10 Best Free Pie Chart Maker Tools to Create Charts Online

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Statistics and charts such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and histograms are essential forms of content that you can use to analyze and better understand any form of data.

The pie chart is one of the simplest and easy-to-create charts that anyone can make with minimal skills. Making a pie chart online is even easier and only requires the inputting of some figures thanks to the presence of online graph makers in the market.

In this article, you will learn about 10 of the best free graph makers for creating creative pie charts.

Let’s get started.

1. Adobe Spark

Best Overall Chart Creator with the Most User-Friendly Interface and Workflow

Adobe Spark is the Best Overall Chart Creator with the Most User Friendly Interface and Workflow

Adobe Spark is an online drawing application that presents you with a free and intuitive online pie chart creator that helps you create your pie charts within minutes.

Main Features

  • Simple-to-Use: With no skills needed for this tool to be operated, users enjoy simplicity in both data input and customization, as well as multiple pie chart themes and templates for personalized designs.
  • Creation Process: Creating a pie chart with Adobe Spark’s tool is as straightforward as it gets. You simply input your data, consisting of your item and its value, into the field provided at the “content tab”. You then proceed to the “Design“ tab to personalize your pie chart design and template, with customization including multiple colors and theme options as well as the choice to make use of other chart types such as line, donut, or bar charts, among others.
  • Accurate Graph Representation: Adobe Spark displays the exact data points on your chart, meaning your audience gets information about the actual values being represented.


Adobe Spark Pricing Plan

Adobe Spark offers you two pricing plans: free and premium.

  • The free plan offers you access to thousands of unique templates, design assets, and Adobe fonts, basic editing and photo effects, 2 GB of storage, and a limited collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock photos.
  • The premium plan offers you 100 GB of storage, all premium templates and design assets, and access to over 160 million royalty-free Adobe Stock photos.

Try out Adobe Spark’s 90-day free trial on its premium plan to get started.

2. Canva

Top Graph Maker Online with Automated Cloud Storage and the Largest Collection of Templates

Canva is the Top Graph Maker Online with Automated Cloud Storage and the Largest Collection of Templates

Canva’s pie chart maker is a chart generator tool that allows you to rapidly create cool pie charts without any inherent learning curve.

Main Features

  • Templates: You enjoy access to tens of thousands of professionally designed templates, with these templates customizable in regards to color, fonts, size, and background images, and accompanied by drag and drop editing options.
  • Team Collaboration: Canva’s pie chart maker enables you to embed your charts in presentations and reports from within it. You enjoy team collaboration options as you get to invite other individuals to make edits through emails.
  • Cloud Storage and File Sharing: Edits are not lost as they are automatically stored in the cloud. When done, you can publish, share, or download your high-resolution graph in JPEG, PNG, or PDF file formats. An option to directly share your pie charts through emails also exists. You also get to paste data directly from Excel or Google sheets.


Canva Pricing Plan

Canva’s pie chart maker is available to you for free. You also have the option of selecting two premium plans for more features and templates: the pro plan and the enterprise plan.

  • The pro plan is suitable for up to five people and offers you access to premium tools and content.
  • The enterprise plan is designed for large teams and offers more control over designs and unlimited storage.

Try Canva’s 30-day free trial on its pro plan to get started.

3. Piktochart

Fast Chart Generator with Advanced Coloring and Branding Features

Piktochart is the Fast Chart Generator with Advanced Coloring and Branding Features

Piktochart is an intuitive pie chart maker that comes with multiple features to easily visualize your data. You can easily create a pie chart online with the help of this online graph maker.

Main Features

  • Integration: You enjoy quick and easy data entry through integrations with Excel and Google Sheets. When integrated, your pie chart data automatically updates as you make edits to your files.
  • Templates and Customization Options: Professionally designed templates are available to you, as well as advanced customization options. These advanced customization options include an automatic color scheme detection feature. With this, you simply drag your logo or website into the tool and Canva automatically applies the inherent color scheme to your pie chart.
  • Save Work/Design for Future Use: You can create and save custom color palettes and fonts and also organize your templates and past projects in folders for later use.
  • File Sharing and Editing: Canva enables you to adjust data labels, x-axis, y-axis, graph title, and background color of your charts, download your graphic as a JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats, or share directly to social media platforms.


Piktochart Pricing Plan

Pikrochart’s pie chart maker is available to you through three plans: a free plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan.

  • The free plan is ideal for starters and comes with limited options.
  • The pro plan is best for professionals and small teams and comes with HD image exports and branding options.
  • The enterprise plan is best for large companies and comes with multiple security options, premium personalized templates, and personalized onboarding, among others.

Try out Piktochart’s free plan to get started.

4. Venngage

Best Custom Pie Chart Maker

Venngage is the Best Custom Pie Chart Maker 

Venngage is another platform that offers an online graph maker that helps you make your own pie chart. This online pie chart maker is trusted by over 40,000 businesses such as Google, HubSpot, Airbnb, Moz, Harvard University, Unbounce, Cisco, and The New York Times.

Main Features

  • Integration: Venngage offers a Google Sheet integration option that makes it easy for you to create pie charts from your Google Sheets.
  • Brand Kit Tool: Alongside multiple customizable templates, you enjoy a brand kit tool to add your logo and brand colors to the pie chart maker so you do not have to make tedious edits to designs in the future.
  • Editable Content: The X and Y axis of your pie chart are editable, as well as colors through the tool’s color wheels. and, fonts.
  • Export: When done, you have the option of either downloading your design in PDf or PNG format, sharing through emails, or sharing to social media platforms directly from the Venngage pie chart maker.
  • Team Collaboration: This pie chart maker tool is available through the Venngage cloud-based program and registration through your email or Facebook account is required to use the tool.


Venngage Pricing Plan

Upon registration, Venngage’s pie chart maker is free to use. However, to download your charts, a monthly fee is required to be paid. Venngage has three paid plans: the premium plan, the business plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The premium plan is best for individuals who need access to professional design tools.
  • The business plan is suitable for professionals who want to collaborate with others.
  • The enterprise plan is ideal for larger teams who need access to extra support, control, and security features.

Try out Venngage’s free plan to get started.

5. Visme

Top-Rated Graph Maker Tool that Presents an Animated Pie Chart Design Option

Visme is the Top Rated Graph Maker Tool that Presents an Animated Pie Chart Design Option

Visme’s pie chart maker is a wholly online design tool that helps you make a graph online. This free and easy-to-use pie chart maker is trusted by top companies such as IBM. Visme also offers other online graph tools such as an online histogram maker.

Main Features

  • Integration: This pie chart maker offers intuitive integrations with Google Sheets and Excel to easily import data or sync data inputs for automatic data updates.
  • Templates: You have access to dozens of customizable design templates to start with alongside hundreds of fonts, colors, labels, backgrounds, and animation effects for added visual effects and personalization.
  • Design Tools and Formats: Visme grants you access to millions of stock photos and vector icons, easy drag-and-drop design options, and branding options with which you add and save your own fonts and colors. Pie charts are either flat or 3D pie charts, and you choose between creating a full or donut pie chart.
  • Export Options: Charts are either downloaded as an image file or added to an existing project, report, or presentation directly from the tool.


Visme Pricing Plan

Although Visme’s pie chart maker is available to you for free, you only enjoy limited features with its free plan. For more advanced capabilities, three paid plans are available to you: a personal plan, a business plan, and an enterprise plan.

  • The personal plan is best for individual use and allows you to download pie charts as PDFs.
  • The business plan helps you manage your brand and additionally offers you branding, analytics, and collaboration options.
  • The enterprise plan is best for medium or large organizations and comes with advanced security options and up to 25GB of cloud storage.

Try out Visme’s free plan to get started.

6. Vizzlo

Excellent Pie Chart Maker Integrated Into PowerPoint and Google Slides

Vizzlo is an Excellent Pie Chart Maker Integrated Into PowerPoint and Google Slides

Vizzlo offers you an online pie chart maker coming with multiple import and customization options to visualize your data. This chart generator is trusted by Tesla, Adidas, Etisalat, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Main Features

  • Multiple Import Options: Alongside manual inputs, you import data through Excel, CSV, or Google Sheet files and customize your chart's colors, fonts, and backgrounds, among others.
  • Pie Chart Conversion: Vizzlo’s pie chart maker also allows you to easily convert your pie chart into donut charts with just one click and add center labels, group slices, and more.
  • Multiple Export Options: After creating your pie charts, you either export them as PDF or PNG files or embed them into your PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations directly from the tool.
  • Integrations: This pie chart maker integrates with PowerPoint and Google Slides, which means you can also create pie charts by directly using Vizzlo’s tool within them. Vizzlo also offers over 100 other chart types to choose from.


Vizzlo Pricing Plan

Creating pie charts with Vizzlo means your designs come with a Vezzlo watermark. However, three paid plans exist, they are the Professional plan, the Teams plan, and the Enterprise plan.

  • The Professional plan is suitable for individuals and professionals.
  • The Teams plan is ideal for teams and comes with advanced collaboration and customizations.
  • The Enterprise plan offers advanced collaboration and single control with single sign-on integration and audit logs, among others.

Try out Vizzlo’s 14-day free trial to get started.

7. DesignCap

Free Online Chart Creator with Comprehensive Collection of Design Elements

DesignCap is a Free Online Chart Creator with Comprehensive Collection of Design Elements

DesignCap presents you with a free pie chart maker accompanied by an abundant number of design elements and customizable pie graph templates to choose from.

Main Features

  • Tools: This pie chart maker offers you thousands of design resources, fonts, and powerful editing tools to edit your pie charts.
  • Templates: Alongside access to 208 customizable templates, millions of stock images, and hundreds of fonts, you get to upload your own images from your cloud storage or device. This, however, requires you to create an account with the platform.
  • Charts: DesignCap serves as a tool to create bar charts, line charts, tables, maps, and column charts, among others.


Creating your pie charts with DesignCap is free.

8. Displayr

Online Graph Maker that Offers Advanced Machine Learning and Reporting Capabilities

Displayr is an Online Graph Maker that Offers Advanced Machine Learning and Reporting Capabilities

Displayr’s pie chart maker is an online graph tool that provides you with a range of options to rapidly create your pie charts without any hassle.

Main Features

  • Editing Options: You simply input your data into the tool, make changes to fonts, colors, backgrounds, and chart sizes, and export your charts through multiple mediums when done, as simple as that.
  • Export and Sharing Options: This online graph tool provides you with the option to directly export your charts into your infographics or presentations, and share them either on social media, through emails, or download them as PDF files.
  • Reports: Displayr comes with machine learning, statistical analysis, collaboration, and automated reporting capabilities.


Displayr Pricing Plan

Displayr is available through three different plans: the public plan, the professional plan, and the enterprise plan.

  • The public plan is free to use and offers data visualization, machine learning, statistical analysis, and automated reporting features.
  • The professional plan comes with additional export, security, and collaboration options.
  • The enterprise plan comes with an enterprise-level API and supports unlimited users.

Try out Displayr’s free plan to get started.

9. RapidTables

Custom Pie Chart Maker Accompanied with Multiple Beneficial Tools

RapidTables is a Custom Pie Chart Maker Accompanied with Multiple Beneficial Tools

RapidTables is a basic pie chart maker that only presents you with manual input options and limited customization options. Nonetheless, it serves as one of the best options available to you.

Main Features

  • Manual Input: This chart generator requires you to input your chart titles, data labels, data values, and select the slice text representation you prefer either in percentages, actual values, or labels). You also select if you want your pie chart to come out as a 3D chart, donut chart, or exploded pie chart. When done inputting values and labels, you hit the “Draw” button and a chart is generated for you.
  • Export: You can either download your finished pie chart as a PNG file, copy the graph to paste it somewhere else, or print directly from your web browser.
  • Password Generator: RapidTables serves as a password generator and offers you a line graph maker, bar chart maker, and XY scatter plot maker, among other tools.


RapidTables is free to use.

10. ChartGo

Best Chart Generator for Advanced Users

ChartGo is the Best Chart Generator for Advanced Users

ChartGo is a basic online pie chart tool that comes with manual input options, however, you additionally have the options to import Excel and CSV files.

Main Features

  • Manual Customization: You have a large array of variables to set for your pie chart including chart width, height, titles, label orientation, background color, font, and thresholds, among others. Charts can be set to appear in 3D, as donut charts, exploded slices, or with percentage representations.
  • Best for Advanced Users: ChartGo serves as a pie chart maker for advanced users looking for more control over how their data is represented through pie charts.


ChartsGo is free to use.

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