11 Best RingCentral Alternatives in 2024 (Reviewed & Ranked)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

Discover the best RingCentral alternatives that function on VoIP and provide an easy way to talk to your customers. Choose the best alternative to experience seamless cloud-based business communications through day-to-day phone calls, video conferencing, and online meetings.

Grasshopper icon


Perfect solution for small businesses and individuals that run offices from home and have virtual teams.
RingBlaze icon


Allows multiple existing phone numbers. Works for all companies worldwide without the need for a specific location.
Vonage icon


Reliable business phone system coupled with unlimited calling, SMS, and file sharing for up to 100 people.
Nextiva icon


Offers unlimited calling and SMS messages focusing on serving remote teams using a team communication suite.
CloudTalk icon


Excellent call monitoring system and dashboard, which provides all the metrics for call monitoring.

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RingCentral has been a prominent business phone system in the VoIP industry. Known for providing a feature-rich service, it can access the users' phones across different desktop and mobile devices. Many companies consider it a robust solution that provides phone support for their customers.

But does that make RingCentral your all-in-all VoIP service provider?

Many RingCentral alternatives offer more impressive VoIP functionalities than RingCentral, and since every business's VoIP needs are very different, how do you know which one is best for you?

Why Look For Alternatives to RingCentral?

Here's why businesses should go for RingCentral alternatives:

1. Flexibility

RingCentral has location restrictions while its alternatives don't. If you choose RingCentral, your business must be based in the US, the UK, or Canada. Unlike RingCentral, RingBlaze doesn’t have location requirements. You can work with companies around the world.

2. International Calls Worldwide

While RingCentral offers international calls only in the USA and Canada, other platforms offer the same feature worldwide. Also, since other platforms have the option of local presence and numbers for respective available countries, your international clients can call you locally at cheap rates for international calls.

3. Features & Integrations

For advanced features and integrations, RingCentral charges more. But that's not the case with other alternatives such as Dialpad. Here integrations start in a base-level plan. Also, the best Ringcentral alternatives such as Nextiva and GoToConnect offer 250+ participant capacities for video conferences which isn't the case with RingCentral.

Best RingCentral Alternatives in 2022

We have listed the solutions that are better than RingCentral to help various companies choose the best business phone system according to their needs.

Without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Grasshopper

Best business phone system for solopreneurs and small businesses

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best for
Small businesses
Annual Discount
Save 10%
Free Trial

If you want to operate the business from home or are a solo entrepreneur, we recommend Grasshopper. It’s specifically designed for startups and small businesses to get started with a professional phone system with low prices and zero disruptions. Every voicemail comes with a written transcription so that you don’t have to listen to every voicemail when you run out of time. Grasshopper allows staff to continue using their phones without giving out their phone number to every person they contact.

Grasshopper allows staff to continue using their phones without giving out their phone number to every person they contact. The best thing is your clients receive auto-text if you miss their call. That keeps them from calling someone else.

Key Features

  • Mobile and desktop app to access your phone system from anywhere. Use an internet connection to make and receive VoIP calls, SMS, and voicemails and see your call history.
  • Send business SMS to conveniently send and receive text messages on your business phone instead of a personal number.
  • Redirect any incoming call to another number through the call forwarding feature. Save time by forwarding customer calls and questions directly to informational extensions.
  • VoIP calling to call and text from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Voicemail transcriptions help you quickly get the message when you can't listen to the call recording.
  • Auto-attendant or live virtual phone system handles your inbound calls by collaborating with Ruby.


Grasshopper - Pricing Plan

Grasshopper offers three packages:

  • Solo – $29/month for 1 number, with three extensions and unlimited minutes.
  • Partner – $49/month for 3 numbers, 6 extensions, and unlimited minutes.
  • Small business – $89/month for 5 numbers, unlimited extensions, and unlimited minutes.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Great customer support


  • No video conferencing
  • Average voicemail transcription

2. RingBlaze

Best business phone service for international calling.

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best for
Team collaboration and international calling
Annual discount
Save 20%
Free trial

When it comes to sales and support collaboration, we insist on using RingBlaze. Supercharge your tasks by managing call activities, assigning calls to the right team, and adding notes. The software has a web integration widget, which means everyone can press it and call you – that would forward the call to whoever among the team is available at that moment. You can choose toll-free numbers, free international calling, or vanity.

If you’re searching for advanced team collaboration features, Ringblaze is a more reliable alternative to RingCentral because it has a powerful in-built team collaboration tool that caters to your business needs effectively.

Key Features

  • Call collaboration through a shared dashboard allows interactive and dynamic conversations—no duplicate callbacks.
  • Real-time customer interaction while browsing your website, converting casual viewers into leads.
  • Fast deployment where you receive your first call within 15 minutes of setup.
  • Keeps you connected and engaged with your customers globally. Track growth trends and get an integrated reporting system.


RingBlaze - Pricing Plan

Ringblaze offers a 7-day free trial and one pricing plan at $19 monthly.


  • Free personalized demo
  • Virtual unlimited extensions
  • Custom phone numbers (toll-free, local, and vanity)
  • Great customer support as compared to RingCentral


  • Lacks SMS autoresponders

3. Vonage

Best RingCentral alternative with great customer service

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best for
Small to mid-sized businesses
Annual discount
Free Plan

The best thing about Vonage is the ease of use and responsiveness of its customer service. We love their robust features coupled with a user-friendly and sleek interface. The quality of the calls is very good and efficient.  Even more,  the voicemails are being delivered with great audio quality and hardly have any bugs.

Vonage is an excellent VoIP and unified communications provider that offers business collaboration and communication and cost-effective services to the smallest businesses. It delivers clear call quality and a simple setup.

Key Features

  • Communications APIs to transform your customer experiences with programmable messaging, voice, and video.
  • Unified communications with flexible and collaborative solutions for employees across every channel.
  • Contact center solutions provide your sales and service agents with what they need to establish a great conversation.
  • Conversational commerce where their product jumper.ai helps you engage customers on their favorite messaging, chat, or social channels that boost sales and streamline support.


Vonage - Pricing Plan

Vonage offers three types of pricing:

  • Mobile $19.99 user per month/line – Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, Vonage app center, unlimited team messaging.
  • Premium $29.99 user per month/line – All mobile plan features + unlimited meetings for up to 100, multi-level auto attendant, CRM integration, IP desk to desk calling.
  • Advanced $39.99 user per month/line – All premium plan features + call recording, call group, visual voicemail.


  • Clear call quality
  • Quick and helpful support
  • Toll-free number available
  • Simple setup
  • Wide range of integrations


  • Lacks HD video quality
  • Limited features in the basic plan

4. Nextiva

Best business phone service to communicate with everyone

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best for
Large enterprises
$25.95 per user/month
Annual discount
Get a Demo

We love Nextiva because it's suitable for everything, from small businesses with just a few members to large companies with several departments. You can wield the platform and its features to help with client relationships and call management, remote work, call centers, etc. You can call it an all-in-one business unified communications provider that offers excellent video conferencing, team chat and collaboration service, and much more.

Nextiva offers VoIP services for businesses and call centers ranging from small to large. The phone service is highly reliable and efficient, and you get useful features beyond voice calling on every plan. It’s one of the most versatile VoIP service providers and thanks to the many plans available. It’s an ideal choice for most businesses.

Key Features

  • Advanced VoIP conference calling where you can host unlimited audio and video meetings. Dedicated conference bridge for all your meetings.
  • Collaborate using business phone software. Create groups to connect via chat, video, and audio.
  • Intelligent cloud contact center with seamless connectivity. Handle high call volumes with self-service interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Business phone app to work anywhere. Instantly call conference, chat, video, or share screens with individuals or groups.
  • Call reporting and monitor performance to get a real-time overview of activity across your organization.
  • Call pops that instantly show important caller details on your screen before answering the call.


Nextiva - Pricing Plan

Nextiva offers a 7-days free trial and three types of pricing plans.

  • Essential $25.95 per user/month – Unlimited voice & video calling, voicemail, toll-free numbers, unlimited internet inbound and outbound faxes, and more.
  • Professional $30.95 per user/month – Screensharing, auto-attendant, Salesforce/Hubspot integrations, and more.
  • Enterprise $40.95 per user/month – Voicemail transcription, single sign-on, three professionally recorded meetings, and more.


  • Excellent customer support
  • quality training
  • Reliable service


  • Expensive plans
  • Occasional navigation issues

5. CloudTalk

Best business phone system that helps growing businesses establish communication.

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best for
Mid to large-sized companies
$30 user per month
Annual discount

CloudTalk is the perfect phone system for mid-sized companies looking to grow. Typically, it's used in sales for outbound calls and customer service for inbound calls. We like that it rings all the operators simultaneously, and you have access to all the data. It synchronizes with your customers so that we can ace that extra touch of personalization.

CloudTalk is a user-friendly cloud-based phone software for sales and support teams. It provides more than 50 advanced calling features. Thanks to seamless integration with CRM, Helpdesk, e-commerce platforms, etc., companies can experience first-class customer experiences.

Key Features

  • Excellent voice features include call recording, voicemail, and internal calls/extensions. Acquire international numbers with codes from 140+ countries. Green toll-free number for clients to call you for free or low rates.
  • Intelligent call routing with pre-defined criteria based on your preferences and automated smart and efficient queue distribution of inbound calls. Call forwarding to any external business number or landline number if your agents are busy.
  • Simple and seamless integrations with your CRM and helpdesk tools. Automatic display of previous calls, orders, and chats. Shared contact list.
  • Improve the quality of your VoIP call center solution with detailed statistics and call monitoring.
  • Accessible from all kinds of devices.


CloudTalk - Pricing Plan

CloudTalk offers a 14-days free trial and four types of pricing plans.

  • Starter $30 per user/month – Unlimited inbound & intracompany calls, Click call, automated call distribution, desktop and mobile app, etc.
  • Essential $40 per user/month – All starter features + advanced customer journey analytics with complete history, open API, skill-based routing, smart queueing, etc.
  • Expert $60 per user/month – All essential features + Salesforce integration, power dialer, predictive dialer, wallboards, speech to text, SSO, etc.
  • Custom – Contact customer support.


  • Excellent statistics dashboard.
  • Integration with HubSpot.
  • Quick and easy updating.


  • Occasional glitches.
  • Sometimes there’s a delay in customer service response.
  • More expensive than RingCentral.

6. DialPad

Best business phone system for everyday business use

DialPad - One beautiful workspace for team and customer communications

Dialpad is a business phone system and the best RingCentral alternative that provides unmatched mobility, flexibility, and security to more than the world’s most innovative businesses. It's built entirely from the ground up on the Google Cloud Platform.

A solid choice for businesses looking for a software-focused solution, Dialpad has doubled down on its AI-based voicemail transcription and smart alerting features. Includes native Voice Intelligence features such as real-time transcription and post-call summaries.

Key Features

  • Manage phone calls, texts, and voicemails from any device. No hardware is needed. Set up custom routing rules and easily forward calls to your smartphone so customers reach the right person every time.
  • Collaborate between calls by chatting, sharing files, and moving projects forward with messaging. Connect external teams with 1:1 messaging, team threads, and meetings.
  • Meet up instantly through unlimited video conferencing in one click.
  • Built-in AI takes notes so that you won't miss anything. Dialpad transcribes calls, analyzes sentiment, and even sends you a call summary.
  • Seamless integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Workspace.
  • Real-time analytics for having perfect visibility into usage and adoption across global offices.


DialPad - Pricing Plan

Dialpad offers a 14-days free trial and three types of pricing plans.

  • Standard $15 per user/month – Unlimited calling, unlimited SMS & MMS1, call controls (call forwarding, transfer, hold, mute), and more.
  • Pro $25 per user/month – All standard plan features + local phone number support in 50+ countries, CRM integrations, 24/7 phone support, international SMS, and more.
  • Enterprise (Contact support team) – All-Pro plan features + 100% uptime SLA, extensions, unlimited office locations, azure integration, and more.


  • AI-based call transcriptions
  • Geographic call routing
  • Ability to take work calls from your cellphone.


  • Analytics report lacks call quality information.

7. 8×8

The best business phone system that saves big on cloud communications

8×8 - Save big on cloud communications

The 8×8 open communications platform supports global business-critical communications and collaboration for millions of users daily and is committed to providing security and reliability for small businesses and enterprises.

When it comes to the work-from-anywhere approach, the 8×8 trust center takes all the security measures, meets the compliance standards, and promises reliability to support business communications and continuity across the globe.

Key Features

  • The modern cloud-based phone system elevates the quality and reliability of your business phone.
  • High-definition video conferencing on any device for up to 500 participants. Rich content sharing and collaboration.
  • Provides real-time team messaging—universal team chats to integrate with popular team chat platforms.
  • Seamless integrations with 60+ mobile and desktop apps.
  • VoIP phones, accessories, headsets, adapters, conference phones, and cordless phones enhance your communication process.


8×8 - Pricing Plan

8×8 offers a 30-days free trial and three types of pricing plans

  • Small business phone system ($15 per user/month) – For up to 10 users, voice, video conferencing, messaging in one app, unlimited calling in the US and Canada, and more.
  • Voice calls, video, and chat for teams ($24 per user/month) – Unlimited voice international calling to 14 countries, unlimited video meetings with 500 participants, team messaging, business SMS/MMS, and more.
  • Advanced call handling and analytics ($44 per user/month)– Everything in X2 + unlimited voice calling to 48 countries, supervisor analytics, etc.


  • Easy setup for desktop and mobile devices
  • Improved features as compared to the previous version
  • Selecting multiple phone numbers


  • Less wait time on service calls
  • Analytics reports are not configurable.

8. GoToConnect

Best business phone system with great functionalities to manage calls

GoToConnect - One solution. So many ways to stay connected

GoToConnect combines cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio, and video capabilities into one simple, flexible solution. Users can meet, talk, and collaborate via web browser, desktop, mobile app, or desk phone with features ranging from virtual voicemail and call forwarding to secure video conferencing and screen sharing.

GoTo Connect is an all-in-one communications software and RingCentral alternative built for SMBs. It gives workers one tool for communication, available to them anywhere, on any device.

Key Features

  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Add toll-free numbers or port your current ones. Set up an auto-attendant to route calls.
  • Create your custom call routing and a fully-featured PBX with a drag-and-drop Dial Plan Editor.
  • Join meetings or calls from your desk, computer, or cell phone with the GoTo Connect app from your browser.


GoToConnect - Pricing Plan

GoToConnect offers three types of pricing plans:

  • Basic ($24 per user/month) – Existing number porting, local, toll-free, and vanity numbers, smart call routing, and more.
  • Standard ($29 per user/month) – All basic features + unlimited auto-attendant recorded greetings, customizable dial plans, call queues, and more.
  • Premium ($39 per user/month) – All standard features + call analytics, inbound & outbound call monitoring, customizable admin controls, and more.


  • Quick and responsive customer service
  • Logging/Dispositioning calls
  • Simple and friendly UI
  • More affordable than RingCentral


  • Random logging out/rebooting
  • Fewer updates.

9. Mitel

Best business phone service with the best remote communication across the globe

Mitel - Time for an Upgrade

Mitel has been a global market leader in business communications for 50 years. They help businesses and service providers connect, collaborate, and provide all the services to their clients.

Similar to RingCentral, Mitel brings your teams together with messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. Users can stay connected while on the go with our web, mobile, and desktop applications. Get rich PBX features, advanced call controls, and softphone, mobile, and IP desk phone options so you can talk and meet from anywhere—effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Collaboration software enables employees to remain fluid and connected, so they can share information with those who matter via voice, video, and instant messaging. MITeam, MITel, MICollab, MITel Phone Manager, and more are their collaboration products that help you ace your team communication.
  • A comprehensive range of business phone systems provides a targeted call center, unified communications, and cloud communications product to fit the requirements of all customers.
  • Range of IP and digital phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals tailored for executives to everyday employees for businesses of all sizes.


To know pricing info, contact their team.


  • Handy Bluetooth handset
  • Great call quality
  • Variety of options to set up for end-users


  • UX needs a little improvement
  • Lack of user customization

10. Toky

Best turn-key communication solution for all of your

Toky - A modern phone system that works the way you do

Toky is a business phone system that allows your customers and teams to communicate seamlessly using the internet. With virtual phone numbers from around the world, you can work from anywhere.

It integrates with major CRM and other business tools that not only will allow you to get in touch with your contacts with a single click but also log the details of every call you make.

With the best set of features, such as call recording, Voicemails, SMS, and Speech Text, your business’s communications needs are always taken care of at a very affordable price.

Key Features

  • Easy configuration through buying or porting in a business phone number, assigning agents to your numbers, selecting the language of the greeting message, and you are done.
  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics taken directly based on your interaction with your customers.
  • Send and receive text messages with your customers using your business line.
  • Voicemail drop to improve the productivity of your call center. Click on the VM Drop button, and Toky will leave a pre-recorded message for you without disrupting your current calling.
  • Easily identify calls with custom tags, add important notes that your team can use to make informed decisions, and plan customer interactions.
  • A multilevel IVR system makes it easy for your customers to contact the right team.


Toky - Pricing Plan

Toky offers a 14-days free trial and three types of pricing plans.

  • Entrepreneur ($25/agent) – Basic cloud phone system features, unlimited inbound calls, SMS messaging, access to standard integrations, and more.
  • Business ($35/agent) – All entrepreneur features + access to Salesforce integration, unlimited call recordings, email support, and more.
  • Enterprise plan (Contact customer support) – SIP Trunking support, BYOC, dialer bot, account manager, and more.


  • Flexible and affordable
  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy UI navigation


  • Connectivity is a bit worse than RingCentral
  • Seldom lags during interface loading

11. Ooma

Great RingCentral alternative with easy configuration and custom phone system capabilities

Ooma - Run your business better and stay connected to what matters

Ooma is a leading VoIP phone service for residential and business customers. Customers can set up a complete phone system with voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, and other features.

It's the best RingCentral alternative for businesses lacking IT teams. Small business owners without IT specialists will find it easy to set up and custom phone system abilities.

Key Features

  • Easy calling and texting from mobile apps. Desktop app with softphone to make calls and access Ooma meetings. Powerful video conferencing.
  • Easy integrations with your existing systems.
  • Enhanced call blocking to prevent telemarketers and spammers from reaching your business.
  • Ring groups easily enable callers to reach a group of extensions such as the sales team or customer service.
  • Virtual Receptionist feature to play a greeting, send callers to another extension, or offer a menu to guide callers to the right person.


Ooma - Pricing Plan

Ooma offers two types of pricing plans.

  • Ooma Office ($19.95/month per user) – Mobile and desktop apps, virtual receptionist, extension dialing, call transfer, and more.
  • Ooma Office Pro ($24.95/month per user) – All Office features + video conferencing, call recording, voicemail transcriptions, caller info match, and more.


  • Full-featured mobile apps
  • Virtually any device works
  • Responsive customer support


  • Wi-Fi requires add-on
  • Limited basic features

RingCentral Alternative FAQ

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral offers cloud-hosted unified VoIP phone services with complete communications and team call management solutions tailored for small and large businesses and is designed to optimize team projects fully.

Several companies rely on RingCentral because of its great features, reliable service, ease to use, and affordable plans.

You can set up and assign the same business number (including international, toll-free, and even vanity numbers), manage team SMS messaging, share files, hold audio and video conferences, manage customer communications such as voicemails, and more.

RingCentral has an uptime of 99%, which means their service is down for only a few minutes in a year.

Who are the RingCentral competitors?

Popular RingCentral competitors are


How much does RingCentral cost?

RingCentral offers four types of pricing depending on the number of users.

Essentials ($29.99 per user/month) – up to 20 users only, business phone or toll-free numbers, enhanced business SMS, team messaging, and more.

Standard ($37.99  per user/month) – Everything in essentials + unlimited users, unlimited internet virtual fax, video meetings with up to 100 participants, and more.

Premium ($44.99  per user/month) – Everything in Standard + automatic call recording, hot desking, real-time analytics, popular CRM integrations, and more.

Ultimate ($59.99  per user/month) – Everything in Premium + device status reports, unlimited storage, and more.

What is the Best RingCentral Alternative?

We have listed the excellent RingCentral alternatives, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one question: do you need a full-featured software like CloudTalk or a simple-to-use tool like Grasshopper?

Well, that depends on your business size and team counts.

  • Grasshopper for companies running from homes or startups.
  • RingBlaze for international calling and no location-based restrictions.
  • CloudTalk for companies with big team sizes.
  • Dialpad during video conferencing and team meetings that need AI-based voice transcriptions.
  • Nextiva for flexible and efficient team collaboration.
Best Overall


Perfect solution for small businesses and individuals that run offices from home.
Best for Unlimited International Calling


Allows multiple existing phone numbers. Works for all companies worldwide without the need for a specific location.
Best for Internal Communication


Reliable business phone system coupled with unlimited calling, SMS, and file sharing for up to 100 people.
Best Collaboration System


Offers unlimited calling and SMS messages focusing on serving remote teams using a team communication suite called NextOS.
Best for Call Monitoring


Excellent call monitoring system and dashboard, which provides all the metrics for call monitoring and integrates with all CRM.

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