7 Best Free Conference Call Services in 2024

Updated Oct 25, 2022.

The best free conference call services help you save money and make you look more professional in front of your clients. Here we have reviewed the best services with our top 5 choices.

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RingCentral Video

Book meetings, chat with your teammates and experience free and unlimited video meetings with RingCentral Video.
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GoToMeeting is an online meeting software designed for flexible work, making virtual meetings easier than ever.
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Cisco Webex

A new way of collaborating centered around the work you do, making it adaptable for any workstyle, role, or device.
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Seamlessly bring together your remote and in-person teams by enabling a hybrid workforce to connect and communicate.
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Get access to advanced features and host high-quality audio and video conference calls with FreeConferenceCall.com.

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The best free conference call services offer you a secure, high-quality audio and video meeting experience. These services offer tools for screen sharing, transcripts, and meeting recording, which you can scale as your business grows. Conference call services help your team to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

With so many services in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best one. The free conference call services mentioned in our review are the best and have unique features that set them apart from others.

Best Free Conference Call Services

Here are the best conference calling services you should try out for your small business.

1. RingCentral Video

Best Free Conference Calling Service for Video Conferencing

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Video Conferencing 
$0/mo – $14.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 33%
Free plan

RingCentral Video gives you instant access to their conferencing and team messaging application. Their simple pick-up-and-go setup makes them a standout option for small business owners. What I love the most about this software is its free video conferencing feature. You can connect your hybrid teams over flawless high-definition video and audio conference calls for easy collaboration. 

RingCentral Video is an easy-to-use and free conference call service where you can get started with the software without downloading any software or plugins.

Best Features

  • Call Switching: With RingCentral Video, you can easily switch from your desktop to your mobile phone while attending a conference call. When installing the application on your device, you do not have to leave and rejoin the call but can just switch it. This is done without interfering with your call.
  • Team Huddle: This leading toll-free conference call service lets you set up a virtual team room, also known as a team huddle. Here you can conduct conference calls where your colleagues can come and go the way they please. This makes RingCentral Video one of the best video conferencing services in the market.
  • In-Depth Analytics: The platform offers an analytics and reporting system which offers you real-time insights into your team's usage. You can analyze what department participates most in your meetings and get instant alerts when connection issues occur. This makes RingCentral Video one of the industry's best conference call services.
  • Live Transcription: With RingCentral Video, you can access a live transcription feature. This automatic voice transcription tool helps you keep a record of who-said-what. It offers speaker identification as well.
  • Enterprise-Level Security: RingCentral Video offers TLS and SRTP encryption which keeps your business and team information private and secure. It also utilizes extra authentication practices and firewalls to keep your data protected. The web conferencing service also ensures to prevent any third-party threats.
  • Breakout Rooms: Easily split up a big group into smaller groups with RingCentral Video. This helps you create effective and agile brainstorming sessions, giving you access to creative ideas. These rooms make RingCentral Video one of the best free conference calling services.


  • Supports dial-in numbers and toll-free numbers.
  • Offers an intuitive interface to view call recording and analyze data.
  • Easily onboard remote employees.


  • Limited recording options.
  • Limited and glitchy mobile application features.
  • Lacks an advanced contact management tool.

RingCentral Video offers two plans to its customers – Pro and Pro+.

RingCentral Video gives you access to a free plan. With this free plan, you can host unlimited calls, add up to 100 participants, and switch between devices with a single click.

2. GoToMeeting

Best Conference Call Service for Cloud Recording

Editor’s Take
8.8 out of 10
Best For
Cloud Recording
$14/mo – $19/mo
Annual Discount
Save 16%

GoToMeeting is a click-to-join online meeting software with enterprise-grade security features. I would highly recommend GoToMeeting for its cloud recording features. It lets you experience meetings even after they have ended by automatically recording your online meetings. You can store these recordings locally or on the cloud.

GoToMeeting is an online meeting software that is designed for flexible teams and work.

Best Features

  • Business Messaging: Use GoToMeeting to chat with your teams internally or externally. It lets you streamline your communication channels, allowing you to start a public or private group chat with any of your contacts. You can also revise your status so your coworkers know when you are available or busy.
  • Screen Sharing: Decrease confusion, save time, and keep your team on track with screen sharing features. You can easily control what your participants can see. Anyone in the meeting can share their work, allowing you to make the most of your time together. This makes GoToMeeting one of the best conference call services.
  • Drawing Tools: Use integrated meeting collaboration tools to mark your presentations easily. You can use these drawing tools to annotate presentations and documents with your team in real-time. This helps you create a more collaborative remote work environment. The platform also gives you access to document sharing options.
  • Mobile Meetings: GoToMeetings offer a commuter mode where you can make a national or international call without any distraction. This mode turns your entire phone screen into color-coded audio or mute buttons. It also uses 90% less bandwidth. The web conferencing service offers a simplified user experience where you can disable your video or screen sharing option and save 90% of your mobile data.
  • Presenter Control: As the meeting admin, you can give presenter control to your participants, allowing them to share their screens and help run the meeting. The platform also lets you share control of your mouse or keyboard.
  • Smart Meeting Assistant: The smart meeting assistant allows you to transcribe your meeting automatically, pinpoint action items, and mark meeting highlights. You can automatically capture multiple sets of presentation slides. These can then be placed in chronological order to create a shareable PDF.


  • Easily invite participants to join conference calls.
  • Arrange webinars for large groups.
  • Easy to set up and adapt.


  • Lacks an efficient in-browser app performance.
  • Requires a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Lacks responsive customer support.

GoToMeeting has three paid plans – Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

GoToMeeting offers a free 14-day trial to its users. With this free trial, you can host conference calls, create breakout rooms, and access unlimited cloud recording features.

3. Cisco Webex

Top Free Conference Call Service for Audience Engagement

Editor’s Take
8.3 out of 10
Best For
Audience Engagement
$0/mo – $25/mo
Annual Discount

Cisco Webex offers calling, meeting, instant messaging, and event options in the cloud for teams of all sizes. I would recommend this software for enhancing your audience engagement. You can encourage more active participation in your meetings and events with easy interactive audience tools for Q&A and polling. 

Cisco Webex is a flexible and inclusive software offering equal experience for everyone, regardless of their geography or communication style.

Best Features

  • Cloud Calling: Cloud calling and collaboration are essential for the success of a small business. This powerful VoIP system ensures that you are connected from anywhere. Cisco Webex offers a full set of cloud calling features and toll free numbers that ring on any device.
  • Engaging Experience: Bring your online meetings to life and stay connected with a free video conferencing service that is engaging and inclusive. The AI-powered, free features help you get more done with fewer group meetings. This makes Cisco Webex one of the best free conference call services.
  • Gesture Recognition: With Cisco Webex, you can use simple hand gestures to express your feelings without saying a word. The business phone system also reduces interruptions or distractions with speech enhancement and advanced noise removal features.
  • Team Collaboration: Keep your work flowing between group meetings with messaging that empowers collaboration. You can connect with your team in real-time with advanced file sharing and team messaging features. The platform lets you securely share your files in a neat, organized, and searchable dashboard.
  • Polling: Cisco Webex lets you energize your audience to join conference calls and conversations, creating meaningful engagement. With live, multiple-choice polling, you can capture everyone's thoughts quickly. You can also allow them to write in custom comments or answers with the help of open-text feedback. Live Q&A lets you create a two-way dialogue.
  • Engaging Webinars: Host large interactive events and webinars for virtual and in-person audiences. Cisco Webex is a scalable webinar software offering interactive experiences. You can also dive deeper into topics and know your participants better with breakout sessions.


  • Save time during online meetings with the raise hand feature.
  • Never miss out on important meeting agendas with video call recording.
  • Easily switch between devices without call interruption.


  • Limited meeting personalization options.
  • Requires a steady and strong internet connection to host or join online meetings.
  • Lacks an intuitive user interface.

Cisco Webex has three plans to choose from – Basic, Business, and Enterprise.

Cisco Webex gives you access to a free basic plan. With this free plan, you can share your screen, create breakout rooms, and use interactive whiteboards.

4. Zoom

Best Free Conference Call Service Provider for Large Teams

Editor’s Take
7.9 out of 10
Best For
Large Teams
$0/mo – $19.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 17%
Free plan

Zoom seamlessly brings together your remote and in-person teams. I highly recommend this software for large teams. Unlike other conference call services, Zoom offers space for up to 1,000 participants when you are hosting a virtual meeting or webinar. This helps you design more engaging and interacting sessions. 

Zoom offers massive scalability and supportive tools, allowing small businesses to create a valued communication experience.

Best Features

  • Video Conferencing: Zoom gives you access to simplified messaging and free video conferencing across any device. The tool is built for modern teams offering high-definition audio and video free conference calls and supports up to 1000 participants. Different participants can share their screens simultaneously for a more interactive session.
  • Cloud Phone System: This toll free conference calling service offers a feature-rich cloud phone system suitable for businesses of all sizes. It enables secure national and international conference calls across all supported devices. The system offers scalable and trusted communications without any geographical boundaries.
  • Zoom Chat: Streamline your communications and connect your teams easily with Zoom chat. The platform offers robust features that anchor your zoom communication across phone, rooms, meetings, and webinars. You can quickly find contacts, messages, and files with a centralized database. This makes Zoon one of the leading conference calling services.
  • Video Webinars: Use Zoom webinars to humanize your connection with large audiences. You can reliably and securely scale your platform to host up to 50,000 people. The virtual phone service lets you grow your external audience by live streaming events on Youtube, Facebook, and other streaming services. While hosting a webinar, you can interact and engage with your audience with in-session chats and Q&A sessions.
  • Conversation Intelligence: Use conversation intelligence tools to close deals faster and delight your customers. This free service provides actionable feedback helping you quickly identify areas of improvement. Conversation Intelligence makes Zoom one of the leading conference call services.
  • Whiteboard: You can use Zoom whiteboards for brainstorming, ideation, teaching, or while conducting a workshop. The advanced whiteboard tools allow the users to expand and clarify their ideas. Make your whiteboard collaboration interactive with sticky notes, drawing tools, and comments.


  • Brainstorm ideas with break rooms.
  • Offers an interactive and intuitive interface.
  • Offers complimentary screen sharing options.


  • Does not offer proper integration with CRM.
  • Offers a dull color theme.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.

Zoom has four plans – Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Zoom offers a free plan to its users. With this free plan, you can host up to 100 participants, create unlimited meetings, and access the Zoom whiteboard.

5. FreeConferenceCall.com

Top Free Conference Call Application for Audio Conferencing

Editor’s Take
7.2 out of 10
Best For
Audio Conferencing 
Price: $0/mo 
Annual Discount
Free plan

FreeConferenceCall.com allows you to host high-quality conference calls. What I love the most about this tool is its audio conferencing feature. With this software, you can run international conference calls in dozens of countries. You can invite participants to call using the Outlook or Google Calendar plugin. 

FreeConferenceCall.com is a toll free conference calling service that allows you to connect with 1,000 participants instantly.

Best Features

  • Screen Sharing: FreeConferenceCall.com offers a free screen sharing tool where there are no limits to how or what you share with your team. By scheduling meetings beforehand, you can ensure maximum participation. You can expect the same high-quality screen-sharing experience every time.
  • Audio Conferencing: This free and good conference call service gives you the tools to communicate with your community effectively. You can request up to 1,000 participants and connect with anyone from all around the world. The desktop or mobile apps are available in more than 80 countries, making them the premier option for small businesses.
  • Call Recording: Capture online meetings or create presentations by effortlessly recording your audio, screen, and video. You can use this call recording to boost engagement with your target audience. Once you have recorded your meeting, you can download them to your local device or share them across your team. This makes FreeConferenceCall one of the best conference calling solutions.
  • Meeting Wall: This free service lets you create a private meeting room for your team and personalize it with a custom URL, photo, company logo, and description. You can also upload and share your meeting information and access web controls through these meeting rooms. By using the radio feature in meeting walls you can stream your conferences live over the internet.
  • Drawing Tools: You can use the drawing tools offered by the platform to mark, annotate, and call attention to specific areas of the documents. This helps you collaborate on projects and ideas more efficiently.
  • Insightful Reports: FreeConferenceCall.com gives you access to detailed and insightful reports every time you hold a conference with your team. You will receive a direct report in your inbox, with details about participants and meeting duration. This makes the application one of the best conference call services.


  • Free service with no ads.
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Offers a reliable connection without any interruption.


  • Offers a clunky and outdated design.
  • Lacks an intuitive mobile application.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.

FreeConferenceCall.com is a free-to-use platform. This free plan lets you add up to 1,000 members to your call, host unlimited conference calls, and share the meeting recording easily.

6. Dialpad

Leading Free Conference Call Software with Real-Time Transcription

Dialpad- Meet beautifully

Dialpad gives you access to the easiest meetings, which you can start with a single click from your browser or application.

Best Features

  • Agendas: Dialpad offers an all-in-one application where you can share all the meeting agendas before your team call. These can be sent directly to the team channels. You can use these agendas to lock your priorities together.
  • Content Sharing: This conference calling service allows you to share your content during an audio or video conference call. You can do this by sharing the screen while streaming the video. Screen sharing keeps your team in sync and allows everyone to follow the right path.
  • Time Management: Make sure that you do not waste your precious time discussing irrelevant things during the team meeting. Dialpad offers advanced controls, so you can easily host conference calls. It also provides a meeting countdown timer to keep all your meetings on track. This makes Dialpad one of the industry's best free conference call services.
  • Meeting Controls: Dialpad offers advanced control features to the host, so you are always in charge of your conference call. You can mute/unmute your participants, lock the meeting, or remove a guest from your meeting.
  • Real-Time Transcription: This conference calling software allows you to focus on people and ideas instead of note-taking. The platform offers a built-in AI tool for real-time transcription, instantly capturing what was said and by whom. The AI can track keywords that come up in customer conversation, detect customer sentiment, and automate call summaries.
  • Call Summaries: Once your meeting is over, the desktop or mobile apps give you access to detailed call summaries. These summaries are emailed to your inbox and include recordings, transcripts, and action items to clear your next steps.


  • Offers a highly configurable interface that adapts to your needs.
  • Offers an interactive user interface.
  • Gives you access to live transcription from free conference calls.


  • Lacks a VI transcription tool that recognizes different languages.
  • Lacks a bulk texting option.
  • Limited training materials to onboard new employees.

Dialpad has two plans to choose from – Free and Business.

Dialpad offers a free plan to its customers. With this free plan, you can share your screen, create video meetings, and record your conference calls.

7. Google Meet

Best Free Conference Call Service with Large Cloud Storage

Google Meet- Premium Video Meetings now free for everyone

Google Meet is a most useful video conferencing service, perfect for small teams looking for a secure, high-quality platform.

Best Features

  • Multiple Screen Layouts: Google Meet gives you access to a few different video layouts you can choose from. These include tiled, spotlight, and sidebar. You can see more people during a large team meeting with different video layouts. This helps foster participation during project planning and remote work.
  • Real-Time Captions: Google Meet offers real-time captioning during video conferences. Any participant can turn on the live caption option and understand the meeting agendas clearly. The real-time caption option is great for video recordings as well. This makes Google Meet one of the best conference call services.
  • Screen Sharing: You can easily share your videos with other participants with the screen sharing option. The platform lets you choose exactly what to share with other participants. If you do not want to share the entire screen, then Google Meet gives you the option of document sharing.
  • Noise Cancellation: Google has recently added the noise cancellation feature to its free conference calling service. This feature helps filter out all the background noises in participants’ videos. However, the feature is only available for the web version.
  • Google Workspace Integration: Google Meet seamlessly integrates with other Google workspace applications, including docs and sheets. You can easily pull out existing contacts using the Google Contacts app or schedule meetings with the Google calendar. These integrations help save time and make it easier for your employees to get familiar with the platform. This makes Google Meet the best out of the many conference call services offered in the market.
  • Contact Flexibility: Google Meet is a flexible platform giving you access to instant messaging, voice calling, and video calling options. You can use the call option for a longer conversation and the chat option for quick questions. The web conferencing service also lets you chat during the video conference, so you do not disturb the speaker with your questions.


  • Offers an easy-to-use and interactive platform.
  • Allows you to create a secure meeting link.
  • Does not have a time limit on meetings.


  • Lacks an inbuilt translator option.
  • Requires a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Limited mobile phone application features.

Google Meet is a free-to-use conference call service. With this free plan, you can host unlimited conference calls, seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, and store large amounts of data on the cloud.

What Features to Look For in Free Conference Call Services?

While conference call services are excellent for team collaboration, there are a few other reasons why they might help you organize and grow your business.

1. Screen Sharing

If your team reviews a lot of presentations or idea mockups on call, you should make sure that your service has a screen-sharing option. It is useful when you collaborate on documents in real-time or take your clients through a complex process. Screen sharing is the simplest and the most effective tool for collaborating with teams online.

The visual component of screen sharing keeps all your participants in sync. It is perfect for online training, product demos, onboarding, or group projects.

2. Cloud-Based Service

If you have a remote team or your offices are spread around the world, then choosing a cloud-based conference call service is a must. These internet-based services make it easier for your team to work and collaborate through their laptop or mobile phone.

A cloud-based service also saves money for small business owners, as you do not have to set up any hardware in your office. It lets you launch audio or video calls through the internet to any part of the world without any restrictions. This makes it easier for your participants to join audio and video calls from any device.

3. High Definition Call Quality

Nothing is worse than random call failures or when participants are unable to hear or understand each other. The best conference call service should offer high-definition audio or video conferencing calls. This would help you save time and focus on the important agendas of the meeting.

You should also make sure that the service is reliable and works well consistently. Choosing software with an uptime of 98% and above is perfect for small businesses. You should always test out the software on multiple devices before onboarding all your employees.

4. Call Recording

Call recording is another important feature that you should consider while selecting a free conference call service for your business. There are times when a few participants won’t be able to attend a meeting. Sharing the call recording with everyone would help you ensure that your entire team is in sync.

When you are recording the meeting, your participants don’t have to focus on note-taking. They just need to interact with the team and brainstorm new ideas. When the call is over, you can share the call recording with the entire team and keep them updated on all the important agendas.

5. Mobile Phone Integration

The greatest value of a conference call service is its ability to connect with anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Hence, it would be best to always choose software that offers mobile phone integration. This allows your team members to attend meetings and webinars on the go.

You and your team members can communicate and collaborate on ideas more efficiently with mobile phone integration. It also ensures that your team is available to you at all times.

Video Conferencing FAQ

What is the best free conference call service?

RingCentral Video is the best conference call service in the market for small business owners. It gives you access to their conference and instant messaging services without having to download any plugin or application. The platform also lets you switch from your desktop to your mobile phone while you’re attending a conference call without any interruption.

How safe is a free conference call app?

While a free conference call service does not offer enterprise-level security, they offer security layers to protect sensitive information. Applications like RingCentral Video, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet offer TLS and SRTP encryption which keeps your business and team information secure. It also utilizes extra authentication practices and firewalls to keep your data protected.

How can I make a free conference call on my laptop?

The exact steps to make a free conference call on your laptop would depend on your software. However, here are a few steps to help you understand the procedure. 

– Open your free conference call software on your laptop. You can either click on the desktop application or access it through the browser. 
– Add your user credentials and sign in to your application. 
– Once signed in, you need to search for the option “New Meeting.”
– By clicking on this option, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose the time and date of your conference call. 
– You will then get access to an invite link. You can share this link with all your participants. You can also choose to add your participants to the conference call manually.

Which Conference Call Service Should I Choose?

The best conference call service would depend upon your project goals, the number of employees, and the needs of your industry.

  • If you are looking for HD-quality video conferencing services, you should try RingCentral Video or Zoom.
  • If you are looking for a secure conference call service, GoToMeeting or Cisco Webex might be a better option.
  • When you are looking for a free conference call service with advanced features, then FreeConferenceCall.com is the best option.
Best for Video Conferencing

RingCentral Video

Book meetings, chat with your teammates and experience free and unlimited video meetings with RingCentral Video.
Best for Cloud Recording


GoToMeeting is an online meeting software designed for flexible work, making virtual meetings easier than ever.
Best for Audience Engagement

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex powers a new way of collaborating, which is centered around the work you do, making it adaptable for any workstyle, role, or device.
Best for Large Teams


Seamlessly bring together your remote and in-person teams by enabling a hybrid workforce to connect, communicate, and express ideas with Zoom.
Best for Audio Conferencing


Get access to advanced features and host high-quality audio and video conference calls with FreeConferenceCall.com.

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