LearnWorlds Review 2024: Details, Pricing & Features

Updated Dec 2, 2022.
LearnWorlds - Create and Sell online course from your own website

Are you considering giving LearnWorlds a chance to sell your courses online, and wondering if it is a good value for money compared to other eLearning tools?

I have evaluated the extent and quality of features it provides in all its pricing plans and the usability of its interface, providing an in-depth look at all the tool's strengths and weaknesses.

Read this LearnWorlds review and become better equipped to decide if LearnWorlds is the right eLearning tool for you.

What is LearnWorlds?

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Fully customizable courses
$24 – $249 per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 20%

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one online course creation platform that provides secure cloud hosting and expert marketing assistance for selling online courses. It is a pocket-friendly online school & learning management system that can help you create a high-ranking school website, membership website, academy site, and more for your education, coaching, school, marketing, content creation, and other uses.

LearnWorlds is an online learning & course creation platform that enables you to construct, promote, and sell your courses online. It is a robust, easy-to-use, and reliable e-learning platform through which you can train employees through interactive videos & engaging courses, educate customers to gain a competitive marketing advantage, and sell online courses while tracking user engagement.

The user-friendly platform is accessible on desktops & mobile devices with updates ready in the cloud. LearnWorlds is a course platform that enables you to run a powerful, admissible online school with all the best features for online education, course creation, multiple learning styles, marketing tools, and sales.

LearnWorlds's course creation platform is aimed at solopreneurs & enterprises looking to deliver a high-quality learning experience, allowing you to sell online courses with exceptional interactivity & user engagement, a great selection of third-party marketing tools and other integrations, and many adjustable features for landing pages, analytics, sales, blogging, promotion, support, interactive video, affiliate management, and more.

The online training platform provides everything you need to manage affiliates through an intuitive interface that will cash out your marketing efforts while delivering a great collection of website designs, attractive widgets & elements for high conversion, eye-catching sales pages, and advanced analytics.

The widely diverse platform provides a top-class solution for all course creators, allowing you to build SCORM-compliant and mobile-friendly courses.

LearnWorlds covers all course interactivities and lets you track all conversions & student engagement and monetize and sell online courses. LearnWorlds ensures you adapt your online teaching to everyone with an interactive video editor and its auto-generated titles & transcripts.

Compared to its biggest competitors, LearnWorlds delivers an affordable solution while providing an interactive & engaging learning experience, access to a built-in social network & online community, and everything you need to sell courses.

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans

LearnWorlds offers three paid pricing plans and one enterprise solution, including unlimited online courses in all its plans.

LearnWorlds - Pricing Plan

There are no startup fees in any of the plans, and there is a one-time $5 fee for every learner's enrollment in the Starter plan, with the higher-end plans removing this transaction fee.

If you pay monthly, the prices are higher. If you want to change plans or cancel the subscription ahead of the next billing cycle, you can contact the Learnworlds support team.

Starter Plan

The Starter tier is perfect for course creators that want to launch small-scale online classes & online courses. This plan is aimed at course creators that want to be the single admin of the course. The Starter plan is $24 per month.

The budget-friendly course platform provides extensive customization tools and hundreds of professionally-designed templates to launch a good online course that you can market to your employees & students. You can build unlimited courses with unlimited students.


  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited paid courses
  • Site builder (2 pages)
  • Popup builder (3 popups)
  • Online community
  • Four payment gateways
  • Flexible checkouts
  • Coupons
  • Basic integrations
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Drip feed courses
  • 24/5 email support

One of the drawbacks of the Starter plan is that you can't access the page builder to create landing pages or blogs through their editor.

Only the Starter plan has a $5 transaction fee for every course sale, and the robust platform provides complete branding functionality. However, your students won't have the white labeling functionality at their disposal to personalize the course interface.

Also, there are no versatile course pathways here, as the Starter tier only provides drip-feed course pathways. You are also not allowed to watermark your online course for copyright protection, and you can't access the interactive course player unless you scale up the tiers.

Pro Trainer Plan

The Pro Trainer plan is $79 per month, and the course creation software automatically removes the $5 transaction fee from the Starter plan.

LearnWorld's wonderful platform has created a perfect subscription pack for professional trainers & instructors, providing the room for up to five instructors and the features to create and sell subscription & membership services.

Through the eLearning platform's Pro Trainer plan, professional teachers & trainers will get customizable, branded checkout pages, unlimited landing pages, a customizable media player, extended integrations, and more to create stunning online school programs and meet your students' learning objectives.


  • Starter Plan features, plus:
  • Five admins & instructors
  • Complete site builder with blog
  • Unlimited popups
  • Customizable checkout page
  • Live Zoom & Webex classes and webinars
  • Form builder
  • 20 SCORMs / HTML5
  • File assignments
  • Affiliate management
  • Question banks
  • Certificates of completion
  • 24/7 priority email support

LearnWorlds offers a Zapier integration for courseware export and access to premium third-party apps for more automated sales software, marketing, and admin tasks.

You will save dozens of hours in the course creation process through the online course software's integration with Zapier and automate everything from course enrollment, lead & user management, accounting, and more.

With unlimited access to the LW Academy, you will learn how to monetize your knowledge and build a learning system through which you can sustain an interactive online school. Through this online school platform, you can find guides on creating interactive videos, the course creation process, marketing your online course, Facebook marketing, and much more.

LearnWorlds e-learning platform
Source: Tech-eu

Learning Center Plan

Learning Center is the most popular plan in LearnWorlds site builder, and it comes with an extensive repertoire of features for online learning & online course creation at $249 per month.

In this tier, the eLearning platform bulks up the number of allowed instructors to 20. It extends its marketing tools, social learning tools, sales pages functionalities, bulk uploading, white labeling, video transcription, and more while delivering premium onboarding and customer support 24/7.

Unlike the Pro Trainer plan, you get unlimited SCORMs / HTML5. The advanced affiliate management allows you to check earned commissions & due payouts in the intuitive affiliate dashboard, pre-set affiliate links, and enable your affiliates to create links for an entire course or specific sales pages.


  • 20 custom & advanced user roles
  • Interactive video
  • Auto-transcripts & subtitles for videos
  • Zoom & Webex multiple accounts
  • User segments / progress reports
  • Course insights reports
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Integrations with API
  • Webhooks integrations
  • Advanced SSO
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • 24/7 premium support

While LearnWorlds offers premium onboarding & customer support in this plan, you will still have to pay an additional fee for custom iOS & Android apps for your students.

The Learning Center tier brings video quizzes, titles, interactions, pointers, buttons, and watermarks to your interactive videos, as well as detailed analytics on content consumption & performance with course insights reports, advanced SSO for social logins, custom URLs, and IDP, and much more extended functionality.

The amplified features and scalability go beyond the needs of a typical lecture hall and allow mid-to-larger corporations to establish an effective learning management system or even provide the perfect platform for a larger school.

High Volume & Corporate Plan

This tier is ideal for large corporations with more than one customer support team looking to build and maintain a branded academy through which they can sell courses.

LearnWorlds - Dashboard
Source: Veritysangan

With the superb LearnWorlds support squad, you can customize your course offering and distribution through access to premium cloud servers and guaranteed 99.95% server uptime.

You will get to empower your active learners and cash in on the best course sales software with learner analytics.


  • Additional admins
  • Custom bulk enrollments
  • Branded corporate academy
  • Premium cloud servers
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Optional SLA
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Custom reports & services
  • Premium support
  • Tailored pricing options

The High Volume & Corporate plan is the enterprise solution of this school website platform. It best suits larger corporations, schools, and organizations looking for foolproof server stability, consistent uptime, and a customized customer support team.

Key Features of LearnWorlds

1. Dashboard & Interface


While it takes some time to grasp the amount of visualization in the dashboard, the interface becomes user-friendly once you understand how to leverage the analytics on the left and at the top of the page to make changes to the center of the page.

The active learners functionality enables you to track logged students and facilitate collaboration. You can track your sales projections & income, view reports for the last 7, 30, and 60 days, identify sales trends and patterns, and more.

The school website platform makes all the crucial features like the “create course” & “preview page” options easily accessible.

School Wizard

Before you can sell courses, you can gain great insight into the entire course process through helping tools like the school wizard.

Whether creating a school website, free online courses, or a branded academy with many landing pages, you will receive a detailed step-by-step walkthrough with visual and textual clues for added support.

After naming the course, the course creation wizard helps you create an SEO-friendly URL, select if you are creating paid or free courses, select the course type and price, and upload an image with a description.

LearnWorlds School Wizard Feature
Source: Massilah

Text Editor

After finishing the easy-to-use text editor, you can choose from various eye-catching templates and embed codes or video files without requiring technical expertise.

You can choose between several smooth-looking templates, edit the colors of your backgrounds, and find detailed information on the font styles by hovering over the option.

2. Learning Experiences

LearnWorlds site builder facilitates more engagement and interactivity than many course providers, allowing you to accommodate different learning styles and increasing your students' likelihood to recommend your courses.

As the course owner, you can select how your students move through the different learning stages & units and track their progress as they go through a predetermined learning path. Through sequential progress, you can determine the requirements for a student to complete before unlocking a certain lesson or moving further to the next learning stage.

The software's seamless integration with one of the best free conference call services, Zoom, affords flexible student interactions that can be one-on-one, group, and webinar classes.

Interactive Video Player

The online learning software provides an engaging video player through which you can display interactive recordings & videos and allow the auditory, visual, verbal, and kinetic learners to digest the information equally.

You can even add pauses to the videos to emphasize and discuss particular points or allow the students to ask questions.

To increase engagement & knowledge retention, you can add:

  • Text / pop-up text
  • Navigation buttons
  • Polls, questionnaires, appraisals, and assessments
  • Feedback on your responses
  • External URLs

Interactive eBooks

With interactive eBooks, this online school platform lets you create content that suits multiple learning styles and makes learning enjoyable.

LearnWorlds site builder provides your students with the tools they need to take personal notes, highlight text & give annotations while they are reading the paid or free chapters of your eBook.

Along with embeddable questionnaires, polls, and assessments, you can test your students' knowledge through a stand-alone assessment, generate random tests after storing inquiries in a question bank, or access the LearnWorlds online testing engine to reward your students with custom digital certificates that can feature your course name, logo, and branding.

You don't need to structure your digital book, as LearnWorlds provides ready-made eBook templates. You can magnify the impact of your CTAs by adding PDFs, sound documents, inserted Google forms, idea maps, picture sliders, and more.

You will attract more prospects as you increase your students' likelihood to recommend your paid & free courses, allowing them to share the certificates on LinkedIn, and reinforcing competency in your courses.

3. Built-in Social Network

LearnWorlds provides better networking & social learning tools than most of the best eLearning software and grants its users access to the native Social Network. The social network eliminates the need for additional software and third-party plugins and prevents security scares.

Benefits of a Built-in Social Network

The built-in network helps your students have meaningful discussions, make suggestions and exchange tips, and foster ideas in a positive social atmosphere.

Unlike the inactive forums on other platforms, LearnWorlds helps learners forge connections, increase your students' knowledge retention & loyalty, and foster more repeat buyers. At the same time, you have oversight for everything in the community.

Each student will have a personalized profile showing their activity, achievements & awards, enrolled courses, and more in the networking hub.

SCORM Compliance

Unlike its biggest competitors, Thinkific & Teachable, LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant, which allows you to create courses in authoring tools like Camtasia or Articulate Storyline.

Of course, its biggest rivals do have their advantages. Thinkific, for example, has a completely free plan that LearnWorlds offers. Thinkific's pricing is a bit more complicated. However, just like LearnWorlds delivers the most overall customization & scalability, Thinkific & Teachable have their perks, which is why I urge you to check their online course platform comparison.

SCORM compliance allows you to use content created one time in many different situations without modification and make your content more engaging and interactive. SCORM ensures you can deliver content on any LMS without technical issues.

4. Site Builder

LearnWorlds provides an industry-leading site builder that helps you build stunning online school websites without needing a web designer.

LearnWorlds Site Builder Feature
Source: Startupbonsai

The intuitive page builder comes with first-class features and beautiful templates while ensuring you receive the new & enhanced versions of the builder consistently and keep the website SEO and mobile-friendly.

LearnWorlds site builder gives you complete control over the visual elements & layout of your own website while including hundreds of pre-made design elements for you to incorporate.

LearnWorlds allows you to

  • Connect your users with your social accounts
  • Choose from a selection of affecting offer templates
  • Convey concise messages with CTAs through Hero templates
  • Add testimonials and quotes
  • Link blogs
  • Display course products
  • Add high-quality animations
  • Promote the school's events through calendars & countdown timers
  • Create impactful typography designs
  • Add buttons, email forms, columns, and galleries
  • Increase your sales with popups

Site Flavors

The site flavors functionality allows you to distinguish between separate online schools, creating an alternative version of a school site with a new look and feel.

It is an excellent tool for course creators who want to make short-term changes to the school site while simultaneously keeping the original design intact.

With the Starter and Pro Trainer plan, you can create one site flavor, and from the Learning Center plan onwards, this functionality gets extended to multiple site flavors.

From a marketing perspective, this is excellent if you want to target different audiences with completely different courses on unrelated topics. You can categorize a course in engineering, for example, and create a separate school site promoting your fitness course.


If you have a precise vision for your brand and possess the HTML & CSS skills to execute your vision, LearnWorlds allows you to add code and customize any elements of your courses, branding, or pages.

Also, you can insert code and enable your site to integrate with third-party marketing, sales, and analytics tools.

If you don't have the HTML and CSS skills to customize your school site for different devices, you can utilize LearnWorlds' pre-made tablet & mobile designs without your students having to download native apps.

LearnWorlds pre-made tablet & mobile designs
Source: Learnworlds

5. Analytics & Reporting

LearnWorlds allows you to improve your educational programs by delivering reporting tools through which you can monitor the progress of your students, trainees, and employees.

By gathering insightful data about your programs, you can understand what leads to more or less successful performances, identify program bottlenecks, and track learning KPIs.

User Progress Reports

You can evaluate your students' performance through user data points through user segments. Hence, you can identify patterns, anticipate trends, and pull actionable recommendations to improve your online courses.

By reviewing user progress, you can check the student's completion rates & exam results, and certificates. Along with preventing potential training pitfalls, you can create actionable insights for your management.

LearnWorlds User Progress Reports Feature
Source: Learnworlds

You can identify users with multiple certificates or enrolled in multiple courses to generate saved or reusable reports for the users fitting specific criteria.

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics can help you track everything from completion rates & student progress to exam scores, student activity in the online discussion forms, time spent learning, and more.

The insights LearnWorlds provides through learning analytics will help you visualize your students' enrollment pathways and offer more constructive, targeted feedback.

LearnWorlds helps you identify drop-offs in certain course sections, which allows you to revisit and configure certain material to ensure fewer dropouts, eliminate irrelevant content for specific users, enhance the training materials, and improve the overall understanding.

The remote learning software enables you to filter your students through reports based on

  • All enrollments in a class (view all students currently enrolled in your class)
  • Who completed a course (view who did or didn't finish a course until completion)
  • Who registered for a course after a specific date (check the students registered to a course after X date)
  • Who registered through a company domain name (segment the students using a company domain name as the search query)
  • Individual progress (check who completed 30%, 60%, or more percentage of a course)
  • Tags (use tags based on activity, teams, and company to monitor specific student groups)

Along with tracking individual & group scores, learning analytics help you recognize which modules, lessons, and objectives are the most or least satisfying for your students.

Advanced User Reporting Queries

The advanced search functionality enables you to use query combinations to generate reports for more demanding scenarios.

Identify students struggling to complete your courses by searching for students that enrolled in multiple courses or achieved no certificates so you can moderate.

Segment at-risk users that had course activity within the last 30 days but haven't completed above 51% of modules in their last course. Now, you can reach out and reactivate inactive users with low completion rates.

LearnWorlds Advanced User Reporting Queries Feature
Source: Learnworlds

Track the students with the most activity & progress within the last 30 days to identify the learners getting close to course completion.

Preset Segments & Exports

If you want to conduct weekly or monthly reports, LearnWorlds delivers preset segments. Preset segments eliminate the need to re-do the reports you will be regularly using and enable you to save and reuse reports.

The online course software allows you to export in-depth reports with top-level data. You can download a detailed analysis of the progress status, time spent on specific activities, and exam scores for all your students.

You can even download reports for multiple courses and deliver analysis to stakeholders & management, gain insights into how your students interact with your courses, or have an Excel spreadsheet to record every course.

6. Payment Options

LearnWorlds allows you to accept payment through multiple platforms, with the enrollment fees going to your payment gateway before hitting your bank account.

This online learning software's payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, and PagSeguro.

Through Stripe, LearnWorlds allows you to accept payments through methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, Klarna, and even some country or region-specific services like iDEAL, Bancontact, Przelewy24, SOFORT, and Giropay.

If you want to accept payments through an external payment gateway, you can do so, and you will be able to conduct manual enrollments with incoming payments.

If your payment gateway offers HTML button support, you can add these to your own courses on the website. Also, you can automate the enrollment process if your payment provider integrates with Zapier.

You can access the LearnWorlds API and activate the affiliate payments in the Learning Center plan or higher.

Stripe is the only payment gateway that enables you to sell subscription-based courses.

Please note that you can't connect an additional payment gateway if you have already selected Shopify.

7. Memberships

The online course software enables you to deliver gated content made for and only accessible by subscribers to a course membership.

Benefits of membership sites

  • Recurring and reliable source of income
  • Strong community and increased loyalty
  • Platform to test content ideas and receive feedback within the community
  • Great audience for selling one-one coaching, exclusive webinars, downloadable products, or premium versions
  • Social learning and networking opportunities for subscribers
  • Boosted engagement


Instead of offering one-off online courses, you can package your deals & lectures and offer them access to a community in paid subscriptions.

You can offer different subscription packages and keep a consistently high revenue through integration with Stripe or even create a subscription-only online school.

Access Levels

Whether you want to create a stunning online course that is the same for all subscribers, or if you want multiple course variations with different categories & different monthly fees, LearnWorlds has covered you with access levels.

You can increase the amount of functionality and the extent of the features in a couple of different tiers, and you can also create special premium courses with a one-off fee or custom prices.

Community & Networking

The online school platform allows you to utilize your community to sell your offline & online courses.

Through your membership site, you can strengthen your community by providing premium advantages within group conversations, networking activities, update sharing, and special arrangements.

The software allows you to offer your online school and convert a community or a group of followers into paid subscribers.

8. Blogging

LearnWorlds online course builder provides a simplistic blog creation engine through which you can publish blogs and promote your content.

You will be able to attract traffic and elevate your student engagement with stunning templates, fully-customizable blog posts, and SEO-optimized pages.

Since blogging reigns as one of the most effective monetization strategies, you can utilize your blog and make money through affiliate marketing while generating interest in your courses.

Creating a Blog Post

After selecting your design out of LearnWorlds's rotating magic templates and adding forms & introductions to incentivize the visitors for a newsletter subscription, you can select how you want to arrange the layout elements and create your first blog post.

The blogging engine allows you to add SEO-friendly & blog-specific titles, descriptions, and a URL link with a memorable image. The tool lets you customize many mobile-responsive & SEO-friendly templates for titles, headings, blog post text, blog post images, and blog post quotes.

LearnWorlds Blog Feature
Source: Massilah

There are considerable benefits of blogging in LearnWorlds.

Attract More Traffic

First, blogs will attract more traffic by spreading your email list to increase newsletter subscriptions or getting a high rank on Google and other search engines.

You will attract and convert new visitors into course subscribers and strengthen your relationship and user engagement with the current audience. By attracting new users, you will boost your SEO efforts & domain name to improve your performance online.

Share New Content and Create Anticipation

By helping you create a blog for your school, LearnWorlds allows you to share fresh new content and give insights to your students & stakeholders about the school processes, inside information, or anything else.

Creating a blog helps you deliver targeted content, and this can be about a specific topic within a course or a more broad subject that would help them get the most out of your courses (e.g., “How to be more productive,” etc.).

Blogging allows you to share updates about new features, services, or product launches in a more subtle yet effective way, creating excitement and anticipation for your new material.

Build a Reputable Brand

Image is everything, and LearnWorlds helps you build strong brand authority by giving you the platform to act as an industry leader and share blogs on new trends & insider tips while advising and educating your visitors.

9. GDPR Compliance

LearnWorlds is an online course solution with the most comprehensive GDPR compliance toolkit in the industry that allows you to manage your students' information and provides you with complete control over data protection.

Along with industry-leading protocols and top-tier protection, LearnWorlds ensures flexibility with the level of security and allows you to choose if you want to be fully compliant or pick which options you want to activate.

All this freedom & functionality increase your students' likelihood to recommend your school as a secure course platform.

After previewing all the functionalities, you can select if the users will have to opt-in to cookies, marketing material, email notification settings, or data access and deletion requests.

You will have a couple of choices depending on your school's needs.

  • No data privacy management (all users are excluded from all four functionalities)
  • GDPR compliance for all users (all functionalities apply to all users)
  • GDPR compliance for EU-browsing users only (all functionalities apply to EU school users)
  • Custom data privacy management (customizable GDPR functionalities for all users)

10. White Labeling

LearnWorlds provides more tools to replace their brand name with yours gradually and white-label your online school as you scale up the tiers.

With its complete white-labeling functionality, LearnWorlds will help you bring your branding to the forefront and make your school more recognizable.

Custom Domain

You can use your domain name with logos, colors, and other branding elements in all the eLearning tool's plans.

Additionally, LearnWorlds provides a free SSL certificate, ensuring more trust with potential customers and preventing Google penalties in the search results through an HTTPS-encrypted site.

Custom Certificate Templates

You can expand the white-labeling options in the Pro Trainer or higher by using custom PDF certificate templates and creating total sales and landing pages in the site builder.

Through PDF templates, you can create and upload user certificates with a limitless number of custom certificate fields.

Full White Label Functionality

From the Learning Center plan onwards, you can activate the complete white-labeling functionality to completely remove all the LearnWorlds logos from your school's pages; activate branded social logins for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google; ensure all email notifications get sent from your branded email address and access the LearnWorlds API for integration with third-party apps.

Marketing Features

Like many best eLearning platforms, LearnWorlds provides a fully-fledged SEO solution that ensures clean HTML coding, SEO-friendly metatags & keywords, and web-optimized URLs.

Through these and other marketing tools, LearnWorlds helps you maximize your organic outreach and improve your SEO performance, regardless if you are a professional trainer, blog author, social media personality, or non-profit organization.

Check below for the many selling & marketing tools LearnWorlds delivers.

Subscriptions & Memberships

As described earlier in the article, LearnWorlds enables you to make your courses more attractive to the target audience through membership-based offers that generate long-term income.

1. Coupons

LearnWorlds enables you to urge your potential customers into action by promoting scarcity with temporary discounts and limited-time-only offers.

You can create discounts as fixed amounts or percentages, set expiration dates, choose specific courses & bundles or apply the discounts to all your courses, and generate multiple coupon codes through LearnWorlds.

Learnworlds Create Course Promotion
Source: Bloggersideas

Additionally, LearnWorlds lets you create separate sets of coupons to monitor each promotion in-depth. You will get more control over the distribution to different customer segments, different channels, or seasonal promotions.

You can generate multiple coupons in mass amounts and allocate them separately to your potential customers through bulk coupons.

2. Free Courses

LearnWorlds provides a clever marketing feature that enables you to offer free courses to your customers. Offering free courses to your students increases the students' likelihood to recommend your school and delivers a great teaser for your teachings without asking for a financial commitment.

The students can get a taste of your courses' effectiveness, and you don't have to provide the full benefit. The eLearning solution enables you to provide small chapters of the whole course in free chapters. Providing potential customers with entry-level versions of your exclusive offer is a proven method for attracting new buyers.

Delivering small preview chapters & free webinars, along with utilizing social media to attract new traffic, will help you stand out from many course creators as the best marketing strategies for getting the visitors' attention and maximizing the marketing features LearnWorlds provides.

3. Customized Emails

LearnWorlds allows you to customize everything from greetings & course fulfillment messages to personalized emails for specific students.

Additionally, you can send customized emails to notify students about specific course updates related to them or to congratulate them on their progress. You can use many filters to customize your material, including completion, registration, voucher redemption, and more.

4. Conversion Pixels

The online school solution enables you to implement tracking pixels and launch retargeting & remarketing campaigns on sites like Facebook and Google.

Through Facebook pixels, you can use insights into frequent actions people take on your website and create more effective Facebook ad campaigns.

You can optimize your delivery and ensure your ads are seen by the targets most likely to take actions like purchases and review how your customers move between devices before conversion.

The software automatically lets you create custom audiences out of specific website visitors by focusing on actions like visiting product pages, purchasing items, adding items to a cart, and more, and bundle your best customers using lookalike audiences.

Apart from this, you can run dynamic Facebook ads based on products users visit on your website and access other in-depth insights into the visitors' activities.

LearnWorlds sends PageView, CompleteRegistration, and Purchase events to Facebook to measure your website traffic, track what pages your visitors are browsing, and provide insight if the registrations are coming through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email.

Also, the eLearning tool sends the product name, ID, purchase type, currency, and price information after a purchase is made.

5. Native Mobile App

LearnWorlds will help you elevate your online learning business by enabling you to create your mobile app for iOS and Android so you can promote your courses on Apple and Google Play stores.

The mobile app is simple and intuitive and requires no coding skills from you to create the perfect app that lets your visitors familiarize themselves with your school's content.

The eLearning tool allows you to fully customize the native mobile app, design your splash screen, colors, and background, and select a branded app name and icon while translating your content to any language.

After configuring the app through your developer accounts, the software will handle all the publishing and submission in the Google Play & App Store. After that, you can live-test your mobile app through the dashboard or download the demo app before submission.

The mobile app lets you deliver highly-targeted messages to your learners with superior segmentation for specific users, segments, and groups, alert & notify your students about upcoming courses, deadlines, or promos, and send and track your push notifications.

6. Affiliate Marketing Management

The online school software delivers an affiliate and commission tracking functionality through which you can negotiate with your affiliates to market and sell your courses.

You will get all the features you need to monitor your affiliate clicks, leads, and sales precisely. The tool lets you select which bundles and courses you want to make available for your affiliate marketing program.

Along with surveys that help you evaluate the performance of your affiliate network, you can set up custom commission rates for your top-performing affiliates or set the commissions between the typical 10% to 50% range.

On the affiliate's side, they will access their affiliate dashboard after logging in to track their performance. You can choose what your affiliates will be able to see for commission status or the referrals registered to the school and their purchases.

The affiliate program covers you if a customer cancels their purchases and asks for a refund by ensuring that the customer stays before you pay the affiliate commission through the “commission payable after” setting.

LearnWorlds Affiliate Payouts
Source: Learnworlds

Please note that the free & private courses are not eligible for an affiliate program and that you can't track the referrals, commissions, or payments if connected to an external payment gateway.

Customer Support

LearnWorlds comes with a customer service team that is consistently praised for its attentiveness and expertise by its customers.

The amazing support team delivers 24/7 email, online chat, and phone support and provides personalized onboarding guidance with their experts.

You can reach their customer services team via phone by navigating their US (toll-free) and UK customer support numbers on their website, which are available from Monday through Friday from 08:00-17:00 EST.

LearnWorlds Customer Services

Apart from the fast response time and expert actionable guidance they provide, LearnWorlds ranks among the best customer services due to the organization and the depth to which departments are set to help you solve any issues.

You can contact their sales team for anything regarding their plans or if you want to request a demo of the software, or you can contact them for customer & technical support via 24/7 email support or by visiting their help center.

The dedicated customer support team is also available via Skype, Twitter, and Facebook and is also known for their almost instant assistance through these platforms.

Their help center contains a search bar that helps you find articles, videos, and resources on all subjects, and you can access daily webinars to learn about expert marketing strategies, check free eBooks to gain valuable insights into the eLearning industry, and learn how to monetize your courses through the LW Academy.

LearnWorlds Customer Support


LearnWorlds integrates 32 different analytics, advertising, email marketing, video, communication, eCommerce, and finance tools to help you handle your school operations more easily, improve security, and deliver better student service.

LearnWorlds Integrations

Sales & Marketing

LearnWorlds can connect your school with over 1,000 apps and help you design automated marketing processes for additional revenue through tools like Zapier and one of the best autoresponder software ActiveCampaign.

You can also advertise your courses and multiply referrals with rewards for students that bring more customers through tools like ReferralCandy.

The tool also delivers integrations with the best email marketing services like ConvertKit, MailChimp, and AWeber.

Customer Service

From a simplistic messaging interface for basic support in Olark and a live chat application like Tawk.to for chatting & support for your students anywhere on the website to the best helpdesk platforms like Zendesk, LearnWorlds will provide the tools to help you improve your customer support.

FreshChat will help you answer your customers' marketing & sales inquiries, and Zendesk will deliver an on-demand helpdesk portal with AI bots & automation that simplify customer communication.


These tools are excellent for students attending conferences and workshops, including Vimeo, which allows you to upload and manage course videos and then promote and store them.

Wistia is a premium online video hosting solution that lets you analyze, store, and track all videos in one place, embed the videos into your pages & courses, and generate detailed video presentations.

Along with HD video hosting and audio & screen sharing, Webex provides a multi-channel solution for file sharing, whiteboarding, and messaging.

Zoom has been among the best video conferencing tools in the industry for years. It helps you host webinars, online workshops, one-on-one coaching calls, and live classes while enabling the students to record the sessions and use them as learning resources after completing the course.

Other Integrations

  • Growth tools – Intercom, Sumo, HubSpot
  • Finance tools – Stripe, PayPal, PagSeguro, iDEAL, Bancontact, Quaderno
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Google Search Verification, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel, Facebook-pixel
  • eCommerce – Shopify
  • Social proof – Fomo
  • SSO & API – Auth0
  • Video Conferencing & Webinars – Calendly

Real-Life Reviews From LearnWorlds Users

Check out some real-life LearnWorlds reviews from the most reputable review platforms.

LearnWorlds review #1

Jacqueline Zaleski M. – Verified LinkedIn reviewer, Used daily for less than six months.

“This software makes it possible to me to have an international school, to interact with a widely diverse platform of students without the “brick and mortar”overhead that continues to make education too expensive for many students. It also allows me the one-on-one contact with students who have very specific questions that I want to throughly answer, instead of sitting in a typical lecture hall with hundreds of others holding onto their unanswered questions.”

LearnWorlds review #2

Mona S. – E-Learning, 1-10 employees, Used weekly for 6-12 months.

“They respond with a lot of info and links anytime I have a question or don't know how to do anything. Customer service is prompt. Its a beautiful robust platform and looks so amazing. As well, I struggled at times with other platforms to get everything the way I like for my UI/UX and LearnWorlds met or exceeded all my expectations in that regard.”

LearnWorlds review #3

Alicia S. – E-Learning, 11-50 employees, Used daily for 1-2 years.

“The data we can pull from our courses is above and beyond. Learnworlds has given us everything we need to create innovative, engaging online courses that people LOVE taking. The interface is user-friendly and integrates with several other programs like Zapier and Mailchimp. They have constantly improved the platform and have gone the extra mile to help make our school successful with professional development offerings. We couldn't be more happy with our LMS selection!”

LearnWorlds review #4

Luke J. – Verified LinkedIn reviewer, E-Learning, 1-10 employees, Used daily for 1-2 years.

“Learnworlds are like part of your extended family. Not only do they have a great product they have a great team. Their support team are very helpful and will work with you on everything you need. If something isn't available, they will provide a workaround.”

Pros and Cons of Using LearnWorlds for Online Courses


1. Multilingual Solution

After creating your school site, LearnWorlds allows you to select one of the official languages for your website, which include English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese, and many more.

If you can't track your language in the drop-down menu, the tool enables you to change the school labels and insert the text in your language to create your translation.

You can even translate the learner notification emails after contacting the LearnWorlds support team.

The multilingual solution helps build customer trust worldwide, enabling everyone to comprehend your offer in their native language.

2. Multiple Instructors

LearnWorlds allows you to collaborate with other teachers and entrepreneurs and invite other trainers to sell courses through your school.

You can share the revenue by providing other teachers the platform to present their courses, but you can also collaborate on courses and share knowledge.

Videos uploaded to the video library will only be available for editing to the same instructor that uploaded them, but the video analytics will be accessible by all instructors.

3. Easy Monitoring of Student Progress

The software enables you to easily track all your students' progress simultaneously, allowing you to identify students needing more encouragement and guidance.

As you gather enough students for reference, you will spot the areas in your course that create the most challenges for your students, which puts you in a better position to improve your course and make adjustments.

Also, the students can easily pick up where they left off and resume their learning after a break without going through the same modules again.


1. Overwhelming Options

The control panel in LearnWorlds can confuse students without prior knowledge about web design or marketing. It takes a newbie to be patient and persistent to master the basics of the software before using it properly, which can demotivate some new prospects from the start.

Like with the firstly-mentioned disadvantage, LearnWorlds provides all the tools necessary for creating effective sales funnels, but the help resources for trainers with little experience are not enough for such a complex subject.

2. Limited Assistance with Sales Funnels

A step-by-step sales funnel creation program would greatly benefit the beginner trainers to focus on their teachings right after creating the online course, sparing their time learning about the funnel process.

3. Complex Analytics

Although their analytics serve as one of their most valuable benefits, LearnWorlds could keep the basic elements in clear view and the data represented in a simpler way that is more suitable for beginners.

LearnWorlds Reviews FAQ

Is LearnWorlds good?

LearnWorlds is a fully-featured online course platform that enables you to customize its extensive functionality to your needs and brand. With an unparalleled course creator, a diverse list of valuable integrations, and outstanding marketing & monetization tools, it is hard to argue that LearnWorlds isn't a great platform to sell your courses.

Who owns LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is based in Limassol, Cyprus, and Panos Siozos is the acting CEO and co-founder of the company. LearnWorlds has two investors: Marathon Venture Capital and Insight Partners.

How many people use LearnWorlds?

According to the company's official statement from 2021, LearnWorlds has over 4,400 customers from over 120 countries, with the US counting more than 40% of the business and Europe trailing behind with 30%.

Create Your Online Course on LearnWorlds

An unbiased conclusion would be that LearnWorlds is among the best online course platforms with a robust user interface that allows you to create courses at the highest level and market them to the most-likely buyers.

LearnWorlds is reliable for individuals and large corporations. It allows you to train your employees quickly and efficiently, educate your students, and sell a limitless number of courses with cutting-edge marketing strategies.

You can create an international school without language barriers, deliver engaging lectures, and provide one-on-one education for specific students while answering their issues.

With so many immersive eBooks, videos, certificates, quizzes, and other rich functionalities, LearnWorlds provides an interactive experience for the students and a lucrative platform for your teachings.

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