How to Name a Blog in 2024 (Including 70 Blog Name Ideas)

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Are you having a hard time coming up with a catchy name for your blog? With over 500 million blogs competing for traffic on the internet, your blog name can contribute to the success or failure of your blog.

When starting a blog, you need to pick your blog’s name, domain name, and business name. Your blog name is often the first point of contact that visitors have with your blog. Using a catchy and memorable blog name will not only boost the appeal of your blog but make it hard to forget.

Think of your favorite inspiring blogs. You will notice that one of the things they have in common is how good and memorable their blog name sounds.

In this article, you will learn about the best ways to choose your blog name and get lots of creative blog name ideas you can learn from to create your unique blog name.

Let’s get started.

How to Choose Your Blog Name

Choosing a blog name can be very tricky and confusing, and even frustrating when you are struggling to come up with good blog name ideas.

1. Spend Time Carefully Crafting Your Blog Name

Naming your blog is very important and should not be done nonchalantly. Your blog name can box your blog to a specific audience or region, even before you start. This can either categorize you under the wrong group or elevate you to the top of your niche.

A good blog name is why some blogs are always at the top of their niche and while some struggle to make an impact. It is best to be intentional about the blog naming process and spend the much-needed time and energy on it. You should be able to explain to others how you arrived at that name.

Your blog name should reflect not just the content you want to put out, but also the identity you want to put out with it.

2. Pick a Subject of Interest

You need to know what your blog is going to be about. Before starting a blog, you should have picked your subject from a vast array of topics like cars, architecture, mobile devices, fashion, photography, fashion photography, and more.

Picking a blog niche is essential for choosing a befitting name for your blog. Once you have a grounded knowledge of what your content will be and how it should or would be structured, the name comes a little easier.

Highest Earning Blog Niches
Source: Rankiq

3. Pick a Target Audience

Different name choices resonate among specific groups of people differently. Picking a target audience is vital when choosing a blog name. Ensure you pick a name that your target audience can immediately understand once they see it.

Target Audience Persona Development
Source: Wiredimpact

4. Check If Your Blog Name Idea is Already Taken

Before you choose any name, it is very important to check and see if the name you have chosen has social media handles available online. Check if it has not been taken by another blog or brand. This will help you ensure that your blog name is unique.

Why Do You Need a Good Blog Name?

The answer is simple. Your blog needs a good name because your name is the first thing that catches the attention of your target audience. From a random google search on the subject of your blog to a referral from a friend, or even flyers and banners, the reaction you should always aim for is “oh, that’s a cool name”.

Having a good blog name is important to the success of your blog. A good blog name can spread awareness and generate traffic to your website. It should tell your audience what you do or talk about and catch their interest enough to visit your blog.

Ways to Come Up with a Blog Name

There are several ways you can come up with great names for your blog. There is no best way for choosing a blog name. However, there are lots of good blog naming tips that you can use to create a good blog name.

You do not have to go through all the ways to come up with a blog name. Sometimes just one blog name formula idea is all you need to find that memorable blog name you are looking for.

1. Use Your Own Name

Using your own name gives the blog a personal feel. Naming your blog after yourself or a characteristic about you makes your readers and audience feel like they are taking a step or a dive into your world. It feels like an invitation for them to see things the way you see them and listen to your private thoughts and controversial opinions.

This is a beautiful approach for lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, review blogs, and personal life blogs. Also, using your name removes a lot of stress from going through all the other processes of blog naming.

The only downside to using your name however is that not a lot of people have ‘beautiful’ names. Some names are hard to remember, some names are too long, and some names are not always pronounced the way they should be.

You can also use nicknames and short or derived forms of your name instead of using your full name. Using your name is a fast and simple solution, but it does not necessarily mean it is easy.

2. Choosing a Completely Random Name

Unlike what you get when you use your own name, the identity of your blog is completely detached and distinct from yours when you choose a random name.

The benefit of this is that you get to refer to your blog by its own name and watch it grow and track its progress like a proud parent or pet owner. That joy never ceases, especially when the blog is finally up and running with a sizable amount of traffic that you can boast of in public.

Choosing a random name often means choosing a name that has no inherent meaning or connection with your blog and its content or products.

With this method, you can use a name you heard and liked, or the noise you heard from a baby’s lips or even the name that is stuck in your head. You can even pick a blog name that includes words that are not related to your niche at all.

3. Copy Your Competitors’ Blog Names

This tip for coming up with a blog name may just get you the edge you need to succeed in your chosen blog niche. Copying names from established blogs gives your site an almost perfect example of what your blog name should be. It serves as a kind of template for you to know what your blog should sound or even look like.

You should not be afraid to look up the names of four to five of the best-performing blogs in your chosen field to see what they all have in common. Put what you noticed into your own blog name too.

Another thing to consider is that there might be certain trends in certain niches that put them in a more advantageous position. Certain words in a name can go a long way in a google search about you and your services, helping boost your SEO.

4. Using a Blog Name Generator

If Childish Gambino could go ahead and make an awesome career with his music with a name he got from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator, then your blog can certainly go far with a name from a name generator.

There are several awesome name generator websites you can try including business name generators and domain name generators. You can spend some time playing with them to get different results. Then you select the one that suits you most from the list of results you get.

Using a blog name generator saves you the headache of thinking up a new name. You just have to spend a few minutes putting your information into the name generator and selecting through the list of results you get. It is advisable to use two to three name generators to get the best possible name for your blog.

5. Use Blog Naming Formulas

This is where the more technical parts of naming a blog come in. Using blog naming formulas really goes a long way in helping to give your blog depth and a deep meaning that would make for interesting stories when you get into interviews or write a book about it.

There are different kinds of blog naming formulas. One formula is where you combine a general name of your field with what you want to achieve on your blog. A name like ‘Coder Crush’ can come from this formula, and ‘Coder’ would be an attractive word for coders or coding enthusiasts and people who want to learn. ‘Crush’ would mean a total mastery of the subject.

This combination could work for a blog that teaches coding or one that shares tips and tricks for mastery of coding for both learners and professionals alike. Also, Coder Crush sounds a lot like Candy Crush, so there is an underlying promise of fun on the blog.

6. Check the Thesaurus

Thesaurus is a book that lets you see other similar words to the word you searched for. This gives you different variants or versions of the word you searched. For example, a search for the word ‘Tips’ can give you so many replies including tricks, hints, secret, skill, shortcut, pointer, and more.

If you want to create a blog about bakeries, you can see words like confectionaries, ovens, pastries, patisseries. This helps you embody the general identity of the subject you want to talk about.

7. Brainstorm Words That Relate to Your Niche

You should know the words that have to do with your blog content. But brainstorming goes beyond the generally associated words with your niche. Brainstorming forces you to explore other options that have not been used by any other blogger in your niche.

Rolling Bite is an awesome name for a bakery blog. Brakes and Breaks is a great name for an automobile blog. When you see or hear these names, you can automatically relate them to their niches.

8. Alliteration or Assonance

Your blog name definitely sounds cooler when all the words have the same first letter. Brakes and Breaks is an example of a blog name that is very easy to remember and you can refer to friends at a party or over the phone.

Alliteration and assonances are language tools called mnemonic devices that are used to help a person remember things easily, including rhymes and repetition. Using this literary device gives you a very cool name that is hard to forget.

9. Use Abbreviations or Acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms are also very good examples of what to name your blog with. They also give your blog an air of official business and separate it from your own identity.

The problem with abbreviations however is that sometimes, your audience might not immediately know what the abbreviation stands for. You have to make sure that the full name of your site is put somewhere that it can be easily seen without having to stress your readers or listeners.

Sometimes too, the abbreviation might overpower the actual name of the company, and people remember and relate to the abbreviation more than they do to the full name of the blog. You might be forced to adopt the abbreviation as the proper name for your blog. A popular example of the abbreviation overpowering the proper name is AON.

10. Consider Another Language

Whether or not to use another language and which language to use depends on your content and your target demographic. If your blog is going to be centered around feminine products, French would be the first pick.

Also, if your blog is centered around tech products, you can make it look like a line of JavaScript or Python (yes, they count as a language). If you want something a bit more tribal and/or indigenous, use local terms, dialects, and slang.

The entire blog name does not have to be in another language. It could just be one word or two from the entire name, and if you decide to make the entire name into another language, that works too!

‘The Red Pâtisserie’ is an example of a catchy blog name that makes a blog about cakes and confectioneries. This bog name sounds chic and sophisticated and carries a certain elegance about it.

If you do not speak the language you want to make use of, you can easily get Google to translate it for you. However, getting a native speaker is much better.

11. Create a Portmanteau

A portmanteau is a combination of two different words to form a new one. They do not necessarily have to be words that relate to each other, they just have to get the job done (to create a cool blog name that is something to remember).

Probably the biggest portmanteau in existence is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg decided to put two words in an arranged marriage, and it turns out that there was more chemistry between them than anyone could have ever expected. Face + Book = Facebook, one of the most used words of the 21st century.

But there was a logic behind the creation of Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg wanted to create a website that anyone could have access to for your contact information. This online book of faces birthed Facebook.

Your portmanteau must have logic behind it, and it must also sound good together. Romcom is an example of a portmanteau word too, it is basically Romance + Comedy. Email is Electronic + Mail and Wifi is Wireless + Fidelity.

You can not even begin to imagine just how many portmanteau words exist in the English language. Some of the best blog names are portmanteau words, so do not be afraid to add yours.

12. Humor

Using humor is a great way to come up with a blog name. You can use a name that will make people laugh or smile immediately when they see your name. It could be a reference to a song or an experience, or a place or it could be something that everyone understands without needing to know the reference.

Whatever name you use does not matter, the point is to catch the attention of your target audience and pull them to your blog with that humor that will be so richly displayed in your name.

An example is ‘An Alien’s Memoir of Earth’, another one is ‘My Mum Thinks I'm Funny.’

Creative Blog Name Ideas and Examples

The easiest and quickest way to come up with a creative name for your blog is to look at other creative blog name ideas and examples for inspiration.

1. Lifestyle Blog Names List

Most people assume that lifestyle blogs are only for the rich and their rich lifestyles, and that may as well be true because most lifestyle blogs show off some insane level of luxury.

But you can come in and talk about your own life too, as simple as it may be. This can be waking up late, going for a jog, getting a cup of coffee, meeting friends, having fun on bus rides, or going to work.

Everything can be put in your blog, you just have to be mindful of how much you reveal for your own security.

However, depending on the lifestyle you want to write about, these can be pretty exciting names to inspire you to create yours.

  • Green Parenting
  • The Lazy Nerd
  • My Happy Space
  • Tech Guy
  • Beauty for Ashes
  • Crushing Boundaries

Real-Life Examples of Lifestyle Blog Names

The Everygirl

The Everygirl is a good example of a lifestyle blog

The Everygirl is a good example of a lifestyle blog. It combines two words to create a portmanteau word (Every + Girl). This blog name reaches out to its target audience and lets them know that the blog is mostly going to cater to girls.


LoveTaza is an excellent blog name that takes a rather personal feel

LoveTaza is an excellent blog name that takes a rather personal feel. This name sounds like the end of a letter to a friend or family member ‘Love, Taza’ from the owner of the blog. Taza is a nickname for the owner given to her by her husband.

2. Blog Names for Writers

Writing is such an interesting subject. There are several niches to explore within this category. There are academic writings, business writing, article writing, blog writing, copywriting, technical writing, and creative writing like prose and poetry.

Within a specific writing niche, there are also a wealth of sub-niches. For example, creative writing has hundreds of genres which include horror, erotica, sci-fi, tech, romance, crime, spirituality, and others. A writer can even decide to mix up two different genres to have the best story he can create.

Choosing a blog name for writers simply requires you to get creative. Many people assume writers should have an easy time coming up with a suitable blog name but that is often not the case.

  • Purple Ink
  • Pen And Sword
  • The Clique
  • Writers Only!
  • Inkubus
  • Writer’s Digest

Real-Life Examples of Writing Blog Names

The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a great example of a writing blog for writers

The Creative Penn is a great example of a writing blog for writers. This blog name uses the blogger’s name and a keyword in the writing niche “creative.”

The Write Life

The Write Life suggests a familiarity with the problems that writers face in their daily lives

The Write Life suggests a familiarity with the problems that writers face in their daily lives, hunched behind computer screens and clicking on keyboards.

3. Fashion Blog Name Examples

Beyonce’s latest outfit would always cause a stir, and you would always wonder if you can pull it off like she did or does. Either that or you are in your tailor’s shop to see if she can recreate the wedding gown Janelle Monae wore in her last video or you are ordering Kente material from Ghana.

If you need fashion advice, fashion blogs are there for you. From color combinations to hair and makeup to event-specific outfits, you can get almost everything from fashion blogs.

  • Men Can Wear Pink
  • This or That??
  • I Want That!
  • You Should Try This
  • What I Wore Today
  • Red Carpet Clothes

Real-Life Examples of Fashion Blog Names

Girl With Curves

Girl with Curves Fashion Blog Example

Girl with Curves is a blog created by Tanesha Awasthi that helps “real women” solve their fashion problems and build up their self-esteem regardless of size or shape.

He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style is a men’s fashion blog that provides fashion tips for men

He Spoke Style is a men’s fashion blog that provides fashion tips for men. This blog also appeals to women who want their men and sons to look and smell good and do not have the time or knowledge to fix themselves up.

4. Best Food Blog Names

Food blogs offer a variety of services. They can be blogs with cooking tips of certain kinds of food, review restaurants and give them a rating, concerned with experimenting with food, combining several different foods together in one plate, or mashing up the cooking process of a meal and seeing what it turns out into.

Even blogs about bakeries count as food blogs. Food blogs can even combine with other blog niches to produce more diverse content. Areas like traveling, food photography, sculpture making, even the sciences (like physics and chemistry) can have something to add to a food blog. These factors have very important roles in deciding the name for your blog.

  • The Red Pâtisserie
  • A Baker’s Life
  • Food from all over
  • Italian Pizza
  • Bitemore
  • Foodaphilia

Real-Life Examples of Food Blog Names


TheKitchn suggests that there are kitchen activities in the contents of the blog

TheKitchn suggests that there are kitchen activities in the contents of the blog. The removal of the space and the last vowel and squeezing the words together to make a single new portmanteau word make the blog stand out.

La Tartine Gourmande

La Tartine Gourmande is a blog with a french name that suggests nothing less of perfection and sophistication

La Tartine Gourmande is a blog with a french name that suggests nothing less of perfection and sophistication in its meals and food opinions.

5. Clever Travel Blog Names

The joy you get from seeing new places, meeting new people, interacting with new foods and languages, clothes and weather and climate, religions, and even landscapes is unequaled. Nothing ever really prepares you for the amazing culture shock you experience at every village or city or town you pass through.

Unfortunately, not every one of us has an appreciation for this kind of life or can live it, and so the next best thing is to try and live the life from behind our screens, through the experience of another person.

Travel blogs typically offer travel tips, packing guides, photos, and pictures of amazing locations and cultures from around the world.

  • The Walking Man
  • Life on the Road
  • Pictures and Places
  • Travel Girl
  • Luxury Adventures
  • Rough Travelers

Real-Life Examples of Clever Travel Blog Names

The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler is a name that everyone wanting to embark on the traveling lifestyle on a budget

The Poor Traveler is a name that resonates with almost everyone wanting to embark on the traveling lifestyle on a budget. This blog shows you travel mistakes you should avoid and travel tips to follow so you do not spend more than you should on any trip.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a travel blog that focuses on an American female and her solo travels abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a travel blog that focuses on the perspective of an American female and her solo travels abroad. This blog details the tips and tricks she picked up while on her many travels. The Blonde Abroad is a rather simple name, but one that conveys the message of the blog appropriately.

6. Personal Finance Blog Name Ideas

The world of personal finance is one where attention keeps pouring in on an almost daily basis, and it is only natural that blogs come up in that area. Tracking your personal finances (income and expenditure), developing a saving culture, knowing how and what to invest in, are knowledge everyone needs to know.

  • Save Like Me
  • Little Kids Save
  • Your Personal Finance Girl
  • The Dollar Rate
  • Million Dollar Girl
  • Fund My Retirement

Real-Life Examples of Personal Finance Blog Names

Budgets Are $exy

Budgets Are Sexy is a personal finance blog Example

Budgets Are Sexy is a personal finance blog name that automatically aims to dislodge the common belief that budgets are for uptight people or people suffering from financial troubles. The title immediately makes its readers want to dig in and see exactly how they can disprove the existing belief systems and empower themselves financially.

rich & REGULAR

rich & REGULAR is a great blog that uses simple words

rich & REGULAR is a great blog that uses simple words, irregular sentence cases, and alliteration and still sounds interesting all at the same time.

7. Catchy Career Blog Examples

Career blogs in your chosen industry are ideal to follow to help you boost your career success. These blogs are often owned by professionals who share their knowledge and experience in navigating certain areas of their business. They help you plan a quick career trajectory from your current position to the top.

Most career blogs have a general theme and aim at providing career advice for every occupation while some are quite restricted and professional, targeting only a certain set of professionals. Career blogs tend to make use of technical words that would confuse a person that is not from that field.

  • The Banking Experience
  • The Entrepreneur
  • Your Portfolio Stinks
  • Career Corner
  • Career Queens

Real-Life Examples of Career Blog Names


Corporette is a women’s fashion and lifestyle blog for career women

Corporette is a women’s fashion and lifestyle blog for career women that are usually otherwise stuck behind desks at work all day. This blog teaches how to maximize fashion choices for work attires and still look very professional.

Career Sidekick

Career Sidekick is a job search and career blog Example

Career Sidekick is a job search and career blog that offers different kinds of insight and information to people at varying levels of their careers. The name is top-notch because it promises to be a guide throughout your career at whatever level you get to, whether you are looking to employ or be employed.

8. Technology Blog Name Ideas

Technology is expanding rapidly and has gone beyond just making awesome phones and mobile devices, including cryptocurrency, 5G, and the latest craze for the Metaverse universe. These are just a few of what technology entails.

There are lots of technology blogs that share tech knowledge and tips you need. These tips range from simple tech solutions to more complex ones. If you are looking to start a tech blog, coming up with a good technology blog name is essential.

  • Miami Tech Bro
  • CryptoBull
  • Tech Army
  • Smart Geeks
  • Cyber Babble
  • Tech Guru

Real-Life Examples of Technology Blog Names


WIRED is an example of a tech blog with a good name

WIRED is an example of a tech blog with a good name. This blog uses the technology keyword “wired” to show visitors what it is all about.

Wires are needed in almost every technological setup, to supply power and data and perform several other functions. But beyond that, this blog talks about the nexus between technology and the rest of the world, and how everything is ‘WIRED’ together.

The Verge

The Verge is a Technology Blog Example

The Verge sounds like the name of a sci-fi movie. This blog itself does not veer off from that description as it seeks to try and understand and explain just how important certain technological developments and their impacts can be to the world in the future.

9. Fitness Blog Names List

Fitness blogs are blogs that aim to help people stay fit. This blog niche covers fitness exercises, diets, and other fitness tips such as sleep and medication that help you achieve a good state of physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Sweat A Little More
  • Knees and Elbows
  • Everyday Gym
  • Fitness Freak
  • Lazy Fitness Coach
  • Body Dreams

Real-Life Examples of Fitness Blog Names

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is an interesting name that shows a lot of creativity in it

Nerd Fitness is an interesting name that shows a lot of creativity in it, and the content of the site itself boasts of the self-same creativity and buzz that especially appeals to its target audience, nerds.

Reebok Fitness Blog

Reebok Fitness Blog is a blog from the popular sports company

Reebok Fitness Blog is a blog from the popular sports company Reebok, and using their own name could not have worked better for them. The brand is an easily identifiable one as an authority in the sports world, all that had to be done was just to capitalize on their name.

10. Music, Film and Entertainment Blog Name Ideas

If you are a huge fan of the entertainment industry, consider music, film, and entertainment blogs to get the latest news and releases in the industry.

Looking for a movie to watch or skeptical about watching the latest movie? You can head over to a film blog to read a review or get a rating to know if the movie is worth your time or not. The same applies to music, comedy, and other entertainment shows.

These blogs also provide entertainment news about your favorite celebrity, detailed interviews, and behind-the-scenes moments to show the thought process behind the masterpiece.

Essentially every part of the entertainment industry has something juicy behind it. People want to know what is going on in the lives of their favorite celebrities, what they wore to shows and fashion events, their latest projects, and awards they got nominated for and those they won.

  • Where’s the Popcorn??
  • Gossip Girl
  • SoundMan
  • WhatWentDown
  • Backstage Blogger
  • Life of Rhythm

Real-Life Examples of Music, Film, and Entertainment Blog Names

The Unsigned Guide

The Unsigned Guide is a music blog that targets artists who are struggling to break into mainstream markets

The Unsigned Guide is a music blog that targets artists who are struggling to break into mainstream markets and get signed to major labels, the blog offers them advice and insights to get to where they need to be.

Rap Radar

Rap Radar is a music blog that reports anything and everything on the rap scene from events

Rap Radar is a music blog that reports anything and everything on the rap scene from events to new singles, albums, and shows, and just about anything in the world of rap that comes up on their radar.

11. Crafting and DIY Blog Name Ideas

DIY projects are very interesting to watch. But doing them is almost always an intense project to embark on, especially when it has to do with wood and metalwork.

There are DIY blogs that show you how to craft DIY works easily. Watch and learn how people use different DIY techniques to craft household items from cheap materials.

  • How To Do Anything
  • Dreaming of Crafts
  • Buy or DIY
  • Master Craftsman
  • Crafty Curator
  • Create the Wonders

Real-Life Examples of DIY Blog Names

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is an example of a DIY blog name

A Beautiful Mess is an example of a DIY blog name that captures the essence of the site but still makes it appealing to the readers of the brand. They know there will be messes made, but it would be messes that they would be proud to make.

The DIY Playbook

The DIY Playbook is a home interior DIY blog example

The DIY Playbook is a home interior DIY blog that gives tips, dos and don’ts, shortcuts, and several other things to know and note when doing a makeover for your house by yourself. This blog is essentially a playbook for home decoration and improvement.

12. Fun Blog Names

Fun blog names are interesting and catchy names that cut across the different blog niches. They work pretty well as random blog names and are great examples of how you can use humor and unrelated words to name your blog.

  • The Giant Raptor Mansion
  • Balls & Trees
  • Candies & Canes
  • Bazinga!
  • Juicy!

Real-Life Examples of Fun Blog Names

The Retail Therapist

The Retail Therapist is a blog that gives all the best fashion advice

The Retail Therapist is a blog that gives all the best fashion advice for the smallest purses or people who like to shop and do not have a lot to spare or do not know how to combine their clothes. This blog works great for them.

The blog name is great because it makes you feel like you have your own personal fashion therapist.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a comedy blog that tells funny and other original stories that make people laugh

Funny or Die is a comedy blog that tells funny and other original stories that make people laugh. This blog name clearly tells its target audience that it is all about comedy.

Final Takeaways on How to Name Your Blog

Finding the perfect name for your blog is important but it should not prevent you from doing the actual hard work of blogging and earning money from your blog. If you struggle to come up with a blog name you are thrilled about, remember you can always change your blog name anytime.

Many bloggers spend a lot of time and due diligence when naming their blog and do not invest such energy and commitment in other blogging aspects such as content and traffic generation.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking your blog name alone will determine whether your blog is a success or not. Other factors such as the quality of your blog content, the branding of your blog, and the ability to connect with your audience also play a crucial role.

Naming your blog is only a small part of the blogging process. While there is no doubt that a great blog name can contribute to the success of your blog, you do not have to get hung up trying to find the perfect blog name.

You can start with a decent option, and focus on attracting traffic and monetizing your blog. Once you find a better blog name, you can always change it and rebrand your blog easily.

Some of the best blogging platforms you can use to help you launch your blog fast include, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and Constant Contact Website Builder.

When choosing a blog name, consider picking a name that sparks interest in your target audience and one that is simple and easy to remember. You can also use funny, sweet, shocking, and strange names as long as it interests your ideal audience.

The use of alliterations, assonance, abbreviations, portmanteau, your own name, foreign language, and other unusual combinations can also make a good blog name.

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