How To Pick A Blog Niche (and 100+ Blog Niche Examples)

Updated Feb 5, 2023.

Are you eager to make money online but are wondering how to pick a blog niche?

It can be confusing–we understand.

Many bloggers just talk about how blogging is one of the best ways to make money online; that it provides crazy passive income opportunities; it’s also a quick answer to the question of how to make money from home.

Whatever it is that is motivating you to start blogging, you’re most likely not alone.

why did you start your blog

If you have decided that blogging is the way to go but aren’t sure which niche to blog in, we’re here to help.

Choosing the right blog niche is indeed very important. It’s central to your blogging success.

When you pick the right blog niche, you avoid a lot of pain and regret. You avoid working hard for months and years making no money while still spending what you have.

Consider this:

Do you want to be among the 2% who make more than $12K per month?

Although this may not happen within the first year, if you have the right blog niche and put in the required effort, you can start earning up to $5K per month in less than 12 months.

Blogging income is one of the various types of income for most people with a side hustle.

First of all, understand that despite what you may have read anywhere else, choosing the right blogging niche is not just a matter of passion. Blogging for money is really running an online business.

Being successful bloggers ourselves who earn $20,000+ per month with our career blog, we want to show you how to determine the right niche to blog in. Ours is a proven process which looks at the four factors necessary for making money through your blog.

This will help you start your blogging business with confidence.

But first, let’s deal with the basics.

What is a Blog Niche (and Why You Need One)

Every successful business operates within a niche. To better understand this, let’s look at how some leading companies define their niche:

Amazon: E-commerce

Google: Internet Search

Apple: Smartphone manufacturing

Facebook: Social media

Tesla: Electric cars

Do you notice that these companies work in specific fields? Those specific fields are their niches.

A niche is therefore just an area of expertise. And as a blogger, you need to blog in a niche which you’re either an expert or can easily become one.

Being an expert is important because it’s what will make people follow your recommendations and take the action you ask them to take.

Now, blog niches come in two forms: broad and narrow niches.

Which is better, a broad or narrow niche?

A broad niche is one which contains many sub-niches within it. The sub-niches are therefore narrow niches and they might have other sub-niches within them which are even narrower.

An example of a broad niche is food. Under food, you could have narrow niches such as vegan diet, keto diet and the mediterranean diet.

Although broad niches can look attractive because of the potential for big audiences, they deny you the opportunity to really connect with those audiences.

People connect with those who have similar passions as them.

If you want to find out whether you should choose one niche or another, just ask yourself this question: “Are people passionate about this niche?”

Take an example of smartphones. Are people passionate about smartphones?

The answer to this question is “No.” People are not passionate about smartphones. They are passionate about specific brands of smartphones. That is why there are online forums dedicated to specific smartphone brands and not smartphones in general.

Comparing smartphones with specific smartphone brands, the former is a broad niche while the latter is a narrow niche.

Broad vs Narrow Blog Niche Example

Why You Need to Choose a Blog Niche (If You Want to Launch a Successful Blog)

Choosing a blog niche will go a long way in helping you succeed in your blogging.

Specifically, here are four reasons why you should choose a blog niche.

1. You can only become an expert in a specific niche

Successful blogging only happens when your audience sees you as an expert. And as you might already know, you can only be an expert in one niche. Although you can operate in several niches, you can’t be an expert in all of them.

Being an expert means that you can be trusted to give the best advice on matters concerning your niche. This is called being an authority. As an authority, not only can you be trusted, but you also influence others in your niche.

If you want to earn six-figure incomes from your blog, you have to become an authority. And that can only happen when you blog in a specific niche.

2. Being known for your niche makes your readers and audience much more engaged with your blog

To make money blogging, you must have an engaged audience (likes, comments, questions and shares).

It’s impossible to have an engaged audience if there’s nothing in common between you and them.

For example, if you were to choose Android smartphones as your niche, Android users would find your content relatable and will be more likely to engage with it. On the other hand, iPhone users can’t be engaged with your blog since they can’t relate to it.

3. Niche blogs get more traffic from Google

Blogging in a niche provides another big advantage when it comes to building an audience. Whereas any blog can attract traffic from search engines, niche blogs tend to get more of it.


Because search engines rank on authority. Authority is measured through, among other things, engagement rates and backlinks. These point to your expertise.

Backlinks are references made by other websites to your blog. When other websites link to your blog, it tells Google that you are producing valuable content and implies that you are an expert in your niche.

This means that when you choose a blog niche, you’ll be increasing your chances of building an audience faster than bloggers who don’t.

4. A blog niche keeps you focused on your content strategy (and what articles to write)

A niche helps you stay focused on the kind of content to create. It helps you avoid the kind of distractions which come with blogging on topics which are unrelated.

This is like giving your speech a title, or your blog post a headline. It may seem like a small thing but the niche will act like a boundary of sorts. When brainstorming what to blog about, you’ll be guided by this niche, thereby delivering relevant content to your audience.

When your content is relevant, your audience finds it helpful and valuable. This will lead to more engagement, further increasing the chances that they will take the action you recommend.

How to Pick a Profitable Niche You Are Passionate About

So how do you pick the right niche for your blog?

We have a 4-step process that will help you choose a niche which you’ll comfortably blog in while earning the most out of it.

Here are the four steps:

  1. Identify your skills and passion
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Define the key results the audience demands
  4. Determine the audience revenue potential

When you follow these steps, you’ll end up with a list of various niches which you can blog in.

To decide which one to settle on, just rank them based on profitability. From there, starting with the most profitable niche, ask yourself, “Can I deliver the key results needed by the target audience?”

If the answer is yes, go with that niche. If no, then go to the next most profitable niche and do the same.

Here is a visual of how that could look like.

Skills & PassionTarget AudienceKey ResultAudience Revenue PotentialRanking
I am great at...… which helps...… I’ll earn...
Facebook Marketing CampaignsSmall Businesses in the U.S.$4 for every $1 marketing budget$1m1
Losing weight healthilyObese women between 30-49 with at least $80k annual incomeLose 20 pounds in 10 weeks200k4
Growing organic potatoes on autopilotHobby gardeners with at least 4 acres of landGrow organic potatoes at 80% costs and saving them 90% of time500k3
BookkeepingTech Startups in the U.S.I deliver 100% bookkeeping accuracy on time800k2

If you find that you can only deliver the results in the least profitable niche, then it’s time to tweak the determining factors.

Let’s break this down so you can see how it works.

[convertkit form=1541009]

STEP 1: Be clear about your skills (hint: “be the expert”)

Whatever niche you’ll be blogging in, there are some basic skills you’ll require.

These are skills which are relevant to that niche and they are what will enable you to provide a solution to your audience’s problems.

“It seems better to me for a child to have these skills and never use them, than not have them and one day need them.” – Kristin Cashore, Graceling

To identify your skills, just ask yourself the below questions.

Question #1: What are you naturally good at?

Natural abilities are a good place to start when identifying your skills. These are the things you easily do without any struggles.

You can see these skills by checking your past. Anything you loved doing and felt satisfied after completing it should point you to a skill.

For example, if you easily sold things to people and enjoyed it, then you have persuasion and selling skills.

You can also check with the people who have been in your life. These people will definitely have noticed some of your unique abilities.

Question #2: What personal goals have you achieved?

You can also identify your skills by looking at the personal goals you have achieved.

Considering that many people set goals but struggle to achieve them, you can bet that there is something that made the difference in your situation.

List down the goals you’ve achieved then ask yourself what helped you achieve them. Maybe it’s good time management skills, the ability to solve a particularly difficult problem that holds others back, ability to convince people to help you etc.

Get down to that thing which helped you break through to reach your goal. That is the skill you need to take note of since you’ll need it in your blogging.

Question #3: What are your academic qualifications?

Your academic qualifications are a good indicator of the skills you possess. You can rarely excel in an area of academics if you don’t have the skills needed in that field.

Take for instance accounting. If you don’t have math skills you most likely won’t excel in accounting. As much as accounting doesn’t require advanced mathematics, you need to be comfortable solving math problems.

As such, if you are academically qualified as a teacher, you can list teaching as a skill you have. If you are academically qualified as an architect, then you can list design, problem solving and advanced math as skills you possess.

You can even look at the course units you studied for help in identifying the skills you have.

Question #4: What is your professional experience?

Employment provides a very good learning environment. So, if you’ve been employed in the past (or are currently employed), then tap into your work history for skills you exhibited or picked while working.

What should you look for?


Check for the changes you brought about wherever you worked. What was the situation like when you joined and what was it like when you were leaving?

Here are some examples to guide you:

  • You bridged the communication gap between your department and another one
  • You helped increase sales revenue by 20%
  • You developed a solution which helped cut costs by 30%
  • You authored and implemented a HR policy which increased employee job satisfaction by 70%
  • Your marketing campaigns increased social media engagement rates by 400%

From these accomplishments, ask yourself what enabled you to drive the change or contribute towards it. Negotiation skills? Analytical skills? Organization skills?

Whatever was behind the success, list it as a skill.

What about passion and interest?

Although skills are central to your blogging success, passion is also important. Passion will add life to your blogging.

Passion and interest in a niche are what push you to learn and provide more helpful content to your audience.

These will also help you avoid being frustrated in the first weeks or months when you have to keep blogging despite not seeing any results.

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” – Joseph Campbell

Passion will also attract an audience and make them believe in what you’re doing. Take for instance a niche like environmental conservation. How can you convince others to support your efforts if you’re not passionate about it yourself?

Knowing what you’re passionate and interested in is not difficult. But instead of just scratching your head as you did with skills, why not have some fun identifying which niches you’re naturally interested in?

There’s a career advice tool sponsored by the US Department of Labor and it’s used primarily to help people identify jobs they would love doing.

As a blogger, any job you’re interested in doing simply reflects the niche you could passionately blog in.

The interest assessment tool consists of 60 statements requiring you to choose a response of strongly dislike, dislike, unsure, like or strongly like.

Source: My Next Move

After responding to the statements, you’ll be presented with a set of results. These will be categorized into Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Your score in these areas will help you know which path would be of the greatest interest to you.

Here is an example result window.

Source: My Next Move

From here you’ll be told about the level of skill, education and previous work experience you might need so as to excel in the field. This is where your interests and passion meet the skills you already possess.

The tool calls this job preparation. The more demanding a job is, in terms of skills, training and past work experience, the more preparation needed for it. The level of job preparation is reflected in five job zones showing different job areas.

Let’s say that you got the above results after taking the assessment. Here are the niches listed in zone 2. These won’t need much prior training.

Source: My NextMove

Now check the below niches which fall under zone 4. Although these are from the same interests, they require more preparation.

Source: My Next Move

If you keep your interests constant and compare the two job zones, you’ll realize that your skills play the biggest role in determining what niche to blog in.

From the example we used here, if you have fewer skills, blogging about customer service would be an easy choice. If you however have more skills or are willing to improve on your current skill set, you could blog about marketing, event planning or even public relations.

STEP 2: Identify the audience you want to serve

For your blog to be successful, you need to be clear on who you want to serve. You have to identify the right target audience.

To choose the right audience, you’ll need to first identify the high-level audience then go down to the specific target audience.

Target audience is a customer segment that has the same problem-to-be-solved and is able and willing to pay for your solution to that problem.

To settle on a specific audience, it’s important that you find out whether the audience has the budget to pay for the solution you’ll offer and is willing to pay for it.

Without a budget, the audience won’t be able to pay and so you won’t be able to make money. Still, even with a budget, it’s possible to have an audience that is not willing to pay.

This can be the case if the audience you target doesn’t really see any problem with the current situation. Or maybe it’s not a problem worth dealing with (probably doesn’t affect them).

Such a situation can only mean one thing: you targeted the wrong audience.

To ensure that your blog targets the right audience, start by answering the below questions:

  1. Should you target individual consumers or businesses?
  2. Will customers have enough budget available?
  3. Is the target audience willing to buy?

Let’s see how these questions can lead you to your ideal target audience.

Question #1: Should you target individual customers or businesses?

Most blogs target individual customers with just a few targeting businesses. The B2C sector can be easier to get into when compared to B2B.

In many cases, you’ll have to be a well-known problem solver before businesses can trust you to solve their problems.

You can still break through even if you’re just getting started. All you’ll need to do is prove that you can deliver results. And if you have past records of doing it, then things become easier.

Targeting individual customers can make it easier for your blog to start making money (though it probably won’t be much at first). This is because individuals make buying decisions faster than businesses. For businesses, there’s always a longer sales process to be followed and approvals to be given.

Something else to consider is that businesses often prefer getting products or services on credit. Are you willing to wait at least 30 days to get your check?

Question #2: Will customers have enough budget available?

Do you know that you can provide the best solution but have an audience that’s unable to buy due to budget constraints?

That can force you back to the drawing board after months of hard work and lots of expenses. You don’t want such an experience.

The audience you target should be able to buy what you offer. This means you have to find out whether they have the budget or not.

For individual customers, you’ll need to get some demographic data which can help you know how much your targeted audience can spend.

You can choose between conducting your own survey or checking out the results of past surveys. You can also get demographic data from the US Census Bureau and the Pew Research.

Here is some demographic data you could collect from your targeted audience.

Demographic Data for Targeted Audience
SexMen or Women
Age18 – 25; 26 – 35; 36 – 45; 46 – 55;
Marital StatusSingle, Married
Annual Household Income$50k – 150k; $150k – 300k; $300k – 500k;
EmploymentFull-time, Part-time, Self-employed, Retired

If you want to find out the budget of a business, just look at their products and services or the customers they target.

Generally speaking, highly-priced products and services point to a big budget. Affordable products on the other hand point to an average budget.

Question #3: Is the target audience willing to buy?

The most challenging part of identifying a target audience is finding out whether they are willing to buy. Answering this question requires more effort than finding out whether they have the budget.

For individual customers, you’ll have to collect psychographic data.

Psychographic data helps you segment your target audience by their interests, attitudes, values, opinions, personality and lifestyle choices.

Psychographic data gives you more details about an audience than demographic data. It’s from this detailed information that you can tell that your target audience is either willing or unwilling to buy.

Here is some psychographic data to give you an idea of how you can discern a customer’s willingness to buy.

Psychographic Data for Targeted Audience
After work ActivitiesGym, Bar, Movie
Weekend ActivitiesVisiting friends, Spa, Golf, Yoga, Reading books
Religious BeliefsChristian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist
ValuesIntegrity, Loyalty
Topics of InterestNature, Wildlife, Cars
PersonalityIntrovert, Ambivert, Extrovert

Let’s use an example to see how this works.

Say for example that you’re interested in fashion and are skilled in designing women’s clothing. How do you settle on the right target audience based on budget availability and willingness to buy?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are your designs a good fit for younger or older women? (Demographics: Age)
  2. Do you design women’s clothing for the office, weekend, social events? (Demographics: Employment; Psychographics: Interests, Social activities)
  3. Considering your proposed price, are they likely to be afforded by people with low, medium or high incomes? (Demographics: Income Levels)
  4. Are the clothes plain or do they have prints? And if prints, what designs or patterns? (Psychographics: Topics of Interest)
  5. What colors do you mostly work with? (Psychographics: Personality)
  6. Can your designs be deemed offensive or inappropriate? (Psychographics: Religious Beliefs)

When you get the answers to these questions, you'll be able to know what your audience is concerned about or interested in.

You can then make any necessary adjustments so as to be aligned with the target audience or embark on a new search for your ideal target audience.

For example, you might be a fashion designer. To validate your choice of a target audience, you conduct a survey and ask the above questions.

After getting the answers, you realize that the audience you targeted can buy expensive dresses (they have the budget). However, they are deeply religious and would therefore find most of your designs inappropriate (they’re unwilling to buy).

In such a case, you have to decide between changing your designs to fit their preferences or sticking to your designs and setting out to identify a different target audience.

STEP 3: Find out what key result the audience truly demands

It’s very important that you understand your audience’s problem. This will help you to create a solution that the audience will embrace and even recommend to others.

Apart from solving your audience’s problem, you should also keep in mind the need to distinguish yourself from other bloggers. Whatever solution you come up with, it should make you stand out.

How do you do this?

Conduct audience interviews

One of the best ways to know what your audience is looking for is to simply ask them. You can do this using questionnaires or by carrying out one-on-one interviews.

When conducting interviews, one of the most important things to factor in is the use of open-ended questions. These questions allow the audience to express themselves thus giving you an opportunity to pick up what is truly needed.

This will help you come up with a solution that addresses the real issue. As such, it will be easier for the audience to embrace the solution, relate with and even recommend it.

Research current solutions

Knowing the problem being faced, the next thing to do is to check out the currently-available solutions. The easiest way of doing this is by searching for answers through Google.

From the Google search results, go through several blogs to see what solutions are currently available and what kind of help they provide.

Since you understand the audience’s problems, can you see where the available solutions are falling short?

Validate your observations and conclusions by going through the comment sections of the blogs you’ve read.

What are the blog visitors saying? Are they raising any specific concerns? Are they companining?

Also check out other platforms such as Facebook groups, Reddit discussion boards and other niche forums.

Taking note of the pain points of the audience and what they really need, you can now define the key result you’ll offer your audience. This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Here are some example key results your research could lead you to. Note that you’ll have to be able to deliver the results you promise.

  • Your prices are 10% less
  • You provide same-day delivery services
  • You help clients lose 20 pounds in 5 weeks
  • You’ll increase profitability by 25%
  • You help nerds get dates after 1 week of training

Whatever promises you make, remember to ensure that you can deliver on them.

STEP 4: Estimate the audience revenue potential (so you know whether you’ve struck gold)

The audience revenue potential is what will tell you whether you can make money from your blog or not. Many of the bloggers who aren’t making any money failed to consider this.

When you estimate your audience revenue potential, you’ll end up with high audience revenue potential, medium audience revenue potential or low audience revenue potential.

Many Visitors x High Revenue per Visitor = High Audience Revenue Potential

Many Visitors x Low Revenue per Visitor = Medium Audience Revenue Potential

Few Visitors x High Revenue per Visitor = Medium Audience Revenue Potential

Few Visitors x Low Revenue per Visitor = Low Audience Revenue Potential

When your blog receives many visitors, then your earning potential increases. Your total earnings are also determined by the revenue you get from individual income channels.

This points to two things: blog traffic and the monetization strategies you use in your blog.

For blog traffic, you simply need as many relevant blog visitors as possible. For the monetization strategies, you should implement those which can earn you the most, even with little traffic.

Note however that some monetization strategies will only be realistic once you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche. That’s when you’ll be able, for example, to offer consulting services or online courses.

How to increase your blog traffic (and improve your blogging business)

Your blog needs to receive consistent traffic. This consistency will mainly be anchored on the kind of content you provide. As long as you provide high-quality content, your audience will keep coming back for more.

That said, you shouldn’t create high quality content and then wait for traffic to grow on its own. That will take your blog a long time to grow. You need to actively market your blog so that you build an audience more quickly.

Fortunately, marketing your blog is not difficult and it may not cost you much. You just have to use the available marketing channels to attract your target audience in the most profitable way.

Let’s look at some of the marketing channels you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For your blog to be successful, you have to incorporate SEO in it. This is the number one traffic driver in the long run and your blog should focus on it.

Note however that successful SEO is not just about the blog content you write. SEO starts at the point of setting up your blog. Your blog’s design and layout will play a key role in determining your blog’s rank on search engines.

To drive traffic through your blog content, you need to conduct keyword research.

Keyword research helps you identify popular search terms and phrases being typed by people in search engines so you can write content that ranks high at Google and drives tons of relevant visitors to your blog.

We recommend that you use SEMrush for your keyword research, because it has 40+ advanced tools to help you understand what people are searching for in Google as far as your niche is concerned.

SEMrush will give you a list of keywords which are being actively searched for. For every keyword you search, it will tell you, among other things, the traffic volume, ranking difficulty and the cost of advertising using Google AdWords.

Here are the keyword research results for the search term “women’s clothing.”

Keyword research for picking blogging niche
Source: SEMrush

From a long-term point of view, SEO is the most profitable way to attract relevant visitors to your blog. It may however take anything from 9-18 months before you can see some real impact on your blog’s traffic.

2. Google AdWords

As a blogger, you most likely know that you can make money by having Google ads display on your blog. This service is called Google AdSense. Google has another advertising service you can use to drive traffic to your blog. It’s called Google AdWords.

When you use Google AdWords, your ads will appear at the top of search results related to your niche. Every click on the ad will translate to a visitor to your blog.

Source: Google AdWords

Google AdWords is great at promoting your offering (e.g. online course, service, software) and getting relevant visitors to your blog TODAY.

3. Facebook Ads

If you only use Facebook to interact with friends, then it’s time you started using it for business purposes. The same way businesses advertise on Facebook, so should you if you’re to increase and sustain your blog traffic.

Having over 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides a huge traffic base which you can tap into to increase your blog traffic.

Source: Facebook Ads

Facebook is great at promoting your content and offering to people based on their interests.

4. LinkedIn Ads

As the social media network of professionals and with many people looking for jobs on LinkedIn, you might think that your blog doesn’t need it. What you might not know is that businesses are on LinkedIn too.

Whatever solution you’re offering to your audience, there are people on LinkedIn who might be interested. If you can draw them to your blog using an ad on the platform, then you stand to earn more.

Source: LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin is awesome for attracting B2B clients to your blog, because you can reach people by their skills, company name, location, and job title.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is unique in the sense that it’s more visual than text-based. What makes it stand out most for bloggers and other businesses is that it allows you to link your posts to your blog.

This enables you to generate traffic from outside the ordinary channels and direct it right into your blog. Once the audience is on your blog, your high-quality content takes over.

Source: Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is awesome for targeting women in visual niches like food, fashion, mom & baby, or travel.

6. Niche Forums

Another great source of traffic is niche forums. These are the platforms where people discuss matters related to your niche.

Being niche-specific, these platforms provide you with an opportunity to showcase your expertise to people who are interested in the niche.

For example, if someone wants to know how to configure a Microsoft Windows server, he might ask about it in one of the many forums discussing Windows or Server topics.

One of the best-known computer/system admin forums on the internet is Stack Overflow. You can search for questions on the forum, answer them and then point out that your blog has more.

Source: Stack Overflow

Niche forums are best for quick results if your target audience already engages in closed communities you can tap into.

7. Email Marketing

Many bloggers think that the only worthwhile marketing channel is social media. In case you’re thinking the same, then take it from us: email marketing is big and it provides unparalleled opportunities (such as one of the highest marketing ROIs).

You can easily turn the blog visitors who sign up to get your emails into customers. All you need to do is use the right email marketing software.

For all our online businesses, we use ConvertKit to strategically reach our subscribers and pitch them on our services. It's super easy to use and helps us automate sending out thousands of personalized emails to our audience.

Source: ConvertKit

Email marketing is critical for every blog, because it’s the most profitable way to build and engage your own audience and sell your offer on auto-pilot (e.g. online course, digital product, software, service).

Choosing the right monetization strategy for your blog

You might have heard them being referred to as income channels, income streams or revenue models. All these names mean the same thing: different strategies for blog monetization.

There are many different monetization strategies and you’re not restricted on the number you can implement on your blog. In fact, if you’re to make good money, you must use more than one on your blog.

Here are some of the common monetization strategies bloggers use.

1. Selling Ebooks

You can decide that you want to sell ebooks as a means of making some money. If you have the necessary writing skills, then you can write and even self-publish as many ebooks as you can.

In case you don’t have the writing skills, you hire a ghostwriter. You can find the best ghostwriters on Upwork, Scripted and Fiverr.

When it comes to selling the ebooks, the best option is to do it on your own blog. You can use Easy Digital Downloads to run a store for digital products on your blog. The biggest advantage of selling the ebooks on your blog is that you get to keep all the profit.

Source: Easy Digital Downloads

For more sales however, you can consider selling your book on platforms like Gumroad and Amazon.

2. Selling physical products

You can also sell physical products on your blog. These can include branded shirts, mugs, umbrellas and anything else that your loyal audience might want. For a wider reach, you can sell these on Amazon as well.

To sell physical products on your blog, you’ll need to use Shopify. This is widely considered the best e-commerce solution. It’s robust and has all the features you’ll need to successfully run a store on your blog.

Source: Shopify
3. Paid memberships

You can also decide to charge a fee to access your blog content. You can design your blog such that everyone has access to some content but the premium type is only accessible to registered members.

Paid memberships are great as they offer you consistent income through the months. To be successful with these, you’ll however need to have established yourself as a source of helpful and authoritative content in your niche.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. All you need to do to earn through this income stream is to convince your audience of the suitability of the product or service you’re recommending.

Once they buy using the link on your blog, you earn a commission.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is the Bluehost affiliate program. Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting companies and we recommend them for their top notch services.

Source: Bluehost
5. Online courses

Once you’ve become an authority in your niche, it’s a good idea to start creating and selling online courses. This is one of the best ways of sharing the knowledge and experience you have.

The good thing about online courses is that they will always be available for anyone to take them. This means that your earning potential remains high and is not limited to time or location.

For creating and selling online courses, we recommend Teachable. The platform makes it easy for you to manage everything from team members to students. You can also have one-on-one or group teaching sessions.

Source: Teachable
6. Ads

Ads are a sure way of earning from your blog though the amounts are not always very high. Moreover, many blog readers are nowadays blocking ads on their browsers. This means that ads are not being viewed as intended.

Still, ads are an easy way of earning from your blog traffic especially when the traffic is high.

If you want to maximize your earning potential through ads, sign up to use Monumetric. Monumetric will audit your site, manage your ads and prioritize the highest-paying ads so you earn the most from your blog traffic.

For Monumetric to run ads on your blog however, you need to have a minimum of 10K page views per month. If you’re just getting started, achieving these numbers might take you some time.

You can start off with Google AdSense and then get in touch with Monumetric once your blog hits 10K page views per month. When we moved our career blog from Google AdSense to Monumetric, we increased our advertising revenue by 7x within 3 months.

Source: Monumetric
7. Coaching/Consulting

The more you become an authority, the easier it becomes for you to make more money. And one way you can make more money is through coaching and consulting.

You can offer your coaching services to both individuals and groups. You’ll discuss with your client and decide on the results to be achieved then set the price accordingly.

Coaching and consulting is a high-earning revenue stream. As long as you’ve come to be known as an expert in your field, then you can offer coaching and counseling services.

8. Sponsored posts

As your blog audience starts growing, you can also publish sponsored posts on your blog. These are usually done by successful bloggers whose authority has turned them into influencers.

When writing a sponsored post, the client (product/service owner) will pay you without considering the number of people who make a purchase based on your post. Your influence is what the client will be seeking to benefit from.

Depending on the length of the post and your level of influence, sponsored posts can also earn you good money. The challenge here however is that the earning potential is limited because you can’t write these posts every day.

9. Freelance blogging

You can also make money through freelance blogging. With many blogs seeking to keep their audience engaged but lacking in budgets to hire in-house content marketers, you can offer your blogging services at a fee.

Although you’ll have to discuss and agree with clients on every project, you can create packages depending on factors like niche, word count, SEO and delivery time.

Here is an example.

Word Count500 or Less500 – 1,0001,000 – 2,5003,000 – 5,000
FormatWordWord, PDFWord, PDFWord, PDF
Time frame3 Hrs5 Hrs1 Day3 Days
10. Host webinars

Webinars are becoming more popular by the day and you can start hosting yours today.

Although an easy way of earning from webinars is by charging for attendance, you can also offer free webinars, grow your email list with your webinar, and then pitch your course, book or other service during the webinar.

We’ve found WebinarJam to be one of the most affordable and easy-to-use webinar softwares for beginners. One of its most powerful features is the ability to make a presentation with 5 other presenters (a roundtable of 6 experts).

Host webinars in your blog niche
Source: WebinarJam

Being live events, webinars normally record very high engagement rates. And with the opportunity to ask and respond to questions, you get a chance to convince your audience to take specific action.

11. Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS solutions are one of the biggest revolutions of modern times. SaaS solutions have moved us from buying software on DVDs to paying monthly fees to use systems installed somewhere “in the cloud.”

If you are an expert in an area, one of the best ways of monetizing your skills and experience is by building a software solution. You can then offer limited-time free use and paid packages for unlimited use.

SaaS solutions are all over the internet. In fact, most of the monetization strategies mentioned here are all software solutions. A popular example you’ll use in your efforts to get your blog visitors to convert is Unbounce.

Source: Unbounce

Unbounce helps you create landing pages with high conversion rates, helping you turn average blog visitors to customers.

12. Donations

Donations are normally used in charity and activism niches as well as religion and other non-profit niches.

If you’re blogging in such niches, then use Fundly for your donations. Fundly helps you build a donation website which is mobile-friendly and also provides a secure payment processor.

Source: Fundly

Most donation requests have no specified amount. Some bloggers promote donation requests in the form of continued monthly support.

Estimating your audience revenue potential

At the point of beginning your blogging business, it’s impossible to accurately tell how much you can make. What you can do however is make an estimate using the knowledge we’ve shared with you of different revenue models.

To estimate earning potential, a common metric used is RPM (Revenue Per Mille). RPM gives you an estimated revenue figure based on 1,000 blog visitors.

Since income channels are not the same, you will have different RPM values given different income strategies.

From our experience, here is how much revenue you can expect to earn from every 1,000 visitors to your blog for the income streams discussed above:

  • Donations: 0.50 – 5 USD
  • Ads: 2 – 10 USD
  • Digital products (ebooks): 5 – 25 USD
  • Sponsored posts: 10 – 40 USD
  • Memberships: 15 – 90 USD
  • Affiliate marketing: 60 – 200 USD
  • Freelancing: 30 – 400 USD
  • Online courses: 40 – 500 USD
  • Coaching/Consulting: 40 – 600 USD
  • Webinars: 40 – 800 USD
  • Software: 40 – 1,000 USD
  • Physical products/E-commerce: 100 – 2,000 USD

Pro Tip: Ads are the lowest-paying monetization strategy and can only be worthwhile if you have millions of diverse blog visitors. To quickly earn more money even with little traff]]>aim at using higher-paying income channels like affiliate marketing, online courses, or service offerings (consulting, freelancing).

Following this process, have you spotted a blog niche in which you could use your skills to deliver superior results to a high-end audience?

If yes, here’s how to start a blog and make money online.

If not, keep on reading for inspiration on what niches are already working and keep on calibrating your niche, so you don't waste tons of money and time working on something which won't work.

100+ Blog Niche Ideas That Get Good Traffic and Make Good Money

We have categorized these blog niche ideas into broad niches then listed some narrow niches within the broad ones.

Apart from giving you the niche idea, we have included an example blog you can check out to see how others are doing it. And for every example blog, we tell you which monetization strategies the bloggers are using on their blogs.

Personal development

Personal development can take many forms. This niche provides a lot of satisfaction because it’s all about improving people’s lives.

1. Mind Training

Almost everyone wants to improve their thinking and reasoning capacity. If you would like to help them, join CogniFit in this niche and help make people smarter.

Mind training blog niche
Source: CogniFit

Monetization Strategy: Online brain training programs and games

2. Self Defense

With all the police and military presence, we still need to be able to keep ourselves safe. If you have self defense skills, consider sharing them as Functional Self Defense does.

Self defense blog niche
Source: Functional Self Defense

Monetization Strategy: Books

3. Public speaking

Most people have no problem speaking with friends, arguing and even singing and dancing with them. Wait until they’re asked to make a presentation before an audience, things change.

If you can help them, please do, just as Fearless Presentations is doing.

Public speaking blog niche
Source: Fearless Presentations

Monetization Strategy: Online courses, in-person classes, coaching

4. Productivity

People want to maximize what they have. From smartphones apps to kitchen appliances, people want to extract more from everything. Can you help them with this?

You can join Lifehacker in this niche.

Productivity blog niche
Source: Lifehacker

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products

5. Motivation and Inspiration

Many people feel helpless and hopeless fighting a never-ending and often-lost battle against life struggles. Addicted 2 Success is a blog that helps inject some motivation and energy into them.

You can do the same.

Motivation and inspiration blog niche
Source: Addicted 2 Success

Monetization Strategy: Ads

6. Habit formation

Ever heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? If you’ve tried hard to drop a bad habit and pick a good one, you might not agree with that scientific finding.

If you know how to do this better, then help others as James Clear is doing.

Habit formation blog niche
Source: James Clear

Monetization Strategy: Books, Online course, Speaking events

Personal finance

Why can’t I become as rich as the rich?

This is a big question many people would like to have an answer to. If you have the knowledge, skills or experience to help people utilize their money better and stop feeling poor, they will love you.

7. Debt

Can you help people get out of debt? The audience waiting to hear from you is big. Just ask Blogging Away Debt.

debt blogging niche
Source: Blogging Away Debt

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

8. Investments

The majority of people know that investing their money is better than saving it. But where do they start? Join the Financial Samurai in this niche and earn while helping people invest.

investing blog niche
Source: Financial Samurai

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

9. Frugality and budgeting

Can you help people make budgets and live within them? Frugality is a lifestyle that helps people avoid unnecessary expenses. If this is your area of expertise or interest, then jump on board. The Frugality is already blogging about it.

Frugality and budgeting blog niche
Source: The Frugality

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, Speaking events

10. Financial independence

In all financial matters, the end to be achieved is financial independence. If you can show people how to get there, then join Go Curry Cracker in this blogging niche.

Financial independence blog niche
Source: Go Curry Cracker

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

Health and Fitness

More and more, especially with the continued degradation of our environment, people are seeking healthier lifestyles. You can’t go wrong with a niche in health and fitness.

11. Body-weight training

Building muscles is usually associated with hitting the gym. It’s however possible to build muscles from home. If you know how and would like to share the knowledge, join Global Bodyweight Training in this blog niche.

body-weitgh training blog niche
Source: Global Bodyweight Training

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products, Memberships

12. Vegan Diets

We all know that for good muscle building, we need to eat lots of protein. What happens if you are a vegan? Check out Vegan Liftz.

Vegan diets blog niche
Source: Vegan Liftz

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products, Affiliate marketing

13. Ketogenic Diet

Are you into the keto diet? There are many people who want to lose weight and have heard that keto diet can help. Can you walk with them through the journey like Keto in Pearls is doing?

Ketogenic diet blog niche
Source: Keto in Pearls

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products

14. Fitness for women

Gone are the days when only men exercised for fitness. Today, women are doing it too–and they’re loving it. Check out Love Sweat Fitness if you’re thinking about this niche.

Fitness for women blog niche
Source: Love Sweat Fitness

Monetization Strategy: Digital products, physical products

15. Exercises for pregnant women

Doctors advise pregnant women to exercise. Knocked-up Fitness helps them do it.

Exercises for pregnant women blogging niche
Source: Knocked-up Fitness

Monetization Strategy: Online course, Coaching, Physical products, Memberships

16. Muscle Building

Muscle building is the goal for many of those who exercise, especially at the gym. If you can train people in this area, then there’s an audience waiting for you. Consider The Body Building Blog.

Muscle building blog niche
Source: The Body Building Blog

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Online program

17. Powerlifting

Powerlifting is different from the more common weightlifting. If you are a powerlifter and would like to recruit others, check out Powerlifting to Win for inspiration.

Powerlifting blogging niche
Source: Powerlifting to Win

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Ebooks, Physical products, Coaching, Affiliate marketing

18. Powerlifting for Women

Are you a female powerlifter? You can blog about it, just like Girls Who Powerlift.

Powerlifting for women blog niche
Source: Girls Who Powerlift

Monetization Strategy: Physical products

19. Yoga

Yoga is growing in popularity and if you either practice or just like it, you can blog about it. Here is some inspiration from Do Yoga With Me.

Yoga niche for starting a blog
Source: Do Yoga With Me

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Online course, Memberships

20. Mental Health

Many people suffer from stress-related issues. In the area of mental health, things can get bad. If you have the knowledge or experience to share and help others, consider blogging about it.

Check out Anxiety Sisters for inspiration.

Mental health blog niche
Source: Anxiety Sisters

Monetization Strategy: Online course, Speaking events

21. Home Remedy

Although science has brought us advanced medicine, sometimes it’s just easier to use simple home remedies. Instead of rushing to the pharmacist for OTC drugs, Top 10 Home Remedies helps people embrace the easier solution.

Picking home remedies blog niche
Source: Top 10 Home Remedies

Monetization Strategy: Ads

22. Detoxification

We can’t talk about health without mentioning detoxification. This is what Detox Inista teaches people about.

Blogging in detoxification blog niche
Source: Detox Inista

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Books, Ebooks, Affiliate marketing


Here we have niches about ways of living and things people do that are very closely connected with their lives.

23. Minimalism

Living a minimalist life is gradually becoming fashionable. If you’re already doing it, why not blog about it. Check out Becoming Minimalist.

Writing about minimalism blog niche
Source: Becoming Minimalist

Monetization Strategy: Online course, Books, Speaking events, App subscriptions

24. Survivalism

Did you know that there are people around the world always preparing for the apocalypse? If you have tips to share with them, join Offgrid Survival in this niche.

Survivalism blogging niche
Source: Offgrid Survival

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products

25. Wine

Maybe you’re in the business of selling wine. Or maybe you own a vineyard. Or probably you have other reasons for being a wine lover. Whatever the reason, you can blog about wine. Vinography is already doing it.

Wine blog niche
Source: Vinography

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Book, Affiliate marketing

26. Beer

As loved as wine is, the most popular type of alcoholic drink is beer. If you love beer or are in the beer business, you can blog about. Good Beer Hunting is already in the niche.

Beer blog niche
Source: Good Beer Hunting

Monetization Strategy: Physical products, Beer events

27. Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are another way of life gaining popularity by the day. If this is of interest to you, you can blog in the niche as the Tiny House Blog is doing.

Tiny homes and houses blog niche
Source: Tiny House Blog

Monetization Strategy: Ads, e-magazine, House plans

28. Spas and massage

After a long tiring work day, visiting a spa can go a long way in calming nerves and helping relieve stress. If you love spas and their services, consider blogging about it. You can even set up a spa directory like Spa Finder.

Blogging in Spas and massage niche
Source: Spa Finder

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Gift cards, Partnerships

29. Retirement

Are you a retirement expert? Retirees also read blogs. You can also blog to inform those not yet there about the retirement life. Check out how Kathy’s Retirement Blog is doing it.

Retirement blog niche
Source: Kathy’s Retirement Blog

Monetization Strategy: Ads

30. College Life

College life is quite unique and college students can provide a loyal audience. You can however take a different approach, as the Broke Millennial blog and provide valuable advice to those just getting out of college.

College life blog niche
Source: Broke Millennial

Monetization Strategy: Online courses, Books, Affiliate marketing, Speaking events

Beauty and Fashion

One of the biggest economy builders is the beauty industry. With an understanding of the need to look and feel great, there hasn’t been an end to the number of blogs coming up in this niche.

31. Dressing

There is no fashion without dressing. And although men are also fashionable, women provide the biggest audience. If you’re into fashion, check out Memorandum for inspiration.

Dressing blog niche
Source: Memorandum

Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing

32. Makeup

Makeup is an important part of the lives of many ladies. That in itself means that there will always be an audience for such blogs. If you’re interested, join Makeup and Beauty Blog in this niche.

Makeup blogging niche
Source: Makeup and Beauty Blog

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products

33. Jewelry

Fashion goes hand in hand with jewelry. If you love jewelry, then consider blogging about it. Gem Gossip is one of the blogs in the niche.

Jewelry blog niche
Source: Gem Gossip

Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing, Physical products

34. Skin Care

Squarely falling into the beauty niche, skin care is a hot topic for any woman into fashion. With all the brands and different products available, the audience can’t wait for your advice.

You can blog as an enthusiast or from a professional perspective like Dr. Bailey Skin Care.

Skin care blog niche
Source: Dr. Bailey Skin Care

Monetization Strategy: Physical products

Travel and Adventure

If you love the fun and adventure of traveling, there is an eager audience waiting to hear from you. Some are hoping they can choose a holiday destination by following your blog.

35. Photography

Photography provides a lot of joy and sweet memories. There are also art lovers eager to buy photos of little-known places and uncommon sights. If you love traveling and taking photos, then travel photography can be a good niche for you.

Check out The Wandering Lens and get inspired.

Photography blogging niche
Source: The Wandering Lens

Monetization Strategy: Ebooks, Physical products

36. Local City/State/Country travel

Tourism is always taking place, even at the local city level. If you are a native and know your location well, why not tell visitors about your city, state or country? This is what Arts Atl is doing.

Local travel blogging niche
Source: Arts Atl

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Donations

37. Camping

Camping life is truly an adventure. Camping blogs also attract many followers. If you love outdoor life, you can blog about and share tips and reviews of camping sites. Check out Beyond the Tent.

Camping blog niche
Source: Beyond the Tent

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

38. Van Life

Ever lived or still live in a van? This is a bigger adventure than simple camping. If you have the experience, join the Kombi Life blog in this niche. You can enjoy life and blog about it.

Van Life blog niche
Source: Kombi Life

Monetization Strategy: Ebooks, Physical products, Donations

39. Living Abroad

Traveling doesn’t have to be just about visiting places and staying there for a few days or weeks. You can also blog about living in a new country for months or years.

This is the niche Enjoy Living Abroad blogs in.

Living abroad blogging niche
Source: Enjoy Living Abroad

Monetization Strategy: Books

40. Travel Advice

You don’t have to just share photos of the places you’ve visited. You can also offer valuable travel advice or those planning their own travel experiences. Check out The Blonde Abroad for ways of doing this.

Travel advice blog niche
Source: The Blonde Abroad

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, Digital products

41. Boating

So much for traveling via road and air. What about traveling on the water? Here is Better Boat, a blog about boating adventures.

Boating blog niche
Source: Better Boat

Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing

42. Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation is a huge market. As specific as it sounds, there are so many opportunities here. Consider and everything it offers.

Hotels and accommodation blog niche

Monetization Strategy: Partnerships


People love animals and when you tell them more about them, especially things they didn’t know, they will keep coming back to you.

Here are some narrow niches within the wildlife niche.

43. Wildlife conservation

If you live to create awareness about wildlife conservation, the world could do with more people like you. Consider blogging about it.

Check out Kate on Conservation for some inspiration.

Wildlife conservation blog niche
Source: Kate on Conservation

Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing, Physical products

44. Fishing

Some fish for business, others for fun and still, others for sport. Whatever your reason for fishing, if you love it, LA Fish Blog proves that this can be a niche to blog in.

Fishing blog niche
Source: LA Fish Blog

Monetization Strategy: Online courses, Webinars, Memberships


The love people have for their pets is big. Becoming part of people’s families, pet wonders want to know how to take care of their pets and even how to get new ones.

45. Dogs

A man’s best friend? Dogs have lived with people for many years. Assisting in activities like fishing and providing security at home, dogs are great to have. Check out The Bark. It's a great blog for dog lovers.

Dogs blogging niche
Source: The Bark

Monetization Strategy: Ads

46. Cats

The second most common pet is the cat. Mostly loved by women, cats can get closer to their human friends than many dogs. If you love cats and know a few things about them, why not blog about them? Check out The Purrington Post for inspiration.

Cats blogging niche
Source: The Purrington Post

Monetization Strategy: Ads

47. Animal Rescue

With all the love that pets get from people, it’s sad that there are people who abuse pets. The Animal Rescue Site rescues animals and if you can do the same, there are people to appreciate and even adopt them.

Animal rescue blogging niche
Source: Animal Rescue Site

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products


Technology is what runs the world today. While embracing technology, people want to stay updated and to be shown how to maximize the products they own.

48. Consumer Technology

All the new stuff–TVs, smartphones, Electric cars etc, must all be reported on and consumers told how to make the best of them. This is where a blog such as Make Use Of comes in.

Consumer technology blog niche
Source: Make Use Of

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Digital products, Physical products

49. Online Safety

Many people innocently browse the web without any knowledge of the dangers lurking. Here’s how one blogger educates them.

Online safety blog niche
Source: The Cyber Safety Lady

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Books, Ebooks, Webinars, Speaking events

50. Web Design and Development

As the internet connects us all together and more people want websites (and blogs), web design and development skills become necessary. If you have these skills, then this is a good niche to get into. Check out Website Builder Expert’s work.

Web design and development blog niche
Source: Website Builder Expert

Monetization Strategy: Website development, Web hosting, Affiliate marketing

51. Computer Programming

With increased computer and smartphone use, the need for software applications (apps) has gone up. If you can develop apps or teach others how to do it, then you can blog in this niche. An example blog in this niche is Ray Wenderlich.

Computer programming blog niche
Source: Ray Wenderlich

Monetization Strategy: Subscriptions, Online courses

52. Technology News and Reviews

People want to know what’s coming up in the world of tech. If you can keep them ahead of their friends, loyalty is guaranteed. This is what Tech Radar does.

Technology news and reviews blog niche
Source: Tech Radar

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

53. E-Commerce

Businesses are going online and people want to know how to move to e-commerce. If you’re knowledgeable and skilled in reviewing and advising on this, then you could choose this niche.

Check out A Better Lemonade Stand for some ideas.

E-Commerce blogging niche
Source: A Better Lemonade Stand

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Digital products, Affiliate marketing

54. Drones

Drones are all over. From shooting wedding videos to product delivery. If you are a drone enthusiast or are a manufacturer, why not help others become more knowledgeable?

Check out Drone Blog.

Drones blog niche
Source: Drone Blog

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate Marketing

55. Home Automation

Home automation is interesting and convenient. People however need help with that. Can you offer the advice on things like options, reviews, security, deals and everything related? If you can, then start your blog and capture the audience waiting for this content.

Here is one such blog: Smart Home.

Home automation blog niche
Source: Smart Home

Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing, Physical products

56. Cryptocurrency

People want technology everywhere, even in their money. If you know about cryptocurrency and can help others understand it, why not blog about it? Check out the blog Block Geeks.

Cryptocurrency blogging niche
Source: Block Geeks

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, Memberships

Cars and bikes

From being a simple means of travel, these have become a status symbol while also defining lifestyles.

57. Trucks

Americans love trucks and they know it. If you can help them in their trucking lifestyles, then they will love and follow you. There’s a lot of diversity here. Consider Trucking Truth, a blog about training truck drivers.

Trucks blogging niche
Source: Trucking Truth

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Training services

58. Car Maintenance

Although some car owners will call their mechanic immediately something isn’t right, many want to have some car maintenance knowledge. If you can meet this need, then you can be a successful blogger. Check out Mechanic Base for some inspiration.

Car maintenance blog niche
Source: Mechanic Base

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

59. Motorcycles

If being out on two wheels is your thing, there’s a lot you can blog about in this niche. Check out Wandering Biker for some ideas.

Motorcycles blogging niche
Source: Wandering Biker

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing


One of the common goals among couples is having children. Being a new thing in their lives, they need lots of advice and support. If you feel you can provide this, then consider this niche.

60. Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different—moms will tell you that. The ups and downs provide lots of challenges and there is a need for support and advice. The Alpha Mom proves that this is a worthwhile niche.

Pregnancy blogging niche
Source: Alpha Mom

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

61. Parenting for Dads

Parenting is often associated with moms but dads are doing it too—and they’re doing it well. See how the blog Daddi Life provides parenting support to dads.

Parenting for dads blogging niche
Source: Daddi Life

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing


The world of business is ever growing and companies want to know how to make more money, cut down on costs, retain customers and attract even more customers. If you can help them do this, that would be great.

62. Marketing

Marketing consists of many different things and one oft-ignored part of it is email marketing. With a solution, ConvertKit is blogging about this. You can also do it.

Marketing blogging niche
Source: ConvertKit

Monetization Strategy: Email marketing software

63. Entrepreneurship

Startups, Small and Mid-Size businesses are an important part of any country’s economy. You can help raise entrepreneurs by advising them on different business-related subjects.

Check out Startup Mindset for some ideas.

Entrepreneurship blogging niche
Source: Startup Mindset

Monetization Strategy: Ads

64. Event Planning / Managing

The social beings that we humans are will always want to gather in events, whether physically or virtually (Think Skype, Zoom etc). If you love bringing people together, check how Velvet Chainsaw is doing it and start your own blog.

Event planning blogging niche
Source: Velvet Chainsaw

Monetization Strategy: Event planning consulting services, Speaking events

65. Real Estate

Can you be a good salesman and close big sales? You can blog about your services or teach other sales agents how to replicate your success. Check out the Housing Wire blog for inspiration.

Real estate blog niche
Source: Housing Wire

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Memberships, Service guide listing,

66. Inventions and Innovations

Both inventions and innovations are highly valuable in business. If you’re interested enough, you can run a blog about the happenings in this business niche. Get some ideas from Investors Digest.

Inventions and innovations blogging niche
Source: Investors Digest

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Subscriptions


Those not in business are largely employed. They also need help in building their careers. If you have expertise in any relevant area, you can consider blogging in this niche.

67. Resumes and Cover Letters

For someone to be employed, they will need a resume and often, a cover letter. Can you help the many job seekers out there with these two documents? See how Hiration is offering help and get inspired.

Resumes and cover letters blog niche
Source: Hiration

Monetization Strategy: Subscription, Software

68. Career Advice

Getting a job is not everything. You need to retain it and even grow in it. If you know how to build a career, then consider blogging in this niche as we’re doing at Cleverism.

Career advice blog niche
Source: Cleverism

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Online courses, SaaS


Mention relationships and the first thing people think about is love. Here are three sub-niches within the relationship niche.

69. Dating

How do you communicate with him/her, how to get him/her on the first date, how to know if he/she is the right guy/chick…there’s so much people want to achieve during their dates.

If you have knowledge or experience (or both), you can help people out as Evan Marc Katz is doing.

Dating blogging niche
Source: Evan Marc Katz

Monetization Strategy: Books, Online course, Audio, Coaching

70. Marriage

From successful dating to successful marriage. Marriage is however different from dating and married couples are always looking for advice and tips to make their marriages great.

There’s an audience for this and Fierce Marriage proves it.

Marriage blog niche
Source: Fierce Marriage

Monetization Strategy: Memberships, Affiliate marketing, Books, Physical products

71. Divorce

Divorce is painful and anyone going through it needs a lot of emotional support and legal advice. Divorced Girl Smiling helps ladies going through this. If you have any knowledge, skills or experience to share, this niche could give you a lot of satisfaction.

Divorce blogging niche
Source: Divorced Girl Smiling

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, Books, Consulting


One of the things which bring people together is sports. Whatever sport you like or play, there’s an audience out there equally passionate about that same sport.

72. Chess

Considered a game for thinkers, chess isn’t as popular as other sports. It however has it’s own loyal following. If you like or play chess, you can cater to the fans out there and even beginner chess players. Consider

Chess blogging niche

Monetization Strategy: Memberships, Books, Physical products

73. Baseball

A popular sport with Americans, baseball fans will not be hard to find. Check out Atlanta Baseball Talk and see whether this niche is for you.

Baseball blogging niche
Source: Atlanta Baseball Talk

Monetization Strategy: Physical products

74. Basketball

This is another popular sport in the US and the fans might be waiting to discover your blog. Here is a popular blog to get you thinking if basketball is your sport: SLAM.

Basketball blogging niche
Source: SLAM

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Magazines, Physical products

75. Golf

A gentleman’s sport? The rich man’s sport? If the latter is true, then this is a good niche to earn from. Check out My Golf Spy for some ideas.

Golf blogging niche
Source: My Golf Spy

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products, Donations

76. Surfing

With most sports played on the ground, what about some sporting adventure on the waters? If you love surfing, then this could be your niche. Surfd is already there to show you that it can be done.

Surfing blogging niche
Source: Surfd

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliates

Music and Entertainment

With all the stress and challenges in the world, who wouldn’t like some humor or relaxing music?

77. Country Music

Do you love country music? Maybe you can share your love for it and make money along the way. That’s what Taste of Country is doing.

Country music blogging niche
Source: Taste of Country

Monetization Strategy: Ads, eCommerce

78. Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music has a very solid fan base and you can easily hook your audience if you love the music and culture. Check out HipHopDX.

Hip Hop music blogging niche

Source: HipHopDX

Monetization Strategy: Ads

79. Rock Music

Rock music is also popular, with different sub-genres, there’s so much you could blog about. Here’s Theprp to give you a taste of it.

Rock music blogging niche

Source: Theprp

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

80. Instrument Playing

Are you good at playing a certain or several instruments? There are tons of people who want to learn the same. You can start a blog about playing a particular instrument. Guitar Playing is a good example.

Instrument playing blogging niche

Source: Guitar Playing

Monetization Strategy: Downloadable and DVD courses

81. Movies

Do you love movies and watch them as soon as they’re out? You’re not alone. Others may however not be able to watch them all and would like to know which ones you recommend.

Check how Screen Rant blogs about movies.

Movies blogging niche

Source: Screen Rant

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

82. Video games

Video games are also a popular means of entertainment. Are you a fan of them and can do great reviews? PC Gamer is an example you could learn from.

Video games blogging niche

Source: PC Gamer

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

83. Celebrity Gossip

One reason people watch news and follow celebrities is so they can know what’s happening in their lives. If you follow celebs and can share what you pick up about them, that’s also a blog niche. Check out Bossip in this niche.

Celebrity gossip blogging niche

Source: Bossip

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Online courses, Physical products

The majority of people are eager to know what’s trending in town. If you follow cultural news and trends, you can blog about that. Here is a popular culture blog to check out: Page Six.

Popular culture blogging niche

Source: Page Six

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products

85. Comedy and Humor

A good regular laugh can keep the doctor away. If you are a comedian or can curate comedy clips and share them, then that can be your niche. Check out Funny or Die for ideas.

Comedy and humor blogging niche

Source: Funny or Die

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products


Religion is a strong influence in the lives of many. Whatever your religion is, there are people waiting to read the advice you can give based on religious teachings.

86. Christianity

Being the biggest religious group in the world, you can’t fail to build an audience in this niche. You can blog about christian teachings and values or christian news like Christian Headlines.

Christianity blogging niche

Source: Christian Headlines

Monetization Strategy: Ads

87. Islam

There’s a huge population of muslims in the world seeking to deepen their faith and practice it accordingly. If you can help them, you’ll be blogging alongside The Productive Muslim.

Islam blogging niche

Source: The Productive Muslim

Monetization strategy: Online courses, Physical products

88. Buddhism

Buddhism is growing and many people are embracing its teachings about life. Check out Tricycle, if you’re a Buddhist, you might decide to blog in this niche too.

Buddhism blogging niche

Source: Tricycle

Monetization Strategy: Subscriptions, Online courses, Donations

89. Atheism

Atheists don’t believe in the existence of God. Are you one of them? Come out and blog about your beliefs and encourage other atheists. Check out Atheist Revolution.

Atheism blogging niche

Source: Atheist Revolution

Monetization Strategy: Ads

Agriculture and Animal Keeping

From the agrarian revolution to greenhouse farming, agriculture is central to human life. Got something to share concerning this?

90. Animal Rearing

We need meat and other products coming from animals. For that reason, rearing animals is necessary and can also be a skill to be shared. Insteading is blogging about this.

Animal rearing blog niche

Source: Insteading

Monetization Strategy: Ads

91. Organic Farming

Do you prefer the traditional way of farming instead of using all sorts of chemicals on your crops? You obviously know a thing or two about this. Why not share the info?

Join Organic Farming Research Foundation in this niche.

Organic farming blogging niche

Source: Organic Farming Research Foundation

Monetization Strategy: Partnerships, Events, Donations

92. Agribusiness

Agribusiness is growing from a small-scale level into the big markets. If you have skills or experience to share, consider blogging in this niche alongside Ag Wired.

Agribusiness blogging niche

Source: Ag Wired

Monetization Strategy: Ads

93. Aquaponics

The new kid on the block? Many are getting interested in aquaponics and you can help them grow in it if you possess the knowledge and experience. Check out How To Aquaponic.

Aquaponics blogging niche

Source: How To Aquaponic

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, Book

Other niches

The remaining niches are grouped together since they can either stand alone or be in other niches.

94. DIY Projects

More and more people are desiring to get their hands dirty and get the job done. It’s fun and helps build your confidence too. Are you a DIY fan? Check out Pretty Handy Girl.

DIY projects blogging niche

Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

95. Language Learning

How many languages do you know? Can you teach others those languages? By the way you can also ‘recruit’ others to help you teach people new languages. Check out Rosetta Stone.

Language learning blogging niche

Source: Rosetta Stone

Monetization Strategy: Online courses, Software

96. Interior Design

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home? If you’re skilled in making spaces look beautiful and unique, consider blogging in this niche. Apartment Therapy can help inspire you to start.

Interior design blogging niche

Source: Apartment Therapy

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing, eCommerce

97. Politics

Politics will surely give you a following quickly. Just keep in mind that politics is quite divisive and you could end up with some not-so-friendly comments. Check out Gateway Pundit.

Politics blogging niche

Source: Gateway Pundit

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Physical products, Donation

98. Environmental Conservation

So many climate change warnings and many countries are yet to act? You can help spread the word. Grist is doing just that.

Environmental conversation blogging niche

Source: Grist

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Events, Donations

99. Landscaping

Are you good at turning green spaces into beautiful environments for relaxation? You can blog and earn from those skills. Check out Borst Landscape and Design.

Landscaping blog niche

Source: Borst Landscape and Design

Monetization Strategy: Landscaping services

100. Art and Craft

Do you feel like kids should be developing different skills other than those of video games and smartphone use? Easy Peasy and Fun is teaching them crafts.

Art and craft blog niche

Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Memberships

101. Charity and Activism

If you’re good at advocating for the rights of others, then you should set up an activism blog like Human Rights First.

Charity and activism blog niche

Source: Human Rights First

Monetization Strategy: Donations

102. Product Reviews

If you can try out and review products, then there’s an audience waiting for your advice. Product Review Mom is an example of such a blog.

Writing on product reviews in your blog niche

Source: Product Review Mom

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Affiliate marketing

103. Lists

There’s something about headlines like “10 Things You Didn’t Know About (popular celebrity).” If you prefer blogging about lists, then you can join Listverse and get some inspiration.

Writing on lists in your blogging niche

Source: Listverse

Monetization Strategy: Ads, Books

The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make When Identifying a Worthwhile Blog Niche

When looking for the right blog niche, there are mistakes you could easily make without even knowing it.

There are 3 particularly big mistakes we’ve seen new bloggers make when identifying a blog niche.

Choosing a niche just because it’s profitable

You want to make money blogging. Shouldn’t you just pick the highest-paying niche?

Blogging niches that make the most money online

Source: BrandonGaille

It’s a big temptation but you would rather avoid it. You can go into such niches and fail to make money if you don’t have what it takes.

You should make sure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to blog in the niche you choose, because you can only monetize “being the expert”.

Avoiding competition

Starting a new blog can be scary, especially when you compare yourself to bloggers earning over $100K/month. When you discover that they’re blogging in the same niche you’re interested in, you may feel like you need to look elsewhere.


Having competition in a niche is proof that people are making money there (and so can you).

Other than this evidence, you also stand to benefit from the numerous guides and free advice provided by those who have gone ahead of you. If you were to carve out your own niche with zero competition, it will take you time to learn and succeed.


The pressure that comes with picking the right blog niche can be huge. You certainly don’t want to make a mistake. But that doesn’t mean that you should be perfect about it.

If you want the perfect niche, you’ll keep searching and never find one.

Moreover, it’s very likely that somewhere along the way, you will change a few things about your blog. You might even move to a different niche just because your audience is asking for it and is willing to pay for the results.

Many bloggers have experienced this. It can also happen to you so don’t overthink the niche. Start with a good enough niche and adjust your blogging journey as you get more customer feedback.

Blog Niche FAQ

Many questions come up when new bloggers are looking for the right blog niche. Here are some common ones and the answers to them.

Which is the best niche to blog in?

It’s difficult to call any niche best unless you first of all identify your motivation. If you are after big money, then personal finance and marketing are the best options.

However, since there are top-earning bloggers in other niches too, the key is to identify which niche can work well for you.

Which is the best niche for a beginner blogger?

As a beginner blogger, the best niche to choose would be the one you’re comfortable with, in terms of knowledge and skills. Although you will be learning as you continue blogging, being confident in your niche will help you develop great content because you’re sure of what you’re sharing.

Which blog niche pays the most money in the shortest time?

If you want to earn much in the shortest time, then blog in the niches of marketing and personal finance. Just make sure you have enough knowledge in the field.

You’ll also need to implement the right monetization strategies as well as the right pricing so as to earn lots of money quickly.

Between knowledge, skills, experience and passion, which is the most important for successful blogging?

All these factors are necessary for successful blogging. All the same, some niches might need more of one thing than the other.

For example, blogging to help people overcome challenges you’ve overcome may not need counseling skills. Your experiences alone can help you relate with people and guide them to the solutions they need.

Can I blog about an area of interest even though I’m not an expert in it?

Yes, and that can result in a lot of satisfaction. The interest you have in the area will push you to research and learn new things. With the learning taking place, you can be on your way to becoming an expert.

Pick A Niche & Start Earning Money Online With Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best small business ideas you can start with less than $100.

Now that you know how to pick the right niche for your blog, avoid delays and get started building your online business today (or check out more reasons why you should start a blog this year).

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