20 Best Hashtag Generator Tools for Social Media in 2024

Updated Jan 11, 2023.
Best Hashtag Generator Tools for Social Media

Do you know that having an intelligent, purposeful hashtag strategy is the key to reaching your social media success?

Because we live in an age of no approval, we forget how easy social media has made it to reach people. The whole world became a neighborhood, and instead of giving out fliers, your posts will spread the word.

With more automated Growth Tools like BigBangram guaranteeing to gain you 40-50 followers per day and more organically-approaching tools like FanBump staying close with 150-1,000 new followers per month, there are no alternatives remotely close to Growth Tools when it comes to growing Instagram accounts.

With Hashtag Generator Tools, you’ll cut out hours spent on useless accounts, find your audience, and be able to present your content or product to people who’ll be interested in you.

What are the Best Hashtag Generator Tools for Social Media?

1. HashtagsForLikes.

HashtagsForLikes is the Most Reliable Instagram Growth Tool Commonly Used for Instagram and Twitter Marketing.

hashtagsforlikes hashtag generator tool

This is easily the safest Instagram Growth Tool to attract dozens of new followers daily and make it seem organic.

This sophisticated interface is designed with a mapped-out analytics dashboard, smart hashtag algorithm, customer success manager, and growth-focused engine.

HashtagsForLikes is a platform known for a multitude of customizable features that will maximize your follower count and elevate your content closer to trending feed.

It can be configured to calculate your posts to be audience-preferred, analyze the quality of your current hashtags and provide better alternatives, build a rich repertoire of effective tags, and adapt itself to any niche of your choice.

They provide the most relevant and trending hashtags based on your search query and tailored to the specific needs of your account.

You get the insights on every tag’s popularity through unique posts, average likes, and hashtags reach. And, you get related, popular, and trending hashtags based on your search.

The tool analyzes your previous posts and provides clear guidelines for you to separate the well-performing from the unsuitable hashtags. It tells you which tags to use for which content, for what audience, and which ones to avoid.

You get the perfect balance between popular tags and more obscure, niche-related ones.

So, you broaden your audience with exposure slightly out of your niche and raise your brand’s status.

You will grow your number of followers by 3 – 5% weekly with this tool.

hashtagsforlikes sample hashtags

They don’t use automated software, so all engagement they facilitate is created manually.

Because they don’t pile up clients and leave every account’s growth up to a pre-programmed bot, they can cater to each account individually and with full force.

Your account grows through the organic, daily targeted audience engagement, with a specific, set-out plan for your account’s growth.

Their database gets updated regularly so you are guaranteed only the best performing hashtag suggestions, no matter the popularity of your niche.

Unlike Instagram bots, they work within Instagram’s terms and conditions of use.

Although you are using a third-party tool to enhance your account’s performance, you are not violating any automation or copyright policies.

This way, you are protected from being banned or suspended. You don’t have to worry about security breaches or cyber theft of any kind, as it’s 100% safe.


They offer two pricing plans for a monthly and weekly subscription each.

Prices start at $19 per week for the Regular plan and $25 for the Pro, which is quite reasonable in comparison to other Instagram growth companies that charge more and offer much less.

The difference between the two plans lies in how long you need to use their services. You can pay $19 weekly, here and there, to jumpstart the engagement of particular posts on your feed.

However, if you want to flourish your account, by and large, and you've been satisfied with the results, you should consider signing up for a monthly subscription. The monthly plan will cost you $59 for the Regular and $8 for the Pro.



  • Always responsive technical support
  • Sign up process is quick and easy
  • You’ll gain 3 – 5% of your current followers every week
  • Excellent for boosting Instagram and Twitter marketing campaigns
  • TikTok-oriented program for a cross-platform promotion
  • Trusted by over 11,000 agencies
  • Featured at: The Drum, Oberlo, Influencive…
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time
  • They are 100% safe with no security breaches

If you are looking for an always-reliable marketing strategy to keep your brand standing out of the crowd, look no further. With their manual system, you’ll undoubtedly be their priority whenever you need so.

With a 14-day money-back guarantee and a flexible payment program where you can cancel and come back to it at any time, you shouldn’t be waiting for long to sign up.

2. Kicksta.

Kicksta Attracts More Real Followers on Autopilot than any other Hashtag Generator Tool with their Cutting Edge AI Technology.

kicksta hashtag generator software

Kicksta provides the best alternative to directly purchasing followers, likes, and engagement. It facilitates account’s growth through liking.

This is no drawback as it neutralizes the sometimes intrusive follow/unfollow method and time-wasting fake accounts it can generate.

It hits the bullseye, as far as targeting the right accounts goes, carefully constructing a list of the most inquisitive consumers of your content, and attracts them gracefully.

Kicksta provides a state of the art hashtag search engine, with the tag suggestions filtered through Top, Random, and Best Match category.

This user-friendly interface is equipped with a profound targeting algorithm, a dashboard detailing all you need to know about your posts and targets, a highly-informative blog with step-by-step guidelines for all your Instagram aspirations amongst other features.

After the sign up, you provide Kicksta with target Instagram accounts that post content within your niche, with the audience that you aspire to attract.

You should look for competitors on a small scale and industry’s leading brands and influencers you take inspiration from to construct your target list.

Kicksta will then go through your list of targets, find all the accounts that are following these influencers, and like one or two of their photos each.

This “tap on the shoulder” approach puts you on equal footing with your rivals in recruiting some of the audience through niche search.

Their account receives a notification that their photo has been liked by an account comparable to their current fields of interest.

In all likelihood, they will return the favor, and the ones that get hooked by your post feed will become your new followers.

Once you’ve entered your target accounts and put them into action, Kicksta will track each of the target’s performances. Little icons next to each target will show you how much you are benefiting from them (Ranging from Poor to Excellent).

kicksta targets

You’ll be informed when a target has been depleted, meaning Kicksta has liked photos from all the target’s followers so you can replace it with a new one.

There’s proven evidence of better results when using hashtags in combination with usernames when targeting audiences.


There are two different pricing plans. The Standard plan is $49, and the Premium one is $99. You can see the difference in the features.

kicksta pricing

It is a 14-day money-back guarantee, pay as you go, cancel at any time, no software to install tool.


  • You can set targets based on location
  • You receive weekly performance report emails
  • You get advised by the Customer Success Manager on target improvement
  • An account of 500 followers will record about 75 new followers in the first month (15%)

For organic growth with filtered out spam accounts, Kicksta is straightforward and reliable.

With their efficiency and rich archive of social media strategy in their blog, and a 14-day free trial, there is not a reason for you not to give them a try.

3. Inflact

Multipurpose Instagram Growth Tool that’ll Generate Hashtags with Photo, URL or Keyword in Any Language.

ingramer instagram marketing toolkit

Uses AI technology to generate hashtags sorted by popularity, activity, and difficulty, based on the photo, URL, or keyword you’ve sampled.

This tool will fully automate your brand’s growth.

With Target Growth Feature, Hashtag Generator, Instagram CRM, Instagram Search, Direct Messenger, Scheduled Posting, and Profile Analyzer, your profile’s success is a certainty.

Amongst the tools on your dashboard these will help you to:

Direct Module – Set up a Direct Chat for numerous accounts, navigate bulk-messaging and auto-replies, label users, leave notes and contact details, set up automatic replies for FAQs.

Posts – Create a schedule to publish your Posts and Stories. The auto-updated description enables you to preview and test multiple tag sets per post.

Profile Analyzer – Spy on your competitors marketing strategy, and analyze your performance as well. Do an analysis weekly and compare the engagement rate with the contrasting approaches.

Instagram Downloader – Download photos, IGTV Videos, Posts, Stories in their original quality, and reuse it for another website.

It applies automated likes and follow/unfollow strategy.

After you sign up, connect your Instagram profile to the service.

Then, you target your audience, set up the daily activity limits, and watch your account grow.

You can choose to target your audience based on hashtags, follower count, username, and location.

Social media marketing-related usernames can elevate urban, up-in-coming brands in combination with the right trending hashtags.

Brick and mortar businesses, for example, can greatly benefit from location targeting, when people tag their location.

You can even edit the posts that were published before you purchased Inflact, where you can automatically update descriptions and hashtags. This unique feature has proven to increase your reach by 3X.

This tool is practically undetectable to the Instagram third-party, automated activity radars. Inflact evaluates if the recent activity has been too inorganic, and temporarily lowers the likes and followings, thus it protects you from ever being banned.


The starting prices for each program are:

2 Weeks – $37
1 Month – $57
3 Months – $144

ingramer prices


  • The Profile Analyzer gives valuable info on post number, engagement by the day, average user’s page activity, top hashtags and captions, user’s interests, most commented and liked posts
  • You can gain over 40 followers daily once you’ve developed your strategy
  • Additional filters on gender, follower count, profile category through the search, and you can get results sorted based on the account’s age and follower number, which is going to help you select suitable followers for your industry
  • You can boost your sales and strengthen client communication through Insta Direct Chat

There isn’t a growth tool on the market that’s going to promote your brand on a cross-platform level like Inflact. There are no limits to its features like there’s no limit to engagement it will generate for you. Give it a try.

4. Tailwind.

Excellent Tool for Cross-platform Marketing, Product Promotion, and Community Building.

tailwind social media growth tool

No matter how similar your posts are and how rehashed your tags are, Tailwind’s search generator will provide you with a customized set of suggestions for each new post.

The tag suggestions get sorted under competitive, niche, best categories, ready to be the lifeblood of your scroll-stopping posts.

Tailwind enables auto-posting content and adds tags in the first comment of the post. If you don’t want your post feed in clutter, you can spread the tags automatically through the first comments and clean out your captions.

You can create lists of hashtags and save them for future use.

Tutorial videos guide you through a step-by-step process so that you use every asset the software provides to your advantage.

With SmartSchedule, Tailwind notifies you when is the best time to post specific content, through a calculation of audience engagement.

Hashtag Finder merges the super-popular with the niche-relevant tags, creating a custom-tailored stockpile for you to use.

With Content Plans, you get to pick out ready-to-use post ideas, customized to your brand or business type, so you can post when lacking inspiration even.

Visual Planning allows you to drag and drop your 9-grid for a preview.

tailwind dash

With Smart.Bio, you can create your brand’s customized landing page, to steer the flood of traffic from your IG bio to your post feed, for free.

Add Clickable links on any Instagram post you choose.

Your landing page will be updated for everyone to click through to your website, blog, or product listing.

Like clickable links, knowing how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what’s going to lead you to Massively Grow Your Website Traffic.

Use Profile Performance to evaluate your performance.

You can track and compare the most valuable growth metrics in comments, followers, and likes.

With Post Inspector, you can micromanage your growth, by getting insights into your top-performing posts, so that you can take notice of what types of posts are the most popular amongst your audience.

Summary Reports provide you details on follower activity, and can be chosen to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can boost your engagement with automated publishing, and schedule stories and multi-image posts. You have the chance to show your characters to potential followers with these collages.

You can also use Caption Formatting and Comment Monitoring, to dissect your feed’s performance before and after you post.

You can contact Tailwind directly to access enterprise and agency tools:

Full profile reporting, Influencer campaigns, Industry trends, A Content discovery engine, Dedicated support, etc.


You can try the tool out for 30 posts for free.

If you purchase the monthly plan, it will cost you only $9,99.

It’s billed annually, with all the features from above unlocked, no credit card needed.

tailwind pricing


  • Cross-promotion marketing with Pinterest
  • You are allowed two collaborations in your monthly program
  • Grow your business with clickable links to your website, blog, or product listing
  • The responsive support team offers video and email support

Take advantage of the quick, free-of-charge sign-up and try out the 30 free posts, no strings attached. When you see the results, you won’t think twice about going for a monthly program.

5. BigBangram.

Multi-purpose Tool that will Customize the Hashtags for your Audience Growth and Increase Your Brand’s Sales.

bigbangram instagram hashtag generator

You can generate the most attention-grabbing hashtags, by sampling your keyword, URL, or a photo into its search engine.

You can filter the suggested tags by difficulty or popularity to create the best tag combinations that will catch the eye of the trending algorithm.

Their features include:

Auto Follow Bot

Uses its powerful targeting filters to discover and reach out to the accounts that will most likely be interested in your content.

They vouch for the effectiveness of the follow-back approach.

Auto Like Bot

You get to embark on a targeted liking tour.

You get the opening to like posts from certain users or the ones that use certain hashtags.

You choose, and the tool automates the process, which means you’ll get to see an influx of mutual likes.

And, the more engagement you have, the easier it’s going to be to Monetize Your Instagram Account and Make Money.

Auto Unfollow Bot

Gives you control over who you follow by filtering out irrelevant accounts.

You can unfollow up to 100 accounts in one click.

You can specify exactly how many accounts you want to unfollow by making a list.

Daily Limits

The tool arranges time-tested daily limits of automated follow and like activity, that’s enough to gain you 40 to 50 followers each day.

You can experiment by lowering or increasing the activity through the dashboard settings.

Auto DM’s

Allows you to stay in touch with a mass number of followers at the same time, with welcome messages, promotional messages, contest giveaways, and announcements.

Again, you can select a particular group to send out these messages.

Auto Commenting

Allows you to provide fast responses to new comments and replies.

It also collects your comments in one location, so that you can plot your responses.

Scheduled Posting

You can mark an exact time and date to refresh your feed, with preserved photos to post.

Software Set-Up

BigBangram will set-up an Instagram promotion for you that will generate a click through rate and constant CTR up to 40%.

BBGR promotion hashtag generator

Free Proxy

It’s an excellent solution for people who use the service for three or more accounts on the same IP address.

Multiple Accounts

You can add multiple accounts to the service, which is especially helpful for freelance social media marketers who run multiple unrelated business accounts, as well as for businesses that run multiple accounts for different branches.

The sign-up is quick and easy, and you get to model your promotion on location, hashtags, competitor’s followers, or a personal contact list.

Downloader enables you to download content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


There are two pricing programs.

The first option is the Pro-Direct Messaging Program (1 month), and the second is High-Speed Mode (2 weeks).

bigbangram pricing


  • Encourage followers to visit your website with Request Collector, Videos, Cookie Notifications, and Emoji Feedback
  • Boost sales with Website Widgets like discount expiry reminder to potential clients
  • Add a coupon widget and sell more frequently
  • Boost credibility by showing customer reviews
  • TikTok promotion

There’s no tool more equipped to promote your brand, sell your products, and grow your audience. Try it out.

6. All-Hashtag.

Superb, 100% free Hashtag Generator for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Growth.

allhashtag hastag generator for instagram and facebook

All-Hashtag generates Top, Random, Live, and Similar hashtag suggestions, based on your profile goals and search query.

With Top Hashtags, you’ll generate the most popular hashtags that are based on your keywords.

These tags may be different from the topic, however, they share a correlation that will ultimately enhance your post, with the popularity they bring to your caption.

Random Hashtags suggest the tags related to your niche by analyzing posts from various niche sub-genres and random post feeds.

Live Hashtags generate the tags used in combination with your keywords in other users’ posts.

Similar Hashtags serve as sort of a 2nd card deck. By clicking on every keyword, you can get an alternative set of hashtag suggestions for that keyword.

Hashtag Generator provides you several top 30 tag suggestions, divided into groups, for your search, with added alternatives by your choice.

The Hashtag Creator is a handy, little assistant tool that saves you time from writing the # sign, for each keyword, by automatically sorting your keywords, ready for copy-paste. It’s quite useful for phone users.

The Hashtag Analytics provides you with diligent hashtag analysis, which you can take advantage of when constructing a marketing strategy.

hashtag analytics

Knowing the ranking and popularity of tags can help you use the same tag for different occasions.

You can also check out the top one hundred trending tags of the current day, last seven days, last month, and all time.

You can also get some inspiration, by checking out the most popular tags suggested for specific categories.

Call-to-action tags, like follow and like tags, as well as food, music, animals, and other niche tags are available here.


This tool is completely free.


  • Push your posts, photos, and videos for cross-platform promotion on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Provides you with multiple sets of alternative tags for every keyword, which isn’t always common
  • Free of charge

Don’t waste time on overpriced, self-indulgent tools if you can grow your profile with All-Hashtag.

7. Instavast.

Best Instagram Bot to Automatically Grow Your Followers.

instavast instagram marketing tools

Instavast generates the smartest hashtag suggestions, based on your photos, posts, and keywords.

You can upload a photo, enter a URL of your post, and search for a keyword, and the generator will provide you with the best-suited suggestions for you.

It will automate your liking, posting, following, unfollowing, commenting, and direct message activity on Instagram.

Smart Targeting allows you to attract only the most related, beneficial accounts on auto-pilot. It allows you to conduct the activity as you wish and specify the target audience.

Their privacy policy assures complete discretion, so there is no risk of anyone finding out that you use the tool.

Statistics and Analytics give you detailed insights into posts’ performances and enables you to recognize repetitive automated activity to prevent IG warnings.

You can add Unlimited Accounts and run every one of them through your dashboard.

You can send out a mass number of DM’s to your new followers or create a list to deliver a message for a specific group of accounts.

Instavast hashtag generator and targets

You can customize a different message for each campaign.

You can send out up to two hundred DM’s per day, for just $0.34.

If you want to narrow down your target audience, use filter options such as gender.

Use additional hashtags to add the location and the first comment to customize your captions.

With Instagram Post Schedule, you can save an unlimited number of drafts and scheduled posts for future use. You can also schedule the removal of sponsored posts in advance.

You are able to post photos and videos while on Desktop.

You can add watermarks to avoid plagiarism, and you can like comments as well.

You can like, reply to, or delete any comment from any post in your feed.

With Instagram Comment Manager, you can monitor and arrange all of your comments in one place on the dashboard.

You can reply to comments from any device and delete the comments you deem unsuitable and sort them under Important and Resolved.

If you want to make any changes, you can search through the whole comment/reply history.

You can buy Instagram likes and video views, but they come only from real users. You can place high among the top posts and maintain your reach with this momentum by using similar tags in the future.

You can buy likes and views and choose to use them in future posts, and you can select their source by country.


Instagram Bot, Auto DM, Comment Tracker, and Post Scheduler are each charged separately., with the Insta Bot being $15 monthly per one account, and the other being $10.

instavast pricing


  • Buy likes and views from real accounts
  • Choose the likes and comments’ source country
  • Instavast Local Proxy
  • Instagram Downloader
  • Instagram Username to ID Converter

With the 3-day, no-strings-attached, no credit card, free trial, you can test all the tools.

You can pick out just one of the four features depending on your needs, but even the whole package doesn’t go over $45, and you get everything.

8. Webstagram.

top instagramer

Instagram Hashtags is its feature, which contains over 34,000 pages, enlisted with 72 different hashtags, which makes around 2,5 billion hashtags in a sea of hundreds of different niches.

Under each hashtag, there’s a documented statistic of how many photos contain that hashtag.

When you click on each of these tags, you open a library of different posts containing that hashtag.

You get a collage of varying countries, levels of popularity, styles of content, and all of that makes for an endless stream of inspiration.

You get to see prominent, trending posts with captions containing your tag, which means you get the insight into other hashtags they’ve combined with the one you’ve searched.

You can learn from their posts, and implement the caption design, presentation style, content ideas, and so much more into your content.

You also get a slice of information out of analytics, that shows you the average like and comment ratio, as well as the number of posts with videos and photos.

You can search for photos or posts with specific usernames or hashtags.

You can easily find and repost images from other users without using a mobile device.

webstagram sample

On the homepage, you can see a list of various countries, and by clicking on each, you can see top Instagram influencers from the country enlisted.

Also on the homepage, you can see the top 100 Instagram accounts, enlisted by their popularity. These places are mostly occupied by celebrities, professional athletes,famous brands, etc.

You can visit these famous accounts to take inspiration.

It’s not easy to compare yourself to these brands, but you can accomplish a lot by striving for your personal best.

One way to do this is to Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset.

In the Locations section, you can see the most popular hashtags, captions, and posts from different cities around the world.

Again, you can see an endless amount of examples of posts from every genre out there in that city. You can copy or take inspiration from these posts.


This tool is 100% free of charge.


  • Discover an account that you can reach out to for a shout out and use the connection
  • Repost images from other users without a mobile device
  • Use proven success strategies to create engagement
  • An endless library of hashtags to copy or take inspiration from

You can learn, copy, and discover people to get in contact with, which can boost your reach. You pay no money, and the elusive trending success becomes more real, so you can only gain from giving it a try.

9. Photerloo.

This Tool Uses a Machine-Learning Algorithm to Come Up With Important and Inspired Hashtags.


Photerloo uses machine learning to capture the essence of your posts by providing you with the hashtags that are the most related to and describe your sampled photo the best.

Just drag and drop the photo, and the generator will produce a set of hashtags based on the content of your photo, which will result in the most engagement.

Upon submitting a portrait photo of a woman, for example, you will get the more general, blunt observation tag suggestions like #woman, #portrait, #smile, #girl, etc.

The same photo will then be filtered to provide you with the more specific hashtags thematically, to narrow down your target audience.

These, for example, might be #eyebrowsonpoint, #girlswhorun, #girlstalk, and so on.

Photerloo TRBSH

You can use the slider to choose the number of suggestions to be between one and fifty, and you can use another slider to increase or decrease the rate of popularity of the tags.

The hashtag archive is constantly renewed, with every new adding or removal of a hashtag from a generated list being taken into consideration.


This hashtag generator tool is completely free.


  • Analyzes the context behind your photo to cater to your precise audience
  • Machine learning assures a headstart in networking on Instagram, in comparison to accounts who use the outdated archive bots
  • Very mobile and tablet-friendly

Sometimes you have a feeling in your mind of what you want to say, but you can’t quite put it into words. This is where Photerloo comes in, as sometimes your keywords simply aren’t enough to get the targeted suggestions.

With Photerloo, you’ll be on the radar of exactly the people you want it from. You can sign up right now, as it’s free of charge.

10. Seekmetrics.

Supreme Generator Tool that will Produce the Best Suggestions for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


Some great features that Seekmetrics provide are Historical Data, Growth Tracking, One-Click Mass Export, Key Metrics, and Unlimited Reporting.

Their Hashtag Generator Tool is free to use as a demo version.

They aim to provide you with the keywords that have a long reach and a low difficulty to use. You get an unlimited amount of tag suggestions based on your searched keyword topic.

With the Historical Search volume, you can find out a 12-month search volume history for every word, and they’ll let you know when a word is on a positive or a negative trend.

seekmetrics trbs

With Competitor Keywords, you’ll get an insight into where your competitors are ranking when using Seekmetrics, and you’ll see their top keywords as well.

Use the Bulk Keyword Checker to analyte up to 700 keywords at the same time, and retrieve all the beneficial data like search volume, CPC, and so on.

Instagram Fonts Generator provides you with thousands of different flamboyant fonts to choose from for your Instagram bio. Type in the text and copy-paste it.

With Quotes Generator, you can produce several different random image quotes for any occasion to use on Instagram and Twitter.

You can use the Social Share Checker to visualize and edit the meta tag of any URL so you can update it. You get the number of social shares a website has currently received.

Instagram Fonts, Quote Generator, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram analytics, https security, FAQs, Banned Hashtags, and Social Share Checker are some of the other available tools.


There are two monthly pricing plans available with Seekmetrics.

Both are billed monthly, with the first one being $9 and the other one being $29.

The $29 version has additional features like Monthly Trends, CPC, Bulk Keyword Checker, Competitive Keywords, and Historical Search Volume.

seekmetrics pricing


  • Implement your competitor’s successful strategy into your own growth with Competitor Keywords
  • Save time with bulk-generating hundreds of words at once
  • Check whether the keywords are on the rise or have dropped in popularity and by how much, to select only the best
  • Use fancy fonts and random quotes to decorate your profile and attract new followers

Seekmetrics is an affordable generator tool that constructs a maximum-growth plan, even with the cheaper version of their program.

There are tools in there, like Social Share Checker, Bulk Keywords Checker, and Competitors Keywords, that no other tool on the market provides. It’s well worth the try.

11. TagsFinder.

A Simple and Versatile Hashtag Generator that’ll Produce the Best Hashtags for Any Niche and Location.

tagsfinder hashtag generator tool

You can search up to 10 hashtags at once, after which you’ll receive a set of tag suggestions that will bring the most exposure to your post.

You can filter your search suggestions according to your country or region so that you cater to the trending feed specific to your closest audience.

It’s easier to become recognized as a trending influencer in your niche once you’ve been featured within your community.

In your search, you can add exclusions to words like sex, gay, follow, etc.

This way, you can eliminate any unwanted suggestions from your search.

Related Hashtags will provide you with the top 30 suggestions based on your search query, calculated on the premise of the tags most commonly used alongside your search tags in post captions.

These are long-range tags, and sometimes they can differ from the intended theme.

Similar Hashtags display suggestions that contain the same word base as the searched tag, and you gain the top 30 suggestions to choose from.

To generate the Similar and Related hashtags in one search, use Combined Hashtags.

Since TagsFinder is Australia-based, you can find the most commonly used hashtags in Australia, sorted by percentage of use, as well as specific, popular local tags from numerous parts of the country.

You can expand your audience to or across Australia by using hashtags from the top tourist locations.

You’ll see a list of the most frequently tagged locations in Australia, with numerous regions and cities, and each of them with their trending parameters.

What’s incredibly useful is that this feature is available to search for trending tags from almost every tourist location in every country of the world.

You just need to pick out a place from a world map and search. Their database is adept at finding region-specific tags.

tagsfinder hashtag search

You can check out some of the notoriously banned hashtags with the Banned Hashtags feature.


Tagsfinder is free to use.


  • Get the trending hashtags for any location and broaden your audience
  • Use Combined Hashtags with local tags listed under every location to explore your reach within your niche
  • Excellent tool for Instagramers in the travel niche

This tool takes into account your niche, current trending tags, and your present location, to calculate the most captivating captions that will attract new followers, wherever you go. Try them out.

12. TagMentor.

First-rate Free Hashtag Generator for Aspiring Instagram Influencers and Business Brands in Cross-Platform Promotion.

tagmentor instagram hashtag generator

Their hashtag generator is super easy to use and has been redesigned multiple times to stay at the forefront of the Instagram growth tool industry.

It helps you to identify and target the exact audience that would be the most beneficial to you, boosting your exposure with a genuine following, meaningful comments, and frequent likes.

This free portal extracts information from frequently updated databases on Instagram tags, Instagram stories,Tag analytics, and so on, to help individuals and companies strategize their marketing with the most reliable sources.

They collaborate with many acclaimed data providers and research associates when deciding the credibility of the published data.

The tool’s search algorithm is specifically designed to provide tag suggestions, equally as effective on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, as it is on Instagram.

With their Text to Hashtags Converter, you can chum out the best potential hashtags from any paragraphs, phrases, or whole texts, to use in your post.

tagmentor generator

Check out the most popular and trending IG hashtags enlisted in their Popular/Trending feature.

With Tagmentor, you can download Instagram stories for free.

Their Hashtag Counter counts the number of hashtags in a text.

Tagmentor provides services for more than 100K visitors monthly, on average.

Tagmentor prides itself on its senior team being comprised of experienced company managers working in social media marketing, data analytics, and content management for over fifteen years.

Their email support team is highly-responsive and understandable.


Tagmentor is free to use.


  • Boost your exposure with genuine, long-lasting followers
  • Increase the number of significant comments and likes
  • Use the marketing strategy that’s constantly improved upon by social media marketing veterans

Tagmentor is free to use and commonly cited as one of the most effective growth tools in the industry. Go ahead, and start growing your Instagram profile today with Tagmentor.

13. Hashatit.

A Powerful Multi-purpose Search Tool that Guides You Towards the Hashtags You Need.

hashatit hashtag search tool

You type in a hashtag or a keyword into its search box, and it opens up a window of related hashtags listed in the numerous examples of posts from the other accounts.

This way, you can see what other people are using in combination with your hashtag in their caption.

You can click on their photo and open up their post feed in a new tab so that you can follow them or simply get in contact with someone of mutual interest.

You can take inspiration from their account or get introduced into their social circle since you’re in the same niche.

All the searched keywords will be marked so you can distinguish them amongst all posts and compare them to the other tags they’re used in the caption with.

You can track mentions, URLs, and keywords through this versatile tool.

Hashatit is equally as effective on the other social media platforms as it is on Instagram.

Hashatit meticulously researches social media sites in real-time, giving its users 1st hand data on the latest hashtag changes.

A cool feature Hashatit provides is that you can embed boards on any website and share your customized hashtag boards.

The board is a valuable feature for businesses relying on remote communication or special clubs and groups.

You’ll be notified if anything spam or inappropriate is being posted on the board, and thus you can remove it instantly.

When you see a hashtag on one of your post feeds, TV shows, news articles, you can type it into a search box and learn everything about it.

You can follow, join, or share the conversation from then onwards.

It allows you to insert yourself into a trending topic discussion and gain exposure.

Hashatit branches out your engagement with instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.


When you sign up to their website, to become a community member, you’ll get the most out of your searches, follow your topics of interest and come back to them whenever you please.

In the Help Center, you’ll find the FAQ section that provides detailed guidelines for solving common challenges.

You’ll get explanations on how to sign up and find your way around the site, how to use the hashtag boards to the best of your advantage, how to create your profile URL (web-link), and everything else.


Hashatit is free of charge.


  • Gain significant exposure with instant cross-platform promotion
  • Insert yourself into trending discussions by investigating through the search box
  • Create your profile URL (web link)
  • Embed boards that you can share with your friends or colleagues

With Hashatit’s thought out guide to profile exposure, you won’t spend a second in engagement with the accounts that aren’t of utmost importance. It fits into a business marketing strategy as effortless as in an individual profile.

You don’t need money, just the will to grow your social media presence, to give Hashatit a try.

14. Display Purposes.

Reliable Hashtag Generator with a Smart Algorithm that Provides You Remarkable Hashtags With All The Filters.

display purposes hashtag generator

Its search algorithm looks for the hashtags that are commonly used in combination with the tags you’ve searched in post captions.

The generator will then recommend you thirty hashtags for your post, based on your search query.

The tool filters out any spam or banned hashtags.

display purposes search result

Every hashtag has its gallery. You can browse these galleries to see what types of images people usually include with the hashtag.

Display Purposes save your photo every time you post on your feed, under a certain niche within their archive.

The more hashtags you use, the more galleries your content appears in.

The same way, when you’re looking through these galleries for inspiration, other display purposes users’ photos are shown with the searched tag.

Each hashtag gallery has a Top and a Recent section.

Content in the Top section is calculated by how recent the photo is and how many likes/comments it has received.

Aside from filling your caption with the generated tags, you can also place them in the first comment of the post.

To achieve a clean look with tags in the first comment, you can add five dots at the beginning, each on their line, which forces Instagram to collapse the comment.

With their Map feature, you can select a city or region from any country in the world, and you’ll get the trending tags specific to that area.

The Graph feature produces a graph chart-like presentation of a hashtag’s popularity and connection to similar tags and the ones out of the target niche.

The suggested tags are filtered by relevance and popularity.

High relevance shows that the tag is commonly used with the one you’ve searched, and the high popularity means that the recommended tag is commonly used, regardless of the tag you entered.


Display Purposes are free of charge.


  • Endless archive of other successful posts to study from
  • Precise evaluation of each ]]>
  • Narrow down your target audience and expand your reach with the Map feature

Display Purposes is an efficient tool with one of the best-crafted search algorithms, that’s reliable and 100% free. Take a shot with it, and enjoy the results.


An Audience-Targeting Expert that Generates Hashtags from the Database Containing 15 Billion Different Tag Combinations.


Once you search your keywords, the tool creates the best thirty tag suggestions for your post.

Sistrix keeps accurate data on 7,7 million different hashtags, which spreads out further into over 15 billion various tag combinations.

This database is strictly updated according to current trending statistics.

You can search up to 25 queries per day, after which you’ve reached your limit, and you need to sign up to continue to use the tool.

hashtag generator of sistrix

There is a section of the most popular Instagram tags enlisted at the bottom of the homepage.

Underneath it, there's a free trial button.

It’s an opportunity to test out the tool for 14 days, 100% free.


As Sistrix is primarily an SEO Optimization-focused company, the prices of the hashtag generator will differ depending on the SEO monthly program you choose. A common price for Sistrix monthly programs is 100€.

sistrix pricing


  • Use one of the top hashtag databases in the marketing industry to adjust to every niche sub-genre there is
  • In the Sistrix toolbox, you can query unlimited data for all domains

With a half a month free trial, there is more than enough to experiment with.

You can use the endless range of their database to come up with the post feed so unique, that your rise to the trending feed will be that much easier.

16. Mr. Insta.

A Superb Hashtag Generator That Brings You 25 New Followers Every 24h For Free.

mrinsta free instagram followers

Mr. Insta provides you with targeted, high-quality Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

You need to log in to activate your account and afterward, you will be presented with targeted Instagram accounts to follow.

The profiles will be generated based on your interests, but you can exclude any of them that you don’t want to follow from the list.

After this, your free plan is activated, and within 12h Mr.Insta will provide you with 25 new, authentic followers.

Their service is a guarantee, and you can repeat the process all over again after 12h, as many times as you want. It means that you can keep growing your Instagram without limitations.

You can join one of Mr.Insta's monthly plans, to purchase free likes, comments, or more followers.


There are two plans for daily followers, and two plans for automatic likes.

There is a free service for daily followers and a monthly subscription, and it’s the same with the automatic likes.

What’s incredible is that you get 25 new followers or 20 likes within 12h for free, and you can repeat the process after an additional 12h, for as many times as you wish.

Mr.Insta is 100% safe, secure, and private.

Here are the exact details:

mrinsta pricing


  • Gain 25 new followers every day
  • Gain 20 likes on a post every day
  • Every activity generated is 100% authentic and spam-free
  • Get the service for $20 monthly that’s charged hundreds of dollars with lesser generators

Mr.Insta provides a service that’s billed hundreds of dollars with lesser results, for $20, offers unlimited free services, and you are having second thoughts?

If you want continuous growth on your IG profile, you’ll give them a shot, and you’ll be hooked.

17. FanBump.

An Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool That Will Gain You 150-1,000 Followers per Month Completely Organically.

fanbump organical hashtag generator for instagram

Thanks to Fanbump’s customized, organic strategy, no account has ever been banned by using their services.

There are no fake followers or irrelevant accounts, and you’ll gain 150-1000 followers every month, effortlessly and safely.

Upon signing up, you’ll work with your account manager.

You’ll describe your desired audience, and the manager will then create a customized list of accounts that have a similar audience to one you’ve described.

Using Targeted Engagement, Fanbump will use your account to follow and unfollow people who are already following the accounts from the manager’s list and the ones similar to them.

This puts you at arm’s reach with the accounts that have an established audience.

You show up in their notifications as an account that produces similar content to the one that the user is already following, but you have your unique spin on it.

This leads to relevant, genuinely interested people checking out your account. And, since your content is already in their field of interest, a large number of them will follow you.

fanbump trbs

Fanbump can also do targeting based on location, niche, industry, or account focus.

Fanbump tends to outperform other services by 1.5-3X.

Part of the reason for this is the account manager system.

Fanbump takes in fewer clients, and thus they are able to maximize their resources and efforts for greater results.

This enables them to build trust-based, long-lasting relationships that make clients stay with them for a long time.


There are two pricing plans.

The Professional Growth plan is $99 per month, while the Extreme Growth plan is $1500 per month.

fanbump pricing


  • Clients who didn’t continue with Fanbump retained on average over 90% of their generated followers for a long time after quitting
  • The Free Growth estimate gives you a more specific insight into an amount of new followers you should expect before signing up
  • They will add Direct Messaging on your request

Fanbump is an organic, safer than any, Instagram Growth tool that will keep a daily, proactive communication with you and notify and guide you towards gaining up to 1K new followers every month.

Start growing an audience on Instagram with Fanbump.

18. Socinator.

Affordable and Powerful Social Media Growth Tool Equipped with All of the Important Long-reach Features.

socinator social media growth tool

Socinator offers an extensive list of growth features for your Instagram.

Activity Statistics And Reports

You can check all the performance results and adjust your marketing strategy with the insight on what’s functioning well and what needs to change.

Auto Publish Posts

Schedule a preserved post to publish, and Socinator will deliver, with no push notifications required.

Auto Comment

It allows you to leave friendly comments on the posts of your target audience.

Auto Follow

Discover new potential followers within your field, and find new leads with the automated following feature.

Auto Follow-back

Maintain well-balanced relationships with your followers, and respond to a follow-back immediately.

Auto Like

Get more likes in return by targeting accounts catered to your content.

Auto Email Verify Accounts

Socinator will remember to automatically email verify accounts for you when needed.

Auto Repost

Find appealing posts within your niche and repost them on your account.

You can merge your circle of influence with the original user’s circle.

You feature their content, and you both benefit if it’s high-quality.

Auto Unfollow

Automatically unfollow the accounts that don’t follow you back.

Auto Block Followers

If the followers don’t pass the filters that you’ve set up, they will automatically get blocked.

Broadcast Messages

Deliver an important message to all of your followers.

Schedule Profile Pic Change

Just like post scheduling, you can set a date to change your profile photo.

Delete Posts

Browse through your post feed history and delete any photos or videos that didn’t evoke engagement, and keep the thriving content only. Keeping a high engagement rate will speed up your growth immensely.

Download Photos

Download any photo with no difficulty.

Efficient Account Management

Juggle between multiple IG accounts, without compromising a single one.

socinator multiple accounts

Find And Extract Engaged Users

Search for followers, followings, likers, and commenters of your engaged users, by searching, based on hashtags and keywords, to branch out your range even further.

Find And Extract Hashtags

Find accompanying hashtags for your caption.

Find And Extract Targeted Users

Search for followers, followings, likers, and commenters of your targeted users, by using search methods, based on hashtags and keywords, and be three steps ahead of your competition.

Full Account And Report Export

See the performance analysis of every post and its specific targeted engagement.

Like Comments

When you don’t want to reply with the generic, fill-in-the-blanks messages, you can show your appreciation through comment likes.

Live Chat

Chat with your audience in real-time.

Monitor Folder Feature

Auto-share photos from your folders.

Proxy Support

Run each IG account with its Http proxy.


The cheapest monthly plans (Custom Unlimited Packages and Professional) offer all of the tool’s features, with multiple other social media features.

Pay only $9,99 per month.

socinator pricing


  • An extensive list of features that will grow your account more and more each month
  • Three steps ahead with engagement with follower’s followers
  • Extremely affordable

Socinator is all you need to grow your audience and more, for a ridiculously low price.

Sign up and see it for yourself.

19. Instazood.

Instazood Offers All Automation Tools for TikTok and a Smart Targeting Strategy in One Service.

instazood TikTok bot

The Instazood bot leaves comments and likes on your targets’ posts and views their stories to initiate a response and find authentic followers for your content.

Instazood uses Auto Follow to attract potential followers to your account, in combination with automated liking and automated commenting.

You can set the unfollowing in automated or manual mode.

With all the mentioned features, Instazood offers you its nitro boost.

Social Bridge is Instazood’s growth app that you can connect to through Instazood's dashboard.

Social Bridge speeds everything up.

It accumulates significant engagement and followers within hours of installation,and it knows when to pause the automated activity as well. You can set Social Bridge’s speed on low, medium, or high.

In the Bot Settings section, you can manage bot activities.

You can put or remove limitations on the bot’s daily activities.

The unfollow setting allows you to set the automatic following and unfollowing limit, outs people in the whitelist, etc.

The Filters setting allows you to filter your activity with the targeted accounts. For example, you can target only male or female followers, skip private users, remove business accounts, skip accounts with more followers than your set limit requires, and so much more.

instazood add target

You can blacklist certain words, hashtags that may appear in the targeted profiles’ captions.

You can target specific languages in which the users post their content in, as well as you can select a minimal post amount requirement.

Account Targeting is designed to produce activity on the follower accounts of your targets. Search for a specific profile that’s within your niche, and attract that target’s audience.

Hashtag Owners is a feature that allows you to gain followers on related topics.

The bot will interact and engage with the accounts that are using or following a specific hashtag that you suggested. You get to attract followers that are related to you by topics of interest.

With Location Targeting, you can target location-specific accounts.

You can turn on/off the automatic IG like of each target and observe their number of followers, followings, likes, comments, and story views.

Conversion Rate is a feature with which you can see how efficient every target is for you.


The starting price of the Instagram bot is $11,99 per month.

instazood pricing


  • Get an insight into how valuable each follower is to you with Conversion Rate
  • A thoroughly outlined filtering option enables you to narrow down your search to the smallest detail
  • Social Bridge puts the account’s growth into sixth gear

With a very affordable program and unique features like Conversion Rate and Social Bridge, which take the engagement to the highest level, Instazood will stop growing your account only when you give up.

Start your growth with Instazood today.

20. Upleap.

upleap get more instagram followers

Upleap connects you with a dedicated account manager that customizes an Instagram engagement strategy specially designed for your niche and trajectory.

Upleap will increase the number of likes and followers on your post feed, with ease.

You get a 3-day, no-strings-attached free trial.

The signup process is quick and easy, and you just need to follow simple instructions to get your account ready.

Upleap initiates communication with organic followers that show interest in your type of content.

Upleap customers, on average, experience a 300% faster growth on Instagram.

When working with businesses, Upleap’s marketing managers produce more sales to their clients’ online stores than any other software.

upleap statistics

You show the account manager the targeted hashtags, similar content creators with a desirable audience, and a set of locations that you’re aiming your content at, and

Upleap will take all of this information into account, to produce a customized target list.

This list will include a group of IG users that are most likely to engage with your content, based on the match between your growth path and their interests.

Upleap’s extensive list of customers includes professional athletes, students, business owners, influencers, and highly-acclaimed companies such as BMW, Forbes, IKEA, and many more.


There are three monthly subscription programs to choose from.

The starting price is $39 per month with the Lite program.

upleap pricing


  • Grow your IG account 300% faster
  • Attract the most organic, genuinely-interested audience with the account manager
  • Maximize sales on your online stores
  • Create a can’t-miss target list

With the 3-day free trial and an always responsive support team that treats the highest-profile companies as equally as the individual accounts, there’s no doubt that you will experience unlimited growth with Upleap.

Try them out and you’ll see why such big names are using this software.

How to Grow Your Reach on Social Media with the Right Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram.

Without hashtags, Instagram would be a giant highway with no signs or indications where anything is and which way you’re going.

To put it into comparison, the famous influencers have purchased their tourist resorts right beside the road, and they’ve put up the flashing arrow signs. Your audience is cruising in a car on this highway, looking for a great vacation place (great content).

You, a beginner, may not be able to get the place beside the road, but you can attract many people to your off-road, further-out resort if you place enough flashing arrow signs along the way.

Hashtag Generator Tools will put up these signs for you, and they will be in the form of relevant, niche-focused, targeted hashtags.

You need to know your social media platform equally as you know your content, and you will optimize your growth strategy only when you cater to both thoughtfully.

Instagram is the most welcoming platform, as far as using as many hashtags as possible goes.

It’s been proven multiple times that the most trending content here is served with 8-10 hashtags per post, with some researchers suggesting up to 11.

Since Instagram does allow up to 30 hashtags per post, beginners can get carried away and put too many. And, you can use this to experiment, what goes well with your audience, but the platform has become too big for you to guess every time, and grow your account quickly.

This is why Growth Tools can make a difference between you becoming an influencer in a year or two, as opposed to six years or never.

With Instagram, you can use simple tricks like putting some of the hashtags in the first comment of the post to let the caption breathe. Tricks are useful, but you need a customized strategy to grow.

Twitter research, on the other side, has proven that tweets with one or two hashtags are the easiest to find and cause the most retweets and followings.

When you ask specifically for your followers to retweet, it results in even more engagement.

Associate yourself with the trending topics by live-tweeting the event your customers are interested in. Just use the event hashtag along with your own.

But, this is only successful when it doesn’t feel forced.

Make sure that your brand participates in the event in some fashion.

That’s why everybody has special offers on holidays.

It’s easy to connect it to any brand.

As far as Facebook goes, your posts should be public, and they don’t need to contain more than one or two hashtags as well.

Your hashtags should always reflect what exactly your content is.

Otherwise, people will lose their patience, reading an unnecessary caption.

Facebook still is the biggest social media platform, though, so knowing how to market yourself there will be crucial to any brand’s success. If you want to Unlock The Power of Facebook, it’s your lucky day.

Designing a successful hashtag strategy starts with knowing your audience.

You have to take the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with what works on your platform within your niche.

Use hashtags that are as specific to your niche as possible.

Keep the tags short and memorable, rather than trying to be too clever.

Don’t try to force the hashtags in your every post.

Use them when they add some value to your post and when they’re likely to spark interaction with your audience.

Hashtags can be a useful tool for you to check out your competition.

Search with tags, and you’ll discover a whole world of posts related to your content that you can take inspiration from and apply your spin on it.

Searching for broader-themed, trending hashtags can be counter-productive.

The most popular tags get you seen by millions of people and forgotten instantly.

You get lost in a crowd of content, without ever having a chance to shine.

Only sometimes, when used sparingly in combination with the brand-specific tags, can these trending tags bring you relevant exposure.

A great place to start finding the perfect balance between too popular, vague tags and too obscure ones are influencers.

Take notice of what hashtags are your niche’s leading accounts using.

Use one of the Growth Tools from above to find the influencers to pull inspiration from.

Their careful hashtag strategy is only a frame of a bigger picture they’ve painted with successful personal branding.

You’ll often see that the voices you hear the most are the ones taking advantage of cross-platform marketing.

It’s not unusual for influencers, that were primarily bloggers, to start a youtube channel and vice versa.

Do you have a million questions about personal branding?

Here, you can Start Your Personal Branding Success Story.

You must grasp which type of hashtag strategy to use for which occasion.

Hahstag strategies can be:

  • Trending
  • Brand/Campaign specific and
  • Content-type

The trending-type strategy involves using hashtags that became popular and are currently a hot topic of discussion.

Optimally, a trending tag that relates to your business is the best option.

You will get your message seen by a massive audience.

Some niche topics are always going to be slightly more out of the public’s eye, so you have to find a way to associate your brand with universal themes.

To seamlessly connect your brand to a hot topic, you can always use holidays or special events.

Analyze your competitor’s holiday campaign, and get to know the IG lingo and common “evergreen” hashtags.

Brand/Campaign hashtags are the one specific strictly to your brand.

They are designed to promote your brand’s message and market your products and services.

You should create a unique, descriptive hashtag that is consistent in your marketing.

Once you’ve generated an audience, advocate for your users to start posting your branded tags in the posts containing your brand.

The most successful companies in the world do this.

Brands will often publish photos of their followers using their product while emphasizing the branded tags, which only empowers their followers and aspiring influencers to post captions with branded tags so that they can be featured the same way.

And, they’ll usually combine this with some kind of a winning prize or a giveaway.

It’s a win-win strategy for everybody.

Lastly, Content Hashtags are used to capture the essence of your post that relates to your content. Good examples include lifestyle, product, location hashtags, etc.

Tackle a hot topic of discussion.

Find out what the audience is talking about, and adjust your hashtags as a response to their issue.

Businesses that want to execute a product idea can benefit from this, as well as bloggers who feed off the public’s opinions.

Various studies have shown that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag produce 12,6% higher engagement, on average.

And, the best performing hashtags have always been simple, authentic, and catchy.

One reason to be specific with your hashtags is that you can attract undesired attention.

If your captions are too ambiguous, you can expect all sorts of replies.

For example, a younger audience will most likely post funny comments that are upsetting and offensive. It can cause false rumors to spread across the platform.

You need to guard your post by asking yourself if certain phrases can be misunderstood and disarm any potential unrelated topics to be brought into a discussion with accurate, reflective hashtags.

It should be a few words or a short phrase, but not enough to make a complex sentence.

Here are a few tips for using hashtags

1. Avoid phrases with multiple meanings

Avoid phrases that may have two or more meanings, for example, #bigbrother.

While that’s short and it captures perfectly a photo with your younger sibling, it can be mistaken for the reality TV Show easily.

2. Jump on the buzz

A great example of a brand merging a universal topic with its creative input, while keeping it short, is Lancome’s #BareSelfie

They jumped on the make-up free photo trend that was alive and combined it with their creative element of #Bare, encouraging users to create make-up free selfies and post them with their hashtag.

They associated their brand with the latest trend on Instagram this way.

3. Pull on the heartstrings

You need to evoke emotion.

Whether it’s joy, sadness, or anger, it doesn’t matter.

Even if it’s funny, it will work.

Emotion always creates a response.

A pet rescue service once tweeted about pet abusers for an awareness campaign, which caused a lot of empathy from pet owners, and all sorts of accounts.

The pet rescue service grew in popularity immensely, just for sharing a universal concern and promoting a collective response.

It was an excellent example of a marketing campaign pulling at the heartstrings.

You can see this done successfully with special events funded by certain companies to raise awareness or fight for a cause with child charities.

A shoe company, for example, might organize an annual event for underprivileged kids, where they gift each child that competes in a race a pair of shoes.

They can promote this on world poverty day while captioning their company in the process.

4. Be funny

A play of words, a funny joke, a clever observation that plays off your brand’s service is another way to gain attention.

Charmin’s #tweetfromtheseat connected a funny real-life situation with its brand, and it got a massive response.


It shows the fun-loving side of the brand, which is important for even the most serious of businesses.

5. Look for a double meaning

Finally, when creating a clever tweet, double-check everything before you post it.

You don’t want any double meanings hidden in your hashtag so that a simple capitalized letter can create a double meaning.

There are plenty of people ready to spread false information on the internet.

Now, go to your Growth Tool and start generating some captivating hashtags.

To attract more followers, you need to encourage people to join your discussion.

Break the barriers of discussion for entry, and be as inviting as you would like someone to be if you entered their territory.

Make the topic as interesting as possible, and start the discussion with your unapologetic, honest opinion about the topic.

You can even offer a reward to encourage people to participate.

If enough people in your closer circle find out that the discussion is competitive and an award is at stake, your hashtag can capture a wider region, if they spread the word across.

This can be equally as successful with business promotion, as it can with the fun, lifestyle content.

It’s common sense you shouldn’t use outdated hashtags.

Furthermore, you should keep an eye on current events and be able to anticipate that trending wave, so you can be one of the first brands associated with the trend before it peaks.

After that, you’ll be miles ahead in engagement compared to the last-minute, bandwagon brand opportunists.

6. Shoot from the heart.

There’s no better marketing strategy than an empowering, positive message delivered passionately.

You don’t want to overthink things and come off as an over-promotional, insincere Instagramer who gains attention by pretending to care about the remote parts of the world.

Think about who the message is for and what actionable points it brings up.

It’s easy to recognize who genuinely cares when sharing feelings with the rest of the world.

Instagram and Twitter Hashtag Generator FAQ

What is a Hashtag Generator?

A Hashtag Generator is a Social Media Growth Tool created to customize a hashtag strategy for your Instagram account.

It will collect all the information on your account’s content, a niche under you’re categorized, a desired audience you wish to achieve, and the competition you’re racing.

The Generator will then customize a hashtag strategy, focused on improving your weaknesses and highlighting your strengths.

It will produce a much greater number of followers within your niche, generate higher engagement through commenting, liking, direct messaging, branded hashtag use in followers’ posts, and general proactive participation of new followers in your content.

The Generators can have a more organic approach, eliminating any automated activity, straight-up likes/followers/comments purchase packages, or somewhere in between.

Most of the Hashtag Generators are somewhere in the middle, offering automated liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, direct messaging, and other usual features within daily activity limitations

Why should Instagramers use a Hashtag Generator?

Instagramers should use a Hashtag Generator if they want to achieve uninterrupted, daily growth.

Without a Hashtag Generator, growing your Instagram account to influencer levels of engagement is not a certainty, no matter how great your content is.

Instagram is flooded with content.

Unless you have some kind of public following, you can’t just wing it and expect results.

You must create a real hashtag strategy.

Hashtag Generators will provide insights into what’s resonating well with your current audience and what isn’t.

And, then, they’ll tell you why you’re missing the shots with your content, and how you can fix it.

On the other side, if you have creative content ideas, but you don’t have the time or energy to spend hours a day liking photos, Hashtag Generators will automate the whole process and grow your account with you not moving a finger.

Because if you’re not going to use a Hashtag Generator, you’ll have a second job managing your Instagram account.

What’s the best Instagram Hashtag Generator?

There is a growth tool for you if you want a quick 12h delivery, and it’s Mr.Insta.

Maybe you’re not in a hurry, but you need a free, always reliable software, we recommend Display Purposes.

With all the factors that come into play when choosing the best Hashtag Generator, we’ve given the edge to BigBangram.

You can search for hashtags by sampling a tag, URL, or a photo, for starters.

The Auto Follow feature is amongst the best, and you can unfollow up to 100 accounts per day.

The tool already provides you with the optimal, accurate daily limitations of automated activity that will gain you 40-50 followers per day, which is anything but limiting.

BigBangram can set-up an Instagram promotion for you that will generate a click-through rate and constant CTR up to 40%.

You can add multiple accounts, and you can download content from all social media.

You can boost your sales with website widgets and promote your website and other social media accounts.

It even has crazy pricing, which shows you how much they care about your comfort.

Aside from affordable monthly packages, they offer a 3-day service for just $1.

How do you create a unique hashtag?

To pick out a unique hashtag, you need to know your audience first.

The hashtag can’t be something too broad, and it can’t be too obscure.

You should be able to tell what kind of an idea or a brand it represents, yet not be too bland and lack personality.

It should cater to your specific niche, but it should be flexible enough to take advantage of connecting to a trending topic as well.

It’s best to go with a short, catchy phrase.

The hashtag should never be ambiguous, and always be accurate in its description of the brand.

How do I pick a good hashtag?

To pick a good hashtag, you must know what their purpose is.

You want to raise brand awareness, push a specific event or idea, with a tag that will represent that campaign.

The more unique your tag is, the easier it will be taken into the IG algorithm, so it will spread in popularity.

As far as design goes, alliteration and roll-of-the-tongue factors are crucial.

When it comes to generating the right hashtags, you won’t find safer and more effective alternatives to these hashtag generator tools.

So, when you generate a set of tags with one of these tools, which ones do you choose?

Search for similar posts from successful influencers.

You’ll usually find that they use short, descriptive tags.

Rarely do they use the ultra-popular tags.

When they do use a more popular tag, it’s because it’s currently trending, and they’ve mixed it up with less-known tags.

But the hashtag is only as effective as the context behind your post.

So, better don’t use any hashtag that isn’t reflective of the photo it represents.
Pick short and memorable ones.

Should I use popular hashtags?

You can use popular hashtags when a trending topic has a connection with your niche.

It doesn’t even have to be a direct connection, as long as your brand’s contribution adds something new to the discussion.

You can use popular hashtags when any big holiday comes.

It’s a seamless way to connect your brand to a topic everybody notices.

Business campaigns, like prizes, discounts, interactive games, get a perfect platform to shine.

You can use popular hashtags so that your brand can join a broader conversation.

For example, #throwbackthursday & #flashbackfriday will present your brand in and outside of your niche while encouraging new connections.

Ready to Grow Your Social Media Followers with Optimized Hashtags?

Wherever you are in your social media journey, you are yet to experience your most impressive growth if you haven’t tried an optimized hashtag strategy.

No matter if you want to speed up your marketing campaign ahead of launching your product, or you want a little bit more exposure, the Generator Tools listed above are going to deliver.

You don’t need to wait a couple of months to gain more followers by yourself, so you can start using the tools.

It’s difficult to keep up with the trending algorithms.

Most of us don’t have hours to spend scrolling through pictures every day.

And, you’re going to have to reserve that time if you’re going to do it without a strategy.

Even then, success isn’t guaranteed.

With these tools, you’ll start having fun again on Instagram.

Creativity will be present through your content because you won’t have obsessive thoughts about followers.

Success is guaranteed.

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