Top 28 Highest-Paid Bloggers in 2024 (Crazy Successful Blogs)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

There has been much buzz about the blogging business recently. Probably, you have heard that some people make thousands and even millions on it, did you? I have collected one of the highest-paid bloggers in this article. Learn what makes each blog unique and how their authors generate massive incomes.

Note: The best way to make money blogging is to learn from the most successful blogs.

Now, I want to talk about everything in order, starting with the highest-earning bloggers.

You may also find this article helpful if you are wondering how to start a blog. I have touched on the following topics as well:

  • What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches in 2022? And how to make money from them?
  • Key Lessons To Be Learned To Grow a Profitable Blog

28+ Highest Paid Bloggers That Went From Zero to over $100k/month

The best way to make money in the blogging world is to observe and implement the practices of some of the most influential people in this field of work.

Below are the 28 most significant and most successful bloggers in diverse niches.

Gina Horkey ($20,492/ Month)

Gina Horkey highest paid blogger


Horkey is the founder of her self-established blog by the name of Horkey Handbook. The niche she has chosen for herself is a VA (Virtual Assistant).

On her blog, this millennial blogger teaches readers how to become virtual assistants and the best way to make a living from it.

Her Awesome Journey

Over the years, she has gained knowledge from numerous fields, which include writing, marketing, and finance. Having such a diverse background has worked out well for Horkey as she is making more than $20,000 per month through her blog.

How Does She Make Money?

On her blog, she offers various courses which her readers can enroll in, as well as VA memberships for individuals who want to make a living out of it.

Why Does Her Blog Stand Out?

The reason why people are so inclined to do as Gina Horkey says is that she has laid out the foundations to becoming a VA extensively, through which people trust her credibility.

This young blogger has provided success stories, student income reports, and testimonials to show newcomers that what she writes will bring them success and that she can be trusted.

Holly Johnson ($21,566/ Month)

Holly Johnson highest paid blogger


If you are looking to start a blog that centers around the niche of budget living and travel, then the strategies of Club Thrifty should be observed.

This blog is run by a couple, Greg and Holly Johnson. They instill the idea of traveling in a budget-friendly manner through their blogs.


The pair initially started their blog by writing about how they went traveling all across the globe on a budget.

They then realized that their story is inspiring others to also try budget-friendly ways of traveling.

It was then that these two famous bloggers started investing more time and energy in their blogs.

How Do They Make Money?

When it comes to making money, most of their monthly revenue comes from affiliate marketing.

How is that?

They recommend places where people should stay, through this model they are paid by the places they advertise. They also provide consultancy in terms of investments and savings.

Why does The Blog Stand Out?

The reason why people are so attracted to reading this couple's blog is that they are relatable.

They have used their inspirational life story to their advantage, so people keep coming back to their blog for more content, information, and ways to travel on a minimum budget.

Brett and Kate Mckay ($33,333/ Month)

Brett and Kate Mckay highest paid bloggers


In 2008, partners Brett and Kate Mckay launched their blog by the name of Art of Manliness, and in just a few years, it has become the top blog in the men's lifestyle niche.

Their Journey

While many believe that blogging is a full-time job, Brett proved them wrong. He started his blog as a side hustle while studying at university, but instead, he made thousands of dollars out of it.

Later, he brought his wife on board for this project, and together they grew their blog.

How Do They Make Money?

In the past few years, they have made plenty of money through external and internal income sources. These sources include:

  1. Designing and selling courses
  2. Producing digital products
  3. Affiliate marketing

Why Is The Blog Successful?

The main reason why their blog is attracting the success that it has is that these two know who their audience is and provide information accordingly.

Getting to know your readers and engaging with them can make a niche such as this extremely profitable for you.

Laura Vitale ($35,000/ Month)

Laura Vitale highest paid blogger


Creating a blog on food can be extremely profitable, especially if it is done the right way. Laura Vitale makes between $35,000- $40,000 in a single month through her blog Laura in The Kitchen.


She is an Italian- American home chef. Over the years, she has built and sustained her business through her blog on which she shares a variety of recipes and more.

How She Makes Her Income

Her main model for making money through blogging includes:

  • Cooking show
  • Sponsorships with numerous well-known brands
  • Recipes

Why Does Her Blog Stand Out?

The reason why people keep coming back to her blog is because of the credibility she has in this industry.

By going on popular cooking shows she has gained fame and trust for her knowledge about cooking. Vitale has appeared in:

  • The Wendy Williams Show
  • Steve Harvey
  • Rachel Ray Show

Yaro Starak ($40,000/ Month)

Yaro Starak highest paid blogger


These days many people are looking to start their businesses, and a person excelling at providing those individuals guidance is Yaro Starak.

The fast-paced blogger in the niche of entrepreneurship blogging is making around $40,000 a month. Between the year 2016 to 2019, Starak jumped from $10,000 a month to four times that.


He is known in his field for providing young entrepreneurs with ways of starting a business and running it successfully.

People depend on what Yaro Starak has to say because his style of transmitting information is one in which he acts more like a friend who wants his readers to succeed.

Ways Through Which He Makes Money

He makes money by:

  • Incorporating his personal experiences into his writing with excessive knowledge that readers can feed on
  • Producing his line of digital products
  • Advertising through Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing

What Makes His Blog Different?

His blog gains popularity because every single article that he writes provides laity information and knowledge.

People take inspiration from his success story, and that is why they keep coming back to his content.

Darren Rowse ($40,000/ Month)

Darren Rowse highest paid bollger


Rowse emerged into the market of blogging with his blog called Pro Blogger. Through his blog, he teaches aspiring bloggers tips and tricks to make their blogs successful.

How Does He Earn From Blogging?

Now the question remains: how does Darren Rowse manage to sustain a monthly income of $40,000 every single month? Well, the answer to that is simple:

  • Advertising
  • Courses on how to build a better blog
  • Small scale conferences

What Makes His Blog Unique?

The main reason as to why people are intrigued by his blog is because of the professional outlook of his website.

The homepage features a professional photo of the blogger himself, all suited up.

Moreover, individuals turn to his blog because it is considered an authority blog.

Abby Lawson ($41,000/ Month)

Abby Lawson highest paid blogger


Currently, Abby Lawson is one of the highest-paid bloggers in the market of lifestyle blogging. Her blog is called Just A Girl and Her Blog.


She started her blog back in 2013, and in 7 years, she has managed to earn a monthly income of $41,000. Initially, when Abby began writing, she didn't start with the perspective of making money out of it.

However, over time she saw great potential and began incorporating ways into her creative outlet to make money. Abby has managed to attract more than 30,000 people to her Facebook page and a large amount of traffic on her blog.

How Does She Make The Money?

Abby uses educating viewers about productivity and organizing as a means to earn money. Other sources of income for the founder of this lifestyle blog include:

  • Ebooks
  • Guides

What Makes Her Blog Successful

The only way that was possible is because Lawson incorporates her personal experiences into her writing.

She maintains complete transparency with her audience.

That is why many individuals visit her blog regularly. Here’s a breakdown of where most of the traffic comes from.

Trevor and Jennifer Debth ($46,000/ Month)

Trevor and Jennifer Debth highest paid bloggers


This couple launched a blog by the name of Show me The Yummy, which is a popular recipe blog. In less than a few years, their blog started generating big bucks.

How They Make Money Through Blogs

This was only possible because of the internal and external income sources linked to their blog:

  • Advertising, sponsorships and freelancing make up 55% of their income
  • They generate 40% of their income from online workout videos
  • The remaining 5% is a result of affiliate marketing
  • The blog has organic monthly traffic of 280,371 visitors. Apart from that, the visitors also come from many other sources.
Trevor and Jennifer Debth highest paid bloggers - traffic

The Point of Difference In Their Blog

The primary practices that contribute to their success are compelling content, video creation techniques, and exceptional graphics, which captivate the audience.

This shows that to run a successful blog, it is essential to focus on the video content that is produced. The content is so terrific that 66% of the traffic comes from the search.

Ryan Robbinson ($50,000/ Month)

Ryan Robbinson highest paid blogger


The field of finance is trending in the world of blogging these days, and the name attached to this field is that of Ryan Robbinson.


He started his blog in which he educates his readers on making money online and how they can operate a successful side business.

A blog that began with the aim of sharing tips and tricks for finance has evolved into a money-making machine for Robbinson.

How Does He Make Money?

He generates his wealth in some ways:

  • He has designed an audience-centered course that yields 10% of his passive income.
  • The other 90% comes from affiliate marketing with big brands.

People trust what Robbinson has to say because he has specialized in what he is good at.

Rather than focusing on being an all-rounder, he has picked three main topics that he has complete knowledge about and centers all his work around those.

Heather Armstrong ($50,000/ Month)

Heather Armstrong highest paid blogger


Being one of the leading women in the field of lifestyle and self-care, Heather Armstrong, established her blog in 2001.


Her blog, by the name of Dooce, is helping Armstrong earn more than $50,000 a month. Over 19 years, Heather Armstrong's blog has had over 8.5 million readers, and it has brought many titles her way, such as the “Queen of Mommy Bloggers” by Forbes.

How Her Blog Turned Into a Money Machine

Armstrong works on three main business models to make the money that she makes, let's take a look at what they are:

  • Recording podcasts
  • Writing and publishing her book
  • Affiliate marketing

What Does Make Her Work Stand Out?

She focuses on producing content that her readers will enjoy, such as details about her personal life, goals, and daily routines. She adds a touch of herself in her blogs, which people keep coming back for.

Zoe Sugg ($62,000/ Month)

Zoe Sugg highest paid blogger


Over the years, her blog has centered around lifestyle and fashion. Zoe Sugg has catered to a broad audience through her niche, and it keeps growing.


Many of her know her through her Youtube channel, but Zoe Sugg started her career with blogging. She launched her blog by the name of Zoella in 2009.

At this point, Zoella has more than 9 million readers and around 9.5 million Instagram followers.

Apart from that, Zoe Sugg also has two Youtube channels. One focuses on her daily life, while the other helps her 14 million subscribers with fashion choices.

How She Makes Money

Over the years, Zoe Sugg has expanded her platform in multiple ways and earns through those too.

  • Produces her merchandise for her Youtube channel
  • A personal line of beauty products
  • Affiliate marketing with numerous fashion brands
  • Photography app

What Makes Her Platform Successful?

Zoe Sugg creates content that her audience can connect with. Rather than creating content and then picking out a target audience, Zoe picks an audience first. She knows who she is catering to.

Steve and Jennifer Chou ($80,000/ Month)

Steve and Jennifer Chou highest paid bloggers


The power couple runs a trending, and successful blog called My Wife Quit Her Job, this blog centers on teaching readers ways through which they can make money by setting up successful e-commerce stores and more.


Steve and Jennifer Chou wanted to have children, and Jennifer Chou wanted to quit her job, that is why they started this online blog, and it took off for them.

How They Earn From Blogging

They make most of their money by:

  • Selling digital products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising

The following are some of the major financial milestones in their blogging journey:

  • The first time they hit six figures was in 2012
  • 2013, they made an accumulated $171,000
  • In 2016 they hit their first million
  • 2017 the pair were earrings close to $1.4 million
  • Currently, they are earning more than $1.6 million a year

What Sets Them Apart?

Besides having the skills and knowledge for this field, what sets these two apart from the rest of the blogging community is the factor of a relatable story.

Ewdison Then ($80,000/ Month)

Ewdison Then highest paid blogger


Ewdison Then, the founder of “Slash Gear,” a blog well-known for being a tech site and a site for inspiring young entrepreneurs.

His blogs fundamentally revolve around teaching his viewers about everything related to technology, which varies from computers to software reviews.

How Does He Make Money?

  • Slash gear posts almost 3-4 posts a day engaging their audience.
  • Most of the revenues he generates are from Facebook, affiliate marketing, and products.

Reasons for Success?

He creates content that his audience can connect with. Most of his blog content is about being a buyer's guide and fundamentals of buying the right tech and rare posts about cars that his audience enjoys.

Rosemarie Groner ($86,000/ Month)

Rosemarie Groner highest paid blogger


Gorner has capitalized on the segment of everything mom-related through her blog called Busy Budgeter.

In her blog, she posts about saving money, and dinner ideas, and educates people on how to run their households more effectively and efficiently.

How She Makes Money Through Blogging

Most of her monthly income is a result of two basic blogging business models:

  • She earns around 40% of her income through a cluster of sponsored products, ads, and affiliate marketing
  • 60% of her earring comes from her product line

What Sets Her Apart In Her Blog Niche

More than 95,000 fans read her work daily because of her writing style. Her entire blog gives off a vibe of a personal experience where readers feel as if she is speaking to them directly.

Lindsay and Bjork ($90,000/ Month)


These two bloggers dove headfirst into a popular niche in the blogging world, food blogs. The two currently run two main blogs, one by the name of Pinch of Yum, and the other is called Food Blogger Pro.

Both these blogs combined give them a hefty return of $90,000 in a month. Through these platforms, the bloggers take their readers on a journey where they teach them unique recipes and how to make those recipes.

Over the years, they have built a loyal fan base of more than a million followers.

How They Earn Money Online

Over the years they have accumulated their earrings through various types of income, these are some of the best ways to make money on the side:

  • Advertising, which contributes to 50% of their monthly income
  • 20% comes from affiliate marketing and sponsored content
  • The other 30% comes from their blogging platform called Food Blogger Pro, the income percentages of that platform are not public
  • Their monthly traffic amounts to 3.5m visitors.
Lindsay and Bjork highest paid bloggers - traffic

Reasons for Success?

Over the years, they have built a loyal fan base of more than a million followers.

The reason why people keep returning to their blogs is that they are transparent with their audience.

Moreover, they focus on engaging content which is why the majority of their traffic comes through search.

Jon Morrow ($100,000/ Month)

Jon Morrow highest paid blogger


The strategies and business processes of Jon Morrow have helped him transform his blog into a money-minting machine. Morrow operates in the field of assisting other bloggers to create successful blogs.


Although Morrow is disabled, he did not let that become his weakness. Instead, he transferred all his time and energy to a source where he could make money through his words rather than physical efforts.

How Does He Make Money?

Morrow designs online courses related to successful blogging, which helps him earn a chunk of his monthly income.

Other than that, he also practices affiliate marketing, which adds to his income, and sells his products through his blog.

Reasons for a Successful Blog

People rely very heavily on his theories, strategies, and opinions about running a successful blog. Therefore he has a fan following of over 5 million followers and readers.

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus ($200,000/ Month)

Alex Nernay and Lauren McManus highest paid bloggers


The duo Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus are known for their professional blogs about creating a blog.


Initially, the two started their wellness website, which helped them earn up to six figures.

Through the knowledge, they obtained from running that they began teaching people how to blog successfully.

How They Make a Living from Blogging

Currently, they generate income through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and selling their products.

Reasons for Success?

They did not just step into the market and create a platform that is followed by many; instead, it was their experiences that made their blog successful. They implement and teach strategies to their readers through their on-field experience.

Michelle Schroeder Gardner ($120,000/ Month)

Michelle Schroeder Gardner highest paid blogger


The creator and founder of MakingSenseofCents are viral in the field of finance.


Gardner did not enter into the blogging world with the mindset of making money out of it. Instead, she only started blogging as a means to track her performance with her finances.

However, after some time, she realized the potential that the blog market had and dove headfirst into it. She mastered the art of affiliate marketing and started sharing her experiences about it on her blog. Soon she had around 7.5 million readers.

How She Earns Passive Income

In 2018 her accumulated yearly income was $1,500,000. The fundamental practices that help her generate such amounts include,

  • Around $50,000 per month through affiliate marketing
  • $15,000 per month from sponsored content
  • Ads are what help her bring traffic onto her platforms
  • She also launched a course on affiliate marketing which brings her an estimated $20,000 every single month

Reasons for Success?

Gardner's blog gives off a natural vibe that makes people feel as if they are reading authentic writing.

Steve Kamb ($100,000/ Month)

Steve Kamb highest paid blogger


Steve Kamb is the founder of the blog named “Nerd Fitness,” the niche revolves around the fitness world and engaging his audience with fitness tricks and tips.


In 2009, Steve made this blog to teach people about effective weight loss and their journey to the fitness world.

Sooner his blog started gaining more than a million views per month. He makes sure to always show the before and after picture of his client's transformation to make his content more authentic.

How Does He Make Money?

  • After gaining a broad audience, he ventured further into making paid courses for his audience, where he trains them virtually towards a happy life.
  • His earnings are mostly from paid courses, coaching programs, training sessions, affiliate marketing, and fitness training.

Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin ($110,000/ Month)

Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin highest paid bloggers

Current Niche

Jen and Jake are the founders of the blog “Gothamist” that they launched in 2003. This blog currently revolves around entertainment and covers news, political views, and campaigns.


They initially launched their blog to talk about life in New York City. The content they posted in earlier days was news, lifestyles, and places in New York.

But after gaining an audience and viewers, they established their establishment in other countries like the UK, Canada, the US, and China.

How Do They Make Money Online?

They generate revenues from affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and selling products and reviews.

What Adds to Their Success?

The thing that sets this blog apart from other blogs is the education and information they provide to its audience on different topics.

Alborz Fallah ($125,000/ Month)

Alborz Fallah highest paid blogger


Turning passion into a source of income from a bed in Australia, Brisbane, a successful entrepreneur turned blogger. Alborz Fallah, the founder of Car Advice which is now one of the most trusted Australian car review websites in 2006.


He started his first company when he was 12 years old. Unfortunately, the blog could not attract an audience and failed in generating revenues.

To make his blog come into the limelight, this car blogger turned to Google AdSense to generate revenues and a new partner for the blog.

That decision soon proved right, and he started to see a massive change in the number of blog audiences.

How Does He Make Money?

  • He is making most of his money from these platforms, brand sponsorship, and advertising.
  • Estimated yearly earnings of the blog are over $35 million.

What Makes His Blog Stand Out?

He provides viewers with quality content that they cannot find anywhere else, such as reviewing the fastest cars that were not even launched in Australia.

Elisa Larson and Emma Chapman ($125,000/ Month)

Elisa Karson and Emma Chapman highest paid female bloggers


Sisters turned into bloggers and business partners when they created “A Beautiful Mess.”

The blog ventured into everything homely, and the sisters talk about day-to-day problems, lifestyle, decorations, and fashion choices.


People started to notice their website because both sisters touched on different topics suited for every age group audience.

Such as recipes, DIYs, home décor, and fashion, and touches on some serious topics like depression and anxiety.

Soon, they ventured to publish their first cooking book, a home décor book, and collaborated with companies to make editing applications for IOS and Android.

How Do They Make Money Blogging?

  • These sisters mostly make money from affiliate advertisements of digital or marketing products.
  • Their blog was one of the highest-paid blogs in the year 2019.
  • The estimated yearly earnings of this blog are $2-3 million.

What Makes The Blog So Different?

What makes this blog one of the most successful is the relatability these sisters provide to its audience.

Jeff Rose ($135,000/ Month)

Jeff Rose highest paid blogger


Certified Planner and a former U.S veteran turned blogger; Jeff Rose ventured into blogging by founding “Good Financial Cents,” which is a blog in the field of Finance.


Jeff Rose thought that the information available online about success in financial investing was not enough. He believed that there should be a platform online where people can learn about financial activities.

Therefore, after attaining his master's degree, he began his blog, where he teaches and posts daily about financial strategies, investment plans, and how to make money.

Other than posting content on his blog, Jeff published a book on finance

How Does He Make His Money?

  • Most of the money he makes comes from affiliate links, selling digital products, sponsored posts, and advertisements on the blog.
  • The estimated yearly income of the blog is $4-5 million.
  • Jeff also makes money from online courses.

What Makes His Blog Different?

He is known to portray cemented knowledge he gained by succeeding and failing in investing. This is the reason why his blog is still generating revenues with a new audience every day.

Heather Delaney Reese ($175,000/ Month)

Heather Dellaney Reese highest paid blogger


By providing value, engaging content, and entertaining their audience, Heather and Pete have taken the blogging world by storm.

Their blog niche is mostly about travel, lifestyle, and education and sometimes touches on more serious mental health problems.


Heather and Pete founded “It's a lovely Life” in 2014, which follows both the partners' lives and their two children.

Their blog discusses lifestyle and education, where they educate their audience on the dos and don'ts of blogging and how to start a successful blog.

After gaining a massive audience, “it's a lovely life” started affiliate courses with amazon and offered paid courses to their audience.

How do They Make Money?

  • Most of the money they make is from the affiliate marketing of products and selling courses to their audiences.
  • The estimated value of their blog yearly is almost 2-5 million dollars.

What Makes This Blog Unique?

Instead of providing content that you will read and maybe forget the next day, these two offer a whole experience.

John Lee Dumas ($195,000/ Month)

John Lee Dumas highest paid blogger


Entrepreneur and successful blogger John Lee Dumas is the founder of “Entrepreneur on Fire,” which he runs with his wife.

The blog fundamentals revolve around inspiring future entrepreneurs and helping them in making the right career choices.


He graduated with an English major with dreams of becoming a professor that soon halted because of monetary constraints.

Dumas joined the fire team in 2013 as a content creator, where he met his life partner and left the team to start his blog with his wife in 2013.

Soon the blog managed to attract an audience. With a growing audience, Dumas soon ventured into podcasting, where he interviewed more than 2000 leading entrepreneurs.

How is Money Made Through This Blog?

  • Most of his money comes from podcasts, affiliate courses, and journals he sells on Amazon.
  • The estimated yearly earnings of the blog are more than $25 million.
  • The monthly organic traffic is 68,948 visitors. There are also other traffic sources.
John Lee Dumas highest paid blogger - traffic

Reasons for Success?

The consistent posting and podcast is the reason that makes his blog different from other blogs.

Pat Flynn ($200,000/ Month)

Pat Flynn highest paid blogger


Earning passive income by the crash dummy, Pal Flynn is the founder of “Smart Passive Income” where he teaches and talks about how to earn passive income. The monthly traffic of visitors is 310,929.

Pat Flynn highest paid blogger - traffic


In 2008, Pat started his blog, where he would post daily about his income report and educate his audience on how to manage to do that.

His income reports attracted a lot of viewers who were shocked at the passive money he was making.

After his blog, he further ventured into advertising affiliate products, publishing and selling Ebooks, and adding online courses on his site.

How Does He Make Money Through His Blog?

  • The estimated yearly income of the blog is $2-2.5 million.
  • His income comes mostly from his published Ebook, selling affiliate products like Bluehost and ConvertKit, and including paid online courses.

What Makes His Work Stand Out?

His blog is famous for the authenticity and personality that he brings to the audience through his work.

Sarah Titus ($200,000/ Month)

Sarah Titus highest paid blogger


She is known for being one of the highest-paid parenting bloggers with her blog Sarahtitus, which is a lifestyle blog.

Her blog fundamentals revolve around her parenting, kids, and how to be an inspiring writer and make money from the safety of your own house. Her audience is mainly new mothers who look for parenting pieces of advice and how to maintain work and parenting.

How Does She Make Money By Blogging?

  • The estimated yearly earnings of her blog are $10-12 million.
  • Her earnings are mostly from the printables she sells and the affiliate marketing she does.

What Makes This Blog Successful?

Sarah loves to talk about her life story and the things she has learned to become who she is right now. Such a practice and her genuine personality have made her audience grow.

Melyssa Griffin ($238,000/ Month)

Melyssa Griffin highest paid blogger


Melyssa Griffin is a known entrepreneur and a blogger of “Melyssa Griffin,” which she started in 2013. Her blog revolves around entrepreneurship, how to successfully run a business, and how to make money.


When she was living in Tokyo, Japan doing something that she was not happy about, she took to start her blog.

After coming back to California and her unsuccessful business, she started this blog to share her experiences.

She is known for her engaging content and writing style that attracts the audience to her blog and makes her an exciting and fascinating personality.

How She Earns From Blogging

  • She gains her income mostly by selling her courses, marketing other people's courses, and her podcast.
  • After gaining a more significant number of audiences on her blog, she further ventured into starting a podcast named “Limitless Entrepreneur,” which was the right decision as many people began her podcasts, generating her revenues from there too.

What Makes Her Blog Different From Others?

The thing that sets her blog apart from other people is her nature; the countless content she makes to help her audience more.

Chiara Ferrangi ($250,000/ Month)

Chiara Ferrangi highest paid female blogger


Chiara Ferragni is living every woman's dream life by leveraging a personal blog to a huge fashion brand, “The Blond Salad.”

Ferragni founded her blog in 2009 and named it after herself. Her blog posts were centered on home life, mother's life, and how to make money from your home and gradually updated to fashion and lifestyle where she talked about the fashion choices suited for every woman.


She started blogging not centered on generating revenues but because of her passion for blogging. Her blog soon started gaining more than half a million visitors every month.

How This Young Blogger Makes Her Monthly Income

  • The number of visitors she was gaining every month made her venture into making her brand. In turn, it has generated revenues of over $15 million every year.
  • She generates revenues from her fashion brand, online shops, and affiliate links.

How Her Blog is Different

The thing that sets Chiara apart from other blogs is the relatability when she talks about God and her family struggles that everyone can relate to.

Tim Sykes ($1,000,000/ Month)

Tim Sykes highest paid blogger


Philanthropist, penny stock trader, and entrepreneur turned Blogger. Tim Sykes, the founder of, launched the blogging world in 2007.

The niche he operates in is finance; his blog fundamentals are teaching about trade strategies, key patterns, and scam-free investing.

What is His Story?

Skyes did not venture into the blogging world directly, rather started as a penny stock trader.

He then entered the world of investing that did not work, but when a stock trading show asked Tim to star in “Wall Street Warriors,” many asked him about the tricks and strategies of doing trade.

That led him to start a new career path of blogging, where he turned himself from a trader to a teacher, entrepreneur, and successful blogger.

How Does He Make His Money?

Sykes has been known to get his money through:

  • His blog's estimated yearly earnings are $15-20 million.
  • DVD course packages which generated a lot of revenues
  • Most of the blogger's earnings come from Instagram, where he has over 1.2 million followers.

What Differentiates His Blogs From Others?

On his blog, Sykes focuses on the bigger picture. Rather than focusing on a micro perspective, he provides a whole experience.

What Are The Most Profitable Blogging Niches in 2022?

Over the past few years, bloggers have specialized in specific niches they are passionate about and have made over $100,000 in a single month.

So, let's take a close look at those niches and understand which one is the most profitable.

Before we dive straight into a competitive analysis of the most in-demand niches in the blogging industry, you must understand what a blogging niche is.

A blog niche is that particular line of work or industry that you will focus on while writing your blogs.

Many highest-paid bloggers tend to theme their blogs according to a niche that they are most passionate about. It can range from cooking and lifestyle to a more committed area like traveling and parenting.

Blogging niches that make the most money for bloggers

In any case, while deciding on a niche for yourself, there are several factors that you must keep in mind.

1. How to Make Money Online with A Personal Finance Blog

Personal finance is something that most people need help with. However, hiring an accountant to do that is not a stable option for many, considering that they live a life of paycheck to paycheck.

So, instead, they turn to finance blogs for such help. These blogs include writing about investing, saving for retirement, frugal living, couponing, and paying off student loans.

A personal finance blog can yield up to $200,000 a month. This is a big jump from a desk job, and it has a vast potential for growth. You can make money in this niche through sponsorships, ads (23%), affiliate marketing, selling your digital products, and online courses.

How personal finance blogs earn money online
Source: Make Time Online

Competitors In The Finance Niche

The finance niche is leading the blogging business, and there are three leading blogs in this field.

Should you decide to start your finance blog, they will be considered your main competitors.

What blogging niches are the easiest to make money

What is the Skill Set Required for the Finance Niche?

You must have sufficient education and expert knowledge in finance before you start a blog. Remember, your aim should be to provide a helpful experience to the readers.

More importantly, you must learn how to feed financial terminology and strategies to manage money in a simple manner, which the reader will understand. Not everyone is a financial expert out there, and that is why they need your help. So, keep your blog user-friendly and easy to understand.

Lastly, if you want to stay at the top of the game, you must know about current financial markets, stay updated with the latest news, and dissect information from that news as inspiration for your blogs.

2. Improve your Quality of Life Through Lifestyle Blogging

Lifestyle blogging covers all aspects of living life and the ongoings in your life. You should know that you'd be opening a gate to writing about numerous topics that may seem monotonous but are rather important.

All the modern mothers out there will be pleasantly surprised to know that the most popular segment under lifestyle blogging is “Mommy Blogging.”

Generally, bloggers who are investing time and money to write lifestyle blogs spend around $50-$60 a month and get an ROI of more than $60,000 in a month.

How lifestyle blogs make money online
Source: Make Time Online

What is the Skill Set Required for the Lifestyle Niche?

Lifestyle blogging is essentially your take on life. It's all about how you approach everyday chores and can solve any problems that may occur.

However, you need to do it in a manner that not only convinces your audience but also resonates with the millennials and Gen-Z parents so they can enjoy and learn from your blogs.

You need to make your content enjoyable, and you can do so through these crucial skills:

  • Content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • CSS and HTML
  • Networking

Secret Recipe for Success

The key to staying on top of this line of work is to research your audience and make use of keyword research tools to generate content that will attract your audience.

Once you have got your blog up and running, there are higher chances for growth with affiliate marketing as compared to other niches.

What blog niches earn the most from affiliate marketing

Moreover, there is a significant potential for growth in this sector to launch products for interior design, motherhood, and parenting kits.

45% of the bloggers who earn $50,000+ in lifestyle blogging do so with the help of launching their products.

Currently, these are the most successful bloggers in this niche:

3. Tech is Here to Revolutionize Modern Blogging Experience

Many bloggers believe that technology is crowding the internet and that there is no future in technology blogging.

However, the point that they miss out on is that this field can give you at least $5,000- $10,000 every single month.

With the incorporation of Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts, you can earn more.

What Things To Do To Grow A Successful Blog in Niche Tech Towards $20,000 or More

While incorporating yourself in this niche, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you must have a wide range of skills.

These skills include using Adobe Illustrator, and Javascript, staying up-to-date with the latest technology, staying on top of market trends, having vast knowledge in the field of technology, and much more.

Some of the leading tech blogs in the market these days are the following:

If you are tech-savvy and have the right skill set, you can create quality content for your blog.

But aside from that, this niche’s potential to grow and make money is about 67% higher as compared to other niches.

Growth in your overall revenue can be a result of affiliate marketing, ads, and content marketing as explained above.

However, the competition in this market has gone up 27% in the last year which is making it more competitive and harder to acquire traffic.

4. Gaining Bucks Through Health and Fitness Blogging

In this current time and age, the demand for health and fitness has risen. While searching this keyword on Google Keywords, it can be seen these two words have the highest search volume.

Therefore, this niche is a very successful field to be in while blogging. In this field of blog writing, there are multiple sub-niches out of which writing about celebrity fitness routines and how new moms can get back into shape are at the top of the list.

On these topics, you can earn up to $20,000 a month. You must be wondering how people make that much by just writing, well, that is not the only thing they do. This field allows you to diversify into various projects that will bring in more revenue.

These activities include affiliate products, information products, and most famous of all, coaching services.

Just by adding a segment of coaching to your blog, you can bump up your monthly revenue by 27%.

How health & fitness blogs make money online
Source: Make Time Online

What is the Skill Set Required for the Health and Fitness Niche?

In this field of work, many expert skills are required to excel. These skills include the following:

  • Experience in coaching
  • Experience in consultancy
  • Mentorship
  • Wellness training

With such expertise and a lifestyle in which you are implementing those fitness practices on yourself too, you can transform your blog into one of the most successful fitness blogs in the market.

The current leading competition making $50,000+ in the market includes:

5. Travel Your Way To Success Through Travel Blogs

These blogs have recently started to surface, and they are taking the blogging market by storm. Travel blogging is not only exciting, but it will also load up your pockets.

In this field, you have the potential to make $20,000- $30,000 on average, per month.

It does not just stop there; once you start travel blogging, you will be opening yourself up to a wide range of opportunities.

In the travel niche, not only do you get a sense of escapism, but you can make money through internal business models as well as external ones.

With the help of Google AdWords, you can push the level of traffic up and use affiliate marketing to make money from it. For an external model, you can fill up pockets with the help of sponsorships.

More and more travel bloggers are getting sponsorships from well-known brands. For example, Matt Kepnes now has sponsors of over a million dollars with the help of launching TravelCon all because of his blog by the name of Nomadic Matt.

Other influential travel bloggers in the market include:

If accelerated growth is what you are looking for, then this is where you will fit right in. The travel bloggers mentioned above have been offered their television shows, books, product lines, and much more because of their successful blogs.

6. Growth in the Industry of Fashion Blogs

The fashion industry is already generating piles of cash, pair that with blogging, and you have got yourself an excellent niche to kick-start your blogging career. With an investment of $300, you can earn up to $30,000 a month.

However, that is not possible without the required skill set. Fashion bloggers need to know how to transmit their style with the help of words, images, and videos.

If you have these skills, then you can earn at least 43% of what successful fashion bloggers are making these days.

In this market, there is great potential for growth and making money through means attached to blogging. They make the rest of their money through ad revenue, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

This niche can be a hugely successful choice for you if you acquire a skill set that revolves around the following tools:

The most popular and influential fashion bloggers in the market who have mastered the art of making millions through blogs include the following,

This is the most competitive niche to get into, but once you thrive in it, there are 31% greater chances of growth in acquiring users through social media platforms.

It’s because the majority of the target market for this niche is present there, which makes it easier for you to target them.

Moreover, once you have their attention and loyalty, you can also introduce your own product line in the fashion niche.

That way, with the increased traffic and your product line, you can maximize your revenue growth and earn more.

7. Climbing The Ladder to Success with Parenting Blogs

As surprising as it is, parenting blogs have yielded 12% higher revenue as compared to fashion blogs.

While fashion is a niche that provides growth, parenting blogs have been known to make the most money.

If you have experience in dealing with children, early child care, and relationship building, then this just might be the niche for you.

New growth opportunities are surfacing in this particular niche, such as bloggers launching their books on parenting, sponsorships from childcare brands, and much more.

Even without an aggressive approach, you can still make around $55,000-$63,000 a month in this segment of blogging.

This market currently has a very influential blogger by the name of Rosemarie Groner. Her blog makes more than $86,000 a month with the help of external and internal income sources. We get into more detail about her strategies in a little while.

Other competitions in the field of parenting blogs include:

8. Put Your Passion for The Food To Test and Run a Successful Blog

Another successful niche to turn to while blogging is the food industry. With the correct strategy and mindset, you can potentially make up to $90,000 in a single month. For such a return, there are a few skills you must employ.

These skills include culinary experience, recipe testing, and the ability to film while creating various types of food.

Food blogging requires traveling as well as dipping your toes into the culture and food creation techniques of numerous countries.

How food bloggers make money online

In this industry, there are more than 42% chances of growth and success because of high CPMs.

However, this is a very competitive niche. More and more food bloggers are monetizing their content, and some of these bloggers include:

Key Lessons To Be Learned To Grow a Profitable Blog

1. Every Big Vision Starts With Baby Steps

The key to running a successful blog is by ensuring you make the right choices to lay out the foundations of your blog.

This is in terms of deciding how to start a blog, selecting a niche, converting your content into earning, pricing, and branding yourself.

According to the famous blogger, Neil Patel, personal branding is the essence of building a blogging business.

“It's about giving yourself more opportunities to help and connect with people in your industry.” – Neil Patel

Therefore while setting up a brand, look into factors such as being one with the brand. But there are many more reasons to start a blog.

2. Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research To Drive Search Traffic

One thing to always remember is that quality research = effective optimization = beneficial results.

This is the equation you should be focusing on, why is that? For a blog to be successful, you need traffic, the only way to get traffic onto your blog is to make it credible and relevant.

Once you have picked out the niche, you have a passion for writing about, conduct in-depth keyword research to optimize your content and increase organic traffic. Keyword research tools that can aid you in doing so include the following:

  • SemRush: This is a popular software house that aids its consumers with online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions. This software will open you up to several tools which help identify top-ranking organic keywords, competitors, and more.
  • Ubersuggest: This is a free SEO tool that helps to come up with popular keywords. It is used by many successful bloggers such as Neil Patel
  • Ahrefs: This is an extremely effective and efficient tool for backlinks and SEO analysis

With the help of keyword research, bloggers can map out the latest trends, which words have the highest search volume, and most importantly they can capitalize on the market as a whole and increase organic search traffic.

3. Become The Expert In Your Niche

People will only want to listen to what you have to say if the content you produce is of high quality.

To become a successful blogger, the key is to pick a blog niche that you are passionate about and know about. If you have taken on a niche that you do not know much about, then expand your knowledge about it. This can be done by:

  • In-depth research on the topic
  • Observing the content of top bloggers in that specific niche
  • Make reading a daily habit
  • Attend conferences and be a part of discussions related to your niche

4. Monetize Your Blog

Move with the evolving world and make money from the content you produce. This can be done in various forms. Here are the crucial ways of monetizing your blog:

  1. Launch your products or services: As explained above, launching your product or service line can help establish your credibility. People are more likely to buy your services when they see and look up to you as an expert in the industry. So, once you’ve established room for yourself as an industry expert, offer a service to other businesses. The most common B2B (business-to-business) services include content marketing, digital marketing, sales funnel management, and bookkeeping.
  2. Run profitable online courses: Expanding on your own service or product line, start running online courses. Involve yourself in coaching services with the help of Teachable and Thinkific. It will help you make money from the knowledge you spread.
  3. Gain followers and revenue with webinars: You can also run your own free and paid webinars through Webinarjam. Through webinars, there is a 46% chance of generating a sale, not only that you can get the chance to speak to and influence more people. 
  4. Make money with affiliate marketing: Lastly, focus on maximizing affiliate marketing for your blog. In essence, affiliate marketing is the sales commission that you earn when a customer purchases a product or service through the link you shared in your blog. You can do so by reaching out to service providers. Simply, add their links naturally in your content or recommend them to your viewers. If they make a purchase using your link, you get a sales commission on it. This way, you can earn money passively.

5. Offer Your Expertise

Being a blogger means that people look to you as a credible source of information and knowledge.

Why not transfer your knowledge to others through consulting?

Many bloggers provide consulting services to individuals who read their blogs.

For example, Dan Walker's and Instagram Analytics has made $210,000 in under six months. He started blogging, and now he is providing Instagram consultancy services, in the same field, to those who reach out to him.

6. Remain Consistent With Your Efforts

Consistency and commitment will help you connect with your viewers and keep you motivated.

On average, a blogger should at least post once a week to retain their audience. If that is not done, ultimately, your readers will forget about you, and competitors may capture their attention.

At the same time, you shouldn’t compromise on the blog quality. Stay committed to delivering informational and helpful content. Moreover, being consistent will push you towards more opportunities for yourself and your blog.

Posting Frequency vs Average Social Shares by Day of Week

7. Connect With Your Consumer's Mind

A great chunk of running a successful blog is dependent on choosing the audience you want to serve.

You cannot create your content and decide who your audience is, times have changed.

Now you need to tailor your content according to your audience to provide them with a more personalized experience… and thereby value.

Take Neil Patel's blog, for example. He provides his audience with content that answers their questions and provides solutions to their digital marketing queries.

The consumers of your content are the readers, so you need to ensure that you are delivering the right content to the right people. Content is what connects with their minds.

It has been the list of highest-paid bloggers and the most successful blogs. Are you inspired and ready to start your own?

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