13 Ways Your Business Can Get a Toll-Free 800 Number Instantly

Updated Aug 7, 2023.
Ways Your Business Can Get a Toll-Free 800 Number Instantly

What a toll-free number in combination with a business phone system can deliver, encourage the new business owners to expand their customer base quickly, as the toll-free number gives their business legitimacy and place them right among the top-performing providers in the industry.

Are you one of the aspiring entrepreneurs that want to elevate your standing and build an instantly recognizable brand name?

Or, do you just want to attain lasting relationships with existing customers and provide them the perfect channel to communicate with you for free?

To whichever question you answer the yes to, this article is for you, as you will find the top-of-the-line toll-free number providers enlisted, described, and presented as a solution for specific needs of various niches and business requirements.

So, read on, and find your ideal toll-free number provider.

How to Get a Toll-Free 800 Number Now

1. RingCentral

#1 High-Quality Toll-Free 800 Number Provider for Businesses of All Sizes.

RingCentral is the High Quality Toll Free 800 Number Provider for Businesses of All Sizes

One of the industry's best-known names, RingCentral provides vanity and toll-free business phone numbers.

RingCentral ensures it is easy for your customers to reach you and that you have a national presence with toll-free numbers that can be the popular 800 numbers or 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

For additional brand recognition, you can set up a toll-free vanity number, as welcome callers with a custom company greeting, set up a professional caller-ID for outbound calls, and use one toll-free smart number for voice and fax.

RingCentral Features
Source: Sites.google

You can import an existing toll-free number from a different provider and use it directly in RingCentral, and you can forward the calls to an existing number.

Their easy-to-navigate dashboard enables you to manage your phone calls from your browser, desktop app, and mobile app, allowing you to access the call routing, faxing, conferencing, screen sharing, call logs, voicemail, answering rules, call analytics, message alerts, and much more.

If you want more features in the Basic plan, as well as if you prioritize more robust security features like BAA compliance but you don't have the budget for a high-end plan, you can always browse and check the best RingCentral alternatives.


The Essentials plan starts at $24.99 per user per month.

RingCentral Pricing Plan


  • Choose from 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 toll-free numbers
  • Toll-free vanity number
  • Custom company greeting
  • Professional caller-ID for outbound calls
  • Toll-free smart number for voice and fax
  • Import an existing toll-free number from a different provider
  • Answering rules

Apart from allowing you to import an already-existing phone number, you have everything you need to attain a global customer base and have the customers not pay a penny to reach you at any time.

2. Ooma

Best 800 Toll-Free Number Provider with Additional Minutes at Discounted Rates.

Ooma is the Best 800 Toll Free Number Provider with Additional Minutes at Discounted Rates

Offering 1-800 toll-free numbers at affordable prices, Ooma will help your company achieve a nationwide presence and allow your customers to get more information about anything from your business and stay engaged without worrying about the phone bill.

You can add a toll-free number to any of its plans, allowing you to choose from the pre-selected one they prepare for you or choose a new one by your choice.

After you are done with the easy set-up within minutes, you can start utilizing the virtual receptionist, call recording, ring groups, enhanced call blocking, multi-ring, video conferencing, desktop app, mobile app, and more.

If you aim for more stellar customer support and a provider with the call waiting, caller ID, online call logs and voicemail, number porting, and such features in the basic plan, you can always try the Ooma alternatives.

Apart from their standard subscription offer, Ooma offers a cost-effective calling plan subscription for anyone receiving more than 500 minutes of toll-free calls per month.

The two toll-free calling pricing plans include an additional 1,000 minutes for $15 and 2,500 additional minutes for $30 per month.

The additional minutes at discounted rates, and a better, faster customer support will give you the chance to avail as someone on a tighter budget yet to establish their brand through one of the best small business VoIP providers in Ooma.


The Ooma Office plan starts at $19.95 per user per month.

Ooma Pricing Plan


  • Toll-free number in any plan
  • Cost-effective toll-free calling subscription for additional 1 and 2.5K minutes
  • Enhanced call blocking
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Call recording
  • Ring groups
  • Desktop and mobile apps

Ooma offers a comprehensive VoIP setup with call recording, virtual receptionist, video conferencing features with a toll-free calling available in every plan, and the possibility to expand to additional minutes whenever.

3. Grasshopper

Best Toll-Free 800 Number Provider for Unlimited Minutes in Every Available Plan.

Grasshopper is the Best Toll Free 800 Number Provider for Unlimited Minutes in Every Available Plan

A leading VoIP provider for small businesses for not just toll-free 800 numbers, but the local and vanity numbers as well.

Aside from the 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 800 numbers they offer, you can access customers with a new 833 area code that enables you to choose a new toll-free or vanity number easier.

The standard price plan can be expensive for start-ups, but the unlimited minutes they offer in all plans are more than enough to compensate for the price.

Grasshopper Features
Source: Grasshopper

Besides the core extensions, call forwarding, voicemail transcription features, you can deploy various call management tools like call waiting, simultaneous call handling, custom greetings, as well as send and receive texts from your business number.


With 1 number and 3 extensions, Grasshopper is available for $26 per month.

Grasshopper Pricing Plan


  • Be available to clients everywhere with a strong national presence
  • Easy to remember numbers that complements the customer service
  • 833 area code
  • Unlimited minutes in all plans
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Call waiting
  • Custom greetings
  • Unlimited texts for your business number
  • Confirm client appointment times with text confirmations and send MMS

Grasshopper provides unlimited minutes for toll-free calling in all plans and offers a unique 833 area code and a versatile texting communications channel that ensures you are always at arm's reach with your customers.

4. 8×8

Best Toll-Free 800 Number Solution for Targeting Customers in Multiple Regions.

8x8 is the Best Toll Free 800 Number Solution for Targeting Customers in Multiple Regions

An easy option for choosing a toll-free number provider for your small business, 8×8 will offer you toll-free and local numbers for several countries, which is excellent for targeting customers in multiple regions.

After you log into the account manager, setting up a toll-free or virtual number is easy, and you will be presented with the choices to select the destination types you want to associate this number with.

You will be able to assign the number to the auto attendant, ring group, voicemail, conference bridge, call queue, and individual extension.

8x8 BusinessPhone Features
Source: 8×8.com

Also, assigning the number to fax will make it more available to a virtual fax extension, and assigning it to a virtual meeting will make it available to be assigned as a virtual meeting dial-in number.

Apart from the unlimited calling, SMS, and fax, multi-level auto attendant, call forwarding & transfers, ring groups, call monitoring, and other call management features, you will have the ability to integrate with G Suite and Office 365.


The pricing starts at $12 per user per month.

8x8 BusinessPhone Pricing Plan
Source: Avoxi


  • Toll-free and local numbers for several countries
  • Select the destination types to associate the number with
  • Assign the number to a virtual fax extension and as a virtual meeting dial-in number
  • Unlimited calling, SMS, and fax
  • Multi-level auto attendant
  • Call recordings
  • Visual voicemail
  • Local number porting & direct dial number
  • Integrations with G Suite and Office 365

If you want a robust, reliable, and secure toll-free 800 numbers solution, 8×8 will deliver it to you and make it super easy for you to target customers in multiple regions.

5. MightyCall

Best Solution for Startups looking for a High-Quality Toll-Free Number and VoIP Services.

MightyCall is the Best Solution for Startups looking for a High Quality Toll Free Number and VoIP Services

The software allows you to search through their database of numbers which includes Canadian numbers as well and pick a vanity or regular number.

MightyCall offers several phone numbers in its every plan so you can get toll-free numbers and local numbers, or multiples of each, at no extra charge.

You can send messages with your 800 number, and you can utilize call-tracking, get a separate 800 number for each offline campaign (magazine ads, billboards, TV, radio, etc.), and track who is calling what number.

MightyCall Features
Source: Mightycall

As with any top-tier VoIP solution, you will get call forwarding, visual voicemail, auto-attendant, VIP call routing, after-hours call routing, custom greetings, conference calls, voicemail & transcription to text, call recording features and more.


The Basic plan will cost you $29.99 per month.

MightyCall Pricing Plan


  • Easily-memorizable free vanity numbers
  • Unlimited extensions with every plan
  • VIP & blacklist call routing
  • After-hours call routing
  • Conference calls
  • Voicemail & transcription to text
  • Call queues and visual call flow configuration
  • 10 clients in the contact book and unlimited users in the Basic plan
  • CRM functionality in the Basic plan
  • 1,000 minutes and 2 toll-free or local numbers in the Basic plan

The unlimited calling, call queues, VIP/blacklisting along with the 10 clients in the contact book, CRM functionality, and 1.000 minutes in the Basic plan make MightyCall an affordable yet effective package for startups in search of a toll-free 800 number for their customers.

6. 800.com

Best Instant-Service Toll-Free Number Solution.

800.com is the Best Instant Service Toll Free Number Solution

A dedicated toll-free number service provider like 800.com has its entire platform centered around installing toll-free 800 numbers to businesses, and right on their homepage, you will find suggestions for currently available numbers for you to purchase.

You can type in a number by your choice into the search bar and see if it is available if you don't like the automatic suggestions.

What's amazing is that a platform that specializes in a specific area like providing toll-free numbers, has additional features that you can find in some of the best cloud phone systems' features lists.

800.com Dashboard
Source: Support.800

You will be able to access vanity numbers, call forwarding, number parking, auto-attendant, number porting, call blocking, forwarding, recording, call notes & fax reports, and much more.


The Personal plan starts at $19 per month.

800.com Pricing Plan


  • Generate your 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833 number instantly
  • A toll-free-number-dedicated platform with robust PBX features
  • Call blocking, forwarding, and recording
  • Call notes & fax reports
  • Number parking
  • Vanity numbers
  • Auto-attendant
  • Number porting

800.com emphasizes instant service and makes it easy for you to purchase a memorable number quickly, while the robust PBX features enable the software to compete with all the best cloud phone systems that don't offer such an extensive toll-free phone number service.

7. CallHippo

Best Toll-Free Number Provider for Startups and Small Businesses with Tight Budgets.

CallHippo is the Best Toll Free Number Provider for Startups and Small Businesses with Tight Budgets

CallHippo enables you to purchase a toll-free number in less than 3 minutes, allowing you to generate a powerful local presence for your business in over 50 countries from any part of the world.

Apart from equipping your customers with a free communication channel, CallHippo will give you access to its built-in CRM integration tools, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, global connect, smart call forwarding, call queuing and transferring, call conference, and more.

Multiple users can use the same toll-free number, making it much more convenient for more budget-restricted startups and small businesses while the companies operating overseas can avail of the wide accessibility CallHippo covers.

CallHippo Features
Source: Technofaq.org

In the $30 per month Silver plan, you can unlock unlimited incoming calls, live calls, user working hours, call cascading, holiday routing, feedback for calls, gamification, call tagging, call reminder, and more robust features ideal for a small team.

In the very beginning, CallHippo outlines how a user can get a toll-free 800 number directly from their homepage, showing you how to select the country, subscription plan, and everything else, speeding up the process.


The Bronze pricing plan will cost you $15 per user per month.

CallHippo Pricing Plan


  • Multiple users can use the same toll-free number
  • Connect in over 50 countries
  • Built-in CRM tools
  • Smart call forwarding
  • Global connect
  • Call barging, recording, transferring, queuing
  • SMS, voicemail, teams, shared inox in the entry plan
  • Skill-based call routing in the Bronze plan

From the simplified and guided purchasing process, wide accessibility to over 50 countries, and an entry-level plan that enables you to send voicemails, SMS, and to make calls from your free number, it is no doubt that CallHippo is the ideal solution for your small team.

8. Vonage

Affordable Toll-Free Number Solution for Free Calling from the U.S. and Canada.

Vonage is an Affordable Toll Free Number Solution for Free Calling from the U.S. and Canada

The easy-to-use web-based control panel lets you manage all your calls after you have chosen an 888, 877, or 866 area code for your toll-free or local number.

Calling your number is free from the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the price for your toll-free number is $4.99 per month plus taxes and fees for the first 100 minutes and only 4.99 cents for each additional minute.

The calls to your Toll-Free Plus number will ring your existing Vonage phone number, while equipping you with the capability to add call tags to individual numbers, access local or geographical numbers, use paperless fax, activate the virtual receptionist, call monitoring, invite up to 100 attendees for webinar training, access video collaboration and a wide variety of other features when you are not taking calls.


Their Vonage North America plan will cost you $26.99 per month, plus the additional taxes and fees, but after the $9.99 per month 6-month purchase turns into a one-year agreement.

Vonage Pricing Plan


  • Free calls to your number from the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam
  • 4.99 cents in taxes for each additional minute outside the first 100
  • Add call tags to individual numbers
  • Use paperless fax
  • Invite up to 100 attendees for webinar training and record the meetings
  • Video collaboration
  • Bandwidth prioritization

The first 6 months are almost third the price of all the plans with all the features and benefits that the plan has to offer, which creates an opportunity for startups and businesses on a tight budget to access the unlimited calls in the North American and World Prime plans, in what otherwise couldn't be affordable.

9. Kall8

Best Pay-As-You-Go Free Toll Number Service.

Kall8 is the Best Pay as You Go Free Toll Number Service

In Kall8, you can not only receive your toll-free number instantly through a simple process on their homepage but the visitors can search for vanity numbers before they sign up and choose from a wide variety of 800 numbers.

Since Kall8 is a pay-as-you-go service, there are no contractual obligations and pressures to commit to a plan that offers more or less than what you need.

Because of the unpredictable nature of starting a new business, the non-contractual structure comes especially suitable for startups that don't want to lock themselves into a possible failed investment.

Kall8 Features
Source: Werockyourweb

Online management is Kall8's standout feature which enables users to keep track of certain call metrics and call history.

The call history reports allow you to browse for calls by date, length of the calls, calls to or from a specific number, while the real-time call information provides names and phone numbers of all callers, along with call analytics letting you see the total volume and percentage of calls for each campaign, and so on.


The Standard plan will cost you between $5 to $10 per month along with the setup charges, but if you want superior quality toll-free numbers, you will have to purchase the Premium plan for $11.

Kall8 Pricing Plan


  • No contractual obligations
  • Online management
  • Track call metrics and call history
  • Browse for calls by date, length of the calls, calls from or to a specific number
  • Access names and phone numbers of all callers through real-time call information
  • See the total volume and percentage of calls for each campaign in call analytics
  • Superior quality toll-free numbers in the Premium plan

Kall8 is among the most cost-effective solutions on the market, and the lack of contractual agreement takes the pressure off the starting businesses that are unsure about their investment, all while providing your customers a non-stop toll-free access and building reliability for your brand.

10. FreedomVoice

Best Instant-Service Toll-Free Number Provider with a Virtual Attendant and a Free Mobile App.

FreedomVoice is the Best Instant Service Toll Free Number Provider with a Virtual Attendant and a Free Mobile App

FreedomVoice allows you to choose from a local, vanity, or 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 toll-free numbers.

After you have chosen the type of number you want, you can select the plan that suits you the best, and everything is clearly outlined so that anyone can understand the process regardless of the prior experience.

The mobile apps are highly flexible and enable startups and companies that are spread across several locations to fully function on the go.

The fully-featured business phone system comes with the attendant, forwarding, voicemail functions, and the service operates as a month-to-month service with no long-term contracts you need to sign.


With 400 included minutes, the Start plan will cost you only $9.95 per month.

FreedomVoice Pricing Plan


  • 400 included minutes in the start plan
  • 3.9 cent fee for each additional minute
  • The process is quick and clearly outlined
  • Get a toll-free or local number for free for 30 days
  • Highly-flexible mobile apps
  • Auto-attendant
  • Smart forwarding
  • Voicemail

With very affordable prices and low tax fees for additional minutes, FreedomVoice will equip you with all the call management capabilities of the more expensive plans and a highly flexible mobile app in a super-simple frame.

11. Phone.com

Extremely Affordable Omnichannel Toll-Free Number Provider with Excellent Sound Quality.

Phone.com is an Extremely Affordable Omnichannel TollFree Number Provider with Excellent Sound Quality

Choose from a variety of 800, 877, or 888 numbers, or select a custom number that represents common words and phrases associated with your brand

With a Phone.com toll-free number, you can operate with softphones, landline phones, mobile phones, and ring-ready IP phones, while the service comes in an HD talk and voice functionality that gives your calls a professional sound quality.

Phone.com isn't one-dimensional as video conferencing and group messaging give you the possibility to communicate with departments, leads, customers through other channels, making this simplistic tool one of the best business VoIP providers.

Phone.com Features
Source: Capterra

Just like the enhanced sound quality, Phone.com has superior video quality for your phone and video conferences at your disposal.

Text-to-greeting, schedules, number porting, international calling, e911, CRM integration, call handling rules are some of the features that enable Phone.com to keep you connected from anywhere on any device with high customer satisfaction.


The Basic Users plan is $12.99 per month per user.

Phone.com Pricing Plan


  • Standard toll-free numbers at no extra charge
  • Superior audio and video quality
  • Optimize your marketing/sales strategy through the omnichannel approach
  • Voicemail and text messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Free conference calling
  • Voice tagging

Phone.com will equip you with a standard or vanity toll-free number and advanced phone system features without the excessive cost and complexity and make your customer conversations memorable and inviting.

12. GoDaddy

Best Toll-Free Number Provider for the Mobility-Driven and Established Businesses.

GoDaddy is the Best Toll Free Number Provider for the Mobility Driven and Established Businesses

GoDaddy's product called SmartLine is an instant-service toll-free number provider designed to allow businesses to acquire a toll-free 800 number super fast.

Since the service doesn't rely on any hardware to provide you with the toll-free number, all you need to do is download the SmartLine app to iOS or Android, and you'll be able to manage your 800 number directly from your personal phone.

After you have picked from a selection of 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, or 800 numbers and downloaded the SmartLine app, you can start engaging with your clients.

GoDaddy Features
Source: Adamontech

You can make calls through the SmartLine app and your toll-free number will show on the caller ID, which will make your personal number private and evoke customers to use your toll-free number as a brand-promoting channel.


The SmartLine Basic plan will cost you $3.99 per month after the free first month.

GoDaddy SmartLine Pricing Plan
Source: Mightycall


  • Service doesn't rely on any hardware
  • Manage your 800 number directly from your personal phone
  • Toll-free number displays on the caller ID
  • Keep your personal number private and promote your brand through the toll-free number
  • Flexible app which allows business to communicate while on-the-go
  • 100 minutes and 100 texts in the Basic plan
  • Unlimited received texts and pictures in the Basic plan

GoDaddy's SmartLine toll-free number provider app is to the point and requires no hardware or effort from you to install, while the app is simple to use with the call quality always on a high level.

13. Nextiva

Most Popular Business Phone Service and Toll-Free Number Provider on the Market.

Nextiva is the Most Popular Business Phone Service and Toll Free Number Provider on the Market

In Nextiva, you can get a toll-free number for your business in the easiest way possible, as the provider allows you to get a free toll-free number with each plan, and you can get a local number from anywhere in the United States.

You can receive calls on your toll-free number via laptop, on the desk phone set, or even through the cell phone using their app.

There is a reason Nextiva has acquired the trust in competence from their large audience over the years, and why it’s commonly listed top spot in the best VoIP providers lists, and it’s not just about the features.

When you decide to acquire your toll-free number, Nextiva prompts you to send a request with basic company information to provide you with the best solution for you, and you can contact their agent to help you choose the best plan instantly and help you set up if you don't want to wait for a response.

Nextiva Dashboard
Source: Nextiva

Through their simple dashboard, you can monitor your calls, set caller-ID for outbound calls, set up voicemail greetings, route calls, log your calls, and much more.


With up to 2,500 toll-free minutes, Nextiva's pricing starts at $20.95 per month.

Nextiva Pricing Plan


  • Free toll-free number with each plan
  • Local number from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Receive calls on your toll-free number via laptop, desk phone set, cell phone
  • Up to 2,500 toll-free minutes
  • Auto-attendant
  • Comprehensive IVR and call routing
  • Voicemail greetings
  • Call logs
  • Easy and instant onboarding with an agent through chat

Widely regarded as the best overall business phone system on the market, Nextiva will equip you with a standard or vanity toll-free number that will help you streamline your calls, route calls, and track advertising through a powerful business presence.

Tips for Getting Your Toll-Free 800 Number Approved

The reason toll-free numbers are the preferred business phone numbers of small and larger companies is that the FCC prioritizes the customer by introducing special portability rules for business owners that protect their numbers and allow them to be easily moved from one phone company to another without service interruption.

Due to the specific limitations, the FCC puts on the toll-free and vanity numbers, however, you can come across hurdles in getting your toll-free number approved instantly, regardless of the sign-up process and how simple it is.

The toll-free numbers are sold on a first-come-first-service basis, but not a single company can horde vanity numbers without a specific plan for using them.

There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure that your toll-free number gets approved.

1. Consider different area codes

First, consider using the newer 833 prefixes, that you can use in combination with the best office phone systems to expand your outreach, or simply don't take any of the tried and tested 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 822 area codes out of consideration when choosing your number.

Consider different area codes
Source: Talkroute

The FCC has taken precautionary steps to ensure that all toll-free number prefixes don't get used up, as they have reserved area codes outside the traditional 800 number series.

2. Don't fixate on just the traditional or vanity numbers

Don't limit yourself to a true 800 number or a vanity number, as each option comes with its own strengths.

There are vanity numbers that can be translatable into words, and this is usually a phrase that is associated with your business, captures your motto, or simply spells out the name of the company.

Vanity toll free numbers
Source: Callcowboy

Other vanity numbers have catchy number sequences, incorporating 200, 300, and other round numbers into the toll-free number.

While vanity numbers do leave a lasting impression and elevate brand awareness and are especially suitable for marketing campaigns and call center managers, this does not exclude the quality of the traditional 800 numbers.

3. Try a different spelling of the already-used phrase

You can have the phrase that truly captures your business's intent and communicates competence and reliability to your customer better than any other catchy number sequence or too complicated phrase, but, it happens to be taken by someone else already.

You don't have to worry, as you can implement alternate spelling of the phrase, adding a symbol, word, or replacing some letters with others to make the phrase unique, and the phrase might just turn out to be more memorable within the context of your brand than any other.

Get a Vanity Number for business
Source: Elegantthemes

4. Implement website keywords into the vanity number

Another smart strategy can be using keywords your website ranks highly in the search results for, as this causes the number to pop up immediately when you search for the website and vice versa, which helps you connect your brand recognition from all sides.

Implement website keywords into the vanity number
Source: Elegantthemes

5. Utilize the overdial for longer phrases

The overdial enables you to stretch the vanity spelling past the edge of the actual number for a longer phrase you want to fit in, but you need to be moderate in this, as you can run the risk of callers dialing into your auto-attendant and jumping forward to extensions as they keep dialing.

Generally, one-digit overdial is safe, two are a slight risk, and three are too much.

In the same manner, you should avoid the partial vanity numbers that display one part of the phrase, due to the risk of sending ambiguous messages to the customer.

6. Take the provider's suggestion

Lastly, you can always use the pre-made suggestions the providers present to you, as these are carefully constructed according to algorithms that generate numbers that will easily differentiate you from other companies.

Take the provider's suggestion Toll free number
Source: Openphone.co

Benefits of Toll-Free 800 Numbers

1. Improve your brand image and broaden your exposure

Having a toll-free number makes your business appear more established, competent, and gives it a professional look regardless of the size and history of the company.

The nationwide accessibility only extends and accentuates this outreach, allowing you to forward incoming calls from different regions and build credibility and trust through the best possible customer assistance.

Being accessible beyond a local area code conveys a bigger presence, which reinforces the higher rank among the competition you advertise for.

2. Faster problem resolution and promised customer service

Realizing the true potential of enhanced customer service can help a business an esteemed brand image, and this can be maximized the most with faster problem resolution.

While additional formalities like renewal offers, dedicated customer discounts, birthday wishes are appreciated, they can not compensate for the delays in solving the customer's issues.

Vanity Numbers Infographic
Source: Callsource

A toll-free number not only gives the chance to your customers to contact you whenever about whatever they are interested in your brand, thus building customer engagement without them worrying about the phone bill, but you can connect your callers with their concerned executive directly and address their queries without additional effort.

3. Stand out from the crowd

The fact is that whatever niche you are in, you will most likely be surrounded by competition with a more established audience offering the same service as you, so you need something that will attract the callers to you, like an inviting toll-free number.

When a customer compares 2 to 3 companies like yours to choose the one that fits their requirements the most, one of the major factors they consider is reliability and easy access.

A quality toll-free number gives the impression of an attentive, established brand that can justify all the prices they charge their services for, which can steer the customer towards making a purchasing decision more.

4. Raise brand awareness

Not only can you use a toll-free number that will, in combination with a well-placed ad, introduce more people to your brand, but you can always include a catchy phrase or a brand-associated slogan that will make your brand more recognizable.

Adding a comedic, clever, or simply a phrase rooted in the promotional campaign jargon of your brand will further reinforce your brand, and this can look something like 1-800-GOLD-NOW.

Get the perfect toll free vanity number
Source: Avoxi

Also, if your brand is marketed across different cities with a spread-out team working remotely, you can display a unified image to customers with one number and multiple 4-digit extensions for you and your team.

5. Avail of the marketing benefits

The easier it is to remember, the better, and this is true for all marketing and toll-free numbers.

Just like McDonald's engraved their toll-free 1300-13-1300 sing-along song into everyone's mind, proudly flashing their number for everyone to call, you too can only profit from a well-constructed advertising campaign.

But, not only do marketing campaigns with toll-free numbers increase the chances of customers calling, but the numbers help you optimize those campaigns by keeping track of all calls through a call-tracking solution that some toll-free number providers deploy.

Call Reports
Source: Convirza

6. Convenience and scalability

A cloud-based business phone system and a toll-free number allow you to answer calls from any device and any location, so the communication for yourself, your colleagues, and your customers are seamless.

Since a toll-free number is bound to increase your call volume, you will need the tools to manage this growth, which is exactly why many of the providers from this list offer auto-attendants, simultaneous call forwarding (presented below), and call queues, so you can handle the increased call activity without strain.

Chain call forwarding system
Source: Researchgate

Extremely flexible to support 2 or 20 contact numbers, with the calls being routed to your executive's mobile phones enabling them to handle calls much easier while the toll-free number stays the same and updated regardless if your team increases or you change locations.

7. Affordability

Toll-free numbers are easy to implement and cheap to maintain.

The average toll-free number provider will offer plans which are quite affordable, with monthly rates and per-minute tax being very much cost-effective, and there is no shortage of free trials.

With a toll-free number, you will increase your employees' productivity, sell 30% more, generate 20%-60% more inbound leads, create marketing campaigns with a higher recall rate, and allow customers to call toll-free and be reassured of the improved brand reputation.

Toll free numbers are easy to implement and cheap to maintain
Source: Avoxi

Toll-Free Number FAQ

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines at no charge for the person calling.

This way, a caller can reach a business outside of their area without being charged a long-distance fee for the call.

Wireless callers, on the other hand, will be charged for the minutes the toll-free call lasted unless they have an unlimited calling plan.

Additionally, when the numbers are text-enabled, the customers can send text messages to your toll-free number and you can respond.

Calls to each toll-free number are routed to a specific local telephone number, and the toll-free numbers you can purchase begin with one of the following, non-interchangeable three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

Is there a difference between a toll-free number and a vanity number?

Business toll-free numbers enable customers to call a business from anywhere in the world and not get charged for the call while generating a wide-scale and more established presence for the business owner.

Vanity numbers or vanity toll-free numbers operate the same as a regular toll-free number, but they have digits that spell out a brand-associated or action-evoking phrase to the customer placing the call.

Vanity toll-free numbers can also include a catchy number instead of a phrase, with 1-800-500-900 being a good example, and you can look into an established business to find a phrase-induced vanity number like 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

Sometimes, you will see the high-search-results-performing website keywords of the company being incorporated into a vanity number to connect the different points of the brand recognition strategy.

Can I get a vanity number that spells a business name and then sell it?

No, you can not.

Under the FCC rules and regulations, any hoarding or purchasing of toll-free numbers for the purpose of reselling them is prohibited.

In the same manner, no toll-free number provider is allowed to hoard toll-free numbers without a specific intent and purpose for using them.

Can I transfer my toll-free number to another company?

Yes, you have the right to transfer your existing toll-free number from your current to another provider.

The transfer process will start with your new provider by assigning you to complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA), granting them the authority to initiate the transfer.

After that, a new provider will submit a valid transfer request to your current provider, after which they will release the phone number to the new provider.

The transfer time will depend on whether it is a local or toll-free number, which providers are involved, and so on.

800.com, for example, will receive the release request for a toll-free number within 2 business days of the request's receipt, while it typically takes 1-6 weeks for the process to complete.

Your new provider may charge a transfer fee for importing the number, while you should also always check with your current provider if they charge any transferring fees.

Again, 800.com will charge a one-time porting fee of $100.

Can I receive international calls on a US toll-free number?

Yes, you can, but, the customer calling you from abroad will be charged international rates for the call.

Calls to a toll-free number are paid by the call's receiver, but, when dialing from another country the caller will be charged according to international rates.

Calling a toll-free number registered in the U.S. (or any other country using the NANP) is possible, and once the call goes through you will be informed that the call isn't free.

Calling a U.S.-registered toll-free number from the U.K., for example, would require you to add the 00 prefixes to the 1-800-XXX-XXXX number.

Another way to dial North American toll-free numbers from abroad is to replace the 3-digit toll-three codes with other codes, and a good example would be 880 replacing 800, which would make the U.K. to the U.S. call from above become 1-880-XXX-XXXX.

Can I forward toll-free calls to my existing number?

With most toll-free number providers, you can activate the possibility to forward calls from a new toll-free number to any existing telephone line (landline, VoIP, cell phone).

You can forward the calls to single or multiple phones in any order, with the ability to make call-forwarding changes on the fly.

What is the Best Toll-Free Number Service

So, you have taken everything into account, and now you want to choose a provider that will give your customers the chance to talk to you toll-free.

But, which should you choose?

You know there is no bigger and more praised toll-free number provider currently than Nextiva, and that's exactly why you will benefit from their free toll-free number in all of their plans, simple yet full of call management features dashboard, and the ability to answer to your customers via laptop, desk phone, or cell phone.

If having an omnichannel toll-free number provider with superior quality is your priority, then you won't find a more capable tool than Phone.com with its HD video and audio, international calling, scheduling, and everything else for high customer satisfaction.

If you prioritize using one toll-free smart number for voice and fax with a provider that equips you with custom company greetings and professional caller-ID for outbound calls, not only is RingCentral regarded as the highest-quality provider but the one that suits businesses of all sizes.

Many tight budget solutions will be restricted in some areas and have a far lesser repertoire of features, but CallHippo will not only enable you to facilitate a powerful local presence in over 50 countries, but it will equip you with built-in CRM tools, advanced analytics & reporting, global connect, smart call forwarding, and much more for just $15.

You could just want an instant-service toll-free number solution that will display some unique toll-free numbers immediately as you enter their page, and this is exactly what 800.com is for, as the tool gives you access to vanity numbers, call forwarding, number parking & porting, and other features that rival the best PBX systems for small businesses.

Small businesses and startup owners, in particular, will benefit from choosing a provider from this list, enabling you to stand out and instantly improve your marketing as one.

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