The 47 Best Website Designs of 2023 (Top Examples & Inspiration)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.
Best Website Designs

It is common knowledge that first impressions go a long way in determining how individuals and objects are treated at first contact.

Websites are instrumental in developing a global presence. Placing a major focus on how a website looks is a step in the right direction towards maximizing the conversion rate of a website.

Startups or website owners looking to improve may find it difficult to choose the right design features that help achieve their goals.

Here is a list of brilliantly designed websites across different genres that help to point website owners to the right direction.

Best Website Design Examples to Inspire You to Create Your Own

1. Kikoplastic – Made With Weebly

Portfolio Website For A Graphics Designer

Kikoplastic is a Portfolio Website For A Graphics Designer

Kikoplastic is the website of an award-winning graphics designer, Alberto Jaime Rodriguez, used to display his collection of stunning illustrations.

Being a graphics designer with award-winning illustrations, Alberto spreads his illustrations across the whole span of the homepage.

Against a white background, these illustrations both serve as web page designs and also a means to display his portfolio.

His simple logo is put on top of the homepage page and words are only shown when a picture is highlighted.

Allowing smooth illustrations to do the talking, Kikoplastic draws in the interest of visitors and shows them exactly what they get when working with him.

2. Knapsack Creative – Made With Squarespace

Website For A Web Design Company

Knapsack Creative is a Website For A Web Design Company

Knapsack Creative is a website founded by Benjamin Manley to provide website design services to interested internet users.

Being an award-winning website design company, its prowess is shown in the company website's design options.

Against a white backdrop, simple, widely spaced content is spread across its homepage.

This content includes images and animations that are well ingrained into the website's background.

Colors are barely used on the website and the images and words are allowed to draw all the attention of visitors.

3. Cottons Jaipur – Made With Wix

eCommerce Website Example For Selling Cultural Apparel

Cottons Jaipur is an eCommerce Website Example For Selling Cultural Apparel

Cottons Jaipur is an online clothing store that sells gowns with a mix of Indian culture and modern style.

The online store makes use of straightforward website content to provide visitors with what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Only images of the store's wide collection of apparel are placed across the whole homepage accompanied by prices.

Visitors get to add products to the cart without leaving the homepage and are also able to filter products by categories through embedded links in images at the bottom of the website page.

The website is designed with the comfort and convenience of visitors in mind.

4. Flonuts – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Pool Floaties

Flonuts is an Online Store Example For Selling Pool Floaties

Flonuts is an eCommerce website used to sell inflatable pool floats fit for use in pools, at beaches, or even lakes and based in the US.

The eCommerce website is kept simple with only four images of different floats, a brief introduction, and clear calls to action presented to visitors.

The website focuses on bright colors that represent the playful use of pool floats.

The online store makes use of blue and green colors in both images and website templates to represent the idea of exotic beach waters.

Tab headers provide a medium to access the store's custom floats service and keep the homepage as minimal as possible.

5. Mane – Made With Wix

Business Website Example For Hairdressing Salons

Mane is a Business Website Example For Hairdressing Salons

Mane is a hairdressing salon located in Queensland, Australia that uses its website to manage appointment booking and provide information about its services to a wider range of audiences.

The website is only filled with large images, brief introductions, and clear calls to action to avoid feeding visitors with unnecessary content and provide quick access to the booking services.

Against a white background, images of the classy brick-and-mortar salon are placed across the webpage to give visitors an idea of the hairdressing experience while with them.

The words are written in grey colors to keep the attention of users glued to the images, notice, and then click on the clear call to action ” book appointment now” when duly interested.

6. UPPERCASE – Made With Shopify

Business Website Example For Publishing Magazines

UPPERCASE is a Business Website Example For Publishing Magazines

UPPERCASE is a magazine publishing eCommerce business that offers interested readers subscription plans and a chance to order its quarterly magazines about creative art.

The business website makes use of its book covers as design elements and accompanies these images with brief descriptions and prices.

As well as an extensive introduction to the publishing company, all the website content is placed on a white background to keep visitors well focused on the website content.

This amount of content gives visitors all the information they need about the eCommerce business without having to switch through web pages.

7. Madsen Cycles – Made With Shopify

eCommerce Website Example For Selling Cargo Bicycles

Madsen Cycles is an eCommerce Website Example For Selling Cargo Bicycles

Madsen Cycles is an online store that deals in unique, colorful cargo bicycles that are comfortable enough for transporting children.

The online store is immersed in bright colors both in its products and website and has its homepage color scheme separated into two parts.

The first part being images of the different colorful bicycles properly integrated into the white background with links embedded in them.

After a stretch of extensive introductory messages, visitors are then introduced to the more colorful part of the homepage.

With shades of baby green dominating as the background colors, different bright, fun images are used to show how useful the recreational cargo bicycles are in transporting children and pets.

8. Douk Snowboards – Made With Weebly

Online Store Example For Selling Snowboards

Douk Snowboards is an Online Store Example For Selling Snowboards

Douk Snowboards is a business venture based in Cotswolds, UK that deals in handcrafted snowboards and sells them to different individuals across the world.

The business website homepage is as simple as home pages get. No need to scroll as every bit of information is immediately shown to visitors without overwhelming them.

Only two image elements are used to show up to six of its uniquely designed, handcrafted snowboards and minimize the content on the homepage.

With a white background and a monochromic backdrop of a snowboarder, the products stand out from the rest of the website content.

A clear call to action, “shop now” then gives visitors the unmistakable hint to proceed to the more jam-packed shopping pages.

9. Sarah Haran – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Female Handbags

Sarah Haran is an Online Store Example For Selling Female Handbags

Saran Haran is an online store that deals in luxury, multipurpose handbags fit for work and casual outings.

The website greatly minimizes its use of image elements while passing all the information needed.

One image element switches between eleven different postures of a model with eleven different bags.

This allows it to show visitors its wide range of accessory types while keeping the homepage simple and avoid overwhelming visitors with so many image elements.

It also makes use of a feminine combination of pale pink and white to make the website easy on the eyes of its target visitors and keep their attention on the bright red bags.

10. Wall'in – Made With Weebly

Online Store For Wall Coverings

Wall'in is an Online Store For Wall Coverings

Wall'in is a French company that sells unique, textured wall coverings to fit different types of homes and locations.

Images of the business' previous works fill the whole webpage and serve as showcase designs for different categories of wall coverings.

Words are only used to briefly introduce visitors to the website and briefly describe the different categories of wall designs.

After all these, Wall'in then explains what it is about at the bottom part of the homepage, trying not to disturb its goal of showcasing its products.

11. Chubbies – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Casual Clothes

Chubbies is an Online Store Example For Selling Casual Clothes

Chubbies is a casual clothing line that sells comfortable shorts and shirts that are fit for swimming and hot temperatures in the summer.

The online store makes use of simple template designs by utilizing a sidebar and large images.

The website is filled with bright, high-quality images of the different categories of casual shorts with brief texts and links embedded on them.

The sidebar presents links to other categories of apparel sold by the online store.

This helps the online store utilize its homepage space to present its most important, high-demand wears and also provide mediums to access other apparel.

12. Wendy Ju – Made With Wix

Portfolio Website Example For User Experience Designers.

Wendy Ju is a Portfolio Website Example For User Experience Designers

Wendy Ju is a graphics and user experience designer based in New York City that uses her website to showcase her portfolio.

Visitors are welcomed with a sleek animation greeting them with three different words being changed intermittently.

The rest of the website is also infused with different scroll and mouse-triggered animations keeping users caught up in the website and staying on it.

The different designs and animations of Wendy also make up the website alongside an introduction.

The website doesn't use the common white background and places all its minimalist features on a rich cream background to keep visitors focused on the content.

13. Bullies & Co – Made With Shopify

Website Example For Selling Dog Chains

Bullies & Co is a Website Example For Selling Dog Chains

Bullies & Co is an online store that deals in unique, exotic dog chains made from gold and silver.

The eCommerce website makes extensive use of images in its straightforward website design approach.

Its products are showcased through images of chains on the same dog model across the majority of the website.

These images are accompanied by prices to immediately show visitors how low the exotic-looking pieces cost and keep them interested.

Images of other dogs are kept at the bottom of the website to show visitors the range of its chains on different dog breeds with the most minimal use of words.

14. Spoken Layer – Made With Squarespace

Website Example For Professional Voice Editing Services

Spoken Layer is a Website Example For Professional Voice Editing Services

Spoken Layer is a company that collects different voice recordings or content from users, edits this content, and sells it to different voice assistant companies like Google and Amazon.

The website first describes its range of services and makes use of the simplest and minimal colors on a white background.

Spoken Layer uses the logos of its numerous media and brand partners to fill its homepage.

These monochronic logos serve as design elements and also trust building website content.

The only extensive use of words is a series of quotes from brand partners about how highly rated its services are.

Filling its website with the most minimal use of colors and straightforward content, the company drives its message and gains the trust of customers without overwhelming them.

15. Allbirds – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Environment-Friendly Shoes and Apparel

Allbirds is an Online Store Example For Selling Environment Friendly Shoes and Apparel

Allbirds is a shoe and clothing retail business that makes use of environmentally friendly materials to make its products. It has grown to be a company worth over $1 billion.

The eCommerce website makes sure visitors get to see what its shoes are made of.

Visitors are first introduced to an extra-large image of one of their shoes running on water.

A brief text ” run in the rain” makes it known to visitors that the shoes are waterproof without taking attention off the shoe.

The rest of the website is filled with images of shoes on a white background accompanied by clear labels based on gender.

The website contains sliders where customers can choose to check out the other products offered by Allbirds.

This slider allows Allbirds to introduce visitors to their other products while keeping the homepage about their most popular shoe products and what they are made from.

16. EST Creative – Made With Squarespace

Business Website For Brand Marketing

EST Creative is a Business Website For Brand Marketing

EST Creative is a company that helps its clients in building brands and growing business ventures on different internet platforms.

Visitors to its website are first introduced to the company logo and brief list of services placed on a large, blurred background image that changes over time.

As a professional service website, the use of words is given the most importance.

Most of the homepage is filled with comprehensive information about its services, how it can help clients, and its pricing scheme.

All these are placed on a wholly white background to keep visitors focused on the content.

The only color used is green and it is used as an overline for the different headings on the page.

Trust building contents are placed at the very bottom of the homepage, including images of its crew and clients' logos.

17. Maiden Homes – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Furniture

Maiden Homes is an Online Store Example For Selling Furniture

Maiden Home is an eCommerce business that deals in handcrafted furniture pieces and collections.

The eCommerce Website first introduces visitors to large, bright slider images of furniture collections that have already been setup.

This gives visitors the feeling of being in a physical showroom and also shows how quality and good looking the different pieces of furniture collections are.

All content on the website is placed on a white background and showcases the top furniture pieces and collections available as well as reviews from customers.

Only information about the online store's craftsmanship and extra services are placed on the homepage and written in small font.

This limited use of words keeps the website content as trimmed down as possible while making sure visitors focus on the furniture images.

18. Fighting Eel – Made With Squarespace

Online Store For Female Wears

Fighting Eel is an online store for female wears

Fighting Eel is a Hawaiian online store where casual female apparel and accessories designed with Hawaiian art are sold.

In design options, the online store uses images of its products and brief, unmistakable calls to action across its main webpage.

Images of its products on different models are placed at different points of the webpage and used to categorize the different apparel and accessories.

Clear calls to action in the form of “Shop Now” then give visitors the hint and link to the more comprehensive store pages.

All these images and links are placed on a white background to keep visitors focused on each product and content.

19. Gitman Bros. – Made With Zyro

Online Store Example For Selling Classic Shirts

Gitman Bros is an online store example for selling classic shirts

Gitman Bros. is a textile-making company that uses its online store to sell shirts made from materials produced by it.

Selling classic, formal shirts, the eCommerce website makes use of professional typography, both in its font and use of words.

The business makes sure that its Unique Selling Proposition is not missed by customers.

The template and navigation are kept simple and Information about its customizable shirt service is repeated across different areas of the website.

20. Poke Bowlz – Made With Wix

Business Website Example For Food Restaurants

Poke Bowlz is a business website example for food restaurants

Poke Bowlz is a restaurant based in California that deals in Hawaiian and Japanese delicacies.

The business website is focused on delicacies and first introduces visitors to a ready-made meal before presenting them images of delicacies from their Instagram account feed.

The colors used are red and black, common to food shops, on a white backdrop with simple illustrations and patterns of fish on it.

The website also contains overlapping elements with bold writing and images.

This design option is chosen in a bid to make the content appear closer to readers and grab their attention before anything else.

Poke Bowlz only gives information about itself, opening hours, and uses Google Maps at the very end of the website to show visitors its precise location.

21. Urbana Sacs – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Varieties of Paper Bags

Urbana Sacs is an online store example for selling varieties of Paper Bags

Urbana Sacs is an online shop that deals in washable paper bags that can be used to hold a range of items from mobile phones and cosmetics to groceries to even plants.

The eCommerce website remains simple and organized with its display of products.

It first introduces visitors to a slider showing the range of products it sells and describes their unique properties with a simple phrase.

The rest of the website is made up of brief information about what the business is about and then product images.

These images represent both the different categories of bags and links to the more packed online store pages

All these against a white background, the attention of visitors is properly directed to the content while maintaining the simplicity of the website design.

22. Kipferl – Made With Squarespace

Business Website For A Cafe

Kipferl is a business website for a Cafe

Kipferl is a Cafe based in London, England that opened for business in 2003 and uses its eCommerce website to sell its Austrian cakes, pies, coffee, wines, and a lot more.

Visitors are first introduced to a phrase reading; “Beautiful Austrian Cakes & Wine” placed on a greyed-out backdrop of one of its restaurant tables.

A clear call to action is then provided for customers that are familiar with its services to immediately access its different products.

Dealing in creamy food and delicacies, the online store makes use of a cream-colored background on the rest of its homepage, over which different images of its products are displayed.

Using quality images, prices, and side notes explaining the Austrian origins of the different cakes, the online store comprehensively introduces visitors to its products.

23. Happiness Abscissa – Made With Shopify

eCommerce Website Example For Selling Scents

Happiness Abscissa is an eCommerce Website Example For Selling Scents

Happiness Abscissa is an online store where scent candles and oils which help to induce certain fulfilling emotions are sold.

The products work on the senses of consumers and that turns out to be the idea behind the whole website design.

The website is made as unique and simplistic as possible.

Different bright colored designs are placed against a white background alongside little images of the business products.

Through scroll-triggered animations, visitors are captivated by the movement of these little, embedded designs and images.

The online store only uses these animations and embedded designs to retain the attention of visitors as it explains its business with a clear call to action “Shop Now” included.

24. Celebs On Sandwiches – Made With Wix

Online Store Example For Selling Cartoon Portraits

Celebs On Sandwiches is an online store example for Selling Cartoon Portraits

Celebs on Sandwiches is an online store where watercolor cartoon portraits of popular celebrities sitting on sandwiches are sold.

The eCommerce website is kept as simple and straightforward as possible.

Visitors are first introduced to a collage of different portraits with the call to action ” Shop Now ” placed in the center, making it very clear and unmistakable.

The rest of the whole website contains the different portraits accompanied by prices and placed on a fully white background.

The white background in each image seamlessly integrates with the white background of the website, allowing the high-quality comic characters and their names to properly stand out.

25. Built By Buffalo – Made With Zyro

Portfolio Website Example For Graphics Design Companies

Built By Buffalo is a portfolio website example for graphics design companies

Built By Buffalo is a website design and development company founded in 2006 and based in Brighton, UK.

The business website focuses on straightforward, trust-building content on its website.

With a simple color scheme of grey and orange on a white background, visitors are introduced to images of their clients' logos with embedded links and properly blended into the website background

It also includes statistics and testimonials about the performance of their clients' websites.

The business website's straightforward focus on trust-building allows it to minimize the use of unnecessary content and feeds the eyes of visitors with only what they need to know.

26. TinySeed – Made With Squarespace

Business Website Example for SaaS Accelerators

TinySeed is a business website example for saas accelerators

TinySeed is a Tech company that helps to accelerate the access of SaaS or remote software owned by bootstrappers. It also helps to guide and fund the business of its clients.

Being a technology-based company, the business website uses colors and shapes that best describe the technology industry.

The website makes vast use of a dark blue color, orange hexagonal shapes, and simple green designs over a white background to encompass its color scheme.

Images of the logos of partners and reviews from its customers help to serve as further straightforward trust-building content.

With dark blue texts and logos on a white background and white texts on a dark blue background, the website seamlessly retains the attention of its visitors.

27. Heraldic Jewelry – Made With Shopify

eCommerce Website Example For Selling Unique Jewelry

Heraldic Jewelry is an eCommerce website example for selling unique Jewelry

Heraldic Jewelry is an online store that sells rings, pendants, and cufflinks, among other pieces of jewelry, that are designed with medieval-themed logos and crests.

The online store makes use of a video element at the top of its homepage showing how its handmade products are carefully made.

The other parts of the website also help to represent the services and product of the business venture through a balanced use of images and words.

Images and service descriptions are placed side by side to categorically introduce visitors to the products and services offered by the eCommerce website.

28. Poetic – Made With Zyro

Business Website Example For Tech-based Brand Management Companies

Poetic is a business website example for tech based brand management companies

Poetic is a business venture that specializes in helping brands to harness the full power of technology in promoting their brand names and products.

The website seeks to be straight to the point in both design elements and the use of words.

Like other tech-based websites, the website's color scheme consists of black, blue, and green, giving the sense of advanced modern technology to visitors.

The website template is also kept simple with the main focus placed on explaining what visitors can benefit from their services and also present trust-building information about partners.

No extravagant feature is added to the website and it is kept simple and professional to the eyes and minds of its readers.

29. Beta Takaki – Made With Squarespace

Portfolio Website Example For Digital Platform Designers

Beta Takaki is a portfolio website example for digital platform designers

Beta Takaki is a senior product designer based in Vancouver that helps different digital platforms with ideas on User Interface and Experience.

The Website homepage design is very minimalistic and straightforward.

Visitors are first introduced to the designer through a large image of her on the balcony of a white building.

Then the rest of the webpage contains a brief description of her services, contacts, and clear calls to action presenting her two scopes of service.

The calls to action serve as links to an extensive list of trust-building reviews and portfolio projects. These calls to action help to keep the homepage as simple and minimalistic as possible.

30. The Bike Seat – Made With Weebly

Business Website Example For Bicycle Customization Services

The Bike Seat is a business website example for bicycle customization services

The Bike Seat is a business venture that helps bicycle owners to customize their rides by adding a passenger seat that also serves as a storage box.

On getting to the website, Visitors are greeted with a brief message ” Your Bike Now Seats Two” placed on a monochronic image of one of its already customized bicycles.

The website balances its use of words and visual content in a bid to introduce its unique products and explain how its services benefit visitors.

Along with media mentions and the logo of one of its partners, all website content is placed against a white background, avoiding any unnecessary distraction.

31. Kunstrukt – Made With Wix

Portfolio Website Example For photographers

Kunstrukt is a portfolio website example for photographers

Kunstrukt is an initiative and collaborative project of two artists based separately in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Istanbul, Turkey.

The website is used to show their long list of projects in the most minimalist way possible.

Arranged in block form, visitors are presented with different, little high-quality photos.

These photos serve as showcase pieces and also links to the different, numerous categories of projects they represent.

Placing a mouse on the top of each image reveals information about the category.

This design method helps to keep the homepage as simple as possible while containing a vast amount of information.

32. Luxy – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Hair Extensions

Luxy is an online store example for selling hair extensions

Luxy is the online store of luxurious hair extension brand, Luxy Hair, used to reach and sell their hair products to a wider internet audience.

A color scheme of white and brown is used across the whole website to represent elegance and the general, natural color of hair.

The website design features are focused on “before and after” images to show visitors how much difference their products make.

Visitors are first introduced to an image at the top of the website of a model's “before and after” looks against a natural brown background.

Like every other well-designed website, all images on the main website body are placed on a white background to keep visitors captivated by the different hair extensions on display.

Images of celebrities rocking Luxy's hair products are also placed on the website to build trust and further captivate the online store's visitors.

33. Confluera – Made With Zyro

Website Example For Cyber Security Companies

Confluera is a website example for cyber security companies

Confluera is a cybersecurity company that uses its business website to sell security software and also provides cybersecurity services to wary website owners.

The tech-based company makes use of a color scheme similar to most advanced technology business websites.

It combines a professional and extensive use of words with intricate designs of blue and green on a black background.

The website's design brings the sense of modern technology as we have so much inclined towards in our world today.

34. Leo Edwards Photography – Made With Weebly

Portfolio Website Example For Photographic Bloggers

Leo Edwards Photography is a portfolio website example for photographic bloggers

Leo Edwards is an adventure photographer that uses his website as a blog, store, publishing platform, and image gallery.

The whole homepage is only made up of a single, interesting image.

A high-quality photograph of an old Nepalese Woman staring into the eyes of visitors, introducing them to the intrigue of his photographs.

A collapsed menu is provided for visitors to expand and have access to the different areas of the website, from the store to the photo gallery to his photographic blogging platform.

A white background is used across all the webpages to keep users focused on the intriguing images and content.

35. UVE – Made With Zyro

Business Website Example For Hotels And Guest Houses

UVE is a business website example for hotels and guest houses

UVE is an event space and bar based in Italy that uses its website to attract customers from around the world and offer booking services.

The guest house is located on the beautiful landscape of Langhe and doesn't shy away from taking advantage of this.

It introduces visitors to a large, captivating video of its location as a means to attract tourists to Langhe.

With the use of an elegant font, UVE extensively explains its extra services to website visitors.

It keeps a sticky button accompanying visitors as they scroll, so they have quick access to explore the website further without having to go back up the webpage.

36. Harper Wilde – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Female Underwear

Harper Wilde is an online store example for selling female underwear

Harper Wilde is an online store that sells much-needed comfortable underwear for women.

Like its products, the eCommerce website makes use of a variety of colors that are soft and comfortable to the eyes of visitors.

A color combination of milk brown and shades of baby blue is used across the different images and template colors on the website.

Along with regular circles and rectangle shapes encapsulating the words used on the website, the template design is kept simple and convenient for the visitors.

The design elements of the product images and website help convey the whole idea the clothing brand is built on.

37. Moment Skis – Made With Zyro

Website Example For Selling Ski Equipment

Moment Skis is a website example for selling Ski equipment

Based in Nevada, USA, Moment Ski is an online store that deals in various ski equipment and makes them available worldwide.

The online store minimizes its website content and allows its products to do the talking.

Images of its different uniquely designed ski equipment are placed on the website, helping to beautify it and also show visitors its wide range of equipment in the most minimalistic way possible.

Its use of several colors as well as bold fonts to represent a feeling of energy and adrenaline as associated with skiing on high slopes.

38. Detailed Engagements – Made With Weebly

Website Example For Wedding And Events Planners

Detailed Engagements is a website example for wedding and events planners

Detailed Engagements is an event and wedding planning service that uses its website mainly to showcase its work to a wider audience and provide a means of contact.

Visitors are first introduced to the brand name placed on a dimmed image of a bride and her bridesmaids.

The business website makes vast use of words and is greatly driven by trust-building content which it spreads across the whole of its homepage.

On a white background, visitors are shown a review by one of its clients and an explanation of what the business venture is all about.

The only images used are images of its different awards and two monochronic images with underlying calls to action linking visitors to its work portfolio and contact medium.

39. ToyShades – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Sunshades.

ToyShades is an online store example for selling sunshades.

ToyShades is a business venture that sells different pieces of fancy plastic sunglasses and uses its online store strictly for this effect.

Visitors are first treated with crystal clear sliding images of different individuals in fancy locations wearing the eyewear.

This move shows visitors how great plastic sunshades can make them look and give them enough confidence to deal with them.

Proceeding, without beating around the bush, the e-commerce website presents its sunshades to visitors and accompanies the images with brief descriptions and prices.

A straightforward approach is taken in the design options and all sunshades are properly embedded into the white background.

40. Kaekoo – Made With Wix

Online Store Example for Selling Handcrafted Materials.

Kaekoo is an online store example for Selling Handcrafted Materials

Kaekoo is an online store used to sell handcrafted apparel, cushions, and bed coverings, among other comfortable cloth materials.

The background color in both the images and website is kept as white as possible to make the different products unmistakably stand out.

All images and a video element are kept large and as high-quality as possible, giving visitors the whole feel of comfort, beauty, and quality inherent in the different merchandise.

The only use of words is the information of the business venture and reviews from customers written in a tiny font.

This keeps the attention of visitors in the images and they can notice the boldly written calls to action; ” SHOP ” on each image.

41. The Ready Desk – Made With Weebly

Online Store Example For Selling Tables And Stands

The Ready Desk is an online store example for selling tables and stands

The Real Desk is an online store that sells different adjustable stands for monitor screens and laptops.

The e-commerce website, like every other top design website, makes use of a white background to keep visitors focused on its different products.

Realtime images of its products being used are spread across the whole homepage, giving visitors an idea of the experience while using their unique stands.

Words are used to further explain the different products, however, images accompanied by calls to action with embedded links are the main content spread across the whole webpage.

42. Roee Ben Yehuda – Made With Wix

Website Example For Sole Entrepreneurs Selling Unique Items

Roee Ben Yehuda is a website example for sole entrepreneurs selling unique Items

Roee Ben Yehuda is a website named after its founder where a variety of uniquely designed items are sold.

The website design and template options are as simplistic and mesmerizing as it gets.

Only high-quality images of these uniquely designed products fill the whole homepage.

The images represent each category of products and are accompanied by brief descriptive phrases and clear calls to action.

One unique template feature is how certain images are used in the background while others appear in the foreground and website users get to reveal them by scrolling.

With a white background used in both the images and website, all the effects merge seamlessly and deliver a unique user experience.

43. Native Union – Made With Zyro

eCommerce Website Example For selling Tech Accessories

Native Union is an eCommerce website example for selling tech accessories

Native Union is a company dealing in accessories for mobile devices such as phone and earphone cases, among others.

The tech company makes use of sleek design features to appeal to its target visitors who are looking for elegant accessories for their different mobile devices.

A great focus is kept on the product images and the background color remains white to keep visitors focused on the attractively greyed out images.

The website is focused on productive space management, sleek typography, and product showcase.

Through image slides, the main homepage is kept simple and the website gets to avoid overwhelming visitors with too many words.

44. Studio Joho – Made With Squarespace

Portfolio Website Example For Animators

Studio Joho is a portfolio website example for animators

Studio Joho is a team of animators that uses their website to showcase different animations and works to visitors and increase customer reach.

Visitors are first introduced to a text reading ‘We Do Animations' to introduce them to the type of service the business renders.

The whole main website body is filled with only videos of the different top animations the creative team has done for visitors to watch.

However, the website makes use of a permanent sidebar where visitors are shown the business logo and can immediately access links to read more about the business and contact the team if interested.

45. Coal And Canary – Made With Wix

eCommerce Website Example For Scented Candle Shops

Coal And Canary is an eCommerce website example for scented candle shops

Coal And Canary is a Canadian shop that uses its online store to sell unique, scented candles and also direct visitors to its different brick and mortar outlets across Canada.

Customers are presented with a large image of one of its candles with a bright, colorful background.

The homepage is kept minimalistic and customers are provided with tabs where they can choose to access either the online shop or long list of physical outlets.

Focusing on convenience, a section titled ‘ Scent Finder' allows visitors to skip the jam-packed online shop pages and seek their preferred products through images representing different filtered categories.

46. Blue Dog – Made With Squarespace

Website Example For Restaurants

Blue Dog is a website example for restaurants

Blue Dog is a restaurant located in New York City that uses its website to provide visitors and customers with a chance to book reservations and order meals.

The website homepage only contains a large, dimmed image slider of its restaurant interior with the words “EAT DRINK VISIT” summarizing the description of its restaurant.

Each word leads to different sections of the website where customers get access to download PDF files containing the digital menu of its drinks and delicacies.

Apart from the website homepage, all other parts of the website are placed on a white background to keep visitors keyed into the content.

47. Ravin AI – Made With Wix

Website Example For Technology-Based Vehicle Inspectors

Ravin AI is a website example for technology based vehicle Inspectors

Ravin AI is a company that harnesses the power of technology to provide vehicle-related services.

Again, professional use of words and a color scheme involving white and dark blue with purple is used to drive the idea of technology into the minds of readers.

Visitors are first introduced to a brief explanation of its services placed on a greyed-out video element.

Another scroll-triggered video element is placed on the webpage and embedded behind the white background, serving as a unique website template feature that amuses visitors.

Website Ideas And Tips

Having a website with designs and features that appeal to visitors never fails to help it develop.

Both regular and business websites need good website design features to keep visitors interested in what it has to offer.

Here is a list of a few tips and ideas that help to improve the effectiveness and value of a website.

1. Use Simple Website Template Designs

Most thriving and successful websites make use of simple design templates to unmistakably drive their message into the minds of visitors.

Website owners must avoid too much content being pushed into the eyes of visitors on a webpage.

Clustering up a web page only confuses and overwhelms a visitor and doesn’t help to drive a clear message.

Only necessary and important information should be put on the homepage which then directs visitors to the more comprehensive pages.

Template features like sidebars, for instance, only present a clustered, old-fashioned website look and turn off website visitors.

A simple website template design is always the best bet at keeping and utilizing website visitors.

2. Use Enough Negative Space

“Negative space” is a term in visual arts used to mean an area that doesn’t attract attention.

The most common and effective color that is used as negative space is white. It could be in the form of a blank background or a faded image with white as the dominant color.

A negative (white) space enhances and allows all attention to be focused on the features and content of a website.

The elements may not be eye-catching themselves but a negative space directs the concentration of visitors to them.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Images help shape perception and are brilliant elements of a website when presented properly.

It is important that images are clear enough for visitors to see and top-quality images help to showcase every property of the item showcased by it.

4. Always Consider Your Target Audience

For any business to be successful or effective, the target audience needs to be put in mind, always.

Appealing to the target audience is important in choosing the contents and design features of a website.

For instance, a website directed towards corporate entities is more effective when the images and use of words are professional.

A website intended to attract children is more interesting when bright, playful colors like yellow, for instance, are used.

A website owner or designer is advised to avoid using personal favorite colors and make sure the target audience is the main determinant.

A website should also be optimized for mobile devices. This optimization allows designs to be streamlined across all devices.

5. Use A Clear Call to Action

The use of a clear call to action is important on any webpage, whatsoever.

It makes visitors unmistakably clear about how to interact and get engaged with the website content.

A clear call to action is most especially crucial for websites built to generate leads or sales.

For example, promotional web pages, such as landing pages, need a clear call to action that is separated and distinguished from the other content on the page to be effective.

A clear call to action is a crucial feature of effective website content and template design.

Although website improvement tips are barely limited to all these, following these few important recommendations help to improve the quality and effectiveness of a website.

Best Website Designs FAQs

What Makes A Website Design Great?

From first impressions to how visitors interact with the website content, getting the design features of a website right is very crucial for any website owner. 

A lot of factors help to keep visitors interested in a website and, as a result, help the website grow and develop.

Features like a simple website template and design, a clear call to action and high-quality images can never go wrong.

How the website relates to its target audience and visitors also determines its value.

The use of words, colors, and images, as relating to visitors and the content's target audience, define how much interest is generated and retained.

What Are The Best Online Store Design Examples?

A lot of websites out there have made great use of website builders to create mesmerizing and eye-catching website designs and templates.

Visitors have been seamlessly converted to customers with just their quality website design features and allow these different websites to grow to the size they are today.

A couple of these websites include Allbirds and Roee Ben Yehuda

Allbirds is a clothing e-commerce store created with Shopify that uses high-quality images of its shoes over a white background to catch the attention of users.

Roee Ben Yehuda is an online store created with Wix where different varieties of creatively and expertly designed items are sold. A white backdrop and quality images help show the items in all their beauty and quality.

Excellent website designs are not limited to these and there are a lot of other examples of how great an online store should look.

What Are The Best Website Design Examples?

Websites like Mane and Knapsack Creative are great examples of how websites and a homepage can be designed to keep visitors interested.

Knapsack Creative is a portfolio website for a graphic designer. His great creative designs are spread across the homepage and show visitors just what to expect when dealing with him.

Mane is a brick-and-mortar shop that uses its website for booking services. It makes use of quality images of its beautiful white shop interior to show visitors how services are run by the business.

These are only a few of the many examples of websites that implement template designs and features and are great examples to be followed.

How Can I Build My Own Website?

Building a website is a very important step in achieving a lot of things and making use of website building software is a resourceful option.

However, the features required to effectively run both regular and eCommerce websites differ and the purpose of a website should be the guide in choosing a website builder.

Most importantly, selecting a website builder is the first step in building a website. An appropriate website builder gives users a wide range of much-needed options to choose from.

For example, Shopify offers users highly specialized e-commerce tools and features while Squarespace offers high-quality website design options.

After building a website and integrating the proper features needed for your website to fully run, the next step is choosing a custom domain name.

A custom domain name allows website owners to fully incorporate their brand into every feature of their website. The website is easily remembered and accessible by visitors.

However, after all this, a website cannot come to life except it is run on a website hosting platform.

This is the final step in bringing a website to life and choosing the right website host allows for efficient website promotion and management.

What Makes A Good Corporate Website?

A good corporate website is made up of a collection of content that is appealing to corporate entities.

Professional images, templates, and the use of words are important features that help to attract the interest and patronization of corporate bodies.

Images of individuals in the field of work in question help to clarify any form of doubt in visitors.

Professional typography as relating to the field of work in question also defines a corporate website.  

Providing visitors with a simple interface for navigation and clear calls to action will help convert them to clients without any hassle.

Combining all these with trust-building content is all a corporate website needs to be effective and successful.

Best Website Builders To Launch Your Website Or Online Store

In today's world, creating a website or online store is always a good move in promoting ideas or expanding business ventures.

Website builders have made creating a website very easy.

Hiring the expensive services of a professional website programmer is boycotted and internet users are given more freedom and capabilities.

However, like every other aspect of life, not all website builders are the same. Some website builders offer more extensive features and specialized optimizations than others.

While some are well optimized for business activities, others are optimized for blogging, and some for providing extensive features.

Choosing a website builder may be a hard task for beginners but certain features are to be looked out for.

These include a friendly user interface, comprehensive template design options, and features such as eCommerce optimization and mobile device optimization, among many others.

That being said, here is a list of the best website builders that provide the extensive website creation tools needed by beginners and website owners.

1. Shopify

Best Website Builder For Creating eCommerce Websites

Shopify is the best website builder for creating eCommerce websites

Shopify is the best website builder for creating a business website or eCommerce store. It offers an extensive selection of the latest tools and specialized features required to run an online business in our modern world.

Shopify is well trusted by over 500,000 websites as well as 1 million active users around the world and has helped over $40 billion worth of items to be sold over the internet.

Only a few eCommerce platforms provide close to what Shopify offers as an eCommerce website builder. Shopify also integrates WordPress hosting services, giving users two top-notch website building software on one platform.

The eCommerce platform offers hundreds of eCommerce designs and templates as well as a drag and drop interface.

Users can access a wide range of customizable options and enjoy easy website creation activities.

In addition to over a hundred payment options, Shopify also has its own payment portal termed “Shopify Payments” which is integrated automatically and optimized for even credit/debit card transactions.

Ecommerce website management activities don’t come better than Shopify as it also has an integrated website hosting platform made available. Users make their websites come alive without having to source for an external platform.

When it comes to eCommerce websites and online stores, every user has a collection of the best offers and features to choose from with Shopify.

2. WIX

Most Versatile Website Builder For Creating A Wide Variety Of Websites

WIX is the most versatile website builder for creating a wide variety of websites

Wix is a highly versatile website builder that offers great tools for a wide range of website types.

It is one of the best website builders around and Wix's 110 million users across the globe paint a clear enough picture of its quality.

With a wide range of integrated and intuitive features, Wix satisfies its users to the highest point.

The eCommerce platform offers little three tools which present great quality options and website design features to users. These are the Wix Editor, Wix ADI tool, and Wix Logo Maker.

The Wix Editor allows users to enjoy drag-and-drop website design options which makes the whole creation process easy. Users get to see how The website will look without having to frequently switch between interfaces.

The Wix Logo Maker also provides users with special design options optimized for making brand logos.

Perhaps the most intuitive of these tools is the Wix ADI tool. The ADI tool is an artificial intelligence module that makes creating websites even easier.

Users are asked certain pre-set questions and are provided with a website automatically generated from their answers.

Combining all these with 500+ template design options, SEO, website analytics, and social media integration tools, Wix remains one of the most versatile website builders out there.

3. Squarespace

Website Builder With The Most Attractive Template And Design Options

Squarespace is a website builder with the most attractive template and design options

Squarespace is the website builder with the best template design features and a user-friendly interface.

The website builder offers hundreds of professional and quality website design options and gives users all the features they need to seamlessly create their own beautifully designed websites.

Features like a visual drag and drop editor as well as an artificial intelligence module, like that of Wix, which asks questions and automatically generates websites based on the answers of users.

The website building platform also provides users with website hosting services that allow them to manage all their website activities on one platform. With its website hosting platform, users can also host eCommerce websites for their business ventures.

Important optimizations like SEO, Mobile responsiveness, and app integrations like Facebook, Google maps, and Dropbox, among others are made available to users.

Squarespace also incorporates a blog platform that it uses to entertain its website-building community with tips and inspiring content.

4. 10Web

AI-Powered Website Builder With Largely Automated Services

10Web is a AI powered website builder with largely automated services

10Web prides itself in its range of automated website building services. The website building platform greatly harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make website building and management easy for its users.

Working with Elementor and WordPress, the platform gives users a chance to create a personalized website after just a few clicks.

Quick tests are run on users and a website is automatically generated to suit their preferences.

10Web's website builder is suitable for both beginners and advanced website creators and developers.

The platform also offers website hosting services to interested users. From automatic feature updates to automatic website backups, 10Web offers easy website management options to all its users.

5. Weebly

Cheap Alternative For Greatly Versatile Website Building Features

Weebly is a cheap alternative for greatly versatile website building reatures

Weebly is another powerful and versatile website builder with over 40 million users enjoying its services worldwide.

It offers a free website building pricing plan that makes its platform friendly to beginners and small businesses looking to cut the cost in developing their brand or business.

Similar to other website building platforms, Weebly provides users with over 60 design templates as well as a drag and drop interface for easy website creation.

Users get access to a useful blogging platform as well as having a chance to create eCommerce websites. Weebly also provides users with fast and secure website hosting services.

6. BigCommerce

Cheaper Alternative For Building Comprehensive eCommerce Websites

BigCommerce is a cheaper alternative for building comprehensive eCommerce websites

Like Shopify, BigCommerce is a website builder that is greatly optimized for creating business websites and eCommerce stores.

The platform integrates WordPress with its website building services and also provides a chance for users to integrate a long list of payment portals with their eCommerce websites.

BigCommerce also provides pre-formatted templates as well as a drag-and-drop feature, making website creation easier for beginners.

Combining all these with website analytics as well as fast and secure website hosting services, BigCommerce proves to be an ideal website building platform for selling all kinds of products and services.

Start Your Own Website and Become One of The Best

Creating a website is a good step forward for any reason whatsoever.

Website builders are resourceful tools in creating the most sophisticated of websites within the littlest of time frames.

Websites serve different purposes and certain website builders provide features that are perfectly optimized for these different purposes.

For blogs and regular websites, Wix and Squarespace offer website owners and designers the best design tools for different preferences.

While Squarespace gives designers the most attractive website templates to work with, Wix provides the most versatile selection of tools for designers to choose from.

Shopify and BigCommerce are great picks for creating online stores and eCommerce websites.

Shopify is considered to be the best platform for creating a comprehensive eCommerce website while BigCommerce serves as a cheaper, worthy alternative.

Selecting the most appropriate website builder is the right step that places aspiring website owners on steady ground for developing a valuable online presence.

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