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Best Ecommerce Website Builder (2022 Reviews & Comparison)

Discover the best online store builders and ecommerce website builders with in-depth reviews: Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, …

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With everyone buying online these days, the number of eCommerce stores has gone up drastically and so has the number of eCommerce website builders.

Building any kind of website is a tough job and requires thorough expertise but building a functional online store is even more difficult. You have to set up user areas, shopping carts, payment gateways, analytics, marketing, and whatnot.

If as a business owner, you choose to manually create your store, you can be assured that it will take weeks before you can launch your store after multiple testings. 

This is where eCommerce website builders come in to take a major chunk of coding off your shoulders. Even with zero coding knowledge, these solutions make it possible to launch fully functional, professional-looking stores that result in higher sales.

However, since internet commerce is on the rise and is highly profitable for merchants, more and more retailers are making the shift towards online stores. 

To help such newbies, we have created this guide to help beginners understand how eCommerce website builders work and how to choose the best one. 

We have also listed down the 14 best eCommerce website builders in the market so you can make an informed choice. 

Let’s get started.

Best Ecommerce Website Builders

1. Wix eCommerce

Best eCommerce website builder for small businesses looking for a quick and easy solution.

Wix eCommerce is the best eCommerce website builder for small businesses

Wix eCommerce is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to move their physical stores to the online marketplace with ease. Even though this eCommerce website builder is easy to use, it offers advanced online store building features that online stores require.

Business owners can launch their online stores, sell, manage and promote their online stores using the Wix eCommerce website builder.

Wix offers more than 500 professionally designed online store templates that you can customize the way you want. It lets you connect to a payment method so that you can start receiving payments for online sales. 

It lets you create a product catalog by adding product images, and all related information. Wix lets you add unlimited products to your website, unlike many other eCommerce website builders. 

If this is your first time building your website, you can also choose your domain using Wix eCommerce website builder. 

You can connect your eCommerce store to multiple online marketplaces and social media channels and sync them to your inventory. Wix offers a dashboard that brings all your sales across channels to one place. 

With Wix’s dropshipping feature, you do not have to worry about the hassles involved in logistics as Wix takes care of inventory, suppliers, and fulfillment. 

Wix offers business reporting that brings your sales data together and gives actionable data-driven insights regarding your most successful sales channel, marketing results, and others. 

Wix eCommerce also lets you promote your online store and products online while also optimizing ad performance over time. It also offers SEO features that help your store get found online. 

Some promotional features that Wix offers which let you boost your sales include email marketing, promotional videos, creative social media posts, abandoned cart automation, and more. 

If your business has an online presence, Wix also lets you have a multi-lingual storefront and also adds a currency converter. It also helps you automatically calculate taxes according to different tax slabs and tax regulations in different regions. 

Along with your online store, you can also engage your audience by starting your blog alongside and scheduling posts using the blogging feature. 


Wix eCommerce Pricing plan

Each plan offers different numbers of permitted reviews and the number of products that you want to add. If you have a vast business with many products the Business VIP plan is ideal for you. 

If you would like to create a regular website, Wix offers different plans for the same.

2. Squarespace Commerce

Best online store builder for those looking for sleek storefronts. 

Squarespace Commerce is the best online store builder for those looking for sleek storefronts

Squarespace is known for the stunning online store templates that it offers which lets business owners create very attractive and professional-looking storefronts. It offers customizable templates that you can design just the way you want.

You can choose a custom template, choose your domain name, create a logo, add images and videos, product descriptions, add pages and menus and do so much more. Every Squarespace store is optimized for mobile phones and loads very fast on mobiles. 

The built-in SEO tools that Squarespace offers optimize your pages so that they start ranking higher on search engines. 

Along with an online store, you can create your portfolio and share your best work with your clients and also have password-protected pages that secure your work with your clients. You can also launch your online blog alongside your online store with Squarespace’s blogging feature. 

You can integrate your eCommerce store with different tools, applications, and channels and track all of them from one central location.

The Squarespace Commerce app lets you integrate your online store sales and physical store sales with the Point of Sale feature. It syncs all sales channels with your inventory so that your inventory stays up-to-date.

You can connect to payment methods offered by Squarespace like Square, PayPal, Stripe, and others and receive payments for online sales and also offer discounts. 

Squarespace also helps you with taxes by automatically calculating taxes and automatic sales tax filing amongst others,

Squarespace Commerce lets you drive traffic to your eCommerce store by offering email marketing campaigns and several analytics tools. This way you can promote your product launches across different channels and track what is working best for your eCommerce store. 

Squarespace’s detailed analytics give you information about user behavior, traffic trends, and sources, identifies popular content on your website, abandoned cart information, sales overviews, and others. You can access all of this information right from your mobile phone. 

Squarespace commerce and also lets you offer appointment scheduling. 

 lets you sell physical as well digital products and services 


Squarespace Commerce Pricing Plan

Squarespace offers different pricing plans depending on the type of online store you want to own. With each plan’s annual subscription you save generously due to the discounts offered. Each of the plans lets you sell unlimited products on your eCommerce store

3. Shopify

Best eCommerce website builder for business owners looking for the best hosted solution.

Shopify is a website builder for business owners who looking for the best hosted solution

Shopify lets you create the best online stores without having to look for a separate hosting service since Shopify lets you host your online store on their website. All you have to do is choose your domain and you can start building your eCommerce store on Shopify.

To get new businesses started, Shopify has a business name generator and a logo creator that will help business owners create a professional brand image. There are many free and paid themes for you to choose from for your storefront.

Shopify has an integration with Oberlo that lets you add product information to your store and sell it right away. It manages all your products so you do not have to worry about inventory management or even packing and shipping your products.

If you are launching your first online store, Shopify offers a lot of resources like podcasts, courses, blogs, and guides that can help build your online store. 

With Shopify, you can customize your checkout process, set up discounts, speed up the checkout process, and much more. It also offers a POS app and mobile card reader that can be used by customers even to make purchases in your store or look online and buy offline or vice versa.

You can market your store to customers with personalized marketing campaigns that Shopify allows and collect emails of all your customers in one place. These can then be used to boost sales by making announcements and discounts through email marketing campaigns.

The Shopify Ping app lets you chat with customers in real-time, build customer relationships and also collaborate with team members. 

You can utilize Shopify’s Google integration that lets business owners market their products on Google without spending much on marketing. You can create Smart Shopping campaigns, list your products for free and track the results of the campaigns all from Shopify.

Shopify lets you market your store and products through Facebook Ads directly and track results.

Shopify also makes the returns and exchange seamless.

You can accept different payment methods from your customers and also utilize Shopify’s integrations with many third-party payment gateways. 

With the detailed analytics and reporting that Shopify offers, you can get in-depth information and insights about customers, sales, visitor behavior, sales channels, and others. 


Shopify Pricing Plan

Shopify offers three different pricing plans based on whether you want to start a new online store, grow your business or scale it. Each of the plans lets you add unlimited products to your store and offers most of the features you need to build a fully functional eCommerce store. 

You can also avail of the 14-day free trial that Shopify offers. 

4. BigCommerce

Best online store builder with a large number of built-in tools.

BigCommerce is the best online store builder with a large number of built in tools

BigCommerce lets business owners launch their online store in a few minutes and start selling their products. You can set up professional and beautiful-looking stores with the templates that BigCommerce offers. 

It lets you further edit your store with its drag-and-drop editor and customize every element on your storefront. 

You can also customize the checkout process with a server-to-server checkout API and SDK. You can even code your online store with HTML, Java, and CSS if you are familiar with coding.

Every theme by BigCommerce is optimized for the mobile experience and performs well on all devices. You can also switch between multiple storefronts through a single login.

If you have a WordPress website, you can also integrate it with BigCommerce and convert it into an online store with BigCommerce’s WordPress Integration. 

BigCommerce lets you create discounts and offers and also lets you add digital wallets like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and others to your online store. 

You can also accept different payment methods by utilizing BigCommerce’s integrations with third-party payment gateways.

It also lets you accept payments in multiple currencies, thereby helping you become a global business. You can also have your online store in different languages for different regions. 

BigCommerce helps you with cross-border fulfillment letting you become a global business easily.

It also offers some great SEO tools that can improve your store’s discoverability and visibility on search engines. 

With BigCommerce you can sell across different marketplaces from one dashboard. You can also sell on social channels and integrate every sale at your brick-and-mortar store with a native POS system. 

If you have different segments of customers, BigCommerce lets you segment them for pricing, discounts, and promotions easily. You can also create B2C experiences for your B2B clients through BigCommerce online store builder.

Some other features that BigCommerce offers are bulk pricing, punch-out solution, purchase order management, quote management, B2B payments, fast APIs, and others. 

BigCommerce is also a very secure online store builder as it offers backup and restore, great uptime, and has all security measures in place to keep your customer data safe. 

Its easy scalability, reporting and analytics, automated tax calculation, credit card vaulting, refund, and returns management make it ideal for all kinds of businesses. 


BigCommerce Pricing Plan

Whichever plan you choose, BigCommerce does not charge any transaction fee for processing your orders which makes it very desirable as it is also a very feature-rich solution. 

Every plan lets you add unlimited products and offers all the features required to become a global business

5. Shift4Shop

Best eCommerce website builder with robust features to launch online stores quickly. 

Shift4Shop is the best eCommerce website builder with robust features to launch online stores quickly

Shift4Shop has been around for quite some time now and offers some of the most robust website-building features that help businesses launch their online stores quickly without the need for any coding.

This solution is especially great for beginners as the customer support team is very helpful, there are plenty of resources that can help build your store and when you build your store, there is also a chatbot that continuously guides you. 

Shift4Shop offers many free and paid templates that help you create great storefronts in minutes. You can use the drag-and-drop editor or directly make changes to the HTML and CSS

Each online store built using Shift4Shop is optimized for SEO and there are many marketing tools to choose from. You can utilize their targeted email marketing tools, loyalty programs, SEO features, countdown offers, and more. 

With Shift4Shop adding and managing your products and orders becomes extremely easy. You can add as many products as you like, add unlimited product descriptions, images, and videos, add unlimited product variations, create categories and subcategories, and more. 

Shift4shop lets you cross-sell and upsell products, create product comparisons and manage inventory across all channels. 

There is a common dashboard where you can manage your orders, shipping, and fulfillment from. Managing returns and refunds are also very easy with Shift4Shop’s order management. 

Shift4Shop also lets you create customer experiences the way you want them. You can create one page or three-page checkout, create automated abandoned shopping cart emails, accept payments in more than 200 ways, provide real-time delivery updates and so much more. 

While Shift4Shop offers most of the basic as well as advanced features that you would need to launch and manage a great eCommerce website, you can also choose from the many integrations and addons that it offers for different functions. 


Shift4Shop Pricng Plan

Shift4Shop offers four different plans, one of which is free. While the free plan offers all the necessary features you will need to create an eCommerce store, the other plans are created keeping specific business needs in mind.

6. Volusion

Best affordable online store builder for small businesses that are just starting out.

Volusion is the best affordable online store builder for small businesses that are just starting out

Volusion is a good choice for small business owners looking for an affordable yet good solution for building their eCommerce store. If you are new to eCommerce, you will benefit immensely from the vast knowledge base that Volusion offers.

With Volusion, you can create your own online store or choose from the customizable templates and themes they offer. It offers a rich content editor and also lets you choose a custom domain. You can also create your logo and favicon using Volusion. 

It even includes a navigation editor that lets you set custom navigation for your customers. The platform is very intuitive and is easy to use, especially for beginners.

You can add product categories, sub-categories and also add discounts and promotions that reflect as slide shows on your website. The search functionality that Volusion offers lets users locate what they are searching for easily by just typing in what they are looking for. 

Volusion lets you manage all your orders across different channels from one place and offers shipping management options. It also lets you generate custom barcodes for all your orders. 

It accepts different payment methods and has integrations with third-party payment gateways. For recurring orders, Volusion also offers a recurring pricing tool that helps businesses collect recurring payments on time and account for them. 

There are no transaction fees with Volusion except for the charges by the payment gateways. 

While you can utilize the drop shipping option, Volusion also helps you set up your warehouse and calculate shipping rates accordingly. Similarly it also automatically helps calculate your sales taxes. 

Customer management becomes very easy with integrations with CRM as you can manage your customer experience through real-time insights, customer reviews, social sharing, and providing them all the product information that they need. 

If you are working on your online store as a team or multiple people manage it, you can grant permissions and assign roles through Volusion.

Volusion also offers SSL certificates for your website which you can purchase when you make your site live.


Volusion Pricing Plan

Volusion offers a 14-day free trial and four different pricing plans according to the type of store that you own. With the business and prime plan, you can add and sell unlimited products on your online store. 

7. Ecwid

Best eCommerce website builder for small businesses looking for a free plan.

Ecwid is the best eCommerce website builder for small businesses looking for a free plan

Ecwid is ideal for small businesses that already have an online presence and would like to compliment it with an online store. Ecwid stands for eCommerce widget that indicates that you will be required to place a widget on your site to display your online store.

You can also create a basic online store using the Instant site feature. 

If you are a small merchant with only a few physical products to sell and do not want to spend on an online store, Ecwid might be the solution.

Like most other good online store builders, Ecwid lets you create your online store by choosing from custom templates. You can import all your products and related information from a CSV file and also export it later.

Ecwid supports 50 languages and automatically translates into the local language based on the visitor’s IP address. You can also collect payments in multiple currencies and through multiple payment methods. 

With the payment gateway integrations, Ecwid makes it easy to accept payments through all its customers. 

Not only can you sell across different channels, but Ecwid also offers a POS system that brings all the sales across different channels and physical stores together and also syncs with the inventory. 

Once your store is all set for business, you can promote your store by directly advertising on Google and Facebook through the integrations Ecwid offers. You can set up your ads in just a few minutes and track performance from a unified dashboard.

Ecwid also has a mobile application that lets you quickly add new products to your catalog and sell them instantly across your selected channels. It takes care of order fulfillment by offering drop shipping at the most competitive prices. 

You can also choose to integrate with many different applications that Ecwid offers in its App Market. These tools and apps can help you bring important functions related to your eCommerce store to one place.


Ecwid Pricing Plan

Ecwid offers four different pricing plans including the free one. The free plan offers limited features but solves the purpose of small business owners. As your business grows you can easily upgrade your plan and choose a plan that helps you scale your business. 

8. Zyro

Best eCommerce website builder for small businesses looking for a simple tool.

Zyro is the best eCommerce website builder for small businesses looking for a simple tool

Zyro is a relatively new website builder and is ideal for those looking for an easy-to-use, minimalistic interface or beginners. Zyro lets you quickly set up your website in minutes with its professional genre-based templates.

Building an online store on Zyro is a 5-step process and with every store, you get a Zyro based URL which you can change by opting for a custom domain. With Zyro you also get the SSL certificate for your site for free.

You can build your brand with its logo maker and drag and drop editor, however, you may not be able to switch between storefronts as easily as many other online store building services. Each website built on Zyro is responsive on mobile devices. 

Zyro also offers a mobile app that lets you add photos from your phone on-the-go. However, it does not let you edit your website from the app. 

Global businesses can benefit from the multiple languages that Zyro offers and also accept payments through different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others. 

Zyro offers many AI tools that make your work easy and manageable. 

It also offers tools that automate your order management, inventory management, and fulfillment processes and document management related to order fulfillment. 

You can integrate your store with Google Analytics, Kliken, MoneyData and get in-depth insights about your store’s performance and sales. With Zyro, you can also automate your Google and Facebook ads ensuring higher traffic to your online store. 

You can also benefit from Zyro’s CRM tool that lets you engage with your customers, create targeted discounts and offers, coupon codes, gift cards, and more. 

With every plan, Zyro offers free hosting for life and a domain name that is free for a year. Since every website gets hosted on Zyro’s cloud servers, you do not have to worry about hosting charges, uptime, scalability, and others. 


Zyro Pricing Plan

Every plan offered by Zyro comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free hosting. It also offers custom plans for business owners who would like Zyro experts to build the site for them.

9. WooCommerce hosted on Bluehost

Best eCommerce website building solution that offers specialized hosting and eCommerce store building.

WooCommerce hosted on Bluehost is a great solution for those looking for eCommerce, hosting, and WordPress builder

WooCommerce hosted on Bluehost is a great all-in-one solution for those looking for eCommerce, hosting, and WordPress builder altogether. 

While this platform is very beginner-friendly, it is also great for advanced store owners who would like to code some aspects of their store. 

If your blog contributes significantly to your online business, WooCommerce hosted on Bluehost could be a savior as it lets you build a website and also build your blog with every package.

Bluehost provides the hosting for your online store, offers a domain for your store and eliminates the need to look for a web hosting service. Combined with WooCommerce it even lets you integrate with your existing WordPress site and convert it into a store. 

If you are building a new online store from scratch, WooCommerce offers a free domain with every new account. You can choose from the many customizable themes that it offers and make your storefront look the way you want.

You also get a free SSL certificate for your WooCommerce store when you create your eCommerce store. 

You can easily add or import products to your store with WooCommerce and add a shopping cart that allows your customers to add products without leaving the shopping cart. With every WooCommerce plan, you can also add unlimited products to your online store. 

While there are many integrations, you can accept payments directly on your website through PayPal and Stripe as WooCommerce accepts credit card payments without additional integrations. 

WooCommerce has an integration with FedEx that ensures reliable delivery of your orders and also offers USPS shipping and makes shipping rates and methods available to every customer. 

It also lets you sell across multiple channels like social media, online marketplaces and also lets you upgrade your WooCommerce store to an eCommerce marketplace.  

If you would like to accept payments from customers in different countries, WooCommerce also lets you install a currency converter widget on your site and also offers an EU VAT calculator. 

Some other useful features that WooCommerce offers include email marketing, customer product reviews, traffic analytics, discount codes, and others. 


Bluehost Pricing Plan

WooCommerce powered by Bluehost offers two different pricing plans with monthly, yearly, and three-year subscriptions. The standard plan includes most of the features offered in the premium plan. Both plans also offer access to Microsoft 365 free for a month. 

10. Sellfy

Best eCommerce website builder for merchants wanting to sell physical as well as digital products.

Sellfy eCommerce website builder for merchants wanting to sell physical as well as digital products

Sellfy is known to have a straightforward and easy-to-use interface that lets you set up your online store in under 5 minutes. You can customize your store, though there aren’t many templates available, and add product information and images to it.

You can sell both physical goods as well as digital products on your Sellfy store with ease as Sellfy will take care of the hosting. Some other products or services that you can sell through your Sellfy store include print-on-demand, subscriptions, video streaming, and others.

Sellfy lets you create your logo and customize your website according to your brand colors so that your brand image remains consistent. You can also connect your store to an existing domain that you have. 

Sellfy lets you add a shopping cart to your page so that customers can buy multiple products at once ensuring a seamless checkout experience. Based on the location your customers are in, Sellfy converts the store’s language for a better customer experience.

Each website is optimized for the mobile-first experience and loads fast.

Sellfy lets you add discount codes and also offers email marketing that lets you send discounts and promotions to your contacts. It also offers an upselling feature that lets store owners upsell products to customers which may help in boosting sales. 

You can also sell across different channels and accept payments through different methods due to integrations with payment gateways. Sellfy also lets you create social media ads to boost sales of your products and allows you to track the performance of the ads and the conversions.

If you have a pre-existing website, you can simply embed a buy button to your page and convert it into a store. 

Some other unique features that Sellfy offers include product links, store embed, product cards, YouTube end screens, and others which makes it easy to share your products and drive traffic to your page. 

Sellfy also offers some great security features, which keep your website as well as visitors safe from attackers. It includes PDF stamping, secure payments, and limited downloads. 


Sellfy Pricing Plan

Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial and three different plans. The premium plan comprises all the features that Sellfy offers while the Starter pack as the name suggests is good to get started.

11. Selz

Best online store builder for artists, musicians, startups, and writers.

Selz is the best online store builder for artists, musicians, startups, and writers

Since Selz allows store owners to sell a variety of products, services, and digital goods, it is a good choice for writers, musicians, and other creative professionals who sell ebooks, videos, online courses, software, apps, templates, and others. 

You can start, scale, manage, market your online store using Selz much like most of the other best online store builders. 

The drag-and-drop store builder lets you build simple yet professional stores, which have been designed for the mobile-first experience. You can code your store, but if you do not have coding skills, tools like Selz let you build your eCommerce store without any programming.

You can either migrate your existing domain or integrate your existing site with your Selz store, or you can get a completely new custom domain. With every Selz site, you also get a free SSL certificate. 

If you would like to have a blog to complement your Selz store, the blogging tools offered to let you create an SEO-friendly blog that shows up in the search results. 

Selz lets you sell your products across different channels and syncs it with your inventory so that you have an accurate count. 

You can also directly accept payments from your customers using Selz without the need for third-party integrations as Selz accepts all major credit cards.

Since Selz is integrated with Google Smart Shopping, you can use it to target and reach a wider range of audiences. On your eCommerce website, you can also add discounts and promotions, add them to certain categories of products, run flash sales, and a lot more. 

It is also integrated with powerful analytics tools like Google Analytics and Bing Analytics which give you data-driven insights about your sales channels, customers, campaigns, geolocations, and others so that you can optimize your performance. 

With Selz, you can also manage your inventory using their inventory management tools that let you add product information, categorize them, keep stock and do much more. You also do not have to worry about shipping and fulfillment as Selz ships worldwide. 

It also automatically calculates taxes for you and generates tax invoices.


Selz Pricing Plan

For store owners who would like to hire experts to set up and manage their stores, Selz offers a plan by the name, Do it for me, where everything related to your store is managed by Selz experts.

12. Weebly

Best all-in-one eCommerce store builder for users looking for high functionality.

Weebly is the best all in one eCommerce store builder for users looking for high functionality

Even though Weebly is an all-in-one solution, it is very intuitive and lets beginners build their stores very easily. Weebly offers a drag-and-drop editor, free images, templates, and many more features that every store owner looks for. 

Right from setting up your online store the way you want, Weebly helps you manage your entire online store with the click of a few buttons. With the Weebly mobile app, you can even edit your page on the go, add images, analyze performance, and much more. 

If you have an existing page, you can connect it to your Weebly domain and convert it into a store. Weebly offers some SEO tools that help improve your store’s ranking and also offers advanced analytics that can track user behavior and site performance across different metrics. 

You can also let Weebly take charge of your inventory and shipping by deploying Weebly’s inventory management tools that let you ship orders and also syncs inventory with every sales channel.

With Weebly, you can optimize your page to enhance the customer experience. 

You can customize your checkout process, automate welcome emails, automate abandoned cart emails, create discount codes and promo codes and also add a search tab so that users can locate items easily in your store. 

Weebly lets you accept payments for your sales through Stripe, PayPal, and Square and also offers a tax calculator that calculates your taxes automatically for your sales. 

If you would like to have a beautiful photo gallery on your website, Weebly offers a special feature that lets you create galleries and slideshows to showcase your images. Every website created with Weebly is mobile responsive so your photos look beautiful on mobiles too. 

There is an app center where you can select as many supported integrations, applications, and extensions you like that help streamline your back-end and fulfillment processes. 

Weebly hosts your online store, so you do not have to worry about downtime or finding a hosting service. Everything that you need to create a fully functional and aesthetically appealing online store, Weebly is your one-stop destination for the same.


Weebly Pricing Plan

Weebly offers a free plan with limited features but if you would like to utilize the advanced analytics, inventory management tools, shipping, and fulfillment, lead capture features, and more, the business plan is the best available option.

Also, another point to note is that Weebly offers some of the most low-cost plans even though it is one of the most feature-rich website building solutions.

13. Prestashop

Best eCommerce website builder for businesses that have developers on board. 

Prestashop is the best eCommerce website builder for businesses that have developers on board

Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce platform which when compared to other eCommerce website builders, can be difficult to use and requires business owners to have developers working on it to resolve technical issues that may arise. 

Unlike other website builders, Prestashop does not eliminate the need to code your store.

However, before you sign up and start setting up your store, Prestashop offers a free demo that is aimed at familiarizing users with Prestashop’s interface. You can test the tool, and sign up only if you feel comfortable using it.

It also offers a vast knowledge base of training material that can help beginners or new users to find their way while using the platform. 

Prestashop is based on the Symphony model and while setting up your store, your developers will be required to decide and implement modules and integrations for your store. 

These modules let you choose between the different features that Prestashop offers like promotion and marketing, shipping and logistics management, integrating with social media channels, and others. 

You can then customize your online store and choose between free themes, colors, and also your logo.

Prestashop supports 75 different languages and multiple currencies which help attract global business to your online store without setting up a brick-and-mortar store. 

Once the basic elements of your online store are set up, you can add or import products to your online store easily and integrate them with different social media channels to facilitate multi-channel sales. 

Prestashop has a marketplace with dozens of add-ons, integrations, extensions, and apps that users can choose from. There are tools to manage your SEO, expand your reach on social media, enhance security on your store, include creative elements on your pages, and more. 

Once your store is ready you can attract more traffic to your online store by promoting products, discounts, introducing flash sales, adding wishlisting features, referral programs, and many more. 

You can also export your products to external marketplaces, sync inventory, create a blog or even a forum to drive traffic to your website.

Prestashop offers users shipping solutions where it takes charge of preparing orders, managing stock, shipping, and suppliers. 

Prestashop supports different modes and types of payments and makes it possible to offer the same to your customers. You can accept credit cards, payments by wallets, prepayment, installments, in-store payments, pay-on-delivery, and much more. 

Once your online store is set, the difficult bit is covered. Managing the daily operations post-set-up is easy and the interface is quite intuitive for the same. 


Prestashop is a free platform but it requires you to pay for the addons that you choose while setting up your online store.

14. Magento

Best online store builder with the most elaborate store building features.  

Magento is the best online store builder with the most elaborate store building features

Magento can be a blessing for any business looking to enter the world of online retail. It provides all the basic and advanced features that a website building service should have.

Magento targets small businesses as well as large enterprises with its pricing plans. Small businesses can get started for free while larger enterprises can utilize their priced packages. 

However, without developers on board, utilizing the software to the fullest can be challenging

After the initial setup, Magento becomes quite easy-to-use and intuitive for managing operations. You can choose from the available themes or look for themes offered by third parties. 

Adding products to your store catalog is also very easy with Magento and its scalability feature lets you scale from ten products to more than a thousand. 

Magento offers inventory management tools and also offers order management that takes off the burden of shipping and fulfillment from the shoulders of store owners. 

While it lets you sell your products across different marketplaces and social media channels, it also helps with multi-channel management. It syncs your inventory across all channels and keeps an accurate count of available stock.

It offers flexible fulfillment options, manages returns and refunds, automates sourcing, and offers an open API so that you can customize the inventory management tool as per your needs. 

Since Magento is a cloud-based platform, it offers customizable and scalable storefronts, high availability architecture, managed alerts, a logging solution, firewall services, and an integrated environment which all contribute to an enhanced customer experience on your website. 

Magento’s PWA studio helps business owners create the exact experiences they want their users to have on mobile as well as desktop devices. It also helps merchants improve their digital merchandising efforts by offering a product recommendations extension. 

Magento also includes an eCommerce marketplace that offers many extensions, plugins, and applications that merchants can use to enhance security, including payment gateways, optimize sites, help in managing documents, marketing, and more. 


Magento offers a free plan for businesses that requires all basic features to get started

However, for enterprises looking for advanced features, it offers custom pricing based on the requirements. This plan is quite expensive compared to the plans offered by other service providers.

What is an eCommerce Website Builder?

When businesses want to start selling their products online, an eCommerce website becomes essential. This is where eCommerce website builders come in to help business owners create their online stores.

While website builders help in building all kinds of websites, an eCommerce Website Builder specializes in building eCommerce stores. 

Building any website from scratch requires in-depth knowledge of coding, but eCommerce website builders take away the need to code. However, if businesses have developers on board, they can still code their online stores from scratch.

Businesses can easily create their online stores by simply using the customizable themes that eCommerce website builders offer and use their drag and drop editors to customize every element on their page to make it look just the way they visualize it. 

Most good eCommerce website builders support multiple languages and currencies, which makes it easy to become global players. These service providers even handle order fulfillment, inventory management, automated tax calculations, and others. 

eCommerce website builders also support multi-channel selling which makes it possible to sell across different channels and marketplaces. Every online store built using these tools is also built for the mobile-first experience and performs well on all kinds of devices. 

These online store builders also offer SEO tools, marketing features like email marketing, abandoned cart emails, support refunds and returns, logo generators, and more. All these features make it easy to create online stores and even easier to manage them.

What Types of Business Benefit From an Online Store Builder?

Often, business owners underestimate the value that having an online store has and believe that their business has nothing to offer through an online store. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

If you are in a dilemma about whether an online store is right for your business, we have listed down some types of businesses that benefit from having online stores. 

1. Businesses that offer digital products, physical goods, or services

Any business that has products to sell can benefit from an online store. Whether you sell digital products, physical goods, or even services, an online store can help businesses reach a global audience since the number of people buying online has increased drastically. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur selling homemade products, a retailer, an artist, a musician, or a teacher, online stores let you sell your offerings to a larger audience. 

2. Any business looking for a global presence

Most online stores support multiple languages and load automatically according to the location of the IP address. They also support different methods of payment and several payment gateways. 

These features help businesses expand to regions without having to set up offices in those regions. 

3. A business that has audiences in multiple sales channels

Online store owners can also integrate their sales with different channels and sell on social media and online marketplaces. This can be a great boost to their in-store sales. Multi-channel sales can help businesses increase their sales beyond their online stores. 

4. Businesses that would like to boost their offline sales

Online stores can integrate their catalog and inventory with their brick-and-mortar stores through native POS systems. This not only adds to the in-store sales, allows view offline and buy online behavior but makes it easier to manage inventory centrally. 

5. Those that want to reduce operational costs

While having an online store can significantly reduce operational costs if businesses choose to go online, it can also help them completely shut their offline stores or reduce the numbers. 

Having an online store over a brick-and-mortar store saves on the cost of infrastructure, manpower, managing stores, and many more. 

The most efficient online stores are hosted on cloud servers, have integrations and extensions for order management and inventory control, manage returns, refunds, and payments through a central system and save on a lot of costs.

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Website Builder?

Building an eCommerce website can seem overwhelming especially for those who are new to website creation and development, but most good eCommerce builders are designed to make it easy to build a fully functional online store in minutes. 

Here are some points to consider so that you only choose the best eCommerce website, builder. 

1. One that lets you customize

Choose an eCommerce website builder that lets you customize your online store the way you want it. Your online store must reflect your brand image and brand voice which happens only through the design, logo, and storefront. 

The best eCommerce website builders include a drag-and-drop editor that lets users customize every element on their page. 

Look for a service provider that also offers logo creation and lets you switch between storefronts easily. This ability to switch helps prevent monotony and can also help you test which storefront resonates with your customers. 

Apart from customizing the design, the best eCommerce website builders also let you customize the entire customer experience on your page including the checkout procedure.

2. Lets you sell across multiple channels

Your audience could be present on different channels and behave differently on each of them. Choose an online store builder that lets you sell on different social media channels and online marketplaces. 

Such solutions help you reach a wider audience and also integrate your inventory and sales across all channels to give you a clear picture of the available stock. 

3. Supports multiple languages and currencies

Having a fully-functional online store opens doors to international markets without having to set up offices in every country. 

Choose an eCommerce builder that supports multiple languages so that they load in regional languages. Also, choose one that supports different currencies so that you can accept payments from different parts of the world.

4. Supports different payment methods and payment gateways

Often, online stores lose out on the most valuable customers simply because they do not support the customers’ preferred mode of payment. 

The best eCommerce website builder will not only accept different payment methods but will also have integrations with payment gateways that charge minimal transaction fees.

5. Has in-built marketing tools

Your eCommerce store will need to be promoted to drive traffic to your website and to boost sales. 

Choose an online store builder that has in-built marketing tools like email marketing tools, abandoned cart emails, support coupons, and gift cards, lets you create discounts, and send targeted promotions or loyalty programs.

6. Helps you create online stores that are optimized for search engines and different devices

The best eCommerce website builders are built after considering the mobile-first experience. Hence, all themes available are designed in ways that look great on all devices and load fast on mobiles as well. 

Choose an eCommerce website builder that lets you create mobile responsive websites which perform well and look good on all devices. 

Also, keep in mind the SEO tools being offered as it helps your store in getting found by the search engines. The best eCommerce tools will have in-built SEO tools that will let you optimize your websites for high visibility.

7. Offer training guides for beginners

You may or may not be a beginner at building websites but each platform that websites are built on is different and offers something unique. Even developers are bound to get stuck at some point.

Choose an online service that has an extensive knowledge base with resources that help beginners as well as advanced users to find their way through any hiccup that may arise. 

8. Is reasonably priced

One of the reasons that online stores are growing rapidly these days is that it helps you save on a lot of operational costs. You do not want the saved costs to be redirected towards setting up an online store.

The best online store builders offer different pricing plans according to the size of businesses and you can choose one that fits your budget. Choose an eCommerce store builder that offers hosting, offers a free domain, and lets you add unlimited products to your product catalog.

9. Lets you scale your online business easily

You may start your online store with a mere three to a thousand different products. Whichever be the case, always consider scalability while choosing an eCommerce store builder. 

Choose one that lets you scale your online store and offerings as your business grows. This is often the easiest with services that offer hosting on cloud servers. 

10. Offers advanced reporting and analytics

Even though this comes last, it is highly important that it is not ignored. As a store owner you need to know the traffic to your page and where is it coming from. You need to know where your most relevant is present, whether your sales channels are working, and more. 

Choosing an eCommerce website builder that offers integrations with analytics tools helps you get deep insights into your store’s performance. Also, consider the in-built reporting features that they offer.

Ecommerce Website Builders FAQ

Which website builder is best for eCommerce?

In this article, we have created a list of the 14 best eCommerce tools in the market. You can choose one amongst these that suit your needs and size of business the best.

If you are a small-sized business looking for an easy-to-use and quick tool, Wix is the best option. Squarespace Commerce is the best choice if you want a beautiful yet professional-looking store. 

Another complete package and leading eCommerce builder is Shopify which offers the best hosting and lets you create highly functional online stores.

If you are looking for one that offers a lot of built-in tools, BigCommerce is the best in the category. If pricing is the main criteria that will decide the solution you choose, Shift4Shop’s unique pricing model makes it the best.

When does it make sense to invest in eCommerce website builders?

Creating a website from scratch requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge about coding. If you are short on any of these factors, it is wise to invest in an eCommerce website builder as it takes the major chunk of website building off your shoulders.

eCommerce website builders help you set up your online store in a few minutes with fully functional shopping carts, payment gateways, product catalogs, and everything else. Doing so manually requires in-depth coding knowledge. 

If you do not have developers in your team capable of building an online store and also managing the glitches that will arise later, investing in an eCommerce website builder makes sense.

How do I create a professional eCommerce website?

You can either code your professional eCommerce website from scratch if you are a developer or you can use eCommerce builders that help you build online stores. 

These eCommerce website builders let you build professional-looking, functional, and highly global online stores in a matter of minutes.

Which eCommerce platform is best for scaling your online store?

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform if you want to quickly scale your online business without having to worry about developing a bigger architecture to support the growing business. Businesses prefer Shopify as Shopify’s online stores are amongst the best. 

You can have a look at some of the best Shopify stores to evaluate the high functionality and scalability Shopify offers.

Which Ecommerce Website Builder Should I Choose to Launch My Online Store?

Now that you are aware of the best eCommerce website builders in the market and how you can choose one that fits your requirements, you will be able to make an informed choice. 

Always evaluate if the online store builder is easy to operate and manage even without developers. If you have developers on board you could opt for heavier options like Magento and Prestashop

For highly functional solutions, you could opt for Weebly, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. If you are selling a digital product or a service or a piece of your creation, Squarespace Commerce and Selz could be your choice. 

There are so many good options like Ecwid that offers a great free plan, Shift4Shop with its unique pricing, and Zyro which is a very simple tool. 

The eCommerce website builder that you choose will help you build the foundation for your online store and will determine the level of customer experience on your site. Ensure that the investment you make in your online store builder is a carefully evaluated one.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh