19 Best Website Analytics Tools Used By Experts in 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

Have you ever wished to know the number of visitors on your websites, where they are browsing from, and the devices they use?

Would you like to know what every visitor does on your website, including where and how they move their mouse?

Or you want to know why your visitors are not converting.

Then, read on.

Presently, there are about 1.86 billion websites globally and your website is one of them.

But the sad fact is that only a few website owners(and probably you too) take advantage of the vast amount of data they can get from their websites.

But how would you get this data, in the first place?

Relax, a website analytics tool is what you need.

Using website analytics tools, you will see the number of people that use your website, their actions on it and the reasons for those actions.

This review will take you through 19 website analytics tools used by experts in 2022.

In the end, you would know the best website analytics tool for your business.

So, let's keep going.

Top Website Analytics Tools Used By Professionals

1. Google Analytics

Best Free Web Analytics Tool Provided You Have a Google Account

Google Analytics is the Best Free Web Analytics Tool Provided You Have a Google Account

Main Features

Launched in 2005 by the popular technology company Google, Google Analytics is a web service platform used by small and large businesses for getting vital insights from their websites.

The new Google Analytics tool known as Google Analytics 4 was recently launched and it comes with more robust features when compared to the universal analytics.

One major difference is that you can use Google Analytics 4 for your website, or app. Infact, you can use the tool for the two together.

You can't do this on universal analytics as if it only supports websites.

Google Analytics is available in over 30 languages and it allows you to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your website contents, products and marketing strategies.

Using these invaluable data, you can understand your site users and serve them better.

There is the Analytics intelligence feature which works on the principle of the advanced modelling techniques.

For example, you can use the search option to ask questions and get real-time answers on any important insights like account configuration, insights, help content, and admin pages.

You can also get easily informed about different and periodic changes on your website data by using the automated insights feature to analyze your data automatically.

With the custom insights, you can specify the rules you want to generate insights and get notified when the conditions are adequately met.

Another major advantage you get by using this tool is the ability to integrate Google Analytics with other Google products especially advertising and publisher products.

Other important Google analytics features are events reference, explorations, reporting and integrations.


The basic Google Analytics plan is free as all you need to use this tool is a Google account.

However, if you want to enjoy some additional features like data driven attribution, BigQuery Export, and roll-up reporting, then you can go for the Google Analytics 360.

However, note that Google Analytics 360 pricing starts at $150,000/year.

2. Adobe Analytics

Best Web Analytics Tool for Data Collection, Exploration, Prediction and Sharing

Adobe Analytics is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Data Collection, Exploration, Prediction and Sharing

Main Features

Adobe Analytics is another web analytics tool that gives you access to analytics features like versatile reporting and predictive intelligence.

The features are divided into four main categories which are collect and measure, explore and understand, predict and model, and share and act.

Available under the collect and measure category, the multichannel data collection feature allows you to collect data from various sources, talk of email, web, campaigns, and even from mobile devices.

This way, you can integrate your data from any channel to analyse your customers' behaviors effectively.

The JavaScript tags allow you to collect data from websites and other web-based systems and if you are unable to use the JavaScript tags, then you can go for the AppMeasurement libraries.

The analytics for streaming media feature allows you to know and measure video and audio metrics of your customers' engagement with your business.

You can also the why and when of your customers behaviors and even measure data from offline content.

Likewise, evaluate the overall number of your viewers using the concurrent viewers by minute feature.

Measure trending content and know your favourite content.

For the explore and understand category, important features are advanced calculated metrics, advanced segmentation, cohort analytics, ad hoc analysis, cross-device analytics, customer journey analytics, and flow analytics.

Features you can find under the predict and model category include marketing attribution, anomaly detection, contribution analysis and intelligent alerts.

While for the share and act category, you have advertising analytics, analytics dashboard, audience analytics, voice assistant analytics, and third-party integrations.


The three major Adobe analytics packages are Select, Prime and Ultimate.

The first plan is good for emerging analytics practice, the second plan for mature analytics practice while the ultimate plan is best for advanced analytics practice.

For the pricing, you would have to get in touch with their sales team.

Note that you can request a demo for any of the plans.

3. Mixpanel

Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool for Creating Better Products and Engaging More Users

Mixpanel is the Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool for Creating Better Products

Main Features

Mixpanel comes with the conversion analytics platform which allows you to get simple reports about users' behaviors such as users drop-off to improve reengagement and boost your conversion rate.

There's also the funnels report which helps you to understand important details about your conversion rates.

For example, you get to know users who convert, those who convert best, and users who do not convert at all.

Another conversion feature is the flow reports which you can use to discover important trends of user actions and segments.

How do you know and correct sudden conversion changes?

By using automated insights features.

Using this feature, you can get informed about conversion changes and therefore take the necessary steps to correct cases of negative changes.

Another important solution is engagement analytics which allows you to understand your users' engagement with your products.

You will get to know when they use it, for how long and the retention rate.

What's more?

You can measure active usage and use the query builder to define your metrics and compare the frequency of users' engagement with your products.

The life cycle analysis allows you to track and group your users into different engagement categories like new, dormant, resurrected, and retained.

User segmentation is another important feature available under the engagement solution.

For the retail solution, you get to enjoy features like retention analysis, cohort analysis, data modeling, and automated insights.


Mixpanel Pricing Plan

Mixpanel has a free version which gives you access to 100,000 monthly tracked users, unlimited data history and seats, data dictionary, reports, monitoring and alerts.

The other two available plans are the Growth plan, starting at $25/month with extra features like data modeling, unlimited saved reports and cohorts, legendary email support, and the Enterprise plan.

The Enterprise plan is suitable for large organizations and it comes with additional advanced features like advanced access controls, SSO and automated provisioning, and dedicated customer success.
You would have to contact sales for the pricing or request a live demo.

4. SmartLook

Best Web Analytics Tool for Recording Users on Websites

SmartLook is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Recording Users on Websites

Do you want to record the real-time actions of your users on your website?

Will you like to get easy access to users' recordings anytime?

If yes, then Smartlook might be the most ideal web analytics tool that you need.

Using Smartlook, you have access to features like always-on recording, advanced filtering, visitor journey, heatmaps, events, funnels, analytics and reporting, and integrations.

With the always-on recording, you can always find replays of users' interactions with your website.

The automatic event tracking lets you track the different events that are performed by users on your websites.

It does this by giving you access to replays of users' interactions with your websites such as visits to a page or clicks on a button.

Apart from seeing the real-time replays of events, you can use the event statistics feature to know the level of users' interactions with a specific event.

Let's say you added a new event or function to your website and you want to see how your users interact with this specific event, all you need to do is to replay recordings of visitors using the said function.

You can also download and share heatmaps, while segmenting heatmaps by device.

Access to customizable dashboard, email reporting for events and funnels, rage clicks, and anomalies alerting are what you enjoy under the analytics and reporting platform.

Using Smartlook, you can integrate with popular third-party tools like Intercom, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Shopify, and WordPress.


SmartLook Pricing Plan

Smartlook has four different versions which are the Free version, the Startup version which starts at $31/monthly, the business version at $79/monthly, and the Ultimate plan where you would have to contact the sales team for the pricing.

Under the free plan, you have access to about 1,500 sessions/month, a month's data history, events, funnels, and heatmaps.

The Business version which is the recommended plan contains extra features like standard integrations, and add-ons like premium integrations and DevTools.

All the plans contain a 10-day free trial which gives access to all the business features.

Note that Smartlook also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.

5. Matomo

Best Open Source Web Analytics Tool for Full Data Ownership and Privacy Protection

Matomo is the Best Open Source Web Analytics Tool for Full Data Ownership and Privacy Protection

Main Features

Matomo, is an open source web analytics tool used by more than 1million websites in over 190 countries.

It gives you access to full data ownership which includes the right to know where and how your data is stored.

Since it's an open source tool, it has been tested by many contributors and it likewise allows you to import your Google analytics data straight into the tool.

With Matomo, you can also effectively track your personal data while enjoying an unlimited number of websites, team members, users, goals, and segments.

Matomo's visitors' feature gives you important insights about every action your visitors take on your website including their locations, their device and browser, and visit frequency.

This way, you can know the time you get the best traffic, your conversion rate, and the reasons why some users convert better than others.

All of these are contained in the visitor profiles.

Another important feature is the heatmaps which gives you visual access to where your visitors visit on your websites, and the duration of their stay on each page.

You get to see how and where they drag the mouse on your website just as if you were present with them.

The sessions recordings feature lets you playback actions taken on your website like scrolls, resizes, form interactions, and page changes.

You will watch all of these in a video as you track your visitors' moves.

What of multi-attribution?

Matomo has also got the multi-attribution feature which allows you to accurately gauge your marketing channel and make better decisions on the various channels used by your customers.

Matomo's other features include custom reports, tag manager, media analytics, roll-up reporting, A/B testing, white label and paid ads performance.


Matomo Pricing Plan

Matomo has a free version known as On-Premise and likewise a paid version known as Cloud.

With the free version, you get access to features like unlimited number of websites, team members, segments, goals, and a forever raw data retention feature.

However, if you want some more features like activity log, WooCommerce analytics, users flow, funnels, search engine keywords performance, then you can pay for them at different prices/year, as add-ons.

Otherwise, you can go for the paid plan known as Cloud which covers most of these features and many more.

If you subscribe for the paid version annually, you have a discount of 17% off the monthly price.

Matomo also allows a free trial.

6. Statcounter

Best Simple-to-Use Web Analytics Tool for Measuring Your Website Traffic

Statcounter is the Best Simple to Use Web Analytics Tool for Measuring Website Traffic

Main Features

Another web analytics tool, Statcounter, takes you on a visual sightseeing of all your visitors' actions and journey on your website.

It can work on various platforms like WordPress, Google, Shopify, GoDaddy, and Weebly.

Using Statcounter, you can watch the live feeds on your visitors' actions on your websites and know important details like location, brower, IP address, number of visits, and system stats.

The summary stats feature allows you to identify and compare foremost stats like page views, sessions, and visitors.

Thus, you would be able to know what to change and what to leave on your website.

Statcounter also contains a reports dashboard which gives you insights to important and collective metrics like visitor locations, popular pages, visitor engagement, and exit links.

Other features include paid traffic analysis, Google keyword data, visitor labels, custom email reports, data export, powerful filters, and bounce rate.

You can also access the metrics analytics of websites on your mobile devices using the Statcounter mobile app.


Statcounter Pricing Plan

Statcounter has two pricing plans.

The first one, Basic, is for personal blogs and websites while the second one, Premium, is best for businesses.

The Basic plan which is the free version gives you access to analytics of recent 500page views, and features such as traffic trend charts, summary email reports, analytics report and dashboard, real time visitor activity feeds, and email support.

If you want more features such as Google keyword sync, live update, conversion rate tracking, project groups, you can subscribe for the premium plan at $9/month. You can also try all the premium plan features freely for 30 days after which you can subscribe for the paid premium version or continue to use the free version.

7. VWO

Best Web Analytics Tool for Visitors' Behaviour Analysis and Research

VWO is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Visitors’ Behaviour Analysis and Research

Main Features

Apart from A/B testing your websites, VWO also allows you to measure users' experience on your websites.

One of the major solutions, VWO insights allows you to do this through features like funnels, session recordings, heatmaps, on-page surveys, and form analytics.

With the funnels feature, you can chart out the actual and real-time journeys of your visitors on your websites.

You will see where they are dropping off and then get into action to improve the performance of the page.

VWO also provides a subfeature under funnels known as visitors segments which allows you to filter what you get in your funnels reports.

Some of the available predefined segments are query parameter, new and returning visitors, paid search traffic, and brower.

And if you want to know visitors who travel through the funnels under segments like a particular hour of the day or a specific day of the week, then you can use the advanced filters.

Other specified actions by which you can map out your funnels are page views, form submits and button clicks and you can also add notes to your funnels.

The always-on VWO recording goes a step further by allowing you to know why your visitors are dropping off at a specific stage.

Then, you can know what to do to bring about a positive reduction in the drop off rate.

Using VWO insights, you can set up on-page surveys specifying when and who you want to show the surveys to, and therefore understand the reasons for your visitors' behaviors better.


Growth, Pro, and Enterprise are the three major pricing versions of VWO insights.

The first version deals mainly with visitor research and it comes with heatmaps comparison, funnel, basic form analysis, basic website survey, email and chat support.

The second plan, Pro, deals with advanced visitor research and behavior analysis.

The last plan which is the Enterprise version is best for high traffic websites and it has lots of additional features like 3 months data retention, dedicated account manager, advanced segmentation and targeting. VWO offers a 30- day free trial.

8. Yandex Metrica

Most Suitable Free Web Analytics Tool for Measuring Traffic, Audience, Performance and Behaviour

Yandex Metrica is the Most Suitable Free Web Analytics Tool for Measuring Traffic

Main Features

Used by more than 8millon sites across the globe, Yandex Metrica is a web analytics tool launched by the Yandex internet company in 2008.

Its features are categorised into different sections which are traffic, audience, performance, behavior analytics, ad hoc reporting and powerful segmentation.

Using Yandex Metrica, you can track an unlimited amount of traffic and keep your data for an unlimited period.

The behavior analytics also contains features like session replays, scroll heat maps, and form analytics which helps you to understand your users' behavior and intent.

For example, you can use the session replays to watch every action users take on your websites including clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements.

Up to 150,000 recordings per day are available.

Also available in the behaviour analytics platform, the click heat maps allows you to see what specific pages or spots users click or visit most.

You can therefore determine their behavior patterns for better optimization of your websites contents or pages.

The form analytics feature helps you detect why your forms are not performing up to your expectations.

Using the scroll heat maps, know where to insert your messages, call-to-action and where your users stop scrolling.


You know what?

Yandex Metrica is a completely free web analytics tool which does not have any paid version.

Yet, you have access to benefits such as unlimited traffic, unlimited email support service and unlimited number of sites per account.

Therefore if you are looking to cut your budget, then Yandex metrica is an advisable web analytics tool that you can use. Note that you can also take a live demo.

9. Kissmetrics

Best Web Analytics Tool for Product and Marketing Analytics

Kissmetrics is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Product and Marketing Analytics

Main Features

Though still used by experts in 2021, Kissmetrics actually started in 2008 and has since then, continued to help SAAS and e-commerce brands get useful and helpful marketing and product analytics.

With Kissmetrics, you can view your key metrics in a single and uniform platform without having to worry about fragmentation of reports.

For example, new trial stats, new subscriptions, trial to sign-up conversion rate, churns, time to sign up, new subscriptions, and monthly recurring revenue are benchmarks you can easily view by using Kissmetrics.

It also lets you know who your best customers are, the features they use most, and how they became your invaluable users in the first place.

You can also track both your active and best users over a particular period whether daily, weekly or monthly.

What are the most viewed pages on your websites and which features do your visitors use most?

You can know these by using Kissmetrics and likewise utilize the customer activity reports to review signups affected by plan, device, and campaigns.

Advanced bi reporting feature, full funnel and revenue reports are also available.


Kissmetrics Pricing Plan

Kissmetrics has three pricing plans and they are Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The first plan charges $299/month, with features like 10,000 monthly tracked users, dashboard, funnel reports, user search, one-year data retention, and email support.

The second plan also charges $499/month and it covers all features available in the silver plan with additional peculiarities such as revenue report, cohort report, 2-year data retention, email and chat support.

The last plan is the Platinum plan with custom pricing and it includes features like power report, SQL report, A/B test report. You can request for a demo on any of the three plans.

10. Amplitude

Best Web Analytics Tool for Product Analytics

Amplitude is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Product Analytics

Main Features

Another web analytics tool on our list is Amplitude used by digital teams for getting product and behavioral analytics to build better digital products and understand users more.

Using Amplitude, know and analyse your customers' behaviors, understand what drives conversions, retention, and drop offs, and know how to best retain your power customers.

You can likewise use the available insights into customers behaviors to predict future results of present actions and events.

As an illustration, you have the template gallery embedded in the template section where you can select your favourite template or create a new one.

You can use the different templates to perform various functions like monitoring the performance of your push campaigns, tracking retention of customers, and tracking new experiments.

Dashboard is another valuable characteristic of Amplitude analytics and it lets you monitor your digital business performance with customizable charts and metrics.

You can also easily and effectively manage your projects as a team using team spaces.


The Starter version is the free plan and it contains the behavioral analytics platform which includes unlimited data retention, unlimited user seats, core analytics, tracking of up to 10million actions per month.

For the Growth plan, you have features like everything in the free plan, behavioral reports, predictive analytics, custom solutions and event volume, advanced collaboration tools, and dedicated customer success.

Additional features included in the enterprise plan are advanced data governance, single sign-on and authentication, custom user permissions and roles, monitoring and automated insights and premier customer success with SLA.

Amplitude offers a special discount for startups which include giving free one-year access to the paid Growth plan features. Note that you can request for a demo to know more about the Amplitude product suite.

11. SEMRush

Best Web Analytics Tool for Carrying Out Powerful Digital and Marketing Research

SEMRush is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Carrying Out Powerful Digital and Marketing Research

Main Features

SEMrush is a simple and powerful marketing platform which you can use to carry out SEO, content, and social media marketing, competitor research, PPC, all in a single platform. 

As an illustration, you have a search box where all you have to do is to enter the domain, keyword or URL you want to search for, within your preferred location.

At least, you can search for over 20 keywords in over 130 countries.

It contains features under different marketing niches like market research, SEO, content, and, advertisements.

Under the SEO platform, you have the organic traffic insights feature which you can use to monitor the key metrics of your website performance such as sessions, total users, new users, bounce rate, and goal completion.

Using this same feature, you can likewise uncover keywords, including hidden keywords ranked for by your website pages.

You can also filter your Google search console data using various sorts like position, type, and clicks.


SEMRush Pricing Plan

Even though SEMRush has a free plan which still gives you access to some basic features like keyword tracking, go for a paid plan If you want to enjoy a good number of features.

The paid plans are Pro version at $119.95/month most suitable for marketing startups, Guru at $229.95/month and best for growing agencies and Business at $449.95/month which is most ideal for large agencies and enterprises.

Features available under the Guru plan are projects, historical data, content marketing platform, keyword, domain, and backlink analytics, Google data studio integration.

Also, note that the number of the keywords you are allowed to track depends on the plan you are on.

The maximum number of the keywords tracking is 5,000 available under the business plan.

You can also purchase additional add-ons like additional users and agency growth kit.
SEMRush also has a 7-day money back guarantee and free trial.

12. Baidu Analytics

Best Free Web Analytics Tool for Tracking and Monitoring Chinese Websites

Baidu Analytics is the Best Free Web Analytics Tool for Tracking and Monitoring Chinese Websites

Main Features

Baidu Analytics which is also known as Baidu Tongji was launched in 2009 as an analytics tool for the search engine, Baidu based in China.

If you are a B2B marketer in the Chinese market, then Baidu analytics is a web analytics tool which you can't just ignore.

The reason is because the most dominant search engine in China is Baidu and therefore using the complementary analytics tool for tracking Chinese users and websites is a good step towards effective marketing.

However, a major short-back is that the tool's interface is mainly available in the Chinese language and therefore, you might need a Chinese speaker especially if you don't understand a bit of the language.

Apart from that, Baidu analytics is a great web tracking tool as it contains features such as heat map, SEO, and Baidu promotion.

With the heat map, you can see how users interact with your websites, and identify your conversion rates to make your website more user-friendly and effective.

Baidu Analytics also comes with important features such as speed diagnosis, SEO crawling suggestions, search terms, and statistical code which all works to improve your website and user interaction.

You can thus, reach more users quickly and accelerate your website retrieval speed.

Baidu analytics also allows integration of third-party data.


Baidu Analytics is a free web analytics tool.

Although enjoying some additional features like advanced custom reports might require some extra setups.

Also, Baidu analytics lack some useful features which are available in Google analytics.

Examples of these features are Google ads words integrations and site search.

Infact, if you don't mind the cost, consider going for the two analytics tools, that is Baidu Analytics and Google Analytics to enjoy maximum number of features and easy accessibility.

13. HubSpot

Best Web Analytics Tool for Carrying Out Advanced Marketing and Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Carrying Out Advanced Marketing and Marketing Campaigns

Main Features

HubSpot is a household name when it comes to providing suitable CMS automation, email marketing, CRM, customer support, and marketing automation tools for performing major marketing functions.

Using HubSpot marketing analytics, you can evaluate all your marketing in a single platform.

This means, you can track the various actions taken by users in your websites from time to time.

You would be able to understand your customers better and therefore know the best time to reply to certain campaigns and trigger automation workflows.

There is also the multi-touch revenue attribution which allows you to know the impact of your sales, marketing and campaigns strategies and the contents that appeals to your users most.

You can choose to measure your website as a single entity or by page-by-page.

You can also filter the analytics using country or URL to know what specific country and URL have the most impact on your website.

View comprehensive reports on the performance of your websites, landing pages, emails, and calls-to-action, which you can add up to your dashboard for tracking in a single platform.


HubSpot Pricing Plan

HubSpot offers a train of free tools which include free CRM, marketing, sales, and service tools and you can also take a free 30-day free trial of HubSpot integrated analytics tool.

Besides that, HubSpot marketing paid versions are Starter at $45/month, Professional at $800/month, and Enterprise at $3,200/month.

For the Starter plans, features offered include access to all the free tools, forms, email marketing, list segmentation, reporting dashboard, and custom properties.

The HubSpot for startups program also gives startups a discount of 90% off.

14. Hotjar

Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool to Understand Users' behavior and Get Their Feedback

Hotjar is the Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool to Understand Users’ behavior

Main Features

Used in about 180 countries on many popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, WooCommerce and Wix, Hotjar comprises four main products which are heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and incoming feedback.

The heatmaps lets you see in real-time, your users' behaviors, and important changes after A/B tests.

Through the multi-device support, you can switch between mobile, desktop and tablet views.

You can also watch live playbacks of users in your website, and gather data from users using surveys.

Using the on-demand report features, you can also gather a limitless amount of reports on an unlimited number of pages.

You can access the feedback tools in more than 40 languages of your choice and likewise target visits using different categories like URL, device, and custom JavaScript.

Hotjar allows an unlimited number of users on all the plans.


Hotjar Pricing Plan

Hotjar pricing plans are divided into two sections; Personal and Business.

The free plan is included in the basic plan of the Personal category and it provides features like 2000 page views per day, 3 snapshot heatmaps, unlimited team members, and snapshot recordings.

Under the business category, you have two plans which are Business and Scale.

The Business version goes for $99/month and it covers features such as 500 daily sessions, continuous heatmaps and recordings, unlimited surveys and feedback widgets, 15-day trial, and integrations.

The second plan is Scale and it charges $389/month with features such as 4,000 daily sessions, Hotjar branding removal, specialist training and identity management (SSO).

Note that the prices mentioned above are on a charge per site basis.

Hotjar also provides an opportunity of 25% recurring revenue for agencies and consultants through the Hotjar partner program.

15. Crazy Egg

Simple Web Analytics Tool for Getting Vital and Visual Insights of Your Website

Crazy Egg is a Simple Web Analytics Tool for Getting Vital and Visual Insights of Your Website

Main Features

Reputed to be used by over 300,000 websites, Crazy Egg is another web analytics tool for measuring users' engagement on your website.

Some of the features available are snapshots, heatmaps, and recordings which provide visual reports and individual session recordings of every action by users on your website.

For example, you can know what particular function your users click most, their page views and their overall navigation on your websites.

Using the Crazy Egg's A/B testing tool, you can know the right content, color or image that appeals to your customers most, and can make them convert.

What's more?

You also have the Crazy Egg editor which you can use to revamp your contents, and adjust your color and fonts.

Using Crazy Egg, you can easily integrate with third-party services like Shopify and WordPress.


Crazy Egg Pricing Plan

On the pricing side, Crazy Egg has a wide variety of plans from which you can choose from.

They are Basic at $24/month, Standard at $49/month, Plus at $99/month, Pro at $249/month, and Enterprise, a customizable plan.

Under the most affordable plan which is the Basic plan, you can enjoy features like 30,000 tracked page views/month, 100 recordings, unlimited A/B tests, unlimited websites, and 3months recording storage.

As a business, if you want to enjoy a good number of features without spending much, then consider subscribing for the Plus plan.

This version allows you to track about 150,000 pages per month and have access to 1,000 recordings.

It also contains features like unlimited A/B tests, website, priority support, and 2-year recording storage.
You can also take a free 30-day trial on any of the plans.

16. Chartbeat

Best Web Analytics Tool for Content Analytics

Chartbeat is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Content Analytics

Main Features

Have you gotten the right content for your websites and products?

Do your users love your contents?

Better still, are your contents converting?

Will users love to share your contents to their friends and mates?

You can answer all these questions by using Chartbeat.

Chartbeat is a web analytics tool created with content teams and editorial boards in mind for monitoring, measuring, and optimising content.

The two major products are Chartbeat for Publishing which covers dashboards, optimization, reporting, and add-ons, and Datastream which contains the real-time data pipeline platform.

With the real-time dashboard, know the different channels used by users in connecting with your contents.

Let say, you want to know their location or the type of device they use, all you have to do is to filter the data by location or device type.

Other filter criteria are traffic source, visitor frequency, native app traffic, and subscriber status.

You can also integrate with Google AMP and Facebook instant articles.

Another important feature is the native app integration which helps you measure traffic from your native app.

With this useful feature, you will know the size of your audience, their favourite contents, whether your push notifications work or not, and traffic differences between your web and native app.

The historical dashboard works like the real-time dashboard and it lets you gauge your content performance, KPIs, and important trends over a specific period.

Also available are the video dashboard, and multi-site view.


Chartbeat Pricing Plan
Source : Getapp

Even though the prices for the different plans are not mentioned on their website, previous users have testified that they charge about $7,000 per year.

Basic, Plus, and Premium are the available plans.

They also offer a free trial though they don't not have a free version.

17. Clicky

Best Web Analytics Tool for Traffic Analytics

Clicky is the Best Web Analytics Tool for Traffic Analytics

Main Features

Affordable yet powerful with a user-friendly interface describes Clicky, a web analytics tool that you can use to monitor and evaluate your website traffic without having to comb through any complex data.

As an example, you can know the number of your visitors, their actions, average time spent, and bounce rate.

Launch the heatmaps from your website without stress and view heat maps based on each page.

The on-site analytics will let you know the number of visitors on your website and you also have the uptime monitoring which notifies you even if the site is offline.

This way, you will know and take the necessary actions during those periods.

Using Clicky, you also get a list of information about every individual website visitor.

Details like username, IP address, web browser, operating system, language and location are provided.

Other features include backlink analytics, JavaScript events tracking, campaign tracking, funnel/path analytics, and split testing.


Clicky Pricing Plan

Clicky has a free plan which you can use for your basic web analytics needs.

Though, the number of websites you can track is limited to one and about 3,000 page views.

Still, you can use features like customizable dashboard, basic segmentation, widgets and even API.

And if you want more features known as premium features, then you can go for any of the affordable pricing plans.

They include Pro at $9.99/month, Pro Plus at $14.99/month, Pro Platinum at $19.99/month, and the Custom plan with varied pricing.

Split testing, email reports, advanced segmentation, multiple dashboard, video analytics, and on-site analytics are some of the premium features.

If you create a new account, Clicky will let you take a 21-day free trial where you can track up to 3 web sites, 1,000,000 page views, and access all the features.

18. ClickTale

Best Web Analytics Tool for All Sorts of Digital Analytics

ClickTale is the Best Web Analytics Tool for All Sorts of Digital Analytics

Main Features

Clicktale, which is now known as Contentsquare, is an analytic tool which you can use to monitor and measure your website and app performance.

It has been reported to be used by over 750 brands including Walmart, Dell, and Ringcentral, meaning you are in safe hands.

Using Contentsquare, you identify the key metrics of visitors' engagement with your website or mobile apps, and you can likewise understand the reason behind their behaviors.

This helps you go deeper in connecting with your customers, identifying their problems, and serving them better to retain them longer.

Included in the available features are heat maps, customer journey analytics, and visitors recordings.

Customer journey mapping, segmentation and drill-down, and reverse journeys are some of other features available in the customer and user analytics platform.

What you can do with all these features is identify the overall journey of your customers including your favourite ones, and know about common problems affecting their conversion.

What about the heatmaps feature?

Some features you get here are experience and revenue attribution, live metrics, and major campaigns analytics.

The zone-based heatmaps lets you understand the real reason behind your visitors' behavior on your website, get quality answers to optimization questions, and at the same time, boost your website performance.


For the pricing plans, you will have to contact their sales teams to know the available plans and therefore negotiate the best one for your business.

However, some previous users have let us know Contentsquare has majorly three pricing plans which includes the Basic, Silver, and Gold plans. You can also get a free demo on Contentsquare.

19. Lucky Orange

Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool for Seeing Users' Actions on Your Websites and Making Them Convert

Lucky Orange is the Most Suitable Web Analytics Tool for Seeing Users’ Actions on Websites

Main Features

The last but not the least effective web analytics tool on our list is the Lucky Orange web analytics tool.

There is the dashboard feature which you can use to view the number of people on your website and the channels through which they discovered your website.

Use the behavior tags to filter your data according to tweets, languages, to know what affects your conversions the most.

Compare given data to identify your time-to-time traffic changes and take the necessary actions.

You can likewise identify drop-offs by building conversion funnels.

Get notified when a new visitor arrives to your website, and you can also use the visitor map to display your website traffic.

That's not all about lucky orange, it also comes with the recordings feature which creates an automatic recording of every visitor on your website.

Communicate with your customers when they checkout your website by integrating the Lucky Orange feature on your website.

Dynamic heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, and polls are other features you would find in Lucky Orange.


Lucky Orange Pricing Plan

If you are looking for a cheap web analytics tool with enough features for your needs, then consider Lucky Orange.


The reason is because its pricing plans start from $10 per month while you can still get a higher plan with a good number of features at $50 per month.

This is the medium plan and it covers 200,000 monthly page views, unlimited recordings and heat map data.

The first plan is the Starter plan and it provides access to about 25,000 pageviews/month, unlimited recordings and unlimited heat map data.

The most popular plan which is even the most ideal plan for small businesses is the small business plan which charges just $20/month.

You can also take a free trial of any planfor 7days, and get a 10% and 30% off discounts for one and two years subscription respectively.

What are Web Analytics Tools?

So far, we have been discussing the various web analytics tools used by experts in the year 2021, what they can do and their different pricing plans.

But maybe you don't even know what web analytics tools are, or you are just hearing all about them for the first time.

Then, read on to know more about web analytics tools.

Put simply, web analytics tools are the various softwares which you can use to get comprehensive reports on user interactions on your website defined by various key metrics.

It lets you know and sometimes see every action taken by your visitors on your websites.

Web Analytics Tool Infographic
Source: Jigsawacademy

Without these invaluable tools, you won't be able to know who and what takes place on your website every now and then.

And since your website is the heart of your business's digital presence, lack of access to users' actions on your website might prevent you from getting valuable data and insight important for your business growth.

From the time a visitor arrives to your website, to the pages the visitor moves the mouse to, before leaving your website, you get to see all these using web analytics tools.

You know what?

Some web analytics tools, in fact, provide additional information about every individual who visits your websites like location, language, IP address, and time spent on your websites.

Web analytics tools can help you know all of these through features like heat maps, session recordings, and analytics reports and dashboards.

You also get to understand the reason behind customers' behavior on your website.

Not only that, you can also measure users' engagement with your mobile apps and every channel through which your business has a digital presence.

Types of Web Analytics Tools

Well, web analytics are mainly categorised according to their functions.

So, let's check them out.

1. Social Media Analytics Tools

The reason why we are starting with this type of web analytics tools is because of the vast importance of social media in this digital age.

In fact, if your business doesn't have any presence on social media, then you are missing out on a lot of things including revenue and potential customers.

But if you have maximized the importance of social media for your business, then here is the good news.

There are specific web analytics tools which you can use to track and measure the performance and engagement of your audience on social media.

Social Media Analytics Tools
Source: Brand24

These web analytics tools are known as social media analytics tools.

They let you know the rate at which social media users connect with your business and likewise help you engage and connect with them more to convert them to paying customers.

Social media analytics tools come with features which you can use to perform various social media related activities like managing and publishing your posts, tracking the performance of your social media campaigns.

2. Content Analytics Tools

Perhaps, the next important asset to your business apart from social media is your content.

Think about it, what do visitors read on your websites?

Contents. What do you social media users read on social media platforms? Contents.

And if you have a mobile app for your business, the only way to get users engaged is through content.

So, content is another big thing that determines the overall performance and success of your business.

Still, effective content marketing goes deeper than creating attractive content.

You have got to measure users' interactions with your contents too.

A special type of web analytics tools to help you do this is content analytics tools.

Content Analytics Dashboard
Source: Keen.io

Using this set of tools, you can know if your readers love your content, if they would live to share with their friends, and if your content is generating the results that you want, or not.

3. Customer Journey and Behaviour Analytics Tools

Here, we come to the special type of web analytics tools that you can use to measure users' experience on your website.

These are known as customer journey and behavior analytics tools.

This group of tools provide features like the customer journey map which gives detailed and most times, visual reports of visitors' journey and navigation on your website.

Also, they can let you understand your visitors' behavior on your website, say why a customer doesn't convert before leaving your website.

4. SEO Analytics Tools

By now, you should know how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, for your website.

The visibility of your websites to users depends on your SEO ranking.

And even if you have great content on your website without good SEO ranking, only a few users will be able to see that great content.

And you want as many visitors to visit to access your website, don't you?

Then, SEO web analytics tools come in handy to help you track your SEO performance and give you insights into what you need to rank higher.

For example, it could be backlink analysis or even keyword research analysis which you can utilize to increase the visibility of your website.

5. Product Analytics Tools

Whether you are a SaaS or e-commerce brand, what do you sell out to the public?

Products, of course.

The main reason your business exists in the first place is to sell out goods and services which are all products to visitors.

Product analytics tools is another type of web analytics tool which lets you know the level of users' interactions with your products.

Product Analytics Tools Infographic
Source: Hevodata

Sometimes, it also lets you know their level of satisfaction, using your products.

How to Choose the Best Website Analytics Software

Now that you know the types of web analytics tools that exist in the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Are there any factors you should consider before choosing the best web analytics tools?

If they really exist, what are they?

Continue reading to see five factors you should consider before you choose the best web analytics tool.

1. Your Target Audience

This is one of the major factors you should consider when choosing a web web analytics tool because it will eventually determine the type of web analytics tool that would be most ideal for your business.

Three Reasons Define Target Audience
Source: CoSchedule

Who are your target audience? What are their favourite channels?

Better still, what contents would they prefer?

These are some of the questions you should consider before choosing a web analytics tool.

Target Audience Analysis
Source: Airiodion

For example, if you found out that your target audience comes majorly from social media, then you would better go for a social media analytics tool.

The same goes for contents.

As an additional illustration, let's say you are a Chinese marketer, you would want to consider a web analytics tool that provides best analytics of chinese users such as Baidu Analytics.

Another way you can know your target audience is by knowing that the real-end users of your websites are your customers.

This is because your customers take a lion share of your target audience.

So, knowing the interest of your current customers goes a long way in determining who your target audience really is.

And consequently, the best web analytics tool that you should use.

2. Pricing and Affordability

Whether you are just starting your business or you have been in business for a long period, your available budget largely affects the web you should choose for your business.

As you would find in the different web analytics tools reviewed above, there are different available versions with diverse pricings.

Even some individual web analytics tools offer different plans for the same brand tool although, with different features.

Thus, you should consider your budget strictly before choosing any web analytics tool.

However, your size also affects your budget and therefore the web analytics tool you would consider.

Small businesses, for example, might find the free basic plan offered by most web analytics tools adequately enough for their needs while large enterprises might have to go for a higher plan.

Whatever your size, choose a web analytics tool that you can rightly afford and which lets you access a considerable number of features.

3. Complexity of Analytics Data and Reports

One of the major functions of a web analytics tool is to provide detailed and comprehensive reports of visitors' actions on your websites.

Some of those reports are provided in the form of dashboards, visual and graphical representations.

Now, the thing is this; analytics provided by web analytics tools can be another source of problems.

Having your analytics teammates comb through a complex data representation can lead to stress and loss of interest which erodes the reason for the web analytics tool in the first place.

The solution?

Go for a web analytics tool that affords you simple representation of your users' data.

Complexity of Analytics Data and Reports
Source: Phyllion

Web analytics tools with session recordings features which lets you view users' sessions as playbacks are a great place to start.

Session Recordings Features
Source: VWO

Consider also going for web analytics tools that have a simple and user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, consider training your analytics team on effective handling of web analytics tools.

Some basic training helps a lot.

4. Available Features

Even though most web analytics tools seem to come with or promise lots of features, you should still consider one that has a large number of features or an array of features that you want.

Apart from the basic features like dashboard and reports available in almost all the web analytics tools, you might still prefer other advanced features like custom reports and advanced insights.

Therefore, you should go with a web analytics tool that offers such features.

An effective way you can use to determine the number of available features in each analytics tool is taking a free trial of the tools.

When you try out a web analytics tool, you would be able to explore the available features and see if it's ideally suited for your business needs.

5. Customization and Integration

Sometimes, you might want a customised web analytics tool with certain features not available to the public.

This is where customization comes in.

Customization and Integration Analytics Tool
Source: MarTech

Especially as a growing or large business, ensure you choose a web analytics tool that still gives you access to custom analytics anytime you want it.

On the other hand, integration is another important factor you should consider in whatever analytics tool you are going to buy.

Integration involves combining other third-party tools with your web analytics tools for maximum accessibility and scalability.

Your choice web analytics tool should be able integrate with these tools, conveniently and widely.

How to Use Web Analytics Systems to Grow Your Business

Okay, you have probably never used a web analytics tool before.

And you don't even know how to use it to grow your business.

Yet, you know using a web analytics tool offers many benefits for your business.No worries, here is where you can learn how to use web analytics tools to grow your business. Here you go.

1. Know your Aims and Goals

The most important step in using a web analytics tool, even before you purchase one, is knowing your aims and goals.

Why would you want to use a web analytics tool?

What are the end results you hope to achieve by using a web analytics tool?

These are some of the questions you should try to honestly answer.

For example, you might want to use a web analytics tool to get data for market research, know the performance of your websites or just to understand users' behavior.

The goals you want to achieve by using web analytics tools depend on you and your specific business needs.

So before you set up, ensure you recognize all these goals.

2. Get to Work With the Reports

Now, this is the real deal of using a web analytics tool.

After you might have run your chosen web analytics tool, you would get a voluminous display of reports.

You now know important details like how many visitors visit your website, where they come from, how many hours or minutes they spend on the website.

You know your bounce rate, page views, conversion rate and you can even view recordings of every user's actions and navigation on your website.

But you know what, failing to do anything with all these insights is as good as not knowing them in the first place.

Therefore, getting to work with all this data is what you would want to do.

Let's say you can see your website traffic rate and you discovered a major part of your visitors come through social media, then consider optimizing your social media channel and increasing your presence on social media.

Moreso, it could be your conversion rating. Maybe you notice certain content attracts users more on your website, then keep producing more of such content and even try to make them better. In all, ensure you use all of these data to maximize your business gains, increase your leads and boost your revenue.

3. Identify and Solve Common Users' Problems

While you are using web analytics insights to maximize business gains, ensure you don't leave out users' experience.

One of the main purposes of web analytics tools is to help you understand users' experience on your website.

So, try to find out problems often faced by your customers and solve them to the best of your ability.

Understand Users' Experience on Website
Source: Ocreative

As an illustration, you could notice visitors leaving your website after navigating to a particular page.

Or it could be that the number of visitors drops drastically on the sign up confirmation page.

Then, do well to check out these pages, and try to make them better as much as you can.

You can engage with your customers to find out more about the problems.

The key takeaway of this point is that you should be ready to adjust and take the necessary actions to ensure users derive the best satisfaction and experience from using your website.

By doing this, your business will grow in no small measure.

4. Don't Limit Yourself to One Web Analytics Tool

Yeah, you heard that right.

Don't just use a single web analytics tool.

Why? To get accurate reports and results, consider trying two or more web analytics tools.

You can then go for one that gives you the clearest and accurate reports of your website's analytics.

Website’s Analytics Reports
Source: Contently

If you can't afford to pay for two or more analytics, you can take the free trials of these tools.

Apart from generally avoiding using one web analytics tool, don't limit yourself to a single type of web analytics tool.

For example, don't just use SEO analytics tools, instead consolidate your business's growth maximally by using different types of web analytics tools such as content, SEO, behavioral and customer journey analytics tools.

5. Give It Some Time

Lastly, give it some time.

What does this mean?

One, carrying out frequent analytics which are more often than necessary is absolutely needless.

Rather, it can lead to stress and burning out.

So no matter the urge to see where that visitor is coming from or the browser being used, always take your time before using these web analytics tools.

Another area where you should be patient is seeing results.

Let assume you get a report of why visitors are not converting to your expectations, and you then go ahead to make the necessary adjustments.

But still, it seems you keep getting the same uninteresting results.

All you need to do is to relax and give it some time as changes do not occur overnight.

However, sooner or later your visitors will adjust to the changes and do whatever you want- convert, sign up, subscribe, or buy your products.

Web Analytics Tools FAQ

How Do Web Analytics Tools Work?

There are main two ways by which web analytics tools work and they include log file analytics program and page tagging

However, present-day web analytics platforms use the page tagging technique

This technique works when you insert a JavaScript code in your website, particularly in the webpage HTML code.

When a user then makes a visit, the program works underground by collecting data such as location after marking the visitor with a unique identifier number. 

Such data are then sent to the web analytics servers which are culminated together for preparing reports and dashboards. 

Thereafter, you have your website analytics at your fingertips. It's that simple.

What Are the Best Web Analytics Tools for Beginners?

For beginners, the next web analytics tools are tools that are affordable, simple to use, and still provide basic features that are useful and helpful. 

Even if you would upgrade for an advanced analytics tool later, as a beginner, consider starting with simple analytics tools within your budget.

An example is the Google Analytics tool. 

The first benefit is that Google analytics is free as all you need is your Google account

Also, since most websites are submitted to and ranked by Google, it seems pretty easy to integrate Google's own web analytics tool, Google analytics with these websites. 

Features like analytics intelligence, custom insights are also available

Other web analytics tools apart from Google analytics that beginners can use are Statcounter, HubSpot, VWO, Lucky Orange, and Hotjar

Whether as a beginner or not, ensure you use a web analytics tool for your business today. 
It is definitely worth its salt.

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