45 Best Small Business Website Examples (2023 Inspiration)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Small Business Website Examples(1)

The business environment can be very hard to maneuver, and little decisions can either make or break any business venture’s success.

However, launching an eCommerce platform is always a step in the right direction. The state of our modern world calls for this, and not engaging in business activities through the internet only limits one's potential to break through any business barrier.

While others have struggled, several online stores and eCommerce platforms have grown a small brand to one that catches the fancy and loyalty of a lot of people.

Here is a list of small-scale business websites that have created a name for themselves and can be an inspiration to new business owners looking to make it big.

Best Small Business Website Examples

1. Millk – Made With Shopify

Example Of A Successful Online Store For Children Apparels

Millk is an example of a Successful Online Store For Children Apparels.

Millk is a clothing line with its origins in Australia. Selling clothes and apparel specifically made for babies and little children, Millk has made a name for itself in the eCommerce business environment.

Its website paints a clear picture of how comfortable and soothing its apparels are. Using a milk-colored background, the eCommerce store showcases its products through simple, calming images representing children’s diversity and its diversity.

It combines website features with email marketing and other online business strategies; the eCommerce platform has achieved steady, enviable growth since its launch in 2016.

2. Traackr – Made With Webflow

Example Of A Small Business Website For Influencer Marketing Programs

Traackr is an Example of a Small Business Website For Influencer Marketing Programs.

Traackr is an online store established in 2006 and serves as a platform for creating and managing relationships with product influencers. It provides a platform for professional product influencing rather than the use of basic social media influencers.

The eCommerce platform focuses mainly on giving its visitors a comprehensive inward look into its services and what they stand to gain from them. Majorly using words over images on its long website main page, the eCommerce platform successfully gives out vast information about its services.

Traackr also uses trust-building content on its website to encourage visitors and give them the assurance they need.

3. The Box Bros – Made With Weebly

Online Store Example For Selling Gift Boxes

The Box Bros is the Online Store Example For Selling Gift Boxes.

Based in Brea, California, Box Bros is an online store founded by Kevin Glover and Will Chapman that sells gift boxes. According to the founders, the eCommerce business was built to “…make perfect assortments that are both stylish and functional.”

Integrating a video platform through Vimeo, the eCommerce store swiftly takes visitors through the creation process of one of its fascinating products. This video platform gives visitors a chance to connect with the store on a deeper level.

Through a very minimalistic website design, the eCommerce platform removes every excess detail and provides visitors with all they need to see.

4. Ducknology – Made With Wix

Small Business Website Example For Jewelry Stores

Ducknology is the Small Business Website Example For Jewelry Stores.

Established in 2019, Ducknology is an online store based in New York City that sells affordable, unique pieces of jewelry.

The eCommerce platform gets straight to business by showcasing its products accompanied by prices. The online store immediately makes visitors know what makes it different from the regular jewelry stores by displaying its unique jewelry collection.

Ducknology also combines its business with free shipping services for purchases that are at least $25. This offer is one of the different marketing strategies implemented by different stores to push customers to make higher purchases.

Its straightforward website and promo offers are part of its different strategies to maintain a balanced relationship with its website visitors and customers.

5. Minaal – Made With Shopify

Example Of How To Create A Travel Accessory Business Website

Minaal is an example of how to create a travel accessory business website.

Launched in 2013, Minaal has witnessed considerable growth over the years. It was founded by Doug and Jimmy, two New Zealanders, after realizing the need for quality travel accessories.

The online store deals with accessories that make traveling and adventuring easy and more comfortable.

The store's eCommerce platform doesn't waste time getting to business. Its popular products are presented alongside prices for visitors and customers to get access without any fuss.

Minaal also uses user-generated content (UGC) and mentions from renowned publishers to increase trust in its visitors.

Combining its straightforward website strategy with trust-building content and email marketing, the online store converts its website visitors into the customers it needs for effective business growth.

6. Kase Styles – Made With Squarespace

Floral Service Business Website Example

Kase Styles is the floral service business website example.

Kase Styles is a boutique store that offers rental and event planning services for different occasions. It is also a blog where visitors can get themselves drawn into the event-planning lifestyle.

Its eCommerce platform’s simple website design features show everything the platform is about and make it easy for visitors to maneuver to its different sections. Visitors can easily distinguish between all its services and access the section that interests them.

Apart from being entertaining, captivating images from each blog post are spread across the website's main page. These images draw visitors to its blog and also show what visitors can expect when dealing with them.

7. Native Union – Made With Zyro

Demonstrates How To Use A Website Builder To Create A Proper Phone Accessory Store

Native Union Demonstrates how to use a website builder to create a proper phone accessory store.

Native Union is a company dealing in mobile tech accessories. It was founded by Igor Druc and John Brunner in 2009.

The online store is ‘…born out of a shared love of good design and quality products, and this is what is presented in its choice of website design options.

The eCommerce platform uses quality images as well as smooth, scroll-triggered animations to represent its brand fully.

The eCommerce platform makes use of gift card offers to ease out its email marketing campaigns. It offers visitors a chance to win a $100 gift card when they register their emails with them.

8. Fusedale Designs – Made With Weebly

Small Business Website Example For Graphic Designers

Fusedale Designs is the small business website example for graphic designers.

Fusedale Designs is an eCommerce platform created by Nick Fusedale to promote his graphics designing skills.

With only images of graphic designs filling up the whole website, Nick showcases his creative prowess. The website then includes a tab where he can be contacted.

By utilizing an online platform to entertain visitors with his fascinating designs, Nick promotes his talent and gives awareness to a wider audience.

9. Soundstripe – Made With Webflow

Example Of Online Store For Selling Royalty-Free Multimedia Files

Soundstripe is an example of online store for selling royalty free multimedia files.

Soundstripe is an eCommerce platform created in 2016 to provide quality, royalty-free music, sound effects, and videos at inexpensive prices.

The eCommerce platform uses simple, quality website design features and tabs to make customers comfortable and clear about where to find their preferred media category.

Soundstripe also places a major focus on trust-building features on its website. These features range from user-generated content to logos of top companies it has previously collaborated with.

The online store effectively incorporates clear website template designs with trust-building content to retain visitors and help it grow to the size it hopes to be.

10. Piboco – Made With Wix

Small Business Website Example For Children Book Stores

Piboco is the small business website example for children book stores.

Piboco is a Denmark-based online store founded by Aksel Køie that sells several children's picture books.

The eCommerce platform uses website design features that are sure to attract the attention of its target audience; children.

Piboco uses the quality imagery of its top book covers as decorative features on its website.

By combining this with ‘scroll-triggered animations and properly integrated video elements and animations, the online store captures the interest of its visitors and keeps them scrolling.

The proper integration of website features and audience-oriented designs helps the online store effectively convert its visitors to customers seamlessly.

11. Studio Neat – Made With Shopify

Example Of An Online Store For Selling Accessory Organizers

Studio Neat is an example of an online store for selling accessory organizers.

Studio Neat is an online store founded in 2010 by Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost. Like its name may imply, the eCommerce store sells different accessories used to organize different items and gadgets and make everywhere neat.

The eCommerce platform focuses on simplicity as its main driving tool. Like its founders say on the main web page, the webpage was created by “…two designers who enjoy making simple products that solve (simple) problems”. This simplicity starts with its straightforward website design and navigation down to its products.

The online store also implements Google Analytics to study how visitors use its website and make adequate improvements based on the data collected.

Focusing on simplicity and website advancement, Studio Neat has set a stage for itself to thrive.

12. Built By Buffalo – Made With Zyro

Business Website Example For Web Design Companies

Built By Buffalo is a business website example for web design companies.

Built by Buffalo is a web design and development company located in the United Kingdom and founded in 2006.

The eCommerce platform uses sharp but simple website design elements that interest visitors and give them an idea of what to expect from its services.

Its previous projects are also displayed across the main webpage for visitors to know that they are getting good value for money.

Built By Buffalo presents genuine statistics and customer reviews to build trust in visitors’ and potential clients’ minds. Recommendations from Shopify and MailChimp are also made known to visitors.

13. Tmbr – Made With BigCommerce

Online Store Example For Unique Accessory Brands

Tmbr is an online store example for unique accessory brands.

Founded in 2011, Tmbr is an online store dealing in customizable accessories like watches and phone cases made from wood.

The online store deals in unique accessories and makes sure it shows its visitors how special and beautifully crafted its products are. Images of its products are spread across its whole main webpage.

Tmbr engages in email marketing campaigns to promote its products and keep itself in the minds of registered visitors. However, it uses a promotional offer to make this marketing campaign easier.

It offers visitors a chance to get a coupon code worth 20% off when they register their emails with it. This, alongside its free shipping services, encourages visitors and keeps customers loyal to its platform.

14. Four Star Family Cyclery – Made With Squarespace

Example Of How To Create A Business Website For Bicycle Services

Four Star Family Cyclery is an example of how to create a business website for bicycle services.

Four Star Family Cyclery is an eCommerce platform that sells and rents out bicycles for ‘…kids, cargo, and adventure'. The platform also offers extra post-sales services to its customers to keep them comfortable and satisfied.

Again, a simple website design is chosen to make navigation easy for visitors—simple calls to action help to present all the services rendered through its eCommerce platform.

White background with simple blue and orange colors shows that its bicycles are for fun moments.

The website contains genuine reviews from delighted customers that help to show how satisfying its products and services are. A list of association logos is also included to show how trusted it is by other well-meaning groups.

15. Velasca – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For High-fashion Brands

Velasca is an Online Store Example For High fashion Brands.

Velasca is an eCommerce platform drawing inspiration from high-class Italian craftsmanship. Established in 2015, the online store has used its roots as a major selling point in its eCommerce business venture.

The eCommerce platform draws all its motivation from Italian culture, and that is seen in its choice of font and high-quality images of its hand-crafted Italian fashion.

Velasca doesn't allow its highly credible media mentions to go to waste. Through quotes about its products from GQ to Vogue Magazines, the eCommerce platform assures visitors that they get quality value for money.

Through exploiting its fascinating Italian culture, Velasca has made a substantial name for itself in the fashion world.

16. Ubio Labs – Made With Wix

Example Of How To Make A Website For Selling Phone Accessories

Ubio Labs is an Example of How To Make a Website for Selling Phone Accessories.

Founded by Jason Lemelson in 2016, Ubio Labs is starting to be one of the biggest names in the phone accessory industry. With the main focus on mobile phone-based rechargeables, the online store has recorded ample growth over the years.

The online store doesn't beat around the bush in its online business activities. On getting to its main webpage, visitors are immediately introduced to its product through self-explanatory large, quality images.

The eCommerce platform automatically displays its Instagram feed so that visitors get to see all the latest news and products in stock. This helps Ubio Labs implement marketing campaigns without having to sacrifice its image-oriented website design.

Harnessing the power of social media and quality products, Ubio Labs is making a name for itself in the phone accessory industry.

17. Shwood Eyewear – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Eyewear

Shwood Eyewear is an Online Store Example For Selling Eyewear.

Shwood is a business venture dealing in handcrafted eyewear made from natural, high-quality materials. With its Origin in Oregon, USA, the online store doesn't shy away from using materials and images from its environment.

The eCommerce platform integrates Vimeo as its audio and video platform. It uses this video element to showcase the different stages of its products being crafted, satisfy curiosity and increase fascination from its visitors.

Shwood Eyewear places attention on email marketing campaigns to increase its popularity with registered visitors and customers.

18. Classic Cut and Shave – Made With Weebly

Business Website Example For Brick And Mortar Haircut Salons

Classic Cut and Shave is a Business Website Example For Brick And Mortar Haircut Salons.

Classic Cuts and Shave is an eCommerce platform for a haircut salon. It is mainly used to advertise the brick and mortar service of its owners.

The eCommerce platform doesn't waste time in stating its purpose. With its clear call to action, visitors are unmistakably informed about its purpose.

The eCommerce platform also places its physical location and working times to clear any question that may arise in the mind of interested visitors.

19. Pandora – Made With BigCommerce

Example Of An Online Store For Selling Inexpensive Jewelry

Pandora is an Online Store For Selling Inexpensive Jewelry.

Pandora is an online store that sells a wide range of budget-friendly jewelry and is based in the USA.

The online store makes use of a simple website template and clear calls to action. It presents simple images and links to its different jewelry categories and doesn't confuse visitors in any way.

The online store deals in beautiful jewels and uses images of its different collections to glitter up its main webpage. These images serve as both decorative and showcase elements for the eCommerce platform.

20. The Floral Studio – Made With Squarespace

Business Website Example For Floral Services

The Floral Studio is the Business Website Example For Floral Services.

As its name may suggest, the Floral Studio is an eCommerce platform that engages in floral design and gifting services. It was established in 2018 and had its retail store located in Kitchener, Canada.

Flowers present an idea of fashion, elegance, and charm, and these are represented with their choice of font. The eCommerce platform makes use of a font that helps to set it apart from other websites.

The eCommerce platform deals in elegant bouquet services and doesn't allow its designs to go to waste. Images of its different products are put against a white background and used to beautify its main webpage.

The integration of its Instagram feed is also included in its eCommerce platform.

21. Japhlet Bire Attias – Made With Weebly

Small Business Website Example For Independent Artistes

Japhlet Bire Attias is the Small Business Website Example For Independent Artistes.

Japhlet Bire Attias is another eCommerce platform built to promote the expertise of an independent entrepreneur. It was founded by Japhlet Attias who is a Chapman Stick Artist based in Mexico City.

Being a musician, Japhet Attias makes sure that his trade is properly showcased by integrating audio and video elements with its eCommerce platform.

The eCommerce platform makes use of YouTube as its video platform and integrates Spotify links through the use of the music player app.

22. Ratio Coffee – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Coffee Mixers And Simple Machines

Ratio Coffee is an Online Store Example For Selling Coffee Mixers And Simple Machines.

Ratio Coffee is an eCommerce business based in Portland, Oregon, that makes and sells automated coffee mixers. Its goal is to allow its customers ‘…enjoy convenience without compromise'.

The eCommerce platform makes use of the Wistia app to integrate a video element with its website properly. What distinguishes this from other video platforms is how it allows words to be written above the video element and plays without disturbing a visitor's use of the website.

Ratio Coffee makes use of several tools to drive its advertising campaigns. From app nexus to opens to DoubleClick by Google, the eCommerce platform makes sure that it gets as much publicity as possible to drive its business sales.

23. Puffin Packaging – Made With Wix

Business Website Example For Eco-friendly Packaging Services

Puffin Packaging is a Business Website Example For Eco friendly Packaging Services.

Puffin Packaging is an eco-friendly packaging company based in Leeds, United Kingdom. The eCommerce platform builds its logo with a simple design concept of a Puffin bird with relation to its name.

The online store makes use of crisp and simple design concepts on its website. Its white and blue-themed website makes the eCommerce platform easy to the eyes of all visitors.

The eCommerce platform fills its website with different images containing its delicate logo and explanations about what makes it different from the regular packaging companies. This move ensures visitors don't forget about its brand as soon as they leave the online store.

24. Gumption – Made With Webflow

Online Store Example For Female Clothing Brands

Gumption is the Online Store Example For Female Clothing Brands.

Gumption is an online boutique store made to make women feel ‘…spunky, sassy, strong and smart'. Based in Nashville, USA, the online store is on a mission to help people in need.

The eCommerce platform clarifies that it is for the female gender and anyone who wants to associate with it. The use of pink, red, and white as its main color choice throughout its website helps to encapsulate the whole idea.

Gumption lets visitors know that it has a loyal Instagram family by integrating posts from the social media platform. Visitors are shown the posts from its Instagram store, which helps streamline marketing strategies on both platforms.

25. Silk and Willow – Made With Shopify

Example Of How To Make A Wedding-Planning eCommerce Website

Silk and Willow is an Example of How To Make A Wedding Planning eCommerce Website.

Silk and Willow is an eCommerce platform that focuses on making wedding days magical. The online store provides different products that encompass all the needs to host a luxurious wedding without spending a fortune.

The online store retains the whiteness of a bride's wedding wear on its website. The White background allows the different products to be displayed in all their glory through quality, perfectly captured images.

Throughout its webpage, the online store places endless slides of its products alongside simple writings explaining the different categories of products.

26. Leadapreneur – Made With Weebly

Business Website Example For Financial Management Companies

Leadapreneur is a Business Website Example For Financial Management Companies.

Leadapreneur is a website that deals with the human resource management of companies. It trains employees and improves companies' employee knowledge of the business environment. It was founded by Jan Bartscht and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The website makes sure that visitors feel comfortable in investing their time and resources in it. A lot of trust-building content is spread across its main webpage.

From a long list of big institution names it had previously worked with to international awards, Leadapreneur doesn't spare any means to improve its credibility.

Leadapreneur also infuses the professional nature of its job with its website design features and use of words. This helps the eCommerce platform appeal to its target audience; corporate institutions.

27. Moment Skis – Made With Zyro

Business Website Example For Stores Selling Skiing Equipment

Moment Skis is the Business Website Example For Stores Selling Skiing Equipment.

Moment Skis is an online store based in Nevada, the USA, that deals in skiing equipment and distributes them worldwide.

Again, email marketing is employed, and promo offers are used to acquire email addresses from interested visitors.

Visitors have immediately been introduced to a pop-up offering a chance to win free skis when they input their email address.

The online store sells skiing equipment with unique designs and uses quality images of its products across its main webpage.

These images serve as beautifying elements and show visitors that they offer more than just skis.

28. Stone Rose Creative – Made With Squarespace

Business Website Model For Lifestyle Brand Building Services

Stone Rose Creative is a Business Website Model For Lifestyle Brand Building Services.

Stone Rose Creative is an integrated communication company that helps with lifestyle brands’ branding and marketing activities.

The eCommerce platform makes use of a professional tone in both its use of words and website design. However, because lifestyle brands are its target audience, it doesn't appear too professional.

It uses images that represent calm and celebration as well as a bit of a high-quality lifestyle.

The eCommerce platform fills its main webpage with contents explaining everything it offers to interested visitors. It also tries to build trust in visitors by stating that it previously worked with Fortune 500 companies.

29. Islango – Made With Wix

Example Of How To Make A Website For Yacht Booking Services

Islango is an example of How To Make A Website For Yacht Booking Services.

Islango was founded by Via Maris Yacht Club to promote and manage their yacht vacation services.

The website integrates a unique video element embedded in its website. This video platform allows it to show visitors the vacation experience they stand to enjoy by dealing with them without disturbing their website usage.

The automatic play on the video and placing this video element on the top of the webpage ensures that all visitors get a glimpse.

30. Brosa – Made With Shopify

Example Of How To Create A Website For Furniture Businesses

Brosa is an example of How to Create a Website For Furniture Businesses.

Brosa is an eCommerce platform founded in 2014 that deals in furniture for different purposes and locations. Its quality products and business prowess have earned the company million-dollar investments.

Brosa deals in furniture and makes sure its visitors have a full look at its products. Through large, quality images of its pieces of furniture, visitors are made to feel as though they are in a brick-and-mortar showroom. This makes visitors sure of the size, quality, and usefulness of each product.

The eCommerce platform uses email marketing campaigns and promotional offers to build and maintain a community of loyal customers and boost its business endeavors.

31. UVE – Made With Zyro

Small Business Website Example For Guest House Booking Services

UVE is a Small Business Website Example For Guest House Booking Services.

UVE is an Italian bar and guesthouse that uses its eCommerce platform for advertising its services and providing online booking options to its customers and visitors.

UVE is located on the beautiful landscape of Langhe and uses its eCommerce platform to promote tourism while offering its suites as suitable abodes.

Information and Images of the landscape help attract tourists and increase its suite’s patronization through its website.

UVE fills its website with images of its bars and suites and information about the extra services it offers to make customers feel at home and beyond.

32. Shhhowercap – Made With Squarespace

Example An Online Store For Female Fashion Lines

Shhhowercap is an online store for female fashion lines.

Shhhowercap is an online store that sells quality, fashionable shower caps that are more than just hair protectors.

The fashion shower cap makes sure that its notable media mentions are not put to waste. From Vogue to Allure to New York Times, the eCommerce platform informs visitors of its popularity.

Shhhowercap also includes reviews from customers to show how much satisfaction its products can make a visitor feel.

A fashion brand needs alluring elements, and the use of models with diverse skin colors helps the brand appeal to a wide range of visitors.

33. Ivory and Deene – Made With Shopify

Business Website Example For Furniture Stores

Ivory and Deene is a Business Website Example For Furniture Stores.

Ivory and Deene is a home decor business venture that deals with unique furniture and decorative items originating from Tasmanian culture. Its online store was launched in 2012 with Shopify after successfully expanding in 2006 with its physical store based in Australia.

The online store makes use of simple, straightforward website content. Images of chandeliers and chairs, accompanied by prices, are placed on its main web page, among other favorite products. This allows the online store to settle customers quickly and provides easy access to information about its products.

The online store uses email marketing campaigns to promote its brand and keep itself in the minds of customers and interested visitors.

34. PRESS – Made With Shopify

Business Website Example For Organic Health Care Businesses

PRESS is a Business Website Example For Organic Health Care Businesses.

PRESS is an online store founded in 2014 that deals in healthy juices entirely made from plant-based ingredients.

The eCommerce platform focuses on trust-building content to increase the effectiveness of its online store.

It immediately introduces visitors to a list of lifestyle magazines like vogue and Courier with which it has enjoyed honorable mentions. Its high review ratings are also presented to visitors.

The online store makes use of images that show how diverse its products and target audience is. Images of its different product variety and toddlers and adults drinking its juices are placed all over its main webpage.

35. Confluera – Made With Zyro

Example For How To Make A Website For Security Services

Confluera is an example For How To Make a Website For Security Services.

Confluera is a company that provides cybersecurity services to businesses looking to go about their eCommerce business without worry. The eCommerce platform sells software programs and also offers security solutions.

The eCommerce platform uses its website to educate visitors on why they need its services and the dangers of running a website without proper security architecture.

It also makes use of professional use of words and tech-based design elements to represent its brand.

36. World Financial Group – Made With Webflow

Business Website Example For Financial Management Services

World Financial Group is a Business Website Example For Financial Management Services.

World Financial Group is a Transamerica company that helps in managing a host of financial issues. The business venture offers services that help to manage life insurance, retirement plans, and wealth-building strategies.

The eCommerce platform uses professional images and website content to show how serious it is in managing important financial issues of individuals and companies.

World Financial Group also reveals the top companies it represents to give visitors an idea of how great and trusted its services are.

37. Bluboho – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Inexpensive Jewelry

Bluboho is an online store example for selling Inexpensive Jewelry.

Bluboho is a Canadian-based jewelry store launched in 2011 and opened its online store with Shopify in 2013. The founders Cheryl and Maggie are inspired by quality consumerism and meaningful relationships.

A lot of inexpensive online stores talk about quality without providing it. Bluboho assures visitors that mere words are not deceiving them.

Reviews from elated customers are provided to be seen by visitors and build sufficient trust in its brand.

The eCommerce platform integrates Instagram posts with its website to synchronize its social media marketing campaigns with its online store.

38. Objective – Made With Wix

Online Store Example For Selling Miscellaneous Items

Objective is an online store example for selling Miscellaneous Items.

Objective is an online store that sells general items ranging from homeware to furniture to skincare products.

The eCommerce platform incorporates its brand objective into the design features of its website. It makes use of simple but quality website templates and embedded images that make it come alive.

Objective places quality images of its different products all through its main webpage. The eCommerce platform makes sure visitors are informed about its diverse range of products.

39. MFMG Cosmetics – Made With Shopify

Small Business Website Example For Cosmetic Businesses

MFMG Cosmetics is a small Business website example for Cosmetic Businesses.

MFMG stands for Make-up For Melanin Girls and promotes the inclusivity of dark-skinned women in the cosmetics culture. The eCommerce platform was launched in 2017 by Nigeria-born Canadian Tomi Gbeleyi.

The online store makes sure collecting data for email marketing campaigns is more feasible through a unique feature. Through the wheel.io app, a lottery wheel is integrated with the eCommerce platform prompting visitors to register emails before they are allowed to spin and claim their prize.

40. We Talk Money – Made With Weebly

Business Website Example For Independent Financial Managers And Advisors

We Talk Money is a business website example for Independent financial managers and advisors.

We talk Money is a financial advisory agency founded and run by a sole entrepreneur simply called Tony. This service-advertisement eCommerce platform is growing to be one of the most successful around.

Every topic about money is always treated with care by the individual at risk of losing it, especially when it is a life determinant.

Tony ensures that visitors to his eCommerce platform have nothing to fear and are encouraged to deal with him. He does this with extensive trust-building content.

From media mentions by Huffpost and Yahoo finance to awards to client reviews, Tony doesn't spare any medium to increase his credibility.

41. Newton Supply Co. – Made With Shopify

Small Business Website Example For Selling Fashion Bags

Newton Supply Co is a small business website example for selling fashion bags.

Newton Supply Co is an eCommerce platform based in Austin, Texas, that deals in Waxed tote bags. The online store seeks to promote simplicity in all its business features.

Tote bags are as simple as bags come, and this simplicity is extended to the design features of the eCommerce store's website.

The website contains images of its collection of tote bags and a brief statement about the principles and inspirations driving its business. This settles visitors and gives them a glance at what the online store is all about. Visitors can then proceed to the pricing section with ease.

42. Ception – Made With Wix

Example Of How To Make A Website For Vehicle Technology Services

Ception is an example of how to make a website for vehicle technology services.

Ception is a technology-oriented brand that aims at making vehicle navigation as seamless as it can be. It was co-founded by Tal Israel, Yossi Buda, and Amiad Solomon.

The eCommerce platform makes use of images and colors that represent its technological setting. From its brand logo to complex pictures of landscape navigation, Ception makes its background clear.

The eCommerce platform makes its business description unmistakable by filling its website with explanatory texts about its most sophisticated problem-solving software.

43. Super Team Deluxe – Made With Shopify

Online Store Example For Selling Pins And Stickers

Super Team Deluxe is an online store example for selling pins and stickers

Super Team Deluxe is an eCommerce platform launched in 2016 that deals in comic hats, stickers and pins. The online store was founded by Rogie King, Justin Mezzell, Hannah Mezzell, Drew Melton, & Alicja Colon.

The online store doesn't fill its website with many details and lets its products do the talking.

The different products are well integrated with the website background and template and fill the website’s Prices also accompany the products span. The products are also accompanied by prices to give visitors straightforward access to the products' information.

The founders have implemented the use of comedy in defining its whole brand. From its funny products' concepts to the wordings on its website, visitors are kept entertained all through.

44. Pren Valley Builders – Made With Squarespace

Business Website Example For Home Building Services

Pren Valley Builders is a business website example for home building services.

Prenvalley Builders is a home building company based in Denver, Colorado, specializing in building and remodeling homes.

Its website background is designed with an image of the Colorado rainforest against the horizon, giving visitors a fascinating view as they scroll through it.

The eCommerce business also gives visitors a peek into its operations. This gives visitors an idea of how things are done when working with them.

Prenvalley Builders also uses a review from one of its customers to further illustrate its services and trustworthiness.

45. Riverdel Cheese – Made With Squarespace

Business Website Example For Artistes And Video Editors

Riverdel Cheese is a business website example for artistes and video editors.

Riverdel Cheese is a brick-and-mortar vegan cheese shop located in New York City. It uses its eCommerce platform to reach a broader range of customers and maintain the vital online presence required in our modern business world.

The eCommerce store makes sure that the nature of its online store and mode of operation are clear.

Riverdel Cheese considerably explains the quality and vegan nature of its collection of cheese. It also gives visitors clear notifications of where it is located and at what times its store is opened for physical patronization and orders.

Visitors and intending customers are given a chance to plan how they get their cheese hassle-free properly. The eCommerce platform, like other online stores, integrates its Instagram feed with its website.

How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost On Average?

The cost of opening and running a small-scale business website varies between $2,000 to $10,000 depending on its nature and the features required to run it.

A lot of factors determine the total cost of a small business website. These include

1. Website Management and Design

Website management involves building a website and running it on a web hosting platform. Domain names, website designs, SSL certificates, and website hosting fees are all part of website management.

Each factor differs in prices depending on the different website management platforms chosen.

For example, cheap website hosting services may charge between $2 to $6 per month for only hosting websites.

Best shared providers starting prices.

Domain names may cost between $1 to $12, while website design costs an average of $2,000.

2. Number Of Pages

A business website may either be a full online store, a platform for rendering services, or both and the nature of the website determines the overall cost.

While a service-based website may use less than 10 pages, an online store could contain a total of up to 50 pages, and each of these pages bears separate costs.

3. Supplementary Features

Using and integrating extra features and perks like payment portals and Content Management systems through website builders also increases the cost of a website.

For example, integrating a Content Management System costs an average of $2,000 for small-scale businesses.

Best Ways To Start A Business Website

Starting an online business on the right track is a great determinant of how the success of one's business venture shapes out. A few tips to be followed while establishing an online business website include

1. Choose The Right Business Line Or Service

How a business is setup lays the foundation for its growth and development. Choosing a suitable line of business is significant in the chances of a business turning out successful.

Engaging in a well-known business venture makes one comfortable and creates great space for creativity in marketing strategies. A business owner enjoys a proper understanding of how to maneuver through business situations and, therefore, has a greater chance at success.

2. Choose A Feature-rich Website Builder

Using website building software is a good step in establishing a business website. Website builder tools help small-scale business owners skip the expenses of hiring a professional website programmer.

A feature-rich website builder allows a business owner to integrate all marketing strategies and features required in the online business world.

3. Choose A Custom Domain Name

Using custom domain names is part of the activities that increase the publicity of an eCommerce platform. A custom domain name facilitates SEO and also makes a website easier to remember.

Website builders like Squarespace and Wix are some of the popular domain name registrars available.

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