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23 Best Email Marketing Software Tools and Services in 2022

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best email marketing services and software tools to grow your email list, and apply marketing automation to your funnel.

Best Email Marketing Software Tools and Services_

Email marketing software tools are the lifeforce behind your profitable blog or ecommerce business.

Through the software presented in this article, you will see how you can attract the highest-quality leads that will benefit from your product, set a consistent lead nurturing structure, keep your subscribers engaged with variety-filled campaigns.

The email marketing tools empower you with a toolkit that will help you cash in on your online course, raise your commission as an affiliate marketer, and find the audience that will profit from your consulting service as much as you will from them.

You will be able to steer your potential customers subtly towards the next step in the funnel while keeping the most productive relationships with your loyal customers.

Besides generating the most organic and inclusive email list building conditions, email marketing tools produce one of the highest ROI out of all marketing channels.

Read through our list, and select the tool that converts for you with an average ROI of $40+ for each $1 spent.

What is The Best Email Marketing Software?

1. ConvertKit.

Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers, Authors, and Marketers.

ConvertKit Email Marketing Software for Bloggers, Authors, and Marketers

With ConvertKit, you can grab the attention of your designated audience and make money selling digital products and services to customers that are genuinely interested.

With a custom landing page, you can utilize the perfect platform to share new projects with your audience.

You can exchange free downloadable content linked to your products for the customers' email addresses in return.

The mutual benefit approach will attract all of those casual visitors, social media followers, blog browsers, or YouTube viewers and keep them with the quality of your service.

ConvertKit Email Marketing features

Depending on their background and experience with similar products, you can fully customize your emails by sending each customer exactly what they need.

Use ConvertKit's sales funnels to set up an automatic product pitch after you've established a trustworthy relationship with a customer.

With its newest digital product sales feature, ConvertKit has enabled its users to create sales pages or add a “buy now” button to their website.

This way, you ensure automatic product delivery without any integrations needed.

With ConvertKit, you can send strategically-timed content to subscribers, which will warm them up to the point where your sales pitch is justified and expected in their minds.

ConvertKit commerce tool will allow you to set up one-off purchases for recurring premium newsletter subscriptions and various products like ebooks.

You can add product details, prices, discounts, customize the page with your branding, distribute purchases, and charge for products for an unlimited number of products.

Earn money selling everything from ebooks, music, newsletters, courses, and much more.


ConvertKit offers a free subscription, while the paid plans start at $29.

ConvertKit Pricing Plan


  • Create simple emails that deliver on time and convert leads into sales
  • Change the font, color, alignment, or add links to your content 
  • Shape your emails by adding lists, personalization headings, dividers, buttons
  • Quickly upload your commonly-used brand images and integrate with Unsplash for a rich library
  • Send out clickable CTAs in emails and tag the interested readers
  • Classify your audience based on their interests with tags and segments
  • Pitch upsells to previous buyers
  • Secure your weekly, straight-to-the-bank-account payouts with Stripe

Features like the newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, Facebook custom audiences, and advanced reporting options make this the all-around email marketing solution.

To learn how to launch a blog that will grab the attention of your audience quickly, through which you can pitch sales that feel sensible, you need a fast growth-generating software like ConvertKit.

A free monthly program, 14-day free trial, and a 30-day refund policy make it accessible to anyone.

Go ahead and sign up free today.

2. Constant Contact.

Best Email Marketing Service for Beginners and Small Businesses.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Service for Beginners and Small Businesses

If you're looking for an engine to help you make money online through customer engagement, product placement, cross-platform marketing, and most importantly, elaborate drip campaigns, you've chosen the best email marketing service.

Constant Contact is not only a lead magnet.

Its conversion-generating marketing-funnel is powered through Email Marketing Automation.

The Welcome emails for new subscribers, Triggered emails, Contact segmentation, Resend emails to non-openers, Autoresponder emails, List management tools all come as a part of the service.

Constant Contact will allow you to choose from a repertoire of email marketing templates.

Constant Contact email marketing templates
Source: Verticalrail

The eCommerce tools will help you play out the most rewarding email marketing strategy for your online store.

Apart from the eCommerce integration being great for Shopify stores, Constant Contact is excellent for you, looking to grow your email list or grow your start-up through a social media sharing campaign that can't be ignored.

You can see how your social campaigns perform, update what's needed, respond to comments, mentions, and DMs.

Utilize Constant Contact's Facebook and Instagram ad functions to raise brand awareness, turn email marketing campaigns into profit, and bring excitement to your digital marketing.

With the help of marketing automation tools, you can create the perfect email sequence for every occasion.

Export contact lists from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, and add new contacts.

Get precise insights into who's opening, clicking, and sharing your emails.

This helps you segment your audience according to the content they're engaging with, which will help you with your list building.

Your account will give you access to an extensive image library, tracking and reporting tools, Facebook ads and eCommerce integration, and much more.


The Email plan starts at $20 per month.

Constant Contact Pricing Plan


  • Unlimited email access
  • Built-in social media sharing tools
  • List segmentation
  • Automated email resend to non-openers
  • Customizable pop-up forms
  • Automated email behavioral series
  • Online donations and coupons
  • Surveys and polls
  • Subject line A/B testing
  • New customer consultation

A plan with a feature selection so vast and individual-oriented that it covers all aspects of online marketing, and a very admirable 60-day free trial, you should do yourself a favor and test their program today.

3. Sendinblue.

Perfect Platform to Create the Best Looking and Most Persuasive Transactional Emails.

Sendinblue is a Perfect Platform to Create the Best Looking and Most Persuasive Transactional Emails

With Sendinblue, you can send effective emails now with Email and SMS Marketing, CRM, Conversion tools, and Ads that rival any other top-performing software.

Kickstart your email marketing campaigns by building designs from scratch or choosing a design from an email template library.

Your subject lines will be catchy, brief, and informative, and the blocks and style are open for customization to best represent your brand.

By tailoring messages to each of your contacts individually, you can grow your email list of guaranteed conversions.

Choose your recipients by special criteria and narrow down your target, which leads to a higher possibility of the emails being opened.

By using gender, purchase history, and geography-focused lists, you can generate higher open rate percentages.

Sendinblue will help you create the perfect email sequence by choosing the fitting messages for each stage.

Sendinblue Drag & Drop Editor

The machine-learning send time calculation technology will ensure you send out every email at the optimal time.

Email marketing companies are only successful if they can make their customers react quickly to sudden changes.

SMS Marketing, for example, will allow you to deliver urgent messages for time-sensitive offers.

Sometimes, the best email marketing strategy can be to be more responsive than your rival.

Chat creates an opportunity for you to always be there for your customers.

With instant reply, you get to respond to your customers right after they ask you questions on your site.

You can automate your segmentation and marketing messages, which will allow you to save a lot of time that you can use for more creative stuff.

The newsletter software will assist you in developing loyal customer relationships.

You can write amazing newsletters, but you can also integrate the sign-up forms and landing pages with your site to grow your Newsletter email list.

Set up transactional emails through API, SMTP, Relay, eCommerce plugins, marketing automation.

Design the transactional emails to your taste, and track their performance


You can choose the free program or pay $25 per month for the Lite.

Sendinblue Pricing Plan


  • Calculate the perfect email send time 
  • Create focus lists filtered through gender, geography, purchase history
  • Design and deliver highly-engaging transactional messages
  • Set up order confirmation emails, password reset messages, and more
  • Keep track of all your contact details with CRM
  • Add unlimited contacts and custom attributes in the contact management database
  • Create custom webhooks for notifications and emails – tools integrations
  • Reach new audiences with Facebook ads
  • Use retargeting ads to steer the visitors to your content

Sendinblue is a sophisticated email marketing solution equipped with excellent list management tools, blazing-fast email marketing automation, and much more at affordable prices at higher and entry-level.

Sign up for their free monthly plan today.

4. HubSpot.

Best Email Marketing Software for Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot Email Marketing Software for Inbound Marketing

HubSpot's Marketing Hub is a marketing automation software that holds all the marketing tools and data you will use to create a personalized experience that attracts and converts the fitting customers.

Through Marketing Hub, you can design, customize, and deliver marketing emails without designers or IT experts.

Whether you're a blogger, B2B business owner, or an inbound marketing manager, HubSpot's drag-and-drop editor will live up to your highest digital marketing expectations.

You can arrange your layouts, add CTAs and images, and modify the content and structure of your triggered emails, autoresponder emails, etc.

With HubSpot, you will ensure your marketing automation acquires the right targets by tailoring each email so that every subscriber clicks on your links and opens your emails.

HubSpot will increase your open rates by examining individual contact records to send the most relevant links, attachments, informational content, subject lines, and so on.

Email marketing templates you select from HubSpot's selection will arrive at your customer's inbox at the optimal time.

HubSpot Email marketing templates

Every email marketing strategy in HubSpot will result in a profitable campaign, and features like A/B testing and Detailed Engagement Analytics (DEA) will only emphasize the software's profound marketing funnel.

List building and customer segmentation will never be easier than with HubSpot's DEA.

You will get a look into who's engaging with emails and when, and what devices they are using.

Also, you will see the most popular links and documents.

Deliver conversion-generating content supported with landing pages and sign-up forms to get accurate email sequence ROI.


The Free Marketing Tools program comes without charge, while Marketing Hub is priced at $800 per month.

HubSpot Pricing Plan


  • Add images, buttons, dividers, and text to your pre-made or customized emails
  • Email previews ensure great-looking and coherent emails in the inbox
  • Personalize content on common merge tags like first names, user's device, geographical location, and list segment
  • Adjust the send time with smart send
  • Gmail extensions for email tracking and automated outreach
  • Form builders
  • Get insights into the customer's time spent viewing each email (read, skimmed, and glanced)
  • 99.9% email deliverability rate

In HubSpot, each email marketing campaign consists of professional-looking emails that drive your marketing funnel and sales funnel forward through relevant engagement, especially for larger agencies.

Get started with the free plan, and once you need an all-in-one marketing software, try their Marketing Hub Demo.

5. GetResponse.

Best Email Marketing Software for Creating Automated Sales Funnels.

GetResponse Email Marketing Software for Creating Automated Sales Funnels

Apart from high-converting email marketing services, GetResponse's Autofunnel tool comes with 30+ ready-made landing pages, email templates, and email sequence options to drive product sales, webinar registrations, and more.

Your email list will be nurtured to maximize the conversion rates.

Write amazing newsletters and broadcast any updates or special offers to your leads.

Nourish your subscriber relationships through autoresponder emails in automated sequences.

GetResponse Emails Marketing Automation

Automate triggered emails in sequences to engage interest, evoke action, and sell.

One of the best email marketing tips you will receive is to have all your marketing characters exist in the same universe.

In other words, cross-department marketing through an Automated blog digest will expand your blog's reach via email and social media sharing.

Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools will produce emails according to accurate estimations of the customer's peak interest, which will result in high-value targeting, growing open rates, and more sales.

With GetResponse's smart automation tools, list management is super simplified and enhanced.

List segmentation will allow you to create multiple advanced conditions for automated email sequences.

Transactional emails are a paid add-on feature that you can use to send triggered emails and deliver receipts or reminders.

Marketing automation strategy needs to be well-thought-out to work, and this is why you can view setup & scheduling details and preview designs on desktop or mobile devices.


The Basic plan is $15 per month.

GetResponse Pricing Plan


  • Select templates tailored to your campaign goals
  • Build and curate your template libraries
  • Enhance designs with GIFs and free stock photos
  • Segment your customers on specific criteria
  • Analyze opens, clicks, bounces
  • A7B test the email subject lines to see which one grabs the customer's attention
  • Track user behavior for result-producing targeting
  • Deliver emails at the audience's preferred time with the perfect timing tool
  • Promote webinars through emails

Apart from giving you all the detail-focused email marketing tools, you also get a full repository of the landing page, lead funnels, webinar tools that you would buy in a separate plan with other software.

Besides a 30-day free trial, 12 and 24-month program discount of up to 30% today.

6. ActiveCampaign.

Best Email Marketing Solution with Built-In Sales CRM.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Solution with Built In Sales CRM

Thanks to ActiveCampaign's Email Segmentation, your marketing will feel more authentic and personal to your potential customers.

The leads will be able to engage because you provide them with appropriate and insightful product information at the optimal time.

Through Subscription Forms, you can collect contact information.

Naturally, your leads are the most engaged after giving you their contact information because you've intrigued them enough that they've decided to permit you future contact.

ActiveCampaign is smart in this sense because it allows you to activate an email sequence that follows up on the contact exchange with engaging content at the peak of their interest.

What some email marketing companies can learn from ActiveCampaign is the robust lead magnet approach of promoting tempting offers in exchange for a name, phone number, or email address.

ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your contacts instantly
Source: Getapp

To know how to build an email list that you can certainly profit from, you need to know where your leads come from and what they are seeking.

ActiveCampaign Add a tag feature allows you to segment your contacts instantly, which builds credibility in your product.

Notify your team of the perfect time and strategy to follow up on the highest quality leads.

Email marketing campaigns depend on a good organization, which includes contacts that you can add to multiple lists and deals in ActiveCampaign.

Embed your customized forms to your websites with the sign-up forms designer.

You can find up to five best subject lines, images, and other email element combinations at once through A/B testing.


The Lite program starts at $9 per month.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan


  • Change the color scheme, layouts, and images of your forms
  • Fill the custom form fields with any additional lead information
  • Show forms on scroll and increase conversions
  • Change the text and images in an email with dynamic content
  • Embed customized forms on your website in seconds with the sign-up forms designer plugin
  • Split test subject lines, content, from information, images, CTAs
  • A/B test entire automated workflows
  • Triggered emails, autoresponder emails, broadcast emails, scheduled emails, email funnels

With its advanced CRM, lead scoring, and geo-tracking, click maps, website visitors, sign-up forms information, ActiveCampaign is both powerful and insightful for anyone who wants to make money online.

Try the Lite program free for two weeks, and get the marketing funnel solution for a reasonable $9.

7. Omnisend.

Best Omnichannel Email Marketing Software for eCommerce, SMS, and Automation.

Omnisend Omnichannel Email Marketing Software for eCommerce, SMS, and Automation

Similar to how the best inventory management tools help you retain the optimum levels of stock and the best eCommerce platforms convert sales with discounts and promos, Omnisend maximizes conversions of Shopify store owners.

In Omnisend, you can create beautiful personalized email marketing campaigns without tedious coding or editing needed.

Elevate your digital marketing to the next level with the free widespread eCommerce email templates.

This, along with dozens of designs and examples in a gallery covering numerous niches, make it possible for you to write amazing newsletters.

Along with automated email and SMS messaging, Omnisend analyzes browsing behavior and device preferences to send all visitors messages addressing their specific interests.

When you have visitors landing on your page, viewing some of your product categories without adding any items to the cart, you will experience browse abandonment.

While “window shopping” is a natural part of the buying process, you can use the opportunity to nudge them towards buying and introducing easily-persuaded leads in your sales funnel.

Omnisend will choreograph the cart recovery process through retargeting emails.

Further down the marketing funnel, Omnisend will establish better segmentation through welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and post-purchase marketing automation.

Omnisend marketing automation Feature

This tracking of the users' actions allows Omnisend to not have to rely heavily on elegant subject lines or an elaborate email sequence scheme.

Open rates of your eCommerce service will rise as the visitors receive messages related to the products they've browsed on your site.

You can map out your email list based on specific criteria, segmenting customers who purchased products in different price ranges, for example.


Omnisend offers a free program, with the next one (Standard) up the scale being $16.

Omnisend Pricing Plan


  • Add products directly to the email editor
  • Cart abandonment automation for cart abandonment emails and welcome emails
  • Interactive gift boxes
  • Automated product recommendations
  • Live view website tracking
  • List management based on specific details
  • Additional visibility control for mobile and desktop devices
  • Web browser push notifications, Google customer match, Facebook ad retargeting
  • A/B split test channels, incentives, and subject lines
  • Popups, landing pages, wheel of fortune, and signup boxes

Designed to maximize conversions and perfect for Shopify store owners, Omnisend is also multifaceted, allowing you to provide a well-rounded service with text messages, social media marketing, Custom IP address, priority support, and much more.

You can apply for their free plan today and send up to 15K emails per month.

8. Gist.

The Most Simplistic All-In-One Marketing Software.

Gist The Most Simplistic All In One Marketing Software

Like all thriving email marketing companies, Gist supplies a full 360-degree marketing service.

Whether you want to send out a promotional email sequence for a brand new product deal or simply write amazing newsletters for weekly product updates to your subscribers, Gist has got you covered with Broadcast emails.

Nurture all your leads towards conversion through marketing automation and targeted emails of Drip campaigns.

Gist's email marketing strategy is never exclusive, and you can set up automatic responses for any new sign-ups, purchases, unsubscribes, etc.

Through Automated emails, Gist sends persuasive emails to users, for example, to try to address their change of opinion.

This way, your email list will be unconstrained and subject to change with some rotations in email marketing services.

Gist Automated emails features

Scheduled emails are a perfect solution for special events, holidays, celebrations, sales teams, reminding everyone of upcoming dates.

Grow your marketing funnel through Gist and sell more with Email funnels.

Reacting immediately at the peak of customer engagement, Gist will send out the autoresponder emails with additional service offers.

An email marketing campaign can be more rapid and explosive through more personal email marketing templates.

You can pull specific details for each recipient and use the information for more results-down-the-line list building.

You won't earn money online if you're not persuasive and can't see past rejection.

Gist knows this, and they show it through re-sent emails to non-openers with a new subject line and the original message.

Open rates will go down, and this is inevitable.

However, you need software that can swim upstream with its email marketing tools.

That's why Gist delivers emails in the recipient's time zone when they're most likely to read them.


The Free Forever program is $0, as the name suggests, with 2. support seats included.

Gist Pricing Plan


  • Trigger follow-up emails based on opens and link clicks
  • Complete inbox preview
  • Embed a video from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Set up webhooks, score leads, rotate leads to sales with workflows
  • Bulk-manage your data by updating properties, copying values
  • Track sends, delivery rates, opens, link clicks, spam reports, bounces, unsubscribes
  • Measure engagement across devices, geography, and platforms
  • Set actionable messages for campaign goals and measure how many people reach the milestones
  • Reliable customer support with live training and weekly workshops

A rare mix of power and drag-and-drop simplicity, Gist is a true all-around marketing solution covering everything from enhanced live chat and beautiful email campaigns to campaign management and automation.

Go ahead and give Gist a try.

9. Moosend.

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses and Small-Profit Organizations.

Moosend Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses and Small Profit Organizations

Moosend's Marketing Automation will simplify your marketing automation process, and sales funnel building with its advanced email marketing tools.

You will build your email list and personalize your messages that will be strategically distributed through intuitive email marketing tools.

Moosend can meet the needs of every type of email marketing campaign with their Drag & Drop Email Editor.

The Email Automation Templates, Website and User Tracking, Advanced Reporting are some of the advanced automation features that will allow you to focus on the customer relationships while the software takes care of the drip campaigns.

You can segment an email sequence that responds to different specified actions you've set up as triggers.

Moosend advanced email automation features

Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder will enable you to create beautiful landing pages and sign-up forms.

Providing solutions for all parts of the email marketing campaign process is the only right way, and Moosend knows this.

They don't stop at the pretty design, because the Ultrafast Loading Pages guarantee that your creation can handle traffic surges under different circumstances.

Under Moosend, no customer's action goes unnoticed, and segmentation can be filtered under any criteria.

You can identify cart abandoners on the spot or send special discounts, rewards for your most engaged readers.


The Free Forever program comes with unlimited emails along with many features.

Moosend Pricing Plan


  • Design, crop, add, resize landing pages or use the premade templates
  • Add images, text blocks, social icons, and more
  • An extensive library of desktop and mobile-friendly email templates
  • Use recipes to automate messages via upsells
  • Set up leads' actions as email sequence triggers
  • Beef up your list building by designing your subscription forms
  • Separate mobile editor
  • Advanced reporting
  • GDPR compliance & anti-bot protection

Everything from Automation Workflows, Custom Opt-In Forms, List Segmentation allow you to personalize your emails, expand your email list with custom forms, and track customer behavior to create email sequences that convert.

Try Moosend's Free Forever plan today.

10. Pabbly.

All-In-One Email Marketing, Form Creation, and Billing Solution.

Pabbly is all In One Email Marketing Form Creation and Billing Solution

Apart from email marketing tools, Pabbly brings a total online form building, subscription billing, email verification, and app-syncing assembly.

Pabbly's built-in email builder offers a whole range of template options for every kind of email sequence, from welcome emails, promotional emails, triggered emails, autoresponder emails, and so on.

The free built-in SMTP server is Pabbly's delivery engine with 98% deliverability.

Apart from acting as the first safeguard in protecting your inbox from illegitimate emails, the SMTP server is structured to withstand all your bulk mailing.

Also, there are 300+ integrations with external SMTP servers, which include Sendinblue, Postmark, Gmail, Mailchimp, Zoom, and so on.

Segmentation of subscribers is free and easy in Pabbly, no matter if you're using a free or paid account.

List Management makes it possible to segment all your subscribers based on any kind of criteria, details, or terms of the agreement without additional charges.

A healthy and reliable email list will depend on proper segmentation that divides these lists into any number of categories.

Browsing behavior, age, gender, content interests are just a few of the categories which are crucial for creating a personalized email marketing campaign.

Pabbly email marketing features

The right email marketing tools are critical for knowing how to do email marketing, and one of those is Import Emails.

You can easily import emails into your segmented email lists, which will make all the difference when it comes to the distribution and return of investment.

Tracking bounce, click-through, and open rates will give you an idea of your email list health state.

Pabbly will conduct Email Tracking for all your campaigns.


Pabbly offers a FREE program, and the next plan up the scale is $24.

Pabbly Pricing Plan


  • 98% Deliverability
  • Automatically deliver emails on your pre-set schedule with marketing automation
  • Connect your SMTP service like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid
  • Clean your email list from bad emails with mx cleaner
  • 2X Open rates with automatic follow-up emails to non-openers
  • Email tracking for all campaigns
  • Add subscription forms to your website and capture leads
  • Send emails through multiple SMTPs through SMTP routing

With almost flawless inbox delivery, excellent SMTP service, and many integrations at hand, Pabbly will boost your email marketing strategy, monitor sales analytics, and conduct subscription management for a company of any size.

Sign up free today.

11. Automizy.

Best Email Marketing Platform to Increase Your Open Rates.

Automizy Email Marketing Platform to Increase Your Open Rates

Automizy's Essential Email Marketing Features allow you to take any email marketing campaign and make your emails stand out in the crowded inboxes.

Be resourceful with your time and effort by utilizing Proven Templates & Blueprints.

Not only will you magnify your marketing automation through the blueprints, but you will bring your free email marketing to its fullest potential with the resend campaigns for non-openers.

Using data collected from over 1 million campaigns, you can predict email open rates based on the framework you use and the audience you target.

Most importantly, you can improve open rates with AI.

The algorithm allows you to test out up to 4 different subject lines and optimize the one best fitting for your email sequence.

Automizy guarantees the easiest email marketing automation with its fully-integrated automation builder.

Email list management is of great value, but unless you have the email marketing tools to create the high-converting emails to pair up with, it's useless.

The drag & drop email editor in Automizy allows anyone, regardless of their skill level, to create high-performing email templates.

Great things about as profound emails as Automizy distributes is that it automatically increases the chances of a lead magnet strategy because you've made the relationships so personable that subscribers seek to share their information to get more of your product.

Upon A/B testing, Automizy's bandit algorithm optimizes and sends the best-suited subject line variations out of the 4. tested.

Improve your drip campaigns through emails based on website behavior, through triggered emails that activate an action-specific response, or autoresponder emails that follow up with an instant next step in the sales funnel route.

To help you learn from and improve upon your list building, segmentation, and sending strategy, Automizy provides you with Overall Campaign Analytics, Automation, and Form analytics.


Automizy offers just one program that starts at $9 per month for 200 subscribers.


  • A/B test automated emails
  • Send instant, targeted, and personalized emails based on website behavior
  • Unlimited users and sub-accounts
  • Subscriber management
  • HTML email Import
  • CSV import
  • Key email conversion metric reports
  • Zapier and native integrations
  • Public API
  • Mobile-friendly sign-up forms

Unlimited accounts, behavior tracking, integrations, analytics are not just exclusive for high-subscriber accounts, as Automizy provides the same features regardless of traffic volume.

You can start your free trial today, and the 60-day money-back guarantee is more than enough time to decide.

12. AWeber.

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses with a Low Subscriber Count.

AWeber Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses with a Low Subscriber Count

Through Smart Designer, an AI assistant will create branded email templates.

When it comes to the richness of template selection, AWeber is high above its many rivals on the market, with 700 design templates to pick from.

AWeber is an email marketing software for small businesses that allows you to import an email list and create databases for TXT, CSV,  XLS, XLSX, and TSV files.

Besides list management, AWeber possesses a highly-refined subscriber segmentation system.

You can choose which subscribers do you want to provide specific email marketing services to by categorizing them according to their interests.

Send out autoresponder emails triggered by link clicks, email opens, site visits, and purchases.

Your drip campaigns will be complete, and this includes the sign-up forms.

Create polished, browser-ready, mobile-optimized sign-up forms and separate yourself from the crowd by providing the best email marketing service consistently with the right offers at the right time.

AWeber secures email tracking with detailed insights for every marketing funnel you run.

AWeber Email Automation Feature

With automatic RSS-to-email, AWeber is one of the best email marketing platforms for blogging.

A/B testing, AMP emails, and List management are, just like all the other features, a part of every monthly plan.

This accessibility, pricing based on the number of subscribers, and a support team regarded as the most attentive in the industry serve as an exemplary answer to the question of how to do email marketing?


AWeber offers a Free plan that supports up to 500 subscribers.

AWeber Pricing Plan


  • Ready-made HTML email templates
  • RSS-to-email for bloggers
  • Tag-based subscriber segmentation
  • AMP emails
  • Create autoresponder workflow based on link clicks, open emails, site visits, and purchases
  • Email tracking and detailed insights
  • Email list import for TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX, and TSV files
  • Free concierge migration services for existing email lists
  • Email & phone support, live chat, live webinars, tutorial video library

AWeber's Free plan gives access to all the software's features for up to 500 subscribers, with an award-winning support team, and the Pro pricing plan that delivers unlimited subscribers, email sends, and list profiles.

Sign up for free today.

13. Mailigen.

Best Small Business Email Marketing Software for Integrations.

Mailigen Small Business Email Marketing Software for Integrations

Through Mailigen's marketing automation, you can create a targeted email sequence and a perfectly-timed email marketing campaign with autoresponder emails.

Mailigen's Behavior-Based Automation enables you to develop a more two-sided, proactive communication between you and your subscribers.

The eCommerce API will help you develop excellent email marketing automation and set up an abandoned cart email sequence.

Everything down to individual web fonts and color schemes is customizable in Mailigen's email builder.

Dynamic Email Content raises the level of engagement, loyalty, open rates, customer satisfaction, and conversions to the extent that only a few email marketing companies can.

You can automatically deliver HTML content tailored individually to each subscriber that starts with quick, engagement-based segmentation, follows through with the triggered emails and autoresponder emails, and ends with a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Mailigen auto responder emails features

You can deliver frequent content to your current customers, and nourish your active drip campaigns, or win back inactive customers through Re-engagement Campaigns.

With Mailigen, you can deliver relevant information on time, based on the people's preferences.

If you're a blogger, Mailigen can be the digital marketing platform through which you can email your blog posts and news portal updates with the RSS-to-email function.

This cloud-based email marketing solution is best suited for advertising, media, banking, e-commerce, and many more industries.

The XML-driven emails are perfect for online retailers that send product prices, discount codes, deal expiration dates, and related products.


A monthly plan that includes 500 subscribers will cost you $10.

Mailigen Pricing Plan


  • Inform your subscribers through the segmentation, survey, and triggered response tools
  • Win back customers through your online store to complete a purchase automatically
  • Add videos to your emails from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Win back inactive customers through re-engagement campaigns
  • Over 250 pre-built integrations for 3rd party apps like Salesforce and WordPress
  • Email your blog posts and news portal updates through the RSS-to-email feature
  • Make money online as an online retailer through XML emails

If you're looking for exceptionally-designed email marketing templates, a vast integration repertoire, and flexible RSS and XML email functions for your online store, Mailigen will overdeliver 99% of the time.

You can start with a 30-day free trial and send effective emails now.

14. Benchmark.

International Email Marketing Service with Excellent Template Designs and Support Team.

Benchmark is an International Email Marketing Service with Excellent Template Designs and Support Team

Email marketing tools like surveys, polls, HTML editor, inbox checker, opt-in pop-ups will be at your disposal to generate purposeful and serviceable list building campaigns.

Email marketing templates have never been easier to customize with the Drag & Drop Builder, which is flexible, varied, and perfect if you want to get more eyes on your blog, write amazing newsletters catered to your subscribers' specific interests, or else.

Benchmark offers a thriving email marketing program that leverages marketing automation, lead magnet and remarketing strategy, interactive online surveys and sign-up forms, campaign analytics, and else. 

To achieve a complete marketing funnel conversion in this mostly free email marketing tool, Benchmark attracts high-quality targets for you through email sign-up forms and pop-ups.

Upon joining your email list, you can utilize the triggered emails to establish them as high-priority and respond instantly through automated workflows.

The welcome email sequence, as well as the post-purchase and abandoned cart series, will allow you to capitalize on the email list management and all previous activity.

Benchmark welcome email sequence

Once Benchmark taught you how to build an email list, you can nurture your relationships through surveys, polls, RSS emails that notify your subscribers of blogging and feed updates, and more.

The simplistic HTML Editor will give you a live preview of email codes.

With the help of Litmus, you can use the Inbox Checker to view your emails in different email environments before sending them.


Benchmark offers a free monthly program for up to 250 emails and an unlimited number of contacts.

Benchmark Pricing Plan


  • Flexible and varied drag & drop builder
  • Attract high-quality targets through sign-up forms and pop-ups
  • Activate a welcome, post-purchase, and abandoned cart email series
  • Notify subscribers of blog and feed updates through RSS emails
  • Nurture your relationships through surveys, polls, and drip campaigns
  • Simplistic HTML editor
  • Photo editing feature that replaces Photoshop with effects, stickers, image, and font adjustments
  • A/B test one variable or multiple examples of everything from subject lines to delivery times
  • Preview your emails in different environments through the inbox checker
  • WordPress plugin, Facebook sign-up forms, PayPal, and hundreds of more integrations

Benchmark has powerful and beginner-friendly tools, an attentive and expert-filled support team, 300+ integrations while being cheap with no contact restrictions in the free plan.

Create your free Benchmark account today.

15. SendPulse.

Most Subscribers and Emails in a Free Monthly Plan from an Email Marketing Software.

SendPulse Most Subscribers and Emails in a Free Monthly Plan from an Email Marketing Software

If you want to make professional templates quickly with little effort or expertise and send effective emails now, SendPulse omnichannel and all its enhanced email marketing tools are there to show you how to do email marketing.

Triggered emails and email marketing campaigns based on the actions your users take have always been the best recipe for digital marketing success.

Through Automation 360, you can set up an email sequence and web push notifications.

Also, keeping the marketing automation at a high-performance rate are the SMS workflows based on the events, variables, and actions your users take.

With thorough and purposeful segmentation of your every email list, you can approach each subscriber in a personal and situation-specific manner.

Another valuable thing for your list management that's going to lead to a more conversion-producing sales funnel is the option to Personalize Your Emails.

SendPulse customize web push campaigns

Details that can be overlooked, like addressing your client by their name and filling in information about them that's related to your offer, can be the key to increasing open rates.

SendPulse's variable feature allows you to apply a personal approach to your email marketing strategy based on name, gender, age, birth date, position, and other filters.

SMART FORM FILL-IN is an excellent, time-saving feature that allows you to customize replaceable text fields in different emails, depending on each recipient's interests.

Not only is personal branding going to create more memorable subject lines, but having your trademark style is among the most important email marketing tips you can receive.

Subscription Forms will provide you with a customizable color scheme and style structure that you can experiment with to create your corporate look.


SendPulse offers a free program for up to 500 subscribers and 15K emails.

SendPulse Pricing Plan


  • Automation 360
  • SMS workflows based on the events, variables, and actions taken by  users
  • Smart form fill-in
  • Create your corporate look through subscription forms and place them on your site
  • Monitor opens and clicks through statistics
  • Resend emails to non-openers with alternative subject lines to increase open rates
  • Exclude or limit access to certain information through user access levels
  • Integrate emails into your CRM or CMS system

With among the most generous free plans on the market, SendPulse excels with all the features it provides in the higher-end programs and entry-level alike.

Sign up for a SendPulse account and get started for free.

16. SendX.

Great Combination of a Simple UI and Best of Breed Email Deliverability.

SendX is a Great Combination of a Simple UI and Best of Breed Email Deliverability

Sendx is one of the most versatile email marketing platforms that will enable you to send an email marketing campaign, build your email list, and automate an advanced email sequence.

You can easily design, schedule, and track unlimited email campaigns that will generate a sales increase in your marketing funnel.

Apart from being able to upload an opted-in email list, you will be able to reach your subscribers through drip campaigns packed with triggered emails, web forms, mobile-optimized emails, autoresponder emails, customer surveys, etc.

Sendx enables you to send broadcast email campaigns, and receive detailed reports on valuable campaign performance insights like clicks, opens, and more.

High-converting email popup forms play an instrumental role in developing a foolproof email marketing strategy.

SendX email marketing strategy

Along with inline forms and landing pages, popup forms are at your disposal, so you can learn how to build an email list that converts every time.

Email marketing campaigns must be protected from spam messages and term violators, and that's where Sendx utilizes CAN-SCAM Compliance.

Besides list building, subscriber management is another essential factor for organizing and maintaining a stable workflow.

With Sendx, you can add, filter, and organize your subscribers, with all of your interest groups being separated by tags.

Sendx lays out the segmentation details in one place, and you can find any group or an individual by setting filters based on tags, sign-up date, time zone, campaigns, inactive time, etc.

You can easily collect subscribers through sign-up forms and API integrations or import your subscriber email list from Excel.


Sendx will cost you $7.49 per month for 1,000 subscribers.

SendX Pricing  Plan


  • Ready-made themes
  • Event-triggered emails
  • Subscriber management
  • Customer surveys
  • Image library
  • Converts with any website
  • Detailed reports that measure conversions
  • Automation on user activity
  • Audience segmentation
  • Template management

Sendx will provide you with unlimited emails, great deliverability, 24/7 customer support, profound segmentation, and subscriber management functions at a very affordable price.

You can start with their 14-day free trial.

17. MoonMail.

Best Cloud-Based Email Marketing Solution.

MoonMail is the Best Cloud-Based Email Marketing Solution

This cloud-based, omnichannel email marketing tool allows you to expand your digital marketing reach through email and SMS messages, Voice, WhatsApp, chatbots, and Facebook Messenger.

MoonMail has an exceptionally uncluttered UI, and this is not the only area in which MoonMail thrives as a visually-digestible, beginner-friendly tool.

The striking reporting and analytics dashboard combines ease of use and functionality with performance reports for each email marketing campaign.

You can adapt your marketing strategy by learning from analytics such as sent & delivered emails, spam complaints, bounces, open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, deliverability reputation, etc.

MoonMail email overview

As far as keeping track of your marketing funnel progress, MoonMail displays an always-visible checklist with the steps you need to take to grow your email list, write amazing newsletters and create the optimal email marketing templates.

Before writing your newsletters, you need to choose between a single-message campaign or autoresponder emails triggered by subscriber behavior.

Triggered emails are the key to marketing automation, putting you in a great place to send conversion-causing emails as your customers move through the sales funnel.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to code your templates with HTML builder or select from the pre-designed library for your perfect email sequence.

MoonMail is generous with its users with the option to pay only for the sent emails, not charging you based on the number of subscribers.


Billed yearly, MoonMail's Lite program will cost you $44 per month.

MoonMail Pricing plan


  • Operates with Amazon AWS
  • Opportunity for marketers to expand their messages outside email
  • Interactive email headers
  • Change menus, color schemes, opacity, and more
  • Automated email bounce management, sent & delivered emails, spam complaints
  • Track open rates, clicks, unsubscribes, and deliverability reputation
  • Send messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, chatbox through the open API
  • Create basic contact sign-up forms
  • Native Shopify app for autoresponder emails and abandoned cart campaigns

MoonMail is excellent for marketers and small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their reach beyond email messaging, while the software itself requires moderate technical knowledge to utilize their email marketing services.

You can sign up for free today and scale up the program with a 25% discount.

18. Ontraport.

Email Marketing Software with Unlimited CRM for Large and Small Businesses.

Ontraport Email Marketing Software with Unlimited CRM for Large and Small Businesses

Ontraport's robust CRM and advanced marketing automation system join forces with its enhanced email marketing services that deliver conversion-producing, precisely-targeted customer campaigns.

Although they're quite renowned for their CRM capabilities, Ontraport's Campaign Builder serves as visual marketing automation, email + SMS messaging, and live reporting platform.

The landing page builder is Ontraport's free email marketing service that includes everything from Customizable Templates, Form Builder, A/B Testing, Real-Time Editing, SEO Management, and more.

Ontraport's done-for-you campaigns come with Setup Wizards that guide you through simple steps of launching your marketing campaign fast.

Free Download and Mini-course lead magnet funnels will help you get your leads closer to your email list through educational videos and free downloadable content.

OntraPort Email feature
source: Grow.cheap

Email Newsletter Opt-in and Delivery will help you write amazing newsletters to share product updates and engaging content.

Address your leads' problems with your solutions as the “best-in-class” offers on the market, directing them to your sales page to increase your drip campaigns.

Connect your leads to your order page and invoicing organically, and encourage them to order your product through the Persuasive Sales Funnel.

You can access the Library of pre-designed systems, containing a catalog of the proven marketing funnel, email marketing campaign, follow-up system solutions.

Here, you can split-test everything from emails, pages, systems, and campaigns.

With Deep funnel conversion reporting, you can optimize your marketing funnel and deliver the best email marketing service by creating campaigns based on clicks and popularity, biggest campaign mishaps, and biggest expenses.

Through 2-way text messaging, you can capture leads by receiving SMS messages on your number.


The Basic plan starts at $79.

OntraPages Pricing plan


  • Segment your audience and automate 2-way interactions with keywords
  • Segment your contacts further by checking each user's interaction history with emails and SMS
  • Simple mail editor for text-focused emails 
  • OntraMail editor for graphic newsletters
  • HTML editor for coded emails
  • Deep funnel conversion reporting
  • Subscription management on autopilot
  • Abandoned cart recapture
  • Great email deliverability with SPF, DKIM, and custom sending domains

With thorough segmentation through automated 2-way interactions and user interactions history, multi-purpose editors for different campaigns, and powerful features like Deep funnel conversion reporting, Ontraport rises head and shoulders above its CRM email marketing competition.

Start your 14-day free trial today with a Free Expert set-up call& training included.

19. iContact.

Best Email Marketing Tool for SBMs and Startups.

iContact Email Marketing Tool for SBMs and Startups

Through iContact's advanced email marketing automation, you're going to generate higher ROI out of every message you send.

With a reputation for creating beautiful emails that resonate with the target audience and provide actionable steps towards goal achievement, iContact has proven they know how to do email marketing successfully.

When building an email in iContact's Drag & Drop Editor, you don't need any coding requisites to design effective and engaging emails.

You will delight your subscribers with the speed and accuracy of your drip campaigns through lighting-fast email list management and marketing automation.

You will have the opportunity to deploy automated email campaigns once a subscriber interacts with your landing page, clicks a link, signs up for an email newsletter, creates a support ticket, purchases a product, etc.

iContact will send these autoresponder emails in the forms of confirmations, notifications, updates, invitations, sending a clear message of the dedication worthy of only the best email marketing service.

iContact's team of Strategic Advisors can assist or take charge of your complete email marketing strategy.

With an Email Expert on your team, you will grow your email list with custom sign-up forms for landing pages, social media pages, and websites.

Guided by experts, you can clean up an existing campaign list or optimize the email list management for new targets you wish to attract.

The expert guidance of your Strategic Advisor will lead you towards creating unavoidable, persuasive lead magnet strategies that will increase your open rates and drive the sales funnel forward.

Apart from superior segmentation and versatile lead conversion blueprint, iContact will fine-tune your email marketing campaign by testing the best-performing variables.

You can compare subject lines, designs, offers, time of day, day of the week, and so on.


For $15 per month, you can manage up to 1,500 subscribers.

iContact Pricing Plan


  • Generate higher ROI with every message you send
  • Create beautiful emails with no coding knowledge
  • Lightning-fast email list management and marketing automation
  • Deploy automated email campaign triggered by user activity
  • Expert guidance of strategic advisor
  • Enhance online reputation and inbox delivery, strengthening domain and list health
  • Comprehensive ROI, conversions, subscriber engagement reports for premier accounts
  • First-class anti-spam protection

iContact provides a wide variety of email building tools that appeal to SBMs and startups, unlimited emails, expert guidance throughout the whole campaign among many other functions.

Try them out for free for 30 days today.

20. Campaign Monitor.

Most Convenient Autoresponder Features in an Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses.

Campaign Monitor powerful email marketing software with drag and drop simplicity

Campaign Monitor markets itself as a powerful email marketing software with drag-and-drop simplicity.

They justify this description by combining the innovative with the affordable to track the customer's journey and automate the marketing process.

Use the drag-and-drop editor to create an eye-catching design or choose a template from a library containing hundreds of expertly-designed samples.

One of the most valuable email marketing tips you can receive is to generate an aura of importance and exclusivity for your product.

With a countdown timer, you can evoke a sense of urgency and customize all visual aspects of your email sequence, placing trademark brand style on emails that look great on every device.

Campaign Monitor email sequence

With an intuitive range of newsletter solutions for SMBs, Campaign Monitor will serve you with the email marketing tools necessary to write amazing newsletters, attracting more high-value targets every time.

Due to its flexible designing features and insightful analytics that elevate every email marketing strategy, Campaign Monitor has proven to be a perfect solution for startups in the early stages of the list building process.

With a more personable approach, Campaign Monitor creates more value over time fueled with smart segmentation and action-driving email marketing templates.


The Basic program starts at $9 per month.

Campaign Pricing Plan


  • Build hyper-targeted segments and send super-relevant emails tailored to individual interests
  • Build sign-up forms to introduce your website, store, brand to new customers
  • Insights into campaign performance that capture geography, acquisition, engagement per campaign
  • Actionable insights into how to improve your strategy
  • Connect your eCommerce platform, CRM, or website with hundreds of integrations
  • Optimize your transactional emails

Versatile email templates, convenient custom autoresponder emails, and highly-insightful analytics make Campaign Monitor an innovative and practical email marketing solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

You can create an account for free and send an email sequence for up to 5 subscribers today.

21. MailChimp.

All-In-One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Businesses.

MailChimp All In One Integrated Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

With over 1.  billion emails sent every day, MailChimp is one of the biggest email marketing companies in the world.

MailChimp has one of the most generous free email marketing programs on the market.

You can send up to 10K emails to 2K subscribers per month in their free plan.

Since most of the email marketing services are accessible on the free option, many personal and small business users can enjoy the versatility of the service for their smaller-scale requirements.

A simple drag-and-drop set-up allows you to create beautiful email designs with rich color-coding options, custom fields, on-brand templates, HTML import, and much more.

Create sign-up or product pages via MailChimp's landing page creator, and design must-click destinations.

Whether you're just creating your audience or you already have a certain following, MailChimp's CRM tools will help you handle customer relationship management effortlessly.

Through the audience dashboard, you will always have access to the visual segmentation at hand.

MailChimp email sequence dahsboard
Source: Workspace

You can glance at the segmented audience data and construct a targeted email sequence in a few clicks.

Discover patterns in audience behavior through growth, engagement, and revenue reports to readjust your drip campaigns and send effective emails now.

See what actions led to purchases in each customer, and leave notes about individual preferences through Contact Profiles.

Thorough reporting functions of MailChimp will notify you of clients, geo-tracking, social media, and Google Analytics integration.


After the Free program, next is the Essentials program that starts at $9.99 per month.

MailChimp Pricing Plan


  • All tools accessible in the free version
  • Create attention-grabbing, converting designs
  • Handle customer relationship management through CRM tools
  • Audience dashboard for visual segmentation at hand
  • Discover patterns in audience behavior through growth, engagement, and revenue reports
  • See what actions led to purchases
  • Leave notes about individual preferences
  • Custom fields, on-brand templates, HTML import, and more
  • Behavioral targeting create more personable, and fast-developing campaigns
  • Make the right personal product recommendations
  • Excellent for running opt-in based lead capture campaigns
  • Pop-up registration forms for website integration

With hundreds of different integrations essential for eCommerce, business, blogging, non-profit, and other organizations, an all-inclusive free plan of great email capacity, in-built CRM, MailChimp is the ultimate all-in-one solution for inbound campaigns.

Get started with MailChimp and earn money online that you didn't think you could.

22. MailJet.

Best Email Marketing Software for Large Email Lists.

MailJet the Best Email Marketing Software for Large Email Lists

MialJet's Intuitive drag-and-drop editor Passport will give you access to ready-to-use responsive newsletter templates that will look great on any device.

The Real-Time Collaboration feature will simplify and accelerate your drip campaigns by allowing you to collaborate with the whole team.

Invite as many people as you want, and assign different roles like a marketer, designer, developer, etc.

You can track the creation process of emails in real-time and monitor any changes made to the designs while commenting directly within the editor and communicating any suggestions, decisions through messages.

Create a marketing, transactional, or automated email sequence by using the drag-and-drop email marketing tools or accessing real-time previews of HTML email rendered for every device.

Through the Inbox Preview tool, you can see how well your emails will display in Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, and other inbox tools.

With excellent segmentation tools and comprehensive database management based on demographics, MailJet is the perfect driving engine for adapting an email marketing strategy.

The user interface is expertly simplified, with contact lists and campaigns being easily accessible, segmented according to your priorities and subscribers' preferences.

MailJet email marketing strategy

A native WordPress plugin is a standard feature in MailJet's monthly program.

After you've been able to grow your email list, you need to develop a digital marketing approach that's personable and attentive.

Personalize your emails based on your contacts' properties, how good it looks in the subscriber's inbox, and what their preferences are.

Forecast the impact of subject lines, images, or any email sequence to supercharge your conversions and further your sales funnel.

Install MailJet's opt-in sign-up form on your landing page to capture email addresses and sync to contact lists in your account.

Upload contact lists as CSV, TXT, or XLS files.

The system will integrate with your CRM and filter any unsubcribes or possible errors. 


The FREE program will give you 6K emails per month, with the BASIC being next up the scale at $9.65.

MailJet Pricing Plan


  • Access the ready-to-use newsletter templates through passport
  • Assign different marketing, development, and design roles
  • Track the email design process in real-time and communicate changes
  • Inbox preview
  • Native WordPress plugin
  • Build automated campaigns for welcome, confirmation, contact anniversary emails
  • Separate activities using sub-accounts
  • Track bounce, click-through, unsubscribe, and open rates
  • Track how many targets viewed the subject lines as attention-grabbing
  • Connect to Google analytics

The unlimited emails, comprehensive automation and personalization tools, and communication-enhanced campaign monitoring and collaboration features make MailJet an ideal eCommerce, healthcare, or any other business solution with limitless list capacity.

Sign up for MailJet for free and send effective emails now.

23. Drip.

Best Email Marketing and CRM Platform for eCommerce.

Drip Email Marketing and CRM Platform for eCommerce

Drip is among the best email marketing platforms for users looking to sell physical or digital products online.

With a wide range of marketing automation, commerce metrics tracking, personalization, and sales funnel tools, Drip is the ultimate marketing funnel software for blogging, digital marketing, and eCommerce.

With a range of triggered emails, capturing everything from link clicks, page views, tags assigned, purchased products in your online store to construct a campaign with, marketing automation is bound to succeed.

If the users visit a certain page or do anything else you've set as triggered actions, you can automatically tag them.

With high-converting forms and lead ads, you can grow your email list based on the reciprocatory relationship you build with each subscriber individually.

Increase audience engagement with a proactive ad-lib email marketing strategy, A/B – optimized email marketing tools, and optimal message designs.

You can tailor the approach to each subscriber individually with recommended audience segments.

Track your customers' purchase history, and nurture your relationships with post-purchase automation, building long-lasting organic relationships.

Drip post purchase automation building long lasting organic relationships

In-depth revenue and engagement stats of each email and automation strategy will be displayed in the Revenue dashboard, where you can keep track of performances and compare strategies.

Access the library of pre-made workflows and use proven strategies that every eCommerce store can use to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Grow your customer relationships through one-on-one communication, personalizing your emails with recommended products, abandoned cart items, top-selling products, dynamic discounts, and more.


The program starts at $19 for up to 500 subscribers.

Drip Pricing Plan


  • Capture clicks, page views, tags assigned, products purchased with triggered emails
  • High-converting forms and lead ads
  • Recommended audience segments
  • In-depth revenue and engagement stats in the revenue dashboard
  • Library of pre-made workflows with proven eCommerce strategies
  • Add recommended products, abandoned cart items, top-selling products, and dynamic discounts
  • Capture and convert website traffic with completely customizable forms
  • Retarget customers on Facebook, Instagram, and SMS
  • Easy-to-access API

Drip's comprehensive tracking, hyper-segmentation functions, and robust automation features make it one of the best email marketing companies for successful blog, digital marketing, and eCommerce email marketing.

With a 14-day free trial, you can give Drip a shot today.

What’s The Best Email Marketing Service For My Purpose or Industry?

For a complete marketing campaign of your business to succeed, you need to create a website fast with the best website builder tools, and you need to have a fully mapped out email list.

The two sides support each other to create the best experience for your customer and maintain a marketing momentum for you.

1. The Best Email Marketing Service for Small Businesses

As a small business, you need to take into consideration a few key elements when choosing an email marketing software.

Create compelling content

Mailchimp will help you write a compelling copy with an eye-catching headline, a simple and informative message with a sense of urgency, and tailored CTAs.

Moosend's automation templates, website and user tracking, and advanced reporting allow you to get to know your customers and craft messages that address their unique circumstances.

Encourage sign-ups

Using an opt-in form instead of a link can increase a small business's newsletter subscription rate by 20 – 50%.

Both Moosend and Mailchimp offer this service.

Including as many sign-up forms as possible can be another deciding factor in a successful campaign.

email sign up forms
source: Stubble.io

A sign-up CTA on your homepage, contact page, and footer, as well as a checkout page 

email opt-in for your eCommerce store, are all great examples.

In Moosend, you can create modal pop-ups, floating boxes, floating bars, inline, and full-page forms.

Optimize emails for the most engaged customers

As a small business, you need to be able to recognize the most engaged customers.

conversion rate by visitor type

You should list-segment the repeat subscribers/customers with the most consistent deep interest shown through engagement stats.

You can reward these customers with special offers and discounts, and you will have a voluntary brand loyalty promoter in return.

Moosend will filter your subscribers based on any criteria and reward your most engaged subscribers with special discounts.

Send automated emails

If you run a smaller company, you must carry yourself of equal value as the large enterprises.

By contacting the users about their favorite products within your niche, you need to set-up an automated email sequence directly addressing the service they seek and provide an alternative.

Moosend allows you to use recipes and automate messages via upsells and set up leads' actions as email sequence triggers.

Here is how Grammarly upsells.

Our pick for the best small business solution is Moosend.

Top email marketing providers for small businesses

2. The Best Email Marketing Provider for Bloggers

Start building your subscriber list

One of the first things you need to start working on as a blogger is building your subscriber list.

To attract more subscribers, you need an attention-grabbing sign-up form on your website.

Ideally, the form will stand out from the rest of the website in design with a persuasive CTA.

Integrate with and utilize WordPress

Second thing, you will need your software to integrate with WordPress.

You can create high-converting emails in a simple format in WordPress.

Sendinblue, for example, lets you create customized subscription forms, write amazing newsletters, with valuable insights into deliverability.

The best strategy when promoting any brand through email and especially blogs is to tie your engagement network across all fronts.

Deploy your networks across all fronts and learn the best blog monetization strategies, and you will be a proud owner of one lucrative blog.

best blog monetization strategie Integrate with WordPress

Provide links to exciting excerpts

Once you have added subscribers to your email list, you need to slowly introduce them to your content.

Your email content should steer the subscriber back to your website somehow.

This will boost the engagement in your blog and keep the audience hooked on the upcoming content.

To evoke further interest, you can place an excerpt of your blog in the emails, followed by a link to the full version on your website.

Just think about the two options you have when sharing your blog through email.

Provide links to exciting excerpts of your blog

It's a proven way to increase blog traffic and engagement.

In ConvertKit, through a custom landing page, you can share new projects with your audience.

Besides that, the tool allows you to exchange free downloadable content in return for email addresses, which will attract casual visitors and get more eyes on your product.

Each form or landing page you create can deliver a different lead magnet.

Take advantage of cross-platform marketing

Lastly, you need to make the most out of cross-marketing and social media exposure.

In ConvertKit, bloggers can catch the attention of social media followers, YouTube viewers, and those passer-by browsers and introduce them to your blog, and vice versa.

Finally, you can set up an automatic product pitch once you've developed a relationship with your subscriber and add a “buy now” button to your website.

Essentially, CovertKit organically steers the leads towards buying your ebooks, newsletters,  courses, and checking your blog and other content.

Our pick for the best blogging solution is ConvertKit.

Top email marketing providers for bloggers

3. The Best Email Marketing Platform for eCommerce (e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify)

Segmentation and how it leads to successful sequences

E-Commerce email marketing strategy is all about the right email sequencing.

Pillars of Segmentation for Email Marketing

For the right sequencing, segmentation is vital.

You must approach each customer and ask yourself what they would want to receive from you looking from their perspective.

Segmentation tools allow you to send out a welcome email to the group of newcomers you are assured doesn't exclude or unnecessarily include anyone.

Curation emails and the importance of timing

You can use Omnisend's segmentation to find out who's been engaging actively, who needs just a little nudge with a curation email showing off your best products, and so on.

Five benefits behind strategic content

People love seeing and buying the best of the best, and that's why a curation email will highlight your brand's best assets to buyers you have tracked for more expensive purchases.

Welcome emails and the value of elegance

At the same time, you don't want to throw your most expensive products at the new subscribers immediately, before you have made them comfortable with a welcome email.

In Drip, for example, you have a chance to make your welcome memorable to your subscriber by thanking them for joining your list, setting expectations for what's to come (like the schedule of their emails), and simplifying the sales process.

Welcome emails have proven to drive 3X the transaction and revenue per email than any other promotional tool.

Elegance in approach is important, and thank you emails are small gestures that make all the difference like the welcome emails.

Post-purchase automation, surveys, and recommendations

Drip doesn't simply leave a customer after getting a purchase out of them.

Instead, they nurture organic, long-lasting relationships with post-purchase automation.

post purchase email automation

In Drip, you can track your client's purchase history and tailor specific offers according to recommended audience segments.

Knowing what your audience prefers is sometimes impossible without directly asking them since preferences change.

Through surveys in Omnisend, you can find what your subscribers' desires, suggestions, or pain points are so you can readjust accordingly.

Another highly-profitable eCommerce strategy can be upselling.

Upselling and predicting purchase behavior

If someone, for example, purchases an electronic cigarette from your website, there is a great chance they will need an atomizer sometime.

Based on analytics (like Drip, Constant Contact), you can calculate what kind of an atomizer each subscriber might prefer.

Later, you can segment your customers based on their purchase behavior and predict their shopping decisions.

There are different types of behavior segmentation.

behavior segmentation methods

Additional eCommerce promotional gems

Personalization is an on-going process, and Omnisend is a perfect example of this done right.

With recommended products, abandoned cart items, top-selling products, dynamic discounts, win-back emails, Omnisend is a perfect platform for each eCommerce store owner to reach their customers with a purpose and intriguing offers every time.

As if that wasn't enough, you can access the library of pre-made workflows and deploy a proven eCommerce strategy to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Here are some eCommerce email marketing benchmarks that you can use to track your success.

eCommerce email marketing benchmarks

Omnisend is our pick for the best eCommerce solution.

Top email marketing providers for eCommerce

4. The Best Email Marketing Tool for Affiliate Marketers

What should you be aware of when choosing an affiliate solution?

For affiliate marketers, you need to take an automated email sequence and add a few emails to promote your affiliate links.

Choose an affiliate program that is high-paying for beginners and promote your affiliate links through a tool like SendX, and you will earn money online fast.

Email Marketing Tool for Affiliate Marketers
https: Ampjar

First, you need to make sure that your software allows affiliate marketing.

Once you have clarified that, you can start looking for things like adding affiliate links to your email sequences.

Email marketing providers can close your account if the misuse of your affiliate links is causing low deliverability rates.

You need to find the balance between generating a high amount of open rates and incorporating affiliate promotions organically, fitting to the sequence.

For this reason, it's incremental that you know what your provider offers.


With SendX, you can link your PayPal account and get paid each month directly.

Instead of 60 days, SendX will store referral cookies for up to 120 days.

referral marketing examples

The full-featured dashboard will allow you to see your entire funnel through an intuitive view, tracking visitors, money, etc.

Get access to brand assets, banner images, and sales copies that convert, and add them to your blog/website to make money.

What’s the deciding factor?

While there are services like Mailigen and AWeber that produce admirable affiliate results, our vote for the best affiliate solution goes to SendX due to their free templates and an assistant knowledge base for beginner affiliates.

Top email marketing providers for affiliate marketers

5. The Best Email Marketing Software for Online Course Creators

What do you need to successfully promote your online course?

Although promoting your online course to your entire audience may be tempting, you will have much better success if you segment your existing subscriber list.

Track your subscribers' purchase history and consider subscribers who make purchases regularly (at least one purchase each month).

Give the advantage to the subscribers who click on your messages by clicking on the links, linked images, or CTAs.

A great indication of a subscriber being a potential course candidate is if they have engaged with the newsletters that have topics similar to your online course.

Finally, you should look for voluntary brand ambassadors.

Avid supporters of your brand will share your product on social media, post product reviews on the websites, leave insightful comments on your blogs, and spread the word about your product.

For this kind of thorough segmentation, you need to find the appropriate software.

Sendinblue as the perfect choice

Sendinblue, for example, provides focus lists that use gender, purchase history, geography, source of acquisition, engagement to deliver the most profitable subscribers for your email list.

After segmentation, you need to write the email promoting your online course, which won't be challenging in a comprehensive tool like Sendinblue.

You can cash in on the online course created with the best course building tools, with tools like Sendinblue that will reach as many interested course-goers as there are.

You will be able to hook your readers with a catchy subject line, provide value that your course offers in addressing their pain point, create a sense of urgency that entices your subscribers to take action, and close it off with a CTA that can't be ignored.

Sendinblue is our online course solution pick.

Top email marketing providers for online course creators

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct and digital marketing through which you use emails to promote your business's products and services.

It is a one component of digital marketing that also includes website, SEO, affiliate, blogs, PPC, Inbound, and a couple of other marketing strategies.

Email marketing can be executed with transactional and direct emails.

1. Direct vs transactional emails

Direct emails communicate a strictly promotional message.

direct marketing emails vs transactional emails

Transactional emails are triggered by the customer's actions, interactions, and preferences with the company, with the primary purpose to provide anticipated updates to requests made by the recipient.

2. Priorities of email marketing

With a softer selling approach, email marketing can contribute to your marketing strategy with lead generation efforts, brand awareness, and teaching the value of your brand to your audience.

Developing relationships with potential clients and current customers is always a top priority.

The promotional emails can notify your customers of any updates, discounts, product launches, contests, giveaways, special offers, and keep your customers engaged in between purchases.

When using email marketing, you don't want to fall into a trap of annoying your audience with miscalculated and annoying spam emails.

reasons why people unsubscribe from emails

Your marketing strategy should always keep your customers notified of any events, changes, and valuable insights regarding the product they have purchased from you.

You can keep your audience updated on the company's state and any corporate plans, promote exclusive deals to certain subscribers, and share a message on the company's behalf in a state of emergency, scandal, etc.

3. How does email marketing compare to other marketing channels?

Email marketing has proved continuously to be the most effective way of attracting high-quality leads, nurturing them into trusting clients, converting them into sales, and establishing long-lasting relationships.

Email marketing combines the ease of use and accessibility to anyone, regardless of skill level, with the most affordable prices among all marketing channels.

4. How is email marketing at its best?

You can earn the most money from email marketing once you combine this powerful tool with social media.

It is this cross-platform strategy that can attract the newest visitors to your website or blog.

The best email marketing strategy is the one optimizing the campaigns for all devices, proactively building a trustworthy customer relationship, and following a promised schedule while freshening things up every once in a while.

It is important to know when to send what messages and in what frequency.

Massage Diversification model for email marketing

How Do You Choose The Best Email Marketing Software?

1. Excellent email delivery rates

What causes bad deliverability rates?

Successful email delivery depends on different elements like the sender's domain, service provider, email frequency, list quality, IP reputation, etc.

Unlike deliverability, email delivery indicates the percentage of emails that your subscribers receive anywhere in their inbox, even if it's spam.

Excellent email delivery rates

For an email service provider, 95%+ is considered a good delivery rate, while the bounce rates shouldn't be a problem if they are below 3%.

Also, everything up to 0.08% for SPAM rates isn't anything to worry about.

All of these circumstances, along with too frequent campaigns, a sudden increase in the volume of sent emails, switching between different service providers can cause email deliverability issues.

What are some best practices?

Send to customers from a list with high click-through rates

After adequate segmentation, you will be able to achieve high click-through and click-to-open rates in your industry.

Email deliverability improvement tactics

Use opt-in GDPR-compliant lists

Make sure that all of your subscribers explicitly agreed to receive your emails.

Increase the sending volume organically

If you start sending thousands of emails or sending your campaigns to all your contacts on day one, inbox providers can mark you as a threat or a SPAM attack.

Migrate your list gradually

When transferring to another service, migrate your most engaged contacts and start sending to them only at first.

Gradually, you can transfer the whole list and your “reputation” in the process.

What is a smart strategy for increasing deliverability rates?

On the first day, you can send to addresses that have already opened a message from you in the last three months.

IP warming with large email list

In the following 2 – 5 days, you can send emails to subscribers that have clicked on or opened your message in the last six months.

And, after six days or a week, you can start adding older recipients while keeping an eye on the stability of your deliverability rates.

2. Pre-Made Email Designs

Pre-made vs customized email templates

It's quite easy to determine when you should incorporate custom email designs versus ready-made templates.

Pre made vs customized email templates
source: Psdcenter

You need to find an email marketing software with pre-made email designs that correspond with your design vision or create your customized designs.

When deciding on the latter, consider your software's support for custom HTML and the type of email editor it provides.

What are the benefits of pre-made email designs?


If you are a beginner in email marketing, it would be the smartest decision to go for the pre-made email designs.

Beginner friendly templates of pre made email designs
source: Uicookies


Ready-made templates will save you the time and hassle that customized designs usually demand.

A/B test everything easily

If you want to A/B test your pre-made templates, you can change the header text, header photo, CTA button.

In some cases, you can adjust the background colors or change the colors of different design elements.

Best colors for high-converting buttons
Source: Piktochart

Reusability and budget

Because custom email templates are all very specific to the needs of individual campaigns, their reusability is limited.

They would need significant code and design changes to work under the new circumstances.

Pre-made templates have an advantage over customized ones when it comes to reusability.

Also, tieing into reusability, templates are much more cooperative when under time and budget constraints.

3. Segmentation to Send More Relevant Emails That Convert

Why is segmentation important?

As an owner of an email list, you want to meet customers at the point of their need.

According to studies by MailChimp, segmented campaigns perform 64.78% better in click-through rates and 14.37% better in open rates than the non-segmented campaigns.

What proven segmentation strategies can you try?


Gender, age, company position, income are all excellent segmentation tools when you dose these questions appropriately in the sign-up process.

segmentation categories

Get to know your customers through surveys and quizzes

You can get insights into the preferences and beliefs of individual customers about the products you sell and the problems they are looking to resolve.

You can lure more people in to participate by announcing a prize.

Thanks to integrations, you can create custom surveys through WordPress Quiz and Survey Master plugin, or Google Documents, Survey Monkey, and so on.

Segment by engagement

Through a campaign targeting active vs inactive customers, you can design a campaign tailored to re-engage with the inactive customers.

If you want to target the most engaged subscribers, you can send out an application email to anyone looking to enter a contest related to a new product launch.

For anyone who clicks through the link to the upcoming sale can be segmented as interested.

With an exclusive product preview, you can go further and target the interested subscribers as likely buyers.


You can implement time-based emails, regional ads, live webinar or AMA invitations, preferred customer's store emails, personalized travel directions, and more for business in which location plays a major part in influencing purchasing decisions.

Email list segmentation result
source: Hubspot

Previous purchases

One of the safest ways of accurate targeting is sending email recommendations of items similar to the subscribers' previous purchases.

Send out targeted emails that address the refilling, renewal, replacement needs of a product.

Keep track of website behavior

You can track everything from scrolling behavior, the icons clicked, active page time, menus visited, pages skipped, videos viewed, and much more.

Utilize these insights to your advantage and send out automated campaigns promoting products that match the customer's needs to the smallest detail.

Engagement Behaviors used to segment email lists

Track time since the last purchase

Segment your frequent buyers from one-time customers.

For your loyal customers, you can prepare product upsells, plan upgrades, promotional deals, new features, etc.

Win back the interest of the customers who bought a product from you more than 6. months ago by offering them personalized discounts on former purchases, company highlights, and renewal reminders.

4. Marketing Automation to Put Everything on Auto-Pilot

What’s the purpose of marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a process that automates repetitive marketing activities like email marketing, social media, ad campaigns through a software tool.

Email marketing automation enables marketers to send triggered, personalized messages to prospects and customers on a determined schedule and under set conditions.

marketing automation funnel
Source: Rocketium

There are several advantages to choosing software with an adequate email marketing automation infrastructure

Increase transactions

It allows marketers to add personalized fields like location, company name in the messages, which results in open rates increasing by 26% on average.

Personalized messages lead to a 6X higher transaction rate.

Send the most relevant content

Brands can segment leads and customers into different groups based on limitless criteria to ensure the customers receive the most desired offers.

Some studies have proven that segmented email campaigns generate up to 100.9% higher click-through rates.

Marketing Automation Best practices

Increase the revenue with transactional emails

Sent to website visitors automatically after they purchase an eBook, download a video, purchase a product, or perform any specific action, transactional emails can earn up to six times more revenue for marketers.

Integrate with the customer buying cycle

You can sync your business activities with the purchase cycle of your customer through email automation.

When you choose software that allows you this integration, you will be able to send emails at the perfect time when a customer needs your product.

Scheduling a promotional email every four weeks for a teeth-whitening set you sell would be a good example.

before marketing automation vs after marketing automation

How does marketing automation work?

Subscribers' actions act as triggers that activate an email sequence that educates or provides a solution for the issue your subscriber is facing, with the product/service as the final form.

Through email workflows, you can send emails to leads at the right time based on the information you have gathered.

All business types can use automation workflows to send welcome, re-engagement, feedback requests, and other types of emails.

The email marketing tools will track which visitors view what pages on your site, which prospects follow your business on social media, leave the shopping cart, show repeated interest in your products without taking any action.

Through a well-rounded email marketing software, a business of any size can enhance customer relationships and cash in on prospective customers.

5. Optin Forms and Landing Pages To Collect More Email Subscribers Fast

You can start building your email list before launching your website.

You just need to set up a Launching Soon page and collect high-quality email addresses while you are developing your website.

Develop a high-converting opt-in landing page in a couple of steps

Choose an opt-in form

Select if you will collect email addresses through pop-ups, pre-made or custom landing pages, embedded forms for websites and blogs, or promotions like client surveys and countdown pop-ups.

Choose an opt in form to Collect More Email Subscribers
source: Venngage

Name your landing page

Add a name that reminds you of the offer/opt-in your landing page will be linked to.

Assign your subscribers to a relevant group

Select where your subscribers will be added, once they sign up through the landing page.

If you don't have any groups prepared for your list, you can create new ones.

Segmenting subscribers to a relevant group
source: Convertkit

Pick a landing page template

Preview any of the templates from the software's library before settling for any.

Landing page editor

After you have selected your template, you can start designing your landing page.

Start from the building blocks with the drag-and-drop editor, place the graphics, adjust the background and color scheme, building your style from fonts to everything else.

It's best to have a draft by side or a general idea of the layout beforehand, and the simplistic editor will allow you to put everything together easily.

Landing page editor for Collecting More Email Subscribers
Source: 123rf

Preview your design on all screens

Render your template so it fits the desktop and mobile screens equally as visually-pleasing.

Proceed on to the success page

It is where your subscribers will be redirected when they hit the button on your landing page.

The success page is a half “thank you” page and half informing tool to notify your subscribers of upcoming steps.

After whitelisting your email address, you can promote your up-sell or down-sell products or request to connect on social media.

Customize the landing page settings

Once you are satisfied with the look of things and have saved your work, you can adjust the landing page URL, SEO settings, Facebook share settings, etc.

Test everything before the launch

It is best practice to test how your new landing page renders on several browsers, including desktop and mobile.

As a final test, use one of your email addresses to sign up to see the subscriber workflow from the audience perspective and check if the confirmation email arrives.

Don't forget to test the unsubscribe option.

After the test shows no problems, you can start sharing your URL and promoting your website.

How does Email Marketing Software Work?

1. Grow Your Email List Fast With Optin Forms and Landing Pages

If done with the right strategy, you can increase your opt-ins by up to 400%.

In most cases, you are exchanging a lead magnet for the target's email address through the opt-in forms.

Grow Email List Fast With Optin Forms and Landing Pages
source: Blogheist

Before we go any further, there are a few tools out there that can rival the incredible lead magnet opportunities in OptinMonster.

Here are many different strategies you can use

  • Discounts, free trials, innovative online audit services – anything you can exchange immediately through email.
  • Content bait – how-to-guides, studies, video reports, infographics related to your full product.
  • Widgets – get your customer's email address and domains in exchange for service, report, information that's hard to get for free.
  • Interactive quizzes – collect your target's address by animating them while being able to use the information from provided answers for welcome emails.
  • Demos – for more complex products.
  • Video chat – provide the instructions they need while promoting expertise and customer service in exchange for an email address.
  • Online events industry conferences & roundtable discussions.
  • Free trials, contests, surveys, special offers – establish trustworthy relationships.
  • Landing pages – supercharge your conversion rates.

Build a landing page to create customers out of emails

A landing page is an engine behind a successful email marketing campaign, converting leads from social media, website, lead magnet, and emails into loyal customers.

Build a landing page to create customers out of emails

If you want to grow your business online through landing pages in a short time, look no further than LeadPages to achieve that.

For a great landing page, you need

  • An attention-grabbing headline containing the same benefits as the source of traffic
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers as a great incentive for prospects to take action
  • Your contact details in the footer of the landing page to ensure credibility
  • Optimize your landing page for SEO and witness the immense rise of the organic web traffic
  • Include some FOMO techniques by running limited-time offers, limited-discount offers, celebrity testimonials, a bundle of products, exit-intent pop-ups

2. Segment Your Email List Based on User Actions

Welcomes, introductions, and special opportunities

Segment your subscribers on the funnel's entry and exit point.

Introduce yourself to new subscribers with the welcome emails, and convert the abandoning website visitors into subscribers by adding exit-intent popups.

Segment the subscribers on the funnel's entry and exit point
source: Agilecrm

Based on the open rates they generate, segment subscribers into the group that frequently engages with your emails and those who are less frequent.

Provide special opportunities, like early access to certain services, to the more engaged subscribers.

Inactive & highly-engaged subscribers, and lead magnets

Reach out to inactive subscribers and ask them if they wish to continue using your service, have any issues, or wish to unsubscribe.

Target the subscribers that have already shown strong interest by opting in for lead magnets, and segment them based on the type of lead magnet they have requested.

Segment the subscribers that have opted in for multiple lead magnets already from the ones that applied for one, so you know who to notify first when new magnets come.

Win-back offers, limited-time offers, upsells, and cross-sells

Conduct win-back email campaigns to re-engage with the cart abandoners, and help your eCommerce store.

If a visitor misses out on a limited-time offer, send them some valuable free content to remind them why they came to like you in the first place.

Examine your subscriber's product history to offer cross-sells and up-sells.

Difference between High and low satisfaction segmentation

Rewards, purchase types, and purchase cycles

Send thank you gifts to customers with exceptionally large purchases, and reassure them for the next time they consider buying from you.

Promote interesting/popular content related to a specific subject by segmenting customers by purchase type to determine their interests and recommend products.

Track the purchase cycles of your customers and see how they change over a year.

Resupplies, quick lessons, behavior changes

Send reminders for those needing a new supply of a product.

Reminder Option for Outgoing Emails
Source: Zoho

Send triggered CTAs for subscribers that have engaged less frequently to join quick lessons to get back on track.

Look for changes in purchase behavior if you have a product that needs monthly or continuous supply.

One-off visitors, learning curves, and other categories

If they cancel the subscription, ask them for a reason for abandonment and what you can do to make them engaged again.

If not, use their experience as a reference point for the satisfaction of other customers.

Particular template as a reference point for the satisfaction of other customers
Source: Grade.us

You can also segment based on the customers who referred you, haven't left a review, website activity, web store visit history, event attendance, business type, and many more categories.

If you segment your list based on the user actions provided above, you will have more satisfied customers, the largest portion of your audience highly-engaged in your content, and a high conversion rate.

3. Write Email Sequences and Custom Emails With a Goal In Mind

Selling your online course using teachable.com

Lead magnets are your tickets to success

When creating an online course in teachable.com, you need to carry out a successful lead magnet strategy first, and then you will be able to sell it.

A properly executed lead magnet strategy will attract the ideal prospects to your campaign.

marketing funnel

You're not bombarding people with sales offers but offering help for free.

When you use valuable insights like why the subscriber joined and got interested in you, you can use it to send the optimal lead magnets.

What is an example of an online course lead magnet strategy?

If you are selling a singing course, you can automate an email sequence for all your leads sending 5. exercises to improve your singing for beginners across a couple of weeks.

Then, you link a sales page to your course across different points in the sequence, and when you give your leads enough time to assure themselves of the quality of your content, it's only a matter of time before they start buying.

Online Courses & Info Product Sale Funnel Template
Source: Autogrow

Grab attention with the subject lines

Before getting them to sign up, you need to convince your leads to open the email.

People delete a large percentage of emails because the subject lines aren't captivating enough.

To create a captivating subject line, you need to

  • Keep the subject lines short, with the most important lines at the beginning
  • Avoid adding filler words and greetings like “hello, thanks…” in the subject lines
  • Be laser-specific with the topic while including valuable keywords for search and filtering
Grab attention email with the subject lines
Source: Neilpatel

Apart from subject lines, it is equally as important to do the following

  • Add deadlines for the people to respond with a “please reply by…” to increase the chances for response
  • Highlight the value you offer, mention any referrals, and use the recipient's name
  • Add CTAs to your emails to make them interactive
  • Add photos, graphs, videos depending on the context
  • Use surveys and triggered emails to provide only the most relevant content to each reader always

Promoting your physical product on Shopify

First, you need to set up a pre-launch page on your domain that invites visitors to get notified and stay informed by entering their email address.

Write a copy that highlights the exciting aspects of your product with strong incentives for early purchasers (like the first 50 customers get 50% OFF in the first 24 h)

Promoting your physical product on Shopify

Utilize the sales and customer accounts for collecting emails.

Customer accounts are optional in Shopify, so you can invite customers to activate an account after they make their first purchase.

This eliminates the hassle of having to create an account for a single shopping destination.

Place opt-in forms across relevant pages of your Shopify store, including your header, navigation or footer, the About Us page, your blog or resource pages, and pop-up forms.

Accelerate your signups with exclusive deals, discounts, sweepstakes, contests, educational content lead magnets.

Here are a few tips for accelerating email sign-ups.

Few Tips for accelerating email sign up
Source: Worldstream

Lastly, ask for emails in person to go full circle on your brand presence and promote your brand across all mediums.

Making people aware of your insightful webinar using WebinarJam

Using the appropriate email tips we have provided here, you can do wonders promoting your webinar in WebinarJam.

Whitelist your emails, announcing to your prospects that you will send out valuable pre-webinar information like the location, date, special themes, guests, etc.

Remind them through email that you will be adding your event to their calendar, by asking the registrant to manually add your event or by using the “Add to Calendar” buttons.

Combine your emails with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for the ultimate social media/email alliance.

Give your prospects sample text to post and reinforce their commitment to the event by announcing it publically.

Announce a reward/prize that will be given to a random attendee and that they have to qualify by posting a hashtag on social media.

Make it clear that the winner's name will be announced on the webinar, and they will be given the subject-related prize.

Lastly, send out an abbreviated version of the best bits of your upcoming event.

With the exclusive video preview, you will share some highlights of an entertaining and helpful program.

4. Automate Your Email Marketing with a Sales Funnel

Through email marketing automation, you can streamline your sales funnel process and drive more conversions in less time.

Generate your genius business idea, and allow the engagement-attracting automation workflows to drive more high-quality customers to the final stage of the sales funnel.

Automate Email Marketing with a Sales Funnel
Source: Taboola

There are four main automation options, including triggered emails, autoresponder emails, drip campaigns, and behavioral emails.

Triggered emails

Triggered emails are a perfect follow-up tool that serves as a calculated direct response to engagements of your target groups.

You can respond to your leads at the peak of their interest without actually performing any task.

You can replace the tour guide with the onboarding emails or even send a “quick tips” email series to help the new subscriber navigate in the beginning.

Onboarding Email to help the new subscriber navigate in the beginning

Apart from the onboarding email sequences, you can use triggered emails for your product announcements, webinar campaigns, customer support follow-up sequences, etc.

Furthermore, you can personalize email campaigns that activate after form submissions, link clicks, list additions, tags, and many more triggers.

You can use triggered emails to send the free content you have promised in exchange for subscriptions.

Autoresponder emails

Autoresponders are designed for specific segments within your email list.

Autoresponders have contact action triggers like filling in a contact form, opting-in for a lead magnet, purchasing a product, and so on.

Here are a few examples of autoresponder sequences

Welcome email autoresponders for newsletter sign-ups – introduce yourself, set expectations for the type of content and frequency of sent emails.

Quick tips and insights autoresponders for free trials – send a guidance series with tips on how to utilize your product the most.

Specific content autoresponders – expand upon the particular topic related to the content from links in your newsletters they engaged with.

Promotion code autoresponders – encourage visitors who have abandoned their carts, visiting your online store to buy.

Renewal reminder autoresponders – send a few weeks before your customer's subscription comes to an end.

Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are among the smoothest email sales funnel strategies you can apply.

Drip campaigns are sets of marketing emails sent out automatically on a schedule.

Types of Drip Campaigns

Let's say a website visitor fills a pop-up form to download a free audiobook you provide as the first out of six parts of your piano learning set.

The first email of the drip campaign must deliver on the value, which is the free first part of the 6-part series.

After the subscriber has had a chance to study the free material, you send another email introducing yourself to reveal the person behind the program.

By investigating the website activity and the exact content that attracted the subscriber to sign up, you can send additional articles, videos, or demonstrations you have prepared to nurture their specific relationship with the product and yourself.

You don't push the sale, and soon enough, the sales pitch will become the next organic step in building a nurturing relationship (the main focus).

Behavior emails

For more in-depth campaigns, you can use the automated behavior workflows.

In-depth behavior campaigns have a strategy prepared no matter which route the subscriber ends up taking.

If you send free downloadable content to two different subscribers, and only one downloads it while the other skips the section and forgets it, should you follow-up on both with the same email?

Here, a behavior campaign will activate a reminder sequence for the non-opener while the opener gets treated with the introduction.

Furthermore, you can apply different sequences for every response your subscribers might or might not have in every next funnel stage.

5. Track Your Campaign and Subscriber Statistics (and Optimize Based on Data)

What statistics should you track?

Tracking the performance statistics of your email campaigns will not only improve the experience for your subscribers but will allow you to adapt to any circumstances, allowing you to always come up with the optimal clear-cut conversion strategy.

Open rates, clicks, bounces, conversions, email deliverability, spam complaints, ROI, subscriber lifetime value are among the most insightful statistics that you can use to enhance your campaigns.

Track Campaign and Subscriber Statistics

What is the industry standard?

A high-level overview of email marketing benchmarks for 2021 showed some interesting results.

The early results showed a decrease in average open rates of over 3% from the last year's average of 21.3 to 18.0%, while the click-through rate averaged at 2.6%, the click-to-open rate at 14.1%, and the average unsubscribe rate at 0.1%.

These numbers are average rates of all major industries combined, and they can serve as a reference point for your results.

The most tracked email statistic is the average open rate, and without deliverability, you can't get a clear perspective.

One in five emails never makes it to the subscriber's inbox.

While these stats differ by region, you must increase your deliverability rates to raise your open rates.

To increase the deliverability rates, you need to

  • Utilize double opt-ins so that the subscribers verify that they want to receive emails from you
  • Urge your readers to add you to their trusted address book by simply adding the “from” email address to their contact lists
  • Refine your email list by cleansing it from the non-openers

Now, you can improve your open rates by

  • Testing subject lines for length, tone, and content
  • Using the preheader text to optimize for previews
  • Testing sender names and email addresses
  • Testing the optimal send day, send time, and send flow
  • Keeping the emails segmented and personalized throughout the process

To improve the click-through rates, you need to

  • Send only the most relevant content through precise segmentation
  • Match the subject line with the content of the emails without compromising the engagement factor
  • Apply clear copy and better design to enhance the CTAs
  • Capture subscriber's attention with strong incentives for early purchases, special offers
  • A/B test every element
best times to send emails
Source: Jilt

For the click-to-open rates to improve, you can

  • Streamline your email performance across all devices
  • A/B test all emails individually
  • Deliver your best email design and copy
  • Segment and personalize
  • Automate your emails to scale what works

You can use the industry-standard rates as the measuring stick and the statistic-improving techniques to fuel your following campaigns towards success.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing Platforms?

1. Less Dependency on Facebook, Linkedin, Google, & Co, because You “Own” The Audience

Unlike social media websites like Facebook and platforms like Google and LinkedIn, where you do not own your contact lists or the information you post, you have full ownership of your content that you can produce and send.

Through email, you promote your content after being permitted for the people that want to engage with your product.

This allows you to work on the leads with the highest possibility of conversion.

Email vs Social media usage by Age segment

Unlike social media, you can segment your audience through various categories, remarket to customers, A/B test anything for a precise performance preview, and achieve the highest ROI by large out of any other marketing channels.

The return on investment alone, which is on average 122% according to studies by DMA and Demand Metric, is 4X higher than social media.

Sending messages to 2nd and 3rd connections is crucial for all parties in a business, but LinkedIn InMail will reach your prospects at a fee of $10per month.

Email, on the other side, will do this for free.

The daily limit for InMails you can send is 100, while Gmail allows you to send up to 1600 emails per day.

Emails have an advantage in the open rates category as well, with the statistics varying from 15.22 to 28.46% and InMails fluctuate around 20%.

Marketing automation, email tracking, auto-scheduling, drip campaigns are some of the many features emails provide that LinkedIn doesn't.

2. 4,400% ROI for Every Dollar You Spend on Email Marketing

When done right, email marketing can generate as high as 4400% ROI (Return On Investment), and that's $44 for every dollar spent in the email marketing campaign.

ROI is used to calculate the profitability of an investment.

Your approach to increasing ROI will differ depending on the type of service/product you are offering.

If you own an eCommerce store, your customers might react better to transactional emails.

When writing an eCommerce email, with the sole intent to steer the user to a buying decision, you can email marketing statistics to center your content around users' interests.

With the Google Analytics intel, CRM data, you can see who visited your winter equipment product page a couple of times but never purchased the snowboard they are keen on.

Next time, you can send them an email promoting your selection of snowboards at a discount or a pair of gloves and helmets as a part of a set.

With social media becoming more of a pay-to-play platform, it is incredible that the average ROI in email marketing is $38 for every dollar spent on the campaign, regardless of the industry.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing

To increase ROI, you need to increase the surge of relevant traffic.

With SEO needing up to a year to find its footing and social media requiring significant daily upkeep efforts from you, email marketing increases the landing page click rates and generates almost exclusively highly-relevant traffic.

With email marketing, it is much easier to bring your A-game, because subject line, messaging, and other offers are easy to adjust.

You can track how many people are opening, reading, and clicking your content and match what actions of yours exactly match the aimed conversions.

You understand how far off you were and why, and what you need to do differently next time.

Setting up automated email campaigns will free up your time and resources and allows your ROI  to grow by reducing costs.

Email ROI

The varied segmentations, sign-up forms in WordPress, integrations with CRM, pop-ups, and other automation services allow you to follow up on the new and old subscribers equally with endless personalization options.

All these email resources make you stay fresh, relevant, and engaging to all your customers.

3. Easy to Get Started and Scales as Your Website Grows

After determining your email marketing goals and marquee features you might need within your niche, the size of your audience or contact list, and an estimated budget for the campaigns, you can choose the email marketing tool that is right for you.

You will be able to accomplish higher results with greater consistency and far less effort than any other marketing channel, which is why email marketing is equally as easy to use as it is profitable.

With your email marketing tool, you will seamlessly orchestrate customer acquisition, open rates and other key statistics benchmarks to measure your success and streamline the whole process on target and with purpose.

Marketing Benefits of Email marketing
Source: Slideshare

You can feature an email newsletter sign-up section, add opt-in forms to the eCommerce website section, order confirmations, and other customer surveys to build your contact list.

Eventually, you will build your first campaign.

Here, you need to focus on constructing beautiful designs that reflect the theme of the campaign, choose captivating subject lines, and focus on generating high conversion rates.

After and throughout each campaign, you need to track deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open rates, and fine-tune the message design and frequency for the future.

In the unexplored depths of the email ocean, it takes a good marketing strategy and a company that scales growth to stand out from the crowd.

best Internet Lead Sources to close more sales

Here are a few tips to enhance scalability

  • Your email solution should come with a selection of built-in email templates
  • Create templates with custom branding
  • Address the specific pain points that align with your target demographic
  • Segment customers by buying behavior, industry, job position
  • Educate your contacts with email newsletters
  • Share new content, special offers on social media
  • Combine a welcome and follow-up series ending with free content
  • Set a strong and colorful CTA
  • Avoid adding too many hyperlinks
  • Use your MA system to score leads on how they react to your efforts
  • Use emojis
  • A/B test every element
  • Optimize for and ensure the responsive mobile experience
  • Incorporate email into SMS, video, social, multichannel campaigns
  • Comply with GDPR
  • Send autoresponders
  • Run nurturing and drip campaigns
  • Use storytelling to increase engagement
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe

Top Email Marketing Best Practices To Increase Your Online Business Revenue

1. Do Not Use Purchased Email Lists

First of all, many people who sell email lists can promise bold claims that they can't always fulfill.

Slips like wrong names, incomplete data, out-of-date email addresses, illegally-harvested addresses can occur.

No matter how well-written your emails are, your unsolicited emails will probably be marked as spam because you are yet another company bombarding an inbox.

You will violate your service provider, and your account can get closed.

Also, you can get fined or legally prosecuted by your provider.

People often forget that the person who sold them the list has other customers that bought the same list.

All this target sharing means you will be sending emails to people already annoyed by similar companies, and within a close period, as well.

Purchased lists have a significantly lower open rate percentage than the 20 – 25% of the healthy lists.

The Most Accurate Email Marketing list
Source: Aweber

One of the most concerning situations you may find yourself in is to ruin your reputation.

You don't want the results for your company on the first page of Google to be rants about your intrusive, unsolicited emails.

Apart from these reasonable points listed against it, you will also find many reputable experts strongly advising against purchased email lists.

You can learn how to make money from your email list efficiently, but you won't get there faster than with the tools like ConvertKit.

2. Personalize Content With Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to personalize your emails by inserting dynamic content into your email templates.

Your contacts have specific data placed in distinct fields, and each of these fields corresponds with specific merge tags.

Merge tags are snippets of text wrapped in special characters.

To pull your contact's last name in your email, you need to place the {{recipient.last_name}} merge tag in the place you want your contact's last name to appear.

Apart from inserting the merge tags directly in the subject lines, you can access merge tags in the text editing options.

Always test your merge tags before activating the campaigns in a preview.

Besides the first and last names, you can be creative and implement merge tags with the pet's name, company's name, or other specific information the customer has trusted you with.

So, your consulting company can reach out to your past insurance business client with a message

“Hi David, we hope that everything is going well in SpikeInsurance.

We want to get back on track with you with a free seminar this weekend.”

Mail merge tags to promote the products
Source: Slideshare

You can also place merge tags to promote the products similar to those the customer has already purchased, create an image in NiftyImages with merge tags in it, prefill subscriber data in form fields, and much more.

These are some creative suggestions for merge tags to evoke more dash into your personalized email campaigns.

3. Write Email Subject Lines That Are Getting Opened

Write 10 – 15 subject lines for each email and then review them with fresh eyes later on to choose the most appealing one.

With proven higher click-through and open rates, you should keep the line up to 50 characters.

One of the simplest ways to make it catchy is to use alliteration (e.g. “Keep Killing it at Keyboards with Kevin's Course”)

Use your caps sparingly to highlight the actual selling points, and go for a casual conversational tone.

It is much easier to get away with the semi-clickbait subject line if you are a more recognizable brand.

Words that decrease email open rate
Source: Coschedule

Market to your audiences' interests and pain points, and finish off with a hard-to-miss, passionate CTA.

To create a sense of comfort, use you/your to communicate.

Prove yourself as a legitimate trusted source in the “From” field.

Pay attention to your preview and the results of the A/B test.

Remember that no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point subject lines will always perform better than overblown, trying-to-be-funny subject lines.

That's not saying that humor isn't welcomed, as long as it's not uninspired or too distracting.

The American online retailer of vintage women's clothing ModCloth has already established a playful, easy-going brand image with their customers.

This is why their Halloween-themed email campaign encouraged its customers to purchase from their shop with the fittingly-cheesy “Witch, Please”.

Halloween themed email campaign encouraged its customers to purchase from their shop
Source: Sleeknote

It's always important to be consistent with your brand image and not pull back when going for a certain vibe you want the customers to feel.

For shock value, you can go for controversial or double-meaning subject lines or even go minimalistic with a single-word campaign.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind how the tone of the campaign matches with your service and overall presentation, but don't be afraid to experiment.

4. Send a Welcome Email Series for New Subscribers

The reason why the welcome emails are so successful is that they capitalize on the sign-up momentum of new subscribers.

After opting in, your subscribers are the most enthusiastic they will ever be about your product.

Welcome Email Series for New Subscribers
Source: Jane

Not every welcome series has to have a thousand sequels like superhero movies until you even consider making a sales pitch.

A sales pitch can very much be the sole objective of your welcome series, and so can other things.

For example, you might want to cross-sell and upsell, make phone calls and conversations with new contacts, get feedback to improve your business, make first-time buyers of your product, create testimonials, and much more.

Triggered Email Campaign Adoption Rates
Source: Sendpulse

A typical welcome series can look something like this

Email 1 – Welcoming: Welcome the new client to your business, with a reassuring statement that they signed up for the exact company that will solve their pain points. Close it off with a nice detail of a hand signature, team photo, and state you will get back to them soon.

Email 2 – Introduction: Introduce your team and share some fun facts about your and your team's background

Email 3 – What can the customer expect: Elaborate on the promises you have made your product claims to achieve that aligns with your customer's needs. Be precise, provide a structured plan with clear explanations of your specific methods/different features, and set the standard for the tone and frequency of the messages they will receive.

Email 4 – Throw the customer into action: Get straight to the point with the first lesson, downloadable content, consultation, or whatever you are selling.

Benchmark of Welcome Email vs Promotional Email
Source : Email.uplers

You need people to be excited to buy a product from you, so you must balance the problem-solving and engagement sides of your welcome email campaign to create loyal customers fueled by your passion, credibility, and creativity.

5. Be REAL, engaging, and structured in your emails to build a trustful relationship with your subscribers

One of the main roadblocks that occur when the customers perceive your email as inauthentic or not real is when you over communicate.

If you focus too much on trying to impress your client with your skill, knowledge, wittiness, but you don't compensate for it with relevant content, it can seem deceiving to them.

Don't oversell or promise anything you can't deliver, and always deliver any bad news (company suffering any setbacks, restrictions, legal issues) upfront, as soon as possible, and with compassion and understanding.

To be engaging, you need to deliver on the promises and the expected message frequency while freshening things up with new content, surprise content, expert guests as the third perspective, fun games, contests, and so on.

Best tips to creating engaging emails
Source: Mobilemonkey

The style will be so much easier to pinpoint and bring out after you have developed the personality of your brand through continuity and experimentation.

You have to stand behind your interactive beard styling campaign where you ask for your subscribers to send their crazy beard pics to win an award.

In the same way, you need to send your new subscribers a caricature of their profile wearing your glasses and brand and share it on social media after they have joined your list.

You have to invest some time, energy, and even money into something that might seem risky, but it's what it feels right.

If you want to be engaging, you have to be true to your brand without second-guessing everything.

For email engaging have to be reliable to the subscribers
Source: Whoops

Lastly, be concise, and don't steer away too much from the most basic email frameworks at the beginning.

Keep it simple, and use what's already proven to work.

When you put your brand's persona into this familiar structure, you and your customers will witness the birth of a new face in your industry.

Email Marketing FAQ

What are the types of email marketing?

Welcome email
As a perfect opportunity to introduce your company, welcome marketing campaigns implement email newsletters for building trust and credibility.

Dedicated email
This simplistic marketing allows you to deploy the best organization, segmentation, optimization practices for specific offers and events.

Digest email
Digest email is a smaller version of the newsletter through which you can consolidate a list, blog posts and send them off to your followers.

Lead nurturing email
Perfect for turning subscribers into customers, lead nurturing email allows you to create a deeply personal message.Through an indirect approach, you can educate your audience about the value and effect of your product.

Transactional email
After a user completes a certain action, like cart abandonment, purchases, you can send a transactional email and achieve a high click-through rate. Besides thanking them for a purchase and reminding them of cart abandonment, transactional emails can serve to confirm sign-ups, give login credentials, etc.

Can I do email marketing for free?

You can find plenty of email marketing tools that will save you time and money.

A well-renowned tool with a newsletter referral system, advanced tagging, and reporting option, can't-miss CTAs, Facebook custom audiences, ConvertKit makes simple, high-converting emails accessible to anyone.

Sendinblue is an automated marketing communication platform that combines email marketing features with landing page creation, customer relationship management, and other tools to deliver great-looking designs.

With over 70 responsive templates and a preview function that enables you to customize for every screen format, Sendinblue enables you to target and segment your ideal audience.

Omnisend integrates all your communication channels in one place and generates a sophisticated eCommerce marketing experience.

You can automate your email delivery through behavioral triggers and delegate the sequences perfectly fitting the customer's convenience.

Comprehensive audience insights, enticing email designs, item selection through Product Picker, scratch cards, discount coupons, and gift boxes make for the optimal free email marketing solution.

Built to handle all transactional emails of any small business, promote your campaigns, and diverse triggered sequences with the unrivaled ease of use.

The ready-made templates of the visual editor will help you jumpstart your campaigns for free.

When is the best time to send an email?

According to many proven studies conducted (studying billions of emails for an accurate picture of different industries) by the likes of GetResponse, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Sendinblue, HubSpot, and more leading brands in the industry, there are times within a week you should prioritize for sending emails.

#1 The best days in the week 

Going by the results these studies provided, you should set up a send day hierarchy like this

Tuesday – According to the majority of studies, this is by far the best day to send emails
Thursday – Falling in at second place, it's proven to be the most consistent send day
Wednesday – Coming in at a second place in a couple of studies, it came slightly behind Thursday due to Thursday's higher consistency

Higher open rates shown in the studies on Saturdays and Sundays are due to the lower overall number of emails sent.

The significantly lower number of emails sent on the weekend makes these days not that profitable.

#2 What about the actual time of day?

Morning – 10 a.m.: While 11 a.m has been a notable time for sending emails in the early working hours, it is 10 a.m. that's proven to be the period driving the most traffic with the most consistency

Afternoon – Late night – 8 p.m. – midnight: Studies have shown that this is the time when the emails generate the most opens and clicks during this period

Midday – 2 p.m.: Theories are that this is the time when people are lowest in concentration, and with the approaching end of the shift they look for distractions like emails

How do you optimize email campaigns?

#1 Create gripping mobile-optimized emails

Since over 40% of users access their emails through mobile devices, this is a no-brainer.

Any powerful modern email optimization tool from this list will automate your newsletter, freeing you up to focus on steering your company towards the goals you have set.

#2 Make your subject lines the reasons to open your emails

With over 30% of people opening their emails based on the subject line alone, you need to make yours concise, persuading, and informative.

Thankfully, you can test your subject lines, sending out two different versions of the same email to see which one garners more opens.

#3 Harvest as much personal information into your emails

Collect your customer's names, ages, addresses, interests, social media information, and everything else you can use to cater to the specific circumstances of each customer.

Remember to leave these fields optional for the people who don't want to put in much effort.

#4 Provide unique deals and updates for different groups

Create groupings based on location, gender, past purchases, certain behaviors, and more to personalize your messages for niche groups of the service/product you provide.

For instance, segment the bike equipment you are selling for mountain biking, recreational biking, long-distance, and so on so that everyone has an easy time finding what they are looking to buy.

#5 Cut the text down and be firm in your CTAs

People usually skim through all their emails no matter how interested they are in the product, so your main objective should be to be informative.

CTAs are best when they are obvious, visually-appealing, and a CTA with a clear agenda of encouraging a purchase, in combination with discounts, tips, or recommendations.

#6 Urge the customers to share on social media

With studies proving that emails with social sharing buttons generate over 150% higher click-through rates, it can only help you sell more.

The conversions you can generate for your email marketing campaign with lucrative Instagram earning strategies, for example, is astonishing.

What are the best ways to grow your email list?

#1 Use varying sign-up forms

Combining a sidebar with a sticky bar sign up form or a lightbox popup will give your users more opportunities to join your email list.

Set up different display parameters for the visitors, like showing the flowing footer bar opt-in when the users scroll past the sidebar, etc.

#2 Hurl a sign-up form when they are about to leave the page

With exit-intent popups, you can track your users' mouse behavior and prevent them from leaving.

#3 Offer bonus content in exchange for sign-ups

Podcast transcriptions, downloadable blog PDF, and everything else depending on the business you run can serve as bait to attract sign-ups.

#4 Run viral giveaways and contests

Use a WordPress giveaway plugin to create a viral giveaway campaign with a prize that doesn't have to be luxurious to succeed.

Social media is the engine driving these campaigns, giving exposure for your brand and entertainment value for your clients.

#5 Offer additional value with lead magnets

Encourage the exchange of your customers' information with valuable content through strong incentives.

Upgrades and premium content such as ebooks, resources newsletters, checklists can serve as additional incentives.

#6 Encourage sign-ups with discounts and exclusive coupons

You take advantage of your audience's FOMO to nudge them into joining your list, with the help of coupon tools like WooCommerce.

#7 Add a sign-up CTA on your Facebook page

Utilize the CTA buttons displayed on top of your cover image to attract audiences from different backgrounds.

#8 Include Twitter lead generation cards

Twitter Ads will enable you to run and boost your lead generation campaigns directly from Twitter.

#9 Utilize the YouTube CTA cards

Add interactive information cards to your videos, which you can link to lead magnets on your website.

How can I earn money with my email list?

#1 Sell other people's products

Through affiliate marketing, you can sell products to people from your list, placing links on your sites and emails, after which you get a commission.

#2 Sell your products

Instead of earning a 10 – 40% commission selling affiliate products, you can keep 100% of the profits.

Sell a product that you have already tested and proved to be a solution for the same problem you share with your audience.

Survey your email list to see what your clients want, and try to link your product with the content of your blog.

#3 Produce a tripwire

Steer people to you after they have already received something from you for free through a landing page upsell.

#4 Cash in on a paid newsletter

Providing something of value, like sponsored post opportunities, for example, will elevate the value of your newsletter and justify the fee.

#5 Host webinars

You can charge people to enter the webinar or give them free entry to attend and promote a product at the end that they can purchase.

An additional benefit is that you can gain a load of new subscribers, which makes this a win-win promotional campaign.

#6 Charge brands to be in your newsletter

This method will apply if you already manage a webinar with a regular audience. 

You can include a banner ad or a link to the blog post of the company.

#7 Become a sponsorship host

Create content for your email list that covers a product you enjoy or collaborate with brands for a sponsored blog opportunity.

If you aim to sign a more lucrative contract with brands, highlight your social media accounts, open rates, and email lists.

Other methods include service promotions, cost per click offer promotions, combinations in one newsletter, and much more.

Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing still is the most effective way to attract and retain customers, with an incredible ROI of up to 4400%.

To answer the question, no.

Not by a long shot.

With the current growth that continues to improve by year, it is expected that 126.7 trillion emails will be sent per year on average by 2022.

What's important is that multiple studies showed that 75% of teenagers use email, which means that email is still very much in trend and with no sign of fading in popularity.

What’s the best email marketing software for eCommerce?

Omnisend's powerful segmentation tools will help you understand who engages with your content actively or a curation email to nudge them into buying your best products.

There are incredible eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce that provide WordPress content integration, pre-installed payment gateways, geo-location support, cart behavior, integrations, iPhone/iPad availability, and much more.

However, it is Omnisend‘s highly-personalized recommended products, top-selling products, abandoned cart items, dynamic discounts, win-back emails, a library of ready-made workflows that enable you to send intriguing offers in times of the customer's need.

Omnisend will convert your customers with quick, easy-to-build, problem-solving emails.

Is email marketing effective?

When used properly, email marketing can leverage sales, attract new customers, and sustain a long list of high-quality, long-term relationships with clients.

When it comes to different forms of communication, email marketing is very versatile.

What goals can you achieve with email marketing?

A loyalty campaign – they will establish trustworthy relationships with clients from the get-go, put your brand name in the upper echelon of industry reliability, and organically generate more sales.

Commercial campaigns – intended to evoke impulsive purchasing behavior and capitalize on the customer's excitement when announcing a product launch.

Informational campaigns – the solution for delivering products, future events, receiving feedback, or any other information.

Location campaigns – straight-to-the-point CTAs that inform the customers about a store's location and urge them to make a purchase.

All of this matters because these are the objectives of other marketing channels in some shape or form.

Email marketing outperforms all the other marketing channels, including Social media by 1%, SEO by 4%, Social PPC by 5%, Affiliate marketing by 11%, Direct mail by 12%, Display advertising by 15%, and so on.

And, these are the average results based on the ratings given by marketers.

So, email marketing isn't just effective.

Email marketing is the most effective of all digital media marketing channels.

How much does email marketing cost?

Monthly email marketing expenses of a mid-size business will vary depending on the platform the company uses and how many subscribers it generates.

If the company deploys self-managed campaigns, it's much harder to estimate, but a company can expect to spend anywhere between $9 and $1,000 per month.

With an agency, however, average monthly expenses for a mid-size business would be between $300 and $500.

Rather disappointing reports have shown that an average mid-size company marketer spends between 0% and 20%, 82% of the time.

However, the recommended amount for email marketing of your total marketing budget would be around 16%.

What's the cost across different industries?

ConvertKit – if you are a blogger, author, or marketer, this tool will assist you with its free plan, but you will have to set aside at least $29 per month for the more advanced options

Constant Contact – regarded by many as the ultimate tool for beginners, they don't offer a free program, but their individual-oriented $20 plan and a 60-day free trial more than make up for it

ActiveCampaign – widely recognized as the optimal email marketing tool with a built-in sales CRM, their Lite program will give you all the tools you need to convert like a champion for just $9 per month

Omnisend – staying on the lighter side of the wallet, Omnisend has become one of the most complete eCommerce email marketing solutions that offer a free plan and a $16 15K emails per-month plan

Pabbly – for your form and billing solution, you won't find a more versatile email marketing tool than Pabbly, which will cost you $24 if you decide that the FREE program is not enough for some reason

Email Marketing Software Comparison

After you have determined which leads you need to capture to grow your target audience list, you need to select a powerful lead generation software like ConvertKit.

Unless your tool doesn't empower you to create stunning opting campaigns in minutes with zero coding skills, with the advanced targeting options to display these campaigns to the right people at the perfect time like Constant Contact, you need to find another one.

But, first, you need to grow your email list.

Considered as the best tool to raise a small business's small subscriber count, AWeber‘s Webform Widget attracts more subscribers through your WordPress blog, and the Pro plan enables unlimited subscribers, sends, and list profiles.

Through full eCommerce platform integration, intuitive, no-code editor, and pre-built automation workflows, Omnisend will utilize top-of-the-class email and SMS marketing to increase your sales and lower the workload.

Choosing from our list, you will find endless lead magnet solutions, easily consumed and actionable email designs, descriptive and attractive opt-in forms that convert for any industry out there.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk