Teachable Pricing – Which Plan is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Dec 6, 2022.

In recent years, Teachable has become widely popular among bloggers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. This platform makes it super easy to create and sell online courses.

If you are interested in Teachable and wondering which plan is right for you, keep reading. Here you will get an insight into Teachable pricing plans and find answers to some frequently asked questions about the platform.

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How Much Does Teachable Cost?

Teachable has three pricing plans: Basic, Pro and Business that start respectively at $29, $99 and $249 per month. Let's go a little bit deeper.

1. Basic

Best Teachable Plan for Entry-Level Course Creators

Teachable Basic Plan for Entry Level Course Creators

If paid annually, the Basic plan costs only $29 per month. And if paid monthly, it costs $39 per month.

The plan comes with some pretty good features that may be enough for a new course creator. With that said, users of the Basic plan have to deal with some limitations.

On every course sale, you will have to pay a 5% transaction fee.

You will have to use Teachable’s payment gateways, and as a result you will not have instant access to your revenue. To get your funds, you will have to wait at least 45 days.

Offering a 30-day refund policy is a requirement for users of the Basic plan. With that said, if you have just a small course to sell, the Basic plan may be the best option for you. Even this basic plan can start unlocking your potential. But for this, you have to maintain integrity and cherish a strong work ethic.

2. Pro

Best Teachable Plan for Online Course Instructors

Teachable Pro Plan for Online Course Instructors

Billed annually, the Pro plan costs $99 per month. And if billed monthly, it costs $119 per month.

The Pro plan is suitable for online course creators who are serious about making money by selling their courses.

Users of the Pro plan do not have to pay any additional transaction fee. Better yet, they are not required to offer a refund policy. This plan comes with advanced reporting, design and automation features.

3. Business

Best Teachable Plan for Large Organizations

Teachable Business Plan for Large Organizations

For most independent course creators, the Business plan does not make sense. This plan is actually intended for large enterprises.

If you pay annually, the Business plan costs $249 per month. And if you pay monthly, the plan is going to cost a whopping $299 per month.

An amazing thing about this plan is that it allows up to 100 users. If your course requires multiple instructors, and if it is a really lucrative course, you may find the Business plan convenient.

Feature Comparison of Teachable Plans

1. Features of the Basic Plan

As we have already stated, the Basic plan is suitable for new course creators. Let's take a look at the features first.

  • Unlimited students
  • Course product
  • 5% transaction fees
  • Members-only community
  • Coaching product
  • Product support
  • Coupon codes
  • Custom domain support
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Drip course content

The affordable price is the hallmark of this plan. So, if you have a tight budget, this plan may be a great choice for you.

You will get a custom domain name, and therefore your site will have a professional-looking URL.

To promote your courses, you can easily integrate email service providers with your Teachable school. For most marketers, MailChimp is the go-to email marketing tool. However, you can integrate many other such tools.

The Basic plan has some amazing features, but the plan has some obvious limitations.

For every sale, Teachable will take a 5% transaction fee. As you land a significant number of sales, the fees can add up. However, this issue is common to most other online course platforms. In order to avoid paying the 5% transaction fees, you will have to upgrade to the Pro plan.

If you are selling your course as a side hustle or doing the whole thing as a hobby, the Basic plan is appropriate for you.

Here is another requirement you may not like. You will have to offer a 30-day refund policy. There is no other way around–it is a requirement. Your funds will not be available until the refund period has passed.

2. Features of the Pro Plan

Of the three plans, the Pro plan is the most popular. And there are good reasons for its popularity. It comes with all the bells and whistles you need for selling an outline course.

It provides all the features available with the Basic plan, plus the following ones:

  • Instant payouts
  • No transaction fees
  • Priority product support
  • 5 admin-level users
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Course completion certificate
  • Advanced reports

The Pro plan is suitable for course creators who have already defined their target markets, and are serious about making money with their online courses.

You do not need any coding skill to launch your course. It is super easy to customise a template and upload your content.

One of the best things about the Pro plan is that users are not required to pay transaction fees.

Funds are available instantly. You can directly integrate your Stripe and PayPal accounts to your Teachable account. And the payments will be made automatically. You will be paid daily whether you are using Teachable Payments or a custom payment gateway. If you want, you can select your payment schedule differently.

Professionalism is the main characteristic of a successful online course. The Pro plan also allows you to provide your students with certificates of course completion. These certificates will make your course more professional.

The advanced reporting tools will give insights into the progress of your students. These tools will help you highlight the weaker points of your students, and focus more on those points.

You can easily integrate your course with many third-party apps. With these apps, you can automate many tedious tasks and save your valuable time. For instance, with Zapier, you can connect your course with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom and other popular tools.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, and that is another great thing about the Pro plan.

You can download your data including your revenue analytics and student info. This makes it easy to switch to another hosting service or launch your own site.

3. Features of the Business Plan

The Business plan is for large organizations that need the best of Teachable. This plan comes with all the features available with the Pro plan, and some more. Here are the additional features:

  • 20 admin-level users
  • Bulk student enrollments
  • Manual student imports
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Custom users roles
  • Group coaching calls

If you are running a large enterprise with many admins and instructors, and your main focus is on attaining real abundance, this plan may be suitable for you.

The Power Editor allows you to edit your school’s template. Thus you can change the way your lectures, courses, pages and layouts appear.

The Business plan also allows you to enroll students manually. For this, there are step-by-step instructions on Teachable’s website.

With Teachable, there are several types of user roles: primary owner, owner, affiliate, author, and student. They have their own default permissions, and the roles are fixed if you are on the Basic or Pro plan. However, the Business plan allows you to customize the roles.

Does Teachable Offer a Free Trial?

As of June 2021, Teachable no longer offers a free trial. People who are interested in Teachable may find this information a bit shocking, but the company certainly has its reasons for discontinuing the feature.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are serious about Teachable, we encourage you to try out the Basic plan, which costs only $29 per month. The Basic plan is unlikely to disappoint you because it comes with lots of bells and whistles that may be enough for selling a new but ambitious online course.

Teachable Pricing FAQ

Can I sell ebooks on Teachable?

Yes, you can sell ebooks on Teachable. Teachable allows you to upload PDFs, video files and images as part of your course material. Follow these steps to sell your ebooks: 

– Create your course
– Set up the curriculum
– Upload your ebook
– Make the file downloadable
– Preview the curriculum
– Set the price
– Design your sales page
– Publish the book

You may have your own strategy for convincing your audience that they actually need the book. It depends on your business policy, but the bottom line is: you are free to sell your ebooks.

Can I make money with Teachable?

Once you start using Teachable, you will figure out that there are actually multiple ways to make money with the platform. Teachable does not just help you create your online courses; it shows you ways to sell your courses.

– Here are some ways to make money with Teachable:
– Sell online courses
– Sell ebooks
– Sell access to live webinars or live workshops
– Sell coaching packages
– Sell monthly memberships
– Become a teachable affiliate
– Launch an affiliate partnership program

How do I get paid on Teachable?

To process debit or credit card transactions, Teachable uses Stripe Express. This platform also allows PayPal payments.

Teachable Payments is not available in all countries. It is available for schools that are operating within Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Norway, Slovakia, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, United States and United Kingdom.

Even if you are eligible for Teachable Payments, in some cases you may need to change your country name in the General Settings in order to access your funds.

Primary owners can go to the settings and set up how they receive payouts and accept card payments. The process of setting up Teachable Payments is pretty straightforward. There are step-by-step instructions on the support page.

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