12 Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services In 2024

Updated Jul 27, 2023.
Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services

If you’re looking to create a website whether it’s for your business or make money from your personal brand, you’ll need to invest in web hosting.

Today, we look at an advanced kind of web hosting service in which you get a whole web hosting server to your site and have 100% control and flexibility over the resources available. It’s called dedicated web hosting.

If you’re new to dedicated hosting, this can get confusing!

How do you select a dedicated hosting service that’s right for you without paying for redundant features? Do you really need 24 cores and 2TB bandwidth? Or is it better to build your own server from scratch?

In this guide, you’ll get a neutral review of dedicated hosting providers. We’ll help you choose the best dedicated web hosting services based on features, tech, and customer support as well as pricing.

What are the Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services?

Dedicated web hosting is like the creme de la creme of web hosting. It is the highest or most advanced version of traditional web hosting any company can offer. Nonetheless, not all dedicated web hosting services offer the same value.

Add that to the fact that dedicated hosting costs more than other

Before we get into our review, here are a few definitions in relation to dedicated server hosting which you’ll be seeing often throughout our review.

CPU means Central Processing Unit. These are the powerhouses behind your server that process any input that comes and produces an output. In other words, they’re the brains of the machine your site is running on. The more you have, the better and more efficient your site is.

It’s like tellers in a banking hall. The more tellers there are, the less congested the banking hall is because customers are served faster.

RAM means Random Access Memory which is basically how much storage your server offers you. The more storage you have, the better your site’s response will be.

Bandwidth is the number of data requests your site can handle at any given time. For example, if there are 100 users on your site at a time, your site will need to have enough room to allow everyone to access whatever information they're looking for at once.

In simple terms, it’s your site’s ability to handle traffic. Bandwidth is important because if it's too small, your site may crash when you have lots of visitors going from an ad or marketing campaign.

And finally, server locations or data centers are the exact geographical locations where the machine hosting your site is found. You’d want your server to be close to where a majority of your target audience is for faster site loading.

Some companies do a better job at providing comprehensive services and tech support compared to others. While some deliver more features for a few more dollars per month.

We’ll take a look at which service providers provide the best combination of features and price.

1. Bluehost.

For Companies New to Dedicated Hosting, Personal Blogs, and Small Businesses.

Bluehost - Dedicated Hosting Service

Bluehost has built a reputation for itself by offering the cheapest yet feature-loaded shared hosting plans on the market. It is loved by both small businesses and bloggers alike. Now, it brings this same power combo of a great price with premium features to dedicated hosting.

Their plans are arguably one of the most affordable in the dedicated hosting space but the features are nothing short of excellent. More specifically, their 24/7/365 customer support is known for being very responsive and ready to assist whenever you need them.

Another unique feature they offer is free site backups, which is uncommon on a dedicated hosting plan.

All Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans come with 4 CPU cores with varying speeds of 2.3, 2.5, and 3.3Ghz respectively plus dedicated customer support. You also get a free SSL certificate, a 30-Day money-back guarantee, and a free domain for a year.



  • Moderately priced plans with feature-rich packages
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Root access included.
  • Free domain for a year.
  • cPanel interface for easy control and updates.


  • No Windows support.
  • Plans renew at almost double the introductory offer.

Get started with Bluehost dedicated hosting today and save up to $480.

2. Liquid Web.

Premium Dedicated Web Hosting for Medium to Large Businesses.

Liquid Web - Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Liquid Web has built its brand around being the service provider of choice for premium business hosting web solutions including VPS, Dedicated server, and cloud hosting. In fact, the company calls its team members the most helpful humans in web hosting.

They offer three data centers for server locations, a central US in Michigan, a US West center in Arizona, and an EU center in the Netherlands so your target audience is covered wherever they are.

If you’re not ready to hire a full tech support team, you can choose their managed dedicated server hosting which means their own tech team will manage and maintain your server, saving you both time and money.

Apart from their dedicated server hosting, their support team is on call 24/7/365 guaranteeing responses in under a minute if you reach them by phone or chat and a maximum of 30 minutes via ticket or email.

The team checks all servers periodically to ensure optimal performance as well as installing and updating any needed programs and operating systems.

Liquid Web - Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - pricing

Liquid Web’s pricing plan may seem to be on the higher side compared to other offerings, but the features they offer compensate well beyond the price.

Their starter plan which is on an Intel Xeon 1230v6 server starts from $169/month (billed annually) and gives you 4 cores, two fast 240GB primary disk space plus 1TB backup drive to keep your information secure.

You’ll also get a dedicated IP address plus Cloudflare CDN to boost your site speed.

The Gold version on a single processor (same machine) gives you 16 cores, 32GB RAM, two 480GB disks, 2TB SATA for backup, and 8TB bandwidth for $224.25/month billed for 6 months.

Their most advanced plan gives you 32 cores, 64GB RAM plus everything in their Gold plan billed at $374.24/month billed for 6 months.


  • Powerful features even on the basic plan.
  • Support team response in under a minute via chat or phone or 30 minutes via email.
  • Optional add-on security features like firewalls and VPNs
  • Multiple data centers in both the US and Europe.


  • Steep renewal prices.
  • Plan details may not be clear to non-tech savvy people.

In addition to all these, they offer a wide range of add-ons like firewalls and VPN though they are optional. So Liquid Web’s high price tag only guarantees you the most power in terms of features, customer support, and hardware.

3. InMotion Hosting

Ideal Comprehensive Features for Tech Heavy Websites.

Inmotion hosting - Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Inmotion stands apart from its competitors because it is an independently-owned hosting company compared to some of its competitors that fall under a bigger brand. This gives it room to offer more tailor-made services to businesses of all sizes.

In the same vein, it offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting with managed hosting on the more expensive end of the scale. You can also request custom server specifications based on your needs.



  • Both managed and unmanaged hosting options available.
  • Variety of six dedicated hosting plans with up to 24 cores to choose from.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Option to pay for a month, 6 months, or a year.
  • Multiple data centers to choose from.


  • No Windows-based servers available.

If you run a tech-heavy website or a business with a large database, Inmotion’s dedicated server hosting is the best choice for your business.

4. HostGator.

Good Scalable Dedicated Hosting Plans for Small Businesses

Hostgator - Dedicated Hosting

Hostgator is a known industry leader in the shared hosting space and its scalable shared hosting plans. But it's dedicated server hosting is one of a kind. Add unmetered bandwidth, lots and lots of CPU cores, a giant RAM and you get a premium dedicated hosting service.

As is the case with hosting providers who offer high-end specifications, Hostgator’s pricing is definitely not cheap.

But if you’re looking for dedicated server hosting, you’ll be better served investing in a service that provides value for your money and Hostgator does that.

Hostgator’s customer support and help options are comprehensive so you can reach them via phone or live chat so you can expect a timely response.



  • Both Windows and Linux-based servers are available.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Automatic DDoS and IP firewall protection on all plans.
  • Option to add cPanel or Plesk for an easy to use interface.


  • Both servers are US based making them unsuitable for international companies.
  • Month-to-month billing not available.

5. DreamHost.

Budget-Friendly Customized Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dreamhost - Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting_

DreamHost is better known for its reliable shared hosting plans as opposed to its dedicated server hosting. However, if you’re in the market for fairly priced dedicated server hosting that may not break the bank, DreamHost is a strong contender.

You’ll get premium security features like a firewall, SSL certificates, and DDoS protection. In terms of storage, DreamHost pulls its weight by offering you a choice of 4GB RAM and 16GB RAM of storage and between 1TB and 2TB HDD on its two standard and enhanced plans.



  • Same pricing on initial sign up and renewal.
  • Option to choose different combinations of RAM and hard disk space.
  • Free DDoS, firewall, and SSL protection.
  • Root access on all plans.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.


  • No option for Windows-based servers.
  • No phone support

6. A2 Hosting.

Best Dedicated Server Host for International Companies and Websites.

A2hosting - homepage

A2’s reputation for speedy web hosting even on its shared plans is impressive. But their managed dedicated hosting combines the speed of their shared hosting with superior tech expertise to bring you a well-rounded managed server hosting plan.

The best part about A2’s dedicated server hosting plans is that it has three different kinds of dedicated hosting plans to choose from. Each plan is designed to suit a different level of user expertise and tech knowledge.

You can choose;

  • the unmanaged server which is ideal for developers.
  • the discount server which is a variant of their managed hosting option that gives you cPanel control without root access.
  • The managed flex server is a fully managed option and needs no added tech expertise
  • The core flex server plan gives you both the full support of managed hosting plus root access for more customization and flexibility.
A2hosting - homepage - dedicated server hosting pricing

The cheapest of these is their unmanaged server plan which starts from $99.59/month as an introductory offer for 12 months. You’ll get 8GB RAM, 2x 500GB storage, 10TB data transfer, and 2 cores on the basic unmanaged plan.

Next is the dedicated root server option which gives you 2 cores, 8GB RAM, and 10TB bandwidth plus 2 IP addresses.

All plans on the dedicated root server option give you free cPanel access which is often charged as an add-on feature, free SSL, and anytime money-back guarantee.

For the non-tech inclined, their discount server plan is great to get you up and running without having to worry so much about the tech-end of stuff. A2’s full HostGuard management gives you daily rebootless updates, managed installs, and software upgrades.

Plan prices start from $129.30/month billed for 12 months and renew at $192.99/month for the Sprint plan which is their starter plan. The Exceed and Mach plan bill at $207.49/month and $290.49/month respectively for the first 12 months saving you about 17% on the original price.

A2hosting - homepage - fine-tuned dedicated root server pricing

If you’re really looking for value for money, it’s worth subscribing to the managed server plan, simply because it is a hybrid of unmanaged server plans and managed server plans so you get a combination of both features for basically the same price.


  • Multiple data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Offers managed, semi-managed, and unmanaged dedicated hosting to meet all levels of experience.
  • Free DDoS, firewall, and SSL protection.
  • More RAM and storage even on the starter plan.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee.


  • No windows server support.

Get started with A2’s semi-managed dedicated server plan today.

7. InterServer.

Best for Variety and Custom Dedicated Server Solutions.

InterServer.net - dedicated servers

InterServer is not as popular as some of the other contenders on this list but it is one of the most affordable dedicated server hosting solutions available today. The company has been in existence for 20 years and has expanded across the US meaning high speeds nationwide.

A major factor that influences its services includes the fact that it owns a data center, giving better control over how much resources it can offer on all hosting plans. Hence, InterServer offers a large variety of hosting plans that suit different sizes of companies and budgets.

Interserver offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated server plans. So if you don’t have much technical expertise or a team backing you, their managed hosting option is perfect for you.

All plans come with free premium features like DDoS protection, 10TB data transfer, free set-up, and data migration. You also get to choose how many cores you want your server to have and the exact brand of machine you’d like to have as a server.

InterServer.net - dedicated servers - pricing

The cheapest option you can get is $80/month for 4 cores, 8GB RAM, and 2TB hard disk space while the most advanced options give you 24 cores, 128GB of RAM, and 2TB of disk space for added storage at $199/month and $210/month respectively.


  • Free DDoS protection.
  • Nationwide US coverage.
  • Free 10TB of data transfer.
  • Free set-up and site migration.
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Unix-based servers.
  • Multiple hosting plan varieties for better customization.


  • Data centers limited to the US
  • No introductory discounts make it a little expensive.
  • Hosting plans may be overwhelming to a beginner.

InterServer doesn’t offer deep introductory discounts but you can sign up for any of their plans knowing that your renewal fees will stay the same. On top of that, you get the option to even specify which OS you’d like; be it Windows, Linux, or Unix.

8. GoDaddy.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider for High-End Features and Customer Service.

GoDaddy - Dedicated Servers

GoDaddy is one of the oldest known domain registrars and cheap shared hosting providers in the business. It’s sad that their dedicated hosting doesn’t get as much attention because it gives you a combination of high-end specifications with budget-friendly prices.

They offer a solid uptime guarantee of 99.9% which is incredibly high with a responsive technical support team. You can reach either live chat or email so you’re never left hanging when there is a problem.

You can choose between a Linux or Windows built server and either go for a managed or unmanaged option if you want more control and customization. All plans include dedicated support, free SSL certificates, and a dedicated IP address and unmetered bandwidth.

GoDaddy - Dedicated Servers - pricing

There are four price tiers each with progressively more powerful features all with 4 CPU cores at different speeds. The DS-32 plan starts from $129.99/month billed annually and gives you 4 cores, 32GB RAM, and 2 x 4TB HDD storage.

The DS- 64 plan starts from $169.99/month billed annually and gives you 6 cores and 128GB RAM while the most advanced DS – 256 plan starts from $399.99/month and gives you 16 cores, 256 GB RAM, and 2x8TB HDD storage.

The best part about GoDaddy’s plans is that if you subscribe to annual billing upfront, the plan renews at the same discounted prices, unlike other service providers.


  • Discounted pricing continues if you subscribe to the annual plan.
  • Supports both Windows and Linux-based servers.
  • Free SSL and unlimited bandwidth on all plans.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Both managed and unmanaged plans available.
  • Multiple data centers globally


  • Hosting plans may be a little confusing to beginners or first-timers.

You can pay extra for add-on features like firewall protection and extra security but by far these plans offer the best price to feature match.

9. Hostwinds.

Ideal for Full Server Customization on A Budget.

Hostwinds - Dedicated Servers

As another one of the underdogs in web hosting, Hostwinds has held its own since 2010 offering budget-friendly yet great shared and VPS hosting plans to subscribers. It extends this same power and flexibility to its dedicated server hosting.

Choosing a dedicated server with Hostwinds is like creating your own custom recipe.

You have many options to choose from for storage, processing units, RAM, bandwidth, IP addresses, and even operating systems you’d like to build your server with which makes them stand out from the rest.

There are no predetermined billing plans, just your choice of features for which you will be billed per add-on. Just mix and match features to suit your needs.

To top that off, all Hostwind’s dedicated server plans are managed, meaning you’ll get the maximum tech support you need when it comes to updating and installing software. They also offer free nightly backups.

The cheapest server configuration will cost you $90/month or $79.50/month billed for the first 12 months.

This configuration gives you 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 10TB bandwidth, and 8 IP addresses but you can increase any of these specifications for a more powerful server for a little more. Maxing out all the features could put you at $1000/month per server.

You also have the option to pay for other premium services like a cPanel/Plesk interface, monthly cloud backups, automatic site monitoring, and enterprise DDoS protection during checkout.


  • 100% server customization on sign up.
  • Full server management available
  • Free nightly backups
  • Responsive customer support


  • Server customization can end up being expensive.
  • No free add-on services like firewalls and site monitoring.

If you encounter any problems with your server, you can count on their 24/7 customer support team to come to your aid in no time. The team is well-trained and eager to help you solve any issues you may have.

Get started with Hostwinds today!

10. Siteground.

A Good Option for Cloud-Based Dedicated Web Hosting.

SiteGround - web hosting

Siteground offers competitive shared and VPS hosting packages but their dedicated web hosting service is a little bit different from other service providers. Traditional dedicated hosting gives you a physical server meant to be used only by your website.

Siteground’s dedicated web hosting service instead takes advantage of cloud computing technology to give you a dedicated server that is cloud-based or part of a network of computers.

Since cloud-based hosting resources are split and provided by multiple servers, it means you get the best of both worlds with Siteground’s dedicated hosting.

You run a lower risk of your site going offline due to a physical server issue since with cloud hosting, it’s multiple servers that are providing resources. Hence there will always be a machine to back up in case one server goes down.


Siteground offers managed cloud-based dedicated hosting that provides just the same power as owning a physical server but with the added reliability of cloud hosting.


  • Cloud hosting guarantees 100% uptime
  • More resource allocation even on starter plans


  • Cloud-based hosting needs more technical knowledge than traditional dedicated server hosting.

Given that Siteground’s dedicated hosting is a hybrid, their prices are understandably higher than other traditional dedicated server hosting providers, but you’re guaranteed that your site will almost never go down due to any server issues.

11. Ionos Dedicated Server Hosting.

Most Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting.

Ionos - Dedicated hosting

When it comes to the cheapest dedicated server hosting, it simply doesn’t get better than Ionos. Most dedicated server hosting options start from $80/month if you pay for 12 months at a go, but Ionos beats that price by almost half!

It’s not just on the price front either that Ionos wins. They also offer three different Linux and Windows-based dedicated hosting plans.

Ionos - Dedicated hosting - pricing

Ionos offers four different plans designed to meet different needs. All plans come with a free domain, site scan, and unlimited traffic. Other advanced features include SiteLock and Wildcard SSL encryption for extra security, DDoS protection from malicious attacks, and automatic backups.

The most basic plan offers you 8 cores at 2.4GHz speed, 8GB RAM, and 240GB storage for $45/month for the first 6 months after which the plan renews at $65/month.

Their middle-tier offer gives you 4 cores at 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost and 32GB RAM and 800GB storage for $110/month for the first three months after which the plan renews at $130/month.

Want to keep tabs on how your server is doing conveniently? Ionos has a hosting manager app that lets you access your cPanel from your phone and manage your server no matter where you are.


  • Both Windows and Linux based servers available
  • Cheapest hosting plan to get started with
  • Advanced features even on the basic plan
  • Free domain, DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and unlimited traffic.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Hosting app available to manage your server
  • Both EU and US data centers are available.


  • The introductory price offer period is too short.

Get started with Ionos dedicated hosting today!

12. Rackspace.

Good for Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting for Large Businesses.

Rackspace - Bare Metal Private Cloud

Rackspace has been around for over 20 years, initially started as Cymitar Network Systems. All their major hosting solutions are cloud-based, offering a variety of managed and dedicated server hosting with their private cloud option.

As the leaders in cloud-based hosting solutions, their focus is on making cloud-hosting relevant and accessible to all businesses, hence they have both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. The company serves both small and large multinationals out of its Texas headquarters.

Their cloud hosting platforms can be configured with multiple options including OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. In terms of dedicated hosting, you have the option to choose between both Linux and Windows-based platforms.

Rackspace guarantees 100% network uptime. This “zero-downtime” guarantee is made possible, they claim, with advanced redundancy technology whereby if one network or provider fails, Rackspace will immediately scan for a replacement.

Thus the customer does not have to worry about their website ever going down.

What makes Rackspace’s dedicated hosting plan different is that it is a cloud hosting solution designed to work like having your own server. You are given a single-tenant cloud environment complete with the technical muscle you need to keep everything online.

Rackspace - Bare Metal Private Cloud - pricing

They offer three pricing plans, one of which allows you to customize your server to your own requirements. The first plan is the single processor plan which starts at $822/month and the second plan is the Dual Processor plan billed at $953/month.

While both plans are more on the expensive end of the price spectrum, you have a lot more control over what exactly you’d like to be included in your private cloud which is rare in the cloud hosting market.


  • Private cloud dedicated hosting
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Both Windows and Linux servers supported.
  • Full customization of your server to suit your needs
  • Responsive customer support


  • Prices are relatively too expensive compared to competitors.

Plus, their managed hosting includes;

  • 24/7 support
  • URL, port availability
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Managed firewall
  • VPN access
  • One-hour hardware replacement
  • OS patching
  • Bandwidth and backup performance utilization
  • Managed data backups and restores
  • On-demand support consultations.

If you’re a fan of cloud-hosting or prefer a private cloud based dedicated hosting, then Rackspace is the best fit for you.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated Web hosting as the name implies is hosting designed to serve just you or your website. This kind of web hosting is on the advanced ending of web hosting services. You get maximum control, flexibility, and server customization for a premium price.

Dedicated web hosting is one of the most advanced types of web hosting. There are other more beginner-friendly kinds of web hosting which we’ve explained in a bit more detail in our web hosting guide.

Most websites may start out on a shared hosting plan, which means the site is hosted on a server with other websites and thus shares resources with them. This may work fine for personal blogs and small business websites.

Once your site’s traffic starts growing and demands more resources than a shared plan can offer, you’ll need to upgrade to a more powerful web hosting plan. This could be either a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated web hosting service.

A dedicated web hosting service makes sure you get all its physical resources exclusively. This is quite different from VPS hosting where you get just a part of the resources from a large shared server with fewer users meant for you to use alone on a shared platform.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server or hosting service will provide you the full resources available on a machine including its RAM, CPU, and speed.

In some instances, instead of getting a dedicated server or physical machine, your service provider may provide cloud-based dedicated hosting.

This means your server won’t be a physical machine but rather a remote one which is part of a network of other servers providing you with fixed resources of your choice.

Dedicated hosting is the plan of choice if you need more power to run your sites compared to saving money.

Since it doesn’t come cheap, it’s best suited to websites and businesses that are growing or need a lot of resources that make the investment worth it.

What are the Benefits of Using Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting offers massive power and flexibility over how you deliver a great website experience compared to shared and VPS hosting. Whether you’re running a profitable online store or high-traffic blog, dedicated hosting can make all the difference.

The dedicated hosting market share globally has grown from 3.05 billion in 2010 to 6.53 billion in 2020 indicating the rate at which online businesses are evolving.

worldwide dedicated hosting market size

It however doesn’t come cheap plus it demands more technical expertise to manage and fully benefit from. So why should you invest in getting dedicated hosting?

Here are some of the major benefits of dedicated server hosting that make it ideal for the right kind of business.

1. Room for Higher Traffic.

When you’re on shared hosting, your website has pretty strict limits on how much traffic it can handle.

And if you exceed those limits and put a strain on the server’s resources, you’ll either end up paying overage fees or have your site taken down altogether.

Apart from your site incurring extra costs or losing traffic altogether because of limits, your site’s performance could also take a hit.

How fast your site loads and the overall user experience affect your SEO (search engine optimization) or page rank. The slower your site is, the less traffic search engines will send it.

It could also lead to higher bounce rates or in other words, visitors leaving your site without spending any time on your pages which means fewer email subscribers and lost sales.

Thus if your business is rapidly growing or you’re running an email marketing campaign that’s sending leads to your website, you’re better off knowing that your site can handle the spike in traffic.

Dedicated hosting gives you enough room and resources to handle spikes of 10 or even 20x your usual traffic without the overall site performance and speed suffering. This means more conversions, leads, and improved sales for your business.

2. High Levels of Security.

A major concern some site owners have with shared hosting is security.

Most web hosting providers do their best to make sure even on shared hosting plans, you still get extra security and protection from malicious attacks and viruses as well as secure encryption on your site.

However, if one website on a shared server is compromised, it puts every other website on the same server at risk.

This is even more dangerous for websites that handle sensitive data like confidential emails and client details or credit card information.

Dedicated web hosting gives you better control of your site’s security. You can boost the features you need to fit the specific needs of the kind of data you store and handle.

There’s also the added bonus of being able to install firewalls and other programs to improve your site’s security.

If you’re not as tech-savvy, you have the option of subscribing to your service provider’s fully managed hosting plan that will handle those kinds of maintenance tasks for you.

This means you can specify which critical security tasks you’d like the experts to handle for you.

3. Faster Page Loading Times.

We already know that page loading time and overall site performance directly influence your page rank with search engines or SEO. The higher up in search results you show, the more traffic you get which can convert to sales and email subscribers.

Page loading times also directly affect how your entire site performs. Statistics show that 80% of users said a slow loading website was more frustrating than a temporarily down website. The slower the loading, the less engagement you get on your web page, and the higher your bounce rates.

Faster loading speed means higher conversions

Dedicated servers come with massive bandwidths that can accommodate multiple visitors to your site interacting on different pages at go while still keeping your website running smoothly.

You also get to track the exact resources being used up and by which functions so you can either upgrade or downgrade where necessary.

Shared hosting simply won’t give you this knowledge plus because your site’s resources are so limited you may not be able to even track your traffic statistics once your upper limits are reached.

4. Full Server Customization and Control.

Usually, as your website or online business grows you may want to customize how your server runs.

This could be choosing a different resource control software, embedding your own custom programs, or even adjusting hardware specifications like RAM or SSD.

Dedicated hosting gives you complete autonomy over how you choose to use your server. For example, you’re even free to choose the server software you prefer. If you favor the resource control of NGINX over Apache, you have the power to do so.

This benefit of advanced control is especially useful for web developers, database websites, and businesses that need precise server specifications to run.

5. Unique IP address.

An IP address is a string of numbers used to indicate your website server’s location on the web. Ideally, each server should have its own unique address.

A unique IP address is also important if you are a large running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Domain names were introduced as a human-friendly equivalent of IP addresses

With shared hosting, because the server is shared, your website will not have a unique IP address.

This can be a challenge especially if there’s a problem with your domain name. It could also affect your site rank especially if other sites on the server are spam sites or adult sites.

Dedicated vs. Shared IP address

With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, which gives you your own unique IP address and prevents this kind of problem.

6. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment.

Some companies invest in buying and housing their own physical server to get the benefits of a dedicated server without paying hosting fees.

This often comes at a steep cost of purchasing, hiring ground technical staff to physically maintain the server, and overheads to keep it running.

Dedicated hosting is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of owning your own server without having to worry about physical maintenance, housing, and paying overheads like electricity.

A dedicated hosting provider handles the cost of building and maintaining server equipment, reducing the overhead for a business purchasing server space, and improving their return on investment.

How is Dedicated Hosting is Different from Other Types of Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is one of the most advanced forms of web hosting available, but how does it compare to other forms of web hosting? What makes it different and why does it come with a higher price tag compared to other web hosting services?

Let’s look at how dedicated hosting compares to other web hosting services and what the key differences are.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting.

Shared hosting is the most popular, affordable, and easy-to-access kind of hosting plan available today.

Shared hosting means that your website is housed on a server together with thousands of other websites. So your site shares resources with all these websites, bringing the cost of the hosting service down since it’s being split amongst many other ‘tenants’.

It’s similar to living in an apartment with a housemate. You both split the cost of rent and other bills and each of you gets their own bedroom. But you may have shared spaces like the kitchen and living room. Not ideal but since it keeps your costs down, it works.

Likewise, in shared hosting, you share resources like bandwidth, CPU usage, and disk space. Everyone is given an allocation which if exceeded, may lead to overage fees or your site being taken down temporarily.

If you’re interested in learning more about the cheapest shared web hosting plans, our detailed review is a great place to start. For beginners and anyone who is just starting out online, shared hosting is the cheapest and easiest to use kind of web hosting.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand gives you exclusive access to your own server complete with all its resources. You don’t share anything with any other website. All the resources are meant for you alone. It’s like owning your own house.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

You don’t share any amenities with anyone. In the same way, any needed maintenance or upgrades in dedicated hosting are entirely your responsibility, the same way you would find a handyman to fix anything that goes wrong with your house.

The major benefit of exclusively having control over your own server is that you can configure and customize it to suit your needs. You can choose how much resources you like and install custom software. In shared hosting, you have no control over any of these resources.

You’ll have to make do with whatever your hosting provider gives you. On the flip side, with shared hosting, you won’t have to worry about maintaining and upgrading software because all that is done for you.

An easy-to-use dashboard is provided for you to manage the backend of your site.

Dedicated Hosting vs VPS Hosting

A step above shared hosting, VPS hosting gives you access to more resources and less downtime without having to pay for a dedicated server.

In shared hosting, your website and hundreds of other websites were all sharing one pool of resources. VPS hosting gives you a set amount of resources to use that you don’t share with anyone.

You are given a partition or virtual ‘part’ of a server with these resources meant only for you. This means there could be five other users sharing that server with you, but each of them would have their own partition or part of the server with resources allocated to them too.

Think of it as renting your own apartment in an apartment complex. Now there is no housemate, so you have full access to all the rooms in the apartment as well as much needed privacy. You can choose the color of paint you want the rooms to be and even how to decorate each space.

Likewise, in VPS hosting, you get some flexibility to determine your virtual hosting environment. Nonetheless, you’ll still have some limits in terms of root access, customization and the operating systems used.

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Dedicated hosting gives you full rights to an actual physical server and not part of it.

With dedicated hosting, you get the whole building instead of the apartment in the building. So there’s greater control and flexibility.

Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, things are a little different. So far we have seen that shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting all involve a single server whose resources are distributed in different ways.

In cloud hosting, rather than having all your data stored on a single server, it is distributed amongst different other machines or servers. These servers are often in different locations and are connected to a single network which is called the “cloud”.

Thus your website is managed through a virtual machine that gives you access to all the other machines within the cloud. The machine through which you manage your website exists virtually and is created using special software so it connects to this network of other servers.

Dedicated hosting vs cloud hosting

The major benefit here is, instead of being limited to the resources of just one server like in dedicated hosting, you have access to the resources of all the other servers within the cloud.

It’s as if you owned a gated community with different houses. So at any point in time, you can have a house to yourself.

Some companies offer a hybrid version of dedicated hosting that is actually cloud-based hosting that is designed to work like a single physical dedicated server meant for just your site. The biggest benefit of this service is that you’re guaranteed your site will never go down.

Because your website’s data is distributed to all the servers in the network, if server A goes offline for any reason, server B can instantly get your website back online with zero downtime.

Apart from that, you also have the benefit of all the speed, RAM, and CPUs of the other servers in the network.

Dedicated Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting solution offered specifically for WordPress sites. All the services and add-on features are designed to make WordPress sites run faster and better. The server on which the hosting is offered may either be a shared server or a VPS server.

Ultimately, the hosting provider’s main goal here is to cater to any and everything WordPress related.

WordPress hosting doesn’t come with any additional resource allocations or features. It’s like seeing a specialist at the hospital. He/she is still a doctor, just with expert knowledge in one field. This usually means the service provider is very good at serving WordPress based sites.

The entire focus of your service provider is supporting a single application — WordPress which makes their job much easier. They can create a custom environment just to increase speed, weed out security issues, and provide an overall better site performance.

Dedicated hosting doesn't give you the specialization of WordPress hosting but since the server is yours, you still have the flexibility to hire an expert to give you WordPress-centric solutions built for or on your server.

You could also create a VPS on your own dedicated server just to house your WordPress sites and have a team of experts provide the equivalent of WordPress hosting solutions to those sites.

Types of Businesses That Use Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting comes with a lot of benefits for the right kind of business. From flexibility to more control and a lot more resources, dedicated hosting doesn’t come cheap. Hence it’s not meant for everyone, especially new website owners or beginners.

However, if your business has a sizable cashflow or demands a lot of resources to stay online and boost site performance, you would be better served by dedicated hosting.

Let’s look at which businesses benefit the most from using dedicated hosting.

1. Web developers and agencies.

For developers and businesses that are either building websites from scratch for their clients or reselling hosting, it is worth investing in a dedicated hosting service. Often such businesses host several sites themselves under a single server setup.

Web developers need root access in order to make changes to how a server runs and install programs.

Also, agencies that resell hosting to small businesses and individuals would need a dedicated server. They’ll need to control how many resources each client uses while optimizing the server to provide maximum speed and reliability.

Usually, people who run such businesses by default have the needed level of tech skills and expertise to maintain and make the most use of a dedicated server.

2. E-commerce companies.

E-commerce companies, large online retailers and marketplaces like eBay or Alibaba deal with huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis.

Such businesses have what is called a mission-critical website or a website that needs to be online, fast, and reliable 100% of the time.

Often these websites have to process a lot of information and financial transactions which simply can’t be done on a shared or VPS hosting plan.

For such businesses, it is worth investing in dedicated hosting simply because of how much they could lose if their website gets compromised, is slow, or goes offline. It also gives a much needed extra level of security because of the sensitive data they handle.

3. Finance and healthcare companies.

Financial information is sensitive. Things like bank statements, transaction details, credit card processing information if found in the wrong hands can be disastrous. Again some of these financial institutions also handle cash transactions between multiple client accounts at a time.

These kinds of transactions need speed, reliability and maximum security since errors can be costly. Thus both VPS and shared hosting are simply not options if you run a financial online business.

The same can be said for healthcare companies and institutions that process a lot of patient info. Quick and timely access to the right medical records can make the difference between critical healthcare that saves lives and otherwise.

Both of these industries also have stringent laws and regulations that regulate the storage and handling of information. The regulations often demand a dedicated server whose set up can be to comply with regulations.

4. Large international companies.

For companies that have multiple locations globally, dedicated hosting is the best option because they not only have the flexibility to determine how many resources they want to be built into their server.

But they can also pick a server location that is closest to where they need it most.

Apart from being able to get a server custom-built and even specifying preferred server location, if it’s a website that’s regularly accessed by multiple web administrators across the globe, they’ll need 100% uptime no matter the time zone or amount of traffic.

This also applies to businesses that have a large global audience that consume content on their website daily.

Data heavy websites and news websites that store a lot of photo, video, and audio content need a lot of storage and bandwidth to make their website available to all their visitors. On a shared hosting platform, this would ultimately crash their site due to sheer volume.

A VPS hosting may not do much better. Thus if you own a news website or a personal blog with lots of data to store, a dedicated hosting plan is a better option for you.

How to Choose the Best Dedicated Hosting Plan?

Whether you have a busy personal blog, a large online store, or a podcast website, the kind of hosting plan you choose makes a big difference in how your website and business as a whole performs.

Slow-loading websites can end up costing you thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Thus if your website is busy and gets lots of traffic, it’s worth investing in dedicated web hosting.

1 second delay in page load time means for your business
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Always remember to put your business needs first especially when you’re choosing a custom-built dedicated server.

1. Look At The Resource Options.

The number one factor that contributes to how effective (and expensive) your dedicated hosting plan will be is the kind of resources your server will have. Things like the amount of RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and storage your server will give you.

By default dedicated hosting gives you the most features plus better control of them. So you need to choose a hosting plan that gives exactly what you need without letting you overpay for redundant resources.

Pay close attention to how much CPU and RAM you will get since both are directly related to how fast your site loads and processes data. The more web traffic your website handles, the more of these resources you’ll need.

Another very crucial feature is bandwidth. Bandwidth is what lets all the 100,000 visitors per minute or hour who come to your site have their web pages load in seconds. It determines how much data can be transferred on your server usually for a month.

If your website has lots of graphics or videos, you’ll need a much larger bandwidth than a blog or text-heavy site. If also you run marketing campaigns periodically that send lots of visitors to your site you may also need to factor that in as well.

Check your site’s backend to get an idea of how much data your site handles daily and monthly so you can make a more informed choice on what resources you need.

2. Consider the Applications You’ll Run.

Not all dedicated hosting servers run on the same platforms. Some applications will run fine on a Linux operating system while others will need a Windows-based server.

For example, if your site runs applications like ASP and ASP.NET then you’d need a Windows operating system.

Some programming languages like PHP and Perl do better on a Linux -based server. Linux-servers are cheaper because the Linux OS is open-source and has a reputation for being fast and reliable.

It has a thriving developer community as well that is constantly adding updates and creating new programs. Windows operating systems on the other hand are known as a sturdy choice providing more power and room for customization.

If your site uses PHP and Perl, Linux is the obvious choice of an operating system.

3. Choose Between Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting.

Generally speaking unmanaged hosting, a bare metal server dedicated hosting plans are cheaper compared to managed hosting plans. But you’ll need to determine which of the two works best for you.

Managed web hosting costs more than unmanaged hosting, but it gives you extra technical muscle to handle any critical tasks.

If you already have technical staff on hand to help you manage and maintain your server, then you could choose unmanaged or semi-managed hosting should work okay.

Conversely, if you don’t have a solid technical team supporting you or don’t have the skill to solve technical glitches on your own, it is always better to choose managed hosting plans. Managed hosting is designed specially to help the non-tech inclined maintain their server.

Most service providers have teams who have been trained to run scheduled maintenance and install programs on dedicated servers.

Others have standby support staff that automatically monitor and flag security related issues so they get immediate attention. Make sure you know which tasks your provider will be handling for you and if you can request for additional maintenance tasks to be added.

Ask about firewalls, security protocols, and what other preventive measures they have put in place to protect your server from viruses, cyber threats, and malicious attacks.

4. Customer and Tech Support.

Good customer support makes all the difference between a great web hosting provider and a not so great one. The last thing you want is your service provider taking forever to respond when you have a challenge.

Often customers who pay for a dedicated web hosting service may be considered premium clients and so have a dedicated customer support team that responds almost instantly. But this may not always be the case.

Your service provider should be available round-the clock through multiple channels, whether phone, live chat or email. They should be responsive and quick to come up with solutions to whatever the problem may be since any downtime is potential lost revenue.

Look out for customer feedback online and reviews to help you make an informed decision on which provider to go to. Customer feedback and ratings often tell how their entire experience was working with the company and what their recommendation will be.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services FAQ

Is a dedicated server worth it?

For the right business, a dedicated server can make a world of difference between successful online business growth and a sinking business. A dedicated server allows you to get the maximum technical resources your website needs to stay online and stay fast. 

This is critical for high traffic, tech-heavy websites and database-centered businesses. Given that a dedicated server is not cheap, if you’re just starting your own blog, podcast or online store you don’t need a dedicated server at least until it grows exponentially.

What is the cost for a dedicated server?

Dedicated server hosting is on the pricier side compared to both shared and VPS hosting. 

The cheapest plans start from $45/month (on Hostwinds) but standard dedicated hosting prices range between $80/month to upwards of $900/month depending on the specifications you choose. 

The main price determinant is how much RAM, CPU and disk storage you get per server. The price could be more or less depending on what other requirements you need added to your server.

Is cloud hosting better than dedicated hosting?

Both cloud hosting and dedicated hosting have their major benefits. Cloud hosting gives you the benefit of using resources from multiple servers in a network, meaning no matter how much of a traffic spike your website has, your website can handle it. 

Dedicated hosting on the other hand gives you an entire physical server for personal use. You get all the servers resources like RAM, CPU and bandwidth to your website which ensures your website loads fast and is responsive regardless of how many visitors are on the site at a time. 

Depending on what your business needs are, cloud hosting may be ideal since you can pay for it on a need-only basis, compared to paying for a full server. Thus if your business is small to medium-sized with sizable traffic, cloud hosting is ideal. 

But for large businesses with stringent security requirements, large databases, or millions of customers per day, dedicated server hosting is your best choice. You have more control over your site’s performance and can provide better security since the server isn’t shared. 

Ready to Serve Millions of Customers with Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated web hosting is your hosting plan of choice if you’re looking for sheer power, flexibility, extra security, and reliability. It provides you with your own server which can be custom-built to your needs without having to purchase and house a physical server.

While its price tag is not cheap, it provides the right kind of resources for the right kind of businesses. If your website handles sensitive financial or confidential data, gets hundreds of thousands of visitors at a time, or stores a lot of data, dedicated hosting is ideal for you.

Many companies offer different variations of dedicated web hosting, but if you’re thinking of trying out dedicated web hosting, we recommend Bluehost.

Their affordable yet powerful dedicated hosting plans make it easy for any business new to this kind of hosting to adapt and get the maximum benefits.

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