8 Best YouTube to OGG Converter in 2022 (Free & Online)

Updated Aug 3, 2022.
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YouTube is a video-sharing platform that offers tons of video and audio content for you. There is almost no type of content you cannot find lots of videos about on YouTube, However, it can be challenging to watch your favorite YouTube videos and audios within an internet connection.

There are many ways to download YouTube videos for free, the most popular and easiest involves the use of a YouTube downloader and converter. 

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 with YouTube to MP3 converters is popular. However, if you are looking to save storage space and enjoy better file quality, the best option is to use a free and online YouTube to OGG converter. 

What is OGG? An open and restriction-free multimedia container maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation that stores files. It is relatively smaller than the popular MP3 audio format. The OGG file format stores song metadata like track data and artist information. 

Converting videos and audio from YouTube to OGG format requires the use of a proper converter. There are so many YouTube to OGG converters in the market, testing them one after the other is time-consuming and not effective.

In this article, you will learn about 8 of the best YouTube to OGG converters (free and online). You will learn about the key features of each tool so you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started.

1. Loader.to

Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Multiple Platforms

Loader.to is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Multiple Platforms

Loader.to is a free and online YouTube to OGG converter that also allows you to easily download YouTube videos directly from the internet to OGG format for offline playback.

The YouTube to OGG conversion tool is a one-stop solution to your download and conversion needs. With a simple interface where you can do all your conversion on one page, it offers great value to beginners. 

Additionally, Loader.to not only works as a single YouTube to OGG file converter but with it you can also convert entire YouTube Playlists as OGG in no time. The batch download feature is however limited to 20 videos at a time.

The conversion process on Loader.to is quick and straightforward. All you need to convert any video from YouTube to OGG format is just clicking, copying, and pasting YouTube links. When downloading in batch, you will need to specify the range of videos you are downloading from the playlist.

Loader.to also comes with a subtitle downloader that allows you to get auto-generated captions. These subtitles, created automatically by Google Translator, have a high percentage of accuracy for almost any video on YouTube.


Loader.to is a 100% free YouTube to OGG converter. Users are not required to sign up or register before using their tool

2. CoConvert

CoConvert is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter for On site YouTube Video Search

CoConvert is a web application that offers one of the fastest ways to download YouTube videos online for free. It can even download entire playlists while providing the best quality of saved videos.

The web application supports the conversion of YouTube videos to other file formats such as OGG, MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OPUS, WAV, WEBM, and MP4. Its desktop features have been optimized for mobile web apps with no restrictions so users do not have to worry about installation before using it.

This conversion tool also comes with its own native video search engine. Users do not have to go to YouTube before selecting the videos they wish to convert.

CoConvert allows you to download multiple YouTube videos online at once. And if they are grouped as a playlist, you can also convert your YouTube playlist to OGG within the same process. However, there is a limit of 20 items when attempting to convert an entire playlist.

The online application does not store any videos downloaded by its users. Also, user details are not required before using the tool. As a result, users are safe from the threat of phishing or malware scams.


CoConvert offers users a free YouTube to OGG conversion service. It does not have a premium subscription so it's open to all users.

3. Ontiva

Best Online YouTube to OGG Converter for Separating Audio and Video Layers

Ontiva is the Best Online YouTube to OGG Converter for Separating Audio and Video Layers

Ontiva is an online media conversion platform that enables you to download and convert YouTube to OGG. The website focuses primarily on converting YouTube video to MP3 files but is still a very good converter to OGG because of its cutting-edge conversion technology.

The online application allows users to download YouTube playlists, as well as clip, crop, and cut videos before downloading them. This tool makes sure that the quality of the converted retained file is retained in the OGG format. It supports unlimited downloads and conversions and users can download files downloaded up to 4 GB.

User information is protected on Ontiva. It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate encryption that makes sure that exchanges between you and their website are private. All the files on your computer are fully secured by third-party companies.

Ontiva has a simple interface that makes video conversion very convenient for amateurs and does not have ads that clutter the page. Almost everyone can use it with ease and convenience.


Ontiva Premium Plan

Ontiva is a free YouTube to OGG converter that helps users to convert their YouTube videos to OGG, MP3, MP4, or WAV format. If you want to enjoy more features beyond what its unregistered plan allies, you have to register for the service.

The online application offers two registration plans for users: free registration and paid registration. Its paid subscription comes with advanced features like an unlimited amount of trimmed videos, text addition, and unlimited YouTube playlists download.

4. SaveTheVideo.com

Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Personal Use

SaveTheVideo.com is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Personal Use

SaveTheVideo.com is a web application that can convert YouTube videos to OGG format. This converter works online, there is no need to install any software on your computer or mobile phone.

The MP4 converter has a clean, simple user interface that enables smooth navigation of the site. It is suitable for personal and non-commercial use.

In terms of video editing, this conversion tool also has a video trimming function. You can edit the video or audio file online by clicking on the “Cut File” switch button located next to the download button. You can then choose your preferred start and end times.

SaveTheVideo.com loses points for being unable to download YouTube videos from their site. It has a download function that can support several sites but YouTube recently was removed from the list of supported sites.

The online application still has some useful features such as being able to separate and merge audio and video from files you have converted. Apart from this, video subtitles and closed captions can be downloaded if they are available with the video.


SaveTheVideo.com is free to use. The cost of maintaining the service is covered by its support of ads on the platform.

5. Convertio

Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Cloud-based Conversion

Convertio is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Cloud based Conversion

Convertio is a browser-based YouTube converter that works on all platforms. There is no need to download and install any software. It is also ad-free and requires no registration. You can use the online application to convert YouTube files to OGG.

When using Convertio, you can perform editing functions like cut, rotate, and flip on your file. Convertio also supports a host of advanced options for editing when converting to OGG. For example, with the video converter, you can set the quality, aspect ratio, audio channel, and codec of your video.

All conversions take place in the cloud and will not consume any capacity from your computer. The only disadvantage is that the size of the file you can convert at once is limited to 100 MB.

The YouTube converter allows you to upload videos from your computer or paste the YouTube URL of the video you want to convert. You can also use cloud storage and file-sharing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox to upload files for conversion. 

A major drawback of Convertio is that navigation on their site is not as simple as other sites for new users.


Convertio Pricing Plan

Convertio is a freemium service that allows users to convert YouTube videos to OGG format. If you want access to more features such as concurrent download and more file size upload capacity, you have to subscribe to its premium plans.

There are three levels of paid plans: light, basic and unlimited plans. The light plan costs 9.99 per month and allows you to convert files up to 500MB and 25 conversions concurrently. The basic plans cost 14.99 with a 1 GB maximum file size and 50 concurrent conversions. 

The unlimited plan costs 24.99 with unlimited file size and simultaneous downloads. You can save up to 40% on each plan with a yearly subscription.

6. VideoProc

Fastest YouTube to OGG Converter

VideoProc is the Fastest YouTube to OGG Converter

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software that allows you to edit and convert YouTube videos to OGG format at a fully accelerated speed.

The program enables you to batch download and convert videos, meaning you can convert an entire playlist in one click. You are also able to convert your YouTube playlists to OGG in batch in super quick time due to level-3 GPU acceleration that can convert playlists up to 47x faster than in real-time. 

VideoProc can perform this function due to the support of level-3 GPU acceleration that is fully supported by Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs. It can instantly detect what GPU your system possesses and use its hardware accelerator.

The YouTube to MP4 converter also possesses 370 input codecs including H.264 encoder, the most popular of these codecs. It speeds up video transcoding and processing while optimizing file size and retaining excellent output audio and video quality. The quality of its encoder also prevents any possibilities of CPU crashing or overheating.

VideoProc has its inbuilt downloader which can allow you to run unlimited downloads. In addition, it has a video editor for cutting, cropping, adding subtitles effects, and changing the aspect ratio to your preferred choice.


VideoProc Pricing Plan

VideoProc is available for free download. The online application offers three premium plans that offer yearly or lifetime services in single-user and family plans. They are the one-year license, lifetime license, and family license. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee on its premium plans.

7. YouTube-OGG

Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Offline Storage

YouTube-OGG is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter for Offline Storage

YouTube OGG is one of the most efficient YouTube to OGG converters you can use in 2021. The site, created in 2012 has been consistently updated to keep it up to date with the latest conversion tools. As long as the file is not under copyright protection, YouTube-OGG.com can download it in a matter of minutes.

As it directly converts files from YouTube, all you need to do is paste the copied YouTube URL in the Video URL box on its website and click “Download”.

Unlike most conversion sites, there is no need to do an extensive search to look for the OGG conversion tool. All the supported formats are listed in the box where you insert our video link.

Note that YouTube-OGG.com supports ads. A new tab will appear on your browser containing an ad when clicking links which may create clutter.

One negative feature of YouTube-OGG is its inconsistencies with downloading. In some locations, converting YouTube videos is not possible. Despite being unavailable globally, the website still has gained popularity because of its convenient range of outputs. 

The YouTube-OGG website does not have an editing feature. Although there will not be too much quality loss, the inflexible nature of the site means you can only edit the OGG after downloading it.


YouTube-OGG website is a completely free online media conversion application. It helps users convert YouTube videos to OGG format for free.

8. YouTubeConvert

Best YouTube to OGG Converter with Simple Trimming Function

YouTubeConvert is the Best YouTube to OGG Converter with Simple Trimming Function

YouTubeConvert is a web application that performs basic YouTube to OGG conversation. It also offers an easy way to clip, trim and convert YouTube videos to OGG video and audio formats. Using their website requires no installation or registration.

The YouTube to OGG converter is compatible with all Mac, Windows, and mobile operating systems and only requires an up-to-date browser.

YouTubeConvert has a link to audio and video cutters. You can use their online YouTube video cutter to trim YouTube videos down to your specific length.  Their cutting tool can support the conversion of videos up to 45 minutes in length. This limitation is to allow their servers to convert videos with optimal speed.

In addition to YouTube to OGG conversion, the web application provides a separate shortcut for cutting YouTube audio and video. It blocks the conversion of copyrighted content and music.

The user interface of YouTubeConvert is easy on the user but is bottlenecked by irrelevant tabs that clutter your browser. Third-party ads are supported by the site to cover the cost of maintenance.


YouTubeConvert is free to use for converting YouTube videos to OGG format. It does not require any installation or user registration.

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