9 Best Ecommerce Platforms in India in 2023

Updated Apr 3, 2023.

The best eCommerce platforms make it convenient for online businesses to manage their online stores and scale their sales and operations. I have reviewed the nine best eCommerce platforms in India and shortlisted the top five recommendations below.

Squarespace icon


The best eCommerce platform for individuals with an intuitive interface and SEO tools.
Shopify icon


The best eCommerce platform for sales with robust features and add-ons.
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A hosted eCommerce platform with intuitive and easy-to-use templates.
BigCommerce icon


A user-friendly eCommerce platform that's equipped with tools for online marketing.
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The best eCommerce platform for converting WordPress websites into online stores.

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Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform to use for your online store? Then you should look for a complete ecommerce tool with robust, seamless integrations. This will provide a higher level of control over your operations and make it easier to scale your online business.

The e-Commerce industry in India is quite massive and growing fast. The ecommerce market size is expected to be worth $200 billion by 2026. This means it’s a great time to use an ecommerce platform in India.

However, you should only go for eCommerce platforms with rich features such as versatile payment methods, analytics, shipping and tracking, robust security, and intuitive web design.

You should choose an eCommerce platform that suits your budget and business’s resources but is also robust enough to let you scale at ease.

Let's examine the best eCommerce platforms available in India so you can easily determine which sites are the most suitable for your company's needs.

Best Ecommerce Platforms In India For Selling Online

Here is a list of India's best eCommerce platforms:

1. Squarespace

Best Ecommerce Platform For Artists And Small Business Owners.

  • The website layouts offered by Squarespace are appealing and free.
  • Squarespace is one of the best hosted ecommerce solutions ideal for business growth because it includes marketing tools such as email and social media integrations.
  • It has excellent analytical tools and an inventory system.
  • Squarespace is not ideal for a large eCommerce business compared to other platforms.
  • Getting used to navigating the software takes some time.
Squarespace icon
Editor’s Take

Squarespace Commerce is a premier option for designing your eCommerce business. Its elegant themes highlight your items and are simple to edit, allowing you to easily change any layout to fit your brand. I loved its vast library of professional templates. Squarespace is a top option if you want an eCommerce site with great SEO capabilities and an excellent inventory system.

Best For:
Small Businesses
$23 – $65 monthly 
Annual Discount:
Save 25% – 30%

Squarespace is one of the top eCommerce platforms for creating eCommerce websites and a great option in terms of marketing features.

If your eCommerce business is content-heavy and dependent on aesthetic design, the website builder will improve the SEO and help draw in more customers.

Best Features


One of the unique advantages of using Squarespace's editor is that it features a helpful tutorial when you get started, helping you to find your way around the software. Squarespace has a modern and minimalist design. It also includes a checklist, which is helpful for novices.

Customizable Templates

Each template for a Squarespace online store is completely customizable. You can start with one of its professional designs and modify it to match your brand's colors and style.

Email and Social Media Integration

You can link your website with your email and social media networks through Squarespace. Additionally, you can cross-post the same material from and to your website and social media pages, which is ideal for generating interaction across platforms and building brand recognition.

SEO Capabilities

The robust platform includes built-in search engine optimization tools that improve your site's exposure on Google and other search engine results pages.


  • Pricing starts at $23 for a monthly subscription
  • There's a 25% discount on an annual subscription

2. Shopify

Best Ecommerce Platform With Robust Sales And Analytics Tools

  • The online store builder is perfect for managing and developing a large online store because of its robust backend editor and amazing inventory system.
  • Shopify is relatively easy to use compared to other platforms, making it a fantastic choice for users new to online selling.
  • Order payments are made simpler by Shopify's variety of payment methods.
  • There are so many themes you can use to design your eCommerce businesses.
  • You'll need to work with a designer if you want to significantly alter how your store looks because your no-code design options are limited.
  • Tools for marketing automation are not included in Shopify's plans.
Shopify icon
Editor’s Take

Shopify includes multiple customizable templates and free website designs to help you get started quickly. The platform handles everything in the B2B aspect of eCommerce; from marketing and online payments to safe transactions and shipping. Choose Shopify if you want an eCommerce website builder with great inbuilt marketing tools.

Best For:
Growing Businesses
$29 – $299 monthly
Annual Discount:
Save 10%

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for users that have the resources to grow their professional ecommerce site and scale quickly. 

The platform provides attractive, responsive designs that make your store look fantastic on any screen. It also has a large user, partner, and development community.

Best Features

Analytics and Reporting

You can track important elements like income and customer preferences with Shopify's free plan. By linking your business to a Google Analytics account with Shopify, you can boost your marketing strategy.

Fast Payments

Shopify integrates with all of the popular payment services. For your customers to pay directly on your ecommerce site, you can utilize Shopify Payments. Shopify Payments complies with PCI standards.

Inventory Management

The store builder allows you to add products manually or import them using CSV files. Customer info, orders, and other types of data can also be imported. You can enter all the information about your products, such as the title, description, featured images, and videos.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an iOS and Android app that allows you to conduct transactions in a physical store, market, or pop-up shop. Shopify POS has two subscription plans: Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro.


  • Pricing starts at $29 per month for the basic plan.
  • The premium plan is $299 per month.
  • Shopify lets you set up a store and pick a plan later with no credit card required.

3. Wix

Hosted Ecommerce Platform With Intuitive And Easy-to-use Templates.

  • The platform features cutting-edge eCommerce features, such as abandoned shopping cart software, to find customers who have abandoned their cart.
  • You can expand your business internationally by developing sites for various nations and in different languages.
  • Absence of inventory management alerts. Scaling is challenging because Wix won't alert you when inventory becomes low.
Wix icon
Editor’s Take

Wix lets you fully utilize its customizable design templates to create a responsive eCommerce store. The platform is quite easy to use and you can afford to be creative with it. If you want a drag-and-drop eCommerce platform that is user-friendly for beginners, Wix is the ideal option.

Best For:
$17 – $35 monthly 
Annual Discount:
Save 18%

Wix is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for creating e-commerce websites.

Its user-friendly interface and robust built-in features allow users to easily create professional eCommerce sites that look fantastic on any device.

The site builder offers a full suite of tools to help you create your online presence and get noticed on search engines.

Best Features

Beautiful and Professional Templates

There are 800+ free, professional website designs available on Wix. To customize anything, you can simply drag and drop elements on the available templates. You can add complex design elements and customize the product pages, cart, storefront, and checkout.

Multiple Sales Channels

Using your Wix dashboard, you can manage your online and mobile storefronts, as well as Facebook, eBay, Instagram, and Amazon shops, while also listing and selling products on various sales channels. Wix also gives you the option to offer weekly or monthly orders, generate recurring revenue through store subscriptions, and surprise customers with subscription boxes that are carefully picked and have a specific theme.

Product Dropshipping

Wix provides features that assist you in fulfilling orders, transporting packages, and managing inventory. The dropshipping feature allows you to increase the variety of your products, while print-on-demand items allow you to highlight your ideas.

Vast Product Inventory

With Wix, you can manage your inventory and add up to 50,000 products to your online store. You can also source from vendors you already do business with. Additionally, you can use it to automate your taxes for every sale and establish shipping regulations.

Order and Payment Management

Wix lets you manage all store orders from the purchase to delivery stage. You can also handle shipping and fulfillment or add suppliers, 3PLs, and dropshipping services you work with. All store orders are tracked and processed through a single dashboard.


  • Pricing is $17 monthly for the Business Basic plan.
  • Business Unlimited is $25 monthly.

Choose a premium business plan or get Wix for free.

4. BigCommerce

Robust Online Store Builder With Advanced Features For Online Marketing

  • Online selling in numerous currencies is incredibly simple, which is part of what makes it a top eCommerce platform in India.
  • BigCommerce's entry-level plan includes an extensive feature set.
  • The abandoned cart saver tool is easier to use than those of other platforms.
  • It's a great e-commerce platform for retailers with multiple product variations.
  • In many cases, BigCommerce’s free themes are too similar to one another.
  • Online sales are subject to caps; if you go above those limits, you'll need to upgrade to a more expensive monthly plan.
  • If you want to accept recurring payments or offer subscriptions, you must pay for a third-party app.
BigCommerce icon
Editor’s Take

BigCommerce is a one-stop eCommerce software that offers sales tools and a high degree of direct control over your website. BigCommerce might seem a bit complicated to use, but the wide range of features makes up for the steep learning curve. It is a great option for large retailers who want to sell online.

Best For:
eCommerce SEO 
$29.95 – $299.95 monthly 
Annual Discount:
Save 10%

BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that enables entrepreneurs to launch a large-scale eCommerce marketplace and market their goods to customers worldwide.

Numerous marketing features are available right out of the box using this service. The platform provides effective email marketing features to save abandoned carts.

Best Features

Advanced SEO Features

As one of the more robust ecommerce content management systems, BigCommerce has integrated SEO tools to aid companies in gaining more organic exposure.

Maintenance of Inventory and Payment

A wide range of third-party payment services are supported by BigCommerce. It accepts payments from well-known companies like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon, and more.

High Customizability and Mobile-Friendliness

BigCommerce is an extremely flexible platform. Customers can customize its flexible templates to suit their unique business requirements. BigCommerce sites have the advantage of performing well on mobile devices. Additionally, you can easily optimize your shopping cart for mobile use with mobile tools like mobile themes.

Seamless Integration

The eCommerce website builder maintains a marketplace of third-party apps and integrates with many external applications. Users can obtain unique applications or request features that enhance their websites thanks to the vibrant app development community and an app store.


  • Pricing starts at $29.95 per month
  • You have to contact sales to get custom pricing for the Enterprise plan.

Start using BigCommerce on a 15-day free trial.

5. WooCommerce

Free WordPress Plugin That Converts WordPress Websites Into Online Stores

  • Using WooCommerce, you can set up your ecommerce website to support several different payment methods, accept several different currencies, and automatically calculate taxes in various locations.
  • You can choose from hundreds of extensions.
  • WooCommerce does not have a dedicated support team.
  • You might need to employ a developer if you want to use WooCommerce on your website.
WooCommerce icon
Editor’s Take

WooCommerce's sophisticated eCommerce builder provides everything you need to start, manage, and grow your business online. It's a WordPress plugin that simplifies eCommerce, increases the number of paying clients on your website, and improves your search engine ranking. You can use its custom themes and templates to match your specific requirements. 

Best For:
Low-budget eCommerce
Freemium Plan
Annual Discount:

WooCommerce is a plugin that facilitates online shopping on WordPress's content management system. It's ideal for small to large-scale WordPress-based online retailers.

A leading eCommerce platform in India, WooCommerce, like WordPress, is intended to be an extensible, flexible, and open-source platform.

The platform enables eCommerce businesses to carry out and promote the online selling of tangible goods, digital downloads, or services.

Best Features

Content Management System

Utilizing the pre-built modular WooCommerce blocks, you can easily build product pages after installing the WooCommerce plugin on your existing website.

Inventory and Order Management

The WooCommerce dashboard will be familiar to WordPress site owners, which will make managing their products and processing orders easier. You can automate tax calculations, get real-time shipping prices, and identify the best shippers by using the appropriate plugins. WooCommerce simplifies product and order administration with more than 25 inventory and order management add-ons.

Shipment Tools

On WooCommerce, you can provide three delivery options: free shipping, flat rate, and local pickup. Additionally, you can use shipping classes to categorize items, receive lower shipping costs, and print USPS and DHL labels (exclusive for US-based stores). You can pick from 12 extensions, including Fulfillment by Amazon and Zapier.

Shopping Cart Functionality

By utilizing the WooCommerce Blocks plugin to create checkout and shopping cart blocks, you can enhance your site’s look and functionality without spending any money. Unfortunately, these advanced features are still in the experimental phase, making it difficult for non-coders to use them.

SEO Capabilities

To maximize your WooCommerce SEO, you can use basic WordPress SEO settings. It’s possible to boost the organic exposure of a high-ranking ecommerce website using WooCommerce's SEO plug-ins.

6. Adobe Commerce

Best Cloud-Based Ecommerce Platform For Building Online Storefronts

Adobe Commerce - Magento is now Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce is one of the best cloud-based e-commerce platforms that many online shops use to build and operate their e-commerce store.

The robust eCommerce solution can be used to develop cross-channel shopping experiences for B2B and B2C clients on a single platform.

It provides you with an online commerce platform that is very customizable and scalable, from the catalog and payments to the fulfillment stage.

Best Features


Setting up your storefront is considerably simpler once the platform has been fully installed. You can choose themes and extensions to suit the requirements of your store, set up payment, add products, and start selling. Users are also given thorough instructions on how to use Adobe Commerce by the Adobe team.

Robust Speed and Performance

Fastly Image Optimizer (IO), a component of Fastly's content delivery network, collaborates with Adobe’s CDN. Without harming the origin server, it enables retailers to alter and load images using servers closer to their customers. As a result, it can significantly speed up pages and compress images.

Point of Sale Integrations

A variety of high-end POS systems are compatible with Adobe Commerce. Through the seamless integration of POS tools with their e-Commerce business, merchants can offer cross-channel discounts and customer incentives and track inventory in real-time.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The platform employs Dotdigital's email marketing service to inform customers about their abandoned carts. The Adobe Commerce Cloud for eMerchants offers unique features for email drips.


  • On the Magento marketplace, there are thousands of extensions available.
  • Adobe Commerce accepts a variety of currencies.
  • A version of the platform called Magento Open Source is available for free download and use by businesses.
  • Adobe Commerce provides email and phone support to customers around-the-clock.
  • The platform can be completely customized because of its open-source architecture.
  • Adobe has a vibrant developer community worldwide, which gives its security an added advantage.


  • It costs extra to purchase pre-built website templates from the Magento Marketplace.
  • Despite being free for download, Magento Open Source has expenses, including hosting charges.
  • To use the platform, competent software developers are required.

Contact sales to get custom pricing for Adobe Commerce.

7. Prestashop

Best Self-Hosted And Open Source Ecommerce Platform

PrestaShop - Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce

PrestaShop is one of the best free open-source and self hosted platforms.

To set up an ecommerce website using this service, you could use its software editor or use HTML, CSS, or PHP. Hiring a developer is another option to consider.

Best Features

Robust Customization

You can optimize product organization with Prestashop’s customization tools. You can also create an internal search tool to help customers easily navigate your store.

Robust Discount Features

PrestaShop has a long list of built-in discount tools such as coupon codes, free shipping, and special offers.

Customer Service Management

PrestaShop allows you to send automated emails to your customers after a transaction. You can also create promotions that are specific to certain products, orders, or customer groups.

Legal Support

Compliance with laws is an essential part of running an online retail store. PrestaShop includes tools that allow you to make your store compliant with local laws.

Payment Management

PayPal, Bambora, Discover Global Network, Amazon Pay, Worldpay, First Data, and Authorize.Net are among the payment gateways supported by PrestaShop. It has over 250 payment providers as add-ons.


  • PrestaShop is a great choice if you want very customizable themes.
  • As one of the best eCommerce platforms, Prestashop has a fantastic community that can provide useful tools for your ecommerce store.
  • Compared to other eCommerce platforms, PrestaShop is quite flexible thanks to its open source infrastructure.


  • Customer support is pricey.
  • PrestaShop is not ideal for large ecommerce websites.
  • To get over various setup-related problems, one would require software development skills.

8. Big Cartel

Great Ecommerce Marketplace Builder For Artists and Designers

Bigcartel - Easy online stores for artists & makers

Big Cartel is one of the best hosted eCommerce platforms aimed at small businesses and independent artists.

With Big Cartel, you can build an online store, add goods and services, collect payments, and run promotions.

It is one of the most well-known and popular sites, powering over 50 million websites worldwide. This is due to its user-friendly structure and reasonable pricing.

Best Features

Inventory Management

Big Cartel’s inventory system notifies vendors when a product runs out of stock. Since the inventory tool automatically deducts sold products from the available stock, you can track your inventory and know how many products are available.

Social Media and Payment Integrations

You can sell products with Big Cartel on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to conduct in-person transactions, you can link your account with Stripe or take cash payments.

Mobile-Friendly Themes and Templates

There are 18 store themes offered by Big Cartel, and each one is mobile-friendly.

Multiple Payment Options

Big Cartel accepts payments using third-party services including Stripe, Paypal, Square, and Venmo. The good news is that there are no transaction costs associated with using your store to accept payments from Big Cartel.


Each page on Big Cartel is search engine optimized. By offering suggestions, this shopping cart guides you on how to improve your website's search engine ranking.


  • Big Cartel is simple to use and doesn't require complex configuration.
  • Compared to other platforms, Big Cartel's free plan is practical and great for independent artists.
  • It includes a free, wonderful, and mobile-friendly theme library.


  • In the paid plan, only 500 products can be listed.
  • Themes are limited with few customization options.
  • Only your website, Facebook, Instagram, and in-person sales are permitted through Big Cartel.
  • There is no live chat, phone, or 24/7 assistance.


  • Free plan available
  • Pricing starts at $9.99 per month

Use Big Cartel for free or choose any of their plans.

9. Instamojo

Best Ecommerce Platform For Indian Startups, MSMEs, And Independent Companies

InstaMojo - Sell Online with your own website

Instamojo is one of the best eCommerce platforms in India for setting up an online business.

It provides eCommerce storefronts and online payment solutions for startups, MSMEs, and small, independent companies.

Best Features

Robust Software Configuration

Through developer APIs and plugins for popular platforms, Instamojo provides robust access to external integrations. Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and C++ are the five programming languages supported by its API.

Simple Online Storefront

You can build an online store with Instamojo without the need for complex custom web development.

Free Resources for Startups

The eCommerce platform offers free tools, including a QR code creator, an invoice generator, and a Google Analytics connection. Businesses can buy premium add-ons such as analytics tools, utilizing their Instamojo credits to do so.

Flexible APIs

Integrating the payment gateway into your sites with Instamojo is a simple process. You can begin collecting payments from customers within minutes after signing up with an email and providing some basic information, such as your account information.


  • As a leading eCommerce platform in India, Instamojo offers a flexible pricing structure with no setup fee.
  • It offers free digital hosting with no monthly fees.
  • The platform has payment links that can be shared through social media.
  • Payment buttons can be customized, and there is development support for external integration.
  • It has an automatic payment route to prevent transaction failure.


  • Instamojo customer service, particularly the live chat feature, still needs to be improved, as one must open a support ticket for minor issues.
  • Verifying documents to open a new account takes time.


InstaMojo - Sell Online with your own website - pricing
  • Freemium plan available
  • The starter plan starts at ₹3,999 per year
  • The growth plan is ₹9,999 per year
  • You can choose a Do-It-For-Me plan by scheduling a call with their customer support.

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform in India? | Features

To choose the best online store builders in India, you need to be aware of the features that all top eCommerce platforms must have. You must also factor in your available resources and your long-term plan when making your decision.

Essential features you should look out for in eCommerce platforms include:

  • Inventory and Product Management: You need an inventory system that not only simplifies your inventory management process but also lets you easily track your inventory levels.
  • Flexibility: Apart from providing great eCommerce website design and customizable templates and themes, your chosen platform should also provide flexible tools that make it possible to tweak your website’s features as needed.
  • Various Payment Methods: Your eCommerce platform should integrate with multiple payment options and POS systems so you can offer your customers different methods of payment.
  • Shipping & Tracking: You should be able to track order fulfillment for customers. You also want a platform that will support your chosen delivery service.
  • Robust Integrations: You need seamless integration with accounting, sales, automation, and marketing tools to successfully and quickly grow your eCommerce site.
  • Mobile Optimization: Having a mobile-optimized site is crucial, so your ecommerce platform should provide mobile-optimized templates as well as tools that improve mobile usage of your site.
  • Analytics: Without accurate reports on sales and marketing performance, you wouldn’t be able to successfully grow your online business. Your eCommerce provider should have intuitive reporting tools and analytics dashboards.
  • Security: Every eCommerce platform needs essential security. This includes SSL certificates or payment gateway encryptions.

Rule of thumb: The more built-in ecommerce functionality the platform has, the better. Besides essentials like inventory and order management, some ecommerce website builders like Squarespace go further and have their own CRM. It is not the top CRM software in India, but it gives flexibility and cuts your expenses when you start. Other nice features, but not all, may include automatic sales tax calculation and guest checkouts.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

It’s crucial to choose an eCommerce platform that closely meets your business needs and suits your strategy. When selecting an eCommerce platform for your online business, you must consider the following:

  • Your Company's Objectives: How do you envision the future of your brand? An eCommerce software with CRM and marketing features is necessary if you want to establish yourself as a recognizable brand in the future.
  • Ease-of-Use: How tech-smart are you? Will you have a team of specialists administer the site, or will you manage it all on your own?
  • Your Customer's Purchasing Journey: Describe how your customer can make a purchase effectively and without any problems. You'll get a better notion of how you want your online store to look as a result.
  • Consider the Costs: As a small firm, you don't want a platform that saps your profits. Fees for processing payments, the cost of implementing integrations, and potential charges for customer support, maintenance, and upgrade costs are typical expenses for an e-commerce website. Set a spending limit, then hunt for eCommerce platforms that fall within the budget.

Start Selling Online via Your Online Store to Indian Customers?

To start and grow your eCommerce business in the Indian market, use the following guide to figure out the best ways to boost sales and sell online to Indian customers:

  • Define Your Target Audience: Focus on your audience, learn about the tastes and preferences of your customers, and then use this knowledge to increase sales.
  • Choose The Best Ecommerce Platform: Increase traffic to your company by designing a professional website with a fantastic platform that provides the marketing tools and integrations you need.
  • Make Sure Your Platform Is User-Friendly: Make sure your online platform is ideal for users. You want a platform that offers quick-loading sites that make it simple for users to find their product of choice.
  • Improve Your Online Presence: To boost your sales, use the newest marketing trends and SEO best practices. Create keyword-rich content to rank on multiple search engines like Google and Bing.
Best Overall


The best eCommerce platform for individuals with an intuitive interface and SEO tools.
Best For Growing Companies


The best eCommerce platform for sales with robust features and add-ons.
Best For Beginners


A hosted eCommerce platform with intuitive and easy-to-use templates.
Best For Large Businesses


A user-friendly eCommerce platform that's equipped with tools for online marketing.
Best For Small Businesses


The best eCommerce platform for converting WordPress websites into online stores.

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