26 Best Task Management Software for Teams of 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

To maximize productivity and teamwork, you need to choose the best task management software for your team. I’ve created a detailed and comprehensive review of the 26 best task management software to choose from and a shortlist of the top 5 choices for teams.

Monday icon


Visual and easy-to-use task management software with adaptive workflows for practically any team.
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Intuitive task management tool with loads of free and powerful features customized to suit any work process.
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Spreadsheet environment with advanced features like automated workflows and no-code integrations.
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Custom workflows and interactive timelines alongside features that are great for remote teams.
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Collaborative platform that lets you bill clients, share documents, and manage projects with visualizations.

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Trying to find the best task management software for your team can be tricky, as choosing the wrong solution can complicate your workflow and drain your resources instead of making things easier.

To pick the right task management software, you need to consider your team’s infrastructure and needs plus the software’s user-friendliness and features.

I’ve ranked and reviewed the 26 best task management software in this article, pointing out their features, ability to scale, user-friendliness, and price.

There are also recommendations on the best task management software to use if you’re managing a small business or a large enterprise, as well as how to get the most out of these platforms.

What is the Best Task Management Software?

These are my top picks for the best task management software for teams in 2023:

1. Monday.com

Easy-To-Use Task Management Software With Powerful Features And Great Visualizations For Any Team

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For:
An Overall Solution
$0 – $20 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 18%

I love how Monday.com eliminates user friction with a fun interface while still providing powerful task management functionalities. There are tons of customizations to choose from to improve your workflow. Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. If you want a very intuitive software that will help you manage just about any project, then Monday.com is the app for you.

Monday.com work OS is an open platform where anyone can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work.

Best Features

Easily Customizable Workflow Templates

Monday.com’s layouts and tools are flexible and can be easily customized to work for any team. You can plan, manage, and track timelines, track tasks, add task dependencies, and manage multiple projects at once.

Multiple Automations

Automations can be applied for notifications and several routine tasks such as updating statuses, assigning owners, and creating items in boards.

Robust Views

You can visualize data and manage tasks in various views including Gantt Chart, timeline, calendar, Kanban Board, map, form, and workload views.

Dynamic Collaboration

With Monday.com, you can share files and use tags and mentions. Teams can collaborate and work on ideas and projects on an advanced word document. These documents can embed real-time dashboards and turn words into actionable tasks.


Monday.com integrates with over 40 tools so teams can easily streamline their data and workflow.


  • Small teams can consider the Basic plan, which provides dashboard functionality and 5 gigabytes of file storage.
  • For more sophisticated tools and features that are ideal for teams, users can go for the Standard plan.

To get the best out of Monday.com, teams can start with a free 14-day trial that is available on all plans apart from the enterprise-grade plan.

2. ClickUp

Powerful Online Task Management Software With The Best Free Plan

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For:
Robust Free Plan
$0 – $29
Annual Discount:
Save 45%

Boasting a quite robust free plan, ClickUp provides over 15 flexible views for teams to choose from. While it doesn’t have the easiest onboarding, the software pays attention to details and keeps getting updated with superb task management features. If you want powerful functionality and robust views, then you should go for ClickUp.

ClickUp combines an intuitive interface with a powerful, no-code infrastructure that provides and integrates all the tools a productive team might need in a visual task management software.

Expect real-time reporting, customizable dashboards, and many collaborative features.

Best Features

Powerful Workflow Templates

There are preset customizable templates and dashboards for different types of teams and tasks. You can assign and manage complex tasks, enable recurring tasks, set priorities, and create custom statuses.

Big-picture View

Along with the multiple visualizations, there’s also a bird’s eye view that lets you view and interact with every task across all levels of your organization

Robust Custom and Third-party Automations

Users can automate more than 50 actions by setting the triggers and conditions. Automations can also be applied to applications that have been integrated with ClickUp.

Communicative Tools

ClickUp users can chat and comment on tasks, while emails can be sent via default and popular integrations.

Vast Integrations

One of ClickUp’s most robust functionalities is its ability to integrate with over 1000 tools used by businesses and startups.


  • The Unlimited plan allows unlimited integrations and dashboards.
  • The Business and Business Plus plans provide access to custom exporting, advanced automations, and API access.

ClickUp has one of the best freemium plans, letting you enjoy useful features like Kanban boards, sprint management, and time tracking at the cost of nothing. Sign up for the Free plan.

3. Smartsheet

Online Collaboration Software With Spreadsheet Interface

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best For:
Excel Users
$9 – $32 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 22%

Adjusting to a new system when you’ve been used to Excel spreadsheets your whole life can be difficult. I advise anyone with this problem to try out Smartsheet as its interface is very similar in look and function to Excel. Add the no-code automations and integrations and you have a highly advanced tool that doesn’t feel strange to use.

Smartsheet has a customizable spreadsheet design and interface that will be appreciated by people familiar with spreadsheet environments like Excel.

Unlike Excel, however, Smartsheet saves you from having to deal with complex formulas as it automates all the calculations across sheets.

Best Features

No-code Automated Workflows

With the help of a no-code interface, users can build advanced and highly automated workflows that solve complex business processes.

Multiple Automations

Manual actions like adding new leads, sending alerts, requesting updates, and assigning tasks can be automated.

Real-time Visibility

Views include Gantt Chart, Calendar, card, and grid. Data can also be viewed and managed through a real-time dashboard.

File Collaboration

Users can share files, annotate on files, and control editor access to content.

Popular Integrations

Smartsheet easily integrates with work platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Zapier.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

  • Smartsheet starts with a Pro plan that grants 250 automations per month as well as Grid, Gantt, card, and calendar views.
  • The Business plan allows custom branding of sheets, unlimited automations, Adobe Cloud extensions, as well as several sophisticated features.

While Smartsheet doesn’t have a totally free plan, you’re allowed a 30-day free trial.

4. Wrike

Flexible Task Management Tool For Remote Teams And Enterprises

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For:
Remote teams
$0 – $24.80 per month
Annual Discount
Not available.

Wrike is perfect if you’re used to task management tools and just want something more advanced for more transparency and productivity. Equipped with flexible workflows plus views that wouldn’t let you miss a thing, the software takes a bunch off your workload with AI-powered automations and reports. If your growing team needs a productivity boost, Wrike is a great choice.

Wrike has workflows that are customizable so they can be adapted to flexible business processes.

There are loads of templates to choose from, including agile templates that are ideal for agile and remote teams.

Best Features

Easily Customizable Workflows

Wrike’s prebuilt workflow templates are quite easy to customize thanks to the easy-to-use interface. You can create custom request forms that automatically assign tasks to teams.

Multiple Visualizations

Wrike offers Gantt Chart, calendar, board, and workload views that can let users view and interact with every task in the team.

Real-time Collaboration

Team members can make live edits on tasks and communicate with comments and mentions.

Vast Custom Automations

With the flexibility afforded by its robust integrations, Wrike affords a large number of custom automations and lets users create fully automated workflows.

API Access And Multiple Native Integrations

The integrations and connections are robust, with access to an API and more than 400 native integrations.


Read more Wrike pricing

  • The Professional plan features interactive Gantt Charts and integrations with productivity tools like Excel and RSS.
  • The popular and most recommended plan for teams is the Business plan which offers automations and custom flows.

You can try out Wrike with a 14-day free trial before going for a paid plan.

5. Teamwork

All-In-One Task And Project Management Software For Working With Clients

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
Working with clients
$0 – $18 per month
Annual Discount:

While most random task management apps provide collaborative features, Teamwork does a little bit more. There’s a highly dynamic document that everyone can demonstrate and collaborate on in case there’s a brilliant new idea. The platform is a top choice if you want to be able to work with and bill clients. 

As a scale-oriented task management tool, Teamwork is equipped with advanced features that are great for big and remote teams.

Such features include time tracking, client billing and invoicing, agile dashboard views, and workload management.

Best Features

Custom Workflows

Workflows can be customized to suit teams. You can create projects and tasks as well as assign and manage tasks and subtasks.

Workload And Big-picture Views

Views include Gantt Charts, task lists, and board views. Using the dashboards and the workload feature, you can manage and track multiple project tasks at once.

Collaborative Document

Teams can collaborate and share ideas on a document editor while there’s also a new integrated chat functionality.


Teamwork integrates with tools like Freshbooks, Gmail, Dropbox, Hubspot, and QuickBooks.


Read more Teamwork pricing

  • The paid plans start with the Deliver plan, which includes invoicing, agile workflows, and prebuilt project templates.
  • The Grow plan provides everything in Deliver plus project portfolio workflows and resource management features.

To get started with the paid plans, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

6. Asana

Simplified But Powerful Task Management Tool For Complex Projects

Asana - Work on big ideas, without the busy work.jpeg

Thanks to its rich user experience and exciting visual interface, Asana is a top choice for big teams when it comes to task management.

Equipped with automation tools, rich visualizations, and customizable and organized workflows, Asana makes it easier to create and manage multiple projects at once.

Best Features

Task Planning

You can assign tasks, break them into subtasks, and set milestones.

Interactive Views

With an exciting and very interactive interface plus great visualizations that include Kanban boards, calendar, list, and timeline views, you can easily stay on top of project tasks.

Communicative Tools And Spaces

Communication is a strong aspect of Asana as you can send private messages, comment under tasks, and create spaces to hold conversations.

Custom Automations

You can create custom automations and automate routine tasks by setting specific conditions.

Flexible Integrations And API

Asana has a flexible infrastructure that is built to connect with more than 200 applications. The software also lets you build custom apps using its API.


Read more Asana pricing

  • Premium provides timeline views and customizable workflows.
  • Business offers everything in Premium plus advanced integrations and workload view.

To get acquainted with the robust functionalities afforded by Asana’s paid plans, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial.

7. Zoho Projects

Affordable Task Management Tool With Robust Native Integrations For An All-In-One Workspace

Zoho Projects - The best project management software for any business.jpeg

As a standalone task management software, Zoho Projects is very flexible and equipped with task management, collaboration, automation, and time tracking features.

You can get much more functionality by integrating the service with other tools offered by Zoho’s business suite, such as Zoho CRM and invoicing.

Best Features

Task Planning And Critical Paths

With Zoho Projects, work can be broken down into subtasks. Users can create recurring tasks and dependencies, project baselines, and identify critical paths.

Flexible And Third-party Automations

Zoho Projects’ open infrastructure lets you configure your own custom automations and automate notifications in third-party apps.

Custom And Interactive Visualizations

You can create custom views to track progress and interact with your team’s tasks as you like.

All-In-One Work Suite

Zoho Projects has the capacity to be an all-in-one task management platform thanks to the possible integrations with native tools like Zoho Sprints and Zoho CRM.


  • Although you might have to use a few integrations to get the best out of the platform, all of Zoho Projects’ standalone features in the Enterprise plan are quite attractive at $10 per user per month.
  • There’s a cheaper Premium plan with less functionality, although it’s the most popular plan for teams as it’s still quite rich with features.

To get the right mix of affordability and functionality, you should go for the Premium plan, which allows a 10-day free trial and provides major features like rich reporting and robust automations.

8. ProjectManager

Task Management Tool For Managing Remote And Hybrid Teams

ProjectManager - Project and Work Management

ProjectManager is loaded with task management, time tracking, and collaboration tools.

It also has robust project planning tools, like the dynamic Gantt Chart that’s proven to be a very enjoyable feature for project managers.

Best Features

Custom Workflows And Intuitive Gantt Chart

Users can create custom workflows, manage tasks, and set dependencies on an intuitive Gantt Chart.

Custom And Real-time Visualizations

Views to track task progress and manage your workflow include customizable Kanban boards and real-time dashboards.


You can create triggers to automate manual processes like changing priorities and statuses, and assigning tasks.

Multiple Integrations

ProjectManager integrates with various popular tools used for CRM, productivity, collaboration, file sharing, and accounting.


  • While there’s a free Starter plan that’s only ideal for personal use, priced plans start at the Team plan, which includes budget tracking and file management.
  • The most ideal plan for teams is the Business plan, which provides access to roadmaps, custom reporting, and workflow automation.

The Business plan’s features make it the best option for productive teams. Interested users can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

9. ProofHub

Online Collaboration Software With Strong Communication Features

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration.jpeg

Like most popular task management software, ProofHub places emphasis on ease of use and teamwork.

While there are basic task management features, project managers and team members will benefit especially from its communication tools.

Best Features

Custom Workflows And Task Planning

With customizable workflows, you can add team members, determine roles, enable recurring tasks, prioritize tasks, and edit notifications.

Multiple Visualizations

Views include Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, calendar, and table views.

Communicative Tools

ProofHub is very ideal for communication as it lets you create spaces, have one-on-one or group chats, and even use emojis.

Flexible API

ProofHub’s accessible API allows for flexible integrations with many third-party tools.


ProofHub Pricing.jpeg
  • Essential provides basic features like chat functionality and Gantt charts.
  • Ultimate Control gives you access to ProofHub’s infrastructure and its flexible functionalities: API access, custom roles, custom workflows, and many more.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re allowed a 14-day free trial.

10. Nifty

Project Management Tool With Robust And Intuitive Task Management Features

Nifty - Manage projects, not tools

Nifty is equipped with views, automations, and very detailed workflows.

Although task management is a strong feature, Nifty is essentially a project management system with project portfolio features.

Best Features

Robust Task Planning

Functionalities include being able to convert task lists into milestones, set recurring tasks and dependencies, and organize tasks with custom tags.

Swimlane View

Apart from Kanban Boards, lists, and Gantt chart, there’s a unique swimlane view that lets you see exactly which departments and members are responsible for particular tasks.


Functions that are automated include the updating of task statuses as well as the assignment of tasks.

Robust Collaboration

Team members can create and partake in discussion threads, comment on tasks, collaborate on documents, share files, and turn messages into tasks.

Vast Integrations

Nifty integrates with over 1,000 tools including GitHub, Zoom, Slack, and Google Drive.


  • The Starter plan lets you manage up to 40 projects and provides budget tracking and custom fields.
  • If you want to avoid paying for the most expensive plan but still desire robust task management functionality, you can consider the Pro plan.

Nifty allows a 14-day free trial for all paid plans except Unlimited.

11. Hive

User-friendly Task Management Software With Agile Features

Hive - We help teams move faster.jpeg

Hive prides itself on being a task management app that is user-oriented. This means it has a user-friendly interface and detailed workflows for teams and project managers.

As a visual task management software, Hive is equipped with essential features such as views, agile tracking, and collaborative features.

Best Features

Agile Workflows

While there are basic functionalities like tracking tasks and subtasks, you can also manage agile processes with Hive’s agile point system.


You can access Kanban boards and toggle between calendar, team, Gantt chart, and table views.

Automation Templates

Triggers can be set to automate manual processes. Actions can also be automated by saving templates and applying them later.


Hive integrates with Salesforce CRM, Slack, Gmail, Jira, GitHub, and Microsoft Teams.


  • The Hive Solo plan is absolutely free and only ideal for individuals. This plan only allows two users.
  • Hive Teams is equipped with all the process improvement capabilities. There’s also the possibility of using extra features like custom analytics and timesheets, although these are billed separately as add-ons.

For teams, the best way to start with Hive is to go for Hive Teams, which offers a free trial so you can try out the software.

12. Kintone

Workflow Management Software With Inbuilt App Builder

Kintone - Built by teamwork, designed by you.jpeg

Kintone is essentially a flexible and robust workspace equipped with several solutions, including project and task management.

While the task management functionalities are great, the standout feature is the application library.

Best Features

App Builder

The library provides templates for teams to easily build custom applications and solutions using no-code. Kintone also lets you convert Excel spreadsheets into databases and dynamic apps.

Big-picture View

The views are not as varied as those on popular project management tools but there’s the main view that allows you to manage and view tasks across all levels.

Custom Workflows

Customizable workflows allow you to prioritize, filter, and track tasks.


Actions that can be automated include notifications, reminders, emails, and task assignments.

Communicative Tools And File Sharing

You can create spaces for discussions or announcements, comment on project tasks, and attach or send files.

Flexible Integrations

While you can build your own integrations, Kintone also has existing integrations with multiple tools such as Box, HubSpot, MailChimp, Gmail, and QuickBooks.


Kintone Pricing.jpeg
  • All the plans apart from the Enterprise have more or less the same features.
  • Unless you’re an institution or NGO, you would have to go for the Professional plan.

You can start a 30-day free trial to get started with the Professional plan.

13. Jira

Online Task Management Software For Product Development And Agile Teams

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned and build better together

Jira is one of the most popular task management tools around. Engineered for product development teams, it’s also equipped with task manager features like workload reports and time tracking.

Visualizations and agile workflows are Jira’s bread and butter, so it’s a very ideal fit for agile teams.

Best Features

Agile Views And Scrum Boards

Jira lets you stay on top of workflows and project tasks with Kanban boards and visual roadmaps. Scrum boards for agile teams are available as well.

Integrated Collaboration

There’s a native integration called Confluence that provides remote collaboration tools.

Customizable Agile Workflows

While the workflows are filled with agile processes, they can be customized to suit your team’s mode of operation.

Drag-and-drop Automations

Automations can be set easily with a drag and drop feature.

Vast Integrations

Jira’s integrations are quite vast as the software integrates with over 3000 applications.


Jira Pricing.jpeg
  • The Free plan provides agile reporting, customizable workflows, and Scrum and Kanban Boards.
  • To add up to 20,000 users and use advanced roadmaps plus automations for multiple projects, you have to go for the Premium plan.

All of Jira’s paid plans apart from Enterprise come with a 7-day free trial for users to get started.

14. Backlog

Online Collaboration Software For Developers

Backlog - Project and code management, together at last.jpeg

Backlog is a platform for software and product development teams to collaborate and resolve issues.

Alongside issue management and bug tracking, the software provides project and task management functionalities so development teams can complete tasks and execute complex projects.

Best Features

Custom Fields And Subtask Management

Backlog’s task hierarchy includes subtasks and checklists. You can customize your workflow with custom fields like user stories and leads.

Burndown Chart

Apart from Gantt chart and Kanban Board views, there’s a burndown chart that lets you know how soon you can finish outstanding tasks.

Collaboration For Software Programmers

Backlog provides avenues for developers to interact when writing code. Team members can share and attach files, use mentions, and add comments.

Custom API Integrations

While Backlog has relatively few existing integrations, you can choose to build your custom integrations using the software’s API.


Backlog Pricing.jpeg
  • For robust functionality, users will have to go for the Standard and Premium plans.
  • Standard allows unlimited users and 100 projects while Premium allows an infinite number of projects.

You can start a 30-day free trial to try out Backlog’s main features.

15. TeamGantt

Task Management Tool With Gantt Chart Creator

TeamGantt - Get a top-rated gantt chart for free, forever

The bread and butter of TeamGantt is its simplified Gantt Chart tool.

Expect task hierarchies, flexible visualizations, collaborative features, and workload reports.

Best Features

Drag-and-drop Gantt Chart

Using drag and drop functionality, you can create project templates, add tasks, adjust timelines, and reorder tasks.

Robust Task Planning

Task hierarchy includes subgroups and subtasks. You can set dependencies, filter tasks, and also save project templates to use later.


TeamGantt lets you toggle between calendars, Kanban Boards, and Gantt charts to visualize and manage tasks.

Excel Import

TeamGantt lets you import Excel Spreadsheets in CSV format.


  • The Standard plan allows unlimited tasks and projects as well as collaborative features.
  • To access advanced reporting as well as time-tracking and workload visibility, you’ll have to go for the Advanced plan.

Teams that are interested in TeamGantt’s features can try them out with a 30-day free trial.

16. Paymo

Task Management Software With Accounting Features

Paymo - Work better, together.jpeg

Apart from the standard task management functionalities and visualizations, Paymo provides accounting tools to help users manage their project budgets and expenses.

You’ll be able to track expenses and compare budget estimates against the actual budget.

Best Features

Task Planning Templates

Functionalities include creating project and task templates, setting task dependencies, prioritizing tasks, and setting task durations.

Big-picture View

Kanban Boards can be toggled to view all tasks in one board while Gantt Charts can be switched to view all projects in a portfolio view.

Payment Gateway

While you can create invoices based on estimates and hours worked, Paymo also lets you receive payments directly through a payment gateway.

Activity Feed

There’s a feed of recent activities for team members to interact with. Users can add comments and have discussion threads.

Client Collaboration

Paymo can accommodate multiple clients.

Custom API Integrations

Paymo has an accessible API to let you build your custom integrations and applications.


Paymo Pricing.jpeg
  • To access Gantt chart functionality, you have to go for the Business plan.
  • Paymo’s fees are discounted when paid annually, and users also get 2 months free on annual subscriptions.

A 15-day free trial is available for every paid plan.

17. Quire

Simple Task Management Software With Collaborative Features For SMBs

Quire - Dream. Plan. Achieve.jpeg

A task management tool like Quire is ideal for SMBs that need to improve collaboration among their teams and organize their workflow.

With communication features like the ability to follow tasks, team members can stay constantly in touch with updates and activities. Quire also provides file sharing and project planning tools.

Best Features

Agile Workflows

Users can filter tasks, manage to do lists, and track milestones. Agile and Scrum workflows are available for agile teams.


Gantt chart, Kanban Board, and list views are among the available visualizations.

Flexible API And Scripted Automations

Quire’s API integrates with programs like Slack, Zapier, and GitHub. It also lets you build scripts for custom automations.


  • Quire’s Free plan provides Kanban Boards, a task hierarchy, and a big picture view, but you can only handle 10 projects and manage 8 members.
  • Advanced integrations and the ability to add external teams are available in the Premium plan.

Interested users can sign up for a free trial to try out Quire’s features before purchasing the software.

18. Taskworld

Task Management Software For Remote Collaboration

Taskworld - Work Smarter, Together.jpeg

Teams with members spread across the globe will benefit from the rich task management and tracking features of Taskworld.

With customizable views alongside time tracking and detailed reports, a project manager can manage and collaborate with remote personnel while keeping them accountable and having an accurate view of their task progress and activities.

Best Features

Customizable And Automated Workflows

With automated and customizable templates, you can break down tasks into subtasks, assign tasks and group them into task lists.


Projects and tasks can be visualized in Kanban Board, Gantt chart, calendar, and table views.

Search Feature

Apart from commenting on tasks, sending direct messages or creating group chats and private channels, users can search for particular words from a conversation.

Open API

Taskworld has an accessible API. It integrates with applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook.


Taskworld Pricing.jpeg
  • The most popular plan for remote teams is Premium, which provides API access and allows a limited number of guests.
  • To get more robust features like Microsoft Teams integrations and task logs, you should go for bigger plans like Business and Enterprise.

Taskworld lets interested users get started with a free trial.

19. GanttPRO

Task Management Tool With Gantt Chart For Individuals And SMBs

GanttPRO - Online project management solution based on Gantt charts.jpeg

GanttPRO is best for teams that have a preference for Gantt charts.

The platform’s Gantt chart tool is robust for organizing and managing tasks.

Users get access to project management functionalities alongside budget tracking, collaboration, and time tracking tools.

Best Features

Custom Workflow Templates

The customizable templates let you create task hierarchies, set dependencies, set milestones, and keep track of statuses.

Robust Visualizations

Views you can choose from include Gantt chart, Kanban board, grid, calendar, and portfolio views.

Flexible API Integrations

GanttPRO’s API lets you create custom automations and integrations. Apps that can be readily integrated include JIRA, Google Drive, and Slack.


GanttPRO Pricing.jpeg
  • There are two available priced models; Individual and Team.
  • Team has more robust task management functionality.

Both plans are available with a 14-day free trial.

20. MeisterTask

Task Management Tool With A Simple And Intuitive Interface

MeisterTask - Your Team. Aligned.jpeg

MeisterTask avoids the complex clutter and provides a simple drag and drop functionality for managing tasks on a colorful and comprehensive interface.

While the platform is not as robust as other task management software, it has flexible integrations plus useful collaborating and reporting features.

Best Features

Task Planning

Users can use a to do list, set recurring tasks and task limits, and prioritize tasks.

Fully Automated Workflows

While MeisterTask’s native automations let you automate some repetitive processes, you can also integrate with some tools to configure custom automations and create fully automated workflows.

Drag-and-drop Timelines

Workflows and projects can be set up and viewed in customizable timelines and Kanban Boards.

Custom API Integrations

Along with an accessible API that lets you build custom integrations, MeisterTask also integrates with popular tools used for communication, productivity, automations, time tracking, file storage, and even agile software development.


MeisterTask Pricing.jpeg
  • MeisterTask’s Basic plan is absolutely free and allows you to create up to 3 projects and add unlimited members.
  • The affordable Pro plan boasts a more robust infrastructure along with automations, a search function, reporting, and custom integrations.
  • Bigger teams that need more functionality can go for the commercial and corporate


While the free plan might be useful for beginners, teams that want the right mix of affordability and functionality can start with the Pro plan.

21. Any.do

To Do List Software For Individual Tasks

Any.do - Your busy life deserves this.jpeg

Any.do is more ideal for individuals since it’s more of an advanced to do list application than a quality task management software.

You wouldn’t find rich task management solutions like rich visual workflows and automations.

However, it’s equipped with simple features like a to do list, a calendar view, and a grocery list.

Best Features

Visual Planner

A colorful interface with customizable themes lets you organize and prioritize tasks with color tags. The calendar can also be used to schedule tasks and set reminders.


Apart from regular reminders, you can set up reminders that activate once you’re in a particular location.

AI Assistant

Any.do works with AI applications like Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice Assistant.


  • The app can be downloaded and used for free.
  • To enjoy more features like location-based reminders and customizable themes, users will have to go for the premium plans.

You can get started with Any.do for free and level up to a premium plan at your convenience.

22. Todoist

Personal Task Management Software For Individual And Team Productivity

Todoist - Organize it all with Todoist.jpeg

Todoist is another task management tool that’s more ideal for individual tasks, although it does have features that can be applied in a professional setting. 

Teams that simply want to organize tasks and share updates without bothering with any of the complex functionalities of project management tools might be satisfied with the software.

Best Features

Visual Workflows

Todoist has visual and customizable workflow templates that let users assign, prioritize, and filter tasks.

Calendar And Board Views

There are Kanban boards and calendars to help users schedule and organize tasks.

Custom API Integrations

While there’s an open API to create custom integrations, Todoist readily integrates with several popular tools including Gmail, Jira, and Microsoft Teams.


  • For robust capacity, Pro allows 300 projects and 25 people while Business unlocks the team inbox and 500 projects per member with 50 members.

You can choose your preferred Todoist plan, keeping in mind that Pro has no free trial while Business comes with a 30-day free trial. 

23. Flow

Task Management Software With Affordable Robust Features For SMBs

Flow - Modern task and project management software for teams.jpeg

Flow offers its most robust features at $10 per user per month, making it an affordable software for teams that need robust task and project management functionality.

The task management platform is equipped with collaborative features, workload visibility, and powerful integrations.

Best Features

Customizable Dashboards

With customizable dashboards and views, you can create task hierarchies, and assign, prioritize, and filter tasks. Project and task templates can be duplicated and used again.


Tasks and projects can be visualized in Kanban Board, Gantt chart, lists, and calendar views.

Vast Integrations

Flow has over 1000 integrations. Supported tools include Zapier, Salesforce, Jira, and Dropbox. You can also submit custom integrations.


Flow Pricing.jpeg
  • Basic is limited to 25 users and has essential functionality. Plus allows teams of any size and allows more features like Gantt charts and analytics.
  • For more flexible integrations and functionalities, you should go for Pro.

All plans are available with a 30-day free trial.

24. Hitask

Simple Task Management Software With Single-Screen Dashboard

Hitask - Task Management Made Delightfully Simple.jpeg

Hitask provides basic task management functionalities for teams on a simple interface.

The software provides a single-screen dashboard that combines calendar, task, and team views to let you manage all the tasks and tools in one tab.

Best Features

Task Planning

Hitask lets you create task hierarchies, delegate tasks, and categorize tasks with tags.

Visual Drag-and-drop Features

You can sort between calendar and list views and visualize tasks in color tags. Task lists are customizable with drag and drop functionality.

Communicative Tools

The software lets team members chat and receive email notifications. Users can also comment on tasks and create tasks with emails.


Hitask integrates with tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.


Hitask Pricing.jpeg
  • The Free plan lets users create unlimited files and projects.
  • More features like permission controls and calendar integrations are only available in the Team Business and Enterprise plans.

You can check out some of Hitask’s main features with a free trial on the Team Business plan.

25. Trello

Online Collaboration Software For Agile And Growing Teams

Trello - Helps teams move work forward.jpeg

Trello is one of the popular online task management software used by project managers and teams for agile software development.

Equipped with a very flexible and intuitive interface, Trello provides the infrastructure of robust workflow management software along with collaborative features and popular integrations.

Best Features

Flexible Task Management

Tasks can be managed and organized with customizable workflows and flexible views.


Trello’s workflow and project visualizations include boards, timelines, calendars, tables, and cards.

No-code Automations

Trello’s automation tool is flexible and easy to use thanks to no-code functionality. You can easily automate regular actions and build your own custom automations.


The platform integrates with popular tools such as Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, and Dropbox.


Trello Pricing.jpeg
  • Trello’s Free plan is usable for small teams as it allows unlimited cards, workflow templates, and automations
  • Premium is the ideal plan for growing teams that want an affordable plan but also need robust solutions.

Since Trello’s infrastructure is flexible and very scalable, you can choose your preferred plan and go for more robust plans later.

26. Basecamp

Collaborative Task Management Tool For Remote Teams

Basecamp - All-In-One toolkit for Working Remotely.jpeg

Basecamp is one of the most popular task management tools for remote work and collaboration.

While fitted with project management functionalities, the platform’s infrastructure is ideal for teams that are looking to get remote or that are already remote.

Basecamp prioritizes communication and task management, so expect features like to do lists, message boards, group chats, file sharing, and reports.

Best features

Simple Task Management

Basecamp’s workflows are not as flexible as those of popular task management tools but it provides a simple way to get things done through to do lists, calendars, and cards.


Views for managing and scheduling project tasks include lists, cards, and calendars.

Smart Communication Tools

Apart from notifications, comments, mentions, and direct messages, users can also ask questions with check-ins, give clients access, and use a search button.

Multiple Integrations

Basecamp uses automation, workflow, database, and business intelligence tools to integrate with applications like Slack, Gmail, Wunderlist, and Excel.


  • The software offers two plans: Basecamp Personal and Basecamp Business.
  • Basecamp Personal is totally free and only ideal for personal use.
  • Basecamp Business provides access to multiple team projects, unlimited users, and client collaboration.

Teams that want to try out Basecamp’s main features can start with a 30-day free trial.

Key Features of the Best Task Management Software

While it’s important to go with a task management solution that best suits your infrastructure and budget, there are certain features you shouldn’t compromise on when looking for great task management software.

In order to choose the best task management tool for your team, you need to look out for these features:

1. Task Planning

Since task management is all about organizing tasks, this is an essential feature that every tool must-have.

With task planning, you will be able to break down your work into simpler stages and formulate a structured approach to achieving results. This includes creating task hierarchies, to do lists, and subtasks.

The ability to prioritize and schedule tasks is also a vital aspect of task planning.

You should be able to create recurring tasks for tasks that need to be repeated daily or at certain intervals.

2. Task Tracking

Task tracking is a way to stay on top of every task and know which are in progress, which are stuck, and which are completed or about to be.

Your preferred task management solution should provide ways for you to visualize every task according to its stage of completion.

The workflows should provide status views as well as the ability to filter tasks according to your preferred criteria.

3. Collaboration

Teamwork, communication, as well as the ability to collaborate with external parties are vital aspects of effective task management.

A good task management software offers various channels for team members to communicate with each other.

Look out for features like comments, mentions, group chats, message boards, or direct messages.

Integrations with popular or preferred email providers are a must-have feature as well.

4. Visualizations

For managing, scheduling, and simplifying tasks, Kanban boards, cards, lists, and calendars are the most important and basic views, so every great task management tool must have these.

Every standard task management solution should have the features of top kanban software since kanban boards are one of the most popular advanced task management tools.

Rich views like Gantt charts, timelines, and project portfolios that are usually seen in project management software and Gantt chart makers should be looked out for as well.

Such views are essential for managing tasks and complex projects on a larger scale,

5. Time Tracking

The time spent on each activity or task is something teams need to keep track of for better organization and work management.

Time tracking tools not only help you calculate the time spent or hours logged on each task but also the payroll based on hours worked.

6. Automations

Automations are the backbone of task managers and workflow management software.

The major idea of using these advanced tools is to streamline your workflow and spend less time while increasing productivity. Automations let you do just that.

7. Reporting

The best task management tools have dashboards that provide real-time visibility into user activity as well as task progress and performance.

Other essential reports include timesheets and workload reports.

You should also be able to export reports in popular file formats for external use.

8. Resource Management

Proper resource management facilitates better workload management as it prevents overworking of employees and eradicates conflicts that might arise from assigning tasks.

The feature is essential for teams to know how to best utilize and distribute their tools.

9. Dependencies

Knowing when two or multiple tasks are connected is an insight that most teams need, so a top task management tool should offer the possibility of viewing and acting on task dependencies.

Task Management Software FAQ

What is task management software?

Task management software are digital tools used to manage and organize tasks efficiently. They help you schedule and prioritize tasks, track dependencies and milestones, manage your resources and team, and provide insights for better decision-making.

How to get the most out of task management software?

The best way to maximize the effectiveness of any task management software is to get a solution that provides all the features you need and also has a flexible infrastructure that would adapt as your team scales. 

You need to know how to use the task manager, and that means getting a tool that matches your available resources in terms of technical capacity. 

If a particular application is too complex for you and doesn’t provide adequate onboarding, then find an easier-to-use software that wouldn’t complicate your work instead of improving it.

Are there any task manager alternatives?

If you aren’t into the sophisticated features of task management software, you can always use simpler organization tools like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 

Platforms like Trello and Basecamp are simpler alternatives that can be used for organization and collaboration.

What’s the difference between task management software, workflow management software, and project management software?

Put simply, project management encompasses task management. Task management tools manage all the tasks under a project while a project management platform manages multiple projects. 

A workflow is your method or system for organizing and executing tasks. 

Basically, workflow management software makes your system better by streamlining it and automating the actions you need to take.

How much does task management software cost?

Task management software ranges from being totally free to $40 per user monthly and higher at enterprise levels. 

As with most SaaS applications, the amount you spend is determined by how robust your desired features are and the benefits it brings to your business.

What are the benefits of using task management tools?

Here are the key benefits of using task management software:

A Central Hub For All Your Activities: An immediate benefit teams enjoy is the capacity to manage all their tasks and projects from one place. A single source of detail and activity leads to more organization, fewer mistakes, faster progress and ultimately, effective task management

Improved Teamwork and Remote Collaboration: Having the whole team working from a single digital location provides a single source of knowledge that everyone can benefit from. Task management tools are also beneficial to remote teams that need applications for remote work and collaboration.

Prioritization: By prioritizing tasks, employees can be spurred to meet deadlines and do the most important things first. Task management tools also provide an unparalleled level of visibility so you can really see who’s doing what and who isn’t.

Time Tracking: Time tracking features let you see the exact amount of time each employee is spending on a task. This type of information gives you a huge level of insight into employee efficiency that you otherwise may not find in manual or less sophisticated systems.

What is the best way to track team tasks?

With inbuilt functionality or integrations, task managers automate most manual processes, leaving the job of tracking tasks from their beginning to completion error-free and much easier than usual.

The best project management software provides multiple task views that give users many options for organizing tasks and viewing key details.

With such a level of access and insight, it will be easier for any project manager to increase task efficiency and productivity.

What is the best task management tool for small businesses?

Monday.com is a top choice for small and beginner teams as users don’t have a hard time getting adjusted to the software thanks to its easy-to-use interface. 

Another user-friendly software with valuable and affordable plans is Clickup, with prices starting at $5 monthly per member when billed annually.

What is the best task management system for large organizations?

A tool like Wrike has a flexible and powerful platform that can accommodate every team in a large organization.

Another tool for organizations with massive resources, budgets, and large projects is Kintone

The app’s full-on workspace is equipped with several solutions that are applicable to various departments in an enterprise.

What is the best free task management app?

Monday.com has a free plan that’s simple enough for individuals just getting started with their business. 

There are no limitations on the number of task boards you can use on Monday. 

Those who just want a simple free task management software to organize their daily activities and improve productivity can go for Todoist

ClickUp is hailed as having one of the most robust free versions of any task management tool. Loaded with rich collaborative features, sprint management, and kanban boards, it’s a great choice for teams that are just starting out.

Free task management apps like Teamwork and Wrike also have a free version that is strong enough to support the infrastructure of small teams.

Get More Done and Supercharge Your Team Collaboration

When choosing a new task management software for your team, go for a solution that matches your team’s plan and ability to scale, and you’ll have your projects moving at a record pace!

  • Monday.com is perfect for teams that want powerful features but need something easy to learn and use.
  • If you’re looking for good free software, ClickUp has one of the best free, starter plans.
  • Teams that are used to Excel but want something more sophisticated should try Smartsheet.
  • Agile teams that need agile workflows and features are better off with Wrike.
  • Organizations that want to boost collaboration while improving their complex processes should try Teamwork.
Best Overall


Visual and easy-to-use task management software with adaptive workflows for practically any team.
Best Free Plan


Intuitive task management tool with loads of free and powerful features customized to suit any work process.
Best For Excel Users


A familiar spreadsheet environment with advanced features like automated workflows and no-code integrations.
Best For Remote Teams


Custom workflows and interactive timelines alongside features that are great for remote teams.
Best For Collaboration


One of the most collaborative platforms that let you bill clients, share documents, and manage projects with flexible visualizations.

If you want more in-depth comparisons of the best task management apps out there, you can find them in this list:

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