7 Online Vision Board Apps, Makers, and Websites for 2024

Updated Jan 16, 2023.
Online Vision Board Apps, Makers, and Websites

Vision boards have been around for quite some time now and they have helped millions of people around the globe reach their goals and achieve success in different areas of life.

Some people use vision boards to achieve good health, heal relationships, derive financial success while some use them for their business.

Yes! A vision board can be used to achieve business goals just as they are used in other areas of life.

The principle of visualization behind vision boards is what helps people imagine their desires in their reality and motivates them to work towards them.

While vision boards help people visualize what life would be like if they could achieve their goals, an important factor is to take action and put in the work. Your goals on your vision board can be achieved only if you work towards them and put in the efforts.

Often people might run away from the idea of making a vision board because they aren’t artistic or do not really enjoy the DIY nature of making vision boards. This is where our guide is here to help.

In our guide, we will show you some digital tools that you can use to create beautiful vision boards. We will give you some ideas and inspiration on how you can get started and ultimately convert it into a fun-filled activity.

In the end, you will be ready to create an inspiring vision board that will bring you a step closer to manifesting your dreams.

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams and your goals that inspire and motivate you to take action in their direction. These are extremely subjective pieces of work and no two vision boards are ever the same.

You put up pictures, affirmations, text that inspires you, designs, and other graphics that make it look good but also represent your dreams. These dreams could be short-term goals or long-term, the choice is completely yours.

One of the great things about vision boards is that there are no right or wrong ways of making one.

Traditionally people cut out pictures from magazines, books, newspapers that they feel comes closest to their dreams and pin them all on a corkboard and place it somewhere they can look at their vision board every day.

When you look at your vision board, it reminds you of where you want to be in life, where you are right now, and whether you are acting towards your goals.

You can make a single vision board about different areas of your life like relationships, business, health, travel or have individual boards for each of them. When you look at your board, you must be able to visualize your dreams in your reality.

Vision boards are based on the principle of visualization, i.e, if you can see in your mind you will be able to see it in your life.

Often, after creating a vision board, people spend some time every day visualizing their goals and meditating on them. While that might sound spiritual, there are many studies to back the power of visualization using vision boards.

Why Create a Vision Board?

1. Writing down your goals is powerful

Research shows that people who write down their goals, especially vividly, are more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. When you write your goals down, they are stored externally outside your brain.

You can easily access them and chances of you forgetting to work on something are lesser than if your goals are just stored in your brain.

2. It helps you measure your goals

When you write down your goals on your vision board, you quantify them. It helps you evaluate where you are currently in your life and whether you are taking steps to achieve your dreams.

A vision board helps you do just that. You do not write down your goals in complete sentences but put up pictures that best represent your goals. Pictures help in visualizing what your reality would look like if you can achieve your goals.

3. Helps set realistic goals

A person who understands the power of vision boards also knows that the goals you set on your vision board must be realistic.

While most people use vision boards in their personal lives, there is a completely justified place for vision boards in business as well.

It reminds you of the broader vision of your business and the objectives. Instead of just saying that you want to grow your market share in this quarter, it will help you quantify by how much you want to grow it.

Suppose you want to increase the sales of your business. An unrealistic goal would be to increase sales by a hundred percent.

But say you decide that you want to increase your sales by fifteen percent, your vision board acts as a reminder to check historical data to see how much of the goal you have been able to achieve every quarter.

Your goals must be practically achievable or else they might demotivate you when you do not achieve them.

4. Allows you to look back and evaluate your actions

While you look at your vision board and visualize the future, you must also look back at it and analyze how far you’ve come.

If you see you haven’t been making any progress, it acts as a nudge to go back and look at what you have been doing wrong and think about how you can make it right.

5. Acts as a daily reminder

A vision board is not something you go back to at the end of every year to check how far you have come. The important part of having a vision board is to see it every day or at least three to four times a week.

That is when your subconscious mind gets reprogrammed and the actions you take align with your goals. It is a constant reminder about your bigger ambitions. It helps you stay consistent with your goals and efforts.

6. Creating vision boards is fun

Vision board making is fun. It unleashes your creativity and makes you think deeper about what you want. It helps you imagine what your goals will look like once you achieve them.

All that being said, making vision boards on the traditional cork boards might be a messy affair and might take up a lot of time that founders and entrepreneurs might not always have.

This is where vision board creators like vision board apps and websites come in.

Best Online Vision Board Apps, Makers, and Websites

1. Canva

Best online vision board website for beginners to make creative vision boards.

Canva is the Best online vision board website for beginners to make creative vision boards

Canva tops the list for almost all designing needs because of the ease of use and the wide variety of creatives that it allows you to design. Right from social media posts, to posters, presentations, logos, and vision boards there is so much you can create with Canva.

Like all other creatives, making a vision board on Canva is very easy but the results can be very attractive.

You can either design your vision board from scratch and choose the layout, image orientation, pictures, text, and colors, or you can simply select from the thousands of templates that they have available for making vision boards.

The best part about this is you do not need the Canva Pro (paid) subscription to access all these templates. While there are some paid templates, there are dozens of great free ones that you can select and edit.

Once you choose the template, you can then add pictures to it, add different stickers or words that you would like to associate with the images, and design it just the way you want.

Canva has a drag-and-drop editor which makes it extremely easy to move the elements around and create exactly what you have in mind. So even if you have never made a vision board before, making one now will not be a herculean task.

You need absolutely no experience with designing tools in order to be able to master Canva.

To make the process of creation organized, instead of uploading one picture at a time, you can upload pictures in batches. You can also gather scattered images and add them to one folder and label it.

While there are many free tools, backgrounds, fonts, shapes, and more in the free version, you’ll be able to access many more features that can unlock a whole new level of creativity.

If you would like to look at some sample vision boards made on Canva, you can get tonnes of them on Pinterest. There are also many video tutorials on YouTube in case you need them.


Canva Pricing Plan

There are three plans on offer. Our advice would be to test the free plan first, get familiar with it, and see what the free plan includes. If you would like to make advanced designs and access additional features, you can then choose between the Pro and Enterprise plan.

For small businesses, freelancers, agencies, or personal use, the Pro plan could be a great choice.

2. PicMonkey

Best vision board website that lets you add videos and animations to your vision board.

PicMonkey is the Best vision board website that lets you add videos and animations to your vision board

PicMonkey is a great website if you are looking at creating a digital vision board. With PicMonkey, you can not only add pictures and graphics to your vision board but you can also add animations to it and save it as an MP4 file or as a GIF.

To create a vision board, you can either choose from the many templates that PicMonkey has for vision boards or you can start from a blank canvas and choose the dimensions as you would like it.

You can then add pictures to it from your computer and add graphics, text, and other designs to it. There are hundreds of abstract shapes, fonts, and graphics you can choose from.

There’s a stock images library too where you can get royalty-free images that best suit the idea of your goals. You can download them and add them to your vision board.

It also lets you import fonts from your computer so you do not have to settle for a font you like less than the one in your mind.

An interesting feature of this tool is that you can even handwrite, doodle, or sketch on your vision board to give it a handmade feel.

With PicMonkey, you can create a vision board that is digital and yet gives you the feel of the traditional cork board vision boards. Look for the Boards tab under Textures.

Once your vision board is ready you can download it in different formats or you can even directly publish it on your social media accounts if you wish for others to see it. You can also store your vision board in PicMonkey’s cloud storage and access it whenever you feel like it.

This tool is very beginner-friendly due to its ease of use and clean interface. They also have many video tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks that can help you learn how to use their platform. You can check out their vision board video tutorial on YouTube.


PicMonkey Pricing Plan

While there are three plans that PicMonkey offers, the basic plan has limited functionality. If you want unlimited cloud storage, PDF support, formatting to multiple sizes, and others, the Pro plan is ideal as it has all the necessary features.

3. MindMovies

Best vision board website for creating effective video vision boards.

MindMovies is the Best vision board website for creating effective video vision boards

MindMovies has been used by 5.8 million people so far across the globe to create vision boards that have helped them achieve their goals in various areas of their lives. You could be the next to use it in your business to achieve your short as well as long-term goals and objectives.

This is a platform that is specially designed to help people create vision boards so all the functions are designed in ways to make the process much easier and more fun.

Unlike conventional vision boards, which might sometimes become boring, you can not only add videos to your digital vision board but also add music to it and watch it later.

Moreover, you can even access your vision board on your mobile phone using their app and look at it whenever you need a nudge.

With MindMovies, you will have a digital vision board that is more like a movie with your goals and ambitions. All you have to do is sign up and start creating.

You can customize your vision board the way you want by uploading pictures from your computer, adding your favorite soundtracks and affirmations that you like, or you can choose from their extensive gallery and then just use their drag-and-drop editor to place each of them the way you want.

In the end, you will have a short 3-minute video vision board.

If you have never used a tool like this before, there are video tutorials to guide you through the process. In addition, they also have several other products to help accelerate your dreams and goals.

There are also some other features you get when you sign up for MindMovies and use their app. MindMovies offers courses and contests and rewards on their app and they also provide a platform to interact with other people who share the same thoughts as you.

The best part about this platform is that it is not an isolated designing tool to help you design your vision board. Instead, it talks about the process of manifesting your goals and helps you with tools to move closer to them.


MindMovies Pricing Plan

Often there are discounts that you can avail of when you make your purchase. You will have the option to make a one-time payment or two payments but you will have lifetime access irrespective of the payment option you choose.

4. Visuapp

Best vision board app for those looking for simplicity and ease of use.

Visuapp is the Best vision board app for those looking for simplicity and ease of use

Visuapp, as the name suggests is an app for making vision boards and it is available on Android as well as iOS. Not only can you create vision boards using this app, but it will also help you meditate on your goals and visualize them.

Creating a vision board with Visuapp is very simple. You can add images to your vision board straight from your gallery or take pictures from the internet and add them to it.

You will then be required to set a time where Visuapp will send you notifications to remind you to meditate on your goals.

It lets you choose how long you want to keep aside daily for visualization and meditation. You can also choose the tune you want to meditate to. It will also send you small affirmation quotes to help you in the process of visualization.

Once your vision board is ready, the pictures will appear like a slideshow and you can then choose how long you want to see each image.

You can rearrange the images if your priorities change or some goals become more important at any time.

While you can just use the Visuapp to create a vision board for business goals and objectives, there is a feature called Feng Shui board where you can create 9 separate vision boards for different areas in your life.

This tool can act as a quick pocket-friendly vision board you can open and have a glance through areas that matter to you the most, so you know you do not lose sight of your goals and dreams.


Visuapp lets you create vision boards for free but if you would like to make use of their Feng Shui feature, or some other features like choosing the music, there will be charges for them.

5. Corkulous Professional

Best vision board app for iOS users.

Corkulous Professional is the Best vision board app for iOS users

This one is, for iOS users who have an iPad or an iPhone specifically and is an idea board platform where you can create your vision board.

The way it operates on both devices is slightly different but very easy to use. You can choose the background you want your vision board to have. You can then select the orientation and the images that go into it.

Corkulus Professional lets you add texts, shapes and emojis to your vision board to capture your emotions correctly. You can even have multiple pages on your vision board.

If you want to import an image from any particular page on the internet, you can simply use the link of the image and it will display a link preview. They aim to make your experience less complicated.

The drag-and-drop editor also makes it easy to customize your vision board the way you want it.

If you choose the Professional plan, Corkulus also lets you sketch on your vision board if you are using your iPad.


The pricing information is not available on their website but they have two plans, Standard and Professional where the Professional one has all of the features and is the ideal choice.

Earlier, you could only subscribe with Corkulus Professional for a month or a year, but they have now started giving out licenses that allow lifetime subscriptions too.

6. Desygner

Best vision board maker with many other designing tools.

Desygner is the Best vision board maker with many other designing tools

Desygner is another graphic design tool for non-designers but it is a great tool for making vision boards. There are several vision board templates that will help you design beautiful and motivating vision boards in no time.

You can either choose a template or start from a blank canvas. Even if you choose a template, all their templates are completely customizable so you can still design your vision board just the way you want, but with just a little help.

It then lets you add images to your vision board. You can choose from their stock images gallery or import your pictures from your computer.

You can then add text, choose a font, size and others and make all the inspirational quotes look good. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from. There are also many different colors you can choose from for your vision board’s background.

Desygner also lets you add icons to your vision board so you can make it look attractive and appealing and also match it to the tone of your ideas.

Once you’ve done all this, your vision board will be ready and you can download it, print it, or even share it to different social media channels.


Desygner Pricing Plan

There is a free plan that lets you access all the basic features you will need to create your design board. But if you want access to all the features they have, you can opt for the Pro plan. There is also a free trial for seven days.

7. Subliminal Vision Boards

Best vision board maker that lets you add your voice to your vision board.

Subliminal Vision Boards is the Best vision board maker that lets you add your voice to your vision board

Subliminal Vision Boards is another great platform dedicated solely to making vision boards and it also helps you with some tools to manifest your goals.

It is available in the form of a mobile app and works on Android as well as iOS. You can create unlimited vision boards using the app and store them all in one place on your phone and access it whenever you need.

It lets you add images to your vision board from your gallery or Google images. You can then add text and affirmations to your board.

A unique feature of this vision board maker is that it does not only let you add audio to your vision boards but it lets you add your voice, your choice of music and zen sounds. So you can now record a message and add it to your vision board to personalize it even further.

Once you have your vision board ready, you can set up notification reminders that will remind you of times to meditate and visualize your goals.


You can try out Subliminal Vision Boards for free for 14 days after which you will be required to pay $49.99 per year.

Inspiring Vision Board Examples and Vision Board Ideas

When you look at your vision board, you must be able to visualize what you want to achieve. Whatever you put up on your vision board must match the end result you want to reach in some way.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you could put up pictures of your dream body, healthy foods, water, a weighing scale, and other related things. You could even put up pictures of the dress or suit you want to fit in.

There are different ways in which you can create your vision board. It is a collection of your thoughts, feelings, aims, and more.

If you have never created a vision board, let us help you with some vision board ideas and vision board examples that you can implement on your board. Let’s begin with some themes that your vision boards could have.

Ask yourself, what are the most important aspects of your life? Which area of your life do you want to improve?


Do you feel your health is not at its optimum? Do you want to feel more energetic? Do you want to lose weight or gain some muscle? Put it all on your vision board.

Only when you enjoy good health will you be able to do well in other areas of your life, so ideally this should always come first.

Good health will be able to do well in other areas of life
Source: Plant based cooking

If you are trying to achieve a certain body figure, put up pictures of people that have the figure and those whom you admire. It could be a model, an athlete, a body-builder, a yogi or even if it is a mother of two.

Look for images of foods that will help you achieve what you are aiming at. If you need to lift weights to gain some muscles, put up pictures of people working out. Look for inspirational quotes that will give you a push when you feel like quitting.

If you want to master a yoga pose, put up a picture of the ideal posture and then a picture of you doing the pose currently. Click pictures after a few weeks of practice and pin them along the old picture and track your progress.


Determine what your business goals are. Do you want to move from freelancing to having your own agency? Identify the steps that you have to do for the same.

You will probably want to launch your website first. You can put up pictures of a good website that you want to take inspiration from. Look up pictures of a beautiful office where you want to set up your business.

If you want to increase your sales by a certain percent, get a picture of a sales funnel and print out the percentage you want to increase your sales by.

Your business is expanding and you want to set up an office in New York, look for pictures of New York, offices in New York, pictures that show employees working in an office, and so on.


You can even use your vision board to improve your relationships. You can use them to repair relationships or look for new ones. For example, if you want to get married this year, look for a picture of someone getting married and crop yourself into it.

Use vision board to improve Relationships
Source: Laurenlesley

People across the world use their vision boards to visualize traveling with their loved ones, getting reunited, finding their soul mates, having children, and much more.

Financial freedom

Vision board can be a very helpful tool for improve finances
Source: Thrivelounge

Think about what can help you reach financial freedom.

Your vision board can be a very helpful tool in helping you improve your finances. Use it to remind yourself to save every month, pay those bills on time, visualize a higher salary or a promotion, invest, and more.

Spiritual well being

Create a vision board that reminds you to be a kinder person. Include words and pictures that inspire you to be the person you want to be. Some commonly used words and ideas about spirituality used in vision boards are gratitude, hope, wisdom, meditation among others.

Mental health

Vision boards can also help you recover from trauma and help you challenge your limiting beliefs. Your vision board could talk about self-care, priorities, values, and beliefs.

Vision board can also helps to recover mental health using powerful inspiring quotes
Source: Medium

You can create your vision board for mental health using powerful inspiring quotes, positive affirmations, pictures of transformations and strength, soothing pictures that align with your dreams, and look at it whenever you need to be uplifted.

Work-life balance

Often, the fine line between work and personal space gets erased and a vision board can be a daily reminder to live life first. Use your vision board to remind you to take regular breaks, shut down your laptop at a reasonable time, spend time with your pets, and more.

These were the themes that your vision board can have. You can either make small individual vision boards for each or create one big vision board with all these themes in it.

Now, let us look at some ideas on how to make a vision board.

Art and Doodles

You can sketch or paint pictures for your vision board. The process of creating these small art pieces is also very powerful in itself as emotions come into play while you paint or draw.

You do not have to worry about your art skills for this one as your vision board is completely yours to make and see.

Sketch or paint pictures for vision board
Source: ConverSketch

If you are not keen on drawing, you can also cut out pictures representing your goals and doodle around them. You can doodle your favorite quotes, affirmations, or words and use colors to give your vision board a colorful look rather than leaving it completely bland.

You do not have to worry about how it looks as long as you capture your thoughts on your vision board and it looks pleasing to you.


Words are very powerful when it comes to vision boards. You can summarize what your goals are in words and use them on your vision board.

The words capture the essence of your goals and when you look at them, you can visualize your complete dream with just one word.

Some commonly used words on vision boards are wealth, prosperity, success, gratitude, financial freedom, strength, self-care, self-love, and many more.

Words are very powerful when it comes to vision boards
Source: SCLhealth

If you are making your vision on a corkboard, you can look up these words in magazines, newspapers, articles, cut them out, and paste them on your vision board. For digital vision boards, you can do the same or just use different fonts.

Inspirational quotes

As their name suggests, inspirational quotes inspire. They are meant to motivate you and often each one of us has at least one quote that resonates with us and rings in our ears. You can use your quote on your vision board and even look up on the internet for thousands of them.

The quotes you choose must really motivate you and must also align with the deep desires and goals that you want to achieve.

Positive affirmations

These are different from quotes and are aimed at changing one’s self-limiting beliefs. When repeated daily, self-affirmations a.k.a positive affirmations have the power of rewiring a person’s mind.

These quotes often start with “I am” followed by the beliefs you want to challenge. For example, if you lack confidence and want to become a confident person, your affirmation will be, I am a confident person.

Write down these quotes on your vision board and repeat them every day when you set some time aside for deliberate visualization.


Vision board images play a very important role because of their visual nature. The pictures help you imagine what your life will look like when your desires will be achieved. The pictures on your vision board must be such that they help you look into the future.

The best place to look for these pictures is your phone’s gallery because we often take screenshots of what we like on social media or the internet in general. These days you can also get tonnes of royalty-free images on websites that have stock images.

Pin them on your vision board and then add words, doodles, affirmations, and quotes around them to make your vision board look attractive. Make sure that the images you choose for your vision board are colorful and vibrant.


Now if you are someone who loves simplicity or someone who doesn’t want to draw or look for pictures, this one's for you. Simply create categories that matter to you and create a list of goals in each area.

For example, one of your categories could be self-care and under it, you can put down things like meditation, skincare, exercise, and others.

You can also find many printable vision boards online that you can simply print out and fill. Since these vision boards look simple, you can even take them to work and pin them on the walls of your workspace.

Every time you look up, your vision board will be right there reminding you of your dreams and purpose.

How to Use a Vision Board for Manifesting Your Goals

A few years back, I was speaking to an ex-colleague who had been doing well in his business. He was in the process of expanding his office, he had seen his sales grow by 100 percent in just a year and he was hiring for leadership positions in his office.

His business was just 2 years old and he was doing really well. When we got to talking and I asked him about his journey to success, he told me that he attributed most of it to his vision board.

I was new to vision boards at the time and it got me curious. He told me how he set up big goals for his business and put them up on his vision board and then broke them down into small milestones and used them as a constant reminder.

It got me thinking and I did my research on vision boards and created one for myself and our business. And since then, there has been no looking back.

While most people must have vision boards that revolve around different areas of life, vision boards can do wonders for businesses as well.

A vision board is a tangible representation of your dreams. In the process of creating your vision board, your thoughts get channeled and you come to the realization of what you really want in life and you quantify your dreams.

Vision boards introduce a kind of specificity to otherwise random dreams.

Instead of saying that you want to build a house by the time you are thirty, a vision board will help you visualize the house you want. It might inspire you to sketch it out and eventually you will even find yourself house hunting.

Now let’s see how you can use vision boards to manifest your business goals.

1. Start with brainstorming

When you are making your vision board for your business, instead of starting with specific goals like adding a new line to your apparel collection, identify your core values and vision. What is that you want to achieve on a broader scale?

You could be an expert marketer and now you feel it's time for you to give back to the community. At this stage, do not worry about how you are going to do it, just write down your broader goals.

If you want to start your own business, think about why you want to do it.

You could start a podcast, create a profitable online course, start a blog or become a coach. The “how” comes in the next step.

This is the first step in the process of creating your vision board. Start writing down all your goals, vision, objectives on a blank sheet of paper. Spread them out so that there is space to branch them out in the later steps.

2. Narrow down on specific goals

Now, say three of your goals from the earlier stage show that you are looking for flexibility, you want to become a well-known writer and you want to make money from home, without working in an office atmosphere.

In this step, you narrow down on specific goals that will help you achieve your broader goal. According to the broader goals mentioned earlier, becoming self-employed will help you enjoy flexibility, remote work, and you can become very well-known for your work.

So you narrow down on becoming a high-paid freelancer in this step. You could become even more specific and say that you want to be the most renowned freelance writer in your country.

3. Set down smaller milestones

This is the part where you think about the actions that you will take to achieve your goals. To become a high-paid freelancer, you will need to launch your website, develop your personal brand, generate leads, and make pitches for prospective clients.

If you want to make money through blogging, you will have to launch your blog. You will have to think of ways to drive traffic to your blog and improve your rankings on Google. There has to be a niche that your blog will belong to.

Similarly, if you want to be a marketing guru, you can start your own podcast or a YouTube channel. You can create your online course or you can start an online academy. You will have to look for a platform where your audience is present and start working.

In this step, you will break down your specific goal into actionable steps that will act as milestones.

4. Prioritize

Once your list of milestones is ready, it’s time to organize your list and prioritize. Create a sequence through which you want to achieve these milestones and number them accordingly. This will serve as your action plan which will tell you about the steps to take.

5. Create your vision board

Now that you have completed the homework, it is time to actually create your vision board. You can create your vision board online or you can create in the traditional way using a corkboard.

Look for vision board images that represent your goals, cut out words that resonate with your goals, write positive affirmations over them, find inspirational quotes by famous people that will give you the motivation to work towards it.

You can either create your vision board alone, which will resonate with your thoughts and ideas for your business or you can bring together your team and work on it with their help. Make it a team activity so that all your team members feel an emotional connection to the vision board.

This activity can help improve their sense of belongingness, accountability, and oneness with the goals and will motivate your team to work towards the bigger vision together.

Did you know that you can also make vision boards a hiring activity?

As a selection process, ask the candidates to make a vision board and tell them to put down their goals in life as well as where they see the job fit in their lives and what they want to achieve at the job.

This will give you a picture of whether the job fits into their life and if their goals align with the job they have been presented with.

You can also make vision boards a fun activity by organizing a vision board party where like-minded people come together and make their vision boards.

It can help you get inspired from others, meet people with similar goals and interests and you might even find someone who can help you stay accountable about the progress you are making with your goals.

6. Set aside time to visualize everyday

If you are making your vision board online with a vision board maker like a vision board app, download it and make it your screen saver or take a screenshot and look at it once every day.

You can also print it out and paste it in a place where you will be able to see it at least once every day. Placing your vision board near your work area is also a great idea because it reinforces your actions.

When you are tired, your vision board will act as a reminder of how far you’ve come and will also show you the direction ahead.

It is ideal to set aside some time every day for visualizing your vision board. Sit in a calm place with the least amount of disturbance and visualize your goals. The power of visualization is such that it activates the subconscious mind into taking actions towards the visualizations.

7. Track progress

You can create a vision board for every quarter and then look back at it to see which of the goals have manifested. If you are a blogger who wanted to guest blog for Forbes or get published in a renowned magazine in the past quarter, check if you achieved it.

Most likely, you would have.

If you aspire to become a YouTube influencer, check if you met your target of the number of new vlogs you wanted to publish and if your follower base grew the way you wished.

Often, the end goal may be far away and might not appear soon. But to reach there, lots of small goals need to be achieved and it might seem like you are not making any progress.

A vision board comes to the rescue at such times where you can see the smaller milestones, be grateful for achieving them and continue working in the same direction.

8. Add new goals

As you keep achieving your goals on your vision board, keep adding more to your vision board and keep manifesting the business and life of your dreams.

Vision Board Apps FAQ

What should a vision board include?

A vision board is basically a collection of your dreams and goals put together in a visual manner using pictures, icons, affirmations, quotes, and words. A vision board should include the goals you want to achieve and pictures that help you visualize those goals. 

It must therefore include anything that inspires you and reminds you of your goals and what you want to achieve.

Are vision boards effective?

Vision boards are very effective because you see them every day and they act as a reminder about your goals and that you have to take steps towards these goals to achieve them. 

When your goals are just in your mind, they are intangible and you lose track of them until one day you suddenly realize that you are nowhere close to your goal. Vision boards address this problem by acting as a constant reminder that you need to take action. 

Vision boards help clarify your thoughts to narrow down on what you want to achieve and help in chalking out a plan to achieve them. They act as motivating visualizations of your goals that encourage you to follow through with your plan.

Where is the best place to put your vision board?

The best place to put your vision board is somewhere you will see it at least once every day. A great place is to put it next to the mirror where you get ready, as you can look in the mirror and visualize yourself living the life you desire as you get ready.

Another good place would be somewhere close to your bed where you can see it right after you wake up and once before you go to bed.

If your vision board is all about business, success, career, you can place it above your work desk at eye level where you can look up from your laptop and glance at it whenever you feel like it.

What is the best vision board app for beginners?

Canva, Desygner, and Visuapp are the best vision board apps for beginners.

Ready to Turn Your Life and Business Goals into Reality?

When you write down your goals or visualize them as pictures, you are more likely to achieve them than if they were simply in your mind and you think of them occasionally.

People around the globe have taken up making vision boards because of the effectiveness and the feel-good-factor they introduce. When you visualize your goals, you see them in your reality and they can stimulate the happy hormones which inspire you to take action.

But since most of us run short on time and might not have the supplies needed to make creative vision boards from magazines and newspapers, our list of online vision board makers should help you create one that you can carry around in your pocket.

If you are a beginner who has never designed anything before, Canva, Desygner, and Visuapp could be some great easy-to-use tools that you can use.

You can use Corkulous Professional if you want a tool made specifically for iOS users. With MindMovies you will be able to create short 3-minute video vision boards that you can play and watch anytime.

Subliminal Vision Boards take it a step further by helping you create vision boards that have your voice.
The idea is to create something personal that resonates with your goals. When you look at it you must feel good and it must encourage you to work towards them.

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