What Is Abundance? Definition, Explanations, & Affirmations

Updated Jul 24, 2023.
What Is Abundance Definition, Explanations, and Affirmations to Make More Money

What does abundance mean to you?

Is it the availability of wealth and prosperity?

Is it the availability of skills and abilities?

Whatever it is, abundance exists everywhere, and it feels pretty good to experience.

Even you can attest to the feeling at some point in your life.

But living an abundant life isn’t something you conjure from its resting. You must first get rid of possible obstructions standing in your way.

Although invisible, these obstructions, also called abundance blocks, are very present in our minds influencing every decision we make.

However, the ability to make the right decisions to live an abundant life is dependent on how reformed your mindset is towards abundance.

The good news is that developing an abundance mindset and fulfilling all it takes to live an abundant life is quite easy.

You’ll see that in this article where I’ll explain seven steps that can help you attain abundance and also affirmations that can strengthen your money mindset.

Ready to live in abundance? Great, let’s get started.

Abundance Definition, Meaning, and Synonyms

Have you ever had to ignore the idea of getting something you needed because you couldn't afford it?

How did that feel?

“Oh, I wish I had money in abundance,” that was just as much as you could have said or did.

Abundance is one word that is often used by everyone. It's such a powerful word, and it holds a different meaning to everyone.

However, whatever you may define abundance as, will depend on your thoughts, feelings, and actions at that point in time.

We all have different definitions of what gives us freedom and peace of mind, and that's what we'll love to have in abundance.

Let's look at some definitions of abundance.

  • For people who are sick in the hospital, abundance means having a healthy life free from sickness.
  • For people in war-torn countries, abundance means having peace of mind and a safe place to live in.
  • For people who are homeless, abundance means having a place to call home.
  • For people in countries that oppress their citizens, abundance is free access to education and freedom to fully express their rights.
  • For people who can't afford their favorite item in the store, abundance signifies a specific dollar figure.

Even the words synonymous to abundance express similar meanings.

The image below has some examples of them.


As different as these definitions of abundance are, they hold a similar meaning: receiving or having something you want without any limit.

But how can you receive abundance, without any limit?

You are in so much capacity to receive all the goodies an abundant life brings your way. Your only limitation could be some specific blocks, struggling with your mindset, and causing stagnancy in your life.

However, developing an abundance mindset will reconstruct your subconscious to make the right decisions that will result in your abundance.

Don’t forget. Your mind is like your powerhouse, whatever you decide stays.

Why Do You Need to Live in Abundance?

  • Abundance gives a sense of self-worth and self-confidence, which helps you stay resilient in hard times.
  • Abundance helps build a flourishing and thriving community around you. So, if you live in abundance and you look around, you will find that your friends, business partners, and acquaintances all have the same mindset as you and are pushing each other to attain more.
  • Abundance helps you create a better meaning to what you want, rather than looking forward to a forced state of wealth, which for most of the time, may not mean so much to you.
  • Abundance helps you attend to your needs as soon as you need to. The idea of being in surplus and knowing that there is more from where that came from enables you to focus more on the things that matter most to you.

Faster productivity growth has led to an increase in the standard of living in countries like Denmark and the United States.

Quality of Life Index by Country
Source: Numbeo

So, how can you also ensure productivity that will launch you into abundant life?

Not to worry. I‘ve explained the steps that can help you become productive and live an abundant life. Let's see them below.

What is Abundance, and How Can I Attract Money in My Life?

Out of all the numerous definitions of abundance and its different meaning to people, one thing that stands the same is that abundance signifies provision or surplus.

But I like to think of abundance as more than that?

Abundance is like an energy that allows you to create more and receive more.

Create more and receive more to live an abundant life

The keyword here is more because, in abundance, you can never run out.

So, how do you attract an abundant life? How do you gain financial freedom?

You will find the answers in the steps below.

Step 1: Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Although we humans are different, the way we think and behave as entrepreneurs is very much alike. That's why anyone can develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become financially free because the same rule applies to everyone.

An entrepreneurial mindset involves employing different cognitive strategies that can help you stand on your decisions, overcome the challenges of running a business and accept responsibility for your outcomes.

In the United States, about 80% of businesses survive their first year, and only 30% of businesses survive their tenth year.

How American Small Businesses Survive
Source: BLS

What keeps you among the 30%?

It's an entrepreneurial mindset.

When it comes to making money and living in abundance, the right kind of mindset and the ideal skill set is just as important as drafting the perfect business plan.

No one is born as an entrepreneur. Instead, you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and find your way to abundance.

Just like in science, where a catalyst helps to hasten a chemical reaction, an entrepreneurial mindset is a pathway that leads to your entrepreneurship success and financial freedom.

So how do you develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Conquer the Fear of Failing

Let's get clear on this. As an entrepreneur, failing is inevitable.

Failing just indicates that you took a step forward and tried something.

Looking at this research, if these business owners that make up those percentages didn’t try to take a step forward in their businesses, they wouldn’t have known that disharmony of team or customer development issues can cause their business to fail.

Do you now understand what I mean?

Why Do Startups Fail
Source: Fractl

No doubt. Failure springs up negative emotions in you.

However, entrepreneurs are leaders in their respective fields, and as with the qualities of a leader, any entrepreneur looking to be successful will turn that failure and all its negative emotions into something positive.

How can you conquer your fear?

The best way to conquer your fear is by talking about them.

You can do this either with a family or friend. Write down your fears in a book and let them ask you questions about what you have written. Answer those questions honestly.

The more frequently you do that, you will start feeling proud and bold to face your fear rather than the shame you may have felt initially.

Take Responsibilities for Your Actions

As an entrepreneur, you should own up to your mistakes, take responsibility for them, and look for meaningful solutions to correct them.

Sometimes, the mistakes may not be your fault. You may not have even known about it till it was too late.

However, you need to consciously accept that whatever happens in your business is your responsibility.

No one will miraculously come and take the blame for you.

Instead, take responsibility for every one of your decisions and actions, and then look for the right steps to avert the mistakes.

Set Realistic Goals and Stay True to them

One thing you don't want to do as an entrepreneur is to set goals for your business that don't look achievable.

It will not only wear you out but also make your business grow slow because you are not focusing on the right things.

Reasons why startups fail top
Source: Cbinsight

You can set aside a day to review the goals you have set for your business. Once you have done that, the following steps below can help you stay true to your goals.

  • Always write your goals down in a book. I'll advise that you get a journal specifically for your business.
  • Tell your goals to friends and families who will hold you accountable.

Stay Curious

You must have heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat,” but that does not apply in the world of entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, you have to stay curious and eager to learn, unlearn, and relearn because you can never know it all. You should also be curious about your professional growth and aim to improve your skills.

Yearly, businesses are emerging. New ideas are breaking forth. Technology advancement is rising.

However, it's only curiosity that can keep you on top of your game amidst all these developments.

Act Even in Fear or Doubt

Two silent killers of the entrepreneurial mindset are fear and self-doubt.

“What if I don't hit my target?”, “What if my business proposal gets rejected?”

These doubts or fears can make you turn back at the first sign of a challenge and prevent you from pursuing your goals.

It's okay to be afraid of taking risks, but you shouldn't let that fear or doubt stop you from taking meaningful steps that can expand your business.

Here's how you can help yourself act even in fear

  • Write down a list of everything you are afraid of, starting from the least to the most.
  • From the top, which is the last thing you are afraid of? Begin to act on them.
  • Take it one at a time. It may take a while, and the progress may be slow, but you shouldn't be discouraged. Who knows, you may grow to love this method.

Step 2: Learn Some High-Income Skills

Everyone has skills.

However, the world is evolving, and some skills are sought after more than others.

The skill you have can generate money for you, but when you want to attract more money and gain financial freedom, you should consider learning a high-income skill that can yield six figures income annually (about $10,000 – $20,000 monthly).

High Income Skills enable abundant life

What are High-Income Skills?

Just as the name implies, high-income skills are skills that deliver significant value to the marketplace and which you can charge a lot of money to offer.

Most of these skills are technology-related, but what do you expect in this technologically innovative century we are in.

Let’s look at the high-income skills relevant in 2020 that can get you amassing in abundance.


As the blockchain statistics illustrate, the global blockchain market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 56.3% between 2022 and 2029, from $ 7.18 billion to $ 163.83 billion by 2029. It is highly likely that the industry will lack both enry and pro canditates, which can result in high-paid wages.

Blockchain first emerged in 2009 at the birth of cryptocurrency, serving as a public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrencies and is now topping the list of high-income skills.

Blockchain is the record-keeping technology behind the cryptocurrency network. This system of recording

information makes it difficult for anyone to change or hack the system.

In the image below are more reasons why people are choosing blockchain to keep their cryptocurrency records.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is also employed worldwide by financial industries, supply chain management, and are also used to create blockchain video games and domain names.

You can learn about blockchain by reading articles, whitepapers, and enrolling in courses to become a blockchain developer.

Cloud Computing

Cloud service revenue in 2018 was predicted to be $127 billion but has now increased to a whopping sum of $167 billion in 2020.

That's a huge and significant consideration for anyone looking to gain financial freedom.

public cloud market size
Source: Forbes

Cloud computing involves using a wide range of software, servers, data storage, networks, and databases to deliver different services through the internet rather than using a physical storage device.

Cloud computing ensures that you can access your files from multiple devices anywhere globally and offer a considerable cost-saving potential for big businesses.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning is a problem-solving skill that allows you to evaluate problems and come up with meaningful solutions.

Analytical reasoning shows that you can study information quickly and apply logic to create solutions to the problem.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science that deals with creating smart machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence.

In 2015, there was an upsurge in the annual investment level by venture capitalists into US Artificial Intelligence startups, and it has been increasing ever since.

annual published Al paper
Source: Forbes

Artificial intelligence is employed:

  • In the healthcare industry for surgical operations in the operating room and administering different treatments in patients
  • In the financial sector to detect unusual banking activities
  • In the creation of self-driving cars.

UX Design

The reason why you can navigate our website easily is through the help of a UX designer.

UX design is a short form for User Experience design, and it involves creating products or services that offer relevant and meaningful experiences to users.

Ux design considers every element that influences a user's decision about a product or service, such as how the product or service makes the user feel, how efficient the product is, and the ease of using the product or service.

Business Analyst

A business analyst helps any business improve its processes, products, and services through data analysis. They are mainly problem solvers who consider the needs of a business as their utmost priority.

business analysts skills
Source: IIBA

Business analysts are often called the bridge between the IT team and the business. That's because they work closely with the financial and IT team of a business to strategize and improve business processes and optimize cost.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is a fast-growing industry worth over $12 billion with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

affiliate marketing spending forecast
Source: Supermetrics

Affiliate marketing is solely based on your performance. A business rewards you (an affiliate) for every customer or visitor you bring to them based on your marketing efforts.


It's no wonder that sales are a high-income skill since every business aims to make sales.

Sales involve selling products or services to a customer or a business. But don't worry, there are tons of high-paying affiliate programs you can join.

But you may ask, isn't it just selling? Can't anyone sell?

Anyone can sell, but how well can you influence your buyers to go through with a purchase?

There are several tactics involved in making sales that can help you attain financial freedom. Luckily, these tactics can be learned by reading research, articles and applying for salesperson certifications.

Scientific Computing

Scientific computing is an area of science that involves collecting techniques and theories to understand and solve complex problems.

As a computational scientist, you use different techniques such as numerical analysis, computer simulation to solve problems.

Scientific computing can be learned by reading researches, articles, journals, and applying for a computational scientist certification.

Video Production

Video production generally involves creating visual content.

With the increase in online activities, video creation is now in high-demand, and many businesses are rapidly employing video producers to produce content for their businesses.

stats of video as a part of your marketing strategy
Source: Smart Insights

Where Can You Learn These Skills?

There are numerous platforms available on the internet to register and learn the fundamentals of these skills quickly.


Most Preferred Online Learning Platform for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Related Skills.

edX online learning platform

Edx has 2000+ courses on a wide range of skills. The platform also has ties with top universities like Boston University, Harvard University, Australian National University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, so you are sure to get the right information for whatever skill you choose to learn.


Most Popular Leading Providers of Massive Open Online Courses.

Coursera online courses

Coursera collaborates with world-class institutions such as Google and IBM and leading universities like Yale, Michigan, and Stanford to offer certifications for skills learned. This platform is easily everyone’s choice because they provide quizzes and hands-on projects to help you implement what you have learned.


Best Overall Online Learning Platform That Caters to All Kind of Skills.

Udemy online learning platform

Udemy is one of the popular platforms to learn a skill. Different categories of skills are available with a massive library of courses to help you become an expert in your skill of choice. Most of the courses on Udemy are paid, but there are still a lot more, up to 6000 free courses.

LinkedIn Learning

Most Preferred Online Learning Platform for High-Quality Courses for All Levels.

LinkedIn Learning online learning platform

LinkedIn Learning is the learning platform of the top-rated social network, LinkedIn, that connects professionals all around the world together. The platform offers a wide range of courses on virtually any skill available and has a mobile app that makes it more user-friendly.


Best Online Learning Platform for Learning Skills through Video Content.

YouTube online learning platform for learning skills

Although youtube doesn’t have a structured way to teach courses like Udemy or Coursera, it’s a great option if you are looking to get great visual information about your skill. Whatever information you need about your skill, there are dozens of people who have explained it in detail, so you have numerous options to pick from.


Best Choice For One-Time Online Courses With Certificates.

Alison Free Online Courses Online-Learning

Alison offers a platform where you can learn, study, and get certified in any skill of your choice. There are so many free courses available on the platform, and there's also an option to get a certificate of participation. Alison has over 2 million people who have benefitted from its free courses, and this number keeps rising.


Most Popular Online Learning Platform for Learning Creative Skills.

Skillshare online learning platform

Although this platform is relatively new, it is one of the fastest-growing learning platforms where you can learn writing, design, animations, illustrations, filming, business, and photography. You will have to subscribe monthly to utilize all the opportunities that the platform provides.


Beginner Friendly Online Learning Platform to Learn Programming Skills.

sitepoint online learning platform

Sitepoint is a great option if you want to learn to become a website developer. To gain access to the numerous courses, community, group discussions, tutorials, online books, and pdfs materials, you will have to join the monthly subscription plan. However, anyone can learn on this platform irrespective of your level of expertise.

However, before you register to learn any of these high-income skills online, here's what you need to have:

  • An internet connection
  • A computer or a smartphone
  • A book and a pen

And that's all.

Step 3: Become a High-Paid Freelancer

About 35% of the American workforce are freelancers.

This number will keep on increasing because, unlike other jobs, freelancing allows you to work from anywhere in the world, while also investing your time in learning new skills and shaping the scope of your work.

Who is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed individual that offers their skills for a fee.

Anyone with a skill can be a freelancer. However, to attain abundance, you must consider becoming a high-paid freelancer.

Let’s check out some examples of skills that can yield a high income for freelancers.

Web Design and Development

The world is transitioning into a global hub, and virtually everyone is feeling the heat.

Business owners are realizing the importance of having an online presence and are on the lookout for anyone who can make that happen.

Most businesses have an old website or no website
Source: Clutch

As a web designer and developer, you will design websites, take responsibility for the website’s content, and ascertain its functionality.


If you are multilingual, then translation might be a good skill choice for you. There are lots of languages that you can translate.

However, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, and French are high in demand and will probably yield more money.

most spoken languages worldwide
Source: Statista

As a translator, you will translate written and spoken words into different languages and also apply the appropriate context to your translation to pass the accurate message across.


Copywriting involves writing persuasive content, usually called “copy” for businesses and marketing initiatives.

Copywriters specialize in writing copies such as web pages, sales copy, white papers, product or service descriptions, about us pages, newsletters, emails, ad taglines, press releases.

Video Creation/Editing

In 2020, 85% of businesses used video as a marketing tool.

video as marketing tool
Source: Hubspot

And daily, more businesses are discovering the importance of video content for their businesses, thus increasing the demands for video creators and editors.

Video creators or editors make video content for businesses using video editing software and tools, and this skill usually requires 100% creativity and uniqueness.

Graphic Design

Graphic design mainly involves creating content for businesses through a unique aesthetic concept.

Graphic designers use more images and fewer words to create visual materials for websites, advertisements, packaging, brochures, magazines.

Social Media Managers

Many businesses are springing up on social media daily because of the large number of people actively present on these social media platforms.

A quick search on Upwork for Social media managers brought over 11,000 job results.

Upwork social media manager jobs found

That means social media managers are a good option when considering becoming a high-paid freelancer.

Social Media managers perform the following functions:

  • Handle the social media pages.
  • Increase brand awareness by engaging with other social media handles.
  • Develop campaigns to increase business reach.

Now you know what skills can help you become a high-paid freelancer. But where do you go with your skills?

Best Platforms to Find Freelance Jobs and Clients


Best Overall Freelance Platform with Highly-Competitive Rates and Secured Job Offers.

Upwork best freelance platform to earn money

Upwork is a free freelance platform with over 5 million clients such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Microsoft hiring freelancers with every passing minute.

Upwork offers a ranking system that it uses to keep its members on their toes and charges a 20% commission for every completed job. However, this commission reduces as your rank increases.


Most Popular Freelancing Platform with Minimal Commissions.

Fiverr freelancing platform

The name Fiverr comes from the company’s structure – every job starts at $5.

Get it now?

Although jobs begin at $5, you can sell your skills above the $5 option.

Fiverr is also a free platform and a great place to start freelancing.


Most Popular Freelancing Platform that supports Professionals and Creatives.

freelancer.com freelancing platform for professionals and creatives

With over 13 million users on freelancer, you are sure to get regular freelancing jobs on the platform.

However, you will only get eight free applications, after which you have to pay their membership fee.


Most Popular Freelancing Platform for Linking Skilled Individuals with their Prospective Clients.

guru popular freelancing platform

It’s straightforward to create a profile and be easily contacted by potential employers on Guru.

However, Guru offers a free membership option and four different paid membership options to its freelancers.

The free membership offers ten job applications per month and charges an 8.95% commission on each job for their basic membership.


Most Preferred Freelancing Platform With a Repository of Freelance Guides.

solidgigs get freelance jobs into your email

SolidGigs scouts through dozens of freelance job offerings on the internet and sends legit and precise freelancing gigs to your email address. So, if you are a graphic designer, you will receive at least two freelancing gigs in your email weekly.

However, SolidGigs is not free as they charge $2 upon registration for the first 30 days and then $19 monthly after the 30 day period ends.


Best Freelancing Platform for Thoroughly Researched and Secured Jobs.

FlexJobs best platform to find remote and work from home jobs

Flexjobs offer thoroughly researched and monitored freelance jobs for its freelancers.

However, it’s not a free platform as it will cost you about $15 to become a member and get regular access to jobs on the platform.

The Secret to Becoming a High-Paid Freelancer

The job space is getting quite crowded, and a lot of people want to become high-paid freelancers.

Even now, as you are reading this guide, about a hundred people are reading it at the same time as you are.

What does that tell you?

That just proves that the competition is stiff, and everyone wants financial freedom.

However, to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to find a niche in the skill you have chosen and become an expert there.

Looking at this image below, you can see some of the subcategories of Copywriting.

copywriting sub-skills

So, imagine you are skilled in Copywriting, you can build your niche in creating sales copy and ad taglines for businesses since they are quite related.

Step 4: Launch a High-End Blog

Blogging is lucrative and quite easy to run. But just as with any other business, it requires time and dedication.

Nevertheless, blogging is an excellent place to start if you are looking to live an abundant life. Some bloggers are even making over $100,000 monthly, and you can too.

Let’s look at some steps to help you launch a high-end blog and skyrocket you into financial freedom.

Decide What you want to Blog About

The starting point for launching a high-end blog is deciding what you to blog about.

Choose a niche and stick with it. However, ensure that as much as you like the topic, it is also something people would be willing to learn about and enjoy.

Don’t be discouraged if the topic you choose is a common one. Just remember that no matter how popular or common the topic is, you would have your own unique experiences, your style of writing, and a manner of approach. It's you that brings in the uniqueness to your blog, not the topic.

Also, decide the type of content you want to put out on your blog. List articles and how-to articles are the most sought out content types that can increase traffic to your blog.

important factors making your blog successful and live a rich life
Source: GrowthBadger

Ensure you put that into consideration so that you can attract more traffic to your blog.

Name Your Blog and Get it Hosted

After you've chosen a topic, the next thing is to choose your blog name and get it hosted.

When choosing a blog name, you would have to come up with something catchy and straightforward. That’s where you have to get creative. Also, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Please keep it simple and catchy.
  • Use a keyword related to your niche.
  • Avoid using symbols like numbers and hyphens. They can be challenging to remember.
  • Use “.com” instead. It's easier to remember.

There’s also some software that you can use to generate blog names. Examples include Nameboy, FounderJar Blog Name Generator, and Domain Wheel. This software provides several unique blog name ideas for you to choose from.

After you've chosen a name, you will have to host your blog. Web hosting makes your blog accessible online.

The name you chose becomes your address through which people access your blog. To host your website, you need a web hosting company. Check out our guide here on the best web hosting platforms for you to choose from.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are many popular blogging platforms out there.

Let’s look at some of them.


Best All-round Blogging Platform with an Easy-to-use User interface.

Wordpress.org best blogging platform

WordPress easily tops this list. The reason is simple. It’s the world’s most popular blogging platform providing limitless content creation capacities to over 60 million users.

There are two types of WordPress

  • WordPress.com is easier to open but has limited freedom and flexibility because everything is controlled for you.
  • WordPress.org is a better option when you are looking for flexibility and control over your blogging platform. However, it’s self-hosted, meaning that you will have to buy your domain and web hosting elsewhere. We recommend Bluehost, which provides both domain name and web hosting services together.


Most Preferred Blogging Platform and Website Builder All in One.

wix website builder

Wix offers you the opportunity to build a website and add your blog to the website. There are numerous templates available on this platform that you can use to build your blog. Setting a blog with Wix is quick and easy.


Most Flexible Blogging Platform with Guaranteed Security.

Blogger.com flexible blogging platform

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google. It does not require any technical skills and uses Google’s robust security system.


Most Affordable Blogging Platform for Beginners.

Ghost turn your audience into a business

Ghost is a good option if you are on a budget. It is focused on writing blog posts and does not need setup if you are using the hosted version.


Best Conventional Blogging Platform and Community Builder.

Medium conventional blogging platform

Medium is a platform that houses a community of bloggers, journalists, writers, and experts in different fields.

It's like a social networking site where you can register and start publishing your content. You can always reach out to people with similar interests as you and customize your feed as you like.

Design and Customize Your Blog

When designing and customizing your blog, it's all about choosing the right themes and customizing it to your taste and to also suit your blog niche.

Optimize Your Blog

After designing and customizing your blog, the next step is optimization.

That’s where you put those final touches that would help your blog run smoothly and optimally.

The first thing you may want to do is to set up permalinks. A permalink leads people to particular posts or pages on your blog. They are usually set at default. You can change them to enhance the aesthetics of your blog.

Next, you should use SEO to grow your blog traffic.

Select Your Topics

Before you select your topics, ask yourself what your potential reader would love to read about.

Looking closely at the image below are questions that can help you stay ahead of your reader when choosing a topic.

Identify what topics you should write about on your blog

Also, make sure that you do keyword research on your topic so you can maximize SEO opportunities. People will take your topics more seriously if it has the keyword(s) they are searching for.

Create and Publish Your First Blog Post

After you have created tons of topics, choose the one that seems appropriate for the moment, and create content on them.

Often blog posts involve writing, so you should adhere to the simple rules of writing.

However, if you can’t write well, or maybe you don’t have the time, you can employ someone else to write your blog post while you run other activities of the blog.

After this, do well to add visual and other elements to help spice up your blog post. Once you are satisfied, you can publish your post.

Keep Building Your Blog

You are here for a long while, so you must continue writing and publishing, researching, and finding ways to make your blog work better.

One thing you want to ensure is that you are regularly posting on your blog, at least 16+ blog posts in a month. This will give you 3.5 times more traffic than if you are posting less than ten blog posts monthly.

more blog posts mean more traffic
Source: Blogtyrant

You can set up a calendar or create a posting schedule and stick to it religiously.

You can also read about other bloggers and their success and failure stories to stay on track with your blog.

Monetize Your Blog

By now, you would have learned more about your niche, your audience, and how your blog should work in general. Now you are ready to monetize your blog.

You could either sell a product, run affiliate marketing, or run ads on your blog.

The real deal is in the content of your blog because the content attracts traffic to your blog. It’s the traffic that makes your blog high-end because, at this stage, every business wants to work with you.

Step 5: Start Your Own Niche Online Store

Do you know that over 2 billion people worldwide purchase their goods online?

digital buyers worldwide
Source: Oberlo

That can only mean one thing for you here. Owning an online store is a great way to gain financial freedom.

However, you don’t want to own an online store and sell everything in it. You should be specific and choose a niche that you can handle.

Let’s see how you can open your own niche online store.

Choose Your Niche

One thing you must know when choosing a niche is to consider selecting from the product ideas that are best-selling.

By doing this, you have covered the two main factors to consider when choosing a niche which are:

  • Choosing a niche that you love.
  • Choosing a niche that people are interested in.

Here are examples of some best-selling product ideas.

  • Books and writing-related items
  • Jewelries
  • Food
  • Health and Wellness items
  • Cosmetics and Skincare items
  • Pet products
  • Children's products
  • Technology
  • Home living items
  • Fashion and clothing products
  • Feminist brands

Altogether, finding a niche and settling in it is very important because it narrows your target market making it easy for your ideal clients to locate you without much effort.

It also projects you as a specialist and customers love specialists.

Choose your eCommerce Host

The next thing you need to do is choose an eCommerce platform to sell your products.

There are numerous eCommerce platforms available.


Most Popular WordPress eCommerce Platform for Consumer Goods.

WooCommerce popular WordPress eCommerce platform

WooCommerce appeals to most people because it doesn’t require any monthly payment. It is very simple to use, can be easily customized to your taste, and WordPress powers it.


Best eCommerce Platform with DIY Website Builder.

Zyro create online store

Zyro has an easy to use website builder and is beginner-friendly because it does not require any technical skill. The basic plan to sell on the platform cost about $15.


Most Preferred eCommerce Platform for Artists and Crafters.

Etsy online shop for artists and crafters

Etsy is an excellent choice if you can create handmade items, or you love collecting art and crafts. It’s a niche-based shopping platform that focuses on selling only handmade items, crafts and art supplies, and vintage items older than 20 years. Rather than purchasing a plan to sell on Etsy, you will pay for listing every item on the platform at $0.20.


Best Overall eCommerce Platforms with No Restrictions.

Ecommerce online store software

Shopify is one of the best platforms where you can sell anything. It’s also easy to set up your store on Shopify because it’s less technical and has a drag and drop storefront builder, among other unique tools. Selling on this platform begins at $29 monthly.


Most Preferred eCommerce Platform for Building an Effective Store.

BigCommerce ecommerce platform for online shops

Just as the name implies, BigCommerce is known for its powerful integrations and tools. They recently released Page Builder, an option that allows you to create a website without needing technical expertise. Selling on the platform begins at about $30.

Build up Your Store

After choosing an eCommerce platform to sell on, you need to start building your store with the tools and resources the platform offers.

Virtually, all eCommerce platforms have guides and help articles for when you become confused about what to do or the next step to take.

Take advantage of all that and build your shop so well that it can make an impression all by itself.

Choose A Brand Name

When choosing a brand name, you should consider a name that has the following qualities

  • Very easy to remember
  • Doesn’t have numbers or special characters
  • Name must relate with your niche
  • Sparing use of capitalization

A good name choice can be “TeesByMartin” if you decide to sell T-shirts.

Fix the Prices

Before you fix your products’ prices, evaluate the total cost for the product, including transportation and value of your time. You should also find out how much your competitors are charging and then decide your price.

Be careful when fixing your product prices though. If you go too high, you may be way above the market and far out of the competition. If you go too low, you may run the risk of not making as much profit as you should.

Enter the Marketing Heat

Once everything is set, you can open the store and start selling.

However, you should also advertise your online store to attract customers.

There are various methods you could utilize.

  • You can share your store details on your social media platform.
  • You can inform family and friends about your store.
  • You can also opt for paid advertising options such as email marketing, social media marketing.

Step 6: Create and Sell Online Courses

Although people have been teaching online for a long time, online learning demand is now very high.

So high that the eLearning platform globally is reported to be worth $325 billion by the end of 2025.

global e-learning market size

Now, that's a great place to start if you are looking to gain financial freedom.

Let's look at these steps below, which will guide you through creating and selling your own online course.

Decide on What You Want to Teach About

That's the starting point of every successfully sold course online.

You have to choose a topic you’re very familiar with because you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of the course creation because you ran out of ideas or got confused at some point.

In the image below are 15 profitable course ideas for you to choose from.

profitable online course ideas

After selecting a broad topic, you should streamline your ideas to keep your content within a defined scope.

For instance, if you decide to teach people how to write professionally, you can either focus on technical writing, copywriting. The idea here is to pick a niche and become an expert in it.

Know Your Competition

Although your choice of course may be new to you, however, someone else has had a similar idea, developed it, and may have started selling it.

Still, this is not a reason for you to back out.

Here’s how you can utilize competitions:

Study how they deliver their course and how they structure their modules. That will give you a more in-depth insight into creating your own online course.

Find Out Who Your Audience Are

Now that you’ve got a course you want to sell, and you’ve found out who your competitors are, It’s time to find out about those who will be paying for your course.

There’s no course in existence that will appeal to everybody even though it may attract many people at the beginning. That's why streamlining your course to a specific audience is important.

Answer these questions below to find out more about your audience:

  • What age range are you expecting to register for your course?
  • What kind of commitments will they have? Are they work-committed, family-committed?

Choose a Platform to Teach On

There are numerous platforms available for you to build, develop, and teach online courses on. However, before you choose any platform, ensure that it’s versatile, supports different forms of course contents, offers tools for interacting with students, and is mobile friendly.

Let’s see below for a list of online coaching platforms that fit all these criteria.


Best Overall Online Course and Coaching Platform for Beginners.

Teachable best online course and coaching platform

Teachable capitalizes strongly on student and instructor relationships and allows instructors to control the pricing of the courses they intend to teach.

The platform also provides a free ebook to the instructors that explain the principles behind slides presentation, course creation, and video creation on the platform perfectly.


Most Preferred Online Course and Coaching Platform for Social Interaction Between Instructors and Students.

learnworlds online course platform

Learnworlds has numerous impressive features such as advanced analytics, tools to build a sales page, and provides opportunities for high interaction between instructors and students.


Best Overall Online Course and Coaching Platform for Professionals.

Kajabi online course and online business platform

If you are not on a budget, you can opt for Kajabi. Their plan begins at $119 monthly and will give you access to their unique features such as unlimited email marketing tools, unique landing pages, course site themes, a website of your own.


Best All-round Online Course and Coaching Platform with High-end Technology Features for WordPress Users.

Learndash WordPress LMS and online course software

Learndash integrates with WordPress to provide top-notch features like grade book technology, course points awards.

Learndash also has a unique feature, Focus Mode, which blocks out any distraction when students go through your course.


Best Online Course and Coaching Platforms with Webinar Tools and Affiliate Programs for all Level of Expertise.

Podia Everything for selling online courses and webinars

Podia offers its instructors the opportunity to interact with their members, connect with Facebook groups, and host webinars on the platform.


Most Preferred Online Course and Coaching Platform for Brand Development of both Beginners and Professionals.

Thinkific online course platform

Thinkific is an amazing platform to brand and sell your courses and grow your audience quickly. They also have unique user-friendly features and excellent customer support for when you have concerns.

Create an Email Address and a Website

Creating a website for your online courses makes you look credible and reliable.

If the platform you opt to sell on doesn’t provide a website for you, you will need to create one.

WordPress offers you a quick and workable platform to set up your website due to its available plugins. It's free and also provides dozens of themes to customize your website with.

You will also need to create an email address to help you build an email list. You can use Gmail or Yahoo Mail for this purpose. Simply go to the website and sign up.

Start Creating Your Content

This is a major part of the job.

Creating your course content involves arranging outlines and modules, recording audios, shooting and creating videos, typing out content, writing quizzes, and other activities that will make your course as interactive, creative, and educative as possible.

No doubt, this whole process may get tiring as you go on, especially when you are the only person creating the courses.

A quick fix here is, to begin with, short courses that require less work. As time goes by, you may broaden your scope if you like. It’s better to deliver your course in bits than to fall behind schedule, trying to deliver a full course.

Market Your Course

What makes your course sell are two major factors.

  1. The quality of your content.
  2. The marketing strategy employed.

You may not necessarily have to pay to market your course since you are just starting. However, ensure that you start marketing your courses very early.

Here’s what you can do:

  • You can market your course through your social media platforms.
  • You can also market your courses through word of mouth. Don’t be shy to put in a word or two about your online course in conversations with other people. Attend conferences and workshops that your target audience would likely be and talk to them about your online courses.
  • You can also ask friends and family to help you market your courses on their social media pages.

Fix a Price Tag and Start Selling

At this stage, you already know your audience and how much your competitors are charging. That knowledge will help you fix the right prices for your courses.

You should also run beta tests with family and friends to ensure that you are all set to begin selling your courses.

Step 7: Run Paid or Free Webinars

Whether paid or free, webinar hosting is also a great way to attain an abundant life and become financially free.

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet and attended exclusively by an online audience. Over the years, people have resorted to hosting webinars to advertise their products, have real-time conversations, and build personal relationships with their audience.

The type of webinar you run will determine your number of attendees. Training webinars are, however, known to have a high attendance rate.

attendance rate among different webinar types
Source: Confertel

Now, the question on your mind, should you run paid webinars or free webinars?

Both paid and free webinars have their specific importance.

Paid webinars bring in the money almost immediately because access to the webinar is dependent on your payment.

While free webinars are a great tool to market your brand, create awareness for future paid classes, and build trust in the audience’s minds.

However, here's what you can do:

You can run a free webinar for the first event and then run paid webinars subsequently. That way, you earn the trust of your audience, who will pay any price you set because they have witnessed your approach.

Let's look at the easy way you can set up and run your own paid or free webinar like a professional.

Organize Your Content

  • Before you run a webinar, you have to decide on the topic you want to teach or talk about. However, ensure that the topic is very high in demand and easy to talk about within a short time, say 45 minutes.
  • Make sure the topic is as catchy as possible. Then plan out your content into subtopics and use bullet points to make your presentation look simplified.
  • Study your target audience, the people you expect to attend your webinar. Prior knowledge of your target audience and what you expect them to take home after attending your free or paid webinar will help you know what or what not to include in the outline.
  • Arrange your script into presentation slides with bullet points, headings,, and subheadings. Don't forget to add images or photos as they enhance viewer engagement.
  • Include a call to action at the end of your webinar, such as a request to give a feedback comment or subscribe to your email list. Feedbacks are a good way to understand what your audience wants.

Choose a Suitable Platform for Your Webinar

There are several platforms you could use to host your webinar. Let's look at some of them.


Best Overall Webinar Platform for Beginners.

WebinarJam best overall webinar platform for beginners

WebinarJam has an easy-to-use user interface and offers some amazing features such as password-protected webinar rooms, polls, and chats to increase audience engagements and automatic webinar recording.


Most Preferred Webinar Platform For Educational Purposes.

Clickmeeting webinar platform for educational purposes

Clickmeeting offers high-end features such as polls and surveys, several integrations, screen sharing, and live streaming on Youtube and Facebook. It also allows you to track your webinar statistics, which is a good tool for marketing.


Great Webinar Platform that Offers an Efficient Communication System.

Livestorm video conferencing and webinar software

Livestorm has an attractive and easy to use interface and can accommodate up to 1000 participants depending on the plan you choose. It also offers numerous unique features, like limiting access to your webinar and webinar analytics.


Best Choice for Hosting Live Webinars.

gotowebinar hosting live webinars

GoToWebinar is one of the first webinars to start the live webinar options. They also have several easy to use high-end features but are popular for their detailed record of information about your webinar, including reports and well-structured analytics.


Most Preferred Webinar Platform for Marketers.

Demio webinar software for marketers

Demio offers both automated and live webinars and gives users the option to send private messages to event coordinators. It also offers special features such as call to action buttons, interactive polls, and allows you to share document handouts to webinar participants.


Preferred Webinar Platform for Business Owners Looking to Convert Attendees into Customers.

WebinarNinja conversion-optimized webinar platform

WebinarNinja equally has high-end toolsets, including loads of landing pages, and you can greatly rely on its user experience and effective technical support. You can also create automated webinars with any plan you purchase for an unlimited number of participants.

Run Multiple Tests

You wouldn't want anything to go wrong on that day, so perform several tests before then.

You can invite some friends to a demo meeting. Confirm if they can hear you clearly, see your screen when you share it and if they have any challenge connecting through your link.

Also, test-run the live chat feature.

You can also record your presentation so you can go through it for possible corrections.

Promote Your Webinar

Whether free or paid, your webinar will achieve more when it attracts and involves more people.

Before you start promotions, you should fix a date for the webinar to hold. After fixing the date, you can start promotions. Primetime for promoting webinars are usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

best times for webinar marketing
Source: On24

You can use your social media platforms to drive awareness for the event. If you have some money to spare, you should also consider paid ads as it will help to increase your reach further.

Fix Your Price

When opting for paid webinars, you should consider the factors below before you fix your price.

  • How much are your competitors charging?
  • Is it safe to keep the webinar extra-exclusive through pricing, or will a lower price entice more guests?
  • Is there a clear guarantee of ROI for attendees?

Deliver Your Webinar

Practice again a few hours to the time, follow your script, and do your best to present it as a conversation with your audience rather than a speech on Independence Day. Ensure that the camera is at the same level as your eyeballs.

Don't be wary if you stutter a bit. It humanizes your webinar and makes your audience connect with you better.

Plan a Follow-up Strategy

Planning a follow-up strategy depends on the goal of your webinar.

If it's a one-off event, follow up may not be necessary except you would like feedback to evaluate your performance and correct your mistakes for future purposes.

However, in cases where subsequent events are in view or you have products or services that you would like to sell, then a follow-up message is compulsory.

Send a thank you message to your attendees and include your product or service’s details such as the description of the product or service, benefits of the product or service, and how they can get the product or service.

You could also send a summary of your webinar and then request for feedback.

Steps to Clear Your Abundance Blocks

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that can prevent you from building an abundance mentality are known as abundance blocks.

If you want to experience abundant life, you have to build the right foundation first.

Just like the fate of any house with a faulty foundation, the fate of gaining your abundant life and financial freedom is in jeopardy when abundance blocks are limiting your mindset.

Examples of abundance blocks?

Abundance blocks exist in your subconscious, the part of your mind that accounts for 95% of your experiences in this world.

concious mind vs subconcious mind
Source: MindBaseHealing

Right there in your subconscious, they are constantly:

  • Structuring and restructuring your thoughts and perspective about things
  • Destroying any chance of building an abundance mindset
  • Alternating your chance at gaining financial freedom
  • Stopping you from living an abundant life

To clear these abundance blocks and change your mindset positively, you will have to identify them first.

Let’s look at how you can identify them.


Did you know that everyone is born with two mindsets?

As a human, you have two types of mindsets that always influence your life decisions. They are the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

While the fixed mindset resists changes that affect you positively, the growth mindset is open to positive changes.

fixed mindset vs growth mindset
Source: Infinity Community

In a situation where you should change a particular aspect of your life, a fixed mindset will respond to situations this way: “This is how I was born. I can't change”, while the growth mindset will react to situations like this: “I was born this way, but I can learn, change and become better.”

Both of these mindsets reflect strongly in your quest for abundance. However, the fixed mindset is always the limiting factor, stopping you from changing and becoming a better version of yourself.

Bad Personal Experiences

You must have heard this saying, “experience is the best teacher,” but I'll like to reconstruct it as “bad experiences are the best teachers.”

Bad experiences shape your perspective and view of living an abundant life. They keep you glued to your comfort zone, which is usually not the right place to be when trying to develop an abundance mindset and gain financial freedom.

Beliefs and Convictions

We all have different beliefs that we grew up with, planted by family and society.

Some of these beliefs are not all that bad. They have even helped us in one way or the other.

However, they have played their parts, and it's now time to let them go.

So, to clear your abundance blocks, I've devised these quick and easy steps that can help you identify, accept, and purge your abundance blocks. Let's look at them closely.

Identify The Problem You Wish to Solve

It's okay if you feel like you are not where you want to be.

It's also fine if you have certain beliefs or convictions that you feel may take a long while to change.

Sometimes, you may not even want to change them because you are afraid of the next step.

However, to clear your abundance blocks, you must end the feeling of hopelessness and take control of your life.

Identify what obstructions are controlling your decisions to gain financial freedom, and then direct the force of your energy into clearing them.

Here's how:

In a book, write down the exact problem or abundance block you wish to get rid of. Be specific.

Now that you have identified it locate the problem’s source and establish various actions to tackle it.

Believe in Your Abilities

Who else can believe in yourself than you?

No matter how anyone believes in you, real change can only happen when you believe in yourself.

The least amount needed to live comfortably in the US is about $60,000 annually. However, you can't achieve this if you don't believe in yourself.

If you believe that you can achieve something, you have a better chance of achieving it than if you don't believe that you can achieve it.

Here's how you can shape your belief

  • Read books that can shape your mind and help you become a better version of yourself.
  • Visualization technique
  • Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself inwardly.
  • Imagine the person you want to be, you know, someone who has built an abundant mindset and is living an abundant life.
  • Consciously believe that you can be that person by speaking it out and stepping into that reality.

Develop Abundance Mentality By Thinking Positively

Are there times that you thought you couldn't do something, but you later did it?

How did you feel?

Let me remind you that you are still the same person that did that, and you can always do more.

So, whenever you are thinking negatively, just remind yourself that you once completed what you thought you couldn't, and you can still do it.

It's also not unusual that you may doubt yourself internally.

You know, that inner voice may keep telling you that you can't achieve what you have set for yourself.

However, always respond to those thoughts with a growth mindset.

You can say things like, “I can do anything I set my mind to” or “I can do it if I learn it.”

Accept Compliments

If someone says, “I love your shirt,” what's your reply to them?

Do you say,

“Thank you.”


“Oh no, you love it? I got it for two dollars at Target.”

If you want to live an abundant life, you must get used to accepting compliments from others.

Here's what you can do:

  • Open your heart to receive compliments from people. Don't think that you are not worthy of being complimented because you are.
  • Say thank you to the person at the subway station who says you have a nice tie.
  • Say thank you to the person at work that says you have done an excellent job.
  • Say thank you to the person at the mall that loves your skin.
  • Smile back at people who deliver your order.

If you can graciously receive compliments, you send a message across to the Universe that you are ready to receive more things in your life than compliments.

So, accept those compliments today. The Universe is listening.

Helpful Abundance Affirmations For Wealth and Success

Most times, we find ourselves focusing on the things we don’t have rather than the things we have.

We can be so concerned about not having money to pay our bills or not being successful enough to afford our dream house.

When we dwell on negative thoughts like these, it becomes hard to develop an abundance mentality or attain an abundant life.

However, in addition to following the steps to clear your abundance blocks in the section above, speaking abundance affirmations can also help align your mindset with the direction of your dreams and goals.

What are Abundance Affirmations?

Abundance affirmations are positive declarations that consciously shift your thoughts from something negative to positive.

Although they are simple words, they are powerful enough to strengthen the connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, making it difficult for you to be discouraged or scared of achieving your goals.

According to a research from JMIR Publications, over 60% of goals were met when people participated in affirmations.

self affirmations to solve abundance blocks
Source: JMIR Publications

Can you see now that whatever you put your energy into becomes your reality?

There are numerous benefits of declaring Abundance Affirmations. They include:

  • Affirmations restructure your thought processes and beliefs.
  • Affirmations help you develop faith in yourself.
  • Affirmations influence your behavior patterns.
  • Affirmations motivate you to take decisive, confident, and aligned actions towards your goals.

How Do Affirmations Work?

When you declare affirmations for the first few times, it can sound quite strange. You may even find it hard to believe what you are saying.

Nevertheless, when you say them over and over again, these positive declarations begin to sound normal to you, and you can feel the emotion behind them.

When this happens, your subconscious mind absorbs the affirmations, and then manifesting the feeling of affirmation becomes your reality.

Important Affirmation Notes

Always use the present tense


  • I am going to have financial freedom. ❌
  • I have financial freedom. ✅

Use positive words


  • I don’t lose focus on building an abundance mindset. ❌
  • I am focused on building an abundance mindset. ✅

Declare the words the exact way they should be


  • I could be worthy of abundant life. ❌
  • I am worthy of abundant life. ✅

Affirmations for Abundance, Wealth, and Success

As you have read, declaring abundance affirmations help prevent negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.

So what are the affirmations?

I've outlined 50 helpful abundance affirmations that will change your abundance mentality and give you an abundant life.

Ensure you declare them (at least two affirmations) daily.

  1. I release all resistance to attracting money.
  2. I have financial freedom.
  3. I strongly align with the energy of abundance.
  4. I boldly conquer my fears that are hindering my money goals.
  5. I am worthy of the wealth I desire.
  6. I am successful in everything I do.
  7. I am debt-free because I live in abundance.
  8. I am grateful for all that an abundant life gives me.
  9. The energy of abundance flows into my life consistently.
  10. I have an unlimited belief in myself, and I can achieve everything I set my mind to.
  11. I release all my fear of attracting wealth, success, and abundance.
  12. I believe that just as anyone lives in abundance, I am living in abundance.
  13. I see abundance all around me in everything I do.
  14. My success is inevitable, and I do not fear because I am always on the right path.
  15. Every day, I attract more wealth, success, and abundance into my life.
  16. I am living my life with an abundance mentality.
  17. I am attracting abundance at this very moment.
  18. My wealth and success create a positive impact on my life and others.
  19. My dreams, goals, and visions are valid, and I will manifest them.
  20. Abundance comes to me easily and harmoniously.
  21. I live confidently, knowing that I am worthy of living an abundant life.
  22. Manifesting in abundance and wealth comes naturally to me.
  23. I am a powerfully charged abundance and wealth magnet.
  24. New possible abundance and wealth sources are revealed to me.
  25. I am worthy of living an abundant life.
  26. I attract abundance and financial freedom daily.
  27. My abundance, wealth, and success are unlimited.
  28. I release everything blocking my abundance at this moment.
  29. I set myself free from any limiting beliefs and convictions.
  30. I am thankful for my abundance.
  31. I am wealthy, and I change the world with my money.
  32. I attract the best that abundant life and financial freedom has to offer.
  33. I give the best that abundant life and financial freedom has to offer.
  34. I attract money, wealth, and abundance to myself effortlessly.
  35. I resist all resistance to building an abundance mentality.
  36. I am smart, talented, and capable of achieving all my goals.
  37. I am creative and open to change and new solutions.
  38. My dreams are far more important than my fears. Nothing can stop me now.
  39. I have everything I need to be successful.
  40. I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.
  41. I love the life I am building, and opportunities flow to me with ease.
  42. Great strength lies within me all the time.
  43. I am the best version of myself.
  44. I am very capable of achieving my biggest desires.
  45. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  46. I cannot fail.
  47. I am my best source of motivation.
  48. I receive endless opportunities that will improve my financial freedom.
  49. I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the ones that are on the way.
  50. I am grateful for my mindset that aligns with my dreams, purpose, and goals.

Practice These Abundance Journal Prompts Daily

You may be fighting a constant battle between abundance and lack. But just like life choices are what we choose, only you can decide to either walk through the roads of abundance and lack and experience the differences that they bring.

However, the determination to walk through the roads of abundance can only come with an abundance mentality.

An abundance mentality exposes your amazing creativity and opens you to the possibilities that you can live an abundant life.

The truth is, you are much more powerful than money. However, how powerful you think you are is dependent on your abundance mentality, which, luckily for you, can be developed.

abundance mentality and abundant life

What Happens in an Abundance Journal Prompt?

An abundance journal prompt is a simple statement designed to inspire you and help you walk into abundant life.

There's usually cause for Abundance meditation when looking to get rid of abundance blocks and strengthen your belief in your abilities and goals. That's why meditating on abundance journal prompts is the right path for you.

Not only is it easy, but it's also very practical because it digs deep into your subconscious, giving you room to meditate and question the core of your beliefs, convictions, values, and interest.

How Can You Practice Abundance Journal Prompts?

If you are looking for a laid down rule or pattern to practice abundance journal prompts, then you may be looking for a long while because there are no right or wrong ways to do it.

However, you do not want to overwhelm yourself in this process, especially since you will be declaring abundance affirmations.

So, here's what you can do:

  • Choose a time of the day that's convenient for you. At most, one hour spent developing your mindset isn't a bad idea.
  • Get a journal solely for this purpose.
  • Use positive words and be true to yourself.
  • Personalize your replies. For example, you pick a journal prompt that reads, “What does abundance mean to you.”

Let's look at how you should answer.

“Abundance is when I can …” ✅

“Abundance is when anyone can …” ❌

You get the idea now.

  • Pick one of the abundance journal prompts to meditate daily. You need only one because getting an abundance mindset requires focus and abundance meditation to properly search your heart for the right answers.
  • In addition to the journal prompts, you can declare the affirmations daily. You could pick two affirmations daily and declare them after fulfilling your abundance journal prompts.
  • Ensure you are consistent, and you stick to your plans.

Let’s get right into the abundance journal prompts.

Abundance Journal Prompts for Mindset Block

  1. What are your goals right now?
  2. How are you moving towards achieving your goals?
  3. Write down five things that are great about living an abundant life?
  4. What does abundance mean to you?
  5. What forms of abundance would you love to have? Write them in order of importance from the most important to the least important.
  6. Do you think you are ready to embrace a wealthy lifestyle? Why?
  7. How would you feel if you were given a life of abundance on a platter of gold? Would it change your attitude towards others?
  8. If you had the opportunity, what would you say to your younger self about abundance?
  9. What would you do that you hadn’t done before if you knew you couldn't fail?
  10. Do you think you are worth the abundance you desire? Why do you think so?
  11. What's your motivation to live an abundant life?
  12. How much time did you set upon yourself until you attain abundance? Do you feel pressured by that act?
  13. Describe how you want others to think of you?
  14. What word will you use to describe yourself? Why did you choose that word?
  15. What would you do differently if you knew you couldn't fail?
  16. Is there a particular amount of money you think you must have before considering yourself as someone living an abundant life?
  17. Is living an abundant life a long term goal or a short term goal for you? Why?
  18. In order of importance, write down five things that come to your mind when you hear the word abundance?
  19. Do you think money is enough to make someone live an abundant life? Why do you think so?

Abundance Journal Prompts for Bad Personal Experiences Block

  1. What's that toxic habit or relationship you have that is hindering you from gaining financial freedom? What do you think you can do about it?
  2. What are you grateful for in your life now?
  3. What thing would you change around you if you had the ability to?
  4. What do you need more in your life now?
  5. Choose five words to describe your attitude towards abundance?
  6. Have you ever told any lie to get something? What was it? Do you regret it?
  7. Have you ever had a bad experience because of money? Describe the experience.
  8. What good gesture have you made in the past that you are most proud of?
  9. Who are those people you look at and say, “If this person can achieve this, then I can too”?
  10. What has your experience with money been like?
  11. Are you happy with where you are now?
  12. What does a perfect day look like to you?
  13. Do you think your mindset towards abundance has improved? How has it improved?
  14. What are you most afraid of about living an abundant life?
  15. What's the best advice that you have received about abundance?
  16. If you could write a new story about your life, what would it be?
  17. What is your most remarkable memory of abundance?
  18. Reflect on your past decisions about money? What part of those decisions are you most proud of?
  19. Do you think spending money equates to living in abundance? Why do you think so?
  20. Have you ever accepted any opportunity that led to your financial freedom before? How did that make you feel?
  21. What's the worst advice that you have received about abundance?
  22. What do you need less of in your life?
  23. Have you ever missed an opportunity that would have led to your financial freedom before? How did that make you feel?
  24. What's your earliest memory of money?
  25. Reflect on your past decisions about money? What part of those decisions are you most ashamed of?
  26. Do you talk with your family and friends about abundance, money, and money related matters? Why and why not?
  27. What have you done that you are most proud of?
  28. Do you compare your current situation to anyone else's? Are you jealous? Why?
  29. Have you told anyone about your pursuit of abundance? What was their response like?
  30. What striking experience do you have where you wish you were living an abundant life at that moment?
  31. Have you made any mistake that obstructed your abundance? What was it? What have you learned from it?
  32. What stresses you out the most?

Abundance Journal Prompts for Belief/Convictions Block

  1. What is the different perspective you have about abundance that people may argue with?
  2. Is there anyone you know of that needs help? What can you do to help them?
  3. There's this saying that money can't buy happiness? Do you agree with that? Why?
  4. Have you ever spent money on things you didn't need? How did that make you feel?
  5. What measures do you think you can set yourself to prevent spending money carelessly?
  6. Would you consider your present situation a good opportunity to learn everything you need to know about living in abundance? Why?
  7. Do you know anyone who also aspires to live an abundant life as you do? What things are they doing right that's worthy of emulation?
  8. What do you value most in your life?
  9. Do you know anyone who also aspires to live an abundant life as you do? What things are they doing right that you think aren't worthy of emulation?
  10. How does abundance make you feel? Would you love to continue feeling that way?
  11. Are there any pressures you feel in your pursuit of financial freedom? How are you dealing with them?
  12. If you could correct an idea you had about abundance ten years ago, what would it be?
  13. Why is living an abundant life so important to you?
  14. Can you give up anything in your life to attain abundance?
  15. If you got an opportunity to live an abundant life now and you had to choose only one form of abundance, what would it be? Why?
  16. What are the obstacles that you must demolish to achieve an abundant life?
  17. What habits do you have that keeps you focused on attaining an abundant life?
  18. Who do you value most in your life? Why?
  19. What good gesture did you pass on that you regret?
  20. Describe your dream job?
  21. What good habits do you have with regards to money, wealth, and success?
  22. What is that thing that can brighten your day anytime?
  23. Do you think you are true to yourself? Why do you think so?
  24. What bad habits do you have with regards to money, wealth, and success? How can you improve on them?
  25. How do you express love to others?
  26. Do you think if you gain financial freedom and start living an abundant life, your behavior towards others will change? Why do you think so?
  27. What beliefs do you have that are holding you from attaining abundance?
  28. What can you do today that you think if you did a long time ago would have brought you into abundant life?
  29. How do you spend your free time? Would this change if you are successful?

Abundance FAQ

How Do I Bring Abundance Into My Life?

Whatever obstructs abundance from your life is called an Abundance block and is capable of interfering with your financial freedom and limiting your abundance mindset.

These abundance blocks are often irrelevant beliefs or convictions that were services description to us from a family member, teacher, or someone you respect and which you tagged right, important, and useful.

However, you can bring abundance into your life when you clear these abundance blocks.

So, how can you build that abundant mindset?

1. Think positively: If you constantly think about abundance, you will begin to see the elements of abundance in your life.
2. Give to others: Mark Twain said, “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” If you want to live in abundance, you should shift your focus from what you can get from others and to what you can do for them.”

This act shapes your mindset into one of abundance because your thoughts are always of increase. A lot of abundances abound in the universe. However, you can only receive when you give.

Focus on positive energy: To build an abundance mindset, you must keep only positive energy around you. Positive energy can be love, trust, appreciation, and peace of mind. Always remember, whatever you choose to fix our energies on, you attract more of that into your lives

Constantly declare abundance affirmations: Declaring abundance affirmations over and over again shapes your subconscious mind into becoming the reality that you desire.

What is The Feeling of Abundance?

Although wealth and success are also part of the abundance package, there are other aspects of abundance that's also fulfilling to experience – creative ideas, good health, beautiful relationships.

This experience gives you peace of mind because you are confident that you can comfortably pursue your dreams, give what you'd love to give, and do what you love to do.

How Can I Attract Money Naturally?

Change your mindset: You are on your way to attracting money, so you must develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Stop making excuses for yourself. Avoid procrastination. Every decision you make will determine how well you attract money to yourself.

Draw opportunities to yourself: Opportunities are waiting to seek you out, but you must prepare for it. Work on improving yourself, learn and develop your skills, refine your character, fix your relationships with others. This way, when the opportunities come – because they will come, you will be ready.

Be committed to your goals: Determine within yourself that you will achieve all you want to. That way, nothing seems impossible for you, and you can attract various opportunities quickly because you see what others don't see.

Be intentional about your plans: If you want to attract money for yourself, you must be willing to work for it. There are various business opportunities available such as launching a high-end blog, creating and selling online courses, running free and paid webinars. The truth is, if you are idle, you cannot attract money. 

Be grateful for what you have: At some point in your life, you may have had just a few dollars in your bank account. Instead of focusing on not having enough, develop a grateful heart for the things you have.

So instead of saying,

“I have only $20 left in my account. I'm so broke.”

You should say

“I'm so grateful that I still have $20 in my bank account.”

Ready for Living an Abundant Life Full of Financial Freedom and Prosperity?

Virtually anyone can live an abundant life but as you have read, living an abundant life and gaining financial freedom has some price tag attached to it.

Clearing the abundance block that limits your mindset is one of the prices tagged to living an abundant life.

Others include:

  • Developing a driving force fueled by your attraction to money and taking the appropriate steps to attract money.
  • Constantly declaring positive affirmations.
  • Practicing abundance journal prompts daily.
  • Believing in your abilities, dreams and goals.
  • Having an abundance mindset.

In all, always remember that you have all it takes to achieve your goals, and experience abundance. Just ensure you strictly follow all the steps in this article so that you can easily live an abundant life full of financial freedom and prosperity.

Still curious about other ways to make money and live an abundant life? Check out this comprehensive guide that explains how you can make money online fast.

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