14 Google AdSense Alternatives to Make More Money From Your Website

Updated Aug 31, 2021.
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If you own a blog, one of the top ways to earn passive income from your site is to place paid advertisements on it. You need to attract a considerable amount of traffic to your website and have users engage with the ads to earn money from online advertisers.

How do you get online advertisers to pay you to display their ads on your site? You can either source for them directly or use an advertising network to connect you with online advertisers. If you search for an advertising network, one of the most popular options you will find is Google AdSense. 

Google AdSense is an advertising platform used by over 10 million websites. There are different ways users can monetize their site with Google AdSense, they include CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost-per-click), and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

However, there are several Google AdSense alternatives you can explore to monetize your website. If you want to enjoy more freedom with the customization and less rigorous guidelines, you can try out other Google AdSense alternatives.

In this article, you will learn about 14 of the best Google AdSense alternatives to make more money from your blog or website.

Let’s get started.

Why Look for Alternatives to AdSense?

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the most popular service on the internet that allows you to make money from ads placed on your website. This does not make it the best for you. There are different hurdles that can push you to look for alternatives to Google’s AdSense. They include:

1. Strict Eligibility Policy

Google AdSense has a very stringent click fraud policy. Your Google AdSense account can get banned simply because you clicked on ads placed on your website or you placed an ad on a page you should not have. 

If you do not have enough or appropriate content on your website, Google AdSense may reject your site. Google AdSense has so many rules, it is easy to violate their terms of service.

How do these push you to an alternative? Perhaps you prefer or need an ad service with more flexible requirements that are easier to meet or you have been affected by the strict click fraud policy, then an alternative becomes your only choice. 

2. Lower Revenue Share

As a publisher, AdSense offers you 68% of the revenue generated by the ads placed on your website. This rate is one of the best and most competitive in the market, nonetheless, some alternative ad services offer you a higher rate. Such a rate increases your CPC (cost-per-click) or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

3. Customization

Some Google AdSense alternatives present you with more customization options than AdSense does. Website owners that care a lot about how different elements of their websites seamlessly fit with each other could find more satisfaction in these alternatives. 

The level of customization varies by service, however, a lot of them let you adjust the color and sizing of a unit, which proves to be more flexible than what Google AdSense allows.

4. Minimum Payout

Google AdSense’s minimum payout, which is the minimum earnings you need to be able to access your money, is $100. It is high compared to some alternatives and your website could be receiving low traffic, which means you take longer to make this $100. In this case, selecting a Google AdSense alternative with a lower payout requirement or none at all becomes a better option. 

Additionally, Google AdSense is a huge advert network that serves different niches. Some other advert networks offer more niche-specific solutions that prove more beneficial in generating more profit. You could also want an additional source of income from ads placed on your website. Having an alternative that works with AdSense solves this.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1. Media.net

Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Very High Average CPM

Media.net is the Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Very High Average CPM

Preferred by top media brands like Forbes, CBS Interactive, Reuters, and CNN, Media.net remains the top pick if you wish for a very competitive alternative to Google AdSense. The process of opening an account with the ad network is one of the fastest in the market. Media.net presents you with multiple solutions for maximizing profit from your website traffic. 

Firstly, a contextual ads solution helps you easily improve your ad strategy. Through integrations with Bing, the ads displayed to your visitors are properly targeted through the study of relevant keywords on your webpage. This means you get to generate much higher revenues due to an increased conversion rate. 

You have access to all standard ad units, including Leaderboard (728×90), medium rectangle (300×250), rectangle (180×150), small skyscrapers (120×600), and wide skyscrapers (160×600). Media.net also offers you automated ad placement options, ad performance tracking capabilities, and a chance to manage an unlimited number of websites with one account.   

To partner up with Media.net and get your account ready within 2-7 days, certain requirements are put in place. Your website needs to be navigation-friendly and plagiarism-free, a reasonable amount of traffic needs to mainly come from the US, UK, or Canada, and your content should mainly be in the English language. 

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold 

The revenue share of Media.net is unknown and you have a minimum payout threshold of $100. Revenue generation, however, stands at an average of $5 per 1,000 impressions. 

2. Monumetric

Best Google AdSense Alternative Optimized for Bloggers and With A Referral Program

Monumetric is the Best Google AdSense Alternative Optimized for Bloggers and With a Referral Program

Formerly known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric is an advertising network dedicated to bloggers and content creators. It ensures that the ads shown on websites are appropriate and high-quality. 

Earning with this advertising network is based on impression (CPM). This means that rather than giving you money for clicks on the advert units, you simply earn when these advert units are loaded or seen.

Highly targeted ads are placed on your website when you use this Google AdSense alternative. You enjoy customizable reporting periods, easily track your earnings through mobile apps, and have access to a comprehensive performance timeline. 

Through its VOLT video player solution, Monumetric offers you a chance to make even more money. This video player integrates with your website, plays video content provided by you, and provides your visitors with relevant video adverts in between.

Monumetric comes with four different monetization programs: Propel for individuals with 10,000 to 80,000 monthly page views, Ascend for individuals with 80,000 to 500,000 page views, Stratos for individuals with 500,000 to 10 million page views, and Apollo for individuals with more than 10 million page views. This means you cannot get approved if your website does not maintain a monthly pageview of at least 10,000.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Blogs or websites recording under 80,000 monthly page views pay a $99 fee upfront for setup. Monumetric’s minimum payout is $10 to be remunerated through PayPal or direct deposit. 

One of the highest revenue shares for publishers, Monumetric gives you between 70% to 85% of the total ad revenue. You earn 2% of the earnings of any publisher you bring to the platform for 12 months.

3. PropellerAds

Best Google AdSense Alternative with Low Payout Threshold and Zero Traffic Requirement

PropellerAds is the Best Google AdSense Alternative with Low Payout Threshold and Zero Traffic Requirement

Compatible with desktop websites, mobile websites, and mobile applications, PropellerAds is an advertising platform created for both new and developing marketers and affiliates on the internet. Its mobile application functionality makes it unique from other alternatives mentioned on this list. 

This ad network does not require any minimum page views. It gives new bloggers with low traffic a chance to earn money right from the beginning of their presence online.

Alongside native interstitials, banner ads, and video ads, Propeller Ads’ advert units additionally come as push notifications, pop-under Ads, and in-page push ads. This ad network is compatible with Google AdSense. It requires your website to have high-quality UI and UX. Although it supports other languages, you earn more if your content is in English. 

Propeller Ads also requires that your content is free from any third-party copyright infringements. Your dashboard, which shows your earnings, country, and ad format, among others, comes in nine different languages. 

Ads are displayed on any of your websites with the same account and you enjoy high-viewability ads that are more aggressively pushed to your website visitors.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

PropellerAds pays its publishers 80% of the total generated ad revenue. It has one of the lowest minimum payout thresholds at $5. Payments are disbursed weekly, every Thursday, through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.

4. Revcontent

Best Google AdSense Alternative with High CPM and Email Newsletter Monetization Option

Revcontent is the Best Google AdSense Alternative with High CPM and Email Newsletter Monetization Option

Revcontent is a leading advert network that provides you with reliable services. It offers you highly targeted ads and allows you to earn by CPM, This advert network assures you of fast website load speeds as ads are optimized not to affect them. 

You also enjoy an email newsletter monetization option and non-intrusive ads optimized for mobile devices as well as video ads offering higher CPM.

To apply successfully, your website needs a minimum of 50,000 monthly page views and valuable content needs to be generated regularly. Advertisers enjoy targeting and optimization tools, real-time reporting, and a robust reporting and stats API for extended ads management.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Revcontent pays its publishers monthly with the minimum payout being $50. It offers you 80% of the total generated ads revenue and a minimum of $5 CPM.

5. AdThrive

Best Google AdSense Alternative Dedicated to Websites With Very Huge Monthly Traffic

AdThrive is the Best Google AdSense Alternative Dedicated to Websites With Very Huge Monthly Traffic

AdThrive is a Google certified publishing partner ad network that additionally allows you to monetize videos on your website. It also provides you with free video hosting services. 

Dedicated to websites with very huge monthly traffic, at least 100,000 to be exact, AdThrive offers you properly managed ad placement services. This advert network helps you design your ad layouts, handle the tech, and place the bids. It constantly optimizes your ad placement for you to attain maximum earning. Ads are also placed according to your website layout and reader behavior.

Ad formats include a header Ad, sidebar Ad, sticky sidebar Ad, content Ad, and video ads, among others. It places family-friendly ads on your website and presents you with an advert manager with which you maintain constant monitoring of and in-depth insights into your ad placements.

Alongside a requirement for your website to run Google Analytics, AdThrive requires a majority of your traffic to be from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Your website needs to be HTTPS secured, filled with unique content, and you need to have zero records of infringements.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

AdThrive offers you a 75% revenue share and a minimum payout of $25 for direct deposit and PayPal withdrawals and $100 for wire transfers. Payment is made within a 45-day interval.

6. Mediavine

Best Google AdSense Alternative that Does not Limit Website Load Speeds

Mediavine is the Best Google AdSense Alternative that Does not Limit Website Load Speeds

Mediavine is a full-service ad management network dedicated to content creators and bloggers in various niches. It implements an ad technology that makes your websites load fast, rather than slowing them down. This ad network also gives you a video player, allowing you to additionally monetize your site.

With Mediavine, every ad unit comes with an ad reporting button for real-time quality control. You enjoy a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to check and manage your RPM, top posts, and upload videos, among others. Your website also enjoys dynamic ad placements for optimal viewability by your visitors. 

You make nearly double on every 1000 page views compared to Google AdSense. However, it requires you to have at least 50,000 monthly page views, high-quality website content in any lifestyle niche, and a good Google AdSense record.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Earning with Mediavine is based on RPM and you enjoy 75% of the total ad revenue. The minimum payout differs according to your location; $25 for US residents and $200 for individuals outside the US. Withdrawals are facilitated through PayPal and Wire Transfer.

InfoLinks is the Best Google AdSense Alternative that Combines Link Placement With Ad Placement

Offering contextual ad targeting, high viewability, and providing its services to its network of over 350,000 publishers worldwide, InfoLinks is another ad network you do not want to miss. InfoLinks offers an intuitive feature as it combines link placement with ad placement. 

Links to relevant text are placed on your web page and ads appear when visitors hover over that link. This way, ads become less intrusive and do not affect the experience of your website visitors. Other ad formats include InFold ads, popup interstitial ads, InTag (contextual ads), and InFrame ads. 

To be approved, you have to publish at least 20 high-quality content devoid of violent messages, spamming, obscene content, or online gambling content. Your application is reviewed and processed within 48 hours. 

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

With InfoLinks, you get 65% of the total revenue share with payments on the NET 45 basis. A minimum payout threshold of $50 is set for Paypal, US-based bank accounts, eCheck, and Payoneer. For direct bank wire transfer, the minimum payout threshold is placed at $100.

8. BuySellAds

Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Direct Contact With Advertisers and other Comprehensive Management Options

BuySellAds is the Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Direct Contact With Advertisers

Trusted by Roku, Pocket, and NPR, BuySellAds is an advert network that gives you access to a stack of tools to manage your entire ad placement. One unique feature it provides is its self-service ad platform and private marketplace that allows you to deal with and sell your products directly to advertisers.

You enjoy header bidding management options, an ad block recovery solution to pool earnings from ad blockers, and an eCommerce and affiliate marketing program with extended management. 

BuySellAds does not display automated targeted ads and standard ad formats include contextual ads, text ads, dedicated email ads, sponsorships, and RSS feed ads. 

With BuySellAds, you require at least 100,000 monthly page views, you need to own your website domain, and have unique content on tech, web designing, web development, and freelancing. Your website content is also required to be in English.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

As a publisher, BuySellAds grants you a 75% revenue share and your CPM varies between $0.25 to $2.25 (with an average of $0.75). The minimum payout threshold is placed at $20 for Paypal, $50 for Check, and $500 for Wire Transfer. If you opt for Wire Transfer, $35 gets deducted from your total payment.

Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Multiple Affiliate Options

SkimLinks is the Best Google AdSense Alternative that Offers Multiple Affiliate Options

Skimlinks allows you to earn revenue by adding referral links to your content alongside its paid advert services. It also has an affiliate marketing program.

This ad service implements link placement rather than ad placement, meaning rather than immediately visible ad units like banners and videos, the platform places ad links within texts. Adverts display when this linked text hovers over. Advert links are also automatically placed by Skimlinks after it scans your webpage content.

Skimlinks offers you a plugin for Google Chrome called the Editor toolbar. This plugin displays your average commission rate and offers and also helps you create a direct affiliate link. You have access to a built-in link shortening tool called the Link Wrapper and an AMP integration tool that automatically monetizes links on your AMP articles.

To get approved, your website needs to be free of sensitive or illegal content, appropriate for commerce content monetization, and should place focus on online products and services. Your brand and product names also need to be omitted from your domain.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Skimlinks pays as much as 75% of the total ad revenue to publishers. However, this revenue share varies. The payout threshold is at $65, with payments paid monthly to PayPal accounts.

10. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Best Google AdSense Alternative with Low Traffic Requirement and an Earn Only From Sale Of Amazon Product Requirement

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is the Best Google AdSense Alternative with Low Traffic Requirement

Amazon, the eCommerce giant, also offers you an ad network of its own. Amazon Native Shopping Ads mainly places native Amazon product listings on your blog pages through the ad units. These native ads are contextual ads based on your webpage content and you receive a commission when a sale is made through any of these contextual ads.

Three different variants are available for you to choose from: 

  • Recommendation ads which automatically recommend the best-matched product ads based on your webpage content
  • Search ads which allow you to recommend products based on a search phrase used by your visitor
  • Custom ads that directly specify the products you want to display from Amazon.com. 

Ad formats come in grids (image and video) and lists (linked texts) and you need 500 minimum monthly website visitors.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Amazon disburses payments at a 60-day interval with the minimum payout placed at $10.

11. SHE Media

Best Google AdSense Alternative Dedicated To Websites With Majorly Female-Centric Content

SHE Media is the Best Google AdSense Alternative Dedicated To Websites With Majorly Female Centric Content

SHE Media, a digital media company dedicated to women that offer paid advert services you can rely on. This ad service presents female-focused bloggers and content creators with quality viewability and ad units seamlessly integrated into websites. It also offers invitations to speak in exclusive sponsored programs and BlogHer events. 

This digital media platform requires your website to average at least 20,000 page views per month and website traffic that is at least 80% U.S.-based and 70% female.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

SHE Media pays you 75% of the total ad revenue as well as a CPM of between $10 to $30. A $25 minimum payout is set which is dispersed every month through direct deposit or PayPal for bloggers outside the United States.

12. Taboola

Best Google AdShare Alternative for Sharing Traffic With Third-Party Websites

Taboola is the Best Google AdShare Alternative for Sharing Traffic With Third Party Websites

Trusted by NBC, Bloomberg, and Fox, Taboola works with service providers or third parties that place their own cookies, web beacons, and other technologies on your website. These technologies collect information about your website visitors’ online activities, either on your website or other websites.

An intuitive ad format called the Taboola Feed gives you and your audience a unique experience in displaying and viewing ads. This format presents a scrolling news feed experience where website visitors can separately scroll through the ad unit alone rather than the whole web page. You have access to data insights, A/B testing capabilities, and alerts. 

Taboola also allows you to share your website traffic with partners and third-party websites. You also enjoy the option of personalizing your ad UI for each visitor. Taboola requires you to have at least 500,000 monthly page views and additionally works with applications and newsletters.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Taboola's minimum payout is set at $50. You earn an average CPC of $0.35 and an average CPM of $1.

13. Ezoic

Best Google AdSense Alternative with Paid A/B Testing Option

Ezoic is the Best Google AdSense Alternative with Paid A/B Testing Option

Through AI solutions that offer intelligent web page and ad unit optimizations, Ezoic is another advert network that is worth mentioning. This advert service automatically improves the UX (user experience) for your visitors and ultimately the revenue you generate by optimizing each page layout and ad unit for each visitor.

With Ezoic, you enjoy advanced A/B testing management and split testing with which you earn revenue. You require at least 10,000 monthly page views to be approved.

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

Ezoic presents a minimum payout threshold of $20 on a NET 30 basis. Within the first 30 days of your approval, you keep 100% of the ad revenue after which Ezoic keeps the revenue of a single ad placed at the bottom of your web page.

14. RevenueHits

Best Google AdSense Alternative with Intuitive Ads Optimization Tool

RevenueHits is the Best Google AdSense Alternative with Intuitive Ads Optimization Tool

RevenueHits is another reliable monetization platform that places an advanced ad optimization tool at your fingertip. This AI-powered tool studies your ad performance and shows you the best place on your webpage to place your ads.

You enjoy zero minimum traffic requirements. However, you only earn revenue when your visitors click your ad then complete specific actions on the advertised website. 

Payment Structure and Minimum Payout Threshold

RevenueHits pays on a NET 30 basis with the minimum payout set at $20 and payments disbursed through PayPal and Payoneer. You receive a CPM of between $0.5 to $30 and 10% of the revenues made by publishers you refer to the network.

What to Look For in an AdSense Alternative?

Google AdSense remains one of the most formidable ad networks on the internet today. Only a few networks surpass or even meet the services offered to you by Google AdSense. Finding them proves to be a hard task.

Before selecting an alternative, certain elements need to be put into consideration. 

1. Approval Requirements

The traffic your website receives proves to be the most important metric that determines how much these different elements affect you. A lot of ad networks majorly place approval requirements based on the number of monthly pages views your website receives. 

Other requirements like the type of content on your website are also put in place but the amount of page views you receive is usually the most crucial consideration. 

Google AdSense does not place any requirement on your pageview, so selecting an alternative with this same policy or with a very low traffic requirement is best for you. This criterion is important especially when you are launching a new website or receiving low website traffic.

2. Minimum Payout Threshold

The minimum payout threshold is the least amount of earnings you need to be able to make withdrawals. Google AdSense has a $100 threshold and a lot of alternatives have lower thresholds. 

If your earnings do not quickly rise ( mostly due to low website traffic, CPM, or CPC), choosing a network service with a lower threshold gives you quick access to your earnings.

3. CPM / CPC

The CPM or CPC offered by a network service determines how fast your earnings rise. These are indirectly determined by the share of the total ad revenue given to publishers. So consider this and ensure what you get is not far off AdSense's $0.3 average CPC and $1 average CPM.

Other considerations include the types of ad formats available to you, customization options, your ad management options, and the payment mediums available to you.

Other Options to Increase Your Website Monetization

1. Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses has proven to be a great way of making a lot of money from your blog or website. Rather than partnering with ad networks to display ads on your website, creating and selling online courses through your website is another way to monetize it. 

To do this, you create valuable course content, identify your audience, and place outbound campaigns to convince your target audience to buy your courses through your website. 

2. Start an Online Store

eCommerce is one of the most popular ways of making money on a website. The first step is to create an online store hosted by the best eCommerce platforms in the market. Then place your products up for sale, and implement the features provided to you by your eCommerce platform to streamline your business activities and maximize profits.

3. Recommend Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is another way of making money through your website. Some of the top ad networks offer you affiliate marketing programs alongside paid advert placements on your website.

This type of marketing involves you actively recommending products of other businesses on your website and getting commissions from any sale made through your website.

4. Host an Online Summit

The number one way of making money from hosting an online summit is by offering a paid all-access pass. You create a chance for valuable discussions that different individuals wish to take part in, host this virtual summit on your website, and charge for attendance. It is easier to make money from sponsorships gotten from brands that wish to expose themselves to internet users through your summit.

Some of the best webinar hosting software platforms you can use include WebinarJam, Demio, WebinarNinja, Airmeet, LiveWebinar, GoToWebinar, Livestorm, and Clickmeeting.

Which Google AdSense Alternative Should I Pick?

Google AdSense is the leading advertising network in the market but not the only option in the market. If you are looking for a similar or better alternative to Google AdSense, there are several options available to choose from. 

Before choosing a Google AdSense alternative, you need to first know what to look for in a Google AdSense alternative. Ideally, you want to check its approval requirements, payment structure, and minimum payout threshold. Choosing a Google AdSense alternative with these considerations makes your task easier.

If you want a Google AdSense alternative that offers a very high average CPM, Media.net is the right pick. Monumetric is the best Google AdSense alternative optimized for bloggers. It also offers users a chance to earn more with its referral program.

Revcontent is the best Google AdSense alternative with high CPM and email newsletter monetization options. If you want a Google AdSense alternative with a low payout threshold and zero traffic requirement, PropellerAds is a good pick.