Top 10 Cheap VoIP Services for 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.
Cheap VoIP Services

VoIP has been an important and efficient means of business communications over the past decade.

In the US alone, the industry witnessed a massive 600% increase in the number of VoIP business lines used between the years of 2010 and 2018.

This growth is owed to the fact that you and other businesses can save up to 50% on communication systems with VoIP costs still expected to undertake a 5% decrease in coming years.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the need for remote communications and this article presents the cheapest VoIP service providers that offer the best value for money in the industry today.

Best Cheap VoIP Services

1. 8×8

VoIP Service With The Best Value For Money

8x8 is a VoIP Service With The Best Value For Money

8×8 provides quality VoIP services supported by end-to-end SLA that give you reliable and cost-effective solutions to work and communicate from anywhere around the world.

Through its Unified Communications system, your business has access to a long list of reliable and secure video conferencing, chat, and business phone solutions.

8×8’s cloud-based business phone system comes with incredible voice quality, a comprehensive integrated CRM system for proper customer management as well as other integrated business applications like Microsoft Teams.

Your business has access to unlimited calls between up to 47 countries, unlimited SMS and Fax, an auto-attendant, cloud recording features, and extensive caller handling and call management capabilities.

AI-powered virtual agents are provided through its IVR System, giving you self-service solutions that help to easily deal with minor issues and reserve employees for more complex problems.

Incoming calls are efficiently distributed, customer conversations are simplified and you have access to analytics and reporting options for valuable insights.

Analytics tools help to easily identify trends in employee and customer behavior through AI-driven speech analytics and generate accurate and readily available data for easy decision-making.

With the world interconnected by the internet but separated by the Covid-19, 8×8's video call solutions can prove very useful for your business.

Secured and encrypted, high-definition video conferencing for up to 100 participants from over 50 countries are made available to you.

Advanced moderation controls like host delegation, meeting lock, participant lobby, and participants permission are also provided by 8×8 for proper conference call management.

Alongside extensive integrations with digital calendars and YouTube, you can create personal virtual spaces with dedicated meeting weblinks and are equipped with an automatic, real-time chat system.

This automated chat system registers users directly from your company's directory and enables integrations with other popular universal team chat platforms like Slack.

You and your workers are allowed to share files both privately and in groups with either general or exclusive access.

8×8 also equips users with an ACD System, which is a complete cloud-based contact center solution that makes it significantly easy to satisfy customers.

Aggrieved customers are directed to a designated skill-based agent which allows the handling of issues to be rapid, effective, and streamlined.

Also, a predictive dialer system helps to increase the percentage of completed calls and comes with features such as patented answering machine detection and carrier call blocking, among a lot of others.


8x8 Pricing Plan

8×8 charges for its services on three different levels; 8×8 Express, X2, and X4.

The 8×8 Express plan is optimized for small-scale business activities and presents limited features while the X2 plan gives you all-in-one solutions and is sufficient for any scale of business.

If the X2 plan isn't sufficient for you as an administrator, you have access to extended quality analytics options and unlimited call reach to 33 additional countries with the X4 plan.

Your business has free access to its services for the first 3 months, can save up to 25% on annual subscriptions, and prices can be determined by a quote, based on the number of employees involved.


  • Supports over 46 languages
  • Global audio and video conferencing coverage
  • 3 month free after registration
  • Up to 25% discount
  • Analytics tools for improving services and easing decision making

2. OnSIP

VoIP Service With Great Employee Profiling And Management Options

OnSIP is a VoIP Service With Great Employee Profiling And Management Options

OnSIP is another VoIP service that gives your business a Unified Communication system which makes remote working easier and more effective.

The VoIP provider equips your business with an intuitive business phone system loaded with a long list of useful calling and collaboration features like auto-attendants and E911, among others.

On-Net Conference Suites that can be assigned phone numbers are made available to you and up to 15 individuals can participate in an audio or video conference call and secure the conference call with a PIN.

Individuals can also join group calls by either dialing the assigned phone numbers directly or by dialing an added extension.

Not everyone will be available at all times to immediately receive audio or video calls and OnSip offers quality voicemail solutions to deal with this.

Voicemails can be listened to through the OnSip app and a Voicemail to Email feature allows you and your employees to immediately and professionally send voice messages as email attachments.

If you or any user hates listening to voicemails or is not in a situation to do so, a Voicemail-to-Text (V2T) service that transcribes voicemails is also available.

OnSip presents useful customer service options such as a unique Team pages feature that allows your customers to know which team member is available for immediate contact through voice or video calls.

All calls involved through this Team Pages feature happen entirely on the visitor's web browser and these pages can be customized with the company logo and a preferred color scheme.

Each employee has a personal page that displays availability and call options specifically for him or her and can share the link to this personal space through email or add it to a Linkedin profile.

Through a Screen Share option, you can easily and interactively converse with customers and help them get past complex processes on a website or web portal.

OnSIP equips you with an ACD system which adopts an Enhanced Queue dashboard that helps you to generate automated queue performance reports.

You are also equipped with a Ring Group option alongside intuitive mobile and desktop apps that facilitate the efficient overall management of both inbound and outbound calls by both employees and customers.

Supervisors can listen to calls, talk to agents without the caller knowing, and also barge into the conversation to talk to both the agent and caller.

OnSip’s Sayso voice and video call solution, which is an integrated feature that serves as a floating button on websites, allows your visitors to immediately contact agents or business representatives through their website browser.


OnSIP Pricing Plan

You can deal with OnSip according to three different pricing plans; Unlimited, Basic, and Sayso.

The Unlimited plan serves a host of advanced and unlimited features like unlimited audio and video calls, desk phones, and unlimited messaging, among others.

The Basic plan gives you limited access to advanced features and requires users to pay extra for extending their feature set.

Other features like inbound toll-free and E911 calls are priced separately as well as setting up new numbers.


  • Unlimited audio/video conferencing and text messaging
  • No cost per user
  • Extensive Employee contact management
  • Extensive inbound call management

3. Grasshopper

Offers The Cheapest Cost Per Line Extension

Grasshopper Offers The Cheapest Cost Per Line Extension

Grasshopper has helped over 350,000 entrepreneurs and businesses in making remote working and communication easier and more cost-effective since it was founded in 2003.

Through its business phone solutions, the VoIP service gives small business owners ample options to solve their business communication problems.

You can easily create new numbers, port important existing numbers for free, and a toll-free number feature makes it easy for your business to provide easily accessible communications with customers, partners, and between employees.

As numbers are particularly and undoubtedly hard to memorize, Vanity numbers which provide extra branding or personalization capabilities and a chance for greater marketing are made available for purchase.

If you run a local or regional business, local numbers can be acquired for a more familiar look towards customers.

Grasshopper also equips its users with desktop and mobile apps that allow for easy VoIP call, text, and voicemail management.

On a Grasshopper business number, you or your employees can send or receive unlimited amounts of text messages and set up rules to automatically reply messages.

Call forwarding options that could help your business save time and easily manage a massive stream of incoming calls are also presented by Grasshopper.

As voicemails remain important communication mediums, Grasshopper’s dedicated virtual voicemail boxes allow you to save and access voice messages from anywhere and at any time.

Voicemails can also be sent to preferred email addresses and you or your employees enjoy transcribed voicemails for easy access to the content of voicemails.

Combining all these with report generation, custom greeting, and virtual fax options, Grasshopper proves to be another VoIP service with solutions that serve great value for money.


Grasshopper Pricing Plan

Grasshopper charges entrepreneurs and businesses on four different levels; Solo, Partner, Small Business, and Grasshopper Connect.

The Solo plan allows the management of only one number with three extensions while the Partner plan allows for the management of three numbers with six extensions.

The Small Business plan allows businesses to manage up to five numbers with unlimited extensions.

The features accompanying these three plans are not overly distinct and the pricing is only determined by the number of extensions and lines to be managed.

The Grasshopper Connect plan only allows the management of one number but presents a comprehensive list of features and also allows for diverse call and customer management options.

You also save up to 10% on annual subscriptions.


  • Multiple business number options
  • Automated customer servicing
  • Easy call management through mobile and desktop apps
  • 10% discount on annual subscriptions

4. RingCentral

Great Choice For Managing Large Team Communications

RingCentral is the Great Choice For Managing Large Team Communications

Founded in 1999 by Vlad Schmunis and Vlad Vendrow, RingCentral focuses on providing cloud-based Unified communication solutions dedicated to solving remote team collaboration needs.

As one of the best video conferencing software platforms, RingCentral offers unlimited interactive video conferences and meeting options through one of its intuitive apps called RingCentral Video.

Alongside team messaging and one-click HD video conferencing features through RingCentral Video, RingCentral makes a long list of other beneficial features available to your business. These include;

High carrier-grade calls, voicemail, fax, and highly reliable text options as well as call reach to over 40 different countries worldwide.

File sharing and task management options with a centralized workspace that helps to simplify the workflow among employees or team members.

Making use of VoIP requires extra security measures to stay protected from unauthorized interruptions.

Thankfully, RingCentral ensures this much-needed protection by encrypting conversations and data shared between you and your employees or customers.

You are able to run business operations and share confidential information without the fear of it being stolen by hackers or internet fraudsters.

Alongside these team collaboration features, a PBX is available to you and allows for extended call management options like user management and system analytics.

Your business has access to intelligent inbound call routing options that help to save time and powerful outbound calls and campaign options that ease massive customer reach.

Integrations with other apps like Office 365 and Google Workspace, among others, are also provided to help you properly streamline your online business activities across multiple platforms.

RingCentral also presents omnichannel contact center solutions that facilitate efficient relations with customers through Simplified digital engagement options..

You can contact or converse with customers through emails, texts, or social media platforms.

An open API platform that equips your communications systems with extra functionality and allows you to exploit AI and machine learning capabilities is also offered by RingCentral.


RingCentral Pricing Plan

RingCentral charges on four different plans; Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate.

Additional fees are also charged for extra options like adding toll-free or local numbers, vanity numbers, and international numbers, among a lot others.

You can save up to 33% on annual subscriptions and also enjoy a 15-day free trial.


  • 15-day free trial
  • Up to 33% discount on annual subscriptions
  • Easy to use team collaboration app
  • Powerful outbound campaign capabilities
  • AI and machine learning
  • Extended digital engagement options


VoIP Service With Massive Toll-Free Number Options is a VoIP Service With Massive Toll Free Number  Options was founded in 1997 by Michael Esposito, currently serves over 300,000 customers worldwide, and provides the largest amount of toll-free numbers for you and other businesses to choose from.

The VoIP service serves an easy-to-use UX that facilitates the access and search for available toll-free numbers on its platform and also enables you to register toll-free numbers without any hassle.

Alongside its massive provision of toll-free numbers, offers advanced call routing options such as call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, and sequential ringing to help you efficiently manage multiple streams of inbound calls.

An auto-attendant that allows your business to save time and manpower by automatically sending instant professional replies and greetings is also made available.

With its Vanity Number and message shortcode options, presents a chance to personalize or add branding effects to numbers.

These in turn help you ensure that customers easily remember numbers and engage in valid call responses and SMS messaging. also gives you easy-to-use call blocking and call recording options as well as advanced caller ID services.

With the help of generated reports, your business can review both incoming and outgoing calls and faxes.

Improvements are key in developing business prospects and this call reporting option makes it easy for customer interest and employee performance to be easily tracked and used to good effect.

Useful email options are also provided by

Notifications of received calls are sent to your preferred email addresses, making it easy to keep a record of both answered and missed calls.

Incoming and outgoing voice messages are automatically forwarded to email inboxes and you have voicemail-to-text options for unhindered access to the content of a voicemail.

Pricing Pricing Plan presents three pricing plans; Personal, Unlimited, and Pro.

You are not charged setup fees and can save up to 20% when you subscribe annually rather than on a monthly basis.


  • A massive list of toll-free numbers
  • Advanced call routing and blocking options
  • Call and Fax reports for extended insights
  • Save time and manpower through professional auto-attendants

6. Google Voice

Free Personal Plan And Great For Freelancers and Sole Entrepreneurs

Google Voice is a Free Personal Plan And Great For Freelancers and Sole Entrepreneurs

Another subsidiary of Google and powered by Google Cloud, Google Voice was launched in 2009 to provide comprehensive VoIP services for both personal and business use.

The VoIP service offers all scales of businesses easy-to-use business phone solutions with great compatibility with Polycom Devices.

Alongside number assignment and number porting options, Google Voice can be customized to fit the daily workflow of your business, makes use of the familiar Google Workspace apps, and exploits the capabilities of Google's powerful AI tools.

With an AI-powered filter, you can easily get rid of spam calls and efficiently manage incoming calls, accordingly saving time and ensuring that every crucial call is received, prioritized, and dealt with.

Automatic voicemail transcription and Email forwarding are also made available by Google voice for alternative communication options.

You have access to seamless video conferencing options through Google Meet, and are equipped with intuitive calendars for proper workflow and work-life organization alongside multi-level auto-attendants for instant replies.

You can also efficiently manage your inbound calls through its Ring group feature.

These Ring groups, also known as hunt groups, come with simultaneous and sequential ringing options which allow you to manage a single number while workers or employees take turns in answering calls on different devices at the same time.

Google Voice's services dedicated to personal use are offered for free and, if you are a freelancer or sole entrepreneur, are great options to properly scale business activities from anywhere and at any time.


Google Voice Pricing Plan

Google Voice charges for its services through three different plans; Starter, Standard, and Premier.

Although all plans present a comprehensive list of features, the Premier plan goes the extra step in enabling international calls and advanced reporting options.


  • Offers close collaborations with Google Workspace apps
  • Familiar workspace
  • Great compatibility with Polycom Devices
  • Free services for personal use
  • Good for freelancers and sole entrepreneurs

7. Dialpad

Leverages The Power Of Artificial Intelligence To Provide Highly-Rated VoIP Services

Dialpad Leverages The Power of Artificial Intelligence to Provide Highly Rated VoIP Services

Dialpad is a VoIP service founded in the United States in 2002 that gives you and over 70,000 of its worldwide customers AI-powered Unified communication solutions to efficiently manage business communication activities.

Patronizations from well-known brands and companies like TED, Uber, Upwork, and Stripe are testament to how trustworthy and reliable its services are.

Dialpad presents an extensive list of advanced cloud-based solutions through access to quality voicemail management, virtual fax, and secure conference calling and messaging options.

Local, international, toll-free, and vanity numbers are made available for purchase and, as an administrator, you are equipped with web portals and APIs that allow you to set up and manage the whole Unified Communications system.

Through a central interface, accounts are registered on the platform and assigned numbers.

Dialpad also provides extended Contact Center and Screen Recording capabilities that allow you to take a hands-on approach in improving the communicative skills of service agents where lacking.

Keeping communication networks as effective as possible is very key in running a business and Dialpad offers you Call analytics options to this effect.

You are able to gain data and information about customer responsiveness and satisfaction levels as well as agent performance in solving issues.

An easy-to-use app with extra user management functionality allows individual users or employees to personally control their own settings and edit their profiles.

You also have access to easy number porting options, allowing you to keep important business numbers.

Assuredly, retaining existing numbers saves you the stress and implications accompanying the need to reintroduce clients to new numbers.

Dialpad's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for automated instant call routing and call parking also helps to keep call management activities seamless and properly organized.

Integrations with popular apps and software like Zendesk, Google Workspace, Hubspot, and Okta, among others, are also available.

These integrations ensure that you have a central, one-stop omnichannel platform to control every aspect of managing business workflows.

All these without having to switch between apps or platforms.

International calls and international office solutions enable you to achieve crystal clear cross-border communications while keeping international business branches properly interconnected.

Additionally, Dialpad offers other popular call management options like Do Not Disturb, spam call blocking, Three-way calls, simultaneous ringing, and Caller ID.


Dialpad Pricing Plan

Dialpad presents its services through three different pricing plans; Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The price for the Enterprise plan is determined by a quote and you enjoy a 14-day free trial on all plans.


  • Google Chrome extension option
  • 14-day free trial
  • Streamlined workflow through omnichannel integrations
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys
  • Data backup


Very Cheap VoIP Service For Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses is a Very Cheap VoIP Service For Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses

Launched in 2007, is another VoIP provider that gives businesses and individuals over 50 cloud-based Unified Communications features and solutions to choose from.

Some of these solutions include;

Seamless syncing of offline address books across all devices with's cloud-based address book.

An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that allows you to connect any older analog telephone or desk phone to the online communications network.

You and your employees or partners can engage in High Definition and password-protected conference voice calls involving up to 300 participants all over the globe.

Call analytics options that equip you with call measuring and performance monitoring solutions are also provided.

Alongside call recording and call waiting options, call handling rules can also be set to automate incoming call management activities.

With these solutions, you have enough data and information to track busy hours, allowing for more efficient call handling rules and helping to improve customer relations, among others.

Access to caller ID information as well as call blocking and call forwarding options are few other basic features that allow you to maintain adequate incoming call management.

Customer satisfaction is both fragile and important, so offers your business a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and expert support.

These options equip you with adequate options to directly manage customer queries, improve customer relationships and keep all activities problem-free.

You also have access to voicemail management options like instant voicemail forwarding and automatic voicemail transcription. is HIPAA compliant, meaning it offers healthy, trustworthy, and secure online voice and video calling services to businesses and individuals around the world.

Pricing Pricing Plan's pricing scheme consists of three plans; Basic User, Plus User, and Pro User.

With an annual subscription, your business can save up to 20% on all plans.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Extended customer management features
  • Conference calls with up to 300 participants
  • 20% discount on annual subscriptions

9. Vonage

Great Cheap Choice For Small Businesses

Vonage is the Great Cheap Choice For Small Businesses

Founded by Jeff Pulver Jeffrey in January 2001, Vonage is trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide and helps to facilitate over 25 billion minutes of communication and messages yearly.

If you run a small-scale business, be rest assured that Vonage offers one of the best business phone services for small businesses.

Vonage provides a comprehensive suite of APIs that equip you with special functionalities and capabilities in call management activities.

A Communication API allows you to integrate an interactive live video feature into web and mobile apps.

Alongside engaging customers through SMS, MMS, and social media chat apps, you are able to send transactional email messages, notifications, and email marketing campaigns to customers.

Vonage's Authentication API comes with a two-factor authentication option and gives you a chance to gain useful insights about a phone number.

Security measures on the internet are important and these valuable options present your business with a chance to properly secure call management activities.

You also have access to a management API that allows you to generate reports about communication channels and also obtain detailed data-driven insights about the customer experience.

These management API options serve as valuable solutions to improving your overall service rendering to customers.

As a Unified Communications system provider, Vonage also makes programmable phone number options like dedicated shortcodes for messages and vanity numbers available.

These offer your business additional branding options and helps you provide customers with easy access to customer service.

Vonage’s AI-powered Adaptive routing options allow you to automatically forward calls to different routes based on the studied performance of each route.

Your customers are directed to the best line extension available, which helps to improve your customer satisfaction rating and offers a chance to study the performance of service agents.

Alongside video conference options, Vonage offers beneficial and intuitive features like call flipping, team messaging, spam shield, virtual fax, and automatically transcribed voicemails.

You also have access to simultaneous ringing options and, as an administrator or supervisor, you can monitor, whisper and barge into calls between your call service agents and customers.


Vonage Pricing Plan

Vonage offers its business phone services on three different plans; Mobile, Premium, and Advanced.

You are charged by quote for a large number of employee accounts to be managed.

There are separate pricing plans for Vonage's APIs and customer center services.


  • Simple business phone setup
  • Extended functionality through comprehensive APIs
  • Portable call management through free mobile and desktop apps
  • Protection through two-factor authentication
  • Extensive analytics options for improved customer servicing

10. Nextiva

Great Option For Mid-Sized Businesses

Nextiva is the Great Option For Mid Sized Businesses

Serving over 100,000 customers, Nextiva was launched in 2006 for both small businesses and large enterprises and serves as the best choice for a business scale in between.

The VoIP service equips your business with communication systems and solutions through business apps and AI-powered automation.

You are offered omni channel communication options like SMS, emails, direct phone calls, and helpdesk tickets, among others, that allow you to engage with customers from their preferred platforms.

Nextiva's enterprise phone system comes with high-quality video and voice call capabilities as well as reliable global communication services.

Through its VoIP call center service, you can gain real-time data insights and have a chance to seamlessly manage and improve business communications with customers.

Managing a massive stream of incoming calls comes with a lot of complexities and Nextiva offers ample solutions to deal with this.

You have access to SIP Trunking services, helping you properly manage massive call traffic over the internet without the need for analog lines or any Primary Rate Interface.

Your business is able to save up to 70% in PBX phone billing through this solution and you get to enjoy unlimited international calls.

Nextiva, like other top VoIP services, also offers useful features like auto-attendants, IVR systems, voicemail forwarding, voicemail transcription, and number porting, among a lot others.


Nextiva Pricing Plan

Nextiva makes its services available through four different pricing plans; Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

You enjoy discounts on yearly subscriptions and can make extra purchases of or lease VoIP devices.


  • Effective traffic management through SIP Trunking
  • Integrations with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Google contacts
  • Behaviour studying options through Advanced Voice analytics
  • Discount on annual subscriptions
  • Easy customer feedback gathering through Automated surveys

How to Choose the Best Cheap VoIP Service?

Businesses have a lot of options to choose from today.

There are a lot of VoIP service providers in the market and determining the best for your business can be very difficult.

Here are a few tips that could make that exercise a little less stressful.

1. Know Your Business Communication Needs

When it comes to communication, every business finds itself in a situation specific to it.

While startups or small-scale businesses may expect to receive little amounts of calls, medium and large-scale businesses deal with a significant amount.

However, alongside these general notions, there are still some specific needs you need to personally consider when it comes to your business communications.

Firstly, you have to determine the type of business phone number needed to keep your business running effectively.

VoIP services offer a chance to own local numbers, international numbers, vanity numbers, or toll-free numbers.

If you run a local business, you can consider a VoIP service that can provide you with an appropriate number for your location or region.

International businesses need to consider VoIP services that have the appropriate international lines needed to effectively connect all remote communications activities.

If your business needs that extra branding, Vanity numbers serve as great personalization options and enable you to provide your customers with easy access to customer service options.

Toll-free numbers ensure that your customers can conveniently communicate with you directly from their mobile devices without having to worry about charges.

The amount of inbound calls received by your business is another important factor to consider.

Determining consequent communication needs like call routing, call waiting, and sequential/simultaneous call handling, among others, is made significantly easier when the amount of inbound calls received by your business is acknowledged.

Different VoIP service providers come with different audio and video conferencing solutions and also have different limits to the number of participants allowed into a conference call.

Taking note of how large and distributed your collaborative workforce is, as well as how often employees or team members collaborate is important in choosing the right VoIP provider that offers the best services for your business.

The question of how important SMS, voicemails, or fax messaging are crucial to your business communications is another factor to keep in mind.

The platforms used to run your business should also be considered.

The internet is an interconnection of multiple platforms and no platform offers all the tools and solutions needed to effectively and comprehensively run a business.

VoIP services are not exempted.

Omni-channel integrations with different apps, tools, and platforms ensure that you are able to seamlessly manage business activities on a centralized platform.

Before you decide to look up VoIP service, these internal, foundational factors are important elements to keep in mind.

2. Identify What The VoIP Service Offers

The communication solutions involved in running a business go beyond the basic features like call forwarding and voicemail management.

VoIP providers in the market today come in different types and present different levels of communication solutions for you to choose from.

The distinctions in VoIP services include VoIP-only providers, VoIP + PBX providers, and VoIP providers that offer Unified Communications solutions.

VoIP-only providers give your business only internet calling capabilities and the basic functions of directing communications like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail forwarding, and caller ID solutions, among others.

You don’t have access to extensive call management options and these providers are sufficient only if you are looking for basic internet phone calling functionalities.

VoIP + PBX providers present extra solutions to your business communication needs.

Alongside internet calling functionality, VoIP + PBX providers come with extra call management options and, for instance, allow you to set call handling rules, program auto-attendants, and assign virtual extensions to different departments and individual employees, among other functions.

Most times, these options are sufficient, however, they may not be enough in helping you to efficiently run business communications.

This is where VoIP providers with Unified Communication solutions come in.

Alongside basic VoIP calls and PBX systems, these unified communications solution providers offer extended options like team messaging and voice/video conference options, among others.

You have access to omnichannel integrations and a one-stop platform for all your business and communication needs.

However, due to the extended feature set of these service providers, you may have to pay some extra when compared to other types of VoIP providers.

Placing business needs side by side with what a VoIP provider offers helps you to determine if a PBX system offers enough solutions to your business or there is a need for extra communication functionalities.

3. Ensure VoIP Services Are Properly Secured And Reliable

Ensure VoIP Secured And Reliable Services
Source: Nextiva

VoIP, on its own, is not a secure means of communication as it runs on the internet, which is a public network.

The communication between you and your customers needs to be kept as secure as possible.

Vital information, such as passcodes or authentication data, is usually exchanged in the process of solving customer issues or between employees and this makes the security of a VoIP service all the more important.

To keep these communications safeguarded from unauthorized access, VoIP service providers offer extra protections like encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Choosing a VoIP provider that offers you sufficient security options is important in protecting the wellbeing of both your business and customers.

A secured VoIP service, however, may not be enough to keep your business communications as worry-free as you want them to be.

Top VoIP providers make use of multiple servers and geographically separated data centers to keep services running in case of a server failure or any other unfortunate event.

As a business looking for quality services, you are advised to choose a VoIP provider with arobust and secure network of communications systems to ensure that your communication systems remain up and running at all times.

4. Measure How Trustworthy A VoIP Provider Is

As a common characteristic of businesses in any commercial setting, they would do and say anything to sell a product.

Making choices according to what a VoIP service states on its web portals may not be the best if you really want to have dependable insights before working with it.

The opinions or reviews of other individuals that are making use of a VoIP service or have had previous dealings with it will help you to avoid preventable regrets.

The pedigree and number of customers a VoIP provider serves also give you an idea of how trusted and reliable its services are.

Patronization by top brands and thousands of businesses worldwide indicates quality VoIP service rendering and serves as a testimony of how beneficial its services can be to your business.

5. Compare Prices

Although the price of a VoIP service is usually the first thing individuals look out for, you should consider this last.

A cheap VoIP provider may not offer the secure and reliable solutions needed to properly administer your business communications.

After filtering out VoIP providers according to the different factors previously mentioned, prices can then be compared to select which VoIP provider offers you the most cost-effective prices or the best value for money.

Cheap Business VoIP FAQ

Are There Any Free VoIP Services?

Yes, there are. But are free VoIP services sufficient for running the communication aspect of a business?
Popular VoIP services like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and Hangouts, among others, are offered for free.

Google Voice also comes with a free plan for personal communication purposes.
However, when it comes to a comprehensive list of features for effectively running the communications of a growing business, these free services can be found lacking.

Important features like direct phone number dialing, call routing, call analytics, and more advanced features like simultaneous ringing, auto-attendants, and voicemail transcription are greatly absent in these free services.

If you are looking for extremely cheap VoIP services, using any of the low-cost VoIP services mentioned in this article is a better alternative in running and scaling up your business.

How Much Does VoIP Phone Service Cost?

The cost of acquiring a VoIP phone service ranges from $12 to over $1000 per month, however, this depends on the service provider chosen.

For cheap VoIP services like 8×8, Dialpad, and, the average cost of a small-scale VoIP phone service is $18 per month while a medium-scale VoIP phone service costs $30 monthly on average.
A large-scale VoIP phone system costs an average of $60 per month.

However, for very large-scale communication systems, VoIP services determine prices by a quote and charge an average of $60 on low price determinations and over $1000 on their most comprehensive price determinations.

Is VoIP Cheaper Than A Landline?

Yes, using VoIP is cheaper than using a landline.
VoIP systems run on an existing internet connection, meaning that no additional hardware is needed apart from regular internet-capable devices like mobile devices and personal computers.

Services are also paid for on a monthly basis and you are usually offered unlimited talk and facetime minutes.

For landlines, you need to purchase additional hardware components and pay for IT/maintenance support to keep the telecommunications system running.

You are also charged per call minute, meaning there are additional charges for call waiting and call routing and are, sometimes, subject to taxes.

What Is The Cheapest VOIP Service Provider?

The cheapest VoIP service provider with reliable VoIP services is Google Voice.

Google Voice offers you a free plan for personal use and charges as low as $10 per month and a maximum of $30 monthly for important business-oriented VoIP service solutions.

Which Cheap VoIP Service Provider Should I Pick?

Making use of VoIP solutions is one of the cheapest ways you can solve communication problems and maintain proper relations between employees and customers.

Every business has specific requirements for a communication system and only a few VoIP services offer one-stop solutions.

The best cost-effective VoIP service providers in the market today include 8×8, OnSip, and Grasshopper.

8×8 offers your business the best value for money compared to other VoIP services in the business. You have access to cloud-based unified communication solutions as well as one of the cheapest pricing plans in the market.

OnSip comes with a PBX that provides intuitive solutions to your business communication needs. It equips you with options like auto-attendants, secured and reliable conference calls, personal employee pages, and collaborative team pages that help you properly manage business calls and customer servicing operations.

Grasshopper provides portable and comprehensive business phone solutions through apps for both mobile devices and personal computers. These allow for proper call management from anywhere and at any time.

Choosing one of these reliable and secured VoIP services is the best for your business in operating seamless and cost-effective communication systems.

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