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14 Best QuickBooks Alternatives for Your Business Accounting

A complete list of the best QuickBooks alternatives. Find out which accounting software suits your business: FreshBooks, Sage 50cloud, YMAB, and many more.

If you want an alternative to the most common accounting software choice, you need to realize what you’re looking for that you can’t find in QuickBooks.

Are you looking for completely free accounting software or more integration options with your other applications?

Maybe the interface bothers you, or you’re looking for specific features, or you’re a small business owner looking to cooperate with other up-in-coming businesses.

Whatever the reason, you should keep a few fundamentals in mind when choosing an alternative to QuickBooks.

Choose the ease of use over the abundance of features.

Features can be great embellishments, but if they’re too complicated or inaccessible, then they’re useless.

If you’re purchasing the lowest plan, make sure to check all the features, and if you’re leveling-up, make sure you understand the additional feature payments.

Finally, always check if the support team matches the promised product.

What are the Best QuickBooks Alternatives?

1. NetSuite.

Best Cloud Financial Management Solution for Large Enterprises.

NetSuite Oracle - Making FInancial Operations more efficient

NetSuite is one of the best QuickBooks alternatives for businesses. It was founded by Evan M. Goldberg in 1998. Today, it is a popular financial management solution used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Users enjoy real-time visibility of the company’s financial performance from either the level of individual transactions or a consolidated one.

The platform provides a complete cloud accounting solution for businesses that covers CRM, inventory, ERP, human capital management, professional services automation, and eCommerce areas. 

NetSuite’s cloud finance and accounting solutions provide businesses with the insights they need to properly streamline their processes and operations to drive financial excellence. 

With its strong compliance management measures, businesses improve their performance while staying compliant with multiple regulatory financial compliance requirements. The software increases financial close efficiency and reduces costs. 

NetSuite board metrics dashboard

NetSuite offers businesses a complete payment management solution that makes it easy to process all their payments on the platform. The payment management solution supports most payment methods to accommodate all customer preferences.

With its billing management capabilities, NetSuite helps you integrate your finance, sales, and fulfillment teams into one platform. The advantage for your business is that it helps improve accuracy and efficiency, and eliminates the all-too-common billing errors.

The software allows users to integrate financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting data for better decision-making.


NetSuite does not have a fixed price for its services on its websites. It offers a free product tour which gives you a sneak preview of its services. NetSuite offers different prices based on each customer’s needs and business size.


  • Real-time information
  • Accurate reports
  • Comprehensive financial management solution for businesses
  • Scalability
  • Ease of NetSuite integrations
  • Reduced IT costs

Why People Choose NetSuite Over QuickBooks

NetSuite offers better features for growing businesses than QuickBooks. As the business increases, customer and employee size grows, NetSuite increases its efficiency to handle more complex business tasks. QuickBooks scalability features are not on par with NetSuite.

NetSuite is more suitable for meeting global accounting and compliance standards, unlike QuickBook which is limited in this area. For businesses wanting to enter new markets, QuickBooks requires manual entry of reports. While NetSuite automates such reports.

QuickBook requires the use of more systems and applications to handle specific purposes such as fixed assets, procurement, revenue management, order management, services delivery,  billing, and inventory management. NetSuite on the other hand seamlessly integrates all these functions.

2. FreshBooks.

Best QuickBooks Alternative & Accounting Software for the Self-Employed.

FreshBooks Best QuickBooks Alternative &,Accounting Software for the Self Employed.

FreshBooks Invoicing generator will enable you to get paid much faster.

You can create and customize your invoice, add your logo, and personalize your thank-you email.

You can accept credit cards and ACH, let your clients select the payment methods, and get paid up to 11 days faster.

You can automate as much of your business procedures as you choose, from sending reminders to securely charge your clients’ credit cards and follow up on them without taking your time.

You can request a deposit on your invoice to get paid upfront, and you can add your tracked time and expenses to your invoices as well.

Forecast the upcoming workload and income potential by negotiating fixed pricing with your clients upfront.

FreshBooks will do all the expense tracking for you so you can measure your profitability.

Snap a picture of your receipt, log it, and FreshBooks will keep everything sorted and easily-accessible again.

Mark your billing expenses as billable, add a markup, and then automatically pull them onto an invoice for your client.

FreshBooks Time Tracking will provide an easily-readable breakdown of your hours for each of your tasks.

freshbooks time tracking

FreshBooks Chrome Timer assures you to track every billable hour, and it integrates with time-tracking apps of Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Teamwork.

Double-Entry Accounting serves you with accurate calculations of profits and losses with Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Interest, and Rental Income, Accountant Access, Trial Balance, and many more features.


FreshBooks offers a 30-day free trial, and once it ends, you can cancel anytime within the first 30 days and request a refund.

They offer three monthly subscription plans, out of which Lite will cost you $4.50 per month 5X billable clients.

Pricing of FreshBooks


  • Establish a stable cash flow for a specific timeline or a project
  • Add invoice due dates and offer discounts
  • Automatically calculate taxes
  • Automatically track the inventory billed on invoices
  • Auto-categorization of expenses and tax-friendly categories
  • Assign recurring expenses
  • Automatically import expenses from the bank
  • Snap and store recipient pics in the mobile app, and secure recipient storage in the cloud
  • Record time against a specific client
  • Track and manage time for a specific project
  • Practical timer for your desktop and mobile
  • Invite your accountant to your FreshBooks account
  • Import and categorize financial transactions
  • Approve automated matching suggestions
  • Mark and categorize equity, transfers, and refunds

Why People Choose FreshBooks Over QuickBooks?

FreshBooks is a great solution for freelancers and sole traders, offering quick invoicing options, project management, estimate, and proposal creation.

FreshBooks offers free toll-free customer support, email support, while QuickBooks urges its customers to use the self-help resources firstly.

3. Wave Accounting.

Best Free Alternative to QuickBooks.

Wave Accounting Best Free Accounting Software.

Wave’s powerful accounting software will connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance your books, and prepare you for tax legislation.

Wave’s smart dashboard will organize your income, expenses, payments, and invoices.

Bank data connections use 256-bit encryption and are read-only, while the servers are housed under electronic and physical protection.

Credit card and bank account information is secured with Wave’s PCI Level-1 Certificate.

Dashboard of Wave Accounting

This double-entry accounting software is accountant-friendly.

You can invite business collaborators and grant access to a trusted bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer.

You can import data from other accounting apps like QuickBooks.

Wave offers email support for all the users’ questions and live chat support for paid financial services. (Payroll and Payments)

Wave’s Invoicing features allow you to manage customer information and create customizable invoice templates easily.

You can set up recurring invoices and automatic credit card payments for your repeat customers and switch between manual and automatic billing.

View each customer’s history and track invoices, automated reminder emails, and more.

Get notified when an invoice is viewed, becomes due, or gets paid, and set up automatic invoice reminders for your customers to notify them when payment is due.

Scan receipts effortlessly with the Wave Receipts mobile app.

Snap a picture of your receipt, review the receipt information before approval, and sync your receipts with your Wave account so you have a well-rounded perspective of your business expenses.


Wave is 100% free, with no hidden fees, trials, or limitations for your accounting, invoicing, and receipt tracking.

Pricing of Wave accounting


  • 100% Free with no trials, limitations, or hidden fees
  • 256-bit SSL encryption that protects any connection
  • PCI-DSS Level-1 Service Provider
  • 100% Web-based
  • Mobile invoicing and receipt scanning apps for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Grant access to trusted bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparer, or business partner
  • Import data from other accounting apps
  • Automatically sync your invoicing with your Wave accounting software
  • Set up recurring invoices and automatic credit card payments
  • Get notified when an invoice is viewed, gets due, or gets paid
  • Send automatic email reminders for the customers’ due payments
  • Scan receipts and sync them with your Wave account

Why People Choose Wave Over QuickBooks?

While QuickBooks may be more suitable for a retail business or a company that’s in the process of scaling, Wave is ideal for freelancers, designers, consultants, writers, and small agencies.

A smaller consulting company, which is considered a highly-lucrative industry in the elite levels while being looked down upon in smaller businesses, can benefit from accounting software like Wave in its formative years through expert financial advice.

Wave is cheaper, more compatible with a small business owner’s and freelancer’s needs, and more simplistic with an easier set-up process.

4. Kashoo.

The World’s Simplest Accounting Software and Great QuickBooks Alternative.

Kashoo The World’s Simplest Accounting Software and Great QuickBooks Alternative.

With Kashoo, every transaction is automatically categorized so you can Track Expenses effortlessly.

Smart Inbox recognizes the recurring vendors you do business with and keeps track of the whole process for you.

Kashoo optimizes every business deal so that everything aligns with the correct accounts for the IRS and CRA.

For even deeper filing, Kashoo offers built-in sub-categories for extremely detailed reports, and you can capture cash and paper transactions with a couple of taps.

Every time you collaborate with a new vendor, Kashoo automatically saves them in your contact list.

Aside from freeing you from manual data entry and importing, this smart accounting software allows you to see how much you’re spending with each vendor.

Kashoo provides easy payment straight from your invoice with KashooPay or Stripe.

Smart notifications alert you when a client has submitted a payment, and the Smart invoice matching assures that the incoming transactions are paired with the right invoices.

Kashoo will promote your brand on one of the most important documents with Branded invoices, and you can customize your invoice from mobile or desktop.

Inbox of Kashoo

Real-time client statements are a smart solution to manage your invoices, and you can even check which clients are the slowest to pay.

Kashoo will deliver all the critical business reports at your disposal, including Cash flow, Income Statement & Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Trial Balance & General Ledger, and Bank Reconciliation.

Everything, including your bank and credit card balances, will get automatically sorted, categorized, and reconciled.

Kashoo will always have your Tax summary prepared in two clicks, and you can share reports or an entire account with your accountant in seconds.

Set up payments, with no hidden fees, with a payment provider of your choice.

Every time you get paid, the money is automatically deposited into your bank account.


Kashoo will cost you $16,65 per month.

Pricing of kashoo


  • Align all your deals with the correct account for IRS and CRA
  • Sub-categories for detailed reports
  • Easy payment with KashooPay or Stripe
  • Smart notifications alert you of submitted payments
  • Smart invoice matching pairs the incoming transactions with the right invoices
  • Branded invoices
  • Check which clients are the slowest to pay with the Real-time client statements
  • All critical business reports at your disposal
  • Prepare a Tax summary in two clicks

Why People Choose Kashoo Over QuickBooks?

Kashoo has free phone and web support for its subscribers, which sets it apart from the other providers.

It’s very accessible, and you can pick it up immediately to solve all your accounting affairs.

5. YNAB.

Best Accounting Software for Financial Reporting.

YNAB Best Accounting Software for Financial Reporting.

YNAB is a zero-based budgeting software, which means you’ll work with the money you currently have in possession.

YNAB will create your custom budget plan, consisting of different categories containing the current expenses (mortgage/rent, bills, debt) and where you want to spend the money in the future. (vacation, Christmas budget, a car you’re saving for, and so on)

When you set clear aspirations and goals, and you’re continually reminded and guided towards them through actionable steps, your financial desires can come true.

People can map out their usual monthly expenses (like rent, food, entertainment services) quite easily because they’re expected, but things get troublesome when you don’t consider future expenses.

YNAB will guide and prepare you for the expenses you can’t anticipate and treat them like monthly expenses, which will make you ready when the time comes.

YNAB will guide and prepare you for the expenses you can’t anticipate

For example, if you put $50 into the summer category every month, come August you’ll have over $500 to make your vacation careless.

Insurance premiums, car repairs, new home devices are bound to happen, so imagine never having to cut back on anything you wanted to buy for yourself and your family the month something needs repairing.

YNAB guides its customers to develop a strategy called “aging your money.”

The ultimate goal is to arrive at the state where you’re spending money that you earned at least 30 days ago.

It’s a way of breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle that can be achieved if you keep working on your budget each month with YNAB.

You can connect to your bank, which will permit YNAB to pull in your transactions, or you can set up an unlinked account.

You can pull in your credit card transactions automatically and connect your credit card accounts.

You can add a savings account and distribute the money across categories, for Emergency Fund, Vacation, New Purchase, and so on.

You can add goals as visual reminders that will help you manage your finances so that you can achieve them in an estimated time.

Choose what is Needed for Spending.

Budget and Spend up to a certain amount weekly or monthly, and choose which day you would like your week to roll over.

Budget and Spend up to $1000 for holidays or any amount up to any given date.

Set aside a budget of $1000, for example, and spend this amount on holiday expenses by January, while YNAB keeps track of the budget funds and even prompts you to exert an optimal amount each month.


YNAB will cost you $11,99 per month.

Pricing of YNAB


  • Manage all your current expenses
  • Save money for your desired purchase or investment
  • Break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • Target Savings Balance
  • Monthly Savings Builder
  • Automatically import all your transactions or use the manual entry
  • Record cash transactions, credit card transactions, and paychecks
  • Overspent categories balance any unclosed expenses

Why People Choose YNAB Over QuickBooks?

Although not primarily accounting software, many small businesses reported saving 20 – 30K USD in 15 months, which is quite understandable with its genius expense tracking, goal setting, and debt management.

While QuickBooks is more equipped with dealing with financial reporting, YNAB is a more well-rounded budgeting solution.

6. Sage 50cloud.

The Most User-Friendly Accounting Software.

Sage 50cloud The Most User Friendly Accounting Software.

Sage 50cloud is productivity-generating accounting software that will provide you with remote data access, less admin, faster payments, desktop reliability, and cloud flexibility.

Increase the productivity of yourself as a manager and your employees by combining powerful accounting software features with other business management tools, third-party integrations for an all-encompassing company growth solution.

Gain greater clarity on your business performance by incorporating many vital accounting functions.

Cash flow and invoicing – Monitor your incoming and outgoing cash flow, keep an eye on and resolve your debts and what you’re owed, manage late payments, and track expenses.

Payments and banking – Manage payments yourself or automate your bank feeds to eliminate manual data entry and simplify payments with automatic reconciliation

Advanced inventory management – Take notice of what’s in stock and what’s in order, with insights on exact quantities at your disposal and on purchase orders.

Job costing – Set up job records, phases, and cost codes, and track job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustments, payroll, and more.

Payroll – Use direct deposits, paycards, or direct-deposit checks to simplify the payroll process for your employees.

Reporting – Get reports on sales taxes, expenses, and profits in one click.

Reporting Get reports on sales taxes, expenses and profits in one click.

Secure remote access – For your company data, business contracts, customer records, analytics, critical documents allow you to work from anywhere, anytime.

Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting integrations With Windows 365 and AutoEntry, with a support plan and Sage Security Shield included.

The Premium Accounting program Includes everything in Pro, plus Advanced Job Costing and Budgeting, and Audit Trails.

Quantum Accounting – Includes everything in Premium, plus industry-specific functionality, role-based security, multi-company management, and Jobs Navigation Center.


Pro Accounting program is $340 per year.

Pricing of Sage 50cloud


  • Eliminate manual data entry and simplify payments
  • Resolve your debts, manage late payments, and track expenses
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Track job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustments, payroll
  • Use direct deposits, paycards, or direct-deposit checks
  • Secure remote access for your company data
  • No credit card or install required
  • Free 30-day comprehensive walk-through test drive

Why People Choose Sage 50cloud Over QuickBooks?

Sage 50cloud Accounting is best suited for SMEs, startups, accountants, and accounting managers of small businesses.

If you want a cost-effective 1-person solution, Sage 50cloud has the widest range of accounting features, while QuickBooks fits better into larger teams of accountants.

7. Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Best Small Business Alternative Solution for the Non-Tech-Savvy.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Best Small Business Alternative Solution for the Non Tech Savvy.

Sage Accounting will orchestrate all your small business finances with features like expense and payment tracking, invoicing, and remote access.

You’ll set the software up easily in no time and improve your cash flow.

Sage’s insightful dashboard will show you how much money is flowing in and out of your business each month so you can manage your cash flow.

Sage will give you insights into the sent, paid, and overdue invoices, that you can create, edit, and send from anywhere.

Sage Accounting will match the invoices with bank data flows automatically.

Select an invoice template, upload your logo, and choose the color and font, customize the wording and details, and you’re ready.

Customers and sales details of Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Terms and credit control will allow you to choose due dates, set credit limits, and customize terms.

Manage invoices, track the customer’s response, and be notified when they read an invoice.

Sage Accounting adapts an invoice in different currencies so that the exchange rates, adjustments, and charges get taken care of.

Use Discount items to set an amount or percentage for desired items on sale.

Print packaging slips are great as picking lists or sent alongside deliveries.

Quotes and estimates will quote a fixed price or estimate a rough one.

Get the full software experience on your tablet or mobile device.

Sage Accounting works together with Stripe to include a Pay Now button on your invoice so you can get paid directly from your invoices.

Use AutoEntry and accurately capture your invoices, receipts, expenses, and statements into the cloud accounting software.

Forward emails from suppliers and snap receipts with your mobile app, or scan and upload with your web browser.

Sage assures automated and accurate data extraction by processing and verifying data before applying the remembered supplier, tax code, and category rules.

Automatically publish the verified data into Sage Accounting.


The Accounting Start package is priced $10 per month.

Pricing of Sage Business Cloud Accounting.


  • Create, edit, and send invoices from anywhere
  • Match the invoices with data bank flows automatically
  • Adapt invoices in different currencies
  • Choose due dates, set credit card limits, and customize terms
  • Use discounts, print packaging slips, quotes, and estimates
  • AutoEntry employs encryption across the platform
  • AutoEntry full line item capture
  • Sync captured invoices to matching open purchase orders
  • Create digital data records

Why People Choose Sage Business Cloud Accounting Over QuickBooks?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting software is tailored to small businesses, providing them with applicable tools for cash flow management.

The pricing structure of QuickBooks has left some customers paying for extra features that they don’t need.

Sage’s connectivity, automation, live financial reporting has enabled its users to address and solve cash flow limitations.

8. AccountingEdge Pro.

Best Accounting Software For Desktop Systems.

AccountingEdge Pro Best Accounting Software For Desktop Systems.

New Jobs Window includes tabs for Profile, Details, Budget Analysis, Transactions, Activity Slips, and you can edit your budget amounts for a job, calculate and display the adjusted budget, and compare it to actuals.

Customize your Job Status, View All Tracked Time for a Job, and get access to a list of transactions related to each Job.

Enter a promise date as a reminder of completion schedules.

When creating a sale for a customer that has a single Job associated with it, each line of a transaction will be assigned with the Job number automatically, and you can search for Jobs by number, name, and linked customer.

Add 3 Custom Lists and Fields that you can use as filters for Job reports.

You can add address and contact information from a linked customer for a Job, which is useful if your Jobs are associated with a Job Site or Job Location.

You can select and delete unused, older Jobs with the Purging Jobs feature.

The Job notes field goes hand-in-hand with the Description field to provide Job details.

The Jobs Transactions Summary Reports provides quotes and orders associated with the selected Jobs.

The Jobs Transactions Summary Reports

AccountingEdge is equipped with robust emailing invoices, purchase orders, statements, payment receipts, and attachment features with merge tag templates, CC and BCC email addresses, additional and bulk emails.

Paid Stamp is a custom field on the printed and PDF Sales forms that will help when resending a copy of a paid invoice to a client and clear things out.

You can attach documents, like a bank statement, when using Prepare Bank Deposits.

Faster Bank Register loads and sorts all transactions faster.

Set a payment transaction number and memo, choose an account to receive the money into, or extract the money from with Paid Today.


AccountEdge Pro starts at $499 per year.

Pricing of AccountingEdge-Pro


  • Easier Job Budgeting and Analysis
  • Related Transactions for Jobs
  • Jobs With Linked Customers
  • Place Attachments on Bank Deposits
  • Note Fields on All Transactions
  • Set reminders when a payment is due with the macOS calendar app
  • Add notes to appropriate reports and check stubs for Journal Entry and inventory adjustment
  • Edit or delete a deposit payment after an order is converted into an invoice
  • Forecasting with Recurring Sales will give you accurate financial estimates

Why People Choose AccountingEdge Pro Over QuickBooks?

AccountEdge Pro offers a ton of features, making it compatible with all business sizes.

Although you can access the app remotely, AccountEdge Pro is best suited for those comfortable with using an on-premise app, with advanced account management, banking, sales, time billing, inventory, purchasing features, unlike QuickBooks that is more demanding.

9. Bonsai.

Best Accounting Software for Freelancers.

Bonsai Best Accounting Software for Freelancers.

Smooth accounting software like Bonsai will allow freelancers to enjoy more productive partnerships with their accountants, easily monitor daily business tasks, and protect their business assets.

Bonsai will keep track of your taxes and expenses, stay on top of invoicing and taxing issues, and provide solutions.

With Bonsai, you’ll take care of the annual return date, tax returns due, tax returns due payments, tax returns due self-assessment, and more.

Remind your customers via phone, email, or message of the dates when your invoices are due.

Remind your customers via phone, email, or message of the dates when your invoices are due.

Also, keep track of when your suppliers expect you to pay for the products or services you bought on credit.

Keep the business and personal bank accounts separate, so you can accurately keep track of your incomes and expenses and save money for tax purposes.

Track billable expenses by creating an expense, assigning it to a project, and attaching those expenses to an invoice.

Connect your bank account to import your expenses, and generate expense reports and analytics for your spending.

Oversee the Form W-9, Form 1040, Schedule C, Schedule SE, Form 1040-ES, and 1099 Forms like a pro.

Familiarize yourself with your tax obligations, so you can know what you can and can’t deduct from your taxes.

This cloud-based solution will automatically generate important business financial forms, sync with the bank accounts, save client information, and send reminders to perform crucial tasks.

Arrange recurring payments and get paid via credit card, PayPal, ACH transfer, and bitcoin.


Bonsai Workflow starts at $19 per month.

Pricing of Bonsai


  • Attach expenses to invoices and assign them to projects
  • Remind your customers of due invoices and keep track of suppliers’ expectations
  • Freelance tax calculator
  • Reporting and time tracking functions
  • Create custom client proposals and contracts
  • Keep track of all of your finances and maximize tax deductions
  • Get paid via credit card, PayPal, ACH transfer, and bitcoin

Why People Choose Bonsai Over QuickBooks?

Because QuickBooks operates as an accounting system, the functionality can be lacking in some industries. 

A Good example is the estimates feature that isn’t versatile enough for all freelancers to bid and send proposals.

Bonsai’s integrated system (with an unlimited number of clients and projects) is built specifically for freelancers, including deep integration and smart automation, which are generally QuickBooks’s specialities.

10. QuickBooks Self-Employed.

The Most Versatile Tool for Freelancers and Independent Contractors.

QuickBooks Self Employed The Most Versatile Tool for Freelancers and Independent Contractors.

Job costing will give you valuable insights into project profitability, and it’s best when paired with QuickBooks Payroll and TSheets.

The dashboard helps you control your costs with reports warning you if your income exceeds your expenses, and you can maximize your income by checking where the project is trending in projects.

Inventory tracking assures that the quantities are updated automatically, and the inventory calculator will tell you if you’re over or understocking.

You’ll get the alert when it’s time to reorder the inventory, and once it arrives, the software converts the purchase order into a bill.

Get the alert when it’s time to reorder the inventory, and once it arrives, the software converts the purchase order into a bill.

Access Inventory insights on demand to check your best sellers, total sales, and total taxes.

Track due dates for your bill payments, and pay them directly in QuickBooks, or make partial bill payments.

Automatic GPS tracking is one of the features QuickBooks uses to make tax deductions on mileage for small businesses.

Automatic sales tax calculation gives sales tax rates based on date, location, type of product or service, and customer.

QuickBooks categorizes products to make sure the appropriate tax rate is applied to your product depending on the product category and sale location.

Accept payment in your online invoice, and send tailored invoices to customers with your branding.


Small Business plan starts at $7,50 per month.

Pricing of QuickBooks Self Employed


  • Get alerts when it’s time to reorder the inventory through Inventory insights
  • Check where the profit is trending to maximize your income
  • Check your best sellers, total sales, and total taxes
  • Check the stocked products with the Inventory Summary report
  • Schedule bill payments in advance and pay with bank transfer or credit cards
  • Match the imported bill payments to your vendors’ invoices
  • Defer payments with a credit card (2,9% fee)
  • Separate personal and business trips and receive detailed mileage reports
  • View your sales tax information in the Sales Tax Library Report
  • Add billable hours to invoices with Google Calendar, TSheets, and QuickBooks time tracking

Why People Choose QuickBooks Self-Employed Over QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a great fit for independent contractors who need automatic mileage tracking, quarterly tax estimation, and basic-level bookkeeping.

QuickBooks offers more demanding services for more onerous companies.

11. FreeAgent.

UK’s #1 Accounting Software for Small Businesses.

Free Agent UK’s-#1 Accounting Software for Small Businesses.

With FreeAgent Invoicing, you’ll get an overview of what’s paid, what’s due, and what’s overdue through the Invoice Timeline.

You can send track invoices while on the move with the mobile app.

You can select templates from a gallery or customize yours with CSS.

Set your online invoices that automatically fill in the details with HMRC.

Customize late payment reminders and thank-you emails, and set up automatic recurring invoices.

Receive client payment with Stripe, GoCardless, or PayPal, and include out-of-pocket expenses from projects on the invoices.

Set a default price list of commonly sold items, and invoice your clients in different currencies and languages.

This will help you recognize your market value, which is crucial if you want to define your target audience and reach more customers.

Capture and record all your receipts, create a clear strategy for the recurring expenses and map out a list of expense categories.

Track business costs and all expenses effortlessly, and keep track of supplier invoices and accounts payable status.

Use flexible reporting to track employee expenses, and have your tax liabilities updated in real-time depending on the expense data you enter.

Use HMRC’s allowable rates to record mileage claims while on the go.

Cashflow details of Freeagent

FreeAgent’s mobile accounting app will keep your accounts up to date wherever you are, with an overview of your bank balances, profits, losses, and tax deadlines.

Send and track invoices to see who owes you what.

Track billable and non-billable time and reconcile unexplained bank transactions while on the move.

FreeAgent’s Estimates will give you access to choose from a gallery of expertly-crafted estimate templates, convert estimates into invoices, projects, and tasks.

Create estimates in any currency and select one of 25 different languages with customized quotes, proposals, exact-amount discounts.

FreeAgent’s Payroll will let you Submit Real-Time Information to HMRC and generate payslips and P60s that you can print or share.


The Sole Trader program starts at $12,60 per month.

Pricing of Freeagent


  • Customize late payment reminders and thank-you emails
  • Create an efficient strategy for recurring expenses
  • Track employee expenses
  • Record mileage claims on the go
  • Reconcile the unexpected bank transactions
  • Track billable and non-billable time
  • Track billable and non-billable time
  • Select or customize your estimate template
  • Submit RTI to HMRC
  • Support for student loans, maternity and paternity pay, and Employment Allowance

Why People Choose FreeAgent Over QuickBooks?

FreeAgent is a “one size fits all” solution that comes in as a stron entry from a business task, feature set, scalability, and other sides that together make for a well-rounded accounting software for small businesses.

FreeAgent reduces the need for a bookkeeper and third-party integrations, as it’s easy to add expenses and reconcile with bank accounts, while QuickBooks’s error reconciliation of bank accounts has been limiting,

12. Xero.

Accounting Software With the Best Integration Options.

Xero Accounting Software With the Best Integration Options.

Xero small business accounting software, with features like invoicing, pay runs, reporting, and more, provides a secure platform to work from anywhere, share with your employees, and create a complete business solution.

Categorize your bank transactions daily so you can forecast your cash flow and be prepared for tax time.

Easy-to-read charts showing up-to-date figures on the incoming and outgoing money each day will keep your business robust and thriving.

With online invoices that include a “pay now” button and the software chasing payments with automated reminders, you will minimize the time waiting for payments.

Dashboard of Xero

Send online invoices with online payment options, automatic reminders, and customizable templates, so it’s quite simple for customers to pay you faster.

Xero’s simplistic Inventory tools will manage your stock, highlight your best selling products, keep tabs on stock quantity and value, save time with bulk imports.

You can create more accurate quotes and invoices and attach documents to your inventory records.

Keep an eye on your bank account and credit card info, balances, invoices, sales, contacts, and everything else with the online accounting dashboard.

After setting up direct bank feeds from your bank accounts, import your transactions into Xero each business day through Bank connections.

Use Bank reconciliation to save hours on admin and receive daily updates on the state of your finances, and use coding suggestions to make the process faster and more accurate.

Snap and scan receipts, track mileage claims and monitor spending in real-time through Xero expenses.

Accounts payable software will deliver insights into where your business is spending money.

Enter pay run information and email or print payslips for your employees.


Xero Starter costs $20 per month.

Pricing of Xero


  • Import transactions through Bank connections
  • Receive daily updates and save hours on admin with Bank reconciliation
  • Save time with smart reconciliation
  • Enter pay run information and track your employees
  • Track time and money you’re spending on jobs
  • Capture expenses, invoice, and reconcile with a mobile device
  • Get a complete snapshot of your contacts and relationship history
  • Better manage your business’s fixed assets

Why People Choose Xero Over QuickBooks?

Xero integrates with astonishing 700 applications in a variety of categories, and it’s known for its simplistic interface that avoids accounting jargon for everyone to understand.

Xero is perfect for sole traders, small businesses, freelancers, as well as niche markets like retail, IT, legal, e-Commerce, and much more.

If you want more advanced reporting and more value at a lower price point, Xero is a better fit for you.

13. SpendWise.

Best Accounting Software for Inventory Management.

SpendWise Best Accounting Software for Inventory Management.

SpendWise makes purchasing easy and secure.

This accounting software comes with robust inventory tracking features.

You can track bills, purchase orders, and PO receipts from the dashboard console.

This cloud-based software will deliver the most in-depth reporting and allow easy management of business contacts.

The Quick Set-Up option allows you to load the contacts in and the stock items will be placed in a ready-to-go layout.

You can create purchase orders for vendors and create sales orders and quotes for customers.

SpendWise automatically updates your inventory quantities and costs when purchase orders get filled.

SpendWise allows you to track unpaid bills, sales, and expenses.

Dashboard of Spendwise

SpendWise will save you a ton of time, cut down on administrative costs, eliminate unnecessary spending, and guide you towards making more profitable decisions.

With SpenWise, you’ll store all your data online, and you can access it from anywhere with 100% foolproof security.

Use Purchasing to create, approve, and send high-quality purchase orders and receive on purchase orders when goods or services are delivered.

Manage any approvals or other bills and expenses quickly and easily.

Approve user access to features and transactions by setting up Roles.

Create Budgets and track against misuse and damage and on order.

Over 25 powerful different reports will provide clear guidelines to keep you on track of spending your money wisely.


The Basic plan starts at $9 per month.

Pricing of SpendWise


  • Perfect fit for retail business owners
  • Track bills, purchase orders, and PO receipts
  • In-Depth reporting
  • Easy management of business contacts
  • Create purchase orders for vendors and sales orders and quotes for customers
  • Automatically update inventory quantities and costs
  • Manage any bills and expenses quickly
  • User Guide, Tips, and FAQ for support

Why People Choose SpendWise Over QuickBooks?

If you’ve got basic requirements, even the entry-level program will serve you great.

With affordable purchase orders invoices and a simplistic interface that can charge for active logins only, SpendWise can be a better solution for inventory management than QuickBooks.

14. Zoho Books.

Best QuickBooks Alternative for Businesses that Use Other Zoho Tools.

Zoho Books Best for Businesses that Use Other Zoho Tools.

Zoho will enable you to create polished invoices that you can charge in your client’s currency, and Zoho will record it in your currency.

Validate and approve the transactions before invoicing your customers.

Select a template from a gallery of customizable estimates, add contact info, item details, and prices, and send quotes in seconds.

Manage the whole outlay of your business by tracking monthly office supplies, employee per diems, and more.

Import your bank and PayPal and bank transactions and reconcile your accounts.

Identify the best matches for your transactions, and categorize, delete, and restore in bulk form.

Dashboard of Zohobooks

Zoho’s Complete inventory tracking will capture vital information like SKU, product image, vendor details, cost, and stock on hand.

Customize your sales orders to match your brand, convert an approved estimate into a sales order, and later into an invoice.

Branding your most valuable documents and applying strategies like domain names have an underestimated marketing value, and you can even acquire these powerful marketing instruments for free.

Transactional history reports will help you identify top vendors and the most purchased products in real-time.


The Basic plan starts at $9 per month.

Zoho Books pricing_


  • Create recurring invoices and set up credit card payments
  • Secure your invoices with a digital signature
  • Record retainer invoices for advanced payment
  • Mange returns and refunds with credit notes
  • Use the Client Portal to send and approve estimates
  • Keep track of discounts, negotiations, and status of estimates
  • Attach bills, receipts, and credit notes to associated transactions
  • Manage recurring bills, track landed costs, create purchase order bills, and record vendor credits
  • Receive precise cash flow predictions, balance mismatches, expected recurring payments, and past reconciliations
  • Log the daily and weekly project times or use the timer widget
  • Create a partial invoice for the available products and ship them out directly
  • Enable direct portal-based payments

Why People Choose Zoho Books Over QuickBooks?

Zoho Books is great for the tech novice who isn’t the most comfortable with a software app.

Toho Books is a far more affordable accounting solution that offers more comprehensive customer support with fast responses and insightful guidelines from call agents.

Also, Zoho Books offers more substantial mobile app services, being available for Android, Apple, Windows, and Kindle Fire.

What to Look for in a QuickBooks Alternative?

If you’ve decided to choose an alternative to QuickBooks, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Chances are you are not satisfied with the interface, can’t find the specific features your business needs to grow, you want to integrate with apps out of QuicBooks’s reach, or maybe you’re looking for less-expensive or free options as a struggling company.

What Features Do You Want?

When you select an alternative, take into consideration if the software allows invoices for clients’ payments later, and can you track bills for future payment?

Does your accounting software simplify and stimulate accurate accounting through asset management?

Sage is one software that combines vital accounting functions with asset software to create a flexible, reliable asset management system.

Sage enables you to maintain separate tasks and accounting books and automatically record depreciation methods for asset categories.

It allows you to manage and protect your business’s fixed assets by tracking and reporting the condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs.

Your software needs to categorize different jobs, projects, and customers to track income and expenses individually.

Your software needs to collect and streamline the sales tax and manage payroll for your whole team.

How Big Are Your Demands?

Do you need the basic expense and tax tracking services that take your valuable time, or do you want to set aside time and analyze your financial reports and make changes and improve your business?

YNAB, for example, will create a custom budget plan that will adapt to your specific financial circumstances and map out a strategy that will guide you, through actionable steps, towards realizing your financial desires.

YNAB does this by setting aside optimal calculated amounts for special funds aimed at unexpected expenses, and through time enables you to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Will You Connect to the Outside Applications?

Are you going to need to connect your software to outside applications?

Xero, for example, integrates with Square for Retail, which is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and retail software that provides inventory management, customer relationship management, reporting, and employee management.

This enables users to track, adjust, transfer inventory across different locations, get alerted of low stock so they can reorder from vendors.

At the same time, Zoho Books, and various other software from this article can integrate with Zapier, Square POS like Xero.

One of the main benefits of accounting software integrations is data syncing between multiple applications.

Enabling seamless, two-way transfer of information will be a deciding factor when choosing to include expense tracking management, mobile timesheets with suitable accounting software.

How Can You Save Time and Produce Better Results?

Does your CRM integrate with your chosen software to improve job costing and class tracking?

It’s best to make sure you won’t spend time on redundant data entry by employing reliable software that will navigate between clients, projects, daily tasks, hours spent, expenses through each integrated app.

By removing manual data entry with powerful integrations, you’ll open up your reach for the reviews, approvals, and processing functions to be automated.

What Do You Want Out Of Third-Party Tools?

There are multiple valuable purposes to integrate with different types of third-party tools, and you should always check if the software meets your integration needs in a specific area.

You can find Payment Gateways in apps like Stripe, PayPal, Forte, Authorize.net, WePay, and some accounting software even offer ACH transfer, bitcoin, and other payment methods.

Time management app can be a significant partner for the accounting and invoicing software.

The best ones include T-Sheets, Temponia, Google Calendar, and so on.

Automating your email process with email marketing software will streamline your email campaigns and add to the development of your business.

Some great email marketing integrations include MailChimp, Shopify, etc.

What Integrations Will Serve You the Most?

Although you got accounting software, you still need to come back to your Excel sheets to sort out your receipts.

ReceiptBank and Shoeboxed are expense tracking integrations that will accommodate all your receipts.

Customer relationship management, Bookkeeping, Customer service,Tax tools, and Specialty integrations are all third-party programs that specialize in a specific area and can be a helping hand to your accounting software, emphasizing its power.

A Couple of Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing a QuickBooks Alternative

  1. How easy is the software to use?
  2. What are the prices and differences between monthly programs?
  3. Do you want just the entry-level bookkeeping services to take care of the taxes?
  4. Do you review our financial reports regularly?
  5. Are you familiar with different integrations your chosen software supports?
  6. Do you want to keep your business small, or do you have aspirations of going public?
  7. Do you expect to outgrow your software, and do you want to outsource these tasks to an outside provider later?
  8. Are you open to asking for small business loans, or are you set on growing debt-free?

Once you’ve chosen your software, seek the guidance of an accountant to set up the software properly, and then try as many different free-trial solutions for 30 days.

Eventually, you’ll find the accounting software that will keep your finances secure and maximize your income.

QuickBooks Alternative FAQ

Is QuickBooks good for a small business?

To answer the question, yes.

QuickBooks Online is less expensive than desktop solutions, there’s no contract, and the software updates automatically.

The Online version doesn’t support multiple-customer invoicing, batch invoicing, deposit scans, setting inventory recorder, sales and expenses forecasting, and multi-currency features.

Businesses with basic accounting needs will find the online solution suitable.

QuickBooks Pro includes Lead and Collections Center, support for international sales and expense tracking, customer snapshot view, and more.

QuickBooks Premier offers advanced features suitable for most small businesses.

You can view customized sales and profitability reports, access, edit, delete, and manage your inventory in one place. 

Manage data tracking by location, department, and service type, with multiple billing options, and different time and expense tracking categories.

It’s best to start with a lower-tiered subscription and upgrade your subscription gradually, and QuickBooks Premier can be a great solution for your small business accounting needs.

What is the easiest bookkeeping software?

We are going to say Kashoo, for a couple of reasons.

Every transaction is automatically categorized, while the Smart Inbox recognizes the recurring vendors and streamlines the whole process for you.

Everything is optimized to align with the IRS and CRA rules and regulations.

Kashoo frees you of manual data entry and importing and allows you to see how much time and resources you’re spending with each vendor.

Kashoo enables easy payment straight from your invoice with KashooPay or Stripe.

Transactions get paired with the right invoices, while your brand gets promoted on the most important documents, and you get notified of the slowest-paying clients.

All the credit card and bank balances get sorted, and a Tax summary is always ready in two clicks.

All this, while you easily navigate through Kashoo’s simplistic interface allows you to pick it up and start using it like a pro right off the start.

Despite its user-friendliness, Kashoo is still one of the few software that offers free phone and web support.

What are the best free QuickBooks alternatives?

Wave Accounting will connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance your books, and prepare you for tax legislation for free.

Credit card and bank account information are under PCI Level-1 Certified protection.

This double-entry accounting software allows you to invite business collaborators, accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers.

Invoicing, automation emails, receipt scans, and every other vital accounting function is performed at the highest level.

ZipBooks is an excellent free web-based accounting solution that handles profits and losses, balance sheet reporting, invoicing and quotes, payment methods, and enables any small business a successful upgrade from spreadsheets.

SlickPie is another powerful free accounting solution for small businesses with little bookkeeping experience.

MagicBot App will automatically add bills and receipts, while other automation features enable auto-recurring invoices and many other features.

Best Accounting Software Alternatives If You Don’t Like QuickBooks

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a high-quality QuickBooks accounting alternative aimed at non-tech-savvy users.

Everyone can set up the software and start monitoring their cash flow.

We can’t recommend Wave Accounting for large teams, but, if you’re a company in its early stages looking to cut on as much as possible, Wave will be a perfect fit.

FreshBooks will allow you to accept credit cards, ACH, and any other payment while forecasting the upcoming workload and income potential precisely, resulting in you getting paid up to 11 days faster.

FreshBooks is best suited for self-employed people.

Taking everything into consideration, FreeAgent is the best solution for small businesses.

At the same time, Bonsai has been specifically designed for freelancers with just the right accounting features.

Select any of these software solutions, and you won’t ever look at QuickBooks as superior to these incredible accounting software solutions again.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk