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11 Best RingCentral Alternatives in 2022 (Reviewed & Ranked)

Discover the best RingCentral alternatives and top competitors to finally use a cheaper and more powerful VoiP business phone service.

RingCentral alternatives

What's the most popular business phone system in the US today? 

I bet your answer was ‘RingCentral'

And you are not even wrong

Almost everybody will think of RingCentral anytime they hear a business phone system. 

Even me. 

One of the reasons is because RingCentral has more users than any other business phone system. 

In fact, according to RingCentral's website, RingCentral was named a UCaaS leader in the year 2020. 

And it continues to dominate the market. 

Most businesses are easily attracted to RingCentral when they think of the sweet features like free video conferencing, unlimited calls and document sharing that RingCentral offers. 

Therefore, RingCentral is a popular go-to for many businesses. 

But is RingCentral the best business phone system? 

Are there any RingCentral alternatives that offer more features that RingCentral does not even have? 

Can you get a better business phone system than RingCentral in the market now? 

By the end of this post, you will get answers to these questions and many more. So, kindly get a seat and let's see if RingCentral really has other alternatives and if you should choose them for your business.

Why RingCentral Alternatives?

1. Costly Pricing

Anytime you want to purchase a product, what comes to your mind? 

Definitely, you think of the price before any other thing

You look at your company's budget, and see if it has the capacity to satisfy your need and make a purchase with extra remnants. 

But what if the price offers a disadvantage

What if you find two products almost identical to each other and yet have different prices? 

Well, this is the case with RingCentral. 

RingCentral has four pricing plans; Essentials, Standard, Premium and Ultimate. 

And even though each plan provides suitable features which increase as the plan increases, the prices for each plan might put you off. 

For example, the monthly subscription for the lowest plan which is the essentials plan charges $29.99 per user monthly. 

Except you have some cash to spare, RingCentral's pricing plans are costly. 

2. Limited Features on the Basic Plan

A major feature, call recording, helps you to keep your call conversations for future reference. 

Also, it helps you to make better decisions in the future using your customers' call playback. 

For this and many other reasons, most business phone systems include call recording in almost all their plans. 

But this is not the case in RingCentral.

If you only subscribe for the essentials plan, you don't have access to call recording. 

Yet, upgrading to a higher plan might be difficult especially if you are a small business

Other features like integrations are also not available on the Essentials plan

In fact, if you want to enjoy most of RingCentral's famous features, you would have to subscribe to the premium plan.

3. Unattractive Security

RingCentral has limited security features and certifications

For example, it only employs basic security protocols like call encryption on all plans. 

To get more robust security features like BAA compliance, you would have to pay for some of the highest plans.

Therefore, choosing a better alternative would be your biggest choice. 


Most of them have cheap pricing for their plans, with many features and top-notch security

But, another headache is how will you know what features these alternatives offer before cashing in with your hard-earned money? 

Relax, this review is all you need

Here are 11 RingCentral alternatives with their features, pricing, benefits and even reasons you should consider them above RingCentral

Let's keep going! 

Best RingCentral Alternatives for Small Business Phone Systems

1. CloudTalk

Most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for Creating Simple and Effective Call Centers

CloudTalk is the most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for Creating Simple and Effective Call Centers

Main Features

CloudTalk is a reliable and suitable software for making all types of calls through important solutions like call center software, inbound/outbound sales and support center, business phone system and virtual call center. 

Through these features, you can improve your customers' interactions in every way and make your work a lot easier. 

Here are some call features you can utilize to make your calls more efficient, easier and simplified. 

Call Queuing: With this feature, you can easily build customised call queues, and group your inbound calls according to your set determinants. 

You can also assign the most suitable agent for each customer and take boring out of your customers' experience with your business by taking advantage of different customs like personalised greetings, and custom hold music. 

Get to know useful information like the number of customers who are in the queue or average their waiting time. 

Thereafter, you can monitor these details to improve on your customer experience service and to reduce the average time spent by customers on queues. 

You can also route your calls into the ideal call queues using your customers' phone number or based on your different agents' abilities. 

Different ring strategies are also available on CloudTalk to reduce your customers' waiting time. 

They are round robin strategy, ring all strategy, random strategy and ring strategies. 

Even your agents can move calls to another agent depending on the needs of the customer in question. 

And to prevent situations where your customers spend excessive or large amounts of time such as several hours, you can set waiting time limits. 

When such limits are exceeded, automatically direct your customers either to another queue, a different phone number or even to voicemail depending on your preference. 

Call Recording: Records of your inbound and outbound calls are available on CloudTalk by default together with records of calls made between your team members. 

With this feature, you can evaluate the performance of your agents, listen to the records of your customers' calls over and again to know what they actually want. 

You can then make improved future decisions that will excellently address your customers' concerns, and boost your reputation. 

Callback: Let's do a quick evaluation. 

How many missed calls have you returned in the last two weeks, i.e how many call back have you actually made? 

It's either few or none. 

Bringing such an attitude into your business, however, might be unhealthy; you need to let your customers know they are highly valuable. 

This is what CloudTalk will help you do. 

Sometimes, all agents might be busy, thereby missing calls from important customers with your business standing the risk of losing those customers.  

However, CloudTalk handles this with the callback function which will automatically ‘call back' missed calls from customers, for example, when there is an available agent. 

Smart Dialer: Smart dialer gathers numbers of your customer so you can automatically call through them with a single click. 

This way, you will not have to go through the stress of adding your prospects manually anymore. 

All you need to start benefiting from this feature is making sure the click-to-call extension is active in whatever browser you are using. 

Smart dialer will take care of phone number scanning, next call attempt, call in or call rescheduling. 

Other available features similar to smart dialer are power dialer and predictive dialer. 

Advanced Analytics: With advanced analytics, you can monitor all your past calls, track them and have a feel of your customers' experience. 

Using effective data from call logs, call records and sentiment, you can evaluate your call service from your customers' standpoint. 

Note that you can also port your existing phone numbers to CloudTalk, but you would have to pay a specified amount of money to do this. 

Other features are call flow designer, skills-based routing, call forwarding and ring groups.


CloudTalk Pricing Plan

The lowest paid version of CloudTalk is the starter plan which charges $20 per user/month. 

Other paid plans include Essential at $25 per user/month, and Expert at $40 per user/ month

You can also request for a custom plan. 

CloudTalk offers a 14-day trial period.


  • CloudTalk is easy to use with a simple and user-first interface
  • Optimise your calls with features like call queuing, waiting time limits, and call back. 
  • Safe storage and 24/7 monitoring of your data and VoIP.
  • Choose your business hours and leave custom messages for customers who call outside these hours.
  • Control and perform management activities like adding new agents or phone numbers from the web-based admin interface.
  • International numbers available for more than 140 countries.
  • Use the call masking feature to keep your personal number private, and only reveal to customers you want.
  • Use the real-time customer card to know your customers' past call records. 
  • Easily receive your fax messages as emails.
  • You can also request for Service Level Agreement (SLA), for more confidentiality.
  • Integrate with important CRM tools like LiveAgent, Zapier, Zendesk, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
  • You get 1 local number freely irrespective of your chosen plan. 
  • Availability of 14-day trial period. 

Why Choose CloudTalk Over RingCentral?

  • If you subscribe monthly, CloudTalk charges less for their respective plans as compared to RingCentral's monthly plans. 
  • All CloudTalk's plan covers an unlimited number of users while the Essentials plan of RingCentral only covers a maximum of 20 users
  • You can also record your calls on every CloudTalk's plan whereas you would have to upgrade to the Standard, Premium or Ultimate plan of RingCentral to enjoy this feature. 
  • CloudTalk offers international numbers in more than 140 countries while you can obtain international numbers on RingCentral in about 100 countries.  
  • Unlimited storage for RingCentral is only available for the highest plan, Ultimate while subscribers of both Essential, Expert and Custom plan on CloudTalk can enjoy this feature.

2. Grasshopper

Best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

Grasshopper is the best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

Main Features

Trusted by popular organizations like Forbes, CNN, Fox and Wall Street Journal, Grasshopper is a virtual phone system which allows you to manage your business calls effectively and conveniently. 

Communicate anywhere, easily and professionally with your employees, business partners, using Grasshopper with important features.

Business Texting: To use this feature, you need a business phone number where you can send and receive any volume of business texts. 

The business phone number will be used to communicate real-time with your customers and to provide them with vital information concerning your business. 

You can set a default instant reply to your received messages or better still, attend to the messages in person. 

Call Forwarding: What if you are in a vitally important business meeting and you have a call from a first-class customer? 

Skeptical of what to do right

This is where the call forwarding feature comes into play. 

It allows you to forward your calls to either another member of your team, your personal phone number or to voicemail. 

Also known as call transfer, you can use this feature to set up a call forwarding cycle where you assign incoming calls to multiple numbers based on your predetermined conditions. 

You can even forward calls internationally. 

Like Business Texting, this feature is also free

Voicemail Transcription: Transcribe your voicemails to text such as email so you can read wherever you like. 

No need to listen to anything; read the transcribed voicemail record instead. 

You have access to this feature during your free trial

Voip Calling: Are you having problems with the traditional calling system? 

How about calling over the internet instead of the usual cellular network? 

This is what the VoIP Calling feature is all about. 

Popularly called Voice Over Internet Protocol Calling, you can make and receive calls online as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Other important Grasshopper's features are:

  • Simultaneous Call Handling
  • Virtual Fax
  • Incoming Call Control
  • Instant Responses
  • Reporting
  • Ruby Receptionist.


Grasshopper Pricing Plan

Grasshopper does not have a free version though there is a free trial. 

The starting price goes for $26/month. 

Other plans are Partner at $44 per month, and Small Business which costs $80 per month.


  • Grasshopper is the best go-to for small business owners no matter the niche.
  • It can be deployed remotely.
  • You can use Grasshopper on various devices- desktop, iphone or android. 
  • Grasshopper provides different categories of numbers that you want.
    Whether toll-free numbers, vanity, or local numbers. 
  • You can port your existing business number to Grasshopper without paying a dime. 
  • The auto-text feature sends messages to your customers automatically so you don't lose valuable customers. 
  • Even without the app, you can forward calls to a landline. 
  • Grasshopper provides a second phone number
    All you need is your service provider and a main phone number.
  • Use the WiFi and VoIp Calling features, and stop worrying about missing phone calls or poor phone network.
  • Presence of Ruby Receptionist feature where live US-based receptionists can take your calls.
  • Access to business texting, and call forwarding features is free.
  • Has a free 7-day trail plan with access to all available features. 

Why Choose Grasshopper Over RingCentral?

  • For RingCentral, when you subscribe for the annual plan, you save 33%, but with Grasshopper, you save a whooping 75%. 
  • Unlike RingCentral where contacting a customer support rep can be difficult, contact Grasshopper's support online, on email, Twitter, and even Facebook, despite your plan.
  • Even with RingCentral's highest plan which goes for $49.99 per user/month, you only have access to about 10,000 toll-free minutes whereas Grasshopper offers unlimited number of minutes on all plans.
  • Grasshopper provides enough guidance to use their phone system even if you have not used any before.
    Using RingCentral can be a bit complicated, especially if you are using it for the first time. 
  • Using RingCentral, you've got to pay extra amounts of dollars for additional toll-free, local or vanity numbers. 
    On Grasshopper, all the numbers you could need are included in your chosen plan from the start.

3. RingBlaze

Most Simple-To-Use RingCentral Alternative for Skyrocketing Your Customer Experience

Most Simple To Use RingCentral Alternative for Skyrocketing Your Customer Experience

Main Features

Using a cloud-based phone system does not have to be difficult; RingBlaze provides a no-brainer solution for managing your business communications. 

Whether they are directed to your sales or support team, you can manage all incoming calls simply and effectively. 

All you need to do is to create your desired phone number i.e toll-free, local or vanity. 

When you click on ‘Create a number', it automatically provides some likely numbers so you can select the most suitable number. 

After picking a number, you can then reserve your chosen number using details like your email, first name and last name. 

With RingBlaze, you have access to a callbox which works like a dashboard that specify actions you need to take or tasks that have already been done. 

Use this callbox feature to assign calls to your team members so each one of them can know what call to pick. 

The number of missed calls will also be significantly reduced as team mates can be available to pick calls from your customers. 

You can easily record your calls and listen to them another time. 

This will help you to know and understand the needs of your customers, and in turn serve them better. 

And if you are already utilizing the power of the internet for your business by having a powerful website, increase your returns by putting up a call widget on your website. 

The function of this is to allow anybody who visits your website to be able to call you freely and directly from your website. 

Your customers don't need to bother using a number. 

The advantage? 

Your customers' interaction rating will definitely take a hike. 

You can also import your customer list, and forward your calls to whoever you want in charge.


RingBlaze Pricing Plan

RingBlaze only has a single pricing plan which goes for $15per user/month with access to all the available features. 

It also has a free demo and if you subscribe for the paid version within 24 hour of trying the demo, you would be offered 20% off

Therefore, ensure you order fast. 


  • RingBlaze works on both desktops and tablets.
  • Presence of international numbers in more than 22 countries.
  • You can easily create custom phone numbers.
  • Has a simple and lower cost plan which gives you access to all features.
  • There is a team dashboard where every team member can contribute and gain insights into activities performed by other members.
    No need to be together.
  • Make the buying process easier for your customers by calling them when they are on on your website
  • Availability of an integrated reporting system to keep your team on the same page. 
  • You do not need to download or use any extra mobile or desktop apps. 
    RingBlaze takes care of all that. 
  • Offers support via email, chat and phone support
  • Has a free trial

Why Choose RingBlaze over RingCentral?

  • RingBlaze's one and only plan goes for $15 per user/month with access to all their features. 
    RingCentral's lowest plan cost $19.99 per user/month and it does not even include all their available features. 
  • No long time commitment needed; only use RingBlaze when and how you want. 
    On the other hand, you might be forced to go on long-term with RingCentral due to unused charges reported by many RingCentral's customers.
  • While you can access international numbers from more than 22 countries using RingBlaze, you would have to pay extra, about $5.99 per user/month on RingCentral if you want additional international numbers to the ones provided.
  • RingBlaze's simple plan at lower cost offers full fledged customer support while 24/7 customer support is not available in the Essentials plan of RingCentral. 
  • Ringblaze has more features which are specified under suitable categories in the only plan- calls, collaboration and productivity. 
    On the other hand, you would have to upgrade to a higher paid version to enjoy some extra features available in RingCentral's free plan.

4. Vonage

Best RingCentral Alternative for Rich Cloud-Based Business Communications 

Vonage is the best RingCentral Alternative for Rich Cloud Based Business Communications

Main Features

Reputed to be used by more than 100,000 businesses globally, Vonage is a cloud based communication system that allows you to efficiently communicate with your customers, and collaborate with your teammates. 

It offers three products which are communication apps, unified communication, and contact centers. 

The unified communication includes the business phone system which works to drive rich conversations with whoever matters to your business via SMS, fax, voice, or even team messaging. 

With more features sectioned into categories like mobility and omnichannel, collaboration and productivity, customer and employee experience, drive your business communication the way you want. 

Mobility and Omnichannel: Call forwarding in which you can forward your calls, call flip to directly transfer your calls from desk to mobile and vice versa, business SMS and cell phone integration. 

You can also send and receive fax messages, and you can use the virtual voicemail to leave your choice greetings. 

Your voicemails are also transcribed and sent to your email inbox with the vonage visual voicemail. 

Collaboration and Productivity: Call announce which allows you to get notified before a call is made, team messaging to stay connected as a team and a paging group where you can send out announcements or updates to your team members. 

You can also use the conference bridge to hold meetings with about 30 attendees at once. 

With the call monitoring feature, you can oversee your calls or assist your team mates during calls. 

You can also simultaneously send out calls to different extensions with call groups.

Customer and Employee Experience: This category has the highest number of features like call announce, call screening, spam shield, call logs, call continuity, call hold, call blocking, and dashboard. 

Others are directory assistance, simultaneous ring, Caller ID, and custom call tagging. 

Flexibility: Caller ID block, admin portal, user portal, virtual mailbox, and virtual receptionist.  

You can also integrate your phone system with your favourite and popular CRM tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack and GSuite to increase collaboration and productivity. 


Vonage Pricing Plan

Vonage has three pricing plans which are;

  • Mobile at $19.99/month
  • Premium at $29.99/month
  • Advanced at $39.99/ month.

The premium plan which is the most popular plan covers features like multi-level auto attendant, CRM integration and IP desk phone capability. 

Though, you can also include add-on features such as call recording, visual voicemail and Vonage support PLUS.


  • Interact with an expert by calling a toll-free number on the website or using the email/chat option. 
  • Another benefit is that you can integrate all your various devices into a single platform.
  • The mobile app allows you to work anywhere using your phone. 
  • Vonage also provides a curated list of phones that might be suitable for your needs. 
    This is available on the website.
  • There is the admin portal where you can oversee your phone system from a single interface.
  • User portal and virtual receptionist features are also available. 
  • Has many integration options with popular third-party tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack and Zapier.
  • The voicemail transcription feature is free when you buy a paid plan.
  • Together with your free trial plan, try the phones, add-ons like business number inbox and professional IT support service, for free.
  • You can use Vonage freely for about 14 days.

Why Choose Vonage Over RingCentral

  • Vonage charges $19.99 per user/month for the mobile plan and $29.99 per user/month for the premium plan while you would have to subscribe annually to get prices of the same range for the Essentials and Standard plans of RingCentral. 
  • Even though Vonage and RingCentral both offer business phones for purchase, Vonage goes a generous step further by allowing you to try their phones freely
    RingCentral only allows you to try just two desktop phones. 
  • To enjoy most of RingCentral's famous features, you would have to subscribe for a higher plan such as the Premium or Ultimate plan while you can enjoy more than 50 features including 24/7 support on all Vonage's plans.

5. Nextiva

Most Simple-to-Use RingCentral Alternative for Small and Large Businesses

Nextiva is the most Simple to Use RingCentral Alternative for Small and Large Businesses

Nextiva is a household name when it comes to providing suitable softwares which are used to enhance communication and collaboration by small and large businesses. 

It has different solutions for each category of business and it also boasts of products like phone system, video meeting VoIp call center, Volp phones, sales pipeline CRM, and customer service CRM. 

Using any channel that you love, you can communicate with customers and team mates all from a single platform. 

You can also get insights into customer's behaviour via analytics, automate your workflow and activate repetitive tasks to be performed automatically. 

The desktop app allows you to make voice and video calls, emails, messaging, view analytics, and also contains tools that you can readily deploy for your sales and service team. 

By using Nextiva's rich automation feature, you can easily attend to your customers needs, improve their experiences and save time on some manual tasks. 

And a major way you can do is by taking advantage of Nextiva's collaboration with AI and machines to perform smart assistant tasks:

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Real-time Predictions
  • Data Collections
  • Data Interpretation.

That's not all, you can also build meaningful relationships, and make your conversations more fulfilling by leveraging on human power with Nextiva's real time AI assistance. 

The business phone service also provided by Nextiva combines calls, video, meetings and messaging, all in a single platform. 

Some of the available features are screen sharing where each member of your team can share screen from a virtual room, custom caller ID where you can choose what your customers see when they make calls. 

You can also create your desired local and toll-free numbers without incurring additional costs using Nextiva's phone system. 

Call routing allows you to create your simple and effective call route where you can easily direct inbound calls to the suitable individuals. 

Give your customers more flexibility by using the auto attendant feature, and  use the instant messaging to send any important message to your team member. 

The call forwarding option is also available to allow you to forward your calls according to your chosen specifications like business hours, caller ID or even during holidays. 

Custom hold music, call logs and call analytics, voicemail forwarding are other features available. 


Nextiva Pricing Plan

Nextiva offers three pricing plans which are;

  • Essentials starts at $18.95 per month per user
  • Professional starts at $22.95 per month per user
  • Enterprise goes for $32.95 per month per user. 

There is also a 30 day free trial plan where you can try out the plans before subscribing for any paid version. 


  • Works with various types of numbers- landline, cell phone, personal phone numbers, premium and toll-free numbers, and VoIP numbers.
  • Has a mobile app which makes it easy for you to work from anywhere.
  • With Nextiva, you can control your sales, service and communication units all from a single app both on mobile and desktop.
  • By using Nextiva, you can automate almost every part of your business tasks
    Talk of communication, intelligence, busywork and more. 
  • Nextiva provides free local and toll-free numbers even on their basic plan.
  • Make unlimited voice calls from any device with your business number
  • Has an advanced voicemail where you can convert your voicemail messages to emails and SMS.
  • Nextiva likewise allows you to record your calls for download or later playback.
  • Port your already-existing numbers to Nextiva when you create a Nextiva account.
  • Nextiva now provides call encryption through TLS and SRTP.
  • Integrate with popular third-party apps including Microsoft dynamic and Salesforce.
  • Purchase or rent various devices like conference phones, headsets and desk phones on Nextiva. 
  • Nextiva presently offers a sweet offer available on their website where you get free Nextiva desk phones and also save 30% off the VoIP phone service.
  • Has a 30-day free trial plan.

Why Choose Nextiva Over RingCentral?

  • Nextiva goes for cheaper pricing plans than respective RingCentral's versions. 
  • You can enjoy features like 24/7 customer support, and unlimited internet fax, on Nextiva's lowest plan whereas features like these are not available on RingCentral's basic plan. 
  • Even though both RingCentral and Nextiva have the call recording feature, RingCentral's call records are only available in the call logs for about 90 days whereas you can still have your call records on Nextiva for up to six months. 
  • While RingCentral only offers a simple incoming calls notification feature, Nextiva dives deeper by offering a more enriching incoming call notification known as Call Pop. 
    Here, you can know important details like reports on last interactions, account value, and experience score even before you pick the call. 

6. DialPad

Most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for IT Service Team

DialPad is the most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for IT Service Team

Main Features

DialPad combines voice, video, and messaging to provide good business communications that deliver. 

It is powered by AI and it also has the voice intelligence feature where you can take notes, actions items and even provide needful coaching. 

With the business phone system, you can easily add users, and build quality ring groups via a web portal. 

And in this era of remote work popularity, apart from using remote desktop tools, you can use DialPad to enhance smooth flow of your workflow even while your team members work remotely. 

Since they can work from a single app where calls, messages, meetings, and contact profiles are all brought to a single view. 

Use the call flip feature to transfer your calls from one device to another without any disruptions on your callers' end. 

A particular feature known as the ‘DialPad Everywhere' allows you to access your call controls, and integrations without neglecting your conversations even while you are away, on another app. 

So, you don't get lost while exploring apps on your device; ‘DialPad Everywhere' stands right in view. 

Either record your calls totally or choose some particular sessions for recording. 

This is enabled via the contact center call and screen recording. 

Apart from the call records, you will also see important metrics like caller's name and duration, and time stamp. 

Instead of going through the awkward moment of telling your customers that their calls are being recorded during calls, you can use a prerecorded call prompt to notify callers at the beginning of calls. 

This way, you look more professional and customers are likely to become more agreeable for the call recording. 

Choose employees who should be given access to these records or narrow down to administrators only. 

Note that you can even turn off the call recording feature.

What's more? 

There is also the screen recording feature where you can record screen and track your agents' activities, and ultimately performance. 

The interactive voice response system will help pick your calls in situations when agents are not available or unable to answer calls. 

The call history feature allows your chosen admins to see call records and data, and thereby use them to improve sales and decision making process. 

Some other available features are automatic call distributor, local presence, call summary, caller ID,call waiting, call parking, and call transfer. 


DialPad Pricing Plan

The annual plan starts at $15per user/month for the Standard version, while the two other versions are Pro and Enterprise respectively. 

A 14-day free trial plan is also available. 


  • DialPad app is available for android, windows, mac, and iOS
  • Set personal working hours and custom routing on all plans.
  • You can also sync your contacts no matter your chosen plan.
  • 1 local phone number is included in every plan
  • Suitable for use in IT unit
  • The Enterprise plan offers unlimited ring groups
  • There is the automatic spam detection feature which detects spam calls automatically
  • Easily integrate with DialPad UberConference for your online meetings
  • Request for Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the Enterprise version
  • Integrate with GSuite and Office 365 on every plan
  • You can also switch calls between devices to increase your productivity.
  • Encryption of personal information and call data
  • Got any questions? 
    You can use the available knowledge base and community forum on all plans. 
  • Offers multilingual web and chat support, even on every plan.
  • Take a 14-day trial period

Why Choose DialPad Over RingCentral

  • RingCentral's monthly plans are costlier than DialPad's monthly plans. 
  • Call recording, multi-level auto attendant, basic analytics and recording are available on DialPad's lowest plan, Standard plan while they are not available in RingCentral's Essential plan
  • You can hold online meetings on every DialPad's plan whereas online meetings feature is not available for RingCentral's Essentials plan subscribers. 
  • No integration option is available on RingCentral's Essentials plan, meanwhile, you can still integrate with GSuite and Office 365 on DialPad's standard plan
  • Apart from the available AI-powered and automation tools of both RingCentral and DialPad, users of DialPad might find the additional voice intelligence feature extremely useful.

7. 8×8

Best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

8x8 is the best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

Main Features

Have you ever wondered why this particular RingCentral alternative is called 8×8? 

You are probably not the only one who's done that. 

It's likely many others are also Interested in knowing the origin of the name. 

The why? 

The name was chosen to replicate the count of the video pixels and light dots which are the main constituents of various video transformation and image compression modules.

But, what does this software actually do? 

Using this software, you can get a single platform for all your business communications channels consisting of phone, video and chat. 

You can also get your contact center running by using the contact center service and optimise your workflow engagement management with features like quality management, workforce management and customer surveys. 

The business phone system consists of different categories of features to manage your calls and increase your productivity. 

Call Handling: Caller ID, Blocking and Do Not Disturb to give you more control over your calls while you increase your productivity and privacy. 

For example, you can have a view of your callers even before you answer the call, and you can know what to do next with the call i.e you can decide to send the call to voicemail. 

Give your business enough privacy by blocking your caller ID from appearing on your recipients' ends or even choose your constant caller ID which appears on your customers' ends. 

You might find the latter more preferable.  

During moments, you are unable to pick up calls, you can activate the Do Not Disturb function to transfer your calls directly to voicemail. 

The active directory integration is useful for getting more information such as the name of the department of your caller right when the call comes in. 

Other important features here are call forwarding and transfer, call waiting and parking, and the 3-way calling feature which works like an audio conferencing in which you can go on a call with up to 3 parties.

Core Productivity: Music on Hold, Overhead paging, Local number porting, direct dial number, and overhead paging. 

Call Management: Features like ring group where you can distribute your calls to your employees allowing you to accomodate more call volume, call monitoring where you can monitor your phone conversations, and the call queues are available here. 

Multi-level auto attendant, multi-site support, directory assistance, and visual voicemail are other features you will love on 8×8's business phone system. 


8x8 Pricing Plan

8×8 Express, 8×8 X series which consists of X2, X3, X4, X6, X7, and X8 are the available versions. 

The first plan charges $12 per user/month, while the second plan goes for $24 per user/month and the third plan at $44 per user/month respectively. 

8×8 also offers a 30 day trial plan


  • You can comfortably use 8×8 on your desktop and mobile devices.
  • 8×8 offers unlimited calls, SMS and fax on all plans.
  • Get your fax messages delivered to you in the form of emails.
  • You can also store your fax messages in the cloud and download them anytime you need them.
  • Increase the probability of getting your messages read, with a recipient avatar which shows read messages.
  • Access information about your callers using the caller log which contains basic caller's information.
  • Block calls that you consider spamming or harmful to your business before they arrive.
  • You can also record your calls to 8×8 cloud, desktop or your dropbox account.
  • You can purchase different devices directly from 8×8's website. 
    Devices like conference phones, cordless phones, headsets, adapters, and other accessories.
  • Employs robust security features like fraud detection and secure endpoint Provisioning.
  • A special offer is currently on, closes March 31st 2021; Buying one of 8 devices under $400 gives you a privilege of getting a second device freely
  • Integrate Microsoft Teams, CRM, email, and messaging tools with your phone system easily 
  • Has a 30 day trial period

Why Choose 8×8 Over RingCentral?

  • RingCentral charges $19.99 per user/month for the Essentials plan, and $24.99 for the Standard plans in the annual plan. 
    8×8, on the other hand bills $12 and $24 per user/ month on the first and second plans respectively, with even more features. 
  • On 8×8's basic plan which is the lowest available plan at $12 per user per month, sweet features like unlimited video conferencing, and call are available while these are not available on RingCentral's Essentials plan. 
  • 8×8 provides more credibility by having more reliable third-party security certifications(proudly boasts of more than 10 high-level security certifications) than RingCentral. 
  • 8×8 has more global reach than RingCentral by offering phone number support in more than 120 countries while for RingCentral, the highest is about 100 countries.

8. GoToConnect

Best RingCentral Alternative for IT teams

GoToConnect is the best RingCentral Alternative for IT teams

Main Features 

The GoTo platform is powered by LogMeIn and it provides many solutions such as GoToConnect, GoToMeeting, GoToRoom, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar. 

The main solution we will be discussing here is GoToConnect

GoToConnect works as a cloud phone system in which you can join your calls, meetings, and messaging and access in a single platform. 

It's very easy to set up, and configure, and allows you to collaborate remotely using the HD video conferencing provided by the software. 

Voice: Custom hold music which entertains your customers, dial plan editor where you can manage your call flows, cloud PBX, and international calling are features available in the voice segment of GoToConnect cloud phone system. 

Call Center: Wait time announcement where the waiting time can be announced, Pre-call announcement, unlimited call queues, and advanced ring strategies. 

Call Management: You can route your calls with the call routing feature, set up your caller ID, and activate the Do not disturb feature. Find Me/Follow Me feature is also available here.

Video Conferencing: One-click screen sharing, personal meeting rooms with about 25 HD video feeds, and 250 meeting participants. 

Other features are message waiting indicator, missed call indicator, last number redial, presence monitoring, emergency calling, and call routing optimizer and analytics.


GoToConnect Pricing Plan

GoToConnect pricing plans are divided into two main sections

The first one is further sectioned into 5 tiers which are determined based on the number of users.

  • Tier 1: Covers about 14 users, charges $29.95 per user/ month.
  • Tier 2: Covers about 5-9 users, charges $25.95 per user/ month.
  • Tier 3: Covers 10-24 users, charges $23.95 per user/month.
  • Tier 4: Covers about 25-49 users, charges $21.95 per user/month.
  • Tier 5: Covers 50plus users, charges about $19.95 per user/month. 

You would have to contact them for a custom quote and a user capacity of more than 100 people. 

On a more simplified level, GoToConnect also offers the Basic, Standard and Premium plans. 


  • Works on any device-desk phone, desktop and mobile device
  • Allows you to work from anywhere
  • Simple, easy to use, and set up within minutes 
  • Availability of GoToStartup for small businesses
  • Comfortably transfer calls from one device to another using the call flip, available on Basic, Standard and Premium plans.
  • Take advantage of the Connect Bundle which combines GoToMeeting and GoToConnect, and save 50%
  • Access more than 100 features with the cloud VoIP, web, audio and video conferencing solutions
  • Take control of your meeting using password protection
  • Enjoy unlimited extensions, ring groups, visual dial plan editor, auto attendants with the GoToConnect Standard plan. 
  • Access to unlimited sms texting, team messaging, and simultaneous ring on all plans.
  • Your data is secure with call encryption  
  • Integrate with popular CRM third-party tools like Google Calendar, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Offers a free trial

Why Choose GoToConnect Over RingCentral?

  • GoToConnect is easier to set up and use than RingCentral. 
  • RingCentral's pricing plan for 50plus users starts at $24.99 per user/month which corresponds to the Standard plan. 
    Contrarily, GoToConnect offers a charge of  $19.95 per user/month for the same 50 number of users. 
  • You can maximize the GoTo connect bundle where you can access GoTo web, audio and video conferencing solutions for $19.95 with about 100 cloud VoIP meeting features. 
    For RingCentral, the Essentials plan, which is the lowest plan starts at a slightly higher plan, and does not unexpectedly offer as many features as its GoTo counterpart. 
  • RingCentral's highest plan which is the Ultimate only allows about 200 participants whereas GoToConnect premium allows 259 participants and an unlimited meeting duration. 
  • The highest number of data your call recordings can be available on RingCentral is merely 90 days
    But for GoToConnect, you can still access your recordings and transcriptions, believe it or not, for about a year. 
  • Google and Microsoft Calendar integration are available in all GoToConnect plans, Basic, Standard and Premium, while you can only get the integration feature on RingCentral's Standard, Premium or Ultimate plan.

9. Mitel

Most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for Remote Work and IT Teams

Mitel is the most Suitable RingCentral Alternative for Remote Work and IT Teams

Main Features

Collaboration, Remote working, Contact center, and business phone system are the four solutions provided by Mitel.

Particularly, the business phone system features important products like call center, unified communication and cloud communication products. 

Apart from that, it is also divided into cloud business phone systems, and the on-site business phone systems

Cloud Business Phone System: Known as Mitel's cloud-based system, you have systems like Micloud Connect, Mitel Business Analytics, Micloud Flex, Mitel Clearspan, and others like Micloud Office, Micloud Connect, Mitel sky and Micloud business. 

What are the usefulness of these cloud-based systems

Micloud connect functions as a single cloud based platform for your business communication, collaboration and  contact service center. 

This platform can work on every device- PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It contains features like mobile-friendly design and interfaces, business SMS, individual and group chat, team collaboration, audio and video conferencing, web sharing, integrations with CRM tools and calendars. 

Others include softphone and web dialer, integrated contact center, IP desk phones, and a built-in VPN. 

And in the face of unexpected negative events, the Micloud Connect disaster recovery process will transfer service to another extra data center situated in a far-away region. 

The integration feature allows integrations with common productivity apps like Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics. 

And what if you want to transit to an entirely new cloud phone system? 

No worries, the Mitel customer success team, together with various options like Jump start, Expert start, and on-demand support and training are available.

You can also hold successful interactions with your customers using the instant messaging, audio and web conferencing solutions. 

Micloud Flex: Team collaboration tools, reliable security, system features, teleworker support, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, advanced omnichannel contact center. 

Mitel Clearspan: This is most suitable for large businesses where they get access to features like ability to extra data centers in different geographical locations, transfer of complex and costly PBX networks to an integrated enterprise.  

Other features include auto-attendant, attendant console, unified messaging, audio and video softphone, fully integrated Session border controller (SBC). 

For the on-site phone business systems, available hallmarks are Mivoice business, Mivoice office 250 Mivoice connect, Mivoice office 400, Mivoice 5000, Mivoice border gateway and Mivoice mx-one. 


Mitel Pricing Plan

The three plans available for the VoIP system pricing are:

  • Essentials at $20.99 per user per month
  • Premier at $26. 59 per user per month
  • Elite at $38.49 per user per month. 

Mitel also offers a free demo.


  • Mitel cloud-based systems are built on Google cloud which offers more reliability.
  • Work wherever you are, either with the web, mobile or desktop applications.
  • SLA agreements are available on the Micloud Connect systems, so you can rest assured of quality service delivery.
  • Talk, share, text and deliver the best customer service to your customers easily with Mi Cloud Connect.
  • Has a VoIP phone emergency feature distinct from the conventional emergency phone services.
  • Presence of a customer success manager to ensure you derive the best satisfaction
  • The Micloud Flex is suitable for the multi-office use, as there is maximum reliability and flexibility.
  • Improve customer experience by communicating with customers using mitel omnichannel enterprise call center comprising email, SMS, web chat and even social media.
  • Migrate your business communications to the cloud with the public or private cloud options. 
  • Availability of the technical support team to provide high-end technical and product-related support
  • Mitel offers unlimited minutes on all their plans
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Chrome browser, Microsoft Outlook, and World cloud. 
  • Call recording, transfer, routing, screening, logs, and waiting are available
  • Use the support center to get important information about Mitel cloud connect.
  • Offers all types of consoles, conference phones and accessories important for purchase or rental.
  • You can also get a custom quote on the website by filling in your particulars
  • You can take a free demo.

Why Choose Mitel Over RingCentral?

  • Mitel offers both sales, cloud and technical support while RingCentral only provides sales and  support help. When Mitel was sold in 2017, the quality of its services remained unchanged, as did when CEO Richard McBee resigned in October 2019. Mary McDowell, the new CEO, continued the company's policy of providing high-quality technical support to customers. 
  • Mitel Micloud Connect and Micloud Flex are built on Google cloud and therefore give more assurance of excellent security and top notch effectiveness as compared to RingCentral phone system. 
    What RingCentral offers is integration with Google apps. 
  • Mitel allows Outlook and GSuite integration on all their plans while the integrations feature start from the Standards plan of RingCentral
  • Audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video collaboration are all features available on all Mitel plans whereas these categories of features are not available on RingCentral's Essentials plan
  • Mitel has more business phone systems features than RingCentral, and most of them are available on the three plans.
    This is not so for RingCentral as the only plan you can enjoy much features are the premium and ultimate versions; the penultimate and highest paid plans respectively.

10. Toky

Best RingCentral Alternative for Sales, Support, and Team Collaboration

Toky is the best RingCentral Alternative for Sales, Support, and Team Collaboration

Main Features

The business phone system has a variety of features which allows you to improve your business call center, and scale up your business communication and team collaboration.

Toky's business phone system features are divided into call, user, messaging, and reliability features.

Call Features: Get international numbers in more than 60 countries, and simultaneous calls based on the number of your available agents. 

Your customers can also utilize the numeric keypad on their telephone to contact the most suitable individual agent or group of agents for their needs. 

Other available features in this section are the call history where every dialed and received calls are recorded, call filters to inform customers of your call availability period, and call transfer to transfer calls from one p

You can put your calls on hold, set your welcome and voicemail greetings even in many languages, and you can likewise direct your customers to voicemail when you are unavailable. 

Call recording, power dialer, and voicemail drop are other features present here. 

User Features: With Toky's user-first features, you can easily add users, restrict them from carrying out specific actions or even remove them, all with some clicks

Categorise your agents into groups according to the type of calls you want each agent to answer. 

Messaging Features: As you send large SMS messages from Google sheets, you can also reply to your WhatsApp messages straight from Toky. 

Needless to say, you can likewise exchange text messages with your clients via your business line. 

Reliability: Toky also employs standard security protocols including call encryption and GDPR-compliance

Likewise, Toky's servers are available in many notable continents all around the world so you don't have to worry about your calls' quality. 

Other features like the call forwarding hallmark will enable you to receive calls from your customers directly from the browser, or your business phone calls on your personal cell phone. 

This feature is very useful if you always move from one place to another and still have to take on business calls. 

You can likewise purchase local phone numbers in more than 60 countries using Toky and add the live calls button on your website so your website's visitors can reach your business call center even while on your website. 

Increase team collaboration by adding agents to groups where you organize them to receive calls selectively. 

They can also receive direct external and internal team calls using their own phone extension.


Toky Pricing Plan

There are three pricing plans for Toky and they include the Entrepreneur plan, the Business plan and the Enterprise plan.

With the Entrepreneur plan at $20 per user/month, you get access to basic phone system features, unlimited inbound calls, WhatsApp business, and even standard integrations and email support. 

The business plan at $25 per user/month includes all the Entrepreneur features, and extra add-ons like Salesforce integration, 24/5 phone support and unlimited call recordings.

You get SIP trunking and priority support, dialer bot, dedicated account manager, and all business plan features with the Enterprise plan which is most suitable for large businesses. 

Note that the Enterprise plan also offers customized pricing


  • Use on any device-mobile, tablet and laptop.
  • Integrate with WhatsApp business and keep your conversations going by sending responses to your WhatsApp messages through toky. 
  • Get 1 local or toll-free number, added to every plan.
  • Email support within 24 hour is available even with the basic plan. 
  • Starting from Toky's Business plan, you have access to unlimited call recordings.
  • Integrate with Salesforce, Slack, Zoho desk, and other CRM and business tools.
  • Make calls even on Google Chrome by using the Google Chrome extension.
  • Has reliable servers in almost every continent- North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
  • Use the call monitoring feature to know your agents' service delivery quality, and train them to perform excellently better.
  • Worry less about your calls security as the calls are encrypted.
  • Build own custom integrations with the available Toky's APLs. 
  • SIP trunking support and  dedicated account manager are available on the Enterprise plan.
  • 24/7 chat and email support is available.
  • New and improved features are continually added to Toky.
  • Take a free trial with the business phone system

Why Choose Toky Over RingCentral

  • All Toky's plans offer integrations with Zoho CRM, intercom, Slack, Hubspot CRM, and many other CRM tools while RingCentral only offer integration options starting from the Standard plan.
  • Even on Toky's lowest plan, you have the premium WhatsApp integration unlike RingCentral where WhatsApp business integration is only available on RingCentral's Engage Digital. 
    In fact, to enjoy the WhatsApp business integration, you must be a RingCentral Engage Digital customer.  
  • If you need the call recording feature, you can still pay a little charge of $0.003/min on Toky's Entrepreneur plan to get this feature. 
    However, on RingCentral's Essentials plan, it's not entirely available. 
  • Salesforce integration is not available on RingCentral's Essentials and Standard plans while you can get this particular integration option on both the Business and Enterprise versions of Toky. 
  • You can integrate with any website on all Toky's plans while you can't even integrate at all on RingCentral's Essentials plan. 
  • SIP trunking support, Multichannel priority support, and dedicated account manager are some exclusive features available on Toky's Enterprise plan but which are not available on RingCentral's Ultimate plan.

11. Ooma

Best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

Ooma is the best RingCentral Alternative for Small Businesses

Main Features

Ooma, another RingCentral alternative that you can consider deals mainly in providing VoIp and phone systems, especially for small businesses. 

It also provides Internet service, home phone service and home security services. 

You can use Ooma on your phone anywhere- office, home, shop, or even on the beach, by downloading the mobile app on google play store or Apple App store. 

To use the Ooma's desktop app directly from your computer, you would have to be a subscriber for the Ooma Office Pro version

You would also get access to other features like ring groups and extension dial.

Virtual Receptionist: The virtual receptionist which is included in the Ooma Office plan will make your business look more professional and make things easier for you and your customers. 

Now, your small business can operate like a big business, all thanks to Ooma's virtual receptionist feature. 

Additionally, you can play custom messages, build menu options, route calls, and dial by name with Ooma's virtual receptionist. 

Even if you have never used a virtual receptionist before, now is the right time to start with Ooma virtual receptionist.

Call Recording: Available in the Ooma Office Pro plan, you can simply receive your calls for later playback or download. 

Use the call recording feature automatically or only activate it anytime you want by using on-demand recording. 

You can also delete your call recordings available in the call logs.  

Enhanced Call Blocking: The enhanced blocking feature handles robocalls by blocking them automatically upon discovery. 

So, you can worry less about spammy and annoying time-wasting calls. 

Also, when you receive calls, especially calls with the ‘private number' tag, you can block them or direct them to voicemail. 

Take advantage of the Ooma Office block list to block up to 1000 numbers, and only receive the calls you trust. 

Video Conferencing: Using Ooma Meetings which is available in Ooma's Office Pro, you can collaborate effectively with your teammates, and hold instant and seamless video meetings. 

You can do this by using your Chrome desktop web browser or the mobile app.

An important feature that accompanies the video conferencing feature is the ability to share your screens. 

Using Ooma, two or more team members can share their screens concurrently. 

About 25 attendees can be present in your video conferences and you can also use the Ooma Meetings dashboard to view or delete your meetings. 

You can also create one-time or recurring meetings and access other features like chat, password option, and mute. 

Call Management Features: Call parks, transfer music, voicemail, call forwarding and transfer, call logs, flexible numbering Company directory, ring groups, and music on hold.

Calling Features: Unlimited calling, main line company number, one direct dial number per user, free number transfer, and one free toll-free number.

Mobility Features: Simultaneous Ring, call forwarding, call transfer from app, call flip, and voicemail audio email attachments.


Ooma Business phone pricing plans

Ooma's small business phone system two pricing plans are Ooma office, and Ooma Office Pro

The former goes for $19.95 per user/month while the second goes for $24.95 per user/month

You have access to about 35 business features on every plane, one free toll-free number and the mobile app. 

Ooma also has a free trail plan.


  • Use the mobile app for free.
  • Availability of toll-free numbers.
  • Receive one toll-free number freely on the two plans.
  • More than 35 features are available on every plan.
  • Add up to 1,000 phone numbers to the Ooma office block list.
  • Chat with many employees with the ooma business app.
  • Transfer calls to the general voicemail, to a teammate voicemail, or to an extension.
  • Use the phone system on a WiFi or your cellular data network.
  • Has IP and Wifi phones and base stations for sale.
  • Get about 30% off business phones when you order fast.
  • Offers a free trial.

Why Choose Ooma Over RingCentral

  • RingCentral's pricing plans are slightly higher than Ooma's respective prices. 
  • Ooma offers extension dialing, virtual extensions, voicemail audio email attachments on all plans while you can't use the 8-digits extensions with sites codes on the Essentials and Standard plans of RingCentral. 
  • Ooma currently offers a sweet promo which is giving you up to 30% off business phones when you order soon enough. 
  • As a small business, you might find Ooma extremely suitable as it easily provides tools and features such as home phone and security that will allow you to effectively turn your home into an office, at a small price. 
    RingCentral, on the other hand, only has a business phone system. 
  • Ooma has a premier plan where you can get advanced features like free second number, private voicemail, expanded call blocking, three way conferencing, google voice extensions, and the sweet ‘see your caller name' feature. 
    Contrarily, even RingCentral's highest plan ultimately does not offer these features.

RingCentral Alternatives FAQ

Now that we have explored most RingCentral's alternatives, it is possible you find yourself bothered about finding answers to some questions which might be troubling your mind. 

Probably you just want to know what RingCentral is all about, or you only want to have a sneak peek of its different pricing plans. Here is the section that will provide right answers to all your troubling questions.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a large provider of different solutions for carrying out business communication, collaboration, and improving customer service in the workplace. 

How does it achieve this

There is the RingCentral office which combines almost every solution available on the RingCentral platform including video conferencing, video and messaging

It serves as an all-in-one solution for various business needs. 

And likewise, RingCentral also provides products such as the RingCentral message, video, phone, for various types of needs like team messaging, cloud phone system, remote work, remote customer service, contact center, integrations, and video Conferencing.

The RingCentral phone system has many robust features like local numbers, toll free and vanity numbers, extensions, call delegation, call screening, call flip, call forwarding, and paging. 

Other features include visual voicemail, call monitoring, multi-site management, call logs, hot desking and call recording. 

Even though RingCentral has established itself as a popular business communication platform provider, it nevertheless has some popular competitors today.

Who are the RingCentral competitors?

RingCentral is very popular among many businesses, both small and large enterprises but still, it faces increasing competition day-by-day from other business communications service providers. 

Some of RingCentral's popular competitors are 8×8, DialPad, CloudTalk, Mitel, RingBlaze and Grasshopper

These competitors are also becoming increasingly popular among many businesses as they also offer many features similar to RingCentral. 

Most of them even offer these similar features at low costs compared to RingCentral and therefore serve as a quick go-to for many customers who are looking to cut their budgets without losing much features.

How much does RingCentral cost?

RingCentral has four paid plans which allows you to use most of its services especially if you subscribe to a higher paid plan. 

They are the Essentials at $19.99 per user per month which gives you access to unlimited call, team messaging, document sharing, voicemail to text and business phone or toll-free numbers.

Standard plan at $24.99 per user per month with features like unlimited users, unlimited fax and audio conferencing, integration option and 24/7 customer support. 

The Premium version which is acclaimed to be the most popular plan at $34.99 per use per month

Here, features like automatic call recording, single sign-on, multi-site admin and management, real time analytics, video meetings, hot desking and advanced calm handling are available. 

Ultimate, the last plan which goes for $49.99 per user monthly though you will still have to contact the sales team. 

With this plan, you can enjoy all the available features in the other plan together with other additional features such as device status report, device status alert and unlimited storage.

The ultimate plan is largely suitable if you have a large business while small business can go for the Essentials plan. 

You might also have to pay additional charges for extra local or toll-free, vanity, international and international toll-free numbers. 

Please note that the prices for the above-mentioned plans are for the annual subscription which allows you to save up to 33% as compared to the monthly subscription. 

RingCentral also allows you to try out of the available four plans for free for 15 days.

Which RingCentral Alternative Should I Choose?

Investing in a suitable help desk or a live chat software for your customer support team is important, but still you need to increase your business' gains by also investing in a business communication platform. 

The thing is, keeping in touch with your customers and doing it through one of the most common and their favorite channel which is phone calls, goes a long way in convincing your customers your business is sensitive to their needs and delight. 

Just as communicating with a loved one or family member through phone calls helps to strengthen the already existing bond, communicating with your customers by calling them or having them call your business can keep them strongly attracted to your business. 

Therefore, you can retain them for a longer period, apart from gaining new customers everyday due to your increased company's reputation. 

And you don't have to remain stuck or keep yourself limited only to RingCentral. 

Here is a summary of the different RingCentral alternatives and their specific functions.

Gently explore these RingCentral alternatives, take your time and choose the best suitable RingCentral alternative that you won't regret buying later.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh