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10 Best Vonage Alternatives for Business Phone Systems (VoIP)

Discover the best Vonage alternatives and top competitors to run your virtual business phone system to make long-distance and international calls.

vonage alternatives

Vonage has been in the VoIP industry for over 20 years and made a consolidated revenue of over $1.2 billion in 2020.

Surely, they know their way around ensuring effective communication amongst team members and employees with their myriad of features.

But does that make Vonage your all-in-all VoIP service provider?

Many Vonage alternatives offer impressive VoIP functionalities than Vonage, and since every business VoIP needs are very different, how do you know which one is right for you?

What B2B Customers Expect From VoIP Service Providers.

In this article, I have explained explicitly the best Vonage alternatives available for every kind of business and the differences they share with Vonage.

Let's get started.

Why Vonage Alternatives?

In recent times, we have seen a rise in remote working.

Most employees now work-from-home either fully or part-time, and businesses are now shifting towards the VoIP industry for effective communication.

There were over 110 million U.S VoIP subscribers in 2018, and in 2025, the VoIP market will reach a market value of $55 billion.

Luckily, there are numerous VoIP service providers in the VoIP market, including Vonage.

However, while Vonage may appeal to some businesses, it may not be the perfect choice for you.

Here are the reasons why.

1. Cheap VoIP Service Provider

Vonage pricing begins at $19.99 monthly for four users and reduces as the number of users increases, which might seem like a good deal.

However, that's really not the case as most of its features come with an additional cost.

You'll have to pay $0.03 per minute for all outbound calls and an additional fee for user extensions for each phone number.

If you want to use its conference bridge feature that supports up to 30 participants, you'll have to pay $14.99 monthly and an additional $0.03 per minute.

If you wish to record your call, you'll have to purchase its advanced plan (as the call recording feature is only available on that plan) and pay an extra $4.99 for a maximum of 15 hours monthly.

If you want voicemail transcriptions, it'll cost you $4.99 monthly per extension.

Meanwhile, other Vonage alternatives offer these same features with no hidden fees or at no cost or a much lower cost.

2. Unlimited Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than texts.

So, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs and business owners always love to include some form of visual content in their messages.

Sadly, Vonage doesn't support MMS, and so users who wish to send or receive images or visuals on their business phone numbers will have to look elsewhere.

3. Intuitive User Experience

Although Vonage has been around for a long time, they have stayed in the dark concerning technology advancement.

First of all, setting up Vonage can be time-consuming as their interface is clunky and quite complicated. So, you may require some technical skills, especially if you are a non-tech savvy user.

Also, another major frustration is clicking their link directly from their emails.

Whenever they send an email, it always links to their old admin dashboard, and so when you click on it, you'll be prompted to visit the new dashboard and redirected to the individual dashboard.

You'll then have to navigate into the admin dashboard to access your business phone system.

Now, that's a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary steps when, all thanks to technology advancement, you can quickly get on your admin dashboard in just one-click.

Vonage also lacks customizable user control and permissions, making it difficult for you to effectively plan your workflow.

Best Vonage Alternatives for Business Phone Systems

1. RingCentral

Best Overall Vonage Alternative.

RingCentral is the best Overall Vonage Alternative.

RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP service provider that helps businesses work collaboratively and boost their communication, irrespective of the size.

Currently providing services to over 350 businesses globally, you can also decide to use RingCentral for more than voice communications as it is also a UCaaS (Unified Communication-as-a-Service) platform.

RingCentral provides you with off-the-shelf types of equipment like VoIP phones and headsets so that you don't have to go through any rigorous hardware installation or maintenance. You can also easily migrate your existing phone number into the RingCentral cloud system.

There are numerous modern features available for you, such as cloud PBX, call managing, paging, intercom, mobile app, and you can configure automatic call recording and call forwarding easily. For instance, you can customize your system to send callers straight to voicemail during off-hours.

You can also access its free team collaboration app, RingCentral Glip, which allows easy communication, file sharing, and task management amongst employees.

If your organization still chooses to use a fax machine to send out information, RingCentral has a built-in online fax service that allows you to send faxes from the internet by copying the documents from your cloud or your computer and sending them as a fax to the other party. This way, you save time and resources, and the other party receives the fax as regular fax.

You can also keep track of your calls, monitor service quality, and get detailed system analytics with features such as call monitoring, call logs, multi-site management, and analytics report.

RingCentral integrates easily with remote desktop software and other business-relevant software, including Microsoft, Dropbox, Desk, Zendesk, Salesforce, Google, and many others.

It provides a toll-free number, which is free for your North-American customers, and you can also keep the toll-free number even after you no longer use their services. For international callers who call your toll-free line, they will have their calls quickly transferred to any international number you have available.


RingCentral Pricing Plan

RingCentral offers a 15-day free trial for a maximum of 5 users and has four pricing plans: Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate.

You can also decide to increase your system as you like by including additional toll-free or local numbers, different vanity numbers, additional international toll-free numbers, and any other features your business may need.

You can contact RingCentral's sales department to select the best option for you.


  • Easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Unlimited business SMS.
  • Send and receive business MMS.
  • Toll-free and local numbers.
  • Inbound caller ID name.
  • Intercom and paging functionalities.
  • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • HD-quality video and audio conferencing experience.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Visual voicemail and voicemail-to-email functionality.
  • Internet faxing.
  • Call routing with a time-based auto-redirect.
  • Call management functionalities including call flip, call park, call screening, call delegation, RingOut, and call forwarding.
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools including Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and many others.

Why Choose RingCentral Over Vonage?

RingCentral is a better alternative to Vonage because it allows you to receive and send multimedia messages (MMS) on your business phone system.

In contrast, you cannot send or receive images on your business phone number as Vonage does not support MMS messaging.

2. CallHippo

Top-rated Vonage Alternative Offering Excellent Support to Startups and SMEs.

CallHippo is the top rated Vonage Alternative Offering Excellent Support to Startups and SMEs.

CallHippo is a web-based VoIP service provider offering small business owners a better way to set up efficient communication and serve their clients.

It has an intuitive and practical interface that anyone can navigate, and you do not need to have a desktop phone to use CallHippo as calls can be made or received via its web browser.

CallHippo has numerous features available, including call recording that allows you to use recorded calls for various purposes and integrate calls for your CRM and call transfer that will enable you to redirect a call from your phone number to a team member.

There's also the call forwarding feature that helps you keep your customers engaged with automated greetings rather than silence and the call conferencing feature that allows you to add an extra person to your two-way call.

An interactive dashboard will provide detailed information on your caller details such as duration of calls, number of missed calls, or answered calls, which will help you make more profit-inclined business decisions.

You can as well collaborate with your team members in real-time using the team collaboration tool. For instance, you can allocate what time of the day/night each team member will be receiving rerouted calls or replying to voicemails or give different team members access to other parts of your business phone system.

CallHippo keeps you in charge of your working hours by allowing you to set time zones based on your location. 

If you have missed voicemails or call recordings that you haven't attended to, CallHippo automatically delivers them directly to your dashboard in an audio format.

There's also a very professional and knowledgeable customer support team offering support via live chat, phone, email, training, and numerous knowledge base resources.


CallHippo Pricing Plan

CallHippo has four pricing plans: Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Enterprise.

The Enterprise plan is usually customized, and you'll have to contact their sales department to request a quote.


  • Simple and straightforward user interface.
  • Auto call recording.
  • Unlimited calling directly from your browser.
  • Call center management.
  • Distribution of working hours for multiple users.
  • Easily select new numbers for different countries.
  • Multi-level multilingual IVR.
  • Inbound and outbound reporting.
  • Real-time call and caller performance analytics.
  • Easily forward calls to your smartphone.
  • Toll-free and local phone numbers for over 40 countries.
  • A mobile app that is compatible with both android and iOS devices.
  • Custom hold music.
  • Hassle-free integration with several leading third-party software, including Intercom, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, Outreach, and Sales Cloud.
  • Excellent support via 24/7 live chat, email, phone, video tutorials, FAQs.

Why Choose CallHippo Over Vonage?

CallHippo is a more suitable alternative to Vonage because it has an auto call recording feature that automatically saves all inbound and outbound calls in your call log.

It is available on CallHippo's Silver Plan and every other plan after that, and you can record up to 100,000 calls on your business phone system.

In contrast, call recording is available on-demand at $4.99 monthly per extension on Vonage's advanced plan only and for a maximum of 15 hours.

3. 8×8

Best Vonage Alternative Offering Video Meeting and Conferencing Services.

8x8 is the best Vonage Alternative Offering Video Meeting and Conferencing Services.

8×8 is a cloud-hosted VoIP service provider with an intuitive user interface providing the perfect communication solutions that suit every business's needs.

This Vonage competitor is a Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and offers unified messaging tools to help you organize all your communication streams in a single place. So, you have access to your calls, text, emails, faxes, and every of your business' needs in one place.

It has both a mobile app and desktop app that's compatible across all devices so that employees can access, navigate, and manage the business phone system easily.

You can basically access every call handling and management functionality you need, like the call recording feature that lets you record and download calls received on your business phone system and the call forwarding feature that lets you set your own forwarding rules for different events like out-of-office hours.

The call monitoring feature also helps supervisors listen to selected employees' conversations with clients without anyone being aware of it and allows supervisors to speak to employees without the client hearing the conversation.

There are numerous features available such as the paging feature that lets you make real-time announcements to many employees all at the same time.

It has a Conference bridge feature providing solid video conferencing capability, such as adding co-hosts to a meeting, screen sharing, meeting recording, and streaming video meetings on YouTube platforms. Each employee can host HD video meetings with up to 100 participants at a time.

There's also the auto-attendant feature that lets you create multiple layers of custom messages to cater to your client's needs according to their size, location, and priority.  You can also create multiple auto-attendants and create a new profile for each of them.

8×8 allows you to incorporate your business phone system into your existing software and offers a built-in analytics feature that provides comprehensive details on the performance of your business phone system communication.


8x8 Pricing Plan

8×8 offers a one-month free trial and has three pricing plans: 8×8 Express, X Series X2, and X Series X4.

You can also mix and match the number of features you need in each plan to create a customized bundle and contact their sales department to request a custom quote.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Unlimited calling and SMS.
  • Multi-level auto attendant.
  • Three-way calling.
  • Team collaboration tools.
  • Great desktop and mobile app.
  • Call handling and management functionality, including call monitoring, call forwarding, call transfer, call queues, call parking and waiting, and call recording.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Detailed analytics and reports across all of your business phone system communications.
  • Voicemail-to-email transcription.
  • Music on hold.
  • Caller ID blocking and Do Not Disturb functionalities.
  • Online faxing.
  • Migrate your existing business phone number to your new business phone system quickly and at no additional cost.
  • Customer support via 24/7 live chat, email, phone, FAQs section, video tutorials, and online forums.

Why Choose 8×8 Over Vonage?

As an alternative to Vonage, 8×8 offers the best video conferencing feature. With its X2 plan, you can access its video conference bridge that supports up to 15 callers for free.

You can also extend the number of callers for an extra charge.

On the other hand, Vonage allows only 30 participants to access its conference bridge services at the rate of $14.99 monthly and an additional $0.03 per minute.

4. Ringblaze

Most Versatile Vonage Alternative with Advanced Team Collaboration Options that Supports Real-time Customer Interactions.

Ringblaze is the Most Versatile Vonage Alternative with Advanced Team Collaboration Options.

Ringblaze is a VoIP service provider with an easy-to-use dashboard and numerous customer support tools to help you convert visitors into leads.

Instead of your customers taking unguided or assumed actions on your website, this Vonage competitor provides a sophisticated dashboard for team collaboration so that your employees can easily communicate with customers in real-time.

It has a shared call inbox that will show all incoming calls, numbers, and features in one collaborative workspace.  

Employees can answer calls live, listen to messages from calls that they didn't answer, manage calls, and effectively track customer complaints.

There's an assigned tab on the Ringblaze business phone system where employees can see their assigned calls, make real notes in the dashboard, and mark tickets as resolved. That helps every employee stay on top of their game since they have a detailed layout of customers they have reached out to and those they still need to contact.

There are also emails and real-time chat options for customers who prefer not to speak on the phone.

Ringblaze offers an integrated reporting system that provides a comprehensive analysis of your business phone system performance so that you can track your business growth and make decisions that will scale your business.

It provides a click-to-call widget that you can set up on your website or any webpage to allow your customers around the world to connect with your business quickly.

Ringblaze also offers a free personalized presentation (a 20-minute guide and support with their product experts via video call) to anyone who wants to know more about its features and how it suits their business.


Ringblaze Pricing Plan

Ringblaze offers a 7-day free trial and one pricing plan at $19 monthly.


  • Easy setup.
  • Free personalized demo.
  • Voice quality enhancement.
  • Virtual extensions.
  • Custom phone numbers, including toll-free, local, and vanity numbers.
  • Functional webpage call widget.
  • You can import your customer's list easily.
  • Virtual call center functionalities including call forwarding, call recording, call transfer, call mute, call logging, and call routing.
  • Ring on speakers.
  • Share call inbox and contacts with team members.
  • Data-driven analysis and reports on your business phone system performance.
  • Impressive support via email, chat, phone, one-on-one onboarding sessions, and a dedicated account manager.

Why Choose Ringblaze Over Vonage?

If you'd like to access advanced team collaboration features, Ringblaze is a more reliable alternative to Vonage because it has a powerful in-built team collaboration tool that caters to your business needs effectively.

There's a dedicated dashboard that allows you to assign calls, make notes, and collaborate with team members in real-time to improve your customer experience.

On the other hand, Vonage doesn't have a built-in team collaboration tool. Although they have partnered with Amazon Chime to provide team collaboration solutions, its features are not as advanced as Ringblaze's.

5. Grasshopper

Most Functional Vonage Alternative for Solo Entrepreneurs Looking to Gain Customers Credibility.

Grasshopper is the Most Functional Vonage Alternative for Solo Entrepreneurs Looking to Gain Customers Credibility

Grasshopper is a cloud-based VoIP business provider with a simple and straightforward interface that requires no additional hardware. So, instead of connecting to a desk phone, you simply connect your mobile and home phones to your business phone system.

It provides custom phone numbers for your business phone system, including vanity numbers, toll-free numbers, and local numbers to help you build your business and ensure that your customers can always remember your number.

There’s also a voicemail transcription feature that uses voice recognition technology to determine your voicemails and transcribe them to texts or emails.

Grasshopper isn’t a true Unified Communication-as-a-service that offers video conferencing tools, call recordings or third-party software integrations with business phone system services.

However, it has an online portal that controls a robust call handling functionality for your business phone system.

Every employee can access the portal, decide how they want calls forwarded to them, route calls however they like, and choose the number (up to 15) they want calls sent in.

You can also decide to receive incoming calls, send the caller directly to voicemail or even choose to hear the caller’s name and phone number to know if you want to speak with the customer right away.

Unfortunately, Grasshopper won’t allow you to record a custom audio greeting for your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

You will only get to tailor their IVR recordings from their professional voice studio to suit your business, which is a significant benefit for you because it makes your business seem like a national organization and adds legitimacy and credibility to your business in the eyes of customers.


Grasshopper offers a 7-day free trial with access to only 100 calling minutes and 100 text messages during the free trial period.

Once the free trial period elapses, you can opt for its pricing plans: Solo, Partner, and Small Business.

Grasshopper also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its pricing plans.


  • Virtual business phone numbers.
  • Standard voicemail and voicemail transcription.
  • Mobile and desktop apps.
  • Simultaneous call handling.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Unlimited local calling and business texting within the U.S and Canada.
  • On-hold music.
  • Custom greetings from Grasshopper’s professional voice studio.
  • Call forwarding and call transfers.
  • Incoming call control.
  • Text messaging and internet faxing.
  • Robust customer support via 24/7 phone, email, and online user guides.

Why Choose Grasshopper Over Vonage?

As an alternative to Vonage, Grasshopper is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and businesses that just needs a business line on their cell phone.

It’s very affordable ($12 monthly), and you won’t need to add any physical phone adapters or hardware.

In contrast, Vonage costs three times as much ($35 monthly) if you just want a business line for your small business without advanced outbound calls.

6. CloudTalk

Budget-friendly Vonage Alternative Handling High-traffic Customer Calls and Engagements for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

CloudTalk is the Budget friendly Vonage Alternative Handling High traffic Customer Calls and Engagements.

CloudTalk is a cloud-based VoIP service provider with a myriad of essential call features to manage communication between your employees and customers, improve your customers' experience and make your workflow more efficient.

This Vonage competitor auto-calls your customers whenever you miss a call, records calls and sends text messages automatically, and allows you to create personalized greetings for your customers based on situations such as off business hours.

If you have more than one business phone number, you can also give individual tags to each of them.

Its intelligent call routing functionality offers automated call distribution, call queuing, call forwarding, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to ensure that your most qualified employee effectively handles your customers' complaints.

CloudTalk allows you to port your existing phone number directly to your business phone system and offers a click-to-call widget that you can embed on your webpage so that your customers can contact you with just one click.

Every employee gets to have their own personalized number or extension, and you can choose to mask your phone number and share it only with the callers you select.

You can also send and receive online fax directly on your business phone system or choose to receive fax messages in the form of emails.

CloudTalk provides detailed statistics and analysis of your business phone management performance via easy-to-understand graphs so that you can make data-relevant business decisions and improve the quality of your business phone system.

You can natively integrate your CloudTalk business phone system with e-Commerce platforms and other third-party software tools relevant to your business, including Shopify, Zendesk, HubSpot, Salesforce, Magento, Google Contacts, and many others.

It also has an open API that lets your CloudTalk business phone system integrate with your external system so that you can import and export contacts easily and download your phone calls history at any time.


CloudTalk Pricing Plan

CloudTalk offers a 14-day free trial on all its pricing plans: Starter, Essential, Expert, and Custom Plans.


  • Intuitive web interface.
  • Automatic call distribution.
  • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu.
  • Inbound and Outbound call center.
  • Ring groups.
  • International numbers.
  • Toll-free numbers.
  • Personalized greetings.
  • Responsive web and mobile applications compatible with every device.
  • Essential call features including call queuing, call recording, number porting, blacklist, internal phone number tags, call masking, call tagging, call notes, call transfer, and automatic call back.
  • Intelligent call routing functionality.
  • Fax-to-email.
  • Easy one-click integrations with your CRM and workflow tools such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Shopify, Intercom, BigCommerce, Google Contacts, Slack, and Zapier.
  • Advanced call statistics, analysis, and monitoring functionality to give you a comprehensive overview of your business phone system.
  • Caller-based routing.
  • Click-to-call widget.

Why Choose CloudTalk Over Vonage?

CloudTalk, as an alternative to Vonage, offers an affordable and reliable range of features on all its plans and these features provide adequate support to enhance your customers' experience.

It has a call recording feature that automatically saves all your calls and a call queue feature that allows an unlimited number of customers to wait in a “virtual line” for their turn to get their complaints resolved by an employee.

In contrast, Vonage also offers numerous features that can cater to your business' communication needs. However, these features are costly.

Its call queue feature costs $14.99 monthly and an additional $0.03 per minute, and the call recording feature is only available on Vonage's most expensive plan at $4.99 monthly for a maximum of 15 hours.

7. Google Voice

Most Suitable Vonage Alternative for Business Professionals Interested in Utilizing their Google Workspace Products.

Google Voice is the Most Suitable Vonage Alternative for Business Professionals.

Google Voice is a web-based VoIP service provider from Google that offers you a Voice number that works well on every device so that you can stay connected with your customers and employees at all times.

It provides a call widget that you can easily set up on your webpage so that your customers can contact you with one click.

This Vonage competitor offers many features, including a robust AI system that automatically blocks and filters calls from telemarketers, blacklisted contacts, and spam calls directly to the Spam folder.

There's a port number feature that allows you to link any existing phone number of your choice directly to a single phone number. So, when a customer calls the numbers, it'll ring directly on the device that you have chosen.

You can set your Google Voice business phone system to screen calls so that when your phone rings, you hear a programmed voice informing you of the caller's details.

You can also customize automated greetings just as you like and even go as far as setting up personal greetings for special contact numbers.

Suppose you want to create time for other activities. In that case, you can manually set your Google Voice business phone system to “Do Not Disturb” mode or set a time interval that your business phone system will automatically go into “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Google Voice allows you to take full control of your calls directly from your business phone system dashboard with features like call recording, call forwarding, call transfer, call logging, and call history.

You can conduct conference calls of up to four callers together. So, instead of individually sending out a conference number and access code to others, you simply ask them to call you at a pre-planned time and merge all the calls to start the conference call.


Google Voice Pricing Plan

Google Voice is available only in the United States and offers three pricing plans: Starter, Standard, and Premier Plans.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Personalize voicemail greetings.
  • A single Google Voice number connects with multiple existing phone numbers.
  • Text-to-email and voicemail transcriptions capability.
  • Call management functionality, including call blocking, incoming call routing, call screening, call recording, and call forwarding.
  • Free SMS texting capability.
  • International calling.
  • HD sound quality.
  • Multi-level auto attendant.
  • Fully-functional mobile app.
  • Do Not Disturb based on calendar working hours.
  • Conference call functionality.
  • Ring groups.
  • Free directory service.
  • Google Voice seamlessly integrates with your Google Workspace products.

Why Choose Google Voice Over Vonage?

Google Voice as an alternative to Vonage allows you to turn your mobile device into a business phone system, thus saving you the cost of installing additional hardware.

In contrast, you must install Vonage's special network adapter and any other additional hardware you want before you can make and receive calls.

8. Ooma

Most Flexible Vonage Alternative Providing Exceptional Call Quality to Small Businesses.

Ooma is the Most Flexible Vonage Alternative Providing Exceptional Call Quality to Small Businesses.

Ooma is a cloud-based VoIP business provider that supports PureVoice technology and doubles the audio frequencies transmitted during calls to deliver crystal-clear and more natural call quality.

Unlike most VoIP business service providers, you’ll pay for the Telo device that connects a standard landline phone to your internet connection and also set it up to get a phone number. Once you have received your phone number, you can access their basic service without paying any fee monthly (except taxes unless you upgrade to its premium version).

Ooma will provide you with high-quality hardware analog phones, IP phones, virtual services, a user-friendly web interface, and a mobile app so that you keep up with your business phone system information at any time. In cases where your internet goes down, Ooma automatically forwards your calls to another phone number.

You can also access its robust set of call management options, including call transfer, voicemail, call logs, and call forwarding.

Ooma’s biggest benefit is its privacy settings. It has a community blacklist feature that automatically blocks known telemarketers or scam callers and a call-blocking feature that allows you to block up to 256 phone numbers.

Integrate your business phone system easily with help desk software and other third-party software tools like Amazon Echo, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google.

Ooma keeps you in charge of your working hours by allowing you to set up multi-ring functionality to ring your Ooma mobile app or a forwarding number simultaneously with your call.


Ooma Pricing Plan

Ooma offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee on all its pricing plans: Ooma Office, Ooma Office Pro, Ooma Enterprise, and Ooma Enterprise Call Center.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free unlimited U.S calls.
  • Multi-level virtual receptionist.
  • Toll-free numbers.
  • Effective mobile app.
  • PureVoice technology that improves your call quality.
  • Three-way conference calling.
  • Call management functionality.
  • Online faxing.
  • Backup phone number.
  • Enhanced call blocking.
  • Multiple integrations with software such as Zendesk, Google, Dropbox.
  • Multi-ring functionality.
  • Excellent customer support via 24/7 live chat, phone, email, community forums, online tools, and setup assistant.

Why Choose Ooma Over Vonage?

Ooma is a preferable alternative to Vonage because it offers high call quality to small businesses. It uses PureVoice technology with numerous features to reduce and maximize your bandwidth to preserve call quality.

It also has a built-in adaptive redundancy functionality that recognizes garbled and stuttered voice quality to keep you connected throughout the call.

In contrast, Vonage only offers HD voice technology, which is just a basic standard for call quality.

9. magicJack

Most Conventional Vonage Alternative for Businesses Looking to Foster their Internal Communication.

magicJack is the Most Conventional Vonage Alternative for Businesses Looking to Foster their Internal Communication.

magicJack is a VoIP service provider that provides portable analog telephone adapters (like a USB drive), which you'll plug directly into your computer before you can start making local and international calls.

However, it has a new type of magicJack, magicJack Plus, that supports the use of your analog telephone adapter without needing your computer to be on.

No doubt, magicJack isn't the most feature-rich Vonage competitor available. Nevertheless, it has a simple setup process and low cost that still appeal to many businesses.

Its auto-attendant feature allows you to create custom messages according to your customer's needs and priority.

You can also call from anywhere in the world to the U.S and Canada for free and call other magicJack users internationally for free.

magicJack offers reliable call handling options, including call waiting, call queue, call log, call screening, call waiting, call blocking, and call forwarding.

It has a three-way calling feature that allows you to include an employee on a call without disrupting the call.

There's a conference calling feature that enables you to set up meetings with multiple callers, and your meeting attendees can also join the conference without having the magicJack service.

magicJack also offers a mobile app that is compatible with every device. The app supports calls, voicemails, and text messages (text messages are limited to U.S numbers only) over a WiFi or data plan to the U.S, Canada, and other magicJack numbers.

Even though you do not have a magicJack account, you can still make free outgoing calls with the magicJack app.


magicJack Pricing Plan

As a first-time customer, you'll purchase magicJack services and its hardware for $49.99, which will last for 12 months.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee available for every first-time customer.

Once your 12 months elapses, you'll have to subscribe to its annual plan to have continued access to its features.


  • Simple to set up.
  • Free caller ID.
  • Conference calling.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Enhanced call forwarding.
  • Anonymous call blocking.
  • Free long-distance and local calls in the U.S and Canada.
  • Automated call screening.
  • Send and receive free unlimited text messages to any U.S mobile number.
  • Local number portability.
  • Priority call waiting and special ringing.
  • Free 411 directory assistance calls.
  • Call waiting.
  • On-hold music.
  • Internet faxing.
  • Call queuing and call logging.
  • Three-way calling.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • International calling.
  • Voicemail and voicemail-to-email capability.
  • Free in-network calls.

Why Choose magicJack Over Vonage?

Vonage pricing starts at $19.99 monthly on its Mobile plan.

However, magicJack as an alternative to Vonage is more affordable. With an annual subscription fee of $39, you can make unlimited calls to mobile phones or landlines in the U.S and Canada.

10. Nextiva

All-round Functional Vonage Alternative with Advanced Call Management Features for Large Businesses.

Nextiva is a cloud based VoIP service provider that runs the business phone system through an online portal

Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP service provider that runs your business phone system through an online portal.

It offers solid AI-powered call flow management via features such as call forwarding, call park, call pulling, call transfer, call notify, call queuing, call recording and rating, anonymous call rejection, and call presence.

There are numerous powerful business phone system features available on Nextiva to suit your business needs.

It has a three-way calling feature that allows you to include a team member on a call without interrupting the call. However, if you want to include more than three callers, Nextiva has a free conference bridge feature that can support up to nine callers and a conference call service that can host more than nine callers.

Its “shared call appearance feature” will allow you to have more than one device assigned to your business phone system.

Its “anywhere feature” will ensure that your team members who work outside the office can receive calls directly on their mobile or home phones.

There's an analytics feature that provides comprehensive details and insights on your business phone system performance, which will help you resolve issues faster, make informed business decisions, and gain a competitive advantage in your line of business.

It also has a built-in live streaming capability that allows you to share your screen and video with a live audience on YouTube and host live webinars and workshops.

You can perfectly integrate your business phone system with CRM software tools and other third-party tools and workflows like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others.

Indeed, some customers might not be interested in speaking over the phone, and so Nextiva allows you to communicate with your clients via other channels such as emails, chats, and messaging, all from your business phone system.


Nextiva Pricing Plan

Nextiva offers a 7-day free trial so that you can get accustomed to its features.

It has four pricing plans: Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Plans, and the price for each of the plans will depend on your number of users.

So, the higher your number of users, the higher the price of your selected plan.


  • Unlimited calling in North America.
  • Unlimited internet faxing.
  • Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Free toll-free and local phone number.
  • Unlimited web conferencing.
  • Advanced call management.
  • Voicemail transcriptions.
  • Custom on-hold music.
  • Anonymous call rejection.
  • Built-in live streaming capability.
  • Multi-level auto attendant.
  • HD video and audio meeting capability.
  • Smooth integration with tools and workflows, including HubSpot, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and many others.
  • You can automatically get feedback from your customers.
  • Outstanding support via live chat, phone, email, and numerous helpful materials available on its website.

Why Choose Nextiva Over Vonage?

If your business receives a large volume of calls daily, you'll need advanced call management features to meet up with every customer's demand on time.

As an alternative to Vonage, Nextiva allows you to utilize its wealth of advanced features, such as the call presence feature that ensures you are not sending customers to busy employees and the call notify feature that sends notifications to employees when they have a specific type of call that comes in.

In contrast, Vonage can help you manage calls on a basic level.

Vonage Alternatives FAQ

What is Vonage?

Vonage is a cloud-hosted VoIP service provider that allows customers and businesses to communicate seamlessly via a hardware device and a high-speed internet connection.

Officially known as Vonage Holdings Corp and founded in 2001, Vonage has its headquarters in Holmdel, New Jersey, and is a popular provider of Unified Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) to every business level and size.

There are numerous advanced call features like Vonage Visual Voicemail that transcribes your voicemail messages to texts and sends them directly to your email inbox, and Vonage Reach that lets you automate your SMS and marketing efforts easily.

You can also integrate your business phone system with workflow tools and CRM software relevant to your business.

Vonage offers a 14-day free trial and supports up to 99 calls. However, its pricing plans offer unlimited calls, SMS and team messaging.

Pricing begins at $19.99 monthly for the Mobile Plan, $29.99 monthly for the Premium Plan, and $39.99 monthly for the Advanced Plan.

Who are Vonage’s Competitors?

RingCentral, CallHippo, and Ooma are powerful Vonage competitors providing crystal-clear call quality and helping you stay on top of your work activities.

Nextiva and CloudTalk are Vonage competitors for Large businesses offering advanced call management functionality for high-traffic calls.

There’s also Ringblaze that provides advanced team collaboration tools and a collaborative workspace for all your employees to work from.

For video conferencing capabilities and detailed reports on your business phone system performance, 8×8 is your go-to Vonage competitor.

Is Ooma better than Vonage?

Ooma and Vonage are both veterans in the VoIP industry and undoubtedly reliable VoIP service providers.
They offer basic call features such as voicemail, unlimited calling in the U.S and Canada, number porting, simultaneously ringing another phone, and caller ID, which comes free with any pricing plan you choose.
However, Vonage offers more robust functionality than Ooma with its Video conferencing, online meetings, and CRM integration features. 
Vonage also offers a lower international call rate than Ooma, which is available in 60 countries, including Belgium, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Norway, and others.
On the other hand, Ooma is a lot cheaper than Vonage because its Ooma Office Plan at $19.95 consists of all the essential features you’ll need as an SME instead of separating some features into higher plans as Vonage has done.
Ooma also has a dedicated voice technology, PureVoice Technology, that monitors your bandwidth consumption and enhances your call quality.
Nevertheless, Ooma or Vonage could be better for you depending on your business’ needs.

If you are a large business looking for advanced features, Vonage is your go-to, and if you are a small business looking to improve your customers’ experience, then Ooma is a better option for you.

What is the Best VoIP Service for Home?

VoIP service for home, also called residential VoIP, is very easy to set up and utilizes your home internet connection to send and receive high-quality calls.
After many years of technology advancements, residential VoIP now includes not only voice calls but text, chat, online faxing, video calls, and many more.
Google Voice, magicJack, Vonage for home, Ooma, RingCentral, and Grasshopper are the best VoIP services for home.
They offer unlimited calling and texting, caller ID, call blocking, call waiting, voicemail-to-email, three-way calling, video conferencing, call recording, and spam blocker features that are unavailable with regular landline phones.
Google Voice and magicJack are the best residential VoIP that enhances internal communication, while Grasshopper, Ooma, Vonage for home, and Ringcentral offer top-notch call deliveries and management.

What is the Cheapest VoIP Service?

magicJack is one of the cheapest VoIP services offering a 12-month plan, which costs $49.99 to its first-time customers. Once your 12 months elapse, you can opt for its annual plan at $39 for one year, $99 for two years, and $130 for five years.

Although magicJack offers an annual subscription plan, there are other VoIP service providers that offer cheap monthly subscription plans.

There’s CloudTalk that provides a 14-day free trial and has three pricing plans beginning at $25 monthly for an unlimited number of users.

Google Voice also allows up to 10 users for $10 monthly and an unlimited number of users for $20 monthly.

Ringblaze offers a 7-day free trial and only one pricing plan at $19 monthly, and 8×8 provides a one-month free trial with pricing starting at $12 monthly.

There's also Ooma that offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee on all its pricing plans, which begins at $19.95 monthly.

Finally, Vonage pricing begins at $19.99 monthly for up to 4 users with a 14-day free trial. As the number of users increases, the pricing reduces, which may seem like a great deal.

However, Vonage will require that you pay an extra charge to access some of its call features, which comes free with your desired pricing plan in some VoIP service providers.

Which Alternative to Vonage Should I Choose?

Vonage has undoubtedly solid offerings as a VoIP service provider. Still, when it comes to pricing, customer support, features, or even ease of setup, you may find other Vonage alternatives more appealing.

Therefore, the most important thing is to find out your business' needs.

Cost is important, but that's not all your business needs. Do you want to record your calls? Do you need a voicemail? Do you have existing workflows that you'll want to integrate with your business phone system?

You can make a list of these needs or, better still, input them in a spreadsheet.

Then explore all the features provided by the Vonage alternatives in this article and cross-index every feature with your business' needs in the spreadsheet.

Surely, you'll find the Vonage alternative that suits your business perfectly.

Here's a recap of the best Vonage alternatives.

  • RingCentral and CallHippo: Best suited for businesses looking for robust call management functionality with an excellent support system.
  • Google Voice: Perfect Vonage alternative for solopreneurs that wants to integrate their business phone system with their Google Workspace products.
  • Grasshopper: Ideal for businesses looking to improve their customers' experience and gain credibility.
  • magicJack and Ringblaze: Great choice for distributed teams looking to make the most of their business phone system while on a budget.
  • Nextiva and CloudTalk: Offers advanced call management features to large businesses.

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Anastasia Belyh
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