Top 18 Work Management Software for 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.
Work Management Software

Maybe you have checked out every solution you can find for effective project management.

You have even gotten your hands on project management software and task management software.

But you still need software that will let you combine project, task and workflow management in a single platform?

What you need is a work management software.

With this software, you can track all business-related activities, view your data the way you want and have your repetitive tasks executed automatically, all in a single platform.

So, in this review, we will discuss some top work management software, their features, costs and some of their specific benefits.

Read carefully and you are about to know the next great asset you need for your business work management.

Let's go on.

Best Work Management Software


Best Overall Work Management Software For Businesses is the Best Overall Work Management Software For Businesses is a leading Work Operating System (Work OS), used by more than 100,000 companies in over 190 countries worldwide.

Main Features

  • Workdocs: With the monday workdocs, you can connect, collaborate and execute ideas and workflows all in a single place, embed monday boards into your workdocs, receive comments, create a visual task list and edit your workdocs with an intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Dashboards: Easily create custom dashboards, track progress, timelines and budgets visually, assign tasks and share files with data tools, run reports from highest overview to the finest detail.
  • Gantt Charts and Kanban: Visualize important dates and milestones, set project dependencies, convert your spreadsheets into smart boards and view as Gantt charts, handle your workflow with the Kanban software.

Pricing Pricing Plan has a free plan which is mainly suitable for individuals and provides features like unlimited boards, docs and over 200 templates. 

Other plans are Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise

You also get an 18% discount if you go on a yearly subscription.


  • allows rich integration with other useful and popular tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Drive, Slack and LinkedIn.
  • Easily access on your mobile devices using the provided mobile apps
  • Availability of a free 14-day trial plan and 24/7 customer support.

2. ClickUp

A Leading Work Management Software That is Affordable and Simple-To-Use

ClickUp is a Leading Work Management Software That is Affordable and Simple To Use

ClickUp is another leading work management software that lets you manage all your work in a single app, and it's used by more than 200,000 teams worldwide.

Main Features

  • ClickApps: Select from more than 35 ClickApps to customize your task management for any work that you want, assign sprint points, add custom field data and save time with task automations.
  • Subtasks: Break down complex projects into subtasks, visualize your tasks and subtasks in multiple views, arrange or edit in bulk with the multitask toolbar.
  • Views: Organize your tasks by filtering, grouping, and customizing columns, take control of your views with core views, advanced views and page views.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp has a free version with features like 100MB storage, unlimited tasks and members and two-factor authentication. 

The paid plans are Unlimited, Business and Enterprise

For the paid plans, you have access to features such as unlimited storage and dashboards, custom exporting, and 250,000 automations per month.


  • Integrate with over 1,000 tools under categories like time tracking, calendar, and cloud storage
  • Availability of two-factor authentication and 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free training and 24/7 live chat support are available.

3. Wrike

Most Suitable Online Work Management Software for Task Automation and Visibility

Wrike is the Most Suitable Online Work Management Software for Task Automation and Visibility

Wrike is a cloud-based work management software which boasts of over 20,000 happy customers globally including Dell and Google.

Main Features

  • Workflow Automation: Save needless time spent on repetitive tasks, personalize and automate your workflows with over 400 tools, notify the right people and accelerate your tasks at every stage.
  • Custom Request Forms: Use the custom request forms to gather details, automatically create and assign tasks to the necessary teams.
  • Complete Visibility: Create complete visibility across your organization with shareable and customizable dashboards, get a comprehensive overview of workloads, pin important to-dos and easily follow important tasks.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike has a free plan with features like task and subtask management, interactive board and spreadsheet views, and 2GB storage space per account.

The most popular plan is the Business plan while Enterprise is the highest plan


  • Integrate with the apps you need for CRM, email integration, single sign on, business intelligence and other categories.
  • Wrike has rich and topnotch security measures like ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certification and data encryption.
  • Availability of free 14-day trial and email, chat and phone support.

4. Smartsheet

Online Work Management Software That Lets You Execute Your Work

Smartsheet is an Online Work Management Software That Lets You Execute Your Work

Apple, Cisco and 90% of the fortune 100 companies trust Smartsheet, a top work management software, which has customers in about 190 countries.

Main Features

  • Automation: Send alerts, request approvals and updates and lock rows based on sheet changes, combine multiple actions and conditional paths in an intuitive visual editor, and set your recurring workflows easily.
  • Dashboards: Identify trends with widgets that display live data and key metrics, customize to show and share what matters most, track portfolio health and monitor financial performance.
  • Projects: Switch between grid, card, Gantt and calendar views of the same data, send automated update and approval requests, attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox, easily control access with secure permission controls.


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

If you want an affordable plan with some basic features such as unlimited viewers, private sheets and reports and 20GB attachment storage, then don't hesitate to go for the Pro plan at $7 per user/month

Otherwise, the Business and Enterprise plans provide you with as many features as you want although they are a little costly.


  • Integrate with top cloud productivity suites and messaging applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G-Suite.
  • If you want, request for consultation, training and certification and support.
  • Try out Smartsheet freely for 30 days

5. Teamwork

Affordable Work Management Platform for Client Work

Teamwork is an Affordable Work Management Platform for Client Work

Trusted by over 20,000 companies including popular ones like PayPal, Spotify and Netflix, Teamwork is a project management software which allows you to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Main Features

  • Plan: Track and bill for all your client projects, automate workflows with boards, view your projects in the Gantt style, collaborate on messages, chat and files, assign work to teams and sub-teams, easily manage and optimize team resources straight from Teamwork.
  • Collaborate: Keep all your important files in a single place, use notebooks to write and share content on a project, communicate with context and group your messages into the necessary categories.
  • Report: Create personalized dashboards to visualize important key metrics, add status updates to projects, view your project information through multiple customized lenses using filters.


Teamwork Pricing Plan

Teamwork has four plans and they include Free, Deliver, Grow and Enterprise. 

The Grow plan charges $18 per user per month with features like 50 project templates, custom fields and project portfolio workflows.


  • Integrate with other useful tools like Google Drive, Slack and Dropbox on any of the paid plans.
  • Phone, email and live chat support is available on all plans
  • Availability of a free 30-day trial plan on all paid plans.

6. Scoro

Online Work Management Software for Sales and Time Management

Scoro is an Online Work Management Software for Sales and Time Management

Scoro is a cloud-based work management software which allows users access to enough features for time management, project management, sales and CRM, reporting and dashboards.

Main Features

  • Project Management: Track tasks, dependencies, events, profitability and progress with real-time Gantt chart, reduce manual updates and double-bookings, eliminate repetitive tasks with pre-set project templates and task bundles.
  • Time Management: Distribute tasks with a drag-and-drop planner or Kanban task board, manage time efficiently with shared calendars, timesheets and built-in time tracker, monitor billable and non-billable hours easily.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Get a complete overview of important data and metrics with dashboard and reports which display in real-time, track key performance indicators, centralize workflows and eliminate double data entry.


Scoro Pricing Plan

Scoro's Essential plan, which is most ideal for small teams, charges $26 per user per month. 

Other plans are Work Hub, Sales Hub and Ultimate

Note that a minimum of 5 users is allowed on all plans. 

You'd also have to pay for some features like time tracker, advanced resource planning, Gantt chart and project templates.


  • Integrate with over 1,000 tools for various categories like time management and file management and you can also create your own integrations.
  • Email and chat support including self and optional paid onboarding are available
  • Availability of free 14-day trial which lets you try out the Scoro's features

7. Asana

Best Work Management Software for Visualization and Reporting

Asana is the Best Work Management Software for Visualization and Reporting

More than 100,000 organizations globally love Asana, a cloud-based work management software that allows teams to manage work, projects and tasks online.

Main Features

  • Custom Fields and Automations: Track important information, simplify workflows and save time that would have been on tedious manual tasks.
  • Boards and Universal Reporting: Get an instant view of your work progress, measure progress across projects, troubleshoot problems immediately they arrive and take the necessary action to stay on track. 
  • Forms: Build a standard work intake process with forms, simplify work request process, and get the data needed upfront.


Asana Pricing Plan

If you are just getting started with project management, then you might want to go with Asana's free Basic plan which allows access to unlimited tasks, projects and messages. 

The Premium plan which allows you to cover some other important features like unlimited dashboards, advanced research and custom fields is also affordable with $10.99 per user per month

Business, the highest plan at $24.99 per user/ month gives you access to all features.


  • More than 100 free integrations are available on the free plan and you can even get advanced integrations with the business plan
  • Access reporting across unlimited projects and unlimited dashboards on any of the paid plans
  • Availability of a 30-day trial plan

8. Infinity

An Ideal Work Management Solution for Item and Data Customization

Infinity is an Ideal Work Management Solution for Item and Data Customization

Infinity, a work management software used by over 20,000 companies worldwide, allows you to create your own work system and work the way you want.

Main Features

  • Views: View your data the way you want with six views type that covers columns, table, calendar, Gantt, list and form.
  • Attributes: Add about 20 custom attributes which includes date, labels, checkbox, checklist, text, long text, attachments, links, number, members, formula, reference and vote to your items.
  • Customization: Customize your data with options like filter, group, sort, reorder, multiple select and summarize.


Infinity Pricing Plan

Instead of paying per month or yearly, you can pay a lifetime bill to get unlimited lifetime access to all Infinity features and even the upcoming features. 

For 5 members, Infinity charges a one-time payment of $149 which covers all features, 25GB storage, full customer support and lifetime account.


  • Seamlessly connect Infinity with more than 2,000 tools and apps including custom built apps.
  • Get access to 25GB storage and 24/7 customer support
  • A 30-day money back guarantee is available

9. Bitrix24

Most Suitable Work Management Software for Remote Teams

Bitrix24 is the Most Suitable Work Management Software for Remote Teams

Trusted and loved by over 8 million companies globally, Bitrix24 allows you to combine communications, tasks and projects management, CRM and contact center in a single platform.

Main Features

  • Tasks and Projects: Manage all your tasks and projects effectively with tools like time management, Gantt chart, task dependencies, Kanban board, employee workload management, task counters, checklists in tasks and task reports.
  • Communication: Easily collaborate online with online meeting tools like live feeds, chats, phone and video calls, collect opinions from your team with employee polling.
  • CRM: Bitrix24 CRM provides an unlimited customer database and lets you handle leads and demand generation, sales funnels and pipelines, sales data analytics, email marketing, text messaging and telephony, seamlessly.


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 offers both cloud and on-premise subscription types. 

Under the cloud subscription mode, you have the free plan suitable for small businesses, and other paid plans like Basic, Standard and Professional.


  • Integrate with lots of useful tools like Slack and Office 365 or create your own apps using the provided REST API.
  • 24% discount is available for one year subscription
  • Availability of a free 15-day trial plan, technical support and live chat consultation.

10. Workfront

Best Work Management Software for Resource and Demand Management

Workfront is the Best Work Management Software for Resource and Demand Management

Workfront provides a cloud-based work management software for enterprise work and resource management.

Main Features

  • Dashboard and Reports: Prioritize work, allocate resources, set smart and clear priorities and increase productivity with decisioning dashboards and reports
  • Custom Smart Forms: Allow your teams to collaborate irrespective of location with custom smart forms and real-time notifications. 
  • Resource Management: Distinguish between work in progress and incoming demand and utilize your resources more effectively.


Workfront has three pricing plans which are Enterprise, Business and Pro. 

The Enterprise plan includes premium APIs and integrations, enhanced security and advanced support while the Business plan covers unlimited reviewers and enhanced analytics. 

The Pro plan covers resource and demand management. 

Contact them directly to get the pricing information for any of the plans.


  • Gather all your favorite tools in one place with Workfront's out-of-the-box integrations and connectors
  • Organize your important assets easily with automatic versioning and comment tracking
  • Availability of end-to-end business and technical support and training plus you can also request a free trial

11. Paymo

Cheap Work Management Software for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Paymo is a Cheap Work Management Software for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Paymo has been used to manage over two million projects and also support remote work, time tracking, team collaboration, invoicing and resource scheduling.

Main Features

  • Task Management: Organize tasks activities with task lists, milestones and the Kanban module, switch to an advanced tasks view with filters, schedule and monitor activity in real-time, make adjustments using Gantt charts.
  • Timesheet Reporting: Get static and live updating time reports, select from over 20 parameters to personalize your reports, display reports in pie chart or bar chart form, share reports with clients easily.
  • Team Scheduling: Switch views to see your bookings for the team and for all your projects on the same screen, get a comprehensive view of team utilization, use the built-in leave planner to save time and money.


Paymo Pricing Plan

If you only manage a small team, then you might want to go for the free plan which includes unlimited projects and clients, task views, project templates and native time tracking. 

Any of the paid plans is completely fine if you want more additional features with no user limit. 

You also get 2 months if you go on an annual subscription.


  • You can access the software in 20 languages
  • Integrate with Google apps and Slack, connect Paymo to any open system with the API.
  • Try out all the available features freely for 15 days.

12. Clarizen

Best Work Management Software for Enterprise Collaboration

Clarizen is the Best Work Management Software for Enterprise Collaboration

Clarizen currently offers two products for work and project management; Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.

Main Features

  • Boards and Workflows: Create multiple boards to show different projects, teams and customers, customize any board with a unique flow, adjust workflows easily to reflect happening developments.
  • Planning and Tracking: Review the entire workspace at a glance, adjust priorities and timeline from a single screen, monitor progress irrespective of workflow stages definition, attach documents, videos and links to tasks easily.
  • Collaboration: Clearly define your target dates with milestones, centralize all information and collaborate effectively with comments made directly on each task, add new team members to workspaces with just a few clicks.


Clarizen has two plans and they are Enterprise and Unlimited editions

Even though the number of projects, portfolios, programs and cases you can track on both editions is unlimited, the Unlimited edition offers more in terms of features and other capabilities.

However, you would have to request the pricing of either of the two plans that you want to use.


  • Integrate Clarizen with other useful applications and tools in multiple categories and collections
  • SSO and LDAP integration is available on any of the plans you choose
  • Get free access to Clarizen for 30 days.

13. Celoxis

Best Work Management Software for Customization and Dynamic Dashboards

Celoxis is the Best Work Management Software for Customization and Dynamic Dashboards

Celoxis has more than 2,800 customers worldwide and is your go-to if you want to manage your projects, workflows and resources.

Main Features

  • Project Planning: Use powerful planning and scheduling tools including automatic scheduling, inter-project dependencies and multiple resources to build and manage dynamic project plans.
  • Workflow Apps: Track your business processes and projects with the built-in workflow apps or create your own workflow apps custom fields, routing rules and escalation policies.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Gather real-time insights across projects and teams with reporting on custom fields and dashboards, custom drill-down charts, download reports and dashboards in PDF format, schedule reports for delivery to your desired audiences.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis allows you to use the software on-premise or subscribe for the cloud deployment mode. 

The cloud-based solution charges $22.50 per user per month, billed yearly while you would make a one time payment of $450 for the on premise which also charges on the per user basis. 

Still, a minimum of 5 users is requested irrespective of the deployment modes that you choose.


  • Integrate seamlessly with more than 400 popular business applications and use the provided API to integrate with custom software
  • Get 10% and 15% discounts for one and two years subscriptions respectively
  • Request a personalized demo or try out Celoxis freely for 30 days

14. Zoho Workplace

Most Affordable Work Management Software for Remote Work

Zoho Workplace is the Most Affordable Work Management Software for Remote Work

Zoho Workplace allows you to unify your team workspace, streamline team communication and simplify file storage with apps for file management, online meeting and word processing.

Main Features

  • Collaboration Dashboard: Customize your dashboard layout, add app widgets and create custom widgets from existing ones, view all your app notifications in a single place, get timely notifications of news with the collated announcement section.
  • Remote Work: Host meetings online easily with Zoho meeting, improve instant communication with your team mates using Zoho Cliq chat tool, create contents and collaborate with colleagues all on a single platform.
  • Workplace on Mobile: Download the multiple mobile apps for communications, collaboration and storage and access on your mobile devices.


Zoho Workplace Pricing Plan

One thing about Zoho, whether as a CRM software or video conferencing software, is that it is relatively cheap and affordable compared to competitors. 

The same thing applies for Zoho Workplace too. 

Zoho Workplace has three affordable plans and the most popular one is the Standard plan which charges $3 per user per month and includes 30 GB mail storage per user.


  • Enjoy 20% discount by choosing the annual plan
  • Availability of money-back guarantee and 24/7 technical support on all paid plans
  • Availability of a 15-day trail plan

15. Airtable

Ideal Work Management Tool for Building Collaborative Apps

Airtable is an Ideal Work Management Tool for Building Collaborative Apps

Airtable boasts of over 250,000 companies including Netflix, Medium and Shopify.

Main Features

  • Views: Track resources, events and projects on a customized timeline, ensure collaborative process and work management, manage complex or multi-step projects by mapping out activities, task dependencies and milestones, share and collaborate with team members.
  • Automations: Build a multi-sequence workflow through trigger and action logic or start a single notification, automate your workflows and extend your logic with JavaScript to expand your automation functionality.
  • Reporting: Create dashboards of charts, graphs and top-line metrics with Airtable apps, build your own reporting no-code interface and reporting systems.


Airtable Pricing Plan

Apart from the free plan, Airtable offers other paid plans like Plus, Pro and Enterprise

The most popular plan is the Pro plan and it includes unlimited apps, 50,000 records per base and 20GB attachments per base. 


  • Get access to unlimited bases on all plans whether free or paid
  • Connect Airtable with more than 1,000 websites and apps using Zapier, Workato and
  • Email support and self-serve knowledge base are available

16. Kissflow

Best Work Management Software for Automating Your Workflows

Kissflow is the Best Work Management Software for Automating Your Workflows

More than 10,000 customers from over 160 countries trust Kissflow, the digital workplace platform which you can use to manage and track all of your work.

Main Features

  • Visual Workflows and Access Control: Use the easy visual workflow automation to design the path your data takes through the process, define responsibilities and visibility based on the user's role, level, and the nature of form data.
  • Fluid Forms: Easily design fully custom forms, customize form layouts, elements, and data sources.
  • Reports and Analytics: Use custom dashboards and reports to get key insights into workflow processes


Kissflow Pricing Plan

Basic, Advanced and Fully Loaded are the available Kissflow plans. 

The most popular and cheapest of the three plans is the Advanced plan which goes for $9.90 per month with all Basic plan features and advanced form fields, audit log and advanced integration.


  • Access to unlimited number of requests and workflows, and unlimited public forms on all plans
  • There is multilingual support for up to 12 languages
  • Availability of a free 14-day trial plan

17. HyperOffice

A Top Work Management Software That Provides Artificial Intelligence for Work Automation

HyperOffice is a Top Work Management Software That Provides Artificial Intelligence for Work Automation

HyperOffice, which was founded in 2004 and has served 2M users across 6 continents, allows you to automate and manage workflows with simple database apps.

Main Features

  • Workflow Automation Engine: Easily manage your process behaviors from assignments to notifications, calculations and process flow.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (AI and RPA): Eliminate repetitive manual effort by leveraging the A.I engine which automatically enters data based on rules, assigns tasks smartly and intelligently establishes relational connections between resources and allocations, people and tasks.
  • Scheduling and Booking: Schedule multiple resources, enable self-scheduling through public forms, and set availability for individual resources.


HyperOffice Pricing Plan

Hyperoffice offers four plans and they are Workmap Standard, Workmap Enterprise, Atlas and

The pricing cost for the workmap enterprise plan is not provided so you would have to contact them directly.


  • Availability of 24/7 support if you choose the Workmap Standard or Workmap Enterprise plan
  • Volume discounts for more than 100 users and 10% annual discount are available
  • Request a custom quote or take the 15-day free trial plan

18. Trello

An Affordable Team Management Software

Trello is an Affordable Team Management Software

Over 1,000,000 teams use Trello, a simple and visual way to manage projects and organize items and tasks.

Main Features

  • Workflows and Trello Cards: Quickly set up and customize workflow for any activity, from projects to events, manage, track and share each single part of your taak with teammates.
  • View: Organize work on a Trello board with lists and cards, do more with task assignments, timelines and productivity metrics.
  • Automation: Allow your team to focus on what really matters by leveraging the power of automation to reduce the number of tedious tasks.


Trello Pricing Plan

The free plan which covers features such as unlimited cards and members, 10 boards per workspace and unlimited power-ups per board should be sufficient for individuals and small teams. 

Otherwise, you can subscribe for any of the paid plans which are Standard, Premium and Enterprise if you want to access more features and capabilities from Trello. 


  • Integrate with lots of other useful apps, add a Power-Up to allow you adjust a specific need.
  • 2-factor authentication and unlimited activity log are available on all plans
  • Try out the Premium plan free for 14 days and get priority support on the Premium or Enterprise plan. 

Key Features of the Top Work Management Software

Here are 7 key features you should look for in any work management software that you want to choose.

1. Work Scheduling and Tracking

One of the foremost features that come with a top work management software is work scheduling and tracking capabilities.

Effective work management begins from seamless planning and scheduling of tasks and projects.

You should be able to plan all your workflows, tasks and projects according to the available resources, volume and time frame that you want. 

It also extends to breaking down your work into simpler subtasks which can be easily carried out. 

Work Scheduling and Tracking
Source: Asana

Organize, prioritize and track your work to ensure they are maximally performed based on whether criteria you choose.

This makes work management a lot easier for you and your employees.

2. Time Tracking

One thing about work management software is that it is not only concerned with helping you manage and perform your business work alone. 

It's also concerned with the ways, process, methodologies and the time frame in which every activity is carried out

This explains why time tracking is also another key feature that comes with a top work management software. 

You should be able to track every time spent from the beginning of a particular task or project to its successful completion or delivery.

This way, you would be able to evaluate the particular time necessary for each work and thereby plan accordingly. 

Also, a work management software with a good time tracking feature allows you to gauge your employees performance according to time spent on work and other factors.

3. Team Collaboration

The place of team collaboration in a work management software cannot be over emphasized. 

Your teammates can easily plan and collaborate together on tasks, projects and other critical business work. 

Communication is also another vital element of effective collaboration, encouraged with good work management software. 

Look for a work management software where teammates can easily share information and tasks, and get notified of the necessary updates. 

They should be able to comment on each work, visualize work progress and even add new team members easily.

4. Automation

A work management software allows you to automate business processes so your teammates can really focus on other critical business aspects that can drive business growth, increase sales and boost revenue. 

You can automate your workflows, receive important alerts and schedule processes automatically all with the automaton feature of a work management software. 

Easily design the paths that every business processes take from the beginning to the end without requiring any further special efforts on your part. 

Manual and repetitive tasks can be performed automatically which saves large amounts of time and resources, in the long run. 

5. Multiple Views

Do you want to track and visualize your data the way you want? 

Top work management software allows you to do this without stress. 

Whichever way or style you want to view your data whether in the form of column, table or even the popular Gantt style, work management software gives you lots of view options. 

Gantt Chart view in work management tools
Source: ProductPlan

You can switch between views, customize your timelines and columns easily.

6. Reporting and Dashboards

Reporting and dashboards is a key feature of most popular software like business intelligence and Kanban software, and the reason is not far-fetched. 

A business software that doesn't have a good reporting and dashboard feature makes it difficult to measure and evaluate the level of business progress.

Reporting, dashboard and data visualization are therefore equally important in work management software. 

IT project management report example
Source: Datapine

Most top work management software allow you to create customizable and shareable dashboards which represent important metrics and performance indicators. 

You also get regular reports which you can download or share with your preferred audience.

7. Good Integrations

When you are able to integrate with other business applications and tools, then you can boost efficiency and derive the maximum capabilities for your overall business growth. 

And the good news is that top management software allows you to do this, seamlessly. 

You can choose useful integrations from various categories like communication, accounting, sales and marketing for your work management software. 

Some software even have open APIs which you can use to build custom integrations.

Benefits of Using Work Management Software

There are countless benefits that you can derive from work management software for your business. 

However, here are the three major benefits you stand to gain if you start using a work management software today.

1. Increased Collaboration Between Teammates

One of the major benefits of using work management software is that it greatly increases and improves the level of collaboration between your teammates. 

The reason is because it allows you to manage all your data, projects, tasks, and virtually everything in a single platform without needing to switch from one tool to the other. 

A work management software also encourages effective communication between teammates and keeps everybody on the same page. 

Work management software allows your teammates to work as one with maximum efficiency and faster delivery of outputs.

This way, all hands would be on deck to ensure the successful completion of every important business activity.

2. Delegate and Execute Work Easily

Another top benefit of a work management software is that it allows you to delegate work to the necessary agent or team mate

You can know the employees who are currently available and thereby specify the work or function you want them to perform. 

Likewise, employees can see their assigned tasks and commence work immediately according to the specified period. 

In fact, work management software even allows you to send reminders and notifications to assignees so they can keep working on their assignments without getting distracted.

3. Great for Remote Work Management

If anything, the recent coronavirus pandemic has emphatically emphasized why remote work should be encouraged. 

Post pandemic period, most people now work from home and remote-enabling software like remote desktop software are now more common than ever. 

And a great advantage is that work management software also supports remote work and even does it better. 

Your employees can meet together digitally, collaborate on projects and perform business activities remotely and conveniently.


What is Work Management Software?

To better understand what a work management software is all about, picture the below-mentioned scenario. 

As a business, you possibly have many projects including tasks which you would like to be successfully accomplished. 

But the thing is that there are other tasks that are not necessarily projects and which you want to be performed as well. 

It could be as simple as answering business emails or sending out invoices to the necessary audience. 
Now you want a solution that will allow you to manage both your projects band and other non-projects tasks. 

Actually, what you need is a work management software. 

Most people confuse work management software with task management. 

Task management software only helps you to manage tasks but a work management software will allow you to organize, manage, visualize and  track all your business work whether they are projects, tasks or non-projects. 

It often comes with features such as advanced task management, time and resource management, Kanban boards, dashboards and reporting, file storage and sharing.

What is Work Management?

Work management refers to the system or strategy that you use to identify, schedule, plan, analyze, execute and manage business work

It encompasses every way by which you manage your workflows, workload and most times employees.

You can handle and manage all your processes, track work and project progress, assign tasks to team members, get regular updates and notifications on every work.

It doesn't stop there; it includes the management of other core business areas like resource, process, time, and client relationship.

To carry out work management effectively, you need a work management software.

How Much Does Good Work Management Software Cost?

One thing you should know is that the cost depends mainly on the deployment mode
For example, most work management software only offer cloud-based solutions while a few others still allow you to use it on-premises

So, for a cloud-based work management software, you would only pay on a subscription basis which includes monthly or yearly subscription payments. 

On the other hand, you might have to make a lifetime payment if you want an on-premises solution. 
Typically, a good cloud-based management software costs between $9 to $30 per user per month depending on the features and the particular vendor.

There are multiple plans with different prices which vary based on features and number of users.

The lifetime mode also has an average cost of $400 to $500.

Which Work Management Solution Should I Try?

Now you have seen different top management software, their features and the benefits you can derive from them.

And you are probably wondering somewhere in your mind, which software should I pick?

Well, the answer we have for you is that you should choose two or more software that provides the features that you need within your budget.

Then, take their free trial plans to know the one you are actually going to be sticking with.

Here is an outline of the major use cases of top work management software.

Go with any of them that satisfies your needs within the pricing range you can afford now and in the long-term. 
Use a work management software today and you would wish you had done so, a long time ago.

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