12 Best Free Screen Recorder Software of 2023 (PC, Mac)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Free Screen Recorder Software (PC, Mac)

A screen recorder is a tool or software that lets you record output on your computer screen, either in portions or in its entirety.

Screen recording used to be frustrating, especially if you needed it for informational purposes. Now, fortunately, there are many screen recording tools that are both user-friendly and free online. With little effort, you can create content and tutorials that look very professional.

It is important to note that not all screen recorder tools have the same functionality and price.

However, whatever your screen recording needs are – giving tech support, demonstrating products, or even capturing statistics for presentation purposes – this list of the 12 best free screen recorder software has something for you.

Let’s begin.

1. ClickMeeting

Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Recording Webinars

ClickMeeting is the Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Recording Webinars

ClickMeeting is the perfect screen recorder software for recording, storing, and sharing webinars. And using the tool is pretty easy.

The software allows up to twenty-five attendees in an online meeting. These attendees can see, talk to and hear each other.

For a live webinar, the software allows you to present to up to one thousand people in real-time. And if you want to organize a big virtual event, you can have up to ten thousand attendees at the same time.

Before using the software, you can try it for free. However, you have to register.

Once you are done registering, start recording by clicking the record button at the top of the page. At the end, press the End Session button. That’s it. The software saves the recording automatically in the panel of the account you create.

One great feature of the software is that you can edit or trim the recordings if you need to. And if you are going to download the recordings, you can do so in MP4.

If you choose not to download them immediately, move them from the storage for recordings to the archives. This way, you make room for more recordings.


ClickMeeting Pricing Plan

ClickMeeting has four plans that incorporate all categories of users: free, live, automated, and enterprise. The free plan is a trial and only runs for 30 days. With it, you get a taste of what the other plans have to offer.

If you are looking for more features such as live webinars that accommodate more attendees, webinars that can go on autopilot, or the capacity to organize more meetings at once, go for the live plan, the automated plan, which is the most popular, or the enterprise plan.

2. OBS Studio

Best Free Screen Recorder Software for any Software Type

OBS Studio is the Best Free Screen Recorder Software for any Software Type

OBS Studio packs a lot of features, making it perfect for any type of software or screen output you want to capture. The software is absolutely free, is open-source, and works for high-definition live streaming and recording videos. There are no restrictions on the length of the content or even the number you can create.

With this screen recorder software, you are free to create scenes or captures that have multiple sources. In other words, you can have browser windows, texts, webcams, and even images and switch seamlessly between the screens.

Save your projects and come back to them later when you use OBS Studio screen recorder. Additionally, encode and save footage in FLV format.

But the software’s features can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to screen recorder software or you want a quite simple one. Plus, the software is a little difficult to set up.

3. FlashBack Express

Ideal Screen Recorder Software for Webcam Captures and Video Recordings

FlashBack Express is an Ideal Screen Recorder Software for Webcam Captures and Video Recordings

Compatible with Windows OS, FlashBack Express is designed to capture any part of your screen. You can record or capture an area, a window, the entire screen, or even your webcam.

You can even add audio commentary while you are recording. And if you have old webcam footage you want to incorporate into your recording, you are free to do so. There are no limits on the length you can record and no watermarks appear on your videos. Best of all, these features all fall under the free version.

The interface is quite user-friendly so once you are done recording, you see it in a video editor that is easy to navigate. Trim and crop to fit what you need and afterward, you have the options of downloading, uploading to YouTube or saving on an FTP server.

Under the free account, you can save the download as an MP4, AVI, or WMV file. But under the Pro account, you can save in all formats.


FlashBack Express Pricing Plan

With the Pro account, you get additional features such as free tech support, a suite for editing full videos, the freedom to apply effects to the videos, and to add images, texts, and sounds at a one-time price of $49.

This payment plan is for use on only one computer. If you want a plan that works for two computers, you pay $74. There are also offers for more licenses.

4. Debut Video Capture

Most Suitable Screen Recorder Software for Capturing from IP Cameras and Screens

Debut Video Capture is the Most Suitable Screen Recorder Software for Capturing from IP Cameras and Screens

Debut Video Capture and Screen Recorder is great for capturing from any source, including IP or security cameras and other devices. This makes it one of the most powerful screen recorder software available on the market.

You can set it on a schedule to record regularly. And because of its ability to capture IP cameras, you can use it as part of the security system of your home.

The software also allows you to record a webcam or an overlay of the webcam. Plus, you can record your entire screen or just a selected part.

In addition to the above, you can edit videos, add timestamps and captions, and export or download in any video file format. All these features are available for free as long as you are going to download the software for personal use only.


Debut Video Capture Pricing Plan

There is a Pro Edition software plan that is a single-installation license and comes with all the features. Then, there is a Home Edition software plan that accords you unlimited use but you cannot use it for business purposes.

Finally, there is the Pro Edition Quarterly software plan. This plan is for unlimited and ongoing use.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

Best Free Browser-based Screen Recorder Software

Screencast-O-Matic is the Best Free Browser Based Screen Recorder Software

Add video from your webcam and audio commentary from your PC’s microphone with the Screencast-O-Matic screen recorder software. Also, record or capture any part of your PC’s screen to make quick and easy recordings with the software.

While Screencast-O-Matic offers recordings that have a limited length of just 15 minutes, you can add captions and zoom in or out while in recording mode.

Once you launch the free recorder, you will get a prompt to download a tiny web launcher before the recorder launches. Then, you can go ahead to set your screen to suit your specific recording needs.

However, if you upgrade to the paid version, you will get a lot more features such as the ability to automatically generate captions using text-to-speech. Other features include the ability to edit videos, annotations, and drawings as well as scripted recordings.

As great as all these features sound, be ready to have watermarked recordings if you use this screen recorder software.


Screencast-O-Matic Pricing Plan

Screencast-O-Matic screen recording software offers two paid plans: Deluxe and Premier. For $1.65 per month, billed yearly under the Deluxe plan, you can create screen filters, screenshots, add sound effects, and import music.

For the Premier plan, going for $4.00 per month billed yearly, you have access to features such as a library of stock photos, annotations and call to action buttons, and a bandwidth of about 100GB.

6. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Powerful Free In-browser Screen Recorder Software

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the Powerful Free In browser Screen Recorder Software

Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder works as a desktop app but is more powerful than most other screen recorder software that also operates as desktop apps.

If you are looking for a screen recorder software that allows you to demonstrate how a software works or you have a presentation to record, Apowersoft is one you should try.

The software is easy to use; just a click on ‘Start Recording’ and you will be prompted to download a launcher.

Once the launcher downloads, you will get a control bar that offers much more options than you will find in other such software.

The software does not support games but it offers keyboard shortcuts you can customize for faster and more convenient recording.

Additionally, apart from the usual MP4, AVI, and WMV export formats, the software gives you other formats for exporting your recordings: ASF, GIF, FLV, VOB, and MPEG.

7. Ezvid

Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Quick Clips and YouTube Uploads

Ezvid is the Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Quick Clips and YouTube Uploads

Ezvid screen recorder software has two proven advantages: speed and ease of use. When you get this software, you can make videos and upload them to YouTube in just minutes. The speed of the software does not diminish the clarity of the videos. If anything, the speed enhances the clarity; the resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels in high definition.

Among movie lovers and serious gamers, this software is quite popular. And that is because of how easy it is to use and how fast it works.

The software is great at capturing screens for games, browsers, and desktops. If you wish to add narration to your video recordings, you can synthesize and create computer speech. And if you want to add music, there is a selection of popular and trendy options to choose from.

However, you may notice some noise that is incorporated into the recordings. And there may be inconsistencies that appear. Plus, you don’t get the option of recording full screens.

8. Free Cam

Best Screen Recorder Software for Capturing and Saving in WMV Format

Free Cam is the Best Screen Recorder Software for Capturing and Saving in WMV Format

Free Cam screen recorder software is quite easy to use. In fact, it is one of the most user-friendly screen recorder software you will find on the market. Once you register and download the software, you can begin recording. Just click on the software icon and it will take you to a screen for new recordings.

The free version gives you access to a built-in editor for editing the videos and even audio. If you already have a pre-recorded video, you can use this software to edit it to suit your needs.

The interface is intuitive and lets you create professional-looking screencasts, even if you are a newbie. Other attractive features of the software are ad-free recordings and no watermarks.


Free Cam Pricing Plan

While the free version is great if your recording and editing needs are simple, the Pro version has a lot more features to offer.

Some of the features are access to insert music, text, pictures, and shapes. You can also add videos from your computer and publish them directly to LMS or any cloud-sharing service. All these for $277 per year.

9. CamStudio

Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Simple Editing and Creating AVI Files

CamStudio is the Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Simple Editing and Creating AVI Files

CamStudio screen recorder software is free, open-source software and is suitable if your editing needs are minimal. You can create AVI format videos with the software but can convert them to SWF after recording.

Though simple, the software is great for creating videos for software demonstrations or even class tutorials. There’s even a help file that is built into the software, in the event of getting stuck while learning how to use it.

What’s more, the software gives you complete control over your video recordings. So, you can choose whether or not to make high-quality videos, reduce them to smaller sizes, or even choose to record entire screens.

10. ShareX

Free Screen Recorder Software for Easy Screen Capture Sharing

ShareX is a Free Screen Recorder Software for Easy Screen Capture Sharing

Open source and free of ads, ShareX comprises many custom features and different capture methods: full screen, active window, scrolling capture, active monitor, last region, monitor menu, and so much more.

Navigating the interface and software generally is quite complex. So, if you are a power user or a developer, the software works for you. However, if you have simpler needs, you may find it too daunting.

You can import photos, music, and videos that already exist on your device. And you can add color effects and customized watermarks. Additionally, there are hotkeys that make navigating the complex software quicker and easier.


The software is free. But you can donate to keep the software cost-free and ad-free. You can even donate with cryptocurrency.

11. TinyTake

Superb Free Screen Recorder for Video Storing and Sharing

TinyTake is the Superb Free Screen Recorder for Video Storing and Sharing

With TinyTake, you can capture screens, add comments, and share videos and photos with others, all in a matter of minutes. The software is sophisticated and boasts of a native gallery that is cloud-based, where you can store your captures and recordings. Not all screen recorder software can boast of this feature.

You can share bulk files and public URLs. There is a file viewer that is built into the software for documents, videos, and photos. You can even annotate videos and screenshots. And the video player works on mobile devices.

Finally, you can customize your own shortcut keys so you can easily navigate the software.


TinyTake Pricing Plan

There are four plans available: basic, standard, plus, and jumbo.

The basic plan is the free version. While it gives so many sophisticated features for free, it is quite restrictive. The limit on recording length is just five minutes and the cloud storage is only 2GB.

So, if you want bigger storage spaces, longer recording limits, no ads, integration into YouTube, and annotations, go for either the Standard plan ($29.95 per year), Plus plan ($59.95 per year), or Jumbo plan ($99.95 per year).

12. Bandicam

Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Longterm Recording

Bandicam is the Best Free Screen Recorder Software for Longterm Recording

Bandicam records and saves audio and videos from the internet. The software also allows for video conference calls and call images from apps such as Skype and Zoom.

If you are making tutorial videos, business presentations, or educational videos, the software overlays arrowheads, pen drawings, and writings in real-time to make the videos more purposeful.

And if your computer has enough space, the software can run round the clock and all year. This is purposeful in monitoring how you use your computer or in saving long-term work.

There are more advanced features such as recording your voice and computer sounds at the same time and changing a webcam video background to make it transparent.

Other features include inserting text, logo, image, or comment to the videos and adding animation effects and mouse movements to the recording screen.


Bandicam Pricing Plan

Bandicam screen recorder software offers four other plans apart from the free version. For $39.95, you get a lifetime license and gain access to advanced features but can use it for only one PC.

For $59.96, you get a lifetime license that covers two PCs. For $138.95, the lifetime license covers five PCs. $258.00 gets you a lifetime license for ten PCs. And $500.00 gets you a lifetime license for twenty PCs.

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