10 Best Domain Registrars: Who’s the Cheapest?

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best Domain Registrars - Who is the Cheapest?

Domains are one of the fundamental bedrock elements of the internet and, today, over 1,500 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) power more than 77 million running domain names.

There are over 900 Domain registrars available in the business to facilitate the acquisition of domain names, however, each has a limited license in the type of domains they are allowed to provide.

Filtering through this massive number of registrars to find the right one could be a painstaking task.

Thankfully, we have done that for you and here is a list of the 10 best domain registrars that offer website owners great value for money.

What Are The Best Domain Name Registrars

1. Bluehost

Best Choice For A Comprehensive Domain And Website Hosting Experience

Bluehost is the best choice for a Comprehensive Domain and Website Hosting Experience

Bluehost is a domain registrar that is mainly focused on providing extensive website hosting services to interested internet users.

Even though it was created for website hosting, Bluehost provides extensive domain services that are enough for a competent and comprehensive domain experience.

Being one of the best and most trusted domain registrars around, Bluehost offers a wide variety of domain options to choose from options.

These range from the more popular .com, .net, and .org domains to the more unique domains like .tech, .website, and .me.

Bluehost also allows users to register domain names under country-specific or geo-located domain extensions (ccTLDs) like .uk and .it, among a host of other ccTLDs.

Domain registrants can manage domains from a user-friendly, easy-to-use dashboard or control panel.

When interested users get onto its domain website page, they are first offered a straightforward domain search bar.

This easy-to-use, quick search system allows users to immediately check if a proposed domain name is still available for use and also provides alternatives if the chosen name is already taken.

Registrants are also provided with an auto-renewal option, allowing them to put away the worry of an expiring domain and avoid an unwanted domain expiration process.

Alongside an automatic redirect option for users with multiple websites or domains, Bluehost provides an option to lock domains, allowing users to avoid unauthorized domain transfers to other domain registrars

Bluehost also provides very much useful WHOIS protection, which keeps the personal information and data of users well protected from harmful access.

Accompanying the wide variety of domain extensions to choose from, users can also make use of their domains in email addresses, allowing for extensive personalization effects that help to stand out.

Bluehost isn't regarded as one of the best website domain registrars for only its domain services.

The domain registrar provides great value for money as it gives users a comprehensive experience through its accompanying website hosting services.

Users don't need to get to another platform to finally bring their websites to life.

Bluehost provides 24/7 support for its users through phone calls and chats with experts that give answers and guide users in their domain and website hosting activities.


Like most domain registrars, Bluehost offers its prices based on the domain extension being bought and charges on a minimum 1-year basis.

However, unlike other registrars, registrants have a chance to get domain names for free.

For new users, Bluehost offers domain names for free for the first year of registration when they subscribe to any of its website hosting plans.


  • Integrated, quality website hosting services
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Email address personalization
  • User-friendly interface

2. Domain.com

Domain Registrar With Versatile Domain Management Options

Domain.com is a domain registrar that focused on providing internet users with a comprehensive domain registration service

As its name shows, Domain.com is a domain registrar that is focused on providing internet users with a comprehensive domain registration service.

The domain registrar provides users with an intuitive search system that allows them to look up domain names for their availability before having to commit to registering with it.

It also allows users to check the information of existing unavailable domains available for public access.

Domain.com allows users to pick from a vast selection of domains as it provides the most popular TLDs as well as up to 25 country-specific TLDs (ccTLDs) and multiple non-premium domains like .live and .men, among others.

The domain registrar offers users great additional options that are included in the registration fees and are aimed to make the domain ownership and management experience easy for users.

It provides a free SSL certificate, allowing users to secure websites from an external interface, and also offers a domain lock option that prevents domains from being transferred without due authorization.

Users are allowed to retain extensive control over the management of their Domain Name System and register personalized, professional emails under a domain name.

Domain.com also allows users to redirect emails under a domain name to other emails, capping off the extensive domain management options provided to users.

The domain registrar also provides WHOIS domain privacy that helps to safeguard the data and information of users and also allows them to control who can gain access to contact information and how much information is put for general public access.

Users are also allowed to transfer domains to and from other domain registrars.

Alongside its domain registration services, Domain.com also provides dependable website building and website hosting services.

It serves as an all-in-one solution to website management activities through its intuitive, easy-to-use website builder and its multiple website hosting plans for different grades of websites.

Its drag and drop website builder offers users multiple mobile-friendly templates, PayPal integration, a stock image library, and SEO tools.

Domain.com provides users with a helpful 24/7 customer service system that provides support through phones, chats, and emails.


Domain.com charges users according to the specific domain extension being purchased and also on a yearly basis.

Users also have to pay for extra services like WHOIS domain privacy, website building, and website hosting.


  • Integrated, drag-and-drop website builder
  • Integrated website hosting services
  • Multiple gTLDs and cheap, non-premium domains to choose from
  • Over 25 ccTLDs
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Intuitive domain search system

3. NameCheap

Domain Registrar With Cheap Domain Prices And Multiple Supporting Applications

NameCheap is a Domain Registrar With Cheap Domain Prices And Multiple Supporting Applications

Founded in 2000, NameCheap is another domain registrar that provides quality domain registration services, managing over 10 million domains worldwide, including domains of popular brands like Imgur, Figma, and Buffer, among others.

Alongside popular gTLDs and country-code domains, NameCheap provides users access to register multiple unpopular and newly released domains like .law, .beauty, and .forum, among a lot others.

The domain registrar also provides information to its users and website visitors about incoming domains that are expected to be added to its selection of TLDs.

Users are kept up to date about the latest upcoming TLDs and can sign up for email notifications to be received when an upcoming TLD goes live.

Domain names with upcoming TLDs can also be pre-ordered before their release dates, allowing users to grab a name that is already taken under an existing TLD.

Without opening an account with NameCheap, users can make use of its powerful domain search system to look up domain names and generate names suitable for their online identity.

Users are provided with information about the registration of an unavailable domain and also search for different domains in batches of up to 50 at the same time.

NameCheap's DomainAgent service provides a seamless network that allows users to contact the owners of unavailable domains and inquire about the possibility of sales.

NameCheap provides its domain privacy services for free.

Through its WhoIsGuard domain privacy service, users can protect their personal information from general public access for free.

It also provides access to VPN services, low-cost SSL certificates, and a 2-factor authentication system, helping to completely provide a safeguard against unwanted intrusion.

NameCheap accompanies its domain registration with quality website hosting services that help to streamline and make the whole website management activities easier.

NameCheap also provides a range of apps that offer users other helpful options like a free logo maker, a fast CDN, and other website builders like WordPress and Weebly.

Alongside its multiple beneficial blog posts, Its 24/7 customer support system allows for only a live chat option, however, this option is also fast and highly useful in solving problems and making inquiries.


NameCheap charges its services according to the domain extension being subscribed for and each subscription is at a minimum of 1 year.

It also charges for additional services, however, privacy protection services like WHOIS domain privacy and VPN services are provided for free.


  • Integrated Website Hosting Services
  • Free WHOIS privacy and VPN services
  • DomainAgent Service for domain transactions
  • Extensive domain options
  • Powerful domain search system
  • Extra helpful applications

4. GoDaddy

Largest Domain Registrar With A Vast Collection Of Domain Extensions

GoDaddy is the Largest Domain Registrar with a Vast Collection of Domain Extensions

Also one of the biggest website hosting platforms around, GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the business, managing over 75 million domains for 20 million users worldwide.

GoDaddy offers a wide selection of domains for users to choose from.

It has a license to provide popular gTLDs and also ccTLDs as well as special domains like .life, .wedding, and .design, among others, allowing users to achieve a personalized domain name if needed.

Alongside its simple domain setup procedures, users can monitor the status of websites and domains in real-time, ensuring that all management activities are running smoothly.

GoDaddy also allows users to create up to 100 subdomains, allowing for extensive customization of website addresses.

Tools that help domain owners to forward the access to new domains to existing ones are also provided by GoDaddy.

This allows businesses to secure their brand name from imitation without having to manage multiple websites.

GoDaddy offers its users a very powerful domain search system that allows for extensive batch domain searches and registration.

Users are allowed to search for the availability of over 500 domain names and also register up to 500 domain names at the same time.

As well as domain transfer services, GoDaddy provides registrants with domain security through its Business Protection service.

Through this Business Protection service, users can protect domains against accidental and malicious transfers as well as keep personal information safeguarded against harmful public access.

It also helps to provide SEO optimization, malware scans, and protect against accidental domain name expirations, domain hijackers, and many more.

This service also helps to publish an online personal business card that helps authorized customers and partners get in contact with registrants.

GoDaddy offers a Domain Broker Service which it uses to assist users in negotiating for the purchase of already taken domain names.

It also provides a Domain Backorder Service that allows users to place a pre-order on a taken domain name in case it expires and goes up for auction.

GoDaddy's customer support system includes the options of live chats and telephone calls.

GoDaddy also provides users with email marketing tools, one-click WordPress and website hosting services, as well as a cloud website management service, giving users a one-stop location for all the tools needed in maintaining an online presence.


Like most domain registrars, GoDaddy offers its domain prices according to the extension being subscribed for and for a minimum of 1 year.

However, GoDaddy tries to be a little sketchy with its domain name prices.

Its discounted initial-subscription domain prices are only offered when a domain is registered for at least 2 years and domain renewal prices are always on the high side.

Thankfully, users can get free domains through an annual subscription for a website hosting or WordPress plan.


  • Integrated website and WordPress hosting services
  • Batch domain search and registration
  • Extensive domain management and protection services
  • Up to 100 subdomains
  • Long list of special TLDs

5. Hover

Domain Registrar With Extensive Professional Email Management Services

Hover is a Domain Registrar with Extensive Professional Email Management Services

Hover is a domain registrar owned by Tucows which focuses on providing convenient domain registration and email management services.

Its domain management platform provides powerful intuitive tools that allow users to manage their DNS and also make bulk domain searches and purchases.

Users can check the availability of a domain name and get access to hundreds of domain name suggestions by just typing a few keywords or a business name.

Hover offers over 400 TLDs and, every month, makes different special TLDs such as .live and .art, among others, available to users at heavily discounted prices.

Through its Hover Connect service, the domain registrar allows users to connect or integrate domains with other top services like Shopify, Facebook, Studio Design, and Squarespace, among a lot others.

Hover offers quality email management services that provide website owners with an extensive array of email options to choose from.

Professional emails for a domain name can be gotten and accompanied by sustaining email management options like up to 1TB of cloud storage, a powerful email client, and an autoresponder.

Users also have access to anti-spam/virus services and ad-free emails at no extra cost, as well as email forwarding services to other email addresses.

The domain and email expiration dates are synchronized so that users don't have to worry about the different expiration dates of the two services.

Hover also allows for seamless domain transfers and renewals without hassle or cumbersome procedures.

All its domain management services are supported by proper privacy and security options.

WHOIS privacy accompanies every supported domain name, ensuring that registrants don't have to take extra steps in securing personal information and data.

Personal data and the authority over a domain's transfer can also be secured through its two-factor authentication system.

Through its massive variety of domain extension cutting across gTLDs, ccTLDs, and special TLDs, Hover proves to be a great fit for startups and established brands, as well as different fields of work.


Like most domain registrars, Hover charges individually for each domain and on a yearly basis.

However, Hover provides users with a discount offer.

The more domains users have connected to their domain accounts, the less they have to pay for renewals.


  • Over 400+ TLDs to choose from
  • Valuable discount offers
  • Free WHOIS domain privacy
  • Quality professional email management services
  • Bulk domain search and purchase

6. SiteGround

Dependable Domain Registrar Primarily Focusing On Website Hosting.

SiteGround is a dependable Domain Registrar Primarily Focusing on Website Hosting

SiteGround is a website hosting platform that offers internet users domain registration as one of its additional services.

The domain registrar offers dependable domain registration services as it is licensed to sell popular gTLDs, ccTLDs, and special domains like .online, .blog, and .guru, among a lot others.

It provides an easy-to-use domain migration tool that allows users to seamlessly and swiftly transfer domains from other domain registrars.

SiteGround is a good choice for a domain registrar as, alongside its domain and website hosting services, it offers WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Reseller hosting services to its users.

The domain registrar also offers managed cloud hosting services, ensuring that users keep websites running at optimum speeds and efficiency.

Users are also provided with a dedicated IP, a free CDN service, and free SSL certificates as well as collaborative tools in website management.

This combination of services offers users a competitive platform for all website management activities needed to run a website smoothly.


SiteGround charges individually for each domain purchased by users.


  • User-friendly migration tool
  • Integrated website, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free SSL Certificate

7. Namesilo

Cost-Effective Domain And Website Hosting Services

Namesilo is a Cost Effective Domain and Website Hosting Services

Namesilo is another domain registrar that offers website hosting, email, and SSL solutions to website owners alongside its domain registration services on one platform.

It is one of the few domain registrars that hosts over 3 million domains for individuals around the world thanks to its quality, cost-effective domain hosting services.

The domain registrar offers over 400 different domain extensions for registrants to choose from including popular generic Top Level Domains and country-code TLDs as well as more specific and creative ones like .shop, .hiphop, and .games, among others.

Namesilo offers website owners a lot of perks to make their domain management experience convenient and hassle-free.

A search tool allows users to search for the availability of a domain name as well as the WHOIS records or information about the owners of different domain names if they are taken.

A host of important services are provided by the domain registrar for free, ensuring registrants don't pay extra in pursuit of supporting services.

These services include a free WHOIS privacy protection for the protection of a registrant's data from public access, a customizable WHOIS record, allowing users to choose the amount of information available for public access, and a free Domain Defender.

Users also have access to free email forwarding services and a free DNS management system, ensuring that all tools needed for seamless domain hosting are at the immediate disposal of registrants.

Alongside auctioning expired domain names, the domain registrar also offers seamless and enticing deals on domain transfers.

Registrants can transfer multiple domains at the same time and also get a free domain name renewal after transferring a domain name renewed within the previous 45 days.

Domains are transferred within 7 days and users can track the status of pending domain transfers through its Transfer Manager.

Namesilo's website hosting packages also include other important website services that make the whole website management experience comprehensive.

Users are provided with WordPress hosting, a free website builder, and email management services.


Namesilo charges according to the domain extension being purchased and also provides free WHOIS domain protection services, email forwarding services, and a DNS management system.

Users have to pay extra for website hosting services and SSL certificates.

Namesilo also accepts over 150 different payment methods including credit cards, eWallets, and cryptocurrency.


  • Free WHOIS privacy protection
  • Website hosting services
  • Over 400 domain extensions
  • Domain auction platform
  • Free website builder included in hosting package

8. Dynadot

Advanced Domain Registrar With One Of The Cheapest And Largest Collection Of Domains

Dynadot is an Advanced Domain Registrar with One of The Cheapest and Largest Collection of Domains

Dynadot is a domain registrar that seeks to provide domain registrants with advanced options offered for one of the most cost-friendly prices in the business.

It features one of the most powerful and advanced search tools which allows for extensive domain lookups and registration options.

Users can search for up to 200 domains at the same time, including International Domain Names (domain names in foreign languages).

The domain registrar's search engine allows for customizable searches as users get to filter the domain suggestion results by excluding selected domain extensions.

Alongside checking WHOIS records, Dynadot's advanced WHOIS lookup tool allows users to track unavailable domains and immediately get a notice when the domain is available for purchase.

Dynadot has over 525 domains to offer users and all these include gTLDs, ccTLDs, and a massive number of special TLDs like .academy, .live, and .tel, among others.

Dynadot also allows for easy domain transfers which take between 5-15 days to complete and requires the authentication code of locked domains from other registrars before a domain transfer is processed.

The domain registrar offers free WHOIS privacy protection, replacing a registrant's name, personal email address, phone number, and mailing address with its contact information at no extra cost.

It also helps to filter spam, junk, and potentially fraudulent emails, out of forwarded emails, making the whole online experience a little safer.

However, due to registry restrictions, not all domain extensions are allowed to be privately registered or extensively anonymized.

Dynadot offers a ‘grace deletion period' which is varied according to the TLD and allows users to delete the registration of a domain within that period.

Most domain ‘grace deletion periods' are usually within 5 days and a distinctive fee is deducted for each domain.

Dynadot also provides its users with Domain management APIs that allow them to personally manage the privacy and information of domains as well as email forwarding and other general domain management activities.

Users are also provided with an Auction API which gives them easy access to Dynadot's domain auction marketplace services which include a backorder option.

Dynadot also offers VPS hosting, email hosting, and SSL services to registrants and interested internet users.


Like other domain registrars, Dynadot charges according to each domain extension, however, it offers one of the cheapest domain prices even after renewal.

WHOIS privacy protection is also provided for free.


  • Cheap domain prices
  • Free WHOIS privacy protection
  • Over 525 domains
  • Advanced WHOIS lookup tool
  • Auction Marketplace
  • Domain ‘grace deletion period'
  • Integrated VPS hosting, email hosting, and SSL services.

9. OVH

Domain Registrar With Cloud-Based Services And Top Quality Platform Integrations

OVH is a domain Registrar with Cloud Based Services and Top Quality Platform Integrations

OVH is a UK-based domain registrar that offers a host of additional cloud-based services to internet users worldwide.

OVH allows users to create unique domain names and connect/ redirect domain names to different social media platforms as well as existing websites, giving users freedom in securing their online presence and making it more convenient.

The domain registrar offers over 400 domain extensions to choose from, including popular gTLDs and ccTLDs as well as new special domain extensions like .club, .actor, and .airforce, among a lot others.

OVH offers users a DNS management tool that grants extensive control over the personalization of domains and DNS zones.

Users can easily direct domain names to other websites through this DNS management tool and also manage switches between hosting services without harmfully affecting the webpages.

It also allows users to forward and manage email addresses and also create and redirect multiple subdomains through an automated system, allowing for better-organized website management activities and easier access by visitors.

OHV's DNS management tool also helps to keep a website's access smooth and uncongested by allowing users to spread the traffic load on a website across several IP addresses.

Apart from the regular WHOIS privacy protection services, OHV offers users a domain lock option and Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) services to help secure the IP address of domains.

These DNSSEC services help to protect against cache and DNS server poisoning by hackers, such as phishing, among others.

Valid and authenticated domain transfers are seamlessly completed within five days and are done at no extra cost.

OHV also helps to connect to and take care of domain auction transactions.

Alongside its domain registration services, OHV provides secured website hosting services as well as integrated Prestashop, multiple CMS tools, and integrated WordPress hosting services, giving users a one-stop destination in their website management activities.

Users get the option of a free domain name for the first year when any of its website hosting plans is subscribed for, as well as a free SSL certificate, daily website backups, and anti-DDoS protection.

OHV also offers extensive email management services which allow users to easily migrate emails to their domains and provide enhanced email security and integrations with multiple web apps, among a host of other services.


OHV also offers its domains on individual pricing plans, however, offers a free domain name for the first year when users subscribe to one of its website hosting plans.


  • DNSSEC protection
  • Integrated website building and website hosting services
  • DNS Management Tool
  • Over 400 domain extensions

10. Google Domains

Domain Registrar With Fast, Cloud-Based DNS Infrastructure

Google Domains is a Domain Registrar with Fast, Cloud Based DNS Infrastructure

As the name suggests, Google Domains is a domain registration service run by Google that provides internet users with a massive list of domain services powered by its popular platform.

The domain registrar provides extremely fast and secured DNS servers that run on its extensive infrastructure with 24/7 support.

Google Domains offers over 300 domain extensions to choose from that include a mix of gTLDs, ccTLDs, and special domain extensions like .photography and .cafe.

Search and suggestion tools are provided to help registrants find out the availability of a domain name and have hundreds of suggested and appropriate domains to choose from.

The domain registrar also allows for batch domain registration, making the registration of numerous domains fast and easy.

Google Domain also has a built-in professional email address service that allows users to forward up to 100 email aliases to a single professional email address.

The domain registrar also offers partnerships with different top platforms on the internet to provide its users with convenient website building and website hosting services.

It forms partnerships with Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and Bluehost, among others to make sure that its users get the best of all website management services available on the internet.

Due to Google's influence in the internet space, users can gain access to professional tools like a Dynamic DNS, Google Synthetic records for seamless email and website forwarding as well as a TTL configuration for updated DNS data, among others.

Alongside its free WHOIS privacy protection services, Google Domains also provides a one-click DNSSEC that helps to protect against email spam, cache poisoning, spoofing, and other harmful hacking activities.

It also provides a two-step verification system that ensures that every activity on the management of domains is duly authorized by the registrant.

The domain registrar offers domain sharing services that allow its users to share access to manage domains with clients and employees.

Google Domains also provides its users with a free Cloud DNS that helps to support the traffic demands of websites and ensure that websites are uncongested and run smoothly.

Users can also export DNS records by downloading in BIND or YAML formats, allowing for easy migration to other DNS servers.


Google Domains offers its pricing scheme like every other domain registrar, charging separately for each domain extension and on a yearly basis.

It also provides WHOIS privacy protection and a Cloud DNS server for free.


  • Fast, Cloud DNS servers
  • Over 300 domain extensions
  • Up to 100 email alias forwarding
  • Up to 100 sub-domains
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Synthetic records for email and website forwarding
  • Free WHOIS privacy protection
  • Seamless DNS export

What is a Domain Name?

Also known as a Uniform Resource Locator or a web address, a domain name is a memory-friendly way to identify and locate a website or location on the internet.

A website is stored on the internet space through a numeric IP address, such as, that is exclusive to it alone, much like fingerprints to humans or phone numbers.

To make IP addresses easier to access or remember, domain names are used to represent each IP address and, for instance, instead of, an IP address can be accessed through the domain name “foundejar.com”.

What is a Domain Registrar?

To know what a domain registrar is, it is important to know where domains come from.

Domain names are monitored and regulated within the Domain Name System (DNS) which is, in turn, managed and maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The ICANN coordinates the whole DNS by approving and managing new extensions as well as shutting down extensions and ensuring that the whole internet structure runs smoothly.

However, the ICANN delegates some of its powers to registries who are made responsible for the management of top-level domains( TLDs), such as “.com” and “.net”, among others.

This management involves maintaining and securing the records of existing domain names and certifying which domain name belongs to who.

Now, Registries delegate the commercial sales and registration of domain names to Registrars who deal directly with the Registrant, the end-user of the domain name.

Domain Registrar flow chart
Source: Cloudflare

A domain name is not entirely bought but leased to a registrant, the title of which is renewed on a timely basis, the highest being 10 years.

The registrar notifies a registry of the sale and registration of a domain name and also remits a fee from the sales of the domain to the registry.

So, a domain registrar is a dealer of domain names who registers and leases domains to end-users on behalf of domain registries.

How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar?

While the general services of domain registrars remain the same, domain registrars offer internet users a lot of different perks in a bid to attract the most registrants.

Picking a domain registrar should be determined by the needs of a registrant and here are a few tips in choosing the registrar that is best for you.

1. Consider Prices And Minimum Registration Periods

As an aspiring domain owner, one of the most important aspects of choosing a domain registrar is the fee charged on all services.

Alongside other extra services being charged separately, domain registrars charge separately for different domain extensions.

For instance, while a .com domain is offered for a cheap price, a .net or .org extension may be significantly higher.

Domain registrars also charge a different, usually increased price for domain renewals.

Alongside these differing prices, the minimum length of time a domain can be registered before renewal is required is also important in choosing a domain registrar.

While some domain registrars offer a minimum subscription of 1 year, other registrars may charge domain registrations at a minimum rate of 2 years.

Choosing a registry that offers a 1-year minimum subscription plan is recommended, however, properly weighing all options and choosing a domain registrar that offers a scalable pricing plan is always a great idea.

2. Range Of Domain Extension License

Not all domain registrars are licensed to sell and register all domain extensions.

While others are limited to offer country-specific Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) like .io or .ly, others are allowed to deal with a wider range of domain extensions.

ccTLDs are cheaper and good for experimenting or low capital startups while other gTLDs are mostly priced at higher rates and more suitable for standard websites.

Ensuring that the chosen domain registrar offers a considerable range of domain extensions is important for the short and long-term goals of a domain registrant.

3. Easy Domain Transfer Processing

The need to change a domain registrar is not a situation everyone would like to be in but like everything else, nothing is perfect.

The process and requirements of transferring a domain from one registrar to another is a very important aspect of owning a domain, worthy of consideration in case of a discomforting domain service provider.

It is a general principle that, according to the ICANN, domains cannot be transferred between registrars within the first 60 days of registration.

However, after these 60 days, domain registrars have different policies guiding the transfer of domains.

While most of the top domain registrars offer free and easy domain transfers, some tend to make the process a little bit tedious and also charge extra fees to remove domain locks/ transfer domains.

When considering a domain registrar, it is advised that individuals read and comprehend its domain transfer policy before committing to purchase a domain.

4. Beneficial Domain Expiration Process

Registrants are usually allowed to automatically renew domains but when this subscription isn't renewed, the domain name expires and all services connected to it seizes.

Although there is a common sequence of events surrounding domain expiration, the specific policies of each registrar is another important factor to consider.

Some domain registrars offer a grace period within which a domain remains dormant and a registrant is allowed to renew its subscription without losing it to another individual.

The grace period offered by registrars differs and can range from 10 to up to 45 days.

While this is a very thoughtful consideration, not all domain registrars offer a lengthy grace period and this can prove detrimental for unsuspecting registrants.

Losing a business website domain immediately expires isn't a situation anyone would like to be in and choosing a domain registrar that offers a considerable grace period is always a step in the right direction.

Registrants or individuals willing to transfer domains are advised to get properly acquainted with the expiration policies of candidate registrars and select one that offers the best and most comfortable expiration policy.

5. Quality Add-on Services

Alongside the sales and registration of domain names, domain registrars offer a host of supplementary services to help improve the experience of registrants.

These services range from the common domain privacy protection and extended domain expiration services to the more advanced services like website hosting, website builders, email hosting, and marketing, among a lot others.

Registrants are advised to weigh their options, acknowledge the add-ons offered by a registrar and also decide how important each add-on is to domain and website ownership needs.

Selecting a domain registrar that offers a wide list of extra services ensures that the domain ownership experience is as comprehensive and comfortable as required to be for the long-term development of a website.

Summarily, in choosing the best domain registrar, the factors that need to be looked out for include;

  • A pricing plan with good value got money
  • A wide range of domain extension
  • Free or seamless domain transfer procedures
  • Beneficial domain expiration policy
  • A wide range of useful add-on services

Pro Tips for Buying a Domain Name

Buying a domain name could represent the beginning of an extraordinary journey in the internet world, more reason why potential registrants need to get it right from the start.

Apart from critically comparing domain registrars and their different prices and policies, here are a few tips that could help individuals start on the right track:

1. Go For The “.com” Domain Extension

As would've been expected, the domain extension “.com” is the most popular around the world with over 52% of all websites making use of it.

This massive amount of users is evidence of the TLDs effectiveness and this is owed to several factors.

A lot of individuals are more familiar with the “.com” extension and are likely to input it by default when the exact extension is not known.

Making use of it will help guide more internet users to a website without having them do a lot of extra findings or research.

Although, using cheaper local or country-specific TLDs may be tempting while operating a local website aimed towards a very minimal or localized audience, why limit yourself?.

Making use of a “.com” extension helps for seamless growth or expansion of a website without risking the domain name being taken under it.

Buying a domain name under multiple TLDs may not look like the most cost-effective practice, yet, it is a move that helps a brand or website in a lot of ways.

Apart from the “.com” TLD, other popular extensions include “.net, .org, .co, .co.uk”, and country specific TLDs.

Owning multiple TLDs attracts more fees at the end of the year but helps to deter a lot of unwanted occurrences.

Firstly, having a domain name under multiple TLDs helps to prevent perpetrators from registering the same name under another popular TLD and possibly committing atrocities that could harm a well-meaning brand.

Owning a domain name under other popular TLDs makes the need for another website easily attainable without having to buy an existing one for an expensive price or making use of another unfamiliar name or weird-looking TLD.

It is also important in helping other genuine visitors in getting access to the main website without proper knowledge of the exact domain extension used.

Setting these other TLDs up to redirect visitors to the main website would help to achieve more website visits.

Registering and redirecting popular misspellings of a domain name could also help to ensure website visits are maximized.

3. Use A Short And Simple Domain Name

The main purpose of the existence of domain names is to make different websites easily accessible without having to memorize their exclusive IP addresses, why sabotage that with an elusive domain name?

Domain names can be kept memorizable through short names, simple character combinations, and predictable words.

It is advised that domain names are kept below 15 characters and extra characters like hyphens, underscores, and punctuations, among other supplementary characters are avoided.

Numbers are also advised to be avoided except they are of absolute necessity, like being an integral part of the brand.

The words used, if they are regular words, should also be kept predictable through simple spellings.

The spelling ” slyde” morphed from the initial spelling of “slide” could be keeping a lot of individuals away from the website through misspelling it as the original “slide”.

Again, a morphed spelling is also allowed if it is an integral part of the makeup of a brand.

Keeping domain names simple and predictable ensures that the amount of potential visits to a website is duly maximized.

4. Use A Brandable Name

Branding is one of the most important aspects of the long-term goals and success of any endeavor, business or non-business.

A domain name should be a reflection of the brand owning it, so it is therefore important that the brand name itself should be great for a domain name.

A great, brandable domain name is expected to have certain characteristics such as uniqueness (for it to be distinguishable from any competitor) and easy memorization and pronunciation.

A simple name that doesn't have a meaning in any dictionary is also a great move in planning for the long-term success of a brand, like Uber, Google, and Toyota.

It is also important to take note of any other brands that may have a suggested name trademarked to avoid future complications.

5. Get Help From Domain Name Generators

Choosing a brand or domain name is not a walk in the park and, thankfully, there are domain name generators available to solve this problem.

Domain name generators help to come up with simple and effective domain names as described in previous tips.

Through a seed word or phrase, they help to generate tens or hundreds of available domain name suggestions to choose from.

Combining these extra tips with previous directions in choosing a domain name registrar helps to ensure a pleasant start and stay in the internet space.

Domain Registrar FAQ

What is the cheapest domain registrar?

Dynadot proves to be the cheapest domain registrar that offers internet users good value for little money spent in the long run.

The domain registrar charges $8.99 for the first and subsequent years on a .com domain.

It charges $8.99 for the first year and $10.99 for subsequent years on a .org domain and $5.99 for the first year and $10.99 for subsequent years for a .net domain.

Alongside these relatively low charges and charges for extra services, Dynadot offers a series of free bonuses.

These include a free WHOIS privacy protection, domain lock, DNSSEC, and a free website builder for single page websites.

The annual ICANN fee is also covered by the yearly payments charged by Dynadot.

How do I register a domain name for free?

There are a lot of ways to get a free domain and one of the best value for money for a free domain is offered by Bluehost.

Bluehost offers new users a free domain after registering for a hosting plan for the first year.
This offer allows new users to create a domain name and have a hosting platform at the same time without being charged extra, taking care of two hurdles in bringing a website to life.

Domains can also be registered for free through subdomains from website builders, advertisement campaigns from registrars, or free ccTLDs ( country-code Top-Level Domains) from free domain providers.

These latter three mediums are not recommended as they could be invasive, uncontrollable, or detrimental to the long-term goals of a website.

Is it worth paying for domain privacy?

The choice of paying for domain privacy is not compulsive and is now determined by how much data a user is willing to let known to the public, thanks to regulations from the EU and ICANN.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU and further regulation from the ICANN make it compulsory for the personal data of domain registrants to be protected from public access on WHOIS databases.

However, certain minor data such as the date of registration, domain expiration date, and the sponsoring registrar are kept open to public access.

Extra personal data can also be made known to the public when consent is given by the data owners.
Before the regulations in 2018, the WHOIS data of registrants (personal information while registering domain names) were made available for public access to ensure transparency of identity. 

This left domain registrants open to a host of cybersecurity issues ranging from spam to cyberstalking and identity thefts.

Domain registrars provide extra WHOIS privacy protection services to safeguard user data from this harmful public access.

Domain registrars can help to add extra layers of protection to this already protected user data and registrants are free to choose how solid their WHOIS data protection is.

What happens if your domain name expires?

The specific processes surrounding the expiration of domain names differ between registrars and registries but there is a general sequence of events.

Domain owners are duly notified before the expiration of domains and have the option of renewing before it expires.

When the domain expires, it is deactivated alongside other services associated with it, and owners are given a grace period, usually 30 days, to renew its registration.

When the grace period ends, the domain is put up for auction and transferred to the highest bidder or winner.

If it isn't auctioned out, the domain owner is then given an extra grace period, called the registry grace period where individuals can pay a redemption fee alongside the regular renewal fee.

If a domain passes this second grace period without being redeemed, it is then treated as a nonexistent domain name and normal registration procedures are required in acquiring it.

Register Your Domain for Free

A domain is one of the most crucial elements in the existence of websites as it makes a website easily remembered or accessed by internet users.

However, for website owners, the whole experience is more than just accessing websites but involves domain registrars and keeping a domain alive and running.

While a lot of domain registrars offer competent domain registration services, only a few offer inexpensive services with great value for money.

The best choices for website owners offering highly trusted domain registration services remain Bluehost, Domain.com, and NameCheap.

Bluehost provides highly trusted website hosting alongside its domain registration services and offers users a chance to get a domain for free when one of its hosting plans is subscribed to.

Domain.com provides a versatile, comprehensive selection of domain management options alongside email management, website building, and website hosting services.

NameCheap is another highly trusted domain registrar that offers users relatively cheap domains alongside free domain privacy services, including VPN protection.

Critically weighing options and choosing the domain registrar that is best for you in terms of prices and features is an important step in maintaining a comfortable online presence.

Learn about domain registration vs web hosting.

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