14 Best Free File Sharing Sites and Tools of 2024 (Secure & Online)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.

File-sharing websites are the best at providing services for accessing media like documents, photos, and videos.

No matter if you are a freelancer or you own a company, or you just want to share photos with your friends and family, you will need a file-sharing solution that will do what emails simply aren't built for.

With seamless accessibility to files and the freedom to edit and share files from anywhere, cloud-based file-sharing sites will improve your team's collaboration, streamline and protect important and sensitive information, and help you recover lost files.

In the list below, we have reviewed the best file-sharing websites on the market, ranging from 100% free solutions to enterprise-grade packages and everything in between, while giving you the knowledge and guidelines you need to choose the ideal file-sharing solution for yourself.

List of Free File Sharing Sites

1. pCloud

Best File Sharing Tool for Collaboration, Confidentiality, and Digital Asset Management.

pCloud is the Best File Sharing Tool for Collaboration and Digital Asset Management

Providing you with a secure cloud storage environment to store, share, and manage all your files, which you can access from any device, pCloud will ensure that all your confidential data gets protected through the highest level of encryption.

You can collaborate with your team in shared folders, control the level of access at an individual level by setting view, edit, and manage permissions options.

Quickly share large files with friends and family, without a required pCloud account, as the tool allows anyone to view and download the shared files from any browser as long as they are provided with a shared link.

You can receive files from anyone directly to your pCloud account by sending file requests, and your recipients will be allowed to upload files without gaining access to your account.

Through direct links, you can use your pCloud account as a hosting service to create static HTML websites, embed images, or share your files as you wish, with the public folder storing your files and being accessible in an index directory.

pCloud Web Interface
Source: Cloudwards


The Premium 500GB plan will cost you $47.88 per year.

pCloud Pricing Plan


  • Manage existing shared folders through pCloud Drive, their mobile apps, or from my.pCloud.com
  • Share files with your friends and family without a pCloud account
  • Stop access to any shared folder and change the permission settings
  • Protect your shared links with a password or set an expiration date
  • Allow other pCloud users to upload files from a shared link in a folder
  • Receive files from anyone directly to your pCloud account by sending file requests
  • Create static HTML websites and embed images through direct links

pCloud will help you control the levels of access to your confidential files within a shared folder while handling security, file versioning, file backup, and digital asset management requirements.

2. Jumpshare

Best File Sharing Tool for Visual Collaboration.

Jumpshare is the Best File Sharing Tool for Visual Collaboration

Jumpshare will help you visually organize everything from work files to personal images, that can be accessed by you or your team through different folders.

Combining file sharing, screenshot capturing, and video recording, Jumpshare allows you to drag files to the tray icon and copy a shareable link to your clipboard, instantly showcasing your work to clients.

Capture pixel-perfect screenshots with annotation and markup to share ideas, bugs, and concepts effectively.

Instead of writing extensively, you can record your screen in video or GIF and use the screen recording with drawing, webcam, and audio to guide your customers clearly.

If you want to create, crop, resize, reverse, or edit some of the GIFs before you deploy them in Jumpshare, you can utilize the best GIF editors you find in a search and give the recordings the final touch.

Jumpshare Organize everything in visually stunning folders
Source: Jumpshare


Jumpshare offers a free Basic plan with 2GB of space and a 250 MB file upload limit.

Jumpshare Pricing Plan


  • Copy shareable clipboard links and showcase your work to clients
  • Capture screenshots with annotation
  • Find out who viewed your files, when, and from where, and get instant email or in-app alerts
  • Preview over 200 file formats online
  • Allow stakeholders to comment directly on your files
  • Record your screen in video or GIF
  • Use the screen recordings with drawing, webcam, and audio to guide your customers

Equipping you with all the file-sharing tools necessary to present your concepts and work in the best light possible, Jumpshare strikes a perfect balance between usability, speed, and price.

3. WeTransfer

Best File Sharing Platform for Creating Beautiful Slides with Paste.

WeTransfer is the Best File Sharing Platform for Creating Beautiful Slides with Paste

WeTransfer is a platform that allows you to send files across the world while letting you decide the duration (one week, one month, forever, etc.) for the transfers to be kept available in storage.

You can resend, forward, or delete your transfers with WeTransfer Pro allowing up to 200GB of files in one go.

Activate the track downloads feature and get to see when your transfer is downloaded and by whom, and set password protection and custom expiration dates.

If you send the wrong version or forget to include someone, you can delete and forward transfers in one simple overview.

WeTransfer Overview
Source: Pcchip.hr


Apart from the free plan with 2GB, WeTransfer offers the Pro plan for $12 per month per person.

WeTransfer Pricing Plan


  • Decide for how long will the transfers be available in storage
  • Track downloads in real-time and see who is behind the clicks
  • Delete, forward, or resend transfers
  • Set limits for how long the transfers are available
  • Send files with a customizable web page and branded emails
  • Two-factor authentication and optional password for each transfer
  • Send 200GB in WeTransfer, create unlimited decks in Paste, and sync unlimited boards in Collect in the Pro plan

You can email transfers up to 50 people, transfer links to unlimited people in the WeTransfer's free plan, and create up to 3 decks in Paste, and easily scale up to 1TB of storage per team member in the Pro plan.

4. Box

Best File-Sharing Platform for Larger Businesses.

Box is the Best File Sharing Platform for Larger Businesses

Allowing you to automate your workflows, simplify your collaboration, and secure your data without friction, Box is a secure content management, file-sharing, team collaboration platform that enables you to transfer your data from the PC to the Box cloud.

Through links sent via email or shared straight from Box, you can transmit files of any size or type even if they don't have a Box account, with Box allowing you to preview over 120 different file formats without downloading.

Sometimes, to import the various Word DOC, Excel XLS, JPG, PPT, HTML documents into the file-sharing platform like Box, you will need to convert them from PDF formats through PDF converters.

You can deploy seven permission levels for files and folders, along with link expiration and download restriction capabilities.

With the file request feature, you can collect content from coworkers and people outside the team by giving the submitters a URL to a folder where they can drag and drop their files.

Although this is more commonly used for increasing the click-through rates, you can shorten the URLs to make them more digestible for the recipients you share the content with through URL shortener services.

Box file Sharing Feature
Source: Computerworld


Box offers four business plans, out of which Starter is the cheapest at $4.50 per user per month.

Box Pricing Plan


  • Invite teammates to collaborate, join in on conversations, and edit files together
  • Control who can view, share, edit, and upload files
  • Advanced security with intelligent threat detection
  • Built-in integrations with Slack, Zoom, Office 365, and more
  • Allow everyone to share ideas in one place through Box notes
  • Show the progress of every running workflow with an exportable audit history through relays
  • O365 and DocuSign integrations
  • Embed Box Sign into your websites and custom applications

While ensuring complete information governance, Box's file-sharing system will allow you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and on any device, control the access to sensitive data, and equip you with collections, annotations, integrations, among other neat features.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

Best File-Sharing App for Storing Unlimited Photos, Videos, & Music.

Amazon Cloud is the best File Sharing App for Storing Unlimited Photos, Videos & Music

Also known as Amazon Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage application managed by Amazon that offers unlimited cloud space for storing photos, videos, and music.

Prime Photos, which is available for personal and not for commercial use, allows access to unlimited storage for Amazon Prime users with different support storage plans for different countries.

Amazon Prime different support storage plans for different countries
Source: Cbackup

The service allows you to back up your files and documents and share them across all major platforms, with Amazon Prime members being provided unlimited storage for photos and raw files, as well as 5GB of storage for video and other files.

There is an integrated photo printing service within the platform that is available in certain countries.

Amazon Cloud Drive Upload
Source: Cbackup


Amazon Cloud Drive is $11.99 per year for photos and $59.99 per year for everything.

Amazon Cloud Drive Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited photo space for Amazon Prime members
  • Auto-image backup feature for mobile devices
  • Desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Organize, rename, edit, and move your files in the Web app
  • See your images in near-full screen slideshows
  • Automatic image uploader tool for iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Integrated photo printing service
  • Built into Amazon Fire TVs and the Amazon Instant Video app so you can see your photos on the big screens

As far as dedicated photo backup solutions go, Amazon Cloud Drive will give you unlimited photo storage and 5GB of space for videos and other files, and the $59.99 per year subscription will remove all limitations and provide unlimited storage for everything.

6. Dropbox

Largest File-Sharing Platform for Businesses of All Sizes and Freelancers.

Dropbox is the Largest File-Sharing Platform for Businesses of All Sizes and Freelancers

With personalized suggestions that provide you the access to the files and folders you need at the moment, Dropbox will eliminate the time spent searching for files, along with equipping you with the tools for propelling the projects forward in the most efficient manner.

You can send anything from photos, videos, zipped folders to large CAD files and share the content with everyone through links using a phone, tablet, or computer.

Get notified immediately when someone has made file changes, and see who's added, edited, deleted, renamed, or moved an online file.

As an ideal place to help teams get organized, Dropbox's shared folders allow teams to upload content, share files, add folder descriptions, assign to-dos, and more.

If you would prefer a tool with more high-level security and metadata search functionality to help you dig through the uploaded files faster, at a more affordable price, then you should browse Google and search for the best Dropbox alternatives.

Dropbox Dashboard
Source: Au.pcmag


Dropbox Pricing Plan

Apart from the free Basic plan that provides you with 2GB of storage, you can purchase the Professional option for $16.58 per month.


  • Send photos, videos, zipped folders, and large CAD files
  • Personalized suggestions for fast file navigation
  • Desktop and mobile app support
  • Upload files and share materials in specific groups and invite the groups to shared folders
  • Manage folder permissions by assigning editing or view-only access
  • Share links to files and folders limited to view-only access
  • Add password protection to shared links, set link expiration dates, and disable downloads
  • Share specific subfolders without assigning permission to the whole folder

Along with integrating immense 100K apps, Dropbox is known for its simple design, seamless synchronization between all devices, and a silky-smooth channel for sharing, storing, collaborating on, and extracting files of all types and sizes.

7. Hightail

#1 File-Sharing Software for Team Collaboration.

Hightail is the File Sharing Software for Team Collaboration

Tailored more for team collaboration than individual sharing, Hightail allows you to securely share large files with instant recipient email notifications, allowing team members to easily share images and video through “Spaces”.

You can collect feedback from multiple reviewers in one place, and you will be able to continuously monitor files throughout the sharing process with file delivery and send tracking.

Manage creative projects with tools specifically designed for visual content while syncing files from Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox and responding to feedback without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud.

Hightail software Interface
Source: Computerworld


When you scale up from the free Lite plan, you can purchase the Pro solution for $12 per month.

Hightail Pricing Plan


  • Ideal platform for team collaboration
  • Instant recipient email notifications
  • Upload and share your imported Dropbox, Google Drive content easily
  • Collect feedback from multiple reviewers in one place
  • File delivery and send tracking
  • Address feedback on the go through mobile apps
  • Respond to feedback without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Manage video, photographs, infographics, social media & blog posts with visual content-specific tools
  • Sync Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox files

Allowing you to upload up to 100MB files in 2GB of storage in their free plan, Hightail will give your team the platform to accelerate and streamline any improvements to files and give you limitless collaboration capabilities.

8. Mediafire

Best File-Sharing Platform for Storing Photos, Documents, Music, and Videos.

MediaFire is the Best File Sharing Platform for Storing Photos, Documents, Music and Videos

Allowing up to 10GB of storage and 4GB per file for free, Mediafire makes up to 50GB of free space that you can use to upload your documents, photos, videos, and music.

You will never come across bandwidth or download limit with ad-supported downloads in Mediafire, and the sharing capability enables you to share files through emails, on your website, social media, messenger, or anywhere else with a link.

With Mediafire, you will be able to easily upload a large number of files at once, copy, move, and control access to your files from anywhere on all devices.

For avid collectors, independent professional photographers, or other business owners and freelancers looking for more advanced features, you can purchase the Mediafire Pro plan.

MediaFire Dashboard
Source: Computerworld


Outside of the free Basic solution, you can purchase the Pro subscription for $3.75 per month for one user.

MediaFire Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited, ad-supported downloads with no wait times
  • 10GB free, 4GB per file, and 50GB free space in the free plan
  • Unlimited bandwidth and downloads
  • Upload thousands of files at once through any web browser
  • Apps for Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone, and iPad
  • Upload, copy, move, and control access to your files
  • Share files that the recipient can't forward through one-time links
  • 1TB of storage, no ads, bulk download for $3.75 per month in the Pro plan

In Mediafire, you can share files through emails, links, and social networks, collaborate on and share any folder and project file, store all your photos, audio, and video on 50GB of free space with bonuses, as you view, manage, and share from anywhere.

9. Bit.ai

Cloud-Based File-Sharing and Document Collaboration Platform for Managing Files of All Types.

Bit is a Cloud Based File Sharing and Document Collaboration Platform for Managing Files of All Types

Supporting everything from images, videos, web links, rich embeds, cloud files, code snippets to social media posts, Bit.ai will help you organize your content in one place and elevate your file sharing through its interactive documents.

You can move the documents and projects to different workspaces so that your team can easily store and share knowledge without complicated sharing permission levels.

Create a shareable live link for any document and share it with anyone through any channel, embed your documents on any website or blog in minutes, and invite guests into your workspace.

Bit.ai workspaces
Source: Saasgenius


Outside the Free plan, Bit.ai offers the Pro plan for $12 (monthly subscription) per member per month.

Bit Pricing Plan


  • Create live interactive documents by adding visual web links, rich media, videos
  • Add graphic design embeds, social media posts, surveys, and file attachments to your documents
  • Co-editing and real-time comments
  • Enrich your notes with videos, social content, music, cloud files, maps, charts, graphic design prototypes, presentations
  • Add web links that automatically turn into interactive visual cards
  • Share documents with attachments
  • See how much times the recipients spent on shared documents, how often they came back, and more
  • Share sales collateral, contracts, marketing material, RFPs, investor decks, training documents and view their reports
  • Add customizable lead capture forms to your documents
  • Password protection and automatic destruction

Bit.ai will help you communicate more intelligently with rich integrations, enabling you to embellish your files with all kinds of visual content and gain detailed insights into recipient behaviors, sharing the files in multiple ways.

10. Citrix ShareFile

Best File-Sharing Platform for Enterprise Companies Creating Time-Saving Workflows.

Citrix is the Best File Sharing Platform for Enterprise Companies Creating Time Saving Workflows

With ShareFile, Citrix allows you to easily access, share, and sync the largest files with no FTP, CDs, or thumb drives required.

ShareFile's cloud technology ensures that you send a secure file link to the recipients every time, which they can then download quickly and safely.

You can ask the recipients for feedback or approvals when sharing a document, and this can be done through integration with Office 365.

For confidential contracts and other legally binding documents, you can send the files to obtain legally valid electronic signatures with no printing, signing, or scanning, and just one secure digital copy of your documents.

The AES 256-bit encryption will keep the storage of your files in the cloud safe, and the Microsoft Outlook plugin will encrypt the files sent via email.

Citrix ShareFile Dashboard
Source: Lawsitesblog


When billed monthly, the Standard plan is $55 per month.

Citrix Pricing Plan


  • 10-page getting started guide is placed when you create an account
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited client users in the Standard plan
  • Create folders and manage permissions
  • Upload and share files with internal and external users
  • Edit the shared address book, change passwords, assign admin privileges, edit billing information
  • Convert attachments, attach files, and request files through the Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone apps

Citrix ShareFile will cover you if you need a safe repository for your important business files of all sizes, and the no-credit-card-required 30-day free trial helps you see your potential results with the tool without obliging to anything.

11. Microsoft OneDrive

Powerful File-Sharing and Collaborative Document Editing Software for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Clients.

Microsoft is a Powerful File Sharing and Collaborative Document Editing Software

Providing safe ways to share and collaborate on content with coworkers and people outside of your organization, Microsoft OneDrive is included in Microsoft's Office 365, which enables you to co-author Office documents across browser, mobile, and desktop apps and edit permissions for co-authors.

Supporting Windows and Mac OS, OneDrive can enable you to store data in the cloud, share files, and sync files between Android, Windows phone, and iOS devices.

With an additional layer of protection, your files are guaranteed to be protected even when your device is lost, and you can even make changes to your files offline, and they will be automatically updated.

Microsoft OneDrive additional layer of protection feature
Source: Gogokeys


The Plan 1 business solution is $5 per user per month.

Microsoft Pricing Plan


  • Save your files and photos anywhere and access them on any device
  • Sync files across Android, Windows Phone, and mobile devices
  • Edit files offline and automatically save changes
  • Photo AI tagging and real-time collaborative editing
  • Online photo editing
  • Cast photos to a TV via Chromecast, organize by date and source, and filter by folders
  • Back up device settings, lock-screen and desktop background images, and browser favorites
  • Share large files by sending links through email and text
  • Scan and store documents with your mobile device, receipts, business cards, notes
  • Store sensitive files and photos in the Personal Vault for extra protection

With an excellent interface, Google OneDrive will allow you to share, store and sync any files with an added level of protection and access them from any device anywhere.

12. Zippyshare

100% Free File-Sharing Website Without Download or Upload Limits.

Zippyshare is a Free File Sharing Website Without Download or Upload Limits

Zippyshare is a free, quick file-sharing platform that offers unlimited disk space and no download or upload limitations.

While you can transfer and share files in Zippyshare without registering for an account, you will need to register to gain access to some useful features and use the platform more regularly.

The unlimited disk space that Zippyshare offers is unheard of with free file-sharing services, and you should only keep in mind that there is an individual file size limit of 500 MB.

Zippyshare will automatically delete files in your account after 30 days of inactivity, and if you need to share the deleted files, you can do so after uploading them to your Zippyshare account again.

Zippyshare Software Interface
Source: Youtube


Zippyshare is 100% free.


  • 100% free
  • Unlimited disk space
  • No download and upload limitations
  • No bandwidth cap on the downloads
  • Uploads are quick and there is no artificial delay
  • When a file is uploaded, the software automatically shares and publishes the URLs for access
  • Upload files from remote URLs
  • Upload files larger than 500 MB with the Windows app
  • Service is available in dozens of languages

Zippyshare is an ideal solution for casual users who want to share not too confidential files that are too big for emails, and it is very rare to find such a reliable file-sharing solution that offers unlimited disk space and download limits and is completely free.

13. DropSend

Best File-Sharing Platform for Sending Large Files.

DropSend is the Best File Sharing Platform for Sending Large Files

Allowing you to upload files to its server and share the download link to the email receiver, DropSend solves any issues you might have with sending large files.

Transfer videos, photos, and heavy documents in a few clicks with no restrictions on your file size, no software to install, and no required DropSend account for the recipient to access the files.

The 256 AES high-level encryption ensures it is almost impossible for even the fastest computers to break the security code.

DropSend online storage provides you with the repository to back up, access, and share your large files.

DropSend Direct lets you upload and send multiple files quickly from your Mac or PC desktop, and the free DropSend mobile app ensures you always have quick access to your account.

DropSend Dashboard
Source: Dropsend


The Professional plan will cost you $19.00 per month.

DropSend Pricing Plan


  • No file size restrictions
  • Excellent for sending JPGs, PFs, and MP3s
  • 256-bit AES security
  • No software to install and no accounts required for the recipients
  • Back up, access, and share your large files in the online storage
  • Upload multiple files quickly from your Mac or PC desktop with DropSend Direct
  • Quickly access your account from anywhere with the mobile app

DropSend allows you to manage all your files online without worrying about unstable internet connections, and you can manage your storage, access your inbox for messages with other DropSend users and your recipients, upload files, send files to others through your Android or iOS device.

14. Google Drive

Fastest File-Sharing Software for Mobiles, Tablets, and Computers.

Google Drive is the Fastest File Sharing Software for Mobiles, Tablets and Computers

Providing free cloud storage for personal use and embedded search capabilities of Google, Google Drive will store your documents, files, audio, and video content, which you can share and collaborate on through all types of devices.

Unless you want to store more than 15GB of data, Google Drive is free and it serves as a file-syncing service as well, allowing you to download and install programs on all your computers along with a master folder and all its subfolders that sync automatically between devices and the service's web version.

You can upload and convert files to the desired format, and edit them online, and create new documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations in the web interface, exporting the final documents in doc, RTF, PDF, and other format types.


For more storage space than 15GB, Google Drive offers a 100GB plan for $1.99 per month.

Google Drive Pricing Plan


  • Desktop-to-desktop file syncing
  • Excellent productivity suite collaboration
  • Handle forms drawings, maps, music, and CAD files
  • Microsoft Office revisions mode support
  • Keep separate folders for each machine that are each accessible through a browser
  • Save every edited version of a file
  • Specify files and folders you don't want to be downloaded to the local computer's storage through the File Stream utility
  • Cheap high-volume plans

Integrating with every possible service you can think of, one of the best cloud storage services Google Drive will connect you with photo editing, team collaboration, faxing, billing, and any other powerful integration while backing up, sharing, syncing, and streaming files at the highest standard.

What are File Sharing Websites?

File-sharing websites provide services for accessing documents, photos, videos, and other types of digital media from anywhere to their users and are usually the best option for transferring large files that outsource the capabilities of email.

Along with sharing, modern file-sharing platforms provide advanced features like password protection, link expiration, accessibility authorization, editing, downloading, and other functions.

The websites refer to companies that sell and administer shared file space for storing data on their websites.

When you share your files from your computer to a server of a file-sharing service provider, the computer uploads the files to a storage area on the server where you can share them with others, usually by providing links and authorized access to the content.

Often, this approach is called P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing, as it works by allowing you to communicate directly with the other person's device, with no servers involved.

How to Choose the Best File Sharing Site?

1. Research and compare different options

To avoid getting lost in the endless options the market provides, it is wise that you explore the most trusted file-sharing solutions that the companies use and compare different options.

Two key types of file-sharing solutions include the FTP and the SFTP type

  • The FTP solution is most suitable for organizations that need to access files from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, or certain operating systems with FTP support but no SFTP clients, or for transferring multiple directories at once.
  • The SFTP solution is designed for secure file transfers via the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SSH or Secure Shell) with the data moved between the FTP client and the web server encrypted, which prevents hackers from intercepting sensitive data.
Two key types of file sharing solutions include the FTP and the SFTP type
Source: Hevodata

For businesses operating in any industry that handles sensitive, personal, or health-related data, SFTP would be the smarter choice.

pCloud, for example, doesn't provide FTP or SFTP support, while Box supports FTP (port 21), FTPS implicit (port 990), and FTPES explicit (port 21) but not the active FTP or SFTP.

Very similar to conventional FTP client services, Google Drive and Dropbox are better fits if you want a cloud storage provider that you can access from anywhere.

Among the simplest providers to send your files around the world, WeTransfer might be suitable if you want to handle low-priority files if you are more technically inclined and can manage a larger volume of file transfers.

2. Outline the priorities and compare the features of different solutions

Is access to your digital files easy, reliable, and secure?

Zippyshare, for example, doesn't supplement the web interface with browser extensions, nor does it have any smartphone apps, so you will need to access Zippyshare through the web browser on your phone to upload and share content from your phone.

Amazon Cloud Drive, on the other hand, does not only have desktop apps for Windows and Mac computers and mobile apps for Android and iOS, as the tool itself is built into Fire phones.

It is similar to how Microsoft OneDrive is built into Windows Phones or iCloud Drive is built into iPhones or iPads.

The file-sharing technology needs to be configured across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops, and the security needs to be comprehensive.

When using more simplistic file-sharing solutions like Zippyshare and Google Drive, you could come across no password protection for shared directories like in Google's case.

Unlike Mediafire, where the free plan is ad-supported, but you can pay for the privilege of removing the ads, Zippyshare lacks the option for providing an ad-free experience.

You can mark the web and desktop uploads as private, and they won't be shared automatically, and you can password-protect the directories, but you will be disappointed if you are looking for access control of Dropbox or two-factor authentication of Box.

Two factor authentication of Box
Source: Blog.box

3. Differentiate between basic transferring services and online storage hubs for entire organizations

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most popular file-sharing services, which allows you to host more than 270 different file types, but the 5GB of free storage space is not a lot for personal use, let alone business requirements.

pCloud, on the other hand, lets you store 10GB for free and offers lifetime plans for up to 2TB, making storing files easier than most of its peers.

Not only can you collaborate with your team in shared folders and quickly share large files with friends and family without an acquired account, receive files from anyone directly to your account, and allow your recipients to upload files without access to your account, but pCloud enables you to use the tool as a hosting service for static HTML websites, image embeds, and more.

Differentiate between basic transferring services and online storage hubs
Source: Dragonblogger

This sort of a layered mechanism that transcends just a transferring service allows you to be more selective and purposeful when categorizing your files, assigning access to different individuals, and it gives you more flexibility when handling different file types, without having to worry if the data is secured or the access is justified.

4. Ensure the plans align with your business requirements and identify potential issues

Now that you have outlined your priorities, you can search for intricate features and refinements such as screenshot capturing and video recording for drawing, webcam, and audio guidance of Jumpshare, or the integrated printing service of Amazon Cloud Drive.

A video embed code that works anywhere
Source: Jumpshare

Before making any purchases, you should utilize the free trials of multiple file-sharing services that you are interested in and compare them for features and the interface they provide.

Lastly, you should be aware of the common potential issues like delayed implementation, which you can prevent by establishing a timeline and a clear schedule with a vendor.

A decrease in productivity with teammates failing to understand the new tool is another common hurdle, which is also solvable if you explore file-sharing tools with rich training options and informative tutorials.

Which File Sharing Sites Should I Try?

If you prioritize a file-sharing tool with an extensive range of integrations yet simple design and easy synchronization, you could benefit from many functionalities of Dropbox as a business owner or a freelancer, and these include personalized suggestions, support for all file types and shared folders.

For a team within a line of work that requires more interactive documents, Bit.ai can help you manage files of all types and sizes while simplifying the sharing of data in different permission levels through different workspaces and equipping you with visual web links, rich media, graphic design embeds, and more.

If you want a straightforward file-sharing solution with a digestible interface that is also affordable, you are in the majority, and there are a few better such tools than Microsoft OneDrive.

If you want to save your files and photos from anywhere and on any device while being able to edit offline and utilize automatic AI tagging and photo editing, you can purchase OneDrive for just $5.

Some businesses will need unlimited users and storage, but you should keep in mind that the best file-sharing solutions are the ones that are the most flexible and that can adapt as your requirements change.

The tools we have selected here are among the most flexible file-sharing solutions in the industry.

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