7 Best Free VoIP Service Providers of 2024

Updated Aug 6, 2023.
Best Free VoIP Service Providers

With providers offering free business VoIP solutions, you can test the free calling service with a free single phone number, which can be enough for smaller businesses and startups to start making calls to clients all around the world.

In the article below, we have listed the most reliable and top-performing business VoIP systems in the industry, pinpointing certain specialties of each provider such as different integrations they offer, company types and sizes that fit each tool the most, and overall descriptions of how you can put these top-tier tools into good use for your needs.

How do you weigh out the cost and features you receive if you decide to scale up the plans and can you grow by using just the free version?

Read on, and find the perfect VoIP business phone system for your team.

Best Free VoIP Service Providers for Small Business Owners

1. CloudTalk

#1 User-Friendly Business Phone Software for Sales and Support Teams.

CloudTalk is an User Friendly Business Phone Software for Sales and Support Teams

CloudTalk is a remote business phone solution that will equip you with advanced calling features and elevate your team and customer communication.

The software regulates customer calls through automated call distribution, streamlining the communication with features like inbound/outbound call management, voicemail and interaction recording, personalized support for premium clients, and more.

CloudTalk enables you to directly integrate with other CRM software and unify your contacts' data, track sales & marketing communication, automated data entry, and everything else to grab the attention of your best leads.

Apart from the smooth integrations ensuring the agents address all the clients' concerns, and the real-time reports giving you accurate insights into call performances, a high-quality audio and sound system is a big contributor to the software's first-class customer experience.

CloudTalk Call Recording Features
Source: Cloudtalk.io

Along with precise statistics and monitoring functions, CloudTalk is integrated with advanced call center features, intelligent call routing, allowing you to customize inbound calls, automatically record all calls, create personalized messages and greetings, and more.

The tool takes the burden off of you during business hours while keeping all of its functionality with call rerouting and special personalized announcement planning.

Eliminate the chances of routing your clients to the wrong person through automated call distribution, and send inbound calls based on pre-selected information so that the client always reaches the most qualified responder.

Create VIP queues for prioritized customers and special occasions, sending announcements relevant only to them.

Review the call statistics and track the quality of client servicing, and monitor each agent's statistics to identify your top performers.


  • High-quality audio and sound system
  • Automatic call recording
  • Create personalized messages and greetings
  • Call rerouting
  • Special personalized announcement planning
  • Intelligent call routing
  • VIP queues for special customers
  • Call statistics and agent reporting
  • Various eCommerce, CRM, helpdesk integrations
  • Personalized support for premium clients
  • Web and mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux


After the 14-day free trial, you can purchase the Starter plan at $20 per user per month (billed annually).

CloudTalk Pricing Plan

The cloud-based tool is among the best call center software used by startups, scale-ups, SMEs, and eCommerce businesses helping them deliver first-class customer experiences with superb audio quality, advanced call center features, a variety of integrations, and much more.

2. RingCentral

Best Business Phone System for Advanced Features.

RingCentral is the Best Business Phone System for Advanced Features

The cloud-based RingCentral is a VoIP solution that covers all aspects of voice communications and more, with chat, video conferencing, artificial intelligence, faxing, mobile VoIP, and many more collaboration tools.

RingCentral Video is a RingCentral-powered team collaboration software that equips your team with free video meeting and team messaging capacity.

Unlimited calling, 1000 toll-free minutes at the lower plans, unlimited conference calling, business SMS are all included in the RingCentral Office plan along with Android and iOS mobile apps, unified messaging apps for mobile and desktop, HD video conferencing, etc.

Assign the users to different groups like call queues for inbound sales and support calls, voicemail-only extensions for redirecting callers to a voice mailbox, shared lines, or anything else.

The auto-attendant includes the optional multi level functions, dial-by-name directories, as well as automatic or triggered call recordings.

RingCentral automatic call recording Feature
Source: Ringcentral

Add conditions that will change call routings such as the called number, caller ID, time of the day, or a combination of any of these.

View your phone system activity and detailed call logs which you can break down further and filter through a variety of criteria.

An AI integration mechanism has enabled RingCentral to deliver voice analytics after you have finished a call, while real-time transcription and machine learning are expected to be developed through Xsell.

RingCentral allows you to integrate with an existing PBX system or a local phone service with the on-premise Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that connects to PSTN through local analog lines.

The Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) will help you do cool things like turn off spam calls.


  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Multi-level auto-attendant
  • Call logging and recording
  • Inbound caller ID name
  • Identity management capabilities like SSO, AD, and Google directory integration
  • Video conferencing for up to 100 people at the Premium level
  • Automatic and triggered call recordings
  • Add complex call routing conditions
  • PBX system and local phone service integration through the on-premise ATA
  • Block spam calls through CLEC


The Essentials plan is $19.99 per user per month.

RingCentral Pricing Plan

While artificial intelligence features, local phone service integrations, video conferencing for up to 100 people are the advanced capabilities sought after an enhanced collaboration tool like RingCentral, the software still provides all the core PBX features for teams of all sizes, matched only by a few RingCentral alternatives.

3. Grasshopper

Best All-Around Small Business Solution with Versatile Features and Affordable Prices.

Grasshopper is the Best All Around Small Business Solution with Versatile Features and Affordable Prices

After the fast and easy set-up, Grasshopper covers the basic PBX features like call routing, voicemail, faxing, as well as the capability to set call time restrictions such as active 24/7, from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, or at your pace through a custom schedule.

You can define the extensions for each staff member individually, routing the calls first to the employee's desk phone, and then to their cell phone.

Through call blasting, you can set extensions for departments, ringing multiple forwarding numbers in order.

Activate a custom voicemail greeting for each extension, emailing the caller's voicemail to a list of recipients through voicemail transcription via email.

Once incoming fax is detected, the electronic faxing service converts it to a PDF file after the document is emailed to one or more configurable email addresses.

Grasshopper Features
Source: Getvoip

Grasshopper also allows you to place calls via iOS and Android apps and the PC softphone, while a dialer enables you to directly place a call, access voicemails, check a contact list through your phone or a separate extensions list, configuring outbound number settings for billing and caller ID purposes.

In Grasshopper, you will find digital signature support and Wi-Fi calling support for frictionless transition between cell and Wi-Fi networks.

The fully-featured mobile apps allow you to transfer and forward calls, dial extensions and configure the extension administrative settings.


  • Call time restrictions and custom scheduling
  • Define extensions for each staff member
  • Call blasting
  • Custom voicemail greeting for each extension
  • Automatic fax PDF conversion
  • iOS and Android app and PC softphone calling
  • Configure outbound number settings for billing and caller ID purposes
  • Digital signature support
  • Wi-Fi calling support
  • Configure extension administrative settings


The Solo plan will cost you $29 per month ($26 billed annually), and you will receive 1 number and 3 extensions.

Grasshopper Pricing Plan

GrassHopper is a well-rounded small business PBX solution that covers the basic IVR, voicemail, faxing, mobility support, at a solid price.

4. Bitrix24

Best VoIP Solution for CRM and Lead Management Tools.

Bitrix24 is the Best VoIP Solution for CRM and Lead Management Tools

Apart from the recently added VoIP toolkit, Bitrix24 offers CRM, lead management, helpdesk and contact center, communications, and eCommerce features all under one platform.

Unlike some VoIP solutions, Bitrix24 operates as your internal PBX system and as a contact center for inbound and outbound calls, while being the only free VoIP solution that supports a fully-featured free CRM solution.

The software is available in the cloud and on-premise as self-hosted software available for server installation.

When you receive phone calls from your clients via the phone recorded in the CRM, your clients will be identified and connected to their assigned manager and the phone call can be logged and recorded when necessary.

Bitrix24 Self hosted software features
Source: Bitrix24

The system offers a variety of robust features like call queuing, transferring, forwarding, waiting, as well as call scheduling functionality for optimizing your business hours, and the built-in extensions for compartmentalizing your communications.

Toll-free incoming calls, automatic dialer, local/toll-free number rental, built-in call center, WebRTC for providing real-time communication for web browsers and mobile apps are among the basic features Bitrix24 provides.

Bitrix24 is 100% free for up to 12 users, and it offers phone numbers available in 50+ countries, while multiple API, marketplace, source code functionalities contribute to the software's all-around business assistance package.

The platform supports both softphone calling and iOS and Android apps, while real-time communication tools include IM and group chat, video calls, HD video conferencing, screen sharing along WebRTC.


  • 100% free for up to 12 users
  • Call recording
  • Caller ID
  • Employee extensions
  • Phone business hours
  • Relay phone number
  • SIP/VoIP phones
  • IM and group chat
  • HD video conferencing
  • Click-to-call, call-to-CRM, missed call-to-lead, auto connect-to-assigned manager
  • Built-in CRM
  • WebRTC


Pass the 12 users, Bitrix24 will cost you $24 per month.

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 will improve the internal communication within a company and elevate the customer relationships through a free VoIP system with a fully-featured CRM functionality, communications, task & project, contact center, and website building capabilities, combining all the online meeting tools in one place.

5. AirCall

#1 Cloud-Based VoIP Phone System for Modern Businesses.

AirCall is a Cloud Based VoIP Phone System for Modern Businesses

Although the software was designed for customer management teams, the tool can be used in a variety of professions.

The entry-level plan can assist the smaller companies to enhance their customer call management, and you can make calls from any number, share contacts, set up voicemail options.

The Professional tier will equip your team with a dedicated account manager, and enable its users to queue the contacts they need to call back, make unlimited outbound domestic calls, and access advanced call features.

The Custom tier includes all the Professional features plus the unlimited worldwide calling feature, custom onboarding, analytics, and for more information about this customizable tier you need to contact the Aircall team for a quote.

You can make calls from both desktop and mobile devices, while voicemail personalization enables you to pre-record messages for caller greetings when they are unavailable.

AirCall Automatically log calls Features
Source: Frontapp.

The conferencing option for up to 5 people is available, while the 60+ cloud-based integrations are compatible with CRM services, voice transcriptions, feedback gathering through the satisfaction surveys, and everything else.

Through Aircall, you can easily build a network of shared contacts, syncing Aircall with Google Apps, Pipedrive, and similar apps to import data like the customer contact details.

You can forward calls and distribute them to the most relevant staff members, as well as provide more task contexts to the assignees through briefs and comments.

Real-time metrics will serve you the insights into how your organization is progressing, and these include call volume, missed call rates, wait times.

The users can configure the settings and call preferences, edit the call, assignment, and request settings through the Android and iOS apps.

The live chat support is available to all users in all tiers, while the extensive user knowledge base and onboarding guides guide each team member through the process.


  • Unlimited outbound domestic calls in the Professional tier
  • Unlimited worldwide calling feature in the Custom tier
  • Custom onboarding
  • Voicemail personalization
  • Conferencing for up to 5 people
  • Cloud-based 60+ CRM, voicemail transcription, feedback gathering, and other integrations
  • Google Apps and Pipedrive synchronization for customer data import
  • Call settings and preferences configuration
  • Live chat support in all tiers
  • Advanced call routing
  • On-hold music


The Essentials tier is priced at $30 per month.

AirCall Pricing Plan

Aircall might be among the pricier VoIP solutions, but the workflow personalization capacity the software provides will make a significant difference for call centers and departments looking to improve team communications.

6. Dialpad Talk

Best VoIP System with Cloud Calling and AI.

Dialpad Talk is the Best VoIP System with Cloud Calling and AI

Dialpad is amongst the cost-effective VoIP solutions designed for small-to-mid-sized businesses with workflows favorable to softphones.

Voice intelligence is an AI-based feature that uses machine learning for improved call analysis, gathering and examining the content of voice calls over time to identify actionable information.

The VI Call Summary feature allows managers to provide performance feedback through specific coaching sessions.

The Standard plan includes video conferencing for free as long as the meetings are limited to up to 10 participants, while UberConference includes AI-based features to pull out action items from the meetings.

A call center agent can be added on an individual user basis.

You can download a desktop softphone for Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple macOS, but you can operate through a web browser if you don't want to install an app.

Dialpad VI Call Summary feature
Source: Frontapp

The automatic contact synchronization is activated when you sign up with a Google G Suite or Gmail with the search feature connected across all contacts and messages to bring out the information you need when necessary.

The inbox icon will present a tabular listing of any new calls or messages, voicemails, and recordings, while the call blocking and spam prevention feature clear your business schedule from disrupting phone calls.

Dialpad enables you to handle phone calls outside your working hours through the personal working hours functionality.

The Android and iOS mobile app lets you conduct your business communications on the go, and switching between devices is much easier than with some other VoIP products.

Through the Dialpad administering pad, you can create departments and groups, set business hours, establish call routing rules, upload, and record audio messages.

The software licenses higher-end voice services, like call center agents, individually and links them to a specific user, which is a more cost-effective way to license a certain number of licenses for a user or a group.


  • AI-based Voice Intelligence feature for actionable call content
  • Strong call center and customer service functionality
  • Frictionless contact syncing with G Suite and Outlook
  • Provide performance feedback through VI Call Summary
  • Free video conferencing for up to 10 participants
  • Call center agent on an individual user basis
  • Tabular listing of new calls, messages, recordings
  • Personal working hours
  • Dialpad administering pad
  • Cost-effective way to provide licenses for specific users
  • Call blocking and spam prevention


The Standard plan is $15 per month.

Dialpad Pricing Plan

Dialpad Talk is a platform that prioritizes software innovation, and the strong AI-based features, call center, customer service, and call handling capabilities allow many small-to-medium-sized businesses and sales-focused customers to benefit from it.

7. Openphone

#1 VoIP Solution for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs looking to separate Personal and Business Calls.

Openphone is a VoIP Solution for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs looking to separate Personal and Business Calls

With OpenPhone, there is no need to get a new SIM card, carry two phones, or do you have to be alert at your desk all the time.

The software offers thousands of toll-free and local numbers to choose from, and you can get a US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number instantly.

Also, you can set up multiple numbers for different teams or use cases, with the possibility to set up every number as you want and manage it like an inbox.

If you already have an existing business number, you can port it over to your OpenPhone account for free.

Decorate your address book with custom properties and notes and keep track of all of your relationships through OpenPhone's lightweight CRM functionality.

You can easily import your Google Contacts and sync them with your OpenPhone account, while the CSV import feature allows you to import all your contacts instantly through a CSV file.

Openphone Features
Source: Producthunt

Zapier integration allows you to connect with any CRM or data source, while contact sharing functionality makes the process seamless within your organization.

You can send a specific contact to a teammate and everyone can see the contacts added in shared phone numbers through the inbox.

OpenPhone makes calling more convenient for everyone with the ability to set your custom business hours, activate the do not disturb functionality, mute specific numbers.

The shared inbox feature enables multiple people to phone and text from a shared phone number, and everyone can get in touch with their teammates through direct messaging.

Let your teammates know whether you are working from home, commuting, or something else, and check into the presence option to see who is available to help you when needed.

You can easily manage company-owned numbers, add or remove users and set everybody's permissions, and put everyone in your company on the same bill through centralized billing.


  • Custom properties and notes for contacts
  • Mention a teammate in private notes and share information
  • Set up notification settings to match your preferences
  • Shared inbox
  • Direct messaging
  • Set your status and view your teammates' presence
  • Add, remove, assign, or reassign company numbers
  • Easy number and user management
  • Centralized billing
  • Phone number and user analytics
  • Send SMS, MMS, videos, files, GIFS, snippets, auto-replies, and use group messaging
  • Affordable international rates and no roaming fees


The Standard plan will cost you $10 per user per month.

Openphone Pricing Plan

OpenPhone is a comprehensive startup, large organization, and small business VoIP solution, equipping teams with calling, texting, team collaboration features at an affordable price.

What Features Should You Look For in Free VoIP Services?

One of the main advantages of the VoIP phone system is that it can be used from anywhere with an Internet connection, which is why you should check if your target provider offers service through computers, mobile devices, personal networks, and the physical VoIP phone.

The features below are not the end all be all of a VoIP system, but they are among the core business phone system capabilities that will help your team create a top-tier satisfactory customer experience and develop with each day.

1. Adding numbers and calling from different locations

One thing you shouldn't forget practicality-wise is to check how easy it is to add, delete, or reassign phone numbers and extensions.

You can set up multiple numbers for different teams or use cases and port your existing number for free in OpenPhone.

Also, you can set extensions for departments and ring multiple forwarding numbers in order through call blasting.

Call transfer and advanced phone menu
Source: Openphone

Bitrix24 allows you to generate phone numbers from 50+ different countries, allowing you to rent local phone numbers and call at local rates all over the world.

It is important that the same business phone system can be used across multiple locations and a modern scalable VoIP solution will allow you this, allowing you to stay connected through portable handsets, home phone lines, desktop phones in different locations, enabling you to take calls out of office.

2. Call queues, call transferring, and call hunting

The call queue feature offers a great solution for managing incoming calls during peak periods of high call volume, providing a more pleasurable customer experience by announcing the customer's place in line or estimated wait time, while playing on-hold music or announcements until the first agent is available.

With extensions set by a competent VoIP provider, call transferring will be the perfect tool for distributing calls and connecting your customer with the specialist they need, with the software using algorithms more frequently to route the call to the right person.

Live call transfer is a feature that will allow you to transfer a call to another number entirely (such as a cell phone or a home line), and it can be done in the middle of a call without notifying the other caller.

Three-way calling (separate from the conference bridge) enables you to place your current caller on hold and dial a second number, and have all three of you on the phone after the second caller answers the call.

The call hunting feature ensures that you have incoming calls ringing on different destinations appointed as call hunting members of which variables can be added to the entry like main account, sub-account, SIP URIs, ring groups, each for a specific amount of time, one after another in order.

3. Conversation notes

Besides call forwarding, you can add more context to your staff members with briefs and comments in Aircall.

OpenPhone is another VoIP solution that will keep all your conversations organized and serve you as a guide for each conversation with custom properties and notes for your address book.

Conversation notes feature
Source: Openphone.co

To get the live chat functionality, you can connect Bitrix24 live chat to open channels, for example, and get clients inquiries from your website.

4. Call routing and custom business hours

CloudTalk simplifies call routing through automated call distribution while RingCentral’s sophisticated routing rules enable you to solve complex call handling.

Considering that 24/7 business accessibility is more and more becoming the industry norm, you can avail of the time-based routing functionality for rerouting calls (to an emergency phone line at home, for example) during closing hours.

Time Based call routing
Source: dial9.co.uk

Grasshopper lets you define extensions for each staff member individually, routing the calls to the employees' desk and then the cell phone.

Features such as Bitrix24‘s call scheduling will enable you to optimize your business hours.

CloudTalk, on the other side, will take the burden off of you during business hours while keeping all of the functionality with special personalized announcement planning and call rerouting.

5. Scalability and contract commitments

Are there any long-term commitments or contracts you will have to follow in your current plan, and how will the conditions of the contract plan once you upscale or downgrade to a lower plan?

Are you allowed to upgrade or downgrade your plan during a contract period and are there any additional fees for doing so?

Sometimes, you will encounter additional fees or deposit requests for certain features, like with Grasshopper’s international calling functionality.

Dialpad Call Center, for example, offers both short-term and annual contract options at all levels of service, eliminating the need for long-term price-lock commitments or extreme upfront costs.

6. International calling and the auto-attendant

Businesses that have multiple offices and depend on international calling will benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the VoIP systems that will unify your communications and grow your core business through versatile features such as the auto-attendant.

Aircall is one tool that offers unlimited worldwide calling, while a service like a Grasshopper allows you to activate the international calling capability but only after you have laid down a deposit of $500 (except for Alaska and Hawaii accounts), which is why you must find out all the contracting terms for each feature.

The auto-attendant is there to intelligently route inbound calls to your team, presenting callers with intuitive menu options to reach sales, service, or support when connecting.

The auto-attendant feature works like an Interactive Voice Response system, but it primarily operates as a keypad input.

RingCentral‘s auto-attendant comes with a multi-level capacity for directing calls across your PBX with submenus, as well as dial-by-name directories, and automatic or triggered call recordings.

7. Ring groups

Working with the same number of staff members while the company grows can be challenging and lead to customer complaints, which is why a feature like ring groups can be so valuable.

When a ring group is activated, multiple phone lines ring when a customer calls so that someone else can take the call if the primary extension isn't available.

Ring groups feature
Source: Cloudtalk.io

Role-based ring groups allow certain employee's phones to ring based on their role in the company, while ring groups can represent skills, departments, languages, and so on.

CloudTalk, for example, enables you to create as many ring groups as you need, and you can assign an unlimited number of ring groups to each agent separately.

8. Customized greetings and personalized messages

First impressions are important and you can make a great one through a customized voice greeting.

CloudTalk is one software that will allow you to create customized greetings and personalized messages.

Customized greetings options
Source: Cloudtalk.io

Also, you can record your voicemails and interactions while personalized support gives premium clients thorough attention, enabling you to manage all their calls quickly, extract interaction history from various sources, and much more.

Aircall‘s voicemail personalization allows you to pre-record messages for caller greetings when the agents are unavailable.

Aircall's voicemail personalization
Source: Mightycall

Common Limitations of Free VoIP Service Providers

1. Same app dependency

First off, you can't contact anyone who isn't using the same app as you, which is quite limiting when trying to establish and maintain effortless communication with your customers.

So, if a prospect is using Viber and you are on WhatsApp, you can't engage unless you have both apps.

2. Internet connection dependency

For a VoIP service to function properly, you need to have a strong and reliable Internet connection, and if the network bandwidth is low, your service is bound to suffer.

The bandwidth your business needs will depend on the call volume you will average, but each device needs to have at least 100 kbps upload speed available.

Due to major Internet backbones modifying data routes to deliver traffic without any involvement from your path, your connection can experience jitters and latency.

What is VoIP network jitter
Source: Dnsstuff

3. Unavailable GPS data for emergency calls

Another disadvantage you may see with VoIP service providers is limited location tracking for emergency calls.

Due to VoIP infrastructure's portability and approachability, it can be difficult for third parties to identify from where a call originates, with calls coming from an IP address without trackable GPS data or cell tower information.

The GPS data, although unnecessary for day-to-day business operations, is crucial for emergency services like 911.

4. Extra charge for out-of-network communication

With VoIP services, you can't get a phone number for free, and there is no way to make calls from landlines to a free VoIP phone number.

Services like Skype can assign you a temporary phone number from a different country, but only for an extra charge, or you can purchase one in the VoIP software plan.

In the same way, most VoIP services only enable you to make calls within the application, meaning you can't call phone numbers directly.

Again, you can purchase call minutes from services like Viber and Skype, but this will cost you an additional amount of money, negating the free service functionality.

5. Audio quality

Depending on your broadband, software, and hardware setup, the audio quality, and reliability of your VoIP connections might be of less quality and dependability than the standard phone connections, resulting in problems such as delays, noise, and echo.

Factors affecting VoIP call Quality
Source: Slideplayer

6. Security

Security-wise, a VoIP system can be more susceptible to vulnerability than what a straight data network security might require, and these threats can present themselves in the form of malware and viruses, VoIP phishing, DoS attacks, eavesdropping, service and identity theft.

Security threats in VOIP
Source: Slideplayer

Free VoIP Services FAQ

Is there a free VoIP service?

Yes, there are free VoIP services in the form of consumer-level apps that you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play, and people usually use these messaging apps to make video and voice calls and send instant messages without paying a monthly subscription.

For business purposes, there are software that offer free versions of their service but these usually cater to a limited number of users as the free business VoIP packages are designed as trial runs for smaller businesses.

Some limitations can occur with the collaboration and communication features in these free plans, but it is a perfect starting point to understand the software if you decide to scale up later.

How do I set up a free VoIP at home?

First, get a VoIP phone adapter, but realize that you can't use the ordinary PSTN phone unless it specifically mentions VoIP or Skype, so you need to connect your analog phone to the VoIP adapter.

Some phone adapters are designed to go between your cable modem and your router or computer, while others need to be plugged into a router that you supply, but the instructions provided by the VoIP company you obtained the adapter from are the safest approach.

Next, connect the phone to the LINE 1 port of the adapter with the standard phone line.

Activate your phone adapter by plugging in the power cord to the back of the adapter and into the outlet, and wait a couple of minutes for your adapter to start up.

If there are updates needed to be downloaded such as new firmware or feature changes, they will be downloaded automatically, so you mustn't unplug the adapter or modem.

Finally, check your dial tone and start making calls.

Do I need a special phone for VoIP?

One key benefit of the VoIP business model is that you don't require a special telephone or device to use it and get the most of the benefits it brings.

To use your normal phone, however, you will need the right supporting equipment that will complement your chosen VoIP system.

To achieve this, you will need a broadband Internet connection via computer, a program like Skype, and you can use your smartphone to make VoIP calls through certain apps or a regular landline phone with a special VoIP adapter.

Does VoIP work without internet connection?

Yes, it is possible to have a self-contained VoIP network and have it run without an Internet connection, with phones having the possibility to communicate with each other and remote locations if they share the same IP-based network.

This setup is suitable for smaller organizations with a single location, but additional expertise would be necessary for a more complicated setup with multiple locations and employees working in a branch.

The second alternative for running an Internet-free VoIP system would mean using a private circuit, providing a direct path to the VoIP provider from your network.

Which Free VoIP Service Should I Choose?

A comprehensive VoIP software will connect your voice with customers all around the world, providing a textual, audio, and video channel, and all of the products listed above are either free or offer a limited-time free trial.

If you are in charge of a sales or support team looking to deliver first-class customer experiences with superb audio quality, advanced call center features, and a variety of integrations, there are very few solutions more qualified than CloudTalk.

If you want to grow your startup or an already established business through free VoIP software with all the CRM and lead management tools at your disposal, our best pick for you is Bitrix24.

If you are looking for cloud-based software with all the advanced chat, video conferencing, AI, faxing, and other superior features, RingCentral will be ideal for you, just like GrassHopper will equip a small business with basic IVR, voicemail, faxing, and mobility support at a lower price.

Or maybe, if you are working solo or in a small team, and you want to keep your business and personal calls organized and separate, OpenPhone will deliver all the texting, calling, and team collaboration features you need to achieve this.

The free trial versions mostly come with all of the support features of a subscription plan, enabling you to determine if the quality of support is satisfactory and the software is suitable for your needs.

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