15 Best WordPress Web Hosting Services in 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.
Best WordPress Web Hosting Services

If you are looking into building a personal website or an online shop, search no more! We got your back with the best WordPress Hosting services on the market for 2022. Those will boost your blogging and your personal brand.

Lucky for you, there are various WordPress plans available on the market! These plans are designed to suit everybody’s budget and website goals.

This article will help you navigate through the sea of web hosting and find the one offering the best value for money. We will dive right into some optimized features to propel your traffic and revenues to the next level.

In the next ten minutes, you will be fully-equipped to adequately choose which hosting plan fits both your goals and needs.

So without further ado, let's dive right in!

What are the Best WordPress Web Hosting Services?

1. Bluehost

Best all-rounded WordPress hosting platform with user-friendly interface, affordable plans, and extensive highly-efficient features.

Bluehost is the Best all rounded WordPress hosting platform with efficient features

Bluehost is renowned for its reliable uptime of 99.96%. Your website will hardly experience any downtime with the stunning reliability of Bluehost. For the last 12 months, the hosting platform had a total of only four hours of downtime.

With its intuitive cPanel feature, you can easily navigate and customize your website. The portal and coding features enable both advanced and novice users to create a website to their own image.

We can agree that having a quick online refresh rate ensures more traffic. Bluehost comes in clutch with an average load speed of 641ms. Bluehost will unquestionably provide ample speed even if it is not the fastest web hosting out there.

Starting at a price of $2.75/month, Bluehost provides all the necessary features needed to launch a website. The starter pack includes 50GB of storage, a free SSL certificate and unmetered bandwidth.

Bluehost also offers secure options like a free Cloudflare (CDN), Spam Experts, SiteLock and domain privacy protection. Codeguard reinforces privacy security by offering daily backups.

If you are scared of losing your emails to a virus attack, fear not for Bluehost comes with Postini, a top-notch security tool from Google.

You will also be given a 30-money back period in case of disappointment. However, be careful as according to its terms, users can only get refunds for the web hosting cost and not from add-ons and domains. If a free domain was included in the package, $15.99 will be deducted from your user-invoice.

With their trustworthy 24/7 customer support, you can get your questions answered through emails, phone calls, and live chat. Bluehost also offers a vast knowledge base on the most frequent questions and some useful tips to understand its interface.

Bluehost provides a free WordPress site transfer for all of their monthly plans. However, some conditions include that the website must be WordPress-powered, and a minimum of 30 days period should be observed before requesting a migration.

By supplying a shared hosting feature, you have access to its minimum hosting plan at $8.99. For WordPress hosting, Bluehost offers a special plan that includes several perks such as a staging area.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) ensures that your privacy when using both shared or individual hosting plans is secured. Virtual walls separate your projects from others despite using a shared server.

You may employ the automatic installer to add various software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joopal and Magento. The list of plugins also involves SEO tools, marketing features and social media channels. Along with marketing tools, Bluehost offers professional marketing advice to boost your online presence.


Unmanaged WordPress

Managed WordPress


  • Reliable uptime
  • Cheap subscription
  • Advanced security options
  • Easy-to-use


  • Higher renewal prices
  • Constant upsells
  • US servers only

2. SiteGround

WordPress hosting platform with reliable uptime and fast customer service at cheap prices

SiteGround is a WordPress Hosting Platform with reliable uptime and fast customer service at cheap prices

SiteGround has a near-perfect uptime performance of 99.99%. This uptime ensures that the website is always running 24/7/365.

Compared to Dreamhost, SiteGround has a slower average loading time of 756 ms. Yet, the online refresh rate is still above average.

Famously known for its excellent customer support, SiteGround offers a 24/7 access through live chats and hotline. The hosting platform also provides a knowledge database for quick answers.

The in-built free migration plugin enables you to transfer your website on SiteGround hosting servers. Unlike other hosting platforms, SiteGround enables an unlimited number of website migrations with their plugin.

This powerful host provides a free SSL certificate and Content Delivery Network (CDN) to protect websites and their content. From personal IP addresses to credit card numbers, the SSL certificate assures that no hackers or scammers will get access to your client’s details. The free cloudflare CDN stores large files such as images or videos on various servers across the world for quicker access to website visitors wherever they are.

SiteGround provides a holistic interface for both beginner and advanced users. Amateurs can install famous website builders like Wix to design their website. Conversely, webmasters can have full control of their website through coding.

Integrations with WordPress like Joomla and Drupal can be quickly installed for more features. However, advanced tools such as multi-level caching, SSH, Git and PHP are only available in higher plans.

SiteGround has developed an AI-bot prevention tool that predicts attacks before they happen. From their reports, the host claims that AI-bot stops up to two million brute force attempts on its servers every hour.

SiteGround guarantees a 30-day money back across all their shared plans while their higher plans like VPS subscriptions come with a 15-day refund. However, paid tools like the domain name fees and other plugins are not refunded. Please note that their refund policy is only applied for first-time users.


Pros :

  • Best client assistance, uptime, security, and paces.
  • 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Free day by day reinforcements and reestablishes on all plans.
  • Customer support is quick and knowledgeable.

Cons :

  • No windows alternative, just Linux-based
  • No promoting credits

3. WP Engine

Fast loading, secure and reputable WordPress hosting software.

WP Engine is among the fastest hosting services on the market.

With its 337 ms average loading time, WP Engine is among the fastest hosting services on the market. WP Engine is a hosting platform for WordPress-powered websites only. Choosing from the long list of plugins, themes and features will ensure smooth maintenance for your website.

WP Engine offers website building tools if you are starting from scratch. Otherwise, for existing websites, you can use a website migration tool to switch your site on WP Engine hosting plans.

Along with lightning speed, WP Engine provides powerful security features, such as an SSL certificate to protect your website from potential attacks. With 19 secure servers guarded by WordPress security experts, your website information is entirely safe.

Because of their efficient eCommerce features, your marketing strategy is guaranteed to go up a notch. WordPress plugins offer marketing tools like DirectIQ and Mailflow to increase your brand exposure.

A dedicated support team of WordPress experts is available 24/7 via chats, phone calls or emails (for enterprise clients only). With up to 97% customer satisfaction, WP Engine also has an extensive database of articles, guides and tutorials to ensure your full integration on the platform.

Accompanied by a reliable uptime, WP Engine has a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with MaxCDN for faster loading pages. You can even test the loading speed of your site with their Page Performance feature. Besides displaying the results, this tool identifies any upgrades required.

Several WP Engine servers are found in all continents to provide consistent fast-loading pages wherever you are. In fact, you have access to premium security features to block JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks, brute force attacks and DDoS attacks. The security tools are constantly updating automatically for optimum protection. WP Engine also undergoes frequent code reviews and security audits to rectify any cracks in their security.



  • Best enterprise support with little to no wait times
  • user -friendly interface
  • Very secure logistics for websites
  • Fast page loading


  • More expensive in general
  • Exceeding numbers of visitors and storage leads to extra fees
  • Some plugins and themes are not allowed

4. 10web

Affordable WordPress web hosting services with advanced security tools, free backups and efficient customer support

10web.io is a affordable WordPress Web Hosting services with advanced security tools, free backups and efficient customer support

10Web offers managed hosting plans designed for optimum hosting WordPress infrastructure. The hosting platform is powered by Google Cloud.

In the managed hosting plans, 10Web provides free automatic backups that can be scheduled according to your preferences. The software can perform full backups, database backups or differential backups. The backups are then stored in an AWS-hosted cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Azure.

You can schedule security scanning to detect vulnerabilities and unauthorized file changes. All information is then displayed on the control panel. If you need to restore corrupt files, you can do so in one click.

10Web offers a speed test tool that assesses the performance of your website and identifies any slowdowns. In one click, the results are obtained with a letter-grading system. Along with the ratings, 10Web offers optimized recommendations for improved performance.

The hosting platform includes a powerful Google Analytics plugin that reports the statistics of your website. These include information about eCommerce revenue, search analytics, and 10Web admin area.

Personalized notifications can be added and managed with the WordPress Dashboard. Besides, the WordPress Dashboard also displays data from Google Ads integration for an in depth analysis.

10Web determines its hosting plans based on expected resource usage and traffic data instead of shared or dedicated servers. Yet, scaling on demand features are also enabled if there is an unexpected surge in traffic.

Moreover, Google Cloud hosting has servers on all continents. The proximity between servers and clients decreases transfer time. A staging platform is also included to test plugins and add-ons before publishing your website.

A free SSL certificate is included in all plans to ensure that your visitors’ personal details are unreadable and secure. If a website is hosted elsewhere, 10Web provides a migration tool that brings the website onto its servers in just a few clicks.

With its 24/7 assistance, 10Web’s customer service team is proud of its 90%+ satisfaction rate. The advisors are WordPress experts that can solve any difficulties in little time. You can use the live chat, email or knowledge database to get answers.



  • All-in-one platform for website building and hosting
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Secure backups and efficient security features
  • Free trial available


  • No emails available with hosting
  • Premium plugins can only be update with account dashboard

5. Rocket.net

Managed WordPress hosting company with fast cloud infrastructure

Rocket.net is a Managed WordPress hosting company with fast cloud infrastructure

Rocket.net is a managed WordPress hosting company that offers fast and efficient WordPress solutions. They hand-crafted a user-friendly dashboard that displays all features needed to manage the websites. Rocket.net also has an amazing uptime of 99.99%

Along with Rocket.net control panel, WordPress dashboard is also accessible in one click. Moreover, your traffic is enhanced by Cloudflare Enterprise. You get leverage benefits for a fraction of its price. Through priority routing, WordPress websites are prioritized over the traffic globally.

The dashboard allows you to check the analytics of their websites. There are three options to view the website’s traffic, namely the statistics from the last 24 hours, 30 days and 60 days.

With their fast cloud platform, Rocket.net uses the NGINX server that is capable of segregating the content quickly compared to other hosting servers. The PHP 7.4 version also boosts the software’s performance.

There are two Web Application Firewalls (WAF) that power the host’s network. Cloudflare and their in-house Imunify360 WAF ensures robust protection against SQL injections, cross site scripting (XSS) and comment spam without any plugins required.

With its average loading time of 588ms, Rocket.net provides an above average service to its users. Moreover, all of their managed WordPress plans have Brotli compression and one-click staging websites to enable plugin and apps testing.

Both automated and manual backups are available to save the latest version of your website. The entire site is converted into a compressed backup file in the zip format. Also, restoration is easily done from a simple mission control center.

Rocket.net offers a 24/7 customer service with WordPress professionals who can help you solve your issues. The team is accessible through emails (ticketing system), phone calls, and live chats. A knowledge-base section is also provided with self-help guides for users.



  • Fast loading pages
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Powerful security features
  • WAF protection


  • Expensive for individual websites
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Works for WordPress websites only

6. Kinsta

WordPress managed hosting specialist that is ideal for scalable websites and multiple website owners.

Kinsta is a WordPress managed hosting specialist that is ideal for scalable websites and multiple website owners

Kinsta is a world-renowned WordPress hosting platform due to its optimized environment. Kinsta performs uptime checks to test the performance of your website every five minutes to ensure that it is up and running. This also allows the response team to detect any downtime problems.

Similar to WP Engine, Kinsta provides a Google Cloud Engine for WordPress-powered websites. You can choose among 20+ global data centers to host your site at different locations. Also, website migrations allows you to smoothly upload your site onto Kinsta’s hosting platform.

Aside from website migrations, a staging site was designed to help you test plugins and code edits before publishing your website. Moreover, you get four types of caching for popular plugins, including server-level caching and in-house WordPress caching memory.

Through the Kinsta Account Management Dashboard, you can easily navigate the interface to create new WordPress websites, update plugins and manage backups. The dashboard is customizable to suit each customer’s preferences.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) starts at 50 GB with KeyCDN usage at entry-level. Coding masters have access to all versions of PHP that are specialized for WordPress websites. You can switch between them in a click.

Besides, Kinsta offers automatic daily backups that are kept for a minimum of two weeks at the entry-level plans. Yet, the storage period for backups increases with higher packages. Restoring backups is also easy, as you can deploy them to the live site or staging site. If you are not satisfied with the daily backups, you can upgrade them to six-hour or hourly intervals for an extra monthly fee.

For optimum security measures, Kinsta provides a free SSL certificate and secure FTP (SFTP) access to web space. SFTP allows safe uploading and editing of files as the server file manager only gives access to FTP content.

Though you are able to update plugins on your dashboard, there are no automatic plugin or WordPress core software updates. In addition, a list of banned plugins is also provided, including some caching and optimization plug in. The lack of these tools may greatly affect the performance of your website..

To make up for their limitations, Kinsta guarantees that they will fix a hacked website for free for their clients. Their customer service is also available through a 24/7 live chat channel and ticketing system. Unfortunately, there is no phone support even for advanced plans.



  • Free migration by the WordPress migration team
  • Optimized site speed
  • Expert customer support
  • Robust security features
  • Highly scalable plans for all clients


  • StartUp price plan is expensive for small businesses
  • No emails service provided
  • List of banned plugins

7. Hostinger

Very affordable WordPress hosting platform with unlimited and free bonus features.

Hostinger is a very affordable WordPress hosting platform with unlimited and free bonus features

Known for its 345 ms loading time, Hostinger is faster than most hosts. The hosting platform is also proud about its multiple servers in the US, Asia, and Europe (UK). The servers are connected to 1000 Mbps internet, ensuring that the loading times are stable.

A free website builder is provided for clients with tons of templates to choose from. Moreover, a free domain name is also available for the Premium and Business plans. For additional domain names, you will have to pay extra monthly fees.

The modern and user-friendly interface is ideal for both amateurs and webmasters. All information such as the login details, billing information, domain management and emails are found on the dashboard.Indeed, with its large icons, the control panel is accessible for all.

For the Premium and Business plans, you get free and unlimited emails accounts. All email accounts are found on the control panel. You can set up autoresponders and forward emails to customers from your control panel.

Bandwidth and database storage are unlimited for all plans except for the Single Web Hosting plan that only provides 10GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth and one MySQL database. You are also restricted to one email account for this plan.

Hostinger offers multilingual customer services to support all clients. Through live chats, and integrated intercom, you have 24/7 access to WordPress professionals. You also get an extensive library database filled with articles, guides and tutorials for quick answers.

Compared to other hosting platforms, Hostinger has a lower Uptime of 99.74%. Yet, Hostinger offers optimum WordPress site management with easy installation of Apps and CMS in one click.



  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast loading pages
  • Large selection of hosting plans
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • Not all plans offers a Windows option
  • No phone customer support
  • Shared hosting plans are limited

8. Dreamhost

Cheap WordPress hosting platform with a wide range of services and packages. Perfect for webmasters to highlight their technical skills

Dreamhost is a Cheap WordPress Hosting Platform with a wide range of services and packages

Dreamhost does not offer a long list of features compared to other hosting platforms. Still, the tools provided are sufficient enough to help you manage your website. In addition, Dreamhost makes up for its lack of features with its easy and reliable interface.

In fact, WordPress recommends Dreamhost users. With their small price tag, the host offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, backups and free SSL certificates. Also, a free domain name is available for the first year with a $15.99 renewal fee.

You can easily install WordPress and configure a domain name with free Cloudflare CDN. There are several hosting packages specially designed for WordPress websites. You can benefit from the free themes, 50,000 plugins and automated updates.

The dashboard panel has a modern and clean design that helps you navigate the software without any hiccups. Despite that the panel is not cPanel base, all options are carefully laid out.

You can create MySQL databases depending on the paid plans. The Starter plan database is limited to six while other paid plans provide unlimited databases to users.

In contrast, the unlimited disk space and bandwidth features come with some conditions. Your website should be properly built to avoid sharing hosting problems or else Dreamhost will move you to their VPS plan. Unfortunately, WordPress, VPS and email plans do not offer the unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Being carbon neutral, Dreamhost is the ideal hosting service for more environmentally conscious people. They report that their data centers include efficient cooling and processes while using clean wind programs to generate and use renewable energy.

You may rest assured as there are no higher renewable prices. In addition, paid plans for a three year subscription is much lower than the one year and two years subscription.

Despite being affordable, Dreamhost did not cut down on their security and privacy policies. You get free privacy features like the Multi Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP and a free SSL certificate.

Dreamhost has a 100% reliable Uptime for all of its hosting plans. Their claims are backed up by their compensation measures that offer one day credit fees for every hour of downtime. The compensation can go up to a 10% monthly fee.

Their 24/7 customer support provides a knowledge base with discussion forums where you can get answers from other users and official representatives. Moreover, a live chat feature is also available from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time from Mondays to Firdays.



  • Affordable price point
  • Good uptime and loading speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth and generous storage
  • Modern and user-friendly backend


  • Limited one-click installs
  • Only US servers
  • Lack of some advanced features

9. InMotion Hosting

WordPress hosting services that provides longest money-back guarantee and powerful security measures

InMotion Hosting is a WordPress Hosting services that provides longest money back guarantee and powerful security measures

InMotion has a customer base of more than 300,000 domains since 2001. With its average speed of 463 ms and uptime of 99.93%, InMotion is among one of the pillars in the hosting industry.

The loading page speed does not only improve user experience but is also an important factor for Google’s algorithm for SEO. InMotion has shown consistent increase in their speed over the past year.

Besides, InMotion hosting provides various eCommerce options for online shops such as the OpenCart or PrestaShop. However, payments options may be limited. According to customer reviews, the eCommerce tools are better than iPower and JustHost tools as they come with no extra cost.

You get a wide range of security features such as free remote backup services for accounts under 10GB in size and Sucuri Security plugin for WordPress websites. For secure email accounts, you obtain McAfee spam and virus protection. You may also buy an SSL certificate at $99.99 per year with a dedicated IP address for more security. However, InMotion does not cater for Windows-powered servers.

Several features such as popular CMS addons and plugins are available for WordPress websites. In fact, Inmotion has a portfolio of over 310 applications and integrations.

A handy three-step wizard was designed to connect to Google App integration. This tool helps you set up a new domain and use Google Drive as your storage. Moreover, InMotion has a secure SmartWall Threat Defense System (TDS) with Corero Network Security to block any brute force attacks, DoS or DDoS attacks.

Yet, Inmotion provides a discounted price tag that only comes with signing up a two-year contract. For shorter subscriptions, the cost rises slightly. Moreover, you get a free site restoration feature but automated backups are paired with extra monthly fees.

InMotion customer support is available through live chats, phone calls, emails and skype 24/7/365. There is also a vast knowledge base filled with guides and tutorials to answer your most pertinent question.



  • Efficient uptime
  • Large range of hosting plans
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use software without coding


  • No Windows servers
  • Month-to-month payments on selected plans

10. Hostgator

WordPress hosting platform that provides an array of useful plans to website owners

Hostgator is a WordPress hosting platform that provides an array of useful plans to website owners

Hostgator provides a basic shared hosting plan that offers unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain for the first year and SSL certificate. With eCommerce tools in hands such as Mojo Marketplace, the hosting software is ideal for both small and large businesses.

The hosting platform has a stable uptime of 99.93%. Hostgator also provides an uptime guarantee that gives you one month of credit if their uptime decreases less than 99.90%. However, their average loading time is 857 ms which is not the fastest speed among hosting services.

In addition, Security features are limited and they come at extra cost. One example is SiteLock ($19.99/year) that runs daily scans to find any possible breaches and notifies users instantly. You also can access Spam Assassin to block any spamming on email accounts.

You get free migration of websites for 30 days after the registration period. All files, images, scripts and domain name are transferred to Hostgator. The shared hosting plans come with only a single cPanel migration while higher paid plans like resellers have access to 30 transfers.

Tailor-made for beginners and webmasters, Hostgator provides tutorials, prompt guides and coding tools such as PHP to navigate the software. A website builder, Gator, is also available with free hosting and domain name for amateurs.

Customer support is accessible through live chats, knowledge base, emails and phone calls 24/7. WordPress experts deliver quick and professional answers with little waiting time.

Despite the affordable monthly plans, several important features like backups, malware and SEO tools come with extra fees. Those pricing ‘tricks’ can easily confuse and mislead you into thinking that you can save money. Besides, for renewal pricing of monthly plans, the bill increases significantly.


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  • Excellent for novice users
  • Helpful website builder tool
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable monthly prices


  • Extra costs for important features
  • No Windows-based hosting plans

11. Hostpapa

Multilingual WordPress hosting platform with the best overall uptime and page loading speed

Hostpapa is a Multilingual WordPress Hosting platform with the best overall uptime and page loading speed

Hostpapa has greatly risen because of their overall uptime of 99.99%. Their stable and reliable uptime makes Hostpapa among the best hosting platforms. In addition, their average page loading speed is at 565 ms, which is among the fastest from our list after A2 hosting and Hostinger.

All shared hosting plans use Panda Cloud antispam protection to monitor and detect any intrusion or attacks. The server firewall along with a free SSL certificate, dedicated IP address and automated backups reassures users that their website and its contents are protected.

You get free website transfers even in the entry-level tier along with Cloudflare CDN. A cPanel Control Panel is provided to manage all your data and website transfers in a few clicks. Moreover, Hostpapa provides a free domain for a full yearly payment without any hidden fees.

With no monthly billing options, you will need to choose between a yearly, two years or three years contract. However, Hostpapa offers a 30-day money back guarantee for most of their hosting plans.

For your WordPress website, Hostpapa has more than 400 applications and plugins. All plugins installation and updates are displayed on the cPanel dashboard for easier management and navigation.

You have access to extensive customer support via their tutorials, emails, ticketing, phone calls and even fax. With their 24/7 customer service, Hostpapa provides support in different languages including French, Spanish and German. One-to-one sessions with experts via video or telephone conferences are available to guide and answer client’s questions.


Unmanaged WordPress

Managed WordPress

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  • Basic plans hosts two websites
  • Free domain with no hidden fees
  • Powerful security features
  • WordPress users have access to extensive variety of plugins and add-ons


  • High-priced add-ons
  • No free backup
  • High renewable pricing

12. GoDaddy

WordPress hosting service with dominant WordPress registrars and cheap monthly plans

GoDaddy is a WordPress Hosting Platform with dominant WordPress registrars and cheap monthly plans

Godaddy is a pillar in the domain name registrars as users can obtain various extensions. It offers cheap domain names at $11.99 for the first year and $17.99 after.

The hosting website provides an impressive uptime of 99.95% with only 4.5 hours in total downtime for the past year . With 518ms speed for the page loading time, Godaddy provides a powerful website performance, even with its cheaper plans. Moreover, GoDaddy has a special hosting plan for WordPress websites that connects to servers with higher performance.

In addition, WordPress software is pre-installed along with a variety of themes. You get 150+ one-click install applications, including developer tools such as cPanel and MySQL.

Compared to other hosting platforms, GoDaddy offers both Windows and Linux shared web servers. Moreover, you get steep discounts for long-term subscriptions. With the free Office 365 Email, both you and your visitors can benefit from the email features. These include access to team collaboration, online conferencing and even VoIP phone calling.

A Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a sleek and clean web adaptation of the Outlook mail client. It offers essential tools like calendars, contacts and tasks that are available on your browsers.

For security measures, GoDaddy provides Exchange Online Protection to filter and prevent any spamming in your emails. This feature can be found under the Security and Compliance panel. Besides, you can create up to 50 FTP accounts for the Economy and Deluxe plans and unlimited accounts with the Ultimate and Maximum plans.

For databases, the latest PHP version and MySQL are provided. Programming languages such as Python and Perl are also supported on the software. Yet, there is a lack of advanced tools like staging site and Git repositories.

24/7/365 customer support is offered via speedy live chats, international and multilingual phone support and a knowledge base. With little waiting time from live chats, the WordPress professionals can walk you through the solving process.


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  • Efficient 24/7 customer support
  • Accommodates both Windows and Linux websites
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Email integrated Microsoft apps


  • No cloud hosting
  • Base plan lacks important features
  • Renewal rates are higher

13. GreenGeeks

Robust WordPress hosting provider with environmentally-friendly services

GreenGeeks is a Robust WordPress hosting platform with environmentally friendly services

GreenGeeks stands out from the competition due to its green approach for hosting websites. While being conscious of its carbon footprint, the hosting platform did not compromise its performance. Indeed, GreenGeek has one of the best uptime on our list with 99.95%.

With a higher average loading speed of 451ms, visitors do not have to wait to access your websites. Moreover, GreenGeek provides a free domain name registration and website migration. It should be noted that the domain name is free for the first year only. The renewal price starts at $13.95 per year.

You get SSD web space, various domain extensions and a free website builder to launch your website. All plans provide eCommerce friendly tools, unlimited email accounts and CDN integration. These features ensure that all of your website categories receive high-quality hosting services.

The free CDN is powered by Cloudflare and provides optimized websites for a global reach. Cloudflare enables you to cache content and use the closest servers to visitors for faster results.

For security measures, all plans obtain a free SSL certificate, nightly backups and SSH access to ensure that your data is backed up regularly. Other tools such as real-time security scanning, automatic brute force detection, Spam Assassin protection and password-protected website guarantee that hackers cannot breach clients’ websites.

GreenGeek offers data centers in four different locations, namely Chicago US, Phoenix US, Montreal CA and Amsterdam NL. By choosing the right server, you can boost your website SEO and page loading speed. All servers are updated and regulated for top-quality storage of data.

You get 24/7 customer service through live chats, emails and an online Help center including articles and tutorials. Phone support is also available from 9 am to 12 am EST on Monday to Friday.

Yet, the hosting service has some downfalls such as higher renewal pricing. The advertised low prices are only available for a three years subscription. Moreover, the 30-days money back guarantee deducts $24.95 if you used the free domain option. Otherwise, the price for a domain name ranges from $3.00 to $9.99/year.


GreenGeeks Pricing plan

GreenGeek provides scalable Linux-based hosting solutions for scalable websites. Shared hosting starts with the Lite plan at $2.49/month. The plan offers unmetered data transfers, free SSL certificate, 50GB web space and 50 email performance.

For WordPress hosting, the plans are similar to shared web hosting plans.

VPS hosting plans begin with a $39.95/month plan. Some features are 2GB RAM, 4 vCPU and 10TB transfer. A cPanel and 50GB SSD disk space are also included.

The last category is the Reseller hosting at $19.95/month. The plan includes 60GB SSD disk space, 600GB transfer, 25 cPanel accounts and free migration.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Packed with useful features
  • Affordable prices
  • Skilled customer support


  • Setup fee for monthly billing
  • Phone support is not 24/7
  • Hidden prices for domain name

14. A2 Hosting

WordPress hosting platform that offers the fastest server speeds and strong uptime

A2 Hosting is a WordPress hosting platform that offers the fastest server speeds and strong uptime

Famously known for its fast page loading at 279 ms for the last year, A2 Hosting ranks first for its average speed. In addition, A2 Hosting provides reliable uptime with an average of 99.97%. The total downtime was around two hours for the whole year.

Along with reliable hosting services, A2 Hosting undergoes monitoring and malware scanning with extra layers of encryption to protect your website. Protected by the HackScan, the host provides 24/7 monitoring services to prevent any attacks.

For website security, SSL certificates are available for safe online transactions and storage of your clients personal information. However, A2 Hosting charges $49.95 per year for a one-year SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption.

With automatic backups, A2 Hosting saves the backup for 7 days. You can easily restore your files with A2 Hosting free server rewind feature. But, this option is only available for their Drive and Tubo plans.

eCommerce WordPress websites can benefit from numerous eCommerce tools such as PrestaShop and OpenCart. These are available in a one-click set up. Free migration for one website is offered for all plans. Higher paid plans such as VPS and Reseller plans provide up to 25 free site migrations.

You will enjoy performance-enhancing plugins that are available with the Turbo Boost plan. All hosting packages include a free Cloudflare CDN that contributes to faster speed for both CMS and websites.

A2 Hosting caters for both beginners and advanced users with its user-friendly interface and developer tools. Webmasters can access multiple versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL and Ruby to customize their websites.

An anytime-money back guarantee refunds you at any time during their contracts by providing a prorated amount for the remaining time. However, the refund request will be insured through Paypal after 120 days and additional features such as domain registrations and migration fees are not refundable.

A2 Hosting uses a Green Web hosting approach with its Carbonfund.org partner for renewable energies. All of its data centers and servers run with renewable energies and are made of environmentally-friendly hardware.

24/7 customer service is also available for you via phone, live chats and emails where you can talk to WordPress experts to get quick answers. A comprehensive knowledge base filled with support materials is also provided for clarification.


Unmanaged WordPress:

Managed WordPress


  • Fastest page loading speed
  • Advanced features
  • Reliable uptime
  • Both Windows and Linux-based hosting


  • Backups at extra charges
  • Hidden fees for anytime-money back guarantee
  • Limited features on cheapest plan

15. iPage

A pillar among WordPress hosting services with affordable prices and simple plan structures

iPage is a pillar among WordPress Hosting Services with affordable prices and simple plan structures

iPage provides consistent and cheap web hosting plans. The cheapest monthly plan is at $1.99/month for a three year subscription. Moreover, all plans provide a free domain registration for the first year along with a free SSL certificate and free email address.

Your email account is linked to the domain and offers email forwarding, spam filters, virus checking and POP3 accounts. The cheapest plan also comes with unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases.

However, iPage has an Acceptable Use Policy that does not allow large web space projects on their unlimited disk space. These projects include cloud backups storage and HD pictures.

You have access to eCommerce tools like OSCommerce, Opencart and PrestaShop to facilitate website management. In addition, you get various add-ons and plugins to improve your website performance. Although the control panel is not a cPanel, its modern and clean setup makes it easy to use.

While you can create unlimited FTP accounts, SSH access is not available. iPage provides a range of security features like PHP 7.3 and malware scan. However, most security tools come with added cost and do not include multi-factor authentication.

In contrast, iPage has a poor uptime performance of only 99.80% and slow loading time of 926 ms. These results put the hosting platform at the bottom of our list. To rectify this problem, iPage provides 24/7 uptime monitoring that notifies the customer support team if a site goes down.

You will have to purchase their Site Backup Tool at $15/year to prevent any mishap. Besides, iPage does not provide CDN features for its clients. The hosting platform provides hosting plans for Linux users only. Programming languages, including Python and Perl are supported but no integrated caching system is provided.

Their 30-day money back guarantee enables you to test out their services first. However, domain names and additional services are not refunded. If clients used the free domain feature, a $15 fee will be deducted after cancelling their contract.

Customer support is offered through an online help desk, ticketing system, live chats and phone calls. Tutorials and guides are available if clients opt to fix the problems themselves.



  • Cheap first term
  • Simple plan structure
  • Modern-looking panel
  • 30-day money guarantee


  • Steep prices at renewal
  • Lowest uptime and average speed
  • External backups and CDN needed
  • Extra fees for additional services

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a hosting software that is pre-configured to host a WordPress website effortlessly. There are no standard requirements for “WordPress Hosting” so hosting plans will differ from host to host. WordPress Hosting is known for its simple, secure and faster execution.

Moreover, WordPress Hosting is maximized to meet WordPress performance and security needs. Also, a few of the WordPress hosts will modernize your WordPress software as required. In the purest, the website’s characteristics and performance will vary depending on the type of WordPress Hosting you go with.

Generally, websitesl be equipped with features like one-click WordPress installs or automatic updates to the WordPress core. WordPress Hosting services have WordPress experts that can solve technical issues better than your standard hosting staff.

Two WordPress hosting categories were created to cater for every user’s needs, namely managed and unmanaged hosting. Managed hosting software will manage the speed, performance and security of WordPress websites. Here is a list of hosting companies that provide managed WordPress hosting:

WordPress Hosting is not a requirement as WordPress websites can also use usual hosting plans, as long as they have PHP 5.2.4 and MYSQL 5.0.15 or higher versions of both. However, the website will not reach its full potential without the support of an optimized WordPress infrastructure. These include unsuccessful loading of certain components, increased load time or unreachable website.

In fact, a study from Akamai showed that 40% of visitors will click out of your website after three seconds of waiting. Thus, it is more beneficial to choose a WordPress Hosting to ensure that your website has faster loading pages.

What Features to Look For in WordPress Hosting?

We made a list of features that you need to look out for to ensure an increase in traffic and secure websites.

1. Finding and Removing Malware

Hackers can use malware to steal your customers' information, vandalize your site, and ruin your reputation. Website Security products such as SSL certificates and FTP/SFTP accounts detect malware and remove it before it causes damage. Siteground has an AI prevention feature that identifies attacks before they even happen.

2. Integrated speed and performance

Fast page loading speed is a crucial feature for a surge in traffic and online presence. As mentioned above, people click out of a website when the loading time is more than three seconds. From our list, A2 Hosting is the fastest hosting platform with an average page loading time of 279 ms.

3. Tools to be visible on Google

WordPress SEO plugins analyze your pages and automatically manage your website content. These plugins ensure a boost in your online presence as your website will appear on the first search result pages on your browser. Hosting services like Bluehost provide additional SEO tools to propel your website to the first search result page.

4. Daily backups and one-click restore

Daily backups are useful in the event that your website undergoes a data failure caused by malware such as brute force or DDoS attacks. 10Web provides free automated daily backups that can be scheduled to your preferences. It also offers four types of backups to accommodate your needs. Restoring your website is done via the dashboard in one-click.

5. Migrate your existing site

Various hosting platforms, like SiteGround, provide unlimited and free migration of websites onto their hosting services. This enables you to move your website from one host to another without having to start from scratch.

6. Disk Space & Bandwidth

When you want to host a website on the web, you need some disk space that will be used for things like different code files, databases, and media. Now that you have hosted some files and made them into a website, you will want users to access that data.

Many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth but restrict traffic speed, which can also influence the performance of your website. Dreamhost provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space for all of its hosting plans.


Uptime is the time when your website works online and when users can access the site without any problems. It is usually measured in percentages from the total expected uptime (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week). Siteground and Hostpapa offer 99.99% of uptime.

Security details

You have to pay attention to the different security features included in the plan, to ensure better safety for your server. Be aware that most web host companies do not include pricey security options into cheap shared plans (for example, your server will be more secure if the package includes RAID, server backup, manual server restart, advanced network architecture, or other similar services). Bluehost and WP Engine offer the most advanced security features at affordable prices.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 customer support is extremely important. That's why we advise that you browse the web and check different reviews for information about the support of your web host candidates. Also, browse through forums where users discuss web hosting to give you an insider’s review.

When making your first steps in hosting management, you will have many questions, and many of them will require immediate answers–that's why the working speed of customer support is so crucial. Siteground provides the best customer support with little to no waiting time.

7. Control Panel

One of the most basic apps is the control panel. You will be able to control the most complicated server processes through a very convenient interface. The most popular control panel is cPanel, but some web hosts will offer you an alternative — Zpanel, Webmin, Virtualmin, or even their own customized control panel (which is not always so good as it sounds). Free cPanel plugin is offered by GoDaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost and Inmotion

8. Free Bonuses

Since the market of shared web hosting is so big, different companies try to attract more clients by offering free bonuses. Some of them will offer a free domain name, website transfers, site-building tools, or some other nice features.

When it comes to free bonuses, the main item that needs your attention is the so-called “renewal fees.” What happens here is that the company will grant you the first year of domain usage free, but later on you will have to pay yearly fees. Your web host must have a good reliability-price ratio. We recommend Bluehost, Siteground, GoDaddy and Kinsta for their bonuses with little hidden costs. 

9. Great email

Most web hosting comes with an email address, but more is required than that can only be used for these purposes. A good host will regularly scan your emails for spam and will make sure your server is not blacklisted.

With its partnership with Microsoft Office 365, GoDaddy offers additional team collaboration, online conferencing, and VoIP phone calling via Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) is also offered with calendars, contacts, and tasks features available for users. 

10. SSL Certificate

This essential security feature is beneficial for all websites, especially eCommerce sites. For secure transactions, the data is encrypted by using the SSL certificate. This feature is provided with most web host plans.

In fact, payment gateways may not provide their services without an SSL certificate. Services like Bluehost, SiteGround, WP Engine, Hostinger, and GoDaddy all provide free SSL certificates in their monthly plans. However, some may require additional fees after the first year. 

11. Scalability and Long-term growth

Scalability is crucial to cover spikes in demand as they may happen unexpectedly. You need flexible hosting plans to accommodate the larger traffic. For websites with increasing activity, hosting plans with scalable resources would be ideal.

Moreover, a good web host should provide all the resources needed to grow your brand. The host company must offer various plans to provide room for growth; from shared servers to VPS and cloud servers. Fortunately, Bluehost, SiteGround, WP Engine, and Hostinger offer an extensive variety of hosting plans.

WordPress Web Hosting FAQ

What is the most popular WordPress web hosting provider?

Hosting over 2 million domains, Bluehost is arguably the most popular provider. With a basic plan starting at $3.95 a month, this makes the service accessible to almost anyone. 

This tariff offers features like 1 website hosting, 50 GB of SSD storage, custom themes and 24/7 customer service. You also get a free domain that’s valid for a year and a free SSL certificate to show people that they can trust the authenticity of your website. 

Nevertheless, Bluehost only allows you to open your site in the US and readers from other regions could potentially face a very slow site.

What is the cheapest WordPress web hosting service?

This goes to Hostinger that has a plan starting for as low as $1.99 a month. This plan offers features like 30 GB of SSD storage, a free SSL, a 100 GB of bandwidth and 24/7 customer service. The speed is also excellent. 

Over the past year, Hostinger’s average page loading time was 345ns. They accept multiple payment methods and even accept Bitcoin! However there are a few downsides associated with the low cost. For instance, you do not get a free domain and you cannot use Google Ad Credits. 

Hostinger would be a good option for beginners. Their multilingual customer support would also be of great help if English is not your first language.

What is the fastest WordPress web hosting service?

The fastest web hosting service is offered by WP Engine. Their highly optimised platform significantly boosts your site’s performance that are directly linked to greater conversions and SEO

They offer daily backups, automatic updates and even a continuous website monitoring. They also have an award winning team of experts that are ready to assist you 24/7/365.

Do note that the high performance is matched by its price that starts at 25$ a month. This is much more expensive than other providers.

What is the most reliable WordPress web hosting provider?

Having 99.99% of uptime and 10Web automatic backups, Siteground has got you covered. Despite having a basic plan that starts at $6.99 a month, the provider does offer multiple features.

You get a free SSL, Daily Backups, 10 GB of webspace and more! If that is not enough to get you satisfied, you are also eligible for a 30 Days Money Back. This is the best choice if you are a StartUp. 

You should also keep in mind the Siteground’s pricing gets higher upon contract renewal because you can no longer benefit from the 53% discount as a new user. The higher pricing upon renewal is quite common among providers so make sure you get enough information on the rates.

Is GoDaddy Hosting good for WordPress?

To be concise, yes. GoDaddy actually offers tailored plans, depending on your needs for the website to succeed. They offer features like daily malware scans through Sucuri, automatic backups with single click restore and a free domain

All of these are offered by other providers and thus GoDaddy isn’t one offering unique features. However, GoDaddy’s prices are among the best when it comes to managed plans and its performance is also very good for the price. 

To conclude, GoDaddy would be a good choice if you are looking for a set of specific features for your site.

What are the fastest options?

We've written in-depth reviews on the fastest WordPress hosts.

What are the best WP hosts in different countries?

Our in-depth guides on WordPress hosting in the UK, WordPress hosting in Australia, cheap WordPress hosting in India, and WordPress hosting in South Africa will provide guidance.

Ready to Create Your WordPress Website?

Now that you’ve made it this far, you should choose a web hosting provider that suits your website goals and needs.

  • If you have a blog and personal website, you would greatly benefit from Bluehost Basic plan with its user-friendly features, affordable price at $2.95/month, and bonus options.
  • For growing websites with 25,000+ monthly visitors, Siteground GrowBig and GoGeek hosting plans are ideal due to their unlimited website hosted, unmetered data transfers and premium server resources. 
  • For tech-savvy webmasters with their small crew, the Premium plan from 10Web provides up to 50GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth to expand your brand. 
  • Lastly, for WordPress-powered eCommerce websites, using the managed StartUp plan from WP Engine at $25/month is the perfect time-saver hosting plan with its automatic supervision of your website.

Your hosting plan must ensure fast loading pages, reliable uptime and advanced security features to safely guard your website. Efficient customer support is also vital for quick answers in emergency cases. We recommend that you try some hosting plans with their free trials or money-back guarantee before settling on your final one.

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