12 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers of 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.
Best Virtual Phone Number Providers

Are you running a small business and looking for a business phone system that will cover all the basic VoIP needs, but you don't know which software to choose?

Maybe you are on a tight budget and you want to pay less for VoIP software, but don't want to sacrifice the audio quality, so you are looking for great budget-friendly suggestions.

And, perhaps, you are expanding your business internationally so you prioritize satisfactory customer experience but would rather invest more money in the company than the expensive international calls.

No matter the circumstances, this article is here to propose any possible scenario you may come across as a company looking for a business phone solution, and provide suggestions for the best VoIP software in the industry for you.

Best Virtual Phone Number Providers

1. Grasshopper

Best User-Friendly Mobile App and Phone System Software for Solopreneurs and Small Teams.

Grasshopper is the Best User Friendly Mobile App and Phone System Software for Solopreneurs and Small Teams

Grasshopper empowers small business owners who don't require equipment installation in their homes and offices or on their mobile devices with top-quality features such as unlimited calling and texting, automated attendant, call forwarding, call management features, caller ID, and more.

The set-up is fast and simple and doesn't require any additional efforts or equipment besides the landline or phone used by the client.

The users have the option to choose between a toll-free or a local number, and through the easy-to-navigate interface, they are alerted of inbound missed calls.

You also have the option of choosing vanity numbers or you can port your existing business phone number for free.

By downloading Grasshopper's mobile and desktop apps, you can stay connected through business and personal devices, while the sleek interface allows you to view call logs, direct call transfers, and view voicemail.

The voicemail transcription function ensures that your local phone number voicemails are transcribed and sent to your email.

This feature allows you to track important conversations, save time, allows you to document conversations in a searchable format, and it's available in all plans.

Call history feature
Source: Mightycall

The auto-attendant feature automatically forwards all inbound calls to the right department or individual, and these calls are open to being programmed and routed to any number, for companies using mobile phones, landlines, and other business phones.

A set of call management solutions like call forwarding, call blocking, call transfer, along with other call-filtering functions like call screening that alerts you of the number and name of every caller, help you quickly assess which calls are worth answering.

Activate the instant response and automatically send callers text messages when you can't answer inbound calls, and the recipient can reply to your message and notify you of the best time to come back to them.

Gain more control over the routing of inbound calls, create extensions, set an order in which the numbers will ring, and determine the number of allowed rings before a call gets rerouted to another number.

The Voice over Internet Protocol utilizes the Internet to make calls, giving you the flexibility to call and text from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The VoIP + WiFi functionality allows you to beat poor cell reception, save data and time by switching to WiFi, all with a special VoIP free trial.


  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Business texting
  • Call forwarding
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Virtual fax
  • Custom greetings
  • Reporting
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Make calls, send texts, access voicemail transcription, call forwarding through VoIP + WiFi


You can purchase the Grasshoppers Basic plan for $29 per month ($26 when paid annually), but it's only available in the USA and Canada currently.

Grasshopper Pricing Plan

Considered by many the best overall virtual phone number service, Grasshopper has an easy set-up process, highly-praised 24/7 customer service, and empowers you with unlimited calling and messaging, automated attendant, call forwarding, and more at an affordable price.

2. Vonage

Best VoIP Software with Additional Virtual Extension Mobile Applications.

Vonage is the Best VoIP Software with Additional Virtual Extension Mobile Applications

Vonage is the best-known name in VoIP and this platform's set-up process is simple while the interface is filled with top-notch quality features for smartphone and landline users.

The software equips you with unlimited callings to landlines and mobiles in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for $9 per month the first year.

After you open up an account, receive a hardware adapter and a phone number portability, Vonage sends you an email notification for 911 dialing options where you enter your location for the enhanced 911 feature.

This system provides the emergency operator with your location and a callback number.

After the set-up, you can attest that the audio quality on calls is crystal clear even on the cheapest phones, and even better than the rival tools like Skype and PhonePower that already provide very good call quality.

If you think your business will benefit from a less complicated interface and an MMS functionality, you can compare Vonage and its alternatives.

Vonage Call Dashboard
Source: Reditt

Through Vonage's apps, you can utilize IP-based phone calls without using your phone service plan minutes.

The Android and iOS apps allow you to link up to two mobiles with one account, and any mobile phone can use an access number to get Vonage's low calling rates.

Set the app up and use WiFi, cellular, 4G/3G, and receive the main Vonage number calls in the app, set your Caller ID to display as your home Vonage number.

The deeper enhancement of the iOS 10 makes it easier to make and receive inbound calls through the iOS 10 CallKit, with native full-screen functionality, access to mute and call waiting controls, push notification elimination, automatic logging into the iOS Recents list, one-touch callback, and more.

The Boomerang list is a feature Vonage designed to facilitate higher-level international communication, with a list of 10 contacts through which Boomerang automatically connects the two parties via Vonage customer's phone number.

Boomerang utilizes the customer's low international calling rates and saves money for friends and family.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Enhanced 911 functionality
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Low international calling rates with Boomerang
  • Call forwarding, SimulRing, do not disturb, call waiting, call blocking, block caller ID
  • Download, automatically send to email, or and transcribe the voicemail audio into text
  • Selective caller blocking for up to 25 numbers
  • Administrator portal for multi-user calling rules management
  • Conference bridges, call monitoring and recording, dynamic caller ID


The Basic plan is $19.99 per month.

Vonage Pricing Plan

With a clear call quality, simple set-up, and money-saving features such as the Boomerang, and a toll-free number that you can add to your account, Vonage is a high-quality replacement for your traditional landline phone service.

3. CallHippo

Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Vanity Numbers and Integrated Sales & Marketing Tools.

CallHippo is the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Vanity Numbers and Integrated Sales & Marketing Tools

CallHippo business phone system is catered towards sales & marketing teams, containing over 100 integrations with tools such as sales automation software like PipeDrive, Zapier, SalesForce, CRM tools like Zoho, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, helpdesk tools like Zendseks, and much more.

CallHippo's power dialer will automatically dial an uploaded list of numbers in the set order under a particular campaign, and the smart dashboard will give you the real-time overview of your call logs and call transfers.

The smart call forwarding feature allows you to forward phone calls to any number of devices based on your preset rules, and you get to add flavor to the call routing experience with automated greetings and customized music.

CallHippo is the most adequate business phone provider for businesses needing vanity numbers (when digits spell out a word or a phrase).

Through their dedicated module, you can search for any vanity number you desire that will be memorable, and give your business an extra layer of credibility.

CallHippo smart call forwarding feature
Source: Callhippo

With call monitoring, you can listen to representative's calls through common techniques like live call monitoring, whispering, call barging, call recording for improving the quality of communication and customer service.

The smart switch is a simple switch mechanism that achieves greater call connectivity by giving the agents flexibility to toggle between multiple telephony networks and choose the best fitting one.

If an agent detects a decrease in call delivery, they can switch to another network before their next call with the customer.

Save time intuitively with the Globalconnect feature that helps you identify the best time to call your international clients, providing you with the time zone and validity of the number you wish to call.

Ensure that the caller gets the right person on the line with the call transfer feature, and redirect the connected call from your phone number to the intended team member through inter-departmental extension.


  • Automatic call distribution
  • Automated greetings
  • Best vanity number service
  • Power dialer
  • 100+ CRM, sales automation, helpdesk, and eCommerce integrations
  • Call conference
  • Call queuing
  • Voicemail
  • Call analytics
  • On-hold music


The Bronze plan will cost you $14 per user per month.

CallHippo Pricing Plan

With its entry plan that provides you with skill-based call routing, shared inbox, free number, forward-to-service, and more, while simultaneously being the best choice for integrations and vanity numbers, CallHippo clovers a wide range of great use.

4. GoToConnect (formerly known as Jive Communications)

Best Cloud-Based VoIP Service for Small Businesses.

GoToConnect is the Best Cloud Based VoIP Service for Small Businesses

GoToConnect platform combines flexible VoIP and messaging with GoToMeeting video conferencing software, providing excellent call routing control and reporting features while enabling the use of over 180 hardware calling devices.

The successor to the Jive VoIP platform ensures compatibility with an extensive range of devices and a great selection of features to manage and route the calls of small and medium-sized businesses.

GoToConnect supports everything from desktop phones to conference room speaker systems, and you can use the desktop and mobile apps to place calls directly from your computer or smartphone, with additional SMS support for US and Canadian users.

You can have the HD video conferencing included in every license, and even jump into an ongoing call for a three-way audio conference.

There are several different supervisor modes for monitoring calls like the spy mode that allows you to monitor an ongoing conversation without being heard or the whisper mode that filters you to be heard only by your employee and not the customer.

Combining the constructive critique of the spy mode data gatherings with the employee monitoring and analyzing your staff behavior will help you get the most out of your employees in a comfortable way while improving the quality of service.

Sales call queue example
Source: Getvoip

Apart from the barge mode and the queue pause functionality, GoToConnect enables supervisor access to total talk time by an agent, transfer reports, and agent availability reports.

Agent effectiveness dashboard shows real-time analytics, while the easy IT configuration allows the team to jumpstart their success with support for 7 currencies and 8 languages.

Administrators can check how many calls are coming in for each user, how long do the calls last, and what US states they are coming from.

A complete activity log from which you can export data, custom schedules, find me/follow me functions, call blocking, forwarding, transfers, and other call management features allow you to make any connections you wish and analyze them after.

The GoToMeeting video conferencing platform allows you to host an unlimited number of video meetings for an unlimited duration and up to 250 participants.


  • Custom hold music
  • Dial plan editor
  • International calling and call routing
  • Caller ID
  • Do not disturb function
  • Find me/follow me function
  • Advanced ring strategies
  • Pre-call and wait time announcements
  • Unlimited call queues
  • 25 HD video feeds
  • Personal meeting rooms
  • GoToMeeting video conferencing for an unlimited amount of times and duration
  • GoToMeeting screen sharing, virtual whiteboard, in-meeting chat


The Basic plan starts at $24 per month.

GoToConnect Pricing Plan

GoToConnect is a comprehensive VoIP service provider and video conferencing platform that ensures you establish flawless communication with your customers, and connect your clients with the most adequate team members.

5. Talkroute

Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Call Centers.

Talkroute is the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Call Centers

Talkroute offers elaborate contact center capabilities at a lower price than a standard VoIP call center software, providing call queuing, live transferring, and call reporting, call routing, call forwarding, call stacking, making the best option for remote call center teams.

You can make and receive calls through desktop, mobile app, or web browser with your business or personal phone, and analyze the call reports later.

Just like with the call routing, forwarding, and stacking, Talkroute equips you with unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, and you can choose from various toll-free, vanity, local and 800 numbers.

The simple dashboard allows you to delegate appropriate team operations with the extension option, and you can navigate all the text messages, call recording, users & permissions, automated messages, dial-by-name directories, operation hours options through the dashboard as well.

Talkroute enables you to configure your single or multi-level auto-attendant with custom greetings, directory, call routing rules, caller live transfers, as well as department and team options.

The call reporting feature enables you to analyze the call dates, times, duration, and status for a complete call volume study or examine detailed call paths to improve your first contact resolution rates for inbound calls with the gathered insights.

Create various extensions to accommodate different needs like voicemail, informational, and multi-digit extensions.


  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Toll-free, vanity, and 800 numbers
  • Automated messages
  • Dial-by-number directories
  • Single and multi-digit extensions
  • Live call transfer
  • Hours of operation
  • Users and permissions
  • Virtual voicemail
  • Users & permissions
  • Voice studio
  • Affordable pricing without per-user charges
  • Forward calls to the personal or mobile phone, or desktop computer


The Basic plan is $19 per month.

Talkroute Pricing Plan

Talkroute will equip any call center with unlimited calling, routing, forwarding, stacking at a price significantly lower than the VoIP software peers, along with a wide range of capabilities to manage all business calls from anywhere.

6. RingCentral

Best PBX System for Growing Teams seeking Advanced Features.

RingCentral is the Best PBX System for Growing Teams seeking Advanced Features

The fully-featured cloud-based PBX solution provides everything from AI integration to video conferencing, faxing, mobile VoIP, chat, and collaboration capabilities.

The advanced and robust features equip your team with a video conferencing capacity for up to 200 people, mobile apps for Android and iOS, unlimited calling, 1.000 toll-free minutes in the second tier and upwards, unlimited conference calling, file sharing, mobile and desktop unified messaging apps with HD video conferencing, etc.

RingCentral provides Microsoft Office integration, extensions, shared lines, auto-receptionist, call logging, and RingCentral Video team messaging.

Through the admin portal, you can track usage, service quality, dynamic call routing, as well as automatic voicemail transcription, live switching, call delegation and more.

With the Premium plan, you can add some more advanced features like the inbound caller ID name, multi-level auto-attendant, call recording, and various identity management functionalities like the SSO, Microsoft Active or Google Directory integration.

RingCentral enables you to purchase or rent a preconfigured desk phone, while unlimited business SMS and MMS are also available.


  • Wide hardware desktop phone model support
  • Cloud PBX
  • Unlimited business SMS and MMS
  • Online meetings
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Call routing conditions configuration for the called number, caller ID, time of day
  • Dial-by-name directory and triggered call recording support
  • Faxing, video conferencing, and mobile VoIP in one place
  • 100 attendants for Premium-level video conferencing


The Essentials plan is $19.99 per user per month, with 10 users, business and toll-free numbers, unlimited calls and business SMS, and more.

RingCentral Pricing Plan

RingCentral is a fully-featured cloud PBX solution that combines unlimited calling and business messaging, video conferencing, faxing, and creates the perfect collaboration tool for growing teams.

7. Virtualphone.com

Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for International Numbers and Global Expansion.

Virtualphone.com is the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for International Numbers and Global Expansion

Apart from being notable for its impeccable international number support, Virtualphone.com offers toll-free and local virtual business phone numbers in over 120 countries.

Small business owners can avoid the cost of overseas calls, and set up a local international number, urging the international leads to call your company for free.

The largest selection of global phone numbers, giving you the ability to select a country, choose a local or toll-free business phone number, and select the device to forward the calls to.

Allow your customers to connect with your team through a website button, email signature, digital advertisement via chat or voice.

The call scheduling feature enables you to create a custom business schedule, quickly routing callers to your staff during busy business hours or directing them to your IVR system or voicemail during the weekend or holidays.

Virtualphone.com call scheduling feature
Source : Softwaresuggest

Ensure that the calls are answered in the quickest way possible, configuring call forwarding to ring a group of phone numbers, softphones or SIP devices sequentially or simultaneously until a call is answered.

Provide better customer service to your customers and display important information from your Web Button like the visitor's name, email, and phone number, geographic location, visitor's local time, the web page the caller was viewing, the visitor's web browser and operating system, customer identification and status, etc.

All virtual numbers will get forwarded to your cell phone or device in the US, while the service gets complemented with the call recording, call forwarding, interactive voice response (IVR), call screening, live chat with voice, mobile apps, SMS, call scheduling, voicemail, faxing, and more.

The free plan comes with up to 100 call minutes or texts per month, and the starter tier plans differ in the number of call minutes and texts you receive in a month.


  • Most diverse choice of international phone number options
  • Toll-free and local numbers in over 120 countries
  • Free calls for international leads
  • Website button, email signature, digital advertisements via chat or voice
  • Call scheduling
  • Voicemail
  • Sequential and simultaneous call forwarding
  • Display the visitor's name, location, phone number, email, local time, viewed web page, web browser through the Web button


The next plan up the scale from the free one is $9 per month and it offers 200 minutes or texts.

Virtualphone.com Pricing Plan

Virtualphone.com is the best solution for small businesses that want to cut down the overseas call costs that are unavoidable for business growth, with a generous free plan and more advanced solutions.

8. Google Voice

#1 Virtual Phone Number Service for Free Numbers.

Google Voice is a Virtual Phone Number Service for Free Numbers

If you are freelancing or working alone and you need a free virtual phone number, Google Voice will provide your mobile phone or landline set-up with calling and voicemail capabilities.

The software can be set up within minutes of installation, with the ability to add work, home, and mobile phones and the calls and SMS to be sent to any phone the user selects.

Instead of the auto-attendant, Google Voice provides a simple screening feature that generates callers' names before connection through a request.

Using your existing contact list, Google Voice will provide caller information, as well as produce the different call handling options to users that include answering, voicemail, or listening to voicemail after it's recorded.

The software allows you to direct some calls to a certain phone number or voicemail, and you can access this in the advanced settings menu.

Google voice provides caller information as well as different call handling options
Source : 9to5google

You can send texts, make domestic calls, and record calls without an extra fee, while there are only minor fees attached to international calls.

Apart from not charging you with a monthly fee, Google Voice has plenty of valuable features like call screening, call blocking, collaboration and conferencing tools, caller ID, instant messaging, real-time reporting, activity dashboard, automatic notifications, and various integrations.

You can select a free local number with a prefix from almost all US central area codes, while the mobile apps for iOS and Android give you access to all the software's capacity from anywhere.

Google Voice will transcribe voicemails automatically and notify users about the missed calls content.


  • Automatic voicemail transcription
  • The users can answer certain messages through the web interface or phone
  • Send SMS and calls to any phone the user selects
  • Different call handling options
  • Direct calls to a specific number or voicemail
  • No extra fees for texts, domestic calls, and call recording
  • Call screening and blocking
  • Conferencing tools
  • Instant messaging
  • Automatic notifications


Google Voice doesn't have a monthly subscription fee.

The software's comprehensive voicemail, routing, texting capabilities will greatly benefit freelancers and small business owners, giving access to all their features for free.

9. eVoice

Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Faxing.

eVoice is the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for Faxing

eVoice is an affordable and versatile option for customers who prefer sharing information via fax, implementing the phone service and texting abilities into the mix as well.

The set-up process in eVoice is highly simplified, enabling you to choose from a list of toll-free and local numbers after which you can create a custom greeting and configure detailed call routing settings.

The studio-recorded greetings are presented by your 24/7 virtual receptionist, after which the eReceptionist directs the caller or department you can interchange anytime.

The auto-attendant feature creates a greeting after which the calls are routed to a predetermined extension of which there are three different kinds, with the options to choose between different greetings or record their voicemail greeting.

The standard extension allows inbound callers to connect directly to the intended contact, while the automated directory is provided for the caller from which they can choose the relevant department.

The sub-attendants offer more menu options to the caller within a department, while the third type of extension equips the caller with standard company information.

The call management system in eVoice enables the users to forward calls, screen inbound calls, transfer, block, schedule, and redirect calls, and so on.

The outbound calling app lets you dial out from the app while giving your customers the possibility to see your eReceptionist number, while the virtual office feature enables you to get local city numbers and forward them to your existing phone lines.

When not being able to take a call and having to redirect it, you won't have to change the schedule and only use the app, all of which you can undo as well.

The voicemail transcription is another benefit of the eReceptionist, with voicemail transcriptions that can be emailed or texted automatically to you.

VoIP calling allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere with desktop and mobile apps.


  • Custom greetings
  • Detailed call routing configuration
  • Studio-recorded greetings
  • Record a voicemail greeting
  • 24/7 virtual receptionist
  • Auto-attendant
  • Three extension types
  • Outbound calling app
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Free VoIP app-to-app calling


The pricing starts at $14 per month.

eVoice Pricing Plan

Applauded for its basic yet result-producing features and ease of use, eVoice is an excellent choice for users who require a virtual phone number and refined faxing functionality.

10. Phone.com

Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for generating Customer-Friendly Memorable Numbers.

Phone.com is the Best Virtual Phone Number Provider for generating Customer Friendly Memorable Numbers

The fully customizable auto-attendant, texting, faxing, voicemail transcription, unlimited extensions are some of the features offered by phone.com.

You can select from a wide range of local, toll-free, and vanity numbers, or include your current number that you like.

The software supports both physical phones and mobile devices, with a comprehensive feature set that will equip your business to the level of a larger enterprise through conferencing, texting, and refined call management features.

The web-based administration panel will allow you to add users or make system changes without an expert assistant from anywhere.

The state-of-the-art customer satisfaction approach is seen in the software's effort of providing free software upgrades that boost the performance of your unified communications solution.

The US-based bilingual support team is available 24/7 and ready to answer and solve any setbacks.

Phone.com Dashboard
Source : Revuezzle

Sync your contacts with your address book to make calls and send messages directly from your phone.com account.

Connect with up to 300 participants in HD quality through the conference calling feature.

Receive an account-wide snapshot of caller data, measuring calls by direction, duration, time of day, through the call analytics and identify your top performers.

Identifying your top performers will elevate customer satisfaction and you will have the assurance that you have the best person for the job on any task, which is something you can attain by attracting top talent.

Route the incoming calls to single or multiple destinations depending on the caller ID day and time through the call handling rules, and view all the fax and missed calls with call logs.

Send SMS or email notifications for incoming calls, containing caller ID, number or extension they dialed, date, time, and duration of the call.


  • Connect with analog and mobile phones
  • Free software upgrades
  • Sync your contacts and sort them into groups, sync them with all devices
  • HD audio conferencing
  • Identify your top performers through the call analytics
  • Call blocking, forwarding, recording, screening
  • Call handling rules
  • Call logs
  • Configure call notifications for each account number
  • CRM integration
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • HD voice for crystal-clear conversations
  • On-hold music


The Basic Users plan will cost you $12.99 per month.

Phone.com Pricing Plan

Providing the most pleasant customer experience is a top priority in phone.com and this is reflected through providing you with all the call management efficient tools that help you answer each call on time and with a solution to offer, while the impeccable sound quality and conferencing freedom allows you to achieve effortless communication with your customers.

11. Nextiva

#1 Business Phone System for CRM Integration.

Nextiva is the Business Phone System for CRM Integration

Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP system that has an online portal that is easy to navigate with an extremely reliable phone system that will connect the departments from multiple places that can be controlled from one location.

Despite offering plenty of calling, collaboration, and mobile features, it is the software's CRM features that allow you to collect greater insight into customers that make this tool stand out.

Since the software handles all the maintenance and upgrades automatically, you can easily add employees, assign user IDs and phone numbers, record automated greetings, create call-queue routes and priorities, and assign access to specific features for each employee.

Transfer your established local or toll-free numbers to Nextiva for an extra fee, and the 99.999% average uptime ensures that no phone call ever gets cut off.

The automated-attendant, music on hold, HD call connections, email and SMS voicemails are some of the assets Nextiva offers as a business phone management solution.

Nextiva Dashboard
Source: Nextiva

The shared call appearance allows you to assign a line to several phones, and the employees can make and receive calls on their lines from more than one location.

The Nextiva anywhere function is well-suited for staff members that work outside the office often, allowing them to have their business line calls ring their desktop, home, or mobile phones simultaneously.

The mobile app lets the employees conduct their calls, make video calls, send instant messages, access the company directory, update or modify the call settings.

Through the conference bridge feature, employees can hold their conference calls with up to 9 callers.


  • Record automated greetings
  • Create call-queue routes and priorities
  • Employees can access the system online, change preferences and settings, conduct video conferences, chat
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling, online faxing
  • Shared call appearance
  • HD call connections
  • Nextiva anywhere
  • Robust conference calling feature
  • Flexible mobile app with significant employee freedom


The Essential plan will cost you $18.95 per month.

Nextiva Pricing Plan

If you are a business that is built on the successful mechanism of multiple departments from multiple locations, Nextiva is the best cloud-based CRM solution that spreads the VoIP system across several offices while providing the opportunity to attain high-level work input from each department and manage everything from one central platform.

12. MightyCall

Best Virtual Phone Number Tool for connecting Unlimited Users and Employees.

MightyCall is the Best Virtual Phone Number Tool for connecting Unlimited Users and Employees

You can connect an unlimited number of users to your account, as this budget-friendly solution doesn't charge a per-user fee.

From 2 to 10 local and toll-free numbers are included in all plans, as well as IVR, custom greetings, auto-attendant, contact book, call screening, and elaborate CRM functionality.

This web-based PBX platform equips business owners of all sizes with call recording, voice-to-text, presence indicator, desk phone and softphone support, API, and more.

Ring groups, unified communications, video conferencing, virtual extensions are all cleverly integrated and ensure that each team increases its productivity from office, home office, or any other location.

MightyCall Activities
Ssource: Financesonline

If you select a plan with unlimited calling functionality, you will pay only one monthly price for unlimited extensions and users.

Create various call groups to route calls when your agents are busy, and personalize the customer experience with on-hold music, custom greetings, and call forwarding rules.

Invite up to five people to join a call and create a conference meeting out of a phone call, with an additional option to record your meetings and store them online for unlimited time.


  • 2 to 10 local or toll-free numbers in all plans
  • Call recording
  • Voice-to-text
  • Presence indicator
  • Unlimited extensions and users without additional charges
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual extensions
  • Call groups to route calls
  • Call queues
  • Dial-by-name directories
  • Invite up to five people to a conference call


The Basic plan is $29.99 per month.

MightyCall Pricing plan

Business owners with companies holding up to about 100 employees who use an Android or iOS device will especially be able to utilize the software's powerful automatic call recording, unlimited extensions and users, and much more.

How to Find the Best Virtual Phone Number Company for You

Of course, this will come down to your circumstances, so you should think about what are these now and how they can change in the future?

Different providers target different scenarios, with some more catered towards smaller businesses, freelancers with less advanced features but a toolset specifically designed for one niche, and others offering a wide range of enhanced features for medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

1. The fundamentals

It's always easy to not notice the simplest factors like the toll-free number, which is something that most of the providers from this article have, but Vonage for example offers this capability in certain countries only which is something you should pay more attention to if you're a customer service-oriented company.

Virtual Phone fundamentals
Source: Avoxi

Freelancers aren't as expected to provide this capability, but it is an essential component of a reputable company.

Extensions and call routing for redirecting inbound calls are especially significant in multi-department companies which is always something you should scan twice for when considering a business phone software.

Although this is the first step in your work, it can be overlooked, and it's the set-up process that may require a bit more involvement from your side with some tools than with others.

2. Small business owners and freelancers

If you are in charge of a small team or working alone, it would be unnecessary in most cases that you would need the AI integration, video conferencing for up to 200 people or the multi-level auto-attendant of the advanced PBX system like RingCentral, hence you might be better suited for RingCentral alternatives like GoToConnect.

Benefits of an auto-attendant

Especially, if you are working alone or freelancing, Google Voice is the perfect cheap business phone solution and a home phone alternative.

3. International calls

While Google Voice charges a small per-minute fee for international calls, Virtualphone.com is still the leading provider for international numbers and global expansion.

Through Virtualphone.com, you can urge the international leads to call your company for free, while the toll-free and local numbers are available in over 120 countries.

Virtualphone.com is still the leading provider for International calls
Source: Channels.app

4. Cloud-hosted vs VoIP-based vs app-based business phone systems

Another thing to remember is that there are different types of virtual phone number systems and these include the cloud-hosted, VoIP-based, and app-based business phone providers.

The app-based virtual phone providers aren't the best long-term solution and they don't facilitate growth as the other two.

The difference between VoIP and cloud-based solutions is in nuances and some providers merge the functionalities of both approaches into one platform.

The cloud-based solutions are cost-effective alternatives to traditional phone lines, local and international calls route through the internet thus costing less, and you don't have any hardware maintenance costs.

A cloud-based solution is not tied down to one specific location and you can contact the customers from anywhere, and various security measures like data encryption, network security, voice, and video security are rigorously designed to prevent any fraud, phishing, or spoofing attacks.

The aim of the Business VoIP model was and still is to fully replace the analog PBX systems, eliminating the need for extra wiring and hardware through the Internet connection.

The auto-attendant, queues, multi-party conferencing, and other features that were once exclusive to the PBX model were improved upon by the modern VoIP providers.

Using the Business VoIP model will allow you to cut equipment costs, maintenance and repair charges, per-feature and per-minute charges, allowing your small or medium-sized business to access the advanced features which were normally reserved for enterprise companies.

5. Audio quality

If you value crystal clear audio quality more than anything else, Vonage certainly won't disappoint, but if the silky smooth customer experience is vital or you want to equip your call center with the perfect communication bridge for customers, Talkroute might be your best option.

Why Callers Think They’re Talking to Call Centers

It comes at a lower price than a standard VoIP call center software, yet the call queuing, live transferring, other call management features, customizable multi-level auto-attendant, advanced reporting capabilities that improve your first contact resolution rates are hard to rival.

6. Special feature priorities

Vonage is one powerful cloud-based tool, and often described as the best-known name in VoIP, that will not only equip your team with unlimited callings to landlines and mobiles for just $9 the first year but the additional benefit of the enhanced 911 feature if that's what you prioritize.

Vonage Special feature priorities
Source: Thepicky

eVoice is the industry standard in the faxing category, allowing you to create custom greetings and configure detailed call routing settings if you prefer to share your sensitive information through the software's immaculate faxing mechanism.

However, eVoice is not a one-trick pony, as the software offers studio-recorded greetings and a highly reliable 24/7 virtual receptionist.

7. User-friendliness and memorability

User-friendliness is among the crucial components of establishing great phone communication with a customer, which is why a business phone system like Phone.com prides itself in attending to details of great customer experience, like with its memorable number generator, HD calling and conferencing, and web admin panel for users to make system changes.

User friendliness and memorability
Source: Phone.com

Audio quality is important, but just Phone.com does it with memorable numbers, CallHippo is regarded as the best tool for generating vanity numbers that will grab the attention of a customer before anything else.

8. Call monitoring and performance analysis

Among many impressive features, CallHippo provides you with a call monitoring mode through which you can listen to representative's calls through live calls, whispering, and barging to improve the quality of the service.

Call monitoring and performance analysis
Source: Callhippo

If your team has an established and comfortable dynamic that you wish to expedite to its fullest potential, a tool like Phone.com will provide you with an account-wide snapshot of caller data through which you can identify your top performers and develop their skills even further.

9. Employee assistance

Of course, you want to instill trust into your employees and give them the flexibility to exercise their negotiation skills with the assistance of features such as the shared call appearance that lets the employees conduct calls from several locations, which is possible in Nextiva.

Other employee-accommodating features in Nextiva include the Nextiva anywhere for staff members who want all the phones to ring on every call, the mobile app which enables them to send instant messages, access the company directory, or change call settings, or the conference bridge for up to 9 people.

Employee accommodating features
Source: Nextiva

Virtual Phone Number FAQ

What is a VoIP number?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone number is assigned by the VoIP service of your choice through which you can make and receive calls like with the traditional landlines.

The number is assigned to a user, but not to a specific phone line, and it is referred to as an extension with a possible DID (Direct Inward Dial) phone number accessible to the public.

Are virtual phone numbers “real” telephone numbers?

The mode transition between the virtual and regular phone numbers is not the same with the VoIP not being assigned to a location, but aside from that and the Internet connection, VoIP is absolutely a real phone number just like a landline one.

Instead of being allocated to a specific device, a VoIP phone number is allocated to a person, opening up the possibility to choose your area code and connect with people from around the world.

Can I have multiple virtual phone numbers?

Yes, you can.

Talkroute, for example, allows you to add a phone number for each separate business you run, while the tools like Google Voice allow you to have two phone numbers that call the same phone so whenever somebody calls your business number, the call rings on your private phone.

How do I set up a virtual phone number?

First, you need to select the virtual phone number provider that's best suited to your circumstances, which you can determine with the help of the previous article section.

Once you have decided whether you want to use an existing number or something fresh and generated by the software (local or toll-free), you can add your phones and devices you wish to receive your calls on, add your team members.

Lastly, you can set hours, business greetings, voicemail, and everything else, and the whole time the user-friendly interface of every single one of this software will guide you through the simple process and bring the best out of your specific situation.

What does virtual phone number mean?

Having a virtual phone number makes you accessible to anyone anywhere while maintaining your personal number's privacy.

Virtual phone number removes the physical limitation landlines and cell phones have, and provides you with a number that allows you to redirect and route calls from one number to another, IP address, or device.

Why use a virtual phone number?

Apart from enabling you to accept calls from all over the world, virtual phone numbers warrant increased landline anonymity through online directories, create a more licensed appearance, maximize cost savings, and provide a superior service for employees and clients.

Do I need any hardware to use a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone system only requires from you an internet connection to make and receive phone calls, without any hardware you need to set up, and it can be used from home or in the office.

Who owns the virtual phone number I purchased?

In most cases, the customer retains title to all IP rights owned by the customer or its suppliers.

The customers must provide the required notices for obtaining all licenses, authorizations, and other approvals related to the use, reproduction, transmission, or receipt of any customer content with personal information or third-party IP rights.

Are virtual phone numbers safe?

Since safety plays a vital role in attaining successful collaboration and trustworthy relationship with the customer, it is no doubt that the virtual phone business model is safe and the future of telecommunications adapted all over the world.

Along with the security in-built structure of the VoIP mechanisms, there are additional tools like clustered firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, call behavior monitoring algorithms, credit limits, access lists, call routing, geo limits, as well as VPN connections that will strengthen the line of defense even more.

Which Virtual Phone Number Provider Should I Pick?

If you aren't looking for extravagant features, and you want to equip your small business with flexible VoIP and messaging, video conferencing, call routing, and advanced reporting features, look no further than GoToConnect.

In the same way, if you don't have the budget to purchase the elite tools, Google Voice will provide your team with a completely free number, various call handling options, as well as instant messaging, conferencing, and real-time reporting for free.

If you want to generate leads for your product without geographical limitations, CallHippo doesn't only have the best sales and marketing tools integrations, but the widest selection of vanity numbers in the industry, with smart call forwarding, call monitoring, smart switch features in the mix.

For connecting to an unlimited number of users and employees, but without paying the per-user fee, there are only a few budget-friendly solutions like MightyCall, with 2 to 10 local or toll-free numbers in every plan, IVR, custom greetings, auto-attendant, voice-to-text, presence indicator, and more.

Take some time to consider what are your circumstances and business priorities, and select the best solution to get the results as shown in this article.

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