14 Best MP4 Video Editors of 2024 (Free & Online)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best MP4 Video Editors (Free & Online)

MP4 is a popular multimedia container used to store video and audio, and other files such as images and subtitles. The full meaning of MP4 is MPEG-4 Part 14. It is one of the most popular video file formats used today.

With a YouTube to MP4 converter, you can convert your YouTube videos to MP4 video file format. However, you may want to edit your MP4 file. You need video editing software to edit your MP4 or MOV video format.

With so many MP4 video editors in the market, it can be difficult for you to pick the best and avoid tools that offer you little value.

In this article, you will learn about 14 of the best MP4 video editors (free and online).

Let's get started.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Best MP4 Video Editor with the Most Comprehensive Features And Options

Wondershare Filmora is the Best MP4 Video Editor with the Most Comprehensive Features

Patronized by over 77 million users across 150 territories worldwide and with over 600 thousand social media followers, it is not hard to see why Wondershare Filmora appears at the top of our list.

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing tools that offers its users consumer-level and easy-to-use features. These features enable them to attain professional results with a little learning curve.

Through an effects pack, users enjoy a plethora of unique media assets numbering up to 10 million. These media assets and effects are royalty-free, meaning, not only do you avoid worrying about running out of media resources, but you also do not have to worry about any copyright issues.

Wondershare Filmora simplifies advanced features to help you save time and effort while creating professional videos. Its keyframing feature allows you to create custom animations while you also have access to an object motion tracking feature to elevate your video editing activities.

The video editing tool also provides you with other intuitive features. Audio ducking allows you to seamlessly fade music so that dialogue stands out. There is also a color match feature that allows you to apply color correction settings to multiple videos at once. Keyboard shortcuts are available to you for faster video editing.

Alongside all these, Wondershare Filmora provides you with creative transitions, filters, titles, and motion elements that are exclusive to it. You also enjoy green screen editing capabilities and a split-screen editing feature.


Wondershare Filmora Pricing Plan

Wondershare Filmora is available to you through three main pricing schemes: individual, educative, and business. These three pricing schemes are further divided into multiple perpetual one-time purchase pricing plans.

2. Veed.io

Best MP4 Video Editor with Comprehensive Transcription, Translation, And Conversion Options

Veed.io is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Comprehensive Conversion Options

Trusted by popular brands like Facebook, VISA, and Hublot, Veed.io is another video editing software that offers you great value for your money. The video editing software enables you to create videos with a single click, add subtitles, transcribe audio, and add photos and audio to your video. You can also apply video filters and effects, remove background noise from videos, and a lot more.

Veed.io comes with a comprehensive list of subtitle editing options for your videos. Alongside transcription, you enjoy translation from 100 different languages, audio to text, and video to text conversion capabilities as well as the options to seamlessly crop, cut, merge, loop, resize, and rotate videos without any problem whatsoever.

The video editing software allows you to add soundwaves and emojis to videos. It provides you with a progress bar generator, music visualizer, teleprompter, and a video compressor. It is an easy-to-use video editor suitable for beginners with no experience.

Veed.io offers you a comprehensive list of tools, ensuring that you never lack in your video editing journey.


Veed.io Pricing Plan

Veed.io’s online video editor is available to you through four plans: free, basic, pro, and enterprise. The free plan comes with a watermark and limited features while the basic plan is without any watermark and with improved features.

The pro plan allows you to export your videos in 4K and also comes with full subtitles and branding features. The enterprise plan is determined by quote. It offers you single sign-on, unlimited workspaces, and payment via invoice, among others.

3. Movavi

Best MP4 Video Editor with Ready-Made Intros Optimized For Social Sharing

Movavi is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Ready Made Intros Optimized For Social Sharing

Movavi is an online platform that provides internet users with multiple online tools for different uses and functions. The platform’s video editor serves as an easy-to-use tool that provides you with special effects, keyframe animations, and ready-made intros, among other video editing capabilities. It enables you to edit videos as fast as possible.

The intuitive video editing software offers you a host of features to enhance your video editing activities. You enjoy access to multiple titles, filters, and transitions for applying effects on your videos, as well as a Chroma key feature representing the tool’s green screen editing option.

A vertical video feature allows you to set the appropriate aspect ratio for uploading videos to different social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You stabilize your videos and remove any camera shake effect through its stabilization feature. There is also a picture-in-picture or video-in-video feature that allows you to combine two videos together. Movavi also offers you seamless stylization and voice-over features.


Movavi Pricing Plan

As perpetual one-time purchases, Movavi’s video editor is available to you through three plans, each differentiated by the number of features, options, and add-ons they are accompanied by. They are video editor plan, video editor plus, and video suite + effects.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Best MP4 Video Editor Optimized for Professional Film Makers

Adobe Premiere Pro is the Best MP4 Video Editor Optimized for Professional Film Makers

Adobe Premiere Pro is a trustworthy video editing software for quickly creating great and professional-looking video content. It provides you with intuitive tools to composite clips, create transitions, and craft your videos with ease.

Coming from Adobe, Premiere Pro offers you a plethora of built-in extras like fonts, Adobe royalty-free stock media files, music, and motion graphics templates. The software also offers integrations with over 20 other Adobe apps and services including Photoshop for you to keep on creating.

Adobe Premiere Pro presents you with multiple audio tools, music tracks, titles, and animations for you to apply eye-catching effects to your videos. You also enjoy drag and drop editing options and the capabilities to easily edit colors using its Lumetric Color tools with built-in presets.

Supported video resolutions go up to 8K. The video editor also supports native files, lightweight proxy workflows, and ProRes HDR rendering. You also get to automatically create captions, transcriptions, detect edits, and reformat your videos. These alongside many more newly introduced features are provided to you.


Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing Plan

To get Premiere Pro, Adobe offers you a single subscription plan. You also have the option of fully purchasing the app.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Best MP4 Video Editing Software with Mobile and Desktop Applications

Adobe Premiere Rush is the Best MP4 Video Editing Software with Mobile and Desktop Applications

Adobe Premiere Rush serves as a product that offers both mobile and desktop users sufficient video editing services. The fast and intuitive tool lets you shoot, edit, and share high-quality videos with great flexibility and without any fuss at all.

With the MP4 video editor, you enjoy audio and motion graphics editing capabilities alongside regular video editing options. You easily add transitions through drag and drop editing capabilities, add tiles from its wide selection, and enjoy a wide range of customizable built-in templates.

Adobe Premiere Rush enables you to enhance your videos with preset and manual color correction. You can also adjust the speed with its professional speed controls in one friendly interface.

Users can add audio and edit with Adobe Premiere Rush's audio ducking and easy voiceovers. You can share your creations to any supported external platform without leaving the app.


Adobe Premiere Rush Pricing Plan

Adobe Premiere Rush can be subscribed for or purchased through three different plans: Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, and all apps.

6. Windows Movie Maker

Free MP4 Video Editor For Windows Operating System

Windows Movie Maker is a Free MP4 Video Editor For Windows Operating System

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing tool that has formed a part of the Windows Operating system for many years. The software application offers very basic video editing options and supports various video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, and more.

You enjoy drag-and-drop video editing functionality that enables you to easily add video clips from the computer and drop them to the program. It offers users an easy-to-use MP4 video editing software with multiple video editing options and multiple output options.

Windows Movie Makers enables you to easily combine photos and videos. You can use it to apply transitions and effects, add music or sound, moving images and videos around, and adjust the speed at which videos play.

You also have the option to share your created videos from the app to your favorite online platforms like YouTube and other video hosting sites.


Windows Movie Maker is free and available for only the Windows Operating System.

7. iMovie

Free Basic MP4 Video Editor For iOS and macOS

iMovie is a Free Basic MP4 Video Editor For iOS and macOS

iMovie is a free video editor that gives you the chance and options to edit and create 4K videos to a professional level. It is just like the Windows Movie Maker but for Mac Operating System (OS).

Alongside its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, you enjoy video editing capabilities that allow you to easily and quickly enhance your videos. You can also use the MP4 video editor to import video clips from computer or external devices, organize videos on a timeline, and add titles, up to 13 effects, and 80 soundtracks on your videos.

The video editing software also allows you to preview your results before bringing your edits to life. Once you are satisfied, you export your file to your iOS device or share it to any platform on the internet.

However, even though the software offers a user-friendly interface and improved audio and video editing options, there are still some drawbacks. There is no native AVCHD editing or direct import option. Also, engaging in pre-processing and import trans-coding proves to be time-consuming.


iMovie is free for iOS and macOS.

8. Avidemux

Best Open-Source MP4 Video Editor

Avidemux is the Best Open Source MP4 Video Editor

Avidemux is a free open-source video editing program compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems under the GNU GPL license. It natively supports a great number of video formats including MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, and ASF. The video editing tool is accompanied by sufficient editing options for cutting, filtering, and encoding videos.

Multiple filters, decoding options, frame rate configuration, processing tools are also provided to you alongside automation capabilities through projects, job queuing, and powerful scripts.

Avidemux is not the best video editing software for beginners but serves as a lightweight video editor that offers you a wide selection of filters. It offers a command-line editing interface for more advanced users.


Avidemux is available to you for free

9. Lightworks

Best MP4 Video Editor with Customizable Workspaces

Lightworks is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Customizable Workspaces

Lightworks is an advanced free video editing tool that offers you a user-friendly interface and centralized customizable workspaces. With the tool, you easily import, trim, and adjust audio and video files together.

You also enjoy useful features like profession-level color correction, video capture function, GPU-accelerated real-time effects, and board video formats support. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux OS.

Lightworks proves to be a sufficient video editing tool that offers a large amount of video editing options and high video output quality after edits.


Lightworks Pricing Plan

Lightworks is available to you through three plans: Lightworks Free, Lightworks Pro, and Lightworks Outright. Light works Free is suitable for newbies.

Lightworks Pro is great for YouTubers and gamers while Lightworks Outright is for broadcasters and filmmakers. The Lightworks Pro plan is billed both monthly and yearly while the Lightworks Outright plan serves as a one-time purchase of the software and includes Boris graffiti and Boris FX effects plugins.

10. VSDC

Best MP4 Video Editor with Advanced Options

VSDC is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Advanced Options

VSDC is a free video editing program compatible with Windows OS that supports all the popular video/audio formats and codecs including MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, WMV, FLV, and many more. It comes with the chroma key tool.

You can use the video editing software to edit green background elements in a video and apply a large collection of video effects, filters, and transitions.

The video editing software is accompanied by features that give you zoom, charts, 360 video editing, and color correction capabilities. As a non-linear program, VSDC also allows you to produce professional-level videos where multiple layers of footage are blended into a single composition. You can easily apply a picture-in-picture effect, a split-screen effect, and make objects change their appearance or position overtime during the playback.

VSDC also comes with hardware acceleration, adjustable parameters settings, and enhanced resolution options that allow you to create high-quality videos within minutes. All these features come accompanied by object motion tracking, video effect synching, audio waveform, video masking, stabilization, and real-time voiceover capabilities.

Although it requires high CPU performance levels, overall, VSDC serves as the best choice MP4 video editor if you wish to enjoy advanced video editing options.


VSDC Video Editor Pro Pricing Plan

VSDC is available for free and through a pro version.

11. Final Cut Pro

Best MP4 Video Editor Dedicated to Apple Products and Advanced Users

Final Cut Pro is the Best MP4 Video Editor Dedicated to Apple Products and Advanced Users

Optimized for Apple products, Final Cut Pro is an advanced video editing software. It makes use of improved proxy workflows, smart conform for automatic video cropping, and a high-performance metal engine that helps with your video editing, motion graphics, color grading, and delivery.

You enjoy next-level professional editing features for videos of up to 4K resolution. It allows you to create proxy copies of your media (as low as 1/8 size) in ProRes Proxy or H.264. Final Cut Pro also offers you custom overlays to guide the design of text and graphics. It allows you to use its transform overscan feature to view your footage beyond the frame.

The MP4 video editor comes with multiple exclusive advanced features that take your video editing activities to another level. A Multicam feature allows you to automatically sync up to 64 angles of video with different formats, frame sizes, and frame rates.

Final Cut Pro's motion and compressor feature let you create stunning effects and motion graphics that include studio-quality 2D and 3D titles you can open and adjust. This motion and compressor feature also allows you to create custom export settings and streamline the delivery of your created video to the iTunes Store. Final Cut Pro offers you these alongside many more video editing options to choose from.


Final Cut Pro Pricing Plan

Final Cut Pro is available to you through a single one-time purchase pricing scheme.

12. Lumen5

Best MP4 Video Editor Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Optimized for Content Marketing

Lumen5 is the Best MP4 Video Editor Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Optimized for Content Marketing

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video editing tool that is optimized for facilitating the creation of videos for content marketing, thought leadership, and brand awareness. It has been patronized by thousands of businesses worldwide including Salesforce.

With its easy-to-use drag and drop editing options, Lumen5 presents you with easy access to millions of stock photos, videos, and audio. The large access to files you get on Lumen5 ensures that you do not run out of elements to add to your videos.

You also enjoy customizable preformatted templates as well as options to add your unique logo, watermark, and colors to videos.


Lumen5 Pricing Plan

Lumen5 is available to you through five plans: a community plan that comes for free, a creator plan, a premium plan, a business plan, and an enterprise plan that is determined by quote.

13. Clipchamp

Best MP4 Video Editor with Quality Collaborative Video Editing Options

Clipchamp is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Quality Collaborative Video Editing Options

Clipchamp is an online video editing software that also comes as a downloadable desktop app. It is used by over 14 million individuals worldwide.

The video editor offers you easy-to-use professional video editing options for corporate, educational, and creative projects. These features range from simple trimming and cropping to more advanced activities like online screen recording and applying green screen effects.

With Clipchamp, you have the option of creating a team for collaborative video editing. You also have access to multiple customizable templates for easier video editing. A brand kit feature lets you save different elements of your brand including your logos, preferred fonts, and colors.


Clipchamp Pricing Plan

You have access to Clipchamp’s video editor through three different plans: creator, business, and business platinum.

The creator plan limits you to a 720 export resolution, the business plan comes with the brand kit feature and a 1080p export option, and the business platinum plan offers higher quality output and a picture in picture option.

14. Kapwing

Best MP4 Video Editor with Cloud Integrations for Real-Time Work Saving and Quick Exports

Kapwing is the Best MP4 Video Editor with Cloud Integrations for Real Time Work Saving

Kawping's video editor is a smart video editing tool that serves as an all-in-one workspace to collaboratively upload, edit, and share files with a team in a single place.

Layers of images, videos, and audio can be added to create a video exactly the way that you want through its powerful track management feature. You easily import media elements and work from anywhere and any device as your edits are automatically saved to the cloud. Hundreds of free resource articles and templates are presented to you to make your video editing activities easier.

Kawping also comes with support for third-party plugins allowing you to extend your video editing workflow by integrating other apps and services. The video editor supports formats like MP4, MOV, GIF, PNG, and much more. It is characterized by fast exports to file-sharing and cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Dropbox alternatives.


Kapwing Pricing Plan

Kawping is available to you through three different plans: free, pro, and for team. The free plan comes limited features but no Kawping watermark if you use an account. The pro plan is ideal for advanced video editing needs while the team plan is suitable for collaborative workflows.

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