Top 15 Work Management Software for 2024

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

How do you choose the right work management software for you and your team with dozens of options out there?

Let me help you make an informed decision.

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An intuitive all-in-one work management software that uses apps and integrations as building blocks for creating custom workflows.
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Budget-friendly work management app that packs powerful features into all its packages so that you can build streamlined workflows.
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A feature-rich work management tool equipped with Machine Learning to predict project risk and notify appropriate people.
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A perfect solution for teams managing projects that need smooth collaboration with clients, without confusing and chaotic back-and-forth emails.
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A powerful yet easy-to-use work management solution that adjusts to fit any project needs, types of goals, ambitions, and team size.

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If you have experienced chaos and a lack of accountability when working in teams, you need a work management solution. The best project management software are the ones that are flexible enough for your needs and full of features that help you streamline your work processes.

From the top online work management software, I've listed the ones which stand out based on features, price, and ease of use.

As you'll see, each one of them shines in a particular area. So, with your needs in mind, read on and learn which one is the best for your unique situation.

The Best Work Management Software for 2023

Here is the list of the best task management software we'll be looking at:


Best Overall Work Management Software

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
Best For: Unified collaboration
$0 – $22 per user per month
Annual Discount
Save 18% blew me away with its intuitive interface. Not only was it easy to get started and do everything project managers would like to do, but it also enabled me to search through my whole work history. I also found the Llama farm widget fun to use when viewing my tasks' status distribution. is a complete work OS that includes a low-code platform that enables you to create custom apps to fit your unique workflows.

With board sharing, external guest access, and the ability to embed videos within tasks, empowers your team to collaborate for project success.

For decision-making, the data-packed dashboards have everything you'll need.

Key Features


there are 200+ templates created for every type of business, industry, or team to help you build your workflow. You can also drag-and-drop 30+ column types to design your work processes.

Automation helps you automate routine tasks. You can automate notifications, item creation, status updates, and more in less than a minute.


collaborate by adding files, sending notifications, embedding video conferences within items, linking boards together, and tagging teammates and external guests.


gain insight into your projects by viewing them from 8 different angles. The accessible views include Kanban boards, Calendar, Gantt, Map, Timeline, Workload, Form, and Main.

Advanced search functionality

on, all your work history is searchable. You can search by people, tags, and mentions.


you can customize data dashboards to show specific data from all your boards in one place. You can add charts, graphs, counters, and even the Llama farm widget to view the status distribution of your tasks.


use integrations, widgets, and custom views from the marketplace to build a workspace that fits your needs. You can integrate with Slack, HubSpot, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more apps through Zapier.

Pricing's free plan gives you 200+ templates, unlimited boards, and up to 500MB file storage.

The paid plans come with a 14-day free trial, and nonprofits can qualify for up to 70% discounts.

You can also manage your work through the ios and android apps.

2. ClickUp

Most Affordable Work Management Tool

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best For
Budget-conscious users
$0 – $19 per user per month
Annual Discount

I gave ClickUp a place in the top 5 list because it blends value and affordability perfectly. The brilliant way ClickUp combines features at the set price points makes it the go-to choice for budget-conscious users who don't want to compromise on quality.

ClickUp is futuristic enough to allow you to access the system through voice assistants.

The system enables you to measure project success by defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Objectives, and Key Results (OKRs) and linking project goals to tasks and monetary values.

What's more, ClickUp is continuously improving its platform. They ship new features and integrations every week.

Key Features


you can maintain team collaboration through real-time chat and tagging individuals or groups, linking tasks together, and creating tasks and to do lists to guide your activities. Track projects by connecting individual tasks to goals and organize objectives in Goal Folders. Fast-track approvals by annotating files and inviting input and feedback from guests.


choose from 20+ auto-updated views and see your work from different perspectives. You can view task lists, update boards, drag-and-drop due dates on the calendar, view timelines and team workload, use Mind Maps to align team members around a vision, and much more.


ClickUp gives you native and 3rd-party integrations for popular calendars, cloud storage, messaging apps, and more. And if you need to import data from tools that are not supported yet, you can easily create your custom integrations.


you can customize ClickUp and build workflows according to your needs. Add any of the 35+ ClickApps to your workspace and customize project views, add widgets for payment reminders, special requests, video embeds, sprints, etc.


you can leverage hundreds of automations and use 50+ in-built actions, triggers, and conditions to build any automation you need. Automations can sync with other tools, assign team tasks, update statuses, and post comments. You can also create custom processes and automate them.

Pre-built solutions

get up and running in no time by choosing ready-made solutions for teams. Sales have automations that assign leads and track follow-ups, Devs can turn bug submission into actionable tasks, Marketing can easily track promotions and campaign progress, and so much more.


Instead of offering a free trial, ClickUp gives you a superb free plan option that is perfect for testing the platform's suitability. In addition, you can use it to run your projects at no cost with unlimited users and tasks, as long as your file attachments are below 100MB.

You also get unlimited custom views, templates, super-rich editing, 100 automations per month, and 24/7 customer support.

ClickUp has both ios and android apps to keep you working while on the move.

3. Wrike

Work Management Software Suitable for Professional Service Providers

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For
Teams with massive projects
$0 – $24.80 per user per month
Annual Discount

Although Wrike was designed with marketing and professional service teams in mind, I love how it's versatile enough to be used by any team handling large projects. I also found its pre-built report templates convenient, although creating custom reports is a breeze.

Wrike shines in its ability to handle collaboration across departments. And with a handy set of keyboard shortcuts, you'll be able to save time by quickly jumping between different sections.

DAM integrations will enable your team to search, preview, and use DAM files from within Wrike, as project-specific templates let you set up in no time and start working.

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence

Wrike's Work IntelligenceTM stands out from all the features of this platform for its ability to predict project risks. It also enables you to use voice commands, intelligent replies, document management, and smart automation to accelerate results and get you into the future of work.

High security

you can improve the enterprise-grade data security by using Wrike Lock to own and manage the keys to your encrypted data. You'll decide who can access your data and use encryption key usage logs for auditing data access activity.


connect Wrike to cloud-based and on-premise enterprise apps using 400+ integrations. You can also use universal connectors to integrate with any app with an accessible API.


using real-time communication and updates, you can keep everyone informed and engaged. You'll be able to track tasks and their deadlines, check for workload clashes and potential bottlenecks and keep everyone in sync by sharing project calendars across departments as well as with executives and clients.


you can gather all the info you need by creating rules that dynamically branch questions in request forms, then auto-create and auto-assign team tasks. You can also automate approval processes to ensure work moves forward more quickly.


Wrike helps you organize projects using drag-and-drop Gantt charts, create task dependencies, and perform baseline and critical path analysis. Using Kanban boards, you can eliminate silos and get a 360° visibility of work.


Read more Wrike pricing

Wrike also has a plan called Pinnacle, which is meant for teams that need advanced tools for complex work. Like the enterprise plan, you have to contact Sales for the pricing.

The free plan will allow you to collaborate with unlimited internal and external users, manage tasks and sub-tasks, and monitor work progress.

4. Teamwork

Best Work Management Platform for Client Collaboration

Editor’s Take
7.9 out of 10
Best For
Collaboration with clients
$0 – $18 per user per month
Annual Discount

Teamwork is my top pick for handling projects that require considerable client involvement. You can add as many client users to your workspace as you need—at no extra cost, and control their level of visibility. With Teamwork, you'll be able to deliver more successful projects at controlled costs.

Teamwork empowers you for maximum collaboration with your clients by bringing them onboard for free. In addition, you can use methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to manage your work or create a custom hybrid approach.

You can also set task priorities and budget limits, track amounts spent against budget estimates, and forecast your resource needs to avoid unforeseen staffing challenges.

Key Features


Teamwork has templates to improve processes, properly utilize budgets, and provide timely reports. You can find templates for client onboarding, product launch plan, podcast planning, etc.

Work Management

complete your projects on time and budget, effectively manage day-to-day capacity handling, and delegate tasks based on workload. You can also edit tasks and schedules to meet shifting priorities and deadlines and accurately forecast your resource needs for long-term capacity planning.

Client Users

collaborate with clients by giving them access to your projects according to their level of involvement. Clients Users will help you deliver successful projects, build deeper relationships, improve customer retention, and increase sales.

Track profitability

monitor the financial performance of your projects by customer, and track the progression of the amount spent against budget estimates. You can also set monetary limits and get notified when the budget allocation reaches these thresholds.

Time tracking

you can measure time spent across project tasks or team members and get detailed records for better estimates and more accurate billing. Use these insights to forecast project timelines, create more accurate proposals, avoid potential disputes, and generate invoices from project timesheets.


you can connect Teamwork with apps such as HubSpot, Stripe, and many others through Zapier, using native integrations and certified partner apps. You can also import tasks and projects from apps like Asana, Wrike, Trello, and more, in just one click.


Read more Teamwork pricing

Although Teamwork's free plan has limited board views, templates, workloads, and integrations, you can still benefit from the dashboards, time tracking, dependencies, and much more.

You can also test the paid plans using the free trial and get the power to customize your processes and access tens of templates.

All Teamwork plans come with phone, live chat, and email support.

5. Infinity

Best Work Management Tool for Maximum Flexibility

Editor’s Take
7.6 out of 10
Best For
Customizing complex workflows
$149 – $2,999 one-time payment
Annual Discount
63% – 88% 

Given the infinite possibilities of customizing workflows, I must say that this tool truly lives up to its name. Infinity makes it easy to fine-tune processes to fit project requirements and is hands down the best solution if you're working on multiple projects with different clients.

Infinity is one of the best task management software with numerous options to customize workflows, define routines and automate them, set up objectives to guide team efforts, and manage every element of your work.

And if you love Excel but hate typing formulas, Infinity will be your best friend. Just use the Summarize option to get the results you need.

Key Features


you can invite team members into your folders and boards and assign tasks for clarity on who needs to do what. Tag members in your chat and comments, embed boards and set up email and in-app notifications to keep everyone informed and updated.


conveniently organize your work in folders and subfolders right inside your boards. Categorize items according to different attributes and toggle them on or off to customize your views. You can also create a new view every time you open a new tab.


using the activity log, which you can filter by team members or folders, you can track changes within boards and items. Easily manage data access and process editing by allocating permissions for roles and individual members at the workspace and board level.


with Infinity, you can set up IFTTT rules to automate repetitive tasks and save time and energy for critical tasks. You can use triggers and actions to move processes forward and perform task scheduling. You also get 50+ templates to set up projects and roll out work processes quickly.

Data Exchange

your team can get more from Infinity by connecting it to other business tools and importing or exporting data through CSV files. You can also utilize the 3,000+ integrations that are available through Zapier.


Infinity - Pricing Plan

Infinity prices are a shift from the usual monthly subscriptions. They are offering lifetime deals with discounts that could save you up to 88% on their pro plans.

Regardless of which plan you buy, with Infinity, you’ll always have access to all new features and full customer support.

6. Smartsheet

Best Work Management Tool for Those Accustomed to Spreadsheets

Smartsheet - Welcome to modern work management

Smartsheet makes it easy to get started with your projects. Once you define and allocate tasks, you can begin automating alerts and reminders to align everyone to project goals.

You can also map data across different sheets to create master records for auto-generated reports and monitor your spending by linking your budget estimates to actual expenses.

Key Features

Resource Management

this helps you build a team based on members' availability. Apart from task assignments, you can sync sprints, analyze workloads, and resolve task allocation issues.

Data security and integrity

use the same data set for team collaboration while maintaining confidentiality among stakeholders. You can lock rows based on sheet changes and pre-set times. Process owners can assign specific viewing and editing rights or limit data editing to particular people at certain milestones.

Smartsheet for Marketing

you can connect everything from your martech stack to your data and quantify the value of your creative efforts to prove ROI. Using Brandfolder, you'll easily manage your digital assets and maintain brand consistency.


this task management tool integrates with Adobe CC, Procore, and Primavera P6. Other notable integrations included in Smartsheet are Oculus, DocuSign, and Tableau. You can get more integrations through Zapier.


this online task management software empowers your team to automate their workflows. They can use the visual rules editor to combine actions and conditions and automate processes, updates, approval requests, and more. You can also send automated alerts and reminders to keep everyone on schedule.

Control console

Smartsheet provides you with a powerful console for all your admin needs. From here, you can manage users and groups, track licenses, control access to integrations, and use the Smartsheet best practices to optimize account configurations.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

Smartsheet's cheapest plan, Pro, gives you unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards, as well as Grid, Card, Gantt, and Calendar views. You also get 250 automations per month and up to 20GB of file storage.

Unlike other work management systems, Smartsheet doesn't have a free package. It however gives you a 30-day free trial of any of its paid plans.

7. Asana

Best User-Friendly Project Management App for Teams of All Sizes

Asana - Make work, work for you

Asana is a great task management tool that helps you manage projects by defining tasks and sub-tasks, setting due dates, creating to do lists, and tracking time to monitor performance.

You can create custom intake processes using forms that branch out logically depending on the filled information.

Key Features


Asana's Workflow Builder lets you easily organize work focusing on the tasks at hand. Any team member can set up processes and adapt workflows to fit evolving needs. You can also set task dependencies and manage overlapping and unscheduled tasks. Workflow Reporting will help you diagnose work issues and identify what needs revising.

Work Management

this simple task management software gives you visibility into your team's capacity and enables you to conveniently drag-and-drop tasks to re-assign and re-schedule them to prevent burnout. You can monitor workload by person or project, review capacity trends, recognize potential snags, and adjust task assignments as necessary.


to help your teams see how their efforts are contributing to the growth of the business, you can connect the company goals to work being done. Set OKRs that align everyone around improving team performance and enable them to understand how their skills and strengths lead to business success.


Asana equips you to avoid errors by automating everyday tasks. Using pre-set rules, you can set up automations and include audit trails and error alerts that notify rule owners of any issues. You can also conduct task scheduling using forms and auto-update them in case of conflicting task schedules.


spend minimal time setting up new projects by choosing from 50+ templates that you can customize to work the way you want. You can also convert projects into templates to improve team efficiency in future projects.


Asana integrates with popular business tools. You can share data between Asana and Slack, Adobe CC, Salesforce, and 200+ other apps.


Read more Asana pricing

Asana's free forever plan comes with unlimited project tasks, List, Board, Calendar views, and integration with 100+ apps. However, the most notable limitation is that you can only collaborate with teams of up to 15 members.

You can get discounts of up to 50% if you’re an eligible nonprofit.

Asana's ios and android apps will connect you to the task management solution for updates from anywhere, anytime.

8. FunctionFox

Best Project Management Software for Creative Teams

FunctionFox - Timesheet & Project Management Software

FunctionFox doesn't come with lots of bells and whistles. Nonetheless, it's a great task management software whose most significant users are creative teams.

FunctionFox provides you with an overview of real-time details of ongoing work, allowing you to measure team efficiency and identify the areas that need improvement.

Key Features

Financial Planning

with FunctionFox, you can create budget estimates and compare them against actual figures. You can then calculate ROI and evaluate the profitability of your projects.

Project Management

the system gives you live updates to help you track time and project progress so that you can anticipate problems before they occur. The customizable CEO Desktop will show you task lists and an overview of project details, including project status, hours tracked, and billable hours.


you can quickly and safely share documents with team members and clients to keep everyone updated on work progress.


the FunctionFox invoicing feature enables you to quickly create and issue accurate quotes based on billable hours and invoices to clients, including as much or as little information as necessary.


FunctionFox - Pricing Plan

FunctionFox has three paid plans and a free package designed for freelancers and small teams. The free package gives you unlimited tasks and clients, detailed reports, 2 active projects, and a maximum of 3 active users.

FunctionFox offers discounted prices for eligible nonprofits and academic institutions. In addition, design students get a free account for when they're in school and up to 6 months after graduating.

9. Zoho Projects

Best Project Management Tool for SMBs With Modest Work Requirements

Zoho Projects -The best project management software for any business

Zoho Projects is a versatile project management software loved by SMBs for its affordability. It enables you to design custom workflows, create templates, and automate recurring tasks.

This online task management tool will also help you define critical paths for projects and monitor them to ensure timely project delivery.

Key Features


Zoho Projects enhances team collaboration by allowing you to tag members in your comments, mention roles or teams, and discuss with everyone in the forums. You can take communication further with private and group chat rooms, add clients to your projects, and attach files to forums directly from your inbox.


Zoho Projects' native integrations enable you to connect to other Zoho apps such as Sprints, Analytics, Desk, and CRM. You can also connect with popular apps like Dropbox, Slack, and 2,000+ others through Zapier.

Staff Management

you can use the resource allocation chart to view work distribution and balance workload between different users. When a team member applies for leave and marks their days off, the system is updated, and the previously-assigned tasks can be shifted to an available employee.


to build your workspace as you want, you can personalize layouts, statuses, and fields to make them fit unique workflows and project requirements. Customize project and task views so you can focus on what's important, and then save your custom layouts for future projects or work items.


use blueprints to automate your processes and save more time by creating templates for projects and tasks. You can create rules and triggers for specific actions to be carried out, send notifications, call webhooks, and, if necessary, write your own code to make your project management successful.


you can use timers to log billable and non-billable hours and automatically generate invoices through the built-in Zoho Invoice integration. Timesheets will help you create estimates and quotes based on time logs and recorded expenses, as well as view planned vs. actual costs.


Zoho Projects' free plan provides minimal functionality compared to alternative project management tools. Although the basics of the free package are understandable, limiting storage space to a mere 10MB is almost weird.

If you're just getting started with task management tools, this free option can be an excellent way to familiarize yourself with online task management software.

A free trial of the paid plans will allow you to test the system and access 100GB of storage space, unlimited projects, editable charts, an advanced issue tracker, and much more.

10. Bitrix24

Best Work Management Tool for Sales and Marketing Teams

Bitrix24 - Your ultimate workspace

Bitrix24 combines various modules, including its renowned CRM, to help you create the workspace you need to achieve business goals.

On the HR side of things, you can roll out an employee appreciation program that helps you boost team performance and improve talent retention.

And if you prefer hosting your own system, then you'll love Bitrix24's on-premise edition.

Key Features


Bitrix24 enables you to conduct video conferences with up to 48 participants with no time limits. Record your calls for future reference and use private and group chats for discussions and file sharing.


automatically add leads generated from live chats, web forms, and social media into your CRM. Use the built-in lead scoring tool to score leads, assign them to sales, and set up rules and triggers to automate the sales process.

Website Builder

use the website builder to create and run an online store to sell to a global market. Websites and stores are pre-optimized for SEO, and they can manage inventory, track sales, and handle different payment methods.

Contact Center

you can create your own call center complete with call tracking. You'll be able to address customer issues and collect feedback through customizable callback request forms, canned replies, and chatbots.


expand your workspace by installing add-ons and custom partner solutions for landing pages, payment systems, and other 3rd party tools. You can also use the open API to create any app connections you need.


you can run Bitrix24 on your servers using the on-premise edition. Even with this option, you'll still be able to access add-ons from the Bitrix24 marketplace and integrate with whatever ERP you're using. Additionally, you'll get 100+ 3rd party integrations that you can utilize to connect with popular business tools.


Bitrix24- Pricing Plan

Bitrix24's free package can power any SMB thanks to features like chats and video calls, Kanban boards and Calendar views, task dependencies, internal social network, automatic customer journey tracking, and an option to set up scrum teams.

For the self-hosted option, you'll pay a one-off fee based on the number of users you have. Then, starting at $2,990 for up to 50 users, you'll get free updates and priority support for the first year.

Bitrix24 offers a 15% discount coupon for nonprofits and educational and healthcare institutions.

11. Workfront

Best Software for Enterprise Work Management

Workfront- Change how you work. Transform your business

Adobe Workfront enables enterprises with several teams and big projects to turn their plans into trackable actions.

You can create scenarios for complex projects using whatever little data you have and update them later using the scenario planner.

Workfront also helps you align work to goals and track progress against those goals to ensure successful project management.

Key Features

Customer support

Workfront experts can help you with system implementation and workflow design. They also offer business and technical support to accelerate your time to value. You can choose between bite-sized consultations and dedicated personnel to supplement your team.


Workfront Fusion provides a robust integration platform to connect disjointed systems and teams. You can connect to thousands of solutions using codeless connectors and API interactions and have Workfront manage new app features and updates from 3rd party apps.

Work Management

Workfront allows you to configure it to fit the needs of your team, project, or region. The goal is to give you instant visibility into project and task statuses and timelines so that you can make informed decisions.


using logic-based rules, you can automatically collect and sync data with different apps and notify relevant team members at the right time. You can codify your processes and automate handoffs to prevent costly mistakes.

High security

Workfront encrypts your data in transit and at rest and uses industry standards to guarantee information security and compliance. Workfront also logs and monitors data access, maintains an active bug bounty program, and conducts annual penetration testing exercises to secure the system.


the system gives you everything you need to set up custom workflows and implement inline proofing to uphold standards. You can also streamline approvals using side-by-side comparisons and on-screen collaboration to help teams complete projects faster.

Scenario Planner

the scenario planner gives you a simple way of planning for everyday work and massive projects. The system uses your existing data to help you create insightful scenarios to adapt to changes as needed. You can compare different scenarios, get consensus across teams, and plan for execution.


Workfront prices its plans according to the features you need. To find out which plan is best for you, get in touch with Sales.

12. Paymo

Best Work Management Solution for Teams Looking for High Engagement

Paymo - Work better, together

Paymo is a work management solution that promotes collaboration and boosts team engagement. For example, one of its timer widgets uses the Pomodoro technique to enhance productivity.

Paymo's Gantt charts will show you exactly where you need to concentrate your efforts by highlighting broken task dependencies and past due dates.

Key Features

Time tracking

after selecting your project or task, you can add notes and track time within your browser. You can track time in parallel to or get insight into team productivity or choose between the stopwatch, bulk, interval, and Pomodoro time-tracking widgets.


Paymo is one of the best collaboration tools available. On top of its file sharing options, you can also engage in real-time chat and create notifications for updates to ensure everyone stays on track.

Work Organization

Paymo lets you order your work and prioritize tasks depending on whether they are critical, high, average, or low priority. Staff can see all their tasks in one place while managers get different views for their tasks and their team's assignments.


Paymo's task manager lets you quickly see who's overbooked or underbooked and adjust workloads by dragging and resizing them on the timeline. Convert automatically-created ghost bookings into confirmed bookings, save time, and use the built-in leave management system to plan for staff availability efficiently.

Automated payments

Paymo can auto-generate invoices from timesheet data and clone past invoices to save time during invoicing. You can edit invoices using a WYSIWYG editor or customize templates using HTML/CSS. You can also convert project plans into estimates with pre-filled tasks and costs and set up payment gateways for quick payments.


Paymo- Pricing Plan

Paymo's free plan limits you to 10 users. Still, it gives you unlimited projects and clients, task lists, table and calendar views, and the ability to turn project data into estimates and invoices.

For the paid plans, you can try them out for free for 15 days and get 2 months free when you pay annually.

You can also get the Paymo task management system on mobile through its ios and android apps.

13. Clarizen

An Enterprise Work Management Platform for Agile Teams

Clarizen - Connect and Engage Your Workforce Across the Enterprise

Clarizen is another work management software targeting the enterprise market. Clarizen prioritizes customer support and integrations with other enterprise-level software to ensure customer success.

Clarizen's engineers are available 24/7 to diagnose and solve any issues to ensure smooth operations for their customers.

Some of the premium features you'll get include 24x7x365 phone support, secure sandbox access, and instructor-led training.

Key Features


use Clarizen to bring internal and external teams together and get work done faster through open discussions and file sharing. With centralized proofing and approval processes, you'll eliminate double work and keep everyone in sync.


let Clarizen handle recurring processes and workflows while sending alerts to appropriate team members. Using the slide publisher, you can automatically create status reports in branded PowerPoint templates, saving the time you would have used to create presentations manually.


empower your teams for productivity by creating hybrid methodologies that fit your working style. Configure your workflows to support the entire work lifecycle and use dynamic rule sets to customize those workflows further if you need to.


connect your workspace to other tools and sync data with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, and many others through Zapier. You can utilize add-ons such as data warehouse exporter and resource heat map to get more visibility, full reporting, and monitor team performance.

System implementation

you can engage Clarizen's professionals for help in setting up your workspace. They will train your team, identify what capabilities you need to achieve your goals, and deliver them based on Clarizen's best practices. They will also equip your organization with process guidance to ensure you get maximum value from your investment.


Clarizen has two plans, Enterprise and Unlimited. Both feature resource management, financial planning, collaboration, unlimited projects, and analytics.

The Unlimited Edition has more options for customization, reports, workflows, and unlimited file storage.

You can get pricing information by contacting Sales.

14. Trello

A Highly-Visual Kanban-Based Task Management Tool for Small-Scale Projects

Trello - Trello helps teams move work forward

Trello is a project management app that users love for its ease of use. It enables teams to build workflows for anything from meetings to company events.

With this task management system, you can connect work across boards, organize tasks using cards, track progress, create to do lists, and manage deadlines using reminders and automated notifications.

Key Features

Pre-built solutions

get your teams (sales, design, startup, etc.) up and running in no time by using ready-made solutions which come with all the boards, integrations, and techniques you need to set up your team's workflow quickly.


Trello's Butler automates repetitive actions to save you time and increase team efficiency. This bot can also post your messages on Slack, schedule tasks, comment on tickets, and send emails.

Project views

you can get different perspectives of the tasks, processes, or projects at hand using various views. The interactive map will enable you to display location-based data in the context of ongoing work.

Data security

Trello's information security and controls are ISO certified, and they review their data hosts' security audit reports bi-annually. Trello is GDPR compliant and has an active bug bounty program to help identify and seal security loopholes.


Trello integrates with 200+ business apps and tools. If you need extra functionality, you can get that by creating Power-Ups to meet your specific needs.


Trello- Pricing Plan

Anyone can benefit from this visual task management tool. Even with the basic free package, Trello gives you unlimited cards, unlimited storage, automations, up to 10 boards per workspace, task templates, and more.

If you're part of a nonprofit or an educational institution, you can enjoy Trello's discounted rates.

You can also get Trello for the ios and android platforms.

15. Scoro

A Comprehensive Work Management Software for Overall Business Management

Scoro - End-to-End Work Management Software

Scoro is a business management platform that helps consultancies and agencies manage all aspects of their work.

Scoro is so committed to your success in using their system that even with their free self-onboarding plan, you get 1 Q&A call with an implementation expert, an online library, access to the “Getting Started with Scoro” Academy, and email support.

Key Features

Time Management

Scoro gives you the option to use a drag-and-drop planner or Kanban boards to create workflows and prioritize tasks. You can share calendars, manage time, and even monitor the business implications of how you're spending time.

Business Management

with Scoro, you can review planned, in-progress, and completed tasks and monitor billable hours to track business costs and revenue. Use real-time data to accurately calculate ROI and keep margins within the set limits to ensure profitability.

Project and Task Management

the system comes with project and task templates that you can use to set up projects and workflows quickly. Save time for essential tasks by using auto-updating Gantt charts that reflect your colleagues' capacity changes.


secure your data by providing access to information and features based on defined roles. You can also audit activities by viewing end-user and admin logs. Scoro conducts regular maintenance and infrastructure upgrades to maintain high performance and security.

Powerful CRM

using the CRM, you can track opportunities and deals, sales targets, and budgets. Generate invoices from work reports, orders, and quotes, and use available data to forecast sales accurately.


Read more Scoro pricing

Scoro doesn't have a free plan, although you can try out their paid plans for 14 days. Whichever plan you choose, you can save up to 16% by buying an annual subscription.

Key Features of Work Management Systems

Work management systems can come in the form of task management tools or even business management apps. And to facilitate the smooth flow of work, the key features they must have include:

1. Visual Workflow Designer

Whichever work management software you choose, it should make designing your workflows easy. This is important because individuals and teams work differently, and completing tasks and projects requires different steps and input.

Look for a user-friendly interface—you don't want to spend hours or days learning how to use the system. You should be able to quickly find the tools you need and drag-and-drop elements into your workflow.

2. Resource Management

Even with the right technology, how you manage your team is very important.

The best task management apps are developed with both management and employees in mind.

Managers should see who is booked to capacity, who can take on more work, who is responsible for what, and what they're working on.

For employees, simple things like providing a way for them to log their own time and apply for leave can make a significant difference in the success of any project.

3. Advanced Task Management

The best task management software will be able to at least create projects and track progress, assign tasks, and manage employee workload.

To get the functionality you need, find out whether the collaborative task management tool you're buying offers the advanced features you're looking for.

In most cases, if the task planning and management app allows you to manage tasks, create project dependencies and automations, and set up approval processes with proper notifications, then that's a good task management software.

4. Centralized Communication

All work communication should be in a central location. In addition, with centralized communication, you will naturally improve transparency and accountability.

Your team should be able to chat in real-time and tag others to draw their attention to what they need to know. If you can embed voice and video recordings into your chats, that's a plus.

5. Integrations

Many teams lose productive time because of constant shifting between multiple tools. To address this, work management solutions come with integrations that sync data between them and other apps.

Most systems will have native integrations for popular tools such as Slack, Gmail, and Zoom. For more integrations, they will connect with Zapier to give you 3,000+ integrations.

7. Automation

Automating recurring tasks is a big part of work management software because it saves you time and lots of energy. Although integrations provide some level of automation, the best tools have in-built systems where you can set rules and have recurring tasks handled for you.

Setting rules usually requires defining a condition that will trigger an action. This usually comes in the form of: If this then that. When the condition is met, the system takes the predetermined action.

8. Reporting

Project reports are central to every work management app because they provide insight into work progress and business profitability. In addition, project managers use reports to track project management metrics, determine how to manage tasks, and gain insight into team performance through time tracking.

When evaluating a task management solution, check how detailed and customizable the dashboard is, and how easy it is to export and share reports.

At the very basic, the task management software you buy should allow you to pull custom reports by filtering for the information you want. Beyond that, look for options to add your branding to the reports.


What Is Work Management?

Work management is the efficient use of all the resources needed to get work done.
Using work management software is important because 11.4% of investments are lost due to poor project performance.

Apart from the skills required to do the work, processes have to be defined and tasks should be completed within the set timelines.

To successfully complete any work, you have to design and follow a workflow. An effective workflow will show what is to be done, by who, and by when.

What Is Work Management Software?

Work management software is a solution that brings together all the work management components.

The goal is to help teams focus on the most critical aspects of their work while avoiding manual processes, task allocation and scheduling issues, and other obstacles that often interfere with work.
Work management solutions aim to streamline business processes, evaluate team performance, utilize resources better, and achieve business growth.

Benefits of Using Work Management Tools

By using one of the best task management software, you can expect benefits like:

– Better team cohesion
– Increased productivity
– Improved work culture
– Effortless project planning
– Deeper customer relationships
– Greater customer satisfaction and retention

How Much Does a Good Work Management Software Cost?

Depending on your needs, the best task management software will cost you anywhere from $10 per user per month, going up.

Since these solutions are priced differently, the cost will depend on the size of your team and the features you need.

If you're a small team that only needs basic functionality, you can choose from options such as, ClickUp, and Teamwork and spend up to $10 per user per month.
If you have several teams working together and need advanced functionality, you'll need to go for the more expensive plans.

For an enterprise with complex projects, get in touch with the sales teams at Workfront or Clarizen.

What Is the Best Free Work Management Software?

I like ClickUp's free plan because it offers unlimited tasks and users.

ClickUp’s plan is one of the best free task management software options since it gives project managers 5 spaces with 400 folders per space, 100 automations per month, and so much more.
The only downside is that storage is capped at 100MB. But this is something you can work around using one of the best cloud storage services.

Choosing the Right Work Management Solution

Each of the online task management software tools in this list is great for enabling teams to collaborate effectively for business growth. Picking one tool over the other comes down to your unique needs and budget.

As a summary, here are 5 of the best task management tools you can choose from:

Best Overall

An intuitive all-in-one work management software that uses apps and integrations as building blocks for creating custom workflows.
Best Budget Option


A budget-friendly work management app that packs powerful features into all its packages so that everyone can experience streamlined workflows.
Best for Marketers


A feature-rich work management tool equipped with Machine Learning to predict project risk and notify appropriate people of the possible causes.
Best for Collaboration


A perfect solution for teams managing projects that need smooth collaboration with clients, without confusing and chaotic back-and-forth emails.
Most Flexible Platform


A powerful yet easy-to-use solution that adjusts to fit any project needs and team size.

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