Reddit Statistics 2024: Usage Data & Impact on Our Decisions

Updated Jun 14, 2023.
Reddit Statistics

Reddit is a unique social media platform focusing heavily on communities and authentic human connections. Be it breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or the internet's cutest animals, there's a subreddit dedicated to virtually every topic imaginable. Importantly, Reddit has established one of the largest and most active online communities.

But what does the Reddit user base like? How does Reddit impact people's opinions and choices? How does Reddit compare to other social media sites? Is Reddit the right platform for marketers looking to expand their reach and connect with new audiences? And how can marketers leverage and engage with individuals on this vast platform?

This guide will discuss all these and many other intriguing questions via the latest Reddit statistics on user base, usage patterns, and its potential for marketers. We will also provide actionable insights that will help marketers create an effective Reddit marketing strategy.

5 Eye-Opening Reddit Statistics That Will Transform Your Marketing Game

  • Reddit ranked as the 7th most visited site on the internet as of January 2023, with 4.82 billion monthly visitors spending an average of 17 minutes 53 seconds per visit.
  • Reddit trustworthiness saw a decline of -5.7% among internet users in 2022 compared to the previous year.
  • Reddit ads are 47% more likely to be relevant to a specific topic than ads on social platforms.
  • 70% of US Redditors say Reddit is their go-to platform for discovering new products and brands.
  • 80% of Reddit users say the platform has guided them to watch a new show or movie.

1. Reddit boasts a sizable user base with 4.82 billion monthly visitors, each spending an average of 17 minutes and 53 seconds per visit.

(DataReportal, SEMrush, Reddit, SimilarWeb)

As of January 2023, DataReportal’s global overview reports that Reddit is the seventh most visited site on the internet, with 1.25 billion unique monthly visitors.

As of May 2023, Reddit sees over 57 million daily active users. In 2022, Reddit saw 50 million daily active users, a slight 3.8% decline from 52 million daily active users in 2021.

While the DataReportal report puts Reddit as the 7th most visited site on the internet as of January 2023, SEMrush ranked it as the 9th most visited site.

At the same time, SimilarWeb ranks Reddit as the 19th most visited site on the internet globally.

All three (DataReportal, SimilarWeb, and SEMrush) also report different figures when it comes to average monthly visitors and average session duration on Reddit. The difference could be due to the distinct methodologies these platforms use for data gathering.

In March 2023, SEMrush reported that Reddit received 5.41 billion monthly active users. The average Reddit user had a session duration of 16 minutes and 56 seconds. Here’s an image from SEMrush showing the monthly traffic and visitor engagement on

Traffic and Visitor Engagement
Source: Semrush

Meanwhile, SimilarWeb reports a total of 1.7 billion visits in March 2023. The same report also highlights that average Reddit users spend 8 minutes and 39 seconds daily. This graph from SimilarWeb illustrates the monthly visitor engagement and traffic on

Traffic and Engagement Analysis
Source: Similarweb

However, despite the varying figures, it is evident that Reddit is a popular website with a high level of user engagement. This gives an opportunity for businesses and marketers to tap into a diverse and engaged community of users.

Reddit Statistics: Global Distribution of Reddit Users

2. The United States (42.95%), Canada (5.92%), and the United Kingdom (5.46%) are the top countries where Reddit’s audience is primarily located.

(SEMrush, SimilarWeb)

India comprises 5.18% of Reddit's audience, which is over 280 million monthly active users. And Germany makes up 3.49% of Reddit's users, with 188.9 million monthly active users.

SimilarWeb's data also confirm that the United States (48.23%), Canada (7.07%), and the UK (7.19%) are the largest market for Reddit, which aligns with the data from SEMrush.

Significantly, mobile devices account for the majority of Reddit's traffic, with 75.5% of users accessing the site via smartphones. At the same time, Reddit's desktop traffic accounts only for 24.5% of total visits, according to SEMrush.

Traffic Share by Device
Source: Semrush

According to SimilarWeb's Reddit Statistics, the majority of Reddit users are male (72.28%), and females account for 27.22%.

The same Reddit stats also report that the largest age group of visitors is 25-34 years old, with 31.70% of the Reddit traffic.

The next largest age group of Reddit visitors is 18-24 years old, accounting for 30.78% of the traffic. 35-44 years old (17.15%), 45-55 (10.77%), 55-65 (6.11%), and 65+ (3.50%) are the remaining age groups on

Audience Demographics
Source: Similarweb

Businesses can tailor their marketing strategies based on these Reddit demographic statistics. For instance, businesses should plan a marketing strategy that appeals to the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups, given they make up a significant portion of Reddit's users.

Additionally, most Reddit users are male, so the ad campaigns should resonate with this demographic.

Optimizing content for smartphones is also crucial, given that more than two-thirds of Reddit visitors access the platform via mobile devices.

Reddit's Ad Revenue and Financial Performance

3. Reddit's online advertising revenue was around US$ 439 million in 2021, up by 150% YoY from 2020 (US$ 176.7 million).

(Statista, Market Insider)

In 2021, Reddit revenue was over US$ 495.51 million, with online advertising accounting for US$ 439 million, Reddit coins US$ 11.23 million, and Reddit subscriptions US$ 17.11 million. Here’s an image showing Reddit’s digital advertising revenue from 2018 to 2021:

Reddit digital advertising revenues worldwide from 2018 to 2021
Source: Statista

Despite its enormous success in attracting internet users, Reddit is not as profitable as other social websites.

Still, there has been a recent development regarding Reddit’s plans to go public. According to a Market Insider report, Reddit wants to go public in the second half of 2023.

But the social platform is expected to be valued at less than US$ 15 billion, which it had hoped for when filing the IPO back in December 2021.

The same report also pointed out that Reddit’s valuation, as of 2022, was around US$ 6.6 billion, a 50% decrease from its previous valuation.

Market Insider reports that the social media platform's lack of profitability hinders its potential IPO plans. Still, the recent rebound in Reddit's revenue may set the stage for its plans to go public.

Reddit’s Impact on People's Opinion and Exploration Choices

4. Redditors are 55% more likely to set personal budgets than the average person.


Reddit has a significant impact on its user's financial habits. Reddit stats indicate that its members are 75% more likely to identify themselves as “financially secure” than the average person. About 4 in 5 Redditors say they are somewhat or entirely financially secure.

Additionally, 74% of Redditors report saving throughout the year, indicating their financial literacy. Moreover, Redditors are 28% more likely to save for the upcoming holidays.

According to Reddit, most members say a recession would only “modestly” impact their lives. This indicates that Reddit users are also prepared for a potential financial turndown. Here are the responses from Reddit users when asked about how Redditors keep themselves financially fit:

5. 76% of Reddit users would use coupons, 66% would buy generic, and 58% would cut driving if the economy worsened.


It is worth noting that Redditor’s financially secure nature does not mean they are immune in such times. It means they will take appropriate action. For instance:

  • 66% of Reddit users say they would delay purchases if there is a likelihood of financial turndown.
  • 45% say they would sell items.
  • 51% say they would purchase used items instead of new products. And so on.

These statistics suggest that Reddit users are well-prepared and plan for various scenarios via active communities on the platform. In fact, last year, “r/personalfinance” became one of the most popular subreddits.

Brands can use this information and market accordingly on the platform. For instance, here’s how brands can act during a recession to succeed on the platform:

It is important to note that 72% of US Reddit users say they would not delay big purchases even during a recession. However, 66% say they would question every purchase and research the value the product or service is delivering them.

Here are the responses from Reddit users when asked about the services they would likely cut during a recession:

Brands can use this information to succeed on Reddit. For instance, they can leverage the benefits of their products or services and inform members about their necessities.

6. 80% of Reddit users say the platform has guided them to watch a new show or movie.


Where endless choices have made it challenging to discover and curate content, Reddit has become the go-to solution for members to seek and provide recommendations on what to enjoy next.

Reddit statistics reveal that 50% of Americans feel overwhelmed by all the content choices available. That is where online communities like Reddit come in.

  • One in every three Reddit users trusts online communities more than traditional critics.
  • 51% of members rely on Reddit to discover new entertainment (like movies and TV shows).

Redditors are also more likely to consider themselves “more open-minded” than members of any other social website. In fact, 40% of Reddit users say they enjoy being the first to try new things, be it products, services, artists, or shows.

Reddit users are also more passionate about music than members from other social media platforms. As much as 72% of Reddit users are interested in music — more than members of any other social media platform.

Reddit users are 74% more likely to purchase concert tickets than typical internet users.

When it comes to music engagement, Reddit users show a distinctive pattern; they are twice as likely as typical internet users to upload their own musical creations. In fact, one in every three Reddit users says they listen to music to inspire their own.

7. Half of the parents on Reddit discover new products based on word-of-mouth recommendations (online or in-person).


Reddit has become an essential platform for parents. While there are over 4.6 billion search results on Google for the term “parenting tips,” these resources fail to address the frustration, doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety that parents experience.

As a result, parents are turning to online communities like Reddit, given subreddits like r/Parenting or r/Mommit allow parents to connect with each other, share their experiences, and offer support.

Reddit statistics suggest that there has been a 38% YoY increase in parents on the platform discussing parenting struggles.

Additionally, there has been a 47% increase in parenting conversation on Reddit since 2020. Plus, over 3.5 million parenting conversations have taken place on Reddit since 2021.

Furthermore, there has been a 30% YoY increase in Reddit parents seeking product recommendations.

Reddit Statistics 2023: Understanding User Motivation & Engagement

8. 72% of Reddit users say they use the platform to get entertainment.


According to the findings of Statista, 43% of Reddit users turn to the platform to “get news.” 17% of Reddit users said they use the platform “to follow brands or companies.”

  • 8% of members leverage the social platform to strengthen their professional network.
  • And 5% of Reddit users also use the platform to connect with friends and family.
Leading Reddit usage reasons according to users in the United States as of 3rd quarter 2019
Source: Statista

Reddit Statistics: How Does Reddit Measure Up in Digital Trust?

9. Reddit trustworthiness saw a decline of -5.7% among internet users in 2022 compared to the previous year.


All nine popular social media platforms examined by eMarketer experienced a decline in overall user trust in 2022 compared to 2021.

Additionally, Reddit experienced the third-largest decline in overall trust, following Instagram (-5.9%) and LinkedIn (-5.8%). Despite the decline, Reddit ranked as the fourth most trusted platform among internet users in 2022. The top three trusted platforms were: Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

It is crucial to note that Reddit has been ranked as the fourth most trusted platform among the top social sites since 2020. Here’s an image from eMarketer showing the overall digital trust ranking of popular social media platforms:

eMarketer’s Reddit statistics from 2020 indicate that over 62% of US Reddit users at least somewhat agreed that the social platform protects their privacy and data.

The same report also pointed out that 26% of the users held a neutral stance. Plus, 13% of Reddit users at least somewhat disagreed with the platform's ability to protect their privacy and data.

User trust in social media sites affects their interaction with sponsored content or ads.

For instance, eMarketer’s 2022 Reddit stats asked US social users what most affects their decision to engage with ads or sponsored content, to which they responded with the following:

  • 90% of US social media users say that platforms' ability to protect their privacy and data is impactful.
  • 86% of US respondents believe the platforms' ability to offer a safe environment to participate, and post is impactful.
  • 64% of US respondents say the platform's ability to show them relevant ads is impactful.

Here’s a breakdown of what affects American social audience decision to engage with ads or sponsored content on social networking platforms:

Furthermore, eMarketer also asked respondents to determine what factors influence their trust in social media platforms. The respondents replied with the following:

Reddit Advertising: Essential Statistics and Insights

10. Reddit ads are 47% more likely to be relevant to a specific topic than ads on social platforms.


Reddit's advertising platform has been gaining momentum in the past years, and it's evident by the impressive data shown in the “The Impact of Reddit Ads” report by Reddit.

The report reveals that Reddit ads have been shown to be more effective in influencing user behavior than ads on other social media sites. For instance:

Reddit ads are 16% more likely to influence users to research the product or brand compared to other social networks. This Reddit statistic indicates that the platform allows advertisers to connect with an audience that is genuinely interested in what they have to offer.

Reddit members make twice as many purchases within a specific category (like clothing or electronics) than members on other social platforms.

Reddit members not only show a high level of engagement but also have a stronger purchasing power than members on other social networks. For instance, Reddit ad viewers also spend 2.5x more money on purchases overall than viewers of ads on other social sites.

Another important Reddit statistic is that Reddit ads are 12% more likely to influence users on the platform to purchase the product than ads on other social sites.

11. Reddit's CPC at just US$ 0.44 is significantly lower compared to Instagram's US$ 1.33.


Reddit's cost-per-click (CPC) bidding system is designed to protect marketers, allowing them to successfully increase brand awareness and Reddit sales without spending excessive money.

According to Agorapulse Reddit statistics:

  • Duracell received over 250 million impressions after placing ads on Reddit. The report also shows that Duracell's brand awareness and consideration grew by 16.3% and 13.8%, respectively.
  • Playtika (a gaming company) saw a 15% increase in average revenue per app install and a 16% higher engagement rate via Reddit ads than other platforms.
  • Woodchuck Hard Cider's ad on Reddit led to a seven-year monthly sales peak, garnering over 20 million views and 5,000 comments.

The same Reddit marketing stats indicate that Reddit ads offered lower CPCs than other major social networks. For instance, in a previous analysis:

  • Reddit's CPC was US$ 0.44, compared to Facebook's US$ 0.76.
  • Reddit's CPC was US$ 0.44, significantly lower than Twitter's US$ 1.20.

Reddit's CPC is lower than all three major social networking sites. However, its CTR was also lower compared to other platforms. For instance, Twitter's ( (0.59%), Instagram's (1.44%), and Facebook's (0.90%) have a higher average CTR than Reddit's 0.26%.

Statistics About Reddit: The Power of Peer Reviews in Influencing Purchase Decisions

12. 70% of US Redditors say Reddit is their go-to platform for discovering new products and brands.


Marketing strategies like influencer marketing are losing their effectiveness, given brands and products are being scrutinized for false influencer claims.

The influencer marketing statistics indicate that 85% of Americans find influencers unrelatable and inauthentic.

Reddit statistics indicate that 52% of US Redditors say they wouldn't trust the claims of a brand or product based on influencer marketing alone. And that's where platforms like Reddit can be helpful for marketers.

According to a Reddit survey, Redditors want peer reviews that can back up the claims of a brand or influencer.

For instance:

  • 90% of US Redditors say they are more likely to trust peer reviews over claims from brands or influencers.
  • 73% of US Redditors say, “Reddit has the most informed opinions about products and brands.”
  • 76% of US Redditors say, “Reddit has the most real perspectives on brands and products.”
  • 77% of US Redditors say platform users are people like them, so they easily trust their recommendations.

And Redditors really turn to Reddit to seek honest opinions and experiences before making a purchase.

For context, in the first half of 2022, over 90,000 top subreddits hosted conversations about product recommendations or reviews.

So, in addition to using influencer marketing platforms, marketers should consider Reddit to reach their target audience. This is because the user-driven nature of Reddit allows brands to be more authentic and trustworthy.

Reddit Statistics: What Marketers Need to Know to Succeed on Reddit

13. Reddit posts with titles of 60-80 characters generate more upvotes on the platform than longer or shorter titles.

(Foundation Inc)

The Reddit research from Foundation Inc reveals that Reddit posts with titles between 60 to 80 characters generate the most upvotes on the platform. Here’s an image showing the average title length for top posts on Reddit:

Average Title Length for Top Posts on Raddit
Source: Foundationinc

Additionally, a Reddit post with questions generates 2x more comments than posts without questions. In contrast, Reddit posts without questions receive more upvotes than content that includes a question.

Questions get 2x More Comments that Regular Posts
Source: Foundationinc

Furthermore, external links drive the most engagement, as users rely on Reddit to access new brands, websites, tools, and content that align with their interests.

For instance, Foundation Inc Reddit statistics indicate that Reddit posts with external links receive over 16,000 more upvotes than text-based content. This showcases how Reddit users access a wide range of valuable resources through external links.

Reddit Statistics: Usage and Moderation

14. Reddit members created 8.3 billion posts, comments, chats, and private messages on the platform in 2022.


An overwhelming majority (96%) of the content shared on Reddit in 2022 respected Reddit’s Content Policy and individual community rules.

Of the 4% of the content removed for violating Reddit’s Content Policy, 79.6% was removed by admins for reasons like scams and other forms of manipulation.

Moreover, more than 2 million communities (subreddits) were created on Reddit. Of these, over 600 thousand Reddit communities were banned by admins, a 244% increase compared to 2021’s figure (402,457).

This image presents a detailed list of reasons for Reddit community bans, as provided in the Reddit Transparency Report:

Subreddit ban reasons
Source: Redditinc

How Can Marketers Benefit from These Reddit Statistics?

Reddit's highly engaged user base, high level of trust among members, and strong purchasing power of its members indicate that the platform can be a potent marketing channel for businesses. And the above Reddit statistics testify to that and showcase how marketers can optimize their strategies to reach their target audience effectively.

The Reddit demographics inform marketers about the platform's dominant age group (25-34 years old). Plus, the majority of the audience is from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This information will allow marketers to target the most relevant audience.

Furthermore, Reddit members rely on peer reviews and authentic content. This means marketers should focus on building trust and credibility on the platform. In addition, marketers can use stats like crafting shorter titles (60-80 characters) generates more upvotes. Posts with questions create more comments, whereas a Reddit post without questions generates more upvotes.

Marketers will also benefit from other valuable insights, like using external links to drive significant engagement and how Reddit ads influence user behavior.

Overall, these Reddit statistics and insights allow marketers to tap into Reddit's engaged community, build brand awareness, drive conversion, and achieve success on the platform.


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