52 LinkedIn Statistics Marketers Should Know in 2024

Updated Dec 2, 2022.
LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for job seekers and businesses alike. The site can be used to find jobs, connect with potential employers, research companies, and advertise your products and services.

LinkedIn is also a great way to stay up-to-date on industry news and trends. Launched in May 2003, the popular social media platform has grown to over 822 million members in 2022.

The service is growing rapidly. And with its recent Microsoft acquisition, LinkedIn will only become more integral to the business world. This blog article will look at some interesting LinkedIn statistics that will help you take advantage of this powerful platform!

Key Statistics

  • Over 80% of LinkedIn users are college educated.
  • The median household income of a LinkedIn member is $109,000 per year.
  • LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform among adults in the United States.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective platform for lead generation, with 80% of B2B marketers saying it’s their most effective lead gen platform.
  • 56% of LinkedIn users are male, and 44% are female.

General LinkedIn Statistics

1. In 2021, LinkedIn noticed a 55% increase in communication between connections.


That’s a significant result of the pandemic. As people could not meet in person, they communicated via LinkedIn. These comunications indicate that LinkedIn is not merely a job board but a place to network.

Your first reaction would be “no thanks” if someone added you on Facebook without knowing you and messaged you immediately to partner with them on a business venture.

LinkedIn has more credibility (except for the occasional spammers). The relationships are more professional—your propensity to reply to messages is much higher than on other platforms.

Number of 1st level connections of LinkedIn users
(Source: Statista)

2. LinkedIn was founded in 2004.


LinkedIn was introduced in 2003, a year before Facebook. As a result, it’s now recognized as the oldest social media platform. It's difficult to believe this, we know. LinkedIn was quietly gaining popularity in the background, while Facebook and Instagram dominated the social media spotlight.

Although Facebook has focused on business, this statistic shows that it has become stronger over time. Organic social media marketing statistics show that Facebook is still the top professional business platform in the world.

3. Microsoft paid $26 billion to acquire LinkedIn.


Even though it's hard to comprehend this amount, we believe it will eventually pay for itself. The company has massively increased its employees to 15,800+, working in 30 cities and 33 physical offices worldwide. That’s despite being an online platform.

4. LinkedIn revenue was more than $10 billion in 2021.


According to the annual revenue statistics, LinkedIn has increased sales every year. It was only $243 million in 2010. It rose to approximately $8 billion a decade later. And it ultimately surpassed the $10 billion threshold and hit 11 digits in the fourth quarter of the 2021 fiscal year. The majority of the revenue is from advertising.

5. LinkedIn is regarded as the most trusted social media platform.


Most social media users enjoy using Facebook or Instagram because they have a lot of influence there. Still, according to this statistic, LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to associate yourself with a highly regarded site.

Although other platforms have experienced problems with trust and privacy issues, LinkedIn appears to have a spotless track record. Another benefit of this platform is that many individuals now do business there, so you should be confident that your business meetings and transactions are confidential.

6. 57% of all LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices.


Mobile has remained the dominant device that a number of LinkedIn users use to log in to their accounts since 2018. So when choosing your social media strategy, consider this statistic.

People will be more likely to connect with you if they can easily view your profile on their mobile devices. Regarding organic social marketing and traffic from other apps, LinkedIn receives 33.33% of its traffic from YouTube, 27.89% from Facebook, 13.58% from Twitter, and 6.62% from WhatsApp.

7. More than 50% of social traffic to B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn.

(Edison Research)

Yes, you heard correctly. Research shows that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn generate 90% of traffic from social platforms on B2B sites, with LinkedIn accounting for more than half. Every month, more people use Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn regularly proves why it’s the preferred medium for B2B marketers.

B2B Content Marketing Social Media Platform Usage
(Source: Heidi Cohen)

8. Professionals in over 200 countries worldwide use LinkedIn.


Despite having a global user base, North and Latin America have the most LinkedIn users. Other countries with a large membership are large countries like India and tiny ones like Taiwan and Singapore.

LinkedIn supports 24 languages, including English, Tagalog, Japanese, and Russian. The above statistic can be helpful because you will undoubtedly be able to connect with your target market no matter where they are in the world.

9. With 67.6 million followers, the hashtag #India is the most popular on LinkedIn.

(Hootsuite Digital Trends Report)

According to LinkedIn statistics from the best hashtag generator tools, other popular hashtags include #Management (36 million), #HumanResources (38.8 million), and #Innovation (33.2 million). The popularity of the #India hashtag among B2B marketers implies that the country shouldn't be disregarded while developing a worldwide digital marketing strategy.

LinkedIn User Statistics

10. LinkedIn has 822 million members.


To put that figure into perspective, Facebook currently has 2.74 billion monthly active users, compared to Instagram's 1 billion. Although it's not the biggest social network, LinkedIn users are worth paying attention to because it has a clear business focus.

And maybe more significantly, those 822 million members use the platform to view work-related content. Not cat videos—TikTok is available for that.

They visit daily for content marketing purposes and to see who is engaged in their field of interest. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are more than enough LinkedIn users for you to network within your specialty and increase your lead generation successfully.

Your business or brand can also produce the kind of content your network wants. People are interested in hearing from other viewpoints, especially if they can offer specialist knowledge and insight that the average Joe on the street might not have.

Number of LinkedIn users in the World
(Source: Statista)

11. 39% of users use LinkedIn Premium.


With more than a third of their user base paying for the service, LinkedIn Premium is another significant source of income for the network.

If you weren't aware, LinkedIn Premium enhances your profile by enabling extra features like InMail messaging, giving you access to LinkedIn Learning resources, and providing you with extra insights. A Premium Membership typically costs around $72.

12. Employees account for 39% of a company's LinkedIn interaction.


That makes sense because the people who care the most about your brand's success are those who work for your company. Building brand reputation through employee advocacy is a successful method for increasing your business connections.

LinkedIn growth statistics also show that employees are 14 times more likely to share content from their companies on the platform, which means your staff is a crucial component of your LinkedIn content marketing campaign.

13. The most powerful LinkedIn influencer is Richard Branson.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Of course, there are many LinkedIn influencers, those who were famous before LinkedIn was founded and those who have become well-known thanks to the platform's development.

In 2021, Bill Gates, who’s also a top influencer, contributed 50% of the most interesting articles on LinkedIn. You must use LinkedIn more if you are a fan of Bill Gates and wish to stay updated on his activities.

Top 10 Linkedin Influencers
(Source: OMR)

14. 60% of LinkedIn users want industry insights.


LinkedIn’s ability to connect working professionals in one place is unmatched. It's a great place to look for potential employers or companies to look for employees. According to LinkedIn statistics, it's also a terrific place for people to learn more about their industry.

15. LinkedIn has at least 188 million members in the US.


Based on the LinkedIn advertising audience reach figures released in July 2022, the platform has around:

  • 88 million users in India.
  • 56 million users in China.
  • 56 million users in Brazil.
  • 32 million users in the UK.
  • 24 million users in France.
  • 15 million users in Indonesia.
  • 19 million users in Canada.
  • 18 million users in Mexico.

*Please note that this number of LinkedIn users reflects the platform's registered user base and might not correspond to the number of monthly active users.

Number of Linkedin Members by Country
(Source: Statista)

LinkedIn Content Statistics

16. LinkedIn content has 15 times more impressions than job posts.


There are 9 billion content views in total. 9 billion!

LinkedIn ranks as the number one professional network service where users can educate, inform, and discover other businesses in their industry.

You're missing out if you think it’s only a job board or a place to post your CV. Every industry is seeing an increase in the number of people using the platform for communication, networking, self-education, email marketing, business growth, industry transformation, and self-education.

17. Content creation on LinkedIn increased by 60% in 2021.

(Content Marketing Institute)

To take full advantage of the audience growth in 2021, both individuals and brands improved their content marketing strategy by increasing their content output. Everyone was online because of the pandemic, and LinkedIn was no exception.

According to LinkedIn statistics, more people are creating content for the professional social media network and using it as a tool to connect with like-minded people.

Think about posting content you've created for your website on your company account or profile so that people can visit both simultaneously. Or consider coming up with some original content ideas just for LinkedIn.

18. LinkedIn users view up to 280 billion feed updates every year.

(Content Marketing Institute)

There's a high likelihood that someone has recently looked at any feed updates you have shared, and there’s a good chance that you are one of the 280 billion feed changes viewed annually.

Linkedin Site Merics
(Source: ApolloTechnical)

19. 45% of people who read articles on LinkedIn hold technical leadership roles.


There's a strong probability that upper management staff in your industry will read your content if you currently have a reasonably decent content development schedule. If so, we recommend you keep with it. Therefore, it is highly likely that someone will find your content, enjoy what they read, and share it with their LinkedIn connections. You might even be recruited or headhunted by someone with significant clout within the organization you wish to work for.

LinkedIn stats show that of the 822 million LinkedIn members, only 3 million share content. Once more, if you are someone who is now quite consistent with your content creation schedule, we urge you to keep up the good work.

Executives Rate Linkedin High on Value Gained from social Marketing Initiatives
(Source: The Next Scoop)

20. LinkedIn live streams receive 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments than ordinary videos.


As previously mentioned, LinkedIn video content receives more interactions than ordinary ones. However, live videos further up the ante, boasting incredibly high interaction rates, particularly for comments. The quantity of comments indicates how interested viewers are in the live video stream and how eager they are to participate with the participants.

LinkedIn Posts & Article Statistics

21. Companies with an active LinkedIn page receive 5 times more page visits and 2 times more engagement on LinkedIn posts.


Additionally, they receive 11x more clicks and 7x more impressions per follower. That illustrates the importance of maintaining an active and updated LinkedIn profile. Do not assume that you can leave your LinkedIn Company Page alone.

To keep your LinkedIn engagement rate high, you must frequently share updates. The good news is that all it takes to reach that greater engagement level is a single weekly post. According to our study, the perfect days to post on LinkedIn are Monday and Wednesday for B2C brands and Wednesday for B2B brands.

22. Images can double the engagement rate on your LinkedIn posts.


Carefully thought-out graphics will help you gain more traction. In other words, users will never truly see or experience your golden content if you don't stop the scroll. Imagine that I was selling billboards fifty years ago. I offer to sell you a billboard on the road with 822 million daily sets of eyes on it. If a billboard isn't made well or isn't eye-catching enough – will by-passers read it? Obviously no.

Every post you make on any social media platform, including LinkedIn, is like a billboard on a busy road. Although content is king, quality content with good graphics always wins. LinkedIn stats show that eight images per article are ideal.

For whatever reason, posts with eight images receive far more views than those with seven or even nine images. Nearly four times as many people view posts with eight images as just one. Never consider posting an article on LinkedIn without an image because so few people use LinkedIn and read articles without an image.

23. Avoid adding videos to your articles on LinkedIn.

(We Are Social)

Given the stats mentioned above, you might be tempted to publish videos in addition to images. Adding videos to your articles won't increase their interaction as much as you expect, so we encourage you to avoid doing this. Evidence indicates that users spent less time on posts with videos than ones with just a static image.

LinkedIn Median Number of Comments
(Source: Social Insider)

24. The optimal time to communicate with people on LinkedIn is during a break or lunchtime.


If your business is a B2C, you should post around midday; however, if it is a B2B, you should publish around 8:00, 10:00, or lunchtime. Wednesday is the best day to post on LinkedIn for both B2B and B2C.

25. LinkedIn users share long-form content more frequently than short-form content.


LinkedIn stats from OkDork reveal that posts with around 1900 words are shared most frequently. To give your content a boost, strive to compose articles that are between 1700 and 2100 words long. However, bear in mind that you must deliver high-quality pieces.

26. On LinkedIn, list posts and how-to posts perform the best.


You can succeed with this form of content if it fits your industry well. Because lengthier posts perform best, we advise that you divide your posts into 5, 7, or even 9 subheadings.

27. Only 1 million people have posted articles.

(The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn)

Less than 0.2% of LinkedIn's more than 500 million users have published an article. Simply republish previously published content from your blog on LinkedIn to take advantage of an untapped reach. Regarding the LinkedIn algorithm, native posts published on this site appear to receive more exposure than external links, creating a greater potential for your content.

LinkedIn Ads and Marketing Statistics

28. LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B leads, compared to other social media platforms.


According to a HubSpot study, the average visitor-to-lead conversion rate on LinkedIn is 2.74%, compared to 0.77% on Facebook and 0.69% on Twitter. In other words, compared to other social sites, LinkedIn traffic converts prospects into leads more frequently. That’s why B2B SaaS marketers use it.

Linkedin Best Social Network for Lead Generation
(Source: Hubspot)

29. Conversion rates for LinkedIn Ads are 3 times higher than those of other big platforms.

(LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

Numerous studies, including one from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, have shown that Ads on LinkedIn have a conversion rate roughly 3 times that of other significant platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind that most of LinkedIn's audience are professionals in the 25 to 50 age group while developing your digital marketing strategy.

30. Sponsored Inmails have an 11 times higher response rate than emails for SaaS companies.

(Edison Research)

That does not imply that you should not get email marketing software for your business. Replicon, a SaaS provider, uses sponsored InMail to reach decision-makers. However, it demonstrates that personally contacting decision-makers on LinkedIn can be successful.

Senior executives most likely have many emails in their inboxes that they will never view, much less read. InMail, sponsored by LinkedIn, provides a special channel for communicating with decision-makers in your target audience.

31. Ads accounted for one-third of LinkedIn’s annual revenue in 2021.

(Business Insider)

The platform generates a respectable amount of money via advertising, in addition to income sources like LinkedIn Premium. In 2021, digital marketing and advertising accounted for almost 33% of total revenue, according to LinkedIn business statistics.

32. LinkedIn adverts can reach 13% of the global population.

(Pew Research)

Although it may not seem like much, the number of people you may reach with your ad is substantial when you consider that LinkedIn must compete with all the other social media platforms for users' attention. Obviously, this will be less if your business caters to a specialized market.

A LinkedIn ad exposure is quite important. We strongly advise you to do so if you want to increase your marketing spend for LinkedIn advertisements in the future. That is due to a 33% rise in the buyer's purchase intent following exposure to ads on LinkedIn. This strategy is fairly successful and demonstrates how LinkedIn ads may significantly influence the purchasing process.

33. Google Ads are more expensive than LinkedIn Leads.


If you have an online presence for your business, you have certainly used Google ads before. It makes sense; Google is one of the biggest online marketing firms, and they undoubtedly offer a well-designed ad package.

The following LinkedIn facts can make you reconsider your strategy: LinkedIn's cost per lead is 28% less expensive than what Google ads provide. By switching to advertising on LinkedIn, you can obtain the ideal leads for your company or brand while spending 28% less than you would if you advertised on Google.

34. Most B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is their most valuable source of leads.


That figure is perhaps a little low, given that 80% of B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. But most B2B marketers consider LinkedIn a rich source of high-quality leads for their business than other platforms. 59% of the surveyed B2B marketers claimed LinkedIn is where they get most of their leads.

The figure would likely be substantially higher if you divide the 33% of respondents who don't know exactly where their leads come from. LinkedIn is nonetheless twice as efficient as Facebook and Twitter combined.

Organic Social Media Platforms B2B Marketers Used to Distribute Content
(Source: Reputation X)

Statistics on LinkedIn Demographics

35. 59.9% of LinkedIn members are 25 to 34 years.


Unsurprisingly, more than half of LinkedIn’s users are in the age group when careers are beginning and developing. After all, it is a professional network. Everyone playing the content game needs to be aware of this.

Tik Tok is not Facebook. LinkedIn is not Facebook. People now use Facebook to find local news, local products, and local assistance. TikTok is used for enjoyment. LinkedIn is used for networking and business purposes. It's just how things are.

While LinkedIn is the social network where people want to network, I'm not suggesting you can't do it on Facebook. But LinkedIn is the best platform to influence the new generation of workers just entering your field of expertise.

Distribution of LinkedIn users worldwide
(Source: Statista)

36. Men use LinkedIn more frequently than women do.

(Edison Research)

According to LinkedIn demographics, 43% of users are women, and 57% are men. Women find Pinterest appealing, whereas males find LinkedIn appealing.

The fact that it is so business-related may have something to do with it, but it's also useful to know this statistic if your company has a target market within the two genders you seek to connect with.

Being on LinkedIn will be beneficial if your business or service is more geared toward guys, and making as many connections as you can significantly increase your company’s website visits.

Gender Distribution of LinkedIn users worldwide
(Source: Statista)

37. 51% of American college graduates have a LinkedIn account.

(Pew Research)

Given that 42% of Americans have a college degree, it is easy to understand why LinkedIn is one of North America's most widely used social media sites. This stat indicates that 49% of college grads use alternative channels to get employment, advance their careers, and network with others.

38. Although LinkedIn's biggest market is in the United States, 76% of its users are from abroad.


This statistic will serve you well if your company is the kind that aspires to reach consumers outside of the United States. Another stat you’ll want to note is that 44% of users are urban dwellers, while 27% are located in rural areas.

39. 45% of LinkedIn active users make over $75,000 annually.

(Pew Research, Spectrum)

LinkedIn is not just well-liked by young and middle-aged professionals but also the preferred network for top earners, according to LinkedIn usage statistics from Pew Research. That is fantastic news for marketers who want to use the platform to generate revenue and leads.

The research also found that 50% of American LinkedIn users have a household income of $80,000 to $100,000, and 37% of users are millionaires. Signing up for LinkedIn could be the place to start if you're eager to make it onto the super-rich list.

LinkedIn is the second most popular social network site among the affluent elite after Facebook. Maybe their online networking on the site contributed to their success. Although there is no way to know, it is worth a shot!

Percentage of Internet Users in Each Category on Linkedin
(Source: Business Insider)

40. 64% of American whites use LinkedIn.


According to LinkedIn usage statistics, 16% of Hispanics and 6% of African Americans make up the platform's user base, while other ethnic groups make up 14%. 5.7% of LinkedIn users in America are heavy users, indicating that they access their accounts at least twice or thrice monthly. There are 51.5% inactive LinkedIn users in the US.

41. 44% of Canadian internet users regularly use LinkedIn.


That is less than Facebook's 83%. LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular among Canadians, which may provide a fantastic opportunity to channel your networking efforts.

42. LinkedIn has more than 57 million company profiles.


That demonstrates the site's popularity with both employers and job seekers. However, some of these profiles result from LinkedIn automatically generating business company pages. Whether a member adds an organization to their profile or not, LinkedIn can take this action.

43. 92% of Fortune 500 organizations have a company profile on LinkedIn.

(Economic Graph)

It's crucial to have a strong LinkedIn presence while starting a business. It can aid new hire onboarding, team communication, and online brand reputation building.

Since large businesses know LinkedIn's potential for commercial use, 92% of Fortune 500 companies use it more frequently than any other social media site.

LinkedIn Recruitment Statistics

44. Each week, 49 million people use LinkedIn to look for work.

(LinkedIn Workforce Report)

Your page can be a valuable resource for finding possible new employees if your business is hiring. Tools like LinkedIn are even more crucial when recruiting managers cannot personally interview prospective new hires. 81% of HR experts predict virtual recruiting will continue long after the pandemic.

Candidates view and apply to jobs early in the week
(Source: NCMA Group)

45. Every minute, 6 people get hired through LinkedIn.

(LinkedIn Workforce Report)

If the previous LinkedIn statistic didn't persuade you that it's worthwhile to have a strong presence on LinkedIn, this one should. Any business looking to expand its workforce in 2022 requires a professional LinkedIn page to help recruit top talent and make the most of the platform.

46. 77 job applications are submitted every second on LinkedIn.

(LinkedIn Workforce Report)

This already astounding number is placed into perspective by the fact that 4,620 applications are sent every minute, 277,200 are sent every hour, 6.65 million are sent daily, and an astounding 210 million job applications are sent monthly.

LinkedIn remains the top recruiting tool globally because it makes it easy for users to apply for jobs and businesses to post jobs. In many circumstances, users can finish their applications and submit them without leaving the site. It is not surprising that millions send applications monthly because LinkedIn streamlines the process for both applicants and companies.

47. 40% of LinkedIn users switch jobs, companies, or careers yearly.

(Edison Research)

That implies that the potential market for your brand is constantly shifting. Every week, 40 million LinkedIn members search for employment. That indicates that if your company is currently hiring, you might be able to find your perfect match on LinkedIn.

48. Remote job postings on LinkedIn tripled because of COVID19 in 2021.

(Economic Graph)

This statistic demonstrates how factors beyond our control have altered our operations. The pandemic's main effect has been to drive a lot more business online, and LinkedIn seems to be in charge of this.

Without a doubt, they were ready for this, and as a result, they have the kind of platform you can use to post a job and find the right professional who will be worth your time, or vice versa — find a job if you’re looking for one.

Industries With the Biggest Increase in Views per job
(Sources: LinkedIn)

49. More than 180 million American employees have a LinkedIn profile.


97,000 businesses use LinkedIn to hire new professionals, and members can choose from more than 38,000 skills to highlight their abilities to potential employers. LinkedIn is an excellent recruitment tool for businesses in the United States and worldwide. According to LinkedIn user statistics, 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute in the US.

Keep in mind that using LinkedIn is more than just building your brand and sending traffic to your website. It's about finding employment prospects and getting in touch with potential employers. Given the power of this platform, there is a good possibility you’ll be able to use LinkedIn to find a job or perhaps your dream career.

50. 55% of decision-makers use LinkedIn to research companies.

(Pew Research)

Make sure your profile is of the highest caliber if you want to be seen by decision-makers on LinkedIn. It would help if you considered adding content that represents your brand.

51. 8 million professionals on LinkedIn use the #opentowork photo frame on their profiles.

(LinkedIn Workforce Report)

LinkedIn runs various initiatives to help businesses to locate the best new team members. The #opentowork photo frame is one of these programs. Through this function, people can let their network know they are looking for new opportunities. When a member uses the features, a photo frame with the words “open to work” is added to their profile image. Check out the LinkedIn FAQ page to learn how to photo frame your profile picture to show you’re available to work or network.

52. About 75% of individuals who changed jobs recently used LinkedIn to research their current employer.


This stat demonstrates why having a strong LinkedIn presence for organizations is just as crucial as for employees. According to LinkedIn statistics, using the platform to find new employees results in better matches, and 40% fewer hires quit their jobs during the first six months. That is evidence of the advantages of recruiters and employees getting to know one another better before establishing a working relationship.

LinkedIn’s popularity is rising among employees and establishing itself as a reliable source of applicants for companies, as more than 20,000 US companies use LinkedIn for hiring. Businesses quickly recognize LinkedIn as the place to find highly qualified job candidates and workers.

Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

Some of the most important LinkedIn statistics show that if you haven't started utilizing the platform, now is the best time, especially if you’re in the B2B SaaS space. Advertising on LinkedIn is easier and more effective than ever.

Examine your advertising options on the largest professional social network in the world, and start promoting your company right away by using the advice above! You'll need the best social media management software to manage, track, and automate your social media activity in one place.

  • Sprout Social allows you to schedule multiple posts for different social sites, assign team tasks, track campaign effectiveness, and seamlessly integrate with your marketing CRM software.
  • Hootsuite has advanced analytical features that allow you to track and test hundreds of social media ads by changing target audience and ad placement in real time. The tool has a 14-day free trial you can use to see if it’s right for your business.
  • Zoho Social is the Swiss army knife of social media management tools, as it has a plethora of robust functionalities that can grow your social presence fast. The tool gives you in-depth reports that help you know more about your audience, like the best time to post, which type of posts perform best, and why. Zoho Social is completely free if you’re a solopreneur or freelancer.


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