7 Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generators of 2024 (Brainstorm Ideas)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generators (Brainstorm Ideas)

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, Google is the first. You may have heard stories of how much YouTubers make from their YouTube channels (the highest-paid YouTubes earn tens of millions of dollars), and want to earn that sort of passive income.

The vast majority of YouTubers earn little or no income from YouTube. There are over 37 million YouTube channels on YouTube, and every day, people create thousands of channels to join the already tough competition.

Even if you attempt proven ways to make money on YouTube, you are not guaranteed a good level of YouTube monetization success if you do not take care of the art part of the YouTube channel.

Creating great content for your YouTube channel is brilliant but you will also need to have a catchy and appealing name for your YouTube channel. Since your goal is to get more YouTube subscribers faster and increase your YouTube views, choosing a YouTube channel name that is easy to remember is golden.

One way to generate a name for your YouTube channel is to brainstorm ideas, but this can be time-consuming and limit your options to only what you know. There is also a tendency that the name you end up choosing may already be taken.

A better alternative is to use a free YouTube channel name generator to generate lots of unique YouTube channel names for you. Select only the best names or even improve on the suggested names.

In this article, you will learn about 11 of the best free YouTube channel name generators.

Let’s get started.

1. NameBounce

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Quality Suggestions

NameBounce is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Quality Suggestions

NameBounce is a general name-generating platform that helps you suggest available names for different uses. Mainly focused on generating brand names for new businesses, NameBounce also allows you to create a suitable name for your YouTube channel.

To start with, the platform offers you a naming tool that serves as both a free domain name generator and a YouTube channel name generator.

You generate your names by simply inputting a name or word you wish to appear in the result and wait for the tool to provide you results within seconds. Hundreds of suggestions are provided to you, so you do not worry about having a limited number of suggestions to choose from. You are allowed to filter search results by words or length.

NameBounce also allows you to add different names to your list of favorites. Creating a list of favorites means you get to compile the names you like in one place rather than having to skim through hundreds of name suggestions multiple times. You can easily compare your favorites and choose the one that suits you best.

Other than these features, the quality and quantity of names generated by NameBounce make it the top pick for you. The platform also provides you with helpful tips on choosing your YouTube channel name.


NameBounce’s YouTube channel name generator is available to you for free.

2. BusinessNameGenerator.com

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with An Availability Test Option for Additional Internet Platforms

BusinessNameGenerator is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with an Availability Test Option

As its name suggests, BusinessNameGenerator.com (BNG) is not a website that just allows you to create YouTube channel names but also serves you tools to create your brand name.

Just like NameBounce, BNG’s generator serves as a general tool for coming up with a business name, an available domain name, and, of course, your YouTube channel name.

Upon inputting the preferred word or words you wish to appear in your generated name, the tool provides you with over 1000 results. Each result can be run through an availability test for different platforms.

Alongside YouTube, each suggestion can be checked for availability on Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook. BusinessNameGenerator.com works closely with GoDaddy, one of the best domain registrars on the internet.

BNG additionally allows you to set a maximum character count of up to 15, set the number of words, and indicate if you want words to rhyme. There is the option of letting the keyword come before or after its complementary counterpart.

You also have the option of filtering your results based on industry. This option allows you to determine the scope of results by selecting multiple industries.


BusinessNameGenerator is free for you to use.

3. Social Video Plaza

Social Video Plaza is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Additional Useful YouTube Related Tools

Social Video Plaza is a pet project of Dutch entrepreneur Dexxter Clark. It does not have the comprehensive features, aesthetic appeal, and modern look of the previous two tools. Nonetheless, Social Video Plaza gets the job done and presents you with a long list of suggestions.

Upon visiting the website, you are immediately presented with an input box where you insert your keyword. You also filter your results based on eight different categories or choose to make use of all these categories, increasing your scope of results.

Once done, you simply click on the “generate” button and over a hundred different results are presented to you. Results come in a batch of 20 and if you are not satisfied with them, you request more results by clicking the “load more” button. A new set of 20 YouTube channel name suggestions are then offered to you.

Other than its YouTube channel name generator, Social Video Plaza gives you other YouTube-related tools. They include a YouTube video title generator, YouTube video description generator, YouTube start time link generator, YouTube website embed code generator, video title length checker, and a view to subscribe ratio calculator.


Save Video Plaza is available to you for free.

4. SpinXO

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Quality Result Filtering Options

SpinXO is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Quality Result Filtering Options

Alongside YouTube channel names, SpinXO is a general tool for creating your general usernames, Instagram names, Gamertags, nicknames, and other random names. The YouTube name generator presents you with hundreds of personalized name suggestions. It also lets you generate social media handles based on your name, nickname, or any keywords you insert into the input box.

Your results include related keywords that are automatically added based on a topic or you provide your preferred keywords yourself. You have the option of getting rhyming words in your result and get presented with results in a batch of 30. If you are not satisfied, new suggestions can be requested as many times as you want.

SpinXO also provides you with an availability check feature. With this, you easily check the availability of names, not just on Youtube, but also on Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, and other social networks. You simply tap on the name you like and try adding some variations, such as extra characters, prefixes, or suffixes if that name is taken.

The tool also allows you to set the number of characters you want in your name or choose to have your results come as single words.


SpinXO is available to you for free.

5. NameBoy

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with the Best Accompanying Domain Name Feature

NameBoy is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with the Best Accompanying Domain Name Feature

Started in 1999 originally as a domain name generator, Nameboy is the oldest YouTube name generator on the internet. It additionally serves you tools to come up with creative business name ideas for your brand or products.

The tool makes use of AI-based technology to combine common words, prefixes, random words, suffixes to create your name suggestions. To create your YouTube channel name, you just input a keyword and click on the “submit” button.

Nameboy is powered by Bluehost, so alongside your YouTube name, you are presented with available domain names. Thousands of results are presented to you by the tool and, if you are not satisfied with the set of suggestions presented, you simply click on the “load more results” button to generate more.

All results include available suggestions with their accompanying domain extensions and, with this, you streamline your branding on your website and YouTube channel. You can ignore the extensions if you are only focused on creating a YouTube channel name.

The tool also comes in additional languages including French and Spanish. It presents you with useful tips on creating the perfect name for your channel.


Generating your YouTube channel name is free using Nameboy. However, you have to pay to own the domain names.

6. Weshare

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Lots of Pre-Suggested Names

Weshare is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator with Lots of Pre Suggested Names

Weshare is an online platform that allows you to teach paid online classes directly to different individuals over the internet. The platform additionally offers you a YouTube name generator under its “resources & tools” section on its menu bar.

Just like other generators, Weshare requires you to input a keyword for it to create a unique name for your channel. Once inputted, you click on the “generate” button and watch the tool continuously generate a long list of name suggestions. Results run into hundreds and are unique.

The tool presents with pre-suggested names immediately you visit the website without having to provide a keyword. You do not have the option of generating more names from the same keyword once the tool presents you with results.

However, you can easily and quickly check the availability of the suggested names provided to you through the tool. Results also come in different fonts, giving you a more creative perception of how they could look to your target audience.

Weshare does not just stop at offering you a YouTube name generator. It also offers other YouTube-related tools such as a YouTube thumbnail maker and generators for video titles, descriptions, tags, ideas, among others.


The YouTube channel name generator is available to you for free. For the extra YouTube-related tools, however, you have access to them through a paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plan.

7. BrandBoy

Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator for Small Businesses and Startups

BrandBoy is the Best Free YouTube Channel Name Generator for Small Businesses and Startups

BrandBoy is a blog dedicated to small businesses and startups that presents them with useful resources and tools to start on the right track and grow. The blog’s YouTube channel name generator is different from the others previously mentioned on this list.

With this tool, you do not need to input any personal keywords. You simply click on the “click to get a new!” button and suggestions are generated for you.

BrandBoy offers over 1 million different suggestions but there is an obvious downside. The absence of a personal keyword input option means you do not have full capabilities in creating a name you could use. BrandBoy’s name generator best serves inspirational purposes.


The YouTube channel name generator is free for you to use.

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