10 Best YouTube Intro Maker to Create Custom Intro Videos

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best YouTube Intro Maker to Create Custom Intro Videos

A YouTube intro video refers to the introductory clip at the beginning of a video that highlights your brand identity. Although it has a short time span (lasting only a few seconds), it is what you need to leave a long-lasting memory of your target audience.

If you are looking to promote your brand with your YouTube channel, you need to use a YouTube intro maker to create custom intro videos with your branding for all your YouTube videos.

There are so many YouTube intro makers available in the market. In this article, you will learn about 10 of the best YouTube intro makers.

Let's get started.

1. InVideo

Best YouTube Intro Maker with Best Value For Money

InVideo is the Best YouTube Intro Maker with Best Value For Money

As one of the best YouTube intro makers in the market, InVideo has facilitated the creation of lots of YouTube intro videos. It offers you one of the easiest, most convenient, and cost-effective video creation options among its counterparts.

With the YouTube intro maker, you can make your brand stand out by adding your logo straight on the editor or setting brand presets for easier future edits.

InVideo gives you access to the best-in-class media library, templates, audio tracks, typography, effects, stickers, and a lot more. The fast YouTube intro maker allows you to create your intro videos within minutes. Just select a template from its vast range of fully customizable templates, add your text and other personalized effects, and enjoy full control when adding media, animations, and soundtracks to your videos.

The YouTube intro maker is characterized by its vast video gallery, power transitions, multiple layers for edits, automated VOS, smart frames feature, and the capability to create multilingual videos. It also connects you with its community of over 10,000 video marketers, entrepreneurs, and creators.

You also get properly optimized video editing options when creating videos for social media, sales, advertising, as well as Vlogs.


InVideo Pricing Plan

You have access to InVideo’s Youtube intro maker through three different pricing plans: free, business, and unlimited plans.

The free plan has InVideo’s watermark imprinted into your videos, while the business plan comes with no compulsory watermark added to your video but supports only 60 limited exports. The unlimited plan comes with unlimited exports and extended benefits.

Each plan is on a monthly and yearly subscription basis and you save the subscription cost of 6 months when you opt for a yearly subscription.

2. Placeit

Best YouTube Intro Maker with In-Built Animated Logo Maker

Placeit is the Best YouTube Intro Maker with In Built Animated Logo Maker

With Placeit, you save yourself hours in video editing. The easy-to-use online design tool allows you to make fantastic and professional intro videos for your YouTube channel.

Placeit’s YouTube Intro Maker gives you the options required to easily and quickly make animated logo intros, short videos, or transitions. You also have options to create your mockups, customized design templates, and social media images for your campaigns as well as a new animated logo from scratch in case you are just building a new brand.

Just like every other intro maker, creating your videos is simple. You browse Placeit’s library of customizable YouTube intro templates, choose the options that best represent your brand. Personalize the animation template with your own logo, text, fonts, colors, animations, and images. Finish off your video creation by adding one out of Placeit’s vast library of audio soundtracks.


Placeit Pricing Plan

Placeit’s Youtube intro creation services come with its video pricing scheme. This pricing scheme only presents you with two prices according to monthly and annual subscriptions. You save 50% on an annual subscription.

3. Canva

Comprehensive YouTube Intro Maker with Free Plan

Canva is a Comprehensive YouTube Intro Maker with Free Plan

As a YouTube intro maker, Canva makes sure that you do not need professional video editing or motion design experience to create stunning visuals. You quickly create your videos through easy and fun drag and drop actions and edit your videos on a web browser, iOS, and Android.

Canva gives you access to high-quality, premium audio tracks, a vast library of animated motion graphics, beautiful typography, illustrations, and stock footage for you to create your stunning intro videos with ease.

With Canva, you also avoid watermarks on its free version. Unlike other YouTube intro makers, this option means you do not need to pay for any service before creating entirely personalized videos for your channel. The free version also does not limit the number of intros you can create and download.

You only pay for additional features on Canva such as premium stock videos, soundtracks, photos, and illustrations. These added premium stock media files offer animated, collaborative, and photo effects feature. Canva provides you with all the required options you need to create your design.

Elements from different templates can also be mixed and matched to create the videos that best define your brand. You can choose a custom background, color scheme, and font style and personalize videos with your artwork, images, photos, or branding elements like logos. While looking for templates, Canva also allows you to filter your results by industry, style, color, and more.

Overall, Canva is a great design tool for those with no skill in graphic design. It takes you through the whole process of creating YouTube intros; from learning how to make your channel art or a YouTube intro to providing you with the required tools to do so.


Canva Pricing Plan

Canva’s pricing is spread across three plans: free, pro, and enterprise. The free plan comes with over 250,000+ free templates and 5GB of cloud storage while the pro plan offers you over 420,000 templates and 100GB of cloud storage.

The enterprise plan gives you unlimited storage and extra features like single-sign-on, team management, and 24/7 enterprise-level support, among others.

Canva is free for classrooms and non-profits and all plans are paid on a monthly subscription basis.

4. Biteable

Best YouTube Intro Maker With Most Stunning Set Of Templates

Biteable is the Best YouTube Intro Maker With Most Stunning Set of Templates

Trusted by top brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Disney, BBC, Shopify, and Samsung, there is no need to guess why Biteable appears on our list. Biteable presents you with hundreds of stunning customizable templates to choose from. It also regularly shares tips and tricks on how to make the most of your design tools on its blog.

With Biteable, creating your YouTube intros is also straightforward. You start from a blank canvas and build your video from a vast library of individual animated scenes or find a template that best represents your idea. A library of 1.8+ million stock footage clips and images is also available for you to choose from.

You can create your intro video in minutes with the simple online design editor. It allows you to create the texts to suit your brand, add custom clips, upload your own music, or choose from Biteable's library of tunes. You can also include your logo onto the intro scene or animate your logo for extra effects and get your YouTube intro video live and running.


Biteable Pricing Plan

Biteable’s YouTube intro maker is available to you through three plans: free, plus, and ultimate.

The free plan comes with Biteable’s watermark while the plus plan allows you to put your own watermark and commercial usage rights over its templates. The ultimate plan that gives you access to over 17 million Shutterstock premium clips and collaboration capabilities.

All plans are available on a monthly and yearly subscription basis and, with Biteable, you also save 50% on yearly subscriptions.

5. Crello

Best YouTube Intro Maker with Quality Design Management Options

Crello is the Best YouTube Intro Maker with Quality Design Management Options

Whether you wish to create a video, animation, or just a simple image with text, Crello provides you with thousands of design templates and a vast library of objects to make sure you never run out of inspiration.

For your YouTube intro videos, Crello allows you to browse through its library of over 30,000 templates and top-notch channel graphics. You can upload your design elements for a more personalized touch.

Crello allows you to choose one of its multiple animated formats and mix these with footage, objects, and backgrounds. You add your custom content like images and logos to your designs by simple drag and drop actions. The YouTube intro maker lets you change fonts and colors, crop and rotate images, group and ungroup items, flip objects, and add video filters, among a lot of other video editing options.

Register an account with Crello and get all your created designs automatically saved. You come back any time to continue work on your Youtube intros and avoid losing important, strenuous edits while creating videos.


Crello Pricing Plan

Crello offers access to advanced video editing services through two different plans: starter and pro plans.

The starter plan is offered for free and a pro plan that gives you extra features and options like team collaborations, brand kits, and an AI-powered background remover for images.

6. Vimeo

Best YouTube Intro Maker for Beginners Without Design Experience

Vimeo is the Best YouTube Intro Maker for Beginners Without Design Experience

Vimeo serves as an appropriate, all-in-one overall media design solution for individuals with no design experience. The YouTube intro maker provides you with a vast amount of customizable templates with editing capabilities covering the entire layout, transitions, music, animations, colors, text, and a lot more.

Finding templates is simple. The vast number of customizable templates are split according to topics, allowing you to find the group that best defines your brand. You can add photos from Vimeo’s unlimited library of stock images or upload your own video clips to complete your YouTube intro video.

Once you are done creating, you can choose to either share your designs through Vimeo itself or download it into your device for later use.


Vimeo Pricing Plan

Alongside a 30-day free trial for its premium plans, you can enjoy Vimeo's YouTube intro maker for free. However, the free plan only gives you access to advanced services through five pricing plans: plus, pro, business, premium, and enterprise.

The plus plan supports only one user, the pro plan supports up to three users, and the business plan allows up to 10 team members. The premium plan comes with unlimited users, and an enterprise plan offers dedicated support and security.

7. VideoCreek

Best YouTube Intro Maker with Great Offering of Templates for Professional Use

VideoCreek is the Best YouTube Intro Maker with Great Offering of Templates for Professional Use

VideoCreek is another intro maker that has facilitated the creation of over 1 million videos. This versatile YouTube intro maker allows you to create professional intros for your videos either from scratch or using professionally designed customizable YouTube intro templates.

Quickly create your videos by selecting from its thousands of images, videos, stickers, and text elements. Also attract more attention by adding creative transitions, animations, royalty-free music, and emojis to your designs. Preview your intro video and download it onto your device, it is as straightforward as that.


VideoCreek Pricing Plan

VideoCreek’s YouTube intro maker is available to you for free. But for more extended video editing options, you have to go through two paid subscription plans: business and unlimited plan.

The business plan offers users up to 60 video exports and 10 iStock media per month. The unlimited plan offers users unlimited video exports and up to 120 iStock images per month.

The paid plans also mean VideoCreek’s watermarks are not placed on your videos. You also save 50% on annual subscriptions.

8. Adobe Spark

Best YouTube Intro Maker with Best Team Collaboration Options

Adobe Spark is the Best YouTube Intro Maker with Best Team Collaboration Options

From the popular brand, Adobe, Adobe Spark is a media editing tool that allows you to easily add photos, video clips, icons, or voiceover to your YouTube video intros. You enjoy a slide-based editor and a storyboarding feature.

This feature grants you quick and easy access to preloaded story structures within the app or personal designs you have previously created and uploaded. Through both a mobile and web app, you have access to millions of royalty-free photos and icons to make your design and the choice to upload your own.

Adobe Spark also offers you text animations and GIFS. It offers quality and unique design filters and layout options that help you stand out by giving you a variety of outlooks. Alongside thousands of free and premium customizable templates, hundreds of exclusive fonts are also provided to you.

In creating your YouTube intro videos, Adobe Spark also offers you quality collaboration capabilities. You work with other designers on your team and get your designs completed faster and more effectively. While co-editing design projects, you get to add your brand logo, fonts, or colors and easily manage teams, ownership, and billing for multiple licenses.


Adobe Spark Pricing Plan

To create your YouTube video intros, Adobe Spark is available to you through three main pricing plans: starter, individual, and team.

The entirely free starter and education plans offer limited video editing options. The individual plan is free for the first 30 days, the team plan is suitable for collaborations and multiple users. The enterprise plan is determined by the quote and suitable for users with custom needs

9. Clipchamp

Best Free YouTube Intro Maker with No Watermark

Clipchamp is the Best Free YouTube Intro Maker with No Watermark

One thing Clipchamp uses to set itself apart from other YouTube intro makers is its offering of a free intro maker with no watermark. You have access to its rich collection of features, tools, and special video creation effects without any watermark placed on your videos.

Even with these, advanced video editing capabilities are provided to you through Clipchamp's premium paid plans. You enjoy a library of over 800,000 royalty-free stock videos and audio files. Also, you can use it to apply your logo, texts, artistic filters, exciting transitions, and a lot of other personalization effects.

Clipchamp lets you export your creations at high video resolutions (1080p). If the whole user interface is not easy to navigate, a step-by-step tutorial to learn the basics is made available to you.


Clipchamp Pricing Plan

Billed both annually and monthly, Clipchamp is available to you through four different plans: basic, creator, business, and business platinum.

The basic free plan is available to you for free, the creator plan offers you cloud backups, the business plan that comes with custom branding, and the business platinum plan that provides you with unlimited video stock. You save up to 30% of costs when you go for an annual subscription.

10. Introband

Best YouTube Intro Maker for Creating Intros In 4K Resolution

Introband is the Best YouTube Intro Maker for Creating Intros In 4K Resolution

Introbrand is an easy-to-use YouTube intro maker that provides you with a simple web interface and vast customization options. It offers you a library of video designs and a variety of themes and styles inspired by classical, urban, modern, minimalist concepts, and many more.

All of Introband's animation templates are designed to work with the custom logo and text inputs. Your professional intro durations are either 3, 5, and 8 seconds and you also get to customize colors, music and enjoy an automatically processed video preview when you sign up with Introband.

Some of Introband's intros are available to you in 4K resolution and, once you pay for high-grade video quality, the watermark on your created video is removed.


Introband Pricing Plan

Introband’s prices are per single video, meaning you buy the video you create alongside the license to include music and make commercial use of it.

Although there is a free plan, the free plan comes with watermarks and provides you with only a 360p quality. With paid plans, your video is not watermarked and the pricing is determined according to video quality; 720p, 1080p, and 2160p.

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