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Updated Aug 5, 2023.

Are you looking for the best and cheapest eCommerce website builder? We have the right options for you.
Building an online web store is critical if you want to maximize sales. But where should you begin?

Squarespace icon


Squarespace is best for a clean-looking ecommerce website with decent commerce features to start your store from the ground.
Wix icon


Wix web builder is rich in apps and templates serving crucial eCommerce functionalities and is best for launching a new online store.
Shopify icon


If professional design, fast performance, and extensive sales and inventory management tools are your top priorities, Shopify is the best.
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Zyro eCommerce store builder is the cheapest among all. It's best for the fastest performance and a stunning website design.
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BigCommerce stands out from the crowd with its headless commerce and WordPress integration—great for looking different and growing faster.

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Some eCommerce builders have all the required features but come with a hefty price tag. But there are cheap builders providing thousands of templates and features for eCommerce websites.

And if you want to know the best and most affordable options, we have done the heavy lifting for you.

Let's begin!

List of Best Cheap Ecommerce Website Builders in 2023

Here we've compiled the most affordable online store builders with their price plans, features, pros, and cons:

1. Squarespace

Best for a Minimal Online Store

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Overall eCommerce features
$33 – $65 Per month
Annual Discount
Save 30%

Squarespace is a popular, easy-to-use, and cheap website builder for everyone. But can you rely on it for an eCommerce site? Yes, it's for anything you want to sell. You only need to buy their plans, choose a template, and customize them as needed. Besides, they have marketing and SEO tools—pretty cool to drive more clients to your shop!

Squarespace allows you to build and grow a minimal online store in minutes. It's best for everyone who wants simple commerce features to run their business.

Example of a Squarespace eCommerce Website

Example of a Squarespace eCommerce Website

Why is it one of the best cheap eCommerce website builders? Let’s take a look at the primary features.

Key Features

  • Minimal Templates: Squarespace's pre-built and customizable eCommerce website templates are great for showcasing your storefront. These websites are clutter-free, fast, and excellent for search engine optimization.
  • Easy Product Listing: With Squarespace's rich product listings, you can add unlimited products with descriptions, images, and videos. Besides, you can categorize each product for a better customer experience.
  • Inventory Management: Squarespace has inventory management features to manage product variants, receive quick alerts, and integrate with other apps.
  • Flexible Shipping Options: Shipping is easier with Squarespace, and you can include weight-based, flat, or real-time rates. You can, further, receive shipping labels and offer local in-person pickups.
  • Global Payment Options: Squarespace allows you to offer PayPal, Stripe, or Square as payment options to your customers. It’s excellent when you have global customers who prefer multiple payment modes.
  • Easy Promotion: Squarespace helps you gain customer loyalty by integrating marketing tools. You can add gift cards, product reviews, subscriptions, and social channels to connect with your clients.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Website Builder? | Pricing

There are three pricing plans of Squarespace that allow eCommerce features. The Personal plan does not offer eCommerce functionality.

Squarespace - Pricing Plan

The Business plan has a 3% transaction fee, but the fee is zero for the Basic Commerce package and the Advanced Commerce one.

Squarespace Transaction Fees

You can pay monthly or annually, based on your preference. On annual plans, you will get the following discounts:

  • Business plan – 30%
  • Basic Commerce plan – 25%
  • Advanced Commerce plan – 25%


  • Comes with auto updates (hence less security vulnerability)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Templates with a clutter-free user interface
  • Third-party app integration


  • Limited templates
  • Less control over customization

With all its features, Squarespace can be called one of the best cheap website builders for a minimal and visually attractive store.

2. Wix

Best for Beginner Online Store Owners

Editor’s Take
8.6 out of 10
Best For
New merchants
$27 – $59 Per month
Annual Discount
Save 10%

Wix is a beginner-friendly, cheap eCommerce website builder to create a store, add products, and start promotions. It has an easy, drag-and-drop website editor that works well for non-techies. Extra apps for commerce and marketing functions are handy for attracting more clients and providing excellent service. In a nutshell, Wix is a great starting point if you want an easy-to-manage option for your online store.

Wix handles about 700,000 online stores worldwide, which makes it the world's most popular website builder.

With its large library of templates and simple website editor, you can reduce the friction of starting a new eCommerce business.

Example of a Wix eCommerce Website

Example of a Wix eCommerce Website

Let’s investigate what makes it one of the best cheap eCommerce platforms.

Key Features

  • Professional and Customizable eCommerce Website: Wix store builder has 500+ pre-built eCommerce templates with responsive and customizable designs to give each part of your store a unique touch. You can add high-quality images and videos of the products from the media library. Besides, customized APIs allow you to connect with ERPs, fulfillment services, and anything in between. Also, you can translate your store to 90+ global languages, connect a custom domain name, drive leads from social media channels, and start a blog for content marketing.
  • Secure Checkout and Multiple Payment Modes: The free SSL from Wix secures all your customer's info with end-to-end encryption. Some other checkout features include abandoned cart recovery, free shipping, currency converter, custom shipping rates, etc. You can provide 50+ secure payment options to your customers, including credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe. Wix further handles all the tax calculations with a few clicks.
  • Hassle-free Store Management: Managing your entire inventory is easy with Wix's multichannel inventory management options. You can watch and track the stocks, add diversity to products, organize and categorize, and import or export products from CSV files. Besides, managing your store is easy with the Wix dashboard. It’s handy for handling shipping and printing labels, dropshipping, refunds, and more.
  • Effortless SEO and Marketing: Wix reduces your SEO and Marketing efforts with its built-in SEO and marketing tools. You can optimize your store for search engines, and drive leads and traffic via social posts, Facebook and Instagram ads, discounts, product reviews, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Store Analytics, Wix Owner App, and eCommerce Apps: Moreover, Wix provides store analytics, third-party eCommerce apps, and the Wix owner app for easy online store management.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Website Builder? | Pricing

Wix eCommerce builder offers you to build an online shop for free. But you must buy one of its eCommerce plans to publish and monetize your online stores.

Wix - Pricing Plan

The Business and eCommerce pricing package starts at $27/month for Business Basic, $32/month for Business Unlimited, and $59/month for Business VIP.

Besides, Wix provides a 14-day money-back guarantee to first-time users.


  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder with many pre-built templates
  • The app market is excellent for managing more functions
  • No sales commissions


  • Slow loading speed for huge eCommerce stores
  • Heavy reliability on third-party apps for selling features

If it is your first online store, Wix is the best cheap eCommerce platform that will not overwhelm you with excessive eCommerce functionality.

3. Shopify

Best for a Professional eCommerce Business with Long Trial Period

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For
A professional eCommerce plan
$1 – $299 Per month
Annual Discount
Save 50%

With Shopify's 100+ eCommerce themes and 8000+ apps, you can create a one-of-a-kind store. It offers extensive features for inventory management, tracking orders, and shipping. And it also helps you grow and manage your business through different channels. Further, Shopify's shipping management and POS hardware come in handy for smooth shipping, checkout, and delivery. It's the best eCommerce builder for a vastly growing business.

If you want to transfer your online store to an all-in-one solution, Shopify is the best and relatively cheap eCommerce website builder.

It powers 10% of US eCommerce and provides services to millions of sellers in 170+ countries.

Example of a Shopify eCommerce Website

Example of a Shopify eCommerce Website

What sales features do we get in this eCommerce solution?

Key Features

  • Professional Online Storefront: Shopify has 100+ free and paid eCommerce templates with different colors, styles, and built-in features for online selling. You can customize your discount offers, generate leads, and recommend products to your customers with a few clicks. Further, they have 8000+ apps to help you perform different eCommerce activities. The website editor works without coding skills; however, you can add custom CSS or HTML code if needed.
  • Multiple Sales Channels and Easy Marketing: Shopify provides extensive sales and marketing channels to reach your audience where they are. For example, you can sell your products on Google, eBay, Walmart, Youtube Shopping, Tiktok, and more to grow your audience base quickly. For marketing, you can create content for your blog, optimize your store for search engines, and segment and target customers via email marketing, Facebook ads, or any other platform.
  • Order Management and Delivery: With the centralized order fulfillment system, you can manage orders, inventory, shipping, delivery, returns, and refunds. It allows you to visualize the order data with a customized dashboard. Fulfill orders quickly with bulk workflows, printing labels, and creating documents. Further, Shopify’s mobile app helps you check product counts and inventory transfers. Make structured decisions with analytics and always stay connected to your store.
  • Secure and Convenient Payment Options: Shopify Payments allows you to pay through different credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, shop pay (for payment at the shop), and more, depending on your location. Besides, your customers can pay conveniently with Shopify pay installments, Shopify balance, and Shopify capital. For keeping your client’s information safe, Shopify has PCI-compliant servers, end-to-end encryption, and 3D secure checkouts.
  • Shopify Point of Sale: With Shopify's Point of Sale (POS) hardware, in-person selling is simple. All that you need is to connect the POS and take payments. They have many POS products, each with 24/7 support, 1-year warranty, and free shipping and returns.
  • Business Automation with Shopify Flow: Shopify made it easier for their customers to automate the entire eCommerce process with Shopify Flow. You can tailor a simple workflow to manage inventory, prevent frauds, increase brand loyalty, retain more customers, manage fulfillment, and more activities automatically.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Platform? | Pricing

Shopify is the only eCommerce website builder that offers you a broad range of eCommerce features at a discounted price of $1/month for the first three months of the Basic Plan. After 3 months, you can avail of the benefits at the regular rate of $29/month. On the annual plans, you can get up to a 50% discount for your first year.

Shopify - Pricing Plan

Note: The Starter plan is a different package from the Basic one. It is for beginner store owners who want to sell products online via social media channels and chats with minimal eCommerce functionality. Initially, the pricing is $1/month for 3 months, the same as the basic plan, which will be $5/month after the trial period.

Shopify - Starter Plan

There are no extra transactional charges if you process payments through Shopify Payments, PayPal Express, Shop Pay Installments, or Shop Pay.

Yet, any third-party payment app can cost you transactional fees of

  • 2% on the Basic plan
  • 1% on the Shopify plan
  • 0.5% on the Advanced plan


  • Great customer support
  • Have a wide range of features
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy navigation


  • Some learning curve
  • No email hosting

Are you serious about online selling? If yes, you should choose and stick to the Shopify eCommerce website builder.

4. Zyro

Cheapest eCommerce Website Builder

Editor’s Take
7.8 out of 10
Best For
Cheapest website builder
Starts from $3.59 per month
Annual Discount
76% Off

Building an online store is smooth with Zyro online store builder. They offer SEO-optimized and professional-looking templates for selling any product online. Besides, they have everything you need to create, track, manage, and grow your shop from scratch. The best part is that it provides AI tools like an image resizer, an AI logo generator, an AI writer, and everything else you need to get started. Moreover, if you want a fast-performing online store at the lowest price, Zyro is the best cheap eCommerce website builder.

Zyro is a simple and fast eCommerce website builder that serves 250,000 small online business owners.

It has a library of 100+ stunning eCommerce website designs that attract the attention of web visitors. It's best for everyone who wants their site up and running at excellent speed with the cheapest eCommerce plan.

Example of a Zyro eCommerce Website

Example of a Zyro eCommerce Website

What can small business owners expect from this cheapest eCommerce website builder?

Key Features

  • Quick Storefront Set up with Ready-made Templates: Zyro provides 100+ ready-made eCommerce website templates, which are handy that can be set up in minutes. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly select elements and drag and edit them if needed. All the templates by Zyro are responsive and optimized for different screen sizes.
  • Sell anything: With Zyro, you can sell digital or physical products, book appointments, take donations, or sell your services.
  • SEO and marketing: All the Zyro sites are, by default, responsive for mobile devices and optimized for performance. With Google Analytics integration, you can discover traffic sources to segment them for multiple marketing campaigns. Its AI writer helps you to create SEO-friendly meta tags quickly. Zyro allows you to sell on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and Google Shopping to reach more customers and improve brand awareness.
  • Smooth Inventory Management: Zyro offers a smart dashboard to manage and track your products. You can add categories or check availability at any time. Also, you can download the mobile application to watch and monitor orders and deliveries anywhere and anytime.
  • Diverse Payment Options and Easy Shipping: Your customers can pay you through 20+ payment methods, including Google pay, Apple pay, Stripe, and Afterpay. With Zyro's built-in eCommerce tools, you don't have to worry about shipping, taxes, and delivery paperwork.
  • AI Tools: It offers two powerful AI tools: an AI writer for creating website content and product descriptions quickly and an AI image resizer to optimize images for loading speed. Other handy AI tools include an AI image background remover for distraction-free product images and an AI logo generator for a customized logo design.

Is This Truly the Cheapest eCommerce Platform? | Pricing

Zyro has the most affordable plans for an eCommerce site, starting at $3.59 per month. Besides, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don't like the service, you can cancel it and get a refund in 30 days.

Zyro - Pricing Plan

The Business plan is for eCommerce websites, where you will get a free professional email for three months and a free domain name for a year.


  • Cheapest, along with decent features
  • Fast and SEO-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Quick set up
  • Professional business email


  • Limited customization options
  • The content is lost if you switch the template. You have to recreate it from scratch

The cheapest eCommerce website builder with several cool AI tools.

5. BigCommerce

Best eCommerce Website Builder for Omnichannel Store Growth

Editor’s Take
7.4 out of 10
Best For
Multichannel Selling
$29.95 Per month
Annual Discount
Save 10%

BigCommerce has many advanced features for SEO and multichannel integration. They have great sales tools to help boost a large, fast-growing business. Their agility, excellent support, and quick resolution of technical issues are their main attractions. Besides, the platform's dashboard makes it easy to upload and manage the inventory.

BigCommerce stands out from other cheap eCommerce website builders with versatile features like quote management, customer groups, custom price lists, and bulk pricing rates.

If you want authority across different channels, your priority should be BigCommerce, as it allows you to sell online on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, POS, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Example of a BigCommerce eCommerce Website

Example of a BigCommerce eCommerce Website

Why should you choose this eCommerce website builder, not others?

Key Features

  • Storefront Design: BigCommerce has WordPress integration that allows you to build a custom design of your choice. API integration helps you customize the checkout process. And the Stencil CLI framework helps BigCommerce customers build fast-loading templates.
  • Storefront Conversions: Optimize your store for performance with built-in SEO features – Google AMP and Akamai Image manager. Also, you can simplify checkout by integrating digital wallets such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal One Touch. Customize your merchandising with the Headless Pay Commerce API. You can attract more customers by creating over 70+ discounts and promotions without writing custom scripts.
  • Headless Commerce: If you have a brand with emphasized content and editorial, a plugin will help you to bridge your WordPress sites with BigCommerce. The Aqua Digital Experience integration tool allows you to integrate headless commerce with advanced content management. Moreover, BigCommerce manages native apps while giving you complete control over your website.
  • International Selling Facility: Make your site available in many local languages utilizing third-party applications and accept payments in 100 different currencies. You can stay closer to your clients with BigCommerce’s CDN.
  • Multichannel eCommerce: You can open multiple storefronts on other renowned online stores, including Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping, and multiply your conversions. Update your in-store sales automatically with the native POS systems.
  • Extensive Features for B2B Merchants: If you own a B2B business, you will receive great benefits from BigCommerce. Automated customer and pricing segmentation provide a smooth user experience to B2B eCommerce owners. Further, store owners can manage quotes either with a native quote management tool or third-party tools like BundleB2B or B2B Ninja. There are also flexible payment options for B2B merchants.
  • Reliability and Commerce Management: BigCommerce ensures 99.99% uptime, efficiency, and resiliency. You can test different versions of your eCommerce site with the staging environment. Further, automated tax calculation, shipping, vaulting, and other sales activities are easily manageable with BigCommerce.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Website Builder? | Pricing

BigCommerce's Standard package starts at $29.95 per month. The Plus and Pro packages cost $79.95 and $299.95 per month, respectively. There is a 10% discount on yearly plans.

However, there is an online sales limit on each plan as follows:

  • Standard – $50k
  • Plus – $180k
  • Pro – $400k
BigCommerce - Pricing Plan

You can ask them for a quote for an Enterprise eCommerce solution if a customized package is what you need.


  • Support of multiple currencies
  • Get customers back by saving abandoned card details.
  • WordPress integration for better flexibility
  • BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees


  • Each plan contains an annual sales limit
  • Users report little control over mobile design customization

This eCommerce platform comes with all the necessary online selling tools to help you grow across multiple channels. Plus, it is easier than Shopify but provides a similar customization level.

6. Weebly

Best for a Simple Online Store

Weebly - Professional online stores for entrepreneurs

Weebly is the perfect cheap eCommerce builder for anyone starting a simple web store. Other than physical products, you can also sell digital products to a global customer, easily process and manage orders, and ship with flexibility.

You don't need technical knowledge to set up a shop—just drag and drop elements, and you're done.

You can access free and premium themes from the library, customize them, and make them unique for your online shop.

Example of a Weebly eCommerce Website

Example of a Weebly eCommerce Website

How can Weebly help me sell online?

Key Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop Editor: Weebly offers an easy drag-and-drop method for website building, and the themes are optimized for mobile and tablet. You can add animations to make your eCommerce site more interactive. Lastly, you can customize templates with CSS and HTML.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout: Weebly offers a fully-integrated shopping cart plus a secure checkout to its customers, and they are easy to set up while building your eCommerce store. Notably, you can design a beautiful layout for the checkout section.
  • Inventory Management and Tracking: Importing an existing store to Weebly is fast with the CSV import/export option. Categorize the products and organize them for the filtered product search. You can further monitor the inventory in real time.
  • Reporting and Analytics: An in-depth analysis of your eCommerce website is handy with Weebly’s interactive analytics dashboard. You can choose a premium plan to get sales and traffic reports like numbers of visitors and page views, daily or weekly sales, and more. This can help identify which items sell well or remain in the shopping cart. Stay connected by checking real-time sales and managing your store activities directly from an iPhone or Android app.
  • SEO and Marketing; Weebly automatically optimizes your products and entire store for search engines. Besides, you can edit the metadata, add Google Analytics for tracking your audience, and set up 301 redirects. With Weebly's marketing integration, you can segregate mailing lists, automate and schedule emails, and track statistics. Coupon codes, branded digital gift cards, and abandoned cart emails are other ways to drive more sales to your store.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Website Builder? | Pricing

For an eCommerce website, Weebly offers three plans: Pro, Business, and Business Plus.

With the Pro plan, you will get a free domain name, a shopping cart, payments through Square Online, some third-party apps, and more for $12/month.

Weebly - Pricing Plan

The Business and Business Plus plans have prices of $25 per month and $38 per month, respectively. Both of these plans provide more advanced features than the Pro one.


  • The mobile app is handy for managing sales
  • Automated abandon cart emails
  • Bulk product import/export option for easy product management
  • Easily change themes


  • No Email Marketing on Pro and Business plan
  • Limited eCommerce features on the Pro plan (no tax and shipping calculator, coupon codes, reviews, or gift cards)

Relatively cheap eCommerce website builder for simple online stores.

7. Mozello

Best Free eCommerce Website Builder

Mozello - Create an online store & reach more customers

Mozello brings a fast and free eCommerce website to the table within a few minutes. It’s handy for small businesses and individuals who don’t have extensive technical knowledge.

Moreover, Mozello is a recommended option to save time and budget for those who want to avoid jumping into cumbersome and expensive web store development processes.

Example of a Mozello eCommerce Website

Example of a Mozello eCommerce Website

Can Mozello be called the best eCommerce website builder? It depends on how you look at it.

Key Features

  • Templates with Variety and Responsiveness: Mozello eCommerce builder provides responsive templates for a better user experience on multiple screen sizes. You can save a lot of money by spending less to make your website more responsive or mobile-friendly. Mozello has 30+ templates – all come with in-built eCommerce options. It allows you to switch among different designs without losing any content.
  • Multi-Language Support: You can create websites in multiple languages to help a global audience access your website in their tongue. Choose the language by clicking on the edit option in the upper right corner. Now, create content in the chosen language and add it to each page. That is it!
  • Custom Domains: Get a free domain for your website when you buy a premium plan. Mozello does this by purchasing the domain and completing the registration process for you. Note: Custom domains are not available on the free plan.
  • Custom Design: You can get a custom design using one of three methods. Create the store look yourself from scratch, or let the team adapt the existing template to the Mozello builder. Finally, you can order the eCommerce design from Mozello.
  • Easy Catalog Management: If you have an existing web store, you can easily import the products by uploading the information via CSV file. The process is simple: check the CSV format, and import the file through catalog management.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Platform? | Pricing

Mozello provides a generous free plan with which you can sell up to five products, but the payment option is limited to PayPal. The Premium option starts at $10/month for 20 product variants, and the Premium Plus is $20/month. This pricing is for quarterly billing.

Mozello - Pricing Plan

For Annual plans, you will get a small discount. Moreover, Mozello doesn't charge transaction fees on any plans and offers several payment gateways on the Premium Plus package.


  • Customized shipping options
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Available to users in different languages
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Secure checkout process


  • No monthly plans (can only pay quarterly or annually)
  • Limited features and add-on plugins

Mozello is the best free eCommerce website builder that allows you to sell up to 5 products and accept Paypal payments.

8. Strikingly

Best eCommerce Website Builder with Highly Responsive Support

Strikingly - Make a website in minutes

Starting in 2012, Strikingly has shown striking results in helping individuals build their brands.

Strikingly will serve your purpose if you want to boost your online presence, generate leads, or sell some digital products and services.

Example of a Strikingly eCommerce Website

Example of a Strikingly eCommerce Website

Is Strikingly the best free eCommerce website builder? No, but it is highly practical for online stores with few pages.

Key Features

  • Simple Ecommerce Website Builder: Like others, Strikingly has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website editor with which you can build your minimal online store in minutes. There are 25+ professional-looking eCommerce templates.
  • Quick to Build an eCommerce Store: It's super fast to set up – add the product title, description, pricing, and offer. Set the payment – PayPal, Stripe, or Square, or give customers instructions to use any offline payment method during the checkout, and launch your store in minutes. You can also add coupons and set up membership or subscription forms to drive more sales.
  • Lead Generation Forms and Built-in Analytics: Strikingly allows newsletters, live chat, and other contact options to help you grab your visitors, communicate with them, and turn them into customers. Besides, you can see your website analytics right on your backend dashboard.
  • Custom Domain Names: Strikingly also provides custom domain names for free with its premium plans. Either buy one or connect your existing domain name with Strikingly web hosting.
  • Responsive Human Chat Support: The best thing about Strikingly eCommerce website builder is fast live chat support. Even if you are trying the free version, they are eager to solve your queries about building your small online store. The support system is just a text away if you strike a roadblock.

Is This a Truly Cheap eCommerce Website Builder? | Pricing

Strikingly has a Free Forever plan, which allows you to create a free online store and sell a single product. Besides, they have three plans for eCommerce stores: Limited at $12/month, Pro at $20/month, and VIP at $59/month.

Strikingly - Pricing Plan

The Pro plan is popular due to its various features at a reasonable price. Furthermore, if you're confident, sign up for the annual plan to save $48. Strikingly offers a 14-day free trial, too. However, their Limited and Pro plans charge 5% and 2% transaction fees, respectively.


  • Simple signup process
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Offers paid subscription memberships
  • Allows multiple sites on the paid plans


  • Hefty transaction (5%) fees on the Limited plan
  • Still, limited features for eCommerce sites

Are you looking for an eCommerce solution for a small online store?

Cheap Ecommerce Website FAQ

What is the least expensive eCommerce platform?

The two best free eCommerce website builders are Mozello and Strikingly. However, if you want to buy a paid plan with decent features and fast performance, Zyro is the cheapest option.

Can I make an eCommerce website for free?

Yes, you can make free eCommerce websites. Yet, free plans come with certain limitations. You will have less freedom in terms of themes and customization. Also, free eCommerce website builders will let you sell very few products, and your site will not have a custom domain. If you don't want to compromise your security and plan to have a good selling experience, you must go for paid versions. Paid plans unlock many premium features that are suitable for the overall performance of your eCommerce website.

What is the least costly way to build an eCommerce website?

Mozello and Strikingly are no-cost or free eCommerce website builders if you want to play before running a business. But if you want to have an eCommerce business with a budget-friendly builder, then Zyro is the way to go. Besides, depending on their features, you can check other options on the list to determine the best cheap eCommerce website builders of your choice.

What are the Best Cheap E-commerce Website Builders?

The best cheap online store builder option varies from person to person and depends on your primary needs.

If you already have a store and want to improve the design, performance, and overall sales (to scale), you can choose Shopify or BigCommerce, as they provide a complete solution for building and managing a web store.

Best cheap eCommerce website builders recap:

Best for overall features


Squarespace is best for a clean-looking website with decent commerce features to start from the ground.
Best for new merchants


Wix web builder is rich in apps and templates serving crucial eCommerce functionalities and is best for a new online store.
Best for professional stores


If professional design, fast performance, and extensive sales and inventory management tools are your top priorities, Shopify is the best.
The cheapest website builder


Zyro eCommerce store builder is the cheapest among all. It's best for the fastest performance and a stunning website design.
Best for multichannel eCommerce


BigCommerce stands out from the crowd with its headless commerce and WordPress integration—great for looking different and growing faster.

For overall sales features, BigCommerce and Shopify are best, even if the initial price is high compared to others. But it’s justified because of their broad range of features—you will save money.

So, these cheap eCommerce website builders provide you with all the sales and marketing features you need to build and grow your shop.

If you want to dig deeper into more website builders with free and paid plans, here are a few more guides:

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