Top 10 Auto Dialer Software Tools for Call Centers in 2023

Updated Jul 27, 2023.
Auto Dialer Software Tools for Call Centers

For your call center or cold selling business to succeed, you will need a robust auto dialer software that will streamline and accelerate your outreach while improving the quality of customer conversations, while ensuring compliance with cold-calling federal regulations.

Apart from cold selling, auto dialer software will provide the perfect channel for emergency notifications, nonprofit cause fundraising, political campaigns, event notifications, debt collection, and so much more while not only allowing the agents to make drastically more calls but ensure that each call is connecting your rep to a high-quality lead.

So, how can you know which auto dialer software is best for your small business, or if you prioritize having a wide variety of call coaching options for supervisors, and what's the most well-rounded auto dialer solution out there?

We answer all of these questions in detail, along with introducing you to the importance of specific auto dialer features and showing you where to find them in this article.

What is an Auto Dialer?

Auto Dialer is software that automatically dials numbers from a contact list for agents, after which the autodialer plays an IVR or connects the recipient to a live representative upon answering the call.

Most commonly used for cold calling sales, an auto-dialing software enables agents to sequentially dial through a preexisting list of contacts, relieving them of the hassle of manually dialing numbers, waiting through the ringing process, and wasting time on unanswered calls.

Apart from the cold calling sales, you will find the auto-dialing software being used across a variety of industries, including emergency notifications, debt collection, political campaigns, event reminders, weather alerts, fundraising, and more.

What is an Auto Dialer
Source: Mycallcloud

Removing the limitations of how many calls can the agents make simultaneously, auto dialer tools are available in a hardware and software capacity, massively improving the large outbound campaigns with a high volume of calls and drastically improving the number of calls made per day for each agent.

It's not just the volume of calls that improves, it's the quality, as the auto dialer software ensures the agents get connected only to people who answer the phone, which generates more high-quality leads.

Cloud-based contact center software auto dialers have definitely been the most popular choice for auto dialer software for quite some time since they enable you to use the dialing functionality on desktops, softphones, browsers, and mobile devices.

What Can Outbound Call Center Dialers Do?

When the auto dialers are used for an outbound call contact center, the agent outreach can experience several crucial benefits like improved efficiency, increased dial rates, allowed supervisor monitoring, increased conversion ratios, reduced negative call results (no answers, dial tones, voicemails), and more.

Since an auto dialer can automatically dial numbers, determine if a call was answered by a person or an answering machine, play a message, or connect a call to an agent, outbound call centers use them for sales or service calls.

Call centers using auto dialers for outbound sales calls to leads should be aware of the FCC regulations and Do Not Call Laws, as well as TCPA rules.

Advantages of Auto Dialer Software

The powerful auto dialer software enlisted here will allow your customers to have consistently exceptional experiences.

It will provide you with the predictive dialer for increasing revenue and reducing hang-ups, digital-first omni channel routing and increased business agility through a modern ACD, comprehensive workforce management solutions that empower and reward the agents for achieving goals, automation and AI, omnichannel customer journey management capabilities through the cloud contact center software.

The auto dialer is among the most important tools for providing your call center agents and IVR phone systems with the means to execute the most efficient outbound calling consistently.

Key Features of Top Auto Dialers

1. Dialing modes

One of the first important features, and at the same time, the very things under which auto dialer software are first categorized by are the dialing modes.

The preview dialer

The first type is the preview dialer, which provides an agent with the options to place an outbound call or skip specific telephone numbers, giving agents the chance to preview the key customer information before initiating the outbound call.

The instant access to important customer data helps agents map out the outbound calling process and personalize customer interactions, but call centers can't use preview dialers to connect with a large number of customers in a short amount of time.

The power dialer

The power/progressive dialer doesn't allow the agents to decide if they want to place a call or skip a specific phone number, and, instead, it places the next outbound call as soon as an agent finishes with the current call.

When it comes to increasing the number of connections between agents and customers, a power dialer is more effective than the preview dialer, while allowing the agents to access key customer information while placing the outbound call.

The power dialer system

The cloud-based power dialers allow you to set the call ratio according to campaign objectives and agent availability, with many call centers using power dialers to elevate re-selling and up-selling numbers, while minimizing silent and abandoned calls.

The predictive dialer

The predictive dialers allow you to dial multiple phone numbers at once, utilizing a pacing algorithm to decide when an agent is available to take in the next outbound call while placing the outbound call before an agent finishes with the current call.

The predictive auto dialer Infographic
Source: Integraccs

Many call centers leverage predictive dialers to facilitate high-volume outbound calling campaigns by connecting more prospects in a shorter time.

The newest cloud predictive dialer software help call centers dial the customers at the perfect time, control dialing rates and dialing speeds, and reduce abandoned calls.

2. Unproductive number detection

Through advanced intelligent technologies, auto dialer software detect various unproductive numbers like no-answers, voicemails, answering machines, busy numbers, and unanswered calls, filtering only answered or live calls to a call center agent, which saves the agent's time and boosts productivity.

3. DNC/DND list filtering

The DNC/DND list violation can cause a hefty fine for a call center if an agent is directed to a number appearing in the do-not-call (DNC) or do-not-disturb list (DND).

A modern auto dialer software helps call centers comply with DNC/DND rules by performing DND filtering for cleansed outbound campaigns.

4. Contact list management

For making it easier for users to import telephone numbers from databases or spreadsheets through a contact list uploader, cloud-hosted auto-dialing systems allow users to manage existing customers and leads efficiently.

Contact list management
Source: Callhippo

5. CRM integration

For managing customer data and streamlining customer interaction, businesses can integrate an existing CRM system with the cloud-hosted auto dialer software, and automatically update the customer data.

Powerful CRM tools allow the agents to understand what happened during the previous outbound calls while tracking the accounts' statuses and special offers.

Businesses can integrate an existing CRM system with the cloud hosted auto dialer software

After the call is finished, a customer will select a reason, and this data will be synced in the CRM tool, with the feature also covering the inbound callers and matching the dial-in information with an existing CRM contact so that the agents have critical information, based on which they can make better decisions.

You can also allow the CRM tool to record the call data for later analysis.

6. Time zone management

The robust modern auto dialer software can help agents make outbound calls to customers and prospects at the most appropriate time by adjusting the time zone, and some auto dialer services will even adjust the time zones automatically based on the geographic location of contacts.

This will simplify the management of outbound calling campaigns immensely.

Auto dialer services, adjust the time zones automatically based on the geographic location
Source: Voicent

7. Call transferring

A comprehensive call transferring functionality will allow the agents to access the cloud-based auto dialers over the internet, without call centers investing in expensive equipment to run successful outbound calling campaigns.

The call transferring capability allows call centers to work with remote outbound agents while allowing users to transfer calls between mobile phones, office phones, and softphones.

8. Coaching tools and call monitoring

Call monitoring allows call centers to coach agents by allowing the supervisors to listen in on their calls and provide feedback to the agent, with many modern auto dialers service coaching tools enhancing the functionality with the whisper and barge features that improve handle time and educate the agent.

Coaching tools and call monitoring functionality
Source: Five9

9. Dialing rate and speed customization

The cloud-based auto dialers allow managers to adjust the dialing rate and dialing speed according to the specific needs of an outbound calling campaign and the availability of the agent.

If a manager can optimize a dialing ratio, it can help the agents handle complex customer cases much easier.

10. Message broadcasting

Apart from expediting outbound calling campaigns, auto dialer services can enable businesses to broadcast different voice messages to a larger number of customers and leads at a time, allowing them to easily deliver campaign messages, service notifications, event notifications, and reminders without deploying extra agents.

Auto dialer services can enable businesses to broadcast different voice messages

11. Press 1 campaigns

Auto dialer services can help businesses collect customer responses, conduct market research, and deploy opinion polls through press 1 campaign launches.

The press 1 campaigns can help you boost lead generation and accelerate customer response collection, by allowing the customers to share responses after pressing a specific key.

The press 1 campaigns can helps to boost lead generation and accelerate customer response collection

12. Call recording

In the fields where HIPAA/HITECH compliance is required, call recording is crucial for delivering verification that the agents have followed regulations, with many top service providers housing call recording data which can protect you from future legal liabilities, along with being used as coaching resources.

It is no wonder that call recording is considered one of the cloud-hosted phone system crucial features, along with call analytics, integrations & APIs, and more, with the benefits it provides of allowing you and the new onboarded agents to listen to all recorded calls from a certain extension or document any crucial details you can always go back to.

Call recording data can protect from future legal liabilities
Source: Medium

13. TCPA compliance

TCPA levies fines ranging from $500 to $1500 per incident against organizations that abuse auto dialer technology, and an auto dialer platform that is TCPA-compliant will integrate with third-party services that connect to the Do Not Call Database so that the customers from the restricted list can't be reached.

TCPA Compliant will integrate with third party services

14. Interactive dashboard

An interactive dashboard will help managers monitor and review outbound campaigns continuously, as well as monitor various activities while assessing agent performances based on results and statistics.

Interactive dashboard will help managers monitor and review outbound campaigns continuously
Source: Five9

15. Voicemail detection and pre-recording

When an agent does reach an answering machine or a voicemail instead of a person, it's best if the system leaves an automated pre-recorded voicemail so that the agent keeps a high occupancy rate.

Voicemail detection and Pre recording Features
Source: Medium

Technologies like AMD (Answering Machine Detection), however, will prevent agents from wasting their time engaging with answering machines.

16. Callback scheduling

When an agent fails to connect with a customer in the first attempt, they need to call them again, which is why cloud-hosted auto dialers deploy this feature to allow agents to reconnect with the customers and increase customer connections.

Cloud hosted auto dialers allow agents to reconnect with the customers

17. Real-time reporting

A variety of reports based on real-time statistical data can be generated to help managers monitor and measure the performance of different outbound calling campaigns, which is highly useful for call centers running multiple outbound calling campaigns simultaneously.

Real time reporting can be generated to help managers
Source: Five9

18. Agent scripts uploading

The cloud-hosted preview dialers allow managers to upload agent scripts, helping agents access the scripts while interacting with customers to increase the call quality and drive sales conversions by referring to specific relevant information for each customer.

The cloud hosted preview dialers allow managers to upload agent scripts
Source: Voicent

19. Data security

The built-in security features of a modern auto dialer software allow call centers to prevent security breaches and data loss while regulating business continuity and accelerating breach recovery.

Cloud talk Data Security features

Best Auto Dialer Software for Outbound Calling

1. CloudTalk

Best Call Center Management Solution for Inbound/Outbound Calls, Interaction History, and Personalized Client Support.

CloudTalk is the Best Call Center Management Solution for Inbound/Outbound Calls

CloudTalk's predictive dialer feature will enable you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make, and you can configure the time for which the agent is unavailable, allowing you to carry out your customer satisfaction monitoring, parcel shipping information, telemarketing, and any other campaigns at your schedule.

Offering the smart and power dialer as well, CloudTalk recommends using their predictive dialer when your data quality is low and your connect ratio is expected to be low (cca. 20 – 30% or lower), while using the power dialer is what CloudTalk urges when your contact database quality is high (connect ratio 50%+).

The call flow designer feature lets you set up a customized sequence of steps for each phone number according to your changing business needs, while the SMS feature allows you to send personalized messages or general notifications.

CloudTalk Call flow designer feature

Additionally, you will find everything from an IVR, callback, ACD, interaction recording, voicemail, custom reporting functionalities to the ACW (After-Call-Work), various third-party integrations like Zendesk, Salesforce, Pipedrive, web and mobile apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS users, and much more in our #1 pick for best call center software in 2021.


The Starter Plan is $20 per month.

CloudTalk Pricing Plan


  • Comprehensive predictive, smart, and power dialer
  • Call flow designer
  • International calling capability
  • ACW
  • Interaction recording, voicemail, callback
  • IVR, ACD, custom reporting
  • Web and mobile apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Preferred agent, VIP queues, personalized greetings & on-hold music

Along with an all-encompassing auto dialer functionality that allows you to connect with the highest number of customers in the shortest amount of time, CloudTalk comes with 25+ eCommerce, helpdesk, CRM integrations, and other top-of-the-line call center tools to help you maintain a bullet-proof reputation with your clients.

2. Five9

Leading Provider of Cloud Contact Center Software for Organizations of All Sizes.

Five9 is the Leading Provider of Cloud Contact Center Software for Organizations of All Sizes

Using a predictive dialer to call phone numbers efficiently, Five9's auto-dialing system delegates time zones, list penetration, dialing from an integrated CRM, call monitoring, real-time reporting, agent coaching, and much more, while offering a wide variety of dialing modes to accommodate your business.

With the help of clever algorithms determining when an agent is available, five9's auto dialer will assign live calls and generate more leads at scale.

Five9's customers can activate the Manual Touch Mode option, which is hosted on a separate server, to dial out without using a traditional auto-dialing, and this way the agents can initiate a call with a possibility to dial from a preset list.

Five9's Cloud Contact Center Software Feature
Source: Getvoip


There are no free trials and the pricing starts at $100 per feature per month.

Five9's Pricing Plan
Source : Capterra


  • Leave a voicemail and halt callback for a week
  • Dial from a CRM through a Salesforce integration
  • Manual Touch Mode
  • Heightened efficiency through agent coaching
  • WFO
  • Global voice
  • Unified communications integration
  • Open platform APIs
  • Individual feature purchase

An all-in-one contact center solution best-suited for midsize to enterprise clients with a wide range of dialing mode options, high-level agent coaching, and workforce management capabilities, and many more efficient list management solutions like Five9 is hard to find, and you can purchase whatever feature you need separately from any plan.

3. CallHippo

Best Power Dialer & Advanced Analytics Platform for Demand Gen, Recruitment, Finance Industries.

CallHippo is a modern and easy to use call center software that offers advanced power dialer

CallHippo is a modern and easy-to-use call center software that offers advanced power dialer and automatic call distribution capabilities, as well as extensive reporting and seamless integrations that empower sales & service teams to have effective conversations with excellent customer satisfaction rates.

World-class 24/7 support that's accessible by desktop and through the mobile app is something that CallHippo has been highly praised for over the years, while the robust agent interface, call center management, contact management, CTI, inbound call center, IVR, manual dialer capabilities only contribute to the stainless reputation of CallHippo.

The software is available for web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS users, while the extensive training capability covers all aspects of agent coaching through documentation, videos, and live online expert guidance.

Just like RingCentral, CallHippo is one name that always comes up when talking about the best auto dialer providers that will supercharge your business, but that's not all, as both software have been considered the leading virtual phone number providers and IVR solutions for years now.

CallHippo Call list Management Feature
Source: Callhippo


The Bronze Plan is $15 per month.

CallHippo Pricing Plan


  • Phone, email, and 24/7 chat support
  • Activity tracking
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Blended call center
  • CRM
  • Call center and contact management
  • Manual dialer
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Predictive dialer software
  • Queue management
  • Customizable reporting

Support centers and sales teams, as well as businesses across the demand gen, finance, recruitment industries, have praised CallHippo not just for its well-documented high-level customer support, but for its enhanced power dialer and detailed analytics capabilities that will boost any company's growth.

4. ChaseData

Best Call Center Software Auto Dialer Solution for Small Businesses.

ChaseData is the Best Call Center Software Auto Dialer Solution for Small Businesses

ChaseData provides industry-specific auto dialer solutions to small businesses that don't want the one-size-fits-all deployment, and the industries the tool covers range from finances, travel & hospitality, banking, nonprofit, consumer sales, and much more to insurance, utilities, and so on.

You will also find a robust inbound calling, CRM integration, and skills-based routing functionalities in ChaseData's base-level plan, and if you want to access the predictive dialer, you will need to purchase one of the two premium plans, where you will also be able to use the SOAP-based Salesforce API.

Through the trainee mode, you will be able to provide coaching for agents while listening, whispering, barging, and screen sharing.

Apart from the live phone support and extensive knowledge base, ChaseData will equip you with ticketing and fax support.

When you think of the best small business phone services, you won't only seek for a highly-configurable auto dialer tailored to each industry, but an all-around communications system that will save landline costs, provide faster customer support, and a pleasant sales experience, all of which are qualities that ChaseData has in abundance.


The Small Business Plan is $89 per month.

ChaseData Pricing Plan


  • Predictive, preview, progressive, agentless, and skills-priority dialing
  • Industry-specific auto dialer solutions
  • SOAP-based Salesforce API in the premium plans
  • Agent coaching through listening, whispering, barging, and screen sharing
  • Inbound calling, CRM integration, and skills-based routing in the base-level plan
  • A predictive algorithm that continuously makes adjustments on key call center factors to maximize talk time
  • Call center managers can adhere to target drop rates
  • Ticketing and fax support

An excellent choice for smaller and more budget-constricted teams, ChaseData will provide you with a tailored auto dialer solution for your industry with endless possibilities of configuration.

5. Velocify

#1 Contact Center Auto Dialer Software for Sales Teams.

Velocify is a Contact Center Auto Dialer Software for Sales Teams

Coming packed with a lead management software solution, Velocify's Dial-IQ makes for reliable inbound and outbound sales dialer that will allow you to streamline more calls with higher quality and faster growth.

Built specifically for sales, Velocify's Dial-IQ has all the features to keep the sales reps productive and increase the odds of maintaining stable connections. The service was first introduced in 2013 and has since become one of the company's most popular offerings.

You can call prospects with a click of a button, notify all available reps of high potential inbound leads, match the local area codes on outbound calls, blend the inbound and outbound calls, power dial through call lists, dial numbers internationally, combine call and sales performance data through analytics, leave pre-recorded voicemails while taking the next call, etc.

The live coaching functionality allows you to monitor which agents are on an active call, and click to listen in on the conversation, whisper feedback or guidance, or join the conversation in real-time.

Call recordings let you listen to live or past phone calls for training, quality assurance, and compliance purposes.


Velocify Dial-IQ is priced at $60 per month, but you will need to schedule a free demo in order to get the pricing for your specific needs.

Velocify Pricing Plan


  • Shotgun connect
  • Local presence
  • Inbound/outbound blending
  • Power dialing
  • International dialing
  • Live coaching
  • Pre-recorded voicemails and call recordings
  • Various monitoring and coaching modes
  • Information locator
  • Record prospect data

Velocify's Dial-IQ is an affordable click-to-call sales dialer that creates more conversations for each of your sales agents and ensures that they focus on the most lucrative prospects at the right time, perfect for sales-focused contact centers in need of lead generation features.

6. RingCentral

Best Call Center Auto Dialer Solution for Multiple Supervisor Call Coaching Options.

RingCentral is the Best Call Center Auto Dialer Solution for Multiple Supervisor Call Coaching Options

You will find the auto-dialing capability and everything else you need from a leading call center software to maximize outbound productivity, and the industry-specific solutions for industries such as healthcare, finances, retail, education, tech make the platform that much easier to apply.

Apart from the robust auto dialer functionality, RingCentral is often the top pick for the best small-business VoIP service for improving communications based on integrations, features, and pricing.

Housing one of the best predictive dialing tools in the industry, RingCentral's Engage Voice program ensures your sales agents are well informed with quick access to crucial information.

RingCentral will provide you with outbound, inbound, and blended contact centers, while the detailed and configurable analytics will help you determine if the agents are meeting the required KPIs.

RingCentral's Agent Tools Feature
Source: Capterra

You can guide the agents through a call whispering or barging capability or completely take charge of the call with a call takeover.

Of course, if you consider a less costly solution with more advanced features in the basic plan because you don't require the high-volume capacity of RingCentral's advanced plans, you can always browse for the best RingCentral alternatives that align with your business requirements.


To access your customized pricing, you will need to submit a demo to RingCentral's team.


  • Best predictive dialing tool in the industry
  • Preview and progressive dialers
  • Automated guided engagement flows
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Custom campaigns
  • Data integration
  • Safe Dial with TCPA compliance
  • Barging, whispering, call takeover
  • Build app connections through an open API
  • Flawless AMD

For businesses requiring multiple supervisor options for call coaching such as call takeover, RingCentral will provide you with a customized solution regardless of the industry, while equipping you with predictive dialing, AMD (Answering Machine Detection), and more tools considered best of the best on the market.


A Comprehensive Predictive Dialer Solution for Supporting Multiple Clients with BPOs.

VOISO is a Comprehensive Predictive Dialer Solution for Supporting Multiple Clients with BPOs

Dedicated to making your call and contact center the best it can be, VOISO allows you to keep track of performance insights through 50+ metrics while letting you keep all your phone numbers and import all your agents with one click.

VOISO will let you accelerate sales with predictive dialers, automated logging, and custom campaigns to exceed your targets while supporting multiple clients with screen pops, internal chats, customer-by-customer dashboards.

The cloud-based VOISO delivers documentation, webinar, and in-person agent training for your representatives while deploying them with alerts, appointment management, automated routing, blended call center, call center management, call recording, scheduling, scripting, and logging features.

VOISO Dashboard
Source: Voiso

However, you also get the CRM, email management, IVR, interaction tracking capabilities, as well as an inbound call center, allowing the businesses that rely on high uptime, efficient inbound call handling, and high live answer rate to accomplish their B2B and B2C business missions.


VOISO's pricing starts at $49 per month per feature.

VOISO Pricing Plan


  • Accelerate sales with predictive dialers
  • Support multiple clients with screen pops, internal chats, customer-by-customer dashboards
  • Performance insights with 50+ metrics for the supervisors
  • Documentation, webinar, and in-person agent training
  • Events-based navigation
  • Multi-threaded monitoring
  • WebRTC softphone
  • Agent control module
  • AI-based AMD engine
  • CRM and email management

VOISO is one full-service call center auto dialer solution that will deliver real-time agent performance, call queue monitoring, behavioral reporting, and campaign performance analytics while equipping you with powerful CRM integrations, the highest call quality, all while easily supporting multiple clients with BPOs and accelerating sales with predictive dialing.

8. CallHub

Best Contact Center Auto Dialer Software for Nonprofits and Political Phone Banking.

CallHub is the Best Contact Center Auto Dialer Software for Nonprofits and Political Phone Banking

A popular choice for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations, CallHub is used across 200+ countries all over the world, offering a comprehensive call center, voice broadcasting, and SMS marketing services, with an extensive list of integrations such as Blackbaud Luminate for nonprofits and NationBuilder for politicians.

Apart from the predictive, power, and preview dialer, CallHub houses a Robo dialer that allows you to make hundreds of thousands of calls simultaneously without waiting for free phone lines, calling out to every person on your list, and playing your pre-recorded audio messages.

You can manage campaign replies using automated keyword responses and sync activity with your CRM, while the innovative text-based signup campaigns allow you to collect data from on-the-ground campaigns.

CallHub Voice campaign Feature
Source: Getapp

Backend integration with CRM/membership management platforms like NationBuilder, Action Network, and Salesforce is seamless, just like the integration with Zapier.

The integration with NationBuilder allows for a 2-way data flow and instant database updates with tags, survey responses, and notes from calling activity, enabling a direct post-call follow-up.


Functioning as a pay-as-you-go service, CallHub charges $25 per feature as a one-time payment.

CallHub Pricing Plan


  • Make hundreds of thousands of calls without waiting for free phone lines with the Robo dialer
  • Collective texting
  • Unlimited agent accounts
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Live call phone monitoring
  • Phone number verification
  • Manage campaign replies through automated keyword responses
  • NationBuilder, Action Network, Salesforce, Zapier integrations
  • Instant database updates with tags, survey responses, and notes from calling activity

Intended for nonprofits and political campaigns, CallHub delivers multichannel marketing software with extensive auto dialer capabilities that include the Robo dialer which allows you to call hundreds of thousands of people at once without waiting for free phone lines.

9. Voicent

#1 Contact Center Auto Dialer Solution for Prerecorded Messages.

Voicent is a Contact Center Auto Dialer Solution for Prerecorded Messages

Providing an all-in-one solution for outbound calling, inbound voice, email & text software, workflow automation, website tracking, marketing automation, auto-dialing, and more, Voicent is used by thousands of businesses, government agencies, nonprofits.

Voicent’s award-winning auto dialer solution delivers pre-recorded audio messages to a list of selected contacts, leaving the answering machine messages in your voice or a machine-generated voice facilitated through the tool's text-to-speech plugin.

Through an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface, you can navigate to various live call transfers, automated messages, touch-tone opt-out options.

After uploading a contact list and selecting an audio file, Voicent will automatically dial the phone numbers from the list one after another and play the selected audio file, with the option to play different messages for answering machines and set the auto-dialer program to retry busy lines.

In Voicent, you can make thousands of simultaneous phone calls from a single computer and view real-time results, utilize the text-to-speech engine to create messages with each recipient's name and other personalized information, use Excel spreadsheets to generate contact lists, and more.


Voicent's auto dialer plan will cost you $19 per agent per month.

Voicent Pricing Plan


  • Leave messages in your own or computer-generated voice
  • Create messages with personalized information through the text-to-speech engine
  • Unlimited Robo dialing with no per-text or subscription fees
  • Generate contact lists from Excel spreadsheets
  • Live call transfers
  • Touch-tone opt-out options
  • Play different messages to answering machines
  • Retry buy lines

Voicent's award-winning auto dialer will deliver pre-recorded audio messages to an unlimited number of phones, along with providing you with a bunch of scalable and customizable features to configure your messages to your taste and intention, operating both as a cloud service and on-premise software.

10. NICE inContact

Best Auto Dialer Software for Large-Scale Call Centers.

NICE inContact is the Best Auto Dialer Software for Large Scale Call Centers

Much like Voicent, NICE inContact provides versatile performance and workforce management, CRM integration, quality management package along with complete auto-dialing capabilities.

NICE inContact will allow you to increase connection rates and list penetration, reach the right customers with the prepared right information, improve customer experiences with personalized interactions, and generate higher revenue with the help of the CXone Personal Connection dialer.

NICE inContact complements predictive dialing with automatic call distribution, customer surveys, call recording, analytics & reporting, IVR, CRM integrations, and much more.

Not only does NICE inContact use every opportunity to increase productivity with capabilities such as the one that allows you to call customers while listening to a voicemail, but you can rewind and fast-forward the voicemails so you analyze the exact parts you need.


Although NICE inContact's pricing starts at $100 per user per month, the exact pricing will depend on your requirements and you need to request a quote.

NICE inContact Pricing Plan
Source : Getvoip


  • Personalize interactions and increase the customer satisfaction ratio
  • Generate higher revenue with the CXone Personal connection dialer
  • Excellent sound quality with minimal delays
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Customer surveys
  • Eliminate awkward pauses, stop hang-ups, and streamline the flow of conversations with patented dialing technology
  • Rewind and fast forward voicemails
  • Call customers while listening to the voicemail

NICE inContact will increase the quality of leads and reduce the cost of client interaction by enabling agents to connect with their customers through email, inbound/outbound calling, voicemail, social media, and chat channels with a powerful predictive dialer supported by multi-channel ACD and speech-enabled IVR.

Auto Dialer Software FAQ

Who uses auto dialer software?

While auto dialer software is most commonly used for cold calling sales, the extent of its deployment supersedes a wide range of industries.

You will find auto dialer software enhancing customer relationships and boosting sales in insurance, travel u0026 hospitality, consumer sales, home improvement and construction, real estate u0026 mortgage, and many more industries.

But, also, you will find auto dialer software used to transmit political campaign messages and spread the causes of nonprofit organizations, usually in combination with voice broadcasting and SMS marketing software.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you work in, there is auto dialer software for you to drastically increase the number of lucrative business contacts and elevate your company's reputation.

How does an auto dialer work?

Auto dialer is a type of predictive dialer software that will function when there is a computer running the software, a person or multiple people answering the phone calls, a voice modem, and an active telephone line.

The software tells the computer which numbers to dial, and what to do when there is a busy signal, a voicemail, or an actual person who answers the call.

Usually, a call is answered by a person in the first 25 seconds, after which the call is forwarded to voicemail if no one answers, so the auto dialer drops a call within the unresponsive first 25 seconds or if the signal is too busy.

The auto dialers with voice detection software will differentiate between an actual person and a voice mailbox, after which the auto dialer will route the call to a recorded message or a live operator, or even put the person on hold.

The auto dialer software will collect data on how long the calls last, whether they are answered by a person or a voice mailbox, along with other information, and provide accurate statistics.

Using the gathered information auto dialer will use predictive dialing to make calls before the agent has even finished with the current call, which will maximize productivity and connect the agents to only the most valuable customers.

How much does an auto dialer software cost?

Auto dialer software charge for their services in several ways and this includes per call, monthly, annually, or upfront, with a big majority of hosted and in-house services having an upfront cost.

On average an auto dialer software starts at about $300 upfront for a standard version that makes one call at a time, while the middle-tier versions start around $500 for a single channel, and can reach up to $40,000+ for 75-100 channels.

The Voicent hosted service charges $300 – $400 for the Standard version that makes one call at a time, and as you scale up to the Professional version, you will be able to make 4 calls at once for $900 – $1000.

If you expand your needs to the point that you require 30 channels, you will need to set aside $4,299 for the Enterprise version.

Which Auto Dialer Should I Choose?

Each auto dialer solution from this list can elevate every customer interaction, boost your sales, improve your lead generation and customer service.

The software that is going to be the most suitable will depend on the type of calls you will want to make and which stages of the sales funnel will you prioritize.

A solution like Velocify will be perfect if you want to heighten your sales, but this will require a more high-volume-accommodating service that is better suited for large-scale campaigns like NICE inContact after a certain stage.

Just like NICE inContact, RingCentral is more well-rounded with advanced sales and customer support capabilities, along with having the affinity for increased supervisor call coaching options.

CallHub is the undisputed go-to option for powering political campaigns and supporting the various causes of nonprofit organizations, while ChaseData has all the tools to get a small business up and running regardless of the industry you are in.

When you identify which of these are your priorities, growing your company's customer capacity and stainless reputation will be inevitable.

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