8 Best MongoDB Hosting Platforms for Modern Applications

Updated Jun 8, 2023.

Due to its flexibility and scalability, it can be challenging to find the right platform to host MongoDB databases. Some offer free MongoDB hosting, while others are paid. In this article, I’ll explore eight of the best MongoDB hosting platforms available today.

MongoDB Atlas icon

MongoDB Atlas

Fully managed MongoDB database for your next web project - manage your MongoDB databases with a few clicks.
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Enjoy unbeatable MongoDB hosting options and the power to manage any sized MongoDB deployment on the cloud.
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A2 Hosting

Provides top-notch customer service, ensuring a flawless experience, no matter the size or complexity of your project.
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The simplest way to deploy, manage and scale MongoDB in the cloud - perfect for development and production.
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Provides an easy-to-use control panel and API so you can deploy and manage your MongoDB instances at scale.

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MongoDB is a powerful open-source NoSQL database system that helps businesses transform their data into insights and offers high performance, scalability, and flexibility. It's perfect for powering modern web applications.

But to get the most out of MongoDB, you need an excellent hosting platform to host MongoDB databases that can provide fast performance, high availability, and great support.

If you're looking for MongoDB hosting services, you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll show you eight of the best MongoDB hosting platforms offering database as a service, so you can decide which one is right for your business.

Why MongoDB?

MongoDB is a robust database that offers plenty of features and benefits. However, it's not the only option on the market, and you may be wondering why you should choose it over another solution.

There are several reasons why MongoDB could be the right choice for your business. Here are a few:

  • MongoDB databases are more scalable and flexible – they can handle large volumes of data without any issues.
  • Faster and easier to use, making them ideal for businesses looking to get up and running quickly with a clever cloud-based solution.
  • MongoDB also offers several features that make it easier for companies to manage their data, such as auto-sharding and replica sets.
  • It’s an open-source project, which means a community of developers is constantly improving it, hence added security.
  • The binary JSON (BSON) data format makes MongoDB easy to store and query data and integrate it with other systems.

These are just some reasons why MongoDB could be the best database solution for your business. So if you’re looking for a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use database, MongoDB should be at the top of your list.

Best MongoDB Hosting Platforms

Read on below to find out more about my top 8 picks for the best MongoDB hosting platforms:

1. MongoDB Atlas

Best Cost-effective Database Management Software

  • It offers a wide range of features that can benefit developers.
  • Highly scalable database service that can easily handle large amounts of data.
  • Very easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with databases.
  • Less control over the database – may not benefit businesses that require optimal performance and scalability.
  • Doesn't offer integration services.
MongoDB Atlas icon
MongoDB Atlas
Editor’s Take

MongoDB Atlas is a modern database management software that uses a binary JSON-like format. It provides full root access to customers, making it easy to customize according to their needs. I consider MongoDB Atlas one of the most cost-effective database management software solutions. Overall, I would recommend MongoDB Atlas to developers and businesses looking for an affordable, modern database management solution.

Best For
Small Companies
Annual Discount
Free Tier

MongoDB Atlas is an all-in-one MongoDB hosting provider and document-oriented database that provides easy scalability, flexibility, security, and ease of use. In essence, Atlas creates a private cloud with MongoLab built-in as its default database engine and makes it available through AWS Marketplace.

Atlas has quickly joined the list of popular database engines among developers who work in the data collection space because it offers an open-source solution to store and manage large amounts of structured or unstructured data.

Key Features

Built-in Automation

One of the most valuable features of MongoDB Atlas is that it automatically configures and installs your MongoDB cluster on the first boot. Atlas uses pre-configured scripts to install MongoDB, configure MongoLab, and configure the database clusters. It also manages the replication and backups of your data. This can come in pretty handy for first-time users or those who are not very familiar with the process of setting up and managing a MongoDB database.

Extensive Monitoring and Analytics

MongoDB Atlas allows you to monitor your MongoDB servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The monitoring dashboard displays alerts and warnings so you can be alerted when there are issues with your servers. For example, if a server goes down, Atlas will show you a notification, and it will automatically fix the problem. You can also view your replica set performance, such as how many reads and writes each node handles, the number of nodes in the replica set, and more.

Robust Security

Although Atlas does not offer direct support for SSL certificates or authentication, it provides various security features. For example, it enables you to encrypt your data in transit and at rest. There is also an option to enable authentication while connecting to MongoLab. Atlas also supports two-factor authentication for secure login.

Atlas Data Lake

Data storage is another big issue for companies nowadays. You can avoid managing separate data sources with Atlas and save your data directly on MongoLab. The idea behind this feature is that your data stays on MongoLab servers instead of being spread across multiple locations. This way, you don't need to worry about setting up new data centers or worrying about whether or not your data is safe. Instead, you add your data to Atlas, automatically storing it on MongoLab.


If you want to expand your MongoDB deployment without having to deal with scaling hardware, Atlas provides you with a tool explicitly catering to deployments. Using this tool, you can quickly create new deployments within minutes.


MongoDB - Pricing

MongoDB Atlas offers three plans: Shared (free tier), Dedicated, and Serverless, with variable pricing options for the premium tiers.

2. Kamatera

Best Enterprise-grade Cloud & VPS Hosting Platform

  • Kamatera can scale up or down – ideal for businesses experiencing seasonal spikes in demand.
  • Offers a scalable, reliable, and secure hosting solution.
  • Has excellent customer support to help you with any questions or problems.
  • Shared hosting is not available.
  • Kamatera's main focal point is serving enterprise-grade businesses.
  • Doesn't provide free daily backups.
Kamatera icon
Editor’s Take

Kamatera is a modern cloud hosting platform that offers many features and services. It has an excellent reputation for being reliable and offers various modern technologies. You can get started with a free trial and choose a hosting plan that suits your needs. I like Kamatera because it offers a great way to try out new technologies in a sandbox environment. This is perfect for developers or businesses that want to test new things without affecting their live sites.

Best For
SaaS developers
Starting at $4
Annual Discount
Up To 20%

Kamatera is a leading cloud infrastructure and managed services company in the world. This MongoDB Hosting provider is based out of Singapore and was founded in 2012 by a group of ex-Google cloud platform engineers.

The company aims to provide a reliable, robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure to support any application.

Kamatera has its own hosted MongoDB storage solution, which it bills as the “best MongoDB database hosting.” It offers various services to help customers quickly move their business online. This includes everything from web development, software patching, and designing websites to mobile app development and cloud computing.

Key Features

Data Synchronization and Migration

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when moving their data offsite is ensuring it's still accessible. With Kamatera, you can have an easy time migrating your data. Whenever you migrate your data, Kamatera copies it across to other storage providers. This way, even if one of those providers goes bankrupt, you're not left in the dark.

CPU Monitoring Services

Another great feature of Kamatera is its CPU monitoring services. They monitor each server's performance and ensure it doesn't exceed its capacity limit. This means that downtime isn't a thing to worry about. When there's a performance issue with your server, you can simply reach out to them via email or chat and let them know about the problem. Then, they'll automatically increase the capacity of your server. This feature is handy if you're using MongoDB in conjunction with MongoLab.

Continuous and Scheduled Backup

Kamatera has a backup strategy that allows you to back up your data continuously. This ensures that your information is always protected. If anything happens to your data, the backups will restore it automatically. There's nothing to worry about.

Event Logs

The event logs provided by Kamatera are highly detailed. Whenever there's an error, it's listed along with the date and time. This way, you can easily trace back any issues and fix them immediately.

Capacity and Performance Analysis

You can request a report from Kamatera that shows you how much SSD storage you've used and the amount of RAM. It also gives you a detailed breakdown of the resources you need to ensure your server stays within its limits.

Other Database Engines

Kamatera supports many databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redis, Couchbase, MongoDB, and Neo4j. But they also cater to developers who prefer other databases. So if you're looking for a specific type of database, they might have it.


Kamatera - pricing

Kamatera offers a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model with variable pricing options to support specific business needs.

3. A2 Hosting

Affordable and Fast VPS & Web Hosting Provider

  • A2 Hosting's servers are some of the fastest in the industry.
  • Highly reliable – a 99.9% uptime ensures your website is accessible at all times.
  • Fully managed MongoDB instance – A2 Hosting hosts a fully managed MongoDB instance for each client.
  • No free domain name.
  • Renewal rates are pretty high.
  • Lacks transparency to users at the time of sign-up.
A2 Hosting Icon
A2 Hosting
Editor’s Take

When it comes to hosting a virtual server, you must choose carefully because there are many options. If you go with A2 Hosting, you'll get loads of benefits and features that other companies don't offer.  I'm a big fan of the idea behind A2 Hosting. There are many reasons why.  For one, they seem to have a pretty good grasp of what people need when it comes to hosting their websites. They offer great support through live chat and 24/7 phone calls. The prices aren't too bad either. Overall, I think A2 Hosting is a pretty decent MongoDB hosting platform.

Best For
Dedicated Servers
Annual Discount
Up To 60%

A2 Hosting is an all-in-one MongoDB hosting platform that provides shared virtual private servers and dedicated hosting plans. You can purchase these from their website or through popular marketplaces such as GoDaddy and NameCheap.

This MongoDB hosting platform also offers a full range of services, including 24/7 support, free domain registration, email forwarding, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The hosting company was founded in 2001 by Bryan Muthig and has been growing. It now has over 10 million customers across 120 countries.

Key Features

Database Support

Another feature you may have noticed above is database support. Many providers simply offer you a choice between MySQL and PostgreSQL. Unfortunately, this leaves you with no choice about the software you run on your server. While each relational database is capable of performing well, you may find yourself running into problems later down the road. That's where A2 Hosting comes in. They provide multiple instances of each database type to increase reliability and performance. You'll also be able to select the version of PHP you want to run. This helps you avoid compatibility issues when mixing and matching older PHP versions with more recent ones.

File Management

Many hosting providers leave file management to the user. You'll be given a directory structure to follow when you sign up. This is fine when you're just starting, but it doesn't scale well as your site grows. A2 Hosting solves this problem by allowing concurrent users to upload files directly to their server. Files can be uploaded in multiple formats, including ZIP archives, tarballs, and the popular SFTP protocol.

Security Tools:

When you work with sensitive information, you must protect yourself against hackers. The last thing you want is someone to gain unauthorized access to your site and steal your customer's data. Luckily, A2 Hosting provides many security tools that will help you keep your site safe. These include SSH access, daily backups, malware scanning, and more.


A2 Hosting - MongoDB pricing plans

A2 Hosting offers multiple VPS plans, ranging between $2.99 and $105.99/mo.

4. ScaleGrid

Best Cloud-based Database Management Software

  • Supports NoSQL databases and relational databases with dynamic queries.
  • Stores data on a fully managed MongoDB instance – you don't have to worry about setting up, maintaining, or scaling the database.
  • It has high-performance computing resources to improve your database performance.
  • Provides multiple layers of security to protect against unauthorized access and data loss.
  • You can request multiple servers in one region or across multiple areas at no extra cost.
  • Pricier than other fully managed MongoDB hosting providers.
  • Being a NoSQL database, ScaleGrid is much harder to use and less scalable compared to other MongoDB hosting providers.
ScaleGrid icon
Editor’s Take

I like the simplicity of ScaleGrid. It offers a lot of great features, and it is effortless to use.  You can create a database in just a few minutes, which is very convenient if you are unfamiliar with MongoDB or other database management systems.  I also like how many different types of servers ScaleGrid offers. They have small instances perfect for testing your site before going live. Overall, I would recommend ScaleGrid to any business that needs to manage its content on a website. It has loads of valuable features, and I like its ease of use.

Best For
Web & App Developers
Annual Discount
Up To 15%

ScaleGrid is a popular MongoDB hosting provider. The platform offers high-performance cloud hosting solutions, including dedicated servers and managed services.

Key Features

Relational Interface

With this feature, you can access your data in any format and use it to build your applications. The interface supports multiple languages, so there's no need to learn new ones if you already know one of them. Practically, the platform provides a SQL interface to your data, so you can use SQL commands to query it. You can also embed MongoDB queries in T-SQL queries, which makes it easier for developers who are used to working with relational databases.


You can create virtual machines (VMs) on the fly; this helps ensure that resources are managed efficiently. This feature lets you divide one VM into smaller VMs for better resource allocation. Speaking of resource allocation, the platform can allocate CPU and RAM resources dynamically to optimize performance. This is a helpful feature for developers who need to maximize server usage.

Performance Analysis

When using ScaleGrid's performance analysis feature, IT pros can analyze their applications more effectively and improve their performance quickly. The tool alerts when an application has become slow or stopped responding so that immediate action can be taken if necessary—no more waiting around for users' complaints!

Database Conversion

The platform allows developers to convert their databases from one format to another easily. This can help migrate applications from one server to another or switch between different database types (for example, MySQL to Postgres).


ScaleGrid offers a variety of monitoring features, including CPU and RAM usage, as well as application performance. Developers can use these features to monitor their applications in real-time and identify issues before they affect users.


ScaleGrid - MongoDB Hosting pricing

ScaleGrid offers multiple VPS hosting plans for each client type starting at $175.

5. DigitalOcean

Most Flexible Cloud Hosting Solution

  • A highly reliable platform that can scale as your needs grow.
  • Excellent customer support via chat, email, and phone.
  • Without downtime, you can easily add more resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage.
  • The simple interface of DigitalOcean makes it easy to deploy and manage your applications.
  • Lack of CDN.
  • It is slow.
  • They don't allow public IP addresses.
DigitalOcean icon
Editor’s Take

What is cloud computing? The basic idea is to provide access to resources from a remote location. However, with companies like DigitalOcean, there are more possibilities.  For instance, if you wanted to create a database, you could do so just by creating a new account on their website. You may not think of this as being in the cloud.  But, if you were to use Microsoft Azure, you would need to pay $9/mo to get the same functionality. On top of that, you would also need to pay for storage space. With DigitalOcean, you can get all those things for free! 

Best For
Skilled Developers
Annual Discount
Free Tier

DigitalOcean is a MongoDB hosting platform that offers simple and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their platform makes it easy to deploy and manage MongoDB databases in the cloud. DigitalOcean provides various features that make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to host their MongoDB databases in the cloud.

Key Features

Website Hosting

With DigitalOcean, you can host your website or application. You can either use their domain name or you can register your own. If you choose to use their domain name, you must use their DNS servers. Otherwise, it's entirely up to you. When your website is hosted in DigitalOcean, you can use tools like Gravatar to add a personal touch to your blog.

VPS Hosting

If you have a bunch of websites running off the same server, this would be a very efficient way to handle all your sites. In addition to full access to the operating system, DigitalOcean also allows you to install whatever you want. This is extremely useful for people who want to do something complicated but avoid installing programs manually on their computers.

SaaS Platforms

Software as a Service is essentially renting a program. There is a high availability of SaaS platforms today, but this one is particularly interesting. To run WordPress on your website, you must pay for a premium plan. Or, if you want to host your app, you'll be required to obtain a license. But, with DigitalOcean, you don't have to worry about that. You can start building your apps right away.

Cloud Hosting for Blockchain

Since blockchain technology is becoming more popular, more and more people are starting to realize how important it is. Many businesses are looking to implement this technology into their business models. This means that they're constantly trying to find ways to store data securely. Luckily, many companies like DigitalOcean specialize in this type of technology. If you need to secure your data while maintaining the flexibility of a cloud solution, this is the right choice for you.


DigitalOcean - pricing

DigitalOcean has a well-defined pricing structure for each service they offer, with multiple pricing points to suit individuals and businesses.

6. Scalingo

Best Automated Cloud Hosting Solution

Scalingo - Best Automated Cloud Hosting Solution

Scalingo is one of the top-rated database management systems in the world. It's designed to help companies scale their apps quickly and effectively by letting them connect to different databases and applications through a single interface.

Key Features

Projects Deployment

Scalingo offers an integrated deployment tool to simplify the process. To simplify things further, you can choose between three different methods. Each method is suitable for different types of projects. For instance, if you're uploading an app that doesn't require a server, you can use the drag-and-drop feature.

Complies with GDPR Standards

As you may know, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018. It aims to protect individuals' data privacy by giving users complete control over how their personal information is used. By complying with GDPR standards, Scalingo offers more security for its customers.

Data Security

The data protection policy is the most crucial part of any hosting service. Scalingo says it takes security seriously. Its guidelines cover encryption, backup, and compliance with industry standards. For instance, Scalingo uses multiple layers of security to protect each customer's data. Additionally, you can save and back up your data on either local storage or S3 storage. That way, you can restore your data even if a disaster strikes.

Processes Automation

Another great benefit of using Scalingo is that it offers full automation. This means you can automate tasks that you previously had to perform manually. For example, instead of manually adding new machines to your VMs, you can now configure them automatically.

Deployment Management

Deployments often involve moving large amounts of data across various locations. This is especially true if you're setting up servers. Fortunately, Scalingo has an effective deployment tool built right into the platform. It supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. To simplify things further, Scalingo offers a GUI. This makes it easier for non-technical people to install and run their projects.


Scalingo - Best Automated Cloud Hosting Solution - pricing

Scalingo offers competitive pricing on various services, including databases, networks, and containers, based on your specific requirements.


  • Easy to navigate, even if you're new to the platform.
  • Offers a free trial and a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs.
  • Provides load balancer DDoS protection.
  • Easy to use – offers a simple and intuitive web interface.
  • No prior programming knowledge is required.


  • No support for Linux distributions.
  • Does not provide a free community version.

7. ObjectRocket

Completely Hosted & Managed Database Platform

ObjectRocket - Complete Database Management & Administration

ObjectRocket is a new venture into the world of hosting MongoDB and offers a free tier that includes access to MongoDB in the cloud.

You need to pay if you want access to additional services, such as email, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Memcached.

Key Features

Unlimited DBA Time

Access to a team of DBAs who will help you manage your data and ensure your application continues running smoothly. Get help with performance tuning, capacity planning, and more.

Free Backups

ObjectRocket offers daily backups of your entire database, stored locally and emailed to you. Never worry about losing data again.

Query Analysis

An easy way to check for errors within your query. Simply click on the “Analyze” button and get feedback about your query's performance.

Instance Balancing

As your database grows in size, so does the number of instances needed to keep up with demand. ObjectRocket will automatically switch out old servers when needed. This means less strain on your budget.

Easy Migrations

If you ever decide to move to another provider, it's pretty easy to do. All you have to do is upload your data and then delete everything except your primary domain. Your data is now ready to go.


ObjectRocket - Complete Database Management & Administration - pricing

ObjectRocket offers three plans: Managed MongoDB, Managed Elasticsearch and Managed Redis.

Pricing ranges between $19 and $59. You can also go for the ObjectRocket Free Trial for 30 days.


  • Access management – MongoDB developers have access to the same tools and documentation that you do.
  • Free and unlimited access to your own cloud.
  • You can migrate to another provider if needed.
  • The system can easily be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your business, making it a very versatile tool.
  • Excellent choice for businesses who want to track multiple projects.


  • Doesn't have live chat support.
  • You can only run one instance per account.
  • No access to the source MongoDB code.

8. IBM Cloud

Best Cloud Computing Service Provider

IBM Cloud - Hybrid. Open. Resilient. Your platform and partner for digital transformation

IBM Cloud is a powerful MongoDB hosting platform that offers all the features and benefits you expect from a leading provider. It’s easy to use, scalable, and reliable, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

One of the best things about IBM Cloud is that it offers a free tier for businesses to get started. This is perfect if you’re unsure whether MongoDB is right for you, as it will allow you to try out the platform without any risk.

Key Features

Hybrid Cloud Approach

This feature allows you to host your data on your virtual servers or the IBM cloud. There are a couple of caveats here, though. First, you must have a virtual machine running Linux (CentOS 7.0 64-bit). Second, your VM must run Docker containers, which you can download for free. Once installed, you'll need to open up port 9091 on your firewall to allow communication with IBM Cloud. Once you do that, you'll have access to MongoDB instances that are hosted on both the IBM cloud and your local network.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

IBM Cloud offers a content delivery network (CDN) that can be used to improve the performance of your website or application. The CDN is designed to cache static content, such as images and CSS files, so they can be delivered more quickly to visitors. However, while I understand that CDNs are designed to improve speed by distributing large files over multiple servers worldwide, IBM's implementation leaves much to be desired.

Secure Encrypted Data Network

With this feature, you won't have to worry about sending sensitive information through unsecured channels, such as email. Instead of relying on unencrypted connections, you can secure your transmissions using the AES 256-bit encryption. This ensures that all your data is protected, regardless of who gets hold of it.

Activity Dashboard

If you want to keep track of the overall health of your MongoDB installation, you can use the Activity Dashboard, which gives you detailed reports showing how much data is being stored, how frequently it changes, and how long it takes to sync with the cloud. It's also possible to generate graphs for data collected over time to determine a baseline for future comparisons.

Approval Workflow

In addition to monitoring activity, you can approve or deny transactions on your system. If you find that someone has tried to modify data unauthorizedly, IBM Cloud allows you to set up approval rules to prevent the data from being modified again in the future.


IBM Cloud - Cost Estimator

IBM Cloud offers multiple pricing options on various services based on your specifications.


  • It has some of the industry's most stringent security protocols.
  • Offers a secure encrypted data network that encrypts all of the data flowing through your system.
  • IBM Cloud offers a variety of cloud solutions that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any business.
  • With its pay-as-you-go model, businesses can quickly scale up or down as needed.
  • Even if your site goes offline, you can still ensure that your data isn't compromised.


  • Data transfer issues at peak hours.
  • You cannot host static websites on the IBM Cloud.
  • IBM Cloud can be more expensive than some other service providers.
Best Overall

MongoDB Atlas

Fully managed MongoDB database for your next web project – manage your MongoDB databases with a few clicks.
Best for VPS Hosting


Enjoy unbeatable MongoDB hosting options and the power to manage any sized MongoDB deployment on the cloud.
Best for Affordability

A2 Hosting

Provides top-notch customer service, ensuring a flawless experience, no matter the size or complexity of your project.
Best for Database Management


The simplest way to deploy, manage and scale MongoDB in the cloud – perfect for development and production.
Best for Cloud Hosting


Provides an easy-to-use control panel and API so you can deploy and manage your MongoDB instances at scale.

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