21 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Communication in 2022

Updated Nov 9, 2022.

You might look for the best Slack alternatives to improve team communication and collaboration on multiple projects. We’ve reviewed the 17 best Slack alternatives for team communication with our top 5 choices.

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Get more work done together with your team with secure unlimited messaging and meet more efficiently with hassle-less video calling.
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Make your work flow with a secure, flexible, and integrated open-source platform created exclusively for developer collaboration.
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Own your data, customize anything, integrate everything with this open-source communication platform, and let conversations flow.
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Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with your team and access the shared content anytime, from any device, to learn, plan, and innovate together.
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Troop Messenger

This business chat application lets your team collaborate one-on-one, meet in a group, send bulk messages, or connect securely via video calling.

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You might look for the best Slack alternative for team communication, as the application is a little complicated and not very affordable for small businesses. Its interface with all the shared channels, threads, direct messages, and apps can get quite overwhelming for newcomers. 

Your team needs software that empowers team communication while allowing you to sort out tasks and keep everyone on the same page. The alternatives mentioned in our review have unique features that set them apart from others. 

Why Use an Alternative to Slack?

Even though Slack is amongst the most popular tool for team communication, there are a few reasons why you might look for alternatives to Slack. 

  • Messages can easily get disorganized, and it is hard to keep track.
  • Teams spend too much time checking Slack than actually completing their tasks. 
  • Lacks an automated messaging option. 
  • Screen sharing isn’t accessible via Android or iOS mobile apps. 
  • Push notifications can become too overwhelming. 
  • Does not kill off email altogether. 
  • Not very useful for task assignments or management. 

Best Slack Alternatives

Here are the best Slack competitors you should try out for your business.

1. Chanty

Best Overall Slack Alternative for Team Communication

Editor's Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For:
Task Assignment
$0/mo – $4/user/mo
Annual Discount:
Save 28.5%
Free plan

Chanty is an easy-to-use collaboration tool that allows you to get more work done with your team. What I love the most about this application are its task assignment and management features. You can easily create a task from scratch or turn any message into a task for smarter collaboration. 

Try Chanty

Chanty offers a simple and intuitive user experience to fit your team's needs. 

Best Features

  • Teambook: Chanty helps you stay organized with all your tasks at your fingertips. Teambook offers a centralized hub for group chats, neatly organized tasks, and pinned messages. You also get quick access to your entire team messaging history, allowing you to easily find people in your team. 
  • Save Ideas: Decide on what is most important for you by saving innovative ideas with pins. You can save the latest reports, new ideas, and sensitive deadlines on your dashboard. 
  • Task Assignment: With Chanty, you can create and manage tasks on the platform and help your team stay productive. You can create a new task or turn a message into a task. The platform also lets you filter all tasks by people and dates. This makes Chanty one of the best free Slack alternatives. 
  • Kanban Board: Switch to the Kanban board view and optimize the workflow for your team. It offers a flexible and visual way to execute and manage all your tasks in one place. You can also set the due date and control the priority or status of a task on the dashboard.
  • Voice Messages: Send instant replies without spell checks or formatting issues by sending voice messages to individuals or creating a group chat. You can collaborate in real-time by contacting your team through voice calls.


  • Save time by organizing your workflow. 
  • Offers voice messages and giphy integration. 
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer support team. 


  • Inability to mute certain channels. 
  • Does not offer Gantt charts. 
  • Lacks the ability to call group members. 

Chanty offers two plans to its customers – Free and Business. 

Chanty offers a free plan to its users. With this free version, you get access to unlimited searchable history, a built-in task management tool, and lets you invite a guest user to your team. 

2. Mattermost

Leading Alternative to Slack for Developer Collaboration

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best For:
Developer Collaboration
$0/mo – $10/user/mo
Annual Discount:
Free plan

Mattermost is an open-source platform that brings your entire team together into one centralized dashboard. I highly recommend this tool to developers looking to collaborate with their teams. You can customize the platform with the rich ecosystem of community customizations and contributions. 

Try Mattermost

Mattermost offers secure, flexible, and integrated chat tools that help you organize your workflow. 

Best Features

  • Channels: Mattermost offers channel-based communication workflows through which you can share real-time information with your members. You can organize your communication and access unlimited message history. 
  • Structured Workflows: Streamline complex, recurring processes and support your prescribed workflow with the help of playbooks. You can add triggers, built-in checklists, tool integrations, and automations to your workflow. Mattermost lets you customize your playbook as per your organization’s practices.
  • Kanban Boards: Achieve your project milestones with a deliverable and task management kanban board solution. It helps you align your work across the organization and invest your time and effort in tasks that matter the most. 
  • Controls: Mattermost lets you choose from a secure cloud and stay in full control of your data. Custom security, compliance, and access controls ensure your data stays where you want. The secured controls make Mattermost the leading open-source Slack alternative. 
  • Incident Resolution: This modern team chat app helps you fix production incidents faster with developer collaboration. Mattermost combines these collaboration features with automated incident workflows that trigger response and integrates your business logic with incident APIs. 


  • Offers kanban boards for workflow organization. 
  • Enhances secure communication with your team.
  • Flexible platform which runs on multiple systems, including Linux and Docker. 


  • Lacks an in-built voice messaging option.
  • Has a slow refresh rate.
  • Lacks pop-up reminders for missed group or private conversations.

Mattermost has three plans – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Mattermost gives you access to a free plan. With this free version, you can add unlimited users, store up to 10GB of files, and create unlimited channels.

3. RocketChat

Top Slack Alternative for Omnichannel Service

Editor's Take
8.5 out of 10
Best For:
Omnichannel Service
$0/mo – $7/user/mo
Annual Discount:

With RocketChat, you can bring together all your messages, projects, and tasks in one place and watch your team's productivity reach new heights. What I love the most about this tool is its omnichannel customer service. You can deliver great customer experiences and engage in interactions on a centralized platform, irrespective of how they contacted you.

Try RocketChat

RocketChat is amongst the world’s largest open-source platforms that help you customize and integrate applications. 

Best Features

  • Team Collaboration: With RocketChat, you can connect with anyone, inside or outside your organization, and start collaborating with them more effectively. It gives you access to one-on-one messages, private or public channels, and discussion boards. You can also use voice and video calls to share information more effectively. 
  • Customized Workflows: Make your team more productive by organizing, customizing, and automating your workflows. You can connect your favorite apps to the platform and reduce context switching. Personalized workflows make RocketChat one of the leading free Slack alternatives in the market. 
  • Engagement Dashboard: Project managers or admins access engagement dashboards, where they can better understand how their team connects and collaborates. They also get access to actionable insights helping them analyze the best days and times to communicate important information. 
  • Customized Group Messaging: RocketChat lets you customize your instant messaging experience within the web or mobile application. You can use the pre-built chat components and create an experience that fulfills your organization's needs. You can also integrate this flexible team chat software with the project management tools you use every day. 
  • Customer Communication: Offer a great customer experience and engage in seamless interactions with your customers through a centralized dashboard. You get access to tools that helps your agents engage and resolve customer demands quicker and better. You can also automate your conversations with chatbots. 


  • Easily create public or private channels to carry a group chat. 
  • Offers multiple third-party apps, including Gmail and Salesforce.
  • Reduce confusion by creating a conversation inside a channel. 


  • Has stability and database synchronization issues.
  • Has a confusing interface and installation process.
  • Steep learning curve.

RocketChat has two plans – Community and Enterprise. 

With RocketChat's free plan, you can integrate up to 5 active marketplace apps, sync your user data, and access your entire instant messaging app history. 

4. Microsoft Teams

Best Alternative to Slack for Screen Sharing

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For:
Screen Sharing
$0/mo – $12.5/user/mo
Annual Discount:
Free plan

Microsoft Teams lets you connect naturally with your team and chat, call, or share videos through a centralized dashboard. I highly recommend this tool for businesses looking for a screen-sharing option during meetings. You can share your screen easily during a video chat with your team and simultaneously record video or audio activities. 

Try Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps your team stay focused and productive with all the team and apps you need at your fingertips. 

Best Features

  • Activity Filteration: Stay more productive by easily filtering out the content you need to focus on with @mentions. This ensures you always stay updated with the correct information without getting overwhelmed. You can easily separate your to-do lists and personal direct messages through activity filtration. 
  • Meeting Whiteboards: Easily access the whiteboard during a meeting, sketch together, and share your ideas with your team. In real-time, you can draw, erase, and share content through the boards. The tab is available before and after your meeting. 
  • Virtual Backgrounds: When video conferencing through Microsoft Teams, you can easily replace or blur your background to look more professional. You can set the backgrounds either before or during the meeting. The virtual background can be chosen through the app, or you can upload your own or download a premium pack.
  • Message Translation: Keep your entire team updated, irrespective of their native language, with inline message translation. It allows your team members to chat in their native language easily and simply translate it into English for all the other participants. 
  • Cloud Recording: With Microsoft Teams, you can record your meetings automatically and store them in the cloud. You also get access to automatic transcriptions, making it easier for you to find information through a phrase or keyword. This makes Microsoft Teams one of the best free Slack alternatives. 


  • Increased team productivity with an integrated interface. 
  • Automate your repetitive tasks with bots. 
  • Seamlessly access your files with cloud backup. 


  • Limits the number of channels. 
  • Confusing file structures.
  • Unnecessary consumption of storage space by members. 

Microsoft Teams has four pricing plans – Free, Essentials, Business Basic, and Business Standard. 

Microsoft Teams offer a free plan to its users. This free version allows you to create unlimited group meetings, add up to 100 participants per meeting, and secure your data with end-to-end encryption.

5. Troop Messenger

Leading Alternative to Slack for Instant Messaging

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For:
Instant Messaging
$2.5/user/mo – $9/user/mo
Annual Discount:

Troop Messenger offers an easy-to-use team collaboration tool where you can chat, meet, and call your team members. What I love the most about this tool is its instant messaging option. Troop Messenger offers a one-to-one chat application where you can send in your work requirements or follow up with your co-worker in real-time. 

Try Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a popular business chat application allowing you to collaborate with your team securely and efficiently. 

Best Features

  • Audio Messaging: With Troop Messenger, you can connect with your team instantly by recording a work update through an audio message, previewing it, and then sharing it across the team. You can also send your message or attachment to a high volume of users. 
  • Remote Screen Share: Easily share the contents of your screen with a remote team member with the screen share option. You can also give or take control of the remote desktop screen and access the contents efficiently. 
  • Browser Pop-Out: Preview your images or files in a browser with the help of Troop Messenger. You just need to click on the browser icon next to your attachment, and the file will open in a new browser window. This pop-out feature makes Troop Messenger one of the top Slack competitors. 
  • Filters: Use global or specific search filters to filter out members, groups, or those who have exited the organization. It helps you narrow down your results. You can also use the date and time filters to search for specific messages. 
  • Location Tracking: Keep a tab of your remote team with the help of location tracking features. You can share your real-time location for a specific time through a desktop or mobile application. This team chat tool also lets you track the location history of your remote team members. 


  • Offers advanced audio and group video chat options. 
  • Create unlimited groups. 
  • Offers bulk messaging options. 


  • Lacks a meeting recording option. 
  • Chat area filters are difficult to find. 
  • Lacks advanced third-party apps.

Troop Messenger has three plans – Premium, Enterprise, and Superior. 

With Troop Messenger, you get access to a free 7-day trial, where you can share a screen with remote members, initiate a global search, and access advanced notifications. 

6. Discord

Top Slack Alternative with Streamer Mode 

Discord Top Slack Alternative with Streamer Mode

Discord offers an invite-only server where you can organize topic-based channels to collaborate with your team members. 

Best Features

  • Customization: Discord lets you customize your entire profile to match the aesthetics of your organization. You and your team can set a custom avatar and set your bio. The chat tool features several language settings to choose from as well. 
  • Streamer Mode: With Discord, you can stream live with your entire organization. This is especially helpful when conducting webinars or online training sessions. This toggle mode hides all the sensitive information while streaming, including pop-up notifications. The streamer mode sets Discord apart from others, making it one of the best Slack alternatives. 
  • Voice Channel: Voice channels are extremely helpful during a brainstorming session. All your members can join the channel and pop in to talk without having to place a call. 
  • Custom Emojis: You and your members can add customized emojis to the organization’s Discord server. These emojis are available for use by everyone on your server. However, you do need to ensure that the ‘manage emoji’ permissions are available for your creative team. 
  • Channel Following: Discord is a great server to connect with your team and customers. You can create announcement channels that people can follow. These channels relay announcements directly to your Discord server as soon as they are posted. 


  • Share your screen in 1080p resolution. 
  • Offers an interactive user interface.
  • Offers chat rooms for inter-team conversations. 


  • Uses a lot of CPU and GPU sources. 
  • Lacks advanced speech detection. 
  • Lacks an auto unmuting option. 

Discord offers three plans – Free, Nitro Classic, and Nitro. 

Discord gives you access to a free plan, where you can organize chats, share your screen, and create interest groups to build a community. 

7. Flock

Best Alternative to Slack with Polls

Flock Best Alternative to Slack with Polls

Flock offers a single shared space for all your cross-functional work and collaboration. 

Best Features

  • Channel Messaging: Flock lets you create private and public channels where you can communicate and collaborate with your team members. You can use a public channel for a company-wide announcement. On the other hand, you can use a private channel to dig deep into a team-focused agenda. This makes Flock one of the best chat apps in the market. 
  • Video Calling: Use the video conferencing tool to connect with your team and ensure everyone is on the same page. You can share your screen during a group video chat and get feedback from your team in real-time. You can also place a voice chat for a simple follow-up with your team. 
  • Integrated Search: Easily retrieve information from a conversation with the help of an integrated search option. Flock lets you search everything from links, images, documents, notes, and even specific messages. The refined search option can further customize and filter your results. 
  • Polls: Make important decisions faster and ensure everyone’s voice is heard with polls. You can customize your polls by adding images or setting them to anonymous. Once all the responses are in, you can download a single consolidated report for analysis. Polls make Flock one of the best alternatives to Slack. 
  • Reminders: Make sure you or your team do not miss out on an important update with the help of reminders. You can easily manage, create, view, edit, or delete your reminders in the Flock sidebar. This team chat tool lets you snooze your reminders so that you can be reminded later. 


  • Save your messages and files on the cloud. 
  • Offers a built-in to-do list. 
  • Easily integrates with calendars to set reminders for the team.


  • Users cannot delete messages without a trace.
  • Lacks advanced task management features.
  • Audio and video chat quality can be distorted at times. 

Flock has three plans to choose from – Free, Enterprise, and Pro.

Flock offers a free 30-day trial to its customers, where you can customize your onboarding process, access unlimited public or private channels, and create multiple team admins. 

8. ProofHub

Leading Slack Competitor with Gantt Charts

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration

ProofHub offers an easy-to-understand, centralized tool for all your projects and group communication. 

Best Features

  • Time Tracking: This project management software helps you accurately track your team’s time and monitor their productivity. You can set time estimates, add timesheets, and track time manually. Creating all reports in one place makes it easier for you to analyze productivity.
  • Optimized Workflows: You can use Proofub and create optimized workflows that fit the requirement of your team and organization. This helps you ensure that everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time and is on the same page. 
  • Discussion Boards: Use discussion boards to make it easy for your members to work with effective communication and collaboration. You can share your ideas, give suggestions, and mention your members on the board. You can grab their attention and loop them in your conversation by mentioning people. 
  • Project Reports: Use reports to measure your team’s progress and clearly understand where your project stands. You get access to all the project’s information in detail, including project status, due date, and task progress. These reports make ProofHub one of the best alternatives to Slack. 
  • Accessibility: With ProofHub, you can get your work done right on time and achieve better results. You can use the ‘Quick Add’ menu and add your project right where you work. This collaboration tool lets you assign tasks, create new discussion boards, and make announcements with a single click. 


  • Add unlimited users to your team. 
  • Project manager has full control over the team chat app.
  • Offers all tools in a centralized location. 


  • Has a clunky interface. 
  • Lacks advanced budgeting features. 
  • Doesn’t offer options for recurring tasks. 

ProofHub has two paid plans – Essential and Ultimate Control.

ProofHub offers a free 15-day trial, where you can add unlimited users to your team, create customized workflows, and get access to detailed reports.

9. Google Chat

Top Alternative to Slack with Smarter Meetbots

Google Chat helps simplify your collaboration with one-to-one conversations or group chat features

Google Chat helps simplify your collaboration with one-to-one conversations or group chat features. 

Best Features

  • Centralized Dashboard: Get access to your entire team messaging history in one place with a centralized Google chat dashboard. You can use the standalone app or use it directly through your Gmail. This chat tool lets you keep track of all your team conversations through seamlessly integrated tools. 
  • Dedicated Spaces: Use this alternative to Slack to collaborate with your team members using dedicated spaces. You can use these central spaces to share knowledge and ideas and engage in topic-based discussions. Dedicated spaces make Google Chat one of the best alternatives to Slack. 
  • Meetbots: Automate all your simple tasks and schedule meetings with the help of meet bots. The bot checks everyone's calendar and then sends out invitations automatically. Meetbots help you focus on what matters the most. 
  • Task Management: Google Chat allows you to add and allocate tasks on the platform to make management easier. The option exists in the sub-tab of the application. You can also assign a due date on the task and set a reminder to get notified. 
  • Universal Search: With the powerful, universal search option, you can easily search for a keyword or phrase in your chats. You can use Gmail's primary search bar and look for a file attachment, task, or message. 


  • Integrated Google workspace creates operational efficiencies. 
  • Quickly share your files in multiple formats. 
  • Both desktop and mobile apps are available. 


  • Cannot reply to messages in thread.
  • Limits the characters you can send. 
  • Does not offer task-oriented chat capabilities. 

Google Chat offers four plans – Starter, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise. 

With Google Chat, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can add up to 100 participants in video meetings and manage security controls. 

10. Ryver

Best Alternative to Slack with Forums

Ryver makes it simple and affordable for your team to collaborate and share their ideas through a single application. 

Ryver makes it simple and affordable for your team to collaborate and share their ideas through a single application. 

Best Features

  • Custom Conversation Channels: Ryver lets you organize your team communication by offering forums for open discussions with everyone on your team. You can use these customized channels to connect with your groups or have a one-on-one conversation with your team member.
  • Searchable Collaboration Spaces: Get access to fully integrated, searchable collaboration spaces with Ryver. With the instant chat option, you can organize topic-focused group chats. These collaboration features make Ryver one of the leading Slack alternatives. 
  • Data Access: Easily optimize your business processes for faster data access with this Slack alternative. You can integrate third-party apps and share files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also use Ryver to keep track of news events or social media channels. 
  • Task Management: With this task management platform, you can easily turn your conversations into actionable tasks. This collaboration tool lets you create unlimited tasks for your team members and personal and team task boards. You can delegate tasks to your team and specify details like tags and checklists. 
  • Regulated Data Storage: All communication to the Ryver’s server is stored in DB files, offering end-to-end encryption. With strictly regulated data storage and cloud security features, the platform ensures that your data is always secure. You can manage and limit the services of your employees, along with getting access to 2-factor authentication. 


  • Offers integration with more than 2,000 different applications.
  • Offers an interactive interface.
  • Easily combine group chats with task management. 


  • Lacks advanced customization options. 
  • Screen sharing, audio, and video calls support only five people. 
  • Breaks the group conversations and channels into two different streams. 

Ryver has four plans to choose from – Starter, Standard, Medium, and Enterprise. 

Ryver offers a free 14-day trial, where you can share unlimited files, make voice and video calls, and create custom invite links. 

11. RingCentral

Leading Alternative to Slack for Unlimited Video Meetings

RingCentral - Simpler communications

RingCentral is an easy-to-use application that keeps communication and collaboration at the center of teamwork.

Best Features

  • Video Conferencing: RingCentral gives you instant access to unlimited video meetings. These secure, high-quality meetings are conducted through the web app, making it easier for you to get personalized follow-ups with your remote members.
  • Temporary Groups: Easily create a team, in just a few clicks, with the help of RingCentral. You can create temporary groups meant for a small, new project or create ones that will last you the entire time you use the application. 
  • Simplified Workflow: RingCentral offers you a centralized location to talk, share, and manage your tasks, thus enhancing your productivity. With the built-in task management system, you can assign tasks to your team members and inform your stakeholders accordingly. RingCentral is one of the top alternatives to Slack for organizing your workflows. 
  • Live Transcription: This alternative to Slack gives you access to AI-driven capabilities that create effortless productivity. With an automatic voice transcription, you can keep a record of who-said-what and speaker identification. Live transcription makes it easier for you to understand the conversation and take notes. 
  • Whiteboard: RingCentral offers some meeting extras that bring your entire team together for exciting collaborations. With a digital whiteboard, you can make room for everyone’s ideas and share your thoughts creatively in real-time. 


  • Offers a clean and interactive interface.
  • Offers streamlined communication. 
  • Gives you access to a meeting planner. 


  • Lacks a robust search feature. 
  • Does not sends reminder notifications. 
  • Lacks effortless customization or organization of applications. 

RingCentral gives you access to two plans – Pro and Pro+.

RingCentral offers a free plan to its users, where you can create unlimited meetings, host up to 100 participants, and manage your tasks effortlessly.

12. Flowdock

Top Alternative to Slack for Startups

Flowdock helps you solve problems, prioritize work, and organize your teams with a real-time collaboration application. 

Flowdock helps you solve problems, prioritize work, and organize your teams with a real-time collaboration application. 

Best Features

  • Flows: Flowdock makes it effortless for you to keep your entire team connected with Flows. They are made up of a chat and team inbox where the members can share their ideas and feedback. It would be best if you tried creating a separate flow for each team.
  • Conversation Threads: These threads make it easier for you and your team to follow up on a particular topic during group chats. Conversation threads give you a little more control during chats. You can click on the reply option under a message to automatically create a thread. This makes Flowdock one of the best chat apps in the market. 
  • Display Names: You and your team can further customize your profiles by setting up your display or nickname. This will make it simpler for your employees to find one another and maintain a light-hearted environment in the organization. 
  • Customized Emojis: Take your organization’s creativity up a notch by using personalized emojis. This helps your team grow and show personality. You can also comprehend their creative levels, which is useful when running a marketing or customer-centric organization. 
  • Personalized Notifications: Flowdock allows you to personalize your notifications and choose the type of content you should be notified for. You can access your mobile application's desktop, email, and push notifications. Flowdock is one of the leading alternatives to Slack for personalized notifications. 


  • Easy to configure and onboard new members. 
  • Offers advanced third-party apps.
  • Control the organization’s noise with personalized notifications. 


  • Lacks an interactive interface.
  • Lacks a quick access list of the members in your organization. 
  • Lacks a native screen sharing option. 

Flowdock has two plans to choose from – Standalone and Enterprise. 

With Flowdack, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can add unlimited integrations, encrypt your data, and customize the application.

13. Hive

Best Alternative to Slack with Automation Tools

Hive is a robust project management tool that helps you map project timelines and track baselines efficiently.

Best Features

  • Flexible Project Views: Manage your projects in one centralized platform and simplify your workflows for complex processes through Hive. This task management tool allows you to create unlimited projects and tasks for your employees and assign the next steps and due dates.
  • Time Management: Understand where your team spends the most time and manage in-person, remote, or hybrid teams more efficiently. You can track the time they have spent on action across your workspace and then sort it out based on category. 
  • Integrated Proofing: With Hive’s instant proofing and approvals, you get a faster turnaround and fewer approval rounds. You can get feedbacks on your project from both internal and external approvers. They can leave comments and approve multi-stage design processes. 
  • Automation: Easily put your project on autopilot with one of the best free Slack alternatives in the industry. You can automate your repeated processes and set triggers to automate the basic work. By creating triggered processes, you can easily streamline your workflow. 
  • Notes: You can access the Hive notes directly through the application and create your meeting agendas. These notes can be edited and collaborated on in real-time. This team chat app gives you access to pre-developed templates as well. 


  • Easily assign tasks to specific members. 
  • Offers an interactive interface.
  • Offers a scalable and redundant team chat platform.


  • Lacks a robust client management process. 
  • Lacks billing transparency.
  • Limited search and filter options. 

Hive has three plans to choose from – Solo, Teams, and Enterprise. 

With Hive, you get access to a free plan, where you can create unlimited projects, organize tasks in Gantt charts, and build custom emojis.

14. Workplace from Meta

Leading Slack Alternative with Auto Translate

Workplace from Meta is an all-in-one business communication tool that levels up your company communication and enhances your team engagement

Workplace from Meta is an all-in-one business communication tool that levels up your company communication and enhances your team engagement. 

Best Features

  • News Feed: Prioritize your posts and stay up-to-date with the information you care about with the news feed. This team collaboration tool uses machine learning to take cues from your Workspace groups and connections, showing you all the important information.
  • Events: Use Workplace events to create meaningful moments and create a culture of inclusion. These company-wide events let you engage your employees and send up to 100k invites at a time. You can easily share information before or after an event through Workplace. 
  • Auto Translate: This alternative to Slack nurtures a culture of inclusivity across your organization with real-time translations. The platform automatically uses Meta’s world-class machine learning technology to translate posts between multiple languages. It supports over 91 languages. 
  • Polls:  Get a deeper insight into your workplace culture and trends with the help of polls. This helps you build stronger communities at work and give your team a real voice. Workplace from Meta is amongst the leading alternatives to Slack for creating polls. 
  • Actionable Insights: Find out more about how your employees are utilizing your workplace with the help of actionable insights. You can discover key data and new ways to connect and organize your workplace. You can better engage with your team by tracking group and work behavior trends.


  • Easily onboard new employees with a knowledge library.
  • Livestream events for your remote employees.
  • Offers an interactive interface.


  • Lacks a digital whiteboard feature during video conferencing.
  • Lacks a native screen sharing option. 
  • Slight learning curve.

Workplace from Meta offers a single paid plan for its users.

With Workplace from Meta, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can create an unlimited number of groups, highlight posts, and translate them automatically.

15. Twist

Top Alternative to Slack for Asynchronous Communication

Twist is designed for flexible and agile teams looking for a new, advanced way of working together

Twist is designed for flexible and agile teams looking for a new, advanced way of working together. 

Best Features

  • Team Channels: Organize all of your discussions and topics with the help of team channels. You can add a name and description to your channel so the employees can easily identify its scope. These channels help your team fetch information easily.
  • Conversation Threads: Threaded discussions offer an efficient way of focused communication and collaboration. These are systematically organized in your dashboard, allowing you to locate any information or file effortlessly. Twist is amongst the leading alternatives to Slack for creating conversation threads. 
  • Asynchronous Communication: Twist offers a flexible future of work with an asynchronous team messaging app. Your team can connect, collaborate, focus, and finally disconnect on their timeline. You can make space for deep, focused work by replacing real-time video or audio calls with async message threads. 
  • Comments and Reactions: Comments offer a more inclusive way of collaborating with your team. You can tag a specific member or all the people in your conversation thread. This team chat app also offers an extensive library of emoticons which you can use to react to the comments. 
  • Email Forwards: Twist allows you to manage your content, projects, and share files through the interactive interface. Email forwards can send work-related files and group conversations directly to Twist. The application offers dedicated Twist email addresses for your channels and threads. 


  • Offers an advanced search option. 
  • Easily group your messages by topics. 
  • Customize your channel or thread notifications. 


  • Lacks an interactive mobile application. 
  • Slight learning curve. 
  • Lacks advanced third-party integration options. 

Twist has two plans to choose from – Free and Unlimited.

Twist offers a free plan to its users, where you can add unlimited guests and access 30 days of conversation history.

16. HighSide

Best Alternative to Slack for Controlled File Sharing

HighSide offers a decentralized, encrypted platform that protects and controls access to your sensitive data

HighSide offers a decentralized, encrypted platform that protects and controls access to your sensitive data. 

Best Features

  • Data Management: This collaboration tool offers a secure and controlled environment where you can classify, manage, and share your data. Your team can classify and organize data without the need to have access to the data itself. This lets you store your intellectual property and sensitive files on the database. 
  • Secure Collaboration: This is one of the most secure collaboration platforms, enabling members to communicate and collaborate on multiple projects. You can chat with your team through a desktop or mobile application. It offers a familiar user experience with extensive collaboration features while ensuring unmatched security or data privacy. 
  • Controlled File Sharing: HighSide offers an encrypted SecureDrive, through which you can make your data available without sacrificing control. You can facilitate remote collaboration by sharing files across your organization while maintaining centralized visibility and control. 
  • Encrypted Video Conferencing: Ensure your team stays secure, compliant, and productive with secure voice and video calling and screen sharing options. You can make one-on-one voice chat or multi-user video calls and share your screen through your desktop or mobile phone. 
  • User Management: Keep your data and organization secure by managing data permissions, devices, and geo-location access. Zero Trust and passwordless authentication eliminate the chances of spoofing, phishing, or a socially engineered attack. Highside is amongst the leading alternatives to Slack for managing users. 


  • Offers an encrypted and secure team chat platform.
  • Share your screen during video calls. 
  • Makes sure that your employees are updated with desktop file syncing. 


  • Does not offer an interactive user interface.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Lacks an efficient and interactive mobile application. 

HighSide has three plans to choose from – Business, Enterprise, and Government. 

With HighSide, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can sync your files, control user device authorizations, and access unlimited cloud storage.

17. Salesforce Chatter

Leading Slack Competitor for Accelerating Innovation

Salesforce Chatter empowers your employees to do more by sharing their expertise, files, and data across the organization

Salesforce Chatter empowers your employees to do more by sharing their expertise, files, and data across the organization.

Best Features

  • Groups: Efficiently organize your topics and team members with the help of Chatter groups. You can create a public, private, or unlisted group for your organization. Anyone can join and contribute to the public group, but one can only find a private group but cannot join it. On the other hand, unlisted groups are not searchable, and members have to be invited individually. 
  • Actions and Endorsements: Chatter allows users to create custom actions, approve reports, and update orders, all through a single interface. You can also connect your data and records to the internal system and track everything on the centralized dashboard. 
  • Feed Tracking: Chatter has a similar feed structure to Facebook. Your team can post the information and announcements for the rest of the members here. You can also assign a task to a team member directly from the feed post. 
  • Quick Actions: A project manager or Chatter admin can create quick actions for the entire team. This helps users to quickly perform certain actions like questions, polls, or attach files. These actions can be reorganized, added, or removed per the page layout. Chatter is one of the top alternatives to Slack for creating quick actions. 
  • Profile Customization: All employees can personalize their profiles by adding their profile picture, job title, and status. You can add images, files, or information to your status page. The platform also allows you to follow your team and stay updated. 


  • Offers an organized structure for managing teams and workflows. 
  • Keep track of your team member’s activities. 
  • Offers advanced notification customization options. 


  • Lacks a built-in dialer.
  • Does not offer advanced search and filter options. 
  • Limits your file sizes.

Salesforce Chatter has four plans to choose from – Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. 

Salesforce Chatter offers a free demo to its users, where you can manage your leads, collaborate with your team, and get access to workflow automation. 

How to Choose the Best Slack Alternative?

Choosing the perfect team collaboration app for your organization can make all the difference when managing projects or scaling your business. However, you should consider a few factors before choosing the best Slack alternative for your organization. 

1. Audio and Video Calling

A team collaboration app should include both audio and video conferencing features. These help you stay in close touch with your team and create an integrated work environment. The best alternative to Slack would be offering an in-built audio and video option and screen sharing features.

2. Task Management

A collaboration software is useless if you can’t manage your tasks through it. When choosing the best Slack alternative, you should ensure that the tool includes robust features for assigning and organizing and act as task management software. A tool where you can convert messages into actionable tasks would be really helpful. 

3. Topic Organization

As your organization grows, you work on multiple projects and need a tool to help you communicate without confusion. When looking for a Slack competitor, you should ensure that the application allows you to segregate and organize your topics and chats efficiently. You should also be able to add employees to groups, so everyone is updated. 

4. Workflow Optimization

If you are a medium or a large business, the success of your projects would depend upon how efficient your workflow is. Therefore, you should make sure that you choose a tool that lets you divide your projects and tasks with Kanban boards, channels, discussion boards, or Gantt charts, acting as a workflow management tool

5. End-to-End Encryption

All of your files and sensitive information are shared directly through the team communication tool. Hence, you should choose one that is secure and cannot be hacked easily. When choosing a Slack alternative, you should read into the security guidelines of the tool and how efficiently it encrypts all your data.

Which Alternatives to Slack are Better For Team Communication?

The best team communication tool, which is better than Slack, would depend upon your strategic goals, your employees' skillset, and your industry's needs.

  • If you want an alternative to Slack with Kanban Boards for organization, Chanty or Mattermost might be good. 
  • If you are looking for a team communication software with the screen sharing feature, you can try RocketChat or Microsoft Teams
  • When looking for a Slack alternative with audio messages, Troop Messenger or Discord might be better. 

Before you decide on a tool for your team, you should ensure that you value and boost your team collaboration. We have a guide on online collaboration tools for teams to help you pick the right software for your business. 

Best Overall


Get more work done together with your team with secure unlimited messaging and meet more efficiently with hassle-less video calling.
Best for Developer Collaboration


Make your work flow with a secure, flexible, and integrated open-source platform created exclusively for developer collaboration.
Best for Omnichannel Service


Own your data, customize anything, integrate everything with the world's largest open-source communication platform, and let every conversation flow.
Best for Screen Sharing

Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with your team and access the shared content anytime, from any device, to learn, plan, and innovate together.
Best for Instant Messaging

Troop Messenger

This business chat application lets your team collaborate one-on-one, meet in a group, send bulk messages, or connect securely via video calling.

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