24 Best Email Marketing Software Tools and Services in 2024

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

Emails are one of the most powerful marketing tools in the market. They help drive sales and offer a higher ROI than other marketing campaigns. In this buyer’s guide, we have ranked and reviewed the 24 best email marketing platforms, along with our top 5 choices.

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Unify your marketing and sales funnel by allowing you to build email newsletters, create campaigns, and set up email autoresponders.
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Constant Contact

Create email marketing campaigns, easily manage your contacts, and track your results in real-time with a beginner-friendly tool.
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Thrive your growing business digitally with this intuitive platform's proper email marketing, campaign management, and sales tools.
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Create, personalize, and optimize your marketing campaigns to treat your subscribers like individual people.
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Take the fastest path from email marketing to stellar business growth by building smart email campaigns that drive results quickly.

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An email marketing software helps you scale up your business and position your products or services in front of your target audience.

The campaigns are among the best and most proven marketing techniques to communicate with prospective customers.

To make money online with blogging, you need to engage your audience and convert them into sales. Email marketing services can help you do exactly that.

When marketing campaigns are personalized for your audience, you can get a higher ROI than other marketing techniques. By finding the right email marketing service, you can ensure that your email strategy is a success.

What is The Best Email Marketing Software?

Here are the top email marketing softwares you should try out for your business.

1. ActiveCampaign

Best Email Marketing Software for Marketing Automation

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best For
Marketing Automation
$9/mo – $259/mo
Annual Discount
Yes – Save 20%

ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing tool for beginner and advanced marketers. I would highly recommend this tool if you are serious about your email campaigns and are looking for software with an added CRM feature. From automated email lists to personalized templates, I consider ActiveCampaign the best email marketing software.

ActiveCampaign helps put the right emails in front of the right people.

Best Features

  • Unlimited Emails: No matter what plan you choose, ActiveCampaign allows you to send unlimited messages to your potential customers each month. You can also create an email broadcast and schedule it in advance.
  • Web Forms: Creating an email list can be challenging using third-party applications. You can directly create web forms on your blogs or pages with this list building tool.
  • Lead Scoring: Lead scoring allows you to rate your email subscribers based on how they interact with your list. This feature is handy when you are running an eCommerce business. You can also use it to set up automation and notify your sales team about hot leads.
  • Automation: With ActiveCampaign, you can create your email marketing funnels based on multiple triggers. This email marketing solution lets you design drip campaigns and branches, making automation easier.
  • Email Segmentation: Segment your contacts easily and drive your list segmentation. It offers flexibility to segment via lists, tags, and custom fields.


ActiveCampaign- Pricing Plan

ActiveCampaign has four paid plans – Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Lite Plan allows you to add three users and offers lead capturing, email automation, and seamless integration.
  • The Plus Plan lets you add up to 25 users and provides contact scoring and advanced CRM functionality.
  • The Professional Plan allows you to add up to 50 users and offers split automation, website personalization, and AI-based predictive sending.
  • The Enterprise Plan lets you add unlimited users and provides a custom mail server and reporting.

With ActiveCampiagn, you can access a 14-day free trial, where you can design marketing campaigns, set up triggered emails, and use the advanced CRM functionality offered by the platform.

2. Constant Contact

Best Email Marketing Tool with Drag and Drop Interface

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best For
$9.99/mo – $45/mo
Annual Discount

Constant Contact helps you create and send email marketing campaigns with easy-to-use features. What I love the most about this tool is how easy it is to create campaigns that drive results. It is best for beginners and small businesses. Constant Contact is uniquely designed to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets.

Constant Contact is a feature-packed platform that helps you create marketing campaigns like a pro.

Best Features

  • Email Marketing Templates: Create unique and personalized mail campaigns with hundreds of professionally-designed templates offered by Constant Contact.
  • Customer Email List Management: The platform allows you to add, store, and organize all your contacts in one place. You can also segment your email lists and ensure that you are targeting the right people.
  • Marketing Automation: Create triggers on the email marketing solution to send marketing emails to your customers automatically. You can create this based on how they engage with your emails.
  • Tracking Tools: The email tracking tools help you analyze who is opening, clicking and sharing your emails. These allow you to create targeted lists and successful campaigns.
  • Lead Generation: Prompt your website visitors to join your email list with easy-to-build and customizable web forms. You can also grow your email list by enabling new contacts to join via a text message.


Constant Contact-Pricing Plan

Constant Contact has two paid plans – Core and Plus.

  • The Core Plan gives you access to more than 300 templates, real-time reporting, and customer list building tools.
  • The Plus Plan offers automatic emails, auto-generated segments, and conversion and sales reporting.

Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial to its customers, where you can access automated emails, real-time reporting tools, and create personalized marketing campaigns with a drag-and-drop tool.

3. Sendinblue

Top Email Marketing Platform for Scaling Your Business

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best For
Growing Businesses
$0/mo – $65/mo
Annual Discount
Free plan

Sendinblue offers a whole package to email marketers. I recommend the service for growing businesses. They provide a personalized email designing tool, split testing features, a contact management platform, and excellent reporting options. This all-in-one, email marketing service provider can take care of all your email marketing needs.

Sendinblue is one of the leading email marketing services, helping you promote your brand and grow your business with beautifully designed email campaigns.

Best Features

  • Personalized Content: Dynamically add text to your email content like your contact’s name, and personalize the email for your potential customers. You can also use advanced tools to gather more subscriber engagement and conversions.
  • Automation: These advanced automation features allow you to easily automate your segmentation and marketing messages to save time and boost your company’s performance.
  • CRM Tool: With the integrated CRM tool, you can keep all your contact details in one place and build stronger relationships.
  • Signup Form: Use Sendinblue to create custom forms, which you can easily integrate into your website. These web forms allow you to grow your email contact list.
  • Contact Management: You can use the platform to group your contacts into lists, edit single contacts, and view your subscriber’s engagement.


Sendinblue - Pricing Plan

Sendinblue has four plans – Free, Lite, Premium, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Plan allows you to chat with a single user and send 300 emails every day.
  • The Lite Plan offers email support, advanced statistics, and A/B testing features.
  • The Premium Plan gives you access to automation features, Facebook ads, and multi-user access.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers more than 20 landing pages and priority sending options.

Sendinblue offers a Free plan for its customers. These free email marketing services can send up to 9,000 emails every month, manage unlimited contacts, and set up email automation for up to 2,000 contacts.

4. HubSpot

Best Email Marketing Service for B2B Businesses

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For
B2B Businesses
$45/mo – $3,200/mo
Annual Discount
Yes – Save 10%

Hubspot is one of the leading email marketing service providers that offers businesses everything they need, from compelling marketing campaigns to conversions. I recommend Hubspot for growing B2B businesses, allowing them to personalize emails for more opens and clickthroughs. The platform provides you with the CRM data to stay ahead of your competition.

HubSpot allows you to create, personalize, and optimize your marketing campaigns to boost your conversion rates.

Best Features

  • Personalization: Use your subscribers' lifecycle stage to serve the most relevant subject lines and CTAs. This ensures that more people open your email and has a better clickthrough rate.
  • Scheduling: Creating a schedule for your emails is necessary, especially if you have a diverse audience. Use Hubspot to schedule your mail campaigns, and be sure that the emails will be sent out at the optimal time, irrespective of the timezone.
  • Split Testing: Optimize your marketing campaigns with the help of split testing. You can determine which subject lines get the most open and what content drives more engagement and sales.
  • CRM Data: The email marketing management service is built on Hubspot's CRM platform. This ensures that customer data always power your marketing campaign.
  • Lead Capture: You can create accessible pop-up web forms on your website and grow your email list.


HubSpot- Pricing Plan

Hubspot has three paid plans – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Starter Plan allows you to create web forms and personalized mail campaigns.
  • The Professional Plan offers omnichannel automation features, campaign management, and A/B testing tools.
  • The Enterprise Plan gives you access to ad optimization events, traffic analysis, and predictive lead scoring.

Hubspot offers a free 14-day trial to its customers, where you get access to dynamic personalization tools, contact scoring, and website traffic analysis options.

5. Moosend

Affordable Email Marketing Service With Responsive Customer Support

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
Customer Support
$9/mo – custom plans
Annual Discount
Yes – Save 22%

Moosend offers robust email marketing automation features. I recommend the platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It provides multiple marketing integrations, pre-made email templates, and lead generation features, all packed with an easy-to-use interface.

Moosend allows you to build smart email campaigns that drive results.

Best Features

  • Advanced Personalization: Use advanced personalization features to add value to your customer experience. Send highly relevant emails to your customers that stand out and bring more conversions.
  • Segmentation: With conditions and combinations, break down your audience based on their behaviors, such as abandoned items or previous purchases. You can use this list to send personalized emails.
  • Measure Engagement: Use A/B testing methods to measure your subscriber’s engagement and write amazing newsletters that drive more sales. You can track down multiple performance factors as well.
  • CRM Tools: Use real subscriber data to monitor the overall performance of your email list. You can use this to create engaging campaigns that matter to your audience.
  • Automation: Automate your marketing stack by sending newsletters at the right time. The flexible drag-and-drop email editor allows you to create your triggers.


Moosend has two paid plans – Pro and Enterprise.

Moosend- Pricing Plan
  • The Pro Plan offers limitless emails, automation workflows, and an SMTP server.
  • The Enterprise Plan gives you access to an account manager, dedicated IP, and priority support options.

With Moosend, you get access to a 30-day free trial without entering your credit card details. It allows you to create a custom webform, landing pages, and gives you access to unlimited emails and automation workflows.

6. GetResponse

Best Suited Email Marketing App for Transactional Emails

GetResponse- Powerful, simplified tool to send email ,and automate your marketing

GetResponse is one of the most powerful yet simple email marketing services, that helps you create pages, build email campaigns, and automate your marketing.

Best Features

  • Beautiful and Personalized Emails: The platform offers a drag-and-drop email builder to create emails in a few minutes beautifully. You can use layouts and sections to build your message and enhance the designs with GIFs and free stock images.
  • Email Marketing Templates: Browse and select professionally designed emails that fit your campaign goal. You can customize them to fit your branding and content.
  • Autoresponders: Nurture your subscriber's journey by creating automated email sequences for welcoming new members and following up with the old ones.
  • Transactional Email: Use SMTP-triggered emails to send receipts or reminders to your customers.
  • Segmentation: Use your subscriber’s data and behavioral pattern to make relevant email marketing campaigns. You can build segments based on specific criteria and use dynamic content for advanced personalization.


GetResponse- Pricing Plan

GetResponse has four plans – Free, Basic, Plus, and Professional

  • The Free Plan offers unlimited newsletters and a website builder.
  • The Basic Plan gives you access to email scheduling, autoresponders, and basic segmentation features.
  • The Plus Plan provides marketing automation, advanced segmentation, and contact scoring.
  • The Professional Plan offers unlimited marketing funnels and eCommerce features.

GetResponse gives you access to a free email marketing service plan, where you can create a landing page, build your website with drag-and-drop email editor tools, create sign-up forms, and build unlimited newsletters for your subscribers.

7. ConvertKit

Best Email Marketing Service with Automatic Tagging

Convertkit- The creator marketing platform for your collection

ConvertKit helps you scale up our business and connect with your audience.

Best Features

  • Templates: With pre-made email templates, you can create as many branded and personalized emails as you like. The simplified interface allows you to easily add buttons, images, and videos to your emails.
  • High Delivery Rate: ConvertKit has an extremely high delivery rate of 98%. It also has a good reputation with most email providers, ensuring that your email does not land in the spam folder.
  • Build Landing Pages: The platform allows you to create unlimited forms and pages. You can set up a landing page or a signup form for your website and grow your email list.
  • Automatic Tagging: Organize and understand your subscribers with the help of tags. By adding a dropdown list to the signup form, you can tag your users automatically based on the link they clicked.
  • Automated Email Funnels: ConvertKit allows you to build customized paths for your users by connecting events, actions, and conditions. This summarizes your subscriber’s journey in an easy-to-understand format.


Convertkit- Pricing Plan

ConvertKit has three plans – Free, Creator, and Creator Pro.

  • The Free Plan allows you to send email broadcasts and create unlimited landing pages or forms.
  • The Creator Plan gives you access to automated funnels, SMS marketing, sequencing, and live chat support.
  • The Creator Pro Plan offers a newsletter referral tool, custom audience set, and advanced reporting options.

ConvertKit offers a free 14-day trial to its customers, where you get access to automated funnels, sequencing, and advanced reporting tools.

8. Omnisend

Leading Email Marketing Tool with Robust Segmentation

Omnisend- Increase sales, not your workload

Omnisend helps you increase your sales with its all-in-one eCommerce email marketing tool.

Best Features

  • Ecommerce Marketing Automation: The platform offers pre-built automation tools to win more sales. These include transactional emails, welcome series, and even cart abandonment.
  • Robust Segmentation: Improve conversions and send well-targeted emails to your customers by segmenting them correctly. You can do that by tagging them based on their shopping behavior.
  • Actionable Reports: Easily identify which marketing strategies are working best for your customers with the help of actionable reports. By tracking the sales your email marketing campaign is driving, you can stay on top of your ROI.
  • Build Popups: Seamlessly collect more contacts with Omnisend’s built-in popup and signup form creator. The automated messages help you connect with your customers instantly.
  • Push Notifications: This email software retargets your customers instantly by integrating personalized push notifications in your eCommerce marketing plan.


Omnisend- Pricing Plan

Omnisend has three paid plans – Free, Standard, and Pro.

  • The Free Plan is the free version that offers free templates, A/B testing, and gives you access to performance reports.
  • The Standard Plan allows you to send up to 6000 emails every month and provides a customer success manager.
  • The Pro Plan allows you to send limitless emails every month and offers sms marketing and advanced reporting features.

With Omnisend, you can access a free email marketing service plan, which offers professional email marketing templates, pre-built automation, and customer analytics tools.

9. MailerLite

Best Email Marketing Software for Creating Dynamic Emails

MailerLite- Create automations your audience will love

MailerLite is one of the top email marketing companies offering powerful digital marketing tools to grow your audience faster and drive revenue more smartly.

Best Features

  • Email Newsletter Templates: Deliver the best-looking content to your subscribers and easily customize it as per your unique needs. The platform offers an extensive gallery of free templates with optimized designs.
  • Embedded Forms: Use MailerLite’s embedded signup form to turn your website visitors into subscribers. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to personalize these forms and increase subscriber satisfaction.
  • Email Automation: Guide your subscribers through every step of their journey with automatic emails. These marketing efforts help you reach the right people at the right time.
  • Auto Resend: You can create auto resend campaigns and give your subscribers a second chance to open your newsletters. This gives you an extra opportunity to connect with your customers.
  • Click Maps: The click mapping tool helps you understand how your audience interacts with your emails. This will help you create a successful marketing campaign by including elements that your customers engage with.


MailerLite- Pricing Plan

MailerLite has two plans – Free and Premium.

  • The Free Plan is the free version that offers free email marketing service, providing a rich text editor, file manager, and embedded signup forms.
  • The Premium Plan will cost $10 per month. It provides subscriber management tools, email automation, and click maps.

MailerLite offers a fully-featured Free plan which gives you access to email campaign reports, A/B testing, and landing page builder.

10. Drip

Most Suited Email Marketing Platform for Ecommerce Businesses

Drip- Hop in, we’ll be your ecomm-growth copilot

Drip allows you to run multi-channel marketing campaigns that help drive more sales for your eCommerce business.

Best Features

  • Customizable Templates: Drip offers an email library of pre-built free templates. You can easily customize these templates by using a point-and-click visual editor.
  • Revenue-Driving Automations: Create revenue around the clock using pre-built automatic eCommerce best practices. The platform has a pre-built email template for everything from abandoned cart emails to post-purchase emails. You can even create your automatic emails with Drip.
  • Powerful Segmentation: This email software offers powerful personalization and segmentation options that increase conversions and provide better engagement.
  • Split Test: Use split tests to analyze what emails bring more conversions to your eCommerce business. You can do these tests right inside your automated workflows.
  • Actionable Insights: You can use Drip dashboards and analytics to reveal actionable insights that help drive more sales for your business consistently.


Drip- Pricing Plan

Drip has paid plans which depend upon the number of contacts. The pricing starts from $19 per month. It offers all the features including unlimited email sends, sms marketing, and email support for its users. However, it does not offer phone support.

With Drip, you also get access to a 14-day free trial, where you can access customizable templates, create forms, and get access to actionable insights.

11. Gist

Affordable Email Marketing Platform for Drip Campaigns

Gist- Talk to customers like you know them. Because you do

Gist is one of the most powerful email marketing services that offers tools for running professional email marketing campaigns.

Best Features

  • Broadcast Emails: The platform allows you to send updates to all your subscribers at once. You can also schedule these emails for a specific time and date. They are perfect for your sales team.
  • Marketing Automation: Create targeted and sophisticated workflows to move further down the sales funnel and generate quality leads. These automated workflows can be used to set up webhooks, score leads, and easily manage your data.
  • Email Metrics: Improve your email strategy by analyzing key email metrics and setting up your campaigns. You can track delivery rates, link clicks, spam reports and measure engagement across devices.
  • Embed Elements: Creating personalized and engaging emails are essential for a successful email campaign. You can include elements to your emails like videos or a countdown timer with a single click.
  • Spam Safeguard: Gist offers high email deliverability by constantly analyzing the emails sent through the platform in real-time.


Gist- Pricing Plan

Gist has three plans – Free Forever, Professional, and Premium.

  • The Free Forever Plan offers a free email marketing service with team inbox, email push notifications, and live chat options.
  • The Professional Plan provides inbound email options, social media integration, and automated chat triggers.
  • The Premium Plan gives you access to automated meeting scheduling, round-robin assignment, and team performance reports.

Gist offers a Free Forever Plan to its users, where you can access unlimited conversation history, push notifications, set office hours, and calendar integration options.

12. Pabbly

Top Email Marketing Service With an Inbuilt Delivery Server

Pabbly- Email marketing software to grow your business, not your bills

Pabbly is an email marketing service that helps you grow your business with the best inbox delivery system.

Best Features

  • Email Tracking: The platform allows you to track your email clicks and opens easily to create a successful email campaign. You can also send automatic follow-up emails and improve your open rate.
  • Inbuilt Delivery Server: Pabbly includes an inbuilt delivery engine and offers a high delivery rate of 98%. You can also connect your SMTP service to the platform.
  • Email List Management: Easily manage all your contacts and subscribers at once place. You can use this to track the behavioral patterns of your subscribers and send personalized emails.
  • Autoresponders: Instantly connect with new subscribers by automatically sending a welcome email each time someone joins your contact list.
  • Import Emails: Easily import emails from third-party services within your Pabbly email marketing tool. You can also use the service to build subscription forms and integrate them into your website. These can be used for lead generation.


Pabbly- Pricing Plan

Pabbly has four plans – Free, Rookie, Pro, and Advance.

  • The Free Plan allows you to send limitless emails to 100 subscribers.
  • The Rookie Plan will enable you to send limitless emails to up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • The Pro Plan allows you to send limitless emails to 15,000 subscribers.
  • The Advance Plan lets you send limitless emails to up to 50,000 subscribers.

Pabbly offers a free 7-day trial to its users, where you can send unlimited emails, create custom fields, get access to email tracking, and autoresponder emails.

13. Automizy

Leading Email Marketing Platform for Improving Email Open Rate

Automizy- Improve your Open Rate by 34%

Automizy is one of the best email marketing services exclusively designed to improve your email open rates by 34%.

Best Features

  • High-performing Emails: Use the platform’s drag-and-drop email builder to create effective, high-performing emails quickly. These creative emails thus improve the open rate of your emails.
  • Predictive AI: Test the efficiency of your email subject lines before you send them to your customers. Automizy offers an AI tool that predicts the performance of your subject line and scores them based on data from over 1 million campaigns.
  • A/B Testing: With Automizy, you can write up to 4 different subject lines for your emails. The multi-armed bandit algorithm offered by the email software optimizes your emails and sends out the variation with the highest open rate.
  • Contact Generation: Easily generate leads and grow your email list with the help of landing pages, responsive signup forms, contact management tools, and email list segmentation.
  • Analytics: Analyze how your email campaign is working with the help of email conversion metrics, campaign analytics, automation analytics, and landing page analytics.


Automizy- Pricing Plan

Automizy has one single plan for its users. The pricing varies depending upon the contacts you want to manage. It includes more advanced features, including a visual automation builder, sms marketing, unlimited users, and analytics. However, it does not offer phone support.

With Automizy, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can experience its predictive AI tool, email marketing automation features, and add unlimited users to your team.

14. AWeber

Best Email Marketing Software for Growing Your Customer Base

AWeber- Grow, sell, and engage with your audienc all from a single platform

AWeber is one of the best email marketing companies, allowing you to use a single platform to grow, sell, and engage with your audience.

Best Features

  • Marketing Automation: The platform allows you to set automatic email follow-up campaigns for your users. You can use it to welcome a new subscriber, promote affiliates, or send a free ebook.
  • Opt-In Forms: With the drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create engaging opt-in forms for growing your email list. Additionally, AWeber allows you to create a split test and run two forms against each other. This helps you analyze which one is performing better.
  • Pre-Built Templates: AWeber offers a vast library of customizable, pre-built templates. This allows you to create an email campaign in a few minutes.
  • Tagging: Send targeted emails to the right audience by organizing your subscriber list with the help of tags. Email segmentation also allows you to target messages more effectively.
  • Stock Images: Design attention-grabbing emails for your customers by adding high-quality stock images. AWeber offers a massive library of free stock images that you can easily add to your email campaign. This helps improve the engagement and email open rate.


AWeber- Pricing Plan

AWeber has two plans – Free and Pro.

  • The Free Plan is the free version that offers a drag and drop builder and templates to build your email campaign.
  • The Pro Plan provides advanced email automation, detailed insights, and webpage tracking options.

With AWeber, you get access to a fully-featured Free plan, where you can add up to 500 email subscribers, landing page builder, sign-up forms, and get access to web push notifications.

15. Mailigen

Most Suited Email Marketing App for Third-Party Integrations

Mailigen- The Easiest Way to Create, Send & Automate Email Newsletters

Mailigen allows you to quickly create, send, and automate email newsletters.

Best Features

  • Intelligent Builder: Mailigen offers an intelligent drag-and-drop email builder option. You can use it to create engaging yet straightforward emails that leave a lasting impression.
  • Multi-User Account: Maintain a single account for your entire marketing team and keep all the information in one place. Multiple users can access the account simultaneously and do their jobs according to their appropriate permission level.
  • Real-Time Reports: Precisely track click-throughs, bounces, location, and email opens of your recipients. This enables you to build a successful email strategy.
  • Powerful Integration: Connect your Mailigen platform to your CRM software, eCommerce store, blog, or social media accounts to build deeper relationships with your customers.
  • Transactional Emails: Set automatic triggers on the platform to instantly send emails to your customers when they purchase your product. This can also be set for different website activities.


Mailigen- Pricing Plan

Mailigen has different paid plans based on the subscriber limit. All the plans offered by the platform include unlimited email sending, sms marketing, image and file storage, template gallery, and it allows you to create dynamic email content. You can also add unlimited users to your team. Mailigen offers phone support to its customers as well.

Mailigen offers a 30-day free trial to its customers, where you can get access to powerful integrations, template galleries, embedded email messages, and analytics advanced features.

16. Benchmark

Best Email Marketing Service with Personalized Email Templates

Benchmark- Send email Smile Repeat

Benchmark offers powerful tools to its customers for streamlined growth. It is one of the best email marketing services in the market.

Best Features

  • Lead Generation: Grow your email subscriber list with web and pop-up forms. These forms can blend in seamlessly with your polls, surveys, and website.
  • Personalized Email Templates: Boost your subscriber engagement by creating beautiful, attention-grabbing mail campaigns. The platform offers a vast library of email templates and a drag-and-drop email builder to build emails quickly.
  • Automation: Convert your subscribers into recurring customers with the help of auto-generated emails. This simple tool offers more advanced features that can take care of follow-ups and send timely, highly-relevant offers to your email list.
  • Actionable Reports: Track essential email metrics and increase your engagement with the help of actionable reports. The split testing tool helps you measure, improve, and grow customer interaction.
  • Contact Management: Use email automation and segmentation features to manage your email list efficiently.


Benchmark- Pricing Plan

Benchmark has two plans – Free and Paid.

  • The Free Plan offers a free email marketing software which allows you to manage limitless contacts and send up to 250 emails every month.
  • The Paid Plan offers behavior-based automation, advanced segmentation, and website tracking. The pricing starts from $15 per month

Benchmark offers a Free plan to its customers, where you can create basic campaigns, get access to responsive email templates, and build sign-up forms, polls, and surveys.

17. SendPulse

Top Email Marketing Platform with an Email Verifier

SendPulse- Accelerate sales and grow your business with SendPulse

SendPulse offers advanced email marketing services to accelerate your sales, increase profits and create better automated workflows.

Best Features

  • Automation 360: The email service provider offers 360-degree automation, allowing you to set up web push notifications, email send-outs, and create workflows based on events and actions taken by users.
  • Tagging: Better organize your list and send relevant emails to your subscribers using tags. Once you have added a tag to a particular subscriber, it will automatically be added to that contact on all your email lists.
  • Customization: Send personalized emails to your customers by adding their names and other information. You can do this by setting replaceable text fields in your email.
  • Subscription Forms: You can create a unique subscription form for your customers using corporate colors and styles. You can integrate this form into your website, collect subscribers, and send effective emails now.
  • Subscriber Rating: SendPulse allows you to analyze the activity of your subscribers and segment your email list. This allows you to have a personal approach towards your customers while working with them.


SendPulse- Pricing Plan

SendPulse has four plans – Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Free Plan allows you to create a landing page and set up to 5 email workflows.
  • The Standard Plan offers 200 MB storage, three landing pages, and will enable you to send limitless emails every month.
  • The Pro Plan provides automation and unlimited email list tagging.
  • The Enterprise Plan allows you to invite unlimited users to your account, create landing pages, and conduct A/B testing.

SendPulse offers a fully-fledged Free version to its customers where you can send up to 15,000 emails every month, create a landing page, and store up to 100 MB of images in the cloud.

18. Sendx

Best Email Marketing Service for Sending Promotional Emails

Sendx- SendX makes it easy to be a responsible email marketer

Sendx allows you to build email campaigns, maintain your email list, and automate your marketing.

Best Features

  • Embedded Forms: The platform offers a variety of high converting themes for you to choose from. You can easily create embedded email sign-up forms and grow your email list.
  • Drip Campaigns: Use email drip sequences to nurture your leads. Sendx allows you to auto-tag your subscribers based on their email activity. You can include or exclude contacts easily from your email sequence.
  • Dedicated IP: Use a dedicated IP for your email marketing efforts and take complete control of your email deliverability.
  • Promotional Emails: Sendx offers a high-level strategy to help you send out promotional emails to your customers. This helps you build your brand and retain your customers.
  • Import Contacts: Quickly import all your contacts from a CSV file into a list. This will make it easier for you to manage all your contacts and leads that you may have generated with ads and other automation software.


Sendx offers two plans – Business and Enterprise.

  • The Business Plan offers unlimited email sends, mail campaigns, AB split testing, form automation, and autoresponder emails. The plan starts from $9.99 per month.
  • The Enterprise Plan provides advanced automation, segmentation, executive ROI review, and advanced email marketing training. You can get more information about the plan by contacting their customer service.

With Sendx, you get access to a 14-day free trial, where you can create marketing campaigns web forms, get access to advanced automation and segmentation features.

19. Moonmail

Leading Email Marketing Tool with a Real-Time Email Editor

Moonmail-Boost Sales & Conversion Rates

Moonmail is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you boost your sales and conversion rates.

Best Features

  • Email Newsletter: The platform offers a descriptive checklist with the steps to create an email campaign. This helps you analyze where you are in the process.
  • Segmentation: Moonmail is one of the popular email marketing services that helps you segment active users on your list. This allows you to send emails to only those customers who use their mail, thus boosting your open rates.
  • Detailed Analytics: You can access multiple reports on the platform, including bounces, total emails sent, open rate, click rate, and email delivery reputation.
  • Spam Check: Before you send out your email or set up automatic emails, you can use this feature to help find areas of spamminess. You can analyze the results of your campaign summary.
  • Send Time Optimization: Moonmail helps you find the best email sending time. This, in turn, allows you to improve your engagement rates.


Moonmail-Pricing Plan

Moonmail has four plans – Lite, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • The Lite Plan allows you to store unlimited contacts and offers to send time optimization.
  • The Starter Plan offers a dedicated IP, AI-powered engaged recipients filter, and event-based segmentation.
  • The Professional Plan allows you to send up to 500,000 emails every month and offers AMP support, split testing, and advanced segmentation.
  • The Enterprise Plan allows you to create and send limitless emails and events every month. You also get access to email tracking and analysis.

Moonmail offers a free 14-day trial, where you can store limitless contacts, create mail campaigns, and get access to detailed analytics.

20. Ontraport

Top Email Marketing App with an Integrated CRM Tool

Ontraport- The sales and marketing platform for growing businesses

Ontraport is one of the best email marketing services, helping you build, automate, and scale your growing business.

Best Features

  • HTML Email: The platform offers a drag-and-drop builder and customizable email marketing templates for creating emails, but it also allows you to build a personalized HTML email campaign. You can use this to add custom code and styling to your campaign.
  • Email List Management: Manage and optimize your email list with a double opt-in option. This helps you ensure your email list is filled with people who are valid and want to receive your emails.
  • Split Testing: Compare multiple versions of your email and determine which one gets you the most engagement rates.
  • Automated Workflows: Easily create follow-up triggers for your emails based on the application's data about your email contacts.
  • Robust Pipeline: Keep a better track of your prospects or customers and see exactly where to invest your time. The robust pipeline allows you to discover hot leads visually.


Ontraport- Pricing Plan

Ontraport has four plans – Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • The Basic Plan gives you access to limitless emails, offers automated follow-up, and API access.
  • The Plus Plan offers email templates, list segmentation, and split testing.
  • The Pro Plan provides spam scoring, newsletters, and gives you access to broadcast emails.
  • The Enterprise Plan offers lead source tracking, marketing ROI tracker, and page tracking options.

With Ontraport, you get access to a free 14-day trial where you can create automated follow-ups, get access to API, spam scoring, and page tracking features.

21. iContact

Best Email Marketing Service with Smart Sending

iContact- Easy email marketing for small business

iContact is one of the top email marketing services for small businesses.

Best Features

  • Bulk Email Campaigns: iContact allows you to import all your contacts to the platform easily. It can then be used to create and send bulk mail campaigns to your entire list without hassle.
  • Automation: Use conditions and custom engagement rules to simplify your marketing and create an intuitive email automation campaign.
  • Segmentation: Quickly create segments in your email list with list building tools, based on past engagement and contact information. This will help you create successful mail campaigns.
  • Custom API: Use your custom API connector to feed subscribers and customers from other services and tools. This enables your audience to always stay in sync.
  • Smart Sending: These email marketing providers send emails to your subscribers when they are most likely to open them. Smart sending allows you to schedule your emails at a time to boost your engagement rate.


iContact- Pricing Plan

iContact has two plans – Free and Advanced.

  • The Free Plan offers a drag-and-drop editor, stock image library, and split testing features.
  • The Advanced Plan gives you access to smart sending, automation editor, and audience segmentation features.

With iContact, you get access to a fully-featured free plan, where you can access email editor, template library, automation editor, and email reporting features.

22. Campaign Monitor

Leading Email Marketing Software with Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Campaign Monitor- Drive results with unforgettable email marketing

Campaign Monitor is one of the best email marketing services allowing you to connect with your audience with direct email marketing and automation tools.

Best Features

  • Template Management: Use pre-built email marketing templates and customize them to fit your brand identity. You can even lock specific sections of the template, so your team can only update the areas you want them to.
  • Personalized Emails: Maximize your return on investment by using smart segments. You can create customized emails and increase customer engagement by utilizing customer data.
  • Link Review: Point your subscribers in the right direction with the help of link review. The tool automatically scans your email and flags any links that might be broken.
  • Transactional Email: These email service providers trigger automatic emails based on an interaction by your customer with your business, like a purchase or a donation. You can customize and personalize these emails as well.
  • Mobile Optimization: All the templates offered and created with Campaign Monitor are responsive for mobile devices. You can now send emails and be sure they look great, irrespective of the device.


Campaign Monitor-Pricing Plan

Campaign Monitor has three plans – Basic, Unlimited, and Premier.

  • The Basic Plan provides a customizable template library, segmentation tools, and signup forms.
  • The Unlimited Plan offers branded templates, A/B testing options, and time zone sending features.
  • The Premier Plan gives you access to advanced segmentation options, link tracking, and email section locking.

Campaign Monitor offers a free trial to its customers to create and send an email campaign to five subscribers.

23. MailChimp

Best Email Marketing Service with Surveys

MailChimp- Grow your audience and your revenue

MailChimp allows you to keep your customers engaged and grow your business with the email marketing space.

Best Features

  • Content Optimizer: Make your layout more engaging by getting personalized suggestions from the tool. You can quickly draw your customers' attention by using the right opening lines and taking help from the subject line helper.
  • Customer Journey Builder: These email marketing providers use behavior-based automated journeys to make your content relevant for your customers. By sending emails based on your customer interaction, you can drive higher engagement and deliver a better experience.
  • Detailed Insights: Track customer engagement and interaction with the help of detailed reports. Analyze what sections people clicked and tailor your content for better engagement.
  • Surveys: Create surveys to get feedback from your customers. This will give you a better idea of your customers' needs and help you create targeted campaigns.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Connect your email marketing tool with third-party applications and boost your email results.


MailChimp- Pricing Plan

Mailchimp has four plans – Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium.

  • The Free Plan allows you to create surveys and segment your audience.
  • The Essentials Plan offers campaign engagement, email scheduling, and will enable you to create landing pages.
  • The Standard Plan provides custom-coded templates and social posting options.
  • The Premium Plan gives you access to a customer journey builder and website engagement analytics.

With Mailchimp, you get access to a Free plan to create contact profiles, access an audience dashboard, and campaign engagement features.

24. MailJet

Top Email Marketing Tool for Managing Large Email Lists

MailJet- Create and send beautiful emails without touching a single line of code

MailJet is one of the best email marketing services, helping you build smarter emails that drive better results.

Best Features

  • Actionable Analytics: Analytics help you monitor your results and optimize your email performance.
  • SMTP Relay: MailJet allows you to set up your SMTP server in minutes. This, in turn, enables you to send billions of emails to your customers.
  • Segmentation: The email service provider allows you to organize your email lists by segmenting your contacts based on their behavior. You can use these targeted segments to send relevant emails customized to their identity and interests.
  • Transactional Email: The transactional suite offered by the email marketing solution ensures that you send the right message to your customer at the right time. It provides a robust suite of advanced features for delivering personalized and dynamic emails.
  • Multi-User Account: Your entire team can access one single MailJet account. You can set permissions, so the members can access information that is relevant to them. MailJet also allows you to create sub-accounts for different activities.


MailJet-Pricing Plan

MailJet has four plans – Free, Essential, Premium, and Custom.

  • The Free Plan allows you to manage limitless contacts, offers an advanced email editor, and basic analytics.
  • The Essential Plan provides email address verification and segmentation features.
  • The Premium Plan gives you access to advanced statistics, split testing, role management, and multi-user access features.
  • The Custom Plan offers enhanced monitoring, content analysis, and blocklist monitoring features.

MailJet offers a Free plan to its customers, where you can send up to 6,000 emails per month, manage unlimited contacts, and get access to basic email analytics.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is used by businesses to stay connected with their customers. It is a direct marketing technique where a commercial message is sent to potential or existing customers via email. Email marketing has a better return on investment when compared with other types of marketing techniques.

The emails sent to the customers aim to enhance customer loyalty, encourage a purchase, and increase brand awareness. These messages are usually personalized towards your customers for improving engagement.

Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend. This means that the technique has an astonishing return of 4,200%. It is undeniably the best way to make sales online.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software?

Customers now expect email marketers to send them personalized emails with deals they cannot refuse. Marketers are now creating targeted campaigns that aim towards eliciting a specific action from a particular audience. To succeed in this marketing game, your content should reach the right audience at the right time.

An email marketing space helps make targeted campaigns a little easier. Before you can choose which service you need for your business, you need to analyze your email marketing goals and how you want to promote your newsletter.

The email marketing service you will choose will depend upon the features you need for your marketing plan. Even though email marketing is the best technique for customer retention, you must be clear about your strategy before purchasing a software. Here are a few crucial features that almost all email marketers need in their software.

1. List Segmentation

Every customer is unique and thus expects personalized emails from the brands they adore. To ensure that your email has the most impact on your customers, you need to ensure that your message is correct. List segmentation helps you divide your audience based on their choices, reactions, or behaviors. This makes it easier for you to create successful mail campaigns.

The best email marketing platform makes list segmentation easier for your team. They help you sort through contacts and create dynamic campaigns in just a few clicks. Segmented marketing campaigns have a 100.95% higher clickthrough rate.

2. A/B Testing

Testing what email sections work for your consumers is crucial for increasing engagement. Split testing or A/B testing helps you run multiple campaigns in different variations, allowing you to analyze what works best for your customers. While this can be done by hand, choosing software that offers this tool is always advised.

Split testing can be used to test both transactional and promotional emails. You can test email lines, call-to-action-buttons, layout, and email body content.

3. Marketing Automation

Sending instant emails every time someone joins your subscriber list or leaves a cart abandoned at your online store is almost impossible.

However, automated emails can help you achieve just that. The best email marketing services offer more advanced automation features, which allow you to set triggers. These emails are sent out automatically to your customers each time a set action is performed.

Marketing automation tools can also help you get additional emails, brand recognition, and allow you to build a lasting relationship with your customer.

4. Reliability

The most important feature you should always look for while choosing an email marketing service company is reliability. You should ensure that your emails are getting delivered to your customers on time. This is important to build loyalty among your consumers.

Additionally, you should choose software that sends emails to the primary inbox and not the spam folder. An email marketing service with more than a 99.5% delivery rate is a good option.

5. User-Friendly Design Templates

It might take up a lot of time for your team to create personalized emails for different segments of your audience. Pre-built, customizable templates make your work more manageable and allow you to create beautiful emails within minutes.

A good email marketing platform should offer a library of pre-built templates and allow you to create an email campaign from scratch. Additionally, these templates should be optimized for mobiles. This helps you ensure that all your customers would have a pleasant reading experience irrespective of the device they are using.

How Does Email Marketing Software Work?

Businesses send promotional and transactional emails to their customers every day. For sending these emails, they make use of email service providers. This software is responsible for creating, sending, and managing emails for your business.

Most email marketing software is built with an interactive interface. This means even a beginner with no technical knowledge can create engaging mail campaigns. With this software, you can create dynamic content embed images, videos, and GIFs to your email with a simple drag-and-drop email builder.

Once your campaign is ready, you must select the contact list you want and click on the send option. Your software will manage and send out the email to each of your subscribers. You can also schedule your email to be sent out later.

Email marketing apps help you analyze your email metrics. In simpler terms, they help you calculate what percentage of people opened your email, engaged with the content, and clicked on the given link. This enables you to optimize your email layout and build a successful email campaign.

Before you can send out emails, you need to build up an email list of your customers. This is known as lead generation. It can be a list of your potential or existing customers. Most great email marketing software also offers lead generation tools. You can easily create an engaging landing page or a pop-out form and integrate it with your website. These forms help you gather emails from your potential customers.

An email marketing platform is pretty easy to use and implement. However, if you want to use the service for creating a dynamic campaign that helps double your sales, you will have to back it up with a strong marketing plan. Once you have your goals laid out, you can quickly create an email, segment your email list, and get started by sending out emails to your customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing Platforms

Around 99% of consumers check their emails every day. Hence, it is essential to use this old yet most effective marketing strategy. Here are a few benefits of email marketing platforms.

1. Delivering Personalized Content

No matter which email marketing platform you choose for your business, it should allow you to create dynamic and personalized email content for your customers. Emails that include the first name of your consumer in the subject line have a higher clickthrough rate. A successful email strategy includes sending the right email, to the right person, at the right time.

2. Generating Traffic to Your Website

You might be creating great content on your website, but how will you dissipate it to your customers? You can send bulk emails to your potential and existing customers and make them aware of your content using email marketing tools. This increases the direct traffic you receive on your website. These emails keep your audience engaged with your brand.

3. Nurturing Leads

Staying connected with your customers is the first step towards retaining their loyalty. Your email marketing software will send out an automated welcome message whenever someone fills out their email on your website form. This makes them feel important and gives them a reason to keep surfing on your website.

You can write content and create automated mail campaigns for every part of your customer journey. This will help you nurture your subscribers and lead them into the sales funnel.

4. Higher ROI

Email marketing software has a 4,200% return on investment. This is much higher than any other marketing plan available in the market. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business and generating more sales. You don’t have to pay for photoshoots or high-level infographics. All you have to do is personalize an engaging email for your customers.

5. Collecting Feedback

Keeping a tab on your customer experience is crucial if you want your customers to engage and purchase from your brand. The great email marketing software allows you to build forms and surveys on your website. Your customers or visitors can fill out the form and share their experience with your sales team.

The feedback will help you understand what your customers want, allowing you to create a product or a marketing strategy accordingly. This will, in turn, improve your customer experience.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is a great way to generate more leads and convert more subscribers into customers. Here are a few email marketing tips and best practices that you can use to generate more leads for your business.

1. Avoid Using ‘No Reply’ In Your Email Address

When you use a noreply@yourcompany.com email address, it means that your customers cannot reply to that email address. Additionally, they cannot unsubscribe from the email services as well. This goes against the email guidelines mentioned in the US legislature.

You should always send your automatic emails with a human name attached to the email address. Your customers are more likely to open an email sent by a human. It also helps you stay in line with email regulations.

2. Optimize Your Email Preview Text

You might have seen most dynamic emails contain the message ‘email not displaying correctly? Click here.’ While there is nothing wrong with this preview text, it also does not offer any information to your customers. You should always optimize your preview header before sending out customized emails. Adding a little teaser heading to what your email contains would entice your customers to click on the link.

3. Clean Your Email List Regularly

Most people think having thousands of leads and sending out emails to everyone is a good practice. However, even though the subscribers who haven’t opted out of your list are still not opening your emails, there is a good chance. Least-engaged recipients can decrease your email open rate, which is unsuitable for your email marketing strategy.

Hence, it is always recommended to clean your email list regularly. It would be best to use your analytics to determine which subscribers are inactive and delete them from your mailing list. This will allow you to better understand what is working for your customers.

4. Split Test Your CTAs and Subject Lines

Even after changing your marketing strategy a few times, you’re still unable to improve your email open rate, then there might be an issue with your subject lines. Subject lines are the first impressions of your email. A creative copywriter can help you create an engaging subject line to engage your audience.

It would be best to use split tests to test different subject lines with the content. This will help you analyze what works best for your audience. On the other hand, if you are not getting many conversions out of your emails, you can try testing out different fonts and colors of your CTA button. With enough creative testing, you’ll be able to find out the match that works best for your customers.

Email Marketing FAQ

Can I do email marketing for free?

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars every year to build an email campaign for your business. If you are starting or have a small business, you can use free email marketing software offered in the market. 

Softwares such as Sendinblue, Omnisend, ConvertKit, and GetResponse offer a free plan to their customers. While you will be a little limited in the number of emails you can send out every month, it is an excellent start for your business. If you feel confident with the email marketing technique in the future, you can switch to paid plans later.

What are the types of email marketing?

While email marketing has no barriers, there are ten most common types of marketing. 

Welcome emails
Dedicated emails
Email newsletters
Sponsorship emails
Lead nurturing emails
Re-engagement emails
Transactional emails
Video emails
Brand story emails
Review request emails

How much do email marketing services cost?

The cost of a good email marketing service usually depends upon the number of subscribers you have on your email list. The more contacts you need to manage, the more will be the cost of the email marketing service. For managing up to 500 contacts, the average service price is around $14 per month

If you're a growing company and need to manage up to 100,000 contacts, you will have to pay about $950 per month. For a big company looking to manage unlimited subscribers, you can expect a cost of $2000 per month.

What is the best email marketing software for small businesses?

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing software for small businesses and beginners. It allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns, easily manage your contacts, and track your results in real-time with a beginner-friendly, drag-and-drop tool.

What is the best email marketing software for large organizations?

Hubspot is one of the best email marketing software for large organizations. It allows you to capture subscriber data, schedule your emails, conduct split testing, and connect your platform to CRM software. The platform is also reasonably priced for large businesses.

What is the best email marketing tool for bloggers?

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools for bloggers. This easy-to-use platform allows you to create emails with a vast library of templates in just a few clicks. ConvertKit also offers automatic tagging and segmentation features, making targeting their customers easier for bloggers.

What is the best eCommerce email marketing platform?

Omnisend is one of the best eCommerce email marketing platforms in the market. It offers pre-built automation tools to win more sales. The actionable reports provided by the platform help you analyze what products are working for your customers with the help of email marketing. 

What is the best bulk email service?

ActiveCampaign is one of the best bulk email service providers in the market. The platform allows you to import all your contacts easily. It can then be used to create and send bulk email campaigns to your entire list without hassle.

What is the best time to send an email?

Late morning is the best time to send an email to your customers. 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. is considered the golden hour for your email marketing strategy. Most people are traveling to work and are using their mobile phones or laptops. They are more likely to open your message rather than early in the morning. Some researchers also believe that 8 p.m. to midnight is a good time to send emails, especially if you are an entertainment company.

How can I optimize email campaigns?

Customizing and optimizing your emails would help you better engage with your customers. Here are a few tips to optimize your email campaign.

Make sure to personalize your email to your targeted customer.
Pay attention to the subject and opening line. 
Optimize your email for all devices, including mobile phones.
Use a conversational tone in your email.
Include strong call-to-action buttons.
Use rich text and embed elements in your email campaign, including images, videos, and GIFs. 
Segment your subscribers based on their behavior and preferences.

How can I make money with my email list?

Capturing and growing your email list is an integral part of your email strategy. Here are a few ethical ways to earn money online with your active email list.

Offer an inexpensive product, known as lead magnet to your opt-in subscribers and get them hooked on your brand. These subscribers are more likely to purchase your product.
Seek email sponsorships from other brands.
Sell a webinar to your email list and earn a commission out of it. 
Use affiliate marketing and sell affiliate products to your email list.
Cross-sell and upsell products to your email list.

Is email marketing dead?

Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is still one of the most effective and higher ROI marketing techniques in the market. Around 99% of your consumers check their email, making it more effective than social media marketing. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get a $42 return. It generates a 4200% return on your investment.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Software

The right email marketing software would depend upon your subscriber list, marketing goals, and the features your marketing team requires.

When you are looking for email marketing softwares, you can compare Mailchimp and Constant Contact. You can also compare between ConvertKit and Mailchimp to find what suits best for your business needs.

Best Overall


ActiveCampaign unifies your marketing and sales funnel by allowing you to build email newsletters, create campaigns, and set up email autoresponders.
Best for Beginners

Constant Contact

Create email marketing campaigns, easily manage your contacts, and track your results in real-time with a beginner-friendly tool.
Best for Growing Businesses


Thrive your growing business digitally with this intuitive platform's proper marketing and sales tools.
Best for B2B Services


Create, personalize, and optimize your marketing campaigns to treat your subscribers like individual people.
Best Customer Support


Take the fastest path from email marketing to business growth by building smart campaigns that drive results.

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