QuickBooks Time Pricing – Which Plan Is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
QuickBooks Enterprise is the Best Accounting Software For Small to Large Nonprofits

Formerly known as TSheets, QuickBooks Time is one of the best time tracking apps for the mobile workforce. It offers employees convenient ways to clock in and out, and its sophisticated geo-tracking features let you know where you on-the-go workers are.

This post is a comprehensive pricing guide for QuickBooks Time. We are going to dive deep into its two plans and discuss the features that come with each plan. Here you will also learn about some reliable alternatives to QuickBooks Time, and find answers to some frequently asked questions about the software.

QuickBooks Time Pricing Comparison: Which Plan Should I Pick?

1. Premium

Best QuickBooks Alternative for Tracking Time and Attendance

QuickBooks Premium Pricing for Plan Tracking Time and Attendance

The Premium plan, which is QuickBooks Time’s starting plan, starts at $10 per admin per month. If you want to get the 30-day free trial before you buy, this plan costs $20 per month. For each additional user, you will be charged an additional $8 per month.

2. Elite

Best QuickBooks Time Plan for Real-Time Project Collaboration

QuickBooks Elite Pricing Plan for Real Time Project Collaboration

The Elite plan is suitable for users who need advanced features such as mileage tracking, project activity feed, and geofencing. The plan starts at $20 per admin per month. If you get the 30-day trial, the plan costs $40 per month. QuickBooks Time charges $10 per month for each additional user.

What Features Do The Different QuickBooks Time Plans Include?

1. Features of the Premium Plan

QuickBooks Time’s starting plan comes with a set of features that offers a simple but efficient way to track time. Here are the features:

  • Mobiles app with GPS
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Streamlined payroll and invoicing
  • Real-time reports
  • Job and shift scheduling
  • Time-off management
  • See who’s working
  • Photo attachments
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Time clock kiosk
  • Live customer support

Regardless of the locations of your employees, they can easily track their time with the QuickBooks Time mobile app. You can run payroll conveniently because the tool can be smoothly synced with your preferred payroll solution.

QuickBooks Time is particularly useful for field workers. The system offers flexibility, and team employees can determine where and how they clock in and out. While most time-tracking tools charge additional fees for mobile capabilities, QuickBooks Time doesn’t.

The tool makes the process of shift scheduling easier than ever. With the drag-and-drop scheduler, you can easily create, assign and edit shifts. If you want to keep the same schedule, just copy it and submit it.

Features of the Premium Plan
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QuickBooks Time offers real-time visibility, so you can see who is working on which project. Managers can instantly see where their employees are located. And when you know who is working on what, you can dispatch workers faster and more efficiently.

Alerts and notifications make overtime tracking, customizing, and scheduling easy. Before expensive overtime begins, you will get alerts. And that will help you budget more efficiently.

When there are shift changes, you can send notifications to your employees. This flexibility makes QuickBooks Time one of the best productivity tools to maximize team results.

QuickBooks Time’s digital Time Kiosk is immensely useful for business owners who want their regular employees and seasonal workers to track their working hours on the same device. This digital punch clock is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. With this feature, time data can be categorized by task, job, group, employee, or project.

The platform is also known for offering top-notch customer service. The people at the help desk respond pretty quickly to queries. Every time you contact the team, you can expect to receive the support you need.

2. Features of the Elite Plan

The Elite plan includes all the features available with the Premium plan, plus some more. Here are the additional features:

  • Mileage tracking
  • Project estimates vs. actuals reporting
  • Track project progress to plan
  • Timesheet signatures
  • Project activity feed
  • Geofencing

With the Elite plan, QuickBooks Time offers a straightforward way to track mileage. When your team members are clocked in, the tool automatically tracks mileage. For this, you just have to enable location tracking. The process is easy and intuitive.

You can get reports on project estimates vs. actual costs. Actuals provide reports on detailed costs and revenues and compare estimated to actual revenue and estimated to actual costs for each job that you invoice.

To know if your project is going according to plan, you can track time on each task and project. Managers can easily figure out how much time their employees are spending on different tasks. Thanks to this ability, managers can easily get the big picture.

You can add signatures to your timesheets—one signature per timesheet. The procedure is super simple: just sign your name using your finger, and save. The signatures appear listed as attachments and can be viewed in many places. You can redo a signature if needed.

The project activity feed feature allows you and your team to provide updates on the projects from the field or the office. Your whole team can see the updates and take action accordingly. This convenience is one of the reasons why QuickBooks Time is widely considered among the best team collaboration software for business.

Geofencing, which comes with the Elite plan, offers managers and employees an easier and more accurate way of time tracking. Just clock in or out when you enter or leave your job site. The app sends a reminder, so there is little chance that you or your team will forget to clock in or out time

QuickBooks Time Alternatives for Time Tracking

1. Workyard

Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Contractors

Workyard is the Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Contractors

Workyard is one of the most well-known workload management solutions. While the tool has been designed with construction services in mind, it is suitable for all types of field services. Apart from its sophisticated time-tracking features, the tool has some other functions.

Affordability is one of the reasons for Workyard’s popularity. The platform has three plans: Time Tracking, Workforce Management, and Large Workforces. The first two are predefined plans that cost respectively $6 and $13 per month per user when billed annually, and $8 and $16 per month per user when billed monthly.

The third one is a custom plan, and its price depends on the specific requirements of your business. Many users of QuickBooks Time are leaning toward Workyard because its starting price is lower than that of QuickBooks Time.

Workyard’s interface is more intuitive than that of QuickBooks Time. If your team is technically inept, and if you need a time-tracking tool with a very easy-to-use interface, Workyard can be a great option for you.

2. Hubstaff

Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Small Businesses

Hubstaff is the Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Small Businesses

Founded by Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown in 2012, Hubstaff has consolidated its reputation as one of the best time tracking tools for small businesses.

The tool is known for its customizable interface and a simple yet powerful productivity management solution that works to some extent even when an internet connection is not available.

Hubstaff has three modules, each with multiple plans including free plans. The premium plans start at $7 per user per month. If you are not yet ready to invest in a time tracking tool, Hubstaff will make you happy.

Hubstaff is a better alternative to QuickBooks Time for three reasons. First, Hubstaff has a free plan. Second, the platform’s starting price is lower than that of QuickBooks Time. And third, it has a lot more features that are almost infinitely customizable.

Therefore, all types of businesses find the platform convenient. This wide applicability makes Hubstaff one of the best apps for managing remote teams.

The tool has been designed with small businesses in mind, but can still be highly useful for businesses with fairly large and complex operations.

3. Toggl Track

Best QuickBooks Alternative for Tracking Daily Activities Across Different Platforms

Toggl Track is the Best QuickBooks Alternative for Tracking Daily Activities Across Different Platforms

Toggl Track is an easy-to-use tool that comes with everything you need for tracking time on tasks. The tool’s popularity is indebted to its simplicity and generous free tier. Freelancers find the free tier pretty convenient.

Apart from the free plan, there are three paid plans namely Starter, Premium, and Enterprise. Starter and Premium are predefined plans that cost respectively $9 and $18 per user per month when billed annually.

If you pay monthly they cost respectively $10 and $20 per user per month. Enterprise is Toggl Track’s custom plan, intended for large and complex organizations.

This tool is particularly intended for small teams that do not need advanced features such as proof of work options and GPS tracking. For businesses that want Gantt charts and geofencing, QuickBooks Time can be a cheaper and better option.

Businesses that manage freelancers are likely to find Toggl Track more convenient than QuickBooks Time. If you want to use a simple time-tracking tool for free, you can’t go wrong with Toggl Track.

4. Harvest

Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Medium and Large Teams

Harvest is the Best QuickBooks Time Alternative for Medium and Large Teams

Harvest is another well-known web-based tool used to track time and expense and generate invoices. Harvest’s strength lies in its compatibility with different devices. The mobile version is as smooth as the desktop version.

The platform has a straightforward pricing strategy. There are two plans: a free forever plan that allows 1 seat and 2 projects, and a paid plan namely Pro. The Pro plan costs $10.80 per user per month when billed annually, and $12 per user per month when billed monthly. Harvest offers a 30-day free trial that includes all features. No credit card is required.

Users who have no experience with time tracking tools find Harvest pretty intuitive. Its interface is cleaner and simpler than that of QuickBooks Time.

Harvest can be easily paired with tools like Slack, QuickBooks, Trello, Asana, and Atlassian. While Harvest is designed with medium and large businesses in mind, small businesses find the tool useful. If all relevant factors are taken into consideration, Harvest should be recognized as one of the best employee monitoring software tools.

QuickBooks Time Pricing FAQ

How much does QuickBooks Time cost?

QuickBooks Time has two plans namely Premium and Elite that cost respectively $10 and $20 per user per month. If you get the platform’s free trials for 30 days, the plans cost $20 and $40 per user per month respectively. 

For each additional user, QuickBooks Time charges $8 per month with the Premium plan and $10 per month with the Elite plan.

Is QuickBooks Time worth it?

QuickBooks Time is a time tracking tool, in part because it offers employees numerous ways to clock in and out. Its sophisticated geo-tracking tools offer simple yet powerful ways to monitor your on-the-go workers.

Is there a free version of QuickBooks Time?

There is no free version of QuickBooks Time. 

How long is the free trial for QuickBooks Time?

30 days. To continue using the tool after the 30-day trial, you will have to use a valid credit card for authorization.

Next Step: Choose the Right QuickBooks Time Plan for You

One of the best things about QuickBooks Time is that it has a straightforward pricing strategy. There are only two plans to choose from. Just by looking at the features, you can tell which plan is right for you.

And if you are hesitant to invest right away, consider getting the free trial, which does not require any credit card. Use the tool for free and see what it can do for your team. Go ahead and try QuickBooks Time.

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