9 Best Education Software Examples of 2024

Updated Nov 10, 2022.

Are you looking for robust education software to help improve the online learning experience for students and teachers? Read on to find out 8 of the best education software examples in 2022.

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Top learning management and educational system for online educators and enterprises that delivers engaging and highly interactive courses
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A highly-customizable online course platform used by course creators to offer an excellent e-learning experience for students and teachers
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Comprehensive learning management and educational software for high-end course creators that want to scale and sell other digital products
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An effective and dynamic classroom management system that helps teachers eliminate distractions and monitor students' online activities
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An easy-to-use learning assessment software with robust educational features that transform online learning into an engaging experience

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The digital transformation of the educational system towards eLearning has redefined the classroom experience. Students can take courses online with educational apps like Google Classroom and learn the same things learned in a physical classroom.

With the right educational app, you can achieve similar results compared to when you use traditional teaching practices. Instructors can share educational materials online without the student being present.

This article will review the top educational software examples that provide users with the best online learning experience and value for money.

Let's get started.

Types of Educational Software

Educational software makes the overall teaching process easy and efficient. Students and teachers alike in most learning institutions use educational tools to make lesson plans, track performance, prepare students, and teach children.

Some vital types of educational tools used in most learning institutions include:

  • Authoring System: Allows teachers to design and develop their own instructional software suited for their students. Teachers can create electronic flashcards or index cards to teach students about concepts effectively. Web authoring systems help teachers create multimedia content like lessons, tutorials, and reviews.
  • Desktop Publishing Software: You can use this software to design and create newsletters, handouts, and flyers content to inform parents about school activities. You can use desktop publishing suites such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Create.
  • Graphic Software: Students can use graphic software to change, create or capture images available on the internet or the program itself. It is useful for creating online presentations.
  • Reference Software: This educational tool lets students conduct further research and deepen their knowledge on ther own. Teachers can include valuable references in research projects that will direct students to other relevant information sites.
  • Drill and Practice Software: Drill and Practice software allows teachers to strengthen the existing skill set of students. This practice software comes in handy when a student is preparing for exams.
  • Tutorial Software: Tutorial software consists of offering students new information and time to practice and evaluate their performance. Students can learn new lessons with a platform that enables them to learn these topics and concepts at their own pace.
  • Educational Games: There is numerous educational gaming software available in the market to engage students and make the learning process fun. Various educational software companies have successfully combined education and gaming. They are effective for kids and motivate them to learn and pay attention to the lessons.
  • Simulations: Students are taught lessons through virtual experience with this educational software. Similar scenarios can be run in which the student will gain real-life experience from participating.
  • Special Needs Software: This special software is embedded with assistive software, providing students with special needs with an effective platform for learning. Its primary design is to address the requirements of special needs students. For example, computers reading text aloud, multimedia software targeting certain learning disabilities, and speech synthesizers.
  • Math Problem Solving Software: Math teachers can effectively strengthen students' problem-solving skills with this software. Science teachers can use this educational software to conduct science experiments. You can teach subjects like computer science.
  • Utility Software: With utility software, teachers prepare quizzes, tests, and grading books. It is user-friendly, and teachers not conversant with technology would find this software easy to learn and use.

Best Learning Management and Education Software Examples

1. LearnWorlds

Best Overall Learning Management and Educational Software

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Interactive Subjects
$24 – $249/month billed annually
Annual Discount

The major pleasing feature of LearnWorlds is its interactivity, which helps the students to acquire a strong sense of belonging. If you plan to build a top-notch interactive course, Learmwords is the best option.

LearnWorlds is one of the best learning management systems that help you develop interactive courses that help the students and tutors feel connected.

Best Features

  • Highly Interactive: You can add overlay images, links, pointers, questions, surveys, and titles to keep the course engaging and encourage your students to interact properly. This platform supports the gamification of courses.
  • Beautiful, Customizable Course Player: LearnWorlds course player is simple, elegant, and powerful. It has various learning pathways like sequential course navigation and free navigation. This course platform allows students to take notes and highlight important points.
  • Powerful Page Builder: With the page builder, you can customize and build attractive and catchy pages for your website. You can add eCommerce features to your websites, such as subscription plans, coupon codes, and payment processing to your website pages.


  • Customization
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Enabled for eCommerce
  • 30-day free trial


LearnWorlds- Pricing Plan

LearnWorlds offers three pricing plans: Starter Plan at $24, Pro Trainer at $79, the Learning Center at $249 per month, and a High Volume & Corporate plan that offers custom pricing.

There is no free plan but 30 days of free trials on every paid plan and 30 days money-back guarantee.

2. Thinkific

Best Online Course Creation Software

Editor’s Take
8.8 out of 10
Best For
Course Creators
$0 – $399/month
Annual Discount

I love Thinkific because it is highly customizable. Users can customize their touchpoint, pricing, sales page, and course outlook. It offers them total control over their brands, helps them build their websites, and completes their domains.

Thinkific is the best online course platform for course creators or anyone searching for a hosted solution for delivering, marketing, creating, and selling relevant courses to students.

Professionals like videographers, writers, podcasters, designers, and other relevant creators that want to diversify their income with courses will benefit from Thinkific features.

Best Features

  • Complete Control: Thinkific allows you to have total control over every aspect of your online education software and customize it to suit your student's needs and give them the best user experience.
  • Effective Website Builder: You can easily build your website without writing codes using the drag-and-drop builder. You do not require basic knowledge of tech to buy the perfect website.
  • Custom Domain: With Thinkific, you can have your domain properly customized to represent your brand, which will help build your brand and strengthen your online presence.
  • Multiple Content Types: You are free to use different content types like text, PDFs, video tutorials, surveys, and quizzes. Thinkific lets you create self-paced courses, hold live classes, give assignments, and issue certificates to your students.


  • Drag-and-drop course editor
  • Stress-free course payment option
  • Effective tracking and analytics


Thinkific- Pricing Plan

Thinkific’s free plan comes with courses and features. The paid plan falls into three categories, starting from the Basic plan at $74, Grow Plan at $179, and Expand Plan at $374, which also comes with a 30-day free trial exclusively.

3. Kajabi

Best All-Rounded Online Course Platform

Editor’s Take
8.5 out of 10
Best for
Educators looking to monetize their knowledge
$119 – $319/month
Annual Discount

Kajabi helps you create, market, and sell online courses, making it a perfect option for professionals wanting to scale their knowledge business. You have the opportunity to go beyond the educational course and sell other digital products through the platform.

Kajabi is one of the best online educational software or course platforms for high-end course creators who charge for their knowledge. It is an effective online educational software that offers all the requirements to create, market, sell and deliver your course on one platform.

Best Features

  • All-in-One Platform: With Kajabi, you have all the tools you require to effectively build and sell highly successful educational courses on the internet. Kajabi offers relevant features like a course creation platform, an email marketing platform, a website builder, marketing automation tools, a landing page builder, payment tools, and data analytics.
  • Multiple Product Types: You can sell other products on Kajabi besides courses, such as coaching programs, membership programs, newsletters, file downloads, podcasts, and other digital products.
  • Elegant Course Player: The course player gives your courses a premium look and feels, which helps to improve your user’s experiences.
  • Pre-Built Templates: You can choose from six professionally designed templates to make the website building process quick, effective, and good-looking. These highly customizable templates enable you to achieve a unique and elegant website look.
  • Powerful Email Builder: With the email editor, you can design catchy and attractive emails that get potential customers' attention and result in a conversion.


  • Valuable customizable themes
  • 24/7 customer support in case of emergencies
  • Encourages online marketers to market their products seamlessly
  • Collaboration with third-party services like PayPal and MailChimp


Kajabi- Pricing Plan

Kajabi's pricing plan is as follows: Basic, Growth, and Pro, starting at $119, $159, and $319, respectively. It does not offer a free plan, but there’s a 30-day free trial for the three paid plans.

Classroom Management Software Examples

Here is a list of classroom management software that helps teachers maintain order in the classroom and effectively communicate relevant information to students.

1. DyKnow

Best for Monitoring and Eliminating Distractions

DyKnow- Monitoring for school-issued devices to defeat distractions and measure impact

DyKnow classroom management system offers teachers the tools to overcome distractions and engage students in the lesson.

Best Features

  • Monitor Students' Online Activities: With DyKnow, teachers can monitor students' online activities, see real-time thumbnails of all students, restrict access to certain websites and applications, engages students, and check their online history.
  • Private Chat Option: Teachers can send private messages to students who have gone off point or are not in sync with the teacher regarding the subject being taught.
  • Comprehensive Data Usage: DyKnow helps tech coaches and K-12 administrators to acquire comprehensive data usage statistics to discover wasted resources by evaluating how school-issued devices and technology tools are put to work.


  • Real-time updates about the time students spend on the internet
  • Teachers can create an effective grading system for students’ performance


DyKnow- Pricing Plan

DyKnow pricing plans fall into three categories: classroom management for teachers, monitoring bundle (which offers a complete solution), and device impact measurement for admins and tech coaches.

2. ClassDojo

Best for Building Classroom Communities

ClassDojo- Turn your classroom into a community

ClassDojo is an effective classroom management system emphasizing parental contact and positive reinforcement.

Best Features

  • Monitor and Display Parents and Children's Activities: This educational software allows teachers to monitor activities, display the kids’ and their parent's success, and identify areas that require improvement.
  • Monitor Children’s Performance: Parents that are busy with work and may not have the time to attend school meetings can easily send and receive messages from teachers about their child’s performance in school.
  • Teacher’s Feedback: ClassDojo lets you give immediate feedback to your students on their actions and participation.
  • Customization: You can customize the yardstick on which points will be given to students to monitor each student's progress properly and know where areas require adjustment.


  • Gives students a voice with a digital portfolio
  • Allows parents to be involved in the learning process
  • Motivates students to do their work better
  • Encourages positive reinforcement
  • 7-day free trial


ClassDojo- Pricing Plan

ClassDojo Plus pricing costs $4.99 per month, billed annually. You can try this plan for free for seven days or opt for ClassDojo’s free educational software plan.

3. Socrative

Best Classroom App for Effective Assessments

Socrative - Meet Socrative

Socrative is an effective educational management software that allows teachers to evaluate learning properly.

Best Features

  • Mesure Level of Understanding: Socrative can assess in-class low-stakes formations. This classroom app allows students to measure their understanding of the lesson and grade the class performance.
  • Filling Gaps of Comprehension: Teachers can easily identify areas where students require additional information. They can know how best to communicate this information to ensure that the student understands and fills comprehension gaps as they arise.
  • Fun and Engaging Interaction: Socrative provides learners with fun and engaging interaction to boost their involvement in school activities and keep them motivated.
  • Collaborative Learning: This education software, such as the popular Space Race Quiz, encourages collaborative learning.


  • Instant feedback feature
  • Fosters effective communication skills
  • Aligns each question to a common core standard


Socrative- Pricing Plan

Socrative offers three pricing plans: a free plan with various relevant features, paid plans for Socrative PRO for K-12 at $89.99 per year, and Socrative PRO for Higher Ed & Corporate at $179.99 per year.

Learning Assessment Software

1. Kahoot!

Overall Best Learning Assessment Software

Kahoot- Make learning awesome

Kahoot! is a learning assessment software tool that can transform training and presentations into an engaging experience on any topic in minutes.

Best Features

  • Health Competition: Kahoot! encourages healthy competition among students. They can respond to queries and gain access to what their peers are saying about the actions they take.
  • Host and Share: Teachers can create a live game where students can participate together or share the game with remote players.
  • True/False Question: You can create an objective question format for various assessment exercises like the True/False format.
  • Live Classes: Teachers can host live classes via video conferencing to ensure that students get all the attention they require and are properly taught.


  • Motivates and activates students learning
  • Test of students’ knowledge
  • Provides teachers with the tools required to create class discussions and student-to-student interaction


Kahoot- Pricing Plan

Kahoot! pricing plans include the Standard plan at $17 per month ($204 billed annually), Presenter Plan at $39 per month ($468 billed annually), Pro Plan at $59 per month ($708 billed annually), and the Pro Max Plan $79 per month ($498 billed annually).

2. Canvas

Best Professional Development Software for Educators

Canvas- Because the Best Educators Never Stop Learning

With Canvas, you can design your personalized catalog of authoring, learning, and evaluating tools by taking advantage of the numerous plug-in programs accessible on the marketplace.

Best Features

  • Multi-level Screen: Canvas comes with a default multi-level screen which encourages easy navigation and updates.
  • Integrated learning: Canvas encourages integrated learning outcomes, LTI integration, copy-paste HTTP links, and RSS support.
  • Integration: This educational software encourages integration with tools like Google Docs, Ether Pad, and media reporting.


  • Canvas connects teachers with students seamlessly
  • Serves as an effective grade monitoring tool
  • Manages assignment submission
  • You can share course documents
  • Manages active enrolments


Canvas pricing plan requires you to request a demo on its website.

3. GoReact

Best for Skill Development

GoReact- Empower Confident Skills With Deliberate Practice

GoReact is a skill development tool using interactive video evaluation software. This software promotes human connection by offering accessible tools for tailored feedback and collaborative learning.

Best Features

  • Live Stream Presentation: Students can live stream presentations or record performances or demonstrations with the aid of the software.
  • Evaluation: The recorded or live streamed work is later evaluated by educators and peer reviewers using customized rubrics, markers, time-coded feedback, and other tools.
  • Commentary: You can leave a comment on the work done through speaking and signing.
  • Uploading Videos and Email Notification: This software enables users to upload videos on YouTube and notifies them when someone comments on the video via email.


  • Easy capturing and uploading of media files on the internet
  • Keeps students engaged and fully involved in the learning process


GoReact- Pricing Plan

GoReact pricing plans start at $59 per user per year for the Education plan and $99 per user per year for the Professional plan. Discounts may apply to at least 100 users.

Use These Examples of Educational Software to Provide a Better Student Experience

Digital transformation has impacted all industries, including educational institutions and systems. With plenty of education software examples available on the market, not all are suitable for meeting teachers’ and students’ unique needs.

The best educational software example should be a cost-efficient solution with comprehensive features that covers your learning needs. Here are the best educational software examples to provide a better learning experience.

When selecting education software, you must research properly to ensure you pick the right software that ticks all boxes. Here are some useful resources:

Best Overall


Top learning management and educational system for online educators and enterprises that delivers engaging and highly interactive courses
Best for Course Creators


A highly-customizable online course platform used by course creators to offer an excellent e-learning experience for students and teachers
Best All-in-One Platform


Comprehensive learning management and educational software for high-end course creators that want to scale and sell other digital products
Best for Classroom Management


An effective and dynamic classroom management system that helps teachers eliminate distractions and monitor students' online activities
Best for Learning Assessment


An easy-to-use learning assessment software with robust educational features that transform online learning into an engaging experience

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