attractive website.

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