15 Best Web and Video Conferencing Software Platforms of 2023

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Web and Video Conferencing Software Platforms

Think about this for a moment: You have set up your business. 

You have chosen a unique brand name using a quality business name generator

Paying customers patronize your products often and you have also purchased a good help desk software to continually attend to their needs. 

Now, your business is already growing and you have extended your services to other new locations. 

With this business' success, investors are already investing in your business. 

However, you recently discovered that there is a product loved by your customers which would bring you more sales and customers. 

But, you need to discuss with your business associates and marketing team members who are based in various geographical locations before adding this new product to your product catalogue. 

Just then, you remember the current covid-19 pandemic lockdown; which means holding a physical conference is impossible

Here is what you need to know; there is a way out. 

What if I told you that you can organize your meetings and conferences with all your teammates in attendance despite this lockdown and irrespective of wherever they are in the world? 

What if I told you that you can collaborate with your teammates remotely?

You can do all these with a video conferencing software.

Presently, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way things and the world, at large functions. 

With the lockdown in place, many organizations, both large and small are now switching to remote work and thereby investing heavily in remote desktop softwares

Still, without a video conferencing tool, operating your business remotely might be difficult or even unsuccessful. 

Hence, this review will guide you through 14 video conferencing softwares available now.

Features, benefits, pricing, differences- all will be discussed. 

So that you can know the best one to choose and that will be easy to use for all your employees and partners without producing poor online meetings. 

 Let's start immediately!

What are the Best Video Conferencing Software Platforms?

1. RingCentral Meetings

Best Video Conferencing Software for Group Online Conferences

RingCentral Meetings is the Best Video Conferencing Software for Group Online Conferences

Built using Zoom Technology, RingCentral Meetings is one of the numerous communication platforms created by RingCentral office. Others include cloud phone systems, video conferencing, team messaging and remote work. 

Main Features

It provides a complete and reliable web conferencing solution in which you and your team can organize and attend meetings online through HD video conferencing. 

RingCentral Meetings encourage team collaboration, screen sharing and large-scale seminars whereby you can hold virtual and unlimited meetings anytime and anywhere

You can easily share desktops, applications and whiteboards with your workers and associates.

Your participants can easily join the online meeting using a web browser so they don't have to download anything or even have a RingCentral account. 

You can keep every member of your  organization connected all with a single simple click on your computer, tablet, smartphone or RingCentral video conferencing room system. 

The RingCentral Rooms™ is a RingCentral Meetings extension in which you can create your own HD telepresence room system easily and affordably. 

Set up your conference room where you can organize your meetings seamlessly. 

If you already have one, use the RingCentral Room Connector™ to connect the system to the cloud and join any RingCentral Meetings conference. 

Using RingCentral Meetings, you can collaborate with up to 200 individuals and share presentations, whiteboards, and files even from local and cloud services like Box, Google Drive or OneDrive. 

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and start or schedule your online meeting from there. 

If you have a large organisation, divide your meetings into 50 breakout sessions for each team to focus excellently. 

RingCentral Meetings is not just about organising meetings online alone; you can also record or distribute your meetings. 

As the host, you have the right to mute or unmute participants, start or stop a video, record or lock the meeting. 

Your participants can also participate actively by muting or unmuting their microphone, start or stop the video. 

With RingCentral Meetings, sending bogus emails and accumulating large travelling costs is greatly reduced


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Organize online conferences, trainings or seminars for up to 10,000 participants using the RingCentral webinars
  • Establish audio meetings by calling participants using the ‘call me' feature
  • Share screen, files, applications, whiteboards and presentations
  • Unite with up to 200 individuals and even 500 participants by using large meeting licenses
  • Split online meetings into breakout sessions for better collaboration
  • Record meeting for future use
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, and other useful apps
  • Use a free version with many useful features.


RingCentral Meetings Pricing Plan

RingCentral Meetings has a free version and a free trial. The paid versions include;

  • Essentials which goes for $19.99/user per month
  • Advanced goes for $24.99/user per month. 

As a small business, choose the free version as you can still use basic features like unlimited 1 to 1 meetings, unlimited number of meetings, and up to 100 participants group meetings.

2. Zoom

Best Free Video Conferencing Software for Online Video Conferences 

Zoom Best Free Video Conferencing Software for Online Video Conferences

Founded in 2011, Zoom has been around now for a decade and is one of the most common video conferencing tools used by many for online video communication. 

Main Features

It offers a simplified video conferencing and messaging feature in which you can organize video conferences on any device, desktop or mobile. 

Sync with your calendars and hold online conferences in which participants can join from anywhere in the world. 

Using HD video and audio, you can welcome up to 1,000 participants to your meetings and about 49 videos on screen. 

Increase effective collaboration and say ‘no' to boring meetings by using filters, reaction, polls, hand raising and music/video sharing. 

You can also record your meetings locally or upload to the cloud using easy-to-find transcripts

Start your meetings or schedule from third party apps like Outlook, Gmail and iCal. 

In order to ensure your communicated data are well secured, Zoom uses security features before and during meetings like;

  • Encryption: Zoom uses an advanced standard (AES) 256 and an end-to-end encryption which you will need to activate. 
  • Use of Passcode Protection: This means participants would have to join a meeting or webinar using a particular passcode which is controlled by the account owners and admins. 
  • Waiting Rooms; Here, as the host, you can firstly allow all your participants into the waiting room and then admit all into the meeting together simultaneously. You can also accept them one after the other. 
    At the waiting room, you can check each participant and decide on attendees you would allow into the meeting. 
  • Join by Domain: Individuals who have their email address on the approved list can only join the meetings provided you enable this feature. 
  • Reporting: Report an erring user to Zoom's trust and safety team and they will take the necessary action to avoid further misuse. 

Other important Zoom features to ensure security and avoid disruptions during your meetings are;

  • Disable private chat
  • Turn off annotation
  • Control screen sharing
  • Control recording
  • Remove participants
  • Lock the meeting. 


  • Easy to use and set up on any device
  • Access about 3TB/month to store, stream and download your video recording from zoom cloud, with the large storage add-on
  • Host up to 100 participants by default and about 1,000 participants with the large meeting add on
  • Host an unlimited number of meetings
  • Integrate with Slack, G suite, Zylo, Microsoft Teams, and many other useful third-party apps. 
  • Has a free version with access to many features like 40-minutes online group meetings and unlimited one on one meetings. 


Zoom Pricing Plan

Zoom has a free version where you can host up to 100 participants, organise group meetings for up to 40 minutes, and unlimited one-on-one meetings. 

The paid versions are;

  • Pro: Best for small teams, charges $149.90/year
  • Business: Best for small and medium sized businesses, charges $199.90/year. 

Zoom United Business: Useful for meetings, phone and chat, charges $350/year.

3. UberConference

Best Video Conferencing Software for Video Conferences of 10-100 Participants

UberConference Best Video Conferencing Software for Video Conferences of 10-100 Participants

Using awesome supporting resolutions of up to 720p, get your company's conferences online with the HD video conferencing, and make your meetings more engaging. 

Main Features

UberConference has a rich and intuitive user interface which you can quickly understand and use to set up your online video meetings without stress. 

Organize high-quality video meetings with HD video conferencing and your participants would communicate with each other as if they are all in a single conference room.

While on a web conference call, share your screen and add a visual element to increase immediate collaboration between you and your participants. 

To share your screen, click on the “Share your screen” button on the dashboard. 

There is also the voice intelligence feature which will transcribe your meetings and automate tasks during the conference call. 

Get a snapshot of your online conference session and the full record of the meeting with the call summary and call transcripts features. 

While you are conducting a final check of the conference setup tools, keep your participants interested in your conference call by playing custom hold music

This means your participants can listen to great music even before the conference call begins. 

Even if you do not have any suitable music, delight your participants with UberConference's default hold music, “I'm On Hold”. 

You can start and schedule your calls directly from your browser or use the UberConference app. 

UberConference allows you to be in control of your online meetings. 

Schedule your meetings and go to sleep without worrying about setting up frequent meeting reminders. 

Using dialpad, UberConference will help you meet your schedule by calling you and your guests to join the online meeting.  

Integrate with Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, Google Calendar, Outlook, Twitter, and Evernote for better video conference experience. 


  • Organize or attend online conferences on your phone or from a chrome browser on your computer
  • Participants can join conference calls freely and easily
  • Supports HD video and audio conferencing.
  • Make unlimited number of calls yearly with the free plan
  • UberConference is HIPAA-compliant and you can also request for BAA Agreements
  • Optimize your conference meetings with voice intelligence. 
  • Call in from over 50 countries all around the world
  • Integrate with Google Calendar. 


UberConference Pricing Plan

There is a free version in which you can hold meetings with up to 10 participants in about 45 minutes. 

The voice intelligence and dial out call features are not available in the free version. The paid version which is known as Business allows up to 100 participants and international access.

4. Lifesize

Best Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Software for Large Online Video Conferences

Lifesize Best Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Software for Large Online Video Conferences

Lifesize offers a video conferencing platform where you can organize your high quality video meetings and meet face-to-face with your employees. 

Main Features

Using the collaboration features and excellent video and audio conferencing, drive your conversations smoothly and comfortably. 

Start or join a video meeting from any device and stay in control of your schedule by integrating with Office 365 or Google calendar. 

Lifesize allows you to view your screen with quality resolution and invite guests to your video meetings with the use of links.  

Your guests do not have to download anything or create any account, using a meeting link is all that is required. 

Likewise, use the click-to-call team directory to call your teammates by name. 

Using Lifesize, organize unlimited and large meetings which will support audio and video participants using the 500-way call size

You can even stream your conferences and webinars for about 10,000 viewers and you can also record your meetings for offline view. 

Never worry about the security of your meetings; every call and recording is automatically encrypted so third-party agents or individuals can access them. 

Let's assume you want to go only audio; you can call local toll-free dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries. 

Know your Lifesize account record, manage your room users and meetings from a unified web-based admin console

Connect through your browser with the Lifesize web all or you download the Lifesize app. 

Integrate with third-party conference tools, and scheduling apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, and Slack.  

You can also capture your whiteboard content and share digitally with participants in the meetings. 


  • Access from any device; windows, android, iOS and macOS
  • User-friendly, easy to use and has a  simple UI interface
  • Use the admin console to manage and control your video conferences 
  • High-quality video and sound
  • Integrates with Skype and other helpful tools 
  • Invite others remotely easily with a link
  • Supports multiple screen display
  • Frequent and regular updates
  • Has a free trial plus a free version.


Lifesize Pricing plan

Using the free version available for individuals, sign up to access some free features like unlimited meetings, unlimited meetings duration, hosting up to 10 participants including online support. 

The paid versions are;

  • Standard: Best for small teams with features like 100 participants, single sign-on (SSO) support, online and chat support, and all free features.
  • Plus: Best for small and mid-size companies with features like 300 participants, Microsoft integrations, phone and email support, and all standard features.  
  • Enterprise: Most suitable for large organizations and has features like all plus version features, 1,000 event viewers, unlimited meeting recording, branding and customization, and premium support. 

You can also take a14- day free trial and try out the video conferencing software with access to some advanced features.

5. Troop Messenger

Top-Rated Video Conferencing Software with Team Collaboration Features

Troop Messenger - top-rated video conferencing software with team collaboration

Troop Messenger is one of the best video conferencing and team collaboration software available in the market. It was founded in 2017.

Main Features

Using Troop Messenger’s video conferencing and team collaboration enables efficient communication among teams. Businesses of different sizes use this comprehensive and instant messaging app to foster team collaboration. 

This web and video conferencing software tool is a user-friendly tool that addresses your business communication needs. You can sync all your files and conversations from different platforms into one location, Troop Messenger.

With this work-from-home software, you can hold and join business meetings and group chats from anywhere and with any internet-connected device.

Troop Messenger provides messaging features such as one-one messaging and audio messaging that make it easy for you to record and share your work and converse with other members of your team.

This web and video conferencing software tool allows you to send bulk messages to a large group of people with just one click. If you want to conduct private and confidential conversations, Troop Messenger provides a burnout chat feature that deletes your messages automatically once the pre-defined timer session expires.

You enjoy team collaboration features such as remote screen share and control and location tracking. This software allows you to preview attachments, use browser pop-outs, and mute conversations.

Troop Messenger provides live chat support and integrates with Zappier, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Jira software. It supports multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Punjabi, Swedish, and Korean.

You enjoy security features such as the Single Sign-On feature thanks to LDAP integration, end-to-end encryption, biometric, and multi-factor authentication. 


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Share screen and files with a single user or group of users
  • Record meeting for future use
  • 30-day free trial 
  • Supports HD video and audio conferencing
  • Access from any device
  • Mobile applications 
  • Very affordable for small businesses
  • Live chat support


TroopMessenger - Pricing

Troop Messenger offers three pricing plans:

  • The premium plan is best for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for businesses with remote communication needs.
  • The superior plan is best for businesses that need customized features and more control.

Try Troop Messenger’s 30-day free trial on all its plans to get started.

6. Whereby

Best Video Conferencing Software for Hosting Group Video Meetings 

Whereby Best Video Conferencing Software for Hosting Group Video Meetings

Main Features

Without any stressful two-hour download or installation of anything, plan and attend video meetings from your browser on your laptop or on mobile device. 

Invite both your employees and your business associates and have organized and hitch-free meetings. 

Using the chat and reactions feature, your team members can provide their feedback and suggestions as text messages even while the speaker is still speaking. 

When your meeting is on, participants who intend to join will have to receive your permission as the video rooms are automatically locked at the start of the meetings. 

The waiting room will accommodate them before you “let them in”, and you can, in fact customize the waiting room with your colors and logos.

If you want, unlock the rooms so that participants can attend the meetings without having to receive any permission. 

Typical video room can accomodate no less than 50 people and about 12 on-stage speakers while the other members can participate by sending text messages through audio, chat and reactions. 

Mute passive participants, ask members to unmute and you can end the meeting when you are done.

Whereby allows you to integrate with Google and Outlook calendars. 

Record your meetings locally, download and share them with your teammates who could not attend the meeting. 

You can perform important collaborative activities during your meetings like watching YouTube videos or working on a single google document. 

Whereby is GDPR-compliant and also allows screen sharing


  • Join online Whereby meeting with a single click; no download, login, or pin
  • Works perfectly on all devices
  • Share screen and record video meetings easily
  • Supports audio, chat and reactions
  • Integrates with Google Docs, YouTube and Google Calendar
  • Allows a free trial and free version.


Whereby Pricing Plan

The free version allows up to 4 participants, a single user and room, screen sharing and collaboration tools. 

If you want unlimited users and about 50 participants in team rooms,  go for the Business plan which is at $14.99/ month. 

You can also subscribe to the PRO version which is at $9.99/month and use features like 3 meeting rooms, up to 12 participants, custom branding, and recording.

7. Livestorm

Most Suitable Video Conferencing Software for Organizing Video Conferences With Live Webinars

LifeStorm for Organizing Video Conferences With Live Webinars

Main Features

Have you been thinking about how to organize your customer training sessions in this lockdown period?

How about scheduling your webinars which participants can attend from anywhere, without downloading any software?  

We recommend Livestorm as an important video conferencing software for these functions. 

You can communicate visually and easily with your audience including your workers, employees, teammates or business partners.

Use Livestorm for your;

  • Live events
  • Product demos
  • Company communication
  • Customer training
  • Online courses

Plan your meetings with Livestorm and easily invite your desired audience to attend the meetings. 

For example, you can add your emails to your business' registration pages.

Request attendees to fill them out even before attending the meetings. 

All with a single click on a ‘Start Now' button, go live with your meetings and let your audience join you straightaway. 

Using Livestorm as your video conferencing software, your attendees can participate anywhere, from any device.  

Collaborate with key officials by inviting them on stage.

In order to keep your participants more engaged, allow them to use the chat feature to send in their messages.

They can also ask questions about troubling issues. 

Automate important video conferencing processes like starting a webinar, playing a video, and sending a chat message. 

How do you access the results of your online meetings? 

You can do this by integrating Livestorm with your favorite CRM and marketing automation tools like Intercom, Salesforce and Hubspot.

Getting important details about your meeting participants does not have to be a headache.

Your teammates can easily access these sets of information. 

As an illustration, they can know the number of visits, registrations, and attendees.

Use the information gathered to plan your next event or attend better to the needs of participants.


  • Organize daily webinars daily with up to 200 participants
  • Encourages effective interactions and mutual communication through polls, chat and questions
  • Promote your brand further on social media
  • Integrate with CRM and reporting tools to access your events' data
  • Share your screen to increase collaboration
  • Use live chat to gather contribution and feedback
  • Has a free trial and a free version
  • The premium plan is now free.


LifeStorm Pricing Plan

Livestorm has a free trial which you use to try out the basic plan

It also has two versions which are the free plan and the paid premium version. 

The good news? 

The once-paid premium version is now available for FREE as a relief support for the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Get your instant and scheduled video meetings running effectively, freely.

8. Zoho Meeting

Best Web Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

Zoho Meeting Best Web Conferencing Software for Small Businesses

Zoho Meeting is a video conferencing software with a simple but effective design for collaborating with your partners and teams through online video conferences. 

It provides a fast, reliable and comprehensive online meeting platform where you can power your online meetings, webinars and conferences. 

Using real-time audio and video tools, begin or join your meetings at the office, in your room or a spa shop. 

With Zoho Meeting, you can send invitations via emails to your participants by specifying the needed information they need to know. 

Do you need to set up meetings in a couple of seconds? 

Then, do so with Zoho Meeting without going through the email invitation route. 

How will you know invitees who will attend your conferences? 

You do not want to have the executives or clients available and then discover your teammates are nowhere to be found. 

Avoid such issues by receiving confirmations from your invites with RSVPs. 

You don't have to stop at just receiving their RSVPs. 

Continue to send them reminder emails to keep your meeting on top of their schedules. 

Your participants do not have to download any software or code; they can join your meetings using a meeting link

Does this mean you will now have to go through the frustrating process of sending links to each participant? 

No, you don't have to do this. 

Set up the meeting link on your business' website and let your visitors join your meetings from there. 

During the meeting, use the user-friendly interface with interactive controls to create a seamless experience for your participants. 

There is a multiple video feeds feature where you can have many video feeds on your screen, instantaneously. 

Assuming there are 100 participants, for example, you can have 24 active video feeds on your screen showing concurrently. 

Share your screen, document or a slide presentation during your video meetings. 

Without interrupting the active speaker, your participants can send in text messages using the chat feature.

You can also send links during the meeting.

Your audio and video messages are secured with DTLS-SRTP encryption.


  • Very affordable for small businesses
  • View your participants simultaneously through multiple video feeds
  • Screen sharing and chat support
  • It requests for Permission before turning on your web camera and transmitting your video
  • TLS 1.2, 256-bit AES security encryption
  • Free version and free demo


Zoho Pricing Plan

You can select a suitable plan from the available four plans

The largest plan can accommodate up to 100 participants and it offers a $10/month pricing. If you go on an annual subscription or you have a nonprofit or educational institution, you are eligible for a special discount.

9. Join.me

Best Simple to Use Video Conferencing Software for Holding Video Conferences 

Join.me for Holding Video Conferences

Right from your desktop or from your iPad, organize online video conferences, discuss with your workers remotely, and collaborate with people across the world.  

Guests can join your conferences from Google Chrome browser. 

Your attendees can use the dial in numbers to join your online meetings or use the computer VoIP. 

Better still, they can use the video calling feature

You can customize your meeting link by choosing a personal link that you want.

It could be a company's value, group name or the subject of your intending discussion. 

You can also customize your meeting background with your company's logo or a creative image to make your meetings more fun, unique and engaging. 

When you use Join.me, you are using a conferencing software built with security features like 256-bit TLS encryption

You won't also find any of your images, files or data on their servers as they don't store them

Even if you choose to use the recording feature, your record is well-encrypted

You can lock or unlock your meetings. 

Another security option known as random protection ensures your meeting code changes regularly when you use a custom meeting link. 

This way, only your preferred guests can attend your meetings. 

However, It is only limited to the PRO version. 

For scheduling your meetings effectively, you can integrate with Google Chrome, Outlook and Office 365. 

To increase productivity, integrate with Trello, Slack, Zapier, etc

For sales, integrate with Hubspot, Highspot and Salesforce.


  • Supports every communication method that you want- audio, recording, scheduling, and remote control.  
  • Click on the “broadcast” button to share your screen instantly
  • Share documents, whiteboards, and presentations during the meeting
  • Integrate with your favorite sales, scheduling and productivity tools
  • Has advanced and multiple security features like TLS encryption, meeting locking and random protection
  • There is a free version and a free trial. 


Join.me Pricing Plan

Apart from the free version, there are three paid plans

They are Lite, Pro and Business

With the highest paid version which is the Pro version, you get access to 1TB storage, enterprise authentication, Salesforce integration and more.

10. ClickMeeting

Most Suitable Video Conferencing Software for Large Online Video Conferences and Webinars

ClickMeeting Most Suitable Video Conferencing Software for Large Online Video Conferences and Webinars

Organize your video conferences and live webinars to discuss, teach, share knowledge and experiences with your workers and team mates using ClickMeeting. 

Hold online business meetings with whoever matters to your business- businesses partners, workers, customers, team members, and even freelancers all over the world. 

Before joining your conferences, invitees would have to use a 9-digit webinar ID which is provided in the invitation email.  

You can share your screen with other participants, show slides and discuss simple and complex topics that are relevant to your business' growth. 

Engage with your customers by organizing product demos to show them features and wonders of your new products plus how they can use them to their advantage. 

Through this, you can generate more leads and increase your sales in the long run. 

Set up a call to action for your conference to specify what you want your customers to do after the meeting, whether to purchase your products or to sign up for another online program or newsletter. 

And even after the conference, follow up with your customers who couldn't make a purchase or attend to the needs of those who have ordered your products.

With ClickMeeting, host large online meetings attended by thousands of participants and managed by dozens of presenters. 

Increase the engagement of your meetings and the number of participants by streaming live on Facebook or YouTube where users can easily attend. 

Customize with your brand and power your projects smoothly. 


  • Suitable for organizing all kinds of online training programs, classes, courses, and sessions
  • Demonstrate your products before your audience and turn them into paying customers 
  • Use social media to your advantage by streaming your live events on Facebook and youtube
  • About thousands of participants can participate in your online meetings
  • Follow up with your customers after your webinars with advanced contents
  • Use the knowledge base to address common issues you might face about the video conferencing software
  • Integrate with PayPal, CRM, LMS, Social Media, Marketing, Analytics and Remarketing, Events and Calendars, Documents tools, and Plug-ins. 


ClickMeeting pricing plan

You can try out the software freely for 30 days with access to unlimited online meetings and webinars, and up to 25 participants with 500MB file storage. Save 20% by subscribing annually for the paid versions which are Live, Automated (most popular)  and Enterprise.

11. GoToMeeting

Best Video Conferencing Software for Administrators and IT Managers

GoToMeeting Best Video Conferencing Software for Administrators and IT Managers

With GoToMeeting, you can go to meetings online easily. 

Whether you want to discuss with your team about your next big project, or seek better ideas for your marketing strategies, use GoToMeeting to schedule your video conferences online and meet face-to-face with your partners. 

It offers a HD video where you can keep your discussions going in high-quality. 

Using GoToMeeting software, record your online meeting sessions which you can always access anytime. 

You can also get a transcription of your meeting. 

Live share your screen during your meeting. 

Click the webcam icon on whichever device you are using for your video conference to share your video. 

If you want to have a sneak peek of your image's quality, GoToMeeting allows you to have a preview of the webcam even before sharing your video with others. 

To start your webcam during a video conference, start a session from your computer or mobile app. 

Make sure your webcam properly functions, and preview your video by clicking the webcam tab.

If satisfied, look for the camera icon at the top of the GoToMeeting toolbar and click on it to share your webcam. 

Unsharing your webcam is also easy. 

All you have to do is to click the camera icon you used to share initially. 

Integrate with calendars for easy scheduling. 

GoToMeeting is HIPAA-compliant and has other security features like SAML SSO login to keep your video meetings secure just as you want it. 


  • Start or join meetings directly from your browser on your computer or app on mobile phones
  • Access your webcam preview before sharing screen
  • Up to 250 participants can dial in easily without using any code or pins
  • Availability of Smart Meeting Assistant with comprehensive notes action items and guidelines
  • Sync your Directory Database to manage large users
  • Has a reporting feature where you can identify each user's performance
  • Has a functional admin center where you can take charge of users, as the host
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Has a free plan and a 14-day trial access.


GoToMeeting Pricing Plan

GoToMeeting offers a free trial in which you can use the video conferencing software freely for 14 days. 

Professional, Business and Enterprise are the paid versions and they allow up to 150, 250, and 3000 participants respectively.

12. Microsoft Teams

Best Collaborative Video Conferencing Software for Large Businesses

Microsoft Teams Best Collaborative Video Conferencing Software for Large Businesses

Microsoft Teams is a business communication tool developed by the popular software developer company, Microsoft. 

It is included as part of the suite of products in the Microsoft 365 family

Microsoft Teams is a good solution for online meetings and video conferencing. 

The video conferencing software which is already popular among businesses globally is suitable for meeting and collaborating with your teammates, and employees anywhere in the world. 

Invite your favorite participants with their respective email addresses to join your meeting.  

Let your guests stay in the virtual lobby or allow them to join the meeting automatically. 

Customize your video background by blurring to increase participants' concentration. 

Select a desired background or rather upload your favorite or brand-suited background. 

You can also record your videos and share files with team members during meetings. 

The chat feature allows participants to text messages during the video meeting.

You can also chat with your attendees before the start of the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting. 

As the host, you can mute participants and remove uninvited attendees to avoid distractions. 

Share your meetings sessions with those who couldn't make it to the meeting or with participants for review.

Enable live captions during your meeting. 

Microsoft Teams also support virtual hand raising in which participants can raise their hand when they have any suggestions, ideas, or opinions by clicking on a button. 

After the meeting, how would you know those who participated in the meeting? 

This is why a participants list is important.

Download the participants list to know those who attended your meeting. 


  • Suitable for large businesses
  • Up to 10, 000 attendees can participate in a meeting
  • Share screen, files and documents easily
  • Supports multitasking without any need to end call presentations
  • Integrate with Outlook Calendar; join meetings directly from calendar view
  • Integrate with SharePoint, Trello, Jira, and other Office 365 tools
  • Allows a free trial and a free plan.


Microsoft Pricing Plan

Using the free basic plan, especially as a small business, you still have access to unlimited number of meetings and chat, hosting 300 participants, 10GB of cloud storage, screen sharing. 

Access more important features by subscribing for a paid version which are;

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic at $5/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard at $12.50/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 E3 at $20/user/month.

Note that to use microsoft teams, you would have to create a Microsoft 365 account.

13. StartMeeting

Most Suitable Video Conferencing Software for Hosting Audio and Video Conferences

StartMeeting Most Suitable Video Conferencing Software for Hosting Audio and Video Conferences

StartMeeting combines many modern and technological features to enable you and your team work and collaborate remotely while increasing productivity and performance. 

Overall, StartMeeting makes hosting and participating in your conferences easier, faster and more comfortable with various features like audio conferencing, web conferencing, calls, video conferencing, and other conferencing tools.  

Main Features

StartMeeting allows you to host or attend video conferences from both desktop and mobile whether you are a technological guru or not.  

Host your meetings conveniently without having to worry about security as StartMeeting enables end-to-end encryptions to make sure your meetings remain as they are; private. 

You can host up to 1,000 participants, see and talk with each other face-to-face with high-quality HD video.

Invite participants who are not yet present by calling them directly into the meetings. 

You can also get notified through text as your first guest joins your meeting and you can therefore specify the next line of action to be taken.

Is everyone on your attendees list already present? 

Then, mute callers and make your meeting flow. 

Using the chat feature, members can communicate during the meetings

Record your videos and use playback to share later. 

The transcription feature which is expected to be activated soon will enable you to get real-time transcriptions of all your recorded meetings and thereby store important information.  


  • Support high-quality audio and video conferencing
  • Customize with your brand Identities and enable “hold music” before the beginning of conferences
  • Record meeting sessions, enable playback and access up to 10GB storage capacity
  • Call participants with local dial-ins in more than 73 countries
  • Share screen and drawing tools 
  • Got any problem? Then contact the customer support available 24/7


StartMeeting Pricing Plan

StartMeeting only has a single version which goes for $9.95 per month and most suitable for 1-10 users. 

Though, there are also other plans like StartMeeting Pro and StartMeeting Enterprise suitable for companies.  

To use these other versions, you would have to contact their sales rep or enterprise sales for custom package and pricing. 

You can take a 30-day trial to test out the features and see if it meets your business requirements.

14. WebEx

Best Video Conferencing Software for Group Video Meetings

WebEx Best Video Conferencing Software for Group Video Meetings

Meet face-to-face with whoever will make your business goals come true such as your business partners, teammates and workers anywhere using WebEx. 

They don't have to spend long hours and hundreds of dollars travelling. 

WebEx supports HD video and audio conversation which means you can see the face of your participants and you can hear their voices clearly. 

You can hold online conferences with about 1,000 participants with WebEx. 

You can share screen, desktop and file, and you can likewise begin a whiteboard. 

Webex uses encryption to protect your data.

As the host, you can also lock your meetings to avoid unnecessary interference. 

TLS 1.2 support is also available for increased security. 

How about recording your meeting and getting transcripts? 

Yes, you can record your meetings either to a cloud storage or locally, and transcripts are also available by default. 

Likewise, using WebEx, you have a blurred or customized background so everybody can focus on the meetings.

Integrate with Microsoft or Google calendars and schedule your meetings easily without having to set reminders every hour. 


  • Organize or join meetings on web, desktop, mobile or video system
  • Work remotely and collaboratively by online meetings
  • Stable and high-quality video experience without bandwidth or poor network interruption
  • Customised, virtual and blurred background to increase focus
  • Supports screen, desktop, app or document sharing from any device
  • Collaborate as a group using whiteboard to make your discussions more visible
  • Presence of AI-powered WebEx assistant which takes notes, marks highlight and closed captions
  • Use the post-meeting recap emails which contains action items to keep everyone together after the meeting
  • Integrate with Google, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce and Slack.


If you want to give WebEx a try, then, you will have to contact them directly by filling out a page with your details such as your first name, last name, phone, country, work email, company, and what you plan to purchase. 

Better still, if you need urgent sales assistance, you can call them directly.

15. Google Hangouts Meet

Best FREE Video Conferencing Software for Organizing UNLIMITED Number of Business Meetings 

Google Hangouts Meet Best FREE Video Conferencing Software for Organizing UNLIMITED Number of Business Meetings

Google Hangouts Meet is now known as Google Meet

Main Features

Google Meet is a free video conferencing software provided by Google which can be used to host and attend video meetings both by individuals and businesses. 

You can use Google Meet on your desktop, laptop, android, or ipod/ipad devices.

You can host online video Conferences with about 250 internal or external participants and up to 100, 000 live viewers within a domain. 

After signing in to your Google Workspace account, activate video calling to use Google Meet in your Google Workspace. 

If you don't have a Google Workspace account, subscribe for the business version of Google Meet

Sign up for a free Google account or log in to your existing one to start a new meeting. 

Then, you can invite other teammates to join your meeting by sending them a quick meeting code or link. 

Using a free version of Google Meet means that your guests would have to sign up for a Google account or use their existing Google accounts. 

Also, without using any link or meeting code, they can use the dial-in number and pin to call directly into the meeting. 

Enjoy efficient and hassle-free flow during your meetings with Google's speech recognition technology which provide live captions activated by default. 

And if you want to enable closed captions, click on three dots present on your screen for the option available only in English. 

If your organisation needs conference room support, you can purchase the Google Meet hardware. 

Use the video and audio preview screen to get a sneak peek of your appearance before the meeting.

You can also adjust your camera and mic before the meeting begins. 

Google Meet uses the anti-hijacking feature and many other security measures to make your meetings safe and secure from outside hackers or third-party agents. 


  • Works perfectly on any device- laptop, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Allows your participants to join meeting easily with a meeting link, code or call in directly
  • Enable live and closed captions using Google's speech recognition technology
  • Invite about 250 internal and external participants
  • Hold meetings on the go and even on a 24-hour basis; unlimited number of meetings
  • Record and save your meeting sessions to Google Drive
  • Group meetings into breakout session for collaboration
  • Get up to 100,000 viewers while live streaming within a domain
  • Know who attended your meetings by using the meeting reports
  • Switch and adjust your layouts and screen settings
  • Share your total screen or application window
  • Using Google Workspace Enterprise, access an unlimited limit of Google Drive storage.  


Google Hangouts Meet Pricing Plan

Google Meet has a free version as you might have anticipated. 

We highly recommend it for individuals. 

However, small and medium businesses should consider the Google Workspace Essentials plan at $8/active user per month to enjoy all free versions and other features like; 

  • International dial-in numbers
  • 24-hour group meeting length 
  • Google Drive recording 
  • Breakout sessions 
  • Attendance reports, and many others. 

You can also take a free trial of the Google Workspace Essentials.

However, large organizations can purchase the Google Workspace Enterprise for more abundant and useful features like;

  • UNLIMITED Google Drive storage 
  • Intelligent noise cancelation 
  • Security health and dashboard 
  • 100,000 live-streaming viewers.

What is Video Conferencing Software?

Back in the older centuries, who could have thought there will be anything called computers? 

Who knew words like cloud storage, remote work, and internet would become part of our everyday terminologies? 

Better still, who ever thought online video conferences could be ever possible? 

Think about this for a second. 

Could any man have ever thought of a period where we will have real-time meetings without seeing each other physically? 

Of course, no. 

But a video conferencing software has made all of these and many other seemingly impossibilities possible. 

A video conferencing software is a digital business communication platform that allows you to hold live and visual meetings, conferences, and interactions with your work partners, team mates, employees and customers.

video conferencing software is a digital business communication platform
Source: RingCentral

Here, I am not even talking about sharing recorded videos for the other party, instead communicating with each other face-to-face as if you were physically present together. 

In fact, most video conferencing software comes with other remarkable features like audio, chat, and screen sharing apart from face-to-face video. 

This allows you to do three things at one. 

You can see each other visually, communicate with each other with audio, exchange text messages during online video meetings and share your screen so others can see what exactly you are seeing.  

Nothing could have more been intriguing than ability to do all these with your partners irrespective of physical locations of each party

With a video conferencing software, travel bills, accommodation expenses, physical meeting arrangements are all gone. 

Just connect to the internet, use a good video conferencing software from the ones reviewed above, and you are good to go. 

Most people, however, can't differentiate fully between a video conferencing software and audio or web conferencing. 

Here is the difference; audio conferencing only supports voice transmission in which participants can only hear each other's voices without seeing each other while a video conferencing supports both hearing and seeing

This means participants can hear each other's voice, and also see each other face-to-face. 

A major use of the audio conferencing is for brief meetings such as a lead follow-up or the introduction of a new employee. 

Likewise, the video conferencing is for longer meetings and it involves active participation of all the participants. 

A web conferencing, on the other hand, involves holding online presentations or events but which however does not require much collaboration. 

Video conferencing works like the web conferencing but requires much collaboration.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing Software

Presently, many small and large companies use video conferencing software both for holding online conferences and large meetings. 

But, what are the reasons why video conferencing is widely used by these businesses? 

Top Video Conferencing benefits liked by businesses
Source: RingCentral

Here are five benefits of using a video conferencing software in your business.  

1. Better Communication

If there is a single reason why you should use a video conferencing software, then it's for the improved communication it offers. 

How do you communicate with your employees or customers who are in another city or location? 

With an email? 

Of course, emails are a good communication channel especially for sending messages to long distant partners. 

But, you would be honest to agree with me that sending a long trail of bulky messages to and fro through emails can be stressful, challenging and tiring

Aside from that, you are likely to miss one or two messages which might be important. 

disadvantage of email
Source: Bench Partner

So, what's the solution? 

A video conferencing software is the right choice for you. 

With a single click from your web browser or a mobile app on your phone, you can exchange visual messages with whoever you want to right from where you are and even in a more enriching way. 

Instead of sending messages with emails which might get lost, or give you the overwhelming stress of checking your inbox every hour, discuss with your partners on a single platform called video conferencing software. 

Likewise, visual communication which a video conferencing offers is also more engaging and produces rich conversations than audio or text messages. 

Apart from hearing what your peers have to say, you can visualize how they say it. 

This means you can hear the tone of their words, view their body languages and even identify their facial expressions. 

However, it's a win-win; remember they can see yours too.

2. Increases Collaboration

Another benefit of a video conferencing software is that it increases collaboration between you and your employees, team mates and partners.

video conferencing software increases collaboration
Source: Lifesize

A major feature of video conferencing software which produces this result is screen sharing

Most video conferencing softwares allow you to share your screen and webcam so other participants can see what you are seeing on your screen. 

You can also share documents, files, whiteboard and slides presentations. 

Web conferencing software alows you to share documents, files, whiteboard and slides presentations
Source: GoToMeeting

Most softwares also allows you to divide the video meetings into small divisions called breakout sessions. 

This is done to increase focus and better collaboration of each group. 

A good example of video conferencing software that encourages effective team collaboration is RingCentral Meetings

You can share files, whiteboards and slides presentations from local and cloud-based services like Google Drive and OneDrive using RingCentral meetings. 

Another video conferencing software with good collaboration feature is Lifesize which allows you to capture your whiteboard content and share digitally with your participants. 
Whereby also allow teammates to collaborate on a single docs and even watch YouTube videos together.

3. Saves Time and Money

It is no doubt that a video conferencing software saves both time and money in no small measure. 

Video conferencing software saves time and money
Source: SlideServe

Save time which you might have invested in planning your guests' accommodation.

Invest in other productive activities instead. 

When workers can attend meetings anywhere, even from their homes, they can maximize their time.

All they just need to do is to join your video conferences on their devices without any last-minute rushdown to the conference hall. 

Also, video conferencing software helps to cut many expenses which can cut down your budget. 

Assuming you are receiving some very important business partners who stay in another country or city, you would have to provide easy and on-time transportation, suitable accommodation such as renting a hotel. 

Before you know it, lots of thousands of dollars would have been gulped

Now, let’s assume you are to incur those bills monthly for a 5-year period.

I'll leave you to do the maths yourself. 

With a video conferencing software, you can otherwise invest your precious time and money on activities that will bring in more leads, more customers, and more sales for your business. 

Sounds good, right? 

All thanks to a video conferencing software.

4. Boosts Productivity

What follows a business that has increased communication, collaboration if not increased productivity? 

video conferencing can increase productivity
Source: Medium

Communicating easily with your workers means you can quickly assign important tasks to them

Getting the job done quickly and reliably becomes their topmost priority. 

When your customers can also share and collaborate on documents, files and applications together, their productivity level will definitely increase.

5. Builds Better Relationships 

Why is it that social media has never become outdated as a communication tool? 

The answer is because of the rich communication features it provides such as audio and video calls. 

All with a single strike on “Start Video Call”, you can communicate with your loved ones which strengthens your relationship and keeps you more connected even if you are not together. 

How about replicating the same thing in your organization? 

Engaging in video calls with your workers has a way of strengthening your relationship and boosting your connection with each other. 

Web conferencing software Builds Better Relationships with employees and customers
Source: Computools

Communicating with them visually shows they care and matter to the success of your organization. 

If anything, nothing encourages them to perform better than the visual communication experience that a video conferencing software offers. 

You can also set up a video conference where you meet with your customers or business associates. This means you can maintain the best relationship with your employees, business partners and even customers.

What Features to Look For in Video Conferencing Software?

Have you recognized the many benefits of using a video conferencing software? 

Will you like to try one in your business too? 

No worries, the next thing I will be discussing is the features you should look for in a video conferencing software. 

What are pointers to a good video conferencing software that is worth your hard-earned money? 

Here are 8 important features you should always look out for in a video conferencing software. 

1. Access on Multiple Devices 

There is no dispute that a video conferencing software can greatly increase your communication level and enhance effective interactions between you and your teammates. 

And a major way to ensure this function is carried out is working on every digital device

After all, what's a good video conferencing software if it can't work on every digital device? 

Working on multiple devices means you can host and have your participants join your meetings from their desktop, tablet, android or ios devices with a simple single click. 

The exciting news is that most video conferencing softwares can work on multiple devices- desktop, tablet, android or laptop. 

Most of these softwares have mobile apps available in the Google Playstore for android users and Apple App store for iOS users.

2. Quality HD Video and Audio Support

What is the function of a video conferencing software? 

Simple; for taking online video calls in which every participant can see each other face-to-face. 

Therefore, in order to carry out this primary function, a good conferencing software should be able to produce high-quality video support. 

Accepted, the quality of your videos during online video conferences depends largely on the device and corresponding camera you are using. 

But still, a good video conferencing software should produce remarkable video quality irrespective of your chosen device.

One way it can do this is producing high video resolutions. 

Ensure your desired video conferencing software has good supporting resolutions that can produce crystal clear and wide video coverage.  

You and every participant should be able to seed each other clearly, conveniently and comfortably. 

For example, Uberconference has a supporting resolution of 720p which is useful for good quality videos during your online video conferences. 

Additionally, a good video conferencing software is not only for seeing each other or taking videos, you can also communicate with each other immediately. 

Just like audio conferencing. 

Thus, choose a video conferencing software that also has a good audio support. 

3. Integration and Reporting 

Most modern business softwares like payroll softwares, live chat softwares, online survey softwares, billing and invoicing softwares, have advanced integration features where you can integrate with other CRM, sales, or marketing tools to increase convenience and productivity. 

A video conferencing software should not be an exception

Most video conferencing softwares integrate with other important tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for easy scheduling of your meetings. 

Calendars' integration means you can just host or join your video meetings directly from your calendars. 

Join.me is aso a good example of a video conferencing software that allows many enough integration options such as integrating with marketing, sales and productivity tools. 

RingCentral Meetings, Google Meet and many others also integrate with Google Drive so you can easily upload your videos to the storage service. 

Zoom also integrates with Slack, Zylo and another video conferencing software which is Microsoft Teams

Zoom Integration and Reporting
Source: LinkedIn

Using Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, you can also integrate with other Microsoft Office 365 tools, SharePoint, Jira and Trello. 

Another important integration is the reporting feature. 

For example, Livestorm allows you to access the reports of your video conference through integration with other tools such as marketing automation tools. 

Other commonly integrated apps and tools are Salesforce, PayPal, YouTube, Twitter, Slack, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Chrome, etc. 

4. Dial in Option

Apart from sending meeting links to your participants via email or putting on your website for visitors to join your meetings, another method of accepting attendees is the dial in option. 

This simply means invitees would have to dial in to your meeting at a speculated time. 

This entrance mode is especially used in audio conferencing in which participants would be given some dial-in numbers and a pin so that they can call into the meeting at a chosen time. 

Using this method, participants can attend meetings themselves without you needing to stress yourself out sending links or any emails to each participant a few minutes before the commencement of the meeting. 

All you need to do is to accept the participants into the video meeting. 

Another benefit of the dial in entrance mode is that it allows participants to call in from other countries. 

For example, Uberconference allows participants to call in from over 50 countries globally. 

And even though not all video conferencing softwares has the dial in option, a significant number of them have the feature.

5. Recording and Transcription

Did you know that using a video conferencing software is not all about real-time visual interactions with your teammates and work partners? 

Did you know you can also record your video sessions? 

With most conferencing softwares, you can record your video sessions to a local storage service or cloud storage. 

This way, you can either share with those who couldn't make it to the meeting or review the meeting together with your participants. 

Microsoft Teams provide up to 10GB of cloud storage, even with the free version. 

Apart from recording, you can access the transcriptions of your meetings using video conferencing softwares. 

This way, you can access detailed reports and transcripted copies of your video meetings. 

Therefore, pick a video conferencing software which allows you to record, transcribe and upload your video meetings to a storage service for future reference or later review.

6. Screen sharing and Live Chat 

In order to increase the rate of your collaboration and the quality of your meetings, video conferencing softwares have the screen sharing feature which enables you to share your screen or desktop. 

Sharing your screen means you and every participant can work together, view the same screen and work together on shared contents like files, applications and documents. 

Another important feature you should look out for is the chat feature. 

Faceflow Screen sharing and Live Chat
Source: Faceflow

Apart from speaking and seeing each other during your video meetings, the chat feature will allow you and your attendees to send text messages and emojis.

This makes your communication more engaging and lively. 

Not even many social media tools can guarantee this!

7. Security and Encryption

Let's assume you are to hold a physical conference with your employees or business associates.

You won't definitely hold your meetings in a market square, your company's waiting room or any other open public space. 

Instead, you will organize your meetings in a closed and highly secured conference hall where distractions are minimal. 


The reason is because you would want your meetings to be as highly confidential and secure as possible. 

Chances are you will discuss important and sensitive business matters which might be exploited if leaked to the public. 

Therefore, consider replicating this with a video conferencing software too. 

Choose a good conferencing software that has excellent security features such as end-to-end encryption, meeting locking and HIPAA-compliant. 

With these and other security measures, you can rest assured that your video meetings are safe from third-party interference, hackers or malwares. 

8. Free Version

If you have been actively following our reviews on this blog for a long period, you would notice we always recommend the free version for small businesses. 

The ‘why' is because the free version mostly provides access to the basic features of the softwares. 

While the paid version only offers additional measures and most times, large add ons. 

So, go for a video conferencing software that has a free version, try out and if you need to, upgrade to a paid version later. 

Google Meet free virsion
Source: Google Meet

Whichever way you choose, ensure you do not send bogus amounts of money on a software which you might regret using or won't use at all, later. If you want, you use the free premium plan of Livestorm.

Helpful Equipment for Running a Video Conference Call

If you have decided to use a video conferencing software in your business, you have made a good decision. 

And one of the most crucial steps is looking for a video conferencing software that offers many excellent features.

However, running online video conferences takes more than just buying video conferencing software; there are other important equipment you have to purchase

And without them, your online video conferences might not be successful. What are these equipment? 

Read on to know them and how you can get them.

1. High-Quality HD Cameras

The first and foremost tool you need for a successful video conference is a sharp and high-quality video conferencing HD camera

Amazon High-Quality HD Cameras for web conferencing
Source: Amazon

If you are using your desktop or a laptop, it already comes with a built-in webcam or camera which is turned on automatically when you want to join or start your video conference. 

Still, you should not rely totally on the built-in webcam camera depending on the type of video conferences that you are running. 

For example, holding a one-on-one video conference means you can still use the already provided webcam of your desktop or laptop. 

On the other hand, if you intend to organise a large group video conference such as a group conference, then buying a good HD video camera is a necessity

Before buying, ensure your chosen HD camera can rotate in many angles for full capturing. 

Likewise, go for a camera which can be mounted easily on different spaces.

As an illustration, an external USB webcam might be useful for you. 

Resolution, field view range, portability, and autofocus feature are some of the features that should be in a good HD video conference camera.  

You can also invest in a video lightning kit for better and clearer images.

Amazon video lightning kit for better video conferences
Source: Amazon

Without a good HD webcam camera and video lighting kit, your video conference might not work out to your expectations. 

2. Headphones and Headsets

With a video conferencing software, you can communicate visually with your partners anywhere, home, office or even in a restaurant. 

Even so, what will you do when you are in a video conference, let's say, at a restaurant with many people making noise? 

Or probably you are at home during a video meeting and passing vehicles are blasting their horns every minute? 

Without doing anything to avoid the noise, you won't be able to focus on the conference. 

Notwithstanding, the solution is not far; it lies in using a standard headphone or better still, a headset. 

A headset is different from a headphone in that a headset comes with a microphone. 

Amazon standard headphone for great audio quality in conference calls
Source: Amazon

Typical headphones do not have any attached mic. It is only for listening to audio messages.

Amazon headset
Source: Amazon

As such, we recommend you buy a headset to make your interactions convenient and comfortable without shouting or stretching your ears. 

If it is a group video conference, make sure every member of your team has a working headset. 

Some factors you  should consider before buying one are your budget, your favorite brand or type, wired or wireless. 

All the same, using a headset can help to eliminate or minimise noise distractions, keep you and team focused and have memorable experiences during your video meetings. 

3. Speakers and Microphones

The reason why you need a high-sounding speaker is for group video conferences.

For example, if you have a team which comprises 10 members and you need to go on a video call with another team in another organisation, then one of the important video equipment you have to get is a speaker. 

Amazon Speakers and Microphones for group calls
Source: Amazon

It does not have to be a wired speaker, instead we highly recommend you get a bluetooth speaker which does not require any wired connection. 

The speaker should be able to pick up voice from every angle. 

A good video conferencing speaker should also reduce noise to the minimum bare and produce high sound quality otherwise. 

Another important equipment is a microphone. 

Amazon video conferencing speaker
Source: Amazon

Note that if you are a video conferencing headset, then you might not really need a microphone as a suitable mic is already attached with the headset. 

However, for group conferencing, a microphone is important. 

We even recommend you go for an omnidirectional microphone instead of an unidirectional one. 

The reason? 

An omnidirectional microphone is most suitable for group video conferencing because it gathers voice signals from every angle thereby recording sounds produced from every direction during the meeting. 

This way, every participant's voice can be heard. 

Another type of microphone that you can also use is the USB Condenser microphone since they are extremely sensitive and pick up sound quickly. 

4. Interactive White boards and Large Display Monitor

Another important equipment you need for a video conference call is an interactive whiteboard

Most video conferencing softwares allows participants to share files, applications, presentations, and to collaborate on single documents or even watch YouTube videos together through integration with Google docs, YouTube and drawing tools. 

And the only way to ensure seamless and hitch-free collaboration experience is through the use of interactive whiteboard for every kind of content be it images, text, audio or video. 

Amazon Interactive White boards and Large Display Monitor
Source: Amazon

More important is the whiteboard during online presentations as it allows the presenting participants to mark vital parts of the documents so the audience can grab them easily. 

With an interactive whiteboard, better communication is likewise assured. Sizes and dimensions depending on the number of your teammates are some of the factors you have to consider before paying for any interactive whiteboard. 

Large display monitors are also important so you have a full visual view of callers on the other end. 

Amazon Large display monitor for teleconferencing
Source: Amazon

If you will be buying a large display monitor, watch out for brilliant resolution, sharp and high brightness, large viewing angle, and high-quality HD camera.  

Modern video conferencing monitors also have the blue light filtering feature to reduce blue light emissions.

5. Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

If you have gotten all of the above equipment already, then a fast and reliable internet connection is probably the last thing you need to get your video conference call running. 

You can only host or join a video conference over the internet. 

Thus, without an internet connection, online video conferences are impossible. 

And I am talking of good and fast internet connection that won't produce frequent audio/video laggings such that a 5-hour video conference would now extend to 8 hours and yet, with poor interactions. 

One of the ways you can prevent this is by avoiding the use of a public network as it is prone to instability

Security and privacy are other reasons why you should not use a public internet network for your video conference call. 

Your data might be seen by other people and It could be easily attacked by hackers. 

So, what's the way out? 

If you are running a group video conference call, there are probabilities that your company uses a WiFi connection which typically runs at around 100-200mbps with a signal strength of around -60 dBm; this is still good and recommended for a video conference call. 

Nonetheless, if you are running an individual video conference call, then the best option is to connect to the internet using an ethernet cable thereby making use of a wired network which connects straight to the internet router.

Amazon ethernet cable
Source: Amazon

An ethernet cable connection is averagely faster and offers more reliability even than Wi-Fi connection.

Thus, consider using an ethernet cable for your video conference call as much as possible.

Video Conferencing Software FAQ

Here, we have duly combined some of the most common and difficult questions about video conferencing softwares. 

Credible and accurate answers are provided to those questions as much as possible so you can have enough information on video conferencing softwares.

What is the Best Video Conferencing Software?

Choosing a particular single video conferencing software as the overall best video conferencing software is almost impossible.

This is because the satisfaction you get from a video conferencing software depends so much on your needs and budget. 

A conferencing software that your business finds very useful might not be so useful for the other small business next-door. 

Even so, we have carefully selected 5 video conferencing softwares that have many features to ensure you get the best experience from a video conference call. 

They are Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral Meetings, and UberConference.

These video conferencing softwares are simple to use and most of them can work on various devices. 

They allow effective sharing of screen, desktop, files and presentation for increased collaboration. 

You can record your video sessions, divide your meetings into breakout sessions and most of them even provide rich integration with other apps

What about security? 
These five video conferencing softwares also employ rich security features like end-to-end encryption, meeting locking, HIPAA-compliance and many others. 

Most of them also have a free  basic version which you can use to access a good number of features even before upgrading to a paid version.

Why is Video Conferencing Software Becoming More Important?

A major reason is a result of the common work-from-home orders and lockdown restrictions being enforced in many countries around the world presently. 

Many companies are switching to remote work and therefore need video conferencing softwares to keep their employees engaged and connected even while working from their respective homes. 

Apart from this, video conferencing softwares offers many benefits such as better communication and relationship, super collaboration experience, and remote work support, time and money saving. 

Instead of having their out-of-town guests travel down to their companies, most businesses prefer using video conference softwares instead. 

Whether you are a startup or large business, you should also consider a video conferencing software for your business.

Is Zoom the Best Video Conferencing Software?

This is one of the commonest questions out there about video conferencing softwares. 

And the reason is mainly due to how Zoom has acquired a name for itself as a popular communication tool for virtual meetings. 

However, we can't point to zoom as the best video conferencing software

Without doubts, Zoom is easy to use, offers a free version and accommodates up to 100 participants freely. 

However, many users have complained about security and privacy breaches such as Zoombombing and frequent bugs. 

Also, Zoom recently provided the end-to-end encryption and that was even after much pressure. 

Still, enabling the end-to-end encryption feature requires users to give up important features like cloud recording, live transcription, breakout sessions and live streaming. 

RingCentral Meetings  can therefore be considered as the best video conferencing software as it is built with Zoom technology, offers many rich features, has a free version, and has even partnered with Zoom.

What is the Best Meeting Software?

RingCentral Meetings still carries the lead for the best meeting software though other video conferencing softwares like ZohoMeeting, StartMeeting, ClickMeeting, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are also advisable.

Yet, we will rightly go for RingCentral Meetings as the best meeting software. 

It is simple to use, enables sharing of different contents, suitable for large group virtual meetings and it even has a conference room extension system known as the RingCentral Rooms™. 

RingCentral Meetings allows up to 200 individuals to collaborate.

It also has the breakout sessions feature where small teams can be further divided into small groups during the video meetings. 

To top it all, it has a free version and free trail access.

Start Web Conferencing With a Leading Video Conferencing System

Using video conferencing softwares offers countless important benefits for your business. 

Employees and team mates can communicate with each other for as long as they want without any geographical restrictions.

If you are looking for a way to keep your employees connected, then you should highly consider buying a video conferencing software. 

And choosing that perfect video conferencing software does not have to be difficult using this review which specifies their features, pricing and benefits.

If afterwards, you can't still decide which video conferencing software you should purchase, then we recommend you take the free trial or try the free version of 3-4 softwares

Doing so will allow you to know the exact features that each offer plus their differences.

You can therefore use that as a guide to choose your own video conferencing software. 

Here is an additional grouping of video conferencing software into categories.

Carefully choose one from the above video conferencing softwares that is most appropriate for your needs, and take your business to your dream level.

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