20 Memorable Web Design Portfolio Examples (2024 Inspiration)

Updated Jan 14, 2023.

Having a web design portfolio is like a hand-picked display of your best projects and case studies that you have worked on, presenting your most promising work examples. This can serve as your reference to potential employers and clients and as a point of introduction.

Your portfolio is the first impression your employers will have of you: your personality, professionalism, artistic style, and so on. You can include anything in your portfolio, such as live websites, web design templates, samples or even smaller projects, such as logos and typography.

All portfolios must have five key components to showcase your potential optimally:

  • A quick introduction
  • Your area of expertise
  • Your location
  • Your previous projects and samples
  • Contact information

If you are too busy building the website of your clients instead of your own, there are several amazing website builders on the market that are the perfect tools for you to improve your online presence in just a few clicks. You can also find excellent web hosting platforms to ensure optimum uptime of your website for maximum exposure to potential clients.

With this in mind, we have gathered a list of the 20 most memorable web design portfolios available on the internet for you. Since web designs keep on changing to follow the latest trends, it is important that web designers keep up to date with the latest 2022 web designs

Get ready to be inspired, but don’t forget that your portfolio should be unique to yourself, so no need to stress!

Let’s get started!

1. Robert Burgel (Made with WordPress)

Best web design portfolio using motion effects

Robert Burgel is the Best web design portfolio using motion effects

Founded by Robert Burgel himself, the visual communication office has a stunning landing page, immediately showcasing his skills using motion effects. With a beautiful one page scrolling layout, the landing page is divided into different sections to introduce himself and display his past projects.

The website also features a hover effect that displays the titles of the sections when the cursor is on that particular section. Robert has also added motion effects of swimming fish that move as you scroll down the page, making the website more cohesive and interactive.

He has also used a contrasting black background with brightly colored sections to strike the perfect balance between making the page visually appealing without overwhelming users. The sophisticated display of the motion fish is the captivating feature that displays the full potential of the graphic agency’s talent, uniqueness, and creativity.

2. Robby Leonardi (Made with WordPress)

Top most interactive web design portfolio

Robby Leonardi is the Top most interactive web design portfolio

Robby Leonardi has won several design awards such as the CSS Design award and FWA for his interactive resume, illustration portfolio and design portfolio. The website displays his resume in a video game approach that follows the main character, Robby, through different obstacles that are used to display his expertise.

The main landing page directs you to the three sections of his portfolio: his resume, illustration, and design portfolios. It allows users to experience the website fully and be immersed in his graphic world.

His portfolio definitely stands out from the rest, as he has used an interactive approach to showcase what were otherwise dry facts of his career and past projects. Since you can play throughout his portfolio, it makes it easier to understand and experience his web design skills and creativity for potential employers.

3. Zorin Roman (Made with Elementor)

Perfect web design portfolio to emphasize your personal brand

Zorin Roman is the Perfect web design portfolio to emphasize personal brand

Zorin is the perfect example of exhibiting a succinct talent in emphasizing and promoting your brand through creative designs and layouts. Roman Zorin is a Russian web designer that uses the conventional design portfolio format and adds his unique spin and creativity to it. With thought-provoking quotes, the website ticks all the key fundamental criteria needed for a good web design portfolio.

Each section of his website provides direct information to the users concisely to improve the interactivity of his website. He has also added a floating menu button in his one page scrolling layout, allowing users to access the other pages of his website without having to scroll up to the top, increasing the convenience of the website.
Roman has used a beautiful contrast of white and black pages with bright, vivid pops of colors across his page. On his landing page, he breaks down the process of web designing in three simple steps, demonstrating his understanding of the web design industry and his unique designing approach.

4. Daniel Spatzek (Made with Squarespace)

Ideal animated web design portfolio for a dynamic experience

Daniel Spatzek is an Ideal animated web design portfolio for a dynamic experience

Daniel Spatzek is both a graphic and web designer, allowing a perfect combination of both skills to provide an outstanding website. By using several CSS tricks and motion effects, Daniel brings his previous works to life, including the addition of videos and screen recording formats.

Using a one page scrolling layout to display each project, he has divided each section of his projects into posters images, giving the users a preview of the different stages that have been met to achieve the final website.

There is also a floating menu that allows you to click on the different works available on the website, with a header showcasing the next project that he is working on. The layout of the menu also differs from the conventional format, putting the labels in different directions, providing an interesting visual to the website.

5. Ueno (Made with WordPress)

Best web design portfolio to showcase brands and products

Ueno is the Best web design portfolio to showcase brands and products

Ueno is a world-renowned web design agency that works with some of the biggest worldwide brands on their websites, branding, and product design. They connect both web designers and brands together, based on their careers, expectations and outcomes of the project.

Being one of the pioneers of the web design industry, their website does not disappoint with the perfect juxtaposition of animations, colors, layouts, and showcasing of past projects. The landing page displays the most recent project in a stunning interactive video that presents how the product was made and its mechanism.

The images correlated to each past project have unique animations that make them stand out individually, displaying their uniqueness and the outcome of the project. They feature several famous projects, such as the Reuters News app and Google Santa Tracker. Along with acting as a portfolio, their website has a blog section that provides detailed information about the agency and their mode of working for future clients.

6. ToyFight (Made with Wix)

Eye-catching web design portfolio with stunning color scheme

ToyFight is an Eye catching web design portfolio with stunning color scheme

ToyFight has strategically placed a captivating image with stunning hovering animations on its landing page along with a bold “What.” statement to display their creativity and sense of humor. The website is easy to navigate with a minimalist feel to it while still alluring your attention.

As you scroll down the page, their services are directly exposed to users, providing all the information needed immediately. This improves the user’s experience (UX) of the website by increasing the convenience and accessibility of the website.

The attractive red, pink and yellow color scheme of the website provides a fun feel to the website, giving a good impression of the company. They have also included a list of clients that they have worked with in the past to promote their brand’s credibility and potential to the clients. A range of awards is also listed at the bottom of the page, showcasing their expertise in web designing.

7. Adrien Gervaix (Made with Elementor)

Ideal web design portfolio for sharing product design process

Adrien Gervaix is an Ideal web design portfolio for sharing product design process

Adrien Gervaix, a french UX/UI and product designer based in France, is a freelancer who has a mesmerizing portfolio filled with previous works for his clients, displaying his impressive journey as a web designer.

He used a vivid blue background on his landing page with the additional effects of an animated paper plane that correlates with his brand’s motto. This reinforces his brand’s credibility to help in the making of a product, and breaks down the process for potential clients.

When scrolling down, Adrien has added an interactive flowchart of how his designs come to life and the different stages needed to effectively complete the products. While the website is not filled with extravagant animations, a keen eye to detail will find that there are several design details used to enhance the portfolio, such as the navigation scheme at the top of the page.

8. Studio Schurk (Made with Squarespace)

Best web design portfolio to combine humor and illustrations

Studio Schurk is the Best web design portfolio to combine humor and illustrations

The fun illustration background of the landing page along with the funky logo of Studio Schurk already displays the special feel of the duo and their unique creative touch that they bring to any project.

The website is also a platform where the duo shows their sense of humour and their passion for web design. Having a brief introduction and a history of their past clients also improves the studio’s credibility and potential for future clients.
They have also included a short animated video, along with a list of their previous samples and projects that they have worked on, broken down into the different stages of their process-making.

9. Buzzworthy (Made with WordPress)

Best web design portfolio showcasing unique personality

Buzzworthy is the Best web design portfolio showcasing unique personality

Based in Brooklyn, Buzzworthy is an agency that has great expertise in developing and creating custom websites using WordPress. As you enter their landing page, they provide a long interactive list of their past projects that direct you to the project’s page.

The website also features a beautiful animated menu using hovering effects, making a bright contrast between the dark navy background of the page and the white menu layout. Moreover, when you are directed to the next page, the website provides an animated page with the brand’s logo as a loading page.

Buzzworthy also features a floating contact us button that changes the logo from a pen to an eye with a hovering effect, allowing clients a direct way of contacting the agency. Each project also has a unique breakdown of the process and a direct link to the final version of the project website.

10. Rezo Zero (Made with Squarespace)

Top web design portfolio to display the complete process of projects

Rezo Zero is the Top web design portfolio to display the complete process of projects

Rezo Zero, a creative studio, specializes in digital creation and in helping brands develop their online presence. The website showcases their expertise in making captivating websites while still maintaining the functionality and the brand’s uniqueness.

The layout and design of the website provides a digital magazine feel with the parallax scrolling and the asymmetric layout of the pictures. Full of images and handpicked fonts, the website makes understanding Rezo Zero’s creative process interesting and engaging.

Rezo Zero has included a timeline with specific pictures and dynamic scrolling to display the different works they have made in the past years. When clicking on a project, Rezo Zero provides a short description of the outcome and goals of the works and several images showcasing the success of the project.

11. Inaki Soria (Made with WordPress)

Perfect web design portfolio for freelance web designers

Inaki Soria is the Perfect web design portfolio for freelance web designers

Remote web designing has now increased due to the interconnectivity with clients and coworkers over the internet. Inaki Soria strives on freelance web designing while working remotely from his clients.

On the website, Inaki emphasizes on how important the relationship and communication between client and designer is to complete his works effectively. His portfolio is also based on the screenshots and imagery of his sample projects, bringing a stunning visual effect to his portfolio.

With a one page scrolling layout, the pictures used provide a magazine feel to the page, providing a complete visual of how the project would turn out for the clients. Inaki has also added reviews from his clients on his landing page, increasing the trust of potential clients in his works.

12. Wokine (Made with WordPress)

Wokine is the Best web design portfolio using latest visual design trends

Wokine is a France-based agency that specializes in using the latest visual design trends and implementing it in their works, keeping their projects up to date with the public. The landing page uses a split screen format where the page continues to the left as you scroll down.

By featuring the latest trends on their own website, the agency showcases their talents and expertise in the visual design industry to their potential clients and employers. The portfolio displays the complex contrast between ultra-minimalism and optimum users' experience by using several animations and motion effects.

The simple color scheme and negative spaces also contribute to the ultra-minimalist feel of their website. The theme of the website works well with the layout and design of the page, creating a good visual hierarchy, allowing users and clients to understand what is important at first glance.

13. Komini Media (Made with Elementor)

Perfect agency web design portfolio displaying negative white space

Komini Media is the Perfect agency web design portfolio displaying negative white space

Komini Media is a web design and advertising agency that is based in Sweden. The agency has used a beautiful combination of negative white space, bold colors, animations and parallax scrolling, providing a stunning visual appearance.

They have also used several variations of font sizes as you scroll down the page, providing a hierarchy to their information and descriptions available on the website. The website also features stunning hover effects on their menu, and divides the different sections of their page using personalized pictures.

Komini Media has also added a list of past clients on their page, allowing future employers to do their research on the company’s performance. The website also provides a contact us link on their homepage, found conveniently at the bottom of the page and on the menu.

14. Werkstatt Wundersite (Made with Wix)

Top web design portfolio for animated and motion effects works

Werkstatt Wundersite is the Top web design portfolio for animated and motion effects works

Werkstatt, a French and German agency, is an interactive design studio that produces creative and innovative digital experiences, tailored to the preferences of the clients. The agency also states that their passion is to provide optimum quality of execution to all of their projects for their clients.

The landing page features an interactive quote “We are Werkstatt” that constantly changes into French and German language. When scrolling down, the studio provides a listing of their previous works using black and white images that change into colored ones upon hovering, enhancing the UX of the page.

When clicking on each project, you will find a detailed breakdown of the works from start to finish in a parallax scrolling layout and juxtaposition imagery. Employers both get to understand the process and the talents of the designers through the animations and layout of the page.

15. Ballsy Media (Made with WordPress)

Best web design portfolio to showcase your digital expertise

Ballsy Media is the Best web design portfolio to showcase your digital expertise

Ballsy media is a web design agency that is based in England, in the county of Northumberland. Their website has used a design scheme that mirrors the personality and value of the agency as a business, making it stand out from other web design portfolios.

Since the brand is located at the north end of England, they have used a winter land approach, integrating their location into their design identity with the interactive night sky, the rocky mountains and the blue sky of the landscape.

Their landing page has thus an impactful effect on the users. There is also a floating “get started” button that enables potential clients to get in contact with the agency immediately after scrolling through their website. A list of recognizable brands and companies is also listed to enhance their effective web designing skills to clients.

16. Tim Smith (Made with Squarespace)

Top web design portfolio using card-based layout

Tim Smith is the Top web design portfolio using card-based layout

Tim Smith is a popular web designer and illustrator of several projects for well-known brands across the world. His portfolio stands out due to its simple yet special card-based layout with animation effects. This special design immediately engages users in interacting with the different projects and sparks their curiosity.

Being based in London, Tim draws his inspiration from the city around him for the colors, illustrations, and designs of his works. For example, the interesting animated cut-out titles for each card disappear upon hovering, bringing an unexpected twist to the website.

When you click on each project, Tim includes a short description of the project along with several images and some YouTube video link to his page to display the public’s feedback on his works. You can also go to the previous or next project using the right and left buttons, allowing easy scrolling through all his projects.

17. Elegant Seagulls (Made with Elementor)

Impactful web design portfolio to communicate brand identity

Elegant Seagulls is an Impactful web design portfolio to communicate brand identity

Elegant Seagulls is a digital creative agency that helps brands to create and design their products, logos, websites, and more. Based in Michigan, the agency has won several awards for their excellent skills and talent for all their successful projects.

This portfolio is a prime example of how to communicate your mission statement to clients and users as web designers. The landing page contains directly their business motto and what the agency strives for in their work.

The website has a detailed “about” page where they outline how they develop their own strategy, conception, and refinement of the products throughout the entire process. The portfolio section contains a detailed layout of their case studies, giving future employers full access to their previous works and thus their potential to help in a new project.

18. Lounge Lizard (Made with WordPress)

Top bar-themed web design portfolio for a playful feel

Lounge Lizard is the Top bar themed web design portfolio for a playful feel

Lounge Lizard stands out from the competition due to its successful balance between being playful and professionalism, without making the website feel awkward or tacky. The agency focuses on helping brands design in any kind of digital projects.

The website also changes its landing page according to the seasons, festivities, or any occasion, by adding effects to their banner. The motto of the team is to be brand tenders, enabling brands to build their online presence.

Their bar-themed design suits their portfolio and brand identity perfectly, giving their works a relaxed feel while still delivering excellency. As you scroll down the website, you will find several case studies that are meticulously detailed, with a friendly approach.

19. Codepuffin (Made with WordPress)

Most colorful web design portfolio

Codepuffin is the Most colorful web design portfolio

Codepuffin was founded by Amy, a developer based in New-Zealand who showcases her skills in web developing. Her portfolio is colorful using bold colors, presenting her outgoing personality and creativity in her designs.

She has also added a unique logo with special typography that moves around the screen as you move the cursor. The website also includes many visual highlights using animations that engage users in interacting with her website and clicking on various pages.

One special feature of the website is that Amy features her customer reviews, which are integrated smoothly into the page. She used parallax scrolling and color-contrast with a clear text to enhance the browsing experience of the website.

20. STRV (Made with Squarespace)

Best web design portfolio targeted to mobile experiences

STRV is the Best web design portfolio targeted to mobile experiences

STRV is a digital design agency that specializes in designing mobile apps, and any projects that are related to mobile use. The landing page starts with a captivating video of the agency, their goals and their work process.

This video already provides a snapshot to users and potential clients of how the team works, their talents, and creativity that they can bring to the project. The full-screen feature of the video makes it hard for users to scroll past it.

The agency has also listed all the awards that they have received over the last years for their admirable mobile designs.Good reviews from past clients also increase the brand’s potential in the eyes of future customers.

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