10 Best Web Hosting UK Services in 2024 (+ Speed Tests)

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

Choosing the right web hosting service is vital to the success of your website. I’ve tested and reviewed the 10 best UK web hosting providers based on their reliability and speed. I’ve also shortlisted the top 5 recommendations. 

SiteGround icon

SiteGround UK

Best web hosting UK service for incredible server response time, great security, and very responsive customer support
Hostinger icon

Hostinger UK

UK web host with a very fast server speed, a free domain name, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
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A web host with multiple servers and a better-than-average server response time for WordPress sites.
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A cheap web host with a comprehensive interface, user-friendly website builder, and generous storage space.
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WP Engine UK

Best web hosting UK service for WordPress sites with fast server speed, free WordPress themes, and robust security.

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If you’ve been on the lookout for the best UK web hosting service for your website, you’re in luck.

This article has just made your job very easy, reviewing the best web hosting UK providers available and detailing the critical points so you can make your choice as quickly and easily as possible.

The very best web hosts providers provide reliable uptime, responsive customer support, and breakneck loading speed.

With this comprehensive and tested review of the top 10 best web hosting UK services, you should be able to quickly find something that fits your requirements.

What are the Best Web Hosting Providers for UK Websites

These are the best web hosting providers for UK websites in 2022:

1. SiteGround UK

UK Web Host With The Best Server Speed

  • SiteGround UK’s speed of 263 ms was one of the fastest response times of all the UK web hosting companies tested.
  • Their 24/7 customer support is one of the most responsive and reliable. They are fast to respond and very helpful with technical difficulties or challenges experienced.
  • The web host offers a free SSL certificate to users.
  • When transferring your website to SiteGround’s web host, they’ll help you migrate for free.
  • New users enjoy 75% off as a discount.
  • The low-tier plan offers limited resources, and to upgrade, you’ll have to pay the total price. Upgrading your SiteGround plan inevitably gets more expensive.
SiteGround icon
SiteGround UK
Editor’s Take

With a hosting provider like SiteGround UK, you can be sure your websites wouldn’t be getting any bounce rates because of lack of speed. Asides from the fact that speed tests generated a pretty fast server response time of 263 ms, the fact that the platform is supported by Google Cloud premium makes SiteGround a no-brainer when it comes to reliability and speed.

Best For:
Fast Speed
£2.99 – £240 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 75%

Boasting a loading speed that’s much faster than the average server response time for web hosts, SiteGround UK is one of the best options for UK websites that value fast website speed.

The web host has 6 server locations on 4 continents. One of the server locations is London, and it has resources dedicated to UK users.

Best Features

Incredible Server Speed

As tested, SiteGround UK’s average server speed is 263 milliseconds, which is pretty fast considering the average server response time starts from 400 ms.

Good Uptime

SiteGround has proven it’s a reliable web host with an annual average uptime of 99.9%, which is a relatively comfortable figure. Also, all plans provide unmetered bandwidth, so users don’t have to worry about the volume of website traffic.

Google Cloud Infrastructure

SiteGround is built on Google Cloud premium’s network, which is one of the reasons their server speed is so high. The premium cloud infrastructure also means the web host can keep websites up even in extreme, unexpected conditions.

Intuitive Website Builder

There’s a WordPress site builder that provides free website templates and intuitive tools for setting up a website, blog, or eCommerce site.

WordPress Hosting

SiteGround UK offers managed WordPress hosting to build a WordPress website or migrate to one. There’s also Woocommerce hosting which offers WordPress websites with pre-installed Woocommerce plugins and templates.

Robust Security

Servers are protected by top-notch security with a standby team that’s always watching for threats and coming up with intelligent security measures. There’s also a 24/7 monitoring system that monitors the server status every 0.5 seconds and an AL tool explicitly built for preventing malware.


2. Hostinger UK

Affordable UK Web Host With The Best Uptime Guarantee

  • The 99.99% uptime guarantee makes Hostinger UK one of the most reliable web hosts.
  • Hostinger provides great value for money at £0.99 per month for its lowest tier.
  • The free domain name and SSL certificate are nice perks for building a website.
  • Hostinger UK’s server response time is super fast for UK users.
  • Hostinger UK’s major disadvantage is that its allocated SSD storage is limited across all plans. The lowest tier, for instance, only has 30 GB of storage. The limited space might be enough if you have a small or growing website, but larger websites that need more functionality might require more resources.
Hostinger icon
Hostinger UK
Editor’s Take

You wouldn’t find many web hosts that offer valuable resources at a low price like Hostinger UK. Your small business gets nifty perks like Cloudflare CDN support, Google Ads tools, and unlimited bandwidth at a regular price of $9 per month. But the best part? Hostinger UK’s uptime guarantee is almost unmatched. 

Best For:
High Uptime
£0.99 – £69.99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 30% – 90%

Hostinger UK offers reliable shared web hosting for as low as £0.99 per month, making it the best web host for people looking to start a blog or launch small business websites.

For less limited resources ideal for personal websites, users can go for the £1.99 monthly plan, which provides a free domain name and a free SSL certificate.

Best Features

Strong Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger UK has an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, which is reassuring and relatively better than most web hosting services.

Fast Server Speed

At an average of 389 ms, Hostinger’s speed is still faster than the average server response time.

Multiple Tailored Hosting Plans

Hostinger UK offers different types of web hosting at different prices, including VPS, shared, and cloud hosting. There are also unique hosting plans tailored for specific use cases, such as Minecraft hosting.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

With hosting tailored for WordPress sites, users get an array of themes and plugins for optimizing their websites. Hostinger also uses the LiteSpeed webserver, an automatic guarantee of fast and consistent top-notch performance for WordPress websites.

Drag-and-drop Builder

Apart from a no-code drag-and-drop tool, Hostinger also provides professional website templates to get started should you decide to build your website using their service. Users get one free domain name but will have to pay for extra domains.


3. Kinsta

Web Host With Robust Cloud Hosting

  • Every Kinsta plan offers free migration to new users.
  • SSL certificates are also free for every plan.
  • Customer service is responsive and outstanding. There is almost always a solution to every request or challenge encountered.
  • Kinsta has several locations spread across Europe, so you can grab one closest to the United Kingdom and enjoy a better level of control.
  • While Kinsta boasts premium hosting features for WordPress sites, it’s also not cheap. The lowest tier starts at $30 per month, which is relatively pricey compared to many web hosts.
  • Several UK web hosting companies offer features for fully setting up a website, such as a website builder or email hosting, but Kinsta doesn’t.
Kinsta icon
Editor’s Take

While it’s far from cheap, Kinsta is an ideal, modern solution for websites that need a reliable cloud hosting service. There’s no assurance of high availability hosting as you might think, but Kinta does get really well in security and fast content delivery. You’ll find that website loading speeds are fast, and the security measures for cloud servers are pretty detailed.

Best For:
Cloud Hosting
$30 – $1500 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 17% 

Kinsta is regarded as one of the best cloud hosting solutions for WordPress websites.

With over 20 servers distributed worldwide, a faster-than-average server response time, and nifty features to optimize WordPress sites, it’s had to dispute Kinta’s claim as one of the best WordPress hosts.

Best Features

Robust Cloud Hosting

Kinsta’s cloud hosting solutions mean the server infrastructure is robust enough to handle any surges in traffic or urgent need of resources. This basically guarantees more uptime. Also, the WordPress hosting is run on Google Cloud’s premium network, which is one of the most reliable infrastructures for web hosting companies.

Fast Server Speed

Kinsta boasts speeds of 307 ms, which is better than the average server response time.

WordPress Optimization

There’s a feature for WordPress sites that allows you to test out experimental changes to your site before publishing.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

Kinsta’s infrastructure is supported by an HTTP/3-enabled CDN and a reliable caching setup. This means it takes a considerably shorter time to transfer data to your website and deliver content to your users. You are also spared having to optimize your database as the platform automatically does that weekly.

Reliable Security

Kinsta provides DDos protection and secures users’ data with SFTP and SSH protocols. Your data is backed up hourly, and you can also decide to add an external backup. There’s a hack-fix guarantee for all users if a website ever gets hacked.


4. Bluehost

Affordable Web Host For New And Small Businesses

  • Bluehost offers a free domain name and a free SSL certificate for every plan, including the lowest tier.
  • The platform provides great value for money by offering a drag-and-drop builder, website templates, and a free domain at $2.95 per month.
  • Storage is quite robust, as you get up to 50 GB SSD storage at the lowest tier and unlimited storage for other plans.
  • You can build unlimited websites with every plan apart from the cheapest tier.
  • Their 24/7 customer support is responsive and available on every plan.
  • Bluehost’s server response time tested across different locations and periods is not always consistent, which is not a good sign.
  • Their customer support, although responsive, may not always have the required technical knowledge to solve some challenges.
  • While the low-tier plans appear generous, the service can quickly become more expensive as you include add-ons.
Bluehost icon
Editor’s Take

If you’re new to web hosting and just want to set up your website as quickly as possible without breaking the bank, then Bluehost is a great option. The service is relatively affordable, and the interface is also not very hard to understand for new users. You also get everything you could need to set up and optimize a WordPress website.

Best For:
User-friendly Web Hosting
$2.95 – $119.99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 48% – 71%

New business owners looking to set up their website with little technical knowledge will appreciate the user-friendly interface of Bluehost.

While the web host is affordable and straightforward for new users, it also offers quality hosting for WordPress and a relatively easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for setting up your website.

Best Features

Intuitive Website Builder

Bluehost’s builder offers no-code, drag-and-drop functionality and a comprehensive feature list for building your website or online store. Plus, there are professional website templates for you to choose from.

Fast Response Time

Bluehost’s server response falls between 400 to 490 ms, which is within the average speed and still impressive. In some cases, for locations in the United Kingdom, specifically London, the response time has been tested to be an astonishing 183 ms.

Reliable Uptimes

The web host experiences uptimes of 99%, which is an assuring figure.

Managed WordPress

For managed WordPress hosting, you get nifty features like advanced analytics, multi-layered caching, SEO assistance, top-notch security, and even social media add-ons.


5. WP Engine UK

Best UK Web Host For WordPress Sites

  • WP Engine’s average server response time is fast and higher than that of most top web hosting companies.
  • Customer support is responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable.
  • Websites and ecommerce sites need to have a loading speed of 1-2 seconds to avoid high bounce rates. WP Engine UK’s average loading speed is less than a second.
  • WordPress installation is simplified, and the web host also provides a free plugin that automates migration for new users.
  • Users get a free SSL certificate.
  • There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • There are a number of plugins that WP Engine disallows. This could be inconvenient for some users as it limits freedom of usage.
  • While several web hosting UK providers offer free domains, WP Engine doesn’t provide domain registration, so you’ll have to register your domain with another platform.
WP Engine icon
WP Engine UK
Editor’s Take

WP Engine UK is an advanced and complex platform for WordPress users. Think advanced plugins, professional themes, and robust WooCommerce extensions. The platform also gets the basics right, with fast website loading speeds and an incredible uptime guarantee.

Best For:
Hosting WordPress
£20 – £232 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 15%

WP Engine is one of the most popular and powerful web hosts for WordPress websites.

Built and optimized for hosting WordPress sites, the UK web hosting company provides WordPress users with advanced security, great WordPress optimization, and astonishing server speeds.

Best Features

Incredible Response Time

With a data center located in London, WP Engine UK is one of the web hosts with the fastest UK servers. When tested, the platform has achieved a very impressive average response time of 124ms.

Fast Loading Time

The secure hosting provider is partnered with a content delivery network for faster loading. What’s more? CDN services are included on all plans, so all users get fast loading speeds. The average load time for WordPress websites when tested was 337 ms.

Advanced Security

WP Engine is equipped to block DDoS attacks, malware, brute force, and JavaScript attacks. Users get a hack-fix guarantee, so if your website is ever hacked, they’ll fix it for you for free. Backups are performed daily, and they also take care of upgrades, so users don’t have to worry about glitches or complications when upgrading.

WordPress Optimization

There are local development tools for building and testing WordPress websites. Users also get WordPress plugins and SEO-friendly themes for optimizing their websites.

WooCommerce Optimization

While there’s a tailored hosting plan for WooCommerce sites, WP Engine also provides nifty search button features like autocomplete, predictive search results, and very fast search response. Users also get customizable eCommerce templates and themes.

High Uptime Guarantee

The hosting provider guarantees an uptime percentage of 99.99% and can back this claim with a global network of data center locations.


6. Cloudways UK

Flexible UK Web Host With Collaborative Tools

  • Cloudways doesn’t limit the amount websites you can install.
  • Users get a free SSL certificate.
  • The infrastructure is robust, and the servers are pretty fast.
  • Users get a level of flexibility and control not available in many web hosts.
  • The hosting provider can be optimized for various content management systems, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Joomla.
  • Cloudways is one of the few UK web hosts that allow a free trial.
  • Being such a complex and powerful web host, Cloudways is not ideal for beginners and new businesses.
  • You have to pay for most add-ons.
Cloudways icon
Cloudways UK
Editor’s Take

Cloud servers are typically not as flexible as users often want them to be, but Cloudways UK provide a few more creative options with their servers. Apart from task and team management features, the platform has an open infrastructure that supports custom integrations and apps. The website loading speeds are quite impressive, with light websites able to load in 0.1 seconds.

Best For:
Flexible Cloud Hosting
$10 – $225.93 per month
Annual Discount:
Free Trial

Cloudways UK is a UK web hosting company that provides robust cloud hosting services for UK sites.  

The platform has a flexible and robust infrastructure that gives users more options to utilize and manage their servers to their taste.

Best Features

Robust Infrastructure

Cloudways UK’s infrastructure is supported with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for faster loading. Advanced caches are prebuilt for more optimization, and there are free-to-use caches to optimize WordPress and Magento websites.

Dedicated Servers

All of Cloudways' servers are dedicated, making it ideal for websites with a high volume of traffic.

Incredible Loading Speed

When tested, Cloudways has achieved website loading speeds of 81ms to 110ms, which is impressive. When tested with pages heavier than 500 KB, it achieved a load time of 584 ms.

High Uptime Guarantee

Cloudways guarantees an uptime percentage of 99.99%. A strong uptime reassurance is that the servers are programmed to resolve any detected issues and automatically restart immediately. Also, servers are monitored 24/7, plus there’s an AI assistant that sends users real-time performance reports.

Flexible Integrations

The platform integrates with communication channels such as Slack and email providers for sending real-time notifications. The open API provides a lot of flexibility as you can build your integrations and maintain robust control over how you utilize the server.

Collaborative Tools

There’s a workflow feature that lets you manage multiple websites and classify them into groups. Users can add team members, assign them websites to manage, and control their access to the server.

Robust Security

Servers are protected by dedicated firewalls, and users can be confident of protection from DDoS, malware, and brute force attacks.


Digital Ocean plans

AWS plans

Google Cloud plans

7. ScalaHosting

Affordable Web Hosting Provider For Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

  • You get fully managed Cloud VPS hosting at a first-month discount for less than $20 a month. Asides from free SSL certificates, ScalaHosting also provides a free domain name and free migration on all plans.
  • Customer support responds fast.
  • The server response time is very fast for UK locations, and that directly influences faster website loading speeds.
  • ScalaHosting’s cheaper plans have limited visitor thresholds.
ScalaHosting Icon
Editor’s Take

Cloud VPS hosting gives users the advantage of being able to scale at will and pay for resources as they need, and that’s what ScalaHosting provides. The platform offers cheap managed hosting, so you don’t have to be a tech guru to enjoy such a convenient service. The SPanel for managing your server is different from the standard cPanel, but it’s relatively comprehensive.

Best For:
Managed Cloud VPS
$3.95 – $890.95 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 34%

ScalaHosting provides robust and fully managed cloud VPS hosting.

What’s great about the platform is that its managed hosting plans are relatively cheap compared to other cloud hosting solutions.

Best Features

Robust Cloud Hosting Facilities

While ScalaHosting boasts more than 35 server locations worldwide for secure hosting, users also get access to a cutting-edge control panel that provides advanced security and easier control and a free Cloudflare CDN for website caching. Storage facilities are 100% SSD-based.

Superb Server Speed

ScalaHosting’s server speed ranged below 300 ms in every location when tested in different locations. As tested in London, the server speed was an incredible 43 ms. When tested for website loading speed over a year, the average loading speed turned out to be 613 ms.

Good Uptime

While the web host guarantees 99.9% uptime, they turned out to have a reliable uptime percentage of 99.95% percent when tested.

Robust Security

ScalaHosting has an advanced security feature that protects sites 24/7 and blocks malicious threats. Site backups are performed daily by the web host. Users also get a free SSL certificate.

WordPress Hosting

There are plans tailored for WordPress users that start from $6.95 a month and provide features for managing and installing WordPress sites and apps.


ScalaHosting pricing
  • A basic web hosting plan is priced at $9.95 per month when paid annually, while managed cloud VPS hosting starts from $31.95.
  • There are generous first-month discounts for new users on all plans except for self-managed hosting plans.

You can get started with Scala’s essential web hosting solutions and upgrade to managed cloud VPS hosting at any time.

8. DreamHost

WordPress Web Host With WordPress Website Builder

  • There’s a free domain, free SSL, and no charges for privacy protection.
  • WordPress migration is free.
  • Email functionality is free for most cheap plans except the lowest tier.
  • DreamHost provides unlimited bandwidth for every plan.
  • There's a 97-day money-back guarantee for shared web hosting plans.
  • When tested, DreamHost had an average uptime percentage of 99.84%, which is not very reassuring.
  • The average loading speed is slower than the best web hosting UK providers.
DreamHost icon
Editor’s Take

DreamHost tries to make its shared hosting plans as robust as possible for all users by providing unlimited storage and bandwidth. Judging by the speed tests, the website loading speeds are not the fastest, but I wasn’t disappointed by the several free perks and the custom control panel that turned out to be quite intuitive.

Best For:
WordPress Websites
$1.99 – $299 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 6% – 17%

DreamHost is great if you need shared hosting or managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

The platform also provides VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting.

Best Features

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of DreamHost’s best perks is that the cheap web hosting plans get unlimited storage and bandwidth, which means the server allows unlimited data transfer at no extra cost.

Free Domain and Email Address

Users get a free domain and a free email address with the allowance to send unlimited emails. The free email feature is not available on the cheapest plan, however.

WordPress Website Builder

DreamHost’s builder comes with intuitive, easy-to-set-up features that make building a WordPress website more straightforward and quicker. You get website templates and themes plus a drag-and-drop tool. A setup assistant also walks new users through the website building process. Users who want more flexibility and a code-built website can use DreamHost’s custom website builder instead.

Intuitive Control Panel

The platform’s control panel is not the industry-standard cPanel. Instead, it’s a custom-built web host. While that may pose a disadvantage to cPanel users, DreamHost’s custom panel is intuitive and easy to use for beginners.

Average Loading Speed

When tested, DreamHost’s average website loading speed was 1.4 seconds.

Free Security

DreamHost claims it doesn’t charge extra fees for protecting website information. Automatic website backups are performed daily.

Free WordPress Migration

Migrating your WordPress site to DreamHost is a quick, automatic process, and it’s also done for free.


9. GreenGeeks

Eco-friendly Web Hosting Provider

  • GreenGreek’s loading speed of 327ms is relatively fast, and the London server response time of 130ms is well within the recommended response time for fast websites.
  • There are several freebies, including a free SSL certificate, free backup service, and free CDN support.
  • The average uptime is pretty solid and reliable at 99.98%.
  • There’s a hidden charge for the free domain, as you get billed a fee of £19.26 if you ask for a refund within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.
  • The discounted and very cheap rates can only be gotten if you pay for a 3-year plan.
  • GreenGeek doesn’t offer cloud or dedicated hosting solutions.
GreenGeeks icon
Editor’s Take

GreenGeeks’ major selling point is that it runs on renewable energy, but the platform can also brag about its well-above standard loading speeds and uptime rate. UK websites loaded in less than half a second on average when tested. The only downside? There are no cloud or dedicated hosting solutions.

Best For:
Eco-friendly Hosting
$2.95 – $109.95 per month
Annual Discount:

Going against the grain of standard hosting providers, GreenGeeks has engineered its platform to run on renewable and environmentally sustainable energy.

The web host provides secure web hosting, virtual private server hosting, and WordPress hosting. There are also reseller hosting solutions.

Best Features

Unlimited Bandwidth

Every shared hosting plan apart from the lowest tier gets unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

Unlimited Websites and Emails

Users can create unlimited websites and email accounts on every plan apart from the lowest tier.

Free SSL and Backup

There’s a free SSL certificate on every plan. Users also get no extra charges for nightly backups.

Free Domain and CDN

You get a free domain name for one year. GreenGeek’s supported CDN is also available on all plans for faster website performance.

Fast Load Speed and Response Time

When tested, GreenGeek’s loading speed for UK sites was 327ms. The server response time for London achieved an average speed of 130ms.

High Uptime

While GreenGeek gives a 99.90% uptime guarantee, it’s had an average uptime of 99.98% when tested.


greengeeks pricing
  • GreenGeeks' pricing starts from £2.27 per month (at a discounted price) for UK users.
  • Cloud web hosting solutions start from £30.59 a month.

You can try GreenGeeks confident of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. A2 Hosting

UK Web Hosting Provider With Multiple CMS Hosting

  • The server response time for UK sites is fast.
  • Most plans get unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • A2 Hosting provides a scalable solution upgrade from shared web hosting to cloud hosting and then to premium dedicated solutions.
  • There’s a money-back guarantee period, but the website doesn’t state how long it lasts. Also, users get compensated 5% of their monthly charge for every hour their website is unavailable beyond the 0.1% uptime guarantee.
  • A2 Hosting’s plans appear to offer massive discounts, but these are only available over a 3-year subscription.
A2 Hosting Icon
A2 Hosting
Editor’s Take

A2 Hosting has no data center in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped the hosting provider from boasting one of the fastest speeds for UK websites. Depending on your chosen plan, you’ll find a range of available options for boosting your website’s speed and performance. Also helpful are the robust tools for building websites.

Best For:
Fast Website Speed 
$2.99 – $269.99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 23% – 50%

A2 Hosting provides hosting services for the popular content management systems and plugins: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Users also get a robust web hosting catalog with shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting plans.

Best Features

Fast Speed

When tested, A2 Hosting has achieved an average server response time of 129ms for London sites and an average loading speed of 320ms.

Website Speed Optimization

The web host provides an advanced feature with capabilities like an NVMe drive, an advanced caching system, and an enhanced webserver to generate faster website performance. This feature is not available on all plans, however.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All shared web hosting plans, apart from the cheapest, get unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage.

Free Backups & Migration

Website migration is taken care of for free. Users also get free automatic backups.

Drag-and-drop Website Builder

There’s an intuitive drag-and-drop tool and free website themes for creating a website.

High Uptime

While A2 Hosting guarantees an uptime percentage of 99.9%, the hosting provider has achieved 100% uptime over six months.

eCommerce Features

A2 Hosting provides helpful solutions for creating an eCommerce store, such as PayPal merchant accounts and 1-click setups for AbanteCart, OpenCart, and Magento apps


UK Web Hosting FAQ

What is the average cost of hosting a website in the UK?

Hosting a website in the UK can range from as low as £2 per month to higher than £1000 per month.
The typical cost of hosting a website depends on how powerful your needed web hosting solution and features are. 

Small businesses typically go for hosting providers that range from £2/month to £400/month, while enterprises need web hosts that might cost £1000 and above.  

Shared web hosting is the cheapest form of hosting there is, with prices ranging from £2 to £10/month.  

Dedicated web hosting has the most expensive hosting plans, so expect to pay as much as £106 to £400/month for SMBs.  
In between are cloud and VPS hosting. These web hosts typically range from £8 to £100/month. 

What is the best UK web host for small businesses?

With cheap web hosting solutions starting from $2.95 per month, a free domain, a drag-and-drop website builder, and a user-friendly control panel, Bluehost is one of the best web hosts for small businesses.
While the hosting provider boasts a faster-than-average response time of 400ms, the managed WordPress site hosting is its major selling point.  

Users get advanced analytics, SEO optimization, and social media management, all great features for small businesses looking to grow their online presence.  

Another good option for small businesses is SiteGround UK. Along with an extra fast server, it offers free SSL certificates and emails, genuinely reliable customer support, and a generous discount for new users. 

What is the best WordPress host in the UK?

One of the best WordPress hosts in the UK is SiteGround UK. It boasts a fast server speed of 263ms and a robust Google Cloud premium infrastructure for improved and consistent website performance.  

While SiteGround UK’s shared hosting plan is relatively affordable at £2.99/month off a 75% discount, users also get nifty freebies such as free email accounts, free SSL certificates, and a free CDN to boost website performance.  

WP Engine UK is built for hosting WordPress sites. Apart from an incredibly fast server response time, it offers secure, optimized hosting and plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce sites.  
With WP Engine UK, WordPress users can benefit from an average website loading speed of 337ms. Thanks to DDoS, malware, JavaScript protection, and daily backups, security is robust. 

What is the best shared hosting service in the UK?

Since SiteGround UK is built on a secure and very robust Google Cloud premium infrastructure, it has one of the most reliable shared hosting solutions for UK websites.  
All SiteGround’s shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth and a free CDN. They are built for eCommerce and WordPress sites.
Hostinger UK is also a great web hosting provider for UK users. The uptime guarantee of 99.99% is very reassuring, but that’s not all.  

The web host’s server speed is better than the average, and the WordPress hosting is optimized to boost the performance of WordPress sites. 

There is good news for those who want to mask their identity and business because Hostinger is an offshore hosting provider. It is a Lithuanian company with servers located all around the world. Data privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.

What is the cheapest UK web hosting service?

Hostinger UK is one of the cheapest UK web hosting services, starting at £0.99/month for first-time users.  

Cheap web hosting services that are ideal (by features) for small businesses start from £3.99 per month for first-time users and cost £8.99/month on the renewal. 

With a free domain name, free email features, unlimited bandwidth, and Cloudflare CDN support, Hostinger’s web hosting plan for small businesses is great value for money. 

What is the best UK web host for my ecommerce website?

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers for hosting eCommerce websites. At $12.95/month, users get robust ecommerce features like an easy-to-use online store builder, email marketing tools, unlimited inventory management, analytics, and one-click payment app installations.  
With Bluehost, WooCommerce features are pre-installed.  

A2 Hosting is another great option for eCommerce hosting, thanks to the variety of eCommerce solutions it provides. The hosting provider supports and provides one-click installation for eCommerce providers like AbanteCart, Magento, and OpenCart.

How do I choose the best UK web hosting company?

Choosing the best web hosting provider for your site in the UK web hosting market requires considering some essential factors: pricing-to-value ratio, reliable uptimes, speed, security, and the quality of the customer support.  By checking for these factors, you’ll be able to compare the best web hosting companies in terms of value and give yourself an edge in picking the best web host for your business.  

You should also consider if the web hosting company provides SEO optimization tools as those are important for your website’s visibility and audience engagement.  

What are the different types of hosting?

There are four major types of web hosting:

Shared Hosting: is the cheapest and most basic type of web hosting. With shared web hosting, different websites share the resources of a single server. As a result, shared web hosting services are limited and ideal for small businesses or personal websites. 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting: provides more resources than shared hosting. A single server is split into virtual servers, and then these virtual servers can be used by individual websites. There are still limitations, but they are not as much as with shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: is typically the most powerful and expensive type of web hosting. Users have a dedicated server to themselves and have complete technical control over how they utilize the server. Consequently, dedicated web hosting services provide superb speed, power, and reliability. 

Cloud Hosting: pools the resources of multiple remote servers into one cloud server to serve an individual website. Cloud web hosting services are often cheaper than virtual hosting and more reliable than web hosting, making it a better option for small businesses. It also provides more scalability.

Aside from these four major categories, there are other types of web hosting that serve unique purposes. These include:

– Reseller hosting solutions for people that want to resell web hosting to other sites. 
WordPress hosting services that are built for hosting and optimizing WordPress sites. 

Which UK Web Host Should I Try?

Your preferred UK web hosting provider should at the very least have good uptime rates and provide speed that’s faster than average. Your available options can then be considered based on your budget, the resources you need, and special requirements.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can go for these reliable web hosts:

Best Server Speed

SiteGround UK

Best web hosting UK service for incredible server response time, great security, and very responsive customer support.
Best Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger UK

UK web host with a very fast server speed, a free domain name, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
Best Cloud Hosting


A web host with multiple servers and a better-than-average server response time for WordPress sites.
Best For Small Websites


A cheap web host with a comprehensive interface, user-friendly website builder, and generous storage space.
Best WordPress Hosting

WP Engine UK

Best web hosting UK service for WordPress sites with fast server speed, free WordPress themes, and robust security.

If you want more in-depth reviews about some of the best web hosting providers, check my articles on:

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