30 Examples of Successful Shopify Stores (2022 Inspiration)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Shopify Stores

Launching an online store with Shopify is one step in the right direction in everyone's dream of being successful online entrepreneurs. Business owners get to improve their customer reach and access everything needed to run an online store.

Yet, all this isn't enough guarantee for success. Success is built on inspiration and a precise determination to put an idea to fruition. 

Every success story is based on staying steadfast in inspiring principles and modes of operation. In this article, we present a list of 30 successful Shopify online stores and how they have come to thrive in their separate businesses.

Examples of Highly Successful Shopify Stores

1. Hiut Denim

Stands On Principles, Simplicity, and Customer Satisfaction

Hiut Denim has grown to be one of the world’s leading clothing brands.

Abiding by its motto ‘Do one thing well,’ Hiut Denim has grown to be one of the world’s leading clothing brands. Founded in 2011 and physically situated in Cardigan, Wales, Hiut Denim uses Shopify's eCommerce platform to run its world-class online sales activities.

Based on an inspiring story of purpose and redefinition, the company makes jeans and only jeans for its worldwide audience. Hiut Denim utilizes the skills of local jean makers in Cardigan, perfected over the centuries of working with the Delwhirst group before moving to Morocco.

What Hiut Denim Does Well

#1 Simplistic Website Design

Its eCommerce store is as straightforward as Shopify stores get. With a simplistic, easy to browse user interface alongside clear and unmistakable calls to action, visitors get business done as quickly and stress-free as possible.

Hiut Denim makes excellent use of Shopify's blogging tools in the online store builder. It focuses more on making visitors feel comfortable. The online store posts different educative and inspiring blog posts.

Through its simplistic but effective use of Shopify's store builder combined with its ‘quality over quantity' principle, Hiut Denim has established itself as one of the top Shopify stores.

#2 Excellent Customer Service

The company's customer support system is one of its most vital assets that have won many hearts. Customer complaints are dealt with in the most satisfactory way possible.

Its traditional principles and eCommerce practices are great examples for new businesses looking for how to start a clothing line and achieve great success.

2. Beardbrand

Makes Great Use Of Social Media And Email Marketing Tools

Beardbrand is the biggest men's grooming brands in the eCommerce business.

Launched in February 2012 and has nurtured a steady growth over the years, Beardbrand has come out to be one of the biggest men's grooming brands in the eCommerce business.  

One of its founders, Eric Bandholz, describes his story of mere interest turning to love for beards during a showcase event.  Establishing an online presence and popularity through Tumblr blogs and Youtube videos, the company grew slowly but steadily.

New businesses should realize that establishing and growing an eCommerce business requires opportunities to be taken at the right time.

It wasn't until the fall of 2012 that it launched its online store, trying to capitalize on a New York Times article relating to it. Social network presence and offline popularity then established the customer base for a successful eCommerce business.

What Beardbrand Does Well

#1 Social Media Integrations and Template Design

Shopify's online store builder gives Beardbrand all it needs to run its massive eCommerce store. Social media integrations allow it to harness its online popularity and turn its 1.6 million YouTube subscribers into an estimated $100k per month revenue. 

Unique Shopify themes and animations ensure that users get a good and sleek looking website.

#2 Email Marketing Campaigns

An offer to take a quiz is the first thing visitors see when getting on the website. This quick survey is carried out to make great use of Shopify’s email marketing tools and features.

Email marketing, quality themes, and social media integrations have been the deciding factors in Beardbrand's eCommerce store success story.

3. Allbirds

Combines Its Great Initiative with Quality Design and Trust Building Features

Allbirds is a Shopify store example with simplistic but effective eCommerce business practices.

Allbirds is a Shopify store example with simplistic but effective eCommerce business practices.

Established in 2014, the company draws inspiration from its New Zealand roots to provide eco-friendly and comfortable clothing materials. Shoes and apparel are made from merino wool and eucalyptus trees to deliver quality but earth-friendly products to its customers worldwide.

What Allbirds Does Well

#1 Website Content And Design

Its $1 billion valued business is based on the principles of simplicity, comfort, and eco-friendliness. It is why these unique selling propositions (USPs) are repeatedly reiterated on its eCommerce platform.

Allbirds uses comforting words and images on its eCommerce platform that bring a sense of warmth and a smooth feeling to the body. Words like ‘cozy,’ ‘soft,’ and ‘breathable' help drive the goal of offering comfort into the minds of visitors.

It also gives repeated reminders of its dedication to being a part of our earth’s sustainable future. By this, visitors get a total sense of what it is about.

Alongside the use of high-quality themes, designs, and product images, Allbirds' eCommerce platform utilizes straightforward calls to action to make sure customers, and interested visitors don't feel lost.

#2 Trust Building

One achievement the company is proud of and makes known to visitors is its B Corp certification. This credential given to achievers in energy-saving business practices offers customers the assurance they need in dealing with Allbirds.

Trust is an essential aspect of the eCommerce business, and Allbirds plants this into every customer and visitor’s mind to its eCommerce platform. It is a distinguished testament that Shopify is one of the best places to sell online.

4. Madsen Cycles

All About Colors, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Optimization

Madsen Cycles is a Shopify store based on bucket bicycles that comfortable carriage for children and pets.

Established in 2008, the founders of Madsen Cycles look to bring odd innovations from Denmark to the US. The company's Shopify store is based on ‘bucket bicycles,’ presenting an unusual solution to a common problem.

According to the owners, ‘MADSEN Cycles was created with the idea that a bicycle can do more.’ It is why the company makes use of a host of images to show how useful its bucket bicycles are.

From being a comfortable carriage for children and pets to being a useful cart, the company makes this known on its eCommerce platform. Customers and visitors are quickly and unmistakably informed about the usefulness of the product.

What Madsen Cycles Does Best

#1 Website Colors and Design

The use of bright colors with its unique product design ensures that any visitor’s attention is gotten without a doubt. The company has made use of the Shopify theme store to its full advantage.

Working with top designers, the eCommerce platform was built through a combination of top-quality themes and custom design templates using Shopify. Its excellent use of high-quality design options made it one of Shopify's showcase online stores for years.

#2 Social Media Integrations

Yet, Shopify’s social media integration and mobile optimization features seem to be Madsen Bicycle's top eCommerce business tools. 

While redeveloping the website in 2014, the company ensured that the mobile user's experience improved. It ensures that social media integrations are as effective and comprehensive in attracting every type of customer. 

The success of Madsen Cycle's eCommerce platform is built on innovation, high-quality designs, and integrations through Shopify's online store builder.


Focuses On Proper Website Analytics, Email Marketing, and Customer Service

MVMT is the leading eCommerce stores dealing with wearables, especially wristwatches.

Founded in 2013 by college dropouts Jake Kassan and Krammer LaPlante, MVMT has been one of the leading eCommerce stores dealing with wearables, especially wristwatches. A success story that is filled with great use of the internet to achieve great heights.

Two crowdfunding schemes financed its $290,000 capital through indigo, and the company made sure this goodwill didn't go to waste. MVMT was purchased and is now owned by the Mavado Group Inc for a whopping $100 million base sum.

What MVMT Does Well

#1 Data Collection and Personalized Email Marketing

MVMT directly targeted its customers with marketing schemes and implemented many tools and features to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. 

Through Shopify's online store builder, the company integrated an email marketing campaign and quality customer support system to target both visitors and customers.

On visiting its Shopify site, visitors are directed to fill a quick form to send personalized promotional emails. These questionnaires open a portal for email marketing and give the company a great chance to collect useful data.

This user data has been useful in improving its product to suit its user base. In 2017, the company could deduce that 80% of its user base was below 34 years old and 45% below 24 years old.

#2 Customer Support System

Shopify's Gorgias app allows MVMT to fulfill its customer satisfaction goals. With great live chat integration and easy access to email and social media messages, customer servicing is made seamless.

Customer support and analytics are the two major eCommerce strategies that supplement its unique accessories and improve its eCommerce business.

6. Nerdwax

Success Built On Simplicity And Customer Loyalty

Nerdwax has built its brand by providing a simple and innovative solution of our everyday lives.

Since 2013, Nerdwax has built its brand by providing a simple, innovative solution to a little detail of our everyday lives. It deals in the form of soft glue used to keep spectacles and fashion glasses firmly in place.

Struggling through life, the creator, Don Hejny, went from working two jobs to being a successful online innovator through the proper use of eCommerce platforms. The business was financed through a $60,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and made a successful appearance on Shark Tank.

Turning down two offers from the Shark brothers, Don went on to build a million-dollar business that has stood the test of time. Its eCommerce platform is one principal instrument for this growth.

What Nerdwax Does Well

#1 Free Shipping Offers 

Nerdwax has made minimum-valued free shipping its number one e-marketing strategy. It is how the company has retained customers and grown over the years, and it successfully does this through Shopify's online store builder.

Shopify's free shipping bar app gives the company the right eCommerce tool to implement its strategy. Customers are encouraged to shop for more, and Nerdwax avoids any turnoff that may arise from charging delivery fees.

From the careful and effective use of a useful eCommerce business tool, Nerdwax has grown to be one of the top Shopify stores around.

7. SkinnyMe Tea

eCommerce Activities Based On Combining Social Media With User Generated Content

SkinnyMe Tea is a eCommerce business that is all about tea used for detoxification.

SkinnyMe Tea is another Shopify store that attained success by taking the right moves at the right time.

SkinnyMe Tea is a multimillion-dollar eCommerce business that is all about tea used for detoxification. This eCommerce store's success is owed to the proper integration of social media with business activities.

Gretta Van Riel started her journey on different social media platforms and amassed up to 16 million followers interested in her content and product. Seeing the perfect opportunity, Gretta launched her eCommerce store in 2012. 

Within six months, her revenue grew up to $600,000 per month. She was able to convert her 16 million followers to over 11 million tea sales within five years.

What SkinnyMe Tea Does Well

#1 Effective Social Media Optimization

SkinnyMe's eCommerce platform makes use of Shopify's SumoMe app as its social media marketing tool. Users can make quick social media interactions about the online store without going off the website.

#2 Trust Building

Greta also understands the need to create trust in the mind of potential visitors and does this entirely. Reviews alongside pictorial evidence of the product's potency are a significant characteristic of the online store's web page.

Shopify's Loox app helps the eCommerce store integrate this User Generated Content (UGC) with its sales activities. The app gives customers the ability to accompany reviews with these images. 

The eCommerce business has used social media integrations and UGCs to be one of the most successful Shopify stores.

8. Tattly

Uses Website Analytics And Email Marketing strategies To Improve Sales

Tattly is a Brooklyn based workshop that sells temporary tattoos to thousands of customers worldwide.

Tattly is a Brooklyn-based workshop that sells temporary tattoos to thousands of customers worldwide. The business owner achieved eCommerce success through the proper use of email marketing alongside analytic and tracking tools.

Through a pressing feeling to satisfy her daughter's want for a well-designed tattoo, Tina Roth Eisenburg realized how much temporary tattoos lacked in quality. Drawing inspiration from this, Tina learned what temporary tattoos were made of, hired a handful of designers, and launched her eCommerce store in July 2011.

What Tattly Does Well

#1 Email Marketing Campaigns

The eCommerce platform makes use of Shopify's MailChimp for its email marketing campaigns. Useful user data is collected and used for personalized promotions through emails.

#2 Website Analytics and Tracking

The platform also gives great importance to the effectiveness of its analytics and tracking activities. It is why Tattly's online store employs the use of three tools to make this a success. 

Integrations of segment.io, Chartbeat, and google analytics tools through Shopify's online store builder give the online store this possibility. These tools allow the eCommerce business to properly monitor users’ activities on its web page and the situations of orders as they are being delivered to customers.

#3 Loyalty BuildingTattly also uses Shopify's smile.io app to give customers a chance to earn points and buy tattoos at discounted prices. This, alongside thoughtful features and customizable options, make customers come back for more.

9. Miracle By Aloft

Appeals To Customers Through Effective Trust Building Content

Miracle By Aloft focused on Customers Through and Effective Trust Building Content

Miracle by Aloft is a Canadian based store that sells antimicrobial towels and bed sheets made from silver fiber. Its eCommerce and marketing strategy is based on providing customers with discounts and free services alongside a beneficial innovative idea.

After realizing the disturbing amount of bacteria on towels after one use, the founders were inspired to provide a solution for this.  Now everyone has a chance to enjoy cleaner, luxurious and comfortable towels and bedsheets through NASA developed silver technology.

What Aloft Miracles Does Well

#1 Simple Website Design Features

Its website design features are essential players in the success of its eCommerce business. Aloft Miracles uses its website to present the idea of simplicity and comfort. Simple templates and icons alongside a soothing baby blue color give the whole impression. 

#2 Discounts and Trust Building 

The eCommerce platform also makes use of features that plant trust in the minds of visitors. The inclusion of free shipping, fee refunds, and discounted product sets on its web page give customers the confidence to deal with it.

Featured media mentions are also incorporated at the top of the website to bolster trust in its product. Beneficial reviews from Business Insider, Bustle, and Today are made use of to this effect.

#3 Website Analytics

Going further, Aloft Miracles also uses the WisePops app as a tool for monitoring and improving the conversion rate of its eCommerce store. Making sure that customers are well glued to the website and its content.

Aloft Miracles earns its place as one of the popular Shopify store names around by making use of features and tools that appeal to customers’ minds.

10. Partake Foods

Great Example Of How To Use Shopify To Achieve Successful Promotional Activities 

Partake Foods is a great example of  Shopify to achieve successful promotional activities.

Featured on Forbes.com and drawing up to $4.8 million from investors, Partake Foods has been an innovative business with all the right things in place.

Founder, Denise Williams, sought to provide cookies for her daughter free from allergens and came up with the business idea. Partake Foods deals in vegan cookies and free of allergens, preservatives, artificial coloring, and modified compounds.

What Partake Foods Does Well

#1 Concept Clarity 

Along with its school-friendly idea, the eCommerce platform utilizes practical tools and features to complement its highly-rated products.

It uses website design that shows the eCommerce business is all about cookies in all forms. Alongside images of cookies, the website states its uniqueness and complements the whole idea with a light-brown colored template.

#2 Promotional Campaigns

Partake Foods also makes use of quality eCommerce tools to run its Shopify online store. It places the main focus on promotions and smooth payment options.

In promotional activities, the online store uses MailChimp and Privy apps for email marketing and the Shopify product review and recommendation platform for exclusive promotions.

Amazon payments and Shopify payments are the two tools used to process payments concerning its eCommerce business activities seamlessly.

With top innovation and proper customer-friendly features and tools, Partake Foods has been one of the most outstanding Shopify store examples to be followed by all.

11. Uppercase Magazine

Places Major Focus On Design And Extensive Advertisement

Uppercase Magazine is a Shopify store examples that Focus On Design And Extensive Advertisement.

Fascinated and motivated by art and creativity, Janine Vangool created the Uppercase Magazine to inspire other creators and artists.

First published in June 2009, Uppercase Magazine is a Canadian based eCommerce platform that releases quarterly journals on fashion, creativity, and design culture.

What Uppercase Magazine Does Well

Most of its eCommerce business is powered by subscriptions from members of its creative and enthusiastic community alike. 

#1 Excellent Website design options 

The online store pleases the eyes of visitors in the best way possible. Dealing with beautifully designed artworks, Uppercase Magazine makes its featured designs as the major decorative elements of its website.

Visitors are welcomed with large, quality, and beautiful images from the store's design catalog. Its website also contains clear calls to action on how users can get involved with its products and services. 

#2 Extensive Advertising Campaigns

The eCommerce business also focuses on the advertisement and audio-visual elements of online selling. Through Shopify, Uppercase Magazine has integrated audio and video features and advertisement tools into its online store.

Media integrations with Vimeo and YouTube help it showcase visual materials to its users. 

The online store uses a series of apps for its advertisement activities. App nexus, OpenX, and Switch concepts are their preferred tools. It also uses the StickyADS.tv app for video advertising.

A business basing its eCommerce activities on creative artworks, Uppercase Magazine makes excellent use of its products to decorate its website and attract visitors.

12. Manitobah Mukluks

Built Around Culture, Personalized Promotions, And Advertisements

Manitobah Mukluks deals with waterproof winter boots and gloves based on aboriginal designs.

Founded in 1997 by Sean McCormick, Manitobah Mukluks deals with waterproof winter boots and gloves based on aboriginal designs.

As a Métis entrepreneur, Sean took the initiative to create comfortable winter boots inspired by indigenous Canadian culture. It wasn't until 2012 that the online store was launched to push into the eCommerce industry.

As an eCommerce platform with little online popularity, Manitobah Mukluks first used Google ads to get attention. It needed this attention from internet users across international borders to grow into what it is today.

Great business activities gave it enough success to appear in Vogue Paris with a column dedicated to its growing popularity. 

What Manitobah Mukluks Does Well

#1 Website Focused On Its Products

As an online store dealing in more than just ordinary footwear, Manitobah states all the reasons its boots are so unique. The store passes a clear message from images of boots in snow and feature mentions to images of indigenous individuals in aboriginal apparel.

#2 Email Marketing And Advancement

As a Shopify store, the eCommerce platform makes good use of the top tools available for its repeated advertising campaigns.

From MailChimp for data collection and email marketing to Google apps like DoubleClick and Google Remarketing for its random advertisement activities, Manitobah has itself covered.,

Manitobah Mukluks is an online store that has attained much success by implementing great online marketing campaigns and tools.

13. Chubbies

Incorporates Several Elements For Advertising, Customer Loyalty And A/B Testing

Chubbies is a successful Shopify store that runs on advertising, testing, and customer loyalty activities.

Chubbies is another successful Shopify store that runs on advertising, testing, and customer loyalty activities. 

In love with retro shorts and wanting to start a company of their own, the founders of Chubbies decided to venture into the unlikely business of selling shorts. It was the fourth of July and the perfect beach party came.

Seeing the opportunity, the four founders took their chance and eventually got their shorts sold out. It gave birth to a retro-shorts business that has been on the rise since 2011.

After Launching an online store in September of the same year, the eCommerce business gained popularity through a massive focus on the advert and loyalty-building activities.

What Chubbies Does Well

#1 Discount Offers And Website Image Selection 

Upon landing on its webpage, visitors are quickly introduced to its 4th of July discount offer. This move was to celebrate its successful introductory sales in 2011. Customers are also offered free shipping and returns.

On its webpage, customers get to see the online store's collection of shirts and other products with lovely, sunny images just like on a beach.

#2 Trust Building

User-generated content is one way the eCommerce platform tends to build trust in its visitors. Using the pixel app, social media reviews and marketing activities are incorporated into the store.

#3 Advertisement And Testing

Over eight tools are used by the eCommerce platform to drive its advert campaigns properly. Quant cast, Adbrain, and DoubleClick are only a few of the advertisement tools used by Chubbies to boost its eCommerce activities.

The eCommerce store also makes use of optimized A/B testing. With this, it can improve the potency of its landing page and other essential web pages that directly affect sales.

14. Cuppow

Shopify Store Running On Proper E-marketing and Security Architecture 

Cuppow is a Shopify Store Running On Proper E-marketing and Security Architecture.

Joshua Resnikoff realized the benefits of mason jars outside their conventional usage to preserve food. He came up with an idea and launched an eCommerce platform dealing with modified jar lids.

Selling over 500 units in the first 72 hours, the online store could only look forward to its push for success.

What Cuppow Does Well

#1 Website Image Selection

The website utilizes wide, quality images to showcase several mason jars’ sizes with their modified drinking lids. It gives visitors the whole idea of what the eCommerce platform is about and how practically useful the lids are.

In its tool selection, Cuppow focuses on marketing, analytics, and security. 

#2 Promotions and Analytics

Beeketing app gives it a great platform to implement effective marketing strategies without any hassle. The eCommerce platform also uses MailChimp as its email marketing tool for effective personalized promotions.

DoubleClick is also one of its tools used for advertisements and publicity.

Cuppow makes use of Google Analytics to achieve better customer response. The online store has a chance to study how users interact with its website and promptly improve on the little features that eventually matter.

#3 Website Security

The Let's Encrypt app also provides the important security framework on which the eCommerce store is run. Selling online is made safe for the eCommerce business.

Over the past eight years, Cuppow has run its eCommerce business on proper promotional and content improvement activities. It is an excellent example of how to use Shopify to achieve comprehensive web management goals.

15. BioLite

Revolutionary Online Store All About Advertising Its Business

BioLite is looking to provide innovative solutions to our environmental problems

BioLite is another business that is looking to provide innovative solutions to our environmental problems. The eCommerce business deals in energy-saving cookware and lighting to ensure we live in a cleaner, safer world.

Coming up with the idea in 2006, it wasn't until 2016 that they started distributing their revolutionary merchandise worldwide. Smokeless cookware and, later, energy-saving lightbulbs were put together, sold, and distributed.

What Biolite Does Well

#1 Product Showcase

Starting with its website, the eCommerce platform introduces visitors to its showcase product; a multi-use camping stove. It is what the company is known for and the online store makes sure this is known to visitors.

#2 Extensive Advertisement

BioLite makes use of over eight different tools to advertise its products and initiative across the internet. From the Turn app to The Trade Desk to DoubleClick, the eCommerce platform makes sure that knowledge of its products gets to every corner of the online world.

Alongside its major focus on an advertisement, BioLite integrates a diverse set of apps and tools to complete its eCommerce business activities.

#3 Complete eCommerce Tool Set

Marketing apps like Kleviyo and SendGrid are used for email promotions while it integrates PayPal and Amazon payments to make sure that payment activities are made seamless.

The eCommerce platform also makes use of Justuno for its website analytics. The app allows it to make sure that the traffic on its website generated by its advertisements is well utilized.

Built around effective promotions and advertising, BioLite's eCommerce business activities have brought massive success over the years.

16. Bombas

Successful Shopify Store focusing on Charity and Customer Satisfaction

Bombas is a Succesfull Shopify Store focusing on Charity and Customer Satisfaction

As a company that makes over $100 million in annual revenue, Bombas is another successful example of how to start a clothing line.

In 2013, after realizing the massive need for socks in homeless shelters, Randy Goldberg and David Heath started a mission to help the situation. After initial crowdfunding of $140,000, Bombas was created as a business initiative seeking to donate a pair of socks for each pair sold.

The massive acceptance and push for this initiative by other individuals brought about its highly successful business venture. Through its charity scheme, the eCommerce business attracts more and more customers, thereby increasing its sale.

What Bombas Does Well

#1 Discount Promos

The incorporation of certain promotional elements on its website has also helped the online store. Minimum valued Free-shipping on a purchase over $50 encourages customers to go for higher-priced products.

#2 Customer Support And Loyalty 

Along with charity, Bombas also makes sure that customer satisfaction and loyalty are at the highest. It makes use of Zendesk tools to address customer issues and complaints.

MaxCDN app is used to speed up website load times and prevent any turnoff that may arise from this. The eCommerce platform also makes use of snowplow and Google analytics to study its website usage and improve where needed.

Integrating its charity-based business with a long list of advertisement tools, Bombas has been able to establish its name as one of the most successful Shopify stores in operation today.

17. Kylie Cosmetics

Seamless Social Media Integration and Marketing

Kylie Cosmetics is a shopify store that focused on Seamless Social Media Integration and Marketing

Kylie Cosmetics is certainly one of the most popular Shopify store names you may come across. The reason for this is not far fetched.

The eCommerce business was founded in 2014 by Kylie Jenner, the youngest amongst the Kardashians. Starting well enough, the cosmetics line had gathered over $300 million in just 2 years of running.

Being influenced by the established fame of the Kardashians on both TV and Social Media, proper tools are implemented to harness the huge fanbase.

What Kylie Cosmetics Does Well

#1 Effective Social Media Integration

Social media optimization is the online store's number one marketing strategy. Instagram is the most adequate platform.

Feedfy app is the tool responsible for the eCommerce store's great integration with Instagram. It allows the online store to smoothly infuse its business activities with Instagram and vice versa.

Data from its online store is shared with Instagram and direct Instagram post sliders are integrated into the website. This mix gives users access to both platforms on any of them.

Instagram's Shoppable Posts feature also contributes to this seamless integration.

The shoppable posts feature allows customers or fans to purchase a product directly from Instagram. Users don't need to get to the online store before picking a product and sending an order.

Proper exploitation of a huge social media fan base is responsible for the $100 million annual revenue Kylie Cosmetics accrues.


Great Use Of Social Media And eCommerce Improvement Tools

TRIANGL is an Australian swimwear company that focused on Social Media and eCommerce Improvement tools

TRIANGL is an Australian swimwear company created by founders, Erin Deering and Craig Ellis, to provide affordable wears against the expensive designer bikinis. 

Starting with a $25,000 loan from generous friends, the business now accrues a whopping $45 million annual revenue. It also did this within just 3 years after being launched in 2012. 

What TRIANGL Does Well

#1 Fusion Of Simplistic Product With Website Design

As Erin said, “Our website matches our offering, through being quite simple. It’s pretty easy to see what it is we do and what we sell.”

Its online store is as simple as the swimwear concept is. Images of simple but exotic bikinis in numerous designs and colors make the purpose of the eCommerce platform unmistakable. 

#2 Social Media Integration

Social media has been the driving force in the growth and success of the eCommerce platform. Again, Instagram plays a very important role.

TRIANGL has been able to harness its 2.4 million Instagram followers through proper online store integration with Instagram. Its website also contains Instagram feeds of regular and more relatable individuals rocking the swimwear. 

#3 Analytics and Advertising

The eCommerce platform makes use of Google Analytics to monitor and track customer activities on its website. It also uses Zendesk chat to provide customers quality customer service through live chat. DoubleClick is the online store's chosen tool for effective advertisements.

Great products alongside effective eCommerce activities have seen the likes of Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian rock TRIANGL's exotic bikinis and swimwear. Trusting its massive eCommerce business in Shopify shows the platform is one of the best places to sell online.

19. Taylor Stitch

Very Effective Email Marketing and Comprehensive Combination Of Tools

Taylor Stitch is very effective email marketing and comprehensive combination of tools.

Taylor Stitch is a good example of how to use Shopify tools to achieve the massive changes required for a successful eCommerce venture.

Starting as custom shirt makers in 2007, three friends; Mike, Mike, and Berrett decided to open an online store with Shopify in 2008 to increase their customer range. Inspired to make quality clothes that fit, the eCommerce business has witnessed massive growth and recognition over the years.

From Huckleberry to GQ magazine to Men's Journal, the business has been featured in different magazines among other top clothing lines.

What Taylor Stitch Does Well

#1 Straight Forward Website Approach

Its online store is straight to the point. A collection of all its top products with prices attached is immediately presented to customers for quick access and purchase. Simple templates and colors help put the clothing products at the forefront.

#2 Email Marketing Campaigns 

The eCommerce platform's most definitive tool is the Kleviyo app. Effective email marketing campaigns were achieved through Kleviyo's great techniques.

“…By using Klaviyo regularly…Taylor Stitch was able to start sending more relevant messages — and stop sending to people who weren’t interested.” (Kleviyo)

Used as a case study on Kleviyo's web platform, Taylor Stitch was able to maximize its email marketing activities. It is reported that the platform enjoyed a 60% increase in revenue per recipient after switching to Kleviyo.

#3 Complete Tool Set 

The eCommerce business also makes use of Shopify apps that touch every area of online store management and marketing. From PayPal for payments to VWO for A/B testing, the online store maximizes every tool at its disposal.

20. WP Standard

Wholesome Focus On Website Features By Mixing Style With Analytic Tools

WP Standard is Focused on Website Features By Mixing  Style With Analytic Tools.

Started in 2009 after its founder's failed attempt at other working fields, WP Standard has grown to be a company making millions of dollars in sales every year.

WP Standard deals in accessories but it is its leather bags that take the whole fame. Quality, brilliantly polished bags have turned the company from making a few thousand to being one of the best eCommerce stores.

What WP Standard Does Well

#1 High-Quality Design Features

WP Standard is all about quality and this is exemplified in its online store. Quality pictures that show how classy the leather bags are are the main design focus of the website.

The main focus put in its bags and website design greatly affected the fortune of the online store. In 2013, it was awarded Shopify's Design Award and this pushed its sales to newer heights.

#2 Website Analytics

Alongside these design features, WP Standard also puts great importance on improving website conversion.

Several tools are used to study how visitors use its website so that due improvements are made. Hotjar, Justuno, and Google Analytics are the eCommerce platform's most preferred tools to analyze and track activities on its webpage.

#3 Promotions 

WP Standard also makes use of Klaviyo and DoubleClick to drive its personalized promotions and advertisements.

With the main focus on design, top fashion, and analytics, WP Standard uses its Shopify store and online store builder features. to drastically improve its eCommerce business.

21. Package Free

Makes Use Of Advert and Promotional Tools To Push Its Initiative

Package Free Makes Use of Advert and Promotional Tools To Push Its Initiative.

In a bid to make our environment safer and cleaner, Lauren Signer launched a series of initiatives for this cause. In 2017, Prestashop became the newest addition to the different eco-friendly endeavors that Lauren takes upon herself.

The business venture is about packaging products in materials that are easily biodegradable to reduce the seas and waterways being polluted. Its online store deals with several body care products.

From shaving products to skincare products, Package Free uses its initiative to push sales. It also makes its different products known on its webpage to show that it deals with a wide variety of products.

What Package Free Does Well

#1 Email Marketing Campaign 

The online store barely pushes the initiative on which it was formed and just showcases different products on its website. The eCommerce platform focuses on email marketing and advertising in its tool selections to push the ambition and idea which the platform is all about. 

When visitors spend little time on its webpage, a prompt to input an email address is shown. This delayed prompt allows it to target visitors that seem interested enough to stay on the website for that long.

It makes use of the MailChimp app to take care of its email marketing activities. A 50% discount offer also accompanies these email prompts to further entice interested visitors.

#2 Advertisements

Package Free makes use of DoubleClick to drive its advertisements. Being from Google, the tool can present ads to the right audience.

An initiative to save the earth alongside proper product promotional campaigns make Package Free control millions of dollars in revenue every year.

22. Spigen

Success Built On Keeping Customers Happy And Loyal

Spigen is a successful Shopify stores that Built On Keeping Customers Happy and Loyal.

Spigen is one of the most successful Shopify dropshipping stores and it has attained this through a strategy. Its eCommerce activities are directed towards greatly appealing to customers and keeping them enthusiastic about its products.

A South Korean company based in the United States, Spigen was launched in 2008 to provide everyone with the best phone accessories around. Phone cases and screen protectors, among other accessories, are the most popular products of the online store.

What Spigen Does Well

#1 Business Activities Based On Customer Satisfaction 

Satisfying customers is the basis for all its eCommerce business activities. By making a very wide variety of quality phone products available to customers, Spigen beats its competitors.

Its phone cases are so highly rated that it has been approved by the US Department of Defense for military use.  Spigen also makes its products available as soon as new phones are released.

#2 Customer Loyalty 

The online store doesn't present much. It just displays pictures of popular phones in its different phone cases.

However, one thing it does uniquely is its website's customer loyalty features. Customers are offered a chance to earn points by engaging in different activities.

As well as for purchasing products, visitors are offered these points for opening an account or following the store's Instagram page. Points are then redeemed for discounted product prices, making customers happily engage in point building activities over and over again.

Shopify's smile.io app is what makes this marketing scheme possible. Customer enthusiasm is retained and built by this move.

Focusing on comprehensive activities aimed at securing and improving its customer relationship and interest, Spigen makes over $70 million in annual revenue.

Looking at dropshipping stores, only a few can attain and surpass this level of success.

23. Omaze

Integration Of Charitable Lottery With Video Elements

Omaze is Shopify eCommerce platform that Integration of Charitable lottery with video elements.

Omaze is another Shopify eCommerce platform that is based on charity and has risen in popularity over the years.

The Los Angeles-based company was born out of a keen interest in charity. It was founded in July 2012 when founders, Ryan Cummins and Mathew Pohlson, attended an auction-based charity event and realized more money could be contributed through lotteries.

Customers are given a chance to win amazing prizes as well as contribute to the well-being of people in need. The company gets a 20% cut from the proceeds of the lottery while the other 80% exclusively goes to charity.

The success of this fundraising initiative has allowed it to raise over $130 million for charitable organizations like UNICEF and Make-A-Wish foundation, among others.

What Omaze Does Well

#1 Extensive Focus On Service Offered

The online store places importance on the lottery aspect of its business alongside a subtle reminder of its purpose; “Change the World with love”. The different prizes to be won through the lottery are presented across the whole webpage.

#2 Extensive Promotion Campaigns

Omaze also focuses on promotions and video advertisement strategies to attract more customers over the internet.

Its website introduces visitors to a promo code that offers 15 additional lottery entry slots. This promo encourages both visitors and established lottery players to put in more money into trying to win a prize.

Video elements showing the magnitude of prices also appear in ads across the internet. This helps to attract extra interest and contributions to its cause.

Setting up a charitable organization may have been financially demanding. However, mixing it up with lotteries has helped to raise funds from both genuine contributors and others who are just interested in winning the prizes.

24. Goodfair

Unique eCommerce business focusing on promotional techniques

Goodfair is an eCommerce business that focusing on promotional techniques.

Goodfair is an online thrift store that sells clothes in one of the most unique ways. 

Launched in 2018 by Topper Luciani, it is an online store that deals in slightly used unisex clothing items. Every item is bundled and sold together in a pack with other items.

Each bundle is distinguished by size and saves the online store the need to extensively describe each item. By saving money, Goodfair gets the chance to provide the most affordable clothes while helping to reduce energy consumption.

What Goodfair Does Well

#1 Straightforward Website Content

The online store goes straight to the point on its webpage and presents its different sets of clothes with prices attached. This move helps to immediately show what it is about and how cheap its deals are.

A video element is also integrated into its website explaining the whole concept driving the eCommerce business. The online store chooses clarity to bolster engagements with its eCommerce platform.

#2 Discounts and  Promotions

Goodfair also focuses on different promotions and offers to increase customer interests. Email marketing is one of its tools with users prompted at the very top of the website to subscribe to special sales notifications.

The website also includes a bold promo code discount offer which entices visitors and customers to engage more with its eCommerce platform. 

Again, a minimum-valued free shipping offer is used as a business-boosting strategy. Customers are offered the royalty of free shipping when they pay a minimum of $49 on an order.

Making good use of common eCommerce marketing strategies like email marketing and mouth-watering deals, Goodfair can promote its unique business idea and increase the enthusiasm of both visitors and customers alike.

25. Luxy Hair

Great Harnessing Of Popular Social Media Platform

Luxy Hair is the Great Harnessing of Popular Social Media Platform.

Luxy Hair was launched in 2010 with only one goal in mind; the provision of a variety of quality hair extensions to different women worldwide.

After realizing how hard it was to find top-grade hair extensions, founders, and spouses, Alex Ikonn and Mimi saw an open field and took advantage of it.

Luxy Hair has grown to be a seven-figure eCommerce business and is one of the most successful Shopify stores around.

What Luxy Hair Does Well

#1 Social Media Optimization 

The eCommerce platform makes social media its number one marketing tool and is very successful at that. YouTube is its first-choice platform for this marketing scheme.

The eCommerce platform focuses on video tutorials and has amassed over 3 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. With over 170 million total youtube views on its videos, the reason for its focus on social media isn't far fetched.

Combining its YouTube platform, which helps to build loyal fans, with social media marketing tools, Luxy Hair can pull its revenue. The eCommerce platform uses the Foursixty app for its social media marketing campaigns.

#2 Analytics and Data Collection

Having a lot of visitors at your online store without making a due profit from them is never an option. This is why the eCommerce store makes use of every means to make customers engage with its website.

The online store uses the Lucky Orange app to study how customers relate to its website. This allows due improvements to be made.

The Datalogix app is used by the online store to collect the data of its customers and make sure they receive personalized promotions either through email marketing or direct contact.

Built on social media and customer-oriented strategies, Luxy Hair has become a Top Shopify store to reckon with.

26. KITH

Simplistic Website With Extended and Effective E-marketing Technique

KITH is the Simplistic Website With Extended and Effective E-marketing Technique

As a former worker at New York City's David Z shoe store, KITH founder, Ronnie Fieg already had the idea of how to deal with top customers and make it big.

Opened in 2011, the multifunctional online store operates in two different ways; a separate shoemaking brand and a store selling the products of top shoe brands like Adidas, Puma, and the likes. 

What KITH Does Well

#1 Simple and Clear Website Design

On getting to the eCommerce store, visitors see exactly what the online store is about. A wide variety of clothes and footwear form the vast majority of its eCommerce platform. 

The online store also makes use of models to show how good looking its customers can be in its products. This strategy gives visitors enough confidence in its products instead of going for the more popular clothing and shoe brands.

#2 Effective Product Recommendation

KITH has its success built on the effective integration of its online store with an AI-powered recommendation tool.

Just like Amazon, KITH integrates an effective tool to recommend other products based on user data and preferred products already bought by them. The cross-sell product recommendation app helps it achieve this goal effortlessly.

Recommendations are even made on the cart page, luring customers one last time before they send their orders in.

#3 Email Marketing

KITH also makes use of email marketing campaigns to attract interest from customers. It makes use of the popular Klaviyo app to achieve this important marketing strategy

A great effort in making its website as interactive, attention-catching, and straight forward as possible makes KITH a highly successful Shopify eCommerce.

27. Helm Boots

Focuses On Providing An All-Inclusive Webpage Content

Helm Boots focused on providing an all-inclusive webpage content.

Helm boots is a US-based shoe brand established in 2009 that focuses on creating boots that ‘…give men confidence from the ground up'.

With a wide variety of boots made from top quality leather products, the eCommerce business has been able to achieve great success with its design. It gets its leather from American companies, S.B. Foot Tanning and Horween Leather, to make sure that its boots are of the highest of qualities.

The eCommerce platform also sells sneakers and boot care products for customers interested in maintaining boots and expanding their footwear options.

What Helm Boots Does Well

#1 Straightforward Website Marketing Content

The eCommerce platform wastes no time in making its visitors acquainted with its products and prices. Visitors are quickly introduced to the online store's best-selling products accompanying them with reduced prices.

This strategy, alongside a bold 25% general promo placed at the very top of the website, encourages visitors to get the best shoes while the offers last.

The online store also makes use of Vimeo as its video platform to visually advertise the new sneakers on its website. Giving visitors a comprehensive visual idea of the quality of all the products it deals in.

#2 Trust Building Website Content 

As a shoe brand competing with a host of other popular shoe brands, Helm Boots makes customers know how highly rated its products are.

The online store makes mention of popular magazines like Forbes, Men's Journal, Rolling Stone, among others. This gives a hint of its boots featuring in the columns of these top fashion magazines.

Helm Boots ensures that its main webpage entails everything its brand stands for and subtle marketing strategies that encourage visitors to patronize it.

28. Jane Motorcycles

Focuses On Customer Convenience And Product-Oriented Website

Jane Motorcycles Focuses on customer convenience and Product-Oriented Website

Jane Motorcycles's eCommerce business goes beyond motorbike dealerships as its name may imply.

The online store deals in every customizable aspect relating to motorcycles. From custom made motorbikes to clothing apparels for bikers to artworks, Jane Motorcycles is all about the lifestyle of bikers.

The online store was founded by Alex Dimattio and Adam Kallen in November 2013 and is driven by their enthusiasm for bikes. Being motorbike eccentric, Jane Motorcycles also deals in books and owns a brick and mortar espresso shop where bikers can hang out.

What Jane Motorcycles Does Well

#1 Product Oriented Website

Due to the extensive nature of its eCommerce business, the online store ensures that its website paints a clear picture.

Images of Jackets, shirts, customized bikes, and other store products are the only contents of its main webpage. Users are given the hint that it is not a regular motorbike store.

Visitors and biking enthusiasts are intrigued by these images and are drawn to the other side of bikers. This interest increases its sales on other featured products.

#2 Website Analytics

With the use of Google Analytics, the online store studies the activities of visitors and pinpoints the elements of its website that make visitors lose interest. With this, effective website improvements are made and visitors are kept attracted all through.

#3 Video Elements

Jane Motorcycles is all about lifestyle and uses Vimeo to integrate audiovisual elements with Its eCommerce platform. The online store uses these videos to fully explain what it is all about and give customers clarity on what it does with its business venture.

The activities of biker groups may not be part of mainstream interests in our modern-day world but Jane Motorcycles helps to spark ample interest in it. The eCommerce platform showcases and enhances the lifestyle of bikers to attract more than just biking enthusiasts.


Places Major Focus On Email Marketing Campaigns

ARGENT  is a clothing brand that provides apparel for women

Argent is a clothing brand that provides apparel for women who want to look smart and feel comfortable at the same time.

Co-founded in 2016 by Sali Christeson and Eleanor Turner, the clothing brand has enjoyed multiple mentions in top magazines and publications. Described by Forbes in 2017 as a clothing line that ‘…aims to reinvent women's workwear' Argent has been trusted with increasing million dollar fundings from high-valued companies.

What Argent Does Well

#1 Email Marketing

The online store takes its email marketing campaigns seriously. From styling tips to news about new products, customers are kept updated and informed about the enviable lifestyle its products can induce.

The eCommerce platform makes use of a series of different email marketing apps and tools. Alongside the more popular Klaviyo app, it uses the privy app to manage its email marketing schemes.

The online store also makes use of the Retention Science app for email marketing. However, this tool comes with extra functions.

Its website is monitored and analyzed to improve its online store's visitor conversion rate.

#2 Product Oriented Website 

Sali and Eleanor were pushed to open their clothing brand due to the lack of color variety and comfort in women's workwear. This idea also forms the basis of the online store's website design.

With a great focus on showcasing how colorful and elegant its apparels are, the eCommerce platform draws the attention and interest of visitors. 

Argent's thoughtful, unique business is one of the factors that have bolstered its popularity and gives newcomers an idea of how to start a clothing line.

30. Nick Mayer Art

Success based on popular artworks and promotion strategies

Nick Mayer Art is an online store that deals in artworks created by the award winning artiste Nick Mayer

As its name implies, ‘Nick Mayer Art' is an online store that deals in artworks created by the award-winning artiste, Nick Mayer.

Founded and controlled by Nick Mayer himself, the online store is based on depicting the intrigue of marine life on its different products.

The eCommerce business doesn't deal with only artworks in frames. It also sells different products like phone cases, clothes, and books with beautifully illustrated Nick Mayer art imprinted on them.

What Nick Mayer Art Does Well

#1 Product-Oriented Website

Dealing with highly rated, quality artworks, the online store doesn't put its beautiful creations to waste. The eCommerce platform is designed with a plain white color, allowing its artworks and products to catch the eyes of visitors. 

Large, quality images of Nick Mayer art are displayed at the top of the website with its different products spread across the other areas.

Giving visitors a glimpse of its highly rated artwork draws them closer to the whole idea behind the store.

#2 Email Marketing

The eCommerce store focuses on email marketing campaigns to push its ideas and customer interaction. The Klaviyo app is responsible for making this a reality. However, the online store achieves its email marketing goals with some spice.

#3 Targeted Promotions

Additionally, the online store increases the number of enthusiasts in its artwork by offering promos to visitors.

By delaying the prompt urging visitors to register an email address, the eCommerce store narrows down its visitors and targets those who are intrigued enough to stay so long. 

This prompt includes a wheel of fortune devoted to users that successfully register an email address. A strategy like this gives visitors more push to sign up and see what is in store for them.

The wheel.io app serves as the tool for its brilliant promotional marketing activities.

Shopify Stores FAQ

What Are The Most Successful Shopify Online Stores?

Shopify serves as the number one platform to create and host online stores worldwide. Due to its specialty in providing quality eCommerce services, a lot of high-valued brands across the world trust the platform to manage their businesses effectively.

From social media integration to email marketing tools, Shopify has all the means for any scale and type of business to thrive beyond imagination.

However, particular Shopify stores have optimized the eCommerce platform with so much success. 

Brands like Spigen, Allbirds, MVMT and Kylie Cosmetics have recorded great success with the use of Shopify.

Spigen has made its name as one of the best and highest-earning dropshipping stores with over $7 million monthly revenues from selling phone cases.

Allbirds makes eco-friendly shoes and apparel and has built a net worth of up to $1 billion.

MVMT is a small accessory business that played its eCommerce game well and eventually sold out to Mavado Groups for $100 million.

Kylie Cosmetics owes much of its success to an already stable background. Shopify was the chosen platform for its $700 million successful cosmetics business.

Other Shopify stores have built immeasurable success for themselves throughout the platform's 14-year existence.

What Things Should You Focus On To Make Your Shopify Store Successful?

Like every other business, there is no fail-proof strategy to make an eCommerce business successful. A lot of factors affect every individual online store and each store must navigate through its situation.

However, certain marketing strategies characterize a vast number of successful Shopify stores. Perhaps, building an eCommerce business around them signifies a step in the right direction. These important strategies include choosing a niche, email marketing, social media integrations and trust building.

Choosing a suitable area of interest and combining it with principles and passion does well in setting a foundation for a successful eCommerce business. 

One of the most predominant marketing strategies for successful eCommerce stores is the use of email promotional schemes to relate with customers and visitors. The Klaviyo and MailChimp apps are the top and most commonly used tools to implement this.

The integration of social media platforms with online stores remains the deciding factor in the success of a lot of Shopify stores. There are no common tools to perfect social media integrations but some Shopify stores record great success with the use of YouTube and Instagram.

Everyone is wary that the eCommerce industry is filled with businesses that give a lower value than what they present. Incorporating trust-building content with an eCommerce store continues to be the best way to encourage and convince potential customers to deal with you.

A vast majority of successful Shopify stores are also characterized by simplicity in website designs and templates. With high-quality product images, customers are captivated and drawn even closer to the product.

What Percentage Of Shopify Stores Are Successful?

Some studies show 2%, others show 5% and some go further to say 20% but there is no reliable way to calculate the percentage of successful Shopify stores.

The success of each store is determined by the marketing strategies implemented. Shopify only serves as a platform to provide every single tool an online store needs to be successful.

How Much Does The Average Shopify Store Make?

According to a study carried out by Littledata on 1,407 Shopify stores in May 2020, the average revenue per customer is US$72.

What Major Companies Use Shopify?

Shopify is considered to be the number one eCommerce platform for any kind of online store. The host of big names it deals with is a perfect testament to the quality and value of its services.

Some of these big companies include the BBC, Heinz, Redbull, Kylie Cosmetics, Allbirds, KKW Beauty and David Beckham Eyewear.

The high valued Shopify stores are not limited to these companies. However, these are the Shopify stores that are sure to ring a bell in the minds and hearts of many.

What Is A Good Profit Margin On Shopify?

Stated in an article published by Shopify in April 2020, a good profit margin for online retail stores is around 45.25%. This conclusion was based on a study by the NYU Stern School of Business.

Shopify also goes further to state that a 5% profit margin is regarded as low, 10% as the average and a 20% profit margin as high. 

Therefore, having a profit margin of between 20% to 45.25% is ideal for any Shopify eCommerce store to grow.

Can I Sell My Products On Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is specially optimized for a wide range of products and business categories.

From clothing lines and fashion to food stores to miscellaneous accessories and services, Shopify provides every industry with the tools needed to run an eCommerce business.

However, certain items relating to pseudo-pharmaceutics, COVID-19, firearms, and smoking, among a lot more others are not allowed to be sold on Shopify. You can check Shopify's Payment Terms for details from Shopify.

If your business idea is deemed legal, Shopify doesn't stop you from creating a store and attaining the heights you aim for in business.

Launching Your Own Online Store With Shopify

Opening an online store is a move that can determine the success of any business venture. Shopify serves as a platform that provides all the necessary tools and services to make the smallest of startups grow to be a big name in its field.

However, running online stores through Shopify does not guarantee 100% success. Getting to the pinnacle of business requires careful planning and marketing strategies executed with intent.

eCommerce strategies like email marketing, social media optimization, trust-building, and extensive advertising campaigns prove to be the top choices for successful Shopify stores.

Marketing strategies may be the major determinants for prosperity, yet, building an online store on the foundation of principles serves as an incentive to drive in more customers.

Precepts such as charity, eco-friendliness, and culture, among others, have helped the most successful Shopify stores grow to what they are today.

Summarily, aspiring eCommerce businesses can achieve success by combining thoughtful ideas with effective marketing tools and features offered by Shopify.

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