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28 Best Task Management Software for Teams of 2021

Discover the best task management software, online collaboration software, and project management software tools to improve team productivity.

Best Task Management Software for Teams

With a little help from the right task management software, you can improve the productivity of your team and help them complete projects faster without wasting time and resources. 

These days, there are several workflow management tools for managing project processes and staying on top of daily tasks. 

In this article, we will go over some of such task management software for managing your personal and business projects and tasks. 

Most projects involve more than one person with each person performing individual tasks towards accomplishing a common goal. Therefore, many project management software tools often double as collaboration tools. 

Listed below are some of the best options with all the features you need to manage, organize and automate processes and improve team collaboration and overall performance. 

You will find a review of these tools, how they work, and how they can help transform your business process so you can start doing more with less.

This comprehensive guide will help you find the most suitable task management tool based on the unique needs of your business, team, or organization. 

What is the Best Task Management Software? 

1. Monday.com.

Best Workflow Management Platform To Improve Team Productivity.

Monday.com Best Workflow Management Platform To Improve Team Productivity

Monday.com is a cloud-based project-management and team task management tool designed to simplify how teams communicate and manage their workload. 

This tool has the feel of a highly customized worksheet and features boards where users log the tasks that they need to complete. The status of these tasks, due date, and other relevant information can be updated regularly on the boards. 

You get a clear view of where team members are on any task at any point in time with this software. 

The boards are color-coded for clarity and organized in a way that one can easily track the relationship between individual assignments. This gives project managers an overview of the state of assignments at any given time. 

Teams can also pass tasks from one person to the other hand and balance out workloads when there is a need for it without any confusion. 

Boards can be designed from scratch. But there are ready-to-use templates that you can explore and customize for a wide range of tasks. 

This software has a simple and attractive interface which makes it fairly easy to use. Communications on Monday.com boards are called pulses and these include comments, file attachments, or messages to specific team members or groups. Members get real-time notifications as pulses are added to each task. 

Monday.com is best suited for real-time conversations.You can add comments, reply to messages and mention a team member directly using the @ symbol to call their attention. 

An advanced search feature makes it possible to filter through updates on assignments, find images, attachments, and other details easily with no date or time limit. 

A client invitation feature allows you to invite clients as guests to check task progress. The platform supports a long list of integrations including over 36 other apps that your team can use on projects. 

It also features a list of pre-configured automation features that can be enabled and further customized based on the details of your work. These allow you to automate the process of sending notifications, changing board status, or setting recurring tasks..


Pricing of Monday.com

Monday.com offers a free trial period that lasts for 14 days. No credit card is required for registration.

Pricing after the expiration of the trial depends on the size of your team, time frame, and tier or service. The basic plan begins at $24/month while a pro plan costs about $48 per month. 


Project plan example
  • All of your team tasks in the same place 
  • Colors and board placements make visualization easy 
  • Intuitive interface that is well-organized for communication
  • Excellent integration with tools you already use 

2. ClickUp.

Online Collaboration Software With The Best Free Plan.

ClickUp Online Collaboration Software With The Best Free Plan

ClickUp features process management tools that help you to manage tasks seamlessly. You can create simple and complex to-do lists for your tasks and set milestones for each task on the list 

You can also plan your events, create timeline and schedules with the app’s calendar view which can be synced to tools you already use like Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple. 

Create reminders that can be easily converted to tasks to be delegated or set to repeat (for tasks that you perform regularly). 

Create reminders that can be easily converted to tasks to be delegated or set to repeat

There’s a Timeline feature for planning and managing workflow processes so that everyone on your team knows what they are working on at any point in time. 

You can comment on workflows to assign new tasks. Team members can also mark tasks as done when they finish them. 

Migrate “projects” from Google sheets or “Bases” from Airtable into the ClickUp app and edit them within the app. 

ClickUp lets you put all the details of your conversations and emails related to your projects in one place. You can conveniently create documents, and knowledge bases regarding your project to make them easy to follow. 

Set Objectives and Key Results for every project and use these OKRs to align team activities. Progress on time-bound projects can be tracked in real-time thanks to schedule management features like calendars, project timeline features, Gantt charts, and milestone tracking.

Inbox messaging and real-time chat features for conversations about your tasks and projects. Chats can include emojis, attachments, and links. You can also capture images and share video recordings in your conversations. 

Information about projects on the app can be synced to your Google calendar and tasks can be tracked based on the project timeline and due date. 


Pricing of clickup

ClickUp has a free pricing plan that covers most of the essential features of the app including 100MB of storage space, unlimited tasks, and unlimited users. The paid tier is an unlimited plan that is priced at $5 per user per month.


  • Create and edit tasks with slash commands 
  • Offline mode for managing the app from any device anytime and anywhere 
  • Reporting and collaboration features that make team projects possible. 
  • Referral programs give you credit for referring friends to use the app 

3. Wrike.

The Most Flexible Online Collaboration Software for Convenient Project Management.

Wrike The most flexible collaboration software for convenient project management

Wrike’s simple 3-pane layout gives you a complete view of all your important data on-screen at the same time. This includes the project hierarchy on the left pane. the task lists on the middle pane and details of each task on the right pane. 

In addition to visualizing projects and tasks, you can also prioritize tasks, assign them to team members, monitor progress, and request updates on tasks directly from this 3-pane view. 

Wrike boards can be customized so you can choose to see only the things you wish to view. You can manage daily tasks easily and prioritize them using simple drag and drop to assign tasks as either “New”, “In Progress”, or “Completed”. 

Set tasks and overall project timelines with highly interactive Gantt Charts. You can view all the tasks you are working on, their schedule, and how they affect each other all from the same easily adjustable board. 

The folders feature helps you to sort and share project data seamlessly. You can assign items to different folders without risking duplication. Folders are assigned tags which makes it easier to find project related items when you need them. 

Team engagement features like Activity Streams help to see what every team member is up to at any instant. @mentions will help you engage team members or call their attention to specific issues on task discussions 


To suit the specific needs of businesses and organizations, Wrike offers 5 pricing plans as well as a free trial. Teams of up to five users can make use of the free plan. 

Bigger teams can use either the professional plan with a maximum of 15 users (priced at $9.80/user per month) or the Business plan for up to 200 users (priced at 24.80/user per month). Contact the vendor for a customized enterprise plan. 


  • Keep all your work in the same place 
  • Easy-to-use navigation 
  • Excellent security features to control access and protect information and files in the online database 
  • Enterprise-grade audit reports to track both individual and group activities

4. Teamwork.

Fast and Easy-to-use Project Management Software.

Teamwork Fast and Easy to use Project Management Software

Teamwork is a versatile project management and online collaboration software that is quite easy to use but still robust enough with features that help maximize the project management process. 

When working with teams, Teamwork Workload features allows you to get a quick overview of everyone’s assigned tasks and the capacity of each member of your team. This way you can allocate resources, assign and reassign tasks effectively to ensure efficient delivery of projects at the right time. 

Track the time spent on projects and specific tasks using the time logging feature. There is also an invoicing tool that allows you to automatically create invoices based on the billable time logs on projects. 

Visualize projects and their details in various ways with Teamwork’s range of project visualization tools. The Gantt chart allows you to view projects as they are broken down into tasks and sub-task each with assigned due dates. 

Kanban board view helps you to map out project processes as workflows with features that allow you to monitor the real-time status of tasks. 

Tags can be used to group everything on Teamwork into specific categories. These tags help users to find information quickly and efficiently when combined with filters. 

Save time and scale team projects faster with Teamwork’s ready-to-use templates available for a wide range of team processes. You can also build from scratch or customize templates to your specific needs. 

Teamwork’s ready to use templates

Deliver a collaborative experience for your clients with Teamwork’s Client-User feature. This feature allows you to bring your clients on-board on ongoing projects for a deeper and more productive business relationship. 


Pricing of Teamwork

Teamwork offers a free plan with limited projects and team members but still enough tools to help you get started on managing small team projects.

There is a pro plan and a premium plan as well priced at $10 and $18 per month respectively. You can also get on the enterprise plan with solutions tailored to your specific needs. 


  • Organize projects, teams, and resources faster and with greater ease 
  • Streamlines communication within teams and with customers 
  • Offers advanced features for handling complex projects but still suitable for small projects too.
  • Manage multiple projects with ease 

5. Kintone.

Best All-in-one Task Management Software.

Kintone Best All in one Task Management Software

Kintone is an all-in-one business solution applicable for a wide range of use cases. It serves as a data storage and management platform. Kintone can also be used to create custom business apps based on the specific needs of your business. 

Create and implement real-time workflows with the workflow management tool. You can also edit and make changes to workflows without coding skills. Workflows allow you to assign tasks and pass them along to team members. 

Workflows can be fully automated and automatic notifications are sent to team members regarding assignments and upcoming project deadlines. 

Kintone is a centralized collaboration and communication platform

Kintone is a centralized collaboration and communication platform for your team. Hold project-specific conversations and discuss topics with threads. Team members can comment on threads or send private messages to one another. 

Personalize the sales experience for your customers and prospective customers throughout your sales funnel with the Kintone custom CRM tool

The report and analytics features give you valuable insights and statistics for an in-depth overview of your business processes. 

With Kintone, all your data are on a single platform where they are easily accessible. 

You can find anything you need from your database using the advanced search feature and data filters. You can also customize or restrict user access to your business data.


Pricing of Kintone

Pricing for Kintone starts at $24 per user per month. There is no free version but Kintone offers a 30-days free trial to help you get a feel of the app features. The app’s functionality can be further expanded with add-ons. There is an enterprise plan with customizable features as well. 


  • Create and deploy workflows within minutes with no coding skills required 
  • Intuitive dashboard with tools that allow you to monitor key aspects of your business process. 
  • Seamlessly convert excel sheets into business apps, project reports, or business inventory without coding.

6. Smartsheet.

Most Easily Adaptable Sheets For Team Collaborations.

Smartsheet Most Easily Adaptable Sheets For Team Collaborations

Smartsheet is a cloud-based enterprise team management and project management software. This tool can also be used for crowdsourcing, tracking sales pipelines among other things. It also has tools for teams to collaborate on tasks. 

Smartsheet has the feel and ease-of-use of a regular spreadsheet combined with a visual timeline for managing project schedules. This familiarity makes it easily adaptable for teams with additional features and customization.

Activity logs allow you to see which actions have been executed, who executed them, and when they were carried out. This improves transparency and accountability. Logs can be filtered by the type of action, date, and collaborators. 

Smartsheet Capabilities

The calendar view keeps all team members in sync with critical timelines, team schedules, and key milestones. The calendar syncs and can be overlayed on familiar scheduling tools like Google Calendar or iCal. 

The file attachment feature helps to keep all your project-related files in one place. Files can be imported from Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage solutions and attached to individual project rows to keep information in context. 

Use document builder to generate custom PDFs from rows of your sheet using intuitive drag and drop into a fillable PDF format. 

Card view lets you organize tasks items in a way that makes it easy to visualize projects, prioritize work, and act on them together as a team. 

Use Gnatt's view to visualize the critical path, summary path, and driving path of your project to see how past and present tasks and subtasks affect the project timeline. 

The platform has extensive admin control tools to manage who can access or manage what. You can also set audit, ownership, and user access for specific users. 

In Smartsheet, you can manipulate data and perform calculations with a dozen common formulas and functions. Cross sheet formula feature makes it possible to reference data from other sheets 

Automate relevant repetitive processes with alerts, recurring workflows, and conditional paths. You can also request task progress updates and set deadline reminders. 


Pricing of Smartsheet

Smartsheet offers 3 pricing plans. The individual plan is priced at $14 per user per month which is billed annually. The business plan gives you access to more features including more sheets, unlimited reports, and dashboards. The Enterprise plan can be customized to the specific needs of your business. 


  • Versatile and customizable sheets and dashboard adaptable to the needs of different teams and departments. 
  • The software's familiar interface makes the software easy to use
  • Powerful resource management tool for business 
  • Automate processes and actions with simple rules; no coding or complex formulas required. 

7. MeisterTask.

Most Robust Task Management Software For Seamless Teamwork.

MeisterTask Most Robust Task Management Software For Seamless Teamwork

MeisterTask’s Kanban-styled dashboard allows you to manage your project tasks in the most visually engaging way possible. You can create projects and workflows that show the current status of your project with tasks to be completed as you move through the workflow. 

You can either make use of any of the software’s predefined workflow or create customized workflows that suit the specific needs of you and your team. 

Break large and complex tasks into smaller chunks by creating multiple checklists and tasks within tasks to make your projects more manageable. MeisterTask’s in-built time tracking feature helps to keep projects on track and maintain team accountability and focus. 

Most group tasks are dependent on each other. Define task relationships and visualize task dependencies including how tasks are related to each other and what tasks are duplicated, or blocked by other tasks. 

Interdependent work flow in kanban board

You can also set notifications to alert teammates when dependent tasks are resolved. 

MeisterTask is a versatile tool for team communication as it acts as a central hub for uploading, downloading, and sharing project-related files. You can also discuss topics & ideas with members of your team right in the app. 

One-time setup for members for recurring tasks on your to-do list means you don’t ever have to set them up from scratch again. The app has several other automation features for assigning tasks, moving tasks, tracking tasks, updating task tags, and due dates among others. 


Pricing of meistertask

The basic plan with all the simple task management features is available free of charge. There are Pro and Business plans as well priced at $4.19 and $10.39 per month (to be paid annually).

The enterprise plan can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. You also get a free trial period to help you get a feel of all the features of MeisterTask.


  • Extensive integration with popular business and productivity apps 
  • Flexible project boards that are easily adaptable to your preferred workflow
  • Project boards and projects are visible to all team members 
  • Easily set and visualize task dependencies 

8. Paymo.

Paymo Full featured Workflow Management Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Paymo offers task management, time tracking, team management, and invoicing tools for handling project management tasks. The versatile nature of this tool helps to eliminate the need for multiple apps and software tools for managing workflow. 

Achieve your goals by taking measured steps managed with time-saving project templates and workflows, milestone alerts, charts, and boards for monitoring and scheduling activities in real-time. 

With Paymo, you can easily break complex projects and processes into smaller manageable chunks using task lists and subtasks with due dates and milestones set for each project. Kanban-styled modules help to easily organize all your activities. 

Paymo’s team scheduling tool can be used to visualize how members of your team are booked for work and what they are working on at any point in time. 

It can also serve as a worker leave management tool thanks to the inbuilt leave planner. 

With Paymo, tracking the time spent on projects and billing clients has never been easier. You get multiple timesheet views with automatic time tracking that allows you to monitor time spent and activities on projects. 

Combine all of these with other data types from your project and you can easily create estimates and multilingual invoices for clients. Paymo also has a tool for receiving online payments directly with the invoices you create. 

Tool for receiving online payments directly with the invoices you create.


Paymo is a robust tool that is ideal for small and medium businesses that are still in their growth phase. There is a small office plan specifically for these growing businesses priced at $9.95 per user per month. 

Larger teams can go for the full-featured business plan priced at $15.95/user per month. There is a 15-day unlimited free trial to help get a feel of all the app’s feature before you make your decision 


  • Paymo has a multilingual feature with more than 18 languages across 50 countries of the world 
  • Team task management, time tracking, and customer invoicing all on the same software 
  • Milestone alerts for people that do a lot of multitasking or have a tendency to forget things 
  • Desktop, mobile and online time tracking features

9. ProjectManager.

Best Online Project Management Tool for All Industries.

ProjectManager Best online project management tool for all industries

This highly versatile cloud-based project management software combines project planning, scheduling, and team collaboration on a single platform. 

From the software’s simple dashboard you can create projects, plan and schedule individual tasks associated with them. There are also tools for allocating business assets and resources. 

Managers and team leaders can track project progress in real-time using a variety of tools like Kanban boards, Gantt Charts, and intuitive dashboards. 

Customized project reports allow you to gain insights about your project portfolio. The report provides an overview of the current status of your project, schedule start and end dates, prepare budgets, and so on. 

Customized project reports allow you to gain insights about your project portfolio

Data can be exported to create offline reports that can be sent to stakeholders. 

Use the roadmap feature to get an overview of your projects across a single timeline. This allows you to see when each project is scheduled to begin and end. 

Progress dashboards let you assign tasks and track the progress of team members using vital project metrics. You can create a profile for each team member which includes their skills, labor cost, and other details. 

Additionally, it is possible to create integrated timesheets that track time spent on tasks and generate time reports automatically to ensure team accountability and transparency. 

Create integrated timesheets

Alerts and automation tools help to keep project deadlines in sight at all times. Team members will be notified of impending deadlines and they also get email alerts when comments are made on projects. 


Pricing of Projectmanager

After a 30-days free trial of this software, you can choose between four pricing plans based on the size of your business and the features you need. The personal plan costs $15 per user per month. Team plans are priced at $20/user per month while the business plan costs $25. Pricing for the enterprise plan is available by quote. 


  • Real-time dashboard to monitor and control everything 
  • In-depth reporting tools for advanced metrics like variance reports and detailed project reports 
  • Versatile tool with full customization based on your needs. 
  • Complete project management platform for everything from project planning to reporting 

10. ProofHub.

All-in-one Planning and Project Management Software. 

Proofhub All in one planning and project management software

This software promises all the tools you need to plan, collaborate on projects, organize, execute, and deliver on projects, all in one place. 

Work faster with ProofHub while keeping members of your teams updated, maintaining a deadline, and ensuring that your clients are always kept in the loop. 

Managers are always in full control over teams and projects with this tool and its powerful features. 

Decide what others can have access to by setting custom roles for each team member. Managers can also set IP restrictions and create special lists for private projects. 

Team members can filter tasks and view only the things they want to see with the “me-view” feature. Take meeting minutes and keep all your ideas in one place with the software’s note feature.

The proofing tool makes it easy to collaborate with others on designs and documents. It has markup tools for annotating files and threaded comments make it possible to reply to comments. You can also mark comments as done after attending to them. 

Create your own workflows with clearly defined goals and project phases using Kanban boards. 

You can also automate processes by setting recurring tasks and automatic reminders to notify you of important updates. 

task progress and burn up charts
Source: proofhub.com 

ProofHub is also a communication tool for teams with plenty of robust features. You can send messages, share files, leave comments on tasks, and even @mention specific users to get their attention on projects. 


ProofHub uses a simple flat-pricing plan with two packages. The essential plan is priced at a flat rate of $50 per month while the Ultimate Control plan costs $99 per month. There is a 14-day free trial with access to all of the software’s features. 


  • Clear team communication with streamlined feedback systems 
  • Keep an eye on everything going on with reports and real-time charts 
  • Create custom roles for clients and grant access to allow them to see what they need to see 
  • The mobile app ensures mobility and real-time access from anywhere and on all devices

11. TeamGrid.

Smart Project Management App for Agencies and Small Businesses.

Teamgrid Smart project management app for companies of every size

Teamgrid is a smart project management software that comes with all the features you need for the day-to-day management of your projects and business processes. 

This app features a simple but beautiful interface that serves as your workspace for organized workflow management. TeamGrid task boards are designed to be very easy to follow. 

This platform is suitable for agile project management. You can coordinate both in-house and customer projects using the software’s long list of features. 

Both personal and team task management is made easy with TeamGrid as it allows you to assign tasks, organize and track them using an intuitive drag-n-drop feature

TeamGrid is a versatile tool for planning projects. You get a fully customizable task board for every task. 

Fully customizable task board for every task.

This software is also a smart budgeting tool that you can use to calculate and set one-time or recurring budgets for every project while monitoring progress and gaining insights as your project progresses.

This software also doubles as a business analytics tool for measuring how your business is performing in real-time using over 100 data points and vital metrics. 

You can do a cost analysis, calculate the revenue generated in real-time, and analyze the profitability of individual members of your team with this tool.

Telephone integration makes it possible to monitor phone calls to see which members of your team are on a call, the customer they are on with, and how much time is spent on the phone to bill accordingly. 

TeamGrid’s smart scheduling feature automatically tracks task progress and calculates how much time it will take to complete the project. 

The smart assistant feature also gives you insights on how you can complete projects faster and solve other project-related problems based on available metrics. 


Pricing of teamgrid

Pricing for TeamGrid begins at $6 per user/month for the starter plan. The professional plan is best suited for managing in-house projects and is priced at $13 per user/month. Big companies and agencies are better off with the business package which costs $18 per user/month. 


  • Everything you need for agile project management
  • Business analytics tool automatically generates KPIs for measuring and projecting team performance and consequent business results 
  • Budget, sales, and business cost calculation tool 
  • Call monitoring feature 

12. Nifty PM.

Best Workflow Collaboration Software for Managing Projects and Team Communications. 

Nifty PM Best Workflow Collaboration Software for Managing Projects and Team Communications.

Cut the clutter and start using one powerful app for your team communication, task management, documentation, and team organization. 

NIfty PM is a cloud-based collaboration tool with core features that help to align team activities, help you complete projects faster, and improve the process of progress reporting. 

Apart from facilitating team collaboration, Nifty Discussions makes it easier for team members to share ideas, and get feedback from others on their team. 

Discussions are organized into threads and can be transformed into real-life actions converting messages into tasks.

Discussions are organized into threads and can be transformed into  real life actions converting messages into tasks

There is a Direct Messaging feature on this app for team communication outside projects. 

You can also create collaborative documents related to the project and communicate with anyone viewing your documents with notes and annotations. 

Launching a document from the project discussions board automatically invites members to the discussion

Project Views allows you to see how your project is moving forward with initiatives, milestones, sprints, and project phases. This helps to align your teams by clarifying project objectives. 

Take a deep dive into the project pathway and learn more about the real-time status of your project by viewing tasks associated with each milestone in Detail View. 

 Real Time status of project

Improve team productivity by allowing each team member to log and track their own time spent on tasks. The Team View and Time Tracking tool also makes it easier for managers to organize workload so that no one is overwhelmed. 


Pricing of Nifty-PM

Nifty’s starter plan is priced at $39 monthly for 10 members. The starter plan includes all the core features of the app. 

You can get access to the pro features at $79 per month. You can add up to 25 members to the pro plan and you get 500GB of storage space. 

The business plan costs $124 per month for even bigger teams of up to 50 members. The enterprise plan is fully customizable to your business needs.

There is a free 7-days trial period after which you can decide to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan. 


  • Manage team workloads seamlessly and boost productivity 
  • Workflow collaboration hub for keeping all your project team members in the loop at all times
  • File sharing from local files, Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Seamlessly import projects, task, files, and teams from other project management app in minutes 

13. Backlog.

Best Project and Code Management Software for Developers.

Backlog Best Project Management Software for Developers

Backlog is designed specifically for managing, organizing, and automating the software development process. 

It is a very versatile tool and this makes it quite adaptable for the diverse team composition required to deploy software. Designers, developers, and clients can collaborate on a single platform with this software. 

With this software, the process of tracking bugs and issues during the software development process is a lot easier. Reports are generated automatically when bugs are found and directed to the person assigned to handle them for quick and efficient resolution. 

Create your own repository right within Backlog using Git. Visual tools like Gantt Charts, Git graphs, and burndown charts can be used to monitor progress and project milestones efficiently. 

Collaborating on codes can be difficult without the right tools. Backlog makes it possible to pick up right where the last developer stopped. You can easily track changes across the codes. 

Collaborate with everyone under one tool

Comments can also be added inline with codes and team members can be invited to discuss or make changes to codes

Create informative wikis that will serve as valuable knowledge-base for team members to help share information and collaborate on projects. Members of a team will be able to download and edit.

Backlog is quite secure with security measures like IP restrictions and user access controls in place. 


Pricing of Backlog

Backlog’s free plan allows you to add up to 10 users to one project. For more projects and larger teams, you will have to go for any of the paid plans. The Starter, Standard, and. 

Premium plans are priced at $35, $75, and $135 respectively with additional features. There is a free 30-day trial period for this software 


  • Mobile app and web-based platform make the software accessible from anywhere 
  • Organized and efficient bug tracking and issue reporting system 
  • Create teams seamlessly and set access for team members based on their assigned roles
  • Efficient tool for planning and tracking projects 

14. Accelo.

Best App to Keep Projects Flowing With Automation That Works.

Accelo Best App to Keep Projects Flowing With Automation That Works

More than just project management, Accelo is a service operation automation tool that helps you to manage your business and client operations all in the same place. 

This software is a multifaceted business solution that can be used to run client services and as a CRM and project management tool. 

Accelo helps you to do more than just plan and collaborate on projects. You get tools for managing your project schedule, preparing your budget, and allocating resources in real-time. 

Automate processes by using workflows to drive actions like invoicing, time approval, and project notifications. 

You also get access to time tracking tools like email timing, automated timesheets, and task-based time management accessible from all platforms. 

Assign and split tasks within your team or collaborate with members of another team member on the versatile task management board. 

The board lets everyone see what they need to do in real-time and how the current status of their tasks reflect on the overall project. 

Set automated triggers for recurring tasks and processes using flexible and powerful rules. Task creation, email scheduling, and other activities can be set on repeat to be triggered by specific activities. 

Accelo also makes collaboration with clients possible. You can share the progress of your projects and get them reviewed by clients quickly through the client portal. Tasks can be approved and comments can be added to review tasks. 

It also features a flexible quote creator tool for creating quotes that are connected to your project delivery cycles. Quotes can be customized with text descriptions, image content and other details added. 


Accelo has different packages based on how you intend to use the app. There are Project, Sales, Retainers, and Services packages all priced at $39 each. You can also go for the All-in-One ServOps package if you want all of these features. 


  • Complete all-in-one systems for managing all your client work 
  • Collaboration tools that make cross-location and cross-team collaboration possible 
  • Reduce time spent on recurring projects with triggers and other automation tools 
  • Realtime visibility to improve project planning, scheduling, tracking, and reporting 
  • Automated ticketing, sales, and quotes management 

15. Taskworld.

Best Visual Task Management & Planning Software.

Taskworld Best Visual Task Management & Planning Software

Taskworld makes it possible to create, assign, and organize tasks by transforming abstract ideas into active and productive tasks. 

Big tasks can be broken down into smaller checklists with subtasks that can be assigned separately. Similarly, you can group related tasks into task lists to standardize your team’s workflow

All tasks are managed from a single shared collaboration workspace and sorted with tags and labels that make them easy to filter. 

Use Taskworld’s automated templates to quickly organize project workflows. Projects can be displayed in your preferred way using timelines, boards, tables, or calendar views. This way you can visualize and track progress easily. 

Taskworld’s automated templates

Privacy settings allow you to set projects to either public or private based on the nature of the tasks. This tool has both public and private channels for team communications. 

Keep all conversations in context by adding comments, sharing updates, and adding file attachments on specific tasks. @mentions can be used to notify specific team members of messages specifically for them. 

Burnup charts, burndown charts, and progress bars allow you to visualize how much work is left to be done on a project and track your task completion rate. 

There is an interactive dashboard to monitor workspace activity. You can also combine filters in various ways to get specific insights and data across your projects.

Taskworld integrates with your email. You can create tasks directly from your mail without opening up the app. You also get email notifications and you can send and reply to messages directly from your mail inbox. 


Pricing of Taskworld

Teamworld’s Professional plan is priced at $10/user per month. The Business plan is best suited for larger teams that work with external suppliers, partners, and vendors. It costs $22 per user per month. 

The enterprise plan features additional security options and support. Pricing for this package is customized based on your request. 


  • Join workflows as a guest and follow projects even when you are not assigned directly to them.
  • Track time spent on individual tasks and get a complete log of activities on every project 
  • Stay updated on team performance with real-time reporting and feedbacks 
  • Powerful tool for visualizing project timelines and anticipate bottlenecks and other potential problems before they occur

16. Airtable.

Flexible and Mobile-friendly Workflow Management Solution.

Airtable Flexible and Mobile friendly Workflow Management Software

Airtable is a database management software for teams and organizations but it also comes equipped with collaboration and organization functionalities. It serves as a centralized system where you can organize your ideas, content, records, and projects. 

This app feels and functions like your typical spreadsheet. But it does more than a spreadsheet. 

There are several advanced features including relational database capabilities. This means data stored on one database on Airtable can be accessed from another database quite seamlessly.

Spreadsheets in Airtable are referred to as Bases. Airtable also has database sharing functionality and it is possible to configure the level of information access or data alteration that the person you are sharing the data with can execute.

gantt chart example

Bases can include everything from texts, numbers, file attachments, long notes, photos, checkboxes, and even barcodes. 

Bases in Airtable are easier to sort, filter, and rearrange compared to regular spreadsheets. 

By using simple drag and drop, you can rearrange rows and columns and change the order of records stored in a table. Fields can also be hidden so they only display the information you need them to show. 

Another of the app’s interesting features is the possibility of collaborating directly on the bases. Multiple users can add comments, create notes, and share or discuss ideas within the bases. 

Help your team work faster with automation tools like automated tasks and custom notifications. You can also set triggers for automatic tasks and actions. 

The capabilities of this software can be easily extended using any of the 50 pre-built apps on the marketplace. You can also create your own apps based on your specific business needs and requirements. 

Pricing of Airtable


This software has a free to use package suitable for teams of all sizes. However, there are paid plans with additional features as well including additional storage space and client support. The plus plan is priced at $10 while the Pro plan costs $20 per user per month. 


  • The Similarity with spreadsheets makes the app easy to use 
  • Information in one database can be accessed from another one.
  • Rich input fields and data types 
  • Bases can be configured based on your preference for a perfect view 

17. Quixy.

Best Online Collaboration Software for No-code App Development.

Quixy Best Online Collaboration Software for No code App Development

Quixy is a virtual workflow automation tool that also doubles as an app builder for building apps for managing business processes with no coding skills.

And you don’t even have to build from scratch. For faster processes, Quixy has a library of ready-made workflow apps, and templates to optimize a wide range of common processes across various industries. 

As a no-code app development platform, you can easily build custom applications to solve the unique challenges of your business and bring ideas to life in no time. 

There is a drag-and-drop tool for building user interfaces for your Quixy no-code apps. Your apps can be made more robust with a customized menu and advanced features like forms and subforms, grid controls, calculated fields, and so on. 

Possibilities in Quixy

Data tables and functions are a few of the advanced functionalities of the software. These make it possible to store numbers, images, documents, and other data types on the app. Inputted data can be manipulated using CRUD operations 

Data from various apps built on the platform and data tables can be combined in different ways to generate reports that give you a comprehensive overview of your operations 

Quixy features automation tools that help to speed up business processes. You can set task notifications and reminders for the next phase in your workflow or make use of any of the other action buttons on the pending task dashlet to optimize processes


Pricing of Quixy

There is a 21-days free trial for this app to get a feel of the features. Quixy offers a three-tiered pricing plan. 

The Solution plan serves you an all-in-one solution with features designed to solve specific needs. This plan is billed at $500 monthly. The Platform Package costs $10 per month and there is an enterprise plan as well. 


  • Accessible anywhere from various devices including browsers 
  • Workflows and apps can be fully customized to your needs 
  • User-friendly visual workflow interface 
  • Open API integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools 

18. Any.do.

Best Personal To-do-list app With Team Project Management Capabilities.

Any.do Best Personal To do list app With Team Project Management capabilities

Any.do is more of a personal scheduling app than an enterprise tool for project management. 

Any.do calendar view gives you an overview of all your scheduled events and tasks for a given time period and allows you to set reminders for these tasks appropriately so you don’t miss anything. 

Schedule your day, week, or month with to-do lists that actually work. You can create tasks and subtasks, add due dates to them, and set up reminders and alerts to make sure you actually do these tasks. 

Tasks can be organized visually with color tags to define dependencies and make them easy to find. Labels, notes, and attachments can be added to tasks as well to give them context. 

The daily planner helps you plan your day and prioritize your tasks. Review all your assigned tasks for the day and choose to commit to them or defer any of the tasks accordingly using the app’s Moment feature. 

Location reminders allow you to set reminders that are triggered when you get to a particular location. This allows you to set associate tasks to places you want to execute them. 

organize your tasks, listt, and reminders

Apart from creating personal to-do-lists, Any.do also makes productive collaboration possible. You can use this tool to coordinate team projects by sharing lists and assigning tasks to each individual.

Track the progress of team projects and discuss ideas with other members of your team using the chat feature. 


Pricing of Any.do

Any.do has a free plan as well as paid premium packages. The Individual plan is priced at $59.99 per year while the Team plan costs $4.99 per user per month. 

While the free plan is quite robust it has some strict limitations. You will not be able to integrate with other services and the collaboration tools are quite limited as well. 

For these features and more you have to go for the paid plans depending on your needs 


  • Beautiful interface that can be further customized based on your preferences 
  • You can set daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly recurring tasks with reminders on this app 
  • The cross-platform app is available for nearly all devices and platforms 
  • Create tasks and reminders with just Whatsapp messages in natural language 

19. Asana.

Best Task Management Tool for Big Projects.

Asana Best Task Management Tool for Big projects

Asana’s List View lets you organize tasks and assign them accordingly. You can create lists that show team members what they need to do along with the due date and the priority of each task. 

Follow your project progress with Timeline. See how tasks have been working out over time and how all your tasks fit together. 

You can also view and manage dependent projects, see overlapping tasks, and manage unscheduled or unassigned tasks appropriately.

Example of to do's, lists, and tasks
Source: https://luna1.co/7c29c0.png

Asana Boards are designed to help teams focus on ongoing projects. Each stage of the project is clearly defined on boards and you can easily find bottlenecks and other potential problems and get them fixed on-time. 

Keep your work on-track with real-time charts, task status, and other visual highlights. You can use Asana to create workflows and customize them to fit the needs of your team. 

Streamline the way you manage work and other processes with Asana Forms. Asana also makes it easier for managers to manage team workflows so no one on your team is overworked. 

Salesforce for Asana helps your sales team to close deals faster by improving team collaborations which helps to break down vital information silos. 

The best part is that you don’t have to start anything from scratch. The software already offers a range of easy-to-use templates for common processes. Templates can be easily customized to your workflow. 


Pricing of Asana

Asana pricing is simple and straightforward. There is a free basic plan for individuals and teams with all the core features for project and workflow management and team collaborations. 

The premium and business plans have additional features for teams and companies and are priced at $10.99 and $24.99 per user per month. 

For additional security, support, and other customized solutions you can request a quote for the enterprise plan


  • Over 100 integrations with popular tools you already use 
  • Transform common processes into ready-to-use templates in an instant 
  • Privacy settings and security controls to manage how team information is shared and who can see what 
  • Streamline processes and reduce error with automation tools 

20. Todoist.

Todoist Most Popular To do List App

Arguably one of the most popular to-do software around, Todoist comes with many great features that promise to boost both personal and team productivity. It is a great way to keep tasks and schedule organized and set deadlines for them. 

Todoist helps you start each day with a clear overview of your activities and important tasks for the day. You can add new tasks quickly, set up recurring tasks, and organize all your tasks in just a few clicks. 

Keep key tasks and projects in mind with labels and filters. You can also set tasks as favorites to prioritize them or highlight important tasks of the day. 

Todoist ensures that your projects are neatly organized with sections and sub-tasks for each project. 

Todoist ensures that your projects are neatly organized with sections and sub tasks for each project.
Source: todoist.com

Share the workload of tasks on your to-do-list by delegating project sub-tasks to collaborators on your team. 

Comments can be added to tasks and projects and you get notifications when team members complete a task or comment on a project. 

Track progress on projects with Todoist visualization tools. You can set trends and goals for the day or week and get rewarded with Todoist Karma points when you achieve set goals. 

Progress on tasks is displayed as color-coded charts for easy tracking. 


Pricing of todoist

Todoist offers three-tiered pricing depending on your budget and the unique needs of your business. There is a free plan for starters as well as a Premium plan for professionals and a Business plan for teams priced at $3 and $5 per user per month respectively. 

Everyone gets a 30 days free trial to help you get a feel of all the features and decide on which ones meet your business needs best. 


  • Project templates to help you get started quickly 
  • Tools for prioritizing tasks so you can focus your efforts on the things that truly matter 
  • Intuitive boards with a simple and easy-to-understand layout 
  • Up to 10 apps and plugins and integration with the tools you already use 

21. Flow.

 The Best Modern Task Management Software.

Flow The Best Modern Task Management Software

Flow combines tasks and project management, timelines, and team conversations on a single easy-to-use platform. 

In Flow, tasks are organized into lists, calendar view, and Kanban boards. You can switch easily between these modes to see more info about how your projects are progressing. 

Populate project details by setting due dates, adding notes, and file attachments to your new project. You can also set tasks as recurring and choose how often these recurring tasks will repeat. 

Teammates can be mentioned specifically to get their attention. 

Teammates can be mentioned specifically to get their attention.

Make sure every task has an owner by delegating or assigning tasks. It is also possible to follow tasks you are not directly assigned to for updates and progress. Tasks can be filtered based on the project details or who it has been assigned to. 

Team timelines make it possible to see the connection between individual projects and tasks. You can also make use of the Team calendar view to visualize and schedule tasks that make up your project. 

Flow offers more than one thousand integrations with apps for file storage, time-tracking, sales pipelines, developer tools among others. 


Pricing of flow

Flow’s basic plan offers all the essentials to get a small team or business running. This plan costs $6 per user per month. The Plus plan costs $8 and grants you full API access and all of the app’s integrations. 

The Pro plan grants you access to all of the Flow features along with advanced security features and support. This plan costs $10 per user per month.


team workload management
  • A simple tool for planning, tracking, and managing your projects 
  • Powerful filtering and sorting tools for tasks and projects 
  • Duplicate projects and export them as task lists or CSV files 
  • Visualize projects with list, calendar, or board views 

22. Hitask.

Task Management Made Simple.

Hitask Task management Made Simple

Hitask simplifies task management for teams with robust enterprise features such as task sharing and assignment, time tracking, and reporting. 

This task management tool makes it possible for teams to share a centralized hub for their project files and use a common calendar. 

As a tool for document storage, you can upload files and attach them to specific tasks and projects. 

The Hitask dashboard puts all the important details of your project on one single screen. You can expand tasks by clicking on them or modify, and assign tasks on this screen using simple drag-n-drop. 

Hitask syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks. You can also create tasks via email

Organize tasks neatly using the smart grouping feature. Smart grouping makes it possible to view tasks based on their date, team members, project type, and other filters. 

You can easily track tasks by issuing a unique tracking number to them, color tagging, or categorizing items to keep them in context. 

Assign tasks to specific team members and set permissions for who can view and project details. Team members get emails and push notifications when tasks are assigned to them, comments are added to tasks or on task completion. 

The time-tracking feature allows you to see how much time is spent on each task. You can also generate robust reports for every project, for a single task or a given period to get an overview of how your projects are progressing. 


Pricing of Hitask

HiTask is available free of charge for up to five users with access to unlimited projects and tasks. However, storage and synchronization options are limited with this plan. 

For these and other features, you can pay $5/user per month for a Team Business plan. The enterprise plan costs $20/user per month. A free trial is also available for a limited time-frame. 


  • Exchange messages with team members without leaving the app 
  • Get help and support to fix issues within the app 
  • All your important details on a single screen 

23. Ayoa.

Robust Mind-Mapping and Visual Task Management Solution.

Ayoa Robust Mind Mapping and Task Management Solution

Ayoa is a mind-mapping software with visual task management capabilities. This apps does what a traditional whiteboard does and even more. It is also a virtual space for collaborators to work together in real-time. 

The online collaborative whiteboard makes it possible to share ideas and brainstorm as a group. This robust virtual meeting tool also features a video chat functionality that lets you connect with remote teams without leaving the app. 

Brainstorm with radial maps, visual pie-chart, and other mind-mapping tools that helps you bring all your ideas together. 

Radial Maps

Mind maps can be shared with members of your team for real-time collaboration and you can also choose to Brainstorm Solo and share later. 

Ayoa’s built-in calendar and planner features can help you stay on top of your workload. You get to visualize, organize, and prioritize tasks easily based on how important they are by scheduling them for ‘Now, Next or Soon’ 

You can also use Gantt charts to manage project timelines and deadlines. Ayoa lets you see who is working on what and the progress of your project and tasks at any point in time. 

Ayoa Chat improves team communications with features like instant messaging, group chats, and the possibility of sending tasks to Ayoa contacts directly as a message among other features. 


Pricing of Ayoa

The basic plan is free and gives you access to core features like project boards (5 boards), real-time collaboration, whiteboards, and the Ayoa chat feature. 

But for more robust features like file storage and task assignment, you have to subscribe to the Pro Plan which is priced at $10/user per month. 

Sign up for the Ultimate plan for full access to advanced features like group messaging, video chat, and live sharing. 


  • Secure space for virtual collaboration with encryption and other data security features 
  • Digital canvass for both personal and group brainstorming 
  • Convert branches of your mind map to actionable tasks that can be assigned to members of your team 

24. Proggio.

Best Portfolio Management Software for Team Planning.

Proggio Best Portfolio Management Software for Team Planning

Proggio is a versatile project management software with a special focus on teamwork and collaboration. This software is built to help simplify the process of handling both short and long-term projects. 

This project management software is designed to help you visualize your project portfolio in an easily understandable way. The dashboard can be customized to show users all the information they need about any project at a glance.

The Plan vs. Actual feature allows you to compare your project plans and the current state of your project. Proggio also has a cost reporting feature that lets you track your budget and expenses

Task management

Proggio lets you plan projects, share project details, and collaborate on them seamlessly. 

Using a “whiteboard” approach, you can define the goals of your project, devise plans to achieve them, and define individual roles. 

Jira integration makes the process of managing team resources and track progress over a timeline. 

You can easily monitor how items align with your project roadmap and ensure resources are available when needed. 


Pricing of proggio

Proggio gives you a free trial period of 30 days. There is also a free plan but it is limited to 1 project with a maximum of 3 users. 

Larger teams can go for either business or premium plans. The premium plan for 5 to 20 users costs $19 per month. The premium plan is full-featured and is for teams of 20 users and above. 


  • Deconstruct the roadmap to executing your projects by clearly define tasks that make up the project, task priorities, and project roles. 
  • Proggio has an Intuitive and clutter-free interface with button and tab customization options 
  • Tools for tracking project expenses to optimize your funds. 

25. Hive.

Powerful Online Collaboration Software for Efficient Teamwork.

Hive Powerful Online Collaboration Software for Efficient Teamwork

Hive features multiple project views that allow your teams to visualize data in a way that works best for them. You can view project data as tables, Gantt charts, Portfolio, and summary view depending on your preferences 

Analyze and monitor your project in real-time with the Hive Analytics tool. You can also generate comprehensive reports that make it easy to spot risks and potential problems in your workflows. 

Analyze and  monitor your project in real time with the Hive Analytics tool.

Plan and manage your team time and resources for better productivity with the resource management tool. 

Track individual progress by monitoring metrics like project completion rate, projects completed by an individual, overdue tasks, and most productive weekdays among others. 

Use individual action cards to assign tasks or transfer work from one team member to the other. Communicate with individuals on your teams or send messages to a group of collaborators on your project with Hive Chat or by integrating with Slack. 

Hive has file-sharing capabilities to upload files directly on projects and tasks or as a direct message to other users. 

Utilize forms and templates to create repeatable tasks and workflows. 

Forms also help you collect vital information in an instant and eliminates the need to send emails each time you need information. 


Pricing of Hive

Hive offers one simple base plan with optional add-ons to further expand the app’s features based on your unique needs. The professional plan with all of the software’s basic features costs $12/user per month. 

The Enterprise plan has all the addons you need and pricing is available on request. There is a 14-days free trial period after which billing starts on the professional package. 


  • Get a summary of personal and team productivity with Hive analytics and report
  • Boost team productivity with real-time alerts and notifications 
  • Automate actions with templates and forms 
  • Multiple views allow you to visualize data the way you want to

26. Zoho Projects.

Most Efficient Cloud-based Project Management Software.

Zoho Projects Most Efficient Cloud based Project Management Software

Zoho Project’s milestone mapping tool makes the process of planning projects a lot less complicated. It also makes it easy to collaborate on projects and monitor progress.

Zoho is a social project management tool with features like chats, activity streams, forums, feeds, and knowledgebase for vital project-related communication and discussions.

Save time on tasks you do often by automating them using a drag and drop interface that makes the process of deploying automated workflow easier and faster 

Use the Zoho Projects timesheets module to log both billable and non-billable project hours. Invoices can be generated automatically based on these time logs using the Zoho invoice integration tool. 

You can also plan projects ahead and compare scheduled time with actual time spent when the project is completed. 

Customize your projects to fully suit your preferences using personalized fields, custom layout, and dynamic workflows. 

Zoho charts and reports give a broad eye-view of your projects down to the last detail. There are inbuilt analytic add-ons and templates and you can build your own custom reports from scratch as well. 


Pricig of Zoho Projects

There is a free 10-days trial for Zoho Projects after which you have to choose between any of the 4 paid plans as well. The Standard plan costs $2.5/user per month with a maximum of 10 users. 

The Express plan is billed at $3/user per month while the premium and enterprise plans are billed at $4 and $5/user per month respectively.


  • Zoho can be customized based on unique processes, workflows, and the type of projects you and your team work on. 
  • Share knowledge base feature allows you to create a detailed documentation page for all your projects 
  • Multichannel collaboration and communication features 

27. Trello.

Simple and Flexible Workflow Management Software.

Trello Simple and Flexible Workflow Management Software

Trello uses Kanban boards, cards, and lists to keep projects, tasks, and resources organized. 

Projects are represented by Kanban boards while cards represent tasks on Trello. You use lists to track the status of your projects

Adding a new task to project boards in Trello is easy. All you have to do is add a new card and title it appropriately. 

You can also add labels to cards to categorize them. Changing the labels on the card will change the task status and move it from one project category to the other. 

Team tasks in trello

Trello lets you see all the information about your projects at a glance. Details like due date, related file attachments, and comments can be added to Trello card to tell collaborators more about what the tasks are about. 

Make use of Trello Butler bot to automate processes with tools like Rule-based triggers, calendar commands, and date triggered commands. You can also create custom cards and board buttons 

Trello has a robust template library so you don’t have to start any project from scratch. You can simply copy templates from Trello communities and customize them to suit you and your team. 


Pricing of Trello

Trello has a free plan with basic features and a Business class plan with standard features. This is priced at $9.99 per user per month. The enterprise plan with additional customization and control is billed at $17.50


  • Trello is open-ended and flexible
  • Visually appealing interface with customizable backgrounds and the possibility of adding stickers to cards 
  • Assistant bot to automate tasks and processes 
  • Deadline reminders with email notifications 

28. Basecamp.

The Best Task Management Software for Efficient Teamwork.

Basecamp The Best Task Management Software for Efficient Teamwork

Basecamp is clearly one of the top choices as far as online project management software is concerned. The app is an all-in-one tool kit for coordinating teams and for remote work

Basecamp Message Board allows you to post announcements and progress updates on projects. You can also use it to pitch ideas and take feedback on topics. 

Basecamp Message Board

Create a list of what needs to be done with the to-do list feature. You also get to set due dates, assign items on your list to team members, and discuss the details of each task. 

View your assignments across every project on the “My stuff” tab and schedule or bookmark important projects accordingly. 

Basecamp has a file-sharing feature for sharing documents, spreadsheets, images, and other types of files related to your projects. Files can be organized into folders to make them easier to find. 

In Basecamp, Hill charts are used instead of Gantt charts for visualizing team progress on tasks. Hill charts alongside to-dos help you to get a clear picture of where your project stands and anticipate potential bottlenecks better before they occur. 


Basecamp has a single pricing plan with a flat fee of $99 no matter how many users you have, the number of projects you work on, and how much your team grows. There is a 30-days free trial period after which you will be required to update your plan. 


  • Communicate better with fewer meetings 
  • Break work into separate projects with each project containing everything you need 
  • One tool to run your entire operation
  • The Basecamp system can be tailored to work for your needs

What Is Task Management Software?

A Task management software is a tool designed to help improve productivity on tasks or projects. This software aids in managing and efficiently organizing tasks, prioritizing resources, and producing the expected result. 

It can be used by individuals, small teams, or large organizations. Task management refers to the process of organizing tasks from the initiation to the planning phase and down to the steps of its execution.

Software in this category can range from your everyday to-do lists to complex collaboration tools for teams working together on projects whether big or small. 

In both cases, the task management software provides the necessary tools required to meet the needs of the ongoing project.

Task management solutions also serve as tools for planning and decision making.

They are commonly used to manage budget and costing, schedule task execution and the allocation of resources for projects

Typically, a task management software tool features a task board that allows you to organize your tasks in order of their priority. 

Task management tools with team capability also make it possible to set each team member's role and how it affects the whole project.

Task management solutions make teamwork a lot easier especially for very large organizations that have several teams working across boards probably in different locations.

Since different task management tools offer various features towards this end, it is important to know what your particular needs are, to be able to choose suitable task management tools for your task. 

Benefits of Using Task Management Software Tools

The advent of task management software tools, like every other technological advancement, has made traditional ways of handling tasks like simple excel spreadsheets and post-it notes obsolete.

Task management tools play an important role in the process of organizing and monitoring the execution of the tasks and sub-tasks. They are valuable for team managers, business owners, and even employees that want to work efficiently. 

Here are some benefits of using task management software.

1. Organize tasks

Software tools are extremely beneficial in organizing workload and outlining various tasks. It allows the project manager to organize key project steps in the order of their priority and allocate them accordingly to team members. 

Prioritizing and arranging the tasks allows for the most pressing tasks to be executed first, thus ensuring efficiency and organization in the management of the tasks.

Certain tasks have a bigger impact on the overall project more than others and they are known as high impact tasks. These tasks would require more attention and need to be completed at the right time. 

The project management software makes it possible to prioritize these tasks to ensure they are executed on time. They are highlighted as high-priority and some platforms even allow you to set special reminders for them. 

2. Improves work quality

Quality management is a very crucial part of successfully executing a task. Using a task management software gives you all the necessary tools to properly execute the project. 

project performance metrics

These software tools typically have features that provide a visual representation of the tasks progress and metrics to track performance. 

This will help you to maximize resources and produce results with better quality as your project progresses. 

3. Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Tasks can be carried out swiftly and with greater precision when you use a task management software. 

A 2016 PMI pulse report revealed that for every $1 billion that is invested in the US, $122 million was wasted as a result of poor project performance. Implementing a task management software as part of your project management strategy can help avoid losses like this.

Team managers are better informed about tasks that require more attention, time or more resources for effective execution. 

This in turn helps to increase productivity as team members as they are better informed about what needs to be done at any given time and are better positioned to do them.

4. Easy access to vital information from anywhere

Task management software provides access to all the team members from anywhere in the world. This allows large organizations that have teams working across different geographical locations to still be able to communicate and work together effectively. 

The software puts all information about a project in the same virtual location. This means that team members do not all have to be in the same physical location to get the task done.

They can access the task board of the software app from anywhere they are and continue their work without interruption.

5. Improved synergy and teamwork

Another major benefit of using task management software is that it helps to improve collaboration between the team members. Teams are better synergized just like the would be in a physical work space. 

Project management software makes seamless teamwork possible through discussion boards, private messages, dependencies, timeline. Most modern team task management software now have robust chat and direct messaging features as well. 

Visualization tools like Sprints and Kanban boards help to keep every member of your team in the loop about ongoing projects. This way everyone knows what they are expected to work on and it fits into the overall picture. The team is better focused and there is no clash in assignments.

There is no shortage of information and everyone can see how their respective task affect the overarching goal. 

Also, because everyone can tell who is working on what, they know which member to reach out to whenever the need arises and this helps to promote teamwork. 

6. Monitor task progress

Task management software makes it easier for managers and team leaders to track the progress of various assigned tasks in real-time and monitor the status of others. This saves a lot of time compared to manual task monitoring. 

A key feature in most task management software is the ability to track ongoing tasks and see their status. Some tools even have client-user features that allow you to bring clients onboard on a project for transparency. 

No matter the method of project management you use, your projects will be organized in stages. Using software allows you to monitor these stages of your project lifespan. 

You also get insights and data that lets you know whether your project will be completed on time or not based on the current status of individual tasks. With task manager software, each task and sub-task is being monitored to ensure deadlines are met. 

By tracking the progress, each task is accounted for and the schedule is used to prioritize each task. This ensures that the work to be done is completed on time and in the right order. 

7. Centralized platform for work

Task management software makes it possible to organize work on a centralized platform

This means that everything related to the tasks would be in the same place for everyone on the team to access. 

A task management software will help you keep all project-related details in the same place in the form of notes, project cards, tickets, calendars and so on. 

These tools also have file sharing capabilities which helps to reduce manual document sharing and makes work easier for the entire team. 

Having a central hub to store all your project information means you don’t have to memorize any information to keep physical records. 

It is also easier to pass information around within the team and keep everything on track since documents can be sent to where they are needed in just a few clicks 

Coordinating all your activities on a single hub like this reduces the risk of losing files and sensitive information about tasks and projects.

You save time, build a paperless workplace and ensure data is easily accessible for your team when you start using a workflow management app. 

8. Disseminate information swiftly and easily

According to a survey of 400 companies with more than 100,000 employees, it was discovered that poor communication caused over $62 millions in losses per year and up to $420,000 for small businesses with less than 100 employees. 

A centralized platform serves as a channel for information to be delivered quickly and efficiently to everyone both internally and externally. Team communication in task management software can be through broadcasts, direct messages, threads, job boards and so on. 

Even for tools that have no features for team communication they may offer integration with third party systems with this capability. 

In some cases, communications can be automated as well. For instance, you can set alarms and notifications regarding task deadlines to team members involved. Some tools can also identify overdue tasks and the team member in charge is quickly notified. 

Apart from internal communications, connecting with clients, suppliers and external collaborators is important as well. A project management software allows you to do this conveniently as well. 

These tools not only allow you to bring clients on-board so they can view project progress, some tools also make it possible for clients to give direct feedback, review projects, suggest edits and approve tasks all from the same dashboard. 

9. Performance metrics and data analytics

Most task management solutions have tools for measuring team and individual performance, data analytics and reporting. 

Team metrics to be measured include how much time is spent on tasks, efficiency of distributed resources, individual or team performance and so on. 

With task management software, you can generate comprehensive reports in a few clicks or track performance in real time since every activity is plugged into the system. 

These are vital features for management and decision-making. For instance, if reports indicate that a team member is falling behind due to excess workload, you can reallocate tasks for even distribution. 

What Features to Look For in The Best Task Management Software? 

Task management software tools are essential in organizing, prioritizing, and creating a platform for related project tasks to be properly managed and executed. They can be used by individuals, teams, or organizations. 

Typically, they offer more advantages compared to the traditional method of managing projects. 

There are various types of management software tools to select from. Therefore, when searching for the most suitable task management software tools for you or your team, there are various factors to consider. 

Bear in mind that the best task management software for you is one that is most suitable for your needs. It is not merely about how robust or versatile the tool is, but how well the features it offers satisfies the needs of your team. 

The following are some of the features you should definitely look out for before making your pick. 

1. Task Scheduling

For every task, the task management software should let you create an organized schedule towards completing the task ahead of its due date. 

A suitable management software tool should allow you to create, organize, and manage task schedules with tools like calendars and reminders. 

It should also allow you to prioritize tasks, keep track of progress, and notify you of any drawbacks. 

2. Recurring tasks

This is a very cool feature that allows you to reschedule a particular task multiple times on different days. 

This means that you don't have to go back and keep recreating this same task every time you want it done. 

Just like the daily repeated alarm on your phone, you can program a single task for different projects. This feature comes in handy for specific tasks that are performed repeatedly throughout a project timeline. 

Using a project management tool saves an average employee up to 498 hours yearly and automation is one of the major reasons for this. 

3. Task Planning

Every task begins with a plan. A lot of factors are to be considered here. This includes the budget, available resources, scope, and schedule of the project. Planning involves breaking down the structure of the entire project and mapping out how you intend to achieve it. 

This breakdown also allows you to split the workload into chunks of tasks that will be easier to achieve by smaller teams.

According to a Geneca survey, 80% of respondents said they spend half of their time on reworking tasks. 

It is therefore vital that your task management software provides tools that aid this planning phase especially if you work on complex projects. 

4. Resource management 

In project management, efficient resource allocation is crucial for the overall success of a project. The best task management software should provide features that help to monitor the available resources and allocate them efficiently to tasks that need them the most. 

A PMI study revealed that up to 66% of companies that make use of a project management software were able to stay within their budget. But only 47% of those operating without a project management tool stayed within their original budget. 

This shows that you need a resource management strategy that works to ensure that your team functions properly and your resources are allocated as planned. 

You don’t want to overwork employees or allocate meagre and insufficient resources. Therefore, resource management is a core feature to look out for in a project management software as it ensures an healthy standard of work. 

Your task management app should have tools for budgeting, spotting bottlenecks, and insights like when to redistribute work or add more people to a team.

5. Documentation

The documentation feature in the task management software tool allows you to have easy access to all of your data at once. You should be able to find all the information that pertains to your project on a single dashboard. 

This is not only very convenient, but it also helps to keep your documents safe and make processes error-free. 

6. Task Tracking

In most modern workplaces, multiple tasks are ongoing at the same time and without the right tools, it might be a little difficult to monitor them all at the same time. Great task management software feature task tracking to help make monitoring easier. 

This feature allows you to keep track of the progress of each task and see their current status at a glance. You should also be able to track team performance and productivity of individuals and team members. 

A feature like this helps to save time, resources, and makes the project management less stressful.

7. Collaboration

The most efficient task management tools also double as online collaboration software. Your task management software should have features that promote teamwork and collaboration. 

This includes the possibility of sharing files, sending messages, commenting on tasks and other tools that make effective communication possible. 

Collaboration tools help to unite the team, improve efficiency and promote productivity. 

8. Time tracking

One major benefit of using a task management software to manage work is that you can easily track the time spent on each task. This makes it possible to monitor how individual tasks impact the overall project. 

As the chart below shows, time tracking is one of the most used project management features. 

Most used project management software features

Time trackers can be used to monitor individual performance of team members and manage payroll or invoicing based on billable time spent on the project. 

9. Reporting

Reports make it possible to monitor the progress of the project and measure team performance to ensure they are optimal at all times. A good task management solution should have tools for in-depth analysis of processes. 

These reports are essential as they inform you of the overall performance, shortcomings, and problems the project is facing. 

Using these reports, you can figure out and anticipate potential problems and provide the necessary solution to combat them even before they occur.

Task Management Software FAQ 

What is a task management system?

A task management system is a software tool that can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations to manage their projects and processes effectively. 

The main purpose of such systems is to help organize and prioritize tasks in a way that helps them get done faster and with greater efficiency. 

In their most basic form, task management software comes in the form of spreadsheets. They may also have additional features or come in the form of virtual project management apps.

 Key components of a task management tool include features for prioritization, visualizing, analyzing, and scheduling. 

How to get the most out of task management software?

The most important factor that will ensure that you get the most out of your task management software is to make sure that you are using one that is best suited for your needs.
There are several project management software out there all with their own unique features. You also have your own unique needs for yourself, team, or business. Finding the perfect overlap between your needs and the software features will help you get the best out of it. 

You should also choose a smart software rich in helpful features like mobility, seamless integration with other tools, and flexibility. You also want software that is easy to use with a fast learning curve. 

What’s the difference between task management software, workflow management software, and project management software?

These three terms are commonly used interchangeably and it is easy to understand why, given the similarity between them. But there are slight nuances between workflow management, task management, and project management. 

Understanding the difference between tasks and projects will help clarify the difference between these terms. A project is the overarching goal you intend to achieve while tasks are the little steps that bring you close to the goal.

For instance, building a house is a project but clearing the land for construction to begin is an essential task.

With that said, task management software is designed to assist you with these small tasks. Examples are to-do lists and note apps that help you complete one task or the other.
These tasks don’t have to be connected. But the app may have features for prioritizing apps by urgency or set reminders for each task.

On the other hand, project management software helps to coordinate projects. They are typically tools for planning, organizing, and coordinating projects. 
Project management apps may also have tools for team collaboration toward achieving project goals.

A workflow refers to a series of steps from the start to the end of a task. Given this definition, workflow management tools coordinate processes through sequential steps and patterns.

In workflow management unlike project management, the progress of steps is linear with one leading to the other. One step begins when another ends. 
Workflow management apps are best suited for managing routine tasks and recurring processes since they are repetitive.
But in reality, the line between all of these software is quite blurry. The best project management software will have features for task management.

Also, since most projects are best executed by following a defined pattern of steps, it may double as a workflow management tool. Hence, it is rare to find software tools that claim to do only one of these. 

How much does task management software cost?

There is no unified answer to this question. The cost of task management software is as diverse as the number of task management software that we have. 

Each software offers its own pricing plan. While some vendors have a free pricing package, others are strictly premium with multiple pricing tiers.

In choosing a task management software affordability is not the only consideration. A balance of right pricing and all the features you need in an app is what you need. 

To effectively find this balance, you should read reviews like this and take advantage of free trials to get a feel of the features being offered by a vendor before you make a purchase. 

Get More Done and Supercharge Your Team Collaboration

A task management software is the final and most important piece that makes everything come together in any modern workplace. 

As a business owner or manager, you will get a better handle on projects and assign tasks to your teams efficiently for productive results with the right task management tool. 

You also avoid wasting time and resources with the automation that workflow management software brings with them. Your team will be better synchronized to work from anywhere and collaborate on projects more effectively. 

Task management tools can improve personal productivity as well. You get to scale your processes and achieve more even with the most basic to-do list app. 

Our top picks from this review are Monday.com, ClickUp and Kintone. However, any of the software of this list would make an excellent choice depending on your needs and that of your team. 

Your daily tasks are better visualized and you can perform better as a part of any team you are on when you can clearly see how much you contribute toward achieving an overall goal. 

Choose from any of these suggested task management tools that best suit your needs as an individual, team, or business manager and start getting more done. 

Written by
Martin Luenendonk
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